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August 2006

Are You Ready For Some Fun?! Community Day is scheduled for Saturday, September 16th from 3 - 6 PM. Things are coming together, but volunteers are still needed to help with the event. Individuals and groups, such as scouts, sports teams, and church youth groups are welcome. No assistance is too little.

for scouts, religious obligations, school, or other organizations, this would be a great way to do it!

Have your husband/wife take the children to some activities while you help out at the moonbounce, cotton candy, games, etc. (children love to see their parents ‘in-charge’ of things).

Some of the activities slated include: moonbounces, petting farm, cake walk, limbo, DJ, popcorn, cotton candy, games, face painting, balloon animals.

Help with set-up or clean up on Community Day. If your child needs to fulfill community service hours

Neighborhood Tragedy The Pajak family, residents of Chantilly Highlands, lost their home due to a fire caused by lightening in late June. They have spent time in a hotel and with other family members since that time. While their house is being rebuilt, they could use gift cards for meals to ease their burden. If you are interested in helping this family during this very difficult time contact Paul Thurneysen at 703-3181468.

If you no longer have young children, it can be a family affair! If you are new to the community, it is a great way to meet new people and get involved!

Please contact Wendy Hunt at 703-467-8188 or to give something back to the community.

Directory Update correction

Last month’s announcement about updating your contact information for the directory mentioned that e-mail addresses will be included. Please be assured that e-mail addresses will only be published for those that desire them to be published. Contact the database administrator via e-mail at "" if you have any questions or want to clarify your information.

In This Issue: Board & Committee Contacts……………11 Board Minutes………………………………2 Classified Ads……………………………..10 Community Calendar……….……………...4 Swim Team news………………………...6,7

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Chantilly Highlands Homes Association Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, July 6, 2006 Submitted by Wendy Hunt Minutes are tentative and will be reviewed and approved at the upcoming Board of Directors’ meeting. Board Attendees: Mark Hassinger, Wendy Osborn, Wendy Hunt, Larry Miller, Jon Roe, Paul Thurneysen, and Darin Welt Absent Board members: Chris Tacinelli and Jeff Boehlert Homeowner attendees: 1 Wendy Osborn called the meeting to order at 7:40pm. Wendy Hunt made a motion to approve the minutes. Jon Roe seconded it and the Board approved the minutes unanimously. Treasurer’s Report: There are approximately 15 lots with outstanding homeowner dues. Pool privileges have been suspended until the dues are paid. Personal visits will be made to the remaining homes that have not paid their dues. Community Facilities: No report at this time. Land Management: There are a few downed trees from the past storm that are being addressed. Architectural Control Committee: Reports of commercial vehicles have been made and are being followed up on. Community Activities: The next Teen Pool Party will be held July 29th. Work continues towards the Community Day event. Volunteers are needed and the request will be in the newsletter again this month. Two volunteers from the past have come forward. One will manage the cake walk. Civic Affairs: The committee discussed the proposed jet fuel pipeline along McLearan and Centerville Road and a neighborhood position. A board member will attend the zoning meeting. Centreville Road Widening: The Board of Directors does not have the power to negotiate the transfer of land; this is a power that the membership holds. Therefore, VDOT has moved to condemn the land and the board of directors no longer has an opportunity to negotiate the deal, unless it wants to go through costly condemnation proceedings with the CHHA attorney, at which time we would still need to get two-thirds of the community to agree on a final price. The CHHA board president will be working with the CHHA attorney to file the necessary paperwork to obtain the $14,640 VDOT offered. Current plans are to use this money for land management. Lincoln Properties is planning to return to the Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee sometime this fall when their plans are further refined based on the approval of their Plan Amendment. Neighborhood Watch: The neighborhood watch committee is growing but still needs volunteers. This month, a laptop was stolen, a car has been broken into, and some evidence of drug use has been spotted, so we will have increased security in the neighborhood. There has been some vandalism at the pool as well. The board discussed potentially participating in National Night Out, a national awareness day sponsored by the Fairfax Police. As the newsletter may not get out in time,

The Chantilly Highlander we elected not to participate this year. Communications - Newsletter and Website: Announcements, articles and upcoming deadlines were discussed. Directory format was discussed and a cost analysis requested by the Board to help determine which format to use. That is, in addition to the alphabetical list, should the directory include a cross reference list of names by street address?. A suggestion was made to put contact information on the front web page to assist residents in locating the proper committee member. Long Range Planning: No new business at this time. Database: The database committee has spent a lot of time working on improving updating address procedures. Field differences need to be addressed to save on time. Outdated fields need to be removed. A motion was made to have a board member assist with data streaming by Wendy Osborn and it was seconded by Darin Welt. The process for getting the updates reliably into the CHHA database has been improved and is working well. For information security purposes, the CHHA email list will be kept by the database administrator only. Requests for emails will go through this committee and in return, the committee has committed to a quick response time. Old Business: A board member has talked to several residents about a consistent looking fence along Centreville Road. Three residents were interested in a common approach. Part of the problem is that four homes of the fifteen bordering Centreville road are now for sale. R-Tap: The Board President and another board member are working with the members of the community that have expressed in interest in this issue to keep the process rolling forward. Interested parties have to sign the form to be turned into the county as the next step. Six residents have graciously volunteered their services. New Business: A motion was made to make a donation to assist the family whose home was struck by lightning in a recent thunderstorm and as a result caught on fire by Darin Welt and was seconded by Wendy Hunt; the Board unanimously approved the motion. A notice will be put in the newsletter to allow people to donate to this family as well. The need for an accurate, complete CHHA email database was discussed. Committee members need to be able to contact residents with pertinent information quickly and inexpensively. Board members will address this as time goes on. The committee discussed the proposed jet fuel pipeline along McLearan and Centerville Road and a neighborhood position. A chairman and community volunteer have been selected to serve on the board of directors nominating committee. Board members are working to put together the rest of the nominating committee. Four positions need to be filled. Residents with interest should contact Wendy Osborn by email. Meeting Adjournment: Wendy Osborn made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Wendy Hunt seconded it; the Board unanimously approved the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 9:06pm.

August 2006

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Lock It Up! The Fairfax County Police have seen an increase in vehicle tampering, as well as larcenies from garages. Please lock your vehicles, and take valuables out of the vehicles (or place them out of sight). This will make your vehicle a less desirable target. Remove/hide items such as Ipods, laptop computers, and even your spare change. At home, make sure to close your garage door. If you see your neighbor has left their door open give them a call or knock on their door to notify them (sometimes they have closed it only to have an obstruction bump it open, and they weren’t even aware!). When you press your button to close your garage door, don’t assume that it has closed—watch it until it closes fully. Turn on exterior lights in the front and back of your house—it is a small price to pay to deter criminals. Also carry your cell phone with you when you go for a walk with your dog or even your friends. Report suspicious activities, people, or vehicles. If you have an outside entry door to your garage make sure to lock that one as well. Many homes have been entered by an unlocked interior door from the garage into the home. That door should be treated as an exterior door with a dead bolt on it. Ladders should be stored locked up in your garage or chained up with a lock to a permanent structure, such as a deck post. This way it cannot be taken and used to gain entry to your or your neighbor’s home. Most importantly, if your vehicle or garage was entered and items were taken, please report it to the Fairfax County Police Non-Emergency number at 703-691-2131. If the police do not receive reports, they will not know there is a problem. Lastly, if you hear a strange noise/ sound, take a look around. If it does not seem right, call and report it—you might just help the police catch someone (you can remain anonymous).

Chantilly Highlands Residents

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Robbery on Kinross Circle A 19-year-old Oak Hill man and a 19-year-old Fairfax-area woman were robbed while sitting in a car on Monday, July 17. The two victims were talking to each other in the 3200 block of Kinross Circle when a man approached the car from behind at about 12:30 a.m. The suspect opened the passenger side door, brandished a gun and demanded money. The male passenger relinquished his wallet and the female driver gave the suspect an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect then fled. The victims were not injured. The suspect is described as a black male, about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighed about 140 pounds. He was last seen wearing a white tank top, blue jeans and a black bandana across his face. Anyone with information about this incident or this suspect is asked to call Crime Solvers at 1866-411-TIPS (8477) or the police non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.

The Chantilly Highlander

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Petitions Pay Off—Traffic Calming Petition Coming Soon

A Call for Board Volunteers

By David Howlett

A Nominating Committee is being formed to identify candidates for the CHHA Board of Directors for the January election. There will be four vacancies to fill due to expiring terms. Please contact Wendy Osborn, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, at 703-834-7978 if you are interested in running for a position.

You may soon be contacted by neighbors with a petition regarding "traffic calming measures." As you consider support for this initiative, remember that these requests to the county ultimately can bear fruit. The installation of streetlights in our neighborhood is a good example of how our voices are actually heard! The Streetlights you see around the neighborhood were installed recently by Fairfax County and help to make our neighborhood more safe. The streetlight story began five years ago when members of the Board of Directors and Neighborhood Watch circulated petitions. The petitions identified a need for the streetlights and were sent to the County. The project for Chantilly Highlands was approved, although it was several more years before it was funded. Neighborhood support was key to county approval.

The CHHA Golf Tournament is back!

In last month’s issue we ran an article about the R-TAP process which calls for residents to step up to help the county approval process. If you are interested in contacting homeowners in support of traffic calming measures contact Civic Affairs Board Liaison Paul Thurneysen at 703-318-1468.

Mark your calendars, as we'll host the tournament at a local course in September. Contact Lawrence Shorten at for the details or to register. Men and ladies, both good and not-so-good, are invited!

August 2006 Sun


Tue 1

Noodle Day Pool 11 AM-9 PM

6 Pool 12 noon-8 PM


7 Pool 11 AM-9 PM



Noodle Day Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Wed 2

7:30 PM CommFac Mtg

Pool 11 AM-9 PM

9 Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Noodle Day Pool 12 noon-8 PM


Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Pool 11 AM-9 PM


27 Pool 12 noon-8 PM

Pool 11 AM-9 PM

28 Pool 11 AM-9 PM

Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Noodle Day Pool 11 AM-9 PM


7:30 PM— Bd Mtg

Noodle Day Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Noodle Day Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Noodle Day Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Fri 4 Pool 11 AM-9 PM

11 Pool 11 AM-9 PM

18 Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Sat 5

Float night 4-8 PM

Pool 11 AM-8 PM

12 Pool 11 AM-8 PM


Float night 4-8 PM

Pool 11 AM-8 PM


Noodle Day

Noodle Day Pool 12 noon-8 PM


Pool 11 AM-9 PM

30 Pool 11 AM-9 PM

Pool 11 AM-9 PM


Noodle Day Pool 11 AM-9 PM

Pool 11 AM-9 PM

Pool 11 AM-8 PM

August 2006 Have you checked out the CHHA Website lately? The Board is using this resource more and more to provide timely communications to residents. At you will find a lot of useful information about the neighborhood and surrounding community. Last minute announcements regarding community events are posted on the website. Board contact information is included, as well as copies of current and past newsletters. You can also update your contact information online at the CHHA website. Watch for more exciting additions to the website coming soon!

Special Interest E-mail Lists Now Available

The CHHA email mail server will be used to make general announcements of interest to the Chantilly Highlands community at large. In addition, you can indicate your interest(s) in specific topics and be added to e-mail groups on those topics. The CHHA email list server is moderated, no unauthorized use will be permitted, nor will the list be shared or used for anything other than CHHA related postings. Feel free to enroll multiple e-mail accounts as needed (work, home, etc.) and in multiple interest groups. The interest groups you can join include: Architectural Control Committee Budget Committee Centreville Road Widening Committee Civic Affairs Committee Community Activities Committee Community Facilities Committee Garden Club Activities Land Management Committee Long Range Planning Committee Neighborhood Watch Committee Newsletter Committee Pool Activities Swim Team Activities Tennis Activities To enroll, revise or cancel your enrollment go to the mail services page at You can also indicate whether you'd prefer to get a hard or soft copy of the Chantilly Highlander. If you're interested in forming a new special interest group and would like to act as it's chair, please contact the Community Activities chair ( ). Please contact the webmaster at with any questions.

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Opening doors and closing sales! Sellers •Time is money: I provide customized marketing programs to sell your home quickly and at the highest price. •Resources: I utilize traditional methods, as well as the latest technologies, to effectively market your home or property. •Enthusiasm: As a fellow Chantilly Highlands resident, I know that this is a terrific neighborhood in an extremely desirable location, and my enthusiasm works to your benefit.

Lee Abbud

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Please call me at (703) 362-2657 or Email me at

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The Chantilly Highlander

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Chantilly Highlands Dolphins Swim Team Host CSL IM Tuff Invitational Swim Meet On Thursday, July 13th, the Chantilly Highlands Dolphins swim team hosted the Colonial Swimming League (CSL) Individual Medley Tough Invitational Meet. Six teams from the CSL attended. This meet tested swimmers abilities in all four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. This was Chantilly Highlands 2nd year for hosting this CSL event. The Chantilly Highlands neighborhood swim team, the Dolphins, is in the White Division of the CSL. This summer’s Dolphins team is the neighborhood’s largest in the past 15 years, with 190 swimmers. Numerous Dolphin team members rank in the top ladders of the CSL White Division.. The Dolphins head coaches, Bill and Terry Marlin, are in their 10th year of coaching. The Marlins and their five assistant coaches, Meredith Bachman, Steve Connor, Tana King, Carmen Lucas, and PJ Naber bring

19 year resident of Chantilly Highlands Direct: 703-283-2722 Office: 703-709-0101 x130 Debbie Gibbons ABR, e-PRO, GRI, SRES Realtor®

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with them a lifetime love for swimming and a dedication to the community. Early on Saturday mornings, top Dolphin swimmers head to dual swim meets for ranking in the CSL White Division. To date these meets have been against Broadlands Swim Team, Chase Club, Burke Centre Stingers, and Franklin Glen. This year the Dolphins dual meet record is 3 wins, 1 loss. Current team standing in the CSL White Division is third. The Dolphins will participate in one additional dual meet this summer, as well as the CSL Relay Carnival, and an in-house Lollipop Meet (for 8 and under swimmers), prior to the CSL White Divisional Meet. Then onto CSL All Stars! Come out and see the Dolphins swim team, a strong neighborhood tradition! Keep up to date with the Dolphins season by visiting their website at (See photos on opposite page.)

The Chantilly Highlander Page 7

Page 7 2006 August

Chantilly Highlands Dolphins - Summer 2006

Dolphin swimmer John Macdonald swims fast for Chantilly Highlands! Several 9-10 boys from the Dolphins get ready themselves for a dual race in backstroke!

LEFT: Prior to Dual Meets, the Dolphins team gets into the team spirit with a “vortex” of excitement!

Windows Doors Siding Trim

Bookkeeper Wanted The Chantilly Highlands Homes Association (CHHA) is looking to fill the Bookkeeper position beginning in October 2006 to fulfill the duties outlined below. The contract will run for one year with two option years as a paid position. Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer community when submitting proposals. • Pick up and deliver community mail at least 2x/wk • Accounts Receivable – annual dues • Accounts Payable twice a month • Software - Quicken 2000 • Deposit all moneys and reconcile bank statements • Work closely with Treasurer of CHHA: •Review checks for signature •Collection of past due annual dues •Review and deliver month end reports • Maintain copies of checks and all associated backup • Input budget each year • Maintain file of all contracts for CHHA • Compile and Mail 1096 and 1099 forms at year end • Organize and deliver all required records to auditor in January for previous year. Contact Darin Welt to submit proposals, or with questions, at 703-787-3883 or email at

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The Chantilly Highlander

Page 8 Top Ten Fuel Saving Tips With gas prices unpredictable as they are, it is time to take control of what you can. Many websites have useful information on how to maximize your dollar at the gas pump, as well as in your home. The tips below are from 1) Avoid High Speeds - As your speed increases, your aerodynamic drag increases in an exponential fashion. Driving 62 mph (100 km/h) vs 75 mph (120 km/h) will reduce fuel consumption by about 15%. 2) Do Not Accelerate or Brake Hard - By anticipating the traffic and applying slow steady acceleration and braking, fuel economy may increase by as much as 20%. 3) Keep Tires Properly Inflated - Keep tire air pressure at the level recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. A single tire under inflated by 2 PSI, increases fuel consumption by 1%. 4) Use A/C Sparingly - When the air conditioner is on it puts extra load on the engine forcing more fuel to be used (by about 20%). The defrost position on most vehicles also uses the air conditioner. 5) Keep Windows Closed - Open windows, especially at highway speeds, increase drag and result in decreased fuel economy of up to 10%. 6) Service Vehicle Regularly - Proper maintenance avoids poor fuel economy related to dirty air filters, old spark plugs or low fluid levels. 7) Use Cruise Control - Maintaining a constant speed over long distances often saves gas. 8) Avoid Heavy Loads - Remove the sand bags from your trunk in the spring and pack lightly for long trips. 9) Avoid Long Idles - If you anticipate being stopped for more than 1 minute, shut off the car. Restarting the car uses less fuel than letting it idle for this time. 10) Purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle - When buying a new vehicle examine the vehicle's rated fuel efficiency. Usually choosing a small vehicle with a manual transmission will provide you with great fuel economy. Some other websites with gas-saving tips include:,,




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August 2006

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You Ought to Know: Fairfax County officials expect home assessments to rise 1 to 3 percent this year, a far cry from the double-digit assessment increases of the past several years. This will pose challenges for local governments for funding services. Fairfax County residents no longer need to purchase the $25 vehicle decals. The Board of Supervisors repealed the ordinance effective July 1, 2006. Residents can remove the old green decal from last year. Flourescent light bulbs and certain batteries must be disposed of properly in accordance with federal and state laws. Household alkaline batteries may be disposed of safely in your household trash. Button, rechargeable, and automotive batteries require proper disposal. More information can be found


From children's concerts to local bands to chamber music to drive-in movies, there's something for everyone in Fairfax County parks. The Fairfax County Park Authority, in partnership with the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and with generous contributions from local businesses and corporations, is presenting a summer long calendar of shows. Bring a picnic dinner, blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy the best in local and regional entertainment. For a schedule, brochure and further information, go to

Please make sure to pick up after your dog AND dispose of the waste IN YOUR OWN trash container. No one appreciates your bag of poop stuck to the bottom of their garbage receptacle.

For a list of Farmers’ Markets locations and schedules, go to Many of the farmers markets also host Fairfax County Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Plant Clinics.

Bob: Can I have my morning coffee on my deck overlooking a beautiful lake just minutes from the toll road?

August 9-13th is the Perseid Meteor Shower - weather permitting.

The Bachmans: YES!!

For an overview of Fairfax County Park Authority activities, go to August 19 & 20 from 10 AM—4 PM is the Civil War Encampment Weekend at the Sully Historic Site. $6/adult, $4/senior & child. For information go to parks/sully or call 703-437-1794.

Want the vacation feeling year-round? How about lakefront living in Reston? Prices are coming down! For recorded info, call 1-800-499-5098 Ext.2222

We love the Reston waterfront and we would love to show it to you!

Sales Tax Holiday August 4, 5, and 6—school supplies, shoes, and back-to-school clothing will be exempt from the state’s sales tax. A required 6-month driver’s license suspension for any Virginian under the age of 21 convicted of underage drinking or possession of alcohol. A new law that allows small businesses to group together to pool health care coverage for employees.

Jan & Steve Bachman Office: 703-652-5782 Website:

The Chantilly Highlander

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August 2006

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COMMITTEE INFO Board of Directors meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Community Center. Meetings are open, and all residents are welcome and encouraged to participate. To include a specific item on the agenda, please contact the Board President. Architectural Control Committee (ACC) meets monthly at the Community Center. Contact any ACC member or appropriate Board member if you have ACC questions or concerns. Chantilly Highlander newsletter team welcomes your articles and community photos of specific events, or just whatever is going on in your neighborhood! We would also love your suggestions and ideas for new features as well as feedback on current content. Advertising questions and other information may be emailed to, or mailed to the Editor at P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA, 20171. Community Activities Committee identifies and schedules events for the participation of Chantilly Highlands families. The committee meets as events are scheduled, and chairpersons vary throughout the year. If you are interested in leading an event or have ideas for a community activity, please contact a Board member. Community Facilities Committee (ComFac) meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Community Center. Issues pertaining to our swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, Community Center and its grounds are managed by the Community Facilities Committee. If you would like to become involved in this committee, contact Jeff Boehlert at 703-435-2836. Land Management Committee handles all issues that involve the common areas of our community: primarily lawn care and snow removal. Meetings are held as needed. You may contact Wendy Osborn at 703-834-7978 with questions and if you are able to help on the Land Management Committee.

The Chantilly Highlander is a monthly publication which informs the community of our accomplishments, upcoming events, committee meeting highlights and decisions, and provides a forum for you and your family to communicate items of interest to your neighbors! Articles are reviewed and published at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Published advertisement is accepted, however it is not considered an endorsement by the Board. Electronic submissions are encouraged via email; however, please also provide a “camera ready” printed copy for comparison if there are graphics or fonts (print styles) that must be maintained.

Email address: (Please include ‘Chantilly Highlander’ in the subject line so it is not deleted as spam) Mailing address: CHHA, c/o The Chantilly Highlander, P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171 Please submit articles, advertising (with payment), and photos so they are RECEIVED by the 12th of each month for consideration in the next month’s issue: be sure to allow sufficient time for mail processing. Any non-profit notices will included only if space allows—for guaranteed placement it must be paid advertising. Advertising Rates:

KidWorks (Under 18 yrs) Classified Ad Business Card 2” x 3½” Quarter Page 3¼” x 4½”

Resident $ 2.50 $ 10.00 $ 25.00 $ 45.00

Non-Resident $ 10.00 $ 15.00 $ 40.00 $ 60.00

CUT OUT AND HANG BY YOUR PHONE FOR HANDY REFERENCE! When calling board or committee members, please be mindful that they are volunteers, with jobs and families, making sacrifices to serve our community. Try to contact the appropriate liaison or committee chair for the best response to a concern/question.

Chantilly Highlands Committees Architectural Control (ACC)

Carla Abbud Cindy DiPalma Brian Keagy Civic Affairs Jeffrey Parnes Community Ctr Rental Answering Machine Community Activities Wendy Hunt Community Facilities Jeffrey Boehlert Database Administrator Dave Puchrik Garden Club Jim Skaptason Land Management Wendy Osborn OPEN Neighborhood Watch (see Comm Facilities) Pool House Phone Lori Manik Resale Packages Paulette Rogers Swim Team Chair Steve Edwards Tennis Courts Jeffrey Parnes Webmaster Jane Huang Web Posting

703-925-0949 703-471-1874 703-909-7698 703-904-0131 703-435-0736 703-467-8188 703-435-2836

703-742-6228 703-834-7978 703-435-2081 703-796-1061 703-481-1082 703-742-3353 703-904-0131 703-707-8889

2006 CHHA Board of Directors President………………... Chris Tacinelli Vice President………….. Wendy Osborn Treasurer……………….. Darin Welt Secretary……………….. Wendy Hunt Community Facilities Liaison…………………. Jeffrey Boehlert Architectural Control Liaison………………….. Mark Hassinger Communications Liaison.. Larry Miller Long Range Planning & Database Liaison……….. Jon Roe Civic Affairs & Neighborhood Watch Liaison…………………. Paul Thurneysen Community Events Liaison…………………. Wendy Hunt Land Management Liaison…………………. Wendy Osborn

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Chantilly Highlands Homes Association P.O. Box 710238 Oak Hill, VA 20171