The Source Weekly's 2015 Guide to Getting Fit

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The 2015 guide to getting Fit

According to various studies and trend observers, by the second week in January, nearly one-quarter of all New Year resolutions already have been laid aside, especially those that pertain to losing weight or getting in better shape. But we’re not going to let you off so easily! Nope! We are here to pump . . . you . . . up. Okay, actually, the Source’s Guide to Getting Fit is more about sustained, sensible and level-headed commitments to health, and with listings for gyms, yoga studios and personal trainers—an opportunity to explore the fitness plan that will fit you like a running shoe. For warm-ups, we start off with three profiles for the mind, diet and strength—a “mindset” coach; a look at a magazine based on a lifestyle diet; and, a gym that caters to the “older set.” Stay committed, people! Stay fit. By the Source staff