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Yes, we can solve all our problems with six-foot tables, even world peace. I’m surprised no one thought of it before. It was my fairy goddaughter (FGD) who opened my eyes to the concept. She, also a writer, was the one who designated me her fairy godmother, in my opinion a great honor. She was in the process of moving into her new house and a little bit overwhelmed. Or perhaps scared silly at the gargantuan task ahead. All her possessions were in a jumble. Like most of us landing in a new home, she didn’t know where to start. A while later she texted that she’d come up with a tool that pleased her mightily; it was the six-foot folding utility table. When my sweetheart and I arrived to help, there it was, right smack in the middle of the house, heaped with, oh my gosh,


measuring tapes, pliers, a brand new chartreuse box cutter, kitchen paraphernalia, the mail, more DIY tools, cleaning supplies, paint cans—it looked like a hardware store sidewalk sale. We quickly learned that the long, easily stowed table was also a dyke’s best friend. We never had to look elsewhere for what we needed. FGD had invented a stationary robot that practically handed us the implements we required. Down the hall, we met her new office: two small rooms knocked into one big one that will eventually fit, aside from desks: shelving units, file cabinets, book cases and—guess what? Six-foot tables. Along with writing, FGD teaches, is a publisher, volunteers for all sorts of groups, and perpetually has multiple six-foot projects under way on those desks and tables. While my sweetheart and FGD lugged and organized

Thestandard vol6 issue4