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The most common misconception in neutral design is that pattern disrupts the look of the supposed serenity. This is wrong! The use of pattern can embolden a design and still be neutral. It can create the kind of visual interest that is vital in keeping the room from becoming bland. When neutrals are not contrasted by the elements I have mentioned above, they tend to cancel each other out visually and that spells disaster for your room. Your pattern selection can be subtle in its shading or it can be the contrast we have talked about. One of the easiest ways I recommend to “fix” a neutral room is to add a drapery panel in a strong solid color or pattern with color contrasting a neutral ground. Many clients have come to me over the years feeling disappointed and frustrated with their attempts to achieve the sophistication they were hoping for with a neutral design. Neutral rooms tend to conjure up what many believe to be, “grown up and sophisticated” rooms. It is a true assessment, but we still want them to be interesting, warm and inviting. When a neutral room does lacks for complexity they can fall flat. Instead of sophisticated they run cold and lacking in personality. No matter the design style, I always focus on the personality of my client. I want your home to reflect who you are, what you love and what is meaningful to you. No space is truly successful or truly beautiful if it doesn’t tell a story of who you are. Be mindful in your selections. This is one of times in your life where allowing your heart to lead the way will always be successful. Be playful. Don’t be afraid. Remember, this isn’t brain surgery, it’s decorating and you are meant to feel your way around. Nothing is written in stone, this is a creative process, which means there are an infinite number of solutions and an infinite number of opportunities to get it right. Live Well!

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