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Throwing That Perfect Party Chef Andre’s Tips on Holiday Entertaining

december, 2013 volume 1 issue 12

contents Volume 1, Issue 12 chef andre carthen Photo by Ted Sun design by Maya Kalabic

Volume 1 Issue 12 Cover Throwing That Perfect Party Chef Andre’s Tips on Holiday Entertaining beat box Winter’s Hottest Club Tracks Gift Guide Part 2 More ideas to add to your list feature Axiom for Men is “Gaying” it Forward Q&A The Queen of 70’s Pop Helen Reddy talks to The Standard travel Holiday Escapes in Southern California

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Entertaining 101

“Entertaining is all about making guests feel at home in your home!” By Andre Carthen

…aah the holidays, food, family and fun; also stress, worry and expectations! Because successful entertaining depends on so much more than just great food, the pressure of doing it all and having it turn out just right can really be over whelming. Therefore, here are a few solutions and suggestions we hope will ease some tension and freeup a little more time for family and friends. I’ve also asked my good friend Chad Gardner, Culinary Artist owner of ‘Dash and a Handful Catering’ for his take on throwing a fabulous party. No matter what the occasion, we always start with the our 5 Entertaining Solutions to plan the prefect affair 1. Theme: Whether it’s holiday, a birthday party, an intimate brunch, or backyard BBQ, this step is your jumping off place! For the holidays, it usually a cocktail, dinner or dessert party. 2. Location: Space size, accessibility, easy parking, indoor or outdoor, are all critical to the events success!


3. Date and time: Simply put…time of year will determine whether your event is indoors or out and will be a big determining factor for your menu. 4. Guest: Once you decide who you really want there and who you must politically invite, the big question will be how many? Intimate cocktail / dinner party or gala /open house blow-out. 5. Menu: Now you see how it all starts to fall into place. With steps 1-4 thought out, it’s time to design your menu. For the holidays, it’s fun to mix comfort food with a modern day twist. Think color, variety, and yes healthy. Remember the best parties should awaken all of your senses… don’t forget you have 5 of them! Aromas (scented candles), Visuals (colorful decorations), Touch (soft napkins), Sound (terrific music) and most important of all….TASTE (great foods)!

taking time Sooner, Saves time later Prepare as much as you can before; clean lettuce; cut up firm vegetables; marinate and bake what you can; prepare fillings, creams and dips and prepare items to be chilled and make desserts before…you’ll be glad you did!

2 -3 weeks in advance Invites and menu have a good idea how many people are coming and what you’re serving. a last minute change of one or two people won’t cause chaos if you’re well prepared. Special orders extra seating, tables, special food, kosher meal, desserts. The earlier the better and give yourself a reminder to call the week before to confirm your order. 1 week in advance Call to confirm your orders select music; if you have the capabilities make a cd so you can put it on and not have to worry about it for several hours. Confirm guest; we all know those people that wait ‘til the last minute to rsVP. decide on center piece and home decor. 3 days – 1 week in advance If you like to bake, start your ovens. 3 days to a week in advance

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is a good time for breads and pies. If it’s a week, freeze until the night before. Three days or less refrigerate until the big day. Day and night before Chop veggies for crudité and recipes. Celery, carrots, onions…have them all prechopped and in baggies ready to go. Set out serving dishes and platters. Make sure you have all the ingredients you need to prepare your holiday meal. Check to make sure you have all the utensils, containers, and equipment you will need. Make sure your oven is in proper working condition. Chill drinks; if you are expecting a large number of guest, it helps to have a back-up cooling system. Second refrigerator and / or coolers filled with ice. Most of all… Double check, double check, double check When it comes to Table setting and home décor – this can be a thing of art. Like an artist painting on a new canvas, choosing the objects, thinking about color, lighting, sitting arrangements and the mood you hope to convey. Paint your home and table with variety


and color. Flowers, seasonal fruits and herbs such as cranberries, pomegranates, pears, and rosemary all work well. Use holly as well as garland to decorate your table and mantle. You can never have to many candles, be creative but always remember candle safety. For the Height of Entertaining, break up a humdrum table or side buffet by arranging your serving platters at different levels. Stack boxes, books, upside-down bowls or pots hidden under your tablecloth. Place food platters and baskets at desired heights. Try using cake plates with pedestals for an added flare. A little pre-planning will help you enjoy more time with your guests. Start by laying out china, flatware and glassware the night before and covering with a cloth or sheet. Set-up your bar; I always like to do a signature drink like a Peppermint Martini. Last but certainly not least, Party checklist: Do you have? -Napkins -Glasses -Plates -Utensils -Platters -Serving utensils -Flowers

-Candles -Drinks -Ice -Coffee maker/filters and -cups Don’t forget: Trash and recycling bins Plenty of warm, comfortable seating and a variety of great music; a little jazzy, a little holiday traditional and you can’t go wrong! Most important remember, no one is prefect and you don’t have to do it all. Following that rule, I ask my friend Chad Gardner, Culinary Artist owner of Dash and a Handful Catering his take on entertaining. Q: I always say an event be it for 10 or 100 should always stimulate the 5 senses. Do you follow that rule? I agree. In addition, we always strive to achieve an atmosphere that touches the 5 senses. Anything other than that would be a less than full experience in our opinion... We take great pleasure in providing clients with a total experience, which not only spans all five senses but also includes exemplary professional service... that is friendly and seamless execution from start to finish.

Q: What do you think makes a table special? It should be intimate yet with a sense of unexpected drama...whether that is accomplished with flowers, colors, patterns, lighting, unusual artifacts (or most likely a combination of these) depends on the style dictated by clients’ wishes. We recently had clients who wanted a modern twist on Moroccan design for a poolside dinner party. It was great to pair my menu offerings with a design that was interesting and out of the norm. Q: What or who inspires your creations? Random things in life inspire my creations. It does not necessarily come from food itself. It could be an artist’s paintings. One example of that was; I was catering a charity event for 200 guests at a private home in Bel Air. The staffing was offered the artist loft as a changing and rest area. There happen to be the artwork of their son-in-law who was an aspiring artist. I was so taken back and inspired by his artwork; I offered to cater his premiere gallery opening. I then took photos of his work and paired my food with the art and space of where it

was being displayed. We pulled the various shapes out of the artwork and I created hors d’ oeuvres that were companions to the artists work. Two artists working together to create an ambiance of total art for the mind and taste sensations. Wishing you a delicious Holiday Season Chef Andre

Special thanks to Chad Gardner, Culinary Artist, for his insight Dash and a Handful Catering Kitchen & Studio 2100 N Palm Canyon Drive Suite # 104 Palm Springs, CA. 92262

Chef Andre Carthen a.k.a. the Fit Chef : Kathy Ireland Design Ambassador :

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cover Healthy, decadent reduced-guilt holiday desserts

The holidays are right around the corner and so are the rich, indulgent foods that adorn many dessert tables. Sweets of the season tend to be rich in flavor but also calories and fat. Still, you don’t have to deny your cravings this holiday season. It is possible to create satisfying, sweet treats that are healthier options than traditional holiday fare. With these quick nutrition-savvy tips, enjoying decadent desserts has never tasted so good. Infuse fresh flavors Start your baking with all-natural ingredients and incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as apples, pears, sweet potatoes, pomegranates and pumpkins. These, along with super foods like walnuts and soy, are excellent choices to increase the nutritional benefits, and enhance the flavor, of baked goods. Try fresh variations to old classics to give your homemade desserts a gourmet twist. Add a dash of vitamin A-rich chili powder for a bold take on dark chocolate brownies or tarts. Experiment with exciting combinations like lavender and lemon for a bright, unique flavor and a healthy dose of iron, plus vitamin C. Mix antioxidant-rich basil and cinnamon to produce a powerful taste sensation with added health benefits. Make smart swaps When deciding on a recipe for your next holiday gathering, look at its nutritional value, as not all desserts are created equal. To create reduced-guilt baked goods use alternative ingredients, such as egg whites instead of whole eggs or whole-wheat flour instead of white flour. Applesauce is also a clever way to introduce moisture into cakes rather than using oil. A reduced-fat pumpkin pie - which can be made by blending pumpkin with healthier ingredients, like egg substitute and non-fat


milk, in a Vitamix Professional Series 200 - may be significantly lower in calories and fat than pies made with full-fat ingredients. As an added bonus, the leftover pumpkin pie ingredients, plus a few extra items likely on hand in your kitchen, can easily yield a low-calorie, frosty Fall Freeze. This smooth, frozen treat is the perfect way to enjoy the fruits of your labor while baking for company. Add a smooth finish Don’t discount chocolate. In addition to being delicious, dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cacao contains heart-friendly antioxidants. Make a festive fondue platter with warm dark chocolate and sliced fruits like bananas, pineapple and strawberries. Similar to a traditional fondue table, by creating a variety of dips and glazes, you and your guests can indulge in a sinfully good concoction that is still light on calories. For dips, opt for a Greek yogurt base that is high in protein and sweeten with natural ingredients, such as agave nectar and honey. A cinnamon glaze made with soymilk and tofu will please your palate - even if you follow a vegan diet. Pick petite portions Anyone with a sweet tooth can attest to the desire to eat with abandon during the last course. However, controlling portion sizes - whether cutting thinner slices of cake or splitting a piece with a friend - is an important part of smarter holiday indulgence. Better yet, stick to smaller servings by getting creative with the end product. When baking a pie, lose the top crust. On the other hand, instead of a pie, try a bite-size tartlet. Encourage sampling by making mini-muffins and cupcakes rather than their oversized counterparts. Making a few small changes to your ingredients and your intake will lower calories, provide some unexpected nutritional benefits and keep you satisfied all season long.

cover Holiday drinks The holidays are here and along with them comes all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the season. This usually includes some great drinks. Try them at your next get together. The classic eggnog gets an island infused twist courtesy of Tommy Bahama with the Coconut Eggnog Martini. This rich creamy cocktail packs a nice kick with equal parts Jim Beam® and Cruzan® Coconut rum. For added flavor, coconut milk is combined with heavy cream, vanilla and nutmeg for an out-of-this-world eggnog full of flavor. Coconut Eggnog Martini 1 part Jim Beam® 1 part Cruzan® Coconut Rum 2 ½ parts coconut eggnog (recipe below) Shake all ingredients well with ice, strain into a martini glass and sprinkle with nutmeg. Coconut eggnog: 5 egg yolks ¾ cup sugar 1 cup heavy cream 2 cups coconut milk Pinch of salt 1 tsp. vanilla ½ tsp. nutmeg Whisk egg yolks with sugar until creamy and the sugar begins to dissolve. Add cream and coconut milk. Stir in vanilla, salt and nutmeg. Chill well. If it’s something minty and awakening you crave, try this recipe from Chef Andre Peppermint Martini 5 ounces vanilla vodka 3 ounce Peppermint Schnapps Dash grenadine peppermint candy stick Pour all liquid ingredients into a shaker 1/2 full of cracked ice. Give a few good shakes and let the shaker rest for half a minute. Strain peppermint martini into 2 freezing martini glasses. Add grenadine to each glass and watch it sink to bottom Garnish with a candy cane Yields 2 drinks This time of year is the best time to enjoy this perennial favorite beverages. So, take a break from those holiday shopping lists and take pleasure in these winter wonderland drinks. As always, please enjoy responsibly!

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Winter’s Hottest Club Tracks By Jimmy Newsum

A chill may be in the air but our nation’s gay dance floors show no sign of cooling down. DJs and remixers are working overtime to keep the dark confines and pulsing rhythms of their rooms hot and sweaty. Here are the top scorchers playing this holiday season. “Body” Cherie Lily Cherie Lily strips house music bare with an infectious high energy, hard-thumping club track that celebrates the underground ballroom scene. Written by Lily with a beat by legendary ballroom DJ Vjuan Allure, “Body” is a throwback to 1989’s hip house, when rap and electronic club music were first blended together to produce soulful groove tracks like Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam” and India’s “I Can’t Get No Sleep”. The wife of rocker Andrew W.K. says she hopes to inspire clubbers to sweat and feel sexy. With lyrics like “serving up body, bouncing that booty up against the wall-y,” she’s doing just that.


“Red Flag” XELLE The girl group best known for throwing an illegal dance party on a moving NYC subway train as a promo stunt for their song “Party Girl” is showing their more serious side this fall. Their brand new single, “Red Flag”, written by Zach Adam, JC Cassis and Rony G, strikes back against growing anti-gay sentiment in the world. It is a sharp departure from cotton candy but incredibly catchy songs like “Queen” and “Hologram”. “Red Flag” is a call-to-action, meant to inspire fans to stand up to people like Russian President Vladimir Putin. With its high-energy vocals, danceable beats, and powerful synth rhythms, “Red Flag” remains true to the XELLE party sound. “So Close To Me” Kristine W Kristine W continues to prove herself one of the best and most important dance vocalists of the past two decades. With

its racing bass line and euphoric vocals, “So Close to Me” is an absolute must for dance fans. Several amazing remixes are available, most notably by powerhouse producers Todd Terry, Oscar G, Tony Moran, Cosmic Dawn, Andi Durrant, Steve More and Joe Gauthreaux. However, this song carries an important message too. It’s a reminder that no matter how many electronic gadgets are invented, there is no stronger connection than real human contact. All people can relate to that. It’s time the rest of the world was clued in to the magic of Miss W. “No Selfie Control” Cazwell The fourth single from Cazwell’s soonto-be-released Hard 2 B Fresh album is his first disco-inspired track since “All Over Your Face”. “No Selfie Control” is a brilliant collaboration with up-and-coming Viennese producer Dizzy Bell where Cazwell actually sings. The song has some hilariously catchy


lyrics set against a minimalist retro-funk track and smooth playa beat. One of the best lyrics is “If you could see me like I do, you’d be in love with me too.” Though meant to be funny, it’s an accurate reflection of a

generation that has become obsessed with attracting the spotlight. Cazwell explains the song best, describing it as “a heartfelt track that was written for everyone on Instagram that is in love...with themselves.”

“Nobody Said” Aiden Leslie “Nobody Said” continues Aiden Leslie’s journey in search of life’s ideal. Where his previous club track, “Diamond Dreams”, focused on achieving fame and fortune, this latest tackles a subject many (including Leslie) feel is even more out of reach – finding true love. Leslie stylistically stretches out of his usual zone with this minimal pop track that is layered with heavy bass, synth and drums to create a modern, tight track meant to get fans moving in clubs. Vocally, Aiden Leslie is easily on par or better than most of the voices currently on mainstream radio.

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gift guide

2013 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 Last year you promised yourself that you would have all your shopping done by Dec 1. Well guess what? It’s December and you have yet to get a single thing. Even worse, you have no idea what to get. Fear not my fellow procrastinator, The Standard Magazine is here to help with our Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 (If you missed Part 1, you can check it out online). So shop away and don’t forget to get a little something to put in your stocking as well.

Monogrammed Carving Board Personalized with one carved initial, our carving board makes a welcome gift for your favorite barbecue chef.

The Talk Back Mimicking Mutt The plush mutt that repeats anything said to it in a cartoonish voice. Touch sensors located in his foot and belly yield grunts, whines, and growls when pressed. $39.95

Oh Christmas Tree Spruce up your table or countertop with our latest bit of holiday cheer. Whimsical Acrylic Christmas Trees by Raymond Lawrence. $55

Axiom Men’s Skin Care Axiom For Men has ended the search with our All in the Family Kit. It covers all the bases in men’s skincare and will have you looking and feeling great from H2T. Makes the perfect gift!

GEAR Leather Line Premium authentic leather-scented products for your body and home, including these hand-poured pillars. $14. Available at Gear or

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gift guide

Pur Cashmere Decorate your home in style with these Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow, 18” x 18”, available in 6 colors. So soft and lux. $185.

Hephaestus Jewelers These essential men’s bracelets are substantial in weight and versatile in style. Equally at home with a pair of your favorite jeans or your best power suit and tie.

Classic Baccarat Your beautiful floral arrangement will look even better in this exquisite Ginko Vase by Baccarat. That New Year’s Eve toast will taste so much better in these unique Oenology Champagne Flutes Baccarat Palm Desert, CA 760 346 6805

Wireless Sound Magically amplifies the audio from the speakers in your smartphone or digital music player without cables or synchronizing. Simply set your device on the Boost Plus speaker and enjoy room filling sound. iFrogzBoost Plus Near Field Audio Speaker.

Spiritual Circles Southern California Artist Jo Blaine’s Mandala Art is available in originals, giclees, platters, plates, bowls, prints, pendants, earrings starting at under $20. Shown here is ‘Joy.’ Several versions available. Crystal Fantasy Gifts and Gallery

Mid Century Served up on a Plate Mid-Century homes designed by William Kisler, Donald Wexler, and others are featured on these trays exclusively at the Michael Weems Collection.


Digital Photos at your fingertips A small and compact printer and charging station. All you need to do is dock, view, and print gorgeous 4”x6” photos directly from a docked iPhone or iPod without the need for a computer.

For the Couch Potato in your life All their favorite shows from Dexter to Dr. Who are on these movie and TV show DVD box gift sets. Available at

Love and Luck Bracelet Love and Luck, are complementary in a long-lasting and time-proof union. Luck is a moment; love is all the rest. This bracelet says it all.

Festival of Lights Innovative way to celebrate Chanukah with these Menorahs by Raymond Lawrence In 2 sizes; small $67 large $124

Pur Cashmere Signature Cashmere Blend Scarf, available in 6 colors, “Treat Yourself like Cashmere”, 50% Cashmere / 50% fine wool. The Standard Magazine reader Special Price $69. :

The Next Big Thing A brand-new way to stay connected. Samsung Galaxy Gear™ keeps you updated with glance notifications, so you can keep up with calls, texts and emails.

Cold as Ice The Ice Crystal Clear Compact Speakers are a pair of ultra-portable speakers compatible with most audio devices. The speakers can be powered with the included AC adapter or plugged into any powered USB port. Perfect for taking on the road to share your favorite music.

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Magazine is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival

gift guide Spotless Architec™ Air-Dry Wine Glass Drying Rack. Hang wine glasses upside down for proper air circulation to dry crystal clear! Holds all sizes. Dry one glass or four, engineered to keep from tipping.

Timoteo Double Crossed Slingshot A little something for under the Santa suit. Stock your favorite man’s stuffing with Timoteo double-crossed slingshot jock in red.

Say No to Stubble Luxury Shave Set. This exclusive set contains high performance, hand-crafted shaving accessories that celebrate precision, quality, and the masculine tradition of shaving. This is what Santa uses on the 26th.

The Gift of Grape Give the gift that keeps on giving – give your favorite wine lover a wine club membership. Four times a year, Tulip Mania Wine Club members will receive a box of four different bottles, handpicked based on the newest releases and quality. This will allow the receiver to try new, exceptional bottles every quarter, including exclusive releases from Tulip Hill.

Make a quick getaway Nylon satchel bag with one top handle and detachable canvas long strap. Double snap-lock buckle lapel, one external pocket, two internal compartments and two inner pockets.

Tie the Knot A great gift and also a great way to give back to a great cause. They have united with The Tie Bar, a men’s neckwear and accessory company, to create a limited collection of 20 bow ties seasonally, the proceeds of which go to Tie The Knot. See more

Dust off the Vinyl Records Make the case for classic tunes and timeless style by packing this petite turntable and your favorite LPs for every event and adventure! Its vintage-inspired design is equipped for every genre of album and audiophile, featuring three speeds - 33, 45, and 78 rpm

The Missing Links Baccarat Crystal and Sterling Silver Men’s cuff links called Lilluster $370.00 Baccarat Palm Desert, CA 760 346 6805

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feature Axiom For Men is ‘Gaying it Forward’

this holiday season Axiom For Men aims to make a difference by donating 5% of sales toward five LGBT charities.

After suffering a heart attack, Mike Waxman retired from his high-stress career as an institutional stockbroker and started the socially committed men’s grooming and skin care line, Axiom For Men. “After my cardiac event, I reevaluated my priorities and realized I needed to reinvent myself. I wanted to create something new, fresh and never tried before. Something that would positively impact other peoples’ lives.” Two years later, Axiom For Men was born. “It’s about helping men look and feel great about themselves from the inside out,” he explains. However, there is a loftier goal, too. The company raises money and visibility for LGBT charities and organizations that represent and support the entire LGBT community. When customers buy any Axiom For Men product, the company donates five percent of sales to one of five charities. Customers can choose between The American Military Partner Association (a group that supports LGBT military families), Athlete Ally (advocating for equal rights in sports), Family Equality Council (representing LGBT parents and their children), The National Center for Transgender Equality (devoted to ending discrimination and violence against transgender people) and The Trevor Project (providing crisis and suicide prevention services for LGBT youth.) “Our products are vehicles to advance our cause. We understand that if they aren’t the best on the market, we won’t achieve our larger humanitarian objectives.” Waxman also understands the importance of educating guys on why they need their own skin care line. The primary reason is testosterone, which causes increased production of oil in men and gives rise to a series


of skin conditions including blemishes, acne, large pores and ingrown hair. “Most products sold in drugstores are made for women and do not take into account men’s oilier skin,” says Waxman. Compounding the problem for men, daily shaving weakens the facial skin’s natural protective system, and results in more cuts, nicks, razor burn and bumps. Axiom For Men contains pH Balancers with calming, antibacterial and healing botanicals that protect men’s sensitive facial skin. The pH-Balancers are also used in Axiom for Men’s best-selling product: their Hair Removal Cream. Its key ingredients - Shea butter, aloe vera, and Canadian WillowherbTM - make the cream gentle enough to be used anywhere on the body, including the most manly of areas. It also contains a unique anti-fade technology that makes the cream safe to use on tattoos. “So many men have told me that they need a product that will clean the canvas and let the ink shine brightly. We developed the entire Axiom for Men product lineup so that it will never dull or fade a man’s prized body art.” The Axiom for Men collection includes: Pearlized Cleansing Gel: Gently and effectively frees skin of contaminants and excess oils, without damaging the skin’s own moisture content. Face and Body Shave Cream: Offering maximum shaveability for the entire body, while simultaneously moisturizing and protecting the skin. Daily Restorative Moisturizer: Smooth spreading, rapidly absorbing reparative formulation protects skin from pollutants and allows the cellular wall to rebuild its natural defenses, leaving skin hydrated throughout the day and night. Skin-Tone Balancing Cream: Treats common skin discoloration from age spots, sun damage, and acne marks. “This is only the beginning,” promises Waxman. “We have several exciting products currently in development. “Ours is a dual purpose: to create products men want and need and to raise money for organizations that are making a difference in their communities.” Because Axiom For Men is concerned with making men shine on the outside... and the inside, too. Axiom names model Stuart Reardon as the face and body of their Winter 2014 campaign. Where to buy: You can find all of Axiom For Men’s products, and learn more about the LGBT and ally causes the company supports, at For free samples, email to

psp focus The Center’s NestEggg Food Bank needs donations for holidays The LGBT Community Center of the Desert (The Center), which provides groceries to 275 households weekly through its NestEggg Food Bank in downtown Palm Springs, is in need of donations to keep its low-income senior and disabled clients fed throughout the holiday season. Citing recent government cutbacks to federal assistance programs that have impacted both people in need and nonprofit organizations, Food Bank Coordinator Paul Popowich explains that monetary and nonperishable food donations will help supplement The Center’s grocery inventory, ensuring that its clients receive the nutritional staples they need. As is the case for most food banks providing public assistance, the majority of The Center’s food items must be purchased. Therefore, monetary donations are especially critical so that dairy, meat, produce, baked, canned and dried goods can be consistently available each week. The NestEggg Food Bank even provides dog and cat food, since statistically most low-income households include at least one pet, so donated pet food is requested. The Food Bank is staffed almost entirely by a volunteer team that Popowich says has grown as the holidays approach in order to keep clients’ spirits high at a time that can often be grim for people in need. “Our volunteers have been so supportive of the need to keep the food program available, plentiful and upbeat during the coming weeks,” he said, “that even more have stepped up to the plate to help out in keeping with the holiday spirit.”

The NestEggg Food Bank is located at 610 Belardo Rd., Ste. 500, Palm Springs, and open 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursdays. Two-weeks’worth of groceries, due in part to assistance from FIND Food Bank, will be provided on Dec. 19 as a bonus for winter holidays, although the Food Bank will be open as usual the following week, on Dec. 26. To donate to the NestEggg Food Bank, visit www.thecenterps. org/donate/to-the-nesteggg-food-bank. For more information on other programs and services offered by The Center, at 611 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Ste. 201, Palm Springs, visit or call (760) 416-7790.

Open Call Talent Project 2014 Perform live on stage at the McCallum Theatre and be the next Grand Prize Winner. McCallum Theatre Institute, the education division of the McCallum Theatre, is pleased to announce its annual Call for Entries for Open Call Talent Project 2014! This always highly-anticipated Valley-wide competition is a perfect opportunity to show-case the talents of Valley singers, dancer, musicians, jugglers, magicians, comedians or any other self-contained novelty act. Finalists, chosen from live auditions, gain the opportunity to perform at the respected McCallum Theatre and work with a professional artistic and production team and a talented cast of local performers. There is no cost to enter Open Call. Applicants must be at least 8


years of age and reside within a 45 mile radius of the McCallum. The deadline to submit materials is January 4, 2014. Finalists will appear on stage at the McCallum Theatre in four performances: Thursday, April 17 at 7pm, Friday, April 18 and Saturday, April 19 at 2pm and 7pm. McCallum audiences participate in voting for their favorite acts at the first three performances. The audience vote carries the weight of one judge’s vote in the final performance where winners will be announced. Cash prizes are awarded to the grand prize ($1500), 2nd place ($750) and audience choice ($750) award winners. All Open Call finalists will receive a cash stipend. For more information, please contact Production Manager, Joanna Fookes at 760-346-6505, extension 142 or visit the website at

psp focus New Year’s Eve In Palm Springs Here are a few picks for New Year revelers. Viceroy Palm Springs invites you to celebrate 2014 two ways - in lavish glamour with a masquerade ball beneath the stars, or hip poolside lounge. Offering two unique experiences, guests are invited to plan for a night of intrigue, with the Venetian Bacchanal, or a chic poolside scene at Citron’s poolside New Year’s Eve reception. Tickets & Info The Ace Hotel PS is putting 2012 to bed with DJ Alf Alpha and friends and a Desert Street Food Bazaar in the Commune, DJ Michael Antonia in the Amigo Room, a prix-fixe dinner with Ace Trivia hosted by Bella da Ball and Sissy Bingo with Linda Gerard... and some other, Who’s keeping track? The Hard Rock Hotel presents “Rocking The Gatsby” A New Year’s Eve Celebration Drawing inspiration from Baz Luhrman’s hit cinematic rendition of “Great Gatsby” this show embodies all of the glitz and glamour with a well-balanced mix of “Urban Roaring 20’s” performed by a cast of 10 with a live band. Guests are urged to wear theme-appropriate attire. Wang’s in the Desert is ringing in the New Year with regular menu all night, last seating 10pm Happy Hour 3-7pm. DJ Mixie spins starting at 9pm into the New Year. Balloon drop and Complementary Toast at midnight on the Zen Patio. Hunters Palm Springs, the best dance club in the desert is throwing a spectacular New Year’s Eve bash, no cover, Champagne bottle specials, free champagne toast and of course a balloon drop at midnight. Purple Room Supper Club rings in the New Year in Retro 60’s Style. Three dinner seating choices with midnight balloon drop and unlimited champagne & wine to ring in the New Year. Music provided by The Gand Band featuring Bobbie Eakes and Christina Moon Gaeta Trio New Year’s Eve Three Dinner Seatings and Party. Midnight balloon drop and party favors Starting at 10pm party at the bar with unlimited champagne, wine & beer. Reserve early

Toucan’s Tiki Lounge is a throwing a Masquerade Ball to bring in the New Year. Reserve your spot now! Ticket grants entry to the club starting at 9PM. Champagne toast at midnight. Please! Tuesday, December 31, 2013 – Wednesday, January 1, 2014 9:00pm Get your tickets at

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Presidents Committment

US President Barack Obama has made another massive commitment to finding a cure for HIV. In a White House announcement made on 2 December after the 25th anniversary of World AIDS Day, Obama said his administration would redirect $100 million of existing research funds over the next three years to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. While the White House said it will ‘reprioritize’ the funds, it did not specify where the funds would come from. Obama took a tone of optimism during his announcement, echoing the National Institute of Health (NIH), which called this venture an ‘increasingly promising area’ of HIV/AIDS research. ‘The United States should be at the

forefront of new discoveries into how to put people into long-term remission without requiring lifelong therapies — or better yet, eliminate it completely,’ he said from the White House yesterday. Obama also said the US government would pledge an additional $5 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria over the next two years, and urged other countries to comply with their commitment of $10 billion to the Global Fund. Echoing the president’s commitment to find a cure for HIV, billionaire Bill Gates said he plans to double the contribution of The Global Fund to $500 million. Obama said: ‘We will stand with you through every step of this journey until we reach the day possible when all men and women can protect themselves from infection, a day when all people with HIV infection have access to treatment to save their lives. ‘The day when no babies born with HIV and AIDS and achieve what once was hard to imagine, an HIV-free generation. That’s the world I want for my daughters, that’s what we want for our families.’ Obama called attention to his administration’s successful HIV/AIDS strategies including:

• HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act, which lifts the ban on organ donation between HIV positive individuals • Affordable Care Act, which will require health insurance, plans to cover HIV testing without any additional out-of-pocket costs. It will also prohibit discrimination based on HIV status and eliminate annual benefit caps • The 10th anniversary of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which supports international organizations in their fights against HIV/AIDS In the past decade, HIV/AIDS treatment and research has advanced in leaps and bounds, like with PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) treatments individuals who’ve been exposed to HIV can take in order to reduce the risk of transmission. However, the viral disease continues to be one of the most lethal sexually transmitted infections in the world, particularly in countries where prevention and treatment methods are scarce for economic, religious or social reasons. Courtesy of GSN.

Kinky Boots Performers Respond to Macy’s Parade

Homophobia reared its ugly head in response to the supposedly cheerful Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, as some Americans took to social media to criticize the performance of “Kinky Boots,” an award-winning Broadway musical about a shoe factory owner and a drag queen who work together to turn the family business around. The way the performers responded


to the controversy, however, was priceless. Despite the show’s wholesome themes of cooperation, tolerance and friendship, Twitter and Facebook quickly lit up with Americans decrying the performance of the musical’s flashy finale “Raise You Up/Just Be” as unwholesome and unfit for the holiday parade broadcast. Rather than be cowed by the controversy,

however, the show’s Tony-winning star Billy Porter and some of his cast mates marched over to Macy’s the day after their performance in the parade and proceeded to do some Black Friday shopping. The kicker? Almost all of the male actors were outfitted in their sky-high stiletto boots and Porter was in full drag. “You have to start a dialogue,” the musical’s co-creator Harvey Fierstein told


national / INTERNATIONAL Page Six while shopping with the show’s actors. “And you can’t have a dialogue unless someone says something first. It takes actual work to open up [people’s] minds.” In a statement sent to Playbill. com, meanwhile, Fierstein reiterated his support for the fabulously flamboyant musical. “I’m so proud that the cast of Kinky Boots brought their message of tolerance and acceptance to America’s parade,” Fierstein said in the statement. “Ten years ago I was humbled to ride a float dressed as Mrs. Claus, and it was the thrill of a lifetime. Congratulations

to Macy’s, on leading the world, not only with your salesmanship, but also your humanity.” Macy’s also offered its own statement to Page Six, which managed to hit on both the parade’s commitment to Broadway -and commercialism. ‘Tis the season. “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has always spotlighted the best of Broadway since the ’60’s, and this year is no exception,” the rep said. “As 2013’s Tony award-winning best musical, ‘Kinky Boots’ is not only a hit with Broadway fans, but Black Friday shoppers… Please have them call us and we’ll set them up with our personal shoppers.” Courtesy of

Following vote against same-sex marriage, Croatia to propose civil unions Just one day after Croatian’s voted to ban same-sex marriage; a spokesperson for Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said Monday that officials plan to offer civil union legislation that would give same-sex couples in Croatia many of the legal rights currently afforded to heterosexual couples. The measure would grant same-sex couples hospital visitation and inheritance rights, but would not include the right to adopt children. On December 1, Croatians voted 6634 to amend the country’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage, a major victory for the Catholic Church-backed conservatives in the European Union’s newest nation. Almost 90% of Croatia’s population of 4.4 million is predominantly Roman Catholic. The referendum also received support from 104 members of Croatia’s 151-seat parliament.

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic said he was disappointed but not surprised by the

outcome of the vote. “The referendum result must not be the reason for new divisions,” he warned. The referendum pitted conservative groups and the church against the government and human rights activists. Political analysts said that the conservative groups were also able to tap into growing popular disenchantment with the European Union, which Croatia joined in July. Many Croats blame the union, fairly or unfairly, for the nation’s economic woes. According to the LGBT advocacy group, Liga LGBTI, Croatia is ranked 13th out of 49 European countries in its treatment of LGBT people. Numerous LGBT organizations are active in the country, police and police cadets are now instructed about LGBT rights, and in June, Prime Minister Milanovic’s wife took part in Zagreb’s 12th annual pride parade.

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I’m charting my own future.

Mitch, D.A.P. client

D.A.P. treats and supports the whole person High-quality, primary and HIV-specialty medical care through our Wells Fargo Health Center is only the beginning of what our clients find at Desert AIDS Project. Our case managers facilitate our holistic approach to care with a broad array of services, including our HIV-specialty dental clinic, food and housing support, Eastern medicine alternatives, in-house lab services and pharmacy, mental health and substance abuse programs, a full-service community center offering a computer lab, wellness programs, health education, and so much more.

All under one roof Thanks to your generous support, Desert AIDS Project is saving lives. Please continue to help by donating at, joining one of our annual giving programs, or by saving the date for one of our upcoming fundraising events. 26th Desert AIDS Walk | October 19, 2013 Dancing with the Desert Stars | November 22, 2013 SPARKLE! All-Star Holiday Concert | December 11, 2013 20th Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards Gala | February 8, 2014 Celebrity Doodles | April 5, 2014 Dining Out for Life | April 24, 2014



eQca uPdaTe State of lGbt eQuality in forty-tWo California CitieS detailed in hrC’S MUNICIPAL EQUALITY INDEX a report on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbT) equality in america’s cities by the human rights campaign, the nation’s largest lgbT civil rights organization, rated 291 cities across the nation, including forty-two cities in california. The 2013 municipal equality Index (meI) is the second edition of the only nationwide rating system of LGBT inclusion in municipal law. This year’s index finds that cities across the country, including in california, continued to prove that municipalities would act to support equality for lgbT people, even where states and the federal government have failed to do so. The meI was issued in partnership with the equality federation Institute. The average score for cities in california is 76 out of 100 points, which falls above the national average Key findings from the MEI create a snapshot of LGBT equality in 291 municipalities of varying sizes drawn from every state in the nation – these include the 50 state capitals, the 150 most populous cities in the country, the three largest cities in every state, the city home to each state’s largest public university, and the 25 large, 25 mid-size, and 25 small municipalities with the highest proportion of same-sex couples. Twenty-five cities earned a perfect 100-point score (Palm springs was among them) and serve, as shining examples of lgbT inclusivity, with excellent policies ranging from non-discrimination laws, equal employee benefits, and cutting-edge city services. “The meI exposes that there are two california’s for lgbT people,” said Jesse melgar, communications director for equality california. “while we should be enormously proud of having a legacy of being at the forefront of equality, it underscores the enormous disparities that still remain in parts of our state and the continued work that lies ahead to achieve full and lasting equality.” “equality isn’t just for the coasts anymore,” said hrc President Chad Griffin. “This groundbreaking report shows that cities and towns across the country, from Vicco, kentucky to coeur d’alene, Idaho, are leading the charge for basic fairness for lgbT people.” The meI rates cities based on 47 criteria falling under six broad categories: • Non-discrimination laws; • Relationship recognition; • Municipality’s employment and contracting policies; • Inclusiveness of city services; • Law enforcement; and • Municipal leadership on matters of equality. The full report, including detailed scorecards for every city and a searchable database, is available online

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Q&A Helen Reddy: Watch Her Soar (Again)

Pop icon returns to the stage for one-night only holiday performance By Mona de Crinis

If Hillary Clinton ever makes it into the White House, she’d better lace up her shoes for a dance with singer Helen Reddy. The Grammy award-winning feminist singer/author who reigned during the 1970s with iconic hits “I Am Woman,” “Angie Baby,” and others danced with Gerald Ford when he was president and contends it’s an “enchanting idea” to dance with Clinton, who she supported during the 2010 presidential election. “I would have to get her some tap shoes, I think. Teach her a couple of steps,” she says with a laugh during an interview in advance of her Palm Springs performance December 14 at Annenberg Theater. “I think it would change everything a great deal [to have a female president]. We would be bringing feminine energy to that table.” She pauses and sighs, then adds, “I think we’re making great strides forward, yet we are so far behind the rest of the world. It really bothers me. There are so many women in high places in many different countries, but a lot of women are still stuck under the boot.” Asked if her message would be any different if she were to pen “I Am Woman” today, Reddy says, “I would probably write an extra verse, ‘I am woman, watch me soar.’” Reddy’s faith in the power of the matriarch in politics colors her spiritual convictions as well. “That’s the big lady,” she explains. “I believe that we’re all here on Earth for a purpose. Many of us come in knowing what that purpose is, but a lot of others can’t quite figure it out for a while. So I think it’s important to have a belief system — in anything really.” Fueled by fresh enthusiasm for her craft, the “Queen of 70s Pop” came out of retirement last year and is hitting the road after a decade working as a clinical hypnotherapist in her native Australia. Reddy’s passion for music was reignited during her sister’s 80th birthday party, after “10 years of utter boredom.” “[My sister] asked me if I would sing a duet. I said, ‘Of course.’ She’s my older sister, so I do what I’m told,” Reddy says. “It


was the first time I’d heard my voice in years, and I thought, ‘Gee, that’s not bad! Maybe I should do more of it!’ So here we are, or here we soon will be.” Reddy’s life experience plays well into her return to performing. “We grow as we age. I like my time in life right now. I’m 72 and it’s a good place to be,” she says. “The children are grown and gone. I have a great band, and I love taking them on the road. I really love what I do.” While Reddy’s desert appearance is billed as a holiday show, she will likely treat fans to a medley of some of her greatest hits. “It’s a mixed bag,” she says. “I do some lovely ballads ... I’m doing the songs I like,” she adds after a moment. “But I can tell you what I WON’T be singing: ‘Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me, oh, leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me,’” she says determinedly. “And that just the first chorus.” IF YOU GO Helen Reddy “Home for the Holidays” December 14 / 8 pm Annenberg Theater at Palm Springs Art Museum Tickets: or 760-322-3554.

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Holiday Escapes in Southern California By George W. Zander

Look around your lovely Desert. The Winter Holidays are in full force. Of course, there is not a lot of snow here and the highs are in the 70’s but decorations are popping up all over the Coachella Valley and special events are being held here and around the region. Plan now so you do not miss any of these fabulous parties. There are so many special activities to enjoy with your friends and family but we have decided on ten. Enjoy the season. Of course, you do not want to miss our own Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade on Dec 7 in downtown Palm Springs! This 23-yearold event steps off at 5:45 PM. Millions of twinkling lights covering very creative decorated boats float around many of the harbors and canals in the beach towns. Check out the harbor city near you for specific dates and times. Be sure to find out where the parade starts so that you know the approximate time of when it will float by your location. These are a great experience. Choose the dates that fit your schedules and if you can, hitch a ride with someone on a decorated boat! That is a fabulous way to enjoy the holiday. The list is long and includes San Diego Bay. Huntington Harbor, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Oxnard, Ventura and Marina del Ray. In downtown Riverside, the Mission Inn sets up a display of


thousands of lights adorning this entire unique hotel. Throw in Santa, backed up by live angel carolers from dozens of schools, and you have one of the grandest Festival of Lights displays in the US. At last count, there were 3.5 million lights. It opens the day after Thanksgiving and runs through the entire holiday season. This is the nineteenth year and it runs from Nov 29-Jan. 4. Another close by winter wonderland experience is taking a ride up the ski lift at Mt. Baldy. At 8000 feet this area has fresh snow (most of the days) There are snowboarding and hiking plus a lovely view from the bar and restaurant. There are countless cultural events, concerts, and Nutcracker Suite performances in So Cal, but one of the most fun is participating in the Posadas on Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles. Posadas have been a tradition in Mexico, Central America and the southwestern United States for 400 years. To be a true Cal person, you need to do this. The dates vary slightly but run from December 16 through Dec 24. The days represent the nine months of Mary’s pregnancy ending on Christmas Eve. One of the most spectacular interactive holiday displays is next door to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The giant dome next door, once home to the Spruce Goose, will again be frozen and


changed into a giant igloo. You will experience the Ice Kingdom. It is an amazing show of the story of the Nutcracker Suite on one cold Christmas Eve Night. There are many activities for adults and children. There is Ice Tubing and outdoor Ice Skating as well. It is opened from Nov. 22 through Jan. 5. In our Desert, one amazing lighting display will clearly get you in the holiday mood. One of the Coachella Valley’s most loved and festive holiday traditions is the WildLights at the Living Desert. It opens on Friday Nov 29 with opening night festivities at 5:30 pm.

The display is open from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the following dates: November 29 - 30; and December 6, 7, 13, 14, 19-23, 2631. This is an amazing scene. Do not miss this one! On December 12, there is the Walk of the Inns, an annual event where many of the historic small hotels in Palm Springs are opened to the public. They show of their properties, serve a hot beverage and snacks. It is a very fun occasion and very Palm Springs! Just because you and your friends and families do not have to endure snow, sleet and blistering cold, you can still fill yourself full of holiday spirit. Cheers!

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THE BEST HOLIDAY GIFT YOU CAN GIVE! By Dr. Kenneth Toth, BA, MAT, DC, RN, CPT It’s the Holiday Season again, and our thoughts, among other things, turn to family members, friends, and of course gift-giving. It’s great fun for most people to give gifts to others at this time of year and express our love and thankfulness for their presence in our lives past, present and future. It’s pretty easy for most of us to pull out the plastic to pay for that gift once a year. Add a fabulous wrapping, and that’s that! But is it really? So, where am I going with all this? I’d simply like you to think about all those wonderful and fabulous people in your life that truly love you and you them. Then I’d like you to take a look at yourself in the mirror….yes, without clothes. Next, I’d like you to be very honest with yourself. What do you see? Is it the picture of relatively vibrant health? Or is it the proverbial white elephant of neglect? Which gift are you giving yourself and your loved ones? If you are not happy with your “gift,” I have fabulous news for you! You have a whole year to create the best gift you can give yourself and others. And that gift is your highest level of health and well-being, which will bring the greatest joy to both yourself and others on your list. There are millions of families and friendships that are unnecessarily suffering in a relationship marred or even cut short. Yes, I say “unnecessarily” because the spouse, partner, or significant other failed to take care of his/her health. He/she probably scoffed at a needed exercise program and simple dietary adjustments, or just didn’t feel like following his/her physician’s recommendations which probably would have produced a much different right now and future. More and more evidence-based scientific research continues to show more and more positive relationships between consistently applied, appropriate, well-designed exercise and such conditions as hypertension, mental illness, diabetes, longevity, cardiovascular disease, joint dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, BPH, balance, and even Alzheimer’s, to note just a few! Our states of health don’t just affect ourselves. Our states of


health affect or impact, for better or worse, on the lives of all those held most dearly around us as well. Let’s take a closer look at the right now, and future, today. I’d like you to consider a little different slant on our gift-giving tradition. I’d like you to go a little deeper in your thinking and examination of your connections to important/significant others. I’d like you to consider, in true humility, that it is the gift of yourself in the form of your healthiest presence that is the most valuable gift you can share with loved ones. Nevertheless, as always, it’s up to you to decide. Have a great Holiday Season, and a healthy and beautiful New Year! Dr. Kenneth Toth, BA, MAT, DC, RN, holds multiple degrees and credentials as a science educator, chiropractor, registered nurse, and personal trainer. He is currently limiting his professional activities to Personal Training/Nutritional Counseling. Dr. Ken is now accepting new clients at WorkOUT Gym, Palm Springs, CA for personal training along with nutritional counseling. He may be reached at 949-235-9408.


SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS By Dennis Mason, BFA, CPT, Fitness Coach

The holiday cocktail parties and multi-course dinners can be enjoyed along with the warm gathering of family and friends without doing disastrous things to your waistline, with a little insight and planning. These events, as well as the preparations to make them all happen, will challenge you to stick with your exercise and dietary program. Here’s what I do to get through the holidays ‘safely.’ Adjust your daily routine. Accommodate the changes that will take place, so that you won’t wind up totally out of shape and frazzled at the start of the New Year. The key here is to think of fitness choices when modifying your schedule. Modify your workout routine. Try shortening your routine and concentrate on compound movements such as the bench press, rowing and leg press. They work all the major muscles and all the smaller ones too. Keep the routine short and sweet and go for ‘the feel’ and the control of each movement. Don’t stress out on days you can’t get to the gym. Do some home exercises such as pushups, jumping jacks, abdominal crunches, chair dips, pull-ups and standing knee bends. They all contribute to keeping your muscles toned and ‘in shape’ while giving your joints a rest. Don’t forget cycling or jogging, too. Eat a small snack before going out to a social function or a dinner party. By having a snack such as an apple, a palm full of sunflower seeds or a small piece of leftover turkey, you raise your blood sugar and take the edge off your appetite and avoid being in “starvation mode” when you get to your event. Never, ever drink alcohol on an empty stomach. It will tear up the lining of your stomach. Then, it will increase your appetite and turn you into a non-stop “eating machine.” Finish eating early in the evening. If at all possible try not to eat past 7:00 pm. As the evening progresses and the feasting goes on, the more likely your body is to store the food you just ate as body fat. There just are not enough hours left in the day to burn off those calories. As a result, your body will save the unburned fuel in the form of body fat. Drink lots of water. Water will do a number of good things for you. First, it will help you stay hydrated. Second, it will help to eliminate toxins and waste material from the blood stream. And third, it will help to keep you feeling ‘full’ and thereby reduce the chances of over doing alcoholic beverages and late night snacking. Take your vitamins and minerals. This time of year social events

expose us to all sorts of cold and flu viruses above normal levels. Not only that, but out of town visitors may carry cold germs for which we may not have strong immunity. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your immune support and antioxidant levels as high as possible. I think you will find that with a little thought and healthy modifications to your schedule, you will make it through all the festivities with flying colors. Remember, the benefit of following a healthy and fit lifestyle is that you can vary from your regular routine periodically and not feel guilty about it. So, enjoy yourself, feel the love and be the miracle. If you need help with your physique training, post injury retraining or nutritional guidance, please contact me by email at the address below, or just visit my web site at: Dennis Mason, C.P.T.

Dennis Mason is a certified personal trainer and coach with over 30 years experience, an NPC bodybuilding competitor, charity cyclist, health and fitness motivational speaker and author. Contact him for information regarding his services and private fitness studio in Palm Springs.

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medical 411

aSk the doCtor Question: Why does the flu always hit around the holidays? answer: This is an excellent question! In addition, it gives me an opportunity to wish all of the standard readers a Very haPPy, healThy holIday season! with that in mind, there is controversy; even among infectious disease, experts as to why the influenza virus hits the human population almost like clockwork in mid november. This virus starts out infecting a few target people and spreads slowly but steadily until it crescendos reaching peak infectivity sometime in the mid february and tapers off by april. This cycle is so reliable that flu shots are predictable at all pharmacies and medical offices starting around Labor Day. ( It takes about 2-3 weeks to build up immunity to the flu shot strain being offered in any particular year so it is best to receive the shot about one month before the flu season hits!) The prevailing thought is that we are forced to be indoors during the winter and thus we can spread the flu to each other more effectively. This seems logical but ThIs Is a myTh. a recent study by dr. Palese out of mt. sinai school of


By Forrest P. murPhy, md, FACs

medicine in new york city suggests that the virus is more stable in cold air and low humidity (indoor forced air heating) that both combine to create an ideal environment for the flu viruses to survive and multiply. his study shows that in humid and warm conditions, the infectivity of the flu virus falls by 80%-90%. The flu spreads by aerosol droplets and lingers in the air whereas the cold viruses are picked up from infected surfaces. one interesting fact: The very name, influenza, is an Italian word that some historians proposed, originated in the mid-18th century as influenza di freddo, or “influence of the cold”. A simple remedy to avoid the flu then would include yearly flu shots in early october and humidifying your home and work environment. Question: is there any way to avoid the 5 to 10 pounds weight gain over the holidays? answer: no (lol) but it is true. The holidays are laden with sweets and fattening food choices and most of these are part of the holiday tradition

so short of not participating in the holidays; there really is nothing you can do to avoid the obligatory weight gain. however, that is the purpose of new year’s resolutions. most people resolve to go to the gym, go on a diet and lose the holiday poundage on January 1 and, frankly, like the flu season, it is a repetitive cycle that we all have come to know and love! so, with that in mind, enjoy the holidays and I hope all your new year’s resolutions come true!

Forrest P. Murphy, MD, FACS is a board-certified ophthalmologist and board eligible in emergency medicine and anti-aging. he has agreed to answer medical questions for the standard magazine. If you have a question for dr. forrest, simply send us an email with your question to The content provided in this column is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care, nor is it intended to be a substitute. always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider properly licensed to practice medicine or general health care in your jurisdiction concerning any questions you may have.

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Uh Oh! You Did WHAT? By Christopher Heritage

Sometimes we are too smart for our own good, or we do things without thinking them through. Sometimes we simply forget things. Small issues can suddenly become really big problems. Here are two real-life examples of how easy it is for things to go wrong: 1. Shelby and Freddie were long-time partners who owned a home together and chose not to marry or become registered domestic partners for several reasons. But they were always concerned about providing for each other if something should happen to one of them, and created trusts and other estate planning tools to make their wishes clear. The home was transferred into their trusts, and each man owned


50% as tenants in common. If one partner died, the other would receive his half of the house, and own the entire property. Recently, they decided to refinance their mortgage. Their loan manager advised Shelby to take out the loan in his name only, as his income was larger than Freddie’s, and he had a much better credit rating, netting them the lowest interest rate. The two men agreed, and the home was taken out of the trusts and titled in Shelby’s name alone. Several months later, Shelby suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Freddie was in emotional turmoil for weeks, and finally consulted their attorney about handling Shelby’s estate. He was shocked to learn that Shelby forgot to transfer the home back into

their trusts, and that the deed identified Shelby as the sole owner. Freddie owned nothing. With the house no longer in Shelby’s trust, it can’t easily pass through to Freddie. It will be necessary to go to probate court and pay thousands of dollars to transfer the property to Freddie. Thinking about refinancing your home? If it is in a trust and the loan company wants you to take it out of the trust for any reason in order to secure the loan, transfer the property back into the trust as soon as escrow closes. 2. Adoption of adults by older adults is legal in about half the states, with some permitting adoptions between partners in gay and lesbian couples. This became a recognized way to establish inheritance rights for some people in the LBGT community over the past 20 or 30 years. Without the possibility of marriage or registered domestic partnerships in most places, adult adoption established a “family” relationship in the only way open to them at that time. Creating a parent-child relationship through adoption worked. Fast forward to today. Suddenly same-sex couples have various options for becoming a legal “family”. Marriage, civil unions, or registered domestic partnerships are permitted in a growing number of states. The federal government now recognizes same-sex marriage, providing hundreds of legal benefits and obligations for the first time. Family recognition and inheritance rights go along with all of these options. Recently, I’ve heard from several couples with a serious problem. In their rush to the altar after same-sex marriage resumed in California, these couples forgot there was an adoption proceeding in their past. Each pair was in a legal parent-child “family” relationship. Marrying your mother, your father or your child is not permitted. These couples must take immediate action to correct the problem. It won’t be simple or easy, but it may be possible to petition the court to annul or dissolve the adoption and then they can re-marry as all other unrelated adult couples do. Did you adopt your partner in the past? Thinking about marriage, or already tied the knot? Find an experienced family law attorney to help you look at your options.

This article is part of an ongoing series of articles pertaining to legal issues relevant to the LGBT community, and is intended for general information purposes only – not legal advice. Christopher Heritage is an attorney in Palm Springs and San Diego, who focuses on LGBT estate planning, domestic partnerships, same-sex marriage, probate, trust administration, and bankruptcy. He welcomes questions and comments and can be contacted at 760-325-2020 or at

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From Inside The Boudoir The Reality of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Lesbian Community by Stephanie Brooke Smith There are many myths told out there about the topic of sexually transmitted infections (STI), or more commonly called sexually transmitted diseases (STD), in relation to the lesbian community. Many people are under the impression that lesbians pose little to no risk of transmitting or contracting an STI, or STD, but that is very untrue. It is true, however, that some STIs are rare among the lesbian community, but there are a number of them that are very much present and transmittable. According to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, our lesbian youth are becoming more and more at risk for contracting a sexually transmitted infection, also known as a sexually transmitted disease. The most common STI among lesbian youth is HPV, the human papillomavirus. HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer, but there is now a vaccine that is available to prevent the HPV infection. Now, this infection is not only limited to our lesbian youth, it is also prevalent among adult lesbians as well, so it is still very important to stay up to date on your PAP smears and practice safe sex. In addition to HPV, the Herpes Simplex Virus, or HSV, is also affecting the lesbian population. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, HSV is primarily transmitted and contracted through skin to skin contact with an individual that has the infection in either of its two forms, type 1 (typically found in and on the mouth) or type 2 (typically found around the genital region). A very important fact about this particular infection is that it is not always present on the surface of the skin, but is still able to contract it due to the “shedding” nature of the virus. Be sure to use the appropriate contraception, such as female condoms, dental dams, and latex gloves, if you or your partner suffers from either type of HSV. Also, please remember that there is not yet a “cure” for this particular infection so practicing safe sex using the aforementioned methods is especially vital to prevent further transmission and contraction of the infection. Another health issue that is more prevalent among the lesbian community than that of our heterosexual counterparts is Bacterial Vaginosis, or BV. This is just an imbalance in the naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina, which usually occurs after a lot of sex. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, BV is not considered to be a sexually transmitted infection as it can also occur


in women that are not sexually active. Since, it is so common among the lesbian community, it is important for you to know that it is highly treatable, though many physicians do not consider it necessary to treat in most cases as it can often clear up without treatment. In addition, the last of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the lesbian community is Chlamydia. Now, the prevalence of this infection among women that have only ever been with other women is very low. However, according to a variety of medical journals, especially Lesbian-Health, approximately ninety percent of lesbians have been heterosexually active at some point in their lives. Chlamydia is commonly transmitted into the lesbian community through an individual that has been sexually active with a male in their past and contracted it from that sexual encounter. This is just one example of why it is so important for both you and your partner to get tested before beginning any kind of sexual relationship. Alright, so now that we are through with the nitty-gritty details of the most sexually transmitted infections in the lesbian community, I would like to leave you all with this piece of advice: Get Tested! It doesn’t matter if you have had multiple partners, only one partner, what age you are, or if you have practiced safe sex regularly-you should still get tested. Many of these infections don’t always have symptoms so you can never be one-hundred percent positive that you are infection-free unless you make the responsible and informed decision to get tested. One last thing, always, always, always, practice safe sex ladies. I am including a list of educational sites and organizations for more information on the subject of sexually transmitted infections in the lesbian community and the larger LGBTQ community: • • • • • • Stephanie Brooke Smith

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al c lo

EVENTS CALENDAR Includes a light reception between the showings. Reservations required. Tolerance Education Center (760) 328-8252

Dec 6 - 8 Indio International Tamale Festival The 22nd annual Indio International Tamale Festival will once again overtake Old Town Indio to kick off the holiday season in the Coachella Valley. Admission into the Festival and parking are free, arts and crafts booths, and live entertainment for all ages and community interests. Food Network-TV named this Festival as one of the top ten “All-American Food Festivals” in the nation. Two of the highlights of the festival are the traditional competition for best tamale recipe, as well as the tamaleeating contest.

DEC 10 Southern Baptist Sissies Screening. The Tolerance Education Center The film version of Del Shores’ hit play “Southern Baptist Sissies” has been getting rave reviews and audience praise since its world premiere in mid-July at Outfest in Los Angeles. It’s the story of four “sissy” boys growing up and singing in the choir at a Southern Baptist Church in Texas, who each take a different path toward reconciling the conflict between the teachings of the church and their sexuality. Two (2) Showings 4:00 P.M. AND 7:00 P.M. Admission $25


reading from his book Full Frontal. The lecture will begin at 6:30 p.m. in The Learning Center (TLC), seating is limited. The Palm Springs Public Library is located at 300 S. Sunrise Way, on the corner of Baristo and Sunrise Way in Palm Springs, 760-322READ,

Dec 14 & 15 Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus Holiday Concert Jingle Bells. Sleigh Bells. Silver Bells. Christmas Bells. Hand Bells. No other sound represents the joy of the holiday season more than a bell. Join PSGMC as we celebrate holiday traditions and create new ones—a festive mix of sentimental, spiritual, humorous and classic songs of the season with a twist. Be there…With Bells On! Saturday, December 14 at 8 pm & Sunday, December 15 at 3 pm. Palm Springs High School Auditorium. Tickets are $50, $35 and $25 and all seats are reserved. Tickets are available online at www. or by calling Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006.

Dec 17 Author Lecture: Felice Picano and Tom Baker. The Palm Springs Public Library Sharing the stage, each will discuss their latest works; Felice will be discussing and reading from his latest book, 20th Century Unlimited and Tom will be discussing and

Dec 9 DBA December Events HOLIDAY CELEBRATION Come out and celebrate the holiday with DBA Members and Guest at the Renaissance Palm Springs. Great food, networking, raffles, and all the cheer of the holidays. For more info visit

Oscar’s Café & Bar You and your dog(s) are invited to join us every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am

lo ca l

EVENTS CALENDAR - 2:00pm for a fun brunch on our always dog-friendly patio. Oscar’s Cafe & Bar participates in My Perfect Pet’s “Dine With Your Dog” program, offering fresh, whole, healthy 100% Human-Grade Food for your dog while serving delicious human food for our pet parents! Dog meals are offered FREE with a $2 per meal donation (which benefits local animal nonprofits) 7 days a week at Oscar’s Cafe & Bar. Make your Bow Wow Brunch Reservations by calling Oscar’s at (760) 325-1188. PS: Brunch is also available indoors for those without pets!

Hunters Nightclubs® Palm Springs, Palm Springs’ go-to gay bar and dance club, has been leading the way in full-out fun for 13 lucky years now! And we keep it pumping, making it better for you all the time with our unparalleled event line-up. We enjoy having the desert’s most sought-after and friendly DJs, full-on themed events, and a staff that has it all without the attitude. And of course, we are proud to hold the longest happy hour in the entire Valley. Remember: Size Matters. Come by for our happy hour from 10am – 7pm. Yes, that’s right: 9 hours long! For a list of all events and specials visit

Art Walk. Back Street Art District , Discover the Backstreet Art District, on the first Wednesday of every month, the coolest, hippest art destination in the desert. Stroll through a dozen artist-owned galleries and working studios featuring exciting collections of original, contemporary art by

nationally and internationally recognized artists including paintings, sculpture, photography, jewelry, ceramics as well as performing arts. Experience the thrill of interacting with working artists, engaged in creating new works of art or recently commissioned pieces. ART WALKS are held the first Wednesday of every month during evening hour. More info

Sundays “The Playgirls” at Toucans Tiki Lounge featuring Tommi Rose. Performances 8, 10pm. These darling Divas of drag really deliver with their very own brand of entertainment to packed houses. Special guests appear weekly. DJ in the sound booth. Every Sunday Complete list of events

Wang’s in the Desert. The weekly Wang’s Live Entertainment series features the

best in local and regional musical talents. Guests can relax from cabaret and Broadway show performances to upbeat, jazzy showcases on the Zen Patio, with its beautiful stone outdoor fireplace, giant red Buddha statue and lush tropical surroundings. The Sunday series is becoming the new performance showcase for weekends and holidays in downtown Palm Springs. It’s the perfect, casual venue for great music, cool cocktails and of course, a fantastic crowd. For more information about Wang’s in the Desert, visit

Tuesdays Bella da Ball Cabaret Variety Dinner Revue at Azul features a different show each week with a cast of male and female vocalists and drag personalities. The highly popular show is hosted and produced by Palm Springs’ area social ambassador, Bella da Ball, and features music-comedysong-dance-costuming-headdresses-photo ops-door prizes-audience participation and more. The 95+ minute production features musical numbers ranging from show tunes to country to pop and everything in between. Don’t miss the fun every Tuesday at 7:30pm! No cover.

december, 2013 41

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events calendar dec 6 - 8

holly folly ProVInceTown, massachuseTTs each year, Provincetown kicks off the holiday season with our annual holly folly town-wide event. with area restaurants, galleries, and stores participating, the list of events is a full one, and you can enjoy a fabulous, fun-filled weekend of crazy fun, great food, and shopping! In addition, the distinctive Inns of Provincetown welcome you to a cozy stay in our homes during in december 2013! each year, residents and businesses outdo themselves trying to win the title of best residential decorations, best commercial decorations, and best lobster Trap. Take a walk or a drive around town and see the festive entries!

dec 11 - 13

lGbt touriSM & hoSPitality ConferenCe forT lauderdale, florIda The tourism industry’s premiere marketing, sales, public relations and research forum to help you reach lgbT travelers. every year, cmI brings together leading tourism professionals to learn about the gay and lesbian market from the experts – the people behind the success


stories. Perfect for marketing and sales executives of tourism boards, cVbs, dmos, accommodations, tour operators, events, agencies and meeting planners. with over 30 speakers, topics will include Internet, print and direct marketing, research trends, lgbT niche segments, sales techniques and roI tracking, community involvement, press relations and more. for more info:

pool parties, debauchery that will take you into the morning hours just in time to hit the slopes.

Jan 3 - 13

PalM SPrinGS international filM feStival Palm sPrIngs, ca In 2013, the festival screened 42 of the 71 movies that were submitted by countries around the world to the oscars for that year’s foreign language film prize. In the days before the festival’s opening, several of the international filmmakers convene at sunnylands, the annenberg estate in rancho mirage, to trade strategies on funding, producing and promoting their movies. The festival regularly attracts around 135,000 people, with some 70% coming from outside of the coachella Valley, including canada and Europe.

Jan 12 - 19

Gay and leSbian Ski Week asPen, colorado For over 28 years, as the first official gay ski week, aspen gay ski week has gained the reputation of hosting the most exclusive and explosive winter entertainment. world-renowned dJ’s, indoor & outdoor

Jan 19

huStlaball laS veGaS las Vegas, neVada get ready for the return of the annual hustlaball to las Vegas sunday January 19 at share nightclub. The “erotic cabaret and mega dance party” is back in sin city after 5 years, with a history of over 27 events in new york city, london, berlin, brussels, los angeles, san francisco, chicago, and once again in las Vegas! early bird Tickets available now at www.hustlaballvegas.


events calendar alive at this year’s red carpet extravaganza.

Jan 12 - 19

dec 12 - 16

Merlinka Queer filM feStival belgrade, serbIa The Festival aims at presenting films dealing with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, intersexual and queer issues. The official program will highlight short, documentary and feature films from all over the world.

dec 26 - Jan 1

We Party neW year feStival madrId, sPaIn a big step for we Party has been the creation of its own festivals such as the we Party Pride festival (in summer) and the we Party new year festival that has been named as the most important gay festival made in New Year in its first Edition. In 2012, the new year festival hosted six parties, counted with more than 20 dJs and hosted more than 6.000 people (30% of them were international tourist).

dec 14

MCQP SPaCe CoWboyS caPe Town souTh afrIca south africa’s biggest dress-to-theme costume party is back for its milestone 20th birthday! grab your spurs and cowboy hats and climb aboard the mcQP rocket ship for an event that’s bound to be out of this world. This year it will held at a larger than life venue, the cape Town stadium. Pull out those faded denims and roll them in glitter, to take a trip along the milky way, for this year’s mcQP’s - space cowboys. round up your cattle of friends or perhaps a galactic troop to make your entrance and entice our theme to come

Jan 5

three kinGS Parade sITges, sPaIn January 6 is when christmas is traditionally celebrated in spain, and of course, like everything else, they celebrate it in style in sitges. a parade lead by the arrival of the 3 kings set off from Plaza fragata in front of the church the night before.

aroSa Ski Week arosa swITZerland The annual gay ski week in arosa, one of switzerland’s most enchanting winter resorts, is in its 9th year and constantly growing with people participating from all over the world. There is a wide range of accommodations. don’t forget to order your event pass for the week, or do you want to miss the foam party, a fondue night at the mountain hut, a classical piano concert, the pool party, our cabaretnight or the drag- queen ski race.

Jan 12 - feb 2

MidSuMMa feStival melbourne, ausTralIa midsumma has been melbourne’s annual Queer celebration since 1988 - with a smorgasbord of queer arts and cultural events spread over more than 85 different venues throughout melbourne and regional Victoria. midsumma festival brings a diverse mix of artists and performers together under a single umbrella for an impassioned celebration and innovative presentation of queer arts and culture. The festival program is made up of a wide range of events and activities including visual art, theatre, spoken word, cabaret, film, live music, parties, sport, social events and public forums.

december, 2013 43


dine | drink | dance { Coachella Valley }

Bars and Night Clubs

Wang’s in the Desert 424 S Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 Phone: (760) 325-WANG (9264)

Las Casuelas Terraza 222 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 325-2794

Zin American Bistro 198 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 322-6300

Hunters Nightclub 302 East Arenas Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-323-0700

Nature’s Health Food & Cafe 555 S Sunrise Way Suite 301 Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 323-9487

LuLu California Bistro 200 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 327-5858

Birba 622 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 327-5678

Toucan’s Tiki Lounge 2100 North Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-416-7584

Pomme Frite 256 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 778-3727

Cheekys 622 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 327-7595

Rainbow Bar and Grill 216 South Indian Canyon Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-325-3989

Rio Azul Mexican Bar and Grill 350 S Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 992-5641

El Mirasol 140 E Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 323-0721

Trio Restaurant 707 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 Phone: (760) 864-8746

Thai Smile Palm Springs 651 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 320-5503

Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grille 415 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 778-6279

Studio ONE 11 Cocktail Lounge 67-555 East Palm Canyon Drive, Suite A103, Cat. City CA 92264 760.328.2900

Trio Restaurant 707 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 864-8746

Rick’s Restaurant 1973 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 416-0090

The Tool Shed 600 E. Sunny Dunes Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.320.3299

The Tropicale 330 E Amado Road Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 866-1952

Pinocchio in the Desert 134 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-322-3776

Spurline Video Lounge 200 Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs CA 92262 760-778-4326

Sherman’s Deli & Bakery 401 E Tahquitz Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 325-1199 Acqua Pazza / The River at Rancho Mirage 71800 Highway 111 Suite A167 Rancho Mirage, CA Phone: (760) 862-9800 Azul Restaurant 369 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 325-5533 Casa de Frida 450 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 459-1681 Copley’s on Palm Canyon 621 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 327-9555


business dIrecTory your ad here!



66511 Pierson Blvd. desert hot springs, CA

760.251.0999 Ahora en Espa単ol /18+


scott nevins & mark jones present




an all-star holiday concert

Benefiting Desert AIDS Project


Wednesday, Dec. 11 • 7:30 pm

Special Appearance by


Doors Open at 6 pm for Cash Bar & Food for Purchase at The Muse Café. Theatre Doors Open at 7 pm.

Iconic Broadway and Television Performer

Hosted by TV Personality

Music Director






Evita, Les Miserables

Les Miserables, Fiddler on the Roof



Chicago & Les Miserables at the Hollywood Bowl


Sordid Lives: the Series, Bravo’s The People’s Couch


Star Search, The Little Rascals, Bravo’s The People’s Couch



Hairspray, Wicked

The Who’s TOMMY, 2012 OutMusic Award Winner



Gypsy, Struck by Lightning, The Haunted Hathaways

Avenue Q Original Broadway Cast


CBS’s The Mentalist, RENT, In The Heights


2013 Best International Singer, Viña del Mar International Song Festival -Chile

Annenberg Theater, 101 North Museum Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262 Silver Tickets: $35-$75 | Gold VIP Tickets: $150 (Premium Seats, Cast Meet & Greet, VIP After-Party with Food, Hosted Bar) Platinum VIP Tickets: $400 (Pre-show 3-Course Dinner at TRIO, Premium Seats, Cast Meet & Greet, VIP After-Party with Food, Hosted Bar) PRESENTINg SPONSOR

media sponsor

vip event sponsor

hotel sponsor


For tickets & info, please visit


media sponsor

Photo Rewind 2013 PS Pride Weekend Events Photo Courtesy of david a. lee & The Standard Staff

december, 2013 47

PRE-EVENT VIP RECEPTION: Thursday, January 16, 2014 6:00 to 9:00 pm VIP Reception Bougainvillea Room @ Spencer’s – Tennis Club PERFORMANCE: Friday, January 17, 2014 6:00 pm Champagne Reception Palm Springs Art Museum Sculpture Garden 7:00 pm Dance for Life performance Palm Springs Art Museum Annenberg Theater Tickets are $95 for performance only. $200 per person includes VIP reception on January 16. Visit or call 760-325-8481

Since 1992, Dance for Life has raised more than four million dollars for Chicago’s HIV/AIDS community. Now in its third year in Palm Springs, this highly anticipated event will once again celebrate the art of dance to benefit AIDS Assistance Program and The Dancers’ Fund. THE COMPANIES: Giordano Dance Chicago, Nevada Ballet Theatre, ENTITY Dance Company, Tap Sounds Underground and Los Angeles Ballet. Photography by Sandro Dancer: Victoria Jaiani

Media Sponsor

PhoTo rewInd 2013 Ps PrIde weekend eVenTs PhoTo courTesy of daVId a. lee & The sTandard sTaff

december, 2013 49

four days of pooL ooLL oo parties, dances, & woofy men!

Hosted at the renaissance palm springs hotel otel

Plus... friday

meet & Greet saturday

Late niGht pizza party sunday

Beer Bust dJ easy tiGer

Passes & Hotel ReseRvations at

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