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Inside this issue, Reporter Jack Harvel has a little fun in La Pine, getting to know someone whose career was forced to “shift gears” after the decline of logging in Oregon. We’re also covering the reaction from local renters on the announcement of the maximum rental increase for the coming year, as well as the ups and downs of a mural project commissioned at a local school. Our food coverage dips into the bar-food category with a review of The Flamingo Room, and in film, Jared Rasic has a mixed review of the new Viola Davis film. Our endorsements of local candidates continue on the Opinion page, where we’ll bring you our take on local races all the way up to the November election. Have you checked your voter registration yet? Now’s the time, Central Oregon. As always, thanks for reading!


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Vote Emerson Levy for Oregon House District 53


lot has changed since the last time voters cast their ballots for Oregon’s House District 53. Due to redistricting following the recent U.S. Census, the boundaries of the district changed to incorporate more of Bend and less of Redmond. Additionally, incumbent Jack Zika decided not to run again, making this a competitive race with two new and as-yet-untested candidates vying for the spot. Both have been at work establishing their reputations in the community, and while both appear well-prepared to represent the voters of Central Oregon, it’s in renewable energy attorney and school safety advocate Emerson Levy, a Democrat, that we see the most promise. With school safety a major priority for her, Levy, on her own time, has already crafted a bipartisan bill that would establish silent panic alarms in Oregon schools, and sees gun safety as the “fight of her life.” When we asked opponent Republican Michael Sipe about his take on gun safety and his take on Measure 114—the gun safety bill that voters will consider in November—Sipe said while he supports training and a 30-day wait for new gun owners, he’s still opposed due to “unintended consequences” of the bill. On housing, Levy told us she supports the “housing first” model, while

Sipe placed heavy emphasis on the effects of Measure 110—the 2020 measure that decriminalized drugs in Oregon and established more funding for treatment centers statewide—as the cause of homelessness. On abortion, Levy is pro-choice; Sipe said he’s prolife. On water rights and drought, the candidates agreed that canal piping has been essential, but beyond that, Levy said she supports more leasing of water rights, while Sipe believes there’s plenty of water in the basin if we drill down far enough. Both candidates expressed a need to address Oregon’s Corporate Activities Tax, but Sipe wants it to go away completely, while Levy believes there are ways to tinker with portions of it so as to retain its benefits to Oregon schools. When we asked for an example of a time they reached across the aisle to work with someone of a differing political persuasion, it was telling that Levy pointed to the bipartisan bill she has already drafted, while Sipe pointed to his work in mergers and acquisitions and his contributions to the Central Oregon Prayer Breakfast. Fundamentally, we believe Levy would better represent the voters of HD 53. Vote Emerson Levy for Oregon House District 53.

Vote Jason Kropf for Oregon House District 54

6th Annual





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57245 River Road • Sunriver, OR 97707



ncumbents in a race typically have an advantage for a number of reasons— name recognition, yes, but also, if they’re doing the work that voters sent them to do, it’s difficult for a newcomer to gain an advantage. In the race for Oregon House District 54, Republican challenger Judy Trego can’t exactly be deemed a newcomer, having been the chief of staff for an Oregon legislator as well as being a former constituent services staffer for Rep. Greg Walden, and while we respect her lifetime of service, the incumbent in this race is doing exactly what we sent him to Salem to do. In his two years as representative for HD 54, then-freshman Democrat Jason Kropf brought a lot of dollars home to Central Oregon, focused in some important areas. Two-ish years ago, Central Oregon struggled to cobble together a winter warming shelter every winter. Now, due to funding supported by Kropf, Bend has a full-time low-barrier shelter on Second Street. Not only that, but it’s also become a navigation center that helps people experiencing homelessness access services, due to another bill co-sponsored by Kropf. He’s also advocated for the Joint Office

on Homelessness, a pilot project that brings local governments together to address the issue of houselessness not just here, but statewide. He’s also been instrumental in getting the Stevens Road tract project approved, with 20 acres of it earmarked for affordable housing, and 6 of those set aside for housing for educators, he said. On top of that, he was a sponsor of the bipartisan bill that established the Oregon Department of Early Learning and Care, a result of which was around $8 million in vouchers for Central Oregon child care centers to help them grow their businesses. On gun safety, Kropf supports Measure 114; Trego has reservations. On abortion, Kropf vows to keep care safe, accessible and affordable; Trego, who’s pro-life, feels the Supreme Court’s decision was just and that Oregon should increase its support services for alternatives to abortion. In this race, we see no reason to replace Kropf. He’s been a strong advocate for Central Oregon and has the ability to work across the aisle in support of the most crucial needs for his district. Vote Jason Kropf for Oregon House District 54.


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a right to be wrong in his facts.” We can and should work together. Democrats, moderate Republicans, Independents and unaffiliated, please vote and vote responsibly for those who will protect our democracy. The time to save democracy is before it is lost. —Ronald Patterson

RE: DEMOCRACY IS AT STAKE LETTERS, 9/14 I appreciated Rune’s timely letter, as I, too, have been pondering this issue. I recently sent inquiries to 10 Oregon candidates (9 Republicans and 1 Independent) who are running for federal, state, and local offices. I asked them (1) if they agreed with Bill Barr’s statement, “We have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election” and (2) if they endorsed this 11/12/2020 statement from the Trump appointed Dept. of Homeland Security: “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” Three of the 10 candidates responded. A staffer for Alek Skarlatos (R), running in CD [Congressional District] 4, stated Alek had no opinion. Chris Mann (R), running in CD 1, claimed several states had “violated Constitutional policies.” (Of, course we know that multiple courts, Trump-appointed judges, and even the U.S. Supreme Court rejected numerous legal challenges to the Biden victory.) The third and final respondent was Christine Drazen’s campaign. A staffer wrote, “Christine has stated multiple times that she believes Joe Biden won the 2020 election and he is the President.” However, before anointing Ms. Drazen as the Liz Cheney of the Northwest,

it should be noted that she recently held a private campaign event at Smith Rock during which the leader of the Oregon chapter of People’s Rights spoke. People’s Rights groups hold screenings of “2000 Mules” and can be expected to attract and include Republicans who believe the stolen election myth, AKA The Big Lie. The Washington Post (01/07/22) reports that only 28% of Republicans say the 2020 presidential election was legitimate. These are the 7 campaigns that snubbed my questionnaire: Cliff Bentz; Tony DeBone; Patti Adair; Lori ChavezDeRemer (Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s opponent for CD 5); Mike Erickson (CD 6); Joanna Harbor (CD 3); and Betsy Johnson. —Foster Fell via

RE: IN THE WAKE OF THE SAFEWAY SHOOTING, WE KNOW HOW THIS IS GOING TO GO. OPINION, 9/1 I believe people need to be educated on what to do or where to steer depressed, suicidal people in need of help. The shooter’s friend and previous coach apparently did not know how to intervene and get him to seek help. As I thought about it, I don’t think I would have known what to do. From the KTVZ interview with Justin True, he knew the shooter was a ticking time bomb. Should Justin have called the police? I don’t know if I would have because I would think that the police would have just locked him up and because of the lack of

funding they would not have got him the mental help that the shooter needed. But if he were locked up, he would still be alive as well as the other innocent people. I guess I will be asking this question or go back to college for master’s in mental health counseling to learn how to get the message to people to steer people on what to do when people that they know are suicidal and talking about mass shootings. —Allen W. Lucas via

Letter of the Week:

Allen – It’s encouraging to see that more people are thinking about this important question – what can we do to get help sooner to people suffering. Ideally we won’t all have to earn a master’s to understand the issue and seek help, but I appreciate the sentiment. I do know that “See Something, Say Something” is a common phrase— which in this case likely meant “Call the police.” Come on by for your gift card to Palate. —Nicole Vulcan


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Democracy in the U.S. is facing severe challenge as evidenced by extremists using their position, social media and lies to destroy the impact of institutions and political norms—not for altruistic purposes, but to secure power for minority rule. As our democracy has aged, its population has changed from a homogeneous body to a diverse heterogeneous assemblage. This diversity in religion, ethnicity, race etc. can instill fear that “we and our values are being replaced.” The solution to this replacement is to suppress voting rights so that a select minority gains power—eventually leading to an authoritarian form of government. The most flagrant example is the assault on the transfer of power following the supposedly “stolen election.” A friend from Taiwan (long a U.S. citizen) remarked several years ago that he tremendously appreciated how America’s democracy assured peaceful transfer of power following elections. After the 2020 election that norm is in jeopardy. Election integrity is under attack at federal, state and local levels. A choice is approaching—the choice of a democratic government or something else. While inflation, supply chain failures and energy costs are serious and impact a large majority, fundamental freedoms, individual rights and democratic principles are at stake in the midterms and beyond. We must elect individuals who acknowledge truth, respect institutions and normative behavior, value individual freedoms and treat all people humanely and with dignity. Clearly, we have more in common than extremist rhetoric screams. Do not be deceived by lies, conspiracy theories or fear mongering. As stated by others more eloquent than I: “Every man has the right to an opinion but no man has

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District Removes Inspirational Murals from Bend School 6

The Miller Elementary PTO paid a local artist to paint 19 murals inside the school. Less than a year later, the district painted over them, citing a breach of protocol. By Nicole Vulcan


Courtesy Stephanie Rodgers

Before and after of a mural painted inside Miller Elementary in Bend. Artist Teafly Peterson said she finds it ironic that in this instance, BLPS staff refrained from repairing the water stain on the ceiling but painted over the mural. Another coat of paint was later added.


or a period of about 10 months, the walls of William E. Miller Elementary School in Bend were adorned with inspirational quotes and the original works of a local artist. In August, the murals were painted over. In the summer of 2021, a teacher at Miller was feeling anxious about returning to school. Between the ongoing safety and socio-emotional concerns of teaching in the U.S. in the 21st Century, and COVID still looming large, fourthgrade teacher Stephanie Rodgers wanted to create something to uplift the school community. “With this uncertainty, what could at least be certain was, I’m going to enter my school and smile, because of the art on the walls,” Rodgers told the Source Weekly. “That was my vision.” Rodgers said she reached out to Miller Principal Jen Healy, who Rodgers said was enthusiastic about the prospect of commissioning local artist Teafly Peterson, known professionally as simply “Teafly,” to create art inside the school. “She said, yes—a resounding yes,” Rodgers said of Healy’s approval. “I mean, she didn’t have to think even 10 seconds.” Healy did not respond to the Source’s requests for comment, but emails obtained through a public records request confirm that in September 2021, Healy obtained approval from the Miller Parent-Teacher Organization to pay Peterson a fee of $3,080 for the mural project. Healy’s emails also looped in Glen Carey, custodial engineer at Miller, informing him that Peterson would be in the building over the course of about six weekends. Painting on the weekends due to COVID protocols that disallowed visitors inside schools during school days, Peterson created 19 murals and other smaller works in classrooms,

bathrooms and hallways, accompanied by quotes from people such as Dolly Parton and Maya Angelou. In each bathroom a mural stating, “You are loved” was painted backwards, so students would be able to read the phrase in the mirrors. “For instance, the kindergarten mural is pretty basic, [saying] ‘Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud.’ They all have to do with kindness,” Rodgers said. The response from staff and students, Rodgers said, was overwhelmingly positive. “Every classroom toured the school with a specific reason, and that was to choose your favorite mural and accompanying quote. I have a vivid memory of turning around and saying something to one of my students and she just looked at me and said, ‘Mrs. Rodgers, I just got the chills.’ And I can’t teach that,” Rodgers said. “That’s what art is. And that’s what an inspirational quote does to a nine-year-old.” District concerns In the spring of 2022, maintenance staff for Bend-La Pine Schools brought the mural project to the attention of Skip Offenhauser, executive director of Elementary Programs.

“I had discussions with our maintenance department and was reminded of our policy… regarding painting in our buildings,” Offenhauser told the Source Weekly. BLPS’ Requirements for Volunteer Painting include requirements around following “the established color scheme for each school and site,” and restrict the use of things like “faux finishes, extravagant paint patterns, wallpaper, student handprints, excessive color contrasts, stenciling and borders,” as well as instructions for wall prep, masking and painting. Principal Healy did not respond to the Source's emails, but Offenhauser said Healy did not follow proper protocol in regard to the murals at Miller. “The very first thing that we had to remind ourselves was that all painting projects—and there’s many reasons embedded underneath it—all painting projects needed to be approved by Facilities,” Offenhauser said. “I think what was coming into Jen’s [Healy’s] mind was more of painting rooms different colors and the policy was more in her head around that.” The official decision from BLPS: the murals would need to be painted over. As an alternative, the murals could be redone on canvas and hung around the school, emails between district staff show.

“I have a vivid memory of turning around and saying something to one of my students and she just looked at me and said, ‘Mrs. Rodgers, I just got the chills.’ And I can’t teach that. That’s what art is. And that’s what an inspirational quote does to a nine-year-old.” —STEPHANIE RODGERS

Between May and June of this year, maintenance and administrative staff for BLPS debated via email about who would inform Healy of the need to paint over the artworks. On June 24, an email from Offenhauser to Dan Dummit, maintenance director for BLPS, revealed Offenhauser’s reservations about the project. “…I did get a chance to walk the school on my own and I do have some reservations and questions about painting over the murals and see some challenges with reproducing them on canvas/boards and mounting them,” Offenhauser wrote. Another email on July 28 indicated that the district would allow Healy to select one mural “to keep” inside Miller. When Rodgers, the fourth-grade teacher, entered the school in early August to begin prepping her classroom for the school year, all the murals were gone, minus one at the school's entrance. On Aug. 9, district officials began to craft communication “to staff and parents that explains things and next steps.” The artist’s reaction Artist Teafly Peterson told the Source Weekly that she learned about the painting over of the murals through a Facebook post Rodgers posted in early August. [Disclosure: Teafly has been a writer and artistic contributor to the Source Weekly on a number of occasions.] “It’s like this seven-layer cake of grief. It wasn’t like they painted over it and made the walls nice,” Peterson told the Source. “I was looking at pictures where it was just haphazardly painted over, and I think that probably added to the pain of it.” Members of the PTO who funded the project were likewise concerned. cont. on page 7


Rents Could Rise

Oregonians could see their rents hiked up by as much as 14.4% after a year of heavy inflation By Jack Harvel


ents could rise as much as 14.6% for Oregonians renting a property that’s over 15 years old in 2023. The average rent in Bend is $1,836, according to RentCafe, a data company with access to pricing on all Bend apartments 50 units or larger — so raising the average by the maximum allowable extent would bring the cost to over $2,100. “The second I heard about the new increase I knew that as soon as they can in July, they will be raising it as much as they can because they have every single year,” said a Bend-based tenant who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from their landlord. The tenant is currently paying $950 a month for their apartment, and comes with its own set of problems. Their carpet is 20 years old and so threadbare tack strips are poking through it. They have no washer, dryer, dishwasher or garbage disposal and their baseboard heater is malfunctioning. “My next-door neighbor has the same apartment as me, and they moved in at $1495,” they said. They said they budget conservatively and that they’re already exploring how they can tighten up their budget. They’re expecting to cut off the internet, leaving only cell phones, electric bills and car insurance as their only monthly expenses. “I’m a full-time college student and my son is a high school student so we’ll be going to coffee shops to do our homework,” they said. Oregon’s rent control laws passed in 2019’s legislative session and are intended to stop landlords from effectively evicting tenants through large rent increases, as well as stabilizing rental markets. The law allows 15+ year-old rentals to raise rents by 7% plus the Consumer Price Index for the West region — which measures average change of prices over

time for consumer goods and services. Oregon’s the first state to enact rent control laws, but some cities have capped rent at much lower rates. In San Francisco, landlords’ allowable rent increases typically hover between 1-2%. “Decades of economic and academic research show that really stringent rent controls, which this is not, but really stringent rent controls harm new construction. If a builder or developer cannot get a return on their investment, if the rents can only go up by 1% or 2% a year, they don’t get that financial return, and then they don’t build at all,” said Josh Lehner, an economist for the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis. The 14.4% hike is the steepest since the program’s inception three years ago, thanks to the fastest inflation observed in 40 years. Over the past several decades inflation was generally around 2-3%. Lehner said signs are pointing to less-rapid inflation in the coming year. Inflation stemmed largely from the increases in energy prices that are now decreasing, and supply chain issues that’re also starting to ease up. The maximum allowable rent increases aren’t taken advantage of by every landlord and property management company. Bend’s year-over-year increase in rental costs was about 6% with a max increase of 9.9%. “Broadly speaking, housing costs go up along with incomes, if not a little bit faster than that. So if we see income growth 5-6% a year, broadly speaking, housing costs go up 5- 6% a year. Of course, every year can be a little bit different than that, but that tends to be the big-picture trend,” Lehner said.

Seeking School Board Member

Bend-La Pine Schools announced it needs a replacement to fill Janet Sarai Llerandi Gonzales on the board By Jack Harvel Bend-La Pine Schools is seeking to replace a vacant seat on the school board. Board member Janet Sarai Llerandi Gonzales resigned on Sept. 10 after moving out of the district. On Sept. 13, the BLPS board chair announced the board would be seeking a replacement at an upcoming school board meeting. Applications for the position are due by Oct. 11 and finalists will be interviewed and appointed on Nov. 15. Llerandi Gonzales won an election in May 2021 for a four-year term for the at-large position, meaning she was one of two board members representing the entire

BLPS district area rather than a specific district. Her replacement would fill the vacancy until June 30, 2023. Llerandi Gonzales ran for the seat on a platform of inclusion, fostering a more welcoming environment for students, those with disabilities and those experiencing financial hardship. She continued advocating for marginalized groups as a board member, and often spoke out about other issues in the community. In October, 2021 the Oregon Government Ethics Commission opened an investigation into Llerandi Gonzales for potentially engaging in prohibited use of

an official position and violating gift limits. In a protest after Roe v. Wade was overturned in July, Llerandi Gonzales was also reprimanded for violating the school board’s code of conduct when she failed to state she was voicing her own opinions that weren’t representative of the board, and using profanity. Applicants must reside within the Bend-La Pine Schools attendance area and be a registered voter in a Deschutes County voting precinct. Appointees are allowed to file for the next election next spring.


“Especially after COVID—it just really wreaked havoc, I think, on mental health for kids and teachers alike, and it was just this wonderful bright, positive way of welcoming kids and teachers and staff back to the school. I thought it was a great use of funds,” said Emily Pietrzak, president of the Miller PTO during the 202021 school year. “When I heard that the district took the time and budgeted to paint over them, I thought, you know, there’s a larger problem in the district, in how they solve issues, and I think this was a really poor way of handling a situation that they weren’t happy with.” Rodgers, the teacher, also expressed concerns about the message sent to kids about conflict resolution. “I don’t know what to say,” Rodgers said. “Your art has been painted over because of a rule. OK, so we broke the rule. Well then, let’s talk about the rule and maybe that rule needs to be changed.” Peterson also sees it as an equity issue. “This is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in our community, and they were treated this way? What’s happening in our community where the parents don’t have the resources or don’t have the time available to advocate for their kids on this level?” she said. “We force them to do these things… we make them duck and cover—do their active shooter drills, and the little bit of joy that was on their walls to help them through this process is now gone.” A new project BLPS officials did not provide an estimate of the time and material costs incurred by the district for the repainting, but said that it used “standard paint” that the district uses in all buildings, and that the job was done by maintenance staff. "This was a tough situation at all levels," BLPS Superintendent Steve Cook told the Source. "We've learned from this, and we're going to get it resolved." BLPS officials say they plan to have the murals reproduced on canvas or another material so that the art can be replaced at Miller, but it’s not clear who will pay for the artist’s time. “I’m actually kind of happy to get the opportunity to recreate the art with people because it’s so sad, the fact that kids don’t have it there,” Peterson said. Pietrzak, whose kids have since aged out of Miller, said paying for the project with PTO funds would be a tough call. “Even though, you know, the ultimate outcome is, ‘we want this here for the kids to see,’ you know, just the whole principle of the thing of, we have to fundraise for this again. That’s not fair, you know?” Peitrzak said. “I was also thinking, God, somebody walked in with a bucket of paint and a roller and painted over, ‘You are loved.’”



October 10-14, 2022 Speakers, Films, Creativity & Conversation for Designers, Changemakers and the Curious.

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Noticias en Español

Las rentas podrían aumentar

Los habitantes de Oregon podrían ver cómo el costo de la renta aumenta hasta un 14.4% después de un año de fuerte inflación


as rentas podrían subir hasta un 14.6% para los habitantes de Oregon que renten una propiedad que tenga más de 15 años de antigüedad para el 2023. La renta promedio en Bend es de $1,836 según RentCafe, una compañía de datos con acceso al precio de la renta de todos los apartamentos de Bend que constan con 50 unidades o más, así que el subir el promedio de la renta al máximo aumentaria el costo de la renta a más de los $2,100. “En cuanto me enteré del nuevo aumento, supe que tan pronto como pudieran en julio, lo estarán subiendo lo más que puedan ya que lo han hecho cada año,” dijo un inquilino de Bend que prefiere permanecer en anonimato por miedo a replesalias de parte de su arrendador. El inquilino actualmente está pagando $950 al mes por la renta de su apartamento y tiene problemas propios. La alfombra tiene 20 años de antigüedad y

se ve rala, no tiene lava vajillas, lavadora, secadora o triturador de desechos y el calentador base no funciona bien. “Mi vecino de al lado, que vive en un apartamento igual al mío, me comento que paga $1,495.” Dijeron que ya no tienen muchos gastos extras y que ya están viendo como ajustar su presupuesto. Están pensando suspender el servicio de internet, teniendo solo los celulares, el recibo de luz y el pago del seguro automovilístico como gastos mensuales únicos. Me comentó lo siguiente: “Yo soy un estudiante universitario que asiste a la escuela tiempo completo y mi hijo es un estudiante de preparatoria (high school) así que iremos a las cafeterías para hacer la tarea.” Las leyes de control de la renta de Oregon se aprobaron en la sesión legislativa del 2019 y fueron diseñadas para evitar que los arrendadores desalojen a

sus inquilinos de manera efectiva por medio de un alto aumento en la renta, así como para también estabilizar los mecados de renta. La ley permite que las unidades de renta con más de 15 años de antigüedad aumenten la renta en un 7% más del índice de precios al consumidor para la zona oeste, lo cual mide el cambio promedio de los precios a lo largo del tiempo para los bienes y servicios de consumo. Oregon es el primer estado en promulgar leyes para el control de la renta pero algunas ciudades han limitado la renta a tasas mucho más bajas. En San Francisco el aumento de la renta permitido a los arrendadores suele ser de entre el 1 al 2%. “Décadas de investigación académica y económica muestran que el control de las rentas realmente estrictas, las cuales no lo son, dañan la construcción nueva. Si el constructor o la inmobilaria no pueden recibir una ganancia por su inversión, si

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Por / By Jack Harvel Traducido por / Translated by Jéssica Sánchez-Millar

las rentas sólo pueden subir al 1 o 2 por ciento al año, no reciben esa ganancia financiera y no construyen, dijo Josh Lehner, economista del Departamento de Análisis Económicos de Oregon. La alza del 4.4% es la mayor desde la creación del programa de ya de tres años, esto gracias a la inflación más alta en los útimos 40 años. En las últimas décadas la inflación andaba alrededor del 2 al 3%. Lehner dijo que los indicios están apuntando hacia una inflación menos rápida el año que viene. La inflación se debió en gran medida al aumento en los precios de la energía que están hoy en día bajando y a los problemas del abastecimiento que también están empezado a cesar. Los aumentos de la renta máximos permitidos no los aprovechan todos los propietarios y empresas de administración de inmuebles. El aumento año tras año de los costos de alquiler de Bend fue de alrededor del 6% con un aumento máximo del 9.9%. “En terminos generales, los costos de vivienda aumentan junto con los ingresos, si no un poco más rápido que el ingreso. Así que, si vemos un aumento en el ingreso del 5 al 6% anual, en términos generales, los costos por vivienda aumentan del 5 al 6% anual. Por supuesto, cada año puede ser algo diferente que eso, pero eso tiende a ser así,” dijo Lehner.


Jack Harvel



Woodchips fly all over Mosquito Bob’s workspace as he carves a stump into a bear. He can turn a small log into a rough carving in about 30 minutes before painting, though larger statues can take months.

‘Cutting Out Everything That’s Not a Bear’ with Mosquito Bob A former logger finds a way to keep working with wood after the collapse of the logging industry By Jack Harvel


n Aug. 15 I received an email from someone only identified as Mosquito Bob in my inbox, hinting about a location. “Hey man, I know a place in the pines that’s magical, enchanted, whimsical, creative, entertaining, dangerous, exciting and unique,” Mosquito Bob wrote. “I would like to share it with folks.” Reporters are used to getting strange emails. Whether it’s a pushy PR firm pitching a story about a Seattle-based dog trainer, a local asking you to report on their neighbor’s overgrown lawn or a political screed about why and how I should cover an event, there’s usually something interesting sprinkled among the dozens of press releases we get in a day. But this one really piqued my interest. Within five minutes I responded asking what this place was, and three minutes after that he invited me to swing by in a similarly cryptic fashion. “Come up and I will show you. There is a private hydration station. Bigfoot & bear sightings most evenings,” Mosquito Bob wrote. I wondered what this could possibly mean. There were three things I imagined this could be: At worst I was being lured to a remote location by someone named Mosquito Bob; slightly better, I was being trolled and the location is infested with mosquitos that would eat me up or this was some kind of weird

Jack Harvel

guerilla marketing. He sent his number, asking to talk. Mondays are usually one of our busier days at the Source, but I had to put my work aside to find out what the hell Mosquito Bob was talking about. Turns out it was some guerilla marketing. Mosquito Bob is breaking into the woodcarving business and wanted to show off the bears, bigfoots and bar he’s built on his property in La Pine. Usually, I’d leave the arts and culture stories to a reporter more suited to it, but Mosquito Bob approached me creatively enough to take full ownership of the story.

The Chainsaws

Mosquito Bob owns hundreds of chainsaws, each with its own name, use and feel. He learned about chainsaws tinkering on old ones as a logger, and has had a passion for the tools ever since.

The name Mosquito Bob (the only name he identifies as, or at least the only name he’ll share with news reporters) draws from the protective eyewear Bob wears while using one of the hundreds of chainsaws he has strewn around his property. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of chainsaws and talks about them the same way a car enthusiast would talk about classic cars — noting the looks, feel, technology and sound of different chainsaws. The modern saw chain has Oregon roots; in 1947 lumberjack Joseph Cox designed the Cox Chipper Chain after observing how timber beetles cut through trees.


The logging heyday Loggers are 28 times more likely to die on the job than an average worker. In 2020 loggers had a fatality rate of 97.6 per 100,000 full time workers, and over 1,000 nonfatal injuries in a workforce with about 53,000 people. For comparison, active duty military personnel between 2001 and 2010 had a fatality rate of 93.4 per 100,000. Mosquito Bob got into the logging industry setting chokers on trees, aka attaching cords to trees so a crane can haul them away. It took him a long time to earn his stripes and join the cutters chipping away at trees. Finally, they let him join, but not with a saw — he carried their gas tanks for six months before he got to work lumberjacking. “The first logging crew I ever worked for, the logging didn’t scare me, the men did!” Mosquito Bob said. Still, he saw the danger of the industry firsthand. He’s seen men die on the job. In 1996 he crushed his leg in 18 places and spent the next three years on crutches. By the time he healed up the logging industry was just about gone. He saw the end of logging, but not before learning from the legends of the tall timber.

Jack Harvel


Several of Mosquito Bob’s creations sit on a trailer. Some of the larger sculptures take a lot of effort to move.

“My mentor Larry took me under his wing. He was 69 years old the day he took me under his wing cutting timber. And I worked with him for seven years. You know, felling timber, learning from a living legend, a man that cut Mount St. Helens after it blew. I’m talking the widest trees, man,” Mosquito Bob said. “He took me under his wing, and I knew that I was probably the last man on earth who was going to learn that information from him. There’s a heritage, there’s a history.” As logging became more mechanical and the less labor-intensive, it became less appealing for Mosquito Bob. He liked “running in for his job, running out for his life and looking up.” He didn’t want to be cooped up in a cab pulling levers so he got out of the cutting game and got into building. He started setting up framing for houses, where he could still work his chainsaw. “The thing with framing is, it didn’t have what I wanted, the tribal type of crew,” Mosquito Bob said. “I missed the timber. I missed the woods. Now you’re downtown, you’re eating out of a friggin’ mini mart every day. I really don’t want to stop downtown.”

“My cutting solution on carving is like cut away everything that isn’t a bear, cut away everything that isn’t a dog or a horse or a Sasquatch.” —MOSQUITO BOB Jack Harvel

Mosquito Bob chars eyes onto a bear sculpture he carved. Next it will be detailed and painted.

Mosquito Bob bought an industrially zoned piece of land in La Pine where he can carve without bothering the neighbors. He started carving wood about four years ago when a friend commissioned him to carve a morel mushroom.

Finding the bear Bob can hardly draw a stick figure after years of operating vibrating saws, but he’s an artist with a chainsaw. He said he approaches carving a lot like he did cutting trees. It’s all about imagining a finished product, and chipping away until it’s finally realized. “Everything in the tall timber is a cutting solution. You’ll sit there, knock them down like dominoes with the same cut every time, but then you’ll get into a patch and you might have to go cut some stuff loose to get the results you want,” Mosquito Bob said. “My cutting solution on carving is like cut away everything that isn’t a bear, cut away everything that isn’t a dog or a horse or a Sasquatch.” Those bears can be as tall as 9 feet or the size of a stump. Just like in logging he’s been earning his stripes in carving by burning his gas tanks down, practicing on new logs. He doesn’t start with any designs on paper; he just tries to find the subject in the wood. “The second one is always better than the first one, and the next one is always better than the last one. Because you learn, you’re better and faster,” Mosquito Bob said. His ultimate goal is to have his carvings be like a gallery at his home and can demonstrate what he can do for private commissions. He’d also like to host workshops on carvings and saws, and would really like to see a chainsaw festival in La Pine. Mosquito Bob said his carving isn’t quite a full-time business yet, but he’s hoping to carve out some territory in La Pine where he’s the carver of choice. “You don’t get rich. We’re not scooping up $100 bills with a butterfly net. Carving is probably the hardest job out of everything I’ve done,” Mosquito Bob said. “You don’t have anybody to ask. Nobody shares their secrets. Maybe if you get into their circle, but they don’t want you on their corner. Because we’re all starving artists, you know, just like any other.” Mosquito Bob said he’s taking appointments for commissions and live carvings. This Friday and Saturday he’ll be finding the bear in his logs at Shandy’s bowling alley in La Pine. He’ll even have a couple carvings for sale, which he’ll trade for money or, of course, old chainsaws.


“That beetle has a little (c-shaped) jaw like that, you see that little tooth cutter,” Mosquito Bob said while showcasing one of his chainsaws. “He has one on top and one on the bottom. If you listen and then you go to one of these beetle-ridden trees and listen to that tree, you’ll hear the same sound as a chainsaw, almost sounds like steel. The guy designed crosscut chain, and it revolutionized the world because these sons of bitches can cut, man.” He learned the mechanics of chainsaws tinkering on old broken saws and putting them back together. He gives each of his chainsaws its own name and has a purpose for all of them. If he’s felling timber he’s using a Stihl, but when carving he prefers a Husqvarna or a McCulloch. “They’ve got a cadence; they remind me of guitars. Chainsaws and guitars are a lot alike and a lot of sawyers play guitar; there’s a cadence to them, there’s a dance,” Mosquito Bob said. “Now they’re just the paint brushes, man. Every tool here is a paint brush for my art.” Bob’s a guitarist himself, and points to his “theme song,” Jackyl’s "The Lumberjack," to get a sense for the cadence of a chainsaw. In it, the front man Jesse James Dupree plays a chainsaw solo over a blues riff. But unlike guitars, chainsaws are dangerous tools and are used in the U.S.’s most dangerous profession.

A Night of Music with Mosaic




Electric Moped Rental

Mosaic is turning twenty! To celebrate, we are hosting a free, fun-filled evening of music! • Live bands: Blackstrap Bluegrass and ¡Chiringa!

• Prizes for the first 100 people to RSVP! Register online at

• Special award presentation + learn more about our Prineville roots!



Friday, Sept. 23, 2022 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Safety Orientation and Instruction Provided to Every Guest Located at The Brown Owl in the Box Factory



High Desert Music Hall · Redmond, OR




Founded by the community in 2002

Quality Care For All

Eliminate Visual Clutter with Webfoot Cabinets


OR 223388 • ID RCE - 53749

Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid for new projects only. Offer expires 09/30/2022.




9/21 – 9/25










Banned Books Week is here, and everyone has something to say about it. Hear from a panel of book-loving librarians and join the live webinar about what this week is all about, how it impacts Central Oregon and what our community thinks about it. Thu., Sept. 22, 6-7:30pm. Zoom link on Free.

With over 10 million listeners on Spotify, the twoman band is bringing rock pop to Central Oregon. LANY has music that will get listeners on their feet and dancing but also has some slower tunes that will trigger some feelings. Fri., Sept. 23, 6pm. Hayden Homes Amphitheater, 344 SW Shevlin Hixon Dr., Bend. $49-65.




Bend Cider Co.

Courtesy of Facebook



Crafting its once-a-year Oktoberfest lager, McMenamins is sharing a longtime tradition with Central Oregon. Live music will fill the afternoon to accompany the German menu specialties and massive pints. Prost! Sat., Sept. 24 1-9:30pm. McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St., Sisters. Free.





Recreating the fluffiness and crunch of sourdough bread can be hard when attempting a gluten-free version. The People’s Apothecary is hosting a baking event that unlocks the secret to the perfect gluten-free sourdough starter. Thu., Sept. 22, 6-7:30pm. The People’s Apothecary, 19570 Amber Meadow Dr., Bend. $130.



BEND ROOTS REVIVAL 2022 BOX FACTORY COMMUNITY MUSIC FESTIVAL Eight stages will host over 100 bands in the Box Factory this weekend. Spoken Moto, Crosscut Warming Hut #5 and Avid Cider are three of many venues hosting artists from around Central Oregon. This family-friendly event will host educational workshops, too! Fri-Sun, Sept. 23-35. Box Factory, 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Free.

Courtesy of Facebook Courtesy of Three Creeks


It’s the fresh hop season, so why not celebrate it with a festival? Three Creeks Brewing is collaborating with over 20 state and local breweries to host this beer event. Join the festival to listen to live music, enjoy a new brew and grab a bite to eat at the food trucks. Sat., Sept. 24, Noon-11pm. Three Creeks Brewing, 265 E Barclay Dr., Sisters. $25-30.




Looking to swap out your pair of skis, hiking boots or puffy jacket? Join Hike-N-Peaks and Black Butte Schools at the used sporting gear and outdoor equipment sale and swap. All profits will go to BBS’s outdoor education programs. Sat., Sept. 24, 10am-4pm. Hike-N-Peak, 103 A E Hood Ave., Sisters. Free.


Touring his eighth studio album, “Meeting in the Moonlight,” Jack Johnson shares his island sound with Central Oregon. Known for his easy listening and relaxed music, Johnson’s new album will get listeners grooving for a chill evening on the Hayden Homes lawn. Sun., Sept. 25, 6:30pm. Hayden Homes Amphitheater, 344 SW Shevlin Hixon Dr, Bend. $75.




To welcome fall and celebrate the process of making cider, Bend Cider Co. is inviting the community to take part in pressing apples for its fall cider. Take part in the process, listen to live music and grab some snacks this Sunday afternoon. Look for the big orange barn when you get there! Sun., Sept. 25, 12:307:30pm. Bend Cider Co., 64649 Wharton Ave., Bend. Free.

Capitol Comedy

w/ Mosley Wotta

Olivia Knox

Majesty: Queen Tribute





The multi-talented music artist, Ben Harper, is coming to Bend. Exploring all kinds of genres, including folk, indie, rock, blues, reggae and soul, he does it all. Harper ties activism and musical mastery together for incredible live shows. Wed., Sept. 21, 5:30pm. Athletic Club of Bend, 61615 Athletic Club Dr., Bend. $49.

40 DAYS TO HEALTH & VITALITY Improve Your Well-Being, Boost Your Immunity And Awaken The Sacred Within Your Soul.






7 Tuesdays


October 4 - November 15 7-8:15pm $50 + yoga pass & book (optional)


Commit to daily yoga, meditation, healthy eating using Ayurvedic principles, journaling, and discussion of The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele

Costume Accessories, Wigs, Masks Hats, Fishnets, and More! 1341 NE 3rd Street, Bend 541-317-3566

visit us online at:



Brooklyn punk trio is going to bring it when it hits Volcanic By Isaac Biehl


Jessica Gurewitz

xpressing anger and getting out your frustrations actually feels pretty good sometimes. If you’re having trouble doing so, listening to a song from Brooklyn’s THICK will probably help you release that tension. The passion this punk trio has is one to get you inspired. Not only is THICK’s music relentless and powerful, but it’s also really damn good. Any punk or garage rock fans in Central Oregon should be flocking to the Volcanic Theatre Pub next Monday night. Learn more about the trio with this Band Fact Sheet. Who’s in the band: Nikki Sisti on vocals and guitar, Kate Black on vocals, bass and synth and Shari Page on vocals and drums. How they came to be: Around the end of 2014 Sisti posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a drummer who shared a similar love for Blink-182 and FIDLAR—that’s when Page came into the picture. Black joined later in 2015 after Sisti and Page worked their magic to get her in the band. Then the Brooklyn punk trio was complete. They’ve been signed on with the great Epitaph records since 2018. What’s to like: THICK will just lay it all out there on any given track. On the trio’s second album, "Happy Now," it doesn’t make the listener have to wonder where their angst is coming from—the artists tell it like it is. With “Montreal,” THICK concocts a beautiful and hard-nosed love song. On the album’s closer, “Something Went Wrong,” the three let loose and drill through the bullshit they are forced to deal with daily for just being women. THICK brings honesty, punchy harmonies and high energy to its poppy, punk and garage rock sounding tunes. They are exactly what a Riot grrrl band would sound like in 2022, delivering countless headbangers.

You can stream THICK’s latest album “Happy Now” on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

Songs to start with: “Happiness,” “Mansplain,” “Puke’s Dinner,” “Loser,” “Maybe Tomorrow” For fans of: Illuminati Hotties, PUP, Mannequin Pussy, Dehd, Bully

Socials: Instagram: @thickinbrooklyn Twitter: @thickinbrooklyn Facebook: Thickinbrooklyn

Random Internet Dig Fact: Drummer Kate Black seems to have invented a new word, and I love it. In an interview with When The Horn Blows, Black coins the term “angertivity” when talking about THICK’s new album. Angertivity is “when you experience positivity and happiness from going through anger and hurt.” This seems like the perfect word to describe the group’s sound.

THICK w/ Skating Polly and Vial Mon., Sept. 26, 8-11pm Volcanic Theatre Pub 70 SW Century Dr., Bend $16 on Bendticket


Rainbow Canyon by Dawn Emerson MADE POSSIBLE BY









Band Fact Sheet: THICK



Ready for

Celebrate the Autumn season in downtown Bend, OR with crafts, art, music, and more!

Sweater Weather?

Friday - Sunday

September 30th - October 2nd Presented By:




Tickets Available on Courtesy of Facebook

21 Wednesday

23 Friday Box Factory Bend Roots Revival 2022 This season, Bend Roots Revival, a free community music festival, is scheduled for Sep. 23-25, 2022, and takes place in The Box Factory area above the Old Mill. Nine stages will host 100+ acts and educational workshops. Roots is family-friendly, free, open to all. Free.

Pete Kartsounes Pete is an award-winning singer-songwriter, flat picker and cutting-edge musician’s musician. No stranger to life out on the road, Pete has spent over two decades bringing his voice and guitar to stages all over the world. Come experience one of Bend’s finest talents! 6-8pm. Free.

Eqwine Wine Bar Free Friday Music at Eqwine Wine Bar Join every Friday from 6-8pm for the music series featuring local singer/songwriter/musicians. This week Eqwine Wine Bar is happy to bring you musician Russel Herring. 6-8pm. Free.

Athletic Club of Bend Ben Harper

and the Innocent Criminals Ben was raised in a hub of activists, poets, artists and of course, great musicians. They included frequent patrons such as Chris Darrow, Leonard Cohen, Jackson Browne and Taj Mahal – the latter of whom gave Ben his first major tour and asked him to record “Follow the Drinking Gourd” with him (1990), all of which culminated in playing with Taj on Austin City Limits (which would become the first of five times Ben would be on the show). 5:30pm. $49.

Bevel Craft Brewing Live Music Join Bevel Craft Brewing on the patio for free live music every Wednesday night through the summer! Check the website for the upcoming show list! 6-8pm. Free. Bledsoe Family Winery Wine and Live

Music! Featuring Mari Auna Join the winery for a glass of Walla Walla’s finest! Mari is a local singer/songwriter/musician, featuring original music and cover songs. Her music style is a mix of blues, alternative and folk. Reservations are recommended. 4:30-6:30pm. Free.

Cabin 22 Trivia Wednesdays Cabin 22 is back and better than ever. All the fun you remember has returned and it hopes you will, too! More TV coverage, locals specials and prizes to win! 6:30pm. Free. Craft Kitchen & Brewery Comedy Open

Mic Sign-up 7:30pm. Starts at 8pm. Free to watch. Free to perform. If you’ve ever wanted to try stand-up comedy, this is where you start! 8-10pm. Free.

Crosscut Warming Hut No 5 John Shipe

Join Crosscut Warming Hut for music in the garden with John Shipe. 6-8pm. Free.

General Duffy’s Waterhole Live Music

Wednesdays Stop by for live Music by local artist every Wednesday night in the Annex at General Duffy’s Waterhole. See artists like Parker Steers, Tony Buckman, Phillip Austin and others! 7-9pm. Free.

Hub City Bar & Grill Karaoke What’s your go-to karaoke tune? 8pm-Midnight.

M&J Tavern Open Mic Night Downtown living

room welcomes musicians to bring their acoustic set or turn it up to eleven with the whole band. Bring your own instruments. Goes to last call or last musician, which ever comes first. 21+. 6:30pm. Free.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School

Ninjas with Syringes The four-piece punk rock band is taking the stage at McMenamins Old St. Francis School! Grab some food and a drink and listen to some live music! 6-9pm. Free.

Northside Bar & Grill Accoustic Open Mic w/ Derek Michael Marc Head down to the Northside Bar and Grill on Wednesdays to catch local artists perform live. 7-9pm. Free. Pour House Grill Ultimate Trivia Night with Clif Come to Pour House Grill for the best trivia night in town, guaranteed. With new questions every week written by the host Clif, and interesting gameplay including wager style Double

Jack Johnson’s music can be considered anything from surf rock to folk to alternative reggae. Johnson just released his eighth studio album, “Meet in the Moonlight” and is on his summer tour. This singer-songwriter is playing at the Hayden Homes Amphitheater on Sun., Sept. 25 at 6:30pm.

Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy questions, Pour House Trivia Night will have you on the edge of your seat! 6-8pm. Free.

Seven Nightclub & Restaurant The

CO Show The CO Show is a free comedy show case! Doors open at 7pm show starts at 8pm! Central Oregon Comedy Scene and Karaokaine productions have teamed up to bring this show to you!! It's co-hosted with multpile hosts, co-produced for Central Oregon! 8pm. Free, donations accepted.

Silver Moon Brewing Dead Animal

Plant Assembly Dead Animal Plant Assembly is an industrial metal collective that has been rocking the stage with unforgettable visuals and performing energy. The hardcore metal group will perform at Silver Moon Brewing. 7-10pm. $10.

Tower Theatre - Bend Home Free: Road

Sweet Road Tour Head to The Tower Theatre to see the all-vocal country group, Home Free! The band will bring new music from an unnamed recording project that should be released in late summer. Hear more from special guest, Maggie Baugh. 7:30pm. $45 - $75 (plus $3 historic preservation fee).

Tower Theatre Home Free All-vocal country entertainers Home Free have made their mark on the music scene, racking up nearly 600,000 album equivalents globally. 7:30pm. $45-$90.

Worthy Brewing Live Music Wednesdays Enjoy free live music every Wednesday at Worthy Brewing’s Eastside Pub! 6-8pm. Free.

22 Thursday Bridge 99 Brewery Thursday Trivia Night Join each Thursday at six, for live UKB Trivia at Bridge 99 Brewery. Free to play, win Bridge 99 gift cards! Free. Craft Kitchen and Brewery Trivia Night Craft Kitchen and Brewery bringing a nostaligic spin to trivia with large, hand-crafted, replicas of Trivial Pursuit wheels. They have enough pies for six teams. So get there early to claim your favorite color! Sign-up 6:30. Starts at 7pm. 6:308pm. Free. Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards Live

at the Vineyard: Cheyenne West & Kurt Silva Excellent country duo. You will be amazed at the sounds of Cheyenne West with Kurt on guitar! Chairs and tables provided for you. Hand-crafted pizzas, award-winning wine by the bottle, beer on tap, salad and dessert are all available for purchase. 5-8pm. Adults/$15, Children 12 and under/free.

High Desert Music Hall PLANET

BOOTY Are you ready to be 110% yourself? Join Planet Booty in a performance to remember, bringing dj dance club vibes to Bend. 8-11pm. $15.

Hub City Bar & Grill Karaoke What’s your go-to karaoke tune? 8pm-Midnight.

Midtown Ballroom Samantha Fish Midtown Events is proud to present Samantha Fish. Doors open at 7pm with music starting at 8pm. This is an all age show. 7-11pm. $25. Porter Brewing Co. Live Music with The Ballybogs! Grab a pint, sit back, relax and enjoy live music by an amazing group of artists who bring us the best Irish Trad Music in Central Oregon! Every Thursday. 6-8pm. Free. River’s Place The Jugulars A local 3-piece

band that plays all your favorite songs from the 70s to contemporary. 6-8pm. Free.

Walt Reilly’s Silvertone Devils This band

encompasses a little bit of everything: country, blues, rock and alternative. Walt Reilly’s is excited to welcome them back for the second time to Walt Reilly’s! 7-9:30pm. Free.

The Yard @ Bunk + Brew Last Sing Before The Ring: Karaoke Bachelor(ette) Party Bunk+Brew’s karaoke hosts are getting married! Ever wanted to crash a wedding? Well you can’t. BUT! What you can do is crash Chris and Claire’s joint bachelor-bachelorette karaoke party! Come eat, drink, sing and celebrate all things karaoke, neighbors and our hosts! Will be a wild night to say the least! 7-10pm. Free. Zero Latency Bend Karaoke Thursdays & Friday Nights That’s right! Karaoke is coming to Zero Latency in Bend. Download the SINGA app and sign-up for your time slot and song. Note: The venue will show up on the SINGA app by Monday, 8/29 to sign up. 7-10pm. $7 at the door, includes a domestic beer.

Submitting an event is free and easy.

Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards Live at the Vineyard: Doc Ryan Trio Michael “Doc” Ryan has been a fixture on the local music scene since the early 2000s. Originally from Dallas, Texas, the roots-rocking guitarist, singer-songwriter and orthopedic surgeon is ready to rock. Chairs and tables provided. Hand-crafted pizzas, award-winning wine by the bottle, beer on tap, salad and dessert are available for purchase. 6-9pm. Adults/$15, Children 12 and under/free. Hayden Homes Amphitheater

LANY: Summer Forever Tour LANY is an American pop rock band from Los Angeles. Formed in Nashville in 2014, the band consists of Paul Jason Klein and Jake Clifford Goss. Signed to Polydor and Interscope Records, the band has released three top 40 albums: LANY, Malibu Nights and Mama’s Boy. 6pm. $49.50-$65.

Hub City Bar & Grill DJ/Karaoke Nights Dj dance music intermingled with karaoke! 8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Da MaddHouze pres-

ents The “This is Me” Tour starring Alessandra Rose ft. DEZZ Da MaddHouze presents: The “This is Me” Tour starring Alessandra Rose ft. Da MaddHatter w/special guests: Ill Martian, BXRBXROS and DropBoyz-DJ BP. 21+. 6-9pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Son De Cuba w/ Victoria of Bend Dance Lessons Son de Cuba is a sextet created by musicians from Chile, Mexico, U.S.A. and Cuba. The group blends this vast knowledge of different beats together in classic and modern latin songs, exuding energy, happiness and encouraging you to dance. 7-11pm. $20. Volcanic Theatre Pub Fractal at Volcanic Fractal by definition is infinitely complex patterns that are self similar across different scales. Fractal plays organic jamtronica based music with improvisational-toned dance grooves to elevate your mind and spirit. Fractal was formed in the winter of 2019 in Bend. Five local musicians who have all been around the Bend music scene for years decided to get together and play with the sole intention of bringing a dance party to town. 9-11:30pm. $10. The Yard @ Bunk + Brew Live Music w/ Bobby Lindstrom Bobby’s got 50+ years of playing music and telling stories under his belt. And he’s not stopping anytime soon! Come check out Bobby Lindstrom and Ed the Whistler as they bluegrass and folk your Friday up while you enjoy the vibes in front of fire pits and food trucks! 6-8pm. Free. Zero Latency Bend Karaoke Thursdays &

Friday Nights That’s right! Karaoke is coming to Zero Latency in Bend. Download the SINGA app and sign-up for your time slot and song. Note: The venue will show up on the SINGA app by Monday, 8/29 to sign up. 7-10pm. $7 at the door, includes a domestic beer.

Add your event to our calendar at


Silver Moon Brewing Song & Story with


CALENDAR 24 Saturday Bend Cider Co. Anna May- Singer/Song-



writer Anna’s music is about memory, freedom, connection and meditation. Traditional folk with a twist. Come sit in the butterfly garden, sip cider and relax. Look for the big orange barn. Snacks are avaliable and outside food OK. 5-7pm. Free.

Bend Cider Co. Tosch Roy From upbeat,

rhythmic, sing-alongs to some folky originals, Tosch Roy performs a variety of genres that’ll get your foot a-stomping. Come check out this great musician while you sip cider in the garden! 5-7pm. Free.

Box Factory Bend Roots Revival 2022 This season, Bend Roots Revival, a free community music festival, is scheduled for Sept. 23-25, 2022, and takes place in The Box Factory area above the Old Mill. Nine stages will host 100+ acts and educational workshops. Roots is family-friendly, free, open to all. Free. Craft Kitchen and Brewery Comedy @ Craft: Showcase Saturday Nights are made for laughter at Craft. Featuring: Julia Corral, Noah Watson, Grace Sophia and Ocean Robinson. Hosted by Zac. 21+. Strong content expected. Ipockolyptic Productions is committed to providing entertainment that is free from racism, homophobia and transphobia. 8-10pm. $15. Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards Live

at the Vineyard: Magical Mystery Four Magical Mystery Four is a 4-piece Beatles cover band, based in Bend and includes three former members of Juju Eyeball. Chairs and tables provided for you. Hand-crafted pizzas, award-winning wine by the bottle, beer on tap, salad and dessert are all available for purchase. 6-9pm. Adults/$25, Child 12 & under/free.

Hub City Bar & Grill DJ/Karaoke Nights Dj dance music intermingled with karaoke! 8pm. Free.

M&J Tavern Long Gone Wilder This group

brings a crew of musicians that pull from all styles and genres. By day they help mold the youth into thinkers and doers. By night they tap into their muse and play songs that speak to all of us. Please tip the band. 9pm. Free.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School Oktoberfest at McMenamins Oktober-

fest means celebration and beer. McMenamins is serving up tasty German-style specials, plenty of beer and live music as a backdrop to it all. 1-9:30pm. Free.

Open Space Event Studios The

Whippoorwill Presents Chris Beland with Justin Lavik and Grace Caston Yes, three amazing songwriters in one night. When Chris Beland picks up the phone to do an interview for this bio, a friend is having a baby in the living room of his Arroyo Grande home as a chorus of roosters crow in the background. It’s an apt thing to happen to Beland — not only because his life has been anything but traditional, but also because his 40-plus years on this Earth have been replete with beginnings and endings, a constant cycle of rebirth. 7-11pm. $15.

The Outfitter Bar at Seventh Mountain Resort Live music with DiRT (Doc Ryan Trio)

Join DiRT outside on the rink for live music! The band plays American roots music, pure and simple. Folk, blues, rock, gospel, alt. country and the band even gets funky. Original but familiar. 4-7pm. Free.

River’s Place Saturday Jazz Sessions Lisa

Dae Quartet. Jazz standards and exquisite vocals. 6-8pm. Free.

Riverhouse on the Deschutes Bend

Health Fair Welcome to the Bend Oregon Health Fair, Bend’s largest and most comprehensive Health Event! Bringing local practitioners and health-related services together with an ever-growing community. Build your health care team by meeting health experts and healers in person. Take advantage of complimentary



consultations and health care screenings. 9am5pm. $5.

Silver Moon Brewing Call Down Thunder

Your local Grateful Dead Tribute band jams your favorite tunes on the outside stage! 4-6pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Summers End

Party w/ItsRonnyB, B trEZ, Chxno, TjMane, Lovsiq Come celebrate the end of summer with local hip-hop artist ItsRonnyB! Wear beach attire and get a chance to win cool stuff! All ages. 7-10pm. $10.

Three Creeks Brewing Co. Production Brewery & Tasting Room

Sisters Fresh Hop Festival Fresh hop beers from 20+ Oregon breweries. Live music, food trucks and more! All ages eelcome. 21+. Inside beer tent. Noon-11pm.

Volcanic Theatre Pub An Evening With Swindler at Volcanic Swindler is leading the jam band scene in the Pacific Northwest with its unique brand of psychedelic funk. The band continues to expand an already rapidly growing fanbase with each show. Funk-based grooves, tight melodic arrangements and strong instrumental improvisation all create a vibe that brings the dance floor alive. 9-11:45pm. $12. Worthy Brewing Live Music Saturdays Every Saturday Worthy Brewing will put on a live show! Come enjoy beers and music. 6-8pm. Free.

25 Sunday Silver Moon Brewing Open Mic at the Moon

Silver Moon Brewing’s open mic is back now on the big stage! Get a taste of the big time! Sign-up is at 4pm. Come checkout the biggest and baddest open mic night in Bend! 5-8pm. Free.

10 Barrel East Side Sunday Funday with

Leadbetter Band Join 10 Barrel on the biergarten lawn for free live music with Leadbetter Band! Leadbetter Band was born after the final closing chapters of Jive Coulis in the early winter of 2017. The rhythm section features Aaron Moore on bass and vocals and Kaleb Kellher on drums. 2-4pm. Free.

The Astro Lounge Local Artist Spotlight

Sundays This is a chance to listen to Central Oregon’s newest and upcoming local artists. They have earned their spot to perform a two-hour show, changing weekly, every Sunday. Support local top notch talent! 7-9pm. Free.

Box Factory Bend Roots Revival 2022

This season, Bend Roots Revival, a free community music festival, is scheduled for Sep. 23-25, and takes place in The Box Factory area above the Old Mill. Nine stages will host 100+ acts and educational workshops. Roots is family-friendly, free, open to all. Free.

Domaine Serene Wine Lounge Live Mu-

sic Join for a glass of wine and live music from local singers and songwriters, every Sunday from 6-8pm! 6-8pm. Free.

Flights Wine Bar Trivia at Flights Wine Bar

Join Sundays from 4-6pm for trivia with King Trivia! Free to play! Get a group together and come get nerdy! Awesome prizes and as always, delicious food and drinks! 4-6pm. Free.

Flights Wine Bar Live Music at Flights Come grab a great glass of wine, have an incredible dinner and enjoy live music every Sunday from 6-8pm at Flights Wine Bar. 6-8pm. Free.

Hayden Homes Amphitheater

Jack Johnson 2022 Summer Tour Known for his relaxed and laid back vibes, Jack Johnson's songs fill the space with masterful songs. His intentional lyrics are known by many, and this will be a night to remember. 6:30pm. $75.

Hub City Bar & Grill Big Band Open Jam All

welcome to sing or play an instrument, just come on in and get on Gordy’s sign-up sheet. 5-8pm. Free.

Obie Oasis Dayan Kai Dayan Kai’s virtuous musicality and soulful voice combined with his

deep insight into the human condition make him a beloved singer/songwriter and top-notch band member. He is a favorite at many musical festivals. Bring a chair, picnic, beverage and enjoy the outdoor mini amphitheater. 2:05pm. Donation.

River’s Place Trivia Sunday Win gift card prizes for top teams! It’s free to play. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Enjoy brunch favorites by Nik’s Snacks, Bai Tong on Wheels and Bluma’s Chicken. Mimosas, brews, ciders & more! Noon-2pm. Free. River’s Place Boxcar Stringband Three-piece blues/rockabilly machine. Slide guitar, banjo, slap style rockabilly bass and complex rhythms out of a simple kit are some of the group’s trademarks. Known for lively and engaging stage performances. 6-8pm. Free. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon Guitarist: Hiroya Tsuka-

moto Eclectic, immersive and mesmerizing — a guitarist and songwriter Hiroya Tsukamoto embodies the notion that music has no language. Beautifully raw and cathartically emotional, Tsukamoto is a world-renowned, self-made musician. 2-4pm. $20 at door.

26 Monday The Astro Lounge Open Mic Mondays

Amazing top notch talent, jaw dropping! All musicians and comedians are welcome from first-timers to pros. Hosted by Nancy Blake and Danny Guitar Harris, two longtime local musicians. Very supportive and can provide instruments if needed. 8pm-Midnight. Free.

Bevel Craft Brewing Seinfeld Trivia A favorite show at Bevel. It is excited to bring it back for Seinfeld trivia version 2.0! Themed attire is encouraged and appreciated! 6-9pm. Free. Bridge 99 Brewery Monday Night Trivia Now playing Mondays (Thursdays too!) at 6 it’s live UKB Trivia at Bridge 99 Brewery. Free to play, win Bridge 99 gift cards! 6-8pm. Free. Crater Lake Spirits Downtown Tasting Room Flight Night with Breakfast Come to the

downtown tasting room for live music and some great deals! 5:30-7:30pm. Free.

Elixir Wine Group Locals Music Night Enjoy live musicians, great wine and small bites. 6-9pm. Free.

Hayden Homes Amphitheater ODESZA: The Last Goodbye Tour ODESZA returns with their fourth studio album, "The Last Goodbye" which was released July 22. Symphonic, vast, and emotionally stirring, "The Last Goodbye" is set to be the GRAMMY-nominated duo’s most ambitious album to date. 4pm. $94. On Tap Locals’ Day Plus Live Music Cheaper

drinks all day and live music at night, get down to On Tap. 11am-9pm. Free.

Volcanic Theatre Pub THICK w/ Skat-

ing Polly & Vial at Volcanic Since first forming in 2014, New York trio THICK have triumphed at turning the harshest truths into wildly exhilarating punk songs. On the group’s second album “Happy Now,” vocalist/guitarist Nikki Sisti, vocalist/bassist Kate Black, and vocalist/drummer Shari Page deliver THICK’s most complex and confessional work yet, exploring everything from self-sabotage and insecurity to victim-blaming and destructive relationships. 8-11pm. $16.

27 Tuesday The Commons Cafe & Taproom Storytellers Open-Mic StoryTellers open-mic nights are full of music, laughs and community. In the old house Bill Powers of Honey Don’t and several other projects in town hosts one of the best open mics in town. Sign-ups start at 5pm sharp in the cafe and spots go quick. Poetry, comedy and spoken Word welcome, but this is mainly a musical open mic. Performance slots are a quick

10 minutes each, so being warmed up and ready is ideal. 6pm. Free.

Initiative Brewing Trivia Tuesdays in Redmond Trivia Tuesdays in Redmond, with Useless Knowledge Bowl. Join in to win top team prizes! It’s free to play. Bring your team this week! Great new food menu. Arrive early for best seating. 6:30pm. Free. Silver Moon Brewing Eric Leadbetter &

Friends Local artist, Eric Leadbetter, hosts his fellow musicians for this weekly free show every Tuesday. Come sit out on the brewery’s patio and enjoy an evening of music, food and most important...stellar craft beers! 6-8pm. Free.

The Cellar—A Porter Brewing Company Music Night at The Cellar, Featuring

Central Oregon Music & Musicians Grab a pint, sit back, relax and enjoy live music by Central Oregon musicians! Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, from 6-8pm at The Cellar! Free.


Mosaic 20th Anniversary Jamboree

Join High Desert Music Hall for a free night of music, food and fun as everyone celebrates Mosaic’s 20th anniversary! Don’t miss out on: two live bands: ¡Chiringa! & Blackstrap Bluegrass, Dustin Riley as Emcee, special award presentations & prizes for the first 100 people to RSVP. RSVP required at Sep. 23, 5:30-9:30pm. High Desert Music Hall, 818 SW Forest Ave., Redmond. Contact: 541-383-3005. Free.

Sunday Brunch and Karaoke Wake up

right with brunch and karaoke! Sundays, 10am3pm. General Duffy’s Waterhole, 404 SW Forest Ave., Redmond. Free.

The Hasbens at Bend Roots Revival

Bends Roots Revival features local bands and artists on multiple stages all weekend long! The Hasbens will be jamming on the BIGS Stage at The Podski to open up the weekend! The Hasbens (the band that has Bens) is a 5-piece fusion jam band. Sep. 23, 5-5:45pm. Bend Roots Revival - BIGS Stage, 536 NW Arizona Ave., Bend. Free.

The Hasbens at On Tap The Hasbens (the

band that has Bens) is a 5-piece fusion jam band based here in Bend. Sep. 26, 6-8pm. On Tap Beer Garden & Food Trucks, 1424 NE Cushing Dr., Bend. Contact: Free.


Argentine Tango Classes and Dance

Join every Wednesday for Tango classes and dancing! Your first class is free. 6:30-7pm Tango 101 Class, no partner needed! 7-8pm All Levels Class. 8-9:30pm Open Dancing. Wednesdays, 6:30-9:30pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-728-3234. $5-$10.

Blues Social Dance Meet friendly people,

enjoy great music and connect with others through dance at this bi-weekly social. Drinks plus catching up with old friends and making new ones at 7pm, beginner dance lesson at 8pm followed by social dancing until 10pm. $5 suggested donation. No partner or experience needed! Every other Friday, 7-10pm. Through Dec. 30. The Range Apartments Clubhouse, 3001 NW Clearwater Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-5087766. $5.

Line and Swing Dancing Lessons Line and swing dance lessons every Thursday night at The Cross-Eyed Cricket! Thursdays, 7-9pm. Cross-Eyed Cricket, 20565 NE Brinson Blvd., Bend. Free. Nia Fusion of dance, martial arts and healing

arts focusing on reconnecting to body sensations and the body’s natural way of movement through form, freedom and play. Wednesdays, 8-9am and Saturdays, 11am-Noon. Bend Hot Yoga, 1230 NE 3rd St. Unit A320, Bend. Contact: $20/drop-In.

Soul in Motion: Movement and Dance



CALENDAR Courtesy of Facebook

Movement and dance as a practice for life: no mats, no poses, all you! Facilitated to support you to let your body take the lead, bringing curiosity, playfulness and mindfulness to participants’ movements... alone, together and as a community. No dance experience necessary, just a desire to move. All bodies welcomed. Mondays, 7-8:15pm. Through Oct. 26. Namaspa Yoga Studio, 1135 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Contact: 541948-7015. $20.

Bend Ghost Tours Join for Ghosts and

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day This event is

Portraits of Resilience Reception: The Photography of Gary Calicott Local pho-

in partnership with Dechutes Public Library. "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" is based after the book written by American author Judith Viorst. Sep. 23, 6pm. The Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-317-0700. Free.

Page to Screen Family Movie Night at Tower Theatre Screen “Alexander and


4th Friday Artwalk in Sisters, All-Day 10am-7pm Visit the art galleries in Sisters

featuring: a great time, beautiful art, good company, demonstrations, plus additional sponsoring restaurants and food venues Fourth Friday of every month from 10am-7pm. Through Oct. 28. Downtown Sisters, Hood Ave., Sisters. Contact: 541-719-8581. events@sistersartsassociation. org. Free.

Art Viewing Visit Sagebrushers Art Society in beautiful Bend to see lovely work, paintings and greeting cards by local artists. New exhibit every 8 weeks. Visit for information on current shows. Wednesdays, 1-4pm, Fridays, 1-4pm and Saturdays, 1-4pm. Sagebrushers Art Society, 117 SW Roosevelt Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-617-0900. Free. Artist Studio Tour in Sisters Visit 32

artists at 19 studios. Many well-known and widely collected painters, potters, jewelers, glass artists, photographers, mixed media artists and sculptors. Get to know artists while working in studio settings. Walk, bike or drive. A free self-guided tour included. Maps online and at event. Sep. 24-25, 10am-4pm. Downtown Sisters, Hood Ave., Sisters. Contact: 541-719-8581. Free.

Build a Sculptural Form for your Mosaic Art Design a sculptural form with hands-

on exercises aimed at helping students become more comfortable with the design and building process. Students will choose to create either an abstract sculptural form or a flower. Once built, students will be ready to add their own mosaic design to the exterior. Fridays, 5-7pm. Through Oct. 7. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St., Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. $250.

Furnish Hope & Home Grand Opening

Join the grand opening weekend at Furnish


Rocking the blues and rock ‘n’ roll scene, Samantha Fish brings life to her music. Fish puts soul into her vocals, and it makes for captivating performances. She is taking the stage at the Midtown Ballroom this Thu., Sept. 22 at 7pm.

Hope & Home! Bend’s new upscale resale home furnishing boutique, supporting the mission to furnish homes for those in need. Shop with purpose! Sep. 23, 10am-5pm and Sep. 24, 10am5pm. Furnish Hope & Home, 50 SE Scott St., Bend. Contact: 541-316-8266.

Galveston Street Market The Galveston Street Market is a local vendor’s market with the goal of bringing community together while mentoring new and seasoned makers alike. Vendors change each week for a variety of locally made products so there’s something for everyone. Shop local! Shop small! Fridays, 5-9pm. Through Sep. 30. Big O Bagels - Westside, 1032 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Contact: Free. Kreitzer Art Gallery and Studio Open Daily by Appointment 55-year professional

artist David Kreitzer displays sublime and stunning water, landscape, city, figure, floral and fantasy oil and watercolor masterworks. Meditative, healing and soul-satisfying. Mondays-Sundays, Noon-7pm. Through Sep. 30. Kreitzer Art Gallery and Studio, 20214 Archie Briggs Rd., Bend. Contact: 805-234-2048. Free.

Learn to Blacksmith - Forge Basics Come have fun and try your hand at the

time-honored craft of shaping, tapering, splitting, twisting and punching steel to create art, jewelry and functional items. Learn the skills you need to begin forging steel in true maker fashion. Learn proper hammer strokes, anvil techniques, stance and forge etiquette/management. Sep. 21, 6-8pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. $245.

Learn to Knit at Fancywork Yarn Shop

Get started on the path to creating your own treasured handknits! Learn the fundamentals of knitting, basic stitches, how to read a pattern, fix your mistakes and more. Create a small project to take home. Pattern provided. Take three classes and earn a 10% discount on yarn! Every other Thursday, 5:30-7pm. Fancywork Yarn Shop, 200 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-3238686. $10.

Mosquito Bob Woodcarving Demon-

stration Mosquito Bob will do live wood carv-

ings! Food and drinks available, and carvings will be available for purchase. Bring old chainsaws to trade. Sep. 23, 10am-4pm and Sep. 24, 10am4pm. Shandy’s, 52510 US-97, La Pine. Free.

Portraits of Resilience – Local Artists Thrive in Pandemic Times Showcase by Gary Calicott Local photographer and

champion of the Central Oregon music scene, Gary Calicott, is presenting a unique collection of work during the upcoming Bend Roots Revival 2022. There will also be an artist’s reception on the 23rd from 5:30-8:30 pm. Fri, Sep. 23, Sat, Sep. 24 and Sun, Sep. 25. Immersion Brewing, 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Contact: 541-7605677. Free.

Sugarplum Circus Pop-Up Shop The Sugarplum Circus is in town! Shop the pop-up Friday & Saturday, Sep. 23 & 24, 10am-5pm. Join Saturday evening for a special sip & stitch with the dyer! Sugarplum Circus is a PNW micro-dyery, where fine yarns are dyed in small batches with layers upon layers of color. Sep. 23, 10am5pm and Sep. 24, 10am-7pm. Fancywork Yarn Shop, 200 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-323-8686. Free. Sip & Stitch with Sugarplum Circus

After you’ve shopped the Sugarplum Circus popup, join Saturday evening for a special evening Sip & Stitch, with guest Jensen Ward, the dyer/ maker/legend behind Sugarplum Circus. There will refreshments, nibbles and the very best of company! Bring your project and your curiosity for this free community event. RSVP. Sep. 24, 5-7pm. Fancywork Yarn Shop, 200 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-323-8686. hello@ Free.

Visual Joy and Perfection: The Artistry of Master Fine Artist David Kreitzer

Join David in the Kreitzer Gallery and Studio, and experience sublime and healing Central Oregon splendor landscapes, the human figure, koi, California vineyards, floral and fantasy oil and watercolor images. Thursdays-Sundays, Noon5pm. Kreitzer Art Gallery and Studio, 20214 Archie Briggs Road, Bend. Contact: 805-234-2048. Free.





w/ Eric Johanson at Midtown Ballroom

at Three Creeks Brewing Co.

tographer and champion of the Central Oregon music scene, Gary Calicott, is presenting unique black and white creative portraiture of local musicians during the weekend of Bend Roots Revival 2022. Come celebrate art and attend the reception! Sep. 23, 5:30-8:30pm. Immersion Brewing, 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Contact: 541-760-5677. free.

Star Party at the Vineyard Join FHC and

the Sisters Astronomy Club for a night under the Terrebonne stars with gourmet charcuterie and our award-winning wine. The Astronomy Club members led by Jim Hammond and Ron Thorkildson will be our guides. Ticket includes bottle of our award-winning wine, 2 FHC wine glasses and charcuterie. Sep. 25, 6:30-10pm. Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards, 70450 NW Lower Valley Dr., Terrebonne. Contact: 541-526-5075. events@ Individual $125, Couples $150.

Third Thursday Open Mic at the High Desert Music Hall Spoken word open mic

night for all poets, storytellers and writers. This is an in-person program. Join us at the High Desert Music Hall for a spoken word open mic night the third Thursday of the month. All writers and readers and word-lovers invited to attend and read. Every third Thursday, 6-8pm. Contact: 541-312-1063. Free.


Auditions for “Native Gardens” by Katrina Zacharis Looking for characters: 1

Latino early 30s, 1 Latina early 30s and 1 female 60 to mid-70s years old. Sep. 24, 10:30am-Noon. Downtown Bend Public Library - Brooks Room, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 760-473-4619. Free.

CTC Teen Theatre Program Class Acting For Theatre, Film & TV 10-week

class! Ages 12-19. Find out who you are and maybe who you can be! With so many outlets, what does it mean to be an actor? Do you have what it takes? $60 for non-members, free for members! Thursdays, 4-5:30pm. Through Dec. 1. Cascade Theatrical Theatre, 148 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-389-0803. ctcinfo@ $60 for non members, Free for members.

CTC Teen Theatre Program Class Heads Up 7 Up! A Playwriting Workshop 10-week class! Ages 12-19. Seven easy

steps to getting that play out of your head and on to the page. Whether you are a seasoned playwright or just starting out, this workshop is for you! $60 for non-members, free for members.



w/ Justin Lavik & Grace Caston at Open Space Event Studios


Legends of Downtown Bend Tour and hear all about Bend's permanent residents! Your Spirit Guide will lead you through the haunted streets and alleyways of Historic Downtown Bend where you’ll learn about the city’s many macabre tales, long-buried secrets and famous ghosts. Wednesdays-Sundays, 7:30-9pm. Downtown Bend, Downtown Bend, Bend. Contact: 541-350-0732. $25.


the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” based on the classic children’s book by Judith Viorst. Screening is free but tickets are required. Reserve tickets at Sep. 23, 6-8pm. The Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-312-1032. Free.


One Dog at a Time, LLC Gale Blanchard

Personal Pet Sitting in my Home One or Two Dogs (If Both Live Together) Overnight or Daycare


Dog Walking and Cat Care in Redmond



Mondays, 4-6pm. Through Nov. 28. Cascade Theatrical Theatre, 148 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-389-0803. $60.

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change A musical revue celebrating the mating game! This crowd-pleasing comedy takes on the truths and myths behind that contemporary conundrum know as ‘the relationship.’ “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals. www. Thu, Sep. 22, 7pm, Fri, Sep. 23, 7pm and Sun, Sep. 25, 2pm. Cascade Theatrical Theatre, 148 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-389-0803. $36-$39.

OUT OF THIN AIR Improvisational Theater Company Authentic, hilarious

comedy based on audience suggestions, with a sprinkling of comedy sketches. No show is ever the same! Real improv. Real laughs. Real theater. Every other Tuesday, 8-9:30pm. Through Oct. 26. Open Space Event Studios, 220 NE Lafayette Ave., Bend. Contact: $10/ online, $15/door.

Readers Theater Is there a play that you’ve

always wanted to read but you don’t have enough friends (or voices in your head) for all the characters? Join one Saturday morning a month as the group explores new, original and classical plays, drink coffee and get to know others in the local theatre community. Fourth Saturday of every month, 10am-Noon. Cascade Theatrical Theatre, 148 NW Greenwood, Bend. Free.


Author Event: The Marsh Queen by Virginia Hartman For fans of "Where the

Crawdads Sing," this marvelous debut (Alice McDermott, National Book Award–winning author of “The Ninth Hour”) follows a Washington, DC, artist as she faces her past and the secrets held in the waters of Florida’s lush swamps and wetlands. RSVP required! Sep. 27, 6-7pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 541-306-6564. julie@ Free.

to support the Central Oregon Symphony!



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The Impact of Banned Books in Central Oregon Hear from local librarians

about banned books in Central Oregon. This is a live webinar. Register for the Zoom link. April Witteveen, Library Director of Crook County Public Library, Emily O’Neal, Technical Services Manager at Deschutes Public Library and Pia Alliende, District Librarian for the Redmond School District speak. Sep. 22, 6-7:30pm. Contact: 541312-1063. Free.

Mystery Book Club Join Roundabout for

Mystery Book Club. Participants will discuss “Woman in the Library” by Sulari Gentill. Sep. 21, 6-7pm. Please join in-store or on zoom for Mystery Book Club. The group will discuss The Ladies of the Secret Circus by Constance Sayers. Join zoom link here: https://us02web.zoom. us/j/87648931984?pwd=eHN4VjRIOVkyck5DL092OE9Nakd2QT09. Wednesdays, 10:30am. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Drive, #110, Bend. Contact: 541-306-6564. julie@ Free.

Waterston Desert Writing Prize Ceremony Featuring Author Kevin Fedarko

Join High Desert Museum for an evening of literary excellence. Kevin Fedarko, author of “The Emerald Mile: The Epic Story of the Fastest Ride In History Through the Heart of the Grand Canyon,” will speak about his current project in the Grand Canyon and his odyssey of nearly 800 miles. Sep. 22, 5:30-8pm. High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Highway 97, Bend. $7, members receive 20% discount.

h h h ueatueet11oven Register online Register online online Register h h h h h h k kh h h k ueatueet11oven . c om ueatueet11oven . c om 5 5 and view all of our generous sponsors at ueatueet11oven 5 .com Register online

ous sponsors at



Writers Writing: First Impressions - Strategies for Effective Openings

Discuss and practice how to hook readers from the very first line. This is an in-person program. Registration is required. The first page is an incredible opportunity to make an impression on readers right away. In this workshop, the

group will discuss different strategies for taking advantage of that opportunity. Sep. 23, 121:30pm. Sunriver Public Library, 56855 Venture Lane, Sunriver. Contact: 541-312-1063. paigef@ Free.

Writers Writing: Quiet Writing Time

Enjoy the focus of a quiet space with the benefit of others’ company. This is an in-person program. Masks are recommended at all in-person library events. Bring personal work, read a book or answer emails. Come when you can, leave when you want. Free, open network WiFi available. Tuesdays, 1:30-4:30pm. Deschutes Public Library-Downtown, 601 NW Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-312-1063. paigef@deschuteslibrary. org. Free.


The Bridges Community Garage Sale

Join the Bridges Community for its garage sale, located at Golden Gate Place. Find some treaures and support the community. Sep. 24, 8am-Noon. Golden Gate Place, Bend. Free.

Exhibition Closing: Imagine a World

Don’t miss your last chance to explore the exhibition that considers the ambitions, intentions and outcomes (sometimes disastrous) of intentional communities in the High Desert and Western United States over the past half century. It highlights contemporary artists as well, sharing their visions of alternative worlds and futures. Sep. 25, 9am-5pm. High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Highway 97, Bend. Free with Museum admission.

Fur on Fir: A Celebration of Animals

Celebrate furry friends at “Fur On Fir” at Sisters Farmers Market. Dogs and their humans can enjoy special, local treats plus a selfie station. Meet folks from the Furry Friends Foundation, Wolf Welcome Committee and Harmony Farm Sanctuary. Evan Mullins plays tunes on the Songbird Stage. Pets welcome! Sep. 25, 11am-2pm. Fir Street Park, Sisters, Sisters. Free.

Go Beyond Engagement - Cultivate A Happy And Fulfilled Workforce Central

Oregon Employer’s Council presents: Go Beyond Engagement TM – Cultivate a Happy and Fulfilled Workforce. Marriott is excited to have national speaker, Diane Allen’s presentation right here in Bend. This program will help you create a culture where people are happy and fulfilled. Sep. 22, 8am-Noon. The Residence Inn by Marriott Bend, 500 SW Bond St., Bend. Contact: 541-749-8763. $50.

Not Cho Grandma’s Bingo Not Cho’ Grandma’s Bingo is back at Silver Moon Brewing! We host the famous bingo event for good times and a chance to win some cold hard cash! Sundays, 10am-1pm. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Free. Senior Day Visitors 65 and older are invited to enjoy the museum for free on this day. Sep. 21, 9am-5pm. High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Highway 97, Bend. Free for seniors.


Call for Volunteers - Play with Parrots! Volunteers needed at Second Chance Bird

Rescue! Friendly people needed to help socialize birds to ready for adoption, make toys, clean cages and make some new feathered friends! Do you play a musical instrument? Come and practice for the birds! Located past Cascade Lakes Distillery, call for hours and location. Contact: 916-956-2153.

Class Prepares Volunteers to Mentor Children of Incarcerated Parents

Central Oregon Partnerships for Youth is offering a class to prepare volunteers to become mentors for children with an incarcerated parent. This 3½ hour class covers program policies, Q&A from a current volunteer, how to establish a mentor relationship, the impact incarceration has on families and communication skills. Sep. 24, 9am12:30pm. Deschutes County Services Center, 1300 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-388-6651. Free.



CALENDAR Courtesy of Facebook

General Volunteer Opportunities For $20.

information on volunteer opportunities at Bethlehem Inn please contact Courtney, Community Engagement Coordinator, at Fourth Thursday of every month. Bethlehem Inn, 3705 N Hwy 97, Bend. Contact: 541-322-8768. Free.

Humane Society Thrift Store - Volunteers Needed Do you love animals and

discovering “new” treasures? Then volunteering at the HSCO Thrift Store Donation Door is the perfect place to combine your passions while helping HSCO raise funds to provide animal welfare services for the local community. For information contact: Ongoing. Humane Society Thrift Shop, 61220 S. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3761. rebecca@hsco. org.

Non-Specific Grief Support Group Small support group (4-5 people) for those who need a safe space to share a grief difficult to share with one’s friend and family, long-term grief for a death, loss of relationship, loss from suicide, loss of health, loss of function, etc. To register: Sundays, 5-6pm. Free.

One-Day Metal Scrap Bladesmith Workshop Forge a knife you will be proud to

Share Your Business and Professional Expertise Share your professional and

business expertise! Become a volunteer mentor with SCORE in Central Oregon. Our chapter is growing. Your experience and knowledge will be valued by both new and existing businesses in our community. To apply, call 541-316-0662 or visit Fri, Aug. 26 and Ongoing. Contact: 541-316-0662.

Volunteer with Salvation Army The

Salvation Army has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for almost every age. Salvation Army has an emergency food pantry, the groups visit residents of assisted living centers and make up gifts for veterans and the homeless. Ongoing. Contact: 541-389-8888.

GROUPS + MEETUPS 2022 Green Tour On the Green Tour, you’ll

see real-world solutions that reduce energy use, increase solar production and contribute to a more livable community right here in Central Oregon. There will be a tour map and a link to the digital guide the week of the event. Sep. 24, 10am-4pm. Central Oregon, Countywide, . Contact: (541) 385-6908. Free.

25th Anniversary Celebration of Worrell Wayside County Park Cele-

brate the 25th Anniversary of Worrell Wayside with refreshments and speakers. Patti Adair, County Commissioner, Derek Loeb, Geologist, Nathan Hovekamp, BPRD Board, Vanessa Ivey, Deschutes Historical Museum and Green Leadership Coalition will all be speaking at the event. Sep. 24, 1:30-4pm. Worrell Wayside Park, 1236 NW Wall, Bend. Free.

4th Annual Cancer Composium Cancer

with Compasion’s theme this year is “In This Together: Facing Cancer in the Context of Community.” In addition to its Gift Market and Service of Light, it will have cancer patients as special speakers. The speakers will share on the importance of community for patients on a cancer journey. Sep. 24, 10am-2pm. Holy Communion Church, 1245 SE 3rd Street c10, Bend. Contact: 949-279-1246. cancerwithcompassion@gmail. com. free.

ABC’s of ADUs Thinking of building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property, but not sure where to start? Come attend this Lunch & Learn event at The Environmental Center on Sep. 21, where there will be a panel of local experts presenting a comprehensive overview of city guidelines, designing and more. Sep. 21, 12-1:30pm. The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-385-6908. $10.

Become a Better Public Speaker! Do you struggle with public speaking? You’re not alone! Come visit Bend Toastmasters Club and learn how to overcome your public speaking fears. Wednesdays, Noon-1pm. Contact: 5035016031. com. Free. Bend Parkinson’s Support Group

Patients and caregivers are welcome to join us. These meetings serve as a resource for educational and emotional support. Focusing on providing local services, bridging the gap

Hardcore metal band, Dead Animal Assembly Plant, rocks the stage with full force. Completed with full costumes and striking stage looks, this band is sure to blow its listeners away with its captivating performances. Dead Animal Assembly Plant is performing at Silver Moon Brewing on Wed., Sept. 21 at 7pm.

between medical care and wellness. Fun and engaging! Call Carol at PRO office 541-668-6599 to RSVP and to check on any weather cancellations. Third Wednesday of every month, 2-3:30pm. Best Western Premier, 1082 SW Yates Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-668-6599. Carol@parkinsonsresources. com. Free.

Bend Parkinson’s Support Group Meeting Patients and caregivers are wel-

come to join this support group meeting. These meetings serve as a resource for educational and emotional support. Focusing on providing local services, bridging the gap between medical care, wellness. Snacks, fun and engaging! Time to share with others who are experiencing this disease. Call Mo 513-678-6422 with questions. Third Wednesday of every month, 2-3:30pm. Best Western Premier, 1082 SW Yates Drive, Bend. Contact: 541-668-6599. Free.

Board Games hosted by The Base The Base at Franklin is a new space in the Old Bend neighborhood for neurodivergent humans and allies to access community through the shared goal for connection and wellness. Board Games 4-5:30pm, RPG direcly following 5:30pm. RSVP Required- Free. The Base at Franklin 541-6108826 Fridays, 4-5:30pm. The Base at Franklin is a new space in the Old Bend neighborhood for neurodivergent humans and allies to access community through the shared goal for connection and wellness. Board games from 4-5:30pm .RPG direcly following. Fridays, 4pm. The Base at Franklin, 5 NW Franklin Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-610-8826. Celebrate With the Bend Bhakti Collective Kirtan, sacred song, dance and

community. Celebrate with the Bend Bhakti Collective. Thursdays, 7pm. First Presbyterian Heritage Hall, 230 NE Ninth St., Bend. Contact: 541-382-4401. Free-$20.

Central Oregon Stamp Show Get to the

Central Oregon Stamp Bourse where you can buy, sell and trade with dealers from across Oregon. Bring in old collections for a free appraisal. Browse thousands of stamps, envelopes and collections. Free stamps and activities for kids. Location: Zion Luther Church, 1113 SW Black Butte Blvd., Redmond. Sep. 24, 10am-4pm. Contact: 503-440-4441. bryannielsen27@gmail. com. Free.

ConnectW Monthly Meeting This month is about drawing the truth from within. As business owners, people are often looking for strategies to help them market better, communicate more effectively and/or increase sales. Sep. 21, 5:30-8pm. Open Space Event Studios, 220 NE Lafayette Ave., Bend. $35.

Death Cafe Eat tasty treats, drink tea and dis-

cuss death. Free of agenda or ideology, the aim is to increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their (finite) lives. Facilitated by End of Life Doula, Cheryl Adcox. Ages 16+. Tue, Sep. 27, 6-7:30pm, Tue, Oct. 25, 6-7:30pm and Tue, Nov. 29, 6-7:30pm. Downtown Bend Library, 601 Northwest Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-3121029. Free.

Fridays for Future Bend Global Climate Strike Join on Sep. 23 as the community

demands climate justice and take to the streets. There will be marching from Harmon Park to City Hall. Bring a sign and a friend, and get ready to stand up for climate action! Sep. 23, 11am-1pm. Harmon Park, 1100 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-904-5235. Free.

Game Night Let’s Play LeftCenterRight Let’s play LeftCenterRight! Bring friends

and make new friends. More people the bigger the pot. Simple game, one dollar table and $5 tables. The winner of each game takes the pot. Your not going to get rich, but you will have fun. Wednesdays, 5-7pm. Zero Latency Bend, 1900 NE 3rd St., STE 104, Bend. Contact: 541-6170688.

Hysteria Comedy Collective: Comedy Writing Workshop Welcome to Hysteria, a

comedy collective open to all female-identifying, trans and non-binary folks. Whether you are a seasoned performer or completely new to the scene, Hysteria invites you to join the community of professional, novice and aspiring stand-up comedians. Its mission is to create a space where there is support for each other’s growth as writers/performers, give and receive feedback on materials and foster a more inclusive, progressive, and artistic comedy community. Third Wednesday of every month, 5:30-7pm. Open Space Event Studios, 220 NE Lafayette Ave., Bend. $10.

Kirtan & Sacred Sound Kirtan and Sacred Sound with Bend Bhakti Collective and special guests through the month. Find out why chanting mantra is beneficial. No singing or other experience needed! Thursdays, 7-8:30pm. Through Oct. 6. Heritage Hall, 230 NE 9th St., Bend. Free. Medicinal Plant Walk Join Dr. Ashley one

weekend morning a month from 10-11:30am to walk and talk about plants. Participants will identify local plants and discuss medicinal properties and uses of the plants we find and sustainable harvesting practices. The group will meet at various trail heads each month in and around Bend. Sep. 25, 10-11:30am. The Peoples Apothecary, 19570 Amber Meadow Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-728-2368. classes@thepeople-

own. Each student will learn basic blacksmithing operation, skills, techniques and knowledge to replicate what we do in the labor-intensive workshop and make a utility knife out of metal scraps. The blade will be hardened and tempered but not polished. Sep. 24, 10:30am-3:30pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541388-2283. $269.

Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon Support Group This support group offers a

safe space for all people involved in caring for or managing Parkinson’s Disease. Please contact Kay Terzian if you wish to join or have further questions 541-388-1706. Fridays, 9:45-11:45am. Through Jan. 1. Bend Coffee & Books, 155 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-388-1706. Free.

Pet Loss Support Group Have you experi-

enced the loss of a beloved pet? Whether recently or years ago the sadness can be overwhelming and sometimes isolating. If you’re looking for a safe space free of judgement and full of support please join the Pet Loss Support Group. Time doesn’t always heal, but connecting with others can help. Tue, Sep. 27, 7-8pm and Tue, Dec. 6, 7-8pm. Veterinary Clinic, 360 NE Quimby Ave., Bend. Free.

Redmond: Open Hub Singing Club An unforgettable evening of singing...together! All voices are welcome. Songs are taught by ear and quickly a group of strangers discovers they can make beautiful, meaningful sound together. Led by community song leader, Ian Carrick. Third Wednesday of every month, 6-7:30pm. Through Nov. 17. Redmond Library, 827 Southwest Deschutes Ave., Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1029. Free. Seed to Table Fall Farm Tours Join Seed to Table Farm in exploring the farm and experiencing the fall bounty! Explore cucumbers growing to the ceiling in greenhouses, get a taste of what students experience on field trips and ask questions to the farmers who steward the land to grow nearly 55,000 pounds of produce on a few acres. Wed, Sep. 21, 5:15-6:15pm and Sat, Sep. 24, 10-11am. Seed to Table Farm, 998 E Black Butte Ave., Sisters. Contact: 541-203-0152. Free. Wazzu Football Watch Party Go Cougs! Meet fellow alumni, win swag and fight, fight, fight for Washington State at Cascade Lakes Brewing Company in Bend, the home of the WSUAA Central Oregon Club. Saturdays — Sat, Sep. 24, Sat, Oct. 8, Sat, Oct. 15, Sat, Nov. 5 and Sat, Nov. 19. Through Nov. 26. Cascade Lakes Brewpub, 1441 SW Chandler Ave., Bend. Free.


After School Art Club Art Club is a unique

after school program for kids to create and bring their ideas to life in an inspiring studio space. The weekly schedule features a different focus each day; choose the day that most interests your child or nurture their creativity across a variety of media. Mondays-Tuesdays-Thursdays, 2:30-5pm. Through Dec. 15. Wondery Art + Adventure School, 19550 Amber Meadow Dr., Suite 190, Bend. Contact: $150 per month.


Neuroqueer Meetup A safe place for neurodivergent, queer individuals to exchange with the goal of promoting exploration and sharing of experiences, as well as empowerment and connection to community. Every other Wednesday, 6-7:30pm. The Base at Franklin, 5 NW Franklin Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-610-8826. Free.




Amelia’s World Puppet Show Join Amelia

Build + Brunch Workshop Drop your child off at Wondery Art+Adventure School and walk next door to Meadowlark to enjoy a delicious brunch at a discounted price (take $10 off of $50!). There will be a design challenge and a selection of art materials for children to create, tinker, build and invent with. Saturdays, 10-11:30am. Through Oct. 15. Wondery Art + Adventure School, 19550 Amber Meadow Dr., Suite 190, Bend. Contact: sarah@wonderyschool. com. $25. Early Release Wild Wednesday Art Club Art Club is a unique after school program for kids to create and bring their ideas to life in an inspiring studio space. The weekly schedule features a different focus each day; choose the day that most interests your child or nurture their creativity across a variety of media. Wednesdays, 1-5pm. Through Dec. 14. Wondery Art + Adventure School, 19550 Amber Meadow Dr., Suite 190, Bend. Contact: $150 per month.

Glory Daze Car Show Glory Daze Car Show

takes place in beautiful downtown Sisters. With over 75 cars, a kid’s zone, a raffle and more. There is something for everyone! Sep. 24, 10am2pm. East Main Avenue, East Main Ave., Sisters. Contact: 541-549-2091. SPRD@sistersrecreation. com. Free.

Homeschool Adventure Art Class Join

Wondery Art+Adventure School for a semester class where participants learn how to observe and create like an adventure artist. Each week participants focus on a new element of art and bring it to life through nature journaling and a guided art project. Mondays, 9am-Noon Through Dec. 12. Wondery Art + Adventure School, 19550 Amber Meadow Dr., Suite 190, Bend. Contact: $780.

Homeschool Studio Makers Class Join Wondery Art+Adventure School for a semester class where participants explore, tinker and make through three themed sessions. Students will explore the concept of biomimicry and create inventions inspired by nature, use maker materials (cardboard, wood, fabric and loose parts) to build stories and engage in mixed media fun integrating circuits. Thursdays, 9am-2pm. Through Dec. 15. Wondery Art + Adventure School, 19550 Amber Meadow Dr., Suite 190, Bend. Contact: $960. Kids Open Play The Kids Ninja Warrior gym is a wonderful space for kids to stay active and have fun! It offers both Toddler Open Play for the littles and Kids Open Play for kids — babies and toddlers are welcome, too. The clean, bright and fully padded space is full of fun-filled movement Saturdays-Sundays, Noon-3pm. Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Dr., Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $15/Kids Open Play 1-Pass, $130/ Kids Open Play 10-Pass. Let Freedom Read Rally Redmond Collec-

Ave., Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1032. lizg@ Free.

Moms + Groms Meetup Moms + Groms is officially back at Boss Rambler 3-6pm every Wednesday! Moms, it’s simple: show up with your grom(s) to socialize and drink beer (or whatever you want) with other moms while the kiddos make new friends! All moms get $1 off drinks! Wednesdays, 3-6pm. Boss Rambler Beer Club, 1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Free. Ninja Night! Drop off your kids (age 6-12) for

3 hours of fun at our super-rad Ninja Warrior play space. Our staff will lead fun, team-building games, Ninja Warrior challenges and thrilling timed races through our obstacle course. This is a great opportunity for your kids to play and make some friends! Sep. 24, 5:30-8:30pm. Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $32.

Street Dog Hero’s 2022 Heroes on the Run 5k & Kids Mini-Run Street Dog Hero

is hosting their 3rd annual Heroes on the Run 5k Fun Run & Kids Mini-Run on Sunday, Sep. 25 at the Athletic Club of Bend. This is a dog, kid and family friendly event. Sep. 25, 10am-2pm. Athletic Club of Bend, 61615 Athletic Club Dr, Bend. Contact: $45.

Tinkergarten: Body, Mind & Heart Fall Season How can you help your kid fall in love

with the outdoors and build the habits, connections and skills that help kids thrive throughout life? Tinkergarten will lead explorers through lessons that help kids learn to take risks, embrace change, keep calm, practice gratitude and more! Tuesdays, 10am-11pm. Through Nov. 9. Thursdays, 10-11am. Through Nov. 10. Tumalo State Park, 64120 O. B. Riley Rd., Bend. Contact: 458-231-3395. sherry.cardot@mail.tinkergarten. com. $219.

Youth Cooking Class-Cupcakes Who

doesn’t love cupcakes? Have your child (age 7-17) join Kindred Creative Kitchen in this handson class where they will learn to make and decorate their own cupcakes. Sep. 24, 5:30-9pm. Kindred Creative Kitchen, 2525 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Bend. Contact: 541-640-0350. $50.


Adult Cooking Class-Classic French Cuisine France has a rich culinary history that

is duplicated all over the world. French cuisine is very technique driven and extremely flavorful and fun to eat. Please join Kindred Creative Kitchen in this hands-on class where participants will make 3 courses of classic French dishes. Each course will be paired with wine. Sep. 23, 5:30-9pm. Kindred Creative Kitchen, 2525 NE Twin Knolls Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-640-0350. $90.

Fried Chicken Thursdays Dine in with a 2-piece plate with sides and a biscuit for $18 or take an 8-piece bucket and a bottle to-go! Upgrade to the "Balla Bucket" to get a selected bottle of champagne. Thursdays, 3-9pm. Flights Wine Bar, 1444 NW College Way Suite 1, Bend. Contact: 541-728-0753. flightswinebend@gmail. com. $38. Gluten Free Sourdough Basics & Beyond Join the Peoples Apothecary for a

tive Action is organizing Redmond’s first ever Let Freedom Read rally support of and in defense of diverse and inclusive books. Book-based activity tables, guest readers, food trucks and raffle. Proceeds donated to Redmond School District libraries. Sep. 25, 2-4pm. American Legion Park, 850 SW Rimrock Way, Redmond. Contact: 541-350-3537. redmondcollectiveaction@gmail. com. Free.

delicious and fun evening spent demystifying sourdough bread making, baking and caring for your sourdough starter. You will walk away from this workshop with your own gluten-free sourdough starter and the confidence to make your own gluten-free sourdough bread! Sep. 22, 6-7:30pm. The Peoples Apothecary, 19570 Amber Meadow Dr, Bend. Contact: 541-728-2368. $130.

Let’s Talk About It Training with KIDS Center Examine child development through

Know Flavor: No Salt, No Flavor at Eqwine Wine Learn how to take salt to the

a social, physical and developmental lens. You can attend this program online or in-person. Registration is required. Register by using the “Register Here” link above. Masks are required at all in-person library events. Tuesdays, 10am. Redmond Public Library, 827 SW Deschutes

next level. Registration is required. Sep. 27, 5-6:30pm. Eqwine Wine Bar, 218 SW 4th St, Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1032. Free.

Sisters Farmers Market Sisters Farmers

Market runs every weekend from the first Sunday in June through the first Sunday in October. Explore the market this season to shop for fresh, micro-local produce, pantry staples and artisanal goods throughout Fir Street Park in the heart of Sisters, Oregon. SNAP and EBT accepted! More information at Sundays, 11am-2pm. Through Oct. 3. Fir Street Park, Sisters. Contact: 541-904-0134. Free.


2nd Annual Yachtoberfest It’s that time of year again and the MTYC 2nd Annual Yachtoberfest is coming up on Saturday, Sep. 24 from 1-6pm! Midtown Yacht Club is excited to kick off the fall season and celebrate the @sourceweekly Best Food Cart Lot win with you. Sep. 24, 1-6pm. Midtown Yacht Club, 1661 NE 4th St., Bend. Contact: 458-256-5454. midtownyachtclub@gmail. com. Free. Apple Pressing Party Come hang with the

community, press apples, drink cider and listen to music. All the juice pressed will be used in a special Fall Cider Release! Snacks will be available — outside food OK. Look for our big orange barn. Sep. 25, 12:30-7:30pm. Bend Cider Co., 64649 Wharton Ave., Bend. Free.

Cross Cut Warming Hut: Locals’ Day!

Tuesdays are Locals’ Day. Every Tuesday enjoy $1 off regular size draft beverages. Come by the Warming Hut and hang out by the fire. See you soon, Bend! Tuesdays. Crosscut Warming Hut No 5, 566 SW Mill View Way, Bend.

Growler Discount Night! Enjoy $2 off growler fills every Wednesday at Bevel! Wednesdays. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. Contact: 831-245-1922. Free. Locals’ Night Monday is the day to be at Silver Moon Brewing! Come on down and join the local family all day every Monday! Silver Moon offers $3 pints of the core lineup beers and $4 pours of our barrel aged beers all day. Come down and sample what's new while also enjoying the brand new food menu! It’s a steal of a deal that they won’t be chasing you out the door for! Come down and join the Silver Moon family every Monday! Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. Locals’ Day Come on down to Bevel Craft Brewing for $4 beers and cider and $1 off wine all day. There are also food specials from the food carts located out back at The Patio! Tuesdays. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. Contact: Free. Oregon Whiskey Festival Taste whiskey that is mashed, fermented, distilled and aged in Oregon. This event is a celebration of the exceptional whiskey being produced in Oregon and the recognition of distillers who are committed to the art and craft of distilling. Sep. 23, 5pm and Sep. 24, 2pm. Oregon Spirit Distillers, 740 NE First St., Bend. Contact: nicole@oregonspiritdistillers. com. GA/$40, VIP/$195. Thursday Night Football Welcome to the

new era of Thursday Night Football only on Amazon Prime and shown on Peppertree Pub’s 6 big screen TVs. $10 for one appetizer and a pint of beer poured from 15 rotating taps. It’s the NFL like you have never seen it before at the new Peppertree Pub. Thursdays, 4-9pm. Peppertree Pub, 1082 SW Yates Drive, Best Western Premier, Bend. Contact: 541-382-2007. Free.

Whiskey Tuesdays The Cross-eyed Cricket Watering Hole is offering exclusive access to a library of top shelf whiskeys every Tue. One-ounce pours for reasonable prices. Come by and try something new, or sip on your favorites! Tuesdays, 11am-11pm. Cross-Eyed Cricket, 20565 NE Brinson Blvd., Bend. Free. Wine Wednesdays Happy hour all day on

Wine Wednesday. Come in for discounts on glasses, beers and apps! Wednesdays, 3-9pm. Flights Wine Bar, 1444 NW College Way Suite 1, Bend. Contact: 541-728-0753. flightswinebend@ Free.


Airheart Monkey & Miss Hannah for a fun & uplifting interactive Zoom puppet show! All ages welcome, 3 & under please be accompanied by a sibling or parent/caregiver to assist with interaction. Message ACORN School of Art & Nature on Facebook to request the Zoom link. Fridays, 4-4:15pm. Contact: Free.



+ ATHLETIC EVENTS 2022 MBSEF Thrilla Cyclocross Series



MBSEF brings back its weekly cyclocross series for the month of November! Racers will rip around the grounds of The Athletic Club of Bend and can register for individual races or the fourday race series. Thursdays, 5:15pm. Through Sep. 29. Athletic Club of Bend, 61615 Athletic Club Dr, Bend. Contact: 541-388-0002. molly@ $15-$35.

Badminton Night! Beginners and experienced players welcome. Extra racquets and birdies provided. The $10 cost helps pay for the facility. Wednesdays, 7:30-9:30pm. Through Nov. 2. Bend Hoops, 1307 NE 1st St, Bend. Contact: 503-720-8605. $10. Bend Area Running Fraternity The group

will run, maintaining social distance, along the Deschutes River and then receive discounted drinks from the cidery after the run! Mondays, 5pm. AVID Cider Co. Taproom, 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Contact: bendarearunningfraternity@ Free.

FootZone Fall Training Groups Trail Half Marathon Training for and completing a

Trail Half Marathon (13.1mi) is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Participants benefit from FootZone’s experienced head coach and mentors. The half marathon program will also include informational clinics on nutrition, hydration, gear, injury prevention, stretching techniques and more. Safe. Community. Accountability. Fun. Friends. Tuesdays-Saturdays, 8am and Tue, Aug. 16, 6pm. Through Nov. 12. FootZone, 842 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-317-3568. col@ $150.

FootZone Fall Training Groups: Running Forward FootZone is combining its 5k

and 10k groups to add more value to partici-


TICKETS AVAILABLE AT pants. In this track runners will be welcomed as a first time 5k runner or encouraged as a returning runner looking to advance skills, improve endurance or push for a little bit longer running event. Sat, Sep. 24, 8am and Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Saturdays, 6pm. Through Nov. 6. FootZone, 842 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-317-3568. $120.

Gear Swap Black Butte School along

with Hike-N-Peaks will host a community gear swap selling quality used outdoor and sporting clothing and equipment. Sell your own gear, come by to purchase used gear in good condition or donate directly to the school to sell. All proceeds go to outdoor education at BBS. Sep. 24, 10am-4pm. Hike-N-Peaks, 103 A E Hood Ave, Sisters. Contact: 541-904-0778. jsharp@ Free.

Outdoor Fitness Class This fun and motivating outdoor fitness class will get your blood flowing and leave you feeling empowered! Class will contain circuit, interval training and breath work. Adaptable to all levels. Parking pass, mats and equipment included. Reservation required, please visit website. Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm. Through Sep. 28. Pilot Butte State Park, Bend. Contact: 503-888-3674. $20. Planet Fitness Home Work-Ins Planet

Fitness is offering free daily workouts via livestream! The best part? No equipment needed. Get your sweat on at least four times a day. Valid even for those without memberships! Visit the Planet Fitness Facebook page for more details. Ongoing, 4-5pm. Free.

Redmond Running Group Run All levels welcome. Find the Redmond Oregon Running Klub on Facebook for weekly run details. Thursdays, 6:15pm. City of Redmond, Redmond, Or., Redmond. Contact: Ring of Fire MTB The event’s name refers to the Cascade Mountains and the Volcanos part of a

25,000-mile Volcanic area in the Pacific Ocean Basin called the Ring of Fire. Embrace the lava and all the fantastic singletrack and the opportunity to have one great late-season race and finish with a smile. Sep. 24, 8:30am-4pm. Wanoga Sno Park, Cascade Lakes Highway, Bend. Contact: 541-2257946. $170.

Thursday Night Run Run through the Old Mill for around 3-5 miles, stay for food and drinks! Thursdays, 6-7pm. Spoken Moto, 310 SW Industrial Way, Bend. Free.


Adult Naturalist Immersion Program

Learn more about the natural world through outdoor sessions on focused topics, one Saturday per month for 10 months. Topics include ornithology, plant ID, osteology, ecology, ethnobotany, geology, a wildlife tracking weekend at the Oregon Dunes and more! September - June. Learn more at naturalistimmersion. Sep. 24. Bend, RSVP for address, Bend. Contact: 901-486-4734. info@ $995.

Cog Wild Jumping for Oldies For the ex-

perienced rider, age 30+, who didn’t get around to hitting jumps when youth was on their side. Day #1 at Phil’s Trailhead learning fundamental technique on jumps. Day #2 has students applying their new skills at the The Lair. $150 for 2 days. Wednesdays, 5-7pm. Through Sep. 28. Cog Wild, 19221 SW Century Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-385-7002. $150.

Cog Wild Ladies Progression Rides

Join like-minded ladies for a fun, low stress environment, social pace ride with skills sessions along the way. Rally your girls, minimum of 4 riders required to run these rides. Join for a single session or join them all. $45 per session. Thursdays, 4:30-7pm. Through Sep. 29. Cog Wild,

19221 SW Century Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-3857002. $45 per session.

Hoop Camp Hoop Camp is a basketball clinic

for the special needs community. The Athletic Club of Bend encourages all members of the Bend community to participate. Making the camp inclusive. Join in on the FUN! Oct.1, 10am-1pm. Athletic Club of Bend, 61615 Athletic Club Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-788-8489. chrisanne58@ $40.

Saturday Morning Coffee Run Come join

CORK for a Saturday long run at 9am. The group will meet outside Thump Coffee on York Dr. for a long run. Feel free to run or walk, whatever “long” means to you! Whatever your pace and distance, Thump hopes you’ll join them for the run and stay afterwards for food and drinks! Saturdays, 9-10am. Thump Coffee - NW Crossing, 549 NW York Dr., Bend. Free.

HEALTH + WELLNESS “Honor Moments of Change: Pivot with Purpose” Mini-Retreat Series Kids grow.

Parents age. Bodies evolve. Connections build and dissipate. Change is inevitable yet how we process and respond to that change invokes long-standing effects. Throughout the classes time together, participants will implement tools to gracefully navigate and intentionally reflect upon life’s transitions. Cultivate space to be and become! For more information visit www. Wednesdays. Through Nov. 2. Bend, River West Neighborhood, NW Columbia, Bend. Contact: $500 for eight week series (Limited to 10 people)..

Befriending You: Embodied Self- Connection Intro - Free Experience a taste of

embodied self-awareness and communicating in ways that deepen the connection with yourself. When we resonate with ourselves, we calm our nervous system and have more clarity and connection. Get a sense of what it feels like to be



Aim your smartphone camera here to view our online menu.


$5 OFF










Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

1 1 9 9 N W WA L L ST. B E N D, O R 9 7 70 3 | 8 4 4 - O R E G R OW N

1 1 9 9 N W WA L L ST. B E N D, O R 97 70 3 | 8 4 4 - O R E G R OW N

1 1 9 9 N W WA L L ST. B E N D, O R 9 7 703 | 8 4 4 - O R E G R OW N




Jacob Boll

truly seen and understood. Thu, Sep. 22, 6:308pm and Wed, Sep. 28, 12-1:30pm. Contact: 503680-5810. Free.

Bend Pilates Bend Pilates is now offering a

Psilocybin Therapy: Info Session and Q&A Voters decide in November whether to opt

out of psilocybin therapy in unincorporated Deschutes. Join for this info session and Q&A about psilocybin therapy for addressing depression, anxiety, end-of-life anxiety, addiction and other mental health challenges. Short film followed by Q&A with panel of experts. Sep. 22, 6:30-8:30pm. Embark, 2843 NW Lolo Drive, Bend. Free.

Bend Zen Meditation Group Bend Zen sits every Mon, evening at 7pm. Arrive at 6:45pm to orient yourself and meet others. The group has two 25-minute sits followed by a member-led Dharma discussion from 8:05-8:30pm. All are welcome! Learn more and sign up for emails at, 6:45-8:30pm. Brooks Hall at Trinity Episcopal Church, 469 Wall St., Bend. Contact: Donations accepted.

Cacao, Songs & Gongs The group will gather around the altar to set intentions for the coming season, voice inspirations and resistance toward change and evolution as individuals and in community. This is a safe place to open hearts, to receive and share experiences. Sep. 25, 5-7:30pm. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central OR, 61980 Skyline Ranch Rd, Bend. Contact: 808-783-0374. $44. Capoeira: A Martial & Cultural Art Form of Freedom Free yourself from

everyday movement and thought streams, push your boundaries and find joy in community. This Afro-Brazilian art combines music and acrobatics in a constant flow of movement, attacks and creative defense. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 7-8:30pm. High Desert Martial Arts, 63056 Lower Meadow Dr., Ste. 120, Bend. Contact: 541-6783460. $30 intro month.

Coaching Group Build your dream life while

connecting to a supportive, motivating community. Clarify your goals — internal or external, immediate or long-term, self or other focused. Learn new skills, techniques and insights to make it happen! Led by Diana Lee, Meadowlark Coaching. Mondays, 6-7:30pm. Contact: 914-9802644. $15-25.

Community Acupuncture Reduce stress, increase vitality and energy, treat acute and chronic pain and strengthen your immune system through acupuncture in an affordable, community style setting. Both new and returning patients are welcome! Join David Watts, LAc at Hawthorn every Wednesday and Friday. Call to schedule today! Wednesdays, 10:30am-1pm and Fridays, 10:30am-1pm. Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, 39 NW Louisiana Ave., Bend. Contact: Reservations: 541-330-0334. $60/session. Conscious Dance Drop in and join the dance studio....moving alone, together and in community. All are welcome! Each event will have some guidance and intention, the rest is up to you. Move with what moves you, allow some play. It’ll be fun! Let your body take the as practice for life. Sep. 21, 6-7:30pm. Terpsichorean Dance Studio, 1601 NW Newport Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-948-7015. soulinmotionbend@ $20.

Dance Meditation Transformation

Dance Meditation Transformation is held every Thursday at 6pm at the Hanai Center. The experience of meditation going through the 5 stages of preparing your body and mind to flow freely is a unique experience. The session ends with a free flow dance set of world music. Suggested donations $15-$25. Thursdays, 6-7:30pm. Through Sep. 22. Hanai Foundation, 62430 Eagle Rd., Bend. Contact: 310-420-5873. $15-$25.

Dream Interpretation Group Your inner

consciousness is trying to communicate with your conscious mind all the time. It speaks to us in dreams and waking life in the language of symbolism. Facilitator Michael Hoffman has been interpreting dreams for the past 35 years. This approach draws on Jungian dream interpretation and spiritual traditions. Every other Tues-

Scottish Country Dance Scottish Country

Dance class is on Mon. from 7-9pm at the Sons of Norway Building, 549 NW Harmon. A chance to socialize and get a bit of exercise, too. Beginners are welcome. All footwork, figures and social graces will be taught and reviewed. Contact 541508-9110. Mondays, 7-9pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-5089110. $5.

St. Jacob Orthodox Christian Church VESPERS Join Father Ignatius and the conFeaturing acoustic rock, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals' music is all about meshing creative, moving lyrics along with groovy beats. The group will perform on the Athletic Club of Bend’s outdoor stage this Wed., Sept. 21 at 5:30pm.

day, 6-7:30pm. Contact: 541-639-6246. michael@ Free.

Drop In Monday Meditation - open to all Come join us in the beautiful gardens for

meditation and healing! Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm. Blissful Heart Wellness Center, 45 NW Greeley Ave., Bend. Contact: 510-220-2441. cathleen@ Donation Based.

Fall Cleanse with Alchemy Crystal Bowls and Gong Sound Bath with Wendy Schmitt Cleansing is a way to help

sensitize us to our patterns enabling us to use them in a healthy way to build vitality. Bend Hot Yoga’s offerings include: recipes and sampling of Kitchari and Yogi Tea, practice a cleansing yoga set, set intentions, bring awareness to patterns and a cleansing sound bath. Sep. 25, 6:308:15pm. Bend Hot Yoga, 1230 NE 3rd St. Unit A320, Bend. Contact: $15/BHY members; $30/non-members.

Fall Equinox Sound Bath The Peoples Apothecary will celebrate the Autumn Equinox with a very special sound bath. Ezra Alya will facilitate a healing experience utilizing frequency infused water and play crystal singing bowls in the first event of this kind at The Apothecary. Find out more at our website. Sep. 21, 6-7:30pm. The Peoples Apothecary, 19570 Amber Meadow Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-728-2368. classes@ $25. Impact Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Program Impact PD! is a highly energy exer-

cise class designed for people with Parkinson’s. Whole body activation, voice work, facial expression, counteract your symptoms, dual tasking, fine motor skills and increase your daily activity. Led by Nancy Nelson an Exercise Specialist for Parkinson’s. Call with questions and to sign up 503-799-5311. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 9:1510:30am. High Desert Martial Arts, 63056 Lower Meadow Dr. Ste. 120, Bend. Contact: 503-7995311. $119 a month.

In-Person Yoga at LOFT Wellness & Day Spa In-person yoga classes at Bend’s

newest yoga studio! Tuesdays: Vinyasa with instructor Kelly Jenkins. 5-6pm. Limited to five participants. Thursdays: Foundation Flow with instructor Kelly Jenkins. 5-6pm. Limited to five participants. Schedule online or call to reserve your spot! Tuesdays-Thursdays, 5-6pm. Loft Wellness & Day Spa, 339 SW Century Dr., Ste 203, Bend. Contact: 541-690-5100. info@loftbend. com. $20.

Live Music Yoga & Gong Bath Meditation This experiential yoga class explores vibration through movement, music and meditation. Through the use of gongs, crystal and Tibetan

bowls, chimes, flutes and drums participants explore the healing journey of experiencing sound on a deep profound level. Please bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket for max comfort. All levels Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central OR, 61980 Skyline Ranch Rd., Bend. Contact: 808-783-0374. kevin@ $15-20.

Love Thy Camp Yoga Studio Classes in Tumalo Love Thy Camp has opened a small

(4 yogis max) yoga studio in Tumalo! One of the ways its raises money is through yoga classes. So, come support your health and a great cause! Check the schedule below for dates/times. Private one-on-one available too! First class $5 Off with code: GetSomeYoga. Mondays-Fridays, 9:30-10:30 and 11:30am-12:30pm. Love Thy Camp, 20039 Beaver Lane, Bend. Contact: 541948-5035. $20/drop-in.

Mommy & Me Breastfeeding Support Group The Mommy & Me Breastfeeding Sup-

port Group meets weekly in the Central Oregon Locavore event space. Lactation consultants on hand from St. Charles and WIC to weigh babies and answer questions. All are welcome, including partners and siblings, no matter how you are feeding your baby. Thursdays, 6-8am. Central Oregon Locavore, 1841 NE Third St., Bend. Free.

Outdoor Yoga Class All-levels Vinyasa Flow class. Our community yoga classes take place outside, with the sun shining, the birds chirping and the river flowing by. For visitors, new to Bend and locals - build strength and flexibility in community, in nature! Parking pass, mat and props included. Reservation required, please visit website. Fridays, 8:30-9:30am and Wednesdays, 8:30-9:30am. Through Sep. 28. Tumalo State Park, 64120 O. B. Riley Rd., Bend. Contact: 503-8883674. $20. Overeaters Anonymous (OA) Meeting

Zoom meeting password: 30124. For more information: For assistance, call Terri at 541-390-1097 Sundays, 3-4pm. Contact: 541-390-1097.

Parkinson’s In Person Exercise Class

Please join Nancy Nelson — Parkinson’s Exercise specialist — for this whole body in person, function-focused exercise that will push you to do more than you think. You will be challenged physically and cognitively while working through fitness goals: strength, balance and agility. Call Nancy 503-799-5311. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 1-2pm. First Presbyterian Church, 230 NE Ninth St., Bend. Contact: 503-799-5311. nancyn.pdex@ $160 for 8 weeks.

Praise & Worship In the Vineyard

Join the vineyard for praise and worship in the

gregation in a small worship space located at the back of Bend Coffee & Books. This is a simple evening of prayer and worship. Wednesdays, 6-6:45pm and Saturdays, 6-6:45pm. Through Feb. 1. Bend Coffee & Books, 155 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-241-8119. Free.

Tai Chi / Qi Gong The focus of Grandmaster

Franklin’s teaching is on the individual, not on the group. He teaches the original form as it was taught in the monastery: unchanged—Taoist Tai Chi Chuan 108 movements. This holistic approach focuses on the entire body as well as the mental and spiritual aspects. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 9:45am. Grandmaster Franklin, 61980 Skyline Ranch Rd, Bend. Contact: 541-797-9620. $80 per month.

Tai Chi for Health™ created by Dr. Paul Lam This two-day per week class is appropriate for anyone who wants a slower Tai Chi class or those dealing with chronic health conditions. The gradual, gentle and simple movements help facilitate healing and improve motion, flexibility and balance. We also explore using our knowledge of Tai Chi to help us stay safe and balanced, as seniors. Mondays-Wednesdays, 8:45-9:45am. Oregon Tai Chi, 1350 SE Reed Mkt Rd., Ste 102, Bend. Contact: 541-389-5015. $55-$65.

THE VANCE STANCE ® Is pain preventing

activities you love? Can you no longer “power through” pain from accidents, injuries and historic bad posture? Been told there is no remedy for: Scoliosis, Sciatica, Bunions or “bad” shoulders, back, hips and knees? Correct your posture and flexibility to become pain free! Mondays, Noon-2pm and 6-8pm, Wednesdays, 6-8pm and Thursdays, Noon-2pm. Through Dec. 1. Vance Bonner, 21173 Sunburst Ct., Bend. Contact: 541330-9070. $180.

Women’s Transformative Workshop: The Alchemy of Creation This workshop

combines science with several healing modalities to naturally create an altered state of consciousness which will allow the participant to create new neural pathways in the brain which will support a shift into a more creative future. Get more information and purchase tickets at Sep. 24, 11am-3pm. Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, 39 NW Louisiana Ave., Bend. Contact: 458-256-8464. phnxmn11@ $100.

Yoga with Focus: Dance Gain flexibility

for extensions and strength for inversions. This vinyasa-style class allows a deep stretch while building strength. Tools for stress relief and conditioning that can be transferred to the dance studio. Appropriate for all levels of yoga and dance. No yoga or dance experience necessary. Thursdays, 9-10am. Bend Hot Yoga, 1230 NE 3rd St., Unit A320, Bend. Contact: $20/drop in.


full schedule of classes through Zoom! Sign up for your class on and download Zoom. Prior to start you will receive an email invitation to join class. Be ready with mat, weights, roller and/or band and login five minutes prior to class time. For more information visit Ongoing, Noon-1pm. $20.

vineyard with live music. This is a beautiful way to start your Sunday morning. Sit in the Vineyard with a backdrop of the Three Sisters Mountains for praise and worship. Please bring a chair for this event. Sundays, 11am-Noon. Through Sep. 25. Faith Hope & Charity Vineyards, 70450 NW Lower Valley Dr., Terrebonne. Contact: 541-5265075. Free.


The Flamingo Room is Feeling The Local Love


San Simón’s west side sibling offers a vibrant atmosphere, cool cocktails and thought-out food



By Donna Britt @donnabrittcooks Courtesy Donna Britt


pening another bar is like deciding to have another child. All you remember is how much fun you had with the first one and how cute it was (at least in the beginning), forgetting all about the long, sleepless nights and dirty diapers. That’s how Brian Trottier explains how he and his wife Ashley came about opening a second bar in Bend. Trottier says their first one, San Simón, downtown in Tin Pan Alley, was way more fun to open than he had anticipated, so when he got another bar concept/idea in his head he felt compelled to do it again. It probably didn’t hurt that bar number one has been a raging success, extremely popular and voted Best Bar by Source Weekly readers two years in a row now (2021 & 2022). But let’s get to Bar #2, which is the focus of this particular writing. The Flamingo Room, tucked into an unassuming business plaza off Century Drive on Bend’s west side, has been open since the spring of this year. It’s been bustling ever since, despite its hidden location. Trottier says it’s local residents that are responsible for the positive reception. “I go in there and recognize 75% of the people in the place. People in Bend really support us, which is great because we thought it would be cool to open something more for the local crowd, something off the beaten path.” One of the first things visitors are likely to notice is the plants. They’re everywhere! “I like the energy of plant stores. I like browsing in plant stores. It occurred to me, ‘why couldn’t we have that same environment in a bar,’” explains Trottier. So there you have it – live plants abound at the Flamingo – on shelves high and low, hanging from the ceiling, on the floor, literally in every direction you look. They’re the backdrop and the forefront among rusty, mismatched metal chairs and other junkyard treasures that Trottier is proud to say he recycled from a junkyard in Powell Butte. “It’s an authentic,

The food and drinks are well thought out at the new locals’ favorite, The Flamingo Room.

tropical vibe without being a Jimmy Buffett show. It’s more like a developing nation or a Florida bar after the apocalypse or after a horrible hurricane,” says Trottier. “Vaguely Equatorial” is another descriptor used by the owners and staff. Speaking of staff, the drinks run the gamut and are largely inspired by the staff’s travels to areas around the Equator. Rum and mezcal, warm-weather spirits, as Trottier describes them, are staples in the Flamingo’s cocktail repertoire. “We pride ourselves in taking spirits that people think they don’t like and changing their minds about it. For example the Jazz Daq #2 turns around what you think it’s going to be,” Trottier boasts. It’s made with rum, passion

fruit, Cocchi Americano and fresh lime juice and it’s already a Flamingo favorite. Trottier is proud of the curated liquor selection, explaining that they’re not trying to have the biggest selection of any one thing but rather a well-rounded selection with some weirder gins, mezcals and Japanese liquors, etc. And then there’s the food at The Flamingo Room. Similar to San Simón, guests get a small clipboard with a checklist menu attached in order to choose what they want. Dips & Nosh items include things such as Watermelon & Feta salad, Onion Cashew Dip and Fig & Olive Tapenade. Nibbles are things like pickled carrots, spicy pickled asparagus, seasoned pistachios, fresh snap

peas and bread with butter. Conservas are Sardines in Vinegar, Line Caught Tuna in Olive Oil, Squid in Ink, mussels and cod. There are also Masa Empanadas, a simple green salad, and handmade chocolate bars by the local Fawkes Confectionery. All snack trays come with kettle or plantain chips as well—a nicely curated assortment of bites and bits which are delicious and quite satisfying. “Our food is definitely thought out. It’s not an apology. It’s not an accident. We wanted a more healthy feeling and even though we don’t advertise it, our food is predominantly vegan and vegetarian. It’s rare that you find a bar with those attributes, but why can’t the food make you feel better?” beams Trottier. While nibbling and sipping, one may also notice the music. Trottier himself makes the playlists and they’re very specific, handpicked tunes. His mission is to play familiar songs mixed with unfamiliar selections. His aim is huge diversity, playing everything from African music to Japanese garage rock to Cuban music to 1960s French pop along with Prince and Dr. Dre. That mix creates a “worldly” atmosphere, according to Trottier, and he says it works because of the way he weaves in the unfamiliar with the familiar. So if tasty bites, interesting drinks, captivating décor and amazing music mixes weren’t enough, Trottier says the thing he’s most proud of, the thing that gets overlooked too often, is the exceptional staff. As he puts it, “They’re just the nicest, most generous and gracious people and that’s really the big thing that makes it all work – the dynamite staff!”

The Flamingo Room

Open Daily 4 pm-late 70 SW Century Dr., #130, Bend 541-323-0472 On Instagram @theflamingoroombend





0 E2


Lady Bird in the Old Mill

A Bend-based chef is opening his own fine dining restaurant after years at Drake and Washington Dining & Cocktails








1075 SE

Franklin Ave.



15th St.

Scallops and their velouté with peas, bacon and cipollini onion.


he former leader of the culinary team at Drake and later Washington Dining & Cocktails, John Gurnee, announced a new fine dining experience in the Old Mill at the former location of Flatbread Neapolitan Pizza. Lady Bird is set to open this fall continuing selling wood-fired pizza like Flatbread before it, as well as its own Mediterranean-inspired menu. “Guests really can expect some fireworks and attention to fine details when it comes to the food and beverage offerings,” Gurnee said. “In addition to artisan, naturally leavened pizzas coming out of our wood-fired oven, we will be offering a highly seasonal and curated menu of fresh handmade pastas, beautifully composed salads, eclectic shareable appetizers, impeccably fresh raw bar and a small list of exquisite entrees.” Gurney’s been active in the Bend food scene since he moved to Central Oregon in 2014. In addition to his work at the Drake and Washington Dining & Cocktails, the graduate of San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy consulted on the re-branding of Cascade Lakes Brewery and the opening of Walt Reilly’s and assisted culinary operations at Meadowlark. “We hope that our patrons will enjoy getting dressed up to the nines and make Lady Bird the first or last stop for a night on the town or join us for a lovely champagne brunch on our riverside patio before a day of shopping or casual stroll along the Deschutes,” he said.


Crave Mini Donuts Now at On Tap Cart moves into east side food cart lot By Nicole Vulcan Courtesy Crave Mini Donuts


rave Mini Donuts, the food cart that serves an array of delightful small donuts, has moved. Crave, formerly located at the Bend Factory Stores parking lot, moved to On Tap in earlier this month. Crave Mini Donuts was originally started in McMinnville before moving to Bend in the spring. Regular donut flavors include Boston Crème, Lemon, Maple Bacon, Cinnamon Roll, Raspberry

Cheesecake and Funfetti. It’s open ThuMon from noon to 8pm, according to its Facebook page. Crave Mini Donuts

At On Tap 1424 NE Cushing Dr., Bend On Instagram @crave_mini_donuts


The Tony Buckman Band Live at THE VAULT REDMOND, OR 5 to 8 pm


Lady Bird


Now Open with More Taps


and a Great New Menu



Growing Places

John Kish launches The Greenhouse Cabaret with ‘Hedwig’ By Jared Rasic 29 Photos by Joy Reyneke

Hedwig will tell you some stories.

The Greenhouse is planning on helping change that. “My hope is to host diverse theatrical companies from surrounding Oregon areas to bring more art to Bend,” says Kish. “Then, in time, open up that conversation about creating local opportunities here. Many say there are no LGBTQIA2S+ or BIPOC artistic opportunities and I agree. So, I built a theater to do so. The Greenhouse will also be a host to local drag troupes, RuPaul viewing parties and more queer community-building opportunities that are not offered in this town.” If you’re not familiar with “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” it’s heartbreaking, hilarious and an enduring artistic work that only gets more relevant with time. Directed by the great Rick Johnson, “Hedwig” has a thematic importance that Kish instinctively knows is an ideal launch to the Greenhouse. Hedwig not only broke ground by having a trans character front and center of a rock opera, but John Cameron Mitchell’s masterwork also balanced the tragedy of loss, the warmth of love and the pitch-black comedy of failure in a way that hadn’t been done before or since. The show stays with everyone who sees it, not just for a day or two, but forever. “I hope people walk away feeling moved,” says Kish. “Some may not know why, others may be jazzed from the rock music and some may see life a little differently than before. Hedwig’s story is that of us all; a universal pain shared, no matter the circumstances. Acceptance of self is making love; having compassion for yourself and others.” Theater in Bend is in good hands with John Kish. Just look at how beautifully he curates Somewhere That’s Green and imagine how that skill would carry over to The Greenhouse Cabaret. He has the patience to build something with strong roots; something that will grow larger and more beautiful over time. He wouldn’t oversaturate the scene, instead making sure each and every blossom, each leaf, each artistic endeavor is given the attention and love it deserves. Live theater came very close to dying during COVID. The art form deserves to be regrown with a stronger foundation and I can’t think of anyone better than John Kish to plant the seed. Hedwig and the Angry Inch Fri., Oct. 21-Sat., Nov. 5 The Greenhouse Cabaret 1017 NE 2nd St., Bend Tickets and show details at Volunteer opportunities at



’ve been a part of the Bend theater scene on and off for a long time, and there aren’t very many predictable aspects of that world. I’ve acted in a few dozen plays, stage managed a handful and directed two of them, so I tend to feel like I have skin in the game when it comes to Central Oregon having a strong theater community. Conversely, the quality of the productions always vary across the theater companies, the backstage drama fluctuates between deeply uncomfortable and non-existent and it’s usually pretty impossible to tell how opening night is going to be until you’re in the middle of it. In fact, I’m pretty sure there’s only one actually predictable aspect of theater in Bend: If John Kish is involved, it’s going to be worth watching. From founding the Cocktail Cabaret at the Capitol, giving a powerful dramatic performance in “The Glass Menagerie” and a classic slapstick performance in “Young Frankenstein” and directing one of the finest musicals Central Oregon has ever seen with “Spring Awakening,” John Kish is one of our best storytellers. So, in a perfect confluence of events, Kish is opening The Greenhouse Cabaret, a theater space inside his plant shop, Somewhere That’s Green. “When I conceived my plant shop idea back in 2013, the theater was also a part,” Kish told the Source Weekly. “When I launched the plant shop in 2018 I never dreamed that in four years I would already have the theater launching within it! The main inspiration was ‘Little Shop of Horrors,’ AKA plants and theater combined, my two loves and passions. Also, I left NYC wanting more nature and grounding, so performing in a planty space is a unique experience I’ve never seen, for both the performer and audience member.” And what better way to launch Th Greenhouse Cabaret than with one of the finest rock musicals of all time, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” with Kish in the starring role. “It has often been said that Hedwig is a career-ending role as there’s nothing quite like it again,” says Kish. “I’ve never been in the right place or time to get cast, and what better way than to launch my own theater with it. It truly will be a great representation of what this new stage will represent.” In the category of painfully obvious information, the Bend theater scene has a massive lack of opportunities for LGBTQIA2S+ artists and artists of color on stage and in the director’s chair. The movement forward has been happening so slowly as to almost be unnoticeable.


Viola Davis’ World SCREEN It’s The Woman King entertains, as long as historical accuracy isn’t expected By Jared Rasic



Courtesy of IMdb

The real life Agojie, an all-female warrior military group, could have conquered the world if they wanted to.


know this is incredibly obvious, but most movies are full of crap. If it’s not a documentary, it’s definitely full of crap, and if it says, “Based on a true story,” it’s usually just as full of crap as the rest. Look at “The Conjuring” franchise. There’s more evidence that the Warrens were snake oil salespeople than that they were investigating real hauntings. Hollywood likes to take a kernel of a true story like a historical event or figure and then fabricate a (sometimes) compelling narrative to transform into box-office dollars. Here’s the thing, though: Your mileage may vary, whether that bothers you or not. I don’t usually go to movies for historical accuracy (that’s what I like books and docs for), so I usually take everything presented in “historical” films with a boulder of salt. If movies playing fast and loose with the facts make you angry, then I might avoid the new historical action/drama, “The Woman King,” but if you use the film as a jumping off

point for doing your own reading on the subject, then it’s a very entertaining epic bolstered by three astounding lead performances. “The Woman King” tells the story of the Agojie, the all-female warrior military group that protected the West African Kingdom of Dahomey. Set in the 1820s, the film follows the leader of the Agojie, General Nanisca (a seismic Viola Davis), her second-in-command, Izogie (a scene-stealing Lashana Lynch) and a new recruit to the unit, Nawi (a star-making performance from Thuso Mbedu). These three performances are so compelling that even when the film veers into melodrama, it never ceases to be immanently watchable. The story of the Agojie and of the long-ended Kingdom of Dahomey is a fascinating one and definitely worthy of making a big-budget historical epic about, but, because Hollywood, what we have in “The Woman King” is a sanitized and bloodless drama that trades

complicated history for crowd-pleasing adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the film immensely as I was watching it, but once I went home and researched Dahomey and its history with slavery and human sacrifice, it made me wonder if something more historically accurate would have ultimately carried more power. But ignoring all that and just viewing the movie for what it is and not what it could have been, “The Woman King” is a strong look at Black sisterhood, the majesty of Africa and the destitution of slavery. This is “Braveheart” and “Gladiator” writ even larger with an almost exclusively BIPOC cast which is something we’ve needed for a long time. It’s hard to nitpick the details of this movie when it’s ultimately so refreshing that Hollywood is finally making movies like this after so many years of almost zero representation. At the end of the day, it’s extremely satisfying to watch African warrior women systematically slaughter colonizers and slavers, so all of my complaints of historical accuracy fall by the wayside when 57-year-old Viola Davis fights men twice her size and half her age and pulls it off more believably than most other actors. I mean, I buy Viola Davis as an action star now more than Chris Pratt or Vin Diesel. “The Woman King” is an extremely entertaining bit of popcorn historical action. It could have been much more, but this is what we have, and since it’s kind of amazing we even have this, it’s good enough for now. But Hollywood can still do better. They owe it to the underrepresented and marginalized voices they’ve silenced for over 100 years. Movies like this and “Black Panther” are a good place to start, but this is just the beginning. “The Woman King”

Dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood Grade: B Now Playing at Regal Old Mill



FILM SHORTS By Jared Rasic

SAVE 20%-50%

 Your friendly local film reviewer’s takes on what’s out there in the world of movies.

on your favorite loca l businesses

Courtesy IMdb

Prepare to get your scare on with "Barbarian."

AVATAR (RE-RELEASE): To get people hyped for the new “Avatar” movie that’s coming out in December, Disney is re-releasing the original to remind people that that was a thing back in 2009. I haven’t seen it in years, but I remember “Avatar” having cool 3D and a plot that reminded me how much I love “Fern Gully.” Regal Old Mill

as Zizka and co-starring Michael Caine, this should be a bloody good time for fans of historical fiction. Regal Old Mill

BARBARIAN: A woman arrives to her rental home

knowing nothing except that it’s so much stranger than fiction. Will melt your brain and help redefine what humans will do to achieve their dreams. Tin Pan Theater

but the dude that played Pennywise is already there. Most people would flee into the night, but then we wouldn’t have a movie, so she stays and deeply creepy horror ensues. This is a new horror classic from top to bottom. Regal Old Mill

BULLET TRAIN: Why yes, I would like to see Brad Pitt fight a train full of assassins as it speeds across Japan. When you’ve got one of the co-creators of the “John Wick” franchise behind the camera, that means there will be just as many jokes as punches and “Bullet Train” is just as goofy as it is exciting. Regal Old Mill DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS: This animated

adventure sees The Rock and Kevin Hart as the voice of Superman and Batman’s respective dogs that must team up to save their respective Super Partners. Regal Old Mill

DON’T WORRY DARLING: The media loves to talk

about all the drama involved with the making of this one, but completely forgets that 1) Olivia Wilde directed the charming and lovely “Booksmart,” 2) Florence Pugh is one of the best actresses of her generation and 3) that this movie is actually an original idea instead of a remake or comic book movie. I think it looks fantastic. Regal Old Mill, Sisters Movie House, Odem Theater Pub, McMenamins

GOD’S COUNTRY: Thandiwe Newton vs trespassers in a modern inversion of the American Western? Yeah, sign me up. The trailer for this is chilling. Sisters Movie House THE INVITATION: This period horror film is a

reinterpretation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” but set at a destination wedding in the English countryside. Starring the luminous Nathalie Emmanuel, this looks like a classy creeper designed to engage the brain while being spooky as all get out. Regal Old Mill

JAWS: This is legit one of the best movies of all time, now available to see in either IMAX or in 3D. I hope I have nightmares about a shark swimming at my face in a crowded movie theater from now on. That sounds like fun, for sure. Regal Old Mill MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON: Did you fall in love with the hilarious and touching YouTube videos of Marcel (voiced by the luminous Jenny Slate) when they came out a few years ago? Of course you did. Well, this feature length story about the little shell searching for his people is one of the sweetest and kindest movies of the last few years. A joy. Tin Pan Theater

MEDIEVAL: A Czech historical action drama about Jan Zizka, a Bohemian military commander who never lost a battle. With the always great Ben Foster

MOONAGE DAYDREAM: David Bowie. In IMAX. Glorious. Regal Old Mill

MY OLD SCHOOL: Go into this hybrid documentary

PEARL: A darkly funny and disturbing melodrama that acts as a prequel to last year’s modern horror classic “X,” Ti West and Mia Goth’s “Pearl” is a perverted and bloody "Wizard of Oz.” Truly one of the most original experiences of the year. Regal Old Mill, Tin Pan Theater



SEE HOW THEY RUN: An old-fashioned comedy/ mystery that plays like a madcap Agatha Christie whodunnit featuring Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody and Ruth Wilson? Yeah, that sounds like it was made just for me. Regal Old Mill, Sisters Movie House, Odem Theater Pub

Breakfast & Lunch

THE SILENT TWINS: The true story of twin sisters living in a small town in Wales that would only communicate with each other. A deep dive into institutional racism, this is a remarkable story I had never heard of before now. Regal Old Mill THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER: Writer/director Taika

— GUIDE — — —

Waititi is one our most innovative filmmakers and “Love and Thunder” is packed with mind-blowing visuals and some of his most irreverent humor yet. Don’t believe the negativity, this is an absolute blast. I hope we get Thor movies forever. Regal Old Mill

THE TERRITORY: A captivating look at the struggle

between indigenous tribes and developers as the locals try to save as much as they can of the Amazon. This really shows you the power of documentaries and their ability to effect change. Tin Pan Theater

TOP GUN: MAVERICK: There’s a reason why Tom Cruise is the last true movie star and it’s mostly because he’s that perfect blend of creepy, weird and desperate to entertain us—and boy does he. Talk about a highway to the danger zone. Regal Old Mill, Odem Theater Pub WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING: I really liked this

book and actress Daisy Edgar-Jones is a fantastic new talent, so hopefully this Rural Noir murder mystery catches the imaginations of people unfamiliar with the story. If the reviews are accurate, the film doesn’t quite capture the same magic as the book does, but not many movies adapt novels very well in the first place. Regal Old Mill, Odem Theater Pub


Whether you prefer sweet or savory, veggie or deli, light and crunchy, or rich and heavy, we’ve got the lowdown on the best breakfast and lunch options in town.

On Stands: Oct 6 Ad Deadline: Sept 29

Readers will sink their teeth into this easy to explore format. Advertise in the Source Weekly’s Breakfast and Lunch Guide and bring home the bacon!

THE WOMAN KING: An historical drama/action

movie about the Agojie, the all-female warrior unit that protected the African kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800’s. Featuring an absolutely fierce performance by Viola Davis, this is a solid if flawed epic. See full review on page 30. Regal Old Mill

This special edition brought to you by

541.383.0800 |


Purchase discount gift certificates online at



Wild and Scenic Film Festival Rolls into Bend “On Tour” show presented by ONDA on September 30 at the Tower Theatre By Damian Fagan




nspiration happens through various formats. The Wild and Scenic Film Festival presented by Oregon Natural Desert Association and sponsored by E2Solar at the Tower Theatre brings inspiration through visual storytelling on Friday, Sept. 30. The short films highlight activists working on environmental issues across the globe. And in the case of “National Parks ‘One Star Reviews’” they also poke a little fun at irreverent reviews of America’s crown jewels. “The Wild & Scenic Film Festival was started by the South Yuba River Citizens League,” said Hana Hart, ONDA membership and engagement coordinator. “Each year they bring over 100 short films to their festival, and then they offer a selection of those films as ‘on tour’ films and allow other nonprofits to curate a lineup of films and bring a shorter, on-tour version of the festival to their hometown.” The tour consists of 10 films that ONDA selected for this year’s event, which include in-person viewing at the Tower Theatre or online streaming at home. “I’m glad to be bringing a handful of films that are specific to the northwestern United States (“Finding Salmon” (2 min.), “Guardians of the River” (14 min.), “Land of the Yakamas” (9 min.), as it’s always fun to see gorgeous films from places we know well,” said Hart. “Guardians of the River” shares the vision of Klamath tribal leaders and their vision of removing four dams along the Klamath River to restore salmon runs, riparian habitat and tribal justice. Another river-related film, “The Voice of a River” (11 min.) is the story of Mark Dubois, who protested the flooding of the Stanislaus River by chaining himself to a rock upstream of the New Melones Dam. “Originally, the goal behind the film was to celebrate Earth Day and the Executive Producers (Monica Gonzalez and Jarvis Smith) and Citrix (sponsor of the film) were exploring different angles for a short piece on the topic, the story of Mark Dubois and his activism in the face of the New Melones Dam project in 1979,” said Carlos Gonzalez, owner of Illumirit Productions. “Mark’s connection to the Stanislaus was undeniable and I felt one of the more powerful ways to have a discussion about conservation of this planet.” Dubois’s actions show how one person can influence change. Internationally, “The Bat Woman and Bat Man of India” (7 min.) features two Indian chiropteran researchers at Osmania University whose passion for bats and each other wasn’t inspired by wine and roses, but rather by dead bats,

Courtesy ONDA

"Denizens of the Steep" contrasts the joy of backcountry skiing with the threatened extinction of bighorn sheep. Courtesy ONDA

“Ghost Ponds” (12 min.) tells the story of disappearing habitat in England and Wales as agriculture fills in ponds and wetlands at an accelerated rate. The buried ponds leave a “ghostly” mark on the landscape that researchers target to unearth seeds buried in the sediments to revive these dead habitats. “The main thing I want the audience to take away from the festival is how impactful one person can be when it comes to conserving and stewarding our earth,” said Hart. “I want folks to feel inspired to get involved and to understand that however they choose to engage—donating, volunteering or advocating—it all matters. Our community of supporters makes our work possible!” General admission tickets are available online from the Tower Theatre. Doors open at 5 pm and all proceeds go to benefit ONDA’s work to protect, defend and restore Oregon’s high desert wild lands, waters and wildlife. For streaming, the virtual waiting room opens at 5:30pm, and only one household member needs to register for this free option. Wild and Scenic Film Festival

"The Voice of a River" tells the story of an activist who chained himself to a rock to help save the Stanislaus River.

which they exchanged as endearing gifts. Their unique relationship led them on a unique and at-times-dangerous journey

to protect bat species in India, in particular the Kolar leaf-nosed bat that hadn’t been observed in India since the 1980s.

Fri., Sept. 30 6-8pm Tower Theatre 835 NW Wall St., Bend $14 (plus $3 Historic Preservation fee); free online streaming

Vote NO on 9-152

GO HERE By Allie Noland

Street Dog Hero

Protect Access to Mental Health Services in Our Community. Research has shown that psilocybin-assisted therapy is safe and effective in treating anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

September 22nd at 6:30pm For more information on educational events follow our website and social media:

VoteNO9152 Vote No on 9-152 Deschutes County

Central Oregon is running a 5K for the dogs


treet Dog Hero is giving Central Oregon a reason to run this weekend. For all ages and all experience levels, the Street Dog Hero Third Annual Heroes on the Run 5K event is back. Attendees can listen to live music, meet adoptable dogs, run for a cause and find their favorite food cart to eat lunch after the race. What else could you want out of a Sunday? Heroes on the Run will be held at the Athletic Club of Bend starting at 10am and includes kids, dogs and adults who are ready to raise awareness for rescuing street dogs around the world. Registration opens at the beginning of the event, and the first kids’ race will kick off at 10:30am. The main event is the 5K race starting at 11am. A second kids mini-course race will follow at 12:30pm. At this 5K event, people can enjoy one of the last warm weekend days on the beautiful Deschutes River. The race starts at the Athletic Club of Bend, takes runners down to the river, along the Deschutes River Trail, down to the Old Mill area and then back up and around to the club. Every step of this scenic 3.1-mile loop is to help find dogs forever homes. Street Dog Hero has been providing dogs with forever homes since 2017, while also making efforts to spay/neuter animals, educate the community and advocate for animal wellness. Attendees can buy raffle tickets to support Street Dog Hero’s efforts to give good lives to dogs around the world. The raffle prize winners will be announced at 1:15pm. Listen to live local music performances, enjoy a beer at the mini-pub beer garden and grab some lunch after the races and while waiting for runners and the raffle announcements. Get out there, run for the dogs and maybe meet your new bestie! Street Dog Hero 5K

Sun., Sept. 25, 10am Athletic Club of Bend 61615 Athletic Club Dr., Bend Free to watch; $45 entry fee for adults/$10 kids run


Curious about psilocybin? Please join us at our FREE Psilocybin Educational Q&A Session at Embark CoWorking Community.




Northwest Brewers Rethinking Drinking with Craft ‘Near Beer’



Brewers are diversifying into nonalcoholic beers after 20% growth in sales By Tom Banse via Northwest News Network



alf a dozen Pacific Northwest craft breweries are diversifying into making nonalcoholic beer. But instead of brewing bland and watery “near beer,” they’re injecting quality and variety into a space that used to be dominated by a few national brands. A swelling customer base is lapping it up. The kettle was already hot when the co-owner and the head brewer at Three Magnets Brewing Company arrived last Wednesday with a load of freshly harvested hops from the Willamette Valley. Brewer Aaron Blonden got right to work at the brewpub in Olympia. “This is Self Care ‘Fresh Cut!’ It’s a pale ale,” Blonden announced as an assistant emptied the bags of fragrant hops into a stainless steel tank. Blonden’s team has plans to brew several different styles of fresh hopped beers during the harvest season. This brewery is one of the first in the nation to extend the distinctive, aromatic seasonal treat to the nonalcoholic segment. Craft brewers said they are seeing the target audience spill well beyond designated drivers and people in recovery minding their sobriety. Athletes are choosing the zero-proof lagers. Health-conscious millennials are driving growth. The quality improvement eased the possible stigma of being seen drinking “near beer” at a bar or barbeque. There are a bunch of ways to make nonalcoholic beer. One is to brew regular beer and then later remove the alcohol with pressure or heat. Another option is to control the fermentation, so the batch produces minimal or no alcohol to begin with. Blonden takes that approach. “I’ve told everybody it’s challenging,” he said. “And no, I won’t tell you exactly how we do it.” Broadly speaking, the technique is called manipulated or arrested fermentation. Craft brewers prefer it because it preserves the flavor and body of the beverage without requiring additional expensive technology. To be sold as nonalcoholic in most states, an adult beverage needs to have less than 0.5% alcohol content. The past couple years have seen a case full of flavors and styles of

nonalcoholic beer pour into the market. “A lot of our pilsners do really well,” Blonden said. “The Bohemian Brew that just came out is wonderful. That’s based on a Czech pilsner that I specialize in.” In Oregon, Deschutes Brewery now makes a nonalcoholic version of its signature Black Butte Porter. Also from Bend, Crux Fermentation Project competes with an IPA and a Hazy IPA. Crux’s marketing director, Jason Randles, said sales at retail in Oregon of nonalcoholic beer are up 20% in the year to date while most other beer segments are down. “We see this trend continuing as craft beer drinkers look for healthier options and more occasions to enjoy locally made, high quality beer,” Randles said via email. “We’re also seeing strong support from retailers like Safeway, Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, and even Costco.” This month, Sawtooth in Idaho is coming out with a seasonal Oktoberfest brew under its nonalcoholic Atmos Brewing label. Bend-based 10 Barrel Brewing Company is the newest to join the party with a full-flavored, alcohol-free IPA it released in August. The next entrant from the region into the nonalcoholic segment could be Figurehead Brewing Company in Seattle, where co-owner and head brewer Bob Monroe has been cutting against the grain by blogging about his experiments to create a “great tasting” nonalcoholic beer. “While the craft brewing industry is amazingly collaborative and most breweries will happily talk recipes and process with other breweries, the NA brewing world is the exact opposite,” Monroe wrote. “Most NA breweries spend an immense amount of time and resources on research and development and therefore closely guard their processes as proprietary trade secrets. (The) blog is intended to be the antidote to that.” This story originally appeared on Northwest News Network and is published here through a partnership with Oregon Public Broadcasting.

THE REC ROOM Crossword

By Brendan Emmett Quigley

ACROSS 1 Stop shooting a film 5 Movie with undead characters played for laughs 11 Jab with a fork 14 Really, really dislike 15 “Positions” singer Grande 16 Jay-Z’s nickname 17 “___ cost ya” 18 Twice-inducted Basketball Hall of Fame Duke legend, for short 19 Middle eastern potentate 20 “___ Lets Flats” 22 Rode around in a 27-Down 24 Brown under the sun 25 Choose not to participate 29 Give a speech 30 En fuego 31 Airplane wing parts 32 Covered with a fine watery spray 33 “Manningcast” co-host 34 ___-Coburg-Gotha 35 60 secs. 36 State-of-the-art, and a hint to five extra answers in this puzzle 40 Grp. that runs 41 Puddle of ___ 42 Nutty hiker’s snack 45 Actress Knightley 48 End-of-the-semester test 49 Butter substitute 50 “Rule, Britannia!” composer Thomas 51 Back drop? 52 Knee-hiding skirt 53 Scrubber in the kitchen 55 “Cheers” barfly Cliff 57 NBA bio stats 58 Wearing a cap, say 62 ___ a time 63 Sch. with the a cappella group The Chorallaries 64 Each 65 Sir or Sergeant, e.g. 66 It has a chilling effect 67 “Love Actually” co-star 68 Filled to the max

DOWN 1 Ref’s tool 2 Do similar to a mullet 3 It’s lowest point is the Milwaukee Deep 4 Hunter’s skin 5 Marlins pitcher Gallen 6 The first blank in “___ y ___” 7 British actress Goth 8 Plant with prickles 9 Boiling, perhaps 10 Sort of shark 11 Barber’s tools 12 Certain tabby 13 Get high? 21 Hempstead university 23 Flattening, in the ring 26 The second blank in “___ y ___” 27 See 22-Across 28 Night to try out some new material 32 Pianist’s starting place 35 Military award 37 International delegate, briefly 38 Filth 39 Narcissist 43 Italian manufacturer of typewriters 44 Called back 45 Led Zeppelin song that begins “Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face” 46 Blue literature 47 Very worried 48 Losing trend 51 Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall city 54 Backup strategy 56 “___ love, hon!” 59 From southern Asia 60 Opportunity cost subj. 61 ___ Xiaoping

Difficulty Level


We’re Local!


Questions, comments or suggestions for our local puzzle guru? Email Pearl Stark at

35 F T Difficulty Level: ●●●○ Puzzle for the E week of Sep 19, 2022 U O L © Pearl Stark I U R E T O L F T T O L ODifficulty Level: ●●●○ E U I R EOL T F T WI LTF E L W T E L O W RR L L O W F T F T Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters

I T row, E Fcolumn, O U L and 3x3 box with each of the letters exactly once. FillW in R every

Fill Wexactly R in Ionce. Tevery E row, F Ocolumn, U L WRITE FOUL exactly once.


©2021 Brendan Emmett Quigley (


Pearl’s Puzzle

Puzzle for the week of Sep 19, 2022

and 3x3 box with each of the lette

The highlighted letters read left read to right top to will complete the quote: The highlighted letters leftand to right andbottom top to bottom will complete the quote: "Youth is like spring, an over praised season more remarkable for “Youth is like spring, an over praised season more remarkable for biting winds than genial biting winds than genial breezes. Autumn is the mellower season, breezes. Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in ______s we more than gain in and what we lose in ______s we more than gain in ______s." ______s.” - Samuel Butler - Samuel Butler

The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom wi "Youth is like spring, an over praised season more remarkabl 5 $ , 0 , Autumn & 5 ( 7is(the 6mellower , ; biting breezes. se R G E winds M D T than O H genial I 3 $ ; , / 3 5 ( , 6 / $ 0 M O what H E Rwe I lose D G in T ______s we more than gain in ______s." and 2 8 5 & + ( 1 3 $ 5 7 , ( 6 T D I H G O R E M $ ; , $ / 2 / ' 6 2 / ( Samuel Butler G M D T O R E I H

Answer for the week September 12, 2022 ANSWER TO LAST WEEK'S PUZZLES

E H R I M D I T O for G Ethe H Answer O I G R T E D R M O H G H E T D I M

& / 2 2 1 ( < ( 6 < 6 6 + & 8 / 7 2 1 + 2 7 / 7 2 2 , & 2 5 * $ 1 & , * $ 5 6 7 ( 1 7

T O G $ 1 1 ) 7 : $ + $ 6 6 ( & M D R week September 12, 2022 & $ 6 7 5 2 3 + H M D 0 $ 7 , $ 5 $ I T E % 2 1 * G R O

R G E M D T O& H + , I $ $ 3 “I’m not tired, just M OgoodHand E Rtired.” I D 9 G, ( T - Mae West T D I H G O R 6( E7, 6$ M © Pearl Stark G M D T O R E I H E H R I M D T O G I T O G E H M D R O I G R T E H M D D R M O H G I T E H E T D I M G R O “I’m not good and tired, just tired.” - Mae West

“I’m not good and tired, just tired.” - Mae West © Pearl Stark

7 , . ,

5 ( ' ' , 7

8 1 2 & 2

/ ( 2 1 (

1 ( 5 , 6 0

( 6

( 6 6 2

$ 1 7 (

6 2 5 : 2 1 <

$ 7 2 3


ASTROLOGY By Rob Brezsny VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): In the coming weeks, you should refrain from wrestling with problems that resist your solutions. Be discerning about how you use your superior analytical abilities. Devote yourself solely to manageable dilemmas that are truly responsive to your intelligent probing. PS: I feel sorry for people who aren’t receptive to your input, but you can’t force them to give up their ignorance or suffering. Go where you’re wanted. Take power where it’s offered. Meditate on the wisdom of Anaïs Nin: “You cannot save people. You can only love them.”



LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh was born under the sign of Libra. He said, “The root-word ‘Buddha’ means to wake up, to know, to understand; and he or she who wakes up and understands is called a Buddha.” So according to him, the spiritual teacher Siddhartha Gautama who lived in ancient India was just one of many Buddhas. And by my astrological reckoning, you will have a much higher chance than usual to be like one of these Buddhas yourself in the coming weeks. Waking up will be your specialty. You will have an extraordinary capacity to burst free of dreamy illusions and murky misapprehensions. I hope you take full advantage. Deeper understandings are nigh.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23Nov. 21): I invite you

A Quantum Healing Center

What is a Harmonic Egg? It is an egg shaped, patented chamber that utilizes sound, light, and sacred geometry to realign your energies so your body can do what it does best, heal itself. Head to our website to learn more. Ongoing events at Spark Wellness: • •

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): There’s an

Meditations every Monday evening 6:30-8pm Metaphysical Book Club every 3rd Thursday of the month 541.604.2440 210 SW 5th St. Suite 4 Redmond, OR 97756 @sparkwellnessredmond

to be the sexiest, most intriguing, most mysterious Scorpio you can be in the coming weeks. Here are ideas to get you started. 1. Sprinkle the phrase “in accordance with prophecy” into your conversations. 2. Find an image that symbolizes rebirth and revitalization arising out of disruption. Meditate on it daily until you actually experience rebirth and revitalization arising out of disruption. 3. Be kind and merciful to the young souls you know who are living their first lifetimes. 4. Collect deep, dark secrets from the interesting people you know. Employ this information to plan how you will avoid the trouble they endured. 5. Buy two deluxe squirt guns and two knives made of foam rubber. Use them to wage playful fights with those you love.

ancient Greek saying, “I seek the truth, by which no one ever was truly harmed.” I regard that as a fine motto for you Sagittarians. When you are at your best and brightest, you are in quest of the truth. And while your quests may sometimes disturb the status quo, they often bring healthy transformations. The truths you discover may rattle routines and disturb habits, but they ultimately lead to greater clarity and authenticity. Now is an excellent time to emphasize this aspect of your nature.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Let’s imagine

Could you spot a child in distress? The signs of child abuse are not always obvious. Learn how to spot the signs. A child may thank you.


you are in your office or on the job or sitting at your kitchen table. With focused diligence, you’re working on solving a problem or improving a situation that involves a number of people. You think to yourself, “No one seems to be aware that I am quietly toiling here behind the scenes to make the magic happen.” A few days or a few weeks later, your efforts have been successful. The problem is resolved or the situation has improved. But then you hear the people involved say, “Wow, I wonder what happened? It’s like things got fixed all by themselves.” If a scenario like this happens, Capricorn, I urge you to speak up and tell everyone what actually transpired.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): To honor your entrance into the most expansive phase of your astrological cycle, I’m calling on the counsel of an intuitive guide named Nensi the Mercury Priestess. She offers the following advice. 1. Cultivate a mindset where you expect something unexpected to happen. 2. Fantasize about the possibility of a surprising blessing or unplanned-for miracle. 3. Imagine that a beguiling breakthrough will erupt into your rhythm. 4. Shed a few preconceptions about how your life story will unfold in the next two years. 5. Boost your trust in your deep self’s

innate wisdom. 6. Open yourself more to receiving help and gifts.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Author Colin Wilson describes sex as “a craving for the mingling of consciousness, whose symbol is the mingling of bodies. Every time partners slake their thirst in the strange waters of the other’s identity, they glimpse the immensity of their freedom.” I love this way of understanding the erotic urge, and recommend you try it out for a while. You’re entering a phase when you will have extra power to refine and expand the way you experience blending and merging. If you’re fuzzy about the meaning of the words “synergy” and “symbiosis,” I suggest you look them up in the dictionary. They should be featured themes for you in the coming weeks. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Poet Susan Howe describes poetry as an “amorous search under the sign of love for a remembered time at the pitchdark fringes of evening when we gathered together to bless and believe.” I’d like to use that lyrical assessment to describe your life in the coming days—or at least what I hope will be your life. In my astrological opinion, it’s a favorable time to intensify your quest for interesting adventures in intimacy; to seek out new ways to imagine and create togetherness; to collaborate with allies in creating brave excursions into synergy. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Social reformer Frederick Douglass (1817-1895) had a growlery. It was a one-room stone cabin where he escaped to think deep thoughts, work on his books, and literally growl. As a genius who escaped enslavement and spent the rest of his life fighting for the rights of his fellow Black people, he had lots of reasons to snarl, howl, and bellow as well as growl. The coming weeks would be an excellent time for you to find or create your own growlery, Taurus. The anger you feel will be especially likely to lead to constructive changes. The same is true about the deep thoughts you summon in your growlery: They will be extra potent in helping you reach wise practical decisions.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): “Conduct your blooming in the noise and whip of the whirlwind,” wrote Gemini poet Gwendolyn Brooks. I love that advice! The whirlwind is her metaphor for the chaos of everyday life. She was telling us that we shouldn’t wait to ripen ourselves until the daily rhythm is calm and smooth. Live wild and free right now! That’s always good advice, in my opinion, but it will be especially apropos for you in the coming weeks. Now is your time to “endorse the splendor splashes” and “sway in wicked grace,” as Brooks would say. CANCER (June 21-July 22): “Don’t look away,” advised novelist Henry Miller in a letter to his lover. “Look straight at everything. Look it all in the eye, good and bad.” While that advice is appealing, I don’t endorse it unconditionally. I’m a Cancerian, and I sometimes find value in gazing at things sideways, or catching reflections in mirrors, or even turning my attention away for a while. In my view, we Crabs have a special need to be self-protective and self-nurturing. And to accomplish that, we may need to be evasive and elusive. In my astrological opinion, the next two weeks will be one of these times. I urge you to gaze directly and engage point-blank only with what’s good for you. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Tips to get the most out of the next three weeks: 1. Play at least as hard as you work. 2. Give yourself permission to do anything that has integrity and is fueled by compassion. 3. Assume there is no limit to how much generous joie de vivre you can summon and express. 4. Fondle and nuzzle with eager partners as much as possible. And tell them EXACTLY where and how it feels good. 5. Be magnanimous in every gesture, no matter how large or small. 6. Even if you don’t regard yourself as a skillful singer, use singing to transform yourself out of any mood you don’t want to stay in.

Homework: What’s the best change you could make that would be fairly easy to accomplish?

A COLUMN ON AGEISM AND AGEING By Ellen Waterston We’re in what some refer to as the “Psychedelic Renaissance”


Hopkins study that identified the benefits of psilocybin when used to treat depression, chronic pain, addiction and anxiety. In 2020, Oregon voters approved a ballot measure to initiate a regulatory and licensing framework that, beginning in 2023, allows patients to take psilocybin under supervision. Oregon is the first state to do so. According to a 2020 Pew Trust survey, “the Connecticut legislature has started the process toward legalizing centers in which veterans and first responders could be administered psilocybin…Texas, Utah and Washington state have set up task forces or funded research into the medical use of psilocybin. Maryland has created a $1 million fund to study alternative treatments, including psychedelics, for PTSD or traumatic brain injury, and to pay for such treatments for veterans. Ballot initiatives that would legalize psilocybin are underway in Colorado and California. Ann Arbor, Michigan; Denver; Oakland, California; and Seattle, have passed measures that essentially decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms …” We’re in what some refer to as the “Psychedelic Renaissance,” a bit ironic in that indigenous populations around the world have recognized the beneficial effects of psychedelics for hundreds of years. It’s not the first time “modern” culture is late to the plant party. In his book, “How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence,” author Michael Pollan examines LSD, psilocybin, Ayahuasca and other compounds for “their potential to relieve several kinds of mental distress, including depression, anxiety, and addiction.” “Several of the scientists I profile,” he says, “are convinced psychedelics could revolutionize mental health care and our understanding of the mind.” All this sounds like a reason for anyone suffering with chronic pain, stress, or mental health challenges to celebrate! But not so Oregon fast. Just as with the 2016 process of cannabis legislation, Oregon’s psylocibin measure gives counties the ability to opt out. Many that did in 2016 are asking voters to do so again…although it should be noted the 2016 naysayers have since relaxed their opposition to cannabis and, thank you very much, are profiting from their change of mind. So how about a change of mind on this issue as well? How about clearing the way for regulated and supervised psilocybin uniformly available to help all Oregonians, young and old, in health- and life-enhancing ways we only just begin to understand? As Michael Pollan says, “This book has taken me places I’ve never been—indeed, places I didn’t know existed.”



Learn how you can help prevent child abuse. Sign up for a training today.


On Stands 10. 13 Ad deadline 10.07

extremely cool winter activities 541.383.0800 |


f change is the only constant, why is it so hard to change one’s mind about things? Witness the ill effects inflexible thinking is having on many aspects of our society. But sometimes, some special times, taken separately or together, compassion, modern research and aboriginal wisdom prevail, resulting in change that is for the good of the whole. The health benefits of standard, over-the-grocery-counter mushrooms are well known. They’re a rich, low-calorie source of fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamin D and zinc, and are an anti-inflammatory. Mushroom clubs, including in Central Oregon, are showing up everywhere, as mushroom hunters search for porcini, chanterelles and truffles. No special legislation required for these hunter gatherers. That’s not the case for psychedelic varieties. As a child, Lewis Carroll’s dreamscape masterpiece, “Alice In Wonderland,” was my first encounter with the notion that a mushroom was more than sauteed garnish for red meat or a healthy addition to salad. With the hookah-smoking Caterpillar in the role of what would now be referred to as a “trip sitter” to monitor her experience, Alice nibbled opposite sides of a mushroom, one making her taller, the other—smaller. (She ultimately settled on her original height, interpreted by some to be Lewis Carroll’s way of encouraging young people to accept themselves just as they are.) Grace Slick and her band Jefferson Airplane co-opted Alice’s mushroom adventures in the 1967 song “White Rabbit” to extoll LSD use: “Go ask Alice When she’s 10 feet tall And if you go chasing rabbits And you know you’re going to fall Tell ‘em a hookah-smoking caterpillar Has given you the call. Call Alice…” Those were the early Boomer days of Vietnam War protests, freewheeling counter-culture movements, Woodstock and lots of experimentation with psychedelics. Alarmed by the social upheaval and what then-President Richard Nixon considered rampant LSD use by young Americans, he instigated the War on Drugs in the mid-‘60s. In 1970, Congress passed the Controlled Substance Act, effectively halting research on the health benefits of psychedelic mushrooms. But 50 years later psilocybin studies are back. In 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration proclaimed psilocybin a breakthrough therapy in treating severe depression, a designation the agency applies to drugs that demonstrate improvement over existing treatments. In 2021, the U.S. federal government finally re-entered the psilocybin research game, having left the funding during the hiatus to private institutions, including a 1990s Johns


new liSting — BooneSBorough


Licensed Broker 541.390.4488

OPEN HOUSE SAT 11:30 - 2:30 • • • • • • • • • •


Geoff Groener

6 4 6 7 6 m C g r at h r D . B e n D , o r

3672 Sq ft – 5BR 3 Bath On 2.54 Acres Main floor living Open floor plan Spacious kitchen w large island Gas fireplace Dry Sauna Multi-generational possibility Shop and double garage RV parking/hookup Offered for $1,595,000

Your Coastal & High Desert Connection

MLS# 220152062

liz Shatterly, Broker

Colleen Dillingham, Broker




Call for Price & Viewing




64170 PIONEER LOOP, BEND 97701 • $810,000 PRICE REDUCED



Each office is independently owned and operated. All brokers listed are licensed in the state of Oregon. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Secluded and private, this small acreage property has a park like setting with plenty of mature trees, conveniently located close to Bend and Redmond. This single level 3 bedroom 2 bath, 1622 sqft ranch style home, features open floor plan with vaulted ceilings. A large primary suite featuring numerous windows and vaulted ceilings. The primary bathroom includes dual vanities. An oversized deck looks outs over the property and a detached garage/shop features an insulated 12 ft garage door, with an additional 400 sqft art studio located on the second floor. The property includes 3.72 acres of COID irrigation irrigated by an underground system, a 20,000 gallon cistern, tool shed, chicken coup, and 400 amp service to the property.

3151 NE WELLS ACRES, BEND 97701 • $511,000 PRICE REDUCED


PRISTINE RAMBLING RANCH 61605 Summer Shade Drive

One of few remaining vacant Cascade mountain view lots in the coveted Awbrey Butte neighborhood. This property is elevated and the 0.74 acre size offers considerable privacy from nearby homes.

3 bed, 2 bath, 1344 sq.ft. home built in 1979, but feels like new with updated roof, new carpet, new flooring, Milgard wood-clad windows, 2 car garage, ample RV & trailer parking, fully fenced backyard & large kitchen.

OFFERED AT $499,000

OFFERED AT $799,000


2180 sq.ft., 3 bed, 3 bath, flex space, slab quartz countertops, and a 2 car garage. Built by award winning collaboration of Mike Wilkins Construction & Jason Todd Designs. OFFERED AT $1,500,000

Move-in ready home in a quiet NE Bend neighborhood in a great location. This light and bright home features recent improvements including new carpet, fresh interior & exterior paint, newly refinished hardwood floors and new LVT flooring. A fully fenced back yard features nomaintenance Trex deck and storage shed, large gated access to back yard on both sides of the home. This Palmer home has a great floor plan. A Must See! Seller will credit buyer $13,000.00 towards buyers closing cost or rate buydown.


61391 SW Skene Trail Built by the award-winning duo of Greg Welch Construction and Jason Todd Designs. 3831 sq. ft, 4 bed, 4.5 bath, 4 car garage, exquisite appliance package, rear paver patio & large gathering around the firepit. OFFERED AT $2,995,000

Jason Boone

Principal Broker, CRS

Mollie Hogan

Principal Broker, CRS

Terry Skjersaa

Principal Broker, CRS

15632 SW Mecate Lane Brasada lot at .59 acres is slightly sloped for breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains, small pond for added privacy, and is located near exits for quicker access to Bend. OFFERED AT $249,000

Greg Millikan Broker

Skjersaa Group | Duke Warner Realty 1033 NW Newport Ave. Bend, OR 97703

541.383.1426 Oregon Real Estate Licensees

This is the family dream home! 4 bedrooms 3.5 bath with a huge open living concept on the main level with the kitchen, family and dining room all flowing together perfectly. Master suite is just off of the family room with access to the large deck with amazing views of the Three Sisters and Mt. Bachelor. Go upstairs for 3 bedrooms and a large loft which is perfect for entertaining. Go downstairs for even more space. Potential for an office or bonus room. Then there is another garage downstairs that has been converted into more of a bonus room, could be used as a garage as well to make it 5 garage spaces. This is a rare find in a perfect location


By James Keane Broker

Central Oregon Real Estate Mailbag

Otis Craig Broker, CRS


Answering your real estate questions

a pre inspection done on your home and having the ability to get the items fixed before being under a contractual deadline, can take away a lot of the stress that comes with selling a home. Landscaping can also be a pretty cost effective way to raise the curb appeal of your home; fresh bark dust, gravel or a few plants and flowers (less effective in winter) can go a long way to adding curb appeal and value to your home. Update on a question from a few weeks ago: Back in early August we were asked about how many cash vs financed purchases had been occurring in Bend. While we don’t have the full 3rd quarter numbers, the most recent Beacon Report indicates that the number of cash purchases increased from quarter 1 (34, 37, 45 transactions) to quarter 2 (50, 56, 43 transactions) and so far quarter 3 (52, 47, ? September transactions). Not any real noticeable trends, especially if you are looking at the Beacon’s graph (check out Beacon Appraisal Group’s website). Looking back through 2020 and 2021 there were more cash transactions going on back then, when compared to right now. That could be explained by people purchasing a property in cash due to the competitive nature of the real estate market the last couple of years, and later taking out a mortgage after the purchase was complete. I will update this again in the 4th quarter. If you have a question about real estate, you would like answered or have a topic you would like covered, please reach out to me with your questions


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20267 Schaeffer Dr., Bend $509,000 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 1,497 sq ft, .06 acres lot. Built in 2006 Listed by Bill Kammerer of Windermere Central Oregon


& 541.771.4824 )

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2732 NW Ordway Ave., Bend $995,000 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. 1,648 sq ft, .08 acres lot. Built in 2018 Listed by Lisa Cole of Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices


61295 Mountain Breezes Court, Bend $1,600,000 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. 5,077 sq ft inside, 3.08 acres lot. Built in 1990 Listed by Lesli Fox of Cascade Hasson Sotheby’s International Realty


Q: Should I buy my first house right now? -Leslie R A: Lots of ways to tackle this question. The answer is not the same for everyone as everyone’s circumstances can be different. Sure, rates are higher today than they were a few months ago. The consolation prize is that prices are down and inventory is up, so it is less of a seller’s market today, too. Buyers can begin to offer below asking price, as well as ask for certain concessions to be made. I am not going to give you a speech about how "historically speaking rates are still low," because prices increased dramatically over the last couple of years. We are now seeing prices stabilizing, down a bit from "the peak" of Spring 2022. The answer to this question really lies with the individual or family making the decision: Weigh your options, run through various scenarios, but ultimately you must make the right decision for you or your family. Q: Is it worth replacing the bedroom carpet in a home I am planning on listing this winter? -Steve W. A: Well… assuming it is just old as opposed not stained or really dirty, probably not. A lot of buyers plan on making their own changes to the home, so your money is best spent elsewhere. Where is the best place to spend money? I think the best bang for your buck will always be with cleaning, decluttering, organizing. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone for the job, a tidy, clean, home shows so much better and appears to have much more value, than a cluttered dirty home. If you are willing to spend a little more getting


300,000,000 200,000,000

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3.1x More sold volume than our nearest competitor MLS# 220152062

BEND | 1221 NW WEST HILLS DR $2,100,000 | 5 BD | 4 BA | 3,883 SF

• • • • •

True Midcentury Modern spirit Floor to ceiling windows Inground salt water pool Oversized & fenced backyard(s) 3 fireplaces perfect for all seasons

• • • • •

Backs up to the 3rd hole of Rivers Edge Main level living; Primary on main floor Large soaking tub & walk in closet Each bedroom is an ensuite w/deck access Hardwood flooring on main level

Nicolette Rice & Geoff Groener | Brokers 541.241.0432 |

Melody Luelling & Mariah Luelling | Brokers 541.948.3107 |




$925,000 | 4 BD | 3 BA | 2,853 SF

$875,000 | 3 BD | 2 BA | 2,012 SF | 0.53 ACRES

Mark Garcia | Broker 541.408.3781 |

• • • • •


• • • • •

Open floor plan w/ vaulted ceilings Landscaped gardens & level lawn Gated RV parking & additional park pad Close proximity to schools, food & more No HOA Heather Wells | Broker 415.847.0740 |

Single level 2 bed, 1 bath units 750 SqFt with private decks All have gas wall furnaces; some w/ A/C 4 designated parking, 3 guest spaces 475 NE Underwood 4-plex also available

$995,000 | LAND | 2.68 ACRES

• • • • •

Melody Luelling & Mariah Luelling | Brokers 541.948.3107 |

Broken Top and Mt. Bachelor Views Backs directly to 981 acre Shevlin Park Tumalo Creek access 2.68 acres with Towering Pines Ideal Custom Home Lot Sharon Nyberg & Sam DeLay | Brokers 541.480.8774 |



MLS# 220152281

MLS# 220153487

BEND | 65025 92ND ST Stunning Cascade Mountain views 1 acre lot Detached 2 car garage Large fenced and landscaped yard Plentiful possibilities

MLS# 220153638


$1,100,000 | 3 BD | nearest 4 BA | 3,076 SF 3 competitors $1,080,000 | 8 BD | 4 BA | 3,000 SF Higher than our combined

MLS# 220148548

• • • • •

MLS# 220147651

MLS# 220148993


MLS# 220149039



$749,000 | 3 BD | 2.5 BA | 2,296 SF

• • • • •

Loads of curb appeal & design features Roomy vaulted bonus room Dedicated office just inside the entry Private back yard with covered patio Full-size RV parking plus 3 car garage Sam DeLay & Cole Billings | Brokers 541.678.3290 |

$539,000 | 3 BD | 2.5 BA | 1,810 SF

• • • • •

Large outdoor patio Solar Panels Hardwood flooring on main level Separate Office/Den New Exterior & Interior paint

Kira Camarata & Lisa Lamberto | Brokers 541.610.9697 |

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