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The Roman poet Horace once wrote, “A picture is a poem without words.” This profoundly simple statement embodies the global perspective of art and how the universal creative consciousness collectively wraps its arms around humanity and nourishes the spirit of imagination. The expression of creativity and its byproduct art are equally limitless— draw, sketch, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, act, weave, weld, write … whatever. Interpreting art employs multiple levels of perception, from cerebral and intellectual to emotional, spiritual, and even physical. While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, few experiences are more subjective than art. What is good for the geese is not necessarily good for the gander. While most cool, hip folks flock to work created by our cover artist Shag, there may be some (not many, and certainly not moi!) who don’t quite get his style and his slyly humorous, deliciously modern take on consumerism and consumption. But that is what makes art so richly personal. Who hasn’t wandered into a gallery or museum and gawked—eyes rolled and head shaking—at ghastly artwork, while the person next to you squeals with delight and vows that it’s the best he’s ever seen? Again, subjective. In this issue, you will find myriad styles and examples of art as The Standard explores this complex and compellingly honest expression of the human condition and those inspired souls who open themselves up to create — in any manner they can. For me, I am a writer first and foremost. My art involves the rhythm and cadence of language and imagery and concepts expressed through the sometimes careful, sometimes carefree construction of words pieced together to form sentences (not always complete) that flow (hopefully) into paragraphs and ultimately a complete manifestation of creativity. My palette is void of acrylics or oils, clay, wood or marble, but rather contains a jumble of vowels and consonants, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and modifiers, to name a few of the “materials” I use. From that jumble, I endeavor to create a picture with words.

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the publisher.


IS IT ART? “But is it art, Eddie?“ These words uttered by the iconic character Patsy Stone in the classic British sitcom AbFab as she looked at a dubious piece of art wondering if it was art or just clothes hangers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, one can also say this about art. You can say that it is the beauty of art, the subjectivity of it, its ability to transport one to a different place, that makes it art. Being able to see and perhaps even feel art, we all get something different from it. That being said we gathered an eclectic group of local artists to find out where they find their inspiration and what current projects they are working on. No need to travel the world to find talented artists and brilliant art pieces, it seems they are right in our own backyard.

SAM GOMEZ I am an artist because I have something to say, my art is my voice. Everyone has a story; my goal is to communicate thru art in many ways. As an artist, I have had to walk down my own spiritual path and live through my experiences. Decisions for my work are made every day. I prefer to work with charcoal and color pastels because it is a very free medium for me and I feel very hands on when I use it, so it only seemed natural to use charcoal as my medium for a very organic, natural piece. My current work reflects the lost old Hollywood glamour; I began exploring this new adventure by thinking on what is left from this great era of memories and shadows. The challenge is to create the image of all these great characters in ways that we can still recognize them without the generic details. Sam Gomez, Artist www.facebook.com/PaperAndCharcoal

monumental up to 20 feet high. Roberto Gutierrez was born in Bogota Colombia where he was recognized as the sculptor of the year in 1997. In 1980, he was represented by galleries at an international level like: Curi Gallery in Paris and Diners Gallery in Colombia and later in Tokyo, United States, Paris, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. He has been living in United States since 2001, were he has received numerous awards and recognitions. Contact at www.indianwellsartfestival.com


I was born in 1978 in the former Yugoslavia, and my family immigrated to the US in 1996. I graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago with Fine Arts BA with a major in multimedia. I am an art director for the Standard Magazine and full time graphic & web designer. My artwork embodies a vast array of colorful characters, scenery and symbolism depicting the beauty of my childhood as well as the desert and its textures and tones are often my inspiration. My most used medium is acrylic on canvas and wood. I enjoy working on recycled/ repurposed surfaces and strive to make art available for anyone. I have shown my art and exhibited my work in several galleries in Chicago, as well as in Southern California. To see more of my work please visit mayakalabic.com Or online shop animacia.etsy.com and my blog mayakalabic.wordpress.com

LOU RUIZ ROBERTO GUTIERREZ Roberto Gutierrez creates figures in bronze with mixed materials as glass, iron, acrylic, wood etc. His work is contemporary and unique with great content of creativity. His work process is from mind to sculptures -with no models or photos. Pieces can range from a miniature 1’ high to


I grew up in the Coachella Valley, drawing and designing from an early age - finding anything to serve as a creative outlet. I studied at College of the Desert and have worked in the design field for the past 15 years, creating custom work using a combination of creative software including: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Flash. In my spare time, I like to experiment with digital art, film and

web design. I also enjoy spending time outdoors; biking, hiking and now kayaking. Currently I reside in sunny Palm Springs California with my husband and our three “kids”, Noa, Sake and Darwin. You can find some example of my work at www.louruiz.prosite.com, cheers!

KIM CHASEN Kim Chasen has been a resident of Palm Springs since 1989 and a professional artist for 18 years. she co-owned Dezart One Gallery from 2001 to 2011. In all of her work, Kim creates her own sense of unique color and sensuous texture. Her objectives and methods are relatively simple, with a conscious connection between the horizontal and vertical. Lying just beneath the surface, the paintings project a double life without compromising their integrity as pure abstraction. Kim has the innate ability to coax a feeling of strength and vitality from a few well-chosen colors. “My art represents the way I desire to live my life..... simple and uncomplicated yet bold and exciting. it does require, however a lot from the viewer…a willingness to travel through the many layers.” Kim is currently showing in the juried Artists Council Exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Visit www.kimchasen.com

KATHY AND RORY CHETALAT Our art is created over a period of days to weeks. We often begin with a sketch or discussion of the concept. Then each piece of glass is cut and fit to match the design. The glass is assembled and fired in the kiln. This first firing can reach temperature as high as 1700 F degrees. After the piece cools for as much as 24 hours, it is cleaned and set in the kiln over a mold to create the shape and texture. We often utilize existing shapes in metal or create our own molds from metal, firebrick or clay. Then the glass is fired a second time in the kiln to complete the shape. Then the challenge of assembling the pieces into the sculptural shapes begins. Integrating metal and stone into and around each glass object is done to create a unique

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COVER creation that incorporates the different colors, shapes and textures of all the mediums we enjoy. Kathy and Rory Chetalat www.fluidartworks.com

her creation is going until it gets there. A master of oxymora in art, de Crinis’s work is exotically familiar, wildly contained and resonates with restrained sensuality and an innate ability to capture the essence of people, cultures, nature, or a single experience. Info at www.decrinisart.com or call 760-408-2446

KAREN BROBECK After raising her family her love of keeping her hands busy led her into china painting and porcelain doll making in addition to working as a designer for a linen company and organizing photo shoots for such magazines as Metropolitan Home, Better Homes and Gardens and numerous design related magazines in New York and San Francisco. This, in turn, brought her back to painting in oils and developing her skills as an artist; and studying with such artists as Martha Saudek, Cynthia Britain, John Budicin, Scott Jennings, Rafael Maniago, Ron McKee, Terry Masters and Carolyn Hawley. Karen and her husband Charles have resided in Palm Springs since 2001. She is the past President of the Desert Art Center, a non-profit art gallery and school for local artists and currently the President of the Aids Assistance Program, a non-profit organization providing food vouchers and counseling for local people living with HIV/AIDS. www.karenbrobeck.net

DEBRA JACOBSON Originally, from Canada Debra lived on the Central coast of California for many years before migrating south to Palm Springs. “I don’t have any formal training in art and literally woke up one morning and decided to paint, that was 11 years ago,” states Debra. “I loved the idea of functional art where the beauty of the painted pieces becomes part of a space with a purpose”. However, what Debra discovered was that people purchased her floor cloths and ended up framing them since they felt they were too nice to walk on. So that spurred her interest towards painting on stretched canvas and board. Debra goes on to explain that her art is mostly from an inspiration of color first, and then she just lets the painting create itself. Unlike most things in life, where we can’t help but to have some expectations I use painting as a method of getting out of my own way and just allowing.” It’s a very meditative process, it has its way of nurturing me on a very deep level and I lose all concept of time and space. www.theheathgallery.com

EDITH DE CRINIS Like fine wine and a favorite pair of blue jeans, the diverse expression of local artist Edith de Crinis just gets better with age. At 86, her impressive body of work illustrates a rich life fully lived and a fluid style inspired by vivid impressions of moments in time—from flowers to portraits to African motifs to Kachina gods to compelling abstracts involving an organized jumble of geometric shapes. The longtime Coachella Valley resident operates from intuitive talent. “I paint from my head,” she says. “Whatever interests me at a time.” While the use of color drives much of her design, she also allows the design to drive her and admits she usually doesn’t know where


DAVID STEPHENS Art is my release. During a time of my life where I wasn’t able to be true to myself or others I turned to painting. I would simply paint what I really loved. All the confusion and pain I would transfer to a canvas. Now that I am older and “out” I try to use my paintings to celebrate the freedom coming out of the closet has given me. My dramatic hues and beautiful men are not just an attempt to paint lustful images, but my way of

sharing with the world that I love men and I’m no longer afraid of that. We love who we love after all. Other subjects I enjoy painting are classic cars, 1980s cartoons, and comic book characters. I live and paint in Desert Hot Springs with my partner Sam Gomez and my two wonderful children. Contact me at fanofmaynard@aol.com

ANGELA KINLEY Often I think of myself as an illustrator rather than a painter. The subjects in my work have these full lives, rich stories or are somehow involved in complicated emotional situations. I usually work in a series, which lends to the illustrator idea, a certain subject or concept that captures my imagination for a time is reflected in that body of work. However, I always paint people, they are endlessly inspiring. My work has been shown in San Diego, New Orleans, Seattle, Olympia, Chicago and throughout the Coachella Valley. To see other examples of what I do visit www.angelakinley.info

ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ-PEÑA Alejandro Martínez-Peña was born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1957 and received his Architecture degree from the “Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León”, México. He went on to do a Postgraduate at the “Politecnico di Milano”, Italy. He started painting in 1974, but it wasn’t until 1994 when he decided to do it professionally; participating in numerous exhibitions in México, USA, Cuba, Thailand, Italy, Puerto Rico, Japan, South Korea, Poland and China. “My compositions incorporate organic shapes, colors, and textures to evoke the complexity of the Environment and of spiritual life, images that remind us of the importance of our cultural legacy and the lessons still to be learned by living in harmony with Earth.” www.martinez-pena.com

PUBLISHER NOTE: We recognize that there are so many talented artists out there and we apologize if we were unable to feature your favorites, let us know at info@thestandardps.com and perhaps we can in our upcoming monthly feature Artist Insight. Thank you, The Standard Magazine

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SHAG Josh Agle commonly known as Shag (a contraction of the last two letters of his first name and the first two letters of his last) is one of today’s most popular and widely regarded artists. His trademark style is spotted on everything from cocktail napkins and cigarette lighters to mosaics and beach towels. A large collection of Shag’s limited edition prints was featured prominently on the finale of the 2013 season of HGTV Design Star, HGTV’s interior design competition. The winner of the entire show, Tiffany Brooks, selected Shag’s work for her final design. The Shag Store, the world’s first retail shop and gallery dedicated exclusively to the art of Shag, is open in Palm Springs. It has become a must-see destination for locals and visitors alike. We recently had an opportunity to talk with Josh about his inspirations, his popularity in Palm Springs and few other things you might not have known about Shag. Here’s what the iconic artist had to say. Hi Josh, How are you? Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. Let’s get right to it. Can you tell us a bit about your background and when did you start painting? Great thanks, well I was born in L.A., I spent most of my childhood in Hawaii, and then moved back to Southern California, where I’ve lived since. I worked as a commercial artist and graphic designer (mostly in the record industry) for about ten years before I started making my own art. I had my first solo gallery show in 1997, and have made my career as a painter since then. What or who inspires you and why? I’m inspired by a mythical lifestyle based around cocktail parties, tropical bars, hedonistic pursuits, leisure activities, and social interactions. I paint the kind of life I want to live. If you weren’t an artist, what would you be? I would probably be an architect. That was my first major in college, so my dabbling in architecture can be seen in my paintings. I’m lucky to have been able to do art for preservation foundations and architectural trusts, including Frank Lloyd Wright and both the Palm Springs and Los Angeles Modernism Committees. If you could interview one artist, and ask one question, who would it be and what would you ask? I’d want to talk to the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch. His paintings of heaven, earth, and hell looked surreal and psychotic. I’d ask him how he came up with his ideas and what his artistic process was.


Why do you think your style of art is so well received in Palm Springs? My art tries to capture that feeling you get when you leave your regular life and arrive in a fantasy world of cocktails by the swimming pool in your midcentury modern getaway. I think many people come to Palm Springs to try to feel that way, too, and my art is a good accompaniment to that goal.

What would be your dream project and why? I would love to collaborate with a high-end apparel design house - Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior, etc. Since the people in my paintings wear those clothes, it would make sense. If there were a piece of advice you could give to an up and coming artist, what would it be?


Don’t create art you think other people will want to buy or collect; paint what you want to hang on your own walls. That was the secret to my success as an artist. One final thing before I let you go; 3 things you may not know about Josh is that‌ 1. I was raised in a strict Mormon household with nine brothers and sisters. Much of my art could be viewed as a rebellion against my upbringing. 2. I stand-up paddle surf 12 to 16 miles a week. 3. I studied accounting in college.

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As downtown Palm Springs begins its forward motion into the future with new construction and the welcome addition of world-class hotels, some of us wonder how we will retain the less corporate, artistic village vibration that has always attracted visitors and residents from around the world. Many of us find Palm Springs to be an escape from the mundane, the typical, the big box merchandisers. Cutting edge and distinctly modern, yet somehow homespun, our city remains the place to find art and specialty items that reflect the unique perspective gained by living in an oasis paradise surrounded by the vast Mojave Desert. This unparalleled juxtaposition between old and new, the extremes of hot and cold, the natural color palate of green, blue and brown serve to stimulate the creative instincts of the artist. Tucked away in some of the oldest and most interesting buildings downtown there is still a thriving and prolific band of artists who create and sell their own art, onsite. If you’re looking for original, local, California art offered by the artists who created it, then continue walking north past the construction, the Marilyn statue and the souvenir shops until you reach the Artist District between Amado and Alejo. Variety is not lost on this one city block; the diversity of artistic expression is immediately obvious. Some of the mediums being explored and expanded upon are paint, clay, metal, print, wood and stone. A brief description of the artists and their creations follows, but art must be experienced, not just talked about. Local art is the foundation of any community. It reflects the subtle consciousness of a region. Whether a visitor or resident of any city, one must engage


with the art and the artists who populate it, if we are ever to say that we really know a place. A visit to the Artist District between Amado and Alejo is an appropriate start when getting to know Palm Springs. The best way to describe The Michael Weems Collection is “sexy” and “cool”. Two adjectives that also superbly sum up the quintessential Palm Springs lifestyle. As art reflects its maker, Michael Weems and his partner Rigo Maldonado have created an intimate, yet fun space that showcases their out-of-the-ordinary sculpture, ceramics, photographs and jewelry. Although current and eclectic, this collection takes us from the safe, Technicolor world of retro-modern and surrounds us in provocative black and white. Primary colors are used in much of Michael and Rigo’s art but the pieces remain moody and hauntingly seductive. As part of their collection, Auto Erotica features vintage ‘50‘s and ‘60‘s automobile parts transformed into photographic sculptures. Classic car hoods and doors in their weathered state are overlaid with Rigo’s iconic photos producing a piece of wall sculpture that is, well....”sexy and cool”. Traits that many of us would like to possess. Located in the historic 1920’s bowling alley, now known as the Harlow Building, the guys at Desert Landscape Design have transformed half of their design space into Figg Studios. Landscape inspired, with a lean towards organic and raw, Figg Studios offers original handmade ceramics, created onsite, along with distinctive art, plantings and found objects. Manufactured imports are nowhere to be found. Walking into Figg Studios is proof that contemporary fits

seamlessly into organic. Through the gates and into the lush garden patio, one finds a gallery of green with a moss-covered wall that must be seen. Each clay piece indicates the hand of the artist. Slight imperfections create unique character and beauty, in much the same way as it does in people. Wood, stone and water are the elements that complete the picture in this living studio where art merges with nature. Terry Masters holds the unique position of the only artist in residence, with a live/studio space on North Palm Canyon. Terry resides above his studio and Desert Painter Gallery. His remodel of the old Spunky Monkey restaurant into an open, fresh and inviting art gallery has helped to transform this city block. As a longtime resident, Terry has absorbed the essence of our surroundings and he masterfully renders his experience into engaging works of art. His desert oil paintings shift us to somewhere we’ve been before. A familiar place just on the edge of our recollection. One feels a sense of solitude, alone with the subject matter. Terry takes us to a secret desert gem or a recognized street corner, but we have the scene all to ourselves, as in a very early Sunday morning. True to the spirit of the muses, Terry Masters shares his studio with other artists and he teaches oil painting in his own relaxed way. A true California artist, he engenders a sense of freedom in the student. There are no mistakes and everything is magically fixable. Art revealing life. Although immediately appealing to anyone with an eye for color, the “Familiar Modern” art of Nat Reed calls to many of us who are mid-century ourselves. Using striking color and distinct perspective, Nat emphasizes architectural and symbolic post war elements that call out to him, and to us. Those of us born in the 50’s and 60’s easily recognize the cultural insignias of our youth, used as visual metaphor to express the artist’s point of view. With a nod to his tiki carving grandfather and a family foot firmly in the movie industry, Nat reminds us why we love to live here. The artist prints each image himself, giving him more artistic control and his use of museum quality paper allows each color to stand on its own within the context of the entire piece. At the same time fun and engaging, Nat’s technique is never hollow, it has a bottom. There is a definite viewpoint, a message to the subconscious. The heart of Palm Springs will always be aligned with the fantastic weather, the welcoming populace, and the great fun mixed with ultimate relaxation. However, the true soul of Palm Springs remains in the eye of the artist. One theory states that the stark, barren landscape of the desert leaves the eye with nothing to focus on. No distinctive landmarks are obvious or intricate colors to distract our attention. Left in a sea of rocky brown and beige, capped by the limitless blue sky, the artist in us all discerns the sublime beauty, the less apparent details and colors that surround us here. In the city one finds oneself, in nature one finds beauty, in the desert one finds spirit. The artist in Palm Springs finds all three.

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I’m charting my own future.

Mitch, D.A.P. client

D.A.P. treats and supports the whole person High-quality, primary and HIV-specialty medical care through our Wells Fargo Health Center is only the beginning of what our clients find at Desert AIDS Project. Our case managers facilitate our holistic approach to care with a broad array of services, including our HIV-specialty dental clinic, food and housing support, Eastern medicine alternatives, in-house lab services and pharmacy, mental health and substance abuse programs, a full-service community center offering a computer lab, wellness programs, health education, and so much more.

All under one roof Thanks to your generous support, Desert AIDS Project is saving lives. Please continue to help by donating at desertAIDSproject.org, joining one of our annual giving programs, or by saving the date for one of our upcoming fundraising events. 26th Desert AIDS Walk | October 19, 2013 Dancing with the Desert Stars | November 22, 2013 SPARKLE! All-Star Holiday Concert | December 11, 2013 20th Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards Gala | February 8, 2014 Celebrity Doodles | April 5, 2014 Dining Out for Life | April 24, 2014



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2013 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE PART 1 Every year we say the same things, “Where has the year gone?” “Is it that time already?” “I have no idea what to get him/her/them.” Well it IS that time again and if you are starting to wonder what to get those certain special people in your life, we might be able to help. The Standard Magazine Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 (Part 2 will appear in the December issue) will perhaps give you some ideas with unique and fun items. You will find gifts from the extravagant to the more modest to give and if you are nice or even naughty, maybe receive.

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The 3 Bits follows the erratic lives of the three Bit siblings, Henry, Roman and Madison. Henry is a geeky young gay who desperately wants to have an orgy but has no idea how to get one started. Roman, a shavedheaded lesbian, thinks she wants a quiet life but can’t break away from the money and excitement of her former, drug-dealing self. Then there’s the seemingly straight-laced Madison who wishes she were the love child of Martha Stewart and Mick Jagger. More than anything, she yearns to be famous but also wants a conventional married life with a kid and a high-paying career. The show is the brainchild of the writing/directing team Max Freeman and Margaret Singer, a pair who met in Boston where Margaret was a budding photographer and Max was working on a PhD in literature at Harvard. What both really wanted, though, was to make movies. So Margaret set down her lens and Max dropped out of his program, and the duo took a month off to write a feature-length script. Upon completion, they were confident someone would produce the film because it was, well, bad-ass. However, two years later, with the screenplay still stuffed under a mattress, they realized


that with zero training in film and no industry connections, they were never going to sell the script. They could either go to film school or start making movies themselves. THE 3 BITS is their first go at movie-making and it has become part of a new revolution of television where it’s no longer only a question of where viewers can watch the show (on computer or TV) but how they watch it. “Way back in the nineties, you could only watch a television show when it was on the air,” says Singer. “Then there was TiVo, where you could tape the show and watch it at your leisure. Now, thanks to Netflix and Apple TV, people can binge-view shows and watch an entire season in one sitting.” THE 3 BITS takes viewer control even further. While most series still unroll from pilot to finale, THE 3 BITS lets viewers choose how to experience its world. Shot from the perspectives of each of the siblings, THE 3 BITS is, in effect, three shows that unroll side by side. If a viewer wants to watch Henry’s episodes and not Madison’s, that’s fine. Or they can watch only Roman or Madison’s shows. But if they want a panoramic view of the entire Bits family, they can watch all three. The freedom

is part of the fun, and it’s something the internet does better than TV. “The web has opened the game to independent makers,” explains Freeman. “Just as indie film represents an alternative to Hollywood movies, web series are an alternative to network and cable TV. What we write doesn’t have to please suits at a network. We can tell the stories we want to tell without being forced into boring decisions.” Thus far, nine episodes have been filmed and are available for immediate viewing at The3Bits.com. Singer and Freeman imagine the first season will be a twenty-seven episode arc. The shows’ different perspectives reflect the personality of each sibling. Henry’s episodes are comical. Comedian Cole Escola paints Henry as an awkward Woody Allen-esque Brooklynite who is smart but hilariously naïve about dating and sex. When his roommate Grant, played by newcomer Sal Infantino, tells Henry that foot fetishists like toenails, Henry believes him and gives his blind date a Ziploc bag full of toenails. Margaret Singer stars as Roman in a much darker, sinister storyline. Her episodes draw inspiration from female gangster films like Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and The Lizzies in the 1979 film The Warriors. Viewers are whisked into the seedy underground world of lesbian drug-dealers and escorts. Madison, played by Erin Markey, is somewhere in between comical and dark. She is the only sibling with a steady job, a spouse, a baby, and a mortgage, but all of that is dwarfed by what she doesn’t have an adult relationship with her husband, a clue about who she is, or a sparkling bill of mental health. She is quick as a whip, weird, and a little delusional. Still, Singer and Freeman believe the episodes will appeal to the same demographic. “We’d like to think that there are a broad set of queers out there who want to watch shows about gay men and women.” The shows do share one important commonality. All are set in Brooklyn. “It was a no brainer to set the show in Brooklyn,” continues Singer. “We live there, we love it. Brooklyn is enormous and diverse.” She and Freeman are excited that Netflix received so many Emmy nominations this year. They see it as a validation that web series are a serious form of creative expression. But for all its trailblazing, Netflix is not real indie TV. “It’s a massive corporation throwing big money at safe bets. The real revolution is happening elsewhere,” says Freeman. While everyone likes to whine about YouTube and its endless stream of funny animal videos and brainless nonsense, in fact, YouTube is home to lots of creative, intelligent programming, for those looking for it. By offering a free distribution platform, YouTube, Vimeo and services like them, are shaking up the industry, empowering audiences and independent makers. “We’re not trying to teach any lessons here,” says Singer. “We hope people enjoy the show. If they learn a thing or two about friendship, kindness, or how to run a successful drug cartel, that’s just icing.”

NOVEMBER, 2013 19


Wedding Rings from Palm Springs



132 La Plaza ▼ Palm Springs ▼ 760.325.5395 www.HephaestusPS.com ▼ www.metalorgy.us

NOVEMBER, 2013 21


FUNDRAISER AT WANG’S Wang’s in the Desert invites the public to a fundraiser on Veteran’s Day, Monday, November 11, 2013 to raise funds for the Palm Springs Fire Department’s 9/11 Memorial featuring a portion of steel beam from the World Trade Center, on display at the event. The fundraiser will be held from 5 to 7pm on the Zen Patio at Wang’s in the Desert. The suggested door donation is $20 and a silent auction and raffle will take place to raise additional funds with donations from local businesses and supporters. All funds raised (100%) will be donated to pay for the completion of the 9/11 Memorial installation at the El Cielo Fire Station (300 N. El Cielo, Station #2) next to the Palm Springs International Airport; planned for next spring. Members of the Palm Springs Fire Department will be present at the event for the public to meet and thank for their service.

On display will be the artist’s rendering of the 9/11 Memorial Installation. Wang’s General Manager Pieter Van Winkel said, “Wang’s is proud to raise funds to honor those dedicated firemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who risk their lives daily to protect our communities.”

THE DESERT ROSE PLAYHOUSE TO PRESENT “THE MOST FABULOUS STORY EVER TOLD” The Desert Rose Playhouse, the Valley’s live stage company serving the LGBT community will present Paul Rudnick’s comedy The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told. The production will open November 15, 2013 for a five-week run closing on December 22, 2013. Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM and Sundays at 2 PM. The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told is the Paul Rudnick’s reimagination of the Old Testament – from a gay point of view. Adam & Steve (played by Ryan Dominguez and Tim McGivney) and Jane & Mabel (played by Wendy Cohen and Lorraine Williamson) are the world’s first gay men and women. Adam’s curiosity causes them to be banished from the Garden of Eden, so they decide to invent civilization and start by having brunch. The foursome befriend the animals on Noah’s Ark (including a very horny rhino played by Jeremy Johnson), are enslaved by a Fabulous Egyptian Pharaoh (played by Mark Demry) and his Amazonian guards (played by Toni Molano and Phylicia Mason), and meet up again at The Nativity in Bethlehem. Act Two brings us to present day New York City on Christmas Eve where one of the lesbians has a miracle baby. All this is overseen by the Stage


Manager (Terry Huber) who may well be God. The play is an affectionate and very funny re-visit to classic Bible stories that looks at love and faith and the meaning of life.



RAISING MEN’S HEALTH AWARENESS Every Movember, during the month formerly known as November, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas come together across the globe to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. As one of the beneficiaries of the money raised by Movember in the U.S., the LIVESTRONG Foundation is once again excited to do our part in raising awareness and funds for this great cause.

Educate and match men to the treatment options for which they are eligible. • Help men understand their risks and options related to their fertility and options to preserve their fertility. • Help men learn how to communicate with their children and loved ones about their diagnosis. Over the course of our partnership, Movember has given the • Help men and their loved ones to receive emotional support Foundation more than $13.5 million to expand our cancer support and connect to others who have been in similar situations. services. This year funding will support programs that: With your help, we can reach even more men fighting cancer • Provide free online, in-person and phone support services to with our services. Join team Mo-LIVESTRONG today and together let’s help men and their loved ones who are impacted by cancer. help men live with and beyond cancer. If you know anyone who needs • Help men access financial assistance related to prostate cancer cancer support, get in touch with us at 877.889.6016 or visit our site radiation treatment. to learn more about it www.livestrong.org

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EQUALITY MATTERS “BRIDEGROOM” Shane Bitney Crone, the subject and producer of the documentary “Bridegroom” premiered last week on OWN, became an accidental activist for LGBT when the unthinkable happened: He lost the love of his life, Tom Bridegroom, in a tragic accident. The couple had been together for 6 years and shared a mortgage, a business and a pet -- but without the legal protection of marriage, Crone could not stop what happened next. “I received a phone call from one of Tom’s relatives and she wanted to let me know that I was not welcome to attend his funeral -- because if I do show up, his uncle and his father had planned an attack,” Crone says in the film. “Growing up, even at my church they were teaching us in youth group that being gay is a sin and that I am going to spend eternity in hell just for being who I am,” he says. “People don’t see the negative effects that this has on youth -- even people in their 60s and 70s that still have not come out because there’s just so much shame.” “My hope is that the film will inspire people to live their lives honestly, to fall in love deeply, and to fight for the rights of people who are being treated like second class citizens,” he said. “I hope that it helps parents love their children unconditionally and helps anyone struggling with their sexual identity to embrace who they are and to live a life free of shame. I want more straight guys’ girlfriends to have them go to see this film.” Shane said he also hopes the film gives viewers a greater perspective on the rights of LGBT people, given the current political climate with 14 states having legalized same-sex marriage, and a high probability of more states taking similar action next year. “The thing personally for me — I’m not a political expert, and I am not expert on the gay rights movement — all I know is how things have affected me for not having access for those rights,” he said. “There is the long road ahead for gay people until we will have marriage equality across the entire nation, but hopefully ‘Bridegroom’ can help — maybe reach goals a little faster state by state.” For anyone struggling to come out, Crone encourages you to take the time you need, but to know there are people who will support


you. “I think that if you are struggling, you would be surprised that for the most part, people will accept you -- and you will feel so much better when you have that weight lifted off your shoulders and you can just be who you are,” he says. Though he was ostracized by his partner’s family, Crone doesn’t want people to come away from his story feeling angry. “I hope that they walk away feeling inspired and wanting to change things,” he says. Marriage equality is one of those changes. “Bridegroom” shows what can happen when two people are legally barred from having equal rights and equal protections under marriage laws, and Crone no longer feels domestic partnership is the answer. “Until we are able to get married like everyone else, people will just continue to look at these alternatives as a second-class version of marriage,” Crone says. “Bridegroom” aired last week on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The DVD will be available on Nov. 19.


WON’T PLAY IF YOU’RE GAY A leading London-based LGBT campaigner has called on FIFA to cancel the 2022 World Cup in Qatar over reports that Gulf Cooperation Countries will introduce medical screening tests to “detect” and ban homosexuals entering the countries. Peter Tatchell, director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, (www. petertatchellfoundation.org), said that the proposed legislation “will mean that gay players and spectators will be banned from attending the football world cup”. The Peter Tatchell Foundation seeks to promote and protect the human rights of individuals, communities and nations, in the UK and internationally, in accordance with established national and international human rights law. “This contradicts previous assurances given to FIFA by the Qatar government that everyone will be welcome and that there will be no discrimination,” he said. “FIFA now has no option but to cancel the world cup in Qatar. Allowing it to go head in these circumstances would involve FIFA colluding with homophobic discrimination.” The tests were announced by Yousouf Mindkar, director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, who said that the routine clinical screening of expatriates coming into the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) will include measures to identify LGBT people who will then be banned from entering the country. “Health centers conduct the routine medical check to assess the health of the expatriates when they come into the GCC countries,” he told local daily Al Rai. “However, we will take stricter measures that will help us detect gays who will be then barred from entering Kuwait or any of the GCC member states.” Homosexual acts are banned in all the GCC member countries, which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). “There is no known medical test to detect homosexuality,” said Tatchell. “I wonder what quackery the Kuwaiti authorities plan to invent in their vain attempt to identify gay men. It simply won’t work. “Banning gay people from entering the country will deter foreign investors and companies. They won’t want to subject their employees to such barbaric, medieval humiliations,” he said. In Kuwait, people involved in homosexual acts can receive up to 10 years in jail if they are under 21. A FIFA spokesperson said that the football organization “is not aware about the specific matter” of the proposed legislation. “FIFA through the work carried out by its various Standing Committees is actively engaged in fighting against all kinds of discrimination within football and within society as a whole,” it

said. “FIFA’s zero tolerance policy towards any acts of racism and discrimination affecting the freedom of private persons - including their sexual and political freedom - applies to the FIFA World Cup and to all other FIFA events and activities.” “The creation of FIFA’s Anti-Discrimination Task Force by FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter in early March 2013 was a key step in FIFA’s ongoing fight against discrimination,” the spokesperson said. Tatchell responded saying that FIFA “has its head in the sand of Qatar”. “It is pretending that this new repressive, homophobic threat doesn’t exist,” the LGBT campaigner said. “FIFA is all fine words but no serious action against homophobia. Is FIFA saying that the plan to test all visitors for homosexuality and exclude those who can be identified is untrue? Has it bothered to contact the Kuwaiti and Qatari authorities? It seems not.” To make matters even more difficult Russia is set to host the 2018 World Cup and we already know their views on homosexuality. Will keep you posted on further developments.

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YOUR BODY…YOUR ART… YOUR CHOICE BY DR. KENNETH TOTH, BA, MAT, DC, RN, CPT Whether you want to believe it or not, you were born an artist. And your body is the medium of your artistry both inside and out. It is an awesome responsibility because, after genetics is factored in, what you see and how you feel is, for the most part, what you’ve created either by proactivity or by default. There’s an old expression that goes something like this: the face you have at age ten is the one your parents gave you. But the face you have at age fifty is the one you gave yourself. Let’s expand that thought to your entire body. Therefore, the body you had at age ten is the one your parents gave you, but the body you have today as an adult is the one you’ve given yourself. We are not static, but are quite plastic, biological manifestations. What we do with that biological manifestation as we mature and “age” has everything to do with our belief systems as well as our personal actions, reactions, and non-actions. I have come to believe that there are basically two types of people: those who have made a conscious decision to look great, feel great, and live as vibrant a life as possible…in that order… and those who just “settle.” It is especially those who have, for whatever reasons, made a conscious decision to “settle” for far less than great physical looks, great physiological functioning or health, and a vibrant life, that will do well to take a new look at the array of positive possibilities that await you, just waiting for you to reach out and grab a new lifeline. There’s no blame, but everything to gain. All you need to do is simply accept a new reality that you are the greatest artist of your life, and you can, within your individual genetic parameters, create a new and far better life than you now have! Remember, you cannot create a more beautiful body without an appropriately challenging and scientifically designed exercise regime. (Yes, it is okay to desire a beautiful body even though you may have been erroneously told otherwise in the past.) You cannot create optimum health without an appropriately challenging and scientifically designed exercise regime. And you cannot create a fabulously vibrant life without having allowed yourself the first two. The process of creating a more beautiful body and optimum health are inextricable connected. Over a lifetime, you can’t have one without the other. I am always amazed when I get an inquiry for training from a guy who starts out emphatically announcing that he does not want to gain any muscle, but just wants to lose weight.

Well, there is at least one outfit out there that will do just that quite well: get you to lose both fat and muscle, and will allow you to eat pork sausages besides. In my opinion, as well as in the science, that is not how you acquire effective health and beauty. Know that your muscle cells, when appropriately nourished and exercised with appropriately increasing resistance, are your best fat burners, both during exercise and afterwards. And saturated fats (think pork sausages) just love to adhere to the eruptions caused by inflammation on the inner layer of your arteries which can produce “plaque” and blockages (think angioplasties and stents). When I speak of health, when I talk of beauty, when I decide whether or not to accept a new client, I must assess not only the level of motivation, but also the belief system of the potential new client. If he or she is a “Don’t bother me with the scientific facts, my mind is already made up” type of individual, we are not a match. I know from experience that an effective and knowledgeable personal trainer cannot “sell” health to anyone. The student is either ready for beauty and health or he is not. If he is ready, his canvas of life can be repainted over time in beautiful colors and textures, and a new and glorious music begins to emanate from that person who others love to hear and be around! Your body…Your art…Your choice. Dr. Kenneth Toth, BA, MAT, DC, RN, holds multiple degrees as a science educator, chiropractor, and registered nurse. He is currently limiting his professional activities to Personal Training/Nutritional Counseling. Dr. Ken is now accepting new clients at WorkOUT Gym, Palm Springs, CA for personal training along with nutritional counseling. He may be reached at 949-235-9408.

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Federal agencies continue to smooth out policy wrinkles after the DOMA ruling, as various states shift and shuffle their way toward marriage equality. New Jersey has just joined the 13 states and District of Columbia that already permit same-sex marriages. Virginia, Nevada, Illinois and West Virginia currently have legal actions pending, along with several other states that are working through legislation or popular vote toward recognition of such marriages. Some questions from same-sex couples who are married or planning marriage: The new IRS rules say it doesn’t matter where we live, as long as our marriage was legal where it was performed. Is this true now for all federal agencies?


At this time, it is true for some and not for others. They are working on how to adapt their policies to the DOMA ruling, since so many states prohibit or don’t recognize same-sex marriages. Three agencies with policies like that of the IRS are: the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, for immigration purposes; the U.S. Office of Personnel Management for purposes of federal benefits coverage (spouses may be added during open enrollment periods); and the Department of Defense provides spousal benefits, and leave to get married. Remember to file amended returns for income, gift, estate or other taxes that may have been overpaid during the period your marriage was not recognized by the federal government. The filing periods for amended returns may be limited.

What about Social Security benefits for my spouse? Unfortunately, the current Social Security standard provides for spousal benefits only if you live in a state that recognizes your marriage (and possibly a civil union with inheritance rights). If you reside in California, your application will be processed and paid. If you live in a state that doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages, the application will be accepted, but not processed. The Social Security Administration is reviewing the rules, but no change has been announced at this time. However, it is very important for retired same-sex couples to file for benefits now, in order to establish a claim date. If the rule or policies change, you can request benefits back to that date. This is true for claims for any other federal benefits that might not be available where you live right now. It is important to make claims as soon as possible, because there are statutes of limitations that may bar some claims after a certain date. We just got married. Now you tell us we have to think about divorce. Why? In the U.S., well over 50% of straight couples’ marriages end in divorce. Same-sex marriages will likely be similar. A dissolution of marriage requires division of assets and real property, and this can be a very expensive, frustrating and acrimonious process if the couple disagree on who is entitled to what. Separate and joint assets have to be identified, spousal support may be required, and a marital settlement agreement reached which must be reviewed and approved by the court. Prudent couples will surely want to plan when they know there is a 50/50 chance they could end up in divorce court. Dissolution of marriage is unfortunate, but the financial part of it doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. If you are planning marriage now, part of the process should include a pre-marital agreement that clearly defines the assets and property of each person, and whether they are jointly or separately owned. If you are already married (and not living separately or planning divorce at this time), a post-marital agreement will provide the same peace of mind.

This article is part of an ongoing series of articles pertaining to legal issues relevant to the LGBT community, and is intended for general information purposes only – not legal advice. Christopher Heritage is an attorney in Palm Springs and San Diego, who focuses on LGBT estate planning, domestic partnerships, same-sex marriage, probate, trust administration, and bankruptcy. He welcomes questions and comments and can be contacted at 760-325-2020 or at chris@heritagelegal.com

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Art travel in America is always in the eye of the beholder, and thus, so are the towns where artists live and create! All areas of the world have artists, and there are many places where artists congregate. This is a short list, based on my biases and they will satisfy most all of your friends, family and traveling companions. It goes truly without saying that all these towns have huge LGBT populations for all the proper reasons! We are the most creative group after all. Lahaina Maui HI Lahaina has gained a reputation as a renowned art market with dozens of art galleries. Begin your art walk at the Old Jail Gallery run by the non-profit Lahaina Arts Society, home to 185 member artists. Village Galleries is Maui’s oldest gallery highlighting acclaimed local artists. For fun, check out the kinetic sculptures and pop art at the Martin Lawrence Galleries. Every Friday is an Art Walk. This is truly one of the best Artist towns on the globe. Laguna Beach CA Laguna Beach has been popular with artists and their admirers since the 1920s. It started as a humble beach town that embraced the artistic community. Not only does the world famous Laguna Art Museum sit on the cliff top, but also when you visit in July and August you will be able to experience the unique Pageant of the Masterswith real life reenactments of famous art works. Eastsound WA Eastsound is a lively community on Oracs Island in the lovely San Juan Islands. It is half way plus a ferry ride between Seattle


and Vancouver BC. The town is full of many galleries, boutiques and places to eat. Located at the top of a fjord, there is a vibrant music scene with the renowned Chamber Music Festival in August. There are dozens of pottery studios on the island so ceramics are everywhere to be admired. The scent is island laid back, so prepare to relax! Santa Fe NM With multitudes of museums, galleries, and organizations, Santa Fe is one of the most exciting art communities in the world. In the downtown area, galleries line the streets featuring exhibitions of locally made art, folk art, clothing, jewelry, furniture and Native American art works. Marfa TX Marfa is in the high desert of West Texas. It was originally a railroad water stop, and served as a military base. It began famous because of the filming of the famous film, “Giant.” Visitors came from everywhere to experience the scenes and settings of the film. It became the home of the Cinati Foundation, and expanded to be a huge center of arts. The downtown contains many galleries, bookstores, coffee shops and entertainment venues. Eureka Springs AR Located in the northwestern Ozark Mountains, Eureka Springs is a mountain resort. In the late 19th century, people came for the therapeutic qualities of the town’s springs. You will find that many of the Victorian homes and buildings remain and galleries, homes, and inns- largely cater to the LGBT community. The town boasts over 200


resident artists and three dozen galleries as well as huge writers’ and fine arts colonies. Savannah GA Savannah’s rich and flamboyant history clearly makes this place of leading artistic center. The best-selling novel with plenty of LGBT undertones, “Midnight in the Garden of Good And Evil,” does not hurt its reputation. The stunning architecture sitting on cliffs along the coast, the Historic district and the South’s very first museum- the Telfair, all will satisfy all in your group. There is a Music Festival, Jazz Festival and Folk Music Festival so it is no wonder this town is an amazing draw. Provincetown MA This historic city sits at the north tip of Cape Cod. It is famous for

its beaches, harbor, wildlife and wild life (as in LGBT nightlife), and a huge artists’ community. The Provincetown Art Association and Museum is unique in that it preserves historic artwork. Provincetown is America’s oldest art colony. Not only will you find great art in Provincetown’s museums and art galleries, but also everywhere you go, the Town Hall, Provincetown Public Library, guesthouses, restaurants and banks. The Friday night Gallery Stroll in season throws the doors open to everyone who wants to see what makes Provincetown as vibrant artistically as it was a hundred years ago. It is a true gem. Many other amazing towns cater to art. I dare say on a road trip, you and your traveling companions will find art everywhere. There towns are my leaders, but stay alert and you will find many places catering to your artistic need!

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Planning a get together with close friends or family this holiday season and fretting over what to serve? Regardless of theme or guest list, a delicious artisanal cheese and wine platter is a great way to start off any gathering. By following these simple guidelines, creating the perfect pairings can be one of the simplest things on your to-do list this coming holiday season. STEP 1: VARY YOUR CHEESE CHOICES Lindsey Jessup, cheese and wine pairing expert and wine ambassador for Bridlewood Estate Winery, suggests that balancing a variety of flavors is a good place to start. The key is creating a diverse platter that offers something for all your guests to enjoy. “Contrast your tastes and textures by offering a number of different cheeses,” suggests Jessup. “By balancing the different flavors, you’ll have a dynamic and complete holiday cheese plate that can be the perfect complement to your wine selections.”

Jessup recommends a selection of four cheeses to build a crowdpleasing and wine-friendly cheese plate: an aged, hard-rind cheese, a soft-ripened cheese, a blue cheese and a mild cow’s milk cheese. STEP 2: SELECT YOUR WINE Along with a variety of cheeses, consider the range of wine options to offer your guests. A good rule of thumb is to have at least two red options and two white options to match the versatility of your cheese selections. If you are offering artisanal cheeses, balance them with handcrafted wines. “Bridlewood’s critically acclaimed Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Blend 175 and Cabernet Sauvignon display unique, adventurous, yet approachable flavors that make a perfect accompaniment for artisanal cheeses during the holidays and beyond,” adds Jessup.

STEP 4: SET UP THE DISPLAY Now that you have the cheese and the wine, don’t forget the presentation. First and foremost, it is important to serve your cheese at room temperature to maximize flavor profiles. Be sure to take the cheeses out of the refrigerator at least one to two hours before guests arrive. When considering layout, place cheeses from mild to strongest and accent them with colorful fresh and dried fruit, artisanal breads, and nuts. When displaying the cheese, pre-cut some while leaving larger pieces for a backdrop and have a dedicated knife for each option.

STEP 3: BEGIN PAIRING Personal preference plays a large role in all wine pairings. In general, Jessup recommends some general guidelines when pairing artisanal cheeses and wine:

Once your cheese is laid out, place your selected wine pairing next to each cheese option along with enough stemware for guests. Keep the white wine on ice so that it’s appropriately chilled throughout the evening.

* Mild and hard cheeses match a wider range of wines than soft, ripe or mature cheeses. * White wine may pair more easily with a wider range of cheeses. * More tannic red wines pair better with harder cheeses.

Whether you are planning a large party or a more intimate gathering, creating a simple and elegant artisanal cheese and wine platter is a delicious way to create a memorable and enjoyable experience this holiday season.

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USE FORM AND FUNCTION FOR A FIT LIFESTYLE BY DENNIS MASON, BFA, CPT, FITNESS COACH As well as being a personal fitness trainer and lifestyle consultant, I have also been a professional artist. The idea of fitness being an art form came from my early studies of the Fine Arts, where one of the first things I learned was that form follows function. It applies to all art mediums in general, but especially architecture, and sculpture. For example, the form a particular piece of art takes on depends upon the function that is required of it. A great single-family dwelling design is useless if an office building is what’s needed. When working on our bodies (living architecture and sculpture), primary attention needs to be given to the various functions of the body, and the requirements necessary to allow proper function. This concept sounds so basic and simple that it is often overlooked. Not long ago at my gym, I saw a man attempting to execute standing barbell curls for his biceps. Undoubtedly, his intention was to make his biceps grow, but he chose a barbell weight much heavier than he could handle in good form. As you probably guessed, his form was downright sloppy. Oh, he lifted the bar all right, but hardly used his biceps. How so? Well, since the weight was too heavy for his biceps to correctly perform the exercise, he had to heave the bar up by using mostly his shoulders. In doing so, the biceps were hardly used at all. If we apply the concept of “form follows function,” we can see that the primary function of the biceps is to contract and thereby draw the forearm toward the shoulder. The correct form then, should allow the biceps to do their job and remain tense to control the rate at which the weight is lowered. This way, the entire range of motion of the biceps will be exercised and stimulated to grow. In the case of the young man, this did not happen. To correct the movement, he needed to reduce the amount of weight so that the biceps could work instead of the shoulders. Slow, steady, and deliberate increases in resistance over a period will ultimately result in muscular growth. In many cases similar to this, the reason proper form is not used is simply a lack of knowledge of kinesiology, or just a matter of the ego singing that old song called “more is better.” Another area of form following function is proper eating habits. Eating is a function of the body in general. Its purpose is to supply the body with nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and water. These nutrients provide the body with energy, raw materials for muscle growth and repair, bone marrow as well as hormone production, and a whole list of other bodily needs. The form of eating should then include adequate protein, complex


carbohydrates, fats, nutrient rich foods, and plenty of fresh pure water. Junk food, fast food, sodas, excessive caffeine and simple sugar products, just to name a few, are not in keeping with the needs of the body, and interfere with the positive flow of energy. They restrict the various functions of the physical body as well as the mind. During the next few weeks, try focusing on the function of the particular body part(s) you are exercising. Observe how they react to the exercises you perform. Pay attention to the exercises you choose and your form. Notice if you were able to accurately “hit” the muscles intended. If not, adjust the resistance you were using until the target muscles are fully in control of the exercise. Also, take some time to review your eating habits. Remember, the function of eating is to provide energy and nutrients to your body...not simply to fill up or offset an emotional situation. Write down what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat. Objectively study that list, and take note of where you can make positive changes. You are not only the artist, but the actual work of art as well. If you need help with your physique training, post injury retraining or nutritional guidance, please contact me by email at the address below, or just visit my web site at: WWW.DENNISMASONFITNESS.COM Dennis Mason, C.P.T. dennis@dennismasonfitness.com

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It’s unlikely that anyone diagnosed with HIV in the 1980s would ever have expected to appear on film one day to speak--well into the twenty-first century, no less--about living with this chronic, annoying, expensive and often still-deadly condition. Indeed, that we’re living at all is the biggest surprise. Back then, we had far bigger issues to worry about and of course, few such people are still with us. Now, to realize that such films and ensuing discussions are actually happening with reviews and tickets and film festivals—that they are even possible seems one of life’s understated ironies for those of us who saw the worst of AIDS up close and managed to get through it. Film producer, Australian native and now area resident Dan Cardone is making Desert Migration, a documentary that explores how and why HIV-positive gay men of a certain age ended up in the Palm Springs community, and what their lives are like as a result of being here. His subjects fall all along the economic spectrum--from affluent men with homes, money and good health insurance to lowerincome guys struggling to get housing, medications and a good doctor. Many of his subjects are dependent on services provided by the Desert AIDS Project (D.A.P.). Dan’s process is to tape an audio interview, then film people later going about their daily business; in my case, he shot me doing volunteer work around D.A.P., then lifting five-pound dumbells (about my limit these days) at the gym. That didn’t seem like riveting cinema, I thought, but Dan assured me it’s part of the story. I can’t speak for others, but I found the taped interview far more challenging than being in front of a camera. To his credit, Dan asked thoughtful, probing and for me, unprecedented questions. He inquired about subjects that I’d rarely discussed openly with anyone, much less written about. And I’ve written about LGBT and HIV/ AIDS issues for nearly 20 years. Much of that was about activism, funding for HIV treatment and research, civil rights and other very public matters. Dan has peered into his subjects’ very subjective points of view—delicate yet volatile questions about premature death, grief, debility, fear, aging, reliance on expensive medications, stigma, families, friends and coming out as HIV-positive. One of the most difficult was to take me back in time to the 1980s in New York and to recreate what I observed happening around me as “gay cancer,” then “GRID” and finally “AIDS” became everyday words


and obituaries became daily required reading. For all my long dialogues and occasional harangues on gay rights and education about HIV, no one had ever asked me such incisive questions--matters that required a deeply personal response instead of my usual strident advocacy of a particular enlightened public policy. The documentary is not quite finished, but it’s meant to reveal a new look and many points of view about what it’s like to be an older gay man with HIV in Palm Springs and it seems, just getting older with it in general. It will join a growing list of films, such as How to Survive a Plague, The Lazarus Effect and We Were Here, all of which chronicle how our communities have fought fear, prejudice and sheer ignorance to find a way to live as best we can with a disease no one could ever have imagined when we were young. It’s important to note that these films are true to the grim events that happened and are grittily realistic, but they do not conclude in despair and resignation. On the contrary, they are an eloquent and graphic way to celebrate our survival with the rest of the world.

They tell not only our stories, but also maybe some others that never got the chance to be told. For info on Desert Migration, visit www.facebook.com/DesertMigration

NOVEMBER, 2013 37




Alright ladies, now I know we all have had to deal with some breakup drama at one time or another in our lives. Since we all cope with it in different ways, I thought it would be helpful to ask around about those different ways and discuss them here. Based on my research on different social media sites, including Boudoir Entertainment’s Facebook page, there seem to be a variety of ideas floating around out there about how to deal with this drama in a non-dramatic way. According to many of you ladies, an important part of dealing with breakup drama is maintaining your other friendships because you most likely have mutual friends that will still be friends with your ex-girlfriend. No one wants to lose friends based on their affiliation with your ex; so for all the friends of those going through a breakup, remember that you’re friends with them both and try not to pick sides, okay? This then brings up the issue of trying to stay friends with your ex because according to the online article ‘Stuff Lesbians Like Part 19: Being friends with their exes’ by Grace Chu, lesbians love to stay friends with their exes, especially in small communities like ours. And to do that, we have to go through the whole defining the new relationship, establishing boundaries, and then processing these changes while trying to be okay with seeing your ex and her new girlfriend around town. And you will be sure to run into her and her new girlfriend because the community is so small and there are only so many places for lesbians to go after all. So, it would seem that being friends with your ex is more for your own survival in such a small community than anything else. In addition to being friends with your ex, another vital aspect to dealing with breakup drama in such a small community, like ours, is to be sure to surround yourselves with people that will support you through the healing process with positivity and love. You want


to make sure that you can stay strong throughout the processing and accepting phase of the breakup so these types of friends are very important to have around you to help with that. Throw yourself into your friendships and maybe try something new to add some variety into your life, but try not to get too busy that you avoid coping with the loss of the relationship. The most important thing is to deal with it and get over it! Whether you have to listen to all those sappy love songs that made you fall in love with her in the first place or watch all of those movies that made you think of a future with her, it’s worth it, so woman up, and just do it already! So here’s the checklist: listen to the songs, watch the movies, cry it out, blow your nose, and get over it! And remember, maintain those friendships of yours so they can help you deal, try to be friends with your ex so you can survive in this small community of ours, and be sure not to get too busy that you forget to deal with the breakup and all of the drama that inevitably accompanies it. Until next time! STEPHANIE BROOKE SMITH STBSMITH2011@GMAIL.COM

NOVEMBER, 2013 39

al c lo


NOV 7-10 PALM SPRINGS LEATHER PRIDE Since back in the ‘90s when we hosted our first “Sweating Bullets” Run, Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert has invited Leather-folk from around the world to gather in our Desert Oasis each November for a hot, sexy weekend celebration of Leather/Fetish fellowship and fun. Today, Palm Springs Leather Pride is one of our city’s most popular LGBT events and one of the largest, longest-running, and most successful Leather/Fetish Events in Southern California. Our event sees attendees from over half of the US states and several countries! For complete schedule of events go to www.desertleatherpride.com

NOV 13 CHRISTOPHER ST. W. THE HISTORY OF PRIDE IN LA. THE PALM SPRINGS PUBLIC LIBRARY Wednesday, November 13th Lecture: “Christopher Street West, The History of Pride in Los Angeles” presented by Dr. Christopher Freeman, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives. The lecture will begin at 6:30 p.m. in The Learning Center (TLC), seating is limited. The Palm Springs Public Library is located at 300 S. Sunrise Way, on the corner of Baristo and Sunrise Way in Palm Springs, 760-322-READ www.palmspringslibrary.org


ONGOING EVERY OTHER SATURDAY Boudoir at Georgie’s Alibi (Above Azul). Stop in for a great time, bringing something new and refreshing to the PS nightlife, Boudoir is quickly becoming the go-to event for the lesbian community in the valley. By women and for women. All are welcome. Every Other Saturday For details go to www.boudoirnightlife.com NOV 22 DANA ADKINS IN CONCERT THE TOLERANCE EDUCATION CENTER Rubinsky/Gaber Proudly Present Dana Adkins in Concert Exciting, Entertaining, Exhilarating International performer starred in such hits as: Hello Dolly, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Annie Get your Gun, Chicago, and many more. Friday, November 22, 2013 4:00 p.m. $15.00. Please join us for a wine and cheese ‘Meet & Greet’ after the show. Tolerance Education Center (760) 328-8252 www.toleranceeducationcenter.org

DBA NOVEMBER EVENTS Nov 18 DBA Mixer hosted by Bar For more info visit www.desertbusinessassociation.org

OSCAR’S CAFÉ & BAR You and your dog(s) are invited to join us every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am - 2:00pm for a fun brunch on our always dog-friendly patio. Oscar’s Cafe & Bar participates in My Perfect Pet’s “Dine With Your Dog” program, offering fresh, whole, healthy 100% Human-Grade Food for your dog while serving delicious human food for our pet parents! Dog meals are offered FREE with a $2 per meal donation (which benefits local animal nonprofits) 7 days a week at Oscar’s Cafe & Bar. Make your Bow Wow Brunch Reservations by calling Oscar’s at (760) 325-1188. PS: Brunch is also available indoors for those without pets!

lo ca l


Hunters Nightclubs® Palm Springs, Palm Springs’ go-to gay bar and dance club, has been leading the way in full-out fun for 13 lucky years now! And we keep it pumping, making it better for you all the time with our unparalleled event line-up. We enjoy having the desert’s most sought-after and friendly DJs, full-on themed events, and a staff that has it all without the attitude. And of course, we are proud to hold the longest happy hour in the entire Valley. Remember: Size Matters. Come by for our happy hour from 10am – 7pm. Yes, that’s right: 9 hours long! For a list of all events and specials visit www.huntersnightclubs.com

Art Walk. Back Street Art District , Discover the Backstreet Art District, on the first Wednesday of every month, the coolest, hippest art destination in the desert. Stroll through a dozen artist-owned galleries and working studios featuring exciting collections of original, contemporary art by nationally and internationally recognized artists including paintings, sculpture, photography, jewelry, ceramics as well as performing arts. Experience the thrill of interacting with working artists, engaged in creating new works of art or recently commissioned pieces. ART WALKS are held the first Wednesday of every month during evening hour. More info www.backstreetartdistrict.com

SUNDAYS “The Playgirls” at Toucans Tiki Lounge featuring Tommi Rose. Performances 8, 10pm. These darling Divas of drag really deliver

with their very own brand of entertainment to packed houses. Special guests appear weekly. DJ in the sound booth. Every Sunday Complete list of events www.toucanstikilounge.com

Wang’s in the Desert. The weekly Wang’s Live Entertainment series features the best in local and regional musical talents. Guests can relax from cabaret and Broadway show performances to upbeat, jazzy showcases on the Zen Patio, with its beautiful stone outdoor fireplace, giant red Buddha statue and lush tropical surroundings. The Sunday series is becoming the new performance showcase for weekends and holidays in downtown Palm Springs. It’s the perfect, casual venue for great music, cool cocktails and of course, a fantastic crowd. For more information about Wang’s in the Desert, visit www.wangsinthedesert.com

TUESDAYS Bella da Ball Cabaret Variety Dinner Revue at Azul features a different show each week with a cast of male and female vocalists and drag personalities. The highly popular show is hosted and produced by Palm Springs’ area social ambassador, Bella da Ball, and features music-comedysong-dance-costuming-headdresses-photo ops-door prizes-audience participation and more. The 95+ minute production features musical numbers ranging from show tunes to country to pop and everything in between. Don’t miss the fun every Tuesday at 7:30pm! No cover.

OCTOBER - DECEMBER SATURDAY MORNING HIKES FRIENDS OF THE DESERT MOUNTAINS More info at https://www.facebook.com/ FriendsoftheDesert

NOVEMBER, 2013 41

tl a n

EVENTS CALENDAR selections will be shown in an interactive gallery setting at iam8bit in Los Angeles, November 22 - 24. For info go to www.machinimainteractivefilmfestival.com

NOV 7-11

SAN FRANCISCO BEAR PRIDE SAN FRANCISCO, CA Join us as we celebrate a massive weekend of events, shows, entertainment and showcase all of what San Francisco has to offer. Bears, cubs, otters, chubs, chasers and friends from around the globe. Featuring dance parties, excursions, play parties, fundraisers, beer busts, shows, and more to be announced! Special guest stars: Matt Alber, Nakia, Peaches, Big Dipper & more! Details and schedule of events at www. sfbearpride.com

NOV 22

MACHINIMA INTERACTIVE FILM FESTIVAL LOS ANGELES, CA The 2nd Annual Machinima Interactive Film Festival shines a light on some of the most talented, hard-working filmmakers and animators of the interactive video movement. These creators are at the forefront of the new media renaissance happening right before our eyes. This festival exposes new short works to millions of viewers—both online and off. In addition to airing on the world-renowned Machinima Network (15MM+ total subscribers), top


NOV 27 - DEC 2

WHITE PARTY WEEK MIAMI BEACH, FL The White Party™, the crown jewel of a weeklong series of fundraising events and parties that make up the annual “White Party Week™”, continues to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit Care Resource, the result of a merger between Health Crisis Network and Community Research Initiative of South Florida. Care Resource offers our clients access to promising new drug therapies in addition to the vast array of programs and services Health Crisis Network had traditionally provided. For a complete schedule of events go to www.whiteparty.org

NOV 30 - DEC 7

DRAG STARS AT SEA-GODDESSES MIAMI, FL Join nearly 40 of the world’s most famous Drag Queens for our world-famous DRAG STARS AT SEA. 2013 will feature a brand new, gigantic luxury ship from Italy called MSC Divina (literally meaning THE DIVA). This 140,000-ton ship cost nearly 1 billion dollars to build and has special features never seen on a cruise ship sailing from the US. Enjoy a taste of Europe in the Caribbean, as you sail on this amazing

ship’s inaugural voyage to the Western Caribbean. Our 2012 cruise made national and international headlines, and 2013 will be bigger & better. How appropriate that DRAG STARS AT SEA, will sail on THE DIVA? She features the world’s largest theatre at sea; the 1600+ seat Pantheon Theater, which will serve as our private ALandCHUCK.travel guests-only show lounge for at least 5 events for Drag Stars At Sea – GODDESSES! www.alandchucktravel.com

DEC 5 - 8

INTL LGBT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE DENVER, CO GBT Leaders 2013 will bring together hundreds of openly LGBT leaders in government, politics, advocacy, business and community organizations. Held in Denver, Colo. from Dec. 5-8, attendees will experience three days of training, skills building, networking and discussion of key issues facing out leaders and their communities. In 1984, barely two dozen elected officials got together and guessed maybe there were 50 out LGBT officials in the whole world. Today there are more than 1,000 out officials around the globe, and they are on the front lines in the fight for equality. Participants have said this conference has helped them learn how to think creatively about critical issues that they deal with on a daily basis in their work. For more info or to register visit www.lgbtleaders.org

int l

EVENTS CALENDAR event, bringing performers from all over the world and attracting visitors from near and far. For info visit www.feast.org.au

OCT 31 - NOV 25

THIS WAY OUT: BOY GEORGE & TRADE MARK LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND This collaborative exhibition is the first time pop icon, DJ and photographer Boy George has publicly exhibited his photo/graphic artworks. Working with club culture pop painter TradeMark, the exhibition explores identity, specifically the notion of the constructed identities adopted by anyone trying to live outside the heterosexual mainstream. The show will feature portraits of subcultural gay icons like Divine, Jackie Curtis, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Leigh Bowery as well as contemporary photographs of some of the original gay punks and Philip Sallon, the first person to wear a bin liner and Steve Strange the seminal New Romantic. www. homotopia.netfor best film. www.mixcopenhagen.dk

OCT 9 - NOV 9

GLASGAY! FESTIVAL GLASGOW, SCOTLAND Glasgay! Festival Scotland’s Annual Celebration of LGBT Culture, is Scotland’s only professional LGBT arts festival. We invite industry recognized professional artists to submit work at any point in the year. We celebrate our LEGACY and the particular contribution made by LGBT artists past and present. www.glasgay.co.uk

NOV 8 - 10

MR. LEATHER OTTAWA OTTAWA, CANADA Heart of the Flag Federation Inc. (HOTF) is a not-for profit membership club that presents the Toronto Leather Pride Week, including the Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Ms. Leather Toronto and Mr. Rubber Toronto competitions, Leather Ball, and Toronto Leather Pride Day in midAugust and the Toronto Bound weekend in mid-February, which features the Bootblack Toronto and Toronto Puppy contests. In addition, we raise funds for our yearly charity of choice, present educational workshops and demonstrations and host various other events throughout the year within Toronto’s sexual minorities’ community.www.mrleatherottawa.ca

NOV 28 - 30

INTERNATIONAL GERMAN BEAR PRIDE COLOGNE, GERMANY BearGate - on the way to the stars! Celebrate a whole week of parties, saunas, diners, exhibitions, a bear X-Mas market, Bear-OnIce, and much more with more than 5.000 bears, bearded guys, chasers, chubbies, leather and fetish friends from all over the world. Have an unforgettable week of bear fun in the bear metropolis Cologne! www.bearscologne.de

NOV 27 - DEC 1

NOV 9 - 24

FEAST FESTIVAL ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA Feast began in 1997 as by group of arts and community cultural workers. Margie Fischer, Damien Carey, Helen Bock and Luke Cutler worked together to create a community arts festival for the lesbian and gay community in Adelaide. Presently, Feast is a major event on the festival calendar in South Australia. It is a truly international

PVR 2013 MUSIC + CULTURE PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO Will Gorges and Gilles Belanger present PVR 2013 Music + Culture November 27th to December 1st 2013 US Thanksgiving Weekend. Join us Thanksgiving Weekend for five days and five nights of amazing events. Featuring Manny Lehman (LA), Hector Fonseca (NYC), Isaac Escalante (MEX) & Kidd Madonny (MIA) DECOR by 3DX International Diva Sofonda Cox (T.O) and more! For the most up to date information on the event, make sure to follow us and like us on our Facebook page PVR 2013 Music & Culture. Visit www.viptkts.com/pvr-2013 for more info.

NOVEMBER, 2013 43


DINE | DRINK | DANCE { Coachella Valley }


WANG’S IN THE DESERT 424 S Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 Phone: (760) 325-WANG (9264) www.wangsinthedesert.com

LAS CASUELAS TERRAZA 222 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 325-2794 www.lascasuelas.com

ZIN AMERICAN BISTRO 198 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 322-6300 www.pszin.com

HUNTERS NIGHTCLUB 302 East Arenas Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-323-0700 www.huntersnightclubs.com

NATURE’S HEALTH FOOD & CAFE 555 S Sunrise Way Suite 301 Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 323-9487 www.natureshealthfoodcafe.com

LULU CALIFORNIA BISTRO 200 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 327-5858 www.lulupalmsprings.com

BIRBA 622 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 327-5678 www.birbaps.com

TOUCAN’S TIKI LOUNGE 2100 North Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-416-7584 www.toucanstikilounge.com

POMME FRITE 256 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 778-3727 www.pomme-frite.com

CHEEKYS 622 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 327-7595 www.cheekysps.com

RAINBOW BAR AND GRILL 216 South Indian Canyon Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-325-3989 www.rainbowbarngrill.com

RIO AZUL MEXICAN BAR AND GRILL 350 S Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 992-5641 www.rioazulpalmsprings.com

EL MIRASOL 140 E Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 323-0721 www.elmirasolrestaurants.com

TRIO RESTAURANT 707 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 Phone: (760) 864-8746 www.triopalmsprings.com

THAI SMILE PALM SPRINGS 651 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 320-5503 www.thaismilepalmsprings.com

HAMBURGER MARY’S BAR & GRILLE 415 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 778-6279 www.hamburgermarysps.com

STUDIO ONE 11 COCKTAIL LOUNGE 67-555 East Palm Canyon Drive, Suite A103, Cat. City CA 92264 760.328.2900 www.Studio-One-11.com

TRIO RESTAURANT 707 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 864-8746 www.triopalmsprings.com

RICK’S RESTAURANT 1973 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 416-0090 www.ricksrestaurant.biz

THE TOOL SHED 600 E. Sunny Dunes Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.320.3299 www.toolshed-ps.com

THE TROPICALE 330 E Amado Road Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 866-1952 www.thetropicale.com

PINOCCHIO IN THE DESERT 134 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-322-3776 www.pinocchiops.com

SPURLINE VIDEO LOUNGE 200 Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs CA 92262 760-778-4326 www.spurline.com

SHERMAN’S DELI & BAKERY 401 E Tahquitz Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 325-1199 www.shermansdeli.com ACQUA PAZZA / THE RIVER at Rancho Mirage 71800 Highway 111 Suite A167 Rancho Mirage, CA Phone: (760) 862-9800 www.acquapazzabistro.com AZUL RESTAURANT 369 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 325-5533 www.azultapaslounge.com CASA DE FRIDA 450 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 459-1681 www.casadefrida.com COPLEY’S ON PALM CANYON 621 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Phone: (760) 327-9555 www.copleyspalmsprings.com


BUSINESS DIRECTORY your ad here! theStandardps.com




66511 Pierson Blvd. Desert Hot Springs, CA

760.251.0999 Ahora en Espa単ol /18+






NOVEMBER, 2013 47




NOVEMBER, 2013 49

four days of pooL parties, dances, & woofy men!

Hosted at the renaissance palm springs hotel

Plus... friday

meet & Greet saturday

Late niGht pizza party sunday

Beer Bust dJ easy tiGer

Passes & Hotel ReseRvations at ibc-ps.com

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