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In 1991 AAP – Food Samaritans was founded (originally called AIDS Assistance Program) with the goal of helping the most atrisk members of our community – people who are low-income and compromised by health issues – by providing nutritional support to men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS. In 2015 it expanded its mission to serve others in the greater Palm Springs community who are living with chronic illnesses such as cancer, M.S., and heart or liver diseases. As it expanded its services, it also updated its organization name to AAP – Food Samaritans. Since its inception, AAP has distributed more than $10 million in direct client service to more than 2,300 clients. Its important to note that these clients get by on an annual income of less than $18,090, and most AAP clients rarely, if ever, make it off of the client list. In 1993, two years after AIDS Assistance Program was founded,


the board of directors decided to organize a small fundraising party to help increase AAP’s visibility and provide entertainment for the community while helping to raise funds to support their mission. It started simply – a board member donated the use of their backyard, and other board members and volunteers built a simple stage. The audience was treated to a series of performances and the event raised enough money to help fund their growing nutritional support program. The event became an annual fundraising effort and has continued to grow in popularity. Eventually it outgrew the back yard it had been in since its inception, and the AAP arranged the evening to be relocated to the stunning O’Donnell Golf Club in Downtown Palm Springs, where it has continued ever since. The expansive greens allow the event to blossom and maximize the unique location.

Set amidst the backdrop of the backdrop of the majestic San Jacinto Mountains, Evening Under the Stars is now widely regarded as one of the most festive cocktail receptions of the season. Over the years, Evening Under the Stars has featured a stunning array of top-notch entertainment. This includes performances by Barry Manilow (several times), Lorna Luft, Nancy Wilson & “The Rat Pack Review,” Lily Tomlin & the cast of Laugh In, Mary Wilson, Pink Martini, ABBA by Arrival, The B52’s, The Go-Go’s, Cyndi Lauper, The First Ladies of Disco (Linda Clifford, France Joli, Evelyn Champagne King, Maxine Nightingale, Pamala Stanley, Anita Ward, Martha Wash, and the ladies formerly of Chic: Alfa Anderson, Luci Martin, and Norma Jean), Darlene Love, Village People, and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.

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In addition to providing a stellar night of entertainment, Evening Under the Stars is an opportunity for AAP to recognize those amazing individuals and organizations who have worked tirelessly on AAP’s behalf throughout the last 25 years. It is with great pride that each year AAP is able to acknowledge the dedication of these wonderful, caring people who have supported AAP and other Coachella Valley nonprofit organizations. Without them, AAP would not be where it is today. Each year, AAP designates several award recipients and acknowledges them on stage at the event. There are several award categories, including the Jeannette Rockefeller Humanitarian Award, the Gloria Greene Inspiration Award, the Herb Lazenby Community Service Award, the Joanna Jakway Community Hero Award, and the Frank Jurczyk Volunteer Award. In 2016, AAP created a new Corporate Angel Award category. Please note that in the interest of time and streamlining the awards portion at the event, not every category is awarded each year.


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JEANNETTE ROCKEFELLER HUMANITARIAN AWARD Jeannette Rockefeller was the founding president of AAP – Food Samaritans. Established in 1997 to honor the humanitarian efforts of outstanding community members such as Jeannette, this award recognizes individuals who have lent their energy, commitment, and influence to raise awareness and funding for important issues including HIV/AIDS. Previous recipients included Jim & Jackie Lee Houston, Senator Barbara Boxer, Earl Greenberg, Helene Galen, Wells Fargo Foundation, Michael Leppen, R. D. & Joan Dale Hubbard, Jamie Kabler, and Harold Matzner. The honoree last year was Tim Jochen and Lee Erwin and the 2018 honoree is the Auen Foundation, represented by Sherrie & Ron Auen and Catherine Reed.


THE GLORIA GREENE INSPIRATION AWARD Great movements often begin with one person’s simple inspiration – such as when Gloria Greene began handing out food to those with HIV/AIDS from the back door of one of her restaurants right here in Palm Springs. The Gloria Greene Inspiration Award celebrates Gloria’s insight, commitment and passion, illustrating the difference that just one person can make in their community. Previous recipients of this award included Barry Manilow, Dick Haskamp, Bill Jones, Tony Marchese & Mark Van Laanen (TRIO Restaurant), Barbara & Jerry Keller, Dr. Terri Ketover, and Gloria Greer. Last year’s recipient was Gregg Selleck, and the 2018 recipient is The Desert Sun.

HERB LAZENBY COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD The Herb Lazenby Community Service Award was created to recognize an individual’s outstanding commitment to service within their community. The award carries the name of its inaugural recipient, Dr. Herb Lazenby, whose name became synonymous with Community Service here in the Coachella Valley. Previous recipients included Dick Taylor, Kevin Bass, Lily Tomlin, Andy Linsky, Arlene Rosenthal, Michael Childers, Brian Wanzek / Bella DaBall, Rabbi Sally Olins, Joyce Shampeny, Richard DeSantis, and John Williams. Last year’s recipient was Laurie Weitz and the 2018 recipient is Desert Tennis Association, represented by Nabil Najar. FRANK JURCZYK VOLUNTEER AWARD Without volunteers, no non-profit organization could survive, let alone thrive. AAP – Food Samaritans operates with only two fulltime staff members, and relies on the dedication and commitment of an amazing group of volunteers. This award is named after Frank Jurczyk, who was a volunteer and cornerstone of our program for many years. Frank was the organization’s right arm in the late ‘90s when we operated with a staff of one. In honor of him, AAP frequently honors volunteers who make a significant contribution. Previous recipients include Vinnie Stoppia, Dana Adkins, Jay Horwitz, Jeffrey Bach, and Bob Crebo. The 2018 recipients are Angela Slater and Denise Haslam. JOANNA JAKWAY COMMUNITY HERO AWARD This award was created in 2011 to recognize and honor the critical contributions of AAP co-founder and Palm Springs resident and community activist Joanna Jakway, whose role in the organization’s formation had been unintentionally overlooked in the past. At the 2011 Evening Under the Stars, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of AAP – Food Samaritans,

the inaugural Joanna Jakway Community Hero Award was given to Jackie Lee and Jim Houston in honor of the countless lives they have touched. Other recipients have included John Federbusch and Gary Frey, Steve Kaufer, and Jane Wagner. Last year the recipient was awarded posthumously to Bob Pollock. There is no 2018 recipient. CORPORATE ANGEL AWARD The Corporate Angel Award was inaugurated in 2016 to occasionally recognize outstanding corporate partners that have supported AAP – Food Samaritans consistently and with an abundance of heart. The inaugural recipient was Walgreen’s and the recipient last year was Eisenhower Medical Center. There is no 2018 recipient. Over the last 25 years, Evening Under the Stars has continued to highlight awareness of the organization and raise significant funds to enable AAP – Food Samaritans to continue its mission to provide important nutritional support to those who need it the most. It has also provided an opportunity to acknowledge a wide selection of community heroes and provide an exciting and memorable show to all who attend. AAP is proud of the last 25 years of entertainment and fundraising and looks forward to continuing this wonderful evening for many years to come.


A room done in all neutrals is universally appealing. I have worked with clients across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and more times than not they have asked for spaces in a neutral palette. The common belief seems to be that neutral spaces are more soothing, I don’t dispute that claim, in fact, I am in complete agreement (although I would make the point that I can use any color and make it a neutral in the room, depending on the design). My point is that successfully executing a neutral room is the most difficult of all design styles. The sad truth is most neutral rooms fall into the bland, lifeless category, lacking any true personality or the kind of subtlety of shading that they need to entice and entertain the eye. The question always is, “how do I get it right?” I can help! If you are a regular reader of my articles you know I am here with some words of wisdom, honed from my more than 30 years as an Interior Designer, writer and lecturer on the subject of, Design & Living Well. I am not going to leave you high and dry. I am going to give you some tips and tactics for doing it yourself. Let’s start with a few basic concepts…


Neutral can quickly devolve into bland and boring if you don’t play with shading. It is vitally important to mix multiple shades of neutral colors to allow them all to “visually speak”. I cannot think of any neutrals that do not work together. That means that I want you to work the entire breath and spectrum of shading of each color you select. Neutrals together never clash! Contrast is the most important element of a successful neutral space. I never design a neutral room without a strong contrasting element to set off the neutral. My favorite is to paint any doors in the room black or a rich paint/stain in brown. But, only the doors, not the trim or frame, they stay neutral. The door color makes all the neutrals sharper. When using neutrals, texture is also very important. Don’t just think in terms of which shade of taupe, ivory, white or grey. When selecting fabrics always consider how many textures are available to you. Layering textures as well as shades of neutral gives them more visual appeal and interest. Think beyond one wall color as your base selection. Creating visual interest with neutrals takes imagination. Try using different colors of neutral together. The walls, trim, doors and ceilings are all opportunities to elevate your neutral room with subtlety by layering neutral colors.

The most common misconception in neutral design is that pattern disrupts the look of the supposed serenity. This is wrong! The use of pattern can embolden a design and still be neutral. It can create the kind of visual interest that is vital in keeping the room from becoming bland. When neutrals are not contrasted by the elements I have mentioned above, they tend to cancel each other out visually and that spells disaster for your room. Your pattern selection can be subtle in its shading or it can be the contrast we have talked about. One of the easiest ways I recommend to “fix” a neutral room is to add a drapery panel in a strong solid color or pattern with color contrasting a neutral ground. Many clients have come to me over the years feeling disappointed and frustrated with their attempts to achieve the sophistication they were hoping for with a neutral design. Neutral rooms tend to conjure up what many believe to be, “grown up and sophisticated” rooms. It is a true assessment, but we still want them to be interesting, warm and inviting. When a neutral room does lacks for complexity they can fall flat. Instead of sophisticated they run cold and lacking in personality. No matter the design style, I always focus on the personality of my client. I want your home to reflect who you are, what you love and what is meaningful to you. No space is truly successful or truly beautiful if it doesn’t tell a story of who you are. Be mindful in your selections. This is one of times in your life where allowing your heart to lead the way will always be successful. Be playful. Don’t be afraid. Remember, this isn’t brain surgery, it’s decorating and you are meant to feel your way around. Nothing is written in stone, this is a creative process, which means there are an infinite number of solutions and an infinite number of opportunities to get it right. Live Well!

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SOMETIMES, LIFE’S A DANCE BY JILL LANGHAM In late January 2017 I had an overwhelming realization that for the first time, I had forgotten about three of the most life changing events that took place during 3 different January’s in my life. I was so struck by the awareness (I’m a big Anniversary person) that I decided it was time to write about those significant events, and sat down to pour my heart out. In less than an hour I had written 4500 words. It was cathartic and effortless. I likened it to writing an article for the Standard Magazine where I had recently been asked by Nino Eilets to become a monthly contributor. I didn’t really have any expectations about the “article” but was happy to have completed the task. The next day at work, while I was training a man who was an author of a NY times best selling book, I mentioned my accomplishment. He unbelievably asked if I would like him to read it, to which I excitedly said yes! There was however, one condition that he wouldn’t say it was good unless it was! About an hour after I sent it to him, he texted me to say that he had not only read it but that he really liked it! I was delighted to say the least.

Through the process of writing this book, I came to see that I had been recreating certain events in my life. Over and over again, I would act out the same patterns, many times during the same months but in different years. It was an exciting adventure, incredibly cathartic and actually very enjoyable. However, It took me another 7 months to find the right editor. He allowed my voice to be heard in my own words and Robby Sherwin was that person and I can’t thank him enough.

But it was his next statement that really changed my life. He said, “So what happened in February?” At first I was confused and replied, “What do you mean?” He went on to suggest that I take a piece of paper and write the names of the remaining months of the year and list all the significant events that occurred during those months. From there, my friends, a book was born. Over the next 6 weeks, I wrote every day until I was done. And that is how my book, The Dancing Queen of Palm Springs: A memoire of Body, Mind and Spirit came to be! I thought long and hard about the title and although it is a mouthful, it is meant to grab you, for you see it was not me who gave me the name, The Dancing Queen, but you! From the beginning of my time in Palm Springs I was first referred to as “Jill Dancer”, and shortly thereafter, “The Dancing Queen”, doing the “Jill Dance!” And frankly, I’m delighted.


I offer this book to all of you as an opportunity to explore patterns in your own lives. I reveal my deepest secrets as a way to forgive myself and as a tool for others to perhaps do the same thing. We’ve all experienced traumas and injustices and no one story is greater or more important than another’s and mine is no different. Perhaps the only difference is that I am living a full, meaningful and loving life that was never an option for me prior to moving to Palm Springs and being introduced to the Gay Community. I dedicated my book to you all with my sincerest thanks and appreciation. I will be forever your biggest cheerleader. If you’re interested, the book can be purchased on Amazon under my name, Jill Langham. If you enjoy it or it moves you in some way, I please ask that you write a review for me on Amazon. This will help others find my book and hopefully be inspired to read it. Thank you! Xoxo Jill, your Dancing Queen

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BRAVE TRAILS HOSTS FOURTH ANNUAL CAMP OUT BENEFIT SOIREE BY MICHEL KHORDOC Brave Trails, one of the nation’s only leadership w is thrilled to announce that Hayden Byerly (The Fosters) and Karamo Brown (Queer Eye) will be making special guest appearances at their Fourth Annual Camp Out benefit event. Brave Trails, one of the nation’s only leadership summer camps for LGBTQ youth will host its Fourth Annual Camp Out benefit event at The Garland Hotel’s very private Beverly Park. Hayden Byerly (The Fosters), Jay Rodriguez and Karamo Brown (Queer Eye) are among the special celebrity guests who will attend.





The benefit serves as a major revenue-generating event to fund essential programs and operations to ensure that Brave Trails programs continue to thrive.

celebrate and support these amazing young LGBTQ future leaders. Our organization relies on individual donations to continue to operate,” says Daniel Bauer, Brave Trails Development Manager.

“To think just three years ago we welcomed 43 LGBTQ youth to our camp and now this year we are going to welcome more than 240 LGBTQ youth! Clearly this safe space for LGBTQ youth to develop their leadership skills is much needed. We are proud to be one of the nation’s only leadership focused summer camps that truly empowers these kids to become amazing leaders and changemakers back in their communities,” says Jessica and Kayla Ryan Weissbuch (co-Founders).

Tickets can be purchased and additional event information can be viewed at

The evening will be filled with star-studded appearances by Hayden Byerly of The Fosters, Karamo Brown from Queer Eye, Jay Rodriguez and Jamel King. An open bar, camp inspired food, campy games (with not so campy prizes), and incredible performances by the internationally renowned Stilt World and incredibly talented Brave Trails’ campers will be the highlight of the evening.

This year, Brave Trails will welcome over 240 LGBTQ+ youth, launch their very first LGBTQ Family Camp and test-pilot a year-round mentorship program. Youth who attend summer camp are empowered to return to their communities to make change. Examples include youth starting their own Gay-Straight Alliance School Club, or fighting for equality in school policies, or conducting other community service programs for the better of their communities. Brave Trails is proud to be one of the only safe spaces for the LGBTQ youth community where leadership, service, self-realization and social justice are key focus areas for youth to engage and learn. For more information about Brave Trails visit

Tickets are just $75. The goal of the evening is to raise over $100K. “It is time for the LGBTQ community to come together and

Brave Trails is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, CA with a mission of transforming LGBTQ youth and families into leaders through summer camp and innovative programming. In 2015, Brave Trails opened their doors welcoming just 43 LGBTQ youth to camp.

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ALWAYS OVERBOOKED BY TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER You can’t look any longer. Whatever it is, it’s just too painful, too scary, so you hide your eyes and pretend that nothing’s happening. You can’t look any longer, so you don’t… but after awhile, you notice it again. That’s when you realize that you saw all along. That’s when, as in the new book “When They Call You a Terrorist” by Patrisse Khan-Cullors & asha bandele; you realize that you never really could look away. Growing up as the third child in a family of four, Patrisse Khan-Cullors lived with her mother and siblings in a “multiracial” neighborhood near Sherman Oaks, California. The two places were “less than a mile” apart but due to social, financial, and racial divides; oceans, in Khan-Cullors’ mind, separated them. Despite that her mother worked all day and into the night, Khan-Cullors was reared in a loving atmosphere. The man who raised her wasn’t always around, but she adored him; after she learned, at age 12, that he wasn’t her biological father, her birth father and his family became present on a regular basis. Absent an adult, Khan-Cullors’ eldest brother acted as “man” of the house. This all complicated her young life, but she enjoyed this expanded, supportive family. Khan-Cullors says that she was 12 years old, the first time she was arrested. By then, she’d witnessed her brothers being questioned by police for just hanging out with friends. She started truly noticing her surroundings. Not long afterward, her father was imprisoned on drug charges, and she lost touch with much of his family. Then her older brother was imprisoned for attempted burglary and was diagnosed with a mental health disorder, and Khan-Cullors came to understand that she was Queer. She began to earnestly question things in her life. At 16, she became an “organizer’ and an activist. She doubled down on it after her brother was arrested and called a “terrorist” for yelling at a woman. She was driven to act when, following the death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmerman, she sent out a message to her friends. #BlackLivesMatter. “I write,” she says, “I hope it impacts more than we can ever imagine.” And, of course, it did, and it will. Once you’re finished with “When They Call You a Terrorist,” you’ll want to stand up, too. You’ll want to stand, even though author Patrisse Khan-Cullors

(with asha bandele) doesn’t tell stories here that haven’t already been told before. Indeed, many authors have shared similar tales of poverty, affluent white friends, outrage, prison, and sadness. The shelves are full of such books – but this one is different because Khan-Cullors gives her story an urgent hear-me-now outrage. That “done playing” feeling is what readers may come away with – a feeling that underscores Khan-Cullors’ activism. And that’s what this book is about: it’s a rallying cry wrapped in a memoir tied in a call to legal action of whatever sort. And so, if you’re ready, “When They Call You a Terrorist” is worth a longer look. “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir” by Patrisse Khan-Cullors & asha bandele, with a foreword by Angela Davis. c.2017, St. Martin’s Press / $24.99 / $32.50 Canada 257 pages

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Yes, we can solve all our problems with six-foot tables, even world peace. I’m surprised no one thought of it before. It was my fairy goddaughter (FGD) who opened my eyes to the concept. She, also a writer, was the one who designated me her fairy godmother, in my opinion a great honor. She was in the process of moving into her new house and a little bit overwhelmed. Or perhaps scared silly at the gargantuan task ahead. All her possessions were in a jumble. Like most of us landing in a new home, she didn’t know where to start. A while later she texted that she’d come up with a tool that pleased her mightily; it was the six-foot folding utility table. When my sweetheart and I arrived to help, there it was, right smack in the middle of the house, heaped with, oh my gosh,


measuring tapes, pliers, a brand new chartreuse box cutter, kitchen paraphernalia, the mail, more DIY tools, cleaning supplies, paint cans—it looked like a hardware store sidewalk sale. We quickly learned that the long, easily stowed table was also a dyke’s best friend. We never had to look elsewhere for what we needed. FGD had invented a stationary robot that practically handed us the implements we required. Down the hall, we met her new office: two small rooms knocked into one big one that will eventually fit, aside from desks: shelving units, file cabinets, book cases and—guess what? Six-foot tables. Along with writing, FGD teaches, is a publisher, volunteers for all sorts of groups, and perpetually has multiple six-foot projects under way on those desks and tables. While my sweetheart and FGD lugged and organized

bookcases, book boxes, heavy chairs and tables, I thought, if one person can get so much use out of plain old work tables, to what other uses could they be put? The vision that came to me involved eight women arrayed around a scuffed up, paint-stained, overloaded high-density polyethylene table. Each woman would represent a country or a continent, no two from the same ethnic group or class. One would be a physician, one an engineer, one a farmer, one from the arts, another a biologist, a mathematician, a policy maker, a social worker, a teacher, an environmentalist. Soon there would be multiple tables to seat homeless women, a mother, a pilot, old women, a high school senior, an immigrant, another immigrant, lots of lesbians, a meteorologist, an astronaut, a planner, a teacher, a librarian, and at least seventeen poets, including Nikki Giovanni and Mary Oliver for starters. Why the table? Silly question. Men have all the workbenches, don’t they? And the tool belts and those fire engine red toolboxes with the shallow drawers from Sears that hold so little compared to a six-foot table. No one needs all those Sears tools anyway. The table was perfect. Think about where we women were trained to work: the kitchen table, the ironing board, the dining room table, the never big enough kitchen counters. My mother had a vanity table. She loved to eat at picnic tables anywhere there was a babbling brook and trees, trees that would become wooden tables. Oh, for crying out loud, women were confined to changing tables and coffee tables and bedside tables. We know our way around tables all right. Now we bring our demands to the table. In fact, we have tables where the public can turn in guns. Tables where we leaflet for stopping wars, for equal rights, for reproductive rights, for gay rights. We “man” those tables all right. What better place to start than with eight women at each of eighty thousand mismatched tables, melding the nurturing tools of our minds, our love, our senses and sensibilities, the common ground of common and extraordinary women—pitting our inventiveness against obstacles, our creativity against the money-mad, and our combined brilliance against those who would table us forever. We are the homemakers, the housekeepers; we will set the tables on this planet, for it is our home. And to think, at the start of all this home-making, Fairy Goddaughter, you were the one who adapted the yokes that so burdened us— reshaped them into flat familiar surfaces around which we will plot reconciliation, regrowth, abundance, a world of safe and healthy animals, ourselves included. We’ll put all the tables together, end-to-end, so they belt and balance the globe. We’ll spread tablecloths with the patterns of every culture and share our repast while we solve things, woman to woman, once and for all.


$1999 3 COURSE PRIX FIXE 11am-6pm, daily

BRUNCH-A-GO-GO 10am-3pm, sat & sun

HOMESTYLE CATERING pick-up or to booze... TRIO has you covered

where palm springs Eats 707 N Palm Canyon Dr Ph: 760.864.TRIO (8746) APRIL 2018 21




In celebration of the spring season of love, Addicted, the naughty little sister brand of ES Collection, has unveiled its “Lust” underwear collection. “This season’s underwear collection is highly sensual and sexual but with a sense of humor,” explains the collections’ founder, Ed Suner. “It’s sassy, jovial, and ironic but also fresh, sporty and stylish.” The “Lust” collection features tight-fitting briefs in fire-y flames, neon leopard and superhero prints, emblazoned with tongue-in-cheek sayings like “Horny,” “Love Me Hard,” “Ready to Milk” and “High Class Hooker.” “‘Lust’ offers the quality, fit and comfort Addicted has become famous for,” continues designer Carmen Monforte. “All gear is designed with fashionable gay men in mind. They are intended for guys who feel good about themselves, are comfortable with their bodies and are daring enough to be overtly racy.” As always, Addicted’s superior artisan team finely and meticulously crafts all garments in the collection. “As a men’s fashion label, materials and craftsmanship are top priority,” Monforte confirms. “More time is put into the sewing of each garment so that they are built to last, even through the roughest play. They are tailored to fit every body type perfectly.” “They’re also interchangeable,” adds Nir Zilberman, the brand’s



USA agent. “They’re perfectly suited to be worn on the field and in the bed. Who says sports briefs can’t be sexy too?” The pictorial campaign, directed by the renowned photographer Leonardo Corredor, captures the steamy side of Addicted’s “Lust” collection. The provocative images have been a big hit on the brand’s social media. Addicted is the sister line from Addicted, the popular men’s athletic wear company. Since 2009, the brand has been dedicated to the design, manufacturing and sale of men’s underwear, swimwear, and sportswear. It was founded by Eduardo Suner, also the founder of ES Collection, and has distinguished itself by setting trends and pushing the envelope in stylish, sexy and very wearable men’s fashion. Addicted’s “Lust” collection is sold directly at, as well as at select retail partners worldwide.

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Diversity Breakfast

Anniversary of the assassination of Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone

Coachella Valley

FRIDAY | MAY 18, 2018 | 9:30-11AM | PS CONVENTION CENTER The Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast Coalition invites you to join us for the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast 2018. This inspiring event brings together all who support equality and justice in celebration of this influential civil rights activist.

Order Tickets Now Online!

Founding Members


CONTACT RON DEHARTE 760.416.8700 or for details & information about sponsorship opportunities.


Harvey B. Milk Leadership Award

CLEVE JONES Human rights activist, author, founder of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

Welcome From Washington D.C.



Harvey B. Milk Legacy Award MANDY CARTER Co-founder of the National Black Justice Coalition and Southerners On New Ground

Special Performance By GARRETT HOY

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors Boyd & Lisett Haigler

Media Sponsors




APRIL 2018 25

All proceeds from this event will benefit Coachella Valley youth through Gay-Straight Alliance clubs and LGBT youth related programs.





Jewish Family Service of the Desert (JFS) presents Michael Childers’ production of One Night Only. In Rodgers, Hammerstein & Hart Michael pays tribute to the incomparable composer Richard Rodgers and his partners, Oscar Hammerstein and Lorenz Hart, featuring some of their most popular songs from shows such as South Pacific, Oklahoma, Carousel, The King and I and Babes In Arms. Directed by Jason Graae with Music Direction by Chris Marlowe, the cast features the best of Broadway and Hollywood performers. All performers donate their time and their appearance is subject to availability. The cast includes Brent Barrett, Shoshana Bean, David Burnham, Liz Callaway, Ann Hampton Callaway, Patrick Cassidy, Scott Coulter, Kevin Earley, Davis Gaines, Julie Garnye, Jason Graae, Susan Graham, Judy Kaye, Alix Korey, Bets Malone, Jeffrey

Scott Parsons, Jennifer Paz, Stefanie Powers, Faith Prince, Ron Raines, Teri Ralston, James Snyder, Billy Stritch, Constance Towers, Lesley Ann Warren, and Nita Whitaker. A limited number of VIP tickets are available through JFS at (760) 325-4088 for $495 each and include after theatre party with the cast.


This star-studded musical production will be presented on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 @ 6:30pm, at the McCallum Theatre for the Performing Arts and benefits Jewish Family Service of the Desert (JFS). Since 2008, One Night Only has sold out quickly every year. General admission tickets are $175, $95 and $75 and are available through the McCallum Theatre Box Office at 760-340ARTS or online at Limited sponsorships



and VIP tickets (including premier seating and the after performance dinner with the cast at Acqua Bistro @ The River) are available through JFS at 760-325-4088, extension 118.

ABOUT JFS OF THE DESERT For over 35 years, JFS of the Desert has provided services throughout the Coachella Valley to those in need, regardless of religion, age, income, ethnicity or life style. JFS services and programs are made possible through the financial support of Jewish Federation of the Desert, Desert Healthcare District, the Weingart Foundation, the Auen Foundation, Kaiser Permanente and other grants and the generous support of donors. Most of the nearly 3,000 men, women and children served are from low-income households. They rely on JFS for low cost mental health counseling, crisis intervention and food support. JFS provides isolated, homebound seniors with care, transportation and enrichment activities. JFS also offers counseling in local elementary schools. JFS is located in Palm Springs. For information visit or call 760-325-4088. IF YOU GO Michael Childers’ One Night Only: “Rogers, Hammerstein & Hart,” a show benefiting Jewish Family Service of the Desert 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 25 McCallum Theatre, 73000 Fred Waring Drive , Palm Desert Tickets: $75-$175 at (760) 340-2787 or


A CONVERSATION WITH DAVID BURNHAM By Chris Astrala David Burnham was last on Broadway in the mega-hit musical, Wicked, playing Fiyero, a role he originated in the show’s developmental workshops. He is an original Broadway cast member of The Light In The Piazza, performing on the Tony Awards and the PBS telecast Live From Lincoln Center. David received the prestigious Helen Hayes Award for Best Actor and the Garland Award for his national tour portrayal of Fabrizio of Piazza. David first gained critical acclaim when he replaced Donny Osmond as Joseph in the national tour of Joseph...Dreamcoat (Drama-Logue Award) and he played Peter in the national tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. Last year he starred in Showstoppers at the Wynn in Las Vegas. He was the voice of the Prince in the animated feature The King And I, and is on the soundtracks to Ghepetto, Home On The Range and Comedy Central’s South Park. We recently had a chance to speak with David and learn a little bit about the man behind the voice. When did you realize you wanted to be a singer? I was a Junior in High School and I was registering late for my classes. I wanted to get into Wood Shop, but it was full, and the only class available was Choir, so I reluctantly went into Choir. The first day, I opened my mouth I learned I could sing. The Choir Director Mr. Friberg, was so happy to hear a guy in choir who could really sing and so he took me under his wing, and encouraged me to try

APRIL 2018 27




out for the school musical. It was The Sound Of Music and I got cast as Freidrich, the oldest Von Trapp child. When I heard that audience applause on opening night, I was hooked!

concerts, and I travel so much, that I haven’t had the time to really pursue film. Maybe that will change in the future.

You are best known for your Broadway performances. Which was your favorite so far? My favorite show I’ve done on Broadway is “The Light In The Piazza”. It had everything I crave in a musical. I got to sing amazing music and be funny and dramatic and it was all done in the most beautiful way. It was a rare experience where everything seemed to come together perfectly - cast, creative team, lights, sets, costumes. It was an amazing experience and one I will always cherish. Who would you consider your musical influence or influences? I joke that John Raitt taught me to sing - but it is not far from the truth. When I was in high school I became obsessed with the musical Carousel and would listen to the original cast recording over and over and try to imitate John Raitt singing that gorgeous score. As time went by, my range got higher and stronger and I became a better singer. So thanks, John, for getting me started. You have voiced several animated characters, any plans on taking on live action movies? I would love to do live action movies! I guess it’s all about where you put your focus and so far I been so focused on theater and


What are you looking forward to the most when you perform at Michael Childers’ One Night Only production? I have performed in Palm Springs a few times and have really connected with the audiences there. So I am looking forward to seeing all my new Palm Springs friends! Plus I get to perform one of the most beautiful Rodgers and Hammerstein songs ever written, “Some Enchanted Evening,” which I am thrilled about! Finally, what’s up next for you? On April 26th, the day after “One Night Only”, I am doing my solo concert in Los Angeles at Catalina Jazz Club. Then I hit the road again doing concerts all over the country until this summer, when I head to Moonlight Amphitheater in Vista, California to play Quasimodo in Disney’s Hunchback Of Notre Dame. That will be so much fun!! Then I’m back to my concert schedule. After that, how about a film or two, LOL! :)

David will perform at the Annenberg Theater in Michael Childers’ production, One Night Only on April 25, 2018. He has recorded two solo albums, David Burnham and One Day.



Desert AIDS Project raised over $230,000 during the 2017 DOFL event featuring 70 local restaurants that donated 33-110% of the day’s gross sales of food and beverage. Because of the generosity of our community, Greater Palm Springs has ranked third in overall fundraising among the 52 participating cities across the United States – Raising more funds that cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and Phoenix. Fun Fact, in 2017 the top three fundraising restaurants in North America were all based in Palm Springs. The Coachella Valley is gearing up to do it again by making plans to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of more than 60 restaurants participating in this year’s Dining Out for Life event. On April 26, each participating restaurant will donate 33% or more of whatever is spent at their location that day supporting Desert AIDS Project’s mission to enhance and promote the health and well being of our community. How does Dining Out for Life work? Participating restaurants donate 33% to 100% or more of the cost of your meal to the fight against HIV/AIDS. All you have to donate is your appetite. Participating in Dining Out for Life is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Make plans to dine out on Thursday, April 26, 2018 for breakfast, lunch, dinner or more. Invite everyone you know to do the same. Reservations are highly encouraged. Spread the word via email on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, EVERYWHERE! Visit the Facebook Event Page for Updates! Facebook Event Make One Meal Matter.

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These are scary times as both women and men continue to come forward alleging serious sexual harassment incidents, many involving well-known celebrities. While all of this is at the forefront of the news and popular concern, a huge number of ordinary, everyday people suffer a wide range of harassment events, and we just don’t hear about them. We allow so many frightening issues to remain hidden in dark shadows – violent events that cause injury in ways that can never be remedied. I’m thinking of domestic abuse – incidents that go far beyond sexual harassment of individuals in a social or business encounter. When violence becomes part of an intimate relationship, the result is often very serious lifelong physical or mental damage, and sometimes death. These are methods of control by one person over another more vulnerable individual, and they can range in a wide spectrum from bullying to homicide. They can be physical, emotional or psychological events, and they occur everywhere, regardless of culture, country, age group, economic condition, gender identity or sexual orientation. Studies show that such incidents are chronically underreported, and it is likely that only 30% of serious events are ever reported to the police or other authorities. However, the numbers of reports are increasing each year and we can hope that this reflects more people reporting incidents rather than an increase in actual violent events that occur. There are legal definitions of harassment and abuse that determine how a person can get protection when needed, and how a perpetrator will be handled: According to California Courts, civil harassment is abuse, threat of abuse, stalking, sexual assault, or serious harassment by someone you are not in an intimate or close family relationship with, and the violence or threats seriously scare, annoy, or harass you and there is no valid reason for the harassment. Domestic violence is physically hurting or trying to hurt someone intentionally or recklessly, sexual assault, threats or promises to harm someone, or harassing, stalking threatening or hitting someone,


disturbing someone’s peace, or destroying someone’s personal property. A major difference from civil harassment is that the abuser and the abused have or previously had a domestic relationship, such as current or former spouses and registered domestic partners, cohabitants who live or lived together and have or had a consensual sexual relationship, and those who have or had a dating or engagement relationship. Close family relationships, such as parents or brother or sister are also domestic relationships. What is the domestic violence picture in the LGBTQ community? Let’s take a look at the results of a range of studies that help identify what’s going on: It is estimated that about 35% of women in the U.S. general population have been subjected to physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes, with around 4% just in the past year. Lesbian women are estimated to have experienced physical violence at around 44%, but with around 10% in the past year. Bisexual women were more likely to have been subjected to violence, with an estimate of 61% facing violence during their lifetimes.

It is estimated that about 29% of men in the general population have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes, with around 5% in the past year. About 26% of gay men are estimated to have faced violence in their lifetimes, with about 12% in the past year. Studies show that the estimated number for bisexual men is 37%. Incidence of domestic violence among transgender people is 45% to 50% according to recent studies, with a somewhat higher rate for transgender females than for transgender males. Historically, LGBTQ people have very low rates of reporting harassment and abuse, even though the studies show aggression rates are similar between heterosexual and homosexual couples. Filing an official complaint of violence opens the door to public scrutiny of same-sex relationships at a time when the abused partner is most vulnerable. And many in the LGBT community fail or refuse to acknowledge what a serious problem violence is, resulting in little or no support network for the victim. Some states still have laws that don’t recognize same-sex domestic abuse, and authorities in many states often don’t treat such incidents with the same concern and support that they offer to heterosexuals. Fortunately, California has strong laws that define harassment and domestic abuse in gender-neutral terms, and offer protections for all victims. Programs promote education of the public and regular training of law enforcement, medical and social service personnel in the best ways to understand and care for harassment and domestic violence victims of all kinds. Shining a light on the damage these events cause to all of us is a critical step toward preventing future harassment and abuse for everyone across our country.

This article is part of an ongoing series of articles pertaining to legal issues relevant to the LGBT community, and is intended for general information purposes only – not legal advice. Christopher Heritage is an attorney in Palm Springs and San Diego, who focuses on LGBT estate planning, domestic partnerships, same-sex marriage, probate, trust administration, and bankruptcy. He welcomes questions and comments and can be contacted at 760-325-2020 or at

APRIL 2018 31



Hello my friends! Happy Spring! It’s that time of year again with White Party right around the corner and hopefully those of you who are attending are gearing up to bare your well- toned, lean bodies. I know I am. So this months article addresses some of my favorite ways to attain that look. For me it always goes back to food. You know by now that I’m a huge fan of eating every 3 hours, 6 times a day. You can think of them as meals, snacks, feeding times or whatever you’d like but the key is fueling your body with the nutrients that it requires to keep your energy up and your muscles full. The contents of those meals are key and if you’re anything like me you need some type of carbohydrates to keep your energy and more importantly your mood up.


Case in point: last month I decided to try a very low carbohydrate plan to encourage more fat loss. So I dropped my intake of carbs from about 75gms a day to 25gms. Now one serving (1/2 cup uncooked) of old fashioned oatmeal has 27gms of carbs meaning that I could have that for an entire day worth of carbs but would also mean I could not have any veggies or fats as they both have carbohydrates in them. So that created a dilemma for me because I did not think it was advisable to just eat protein alone for my remaining meals. So, I decided to decrease the ½ cup serving of oatmeal down to 1 TBSP of it and add in some nuts, avocado and veggies as my carb substitutes and boy was that ever tough. It turns out that most nuts have 4-10gms of carbs per serving (typically amounting to ¼

cup) with walnuts at the lowest end and macadamias at the highest. I obviously chose the walnuts. Berries have the lowest carb count of the fruit family and zucchini in the lower end of the vegetables.

face and do my job cause it’s not my clients problem if I’m having a self imposed rough time. Needless to say, it was a long, rough week!

I calculated the amount and went to town to see how my choices would affect me and let me tell you they did affect me.

But the lesson was well worth it to me. You see as a former anorexic and bulimic, depressed female I had been constantly messing with my energy levels and my mood was often dark and brooding. I had no idea that it was related to my food intake. Remember this was in the 60’s and we didn’t know what we know now. I just thought I was a bad person who was always in a lousy mood. Be glad you weren’t part of my family back then! What was even more interesting is that I began to crave food and was always hungry. I ended up binging on nuts, which eventually caused me to gain weight and rather than take off fat, put more on! Lesson to be learned here folks! Food effects each of us differently and if you don’t know what to look for you might miss the signs, so make sure you ask the people around you if they notice any changes in your behavior. You might be very surprised at their response.

Within a few hours I noticed that I was irritable and very tired. At first I attributed it to being out all weekend dancing and partying but as the week went on it just got worse. The carbs from the oatmeal had kept me balanced and not irritable or tired, but the carb choices of nuts, avocado or veggies didn’t have the same effect. After about 4 days it was a little better but my mood was crap! Not a good look for a person who is in the public eye and a personal trainer to boot (play on words if you’ve ever seen me train my clients in what else but my boots!) The way I look at life is this, when I’m feeling great, I go out to share my mood. When I’m feeling less than great, I stay home. But when it comes to work, I must be a professional and put on a happy

To your health! XOXO Jill




Creating vibrant community by helping LGBTQ people along their way.


Thriving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, living authentically in supportive, inclusive communities.







The McDonald/Wright Building 1301 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 3rd Floor | Palm Springs, CA 92262 | 760-416-7790 |

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We have all been guilty of wishful thinking on occasion. Sometimes we will catch ourselves thinking whimsically about a perfect future, or looking back on things that happened through rose-tinted glasses. This is a perfectly normal and healthy activity and one that can help to make the world seem a little more tolerable even when things aren’t going according to plan. The key though, is that we need to remain at least somewhat detached from this wishful thinking. In other words, we need to take it for what it is and acknowledge that it is not reality. Where Does Wishful Thinking Come From? When predicting future outcomes, all of us are prone to be somewhat overly positive. This is sometimes explained as being due to an attempt to resolve the ‘conflict’ between what we want and what we know to be true. However, it can also be described as our egocentrism (our belief that the world revolves around us – partly a result of perspective) and as a coping mechanism to help us deal with negative realities. Essentially, the brain is a prediction machine and its purpose is to help us make the best decisions in order to increase our likelihood of survival and of passing on our genetic material. This starts when we imagine the outcome we want: we want the political climate to improve, we want to be rich, we don’t want to become ill.

bias wherein a gambler will feel that their odds improve, the more they lose. If red comes up 20 times on the roulette wheel, then it must be black next time… right?

If we were to assume the worst and to assume that we would have no impact on future outcomes, then we would not be motivated to continue or to make positive changes in our lives. Likewise, if we were unable to imagine the future we wanted, then we would be unable to plot a course to help us achieve the best outcomes for ourselves.

Wishful thinking can make us overly positive in this kind of circumstance and thereby make the wrong decision: choosing to continue gambling rather than cut your losses. Likewise, wishful thinking could lead to poor investment strategies, or could lead you to ‘hold out’ in a job. And in extreme cases, wishful thinking can apply to the present as well as the future. There is even such thing as ‘wishful seeing’, which can actually alter visual perception.

IS WISHFUL THINKING A PROBLEM? Wishful thinking is not a problem in itself but can be problematic if it isn’t kept under control. As we’ve seen, it is normal, healthy and adaptive to spend time imagining better outcomes for it and ourselves can even be healthy under some circumstances to deny reality. As the British would say: ‘keep calm and carry on’. Problems occur however when a skewed perception of reality can lead to poor decision-making – which can get us into trouble. An example of this is the ‘gamblers’ fallacy’. This is a cognitive

Wrong! While the odds of red coming up 21 times in a row are miniscule, that isn’t what you measuring. You are measuring the odds of it being red or black on the next go: which is always going to be 50/50 (not accounting for the green).

CONCLUSION There is no harm in indulging yourself in a little wishful thinking from time to time and especially once you understand the mechanisms that give rise to it. What’s important though, is that you recognize it for what it is and that you always take a reality check before making any important life decisions. Positivity is a good thing but not to the point of self-delusion!

APRIL 2018 35


THREE TIMES A CHARM BY JOE NARRISI Pop Kendra Erika and Grammy Award winning producer Damon Sharpe prepares to enter the Billboard Top 20 for a third consecutive time with latest club track, “Sublime” their psychedelically poetic club track about taboo love. Currently at #21, the song is expected to debut on the Billboard Top Twenty chart later this month. The song has a sensuous vibe-y lounge groove, built around a continuous tempo and looming ghost voice that harkens back to early 80’s house music. “I’m a big believer that taboo love really helps a person find his or herself,” says Kendra Erika. She wrote the song’s lyrics against a beat produced by Sharpe and Eric Sanicola. “It may not necessarily be forever love, but experiencing something that is forbidden changes one’s perspective and allows them to establish what it is he or she wants from life.” “Sublime” is being released globally through Dauman Music and is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and all other major retailers as well as for streaming through Pandora and Spotify. Its music video is on Youtube. “I was in a relationship where we wanted to test the limits to see how far we could go,” recalls Kendra Erika from her Florida home. “Being ‘on the run’ was essentially what stimulated the relationship. It made it us against the world. Nothing and no one else mattered outside of the bond we had created and it was thrilling.” “That true feeling of sublime happens when you eliminate all distractions and concentrate only on the person in front of you. Sure, it may lead to a sweet mistake, but venturing down the road of selfrealization will teach you a lot about yourself and your place in the world.” “Sublime” follows “Under My Skin,” Kendra’s club single that climbed to #6 on the Billboard Dance Chart last summer. Where “Under My Skin” was nebulous, describing a vague, although brighter experience, ”Sublime” is more defined, detailing an intimate, underwraps experience between two lovers. “Damon and I wanted to cleanse the pallet and write something more sensual and subdued for ‘Sublime,’” Erika continues. “I channeled those experiences from my past when I would go out to the dance floor with the intention to connect with strangers that might end up rocking my world,” she laughs. Kendra Erika is a South Florida native singer/songwriter. Trained in classical and jazz, she draws inspiration from musicians


who strive to make music that is written out of pure sentiment and felt in the bones; artists like Lana Del Rey, Solange, Ellie Goulding, and London Grammar. Erika implements a concept that is new to many clubbers who often heed a song’s beat but pay less attention to its message. Her dance songs include bold and poetic messages. “I aim to get people dancing to an authentic light,” she says. “I want them dancing not just because the beat is telling them to, but because they feel the message of unconditional love and are inspired to dance to their own beat.” “Sublime” is Kendra Erika’s third collaboration with producer Damon Sharpe, who has written and produced for a wide array of pop artists including Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland, Monica, 98 Degrees, Anastacia, and Natalie Cole. “Kendra and I have a chemistry that shines,” explains Sharpe. To support the record, Dauman Music has also released a package of remixes from some of the world’s leading Billboard DJs including Dave Aude, Sted E & Hybrid Heights and Marc Stout. “Ultimately, I hope ‘Sublime’ makes clubbers reflect on their own experiences and maybe helps lead them down the road of selfrealization,” says Kendra Erika. “True beauty is being fully aware.” To learn more, visit and FACEBOOK: KendraErikaMusic / TWITTER: Kendra_Erika INSTAGRAM: KendraErika



Multi-platinum, seven-time Grammy Award®-winning superstar and icon Toni Braxton released SEX & CIGARETTES last month via Def Jam Recordings. SEX & CIGARETTES - the ninth album in Toni’s legendary career - is her first studio album since 2014’s Grammywinning collaboration with Babyface, Love, Marriage & Divorce and her first solo album in almost a decade. The album was co-produced by Toni herself and includes the single “Deadwood,” (released September 2017), which recently topped the charts at Urban AC radio. Her brand new single “Long As I Live” is out now, and is one of several tracks Toni co-wrote and produced for the album. The album also includes a duet with Colbie Caillat (on “My Heart”). This year commemorates 25 years in the music business for Toni Braxton, since the release of her eponymously titled 8x-platinum debut album in 1993, on Arista Records. The album included her career-defining worldwide hits “Another Sad Love Song” and “Breathe Again,” which made Grammy® history by winning consecutive awards in 1994 and 1995 respectively, for Best Female R&B Performance. The album also generated Toni’s 1994 Grammy® as Best New Artist. SEX & CIGARETTES marks Toni’s first major release since Love, Marriage & Divorce, her Grammy®-winning Best R&B Album collaboration with Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, released February 2014. A critically acclaimed landmark project for both artists, Love, the New York Times hailed Marriage & Divorce as a “quiet-storm oasis” in People magazine’s 3-star review, and “a re-animator”. SEX & CIGARETTES is available now In March 2014, Toni Braxton became the latest Grammy Award®-winning artist to join the cast of the Broadway musical After Midnight as “Special Guest Star” vocalist (with Babyface), for a limited engagement run at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. After Midnight reintroduced the Cotton Club’s exciting tradition of welcoming contemporary artists in limited engagements throughout the musical’s 272-performance run. About Toni Braxton: The distinctive, sultry vocals of seven-time Grammy Award®winning recording artist Toni Braxton, singer, songwriter, record producer, and philanthropist, have been celebrated internationally ever since she was first introduced to the world by Babyface and L.A. Reid in 1992. Her self-titled debut album released the next year was a 10 million-selling phenomenon that generated Toni’s first Grammys® in

1994, for Best New Artist and Best Female R&B Vocal (“Another Sad Love Song”). The album’s longevity led Toni to win her second Best Female R&B Vocal Grammy® the following year (for “Breathe Again”). Her second album, Secrets arrived in ’96, and history repeated itself with 15 million worldwide sales. At the Grammy Awards® in 1997, Toni became only the second woman in history (beside Dionne Warwick) to win Best Female Pop Vocal (“Un-break My Heart”) and Best Female R&B Vocal (“You’re Makin’ Me High”) in the same year. She returned to the Grammy® podium in 2001, to claim another Best Female R&B Vocal award (“He Wasn’t Man Enough,” from the double-platinum album The Heat). Toni’s seventh Grammy® came in 2015, when she and Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds shared the Best R&B Album award for their collaboration, Love, Marriage & Divorce. Into the millennium, Toni blossomed into an acting career with Broadway musical roles in Beauty and the Beast (the first African American woman to play a leading role in a Disney Broadway production) and Aida, and a dramatic turn in the Lifetime movie Twist of Faith. Her heartfelt memoir Unbreak My Heart was published in May 2014 by HarperCollins. Raising her two sons Denim and Diezel, Toni balances her career demands with the high priorities of family, heath, public service, and charity work, particularly on behalf of the two diseases that have impacted her family directly: She is living with Lupus and her youngest child is living with Autism. Early detection and intervention has helped both Braxtons to be role models on how to live normal lives with these conditions. Toni is also a proud spokesperson for Autism Speaks and Lupus L.A. Connect with Toni Braxton on Facebook, Instagram, Twittter or her website

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thank you Desert spiriT

The American Cancer Society would like to thank all of the sponsors, donors and attendees of the 29th Annual Desert Spirit Gala. Because of the tireless effort and generous contributions of all involved, this one-day event raised over $193,000 in proceeds. Until there’s a cure, we will continue to fight against this devastating disease. GOLD SPONSOR




WHAT WE DO: • Daily hot nutritious meal to over 135 people a day, 6 days a week. • Sack lunches daily –over 1200 a week served. • Phone and mail service. • Morning coffee, rolls and fruit. • Showers daily. • Furniture for people in need. • Clothing for job interviews and those who need them. • Assistance with food stamps, MISP, id’s and more. • Utility assistance. • Rental assistance. • Free notary service. • Resume writing assistance.

• One way tickets home. • Saturday food distribution of healthy foods to working families, seniors, veterans, the disabled, families with children. • Emergency food boxes. • Some transportation to medical and social service appointments. • Van transportation to hot lunch sites. • Home deliveries to seniors who are homebound or frail. • “Well Assist” program to downtown merchants and other business owners. • Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations for all in need. Christmas presents for all the children. • Well houses available for long-term group family living, and emergenies. • A family-friendly environment where all can feel welcome, cared about, and respected.

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GET YOUR BUSINESS NOTICE We create 15 or 30 second dynamic videos with your existing visuals. For Facebook, Twitter or any platform you work with. Videos automatically play as people scroll through the feed. Very affordable.








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RESTAURANTS VILLAGE PUB 266 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.323.3265 NATURE’S HEALTH FOOD & CAFE 555 S Sunrise Way Suite 301 Palm Springs, CA 92264 760.323.9487 SHERMAN’S DELI & BAKERY 401 E Tahquitz Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.325.1199 RÍO AZUL 350 S. Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.992.5641 849 849 N Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.325.8490 COPLEY’S ON PALM CANYON 621 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.9555 WORKSHOP KITCHEN & BAR 800 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.459.3451


DINE | DRINK | DANCE Palm Springs LULU CALIFORNIA BISTRO 200 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.5858

CHEEKYS 622 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.7595

PURPLE ROOM 1900 E. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.322.4422

POMME FRITE 256 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.778.3727

EL MIRASOL 140 E Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.323.0721

CHILL BAR 217 E. Arenas Road Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.1079

THAI SMILE PALM SPRINGS 100 South Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.320.5503

RICK’S RESTAURANT 1973 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.416.0090

TRIO RESTAURANT 707 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.864.8746

PINOCCHIO IN THE DESERT 134 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.322.3776

THE TROPICALE 330 E Amado Road Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.866.1952


ZIN AMERICAN BISTRO 198 S Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 760.322.6300 LULU CALIFORNIA BISTRO 200 S Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.327.5858

HUNTERS NIGHTCLUB 302 East Arenas Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.323.0700 TOUCAN’S TIKI LOUNGE 2100 North Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.416.7584

STREETBAR 224 E. Arenas Road Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.320.1266 THE TOOL SHED 600 E. Sunny Dunes Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.320.3299 STACY’S AT PALM SPRINGS 220 E Arenas Rd Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.620.5003 BLACKBOOK BAR 315 E Arenas Road Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.832.8497 QUADZ 200 S Indian Canyon Palm Springs, CA 92262 760.778.4326

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al c lo

EVENTS CALENDAR always be in two places at once as we get called out on a variety of business items. Please check with any gallery regarding specific hours. All galleries are open during our monthly First Wednesday Art Walk from 5 to 8 pm.

APR 13-15 APR 20-22 COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL Annual music and arts festival features many genres of music including alternative rock, hip- hop, and Electronic music as well as large sculptural art. The event has several stages/ tents set-up throughout the grounds, each playing live music continuously.

in the best venues in a fantastic location all makes it an unforgettable experience. Get your tickets now and check the website for more information on all the great events coming up.


TG MONDAYS. TRANSGENDER SOCIAL EVENT Every second Monday of the month, Transgender Social Hour discussing advocacy, transitioning & HRT. Allies, respectful admirers, and transgender umbrella all welcome. Portion of proceeds to benefit the Raina Chessman Fund. For more info PALM SPRINGS ART MUSEUM The Palm Springs Art Museum offers free admission every Thursday night from 4-8 p.m., sponsored by the City of Palm Springs. This provides an excellent way to start a trip to the City’s VillageFest, the popular weekly street festival held every Thursday night along Palm Canyon Drive.

ONGOING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> APR 27-29 STAGECOACH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL The Stagecoach Music Festival is one of country music’s most highly anticipated events of the year with performances by the top country music acts, this festival has something for everyone who follows country music.

APR 27-30 WHITE PARTY PALM SPRINGS This can’t-miss event is without a doubt the hottest gay dance festival around! With participants coming from all over the world for years to enjoy the non-stop weekend long party under the Palm Springs sunshine, Jeffery Sanker’s White Party has become a legendary gathering. Top-notch entertainment


BACK STREET ART DISTRICT The Backstreet Art District boasts a diverse collection of galleries & businesses where you may meet artists, visit working studios and enjoy fine art all in one location. You can find most galleries open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm, but nothing is set in concrete. We are a collective of boutique galleries and regretfully cannot

CHILL BAR PALM SPRINGS A warm and fabulous twenty first century modern venue located on Arenas, suited with multi faceted rooms for any celebration. The gorgeous island bar is surrounded by hi-definition video entertainment and a comfortable designer lounge. Chill on the patio enjoying music and refreshing beverages with friends after a game of pool, or come by and say hello to our friendly staff. Open for business seven days a week. Get out of the heat, and come join us! 
Happy Hour (From Open to 7pm) and Late Happy Hour (From Midnight to Last Call)

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EVENTS CALENDAR THE SUNDAY BAND W/ SPECIAL GUESTS. PAPPY & HARRIET’S PIONEERTOWN The Sunday Rock + Roll Service is a Pappy and Harriet’s institution celebrating the healing powers of music and community! Every weekend the club’s favorite singers and players get together and trade songs. Come join us to see Victoria Williams, Gar Robertson, Carol Ann Crandall, Damian Lester, Bob Furgo, Rachel Dean, Ryan Norman, Caleb Winn, Danny Frankel and other talented locals performing for your drinking and dancing pleasure. With a come-as-you-are vibe, Sundays have seen great special guests like Robert Plant, Lucinda Williams, The Jayhawks, Rickie Lee Jones to name a few. THE JUDY SHOW. PURPLE ROOM SUPPER CLUB PALM SPRINGS The spirit of Judy Garland is alive and well and in Palm Springs at the famed Purple Room Supper Club every Sunday at 7:00! This blend of hysterical comedy and outstanding music explode into an evening of nonstop belly laughs, glamour and high camp, as celebrated entertainer Michael Holmes parodies Judy Garland, who in her 1964 television variety show, played host to some of the greatest female icons of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

RETRO ROOM LOUNGE Nestled near the center of gay nightlife in Downtown Palm Springs, Retro Room Lounge is the must-see neighborhood gay bar to visit in Palm Springs. With daily happy hour until 7 pm and reverse happy hour from 9pmmidnight, there’s always a deal for you. As an added bonus, our bartenders have hand crafted a drink menu that features specialty cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else.

Oh, and did we mention we have Jell-O shots too. Karaoke and Happy Hour every night!

OSCAR’S CAFÉ & BAR Located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs on the corner of Tahquitz Canyon Way and Indian Canyon, Oscar’s has a huge outdoor patio with lots of umbrellas for shade and misters to keep you cool, too. You can beat the heat any time of year and enjoy the views of Palm Springs. On Saturday and Sunday from 8am – 2pm, enjoy a $9 Bottomless Mimosas (juice included), a single $2 mimosa or a $5 Bloody Mary with brunch, during which both our full breakfast and lunch menus are available. Also join us for Sunday Funday Weekly Tea Dance 4pm-Close! Live entertainment weekly visit our website for details. LIPSTICK AT COPA Thursday nights at Copa just got a little hotter with a new show at the new showroom inside Copa. The Hot New Lipstick show is a raucous affair where the audience is encouraged to participate in singing, clapping, dancing, partying and celebrating special events. Featuring performances by Charles Herrera, Pinkie Meringue Shimmer, Marina Mac, Sassy Ross, Dion Khan, and Cherilyn, and emceed by the fabulous Bella Da Ball, this show will not disappoint. For ticket info and schedule of performers visit HUNTERS NIGHTCLUBS® Palm Springs, Palm Springs’ go-to gay bar and dance club, has been leading the way in full-out fun for 16 years now! And we keep it pumping, making it better for you all the time with our unparalleled event line-up. We enjoy having

the desert’s most sought-after and friendly DJs, full-on themed events, and a staff that has it all without the attitude. And of course, we are proud to hold the longest happy hour in the entire Valley. Remember: Size Matters. Come by for our happy hour from 10am- 7pm. Yes, that’s right: 9 hours long! For a list of all events and specials visit

SUNDAYS “The Playgirls” at Toucans Tiki Lounge featuring Tommi Rose. Performances at 8 & 10pm.These darling Divas of drag really deliver with their very own brand of entertainment to packed houses. Special guests appear weekly. DJ in the sound booth. Every Sunday Complete list of events FOR A COMPLETE CALENDAR OF EVENTS VISIT OUR MEDIA PARTNER, GAY DESERT GUIDE. CLICK ON LOGO

APRIL 2018 45

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APR 6 - 8

MIAMI BEACH PRIDE MIAMI, FLORIDA Miami Beach Gay Pride is an amazing three-day event with a Beach Party, Festival and Parade, including more than 125 LGBT-friendly vendors and businesses, exciting celebrities, musical performances, refreshments, food and a family-friendly play area.

APR 7 - 8

PHOENIX PRIDE PHOENIX, ARIZONA Phoenix Pride unites and engages individuals and organizations to empower, educate and support the Arizona LGBTQ Community; and promotes a positive image in the Valley of the Sun and throughout Arizona through community activities and services. Featuring over 150 entertainment performances on 5 stages and over 300 Exhibitors showcasing a huge variety of food options, shopping opportunities and community resources.

APR 14

TASTE OF HILLCREST SAN DIEGO, CA A Feast For All Your Senses! Step into the colorful and vibrant neighborhood that is Fabulous Hillcrest, as you embark on San


Diego’s largest self-guided culinary tour! Experience the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors of the world as you savor small bites from over 35 of Hillcrest’s most recognized and award-winning restaurants. Along the journey, you will also enjoy over a dozen beer samples, as you discover and explore an eclectic mix of shops, boutiques, and gift stores.

Travel and Cruises for this extravagant gay group cruise. We will sail the islands of Hawaii round trip from majestic Honolulu, as we party on Norwegian’s spectacular ship, Pride of America! As a special bonus prior to boarding the Pride of America, we will spend a few days in Honolulu for an exclusive pre-cruise getaway.

APR 12 - 15

CHERRY 2018 WASHINGTON DC Cherry is a yearly charity dance music event in early April, which has raised more than $988,000 for Washington, DC, HIV/ AIDS service and prevention. Your support of Cherry contributes to the efforts of passionate health and social advocates at the forefront of the DC LGBT community. Over the years, CHERRY has collaborated with the biggest, most progressive names in dance music, to host some of the largest parties in the mid-Atlantic.

APR 21 - 28

ALOHA GAY CRUISE HONOLULU, HAWAII Don’t miss out on this trip of a lifetime! Book the Early Bird rate today with PrideOne

APR 26 - 30

PHURFEST 2018 PHOENIX, ARIZONA Join the Bears of the West for Phurfest Weekend. Enjoy fun in the sun, a chance to meet new friends, and explore what Phoenix has to offer. Phoenix Phurfest has been around for 12 years. During the past eleven Phurfests, almost 2500 bears and buddies from over 10 countries have enjoyed the warmth and friendliness of our city, thereby, making Phurfest weekend quite popular among the bears.

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APR 26 - MAY 2

APR 26 - 30

VELVET IBIZA. IBIZA, SPAIN The best European Lesbian Weekend! 4 days & 4 nights in one resort. Price includes hotel room, all meals & all drinks until midnight, entrance fees to all parties. With the best European & worldwide DJs.

SLEAZY MADRID. MADRID, SPAIN With 17 years of experience under its belt the event is prominent in the gay fetish circuit. Madrid´s gay scene will be inundated with visitors come to take part in the event. The participating bars, clubs, discos, shops, saunas, hostels and hotels will be organizing a wide variety of activities and parties with a fetish theme. Well known DJ´s and producers consolidate the event providing the perfect ambience for each and every session and event.

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST LISBON, PORTUGAL The most watched, loved, hated, talked about, campiest, overdressed entertainment show in the world: Eurovision. Lisbon has the honor to host the 63rd edition of Eurovision Song contest in 2018. The Semi-Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest are set to take place on Tue 8 and Thur 10 of May, with the Grand Final scheduled for Sat, the 12th of May 2018. Thousands of European fans will come to Lisbon for a long week full of bad or exciting songs, hotshot parties and Eurovision fun!

MAY 7 - 20

MAR 17 - 24

GAY TREK TO EVEREST BASE CAMP KATHMANDU, NEPAL Gay trek to Everest Base Camp is an unforgettable expedition in the lap of the tallest peak of the world. Everest Base Camp has traditionally been the ultimate goal for the high altitude trekkers. Our carefully devised itinerary with a number of rests at Namche Bazaar and Dinboche gives you an opportunity to explore Thamo and Chhukung Ri. This offers you an opportunity for acclimatization. A gradual ascent through typical Sherpa villages gives you ample time to enjoy the scenery, wildlife and visit a number of monasteries.

MAY 3 - 13

MASPALOMAS PRIDE MASPALOMAS, GRAND CANARY ISLAND For those who have never experienced the Pride of Maspalomas, a surprise awaits you! The days are filled with various events: festivals, exhibitions, parades, tours, shows, and concerts, along with your favorite restaurants and bars in and around the Yumbo Centre joining in the fun! So make yourself look fabulous and join in the Pride celebrations with us, together with dancers, singers, and drag queens! Are you ready for the craziest and most fun Pride festival in the World?

INTERNATIONAL DUBLIN GAY THEATRE FESTIVAL. DUBLIN, IRELAND The Dublin Gay Theatre Festival is an annual event, celebrating contribution of gay people to theatre, past and present. The Festival was founded in 2004 to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Oscar Wilde, in his native city. With an emphasis on new or recent international and Irish works with a broadly gay theme or relevance, the Festival has grown to become the largest event of its type in the world. Our international media partner, FNQ Magazine, Cairns gay lifestyle and travel publication that gives Australia and the world a taste of gay life in the tropics, sponsors the International Calendar.

APRIL 2018 47

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