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Webisode is a word of art made up of web and episode. These are short, maximum fifteen-minute TV episodes on the Internet. For the advertising world Webisodes are the hope of the future. They have great potential as more and more companies use these formats for branded entertainment.

stories and characters. For them, entertainment is not time pass but value for time and money. Between the viewers’ discerning choice and makers’ selfregulating responsibility lays a big canvass ready to be painted in many hues of experimentation.

Webisodes seem to be the perfect answer to the changing tastes of the young and restless looking for quality content. It’s an age in which the rules of entertainment are changing as fast as the dwindling attention spans of the viewers. Call it new-age entertainment or the future of the world of make-believe, the tentacles of web series are growing sharper and wider. The digital converts might swear by Netflix and its bounties such as House Of Cards and Tudor but the next big thing is that we are succumbing to the charm of web series. Stars are being born, new followers are avidly following their favorites and entertainment buffs are offering guide maps on which series to follow.

Yet another word that can be ascribed to explain it’s viral connect with viewers is its relatability. Catching the pulse of today, exposed to the very best from around the world, can’t be achieved in a jiffy. Makers are keenly aware that they are here to fill in a void, not offer recycled fare.

Welcome to yet another facet of digital platform, which most deem is a democratic one. What’s more? Censors can’t intervene and the only rule that applies is quality content. The absence of censorship makes it the perfect launch vehicle for creativity. Creative artists are essentially storytellers and want to tell stories their own way. Putting it simply Webisodes are so today. Viewers invest in


BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT WITH WEBISODES Companies such as Microsoft, Sony Ericcson or Intel and Toshiba, with their social film project The Beauty Inside , use Webisode for branded entertainment, creating an emotional bond between the audience and their products. Additionally these formats offer further advantages: 1. Brand Awareness With good Webisodes companies can gain the sympathy of their target group, which has a positive effect on unsupported and supported awareness.

2. Product placement Like cinema films, Internet series offer the possibility of product placement, only that the entire story around the product to be advertised can be built.

5. Independence Companies with their own Webisodes are independent of the broadcasting times of the TV stations and save the cost of media services.

3. Range Thanks to social media channels, webseries can be distributed within a very short time without great effort, and above all costeffectively.

Conclusion Not only Hollywood wants to reach an audience of millions with Webisodes. More and more companies are using these Internet series specifically to address a broad target group. Decisive for the success of a web series are the reputation of the actors, and the number of episodes. Therefore, the goals must be clearly defined and typical mistakes in the content marketing strategy avoided. But the most important thing about Webisodes is that entertainment is the priority.

4. Involvement Through interactive storytelling, the engagement of users increases. For example, viewers can interact with the protagonists, codetermine the plot of the series or even become part of the cast.

I WANT MY YouTube The networks are not the only place you can watch some quality shows. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu might be dominating the streaming wars, but never discount the original streaming site: YouTube. Over the years, tons of budding creators have used the video-sharing platform as a hub to post their passion projects. Here a few standouts.

THE MIS-ADVENTURES OF AWKWARD BLACK GIRL The seeds for HBO’s hit comedy Insecure were planted with this snappy web series more than half a decade ago. HBO’s product is, of course, flashier and more fleshed out now, but if you dig into Mis-Adventures you’ll see how creator Issa Rae got her start, developed her voice, and laid the blueprint for one of TV’s more innovative shows.

DO YOU WANT TO SEE A DEAD BODY? What started as a small Funny or Die saga has graduated into a fullfledged comedy series. Rob Huebel stars as a schlubbier version of himself who ambushes self-aware celebrities -- including John Cho, Judy Greer, Craig Robinson, and Adam Scott -- farts around with them before, yeah... showing them dead bodies! As the title hints, shit gets dark. It’s kind of like watching an “Epic Fail” compilation with good actors.

JULY 2018 7

COVER THE GAY AND WONDROUS LIFE OF CALEB GALLO OK, a couple things: Yes, the episodes are very long for a web series (usually around 20 minutes), and much of the show revolves around dating in L.A. and making it as an actor. But it’s stacked with under-appreciated talent, it’s often educational and relatable, and it’s always hysterical.

BAMAN PIDERMAN Picture Teddy from Bob’s Burgers. Now throw him in a janky Batman costume and give him his own spinoff. Baman Piderman is kind of like that -- but still even sillier than you’re thinking. Don’t be deceived by a quick glance at its looks and jokes, though, because everything is done for a reason. “Something I think is really fun is complexity within simplicity,” the husband-wife duo behind the toon has said. Hit play when you need a pick-me-up. At its core, it’s a delightfully goofy show about friendship, and it won’t disappoint.

CITY GIRL From Super Deluxe: “Actress Sarah Ramos found an embarrassing romantic comedy she wrote when she was 12… and she actually made it.” In other words, it’s every bit as random, abrupt, and hilarious as Fox’s similarly conceived Axe Cop. The biggest, and best, difference? City Girl is live-action, which makes it all the more ridiculous.

MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY The idea of a live-action Mortal Kombat web series might sound laughably bad -- in league with something like a Dragon Ball Z or Pokémon disaster. Good news? This oldie, adapted from the popular video game series, is no joke. The fight choreography and production value -- save for a few expectedly wonky special effects -- will consistently leave you feeling pleasantly surprised. Fans already in the know, keep praying the reboot is on its way.


JULY 2018 9

COVER NEUROTICA Put down Fifty Shades. Comedienne Jenny Jaffe stars here as Ivy, a dominatrix who’s forced to confront her OCD when a rival dungeon moves into her upstate New York town and threatens to steal her business. A hilariously inventive story? A positive message? Spankings? Yep, Neurotica really has it all.

TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES Fans of Channel Zero will love Vera Miao’s horror anthology, essentially a more bite-size version of the former. As the title implies, 2SHS encourages its directors to take the first sentence of a viral internet scare -- e.g., “’I love you,’ I whispered, hugging Mom close” -- and reimagine it as a socially conscious short film before suckerpunching you with a twist.

EIGHTY-SIXED Co-written by Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie David, Eighty-Sixed has fittingly been called Curb Your Enthusiasm for millennials. It’s a cheap comparison, but it works. Like it’s HBO forefather, Eighty-Sixed is cringe worthy, relatable, and fun to watch -- in that sadistic sort of way; just add in more social media predicaments.

HER STORY This six-part drama, co-created by Jen Richards and Laura Zak, centers on two trans women struggling to date in L.A. In some ways, Her Story is kind of like Caleb Gallo’s more serious older sibling. It never gets as outright jokey, but you’re still in for a sensitive, thoughtful, and enlightening watch.

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Looking for a web-series to binge watch right now? Get your popcorn ready and tune in to Grosse Misconduct. Released on the heels of Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking 1990s musical series “Pose”, which features the largest LGBTQ cast in the history of scripted television series, Grosse Misconduct is a six-part digital series created by out actor Colby Ryan and co-written with his writing partner, Anne Schroeder. Grosse Misconduct depicts an eccentric Human Resources team as they navigate personal and professional struggles under the leadership of their high-maintenance director, Mitch Grosse (played by Colby Ryan). It is a workplace comedy that veers from the dramatic to the absurd. The show uniquely features four lead characters, two of which represent the LGBTQ community, and are played by Colby Ryan (creator/writer/exec producer and a gay actor) and Pooya Mohseni (Iranian-American transgender actress/activist). We sat down with Colby Ryan to talk about the web series; LGBTQ representation and creating original and authentic content the digital age. Can you start off by describing what the series is all about? Sure! “Grosse Misconduct” is a six-part digital series that depicts an eccentric Human Resources team navigating personal and professional struggles under the leadership of their high-maintenance director, Mitch Grosse (played by me). It features four lead characters, two of which are part of the LGBT+ community. How did you and Anne Schroeder come up with the idea for the show? Anne and I met in a class, started socializing and decided to create our own content. The idea of a workplace comedy web series appealed to both of us, since you can have such a wide range of characters in that setting. I’ve had an alternate career in Human Resources - my last role was as Director of Human Resources at the corporate office of Calvin Klein - and I suggested we focus on an HR team where the leader is completely incompetent at his job.



Since an HR department sets the bar for workplace behavior and provides guidance for all employee issues, we found a lot of humor in that contrast.

six part digital series


What goes into creating each episode? Anne and I brainstormed about situations and scenes we wanted to explore, and then determined an outline of where each of the four lead characters begins and ends the season. We met on a regular basis, either in person or via FaceTime, to set the framework for each episode. Then we divided the work and individually focused on fleshing out each scene with dialogue. We’d send each other drafts, and re-group to share thoughts about what worked and what didn’t. Anne and I have different voices, but they blended well and it was a very collaborative process. The biggest challenge was our commitment to keeping the episodes brief - they’re each 5 to 7 minutes long. We wanted to pack as much story and character into each episode as possible, and still appeal to people on the go who are looking to laugh for few minutes during lunch break or their commute. You can have a short attention span and totally gobble up “Grosse Misconduct” with no problem! You’ve created such colorful characters; do you feel like you can relate to your character in some ways, or that you’re similar in any ways? Thank you - we love them all! Yes, I can relate to Mitch in some ways, definitely. We are both gay men of a certain age who’ve dealt with our share of insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. We are both very sensitive. But Mitch displays an almost naive kind of selfcentered behavior, and makes no effort to disguise how moody and petulant he can be. He’s childish at times. Deep down, he does care about others - he just misplaces his empathy on occasion and must be reminded when he’s being especially thoughtless. I, on the other hand, try to be sensitive to others’ feelings and energy…sometimes; I wish I could let it all hang out like Mitch! What makes Grosse Misconduct a MUST SEE webseries? This is not your routine workplace comedy, folks! We are proud to feature a gay man and a transgender woman as two of our leads, but there is no “coming out” story here, and no gender identity struggle. We are spotlighting LGBT characters in a narrative that

JULY 2018 13


shows how alike we all are, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We support the representation of the full spectrum of our LGBT+ communities, and “Grosse Misconduct” features characters that are identifiable and relatable to ALL audiences. And while it’s a comedy, the series veers from the absurd to the dramatic at times. I mean, one of the characters is a chicken, ok?? “Grosse Misconduct” is more than it first appears. You will laugh, you will be engaged, and you will be moved. GM has a few LGBT talents, both in front of and behind the camera. How do you feel having LGBT people involved in the process affects the show? It all comes down to representation and authenticity. The more LGBT+ voices and viewpoints you have when creating a show that features leading LGBT+ characters, the more accurate and heartfelt the portrayals, and the more clear your mission becomes. The best part for us was the combination of cisgender, heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, older and younger hearts and minds coming together to create something very special and real. Our workflow and collaborative spirits were fully aligned - it was such a dream to work with them all and I want to do it again! Grosse Misconduct stars Iranian/American actor, Transgender advocate, Pooya Mohseni. How did you meet her and why was it important for you to create a lead role for her? We decided to make one of the lead roles, Alicia, a transgender woman, and focused on finding a transgender actress who could imbue the character with strength, compassion and class. In doing our research, we immediately gravitated towards Pooya Mohseni after seeing clips of her work and articles about her experience as a trans actress - we knew she could bring all the qualities to Alicia that we


envisioned. I reached out to her, asked her to read the script, and after one phone call, the match was made. We were thrilled to include a major character who is transgender, and an Iranian immigrant, but for the focus to be on her relatability as a human being - to show viewers how similar we all are deep down, and to not make Alicia’s transgender identity the core of her narrative. Speaking about representation, what do you see as the current climate for the creation of LGBTQ content in Hollywood - an industry that has seemingly been open to the LGBTQ community. Do you think that we have reached equality in this arena or do we still have ways to go? I’m very pleased with what we’ve seen in just the last six months, as representation matters! “Will & Grace” and “Queer Eye” are back, and we have “Pose”, “Champions”, “Instinct” with lead LGBT characters on TV, a beautiful coming of age story for a gay teen in “Love, Simon” - I mean, it’s terrific to be a part of this movement towards inclusivity for the LGBT+ community, but we must be vigilant. It’s great that Hollywood is so open, but without support throughout the country, the overall effect is weakened. Complacency is death, and the current administration is definitely not our ally at this time. We’ve come a long way, but no I don’t think we’ve reached equality. Those of us who live in NYC, LA and other major cities may have the luxury of being sheltered from some of the current threats to our LGBT+ communities, but make no mistake - there’s much work to be done. We’re creating strong building blocks in entertainment, but we must continue to reinforce the foundation and never stop telling relevant LGBT+ stories and sharing our hearts and minds. Again, while there seems to be an overwhelming embrace of a culture of diversity & inclusion with LGBTQ-centric narratives and characters popping up in movies these past few years, we still

see Hollywood giving LGBTQ roles to cisgender actors (Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club, Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent). How do you feel about it and what needs to be done to change that trend? I can see both sides, but we do need to move the needle here, and I think it will be easier to do so if more and more LGBT+ actors, specifically transgender actors, are given opportunities and exposure. Obviously, studios and producers are looking at the bottom line - if there’s not a strong selection of transgender actors with the popularity to bring major viewers to a project, I understand why some of these choices were made, and I think Jared Leto and Jeffrey Tambor both succeeded in bringing those characters to three-dimensional life, so they did their jobs. We need more projects to be produced, to be green lit, to give opportunities to up-and-coming LGBT+ actors who have great potential, so they’ll be ready for a major film/TV show to cast them - so that they’ll already be part of a conversation and be top of mind for the right roles. We need LGBT+ voices behind the scenes, in development stages of new projects, to ensure they stay on the right track and represent the community while doing justice to the project. The talent is out there - go get it! What are your thoughts on all the web-series that have and continue to be created and streamed online? I think it’s been a natural progression as the industry has become more splintered in terms of the types of content we view, and the methods by which we view it. Attention spans are so short these days, and a well-produced, well-packaged web series that cuts to the chase can have the same impact as a good TV show or film. Now that I’ve created one, I can say it’s been a phenomenally educational experience - learning about all aspects of pre- and post-production, the casting process, writing challenges, location scouting…it’s left me so much better prepared for whatever hurdles I’ll encounter in the

future. I’ve never felt so proud to have created something - all artists should have that feeling. Online streaming has created a formidable opportunity for indie talent to showcase their work but also access a wider audience while promoting a diverse range of stories. How would you say GM fits into that picture? As a workplace comedy, “Grosse Misconduct” appears to fit snugly into a category we’ve seen before - but look closer and you’ll see the stories and characters can satisfy many other palates when you need a quick fix - there’s real drama, a salty-mouthed chicken, pop cultural references, a major scene featuring 2 characters sitting on toilets, geriatric porn, and the sweetest Amish couple you will ever see in film/television. So our series actually fits into many pictures in the world of streaming content - it’s for everyone!! What are your film(s) influences? Who inspires you? I love film in general, almost all genres (can’t do horror films, my imagination just drives me insane). My sense of humor is pretty warped, so I’m all about “War of the Roses” and the Todd Solondz film “Happiness”. I loved the newness and energy of “Pulp Fiction”, the intensity of “Requiem for a Dream”. As an actor, I was gutted by “Dead Poets Society” (I’m crying now just thinking about it) and the ecstasy/agony of the forbidden love in “Brokeback Mountain”. Any

JULY 2018 15

FEATURE film or filmmaker that is focused on examining the human condition, in all its complexities and the dark corners that make us who we truly are, that’s what inspires me. That’s what unites us, if we’re not afraid to look in the mirror.

Guest stars? You never know - we’ve established that pretty much anything can happen in the offices of Grosse & Foster, so stay tuned!

Who in the film/TV industry would you like to collaborate with?

Yes, the slap I received in Episode 2 was 100% real, with no sound effect added…and we shot that moment about 10 times, to get all the angles we needed. I regained feeling in my left cheek sometime the next day.

Oh wow - Ryan Murphy please!! I’d love to be on one of his brilliant shows. Scott Rudin has such great taste in film projects. Dan Bucatinsky is so smart and multi-talented. To be directed in a play by Joe Mantello?? - Heaven. In terms of actors, I’d love to trade barbs with Sean Hayes on “Will & Grace” or to share a stage with John Benjamin Hickey or David Hyde Pierce. What are your goals for the show? Will there be longer episodes, guest stars, etc.? We want everyone to watch “Grosse Misconduct”, and if you are entertained, please share it with friends and spread the word! We are currently writing Season 2, which will likely be in a similar format and length. Longer episodes? Perhaps, especially if we are able to partner with a distributor or investors that can help facilitate that.


What else should we know?

What is the one question that is missing from this interview that you wish I had asked? Who was the most difficult performer you worked with on the series? Mr. Fuzzles, who is first introduced in Episode 1. It was non-stop complaining about his lack of airtime, the fact that he had no lines, and he took great offense to his character’s fate in Episode 6. His attorney has been in touch, but we think we’ll beat the personal injury lawsuit. FOR MORE INFO:

JULY 2018 17


Each year we at The Standard like to celebrate the Arts and Entertainment. This year I want to approach the theme in a different way. I see Arts & Entertainment as a celebration. It is a time laugh, cry, be inspired…a time to escape. So, I ask you, why can’t that excitement and escape be found in your own home? As a design and lifestyle “expert” I love writing to you each month about style, creativity and how to do-it-yourself. I often start with simple ideas, lists and suggestions on how to approach the myriad of issues and problems one faces when trying to design your own. But, I don’t often have the opportunity to write about the joy and pure fantasy that you can indulge in when creating your own personal space. In other words, your home should be a celebration of who you are and who you want to be when you leave the outside world behind. Design is a celebration. It can be and is meant to be a fantasy of the way you choose to live. I am not going to go off on a tangent of feeling and spiritual fulfillment. I’m talking about letting your imagination go. Design with abandon! Do what you really want! If the old proverb is right and your home is your castle, should it not be grand? Should it not entertain? Should it not be filled with


art? All of these terms are relative to your own personal style, scale and budget, but they should all be considered when envisioning and implementing you own home. Fantasy is easily inspired by art, film and stage. Some of my greatest inspirations come from old films, great stage sets and even the characters portrayed on screens both large and small. Fantasy does not have to be overblown or so fantastical that you feel like you are living in a cartoon. The same rules of being true to yourself and who you are still apply. “Fantasy Decorating” can be as minimal as you like, or as detailed. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A favorite saying of mine to all clients is, “it is my job to listen to your desires and then expand on that vision, to help you to remove your blinders and show you just how big a single design style can be.” What I am really trying to convey is that no matter your overall style my wish for my clients is that we personalize your interior so that it is not an ode to a specific decorating look. I want your home to reflect who you are and your interests and I also want it to be warm and inviting and comfortable for you and everyone lucky enough to be invited. Style and comfort are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to have both in one space!

Here are some rules I live by as a designer when creating personal spaces when the client requests to be “fabulous”…

• Never forsake comfort for style. If someone has to ask, “am I allowed to sit here?” Your design is already a failure. • Terms like Fabulous and Fantasy are not scary, they suggest something custom and personal, just for you. • Start with a design theme or style and then take it to its biggest possible interpretation. You can edit from there. • Film, television, stage productions are a perfect place to find exceptional inspiration for over-the-top design. • Fantasy decorating is more than a style, it’s an opportunity to be creative and express your most personal self. It is authenticity as its best.

Ultimately the true test of any successful design project is how does it make you feel? Your home is a reflection of your tastes and interests and expresses who you are as a person, or least it should. My wish for you is a home filled with beauty, comfort, warmth, family/friends and your fantasies come true. Live Well! Dann Foley DesignerDann on Instagram Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

JULY 2018 19

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It’s official: you now belong. Being a member of a certain club was something you’ve wanted since you knew of its existence. Joining was a dream come true and now you’re a part of the group but, as in the new memoir “Given Up for You” by Erin O. White, what part of yourself did you relinquish to join? Missing the last train back to her home was no problem. Actually, Erin White was glad for it. She was anticipating what could happen next. She’d never slept with a woman, had never even considered it but, on that night she met Chris at a dinner party, it was all she could think of. It was odd but thrilling, so by the time Chris told their hostess that White could stay at her apartment that night; White was “already in love.” What would she tell her therapist? She “knew he would disapprove” – and he did, but they rarely discussed White’s relationship. Mostly, they “talked about God.” For some time, White had been exploring that which her soul seemed to crave and, at her therapist’s urging, she read the Gospels and was “stunned” by the words. She cautiously attended Catholic services and began learning more about God and religion; eventually, she broke up with Chris, who’d been raised in the Church and avoided it as an adult, but White couldn’t stay away. It was difficult to explain, she says. She was a lesbian, but she wasn’t; in fact, there were times when “lesbian” just felt wrong. As for God, she needed to know Him better. White wanted “to love a woman yet avail myself of the opportunities… of straight culture; to break the rules of the church but still feel myself beloved by it.” But since nobody can have everything both ways, she made her choice. Two kids, fights, triumphs, and a strong marriage later, she sees things in a different light. Church is comfort now. It’s home. But to get to that point, it took the courage to say “I loved that crazy Church, I loved those wild ideas about God, and I gave them up because I also wanted you.” Although it’s already pretty short, “Given Up for You” could have been shorter. Maybe that’s because it’s too much: author Erin O. White offers a three-pronged memoir of love, faith, and motherhood, and that’s a lot to pack into such a small space. And yet – what could be

eliminated? Since each prong is dependant on the others – probably, alas, nothing. Still, while readers may struggle with overabundance of story, there’s a lot to come away with. White’s search for faith is universal and easily understood; although she might have explored homophobia a bit more, the subject of gay Christians and her experiences are presented in a way that’s calm and thoughtful. Enter into this book knowing that it’s sometimes slow. Beware that it’s a bit long. Read it with a perfectly happy willingness to (gasp!) skip paragraphs and “Given Up for You” may belong on your bookshelf. “Given Up for You: A Memoir of Love, Belonging, and Belief” by Erin O. White c.2018, University of Wisconsin Press $26.95 / higher in Canada | 192 pages

JULY 2018 21




The Martini Lounge is one of the hottest podcasts out there where listeners are invited to join Jonathan & Sergey as they talk to your favorite celebrities with their trademark warmth and wit. Join the boys each week as they welcome another of their favorite celebrities into their Martini Lounge to gossip, giggle and put the world to right! Over the past few months, guests have included Karamo from ‘Queer Eye’, Nicole Byer from ‘Nailed It!’, Donna Lynne Champlin from ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and Geoffrey Cantor from ‘Daredevil’. Coming up, they have visits from Carla Jimenez (The Mick), Isabella Gomez (One Day At A Time), Paolo Andino (Modern Family & American Crime Story), and so many more! But it’s not all gossip; Jonathan & Sergey have an amazing way of reflecting on life, covering tough topics and giving advice with a dose of humor. It’s like listening to your best friends pick you up and tell you the truth. Jonathan & Sergey’s topics are chosen by relevance to the LGBT community, on a local, national and global level. They have built their platform on a belief that by speaking about the issues


facing the LGBT community globally and encouraging dialogue in our everyday lives, we have a better chance of creating and supporting a lasting change. Jonathan & Sergey strive to educate, elevate and impact the ever-changing landscape of equality on a local, national and global scale through conversation and dialogue with leaders, entertainers and every day LGBT people and their allies. It is their belief that it is through open, fearless and honest speech that the seeds of societal change truly reside. These amazing boys are a force to be reckoned with, and with their recent move to Los Angeles, they’re getting ready to take over the entertainment world! Go check them out and sit with them a while in their Martini Lounge. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will find out why you do not want to miss an episode! Search for ‘The Martini Lounge’ now on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher, and visit for more information. For more information, please email


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Visit nine† of America’s most spectacular national parks on this incredible tour! Start off in fabulous Las Vegas and continue to the world-famous Grand Canyon. From there we’ll go on to see Zion’s steep sandstone cliffs, red rock hoodoos in Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley’s giant mesas, Arches National Park’s gravity-defying stone formations, waterfalls and granite scenery in Yosemite, and towering sequoias in Kings Canyon—America’s natural beauty awaits! Fully-escorted tour with hotels, sightseeing, and baggage handling.

Enjoy breathtaking sights from Europe to the Caribbean on this extraordinary trip. Experience the history and culture of Spain on a five-night escorted tour including Madrid and Barcelona, with stops at ancient Roman relics and stunning cathedrals. Board the magnificent Norwegian Epic for a 13-night cruise with stops on Madeira Island, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten before disembarking in Florida. Includes all meals on cruise, seven meals on land, and baggage handling.




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*Prices are per person based on double occupancy plus up to $299 taxes & fees. Cruise pricing based on lowest cabin category after 2for1 savings; upgrades available. Single supplement and seasonal surcharges may apply. Add-on airfare available. Free Balcony Upgrade requires purchase of Inside Cabin for Highlights of Spain & Caribbean. Free Beverage Package or Internet requires purchase of Ocean View Cabin or Balcony Cabin (and applies to 1st and 2nd guests occupying a cabin, for the cruise portion of the tour only). Free Beverage Package or Internet requires additional service charges and is subject to NCL terms & conditions and are subject to change. For full Set Sail terms and conditions ask your Travel Consultant. Offers apply to new bookings only, made by 7/31/18. Other terms and conditions may apply. Ask your Travel Consultant for details. †Death Valley visit is dependent on weather.

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Award-winning out filmmaker Rolla Selbak is world premiering her new short film, CHOKE, at the upcoming 2018 Los Angeles Outfest Film Festival - the world’s leading LGBT film festival presented by HBO. CHOKE will screen as part of the “Emerging Voices” short program held on Saturday, July 21 at 8:00pm at the Harmony Gold Theater on Sunset Blvd. CHOKE tells the story of a successful MMA champion who hides her refugee identity from her small American town, and the world. Sara and her family are Muslim refugees who’ve escaped the vicious war in Syria and flee to the Unites States, where she fights for a new life in the brutal sport of mix martial arts. It stars Jessica Damouni (Salam), Allison King (Baby Driver) and Victor Davila aka “master VIC” (MMA fighter & commentator for the UFC)


Selbak, a Sundance 2017 filmmaker, tells the experience of what it feels like to immigrate from your home to a new place you’re trying to fit into, especially in today’s climate. “It’s both a challenge and an honor to depict an authentic refugee experience truthfully and with creative empathy. Being an immigrant myself and being part of a Palestinian family, I feel that my personal experience lends itself to this intent in a powerful way,” says the filmmaker. The central themes of identity, racism, homosexuality and fear are heightened by Sara’s struggle between modesty and boldness, aggression and repression, and oscillation between pride of who she is, and shame of where she came from. The words “Muslim” and “immigrant” are so charged with electrifying heaviness in today’s environment. Just when we think the anti-immigrant sentiment has reached fever pitch in this country, the spikes of vicious rhetoric push the stakes higher. Selbak’s ultimate goal was to tell a different kind of immigrant story, one that offers a counter-illustration to the depictions of brown women on the screen as the devout wife, or the unsuspecting terrorist, or depicting refugees as being weak and powerless instead of strong and resilient. The MMA backdrop also provides for a really powerful element of symbolism: fighting for your life, fighting for who you are, and fighting for identity. It also symbolizes overcoming adversity as Salam ironically excels in a heavily male-dominated professional field that is reputed to be very macho and homophobic. All in all, CHOKE is about identity, and the choices we make to hide parts of ourselves in order to survive. Plans for developing CHOKE into a TV series are in full swing. Rolla Selbak is a triple-minority in the filmmaking world, representing the Queer, the Muslim-American, and the Female. Her most recent credits include co-producing American Paradise, a reflection of a desperate man in Trump’s America, and helming the internationally acclaimed feature film Three Veils, a first of its kind to confront homosexuality within the Muslim-American subculture. A writer/director of film and TV drama, she is known for bringing strong female characters to the forefront of her work. She imprints her fresh point of view as a queer Arab immigrant having escaped to the U.S after the first Gulf War, and often focuses on socially controversial topics.

Celebrating its 36th Anniversary, Outfest is the Los Angelesbased nonprofit organization promoting equality by creating, sharing, and protecting LGBTQ stories on the screen. With two thirds of this year’s content directed by women, people of color and trans filmmakers, Outfest Los Angeles once again brings together the highest quality of LGBTQ films in the world.

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Idyllwild Arts will present the 25th Annual Jazz in the Pines August 10–12, 2018 in Idyllwild, California. The three-day event will feature more than two-dozen bands on the breathtaking 205-acre Idyllwild Arts mountain campus among the pines, under the festival’s signature colored parachutes. Attendees can choose to purchase any of five different ticket packages, including the new VIP All-Access Pass, the Patron Pass, the Two-Day Pass, and daily admission passes for Saturday and Sunday. All proceeds from the festival will benefit Idyllwild Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that changes lives through the transformative power of art. The festival takes place rain or shine. The festival will feature memorable performances by a wide variety of jazz, blues, and R&B performers. It will feature both young artists who are keeping the art form fresh and alive, and seasoned musicians like Jazz in the Pines co-founder Marshall Hawkins, the standup-bass master and revered Idyllwild Arts teacher who learned at the knees of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Tony Williams while touring with the Miles Davis Quintet. Hawkins personally curates this entire festival. Significant performers include the Pete Escovedo Orchestra, the Graham Dechter Quartet, Joshua White, Richie Cole “Alto Madness,” the Azar Lawrence Experience, and American Idol star Casey Abrams. The festival also includes a special performance on Sunday by the Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Combo, featuring student performers from the Academy.


For the 25th Annual Jazz in the Pines, a new VIP all-access package has been added, with exclusive access to a new VIP lounge Saturday and Sunday, including appetizers, non-alcoholic refreshments (alcoholic beverages are available for purchase), private restrooms, air conditioning, and more. Patron packages, which include access to the exclusive Patrons Dinner on Friday August 10, are available at the same price and benefits as in previous years. It also features a pre-show reception and preferred seating at Seahawk MOJO Concert on Saturday evening, preferred parking, preferred seating in the Main Amphitheater, and unlimited Saturday and Sunday admission. Seven Reasons to Attend Jazz in the Pines (And to get your tickets now) 1) This is the 25th Anniversary of the annual festival For more than two decades, this festival has been produced in the mountain town of Idyllwild, CA. The three-day event will feature more than two-dozen bands on the breathtaking 205-acre Idyllwild Arts mountain campus among the pines, under the festival’s signature colored parachutes. 2) You will be able to experience a wide range of established and up and coming jazz, blues, and R&B performers Jazz in the Pines features both young artists who are keeping the art form fresh and alive, and seasoned musicians like Jazz in the


Pines co-founder Marshall Hawkins, the standup-bass master and revered Idyllwild Arts teacher who learned at the knees of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Tony Williams while touring with the Miles Davis Quintet. Hawkins personally curates this entire festival. 3) The event raises funds that benefit the Idyllwild Art Academy Scholarship Program. Idyllwild Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that changes lives through the transformative power of art. The Idyllwild Art Academy provides pre-professional training in the arts and a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum to a diverse student

body of gifted young artists from around the world that study Creative Writing, Dance, Film & Digital Media, Fashion Design, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts. 4) The location is spectacular The festival is held on the grounds of the Idyllwild Arts Academy, a breathtaking 205-acre mountain campus perched high upon the mountain top in Idyllwild, CA. The outdoor venues of the festival allow attendees to experience a range of incredible music while surrounded by majestic soaring trees.

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5) You can get exclusive access to the Patron’s Dinner the Friday night of the festival One of the most exciting components to Jazz in the Pines is the exclusive annual Patrons Dinner that is held on the Idyllwild Arts Academy campus. The theme this year is “Riverside French Quarter” and includes traditional New Orleans music and cuisine. Starting at 7 pm, guests will enjoy festive libations at a Bourbon Street-inspired bar, and savor a mouthwatering New Orleans-style food reminiscent of the city’s famous Cafe du Monde French market. 6) While at the festival, you can explore and enjoy the tranquil mountain town of Idyllwild Attendees will discover the quaint town of Idyllwild, home to a world-class community of artists, wonderful locally owned shops and restaurants, and some of the best scenery, hiking and rock climbing in the country. 7) There are hundreds of cute places to stay – but don’t wait too long! Because Idyllwild accommodations are limited, hotels and shortterm vacation rental properties book quickly. Festival attendees are advised to make reservations soon. At the event, there is no parking on the Idyllwild Arts Campus, but a complimentary shuttle will provide transportation to and from the main gate from various pick-up points within town. Go to to see what accommodations are available. For more information about Jazz in the Pines, go to or call 951.659.2171.

GOT AN OLDER CAR, VAN OR SUV? Do the humane thing.

Donate it to the Humane Society. You’ll be supporting the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization, seeking a humane world for people and animals alike.

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Hello everyone and Happy Summer. July 4th (4th of July) or as it’s known in the States as Independence Day, is upon us! Here’s wishing you all, independence or freedom to be who you are! This month, The Standard, focuses on Arts and Entertainment and had me a bit stumped as to how to stay on topic. Last year I wrote about how “the strong man” was incorporated into entertaining people. It made me think about today’s actors and actresses who entertain us and how much more visually fit they appear to be in comparison to their predecessors. Since women are now regularly working out doing CrossFit, Beach Body, Boot Camp, Barre, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Spin, oh yeah and Weight Lifting, our physiques have dramatically changed and it shows on the screen, big or small. And of course, the men are all pumped up like “Arnold” as well so we have a very different type of role modeling to compare ourselves to.


I turned 63 last month, or as I like to say reached my 9th set of 7, and find myself delighted with the fact that I can see new muscle growth and shape on my body. If you happen to be like me and believe that there are no accidents, then perhaps I am here to be the role model that shows that it’s never too late and you’re never too old to be the Best Version of You. My transition took place at age 44 and at that time there were not many women going to the gym on a regular basis so our actresses of the day were shapely but did not have visible muscles on them. Wasn’t it just last month that Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of N.J. left jail as new woman and competed in a Figure Competition? She was 46 years old at the time and I must say she did a fantastic job transforming her body. She came in third place and looked great. Now, truth be told, it’s very possible that she, like most competitors today used some type of enhancement drugs to speed

up the transformation process. However, it still takes one heck of a lot of discipline to accomplish a winning look and trust me when I tell you that the majority of the actors and actresses of today do the same things to achieve the look that is being required of them. So as a whole we are looking better, but are we any healthier? I’d like to say yes, but am not always sure that it’s the truth. We certainly know much more about nutrition than we did in the past and are also much more aware of how dangerous sugar is on our metabolism but are we really paying attention? There are so many so-called “health” foods out there to the degree that I don’t trust many of them. I see these ads for all of these energy drinks, which to me are nothing but legal bottles of speed, along with all the appetite suppressants, all of which are destroying the body’s natural rhythm. We are meant to have an appetite. Its natural, and its natural to have an appetite 4 – 6 times a day! Who knew? It’s my belief that feeding your body the proper types of foods 4-6 times a day; drinking at least one gallon of mineral rich water;

exercising a minimum of 45 minutes 3 times a week will provide you with a ton of energy, making these fat burners and energy drinks obsolete! I will admit that it’s much harder to get the proper nutrients and vitamins from the foods available to us today. It can be quite difficult and costly but not impossible if you buy from a known organic source. I tend to use isotonic vitamins as they are more readily absorbed then their capsule or tablet counter-parts. All in all it takes more time and thought to provide yourself with clean sources of food and water then it did in the past, but I have seen some amazing changes in myself as a result. So whether you are an actor, a star or just an amazing human trying to do the right things to live a healthy, happy and horny life, you can if you have the right knowledge and discipline. And then you can entertain, us! To your health, XOXO Jill

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TIDAL is a global music and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans together through unique music and content experiences and is currently available in 52 countries. TIDAL has over 50 million songs in their catalog and over 200,000 high-quality videos, offering passionate music fans both a premium and high fidelity sound quality, along with high-resolution video, and expertly curated editorial content. It is more than just a music streaming service, with in-depth interviews and original content, fans can dive deeper into the passions, inspirations and life events that have helped shape some of their favorite artists today. TIDAL brings music fans closer to their favorite artists and gives on-demand access to discover new music from our massive music and video catalog. Its extensive catalog is supplemented by exclusive


content, including exclusive videos and songs featuring the world’s top musicians, athletes and entertainers and up-and-coming independent artists. Offering not only access to exclusive digital content, but also the ability to participate in unique real life experiences such as concerts with established or emerging artists and other direct interactions between fans and their favorite artists. TIDAL has an expert group of tastemakers to help select and promote emerging artists to a broader audience via their TIDAL Rising program. We also provide a choice of both premium and Hi-Fi music quality that enables fans to experience music as the artists intended it to be heard. TIDAL now offers Master Quality Authenticated technology, which is a way of compressing digital music without limitations to deliver guaranteed master-quality sound. This allows subscribers to

hear music just as it was recorded in the studio; an audio experience as the artist intended. In honor of Pride 2018, TIDAL featured LGBTQ artists who inspire and electrify audiences. With artist-curated playlists, TIDAL Pride 2018 pays tribute to some of today’s musical heroes. Members can check out exclusive “My Pride” playlists from artists including Big Freedia, Panic! At the Disco, Bebe Rehxa and more! You can find all the Pride anthems on Additionally, TIDAL is premiering their new “Path to Pride” series where artists sit down with someone of significance in their life and share their story of coming out. In the first episode of the series, Grammy-nominated artist Mary Lambert and her mother, also Mary, both discuss their individual experiences of coming out, their family’s musical traditions, stereotypes of being a lesbian and more. TIDAL provides a 30-day free trial period to all new customers on both subscription tiers. Fans can watch the first episode on TIDAL. com/2018.

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At 35 years old, Jack Tracy may be late to the superstar pop game, but in “Satisfaction,” the first single from his new album, appropriately titled Older, he proves he can keep step with the young’uns. “I was a musical theater major in college because, of course I was,” he explains from his home in New York. “I got spooked into thinking I wasn’t talented enough because I never quite fit in with the thespian crowd, so I made a course correction into a more academic field.” He became a corporate lawyer in New York, working 80-hour weeks, making lots of money, living in a swank upper west side apartment with his partner, and for all intents and purposes, appearing to live the NYC dream. But at 31, he realized he was not fulfilled and that he couldn’t live the rest of his life that way. So he took everything he learned — business acumen, creative writing, ingenuity — and threw them all into his passion for film and music.


“So here I am, better late than never,” he reflects, acknowledging it’s all worked out for the best. “I wouldn’t be as focused and driven as I am now had I done this earlier in my life. I probably would have listened to all the voices telling me ‘no, you can’t do this.’ Today, I’m grown up enough to say, ‘I hear you, but I’m going to do it anyway.’ I get to be myself, say what I want to say and do what I want to do and see if anyone digs it.” His debut album, Older, is 90s pop inspired, featuring heavy dance records, soulful ballads and quiet storm bedroom jams. The through-line is bass, lots of bass. “The album is not focused on hits or singles, though I think each individual song stands on its own,” he says. “Older is meant to be listened to from track 1 to track 13, in that sequence. It’s an audio show and hopefully someday a stage show.”

“Satisfaction,” the first single from the album, is out now. As he did with every song on the album, Jack wrote, produced and orchestrated the dance-centric, synth-heavy track with sassy-as-hell lyrics, all by himself. “I made every musical element on this album,” Jack explains. “Every drum line, clap, synth chord… I wrote every melody and harmony, choreographed every dance and edited every video.” He confirms that “Satisfaction” was written with a particular person in mind, but believes its message is a universal one that applies to all “bottom feeders who siphon energy from others through continued conflict. I fully subscribe to the adage of: ‘when people show you who they are, believe them.’ And if you show me you’re an asshole, I’m done listening to you,” he says. Releasing with the single and the pre-sale launch for Older is a Janet Jackson-inspired music video. Oh yes, Jack Tracy is #Jtribe forever, a proud member of the JanFam. A true Janatic. Growing up, he spent a large part of his life learning Janet Jackson dance routines because, of course he did. He would record them from VH1 on a VHS tape, replay them in his parents’ bedroom where he could point the TV into a mirror (so the dancers were facing the right way) and learn every step. “Miss Jackson is everything. In fact, the entire Older album is constructed from her blueprint because no one can touch Control through All For You. That’s my formula. Madonna queens: fight me.” Astute listeners will also catch Aaliyah, Timberland and classic Missy Elliot influences in Older, as well as some references to Prince. All the while, Jack Tracy pays special attention to make sure the music is true to who he is. There is no ambiguity in what gender he is speaking to in his love songs. The album is foremost for the LGBT community, a “by us, for us” project. In addition to his singing and law careers, Jack Tracy is the founder and owner of Necessary Outlet, a film production company that produces LGBT web series including “History,” — a show that stars Tracy as a 30-something gay lawyer, fresh out of a break up and looking to rebuild his life — and “Big Law,” a comedic Officetype show that Tracy makes occasional cameos in.

“My goal with all of my projects is to present stories from an LGBT point of view. I explore topics the Hollywood machine would never let me touch: things like the community’s capacity for acceptance as well as intolerance. Our being bullied and being bullies. Our sexuality, vanity, vulnerability and judgment. I present everything, warts and all. Mainstream won’t serve us that; if they’re going to do a gay project, we’ll always be the heroes. Hollywood only serves us when it is profitable to serve us, and in a way that is first and foremost driven by what they think we will buy. I have more interest in truth, the beautiful and ugly kinds.” In Older, Jack Tracy tackles topics facing 30-something gay men: from fighting in the Trump resistance to the community’s obsession with youth. He sings about fetishes and hookups for validation, however avoids songs about late nights out at the club, money, or how tonight is the last night. Older is grown folks’ music. “I want people to hear Older and think, ‘wow, this is saying some real stuff’. I want listeners to connect with the point of view— to say ‘oh I’ve been there’ or ‘I’ve definitely felt that’—while dancing along with me. Genuine connection through shared experiences, thoughts and values. Because that connection is the best part of my refocused life—that’s the fulfillment I wasn’t getting before. That’s what’s truly important to me now.” Visit Follow on Twitter @ NecessOutlet Follow on Instagram @ jacktracymusic

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The Question Look, we’re both strangers here. I don’t know who you are, and you don’t know who I am. Through the medium of the printed word, we can only solve one of these problems. I’m Christina, and I’m addicted to estrogen. I inject the stuff once a week, doctor’s orders! It keeps me even, keeps me all soft and happy, and fixes my body one dosage at a time. Besides being a wet ‘n’ wild lesbian transgender woman, I’m also a member of the “youth brigade”. That means a grab bag of little things, in this context though, the important bit is that I bring a (hopefully!) new take on age-old queer issues. Maybe I introduce new ones. Maybe I don’t, that’s for me to attempt, and you to judge. An acceptable Answer Expanding on the introduction, you may be asking yourself, “Why did this get printed, and why should I read this?” For fun, and expanding one’s mind, as well as for laughing at yourself. We all take ourselves too seriously, we could all stand to loosen up, let our guard down, let some new thoughts and ideas melt into our brains. We take ourselves seriously for a reason though, because if we don’t the cisgender heterosexual “norm” decides we don’t exist. They kick us, they poke and prod at the sheer concept of us having fundamental human rights, much less full equality. So we build these walls around our identities and anything and everything that gets too close to our walls MUST be stopped, halted at all costs. Maybe these walls are some young person problem. A symptom of us still looking for meaning to be given to us in a world that demands we make our own. Maybe not. If its not a problem you’re experiencing in the here and now, you may have forgotten how it feels to live with those walls up. Drama Queens and Gangly Teens The first time I went to a queer event was 2014. It was a transgender support group in Los Angeles, and a stranger from the Internet was dragging me along, with the assurance that I really did


belong there, that I was in fact, transgender, and that these peoples’ stories would validate and strengthen my own. It was also full of drama before I even walked into the room. The woman bringing me into the group hated the current moderator, who apparently got the role by pushing out a transgender woman with some light bullying and harassment. Or so I heard. I had no clue; I had yet to meet a single person in the room before I had at least 3 people to glare at contemptuously. The meeting went fine for me; the few pointed questions that were mortared my way by the moderator were simultaneously soulcrushingly painful and enlightening, mostly because I wasn’t asking myself these questions. I had no mental framework to ask, “What on Earth IS my gender?” I simply had a puddle of unknown angst and pain focused around being a man. She began walking- you know what? Let’s name her! I’ll call her Charlotte because there are lots of hers, hims, and theys along the way and by golly you readers knowing who the hell I’m talking about will probably be helpful. Probably. Sorry for the interruption, back to our previously planned programming!

Charlotte had been sitting across from me in the classic folding chair filled, speckled tiled floor, and drab drywalls that fit nondescript buildings that LGBTQIA+ support meetings were usually housed in. I think the chairs were grey, possibly green. Whatever color they were, they looked perfectly ordinary, perfectly in place. Charlotte though? I still can’t describe her. I could look at a picture of her for hours and tap out not a single word. An angel of slender legs, grace, and warm smiles; beyond that I fail. She was and is beauty. I say is because I follow her on Instagram and still participate in mild stalking sessions when boredom truly sinks in. She’s my trans mom. She put my butt in that uncomfortable metal chair. She jumpstarted, if not began my journey. And Charlotte if you’re reading this, thank you. I’ll never be able to repay you. Upon the meeting’s end and her folding chair being added to the orderly pile, she glided over and hugged me apologizing for the painful and awful things the moderator had asked me, holding me in an embrace that was only made awkward by my surprise. After releasing me and asking me what I thought of the meeting, she

introduced her friend Roger, a man of stocky, heavy-set shoulders and jet black Johnny Bravo pompadour. As we strode out into the parking lot, letting the warm Los Angeles night envelope us in its rather heavily spiced version of a chilly night, I knew something about this was right. Though the evening was a night of many firsts, and many things stood out to me, as time goes on and I’ve grown and learned and lived, I still wonder WHY is there so much drama in the greater queer community? It’s never minor I feel either, it’s deep seated, organizations, bars, community groups and leaders are CONSTANTLY involved in drama. Why is this drama so fundamentally involved with being whatever flavor(s) of queer we are?

We welcome Christina Vronay Ruggles to The Standard Magazine family. Each month she will be giving us insight into the Transgender community from her point of view.

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GET YOUR BUSINESS NOTICE We create 15 or 30 second dynamic videos with your existing visuals. For Facebook, Twitter or any platform you work with. Videos automatically play as people scroll through the feed. Very affordable.

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Creating vibrant community by helping LGBTQ people along their way.


Thriving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, living authentically in supportive, inclusive communities.







The McDonald/Wright Building 1301 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 3rd Floor | Palm Springs, CA 92262 | 760-416-7790 |

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RESTAURANTS VILLAGE PUB 266 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.323.3265 NATURE’S HEALTH FOOD & CAFE 555 S Sunrise Way Suite 301 Palm Springs, CA 92264 760.323.9487 SHERMAN’S DELI & BAKERY 401 E Tahquitz Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.325.1199 RÍO AZUL 350 S. Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.992.5641 849 849 N Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.325.8490 COPLEY’S ON PALM CANYON 621 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.9555 WORKSHOP KITCHEN & BAR 800 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.459.3451


DINE | DRINK | DANCE Palm Springs LULU CALIFORNIA BISTRO 200 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.5858

CHEEKYS 622 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.7595

PURPLE ROOM 1900 E. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.322.4422

POMME FRITE 256 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.778.3727

EL MIRASOL 140 E Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.323.0721

CHILL BAR 217 E. Arenas Road Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.1079

THAI SMILE PALM SPRINGS 100 South Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.320.5503

RICK’S RESTAURANT 1973 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.416.0090

TRIO RESTAURANT 707 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.864.8746

PINOCCHIO IN THE DESERT 134 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.322.3776

THE TROPICALE 330 E Amado Road Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.866.1952


ZIN AMERICAN BISTRO 198 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 760.322.6300 LULU CALIFORNIA BISTRO 200 S Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.5858

HUNTERS NIGHTCLUB 302 East Arenas Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.323.0700 TOUCAN’S TIKI LOUNGE 2100 North Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.416.7584

STREETBAR 224 E. Arenas Road Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.320.1266 THE TOOL SHED 600 E. Sunny Dunes Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.320.3299 STACY’S AT PALM SPRINGS 220 E Arenas Rd Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.620.5003 BLACKBOOK BAR 315 E Arenas Road Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.832.8497 QUADZ 200 S Indian Canyon Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.778.4326

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al c lo

EVENTS CALENDAR TG MONDAYS. TRANSGENDER SOCIAL EVENT Every second Monday of the month, Transgender Social Hour discussing advocacy, transitioning & HRT. Allies, respectful admirers, and transgender umbrella all welcome. Portion of proceeds to benefit the Raina Chessman Fund. For more info JUL 19 PS MUSEUM PRESENTS THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY. ANNENBERG THEATER It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s all about fashion. Some people may desert Palm Springs for the summer but for the hardcore desert dwellers who embrace the heat, this is part of a summer series of films to enjoy in the cool airconditioned Annenberg Theater. Go behindthe-scenes at the Met Ball, “the Super Bowl of Fashionistas,” and witness the conceptual brilliance of Vogue’s Anna Wintour and the Met’s chief costume curator, Andrew Bolton. No reservation required, first come, first served.

JUL 19 - AUG 19 TASTE OF SUMMER. RANCHO MIRAGE The Rancho Mirage Restaurant Association, the Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce and the City of Rancho Mirage have teamed up once again to kick off the 3rd Annual Taste of Summer Rancho Mirage, an event whereby participating Rancho Mirage restaurants and resorts have created cool summer specials. With the purchase of a $10 Taste of Summer wristband, patrons will be able to enjoy $4 offers at participating Rancho Mirage restaurants and resorts during the promotion. Visit



CERTIFIED FARMERS MARKET MAY - SEPT The Palm Springs Cultural Centers’ Certified Farmers’ Markets have changed their locations to indoors for the duration of the summer season. Certified Farmers’ Market Palm Springs Pavilion, PALM SPRINGS- JUNE 2 – SEPT 15 The Summer Saturday Market runs from 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. inside the Palm Springs Pavilion at 401 S. Pavilion Way (adjacent to Sunrise Park and the City Swim Center). Certified Farmers’ Market Westfield Mall, PALM DESERT- MAY 6 – SEPT 16 The Summer Sunday Market runs from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. inside the Level 1 Center Court of the Westfield Shopping Mall in Palm Desert. For more information, please visit or call 844-7FARMCV (844–732-7628).

THE JUDY SHOW. PURPLE ROOM SUPPER CLUB PALM SPRINGS The spirit of Judy Garland is alive and well and in Palm Springs at the famed Purple Room Supper Club every Sunday at 7:00! This blend of hysterical comedy and outstanding music explode into an evening of nonstop belly laughs, glamour and high camp, as celebrated entertainer Michael Holmes parodies Judy Garland, who in her 1964 television variety show, played host to some of the greatest female icons of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

CHILL BAR PALM SPRINGS A warm and fabulous twenty first century modern venue located on Arenas, suited with multi faceted rooms for any celebration. The gorgeous island bar is surrounded by hi-definition video entertainment and a comfortable designer lounge. Chill on the patio enjoying music and refreshing beverages with friends after a game of pool, or come by and say hello to our friendly staff. Open for business seven days a week. Get out of the heat, and come join us! 
Happy Hour (From Open to 7pm) and Late Happy Hour (From Midnight to Last Call)

lo ca l


THE SUNDAY BAND W/ SPECIAL GUESTS. PAPPY & HARRIET’S PIONEERTOWN The Sunday Rock + Roll Service is a Pappy and Harriet’s institution celebrating the healing powers of music and community! Every weekend the club’s favorite singers and players get together and trade songs. Come join us to see Victoria Williams, Gar Robertson, Carol Ann Crandall, Damian Lester, Bob Furgo, Rachel Dean, Ryan Norman, Caleb Winn, Danny Frankel and other talented locals performing for your drinking and dancing pleasure. With a come-as-you-are vibe, Sundays have seen great special guests like Robert Plant, Lucinda Williams, The Jayhawks, Rickie Lee Jones to name a few.

BLACKBOOK The sleek industrial styled BlackBook Bar located in the heart of the gay strip on Arenas now has Happy Hour everyday from 4-6pm and NAUGHTY hour from 10:00 PM-midnight. During these times you cam enjoy specials such as $5 pint glass well drinks, $1 off all bottle and draft beer, and $2 off all wines by the glass!

OSCAR’S CAFÉ & BAR Located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs on the corner of Tahquitz Canyon Way and Indian Canyon, Oscar’s has a huge outdoor patio with lots of umbrellas for shade and misters to keep you cool, too. You can beat the heat any time of year and enjoy the views of Palm Springs. On Saturday and Sunday from 8am – 2pm, enjoy a $9

Bottomless Mimosas (juice included), a single $2 mimosa or a $5 Bloody Mary with brunch, during which both our full breakfast and lunch menus are available. Also join us for Sunday Funday Weekly Tea Dance 4pmClose! Live entertainment weekly visit our website for details.

LIPSTICK AT COPA Thursday nights at Copa just got a little hotter with a new show at the new showroom inside Copa. The Hot New Lipstick show is a raucous affair where the audience is encouraged to participate in singing, clapping, dancing, partying and celebrating special events. Featuring performances by Charles Herrera, Pinkie Meringue Shimmer, Marina Mac, Sassy Ross, Dion Khan, and Cherilyn, and emceed by the fabulous Bella Da Ball, this show will not disappoint. For ticket info and schedule of performers visit

HUNTERS NIGHTCLUBS® Palm Springs, Palm Springs’ go-to gay bar and dance club, has been leading the way in full-out fun for 16 years now! And we keep it pumping, making it better for you all the time with our unparalleled event line-up. We enjoy having

the desert’s most sought-after and friendly DJs, full-on themed events, and a staff that has it all without the attitude. And of course, we are proud to hold the longest happy hour in the entire Valley. Remember: Size Matters. Come by for our happy hour from 10am- 7pm. Yes, that’s right: 9 hours long! For a list of all events and specials visit

SUNDAYS “The Playgirls” at Toucans Tiki Lounge featuring Tommi Rose. Performances at 8 & 10pm.These darling Divas of drag really deliver with their very own brand of entertainment to packed houses. Special guests appear weekly. DJ in the sound booth. Every Sunday Complete list of events FOR A COMPLETE CALENDAR OF EVENTS VISIT OUR MEDIA PARTNER, GAY DESERT GUIDE. CLICK ON LOGO

JULY 2018 43

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AUG 1 - 6

JUL 12 - 22

OUTFEST LA LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival is 11 days of world-class films, panels, and parties. It is the world’s leading organization that promotes equality by creating, sharing and protecting LGBT stories on the screen. Outfest builds community by connecting diverse populations to discover, discuss and celebrate stories of LGBT lives. Over the past three decades, Outfest has showcased thousands of films from around the world, educated and mentored hundreds of emerging filmmakers, and protected more than 35,000 LGBT films and videos.

JUL 13 - 15

SAN DIEGO PRIDE SAN DIEGO, CA San Diego Pride celebration promises to be the biggest event to date with recordbreaking community participation with an estimated 40,000 festival participants and close to 100k parade attendees this year will be huge. Pride is the biggest weekend of the year to champion, celebrate, and support our community. For more info visit

JUL 17 - 21 JULY 7 - 15

BEAR WEEK PROVINCETOWN PROVINCETOWN, MA Provincetown Bears prepares a special welcome for Bears to one of North America’s most famous gay resort towns. We work with local club managers to program different music and an atmosphere for a week of parties. We also allow time to relax and have a true vacation. Our events leave plenty of free time to enjoy the town, restaurants, cabaret shows, National Seashore Park, beaches, and the daily gatherings at hotel pool decks.


GIRL SPLASH PROVINCETOWN MA This year, Provincetown hosts the tenthanniversary celebration of Girl Splash, the epic summer event for women in Provincetown. A fun filled schedule of events featuring parties, performers, special activities on land and sea, plus everything that makes Provincetown so special in summer - beaches, shopping, great food, biking, clambakes, dance parties, lesbian comics, and more. New for the tenth anniversary is a foodie tour, a garden party, an inn stroll, movies under the stars, and a daylong tour of Cape Cod.

LAZY BEAR WEEKEND GUERNVILLE, CA The Lazy Bear fund puts on one of the largest and most successful bear gatherings in the world. Lazy Bear Weekend is our annual, signature event. For over 20 years we have entertained thousands of guests in Guerneville, California in the heart of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley. Enjoy pool parties, dance parties, bonfires, live entertainment and amazing DJs. Stay in local lodges, campgrounds and cabins, or avail yourself of any number of nearby towns and cities. Eat at gourmet restaurants, local diners, cookouts and unique pop-ups. Drink worldclass wine near the vineyards that produce it.

AUG 16 - 19

NORTH CAROLINA GAY AND LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA The North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (NCGLFF) is the second largest gay and lesbian film festival in the Southeast, bringing in thousands of patrons every year. Since its start in 1995, the Festival features a diverse array of shorts, documentaries and feature films. The NCGLFF celebrates a worldwide glimpse of today’s gay, lesbian and transgender life, helps bring the community together and features entertaining and sophisticated films and filmmaking.

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JULY 7 - 8

SPARKLE NATIONAL TRANSGENDER CELEBRATION. MANCHESTER, ENGLAND Sparkle the National Transgender Celebration - a weekend festival held in the Village area of Manchester. We are hoping this will be the biggest and best Sparkle festival to date so please come and join in the celebrations as together we share pride in our trans-identity! Sparkle is open to everyone who sees himself or herself as Transgender (and their friends and families) no matter if they be living fulltime or just ‘dressing up’ for an occasional Saturday night out. We accept the differing aspirations and needs of the various people within our community, but invite all to come together and share our celebration.

JULY 25 - 31

DIVERS/CITE MONTREAL CANADA Recognized Internationally, Divers/Cite is an event whose mission is to present an arts and music festival that illustrates and celebrates the value of diversity in a spirit of sharing, solidarity & openness with the world. The event proudly showcases modern dance, blues, jazz, pop, Latin, rock, World, funk, ambient, techno and electronic concerts. Also drag queen performances and an outdoor cinema. For more info visit

JUL 28 - AUG 5 JUL 27 - AUG 5

STOCKHOLM PRIDE STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Stockholm Pride remains the largest Pride Festival in Scandinavia since 1998. Stockholm Pride strives to raise awareness for LGBT+ issues, and create a safe zone for LGBT+ people and the gender expressions within the LGBT+ community. We believe that love and equality should exist everywhere.

JULY 19 - 29

PRIDE LONDON LONDON, ONTARIO CANADA Pride London Festival provides an annual opportunity to generate celebratory, cultural, artistic & educational events that affirm the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, Transsexual, transgender, two-spirited people & our allies through activities that promote unity, inclusion, & awareness of sexual & gender diversity. For info go to

Belfast Pride is a protest and a celebration – a stand for equal rights and a proud and inclusive celebration of LGBTQ+ lives. A broad coalition comes together under the Pride rainbow and we want to encourage more people than ever before to join together to make Belfast Pride even bigger and even more inclusive. It’s time to make a stand and it’s time to join in the celebration.

JUL 27 - AUG 5

BELFAST PRIDE BELFAST IRELAND Belfast Pride is one of the biggest festivals, Ireland’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender festival and ranks in the top ten largest Pride parades in the UK! We celebrate Diversity with a ten day long celebration and we will have a diverse program of events which we hope appeals to all tastes and fully represents our community.

AMSTERDAM GAY PRIDE AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS Gay Pride Amsterdam is one of the most fun prides in the world. Amsterdam will have street parties all weekend long, as well as the best club circuit parties, and the famous Canal Parade. Gay pride is always one of the busiest times of the year in Amsterdam. The highlight of the Amsterdam Gay Pride weekend is the famous Canal Parade. Where most parades use trucks, Amsterdam has boats! 75 spectacularly decorated boats with beautiful boys and girls will sail through the Prinsengracht and Amstel rivers. Our international media partner, FNQ Magazine, Cairns gay lifestyle and travel publication that gives Australia and the world a taste of gay life in the tropics, sponsors the International Calendar.

JULY 2018 45


JULY 2018 47




JULY 2018 49

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