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About the Cover Words by Gillian Sun Captured by Murielle Cocjin & Sean Valencia Designed by Sean Valencia


n its second year, The Ateneo Games has quickly become a hotpot of passion as student-athletes leave the academic noise in the dust in exchange for five days of sports and scorching sun. With every team vying for glory, they will stop at nothing to claim the crown and be recognized as Overall Champions. The Intramurals showcases the best of each cluster as the players take on the challenge of bringing their respective teams home to glory. However, the road to success was never a steady one. goes behind the scenes on each team’s secrets to success as well as other unresolved issues that have occurred in this year’s Ateneo Games.

VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017

Playing by New Rules


tenean education has always centered itself on the principle of holistic formation. Beyond the classroom’s four walls, we are tasked to seek values greater than the information found in textbooks, values that play a greater part in everyday life. The annual Intramurals is a response to that call, aiming to foster sportsmanship, humility, and camaraderie within blue-blooded hearts. However, years of amateur sports have brought a different outlook on games within each student-athlete. What was once an avenue for pure fun and great memories has extended with another desire out of The Ateneo Games: success. Albeit there is nothing unusual with an eye on the prize, the means of achieving the gold has turned over a new leaf, and in this context, does not entail a good one. Sportsmanship has always been given the most emphasis in the Intramurals. During the Opening Ceremony, student-athletes swore to abide by the guidelines stated in the rulebook and by the values upheld by the University. The event challenges everyone to give their utmost best, to bring out values they have instilled in their hearts and apply it in the field of sports. But when foul play is seen rampant, we can only question: what values are instilled in these so-called Ateneans? What was once agreed upon as illegal acts in the rulebook of sports have become acts tolerated by players and supporters alike. Current society believes foul play to be inevitable, that once the buzzer beats and the scores are tallied down, every push thrown and profanity sputtered is left in the history marked on the gymnasium floorboard. Even sporting officials condone such actions on the playing field, calling only hard fouls when time gives no leeway for anything less. It is not enough for us to claim that our hearts are in it for fun in the spirit of sportsmanship when the moment the ball leaves the referee’s hands, words spoken and oaths taken disappear into the wind. If we continue to accept such immoral acts, it is as if we are allowing corruption to taint the true spirit of The Ateneo Games, where the higher beings engaged in dishonest acts are the players themselves. How can we let our moral consciousness turn a blind eye to the prejudices right in front of us? Or worse, how can we let it accept the faults happening before our eyes? Let us go back to the real meaning of sportsmanship, where every game is a friendly one and no hard feelings or dirty tactics are left on the hardwood floors. At the end of the five-day event period, it is not the victory that bears the greater weight but the memories created along the way. Win or lose, it is the battle that defines an athlete’s greatness. Hinging on our University’s core value of fighting a good fight, we must challenge the normalization of foul play and bring back the true essence of The Ateneo Games: achieving success through hard work without compromising team integrity.S Illustration by Cyra Barros

Captured by The Squire Publication Photojournalists


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017

ictoria T. Te

by Maria V


ith only a few seconds left on the clock, Dauntless Jaguars from the bleachers and to the hardcourt roared in booming triumph after claiming victory in the G11 basketball championship match held in the XU Gymnasium on October 27. The Dauntless Jaguars, led by team captain Francis Glyn Abregana, were still unscathed from their previous games. Facing them were the Leviathans, who were just as hungry for the golden trophy as they were. The game kicked off with the ball in the Jaguars’ hands. The Jaguars displayed hard-hitting gameplay that gave them an early lead, with a 12-4 score in the first quarter. “At the end of the first quarter we were confident to put the Leviathans down, giving them no hope to win,” said Jaguar center Patrick Jude Guiritan. Come second quarter, it was the girls’ turn to take over the court. The Lady Jaguars were just as ferocious as the boys, and they ensured that they maintained the lead they had. On defense was Kiho Iwanaga, who constantly grabbed rebounds and regained possession to allow for star players Louise Sibal and Ella Morre to fire down rockets on the opposing team, further stretching the distance between the Jaguars and the Leviathans. The game suddenly went to a standstill as Sibal found herself unable to get up after a hard fall while chasing for possession. Both teammates and rivals were trying to help her up in a beautiful feat of sportsmanship and camaraderie, but Sibal still lay writhing in pain. Just as a substitute for her was about to come in, Sibal was up on her feet, and finished the girls’ leg of the game despite the injury.

Designed by Julia Dizon

What seemed like a safe lead for the Jaguars went shaky in the third quarter, as the players weren’t as aggressive as they previously were, allowing for the Leviathans to slowly bridge the gap between them. The last three minutes of the fourth quarter were a tussle that had every one on the edge of their seats. The Leviathans dunked a series of consecutive buckets, slashing the Jaguars’ lead down to two points. Guiritan admitted that they struggled maintaining both their offense and defense in that moment, but the pack refused to falter. At the 2-minute mark, their point guard Kevin Reber decided to go hard on the offensive to stop the Leviathans’ scoring streak and notched a three-pointer. Consequently, center Lino Buray and forward Lawrence Bondoc also made the most of their shots at the free throw, with Buray sinking down two points, and Bondoc securing their lead against the Leviathans with a single clutch point. Powered by centers Buray and Guiritan, the Jaguars also fortified their defense, leaving the Leviathans unable to score at the last minute. The game ended at 43-37, with the Jaguars sweeping the tournament clean with no loss. The Dauntless Jaguars made sure that they were well prepared before the intramurals. They met several times to plan their strategies and lineups to best suit their game. They held practices twice before the intramurals, and often played games with students both coming from and outside XU to improve their teamwork and coordination, and to identify the individual strengths of each player. With the gold in the Jaguars’ paws, the Leviathans come first runners-up, and Viserion follow as second runners-up.S

. Sarmiento

mmanuel M

zE erida & Fran n Erika A. M

by Ja


lbeit the WildKats did not kick off with a headstart in the first half, still they maneuvered their way to secure the crown through the winning three point shots of Mark Gerry G. Piator and Vince Peter L. Wong in the final quarter, 44-36, on October 27 at the XU Gymnasium. The first quarter of the rematch began with both teams exchanging scores with each other. Halfway through the quarter, Michael Andre P. Francisco manned John Edwards M. Vergara to prevent the WildKats from gaining scores since the latter was notorious for high-percentage in shooting. However, the rest of WildKats stepped up their game to even the odds against the

Spades, ending the first quarter with a close fight. Determined spirits also radiated from each member of the girl’s team in hopes to outmatch their opponents. Although good in defense, WildKats had struggled in their offense. Pamela Amor C. Ledon of Spades manifested her awe-striking shooting skills to end the first half. The second half was filled with intense Basketball action, however a few of the players from both teams committed fouls. WildKats and Spades continued their campaign by employing new strategies to try overpowering the other teams’ defense and offense. Despite the lagging difference of

Captured by Ellric Maglangit & Designed by Julia Dizon

points between the two, WildKats still managed to catch up and draw with Spades by the end of the third quarter. Spades executed their combination of coordinated teamwork and svelte shots in the final quarter, but WildKats proved to be better that they eventually ended the match, 44-36. “Teamwork was our cluster’s winning factor,” WildKats team captain Piator said. The Grade 12 basketball championship was a rematch game between Spades and WildKats, where the latter won the earlier bracket match.S


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017


P. A by Mari Justin


ries of victory from Nexus erupted at the XU Covered Courts as they defeated the Leviathans in a close five-set Volleyball battle on October 26. The first set started in a slow pace, as the women’s team of both clusters engaged in a see-saw battle, where the Leviathans trailed behind, 10-14. However, they were quick to fire back as Nexus had a difficult time hitting the first ball, allowing the Leviathans catch up to 15-14. It was Nexus’ spiker Ann Marie Sanglitan who retaliated with strong attacks, making the Nexus lead and the Leviathans call for time-out, 22-18. As the game continued, Nexus finally cemented the lead and won the set, 25-18. The second set was more actionpacked as the men’s division of both clusters executed three-ball plays. Roven Simon’s powerful spike serves helped Leviathan lead, 5-1, forcing Nexus to call for time-out early in the set. The game continued to favor the Leviathans as they broadened the lead to 17-11. However, it was not long after that when Leviathan’s constant errors

allowed Nexus burn the lead into 1814. Leviathans called for a time-out and returned to the court with newfound energy as they ended a long rally, leading 23-20. The Nexus players were unable to catch up as the Leviathans ended the second set, 25-20. As the girls re-entered the court, it was another close rally as Nexus only led with one point, 6-5. However, the miscommunication of the Leviathan’s defense plays, Sanglitan’s spike attacks, and the sudden quickening of receivereturn cycle helped Nexus extend the lead to 16-11. It was almost a one-sided battle as the Leviathans failed to take the lead and lost the third set, 20-25. As Nexus lead the game with two sets to one, the crowd’s cheers intensified. Despite that, the Leviathan spirit did not crumble as they took the lead in the fourth set, 8-5. After Nexus called for time-out, they were still unable to match the Leviathan’s energy despite scoring three consecutive points, 17-20. Leviathan’s team efforts helped them seal the set with a win, 25-18. It was a do-or-die situation as both teams reached the fifth and last set with

mixed players of men and women. The Nexus’ faith did not waver as they started off strong, trailing the opposing team to 4-0. Leviathan’s Feb Cagampang made a kill as he attempted to take the lead, 7-8. It was undeniable that Sanglitan’s thunderous spike serves made it difficult for the Leviathans to receive the ball as they also lost their momentum, widening the lead to 11-8. Together with the intensification of their lead, Nexus’ will to win strengthened as they made no room for the opposing team to make a point. In the end, Vincent Jadol’s service ace earned Nexus the title of G11 Volleyball Champions of the 2017 Intramural Games, 15-9. Nexus star player Ann Marie Sanglitan shared that their team had developed confidence. “If you feel good about yourself, then you can perform better, and that was what I wanted my teammates to feel.” Sanglitan also mentioned that it was her teammates’ passion to win that drove her to give her best during the match.S

Captured by Caryll Apostol & Hailey Larot & Designed by Sean Valencia

by Tristan Ace C. Bi

nayao & Emmanue


l Cababarros

ith their foe at championship point and their team down by two, the DBM Knights stunned the White Dragons courtesy of the back-to-back service ace from Rey Llamas and a sensational kill-block by Brandon Antolin. These earned their team the championship on October 26 during the phenomenal 5-set volleyball match at the XU Covered Courts. Setter Eunice Yu’s witty distribution over the White Dragons’ spikers had carried them to a 17-21 lead over the DBM Knights. However, the latter’s daunting spikes produced by Gericca Gabutan and Vanessa Ladra had the former unable to fight against their offense. The Knights took the first set, 25-22. Dragon Joel Lickiayo’s consecutive emphatic service aces and jaw-dropping drop balls laid the Dragons rhythm for the second set, 4-13. While the Knights had their mini-runs of points, they could not manage Ryan Lumen’s massive kills and Issen Alfante’s wallbreaking assaults. The Dragons evened the match with an 18-25 set win.

The Knights charged back, suppressing the Dragons’ defense through their savvy plays and services that they easily snatched the third set, 25-13. Meanwhile, the combination plays and stunning fakes produced by

As a team, we have the same goal every game [...], e enjoy lang and play our game, bonus nana kung daog ang resulta sa dula.” Gericca Gabutan

the Dragons carried out their relentless maneuvers and moves that resulted to a series of deadlocks from 2-2 up to 12-12. An ace from Will Tolinero and a kill from Alfante of the Dragons neared them the championship title by a point, 12-14. But their costly error paved way for Llamas to deliver two service aces. A steel block by Antolin gave the Knights the sword to slay the Dragons down for the golden title, 16-14. “Ayaw mo ka pressure, we’ll just play our game [...] and give our 101 [percent] effort,” uttered DBM Knights’ team captain Gericca Gabutan during a timeout on the crucial part of the final set. After the game, Gabutan pointed out that winning the game was not their main objective. “As a team we have the same goal every game [...], e enjoy lang and play our game, bonus nana kung daog ang resulta sa dula.”S

the Dragons caused them to breathe fire in the fourth set, 12-25. With the two teams securing two sets apiece, expectations from the throng of spectators grew higher at the start of the crucial final set. The Knights and

Captured by Eloisa Dano & Hailey Larot & Designed by Sean Valencia


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017

Stallions Trample Huraticas for Grade 11 Ultimate Championship Title by Tatiana L. Maligro with reports from Dan Bantuas


espite losing to the latter in their two previous games, the Stallions found themselves facing the Huraticas for a third game—this time for the Championship title on October 24 at the XU Field. Although the continuous playing had caused great physical tire, players from both teams continued to give their best to fight for the much-desired title. The competition kicked off with the winds blowing in the Huraticas’ favor during the first half. With this, the Stallions decided to change tactics to that of a more defensive style with a series of short passes. This was proven effective until the Huraticas decided to switch their players. Huraticas Jess Galdo and Aaron Vidal headed to the bench to make way for teammates Vincent Bacayan and Czar Baylon, the latter considered as opponents to look out for by Stallions team captain Dan Bantuas. Bacayan and Baylon’s good communication during play was what Bantuas considered threats to his team. “(Their) communication and teamwork (are assets of theirs) [...] they already know what to do,” Bantuas shared. As the game resumed, points continued to seesaw between the two teams. However, the Huraticas managed to score another goal to take the lead. With the score at 5-4, the Stallions still found

themselves a point short from victory. This urged the Stallions to switch from that of defensive play to a more offensive tactic, more than ever eager to score. Regaining their footing, the Stallions had finally tied the score, 5-5. Officials then called for a universal point—the first team to score a point goes home with the much-desired championship title. With the disc in his grasp, Stallions’ team captain Dan Bantuas tricked the Huraticas to misdirection and passed it to teammate Ian Baygan instead of making the winning shot himself. Baygan then slung the winning shot, breaking the tie into a 6-5. “Even though me, Steve (Salcedo), and Lans (Tagab) [sic] were already injured, [...] we did our best, we did everything we could,” said Bantuas. It should come to no surprise that the Stallions did not come to the field unprepared. Beginning their practices since July, Bantuas shared that preparation for game day meant training six days a week from Monday until Saturday. This schedule continued on for the next three and a half months. Despite a few of their players sustaining injuries, the Stallions triumphed and earned the Grade 11 Ultimate Championship title. The Huraticas and Jayhawks trailed behind as first and second runners up, respectively.S

Even though me, Steve (Salcedo), and Lans (Tagab) [sic] were already injured, [...] we did our best, we did everything we could.” Dan Bantuas Captured by Cyra Etor & Designed by Luigi Balino

by Yoshia J. Arjona


he pouring rain could not stop the fast-paced and swift passes of Renegades from snatching victory over White Dragons in the Ultimate Frisbee Championship at a close game of 6-4, on October 23 at the XU Field. After the pre-game handshake, the Dragons tried to control their foe’s offense, but in less than five minutes, the Renegades were able to snag the first point. The latter maintained their composure under the leadership of team captain Pia Gustilo, and successfully slung the disc to the end zone once more, 2-0. Seeking a comeback, the Dragons tried to score but were mostly blocked by Renegades’ Edcel Lawan. Finally, after numerous attempts, the White Dragons scored, 2-1. The Renegades’ defense gave no leeway for the Dragons, and they in turn were able to score consecutive points, 5-2. With a keen eye on the end zone, the Dragons took advantage of the rain which suddenly erupted 12 minutes

into the game. The audience sought shelter under the nearby kiosks, but the players paid no heed to the cold and the mud. It was at this moment when the Dragons threw a short pass and scored a point, 5-3. The Renegades performed their formidable passing and jolting speed, leaving the Dragons struggling to catch up with them, 6-3. Although the Dragons managed to score their fourth point at the last minute, time had run out, and the victor’s throne was given to the team in black, 6-4. “Wala mi nag expect [to win] but we also didn’t underestimate the power of prayer,” uttered Renegades’ Patricia Tan. Her teammate, Jose Ignacio Taculayan also said, “We do not hold the future, so we do not know the outcome per match but with perseverance, trust, and teamwork we were able to achieve these feats that were challenges along the way.”S


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017


fter the five-day battle for victory, Viserion exemplified excellence and showed teamwork and determination in their games. The Accountancy and Business Management (ABM) cluster of Dela Colombiere, Hayes, and Pesch embodied the value of sportsmanship and garnered 36 points that catapulted the team to nabbing the Grade 11 Overall Champion title of The Ateneo Games 2017. Unveiling the Game Plan A roller coaster of emotions spilled out in the Intramurals, featuring a number of thrilling softball and basketball games, including a blown four-point lead from the second winning team, Nexus, which sealed the deal. However, it wasn’t easy for Viserion as they faced nine clusters during both the advanced and the actual games, all vying to be called champions. “I don’t really think that Viserion stood out [sic] at first. Naningala lang mi nga ang uban kay makaingon nga ‘gahi kaayo inyong cluster bai.’ […] For me, our cluster really shows that we have commitment, […] and shows what sportsmanship is,” Cluster Head Martina Aila G. Kang shared. For Viserion, plotting the perfect game plan was the main concern. Kang stated that after the clustering of sections, they often scheduled meetings to discuss their strategies for the games. Sports Heads were also assigned to the different events who then took charge of initiating practices and meet-ups with the players. According to Kang, this was one way of “distributing the workload to the other officers and athletes who are capable of facilitating the game.” Driven by Motivation It is undeniable that the cluster’s deafening cheers and motivations for the players truly resonated as Viserion established dynamic cheering squads. Rochian Lawrence A. Ladera, a table tennis player who also claimed the championship, expressed that being part of Viserion had been meaningful as it allowed him to contribute to a great victory. The team’s cheering squad was mainly composed of students who were

Proud ko makaingon nga naningkamot gyud mi’g ayo, bantog nakaabot mi sa kung asa mi karon. […] Naa pa gani sa amoang prayer na bahala’g mudaog mi or mapildi, kani nga dula kay para sa greater glory ni Lord.” not assigned to any sports events. It was evident that the cheers from the rest of Viserion had contributed in making a raging fire to their opponents as this served as a motivational system for the players. “Akong na-realize is how important motivation is, especially to the players. [...] Cheering, and [giving] motivational words before and after the game could give a big impact to our players to do well sa sports nila,” Kang pointed out. Raising the Green Banner It was a dream realized for Viserion when they snatched the Overall Champion award in the games, but it wasn’t a simple genie wish for them. Kang revealed that Viserion struggled in finalizing their list of players, especially during the advanced games, since some athletes were assigned to more than one sports event. Luckily for the team, their unity and talents led them to the top. “Our cluster has camaraderie and this level of teamwork and trust that other clusters don’t have. […] We also have this perseverance wherein wala’y ‘give up’ sa dictionary sa mga Viserion,” Kang stated, mentioning that the sections had already established strong bonds even before the games, thus, making it easier to work together as a team. Weeks of preparation led to a couple of wins and losses in various individual and team sports. In the partial scores, Viserion came in second with only 20 points, while Nexus took the lead with 26 points. But with the blazing fire within the team, Viserion reached the zenith of success and gained possession of the throne. For Kang, it was their wins in basketball and softball that added to the total score of the cluster, thus leading them on the first place rank. “Naningkamot gyud ang mga basketball and softball players

Martina Kang namo sa ilahang dula nga makathird sa basketball and makaabot sa championships sa softball para makatabang siya nga mabira sa score,” Kang narrated. Viserion won first place in softball and table tennis, andsecond place in patintero and kata – group, respectively. They also grabbed the third place awards in football, basketball, and kata – individual, while achieving fourth place in badminton and chess. As the event came to an end, tears were shed by the whole cluster, and the supporters responded with the team’s group hug. Viserion walked off the field, feeling victorious and empowered. The green banner was raised higher, above the rest of the colors in the night that concluded the Intramurals. A Stupendous Ending The team in green became the frontrunners in the games, ensuring that they gave their best in their events. Kang proclaimed that, “Viserion is versatile. We have flexible players who could play more than one sport, and they are leaders at the same time.” It took a while, and it wasn’t exactly the way they had drawn it up. But in the end, Viserion never failed to show their determination and to also have fun in their games. “Proud ko makaingon nga naningkamot gyud mi’g ayo, bantog nakaabot mi sa kung asa mi karon. […] Naa pa gani sa amoang prayer na bahala’g mudaog mi or mapildi, kani nga dula kay para sa greater glory ni Lord,” Kang shared. It was a perfect ending for Viserion, now taking possession of the overall championship title. They already had the spark, and it took all their perseverance, hard work, and unity to set ablaze the fire within them and transform it into an inextinguishable power.S

Captured by Sean Valencia & Caryll Apostol & Designed by Sean Valencia

by Earl Joy B. Lopina & Amanda Marie B. Hora

We also have this perseverance wherein wala’y ‘give up’ sa dictionary sa mga Viserion.” Martina Kang


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017

by Yoshia J. Arjona

Putting a team together and making it win are two difficult tasks, especially when it is composed of different people with different values and ideas to bring to the table.�

Captured by The Squire Publication Photojournalists & Designed by Sean Valencia

he combined forces of Cabeo, Cetti and Dela Faile were the envy of most clusters who went against the Renegades. With 39 points garnered from their championships in Ultimate Frisbee, Softball, Table Tennis, Group Kata, Modern Dance Contest, and Mr. & Ms. Intrams, along with their astounding feats in Badminton and Patintero, the Renegades being crowned as the 2017 Intramurals Overall Grade 12 Champion was high-voltage, especially since they only had a two-point lead from the second overall champs, the White Dragons. One Team, One Goal Putting a team together and making it win are two difficult tasks, especially when it is composed of different people with different values and ideas to bring to the table, 2017 Miss Intramurals and Renegades Ultimate Head Pia Gustilo phrased. But according to her, this was both a strength and a weakness. Trust and support were the keys to their team’s sturdy foundation. Relying on each other’s strengths and supporting them, no matter what, kept them together. According to Adrian Nazareno, a notable Softball pitcher in the team, several of their strengths were teamwork, focus and determination. These relentless Renegades also had faith in their capability to triumph in certain games, such as Ultimate and Softball. “This is because we know that we had enough preparations for the games,” stated Nazareno. They practiced ahead of time whenever they were free from their personal and academic responsibilities, and built strong relationships with their team mates. “We made sure to balance all our activities and spare time for some training,” he said. In addition, Gustilo said that the reason behind their triumph in Frisbee was the combination of each team member’s effort and commitment to win and create memories with one another. Edcel Lawan, a prominent Renegades Ultimate Player, agreed with Nazareno, saying that their strength as group rooted from good communication and established rapport. Respect was another ingredient in their harmonious relationship. According to Lawan, they had no fear of pointing out mistakes of

a fellow team member or speaking out their minds because they knew that they were simply encouraging each other to do better. Pre-game Woes Before a champion can reach the top, they must first go through several bumps along the road. For the Renegades, although contradictory to the statements above, it was forming the final list of players and finding time to practice. Cooperation was gravely missing, said Nazareno. According to Lawan, as well, some team members did not put enough effort and commitment during practices. In addition, training was especially difficult for them since some members in the tryouts were unable to show up. “Naay uban busy sa ilang mga PT, then next week, lahi napud nga member nga ma busy. Di jud gaka complete,” he said. As a consequence, it was a challenge to finalize their line-up. Another predicament was having a short-tempered teammate, Lawan pointed out. “This creates a toxic environment for the team, thus causing the team to lose focus and hope,” he said. But according to Nazareno, cooperation was nothing a pep talk couldn’t cure. “We overcame this problem by encouraging every member and by reminding everyone what the goal of the team is,” he said. As for those members who did not participate enough, Lawan said that they were replaced by more committed and determined players.

still reached a compromise where they made sure to practice at least once a week. Contrary to their prowess in Softball and Frisbee, the team believed that there were some areas where they considered themselves lagging behind. According to Nazareno, these were volleyball and basketball. But instead of indulging in self-pity, they used this as a motivation to work twice as hard in order to be astride with leading teams.

Defying Conventions In the words of Lawan, being crowned as the champions was “overwhelming, euphoric and our happiness in actuality can never be put into words.” As for Gustilo it felt great to “defy the odds and bring home the trophy,” especially with a lot of people doubting their capabilities. According to her, this was also “one of the best feelings – to end your last intramural games as high school students as overall champion.” To add to that, Nazareno stated that they were not only awarded the title as champions but as well as the friendships and memories fostered along their journey. On the second to the last day of the intramurals celebration, the Renegades were behind by six points in the overall score from the leading team White Dragons, 29-23. This only pushed the Renegades to work even harder, fuelling their determination to grab the championship title. These relentless warriors knew that their chances of winning would increase dramatically if they won in Softball, Modern Dance Contest and Mr. & Ms. Intramurals. Thus, on the last day, the players pushed themselves to their limits. Their supporters also made it a goal to ensure that their team members’ confidence level was at its maximum by giving cheers and encouragements. There is no “I” in team; each person has a role, be it a player or a cheerleader, and each one has to commit to his or her position. Pia Gustilo Achieving a goal, especially in groups, is a frustration to a lot of people Game Day Jitters since cooperation is a tough challenge to Lawan also said anxiety was conquer. But with patience, hard work unavoidable before every game since and a boatload of support, any team they knew they lacked practice. Losing can do so. Clearly, this was how these in some events was also a huge pitfall for unyielding Renegades reached their their team. “Some of us lose hope and dream of becoming the Grade 12 2017 immediately think that we cannot make it Intramurals Champions.S anymore,” he said. Despite that, the team

“one of the best feelings – to end your last intramural games as high school students as overall champion.”


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017

Viserion claws Red Bulls for the softball championship title by Gillian Marie A. Sun


amed after a dragon born in a triad of a popular high-fantasy novel and TV series, Viserion’s embers glow with pride and glory as they emerge as this year’s Grade 11 Softball Champions. Beginning the game with their girls on offense, Viserion stepped up to the plate as the Red Bulls fired up clean pitches. Although their opponents were set ablaze, the team continued to aim for victory as they bagged three home runs in the first inning. On the girls’ defense, Viserion’s Maria Vince Tolentino charged to protect their lead. Yet, with a few balls sent flying outside of the strike zone, paired with the Red Bulls’ strong offensive strategy, the opposing team managed to catch up to the dragons’ pace, ending the girls’ half at 3-3. During the game’s second half and third inning, Viserion boys showcased strength through their offensive line-up. At the third bat with two bases filled, Daniel Tanael sent the ball flying far behind the catchers, allowing teammates Elias Navarro and Wyne Bryan Abarquez to run safely back to home plate. Tanael and Navarro followed in suit, advancing their team to 7-3. Turning to defense, the final inning of the championship match was an entanglement of encouraging cheers and strategic

planning. With Viserion’s Marlon Santiago armed to pitch, balls thrown outside of the strike zone gave the opponent a chance to take three free walks. Donielle Pernia, the Red Bulls’ fifth batter, sent the ball flying far to the left of the diamond, advancing them by two home runs. A time out was called

with Viserion still leading at 7-5. With three batters left and two points separating the lead, Adrian Yulo of the Red Bulls batted a pitch safe enough to keep him at the first base. As Viserion led by only a point, the crowd sat on the edge of their seats as the second-to-the-last batter took his place. Santiago gave it his all, and after pitching three balls good enough to send the opponent’s batter out, Viserion brought home the

Captured by Sean Valencia & Designed by Luigi Balino

glory as the match ended at 7-6. Marlon Santiago, Viserion softball team captain, claimed that the team had set no expectations for reaching thus far, let alone claiming the championship title. “Our main goal was to have fun,” he said. The team’s secret to victory? Practice, practice, and more practice. Santiago said that almost all of their players were not familiar with the game, with the exception of their women’s pitcher Tolentino, who had her fair share of softball experience from previous years. Luckily, the team was composed of fast learners who gave no less than a hundred percent on the field. As the post-game adrenaline began to ease, what started as awe soon molded into gratitude, the best gift their team is thankful for this Intramurals. Although amateurs at the sport, their co-cluster representatives never failed to show their support for the players from start to finish, and they dedicated their success to them. After all the hype and excitement, Santiago stated that the best value he had brought from the Ateneo Games was perseverance. By persisting despite trials and roadblocks, the Viserion Softball team managed to emerge from the ashes and prove to the community that no higher being can trump their true power.S

Renegades tame White Dragons for Softball title, 10-4 by Maria Franchesca Louise P. Fajemolin ith both clusters tugging tight for the overall champion title on separate ends, the softball match between the Renegades and White Dragons at the XU Field Diamond 2 gripped the crowd until the Renegades ran away with a 10-4 lead behind a strong offensive burst in the opening inning and lockdown defense in the last on October 27. To evade immolation by the Dragons’ bats and steals, the Renegades invested in their defenses. “We knew that the Dragons were great batters, so we have to be greater pitchers so we can strike them out,” Renegade pitcher for first inning and mixed game short-stop Marnie Bea R. Obsioma provided. Adrian Alvinson B. Nazareno, the team’s other pitcher, singlehandedly rallied the band of Renegades on defense with breakneck

pitches which hardly left any Dragon batter without strikes. The game fittingly ended in the third inning with the Renegades on defense. True to Obsioma’s words, the star players in the match were the team’s pitchers. Nazareno only started playing softball this year, and for several practices only. Similarly, Obsioma had not prepared for the games, and only assumed the position of short-stop until the semifinals against the WildKats. With the defense secured by Nazareno, it was the female Renegades who did all the work on offense. In the first inning alone, seven girls completed the run back to home plate through a combination of steals and safe approaches to home base runs. Once the Renegades occupied all bases, it only took a

decent hit from the batter to score a run, and in single runs they scored. By the end of what seemed like an eternity of an inning for the Dragons, the Renegades were up 10-0. The White Dragons’ first crack at offense was not as successful as they had been completely ousted come their fifth batter. This was evident as Obsioma tagged the first batter on her run for first base. The Dragons then managed to fill the first two bases, but the fourth and fifth batters suffered the same fate with the first as both fell to Obsioma’s superior reflexes and quick tags, ending the first inning scoreless against the Renegades’ 10. Hoping to outmatch the Renegades, the boys of White Dragons sought to oust every batter they faced before they could even score a point. Dragons’ Jan Levin Dagumbal was another excellent pitcher who delivered strikes to all six opponents he matched up with. Although renowned for his speed and already primed to make a homerun at first bat, Renegade Lorenzo Ruel J. Monsanto and the rest of the batters did not escape the defenses of the Dragons. With every successful swing, the Renegades were only able to advance to single bases. Clinging on to their last strikeout, the fifth batter loaded the bases full after two strikes. The responsibility of adding another point now rested in Nazareno’s hands. After another nerve-wracking two strikes, he finally hit a decent ball, but Monsanto’s homeplate sprint was denied by a quick defensive connection to the Dragon catcher, who received the ball before Monsanto could step on home. The score remained 10-0 in favor of the Renegades. With a sense of urgency, the White Dragons soared for a comeback as they returned each swing with a steal as they play offense. This earned them a run home early as third batter Lance Cabaron took his chances with the ball. Second and third batters Ralph Alegrio and Cabaron, respectively continued the streaks of steals and secured the White Dragons three points. Already with two outs, White Dragons’ seventh batter smashed a

Captured by Cyra Etor & Designed by Luigi Balino

hit which is caught by Nazareno, ending the second inning at 0-3. The game did not end there as the officials called for a final inning with mixed teams of four girls and five boys. Given another chance to outscore the Renegades, the White Dragons were first armed with bats. Yet, by their first batter they already earned a strikeout as Nazareno followed the technique of catching the hit ball and tagging batters before they arrive at first base. The second player also lost another shot as his swings failed to rhythm with Nazareno’s pitches, leaving the White Dragons one last strikeout before the Renegades are declared champions. Cabaron then stepped into the game and used his last swing, after two strikes, to send the ball for an outfielder to chase. Cabaron dashed for a homerun and elevated his team’s overall score to four points. The game resumed with fourth batter, also White Dragons girls pitcher, Dimple Francia hitting the ball. To their misfortune, Obsioma caught the ball and tagged Francia out. The match ended with higher hopes for the Renegades to claim the overall champion post, 10-4.S


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017

by Glayzell Altrinna R. Bulang & Larisa Anne O. Pacamo


fter winning three football games, the Red Bulls claimed the Championship title and filled the XU Soccer Field with bellows of victory on the evening of October 25. The afternoon sky was slowly turning to dusk, yet the field was set ablaze as the teams huddled together to create strategic game plans before the actual competition began. The Red Bulls were ready to contend with the Valkyries players on a race to yield the title of being this year’s G11 Football Champions. The Red Bulls football boys pioneered by Team Captain Adrian Yulo and his teammates Hanz Ty, Jamz Pelarion, Joseph Ramos, Jose Baz, Brix Palmes, and Goalkeeper Donielle Pernia kicked off the battle in an intense exchange with the opposing team in hopes of taking the ball into possession to set-up an offense. The teams’ defenses were heightened, making it difficult to acquire a goal during the first few minutes of the match. Just before the end of the tough 10-minute match of the first set, Yulo kicked the ball between the sticks through a penalty kick, earning them a point which gave them the lead against the Valkyries. Both teams executed strong defenses, keeping all nets empty in the second set. The football girls of the Red Bulls—composed of Shilina Golez, Louise Fajardo, Vanessa Alpiz, Bianca Absin, Nathalie Chan, Dizza Lago and Goalkeeper Krista Carumba created a stable fortress against the opposing team and maintained it until the end of the game. Carumba prevented a goal from the Valkyries, as she blocked the ball brought

by a penalty kick via hand ball by Chan. “I kept reminding them that it is just another game of football and every game is an opportunity,” Yulo said. Aside from motivating his teammates, another strategy that the team used was to study the strengths and weaknesses of every opponent alongside their defense and offense tactics. “I’d assign specific members from the team to look out for their [opponent’s star player/s] to not make them receive the ball and to prevent them from communicating with their teammates.” Prior to their games, the Red Bulls practiced only once but were able to build camaraderie between their members. “I believe that [lack of preparations] served as a difficulty for us,” Golez said. “But I think that one factor that made us get through this is how easily we clicked as a team.” She stated how sharing each other’s personal stories rather than dwelling on the game plan itself helped them in building this rapport that focused on delivering a great game than the victory itself. “I have to thank my group’s overall attitude towards the game, the practice and our goal, which is to do our best— Magis, and most importantly, to just simply have fun,” Yulo stated. As the team’s captain, he showed gratitude towards his team despite the lack of practice and emphasized on owning mistakes by trying to understand and adjust to the situation instead, as well as the relevant role of sportsmanship and unity in their win during this year’s Intramurals.S

I have to thank my group’s overall attitude towards the game, the practice and our goal, which is to do our best-Magis, and most importantly, to just simply have fun.”

Captured by Caryll Apostol & Designed by Sean Valencia

Adrian Yulo

by Andrea Felice J. Abesamis & Tatiana L. Maligro mong the twelve Grade 12 clusters vying for the Championship title, the White Dragons rose above all competing teams and grabbed the title on the evening of October 25 at the XU soccer field. After winning three games, the White Dragons were ready to battle with the BNL Archers for championship crown in the anticipated finals match. As the whistle was blown to commence the game at eight in the evening, Dragons’ boys led by team captain and keeper Ronin Ompoc and his teammates sought for loopholes in the strong BNL Archers’ defense. The Dragons tried to dominate the possession of the ball to score a goal, but ended up getting blocked by the Archers or the attempted shot went off target. The Archers took their aim at the Dragons’ underbelly in the second half, but became unsuccessful as the Dragons dodged each arrow they have fired. With each teams’ girls possessing their skills at striking and passing the ball, both had their chances at scoring. However, no one scored which caused them to tie with 0-0, leading them to the penalty shootout. This crucial moment for both teams would determine who would take home the victor’s title. Both teams sent out three kickers to shoot for the goal. The Dragons’ Kyla Jote and Michole Vergeire managed to garner two goals for their team while the Archers only scored one, 2-1. Meanwhile, Dragons’

Jarod Hembrador scored a goal for the boys; same goes for the Archers’ boys, putting the Dragons in lead, 3-2. The Archers still had their hopes of extending the shootout with their last kicker left on the field, but got their last shot blocked by Ompoc, making the entire White Dragons celebrate for their championship title. Because of the win’s nature, the Dragons fondly referred to their crowning moment as the “winning block.” White Dragon Hembrador believes that trust among teammates is one to credit for their success. “We don’t discuss (strategies) among ourselves but we can feel that each and every one of us trusts each other,” he opined. Hembrador added that trust is the foundation of teamwork. Additionally, the Dragons tend to reassure each other to have fun during play before every game. This is to remind everyone in the team to be thankful, win or lose “because all of us were already happy and proud of ourselves because we got this far.” The long battle for the title had been a challenge for the White Dragons. They have faced numerous opponents who were just as skilled. However, the White Dragons were able to soar high and bag the Championship title together, with the BNL Archers and Kingsmen grabbing second and third places respectively. As Hembrador says, “Winning a championship is much better when [we are] winning as a team, sharing the victory together.”S


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017

Talja ndra R. a s s le A & Maria B. Hora e i r a M da by Aman

To claim the trophy on a game is nice, but the friendship that is built in every game makes it more unique.” Rochian Ladera


iserion blazed through a challenging journey against nine formidable clusters from Grade 11 during the Table Tennis Championships at the XU Covered Courts on October 24. Rochian Lawrence A. Ladera, the star player of the game, together with his teammates from Viserion made it to the top within two days of digging for the win. Their cooperation was vital to their victory, aside from the skill and technical understanding of the rules. In the Male Doubles category, Viserions Elias Navarro and Rochian Lawrence A. Ladera racked up points against Huraticas, 11-4. The game clearly conveyed the players’ teamwork and skills that became the key to their victory against the opposing team. However, their victory was not an easy catch. In the same manner, Viserion also won against them in the Women’s category, 11-3. July Faye Dahilog and Ninevel Sonquipal were cheered on by their fellow teammates at the sport. Ladera was especially supportive, with his technical advice as one of the most experienced players on the team. Designed by Julia Dizon

The rising wave of wins was anticipated, but further down the road were a few surprising setbacks, which can mostly be narrowed down to Viserion’s defeat at the talons of the Jayhawks at a score of 8-11 during a match in the Women’s Doubles. However, the loss was not enough to stop them from advancing to the final round—the championship game, which was in the form of mixed doubles. With a voracious intent to win at the sport, they rose to the top with their best team effort. Ladera and Dahilog collaborated for the gold with immense concentration at the final game, sizzling Jayhawks with a tight score, 11-9. The big win contributed to Viserion’s pursuit for the overall champion, which they obtained against all the trials and struggles. “To claim the trophy on a game is nice, but the friendship that is built in every game makes it more unique,” Ladera emphasized. Strategy and skill may also have been important and the team may have set their eyes on the prize, but they also wanted to enjoy the sport above anything else.S

by Tristan

anifesting their incredible loops and chop strokes, the Renegades took all the Fiery Flamingos could offer as they bask in their table tennis championship glory on October 24 at XU Covered Courts. The match commenced with the boys of the Renegades taking charge over the Flamingos in the first set, 11-7. Eventually, the Renegades won the boys’ division, courtesy of John Michael Bangkil and Jerome Quinio’s impressive coordination, 11-8. The Flamingos flew high in the girls’ division as Dannica Reyes and Chloie Javier dominated the Renegades in the first set, 6-11. The latter tried to counter, but the former were strong enough to win the second set, 8-11. W i t h each team having a


anuel Cababa

ao & Emm Ace C. Binay

game-win under their belts, the mixed pairs from both teams showed their best to outscore their foes. By preventing errors, Renegades Bangkil and Marnie Obsioma took the first set, 11-9. The Flamingos executed their best forehands and backhands that saved them in time to stop the Renegades from claiming the win just yet, both at 10-10. The two teams played without minding their sweat which resulted in consecutive slide-twos. However, it was the Renegades who maintained their composure in the end for the championship title, 14-12. “We believe it was our fighting spirit and teamwork,” opined Obsioma on their key to winning the match. “Our opponents were obviously pro sa table tennis, [...] we knew they were good—that’s why we did our best to become better,” she added.S


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017


exus’ unstoppable kills disappointed Invaders in an exciting badminton championship game on October 25 at the XU Covered Courts. Despite failing on their first match, Nexus was able to take the lead from the opponents in the women’s doubles, proving their strength as they flaunted their deadly attacks and snatched the championship title after winning again in the mixed doubles division. Invaders’ Neil Piola and Keejay Regodos started the men’s doubles strong as they launched consecutive elusive dropshots, ending the game with a solid lead, 21-14. The team performed solid smashes and tried to maintain their standing. However, Nexus was able to keep up in the second game, 2118. Rallies ensued in the tie break game as the players exchanged tricky smashes and droppings that mesmerized the crowd. The odds, however, were in the Invaders’ favor as they outplayed their rivals and sealed the

by Earl Joy B. Lopina victory with 21-8. However, in the second game’s momentum, Nexus boosted their rampage with witty attacks and service aces, leaving the foe with a narrow lead, 22-20. It was a come from behind victory from the Nexus as shuttlers Leah Nacabalan and Lianna Angela Elango seized the perfect moment, catching the Invaders off-guard in the women’s division on the first game and maintaining the gap in the next, 21-16. The Invaders tried to regain their previous victory, but Nexus had their perfect duo, Vincent Jadol and Elango playing in the court and manifesting powerful overhead forehand in the mixed doubles category. It was momentary as the Invaders performed colossal attacks in the first game, 21-17, but it was then retaliated by the Nexus pair and resulted to a win. Invaders Lara Fabria and Piola tried to block the offenses from the Jadol-Elango combo but their attacks

weren’t enough to outshine the opponents. With the Invaders trying to catch up, Fabria and Piola drew first blood with mighty smashes, resulting in a three-point lead at the start of the second game. Nonetheless, Nexus redeemed power as Jadol and Elango punished Invaders’ poor execution in both offense and defense, unleashing deadly droppings and attacks, 21-7. A deadly rally was observed in the third game where both teams showed breathtaking backhand attacks, making the shuttlecock seesaw back and forth on both ends of the court. However, Nexus thwarted the opponents, 21-13, and emerged as victors in the Grade 11 Badminton Championship Game, 2-1. Moreover, before the champion tussle, Nexus repulsed the Viserion tandems in two straight games, 2-0, while the Invaders won against the Leviathan smashers, 2-1 in the semis.S

by Alessandro Kennz Nioda


he Kingsmen fortified their castle in time to dodge the bullets fired by the Renegades to win the badminton championship match last October 25 at the XU Covered Courts. Securing the first game albeit troubled with the other team’s counter, they were able to make a comeback through the mixed doubles, clinching the coveted glory from the turncoats, 2-1. In the boys’ doubles division, the Kingsmen became prominent through the prowess manifested by Jay Philbert Lui and Kurt Anthony Ramos. The first set had gone to a series of rallies that kept spectators on their seats, yet a mighty smash from Ramos left the Renegades out of breath, ending the first set, 21-11. Making sure that the opponents did not keep up with them, although the latter team seemed to be fighting back, they effortlessly managed to keep the gap of points on the

second set, 21-16. Kingsmen led Renegades, 1-0. Things had taken a strange turn for the leading team, as the Renegades took a chance at being equals with them in the girls’ doubles division. Renegade Lindsay Guadalquiver went on full speed on the first set, so the Kingsmen were unable to execute their offense, and thus a smash from Llani Longgos cemented their first set win, 16-21. As for the second set, even though Charissa Joyce Ibale and Zybil Lee aced the start of the second set, the Renegades still emerged as victors, 17-21. With both clusters at one set apiece, one of them had to scramble their way to the top by means of the mixed doubles division. The first set was a devastating loss for the Renegades, as Lui and Ibale of the Kingsmen continuously outclassed them, 21-8. However, Renegade Kristiane Salomon struck their opponents to the ground, encapsulating a two-point differential setwin, 19-21. Then, there appeared to be a lack of coordination from the Renegades in the last and deciding set, and a smash Designed by Tatiana Maligro

The first thing I felt after winning was relief, [...] being able to contribute to the name and stand of the cluster and give something people will remember the Kingsmen by.” Jay Lui

from Lui allowed them to bring home the gold, 21-12. “The first thing I felt after winning was relief, […] being able to contribute to the name and stand of the cluster and give something people will remember the Kingsmen by,” Lui remarked after the match. Ramos expressed similar sentiments, saying that “Winning that game was beyond our expectation [sic] considering that we had no practice at all.” Lui also complimented the second placers, “I’d say well played to the Renegades. They played like pros in our match.”S


ith their calculated approach and the thinking of skilled warmongers, tactician tag team Aaron Gabriel Vidal and Vincent Alner of the Huraticas snatched gold in the Grade 11 Game of the Generals (GoG) tournament. Though only five out of ten clusters were represented due to several noshows, the Huraticas’ victory was not solely because of the small pool of competition. Vidal and Alner finished the tournament with a near-sweep record of 3-1, only losing once to the Technical Vocational and Livelihood (TVL) and General Academic Strand

by Maria Victoria T. Te (GAS) cluster, the Invaders. The duo had prepared since September. However, they were cut short by a lost GoG board and the heightening demands of schoolwork. Still, that didn’t stop them from sharpening their wit and arming their minds for their upcoming battles on the spot. They played matches against each other during break periods in the intramurals, and took time studying each other’s playstyles. This made them better understand the game and gain more experience despite what little time they had. This can almost be likened to cramming a semester’s worth of lessons

in one night, hoping to still get an A in an examination—except this attempt proved successful. “I think what gave us an edge (among other competitors) was (that) when we played against one another, we usually tried to predict what a certain piece was, which made us develop our skill on deduction,” recalls Alner. Vidal and Alner have had past experience with Game of the Generals, albeit in short spurs. Vidal first played GoG in Grade 9, and Alner’s interest for it peaked in Grade 8. Both only recently rekindled their passion the game in preparation for the intramurals.S

by Tristan Ace C. Binayao


he tactician tandem of Gil Tangcalagan III and Tobi Tagle carried the Stags flag with no stain as they snatched the Game of the Generals title undefeatedly on October 26 during The Ateneo Games 2017. From the first round of eliminations to the semifinals, the two have captured their opponent’s flags through their clever moves and astounding strategies that ensured them a spot in the final match. Facing the sharp-witted minds of El Fuego Bulls in their championship

battle, Tangcalagan III and Tagle made sure that they were ready to conquer their rival’s army with all their military tactics. In the end, the siege laid by Stags caused Bulls to yield at a disappointing feat. Stags clinched gold, while El Fuego Bulls settled with silver. The duo confessed that no preparation was needed for them since they were confident enough on defending the title, plus they got caught up with many school activities.

It is safe to say that the duo had defended their Game of the Generals championship title since, together, they won last year’s tournament under the banner of Centaurs. “The key on winning the championship and defending it was years of experience,” Gil Tangcalagan III expressed. He also shared that he had joined and won tournaments from time to time that helped him come up with a master plan in each of his games. “I was never beaten once in the entire tournament since last year,” he shares.S


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017

by Maria Alessandra R. Talja

Recently I realized that chess has a certain beauty to it. And the more I play it, the more I upgrade and evaluate my skills and strategy.” Jham Perral


he Dauntless Jaguars outwitted Nexus and Stallions in a brainy battle of Chess at the Magis Canteen on October 26. The three clusters went head-tohead in a mental maneuver of strategy and skill. The Dauntless Jaguars fought separate matches against the Stallions and Nexus and prevailed against both contenders. Compared to the elimination rounds, the championship games lasted twice as long, placing the mental stamina of players to the ultimate test. Before reaching the championships, the pressure of having no more than a single loss to stay in the elimination rounds was a heavy burden each cluster had to carry. However, in the championships, the matches quickly elevated to a level higher than the eliminations as the three clusters fought for the gold. “Recently I realized that chess has a certain beauty to it. And the more I play it, the more I upgrade and evaluate my skills and strategy,” said Jham White Perral, one of the players who bagged the championship win for the Jaguars. Though an amateur at the sport, he has had a lot of experience over the years. He has been interested in chess since he was a child, and had enjoyed formulating winning strategies based on his previous encounters. Designed by Sean Valencia

Perral hadn’t expected to get far in the competition, much less emerge as the champion. “I did not really make any preparations,” he admitted. On the other hand, he did learn some theories and variations in chess a month before the competition which helped in paving the road to victory and was very grateful for the unexpected win. Stallions were second in line, with a silver for triumphing against Nexus, automatically handing the bronze to their competitor. Standing proud for the win, the Dauntless Jaguars waved their flag overhead and roared loudly in celebration.S

by Maria Franchesca Louise P. Fajemolin


usto nako ihatag ang champion [title] sa Hydras,” Hydras Board 1 player Elizur Maandig IV proclaimed. Although they lacked preparation for the game, Maandig’s and Hydras Board 2 player Alpha Barbra Bacus’ chosen moves allowed the Hydras to clutch the overall victory against fellow ABM cluster Kingsmen and STEM cluster DBM Knights for Chess on October 26. Defying the Kingsmen with a checkmate right in the middlegame, Maandig had secured the win. Every match had been a challenge as it urged the players to analyze, predict, and decide among their options. For

Maandig, the most grueling part for each round was during midgame. This was where he had to solely depend on himself to subdue the opponent. “Crucial na [ang middle game because] kailangan na jud mag analyze ug magthink sa next moves, both sa imo ug sa imong kontra,” he explained. He also added that it is in this part where players position and develop their officials to fuel their attacks and defenses, ultimately defining where the tables will turn. Meanwhile, in the opening parts, he recalled that the decisions he made were backed by his stock knowledge on the books and theories of Chess

as he was still molding his officials. Having played the sport since third grade, Maandig remarked that he won all the matches for Chess, except for one draw despite his one-year hiatus from playing. On the other hand, Bacus had lost one match and reclaimed the rest. As their strategy, the Hydras were focused on winning each game they played and charging their best moves for Board 1 to bring themselves closer to snatching the Chess championship title.S


VOL. 1 NO. 2 NOVEMBER 2017 so cold

by cybars & engchi

20 years younger

basta kay daog!

by cybars

by eons

by engchi

mga lingaw sa wa’y lingaw

by merong~


by kemy

1st Type: Tanan nalang sports gi-apilan, ikaw na ang sporty!

great expectations

by engchi

2nd type: champion sa sige’g katulog, gihimo na ug hotel ang

types of people sa intrams by thers


by blanche

1st Type: Tanan nalang sports gi-apilan, ikaw na ang sporty!

3rd type: hapit na mubuto ilang vocal cords sa sige’g sila’y award! let’s go bulinao!

2nd type: champion sa sige’g katulog, gihimo na ug hotel ang

ni siya sa atong team? pabibo!

4th type: kung sa inyo

apol ni siya

pt ni siya

3rd type: hapit na mubuto ilang vocal cords sa sige’g


sila’y award!

by cybars

let’s go bulinao!

ni siya sa atong team? pabibo!

4th type: kung sa inyo

apol ni siya

pt ni siya


The Squire Publication Vol. 1 No. 2 November 2017  

On its second year, The Ateneo Games has quickly become a hotpot of passion as student-athletes leave the academic noise in the dust in exch...

The Squire Publication Vol. 1 No. 2 November 2017  

On its second year, The Ateneo Games has quickly become a hotpot of passion as student-athletes leave the academic noise in the dust in exch...