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Good things are coming!

Exciting projects are underway for the development of dynamic Children’s Discovery Centers in all of our community libraries. We’re excited to share new interactive and play-based learning with our favorite young customers!

Follow us online to learn more about when you can come and explore — or ask for updates at any of our library branches.


AUG. 14 - 16

When school’s not in session, Bend Park & Recreation District brings on the fun.

AFTERSCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Enrichment Wednesdays, Technology, Martial Arts, Swim Team, Basketball, Science & Nature, Soccer, Ice Skating, Hockey, Volleyball, Arts & Crafts

NO-SCHOOL DAY PROGRAMS: Recreation Swim, Operation Recreation, Clay Arts, Painting, Cooking & Baking, Sports, Multimedia Arts, Volleyball, Learning Workshops

To learn more about youth activities, visit or call (541) 389-7275.

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school’s out, fun is in.
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Grace Carter, from Sisters, exploring one of the many fall corn mazes throughout Oregon.

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TRENDING - While e-bikes have taken Central Oregon (and the rest of the world) by storm, a discussion of community safety measures is paramount.


PARENTING - When is your child ready to sleep away from home? Explore tips for a smooth transition to independence.


OUTDOORS - Skip the crowds and enjoy the crisp, cool weather. Even though the kids are back in school, plan a few fall vacations in Oregon.


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Passage to Fall

These days, perhaps you’re savoring the last sweet sounds of summer, fitting in an overnight to the mountains while anticipating the return of routines and structured learning. As we head into the new season, there’s much to look forward to in Central Oregon.

Fall is for locals — trails and parks are less crowded and there’s a quiet hum around town. Think pumpkin patches and fruit stands, cool crisp days and chilly nights.

I’ve just returned from an extended stay with my parents across the country, and I’ve never been more thankful to return home to Bend. Our community is unique. For the most part, families have chosen this location to raise their young. And, why not? In this work-from-home era, parents can be intentional about the place they call home.

As our humble town has grown, so have the education opportunities. Unlike the times when you just headed to your neighborhood school, there are heaps to navigate when it comes to high school options: AP or IB? Dual enrollment or CTE classes? Best to be informed as you enter this new age and stage. Annette Benedetti’s Education piece breaks down the

various acronyms and programs.

Along the lines of education, the topic of substitute teachers comes top of the list. As shortages nationwide have also impacted schools here at home, not surprisingly, parents are stepping up to fill the gaps; some even putting careers aside.

When it comes to school transportation, many kids these days jump on their e-bikes to make the commute. Sadly, this summer was a wake-up call when a fatal accident involving a local teen on an e-bike revealed some inherent dangers, especially for our youth. David Sword’s relevant article on the subject, which appeared in the Source Weekly newspaper shortly after the June accident, is reprinted this issue for our readers.

Even with the structure of routines, there’s always time for fun. I would highly recommend the edible arrangements craft in Kids Corner. Anyone can create these easy works of art — non-toxic and delicious!

Wishing you the magic of autumn and beyond!

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kiddin’ ‘round

For a great time for you and your kiddos, Bend Park & Recreation District’s fitness and swim centers are the places to be.

• KIDS’ CORNER CHILDCARE: Available at Juniper for ages 6 months to 6 years. Register in advance or drop-in to sync up with your fitness class or swim.

• REC SWIM: All ages welcome.

• FAMILY SWIM: All ages with adult.

• PARENT-CHILD SWIM: Ages 6 & under with adult.

• SWIM SPECIAL: $6.00/adult with paid child.

• SWIM LESSONS: Ages 6 months & up.


Schedules, fees & details at

Two great locations!

Juniper Swim & Fitness Center 800 NE 6th St., Bend • (541) 389-7665

Larkspur Community Center 1600 SE Reed Market Rd., Bend • (541) 388-1133

10 | Creating genuine
in sunny Bend Oregon! Located by Costco Specializing in Braces and Invisalign Complimentary exams for children starting at age 8 2500 NE Twin Knolls Dr Suite #250, Bend (541) 385-3104

QRecently, my six-year-old fell off a garden wall and hit his head. He’s still complaining of a headache a couple days later. Should I take him to the emergency room?

AIf your child is still complaining of a headache a couple days later, they should be seen by your primary care physician or a physician who is experienced in treating concussions. An emergency room visit may or may not be necessary, but they should be evaluated by a healthcare professional, regardless. Red flag symptoms or warning signs that would necessitate an emergency room visit after a hit to the head include a headache that progressively worsens, increasing confusion, repeated vomiting, unequal pupils, seizures, slurred speech, inability to recognize people or places, excessively drowsy and inability to be awakened, weakness/numbness in the arms or legs, unusual behavior, increasing irritability or loss of consciousness.

QHow long will it take for my child to recover from a mild concussion? He is ready to resume his regular activities, but I want to make sure it is safe to do so.

AMedical professionals no longer rate concussions as mild, moderate or severe. The recovery time from a concussion varies from individual to individual, depending on a variety of factors. In some situations, an individual with relatively mild symptoms may take a long time to recover. Conversely, an individual with severe symptoms may recover relatively quickly. For this reason,



physicians often do not classify a concussion until after the individual has fully recovered.

Before returning to activity it is important that your child be cleared by a medical professional. Typically, an individual should be asymptomatic, pass a graduated exercise progression, score within normal ranges on neuropsychological tests, such as ImPACT or SWAY and receive clearance by a physician prior to returning to sports.

QI don’t see what all the hype about concussions is. When I was a kid, everyone got their bell rung. Now, it seems every time a child falls, a parent is there to overreact. What has changed?

AConcussions are serious head injuries and are considered a mild traumatic brain injury. Medical knowledge of concussions has increased significantly over the past 20 years, partially in thanks to the increased attention and awareness of concussions in professional sports, such as the NFL.

We now know that getting your “bell rung” is in fact a concussion and should be treated as such. Having healthcare professionals, such as athletic trainers, at all sporting events is important to ensure that when a child is hit in the head they can be evaluated by a healthcare professional trained in concussion care to determine if the individual has sustained a concussion or not. This allows parents to relax knowing that their children are being looked after by independent health care professionals who have their child’s best interest at heart.

Additionally, Oregon law dictates that all youth who show signs of a possible concussion must be removed from play and cannot return until they have been cleared by a healthcare professional.

QI noticed this year at my son’s high school soccer games an athletic trainer present on the sidelines ready to evaluate any athlete involved in a collision. I am impressed by this program and would like to know more.

AAthletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals specifically trained in the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical conditions and emergent, acute and chronic injuries. Athletic training is recognized by the American Medical Association, Health Resources Services Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services as an allied health care profession.

The Center Foundation, a local 501(c) (3) nonprofit, has been providing athletic trainers to Central Oregon high schools since 2000. You can learn more about this program and other programs we provide by visiting:

Fall 2023 | 11

It’s Time to Talk About E-Bikes

from the off-road mountain bike and gravel steeds, to the urban commuter and kid hauler. Most require the rider to pedal in order to get the “E” boost; but not all.

Oregon also has a helmet law for both bicycles and motorcycles. Everyone traveling on a roadway on a motorcycle in Oregon is required to wear a helmet, and for bicycles, any rider under 16 is also required to don a potentially brain-saving device.

Central Oregon loves bicycles. Bikes give people a sense of freedom and independence, and with the growing necessity of environment-friendly transportation, the popularity of bicycles and bike riding is booming. The benefits are numerous and include reduced air/noise pollution, savings on fuel costs and less congestion on roadways. And let’s not forget the positive physical and spiritual outcomes too.

But while the high desert has long been filled with bicycle aficionados, in the past few years a cycling revolution of sorts has begun to gain traction worldwide: e-bikes. How much traction, you ask? According to Precedence Research, the global e-bike market size surpassed $18 billion in 2022 and is predicted to grow to nearly $41 billion by 2030. That’s Billion with a B.

Electric assist bicycles (e-bikes) come in myriad versions,

Police complaints

On local paved streets, paths and sidewalks, a conflict is rising exponentially. Sheila Miller, communications manager for Bend Police Department, says e-bikes are great for the community, but they do come with challenges.

“They open up many options for people to travel and explore, but there have been increased concerns and complaints here at the PD regarding (their) usage.” Miller explains that the majority of complaints center around younger kids riding them to school, riding on sidewalks, going against traffic and not wearing helmets. This past June, a 15-year-old Bend teen died after being hit by a car while riding an e-bike. The teen and his passenger were not wearing helmets and were riding on the sidewalk, attempting to cross a street that intersects with Highway 20 in east Bend, police said. The driver was not cited.

Complaints about e-bike use in the city “have spiked from one email a month to about 20 in the last couple months. And (in response) to the increase, the department launched an educational campaign via social media,” said Miller. “Anecdotally we see an increase (mainly) on the west side and downtown in particular. We get e-bike and vehicle clashes, because generally the bike is traveling quicker than expected or they are riding erratically and not as would be expected,” Miller said.

12 |
With the explosion in use of electric assist bicycles comes the need for more education about safety, usage and learning to coexist
The key to keeping kids, and all of us, safe is good infrastructure.” “
–Anthony Broadman, Bend City Councilor

City bike infrastructure

For years the City of Bend has been working on better cycling infrastructure, with plans that include more bike lanes, multi-user paths and designated safe routes. Bend City Councilor Anthony Broadman is an avid cyclist and safety advocate who regularly rides an e-bike.

Until this year, there had not been a serious injury attributed to e-bikes in Bend and Central Oregon, but within a day of each other, two serious accidents led to the region’s first tragedy involving a motor vehicle and e-bike.

“The key to keeping kids, and all of us, safe is good infrastructure,” Broadman said.

Just this month, for the first time since 2009, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy statement on child pedestrian safety which supports Broadman’s claim.

Among its recommendations, AAP advocated for reducing speed limits in urban areas, developing more safe routes to school, advocating for more pedestrian infrastructure and providing more information to parents and families so they can educate their children on safety.

“I ran for Council to build the Bend Bikeway and the Hawthorne Bridge, and those are the lynchpins of crosstown transportation safety for everyone — cars, bikes wheelchairs, everyone,” Broadman said. “The best thing that we can do with the finite City resources we have is to focus on meaningful improvements to infrastructure.”

Following the death of the teen recently, councilors also put out a call for ideas to help them plan an educational event where parents and other community members could come and learn about the ins and outs of e-bike safety.

Supporting an active commute

Other educational messaging has been spearheaded by Commute Options, the nonprofit advocating for safe commuting alternatives in Bend. Executive Director Brian Potwin thinks that education is by far the best method to find balance.

“Our Safe Routes program aims to increase access to alternative methods (of travel), with the goals of being safe, fun and convenient,” he said. Working directly with local school districts and promoting these concepts in the classroom, the program teaches safety and rules of the road for students K-12. Other programming in support of the cause includes Walking School Buses, where school groups are led by adults to and from schools, suggesting walk and rolling routes as viable options. Commute options also offers a helpful introduction to e-bike safety on its website.

At the school level, Scott Maben, communications director for Bend-La Pine Schools, says e-bike usage is, “Definitely a rising

concern and community issue.” Currently the district is working on updating its transportation policy (which does not yet address underage riders on e-bikes) as well as communications and messaging at the school level.

“We have seen an increase in e-bike users, especially at the middle schools,” Maben said. This past school year, “Principals were focused primarily on the education of parents,” he said.

Until this year, there had not been a serious injury attributed to e-bikes in Bend and Central Oregon, but within a day of each other, two serious accidents led to the region’s first tragedy involving a motor vehicle and e-bike. On June 16, an adult rider was driving a mini-motorcycle that was not street legal in the bike lane on Reed Market Road and crashed into a car. The driver of the mini-motorcycle was seriously hurt, and was cited for operating a vehicle in the bike lane.

As children head back to school, teams at City of Bend, Visit Bend, Commute Options, Bend PD and other organizations are working to spread the word on the growing issues, continue to build better infrastructure and educate more of the community on rules, regulations, protocol and proper usage of all classes of human powered and power-assist bikes.

With law and policy changes in their infancy, the potentially epidemic and proven tragic outcomes of e-bike accidents here in Central Oregon, requires a patient and focused community effort to build awareness for both the riders and drivers who share the roadways.

Fall 2023 | 13
Following Father’s Day weekend, family members and friends visited the street corner in Bend to remember 15-year-old Trenton Burger who tragically lost his life in an e-bike accident.


A parent’s guide

Autumn brings renewed excitement as children head to school and connect with friends new and old. Social opportunities abound and inevitably, parents are called upon to gate-keep and review their child’s readiness for independence.

One of the biggest questions on parents’ minds these days are sleepovers – when is a child ready to sleep away from home? How can parents best prepare them for this exciting new experience?

Sleepovers provide kids with a valuable opportunity to practice social skills and resiliency in a new setting, but they can also be anxiety-provoking, especially when it’s the first time being away from home.

Often the idea of a sleepover comes up midway through elementary school as the child reaches the age of nine or 10, but every child is different, and some may be ready sooner, later or never. While there aren’t any set-in-stone rules for age ranges, there are some general guidelines to help kids and parents prepare.

Here are some signs your child may be ready for their first sleepover or slumber party at a friend's house:

• They have already stayed overnight in a place other than their own home several times, such as a hotel room, tent or relative’s house.

• They usually sleep well through the night and don’t often wake from nightmares, bathroom visits, etc.

• Generally, they are not afraid of the dark and feel comfortable at night.

• They can get ready for bed without adult help.

• They enjoy socializing and get along well with other children on play dates.

• They have practice asking adults for help, such as teachers and coaches.

• You have discussed basic body boundaries with them, and your child knows and can articulate what is and is not OK in terms of safe touch.

• They have your phone number memorized and know how to call you if they need support.

Finally, consider carefully who is inviting your child to their house. Does your child know this friend well? Have you met the parents and established a rapport? Always trust your gut!

If you believe that your child meets all the criteria for their first sleepover, the next step is to reach out to the friends’ parents to discuss ground rules and expectations. Clear communication is the key to a successful experience.

Some potential questions to ask the parents might include:

• How will children be supervised, or will they be left on their own to play?

• Where will the children be sleeping? In a shared bed, in sleeping bags on the floor, in bunk beds?

• What are the family’s policies in terms of screen time, video games, movie ratings, sugar and other potentially touchy parenting topics?

• Are there any guns or weapons in the house and if so, are they stored properly in a locked area?

• Are there any medications or substances in the house that children could potentially access?

• Are there any pets present?

• Is there a pool, pond or other large body of water on or near the property and if so, is it easily accessible?

• Are there any older siblings or unrelated adults living in the home?

• Is everyone currently living in the home healthy or have there been any recent communicable illnesses in the home?

After combing through this exhaustive pre-sleepover checklist and giving your child the green light, the next step is to prepare them for the experience. Talk about what to expect, make clear your expectations for how they should behave and let them know you will pick them up any time, even in the middle of the night. (Be sure to keep your charged phone on your bedside all night, just in case!)

Finally, if your child is drawn to the magic of a sleepover but isn’t quite ready for the full experience, consider offering them a “sleepunder” instead. Like their cousin, the sleepover, sleepunders are when kids go to another child’s house in the early evening and do all the usual sleepover activities — party games, movies, dinner, dessert, etc. — but then go home just before bedtime.


This option is a good intermediary step that allows for the benefits of the sleepover experience while keeping kids secure at home overnight. If you’re on the fence about a sleepover, a sleepunder can be the perfect compromise. Taking the time to assess your child’s readiness for a sleepover goes a long way toward supporting their independence one developmental step at a time. Just remember, sleepovers are not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t find other ways to connect and establish meaningful and long-lasting friendships.

K I N D E R M U S I K P R I V A T E L E S S O N S E X C I T I N G C L A S S E S A N D B A N D S M U S I C E D U C A T I O N F O R A L L A G E S E N R I C H I N G E N R I C H I N G L I V E S L I V E S O N E N O TE A T A O N E N O TE A T A TI M E F O R O V E R TI M E F O R O V E R 2 0 Y E A R S ! 541.382.6866 2 0 Y E A R S ! 541.241.6371 Pediatrician & Lactation Consultant Choose experienced and personalized care for your kids In-network with many insurance plans Nutrition services by Lori Brizee, RD Telehealth appointments available. In office appointments are spaced out, limiting contact between patients. EDUCATION
One of the biggest questions on parents’ minds these days are sleepovers–when is a child ready to sleep away from home?

Stepping Up & SteppingIn

The power of parents as teachers

In the midst of a national substitute teacher staffing crisis, some local parents are trading their classroom volunteer roles for paid positions. Others are exploring substitute teaching careers which offer extra income, flexible schedules and summers and school holidays off.

“Substitute teachers play a critical role in student success,” said Kristen Johns, Human Resources Manager for the High Desert Education Service District that leads the recruitment, management and placement of substitute teachers for HDESD programs and the Bend-La Pine, Redmond, Sisters, Crook County and Culver school districts. “Students spend about two-thirds of a school year with substitute teachers during the entirety of their K-12 schooling. That time matters to our kids.”

for Voting us Best Orthodontist! Thank You Central Oregon *actual patient smiles 541.848.6642 Offices in Bend and Redmond Dr. Blair Struble Dr. Madeline Peterson Dr. Jacqueline Gambee Thank You Central Oregon

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for substitute teachers has traditionally exceeded supply, but after the pandemic, substitute teacher shortages increased, leaving 20% of requests for substitutes unfilled, which can negatively impact student achievement.

In an effort to widen the pool of candidates during the current substitute shortage, a temporary rule filed in September of 2021 by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission relaxed requirements for a bachelor’s degree under a restricted substitute teaching license. The restrictions include limiting the number of days a substitute with a restricted license can fill in for a licensed teacher.

According to Johns, the pandemic has magnified the local and national substitute teacher shortage. To address the shortage, HDESD has been actively recruiting for substitutes, including reaching out to retired teachers and young adults looking to begin careers in education and parents.

“During the pandemic and distance learning, so many of our Central Oregon parents stepped up as virtual classroom assistants. With kids back in school, we’re hoping to inspire some of those parents to join us in the classroom,” she said, adding that training and development are part of the job.

something, even for the short time that I’m with them,” he said.

There are two types of substitute teaching positions. Licensed substitutes fill in for licensed teachers and classified substitutes fill in for teacher aids or classroom aids and are most commonly needed in special education classrooms.

“We have some of the most incredible staff and students in our general and special education classrooms, and we need to support and grow these teams to ensure our kids have access to an equitable education in Central Oregon,” said Johns.

HDESD typically strives to have a robust pool of 1,000 substitutes in its roster to ensure it can meet the demands of partner school districts. Currently, they need about 200 more substitutes.

Central Oregon resident Randy James, a technology business consultant and father of three (19, 16 and 11 years), joined HDESD as a substitute teacher in spring of 2023 with a restricted substitute teaching license. Looking for a career transition, he exited the highpace, high-stress tech startup he helped found to explore options.

“It felt like a time to step back and look broadly at what the next steps were for me,” said James, who is surrounded by a family of educators. “When I saw the impact the pandemic had on our teachers and educational systems, it seemed like I could contribute.”

What he found was a welcoming and rewarding experience.

“I have found that almost every student has a desire to learn. It’s exciting to see the students’ eyes come alive when they align with

James said he is hoping to inspire other parents to explore substitute teaching.

“Being a guest teacher is not a glamorous life, and there are days that are really hard, but the gratitude from the other teachers, that someone has their back if they need to be out, is satisfying,” he said.

While James has taught at his daughter’s school several times, he’s never been assigned to her class.

“She enjoyed carpooling to school and would always ask me if I met her favorite teachers. Of course, there were always the warnings to not embarrass her! In general, I think that she liked having me at the school,” he said.

When asked to give advice for other parents, he said “You can do it! I was terrified on my first day. I’ve sat across from CEOs of multinational corporations and that wasn’t as scary, but I learned about my own capacity to be flexible, go with the flow and engage with students as fellow humans. Guest teaching will be a growth opportunity for you. You will learn about yourself and gain a different perspective on students and education. You will be tired, you will feel like you contributed, you will feel appreciated and you will make new relationships with students who feel valued that you saw them and showed up,” said James.

For information on substitute teaching and other job opportunities, visit HDESD’s website:

Fall 2023 | 17
Students spend about two-thirds of a school year with substitute teachers during the entirety of their K-12 schooling. That time matters to our kids."
–Kristen Johns, Human Resources Manager
Central Oregon resident Randy James (center) opted to leave his high-stress technology consulting career to serve as a substitute teacher. Photo by Alicia Wood Photography
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Friends Beyond Measure

Peaceful Me

What happens when you meet a new friend and think the fun will last forever? “It started the day we met.” Two new friends are busy making fairy tea, reading graphic novels, teaching chickens to sit, doing puppet shows, Claymation, making Halloween adventures, jumping on a trampoline and playing for hours and hours. Fisher’s new picture book will take you on a friendship journey filled with playing, creating, disagreements and a few surprises. Run up the crooked tree, make fairy houses, play horse, create crafts and have silly fun – all together. Enjoy an honest friendship picture book told through infographics, timelines and colorful illustrations. Useful charts are included in the back of the book. Draw your own friendship feelings or make a map showing all the places you explore with friends.


What makes you feel peaceful? A young boy describes when he feels peaceful and when he doesn’t feel that at all. You might want to be outside in “fluffy clouds” or doing something nice for someone. Feder and Bell explore outside and inside moments through one young boy’s experiences and encourage readers to go through their emotions too. “Sometimes I feel peaceful when I’m having fun.” But what do you do when you don’t feel peaceful? Perhaps you can imagine your favorite things or go to a quiet place. The beautiful illustrations create picturesque experiences filled with laughter, quiet reading moments, falling leaves, a game and lots of family and friend time. The illustrations highlight objects and locations that capture each moment. Ice cream? Soccer? A hug? Find your peaceful moment, draw a picture and share it with a friend.

Fall 2023 | 19
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Getting a JUMP START

Local high schools offer various career paths for students

Reading, writing, and arithmetic aren’t the only courses local modern-day high school students are mastering on their way to becoming successful, productive adults. Central Oregon high schools have expanded their offerings, and now students throughout the region can get a jump start on their post-high school careers or higher education classes before they’ve even received their diplomas.

According to Scott Maben, the director of communications for Bend-La Pine Schools, in addition to standard courses (both

These educational and career paths options include:

Honors Classes: These classes are for those students whose skills, abilities and interests are exemplary. In general, honors classes progress more quickly, cover more material and go into more depth than standard classes.

Advanced Placement: These rigorous courses are collegelevel offerings tied to national curricula, require special teacher training and culminate in an exam that when successfully passed, may translate to a college credit. They offer consistently rich and challenging material that pushes driven students.

International Baccalaureate: Bend Senior High School is an authorized IB World School that offers a rigorous IB Diploma Program. This is a district-wide program that all Bend-La Pine Schools students may complete.

these courses, students learn content and develop skills while earning high school credits in industries that offer graduates high-wage, high-demand job options.

Dual Credit/College Now: College Now is a partnership between Central Oregon Community College and area high schools in which students can earn college credits in a high school class. These credits can transfer to all Oregon public colleges and universities.

Spanish Immersion: There is also a dual immersion (Spanish) program at Caldera High School where students can become bilingual while earning their high school degree.


What college & career-focused learning programs look like at local high schools

Many of the Bend-La Pine high schools offer a combination of expanded learning opportunities. Offerings available at each school can be found on individual school websites. Honors classes are available at every location.

The following is an example of how specific programs look at different high schools across the region.

The AP Program at Summit High School

Summit High School’s average AP exam pass rate was a whopping 74% in 2021! The school offers 21 AP classes in Art History, Art Studio, Biology, Calculus (AB, BC), Computer Science, French, US Government & Politics and more.

IB Classes at Bend Senior High School

Students who participate in this program have the potential to earn college credits. Individuals can participate in the program by taking one or more IB courses (graded on a 5.0 scale), or by pursuing the IB Diploma. To receive the diploma, they must take courses in six IB subjects (Science, Mathematics, Language & Literature, Language Acquisition, Arts and Individuals & Societies), three at a higher level and three at a standard level. They must also complete IB Program requirements of Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity-Action-Service.

CTE Classes at La Pine High School

La Pine High School offers a robust CTE program that was developed according to the Oregon Department of Education’s criteria for CTE Pathways. Pathways offered include Manufacturing and Metals, Business Management, Criminal Justice and Law and Forestry: Natural Resources.

As students progress through a sequence of courses in a pathway, they develop skills and knowledge that are aligned with a potential career field. Students may complete the pathway and continue their study of that field after high school, however, there is the potential for these students to have developed the knowledge required to enter the career field directly after high school.

Dual Credit/College Now at Mountain View High School

This program is available to all students, and dual credit courses are available in a variety of CTE programs as well as in standard core subjects like math, language arts, science and social studies. Additional options include classes in agriculture science, automotive, business, health and

more. A highlight of this program is that college credits earned can be put toward meeting community college certificates or university degree requirements at other community colleges and universities across the U.S.

are a time for preparing for life after graduation, they can also give students a jump start on their future. It’s important to note that there are programs for all types of students, regardless of interest and ability. Make sure to check in regarding your child’s learning options before the new year begins.

Reading & The Squid Tutoring


Oregon. Whether your child is dyslexic, is showing risk factors for dyslexia, or is simply struggling along the reading/writing acquisition continuum, we have the expertise to help. Contact us today to see how we can support your child on their journey to becoming a confident, successful reader and writer.


Offering pre K emergent reading & writing services to get your child ready for the world of elementary school!

Bend and Redmond locations!


Fall 2023 | 21 Look
Orton Gillingham
no further than Reading and The Squid Tutoring, the top
Structured Literacy
in Central (541)
Students throughout the region can get a jump start on their post-high school careers or higher education classes before they’ve even received their diplomas.
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Preschool Story Time

READ – Early literacy skills to get your child ready to learn to read are the focus of these story times. You and your child will hear great tales while also becoming more familiar with letter sounds, rhyming, vocabulary and print. Plus, there will be directions to follow, which will help prepare kids for kindergarten.

Deschutes Public Library Downtown | Free


Music on the Green

DANCE – Don’t miss the last few music dates. Grab a blanket and lawn chairs for a fun evening out! More than just music, you’ll enjoy tasty local food, drinks, desserts, as well as craft vendors. August 9, 23 & September 6.

Sam Johnson Park | Free music-on-the-green


Bend Farmers Market

FOOD – Rain or shine, this outdoor market will be open all season long offering fresh fruits, veggies and local treats. Make this a weekly stop! 11am-3pm, through Oct. 15. Downtown Bend | Free

Wednesdays & Thursdays

Family Story Time

READ – Enjoy an interactive story time with books, songs and rhymes designed to support early literacy skill development, social emotional awareness and family engagement. 9:30-10am. Designed for children 0-5 years old.

Downtown Bend Library | Free


Redmond Farmers Market

FOOD – Featuring locally grown produce, artisan foods, prepared delicacies and crafts, this market shares a dedication for supporting local farms while sharing wonderful, healthy foods. Runs through September 14, 3-6pm Centennial Park, Downtown Redmond | Free


Mommy & Me: Breastfeeding Support Group SUPPORT – This weekly support group invites all new moms or moms-to-be. There are lactation consultants to help answer questions. All are welcome, including partners and siblings, no matter the feeding method. Check Facebook for updates as space may be limited. 1-3 pm.

St. Charles Health 2600 Building | Free

BreastfeedingSupportGroup StCharlesBend

Fridays (August 4 – September 1)

Kinder Critter Camp

LEARN – Encourage your preschooler to explore this summer! Campers spend their time outdoors during a hands-on wildlife adventure filled with games, crafts and stories. Each camp will highlight a different type of animal found in Oregon. This two-hour program is specifically designed for 4 to 6-year-olds who are pottytrained.

Sunriver Nature Center | $35


Movies in the Park

MOVIE – Come to the park for a free movie presented by Bend Park and Rec. Bring the whole family— the more the merrier! Come for games and crafts at 7pm, then the movie starts at 8pm. August 4: “Moana” at Rockridge Park, August 11: “Encanto” at Orchard Park, August 18: “Soul” at Al Moody Park, August 25: The Lorax” at Ponderosa Park.

Various parks | Free


Kids Open Play

PLAY – Kids Ninja Warrior gym is a wonderful space for kids to stay active and have fun! The clean and bright space is full of fun movement activities, including an incredible Ninja Warrior obstacle course, rock climbing wall, huge red slide, adventure net bridge and lots more! No drop-offs.

Free Spirit Bend | $17

Fall 2023 | 23
Jump in for kids' crafts at Bend Fall Festival – September 29 – October 1
Photo by Andy Tullis



In-Depth Observatory Visit

LEARN – Seek the stars at the nation’s largest collection of publicly accessible telescopes. Two-hour sessions start out with an educational presentation, followed by night sky viewing through various telescopes with staff astronomers and a guided constellation tour. All sessions will take place regardless of weather or visibility and activities may be modified as weather warrants. Capacity for each session is limited. Ages 6 and up.

Sunriver Observatory | $35


Sisters Farmers Market

EXPLORE – Experience the bounty of the growing season at the Sisters Farmers Market this year. Shop for fresh produce and local goods every week. SNAP & EBT accepted. 10am-2pm, Runs through September.

Fir Street Park | Free

August 4, 11 & 25

Gravity Race Series

RACE – This unsanctioned downhill mountain biking series for passionate local riders looking for fun and community camaraderie is back for the 9th season! Divisions are offered for Adult Men & Women, Youth Boys & Girls, and Groms (12 & under). Prizes will be awarded to the top finisher in each division. All competitors will race on the same course.

Mt. Bachelor | $10 - $20 to compete.

August 9 – 30


MUSIC – This musical playdate with Cascade School of Music includes singing, movement and instrument play. Ages 1-4. 11:1512pm.

Cascade School of Music | $100 kindermusik

August 11 & September 9

Sawmill at the Museum

LEARN – Full steam ahead! See the 1904 Lazinka Sawmill action and learn how lumber was processed on the go at the turn of the century. 12:30 – 3pm.

High Desert Museum | Free with Museum admission


August 12

Perseids Meteor Shower


OUTDOORS – Join Wanderlust

Tours for a beautiful hike and a night of celestial wonder! With the moon tucked below the horizon, there will be minimal light pollution, allowing the Perseids meteor shower to truly shine! Choose your hiking level: an easy-moderate hike or an adventurous hike. Naturalist guides will highlight the stunning geography, flora and fauna of the area.

Wanderlust Tours Office | $110

August 15

Discover the Symphony (Sunriver Music Festival)

MUSIC – Nurturing the next generation of artistic talent, the Sunriver Music Festival brings world class music to Bend and Sunriver. This entertaining matinee presents orchestral music in a fun and informal setting. Bring the whole family and enjoy a onehour concert with virtuosic young soloists and the full orchestra. Sunriver Resort | Free for 18 and under

August 17

Adventure for All MOVIE – This inspiring evening focuses on individuals with exceptionalities (disabilities) who overcome the “impossibilities” that the current societal framework has attached to them. Along this adventure, learn just how capable and abled these individuals are. Enjoy an evening of three films followed by a Q & A session.6:30pm.

The Tower Theater | $11

August 19

Community Bird-Watching Trip

LEARN – Join Think Wild staff for a free, family-friendly bird identification walk at Hatfield Ponds near Bend. Learn to identify native Central Oregon birds by sight and by sound. Binoculars and field guides are provided. 9 - 11am. Hatfield Ponds | Free

August 26

High Desert Rendezvous

FUNDRAISER – You don’t want to miss the annual celebration of the High Desert Museum’s mission to wildly excite and responsibly teach through innovative, interdisciplinary experiences, creating connection to the High Desert. The High Desert Rendezvous helps support the Museum’s educational programs, bringing science, art and history education to lifelong learners throughout the region.

High Desert Museum | $150 - $350

August 27

Juniper Swim and Fitness Center Kids Triathlon  RACE – Swim! Bike! Run! Do a triathlon! The swimming portion of this non-timed event will be held in the safety of a supervised pool. The mountain biking and running portions will be held in Juniper Park. All abilities are welcome. Build your skills and get ready for the race by signing up for one of the four weekly clinics. Ages: 4 – 15 Juniper Swim and Fitness Center | Free|

August 28-31

Youth Camp — French Cuisine

COOK – France has a rich culinary history, from rustic food to the most technical dishes. Children ages 7-17 will enjoy this hands-on camp where they will learn to make a variety of classic French meals. NE Twin Knolls Dr. | $220

September 6

3D Printing Class

CREATE – Are you curious about exactly how something gets from an idea to a real-world object? This class will cover everything from how a 3D printer works to creating and printing out custom designs. Beginners and intermediate beginners are welcome. All materials included. DIY Cave | $99

Watch demonstrations of the Lazinka Sawmill at the High Desert Museum August 11 and September 9. Photo courtesy of High Desert Museum Kids love the Ninja Warrior gym at Free Spirit Bend

September 8

KIDZ BOP KIDS: Never Stop Live Tour

MUSIC – Grab the last days of summer and enjoy an outdoor show at the Hayden Homes Amphitheater. KIDZ BOP Kids is back on the road bringing their family-friendly pop concert out west during their Never Stop Live Tour. With three record releases a year, families can sing and dance to kidfriendly music.

Old Mill | $25-$69

September 9

Kids’ Fairy Houses

PLAY – Let your little one's imagination run wild! Join the Deschutes Land Trust and Martha Lussenhop at the Metolius Preserve to build your own fairy house. Use materials found in the forest and create a small fairy abode. Build confidence exploring and enjoying nature. Perfect for kids ages 4-7 with a grown-up in tow. 1-3pm. Registration required. Metolius Preserve | Free hikes/kids-fairy-houses

September 10

Heroes on the Run 5K  RUN – Bend-based nonprofit Street Dog Hero will be hosting their 4th annual Heroes on the Run 5K Fundraiser and Kids Mini-Run. Heroes on the Run is a family- and dog-friendly 5K race, Kids MiniRun, street fair and fundraiser. Join this annual event to help serve dogs in need around the world and their communities. 10am.

Athletic Club of Bend | $45

September 16

Community Bird Watching Trip

LEARN – Join Think Wild staff for a free, family-friendly bird identification walk at Haystack Reservoir near Culver. Learn to identify native Central Oregon birds by sight and by sound. Binoculars and field guides are provided. Haystack Reservoir | Free

September 16

Kids’ Falling for Nature

LEARN – Bring the kids and join the Deschutes Land Trust and Mary Yanalcanlin of East Cascades Audubon Society for a fall nature exploration! Explore the pine forests of the Metolius Preserve and search for woodpeckers and the obvious signs they leave behind. Perfect for kids ages 4-10 with a grown-up in tow. Registration is required and opens one month prior to the event.

Metolius Preserve | Free hikes/kids-falling-for-nature

September 17

Clear Lake Kayak Tour

OUTDOORS – Discover the beauty and secrets of Clear Lake. Much like the lake itself, the geological history of Clear Lake is full of surprises just waiting to be discovered! From the Great Spring that fills the lake with its crystalline waters to the petrified forest that sits frozen in time at the lake’s bottom, this experience is sure to be unforgettable. Departs from Wanderlust Tours Office | $120

September 29 – October 1

Sisters Folk Festival

MUSIC – Featuring 32 performers at seven venues, this music festival in the charming town of Sisters is one you won’t want to miss. Sisters Folk Festival is a year-round nonprofit organization that strengthens community and transforms lives through music and art. Inspiration abounds for the whole family!

Downtown Sisters | various prices

September 29 – October 1

Bend Fall Festival

FESTIVAL – Bring the whole family and enjoy an exciting weekend downtown. This festival features craft makers and fine artists, great local music, a family play zone, delicious gourmet food, pumpkins and so much more!

Downtown Bend | Free

September 30

Kids Harvest Run

RUN – Join in for an exciting PacificSource Kids Rock the Races event! Kids between the ages of 3-10 will have a blast on this fun course! Each little runner will receive a pumpkin to take back to the Bend Family Play Zone’s Pumpkin Painting Station after the race. Starts at noon.

Troy Field Downtown | $10

October 15

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

WALK – Held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide, the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's® is the world's largest fundraiser for Alzheimer's care, support and research. This inspiring event calls on participants of all ages and abilities to join the fight against the disease. Participants are encouraged to raise critical funds that allow the Alzheimer’s Association to provide 24/7 care and support and advance research toward methods of prevention, treatment and, ultimately, a cure.12-3:30pm Riverbend Park | Free

October 23

Vienna Boys Choir

MUSIC – Experience one of the oldest and most famous choirs in the world. This adolescent chorale has been a fixture at Vienna’s Imperial Chapel for six centuries. Now, they return to the Tower displaying their pure, pristine sound and charming performance style. Tower Theatre | $36-$56

October 28

Happy Girls Run Sisters

RUN – Grab your mom, daughter or sister and get moving toward the Sisters Happy Girls Run. Enjoy a day of woman-powered camaraderie and be inspired but the crisp, gorgeous fall scenery. Half marathon, 10K or 5K - pick your distance and celebrate your achievements! Register early and save!

FivePine Lodge, Sisters | $45-$85

Fall 2023 | 25
Preschool Story Time takes place every Monday at the library in downtown Bend. Photo courtesy of Deschutes Public Library Help support dogs in need at the Heroes on the Run 5K – September 10. Photo courtesy of Street Dog Hero

The Center Foundation has cared for the physical and mental health and safety of young athletes in Central Oregon since 2000

All athletic trainers serving the Bend-La Pine, Sisters, Madras, and Crook County high schools are hired and paid for by The Center Foundation. Our nonprofit organization works to improve awareness, educate the community, and properly manage concussions and other sports injuries

We reach all third grade students each year through our Train Your Brain program. Our services and programs are provided at no cost to students or families.

26 | Open Daily for You and Your Pets BYRON MAAS, TABITHA JOHNSTON, LAUREN HOFFMAN, LAURA ACEVEDO, COURTNEY MCLAUGHLAN, KELLI SMITH & LINX ALEXANDERSON DOCTORS: 360 NE QUIMBY AVE • 541-382-0741 Healthy Adventures Await! 541-383-3005 In-clinic, phone and video visits Sliding scale available Complete Care for Kids From birth to age 18 BEND • REDMOND • MADRAS • PRINEVILLE Se habla español Learn more: Kids clubs are available for ages 5-14. Learn the ins and outs of climbing in a fun, team-like environment in our after school clubs!
Help The Center Foundation keep KIDS safe while they pursue the sports they love! Proudly Serving

A Little Heads Up

September is Baby Safety Month

Did you know that September is officially Baby Safety Month? This little-known but important celebration seeks to educate parents and caregivers about the latest guidelines in baby safety standards, tackling new topics every year, from car rides to safe sleep to playtime and baby proofing. Working together, our community can help take important strides to keep little ones safe and ensure we are following the latest recommendations from pediatric experts.

Here are some tips for new parents and caregivers to keep babies safe: Recalls

While secondhand baby gear from Facebook marketplace at a bargain or a free gently used car seat from a friend may seem like a great idea, occasionally older products (and even some newer ones) may have been recalled due to safety issues.

The best way to check if your baby product is safe is to visit, a collection of six federal agencies that have joined together to create a "one stop shop" for all U.S. government issued recalls. It’s especially important to check your baby’s sleeping products, such as cribs, bassinets, cradles, play yards, etc., as a safe sleep environment is critical for preventing suffocation or SIDS.

For example, on June 29, 2023, the wood and cloth Canvas Baby Hammock Swing made by CaTeam was recalled under the Safe Sleep for Babies Act due to being a suffocation hazard.

Home Environment

Most new parents can’t wait to decorate the nursery! But before bringing baby home, it’s important to ensure the home environment is safe and secure. Seemingly innocent furniture or fixtures can be real hazards to little ones.

For example, tip-overs from unsecured dressers, televisions and other large furniture are the leading causes of injury

to children, according to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association website. Loose area rugs or unsecured carpets can trip both toddlers and caregivers holding infants and should be securely taped to the floor. Likewise, cords from window blinds, home gym equipment or even baby monitors can pose strangulation hazards and should be tied up well out of reach.

Burns are another safety concern. When cooking, JPMA recommends turning hot pot handles inward instead of having them stick out from the stove where little hands might reach for them. And of course, you want to make sure you have a working smoke detector and install a temperature guard on the thermostat for your hot water heater.

Swallowing Hazards

While most parents don’t think twice about reaching for the TV remote, the small, flat batteries found in various electronic devices from flashlights to flameless candles are easily swallowed by curious little crawlers and can cause serious harm if ingested.

Loose change that winds up lodged within the couch cushions is another common culprit and should be placed in a designated money jar high upon a shelf. Similarly, any small magnets from toys or electronics that are swallowed by a child can attract each other and inflict significant internal organ damage, so it’s vital to keep all these swallowing hazards well out of reach.

Another seemingly innocent potential hazard lives under the kitchen sink. According to the JPMA website, “It is estimated that thousands of children have been exposed to and injured by laundry and dishwasher detergent packets. Easily mistaken by children as candy, these packets pose a risk to the eyes and, if ingested, to their lives. It is important to keep these items out of reach of children.”

One strategy is to get down on your hands and knees and crawl around your house, car or other environments where crawling babies may venture. From this viewpoint, you can see what your baby sees and catch any potential hazards.

All these dangers can be easily avoided; as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! To become a “baby safe ambassador” and receive more great safety tips, baby safety checklists, videos and other resources, please visit JPMA’s website at:

Fall 2023 | 27

Excursions Fall

With cooler temps and fewer tourists, fall is the perfect time to venture out

Story and photos by Joshua Savage

The kids have started school, the days are shorter and the daily routine has returned, but no need to stop traveling. In fact, fall can be one of the best seasons to discover new adventures.

Whether a day trip, a Saturday and Sunday or a long weekend (kids always seem to be getting an extra day out of school), we should always take advantage of the beauty surrounding us. Plus, Bend, being almost smack dab in the middle of Oregon, has the benefit of being close to countless activities throughout the state. Here are some ideas for a wide variety of excursions this fall.

Accepting PK-5 applications for enrollment this fall.

Small classes foster individual attention and personalized growth.

Deep engagement drives curiosity and sets a strong foundation for learning and life.

Active, hands-on learning spans art, music, STEM, Spanish, PE, and off-campus exploration.

Tours of our 51-acre campus offered all summer. Tuition assistance available.

Cooler temperatures create the perfect climate for outdoor hiking. Starting close to Bend, my first thought is Smith Rock State Park. No matter how interesting and beautiful the terrain, hiking in midsummer can be brutal. Amazingly, the same hikes in autumn are blissful with zero complaints from the kids. Nearby farms like Smith Rock Ranch and DD Ranch have pumpkin patches, and as Halloween approaches, they offer a variety of activities for kids and adults. (The pumpkin cannon is my family’s favorite).

In the vicinity, trails leading to the Redmond Caves are often dusty and blazing hot during summer, but much more tolerable in the fall months. The same rings true for the Oregon Badlands Wilderness, a landscape of cool rock formations, bedraggled junipers and sage, stunning in its own right and best explored on cooler days.

Farther from Bend, but still within striking distance, take the family rockhounding. At spots near the Prineville Reservoir and the Ochocos, scavengers can search for agate and jasper. Glass Butte is the best place to find obsidian. Get a map online or at Visit Bend for more details about what types of rock are native and where to find them.

If the kids enjoy this type of activity, consider a visit to John Day Fossil Beds where they can view prehistoric rhinos, tapirs, alligators and other ancient wildlife and vegetation that once thrived in Oregon. If viewing those vestiges of history isn’t enough, why not dig for your own? A short jaunt to Fossil, Oregon leads to Wheeler High School, a location where anyone can dig for real fossils! I mean, how cool is that?!

Most of these destinations are less crowded during the fall, another advantage of traveling during this time of year. Crater Lake, Oregon’s only national park, comes to mind. Rather than waiting in line at the entry and hoping to find a spot to take photos, you can find space during the fall and admire the scenery without much interruption.

I haven’t forgotten the signature of autumn, the multicolored hues of changing leaves. The bright maples along Industrial Way and other trees in several parks around Bend are awesome, but for a larger concentration of colorful deciduous trees like birch, oak, ash and others, we need a road trip.

Spend the weekend in Ashland. Lithia Park and the surrounding environs are ablaze with vivid reds, yellows and oranges. Introduce the kids to a Shakespeare play while there, too.

Spots like the Japanese Garden and Hoyt Arboretum are an oasis of brilliant colors in Portland, only a few hours away. OMSI is usually a must visit for families, among other countless activities that come with big city life.

Near Springfield, the Mount Pisgah Arboretum offers nature walks and talks, some workshops and has a seemingly endless

number of trails to explore. The lushness and diversity of the area always beckons me to spend more time in the valley. Nearby, Ranch boasts the distinction of a national historic site, a living history farm, a working filbert (aka, hazelnut) orchard and has numerous trails and a park. Plus, it’s always fun to visit the Simpsons while in Springfield!

I could go on and on with excursions to keep the fall months fun and exciting, but I’ll stop there for now. School schedules and such might make travel more difficult, but these are outweighed by the rewards and family experiences. We are lucky to live in such a huge state full of diverse climates, scenery and excitement at our fingertips. Living in Oregon, you are guaranteed to never run out of new places to discover.

For more adventures near Bend, check out Joshua’s entertaining travel guide, “100 Things to Do in Bend Before You Die V2”, available in local bookstores and on Amazon!

Fall 2023 | 29
We are lucky to live in such a huge state full of diverse climates, scenery and excitement at our fingertips.

Beautiful DIY arrangements from nature’s bounty

There's nothing quite like cool, delicious fruit on a warm autumn day! Let’s take it to the next level and create a piece of art. Like a flower arrangement but made with cutouts of fruit, this DIY project showcases the colorful, plump bounty of the season.

These edible bouquets make great eco-friendly centerpieces for back-to-school pool parties, birthday bashes or riverside picnics. Need a gift for a friend or relative? Imagine showing up to your neighborhood block party or family Thanksgiving table with such a beautiful contribution!

Edible arrangements are sure to wow! While store-delivered arrangements can cost upwards of $75, simple DIY versions can be made for a mere fraction of the cost.

Thistle Learning Center

Three Sisters Adventist Christian School

We provide a Christ-centered academic environment where students are nourished both spiritually and intellectually. We offer a fully accredited academic program, Bible based curriculum, Spanish and music, Mt. Bachelor ski program, 6th grade outdoor school, PE, and community service opportunities 21155 Tumalo Road, Bend OR 97703 541.389.2091

Edible Creations
Cultivating a Mindful Learning Experience, in a Prickly Landscape. Preschool • Academic Tutoring Executive Function Coaching • College Planning 914-391-8612
We provide our families with customized academic support to
Here at
we care about our families. We meet you where you are and provide research based supports to maximize your child’s learning potential. From Pre-K through college, we are here to support a lasting relationship designed to meet individual needs.
meet individual needs.
“To awaken a love for God, a desire for learning and service to others.”


Gather the supplies. A simple vase, stylish mason jar or reed basket can be easily thrifted or purchased new. Consider tying on a wide, sparkling ribbon or twine for a little extra flair! You’ll also need some wooden skewers, cookie cutters and a good old-fashioned melon baller, plus a sheet pan, scissors and paper towels to keep everything clean and organized.


Buy the fruit. Take a trip to your local farmers market or grocery store to see what’s in season. Think about the color, texture, variety and theme you want to explore. For your classic multipurpose arrangement, aim for bright, vivid colors reminiscent of wildflowers, such as grapes, melons, apples, oranges, kiwis, plums, strawberries, etc.


One important consideration is your base material where the skewers will be placed. Slice a medium-sized cabbage, watermelon or cantaloupe in half and place it flat side down in your container. You could also experiment with a pumpkin or squash. If your base is relatively thick and sturdy, it should hold your skewers.


Wash and dry all produce and set out the paper towels and sheet pans. Slice fruit into 1” pieces and press firmly with your cookie cutters to create the shapes you want. Bright yellow pineapple flowers are a classic choice, and you can also include red watermelon hearts, orange cantaloupe stars, green honeydew leaves or any other fun shapes. Cantaloupe spheres made with melon ballers make great flower centers!


Next, attach your skewer to your base material (pro-tip: you may need needle nose pliers to firmly stick it in) and begin placing the fruit on the skewers. Vary the height of your pieces to create a fuller effect. Use grapes as fillers in between hearts, stars and flowers. If you want to add a dash of romance, you can even add some chocolate covered-strawberries in between!

As you put together your kitchen creation, talk to your children about their favorite fruits and vegetables. Luckily, this is one art project that’s 100% non-toxic and safe for little ones to munch on

Fall 2023 | 31 Medical ear piercing is available at Tumalo Family Medicine, a direct primary care practice! Medical ear piercing . . . Decreases risk of developing a nickel allergy/sensitivity. Eliminates transmission of blood-borne viruses. Is performed by a physician in the privacy of an exam room. For more info or to schedule: Call or Text: 541.283.0914 Email: Website:
400 SW Bond St. Suite 100, Bend (Old Mill) C AL L T O D AY T O S C HED U L E A N A PPO I N TME N T ( 54 1 ) 38 9 - 307 3 D ES CHUT ES KID S. CO M Includes exam, cleaning & fluoride First visit only 2357 NE Conners Ave Suite 210, Bend 2357 NE Conners Ave Suite 210, Bend (East Side) 3 R D L O C AT I O N NOW OPEN ! 3818 SW 21 St. Suite 102, Redmond st Thank you for growing with us through the years Best Rated Pediatric Dentists in Bend and Redmond Since 2005!

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