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TRENDING Food & Farm Trail KIDS IN ACTION Girl Wonder OUTDOORS It’s Baby Season! SUMMER CAMPS Results Inside!
2 | Nor t hwest C r ossing • 760 N W Y or k Drive, Sui t e 110 CO PA C e nter f o r P ed i atr i c s in the 541.312.2490 E LI S E BU R R U S, DD S DAVI D BU R R U S, DD S
Summer 2023 | 3 Voted Bend’s Best Tutor for 7 years! More providers. Appointments available. Innovative care. Bend | Prineville | Redmond | Sisters Schedule an appointment today: 541-526-6635 St. Charles Certified Nurse Midwives • Certified Nurse Midwife care 24/7 at St. Charles Bend • Four new OB-GYN physicians • Obstetric Care • Gynecologic care and surgery • Pelvic floor and urinary retention treatments

Dive into summer fun with Bend Park & Recreation District.

With Juniper Swim & Fitness Center and Larkspur Community Center located in the heart of Bend, BPRD has the amenities, services and pools to really make a splash. With fitness and swim opportunities for people of all ages and abilities, Juniper and Larkspur are the perfect places for everyone to play, work out or just stay cool in the pool.


• Offered daily

• Multiple pools

• Diving boards, slide, rope swing and pool toys

• Parties available


• Multiple sessions to choose from

• Great time for family recreation!

• Progressive lessons

• Free swim lesson assessment

4 | REC SWIM FREE - UNDER 3 $6 - AGES 3 - 18 $6 - ADULT WITH PAID CHILD at the pool. keep it cool Schedules and online video tour at recswim For more information: (541) 389-7665 (POOL)
6 months to adults
GREAT LOCATIONS Juniper Swim & Fitness Center, 800 NE 6th Street, Bend
Activity Pool with Splash Pad, Indoor 25-meter Pool, Indoor Children’s Pool & Outdoor Olympic 50-meter Pool Larkspur Community Center, 1600 SE Reed Market Rd, Bend Indoor Pool with Current Channel

On the Cover

“Patchouli Squash” by Teafly Peterson

Publisher Aaron Switzer

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Contributing Writers Annette Benedetti

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Copy Editor Nicole Vulcan

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Ban Tat

Teafly Peterson is an artist who creates in a variety of mediums. Inspired by Oregon’s natural lands for the last 20 years, they seek to create worlds where peace and whimsy prevail as a guiding force. You can learn more about their art at

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6 | Contact Pre-K & Kinder Elementary Jr. High 541-330-8841 @waldorfschoolofbend EXPERIENCE SUMMER AT WALDORF! 2023 Camps Now Enrolling! NOW ENROLLING! –FALL 2023–Small class sizes Secondary school placement counseling Imagination-based play 1.5+ hours of outdoor play daily



FEATURE - The votes are in. Find out who takes the cake when it comes to best in class. Congratulations to our winners!


TRENDING - Grab the kids and head out yonder to local farms and ranches for a day of agritourism. Who doesn’t love fresh, local produce?


KIDS IN ACTION - Annika Huang climbs atop the podium as one of the youngest athletes to compete on Bend Swim Club’s Silver Squad.


Wild and domestic, it’s baby season in Central Oregon!

What a sight to behold—a line of ducklings trailing proud parents as they navigate the river currents, a bucking kid goat frolicking in the field and a nest of peeping chicks visible from the window. Here, at my house, we also have a new baby! Poppy is a bouncing Aussie/heeler puppy who is melting our hearts and hoarding our attention.

With spring in the air and summer just around the corner, Central Oregon comes alive this time of year. Shedding the layers and getting the family outside is certainly top priority. May I recommend spending a Saturday adventuring out to the farms, ranches and vegetable stands in the area?

As agritourism expands into Central Oregon, there are ample choices for experiencing firsthand where food and other local products come from. In addition to some weekend entertainment, supporting small-scale farmers just makes sense on so many levels. (Don’t be surprised to find more baby animals sprinkled in amongst the vegetables).

This issue is a readers’ favorite! Spend a moment with the results of “The Best of the Nest” and see who’s dominating the categories. From best dance studio to best obstetrician,

you’ll want to be in the know and support these top-tier community businesses. Thank you for voicing your opinions and congratulations to the winners!

With every issue, I am inspired by certain individuals in our community who are nudging us all in the right direction. You’ll read about Annika Huang, a talented competitive swimmer who’s pushing through the ranks at a tender young age. You’ll hear of the dedicated teachers fortifying our community at the Alyce Hatch Center and learn about a new leadership team taking the reins of the Children’s Museum of Central Oregon.

We are so fortunate to have such an engaged readership with which Best Nest has grown over the years. Being a parent is… well…difficult. It is our aim to be there every step of the way as a resource for you during the journey. If there is a particular topic of interest you’d like us to explore, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll get the wheels rolling.

Enjoy the sun and this season of rebirth!

Summer 2023 | 9 EDITOR’S NOTE
Excellence in care. Every age, every stage. Pediatric Care Providing expert care and advice for infants, toddlers, big kids, and teenagers. Bend Eastside Pediatrics 2400 NE Neff Rd, Ste B Bend Old Mill District Clinic 815 SW Bond St 541-706-2555 |
10 | A FINE ART PORTRAIT STUDIO 541.771.6557 | Thank you, Central Oregon! MODERN, FILLED WITH LIGHT AND FOCUSED ON REAL MOMENTS OF GREAT JOY. experience carefully guiding you through the process to make it from client closet access to providing the best quality heirloom products that you will enjoy for years to come. I have created a and luxury fun effortless –Serving Central Oregon for 19 Years–attached line (same ,

QMy six-year-old son was diagnosed with asthma a year ago. We have since moved to Bend and thankfully, he has had zero symptoms here. Should we see a physician about his condition or just assume he has grown out of it?

AThat is amazing that your little guy has done so well since moving. It is a great idea to establish care with a provider in the area for a variety of reasons. We like to review his medical history, his triggers and to review what we call an “asthma action plan,” in case he is ever triggered again. While there are typically many “location specific” triggers (usually seasonal allergies), there are also viral infection triggers, and depending on his situation, it is possible that he just hasn’t been triggered. He is, luckily, approaching the age where many kids “outgrow” asthma. Kids typically transition to more of an exercise-type or cold weather asthma trigger later in life.

QMy daughter is 16 months old and very energetic. Whenever we go to the swimming pool to watch big brother during his lesson, she seeks out other toddlers and either hits them or squeezes them. Is this normal?

ASo very normal. This is the typical age that these behaviors emerge, and they are quite normal, but for parents, stressful. Some of these behaviors are hitting, squeezing, biting, pinching, etc. You will typically see more of these behaviors if the child is overtired, hungry or overstimulated. They are usually a manifestation of energy expressed in a


Mary Rogers, MD FAAP


big way and are not malicious in nature. If you see her moving towards that behavior, try to intervene with a distraction before it happens. Use short, consistent phrases that she will be able to remember, such as “Hands are not for hitting” (there’s a great board book with this mantra). If the behavior persists, remove her from the setting, and continue to use the slogan. Try not to be in view of others, as she will only get more worked up. Rest assured that this is normal, but one of those hard normal things. Hang in there!

QMy son is going to be in kindergarten next year and is still sucking his thumb. I worry that he will be teased by the other students. Will he grow out of the habit?

AGreat question! Kindergarten is such a wonderful and exciting year. I can’t guarantee whether kids will tease him, but there is a chance they will. Your son might not care, but you may want to have a supportive conversation with him. You could reflect with him on how it helps him feel safe and calm, but also note that there may be other ways to feel safe and calm while he is at school. At his age, he will likely come up with ideas that could work, and you have plenty of time to try out other substitutes. Reach out to your provider about this if you’d like some ideas, as many have integrated behavioral health that can be helpful. Set little positive rewards for when he succeeds, as this will be hard for him. You might also connect with his dentist. Generally, after three years of age, thumb sucking is thought to impact dentition more negatively.

QLately, my teenage daughter has been coming home from school and napping for about two hours before dinner. Yesterday, when we talked, she said if she doesn’t nap, things will spiral out of control. I’m not sure if this is normal adolescent behavior or if I should be concerned.

AI applaud you for having the conversation with her. It can be very tricky at this age to be able to put the myriad of emotions into words, though her description of things spiraling out of control does make me wonder how things are going in her life. There could be new stresses and trouble with how to manage them. Regardless of the underlying reasons, she is using napping and retreating as a coping mechanism. This is an excellent opportunity to connect her with support with specialized care so that she learns additional skills that can help in this developmental stage of life. A good first step could be with her provider, as they can direct you to resources in the community. They will also be able to help differentiate between typical stress responses and more significant underlying problems.

Summer 2023 | 11

Loving what you do and working hard at it are the keys to success. Thanks to our vibrant community of dedicated individuals and businesses who deliver top-notch services and products on the daily, raising a family in the high desert is a dreamy endeavor. This year, Nest followers rallied in great numbers to voice their opinions on who’s showing up and delivering in Central Oregon. You voted, we counted and now…we present the winners!

The 2023 Best of the Nest!


Best Nonprofit Serving Children

1st Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

2nd Family Access Network (FAN)

Best Photographer for Children & Families

1st Natalie Stephenson

2nd Danae Swan Photography

Best Toy Store

1st Leapin' Lizards Toy Company

2nd Learning Express Toys

Best Children's Consignment Store

1st Stone Soup Kids

2nd Kids Paradise

Best Children's Clothing Store

1st Hopscotch Kids

2nd Stone Soup Kids


Best Parents' Date Night

1st Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails

2nd Ariana Restaurant

Best Grocery Store

1st Newport Avenue Market

2nd Grocery Outlet

Best Family Take-Out

1st Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats

2nd El Sancho Taco Shop

Best Place for a Sweet Treat

1st Bonta Natural Artisan Gelato

2nd The Sparrow Bakery

Best Family Restaurant

1st Jackson's Corner

2nd Walt Reilly's

Best Kid-Friendly Brewery

1st Sunriver Brewing

2nd Crux Fermentation Project

Best Kids' Menu

Sunriver Brewing Life & Time


Best Place for Outdoor Family Fun

1st Riverbend Park

2nd Alpenglow Park

Best Family Night Out

1st Sun Mountain Fun Center

2nd McMenamins Old St. Francis Theater

Best Place for a Child's Birthday Party

1st Sun Mountain Fun Center

2nd Trampoline Zone & Adventure Park

Best Youth Sports Organization

1st Bend Parks & Recreation District

2nd Bend FC Timbers & Thorns

Best Dance Studio

1st The Dance Connection

2nd Iconic Dance

Best Kids Yoga

1st Tula Movement Arts

2nd Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play

Best Martial Arts School

1st Clark's University of Martial Arts

2nd Connection Rio

Best Place for a Playdate (indoor)

1st Mountain Air Trampoline Park

2nd Trampoline Zone & Adventure Park

12 |
P hoto
by LadyJMemories


Best Summer Camp

1st Wildheart Nature School

2nd Bend Park & Recreation District

Best Day Camp

1st Bend Park & Recreation District

2nd Wildheart Nature School

Best Music Instruction

1st Cascade School of Music

2nd Steven Livingston Music

Best Arts Instruction

1st Let's Paint Central Oregon

2nd Bend Park & Recreation District

Best Learning Specialist

1st Sylvan Learning Center of Bend

2nd Central Oregon Speech & Language

Best Tutor

1st Sylvan Learning Center of Bend

2nd Sarah Swoffer

Best Preschool

1st The Cottage Day Care Inc

2nd Morning Star Christian School

Best Day Care

1st The Cottage Day Care Inc

2nd Growing Tree Children's Center

Best Supplemental School Program

1st The Cottage Day Care Inc

2nd Montessori in the Pines


Best Veterinarian

1st Bend Veterinary Clinic

2nd Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic

Best Speech Therapist/ Pathologist

1st Casey Collins - Sonos Neurotherapies

2nd Jerod Michael - Connections Speech & Language

Best Alternative Healthcare Practice for Children & Families

1st Pure Light Family Chiropractic

2nd High Desert Chiropractic & Massage

Best Midwife

1st Tiffany Seiders, CPM, LDM

2nd Kelsey Spanbauer, CPM, LDM

Best Doula

1st Kelsey Spanbauer, CPM, LDM

2nd Paige Aragon

Best OB

1st Dr. John Murphy (Central Oregon OB/GYN)

2nd Dr. Regan Gage (East Cascade Women's Group)

Best Children's Optometrist Practice

1st Integrated Eye Care

2nd Elemental Eye Care

Best Children's Orthodontics Practice

1st Struble Orthodontics

2nd Woods Orthodontics

Best Children's Dental Practice

1st Deschutes Pediatric Dentristry

2nd Pediatric Dental Associates

Best Pediatric Clinic/Practice

1st Central Oregon Pediatric Associates

2nd Summit Medical Group

Best Pediatrician

1st Dr. Bradley Burket

2nd Dr. Jeff Meyrowitz (COPA)

Summer 2023 | 13
PhotosbyNatalie Stephenson



With championship Rodeo, top name concerts, animals, carnival rides, cotton candy and corn dogs, along with shopping, exhibits, food and more: this is the one event you do not want to miss!


2ND-6TH Central Oregon’s largest annual event returns for the 103rd edition

14 |


Art in the Garden

Sarah Swoffer has creativity in her DNA. In founding Let's Paint, which offers art instruction to children, parents and everyone in between, Swoffer has been instrumental in helping her students explore their own artistry by nurturing creativity and confidence. Growing as an art teacher during her time with Westside Village Magnet School, she knew painting would help her community not feel so alone during the uncertain early days of COVID.

“When we were isolated at the beginning of COVID, I started offering online art classes,” says Swoffer. “I wanted students to be able to attend in person, but I needed to follow the current restrictions. When the weather warmed up, I decided I could offer our backyard as the solution. The summer of 2020, I started offering some classes outside. I encouraged artists to take breaks in the flowers and to pick the fresh vegetables.”

Even though Swoffer’s backyard is beautiful, Let's Paint shouldn’t be confined to a small space. Swoffer explains: “Teaching out of our home has been a good solution to start Let's Paint, but my ultimate goal is to create a stand-alone space where I can expand our offerings and share more opportunities with our community.” Sounds perfect!

Summer 2023 | 15
Lets Paint 541.480.7491
Photos by Natalie Stephenson

Good things are coming!

Exciting projects are underway for the development of dynamic Children’s Discovery Centers in all of our community libraries. We’re excited to share new interactive and play-based learning with our favorite young customers!

Follow us at online to learn more about when you can come and explore — or ask for updates at any of our library branches.



T H A N K Y O U ! T H A N K Y O U ! O N L I N E J A C K S O N S C O R N E R B E N D C O M | O V E R T H E P H O N E ( 5 4 1 ) 6 4 7 - 2 1 9 8 | I N P E R S O N 8 4 5 N W D E L A W A R E @ J A C K S O N S C O R N E R B E N D | O P E N D A I L Y



Beyond the Steps

There’s no such thing as a dancer without passion; they do it because they feel it in their bones and soul. Owners of The Dance Connection Bend, Amy Adams, Lauren DuBose and Paige Coduti, feel that emotion and pass it on to every student who enters the doors of their studio.

“We believe that dance stretches far beyond the steps you learn,” says Coduti. “It is about a much deeper connection. It's the connection between the dancer and the music, getting lost in the steps, but also the connection with your fellow dancers and instructors. The Dance Connection Bend is built on a strong foundation of love and respect for every dancer. Together we create our dance family.”

The studio covers the gamut of dance techniques with classes in ballet, hip hop,

jazz, lyrical, contemporary, acro, tap and more and teaches people of all ages and skill levels. “We connect, create and celebrate the art of dance in all we do,” says Coduti. “We feel fortunate to have created a dance family that supports this mission, and we look forward to many more years of dancing here in Central Oregon.”

The Dance Connection Bend

740 NE 3rd St., Suite 1, Bend 541.318.8338

Summer 2023 | 17
Photos by Natalie Stephenson

Roller skating and sports in the heart of Bend!

Open Skate & Skatepark Drop-in

Friday Night Roller Dancing

Saturday Night Adult Roller Jam

$5 Sunday Family Skate

$5 Parent-Tot Skate & Play


Schedules, fees and details at

The Pavilion 1001 SW Bradbury Way • (541) 389-7588

18 | 18
let’s roll the pavilion


Individualized Education on the Rise

No two students learn the same way and it’s a huge mistake to assume they will. That’s one reason why Sylvan Learning has expanded so widely over the years.

Audra-Marie Bohn, the director of Sylvan of Bend, explains: “Sylvan sets up individualized learning plans customized to each and every student, and we use expert teachers to help students and families achieve their goals. Our curriculum is research based and

data driven, and it’s helped us gain an amazing reputation of serving students in Central Oregon for over 40 years!”

By designing a curriculum around the student, Sylvan treats youth like individuals instead of mass-produced cogs. “I love the variety of students and subjects,” says Bohn. “Where else can I teach a kindergartener a phonics lesson and a high school student a trigonometric circle concept all in one day?”

Sylvan Bend has been a part of the fabric of education in Central Oregon for over 40 years and isn’t going anywhere. “We are grateful to the Central Oregon community for supporting us and allowing us to do what we love. We look forward to helping students succeed for many more years to come!”

Summer 2023 | 19
NE Studio Rd #10, Bend 2754 NW Crossing Dr #101, Bend 541-647-2742
Sylvan Learning of
Photos by Natalie Stephenson
20 | VotedBestKidsMenu! BestKid-FriendlyBrewery BendandSunriver


Continually Caring

Right away, it’s easy to tell how much Dr. John Murphy cares about his patients. “I feel continuity of care is truly the best form of medical care,” he says. “Every time a patient sees a different provider, a small piece of information can be lost. We try and give our community the best continuity of care at the sacrifice of our personal time with our families. I tend to deliver over 70% of my patients and enjoy watching their children grow up and sharing stories during their follow-up annual exams. It's personal.”

Initially going to medical school to be a psychiatrist, Dr. Murphy realized in his third year when he rotated through the different specialties that he liked all facets of practicing medicine and that being an obstetrician/gynecologist would allow him to practice it all.

Dr. Murphy explains, “I knew I would be working long hours and decided to pick the

specialty that I would be happiest in rather than sacrificing happiness for less hours and a less laborious call.”

Serving Central Oregon has given Dr. Murphy his biggest honor. “It has been a privilege to serve the women and their families in our community over the past 23 years and share the knowledge I have gained as medicine is always changing,” says Dr. Murphy. “I am honored that our patients have voiced their opinion in our community.”

Dr. John Murphy

2450 NE Mary Rose Pl., #220, Bend 541.323.6198

Summer 2023 | 21
Photos by Natalie Stephenson
22 | thank you for the opportunity to serve your families, our community and each other! A Kazillion wonders honored! we’re Best grocery store 100% employeeowned grocery store We’re proud to be Bend’s only local 541.848.6642 Offices in Bend and Redmond Dr. Blair Struble Dr. Madeline Peterson Dr. Jacqueline Gambee for Voting us Best Orthodontist! Thank You Central Oregon *actual patient smiles


Captured With Love

Natalie Stephenson always knew she wanted to be a photographer. “I was given my first camera at age nine, creating a lifelong love for photography and a desire to be a professional photographer from a young age,” says Stephenson. “For me, it was a passion for creativity in capturing people's expressions or a beautiful scene, inspiring emotion in the viewer and having fun doing it.

Later I realized that I just love people and the art of creating through photography.”

Stephenson doesn’t just care that her clients love the photos themselves.

“I hope someone not only enjoys the images created, but also the entire experience,” she says. “I work hard to make my clients feel comfortable, drawing out their individual personalities and making them shine. I love helping people look and feel their best. The greatest compliment is when someone tells me they had fun during their session or when a mother cries during the appointment when she gets to see the images for the first time.”

Stephenson also doesn’t take the responsibility of photographing her community lightly. “I have loved serving Central Oregon for the past 19 years,” she says. “It has been a joy and I'll continue to look forward to photographing the moments that make up your story, captured with love, for years to come!”

Natalie Stephenson Photography

644 NE Greenwood Ave., #206, Bend 541.771.6557

Summer 2023 | 23
Photos by Lady J Memories

Food & Farm Trail FOR THE


Experience Central Oregon’s robust agricultural community

Here in Central Oregon, we are blessed to live in a thriving agricultural community where farm-fresh produce grows right around the corner. From juicy purple plums to crisp green kale, and grass-fed beef to local honey, so many nourishing options abound! Children love picking out food and are more likely to eat their vegetables if they’ve had a say in selecting them.

Inspired by the High Desert Food and Farm Alliance’s High Desert Food Trail (check out, we have created a mini Food & Farm Trail just for you! In addition to an entertaining day at the farms, when you shop local, you’re supporting hardworking farmers and ranchers by paying them fair market value for their goods.

Starting in the north, your first stop is Well Rooted Farms in Redmond, which offers a popular “U-pick” vegetables and flowers experience at its location from July through October. They also run three different self-serve “veggie shed” farm stands where you can snag seasonal fruits and vegtables during the summer months, as well as find year-round pasture raised eggs, pasture raised pork and beef during the colder seasons. Many local groceries feature their products, but it’s way more fun to check out the farm in person!

Well Rooted Farms

20377 Swalley Rd., Redmond

LEARN MORE Find the full trail brochure at 24 |
Sakari Farms Photo courtesy of Sakari Farms

As you head south, wind your way into Tumalo, and pop by Tumalo Farmstand, a large outdoor produce stand that operates from April to October. This stand is the real deal, working closely with local Oregon farmers to bring seasonal freshness to local families. They also offer farm boxes for pre-order. According to its website, the owner grew up in Hawaii and remembers picking apple bananas in the backyard and eating fresh pomegranates off the tree. Bringing this same passion for fresh fruit to Bend, they established their farmstand where you can find organic and locally grown berries, cherries and so much more! (Don’t forget the wet wipes for those sticky little hands).

Tumalo Farmstand

64677 Cook Ave., Bend

No trip to the north side of town would be complete without a stop at Sakari Farms, run by the indigenous ecologist and agriculturalist, Spring Alaska Schreiner (Upingaksraq) and her husband, Sam Schreiner. Inspired by her heritage, Schreiner’s 6-acre farm grows Native American first foods, houses a seed bank for national tribal members and offers technical assistance and farming classes. Sakari Farms specializes in tribal peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, herbs and one-of-a kind native flowers. You can also pick up hot sauce, tea, clothing, plant medicine and skin care products from its shop. Notably, they implement organic, biodynamic and regenerative agricultural growing practices, so you know your dollars are going to a great cause. You’ll find its products at Locavore and a few other Bend grocery stores.

Sakari Farms

65060 US-20, Bend

Heading south on Hwy 20 into Bend, swing east on Butler Market Road where you’ll start to notice numerous small acreage hobby farms. Two of our favorites are Fibonacci Farm on Eagle Road and Fields Farm on Pettigrew Road. Both semi-urban, family-run farms nestled within the Bend city limits, they offer CSA box options as well as year-round honor system farm stands where you can drop off payments and select your goodies from the fridge or baskets.

Both farms are committed to sustainability and responsible stewardship. According to its website, Fields Farm uses pesticide free, soil building methods and grows a wide range of vegetables including arugula, Brussels sprouts, specialty broccolis, kohlrabi, summer squash and more! Fibonacci Farm’s website also shares information about its focus on soil health by not tilling the ground and by adding organic matter. In addition to fresh vegetables and eggs, they also specialize in fresh flower bouquets, which is a unique offering.

Fibonacci Farm

63910 Eagle Rd., Bend

Fields Farm

61915 Pettigrew Rd., Bend

If you choose to venture to the Sisters area, you’ll find Seed to Table Oregon, while further east toward Prineville you’ll encounter Bluestone Natural Farm, L&S Farm, Garden SunLife Farm and Ranch, Wine Down Ranch and Windy Acres Dairy, all of which are part of the High Desert Food Trail.

Finally, south of Bend toward La Pine, you can complete your adventure at Red Oak Farms Alpacas to visit these magnificent creatures in person and pick up yarn, roving, raw fleece and even a rug, all made from the herd’s wool.

Summer 2023 | 25
SISTERS Well Rooted Farms Sakari Farms Fibonacci Farm Fields Farm Madras TUMALO BEND Sunriver Warm Springs La Pine REDMOND 97 26 20 97 20 126 Photo courtesyofFibonacci Farm


Children’s Museum of Central Oregon prepares for brick-and-mortar launch

Due to the Great Recession, Bend’s last brick-and-mortar children’s museum, Working Wonders, closed in 2009, leaving families of young children with few options for indoor, hands-on learning. Children’s Museum of Central Oregon, a nonprofit founded in 2015, is aiming to change that by raising enough money to build a learning center with STEAM-based exhibits, projected to open in 2026.

Originally focusing on a pop-up style children’s museum, the nonprofit offered outdoor education built around summer camps with STEAM-based activities, but the pandemic soon put an end to its programming. Post pandemic, CMCO was lacking direction. That’s when Kenady Wilson, who is now president of CMCO’s board, got involved.

With Central Oregon’s population booming and more and more families moving to the area, Wilson realized there was enough support from the community to build a brick-and-mortar museum. “In terms of the state of Oregon, ours is actually the only region in the entire state that doesn't have a children's museum,” explains Wilson.

“We are currently fundraising to support the design and planning phases of the brick-and-mortar space.” The board has raised about half of its $100,000 fundraising goal, allowing them to

bring on Gyroscope Incorporated as the museum’s planning firm.

Early in April, the firm came to town and CMCO held a stakeholder meeting in a community forum. “Part of [Gyroscope’s] process is to really engage with the community,” explains Wilson. “We want to be able to incorporate as much input as we can from the larger Central Oregon population, so it’s not just coming from the board members and the museum.”

According to Wilson, Gyroscope will design the visitor experience, including where exhibits go, the flow of the space and what the museum will look like. Once that is complete, it will collaborate with CMCO’s architects to create renderings of the space.

When asked what CMCO hopes to create, Wilson says, “Our big vision is to have roughly a 35,000-square-foot building, which will be a combination of the museum itself as well as programming space.” Additionally, Wilson says the museum would like to have a science lab along with a variety of exhibits in the museum, a small theater space that can be used for children's theater or be rented by the community and programming classroom space for elementary-aged after school programs and summer camps.

The new brick-and-mortar children’s museum will serve families with children ages zero to fifth grade. However, Wilson says, CMCO is planning to include teen spaces as well. “One bit of feedback we got through the stakeholder community meetings is trying to make it as intergenerational as we can, so that the whole family can actually enjoy the exhibits.”

CMCO has narrowed down the new museum’s address to four potential locations, all of which are spread out around Bend. “We

26 |

have one on the east side, one on the west side, a location on the north end of town and then one that's fairly central,” Wilson explains. “Within the next month, my goal is to have us choose a location so that the design team and architects and fundraising will all focus on one location, and we can design for a specific place instead of having an amorphous vision.”

After the design phase, likely in the fall of 2023, CMCO will start a larger multimillion-dollar capital campaign that will hopefully result in a brand-new brickand-mortar children’s museum ready to open doors in 2026. Families don’t have to wait to enjoy CMCO’s offerings, though, as they plan to start pop ups this year and then plan to launch summer camps in 2024.

Families interested in the process or wanting to find out more about the Children’s Museum of Central Oregon can find them online at:

Summer 2023 | 27 CULTURE
In terms of the state of Oregon, ours is actually the only region in the entire state that doesn't have a children's museum."
–Kenady Wilson, President of CMCO’s Board

Birds: What Do Flamingos, Owls and Penguins Get up to All Day?

Explore a full day of birds and discover a variety of new facts through sky dancing, scavengers and migration. Did you know flippers are the wings of a penguin and that pink flamingos can dance? Bond asks and answers a variety of questions throughout the nonfiction picture book, including, how do birds build safe and cozy nests? And why do they sing in the morning? Wake up early and experience “the dawn chorus” of a Mangrove Pitta, European Robin and a Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher. Explore the forests of South America and see the birds feed on the nectar of flowers. Watch the puffins in the North Pacific and the penguins underwater. Look for eggs in a nest or take flight with a Peregrine Falcon. Glide, soar, swoop and splash!


Rancourt’s beautiful illustrations are filled with bold colors of green, purple, red and blue. Are you ready to sky dance with the birds?

Once Upon a Book

Alice can go anywhere in her books. When the pages invite her in, she travels on a wonderful adventure to all the places she loves. She becomes one with each page as steamy rain surrounds her or when she rides the wind through the sky. The magical journey encourages children to “turn the page and come in.” This picture book is a reader's dream that opens the imagination to discovering everything around you—from new homes in the desert, to birds surrounded by flowers and floating around the stars. Gorgeous illustrations fill each page with wild and dreamlike images. Where will her imagination take Alice next? This is a dazzling celebration to read aloud with the whole family. “Once upon a time, there was a…” Write and draw your own story this summer. Where will your adventures take you? Explore the activities page on Grace Lin’s website and create a

for learning and service to others.”

Three Sisters Adventist Christian School

We provide a Christ-centered academic environment are nourished both spiritually and intellectually. We offer a fully accredited academic program, Bible based curriculum, Spanish and music, Mt. Bachelor ski program, outdoor school, PE, and community service opportunities

21155 Tumalo Road, Bend OR 97703

28 |
YOUTH THRIVE HERE! C a m p F i r e C e n t r a l O r e g o n FUN+ for Rising Kinders Thru Grade 12! weekly themed day camps - outdoor adventure camps - robotics camps teen service & leadership great jobs... Now hiring!!! E x p l o r e o u r p r o g r a m s t o d a y ! c a m p f i r e c o . o r g
“To awaken a love for God, a desire


High Desert programs connect parents with invaluable resources

Receiving news that your child has special needs can prompt a devastating turn of events. “The future you imagined, it’s all changed,” says Leslie Seidel, whose son Luke was diagnosed with autism at age two. Fortunately, early childhood special education resources are available through the High Desert Education Service District, which includes Bend-La Pine, Crook County, Redmond and Sisters school districts.

“Early childhood intervention can make a world of difference,” says HDESD communications consultant Linda Quon, “especially for integration into a school environment.” One important resource is the Alyce Hatch Center, where parents can have their child evaluated and then get plugged into any specialized services they might need as their child develops. “The HDESD has two programs for students with special needs,” she explains. “Our

Early Childhood Special Education program for students aged zero to five, and the Ray program (formerly called Central Oregon Regional Programs) for those aged Kindergarten through 21.” Services for children up to three years old can also be provided in-home.

“They helped with every part of my life,” Seidel says of the staff at Alyce Hatch. When she first heard the autism diagnosis, “it didn’t mean anything,” she says, because the word encompasses so many different things. “You’re staring at a cliff. There’s so much information coming at you. What is oxygen therapy? Why do I need to get these tests done? What is a sensory diet?”

Once a child enters elementary school, programs like the Bridges classroom at Lava Ridge Elementary School further facilitate mobility, learning and social skills. “We invite staff from the school districts to come and observe, practice and learn research-based teaching strategies. The classroom is staffed with specialists in autism, occupational therapy, augmentative communication and speech pathology, assistive technology and teachers for the hearing and visually impaired,” says Quon. Those specialists are also available at the early childhood level.

Summer 2023 | 29 EDUCATION
The earlier kids get the services they need, the better they are able to participate, to operate in the world."
– Amy McCormick, Director of Early Intervention
30 | REGISTER FOR CAMPS ONLINE AT THECIRCUITGYM.COM JUN-AUG MON-FRI 9A-2P $380 PER WEEK CAMPERS WILL PARTICIPATE IN CLIMBING ACTIVITIES TO IMPROVE THEIR BALANCE, COORDINATION, AND PROBLEM-SOLVING. DAILY GAMES + LESSONS HELP CULTIVATE CONFIDENCE ON AND OFF THE WALL. AGES 5-12 THE CIRCUIT SUmmer camp KIDS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Yoga in Schools Module June 2-4, 2023 Receive plug ins, class plans and an exclusive handbook with registration. No stretchy pants or down dogs necessary. Scan me! Learn to share meditation and mindful movement with children in any environment with Deven Sisler Visit our website for info on trainings in the studio and online.

Some middle- and high-school tech classes provide their students with opportunities to create tools for assisting special needs students. “We have developed a curriculum to learn problem solving, along with awareness and sensitivity,” Quon explains. “How to view a computer screen with vision impairment or get around school with barriers.” When a group of middle schoolers was presented with the challenge for mobility-impaired students to reach door handles on campus, for example, they created a prototype grabber with interchangeable ends for accomplishing multiple tasks.

Luke Seidel is now in second grade and attends the Bridges program at Lava Ridge in Bend. “Even now,” his mom says, “I’m learning how to advocate, how to talk to people about him.” The Seidels participate in annual autism walks, sponsored by the Central Oregon Autism Movement. According to the COAM website, the walk and carnival for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families is “a day of raising awareness, accessing resource information and just having fun.” This year, Seidel has invited her friends with neurotypical (“normal”) children to join her. “This will be a space where they will be outnumbered, they will get to be the standout, while watching (all of the kids) having fun.”

Amy McCormick, director of early intervention and early childhood special education at HDESD, emphasizes the importance of societal acceptance for children, including the developmentally challenged. “Early support has a positive effect on brain development and can change a child’s developmental trajectory,” she says.

Seidel sees events such as the COAM autism walk as ways our society can lend invaluable support—and ultimately reap the benefits. “The earlier kids get the services they need, the better they are able to participate, to operate in the world,” she says. “That serves all of society.” McCormick says that statistically, when children receive the support they need growing up, society ultimately benefits from things like increased employment and decreased need for public assistance.

Every child is unique, among the general population and among those with special needs, and every child needs to feel accepted. So, Seidel says, if you’d like to be supportive for a friend or relative with a special-needs child, ask how you can help.

As for her son Luke, she says, “He is a person, just remember that. Slow down. Meet him. Learn his language.” Luke is considered non-verbal, but he understands language, and he communicates in other ways. She says he is very aware of his emotional environment. “He understands everything. His emotional IQ is high. He sees when people are mocking him, even if he’s not looking at them.”

Seidel emphasizes that all parents want their children to be able to go everywhere and do everything other kids do. Awareness of the special needs that some children live with not only helps the special kids, but it allows others an opportunity to practice empathy and problem-solving. “Since age two, Luke’s been in services up to 30 hours a week,” she says. “It’s work for him just to be in the world.”

While many of the needs are being met, McCormick says there is an urgency to hire more special education teachers. “For our program, the hard-to-fill positions are the MA level teachers and BA or BS holders with specialized certification.” Volunteers are also needed to work in classrooms, do project prep work or help with fundraising and other special events. Interested parties may contact McCormick at or 541-312-1964

Summer 2023 | 31
This will be a space where they will be outnumbered, they will get to be the standout, while watching (all of the kids) having fun."
– Leslie Seidel
–Linda Quon, HDESD Communications Consultant
The classroom is staffed with specialists in autism, occupational therapy, augmentative communication and speech pathology, assistive technology and teachers for the hearing and visually impaired."
32 | Balance, Focus & Health for Life (and Fun!) Wushu/Kungfu & Tai Chi for all Ages & Abilities Creating genuine smiles in sunny Bend Oregon! Located by Costco Specializing in Braces and Invisalign Complimentary exams for children starting at age 8 2500 NE Twin Knolls Dr Suite #250, Bend (541) 385-3104 Looking to simplify health care for your family or household? Come take a look at Tumalo Family Medicine. We are a direct primary care practice, now located near downtown Bend! Experience the convenience of personalized care at your fingertips. SCAN HERE TO SCHEDULE A FREE MEET & GREET APPOINTMENT 541.283.0914 | Dedicated Marriage and Family Therapist Associate who specializes in working with individuals, couples, and families who are seeking solutions for connection, intimacy, and overall satisfaction in their lives. Located in Bend, Oregon, providing both in person and telehealth therapy throughout the state. 541-604-8733 | Perinatal Mental Health ADHD • Marital and Premarital • Anxiety Parenting Concerns • Divorce Relationship Issues • Depression — Multiple Payment Options Are Available — Supervised by Torey Andrus, LMFT

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays (through June 16)

Art for Kids

ART – Join these weekly art classes in Redmond for kids ages 4–12! Explore a variety of art mediums from painting and drawing to using yarn and clay, then pause for a snack and games and return to creative art making. Selva Art Studio | $109/Month


New Robotics Program

LEARN – In this intro class, kids work with a humanoid, hexapod or rover robot and learn to program new behaviors, including how to dance, talk and interact with surroundings. With ARC software, learning programming skills is broken down into easy steps for all levels. Ages 10–13: 2pm, Ages 12 and up: 4pm DIY Cave | $50


Backpack Explorers

EXPLORE – Come on an adventure! Children ages 3–5 and their caregivers learn science, art, music and more with handson activities. Borrow a backpack filled with exciting objects to aid in exploring the museum’s nature trails and exhibits. New themes added each week!

High Desert Museum | $15

Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

Kids Open Play

PLAY – Kids Ninja Warrior gym is a wonderful space for kids to stay active and have fun! Both Toddler Open Play and Kids Open Play are available. This clean, fully padded space is perfect for fun-filled movement.

Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play | $15-$17 1-day pass, $115-$150 10-day pass


First Friday Art Walk

ART – Stroll along historic downtown Bend to enjoy art, live music, local food and drink. Take advantage of easy and convenient parking in the Centennial Garage for First Friday!

Downtown Bend | Free

May 5 – May 14

Anastasia: The Musical

THEATER – This dazzling show, presented by BEAT Children’s Theater, transports audiences from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past.

Summit High School | $15

May 6

Wonderful Wetlands Family Program

LEARN – Explore the importance of wetlands in this hands-on family program. Create your own mini wetland, observe how humans impact wetlands and see how scientists evaluate water quality by looking for macroinvertebrates in Lake Aspen. Pre-registration is required. All ages welcome with an adult. 10:30am-noon

Sunriver Nature Center | $13/adult, $10/child (ages 3+)

May 6

Kodomo no Hi (Children's Day) Celebration

EVENT – Children’s Day, or Kodomo no Hi, is a national Japanese holiday celebrating the health, happiness and individual strengths and personalities of children. We will have a fish printing craft station, koinobori kites and lots of snacks. 10am

Larkspur Park | Free

Summer 2023 | 33
Watch the skies come alive at Balloons Over Bend July 28-30 Photo by Brian Becker

We meet you where you are and provide research based supports to maximize your child’s learning

From Pre-K through college, we are here to support a lasting relationship designed to meet individual needs.

34 | (541) 330-1183 Always check the updated hours and information at BUY 1, GET 1 FREE. WITH THIS COUPON OVER 12,000 SQ. FEET OF BIGGER AND BETTER. More play, more climbing, more adventure and more exploring for hours more fun. Thistle Learning Center Cultivating a Mindful Learning Experience, in a Prickly Landscape. Preschool • Academic Tutoring Executive Function Coaching • College Planning 914-391-8612
T.L.C., we
provide our
with customized academic
Thank you for voting us #1 10 OfF $ $ a 50 Purchase 9 53 NW Wall Street | 541-382-8326 The New Animal Series Shashibo Cube - "FOREST" Retails for $22.99 Dine I n Take Out Delivery (5 41) 3 3 0 -9 09 3 8 11 N W Wall S t . Downtown F o r 2 5 Ye a r s ! PizzaMondoB end .com
Here at
care about
support to meet individual needs.

May 6

Youth Class-Pierogi

COOKING – Pierogi are dumplings similar to ravioli and potstickers. They are amazing! Children ages 7–17 will enjoy this hands-on class with Chef Michele Morris. 5:30-9pm

Kindred Creative Kitchen | $50

May 6 & 7

Potted Potter –The Unauthorized Harry Experience

THEATER – Playing to sold out houses all over the world, this Olivier Award nominated show is a parody that takes on the ultimate challenge of condensing all seven Harry Potter books (and a real-life game of Quidditch) into 70 hilarious minutes. Even if you don’t know the difference between a horcrux and a Hufflepuff, Potted Potter will make you roar with laughter.

Tower Theatre | $27-$42

May 11-14

Footloose: The Musical THEATER – TMP presents

“Footloose! The Musical.” This movie first burst onto the screen in 1984 and proved to be one of the year’s most successful motion pictures. Enjoy hits from the soundtrack including “Footloose!”

“Let’s Hear It For The Boy" (both of which received Academy Award nominations), plus “Almost Paradise.” With a screenplay and lyrics by Oscar winner Dean Pitchford, the story focuses on young people, music and dance.

Open Space Event Studios | $35


May 14

Mother’s Day at the Museum

LEARN – It’s Mom’s Day, so treat her to a fun visit to the High Desert Museum. The best part is her entry is free! Explore various exhibits indoors and out.

High Desert Museum | Free for Mom

May 18

Central Oregon Youth Concert

May 13

Central Oregon 10th

Autism Walk

WALK – This wonderful family friendly walk in Redmond is for individuals on the autism spectrum, their families and the community. It’s a day to celebrate inclusion. Look for a silent auction, raffles, vendors, kids’ crafts, a foam party and more! Lunch is provided.

Highland Baptist Church | $15 Adult $12 Child coam-walk

May 14

Mini Pole Pedal Paddle

RACE – Teams of six kids (grades K-5) start at Seventh Mountain Resort and work together to solve team challenges, race through an obstacle course and experience fun and friendly competition against their peers. This is a great event for the kids and the spectators!

Seventh Mountain Resort | $180/team

MUSIC – Revel in the local music scene! This assembly of 35 music students of all ages from across the region is led by COCC music professor Travis Allen and conducted by Redmond Proficiency Academy’s Jonathon Moore. Tower Theatre | $12-17

May 20

Oregon Ballet Theatre 2

DANCE – Oregon Ballet Theatre’s junior ensemble, OBT2, features dancers on the cusp of their professional careers. Don’t miss this program highlighting the breadth of their technical ability, featuring four selections from 20th Century classical repertoire, including Coppelia, Don Quixote and Raymonda.

Tower Theatre | $12 - $22

May 20

Youth Class – Brunch

COOKING – Brunch is a great way to spend time with the family, while devouring some beautiful food. Children ages 7–17 will enjoy this hands-on class where they will make a variety of brunch items. Class runs 5:30-9pm.

Kindred Creative Kitchen | $50

May 20

Happy Girls Run

RUN – Moms, sisters, daughters! Join this exciting race in conjunction with Saving Grace’s Heroes Celebration. Choose your distance: 5K, 10K or Half Marathon. Every runner receives a Happy Girls gift, sponsor goody bag and finisher’s medal! There’s even a kids run for children 10 and under! Riverbend Park | Prices vary.

May 20

Birding for Breakfast

LEARN – The museum provides excellent habitat for many migratory bird species. Join staff and volunteers to explore the grounds looking for birds. Learn about the species that live in our area and the museum’s efforts to make the buildings more bird friendly! Coffee and light breakfast items provided. 7-9am

High Desert Museum | $15, Members receive 20% discount.

May 21


MUSIC – This musical playdate with Cascade School of Music includes singing, movement and instrument play. Ages 1–5. 10:30-11:30am

Deschutes Public Library | Free

May 23

Zen Gardens

CREATE – Zen gardens, also known as karesansui, use natural elements like rock, sand and wood to create beauty and calm. Build your own small Zen garden to enhance your sense of inner peace. Designed for middle schoolers. Supplies are free but limited. Deschutes Public Library | Free

May 27

Kid’s Day

EVENT – This fun-filled event focuses on kids of all ages and includes numerous games and activities. Visit the petting zoo, jump in the bounce houses, experience the challenge of the rock wall, then refuel the family with some tasty food or treats. Don’t forget to check out the cool service vehicles and meet the firefighters and police officers. The Village at Sunriver | Free (Activities are $1)

Summer 2023 | 35
Bees and Botany Bonanza Family Program June 3 & 10 Don’t miss the hilarious Potted Potter show at the Tower May 6 & 7 Photo courtesy of Sunriver Nature Center Photo courtesy of the Tower Theatre
36 | DeAR BEND NEST READERS, Thank you recognizing Dr. Gage and making us one of your favorites! We’re proud of our providers, and honored to be recognized for our commitment to caring for women in our community. | (541) 389-3300 Regan Gage, MD Marie Mency, FNP Family Nurse Practitioner Jeremy Brodhead, FNP Family Nurse Practitioner Havilah Brodhead, FNP Family Nurse Practitioner, Chief Medical Officer, CEO • Integrative & holistic options in addition to prescription treatments • Illness & injury treatments • Cholesterol management • Full pediatric care • Men’s health & testosterone • Women’s Health; Bioidentical hormones, PAPs, & birth control • Holistic nutritionist available for all patients • Mental health • Telehealth appointments • Functional Medicine with NP Havilah: Gut health, hormones, Ehlers Danlos, POTS, mast cell disorders, chronic fatigue, migraines, autoimmune disorders, long-covid & more Call 541-316-5693 or schedule appointment online at PRIMARY CARE & INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Caring providers that take the time to really listen. New patient appointments within 2 weeks.

May 27

Youth Class – Cupcakes

COOKING – Who doesn't love a cupcake? Children ages 7–17 will enjoy this hands-on class where they learn to make and decorate their own cupcakes. Class runs from 5:30-9pm.

Kindred Creative Kitchen | $50

May 27

Mindful Art Journaling

CREATE – Art journaling is a creative way to practice self-care. Mindful art journaling isn't about artistic skill; it provides a safe place to express thoughts and feelings. Supplies are provided to begin your own mindful art journaling practice. This program is designed for high schoolers. Registration required. Deschutes Public Library | Free

June 3 & 10

Bees and Botany Bonanza Family Program

LEARN – Kick off summer with wildflowers, bees and trees. Learn how to ID common trees, the parts of a flower, how water moves through plants and observe our favorite pollinators - bees! This family program is for all ages, with one participating adult. Registration includes daytime admission to the nature center.10:30am-noon

Sunriver Nature Center | $13/adult, $10/child (ages 3+)

June 7

Nurturing Positive Parenting

PARENTING – This workshop will explore topics including power struggles, resilience and big feelings and give parents practical tools to approach discipline (the word means “to teach”) with kindness AND firmness⁠, rooted in the Positive Discipline approach. 9:15am-12pm

Unitarian Universalist Event Space | $59

June 7

Lil’ Dragons

SPORT – Beginning with the very basics of Tang Soo Do Karate, this class helps children learn discipline, self-control, confidence and teamwork as well as develop motor skills.

Odyssey Martial Arts | $8

June 10

Special Storytime: Etiquette is a Big Word

STORYTIME – Enjoy a free story time with local author and mountain biking enthusiast, Lindsey Richter, as she shares her book, “Etiquette is a Big Word,” about proper mountain biking etiquette. This event is free, but please reserve your spot on the website. Roundabout Books | Free

June 10

Reading Rainbow Book Club

READ – Reading Rainbow is a monthly book club for teens and young adults focusing on stories and experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community, but anyone interested may join. The book club meets the second Saturday of the month from 4-5pm. Come hang out, talk about the book and enjoy pizza and snacks.

Deschutes Public Library Downtown | Free

June 10

Youth Class – Chopped Style Competition

COOKING – Kids will test their skills and knowledge and create their own dishes in this culinary competition. A blind basket of required ingredients and standard pantry items are provided. A team of judges will decide the winner, who will receive an award. This class is open to kids ages 7–17. 5:30-9pm.

Kindred Creative Kitchen | $60


June 17

With A Child: Let’s Make a Pizza COOKING – Grab your buddy and let’s make a pizza together! Learn the dough basics from thick to thin crusts while achieving that authentic flavor. Bring an apron, rolling pin and pizza pan or cookie sheet - along with your appetite!

Larkspur Community Center | $69

June 17

The Redmond Run RUN – Bring the whole family— there’s a distance for everyone in your crew. Choose between 5K, 10K or Half Marathon courses which wind through the Dry Canyon and finish in Centennial Park. Finisher’s medals, food and beverages for everyone!

Downtown Bend | Prices vary

June 26

Gaming & Coding

COMPUTER – Combining two valuable experiences: gaming and coding, students spend the morning building virtual apps to share with friends. In the afternoon, they build simple video games combining the art of design and animation to create interactive characters. Some reading required. Bring a sack lunch. Ages: 6–12 District Office | $260

June 27


ART – Experience the wonders of clay in this starter class. Children will squish, form and create a ceramic piece and decorate it with brightly colored glazes. The fee includes one child and one accompanying adult.

Harmon Park Clay Studio | $22

June 30

Kinder Critter Camp

LEARN - Encourage your preschooler to explore this summer! Campers spend their time outdoors during a hands-on wildlife adventure filled with games, crafts and stories. Each camp will highlight a different type of animal found in Oregon. Designed for four- to six-year-olds who are potty-trained. 9-11am or 1-3pm Sunriver Nature Center | $35/child

July 7-9

Bend Summerfest

FESTIVAL – Celebrate the arts, culture, music and community! Downtown Bend comes alive during Summerfest weekend with amazing fine art, vendor booths, gourmet foods, kids’ activities, live music and so much more!

Downtown Bend | Free

July 28-30

Balloons Over Bend

FESTIVAL – Watch the skies come alive this weekend with hot air balloon launches every day at dawn. Then, head to the Night Glow for an evening of music, food, local brew, marketplace shopping and glowing hot air balloons. Bring the kids to the Balloon Blast race, which is part of the Kids Rock the Races series!

Jewell Elementary & COCC | Launches: Free, Night Glow: $10

Summer 2023 | 37
Wonderful Wetlands Family Program May 6 Enjoy the magic of Oregon Ballet Theatre May 20 Photo courtesy of Sunriver Nature Center Photo courtesy of Oregon Ballet Theatre

Summer Camps

For writers and storytellers ages 8-13


July 24-28th


July 31-August 4th


August 14-18

Scan to learn more!

Assistance League of Bend 's

Operation School Bell® is a Source

d l y b e e n p r o v i d i n g b a c k - t o - s c h o o l c l o t h i n g t o l o w - i n c o m e c h i l d r e n s i n c e 1 9 9 1 W i t h t h e r i s e i n h o s p i t a l i z a t i o n s d u e t o t h e C O V I D - 1 9 D e l t a v a r i a n t w e m a d e t h e d e c i s i o n t o c a n c e l o u r r e c e n t f u n d r a i s i n g e v e n t s N o w w e n e e d y o u r h e l p t o s u p p l y m o r e t h a n 2 4 0 0 c h i l d r e n i n D e s c h u t e s C o u n t y w i t h c l o t h i n g P l e a s e c o n s i d e r m a k i n g a f i n a n c i a l c o n t r i b u t i o n t o p r o v i d e a l o c a l c h i l d w i t h n e w c l o t h i n g Y o u r t a x - d e d u c t i b l e d o n a t i o n w i l l e l e v a t e a c h i l d s s e l f - e s t e e m , h e l p t h e m f e e l m o r e a c c e p t e d b y t h e i r p e e r s a n d e m p o w e r t h e m t o l e a r n K i n d l y , D e a n n a C r a i g P r e s i d e n t A s s i s t a n c e L e a g u e o f B e n d

MA in Literature MFA in Writing
is limited to 12 students per class, so sign up soon to reserve your space!
541-383-3005 In-clinic, phone and video visits Sliding scale available Complete Care for Kids From birth to age 18 BEND • REDMOND • MADRAS • PRINEVILLE Se habla español T o D o n a t e : I
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O N E I N F I V E L O C A L C H I L D R E N L I V E I N P O V E R T Y Visit: AssistanceLeagueBend org or Mail a check to: Assistance League of Bend PO Box 115 Bend OR 97709
of Hope




When the last school bell rings and the kids run free, it’s official - summer is here! Keeping the kids entertained and away from the screens can be a challenge to say the least. Luckily, there are numerous kids’ camps offered locally that cover just about any subject or sport you can imagine. Check out our comprehensive list, but don’t forget, space fills quickly, so if you’re late to the game, it may be time to join a waitlist or two!

Abstract in Motion Camp


Athletic Club of Bend


Avid 4 Adventure


BEAT Children’s Theater


Bend Endurance Academy


Bend Forest School


Bend FC Timbers & Thorns

Soccer Camp


Bend Hoops


Bend Park and Rec


Bend Rock Gym


Bend Science Station


Big Lake Youth Camp /summer-camp/ summer-camps/reg-camps


Camp Homestead

Camp Invention

Camp Tamarack


Camp Fire Central Oregon


Cascade Indoor Sports sports-camp


Cascade School of Music summer-camps


Cascades Academy camp-create


Central Oregon Gymnastics Academy (COGA)


Chockstone Climbing


The Circuit Gym


COCC Youth Camp


Dana’s Discovery Kids summer-camps


Diane’s Riding Place


Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play


Gobi Wild Wilderness Camps


High Cascade Snowboard Camp


High Desert Museum 541-382-4754

Jordan Kent Multi-Sport Camp

888-832-6984 (voice mail)

MBSEF Cycling 541-388-0002

Morning Star Christian School Summer Camp


Mt. Bachelor Gravity Bike Camp bike-park/kids-camps


Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)


Oregon Olympic Athletics (OOA)


OSU Summer Academy


Outward Bound Summer Adventure Camps


R.A.D. Camps


Rhinestone Ranch summer-camps.html


Samara Learning Center


Sunriver Nature Center educational-programs/kids-campsclasses/


Terpsichorean Dance Studio


Think Wild


Tula Movement Arts


Tumalo Creek Kayak Kids Paddle Sports Adventure Camp


Sylvan Learning of Bend


Wildheart Nature School Summer Camps summer-camps


Wondery Art + Adventure Camp


Summer 2023 | 39 SUMMER CAMPS

canine companion, Zinny

Article by Damian Fagan | Photos by Liz Durrell

Abby Durrell, a 10-year-old homeschooler in Sunriver, Oregon, was struggling with anxiety and stress due to various medical conditions that caused speech delays, balance issues and blurred peripheral vision. “In May of 2020 we ended up in the ER where she was diagnosed with chiari malformation [a condition where brain tissue invades the spinal canal],” said her mom, Liz Durrell. “Then in January 2021, she underwent surgery to release the pressure in her brain and on her spine.”

The numerous doctor visits and specialist sessions were difficult for Abby. “Even though we’d explain why things were happening, intellectually she wasn’t tracking at her age,” said Liz. “There was a time when we were going up to Seattle every other week to see a physical therapist.”

To help alleviate Abby’s worry, the Durrells researched options for getting an assistance dog. “My husband and I were looking at would there be any dog that would help Abby with her anxiety, even at a doctor’s office, where we needed to do things like take an MRI,” said Liz. “We looked at dogs for autistic kids, but the cost was between $20,000-30,000 and might have a two to three year wait time.”

Fortunately, a friend suggested the Guide Dogs for the Blind K9 Buddy Program. “Guide dogs must work in dynamic, changing environments, and be confident around traffic, crowded spaces and unpredictable sounds and sights,” said Kelsey Gilbert, K9 Buddy Program Manager. “Some dogs lack the necessary resilience for this work but display many wonderful traits, including an inherent desire to connect with people. These dogs make excellent K9 Buddies.”

Career-Changed K9 Finds a FRIEND

So, Liz applied, and a few months later Abby got to meet her new companion, Zinny, a three-year-old career-changed yellow lab.

“The calming effect on Abby has been amazing. Just amazing,” said Liz. “This is the best dog I’ve ever seen.”

From the beginning of their relationship, Zinny seemed to know what Abby needed. “Abby would come inside from playing and just need a quiet moment,” said Liz. “Zinny would come over and Abby would lay next to her. Abby needed that touch and calming effect.”

“Zinny loves to lick my face,” said Abby. When Abby feels anxious, she lays on the ground and Zinny comes over to her. “Zinny licks, that’s her thing,” said Liz. Zinny also spends time with Abby’s siblings, Jacob and Esther. “Zinny loves all the kids, but she knows Abby is her job,” added Liz.

And Abby knows Zinny is her job. “I brush her, feed her, make sure she has water and walk her every day,” said Abby. In addition to walking 2 miles, Abby and Zinny build forts in the backyard and go to the park every day.

“Zinny likes to run around and get the zoomies,” added Abby.

While Zinny was in her formal training period, her trainers at the Boring, Oregon campus noticed Zinny’s sensitivities to loud noises, a trait that would not bode well for a visually-impaired owner. However, her disposition and training would make her an ideal K9 Buddy, so she “changed careers.”

“While K9 Buddy dogs are amazing, they are pets,” said Gilbert. “The fraudulent service dog issue can have a great impact on people with disabilities who depend on the ability to bring their service dogs with them for a mobility aid, medical alert or other

40 |
Abby and Zinny relax after a game of fetch.
–Kelsey Gilbert, K9 Buddy Program Manager
Guide dogs must work in dynamic, changing environments, and be confident around traffic, crowded spaces and unpredictable sounds and sights."

types of assistance.” Guide Dogs for the Blind clearly outlines that the dogs are not trained to perform a specific task to mitigate an individual’s disability. “Therefore, they aren’t service dogs and do not have access rights under Americans with Disabilities Act,” added Gilbert.

When the Durrells take Zinny out for a walk in a public place, they often put a vest on her to signal that Zinny is more than a pet. This is to alert others to control their dog and keep it away from Zinny. While Zinny’s training is to ignore other dogs, off-leash dogs are a real concern. “Your dog may be great, but off-leash, it’s Abby’s anxiety,” said Liz.

The K9 Buddy program serves both children over five and adults. In addition, all K9 Buddy teams are eligible for the organization’s Veterinary Financial Assistance program, which covers medical expenses for the life of the dog.

“We are so excited to expand the reach of this life-changing program,” said Gilbert. “We planned our expansion to unfold in stages to keep our growth manageable and ensure we could continue our high standards of client service.” Starting out serving 10 western states, the program expanded to all 50 states at the end of 2022 and will be expanding services into Canada next year.

For Abby, Zinny has been a blessing. “I want people to know that the organization’s heart is for dogs being companions to people, to be therapy to people and to be helpful to people,” said Liz. “These phenomenal dogs are trained at no cost for children or adults. That’s a very special thing.”

To learn more about or to donate to the Guide Dogs for the Blind, visit its website at

Summer 2023 | 41
Abby and Zinny in Sunriver. – Liz Durrell, Abby Durrell's Mom
“ I want people to know that the organization’s heart is for dogs being companions to people, to be therapy to people and to be helpful to people"
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It’s Baby Season!

Where to experience new animal life in Central Oregon

After a long winter, most Central Oregonians look forward to warmer weather and a little color to the landscape. The High Desert morphs as flowers bloom, leaves sprout and the opportunity to spend more time outdoors finally arrives. Spring and summer signal a time of new life, especially for the array of animals, domesticated and wild, that give birth this time of year.

In Central Oregon, there are numerous opportunities to see these cute little critters. Baby birds are the most common and easiest to view. Familiar locals like robins, scrub-jays and chickadees suddenly emerge to build nests and search for food for their hatchlings. They can be seen in almost any backyard setting or while on a hike. The quail scurrying along with their young in tow are one of my favorites.

At home, we have noticed a family of nuthatches return each

watch Mom feed the fluffy, tiny heads that poke out of the bird box demanding their next meal. Along the Deschutes River Trail, it is common to catch a glimpse of goslings or ducklings cheerfully floating along, trying to keep up with Mom.

Born year-round, baby rabbits are not as easy to view in the wild. However, they are numerous at the local nonprofit, Ember’s Wildflower Animal Sanctuary and Bunny Rescue, which allows volunteers to feed and play with them. Did you know a baby rabbit is called a kitten?

Since cats and dogs also give birth year-round, the Humane Society of Central Oregon has always been a favorite weekend trip for my daughters. We don’t take any animals home, but they love to pet and play with the puppies and kittens. The little ones get adopted quickly, so you might have to visit often to have a chance to play with them.

Summer 2023 | 43
The cutest of all baby animals just might be the newborn alpacas, or cria, as they are called.

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Two- and Four-Day Options Available

Wildheart Kindergarten offers experiential outdoor learning in a small group. Our mission is to support the child’s curiosity and inner resilience, while guiding their connection to nature, community, and environmental stewardship.

Children Will:

Engage in age-appropriate academic activities such as letter learning

Be immersed in an emergent curriculum that mirrors their passions and interests

Learn practical skills such as baking, handwork, gardening, harvesting, building shelters, etc.

Learn tools for emotional regulation and be immersed in an outdoor classroom where regulation occurs naturally

Learn More and Apply:

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The cutest of all baby animals just might be the newborn alpacas, or cria, as they are called. Usually born May through September, they can be seen in spades at Crescent Moon Ranch in Terrebonne where visitors come to view and feed them. By the way, did you know you can take an alpaca home? It’s true, but be sure to ask for details and make sure you’re ready for the care involved!

Baby mule deer, or fawns, can be seen in town, although viewing them in open spaces makes for a grander experience, as they playfully hop and chase each other through the woods. The mothers are very protective, as our dog, Loki, learned the hard way!

In fact, animal parents can be quite aggressive when it comes to protecting their young, so be careful! When encountering wildlife there are a few things to keep in mind. Reputable organizations like the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, as well as other professionals who work with animals, stress the need to leave wildlife alone.

Of course, wild baby animals are cute and adorable, and we often want to pick them up, but there are reasons to resist the urge. If you find an animal, don’t suddenly approach it. Perhaps the mother is out searching for food. Often, after a human has

interacted with a baby animal, even by accident, the mother will abandon the poor critter.

It is also dangerous to feed wildlife. Animals have specialized diets and often become malnourished from relying on human food. In addition, because animals sometimes carry diseases, there are further risks involved.

To view wildlife in a safe environment, visit the Sun River Nature Center, the High Desert Museum or other places previously mentioned. Think Wild, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates wildlife, is one of the most valuable nonprofits for animals in Central Oregon. By offering unique volunteer opportunities, its mission is to educate the community through summer camps, field trips, internships and more. Their annual event held in May, “Baby Season Baby Shower,” helps raise funds and awareness for orphaned baby animals.

If you suspect an animal might be hurt or needs attention, call the hotline number below. Most importantly, remember the popular mantra used by animal care specialists: “If you care leave it there.” The more Central Oregon grows, the more we must learn to properly cohabitate with wild animals and their young. Wildlife Hotline: 541-241-8680

Summer 2023 | 45
Baby mule deer, or fawns, can be seen in town, although viewing them in open spaces makes for a grander experience, as they playfully hop and chase each other through the woods.

Girl Wonder

Bend Swim Club’s Annika Huang

Central Oregon is known for producing Olympic-level athletes who excel in winter sports but rarely do water sports come to mind. This year, an 11-year-old girl from Bend is making a name for herself in the competitive swimming arena. One of the youngest swimmers to qualify for Bend Swim Center’s competitive Silver Squad, Annika Huang was born to be in the water.

This year alone, she qualified for nine events at the state level where she podiumed and went on to qualify for Washington State Regionals.

According to Huang, she has been swimming almost all her life. “In the beginning, it was just for fun in the summers,” says Huang, “Then I took lessons and realized I really like moving through the water and having a coach to help me get better.”

By the age of three, Annika’s mother Kari Huang recalls that her daughter’s skills in the water were something special. “I could tell by watching her in the water during swim lessons and while playing at the pool in the summer, that there was a natural comfort level with being in the water compared to a lot of other kids her age. Coaches, even at that age, told me that she had a gift for moving through the water.”

By age six, Huang had joined the entry-level Red Group at Bend Swim Club but was only there a few weeks before being told she should move up to the next level. At one of her first competitive swim meets, Annika qualified for an “A” time and went to her first state championship at age six—no small feat for such a young swimmer. She has been going to state competitions ever since, where she often finds herself on the podium.

While Huang competes in all strokes, she particularly excels at the butterfly, one of the hardest of the four strokes. “From an early age, she made [the butterfly] look effortless by perfecting the rhythm and timing that is entailed in that stroke,” explains Kari Huang.

Annika certainly shines at the butterfly but competes in all the different strokes as well as the individual medley—a race that requires swimmers to be proficient in all the strokes. She has now risen to the Bend Swim Club’s Silver Squad, one level below their highest (Gold, which is geared toward competitive high-schoolaged kids). At such a young age, Annika can already list some impressive, major accomplishments.

46 |
It makes me a better swimmer when I am challenged by swimmers faster than myself."
–Annika Huang

When asked which achievements she is most proud of, she shares, “I am proud of going to State and being able to podium with the best in the state. I was also super excited to make a regionals time and go to Seattle last month to compete with the best in the Northwest Region.”

Winning is only part of the thrill for this young athlete. “I am proud to be one of the youngest on the Silver Squad this year and trying to keep up with the big kids,” she explains. “It makes me a better swimmer when I am challenged by swimmers faster than myself.”

While the thrill of her success is still fresh, Annika already has her eye on the future. When asked what she is most excited about, she says, “I am excited for long course season this year and swimming with my squad and my coach.” Long course season starts in the spring and uses a 50-meter pool as opposed to the short course season where events are swum in a 25-meter pool.

Like a true team player Huang adds, “I like my friends so much and can’t wait to cheer everyone on this year and see everyone crush their goals.”

Huang has some long-term goals of her own. Looking to the future she shares, “I would like to make top three at State this July as well as in the next two years, make A Zones time.” Her ambitions don’t stop there, though. She continues, “Someday it would be fun to swim in college and maybe the Olympics! Dream big!”

Summer 2023 | 47 KIDS IN ACTION
Photos by Pete Erickson Photography
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