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Dec. 2, 2019


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St. Louis Community College at Forest Park

Air travelers face 2020 deadline to get Real ID Restrictions for driver’s licenses are tightened By Ethan Tutor The Scene staff

Photo by Ethan Tutor

Debra Hutcherson shows off a copy of her self-published book, “The Light that Brought Me Through.” She will sign copies this week in the Highlander Lounge.

Student’s book details ‘near-death experience’ By Ethan Tutor The Scene staff Debra Hutcherson hung between life and death after a car crash 18 years ago. Now the Forest Park student and student worker is sharing the story of her “near-death experience.” Hutcherson’s family and friends feared the worst as she lay unconscious at BarnesJewish Hospital, according to her self-published book, “The Light that Brought Me Through.” “The doctors said I wouldn’t make it through the night,” she said last week in an interview. “That’s when it happened. I felt my soul leave my body. I had an outof-body experience. When I came to, I saw a beam of light. It was so bright, I had to bow down.

“I felt power radiate from the source of the light. When I looked up, I saw a face, and he winked and then smiled. I heard a voice say, ‘Write a book,’ three times. After that, I woke up in the hospital, praising the Lord. Everybody thought I was crazy.” But Hutcherson ultimately did what the voice told her and wrote the book. She will sign copies from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 3, in the Student Center’s Highlander Lounge. The public is invited. Hutcherson, 60, works part time in the TRiO office, which helps students overcome barriers to higher education. Her co-workers are excited about the book. “I think it’s awesome,” said Jamie Bolar, TRiO director. “I think it’s something that she is definitely motivated or ordained to

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Photo by Angelica Woody

In a dancing mood

Digital media business major Tae Gnarnett, 19, right, chats with friends as general studies student Precious Johnson, 18, left, dances with business management major Makeena Miller, 18, in the Highlander Lounge. They enjoyed themselves despite having no music.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Provided photo Security is requiring all citizens to get A sample of a Missouri driver’s license “Real ID” cards in order to board airplanes, designated as a Real ID, which has a gold beginning Oct. 1, 2020. star in the upper right corner. That includes Forest Park students, faculand other factors than before to get a Real ty and staff. Computer science major Tesean Hitchens, ID. Forest Park art photography professor 21, already has gone to a Missouri driver’s license facility and obtained a Real ID, Roger Trietley knew about the Real ID which can take the form of a driver’s license requirement, but he rarely flies and doesn’t or state identification card. It’s supposed to have a strong opinion about it. “I’m a little iffy,” he said. “It’s not a terriimprove security, but he’s skeptical. “Despite the added security put in place ble thing, but not exactly a necessary thing, with the new ID’s, someone will always either.” General studies student Tyrell Smith, 19, find a way to bypass it,” he said. Some Forest Park students aren’t even doesn’t like the new requirement. “Although I don’t fly often, I still think aware of the new requireit’s stupid,” he said. “We ment. Others have little were fine with the old information. IDs as they were.” Network engineering Missouri residents major Jacob Peterson, 22, can get information for learned about Real IDs obtaining a Real ID at bit. last week from a reporter, ly/35A0HpY. They will who explained the basics. need to bring the follow“I’m not sure how to ing to a driver’s license feel about it,” he said. Trietley facility: “I understand the safe- Hichens “One document that ty precautions, but at the shows their full legal same time, it seems like name, like a certified birth it kind of restricts people certificate copy or U.S. unnecessarily.” passport. Some docuSam Kandazzo, 37, ments can be used to verianother network engify both identity and immineering major, had heard gration status. One docabout the Real ID, but he ument that proves their didn’t know the deadline Peterson Social Security number, date. He’s not too wor- Smith such as a Social Security ried, as he hasn’t flown card or W-2 form. Two different documents for five years. “Honestly, my opinion doesn’t matter,” he that prove Missouri residency, such as a utilsaid. “You need it to fly, and that’s it. It’s a ity bill, canceled check or pay stub.” Real IDs will be required not only to minor hassle.” The idea for the Real ID came from a 911 board airplanes, but also to access federal Commission recommendation. Congress facilities and enter nuclear power plants. A U.S. Travel Association Survey taken passed the Real ID Act in 2005, raising standards for getting driver’s licenses and last month showed that a third of Americans state identification cards to assist federal haven’t yet obtained Real IDs, accordagencies in rooting out fraudulent ID hold- ing to Brian Weiler, aviation director for Springfield-Branson National Airport, who ers and other dangers to national security. In 2013, the Department of Homeland spoke at a news conference. “With statistics like this, it seems likely Security began the phased process of enforcing the law. Oct. 1, 2020, is the final deadline. that next October, airports across the coun“The Act established minimum security try are going to be full of people who can’t standards for license issuance and produc- board flights because they do not have a tion and prohibits Federal agencies from Real ID-compliant ID,” he said. “We’re accepting for certain purposes driver’s worried about it.” State officials urge Missouri residents licenses and identification cards from states not meeting the Act’s minimum standards,” to obtain a Real ID as soon as possible to avoid the rush before the requirement goes according to Homeland Security’s website. In practical terms, people will be required See Real ID page 3 to show more proof of identity, residency


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Dec. 2, 2019


‘Star Wars’ disaster: Trilogy canceled Culture Geek

By Ethan Tutor The Scene staff The Walt Disney Co. continues to humiliate itself. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the duo who brought us the critically acclaimed “Game of Thrones” series on HBO, announced in a media statement that they would no longer be directing the next “Star Wars” trilogy that they promised more than a year ago. It’s yet another example of the many failures that have befallen the once-beloved space opera since Disney bought the rights back in 2012. It’s now an unignorable fact that Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, clearly has no idea what she’s doing with the franchise. It’s hard to place the blame on a single individual, because Lucasfilm

Real ID into effect. “Do not wait until right before the Oct. 1, 2020, deadline,” said Missouri Department of Revenue Director Ken Zellers, who also spoke at a news conference. “Please take advantage of these next coming months.” The Washington Post reported this week


is a huge company overseen by an even bigger company (Disney). However, the person who is most responsible for a company’s successes and failures is its president. And Kennedy has repeatedly proven that she is not only a terrible leader, but a terrible businesswoman. Benioff and Weiss gave “time restraints” as their excuse for pulling out of the project. “We love ‘Star Wars,’” they said in a statement. “When George Lucas built it, he built us, too. Getting to talk about ‘Star Wars’ with him and the current ‘Star Wars’ team was the thrill of a lifetime, and we will always be indebted to the saga that changed everything. But there are only so many hours in the day, and we felt we could not do justice to both ‘Star Wars’ and our Netflix projects. So we are regretfully stepping away.” The two signed an estimated $250 million, five-year deal with the streaming giant Netflix back in August. It seems the idea of having the freedom to create their own stories was more enticing than making movies in a legendary 30-year-old franchise. Benioff and Weiss’ revelation was nothing less than bizarre. This sort of thing never happens in Hollywood. Studios don’t boast about signing on popular directors just to have them leave for a project with a rival production company. The whole situation is simply ludicrous. First of all, who leaves a trilogy? What

insurmountable level of ignorance would a person (or two people) have to sign a multimillion-dollar deal, only to change their minds before the ink has even dried? Most importantly, this is not just any old franchise we’re talking about here. It’s not some Adam Sandler comedy that gets sequels cranked out every six months. This is “Star Wars”! Has the world gone mad? How is even possible to pass on creating a “Star Wars” film, let alone a trilogy, for Christ’s Weiss sake? It seems as if these two clowns are not only so incompetent they’d give Kathleen Kennedy a run for her money, but they’re also very accomplished liars. Back to their statement: “We love ‘Star Wars.’ Benioff When George Lucas built it, he built us, too.” This should make every real “Star Wars” fan’s blood boil. Do these two hacks actually think that anyone is going to believe their disgusting falsehoods? Benioff and Weiss are NOT true “Star Wars” fans. How do I know? It’s every fan’s biggest dream to make a “Star Wars” movie. To have your own fingerprint on

from page 1 that the Department of Homeland Security is looking into streamlining the application process in which applicants could submit their required documents electronically to a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles in addition to, or possibly in lieu of, applying in person.

from page 1

do. I think her story will reach and impact a self-publish it through WordPress. lot of people. It’s a story of motivation that Co-worker Phyliss Cole, a general transI think a lot of students need at this time of fer studies student, admires Hutcherson for year, with finals and the holidays coming being willing to share her story and taking up.” the time to put it down in words. Hutcherson started attending Forest Park “You never know who has gone through in 2015, after getting her high-school diplo- the same ordeal,” she said “Some people ma through the federal Second Chance pro- don’t make it. Thank God that the ones that gram. She’s majoring do have the opportuin human services nity to tell their sto“We assume it was a and hopes to pursue ries like this. People a career in that field drunk driver, but he never that go through trauafter graduating next matic experiences stopped driving. We never like this can be very year. Hutcherson’s accisecretive about their saw who it was.”­ dent occurred in early experience. To be July 2001. She was able to tell a story — Debra Hutcherson in the passenger seat like this, you have to of her then-husband’s be strong.” car, crossing the Mississippi River on the Hutcherson attends Temple Church of way to buy fireworks. What was supposed Christ of the Apostolic Faith in St. Louis. to be a short trip turned into the fight of She is now divorced and has a daughter and her life. three sons. “I never saw who hit us,” Hutcherson Hutcherson has printed more than 100 said. “We assume it was a drunk driver, but copies of “The Light that Brought Me he never stopped driving. We never saw Through.” She will sell them at the book who it was.” signing. Or you can buy a copy for $12 Hutcherson suffered a severe head injury, through Amazon. which caused paralysis in her legs. She had “It takes great bravery for someone to put to learn to walk again and is still recovering. themselves out there like this,” Bolar said. Hutcherson started writing the book soon “I remember when I first met her, and she after she got out of the hospital, but only was telling me about how she was going to recently did a friend at church help her write a book. That was three years ago.”

Dec. 2, 2019

something that means so much to you, something so larger than life. … It’s hard to comprehend its importance, not only to you, but to the world. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. No, it’s bigger than that. Because your film would become immortalized alongside the others, outliving you, your children and your grandchildren. Your name would be written into the stars as an artist who contributed to the greatest story and universe ever made. So what did these two “fans” have to say to this? “No thanks, we’ll pass.” How dare you? What a slap to the face. I’d give anything, and I mean ANYTHING, just to be able to yell “Action!” on set for a “Star Wars” film, just once in my life. You’re too busy, you say? If Benioff and Weiss were fans, even in the slightest sense, they would know that for “Star Wars,” you make time. You kiss the boots of whatever executive allowed you to have this opportunity. You understand the magnitude of the responsibility and the privilege of being able to create a “Star Wars” film. I can’t say that I was excited about the prospect of a Benioff and Weiss trilogy, but now that I know for a fact that they’re just another pair of soulless hacks who don’t give a damn about the importance of storytelling, good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Enjoy ruining some other property, just like you ruined “Game of Thrones.” You antiChrists of cinema make me sick. Where do they keep coming from?

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It’s a winter wonderland. Page 3

Campus chatter

David Hayward, 21, general studies “I would never go to the topic of who made what dish. I feel like if I ask that, someone will assume the food is bad. When people are hungry and have attitudes, I don’t want a fight to break out.”

Farrah Lunceford, 42, culinary arts “If I am at the table and my aunt asks people about their personal business, I don’t care to hear it. I shut it down.”

Billie Hargrove, 27, MLT program “It depends on who is there. People like to bitch and moan. Misery loves company. My family is crazy.”

Dashay Beckley, 18, funeral directing “My aunt’s sexuality. She is a lesbian. She’s from Atlanta, and she brings lots of liquor. Her twin brother called her a ‘fag’ and took the turkey and threw it. The family isn’t homophobic, but they will talk crap about it.”

Angelica Rhodes, 18, general studies “What type of food we should have. Arguments break out over the brands that the food should be.”

What topics do you

Denise Davis, 29, hospitality “My other side of my family. If I talk about one side to the other side, an argument happens. They are crazy. They also argue about food and who is a better chef.”

Ernest Korgah, 33, computer science “Politics. Where I come from in Ghana, there are two major political parties. My wife supports one side, and I support neither. My wife’s family is not well-informed, and they argue based on little knowledge of the other side.”


on Thanksgiving? By Angelica Woody

Precious Johnson, 18, general studies “Sexuality. My cousin is gay, and he was not comfortable with coming out. But he did, and an argument broke out. Cool family members knew first. My aunt and grandparents knew last.”

Johne Latimore, 21, fine arts “I have to hide relationships from my family because they ask too many questions. Also, I avoid eating turkey and ham. It makes me throw up.”

Micheal Johnson, 54, funeral service “We can’t talk about Trump. He’s an asshole, inside and out of office. He does crazy stuff like talking and tweeting.”

Ramon Collins 37, general studies “Anything negative related to the food or table setting. It’s disrespectful to the people who cooked it and the people at the table.”

Ruqayyah Bailey, 30, general studies “Death. My grandmother usually cooked the turkey, but she’s not around anymore, so now there’s an argument on who should cook the turkey.”

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Dec. 2, 2019

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The Scene Issue 6 Fall 2019  

The Scene Issue 6 Fall 2019  

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