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to Attend !

Chantilly Highlands Homes Association ANNUAL MEETING and ELECTION

** Thursday, JANUARY 20, 2011, at 8 PM ** If you are unable to attend, please complete and return the Voting Proxy on page 3 no later than 5 PM on January 20, 2011. Meeting will be held at the Community Center.

SEEKING CHHA BOARD CANDIDATES: The nominating committee is seeking candidates to fill positions on the CHHA Board of Directors in the January 20, 2011, election at the annual board meeting. Email if you are interested in running. Make a difference in your community!

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to assist us in a Community Center “facelift” in the January/February timeframe. Supplies will be funded by CHHA. Interested residents or groups should contact the Board at

FROM THE CHHA PRESIDENT: The CHHA Board consists of nine members in accordance with our by-laws. We have seven candidates that have contacted me so far. Please consider joining the Board by contacting me at to be added to the slate for the January 20 vote. Your current Board has continued to research professional firms to take over the management of our CHHA. Once we have a viable plan (including the scope of the work and an affordable cost) we’ll hire the firm in a few months. With the new information we’ve developed this month, it still looks like we can bring in a high quality firm that will cost in the range of $50 to $100 per home per year. After several years of having our intrepid volunteers working shorthanded and without the kind of knowledge needed to keep up with Virginia homeowner association laws and best practices, we will be able to respond quickly to issues, provide timely community facility and ACC services, lower our legal risk, and solve our growing financial challenges. If you have questions or suggestions, contact Hiring a management firm will make the job of the Board much easier too. Yes, we would still have a Board because our community would retain primary decision-making authority about annual budgets, changes in services, and long range capital improvements. The firm will take care of the daily stuff, tackle the professional issues, and present longer range issues to the Board for a vote. Does this make joining the Board sound more appealing? Join us.

Bob Bevins, Acting CHHA President

CHHA Homeowners Dues Most homeowners in Chantilly Highlands realize that our homeowners’ dues are significantly lower than most other communities in the area. Our dues are low because we operate with a volunteer homeowners’ association and our community bylaws, adopted more than 20 years ago, limit dues increases. Unfortunately, the low dues have resulted in a long term problem. CHHA will have to use up our reserve funds to meet our legal obligations for maintaining the community facilities and grounds. If we don’t take action we will run out of funds in several years. Therefore it is necessary for CHHA to raise dues. This winter a committee of the Chantilly Highlands Homes Association board will be reaching out to homeowners to disSee DUES on page 4

In This Issue: Board Minutes Annual Meeting Proxy Community Notices Calendar Classified Ads Board & Committee Contacts

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Chantilly Highlands Homes Association Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday, December 1, 2010 Minutes are tentative and will be reviewed and approved at the next Board Meeting, scheduled for our Annual Meeting on Thursday, January 20, 1011, at 8 PM

Members of the Board present were: Bob

Bevins, Gerard Eldering, Mike Laverdure, and Greg Zilberfarb. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:36

P.M. by Bob Bevins. Visitors were welcomed and given the opportunity to introduce themselves. Bob Hirsh was introduced as a new Architectural Control Committee (ACC) volunteer and nominee for a vacant Board seat. Ken Weinstein was introduced as a resident interested in joining the Board. Paula Yass was introduced as a new Architectural Control Committee (ACC) volunteer.

Board will conduct a walk-through prior to the end of 2010 and create a “to-do” list. Land Management Report: Greg Zilberfarb will

review the CHHA’s landscaping contract, to include a recently received snow removal addendum and provide a recommendation to the Board for vote.

“In an effort to control costs, efforts are underway to schedule a Community Center “facelift” in January/February 2011. The CHHA budget shall fund the supplies. VOLUNTEER LABOR IS GREATLY NEEDED.” Interested residents or groups should contact the Board at

One resident addressed the Board seeking a signed copy of her ACC approval (signed at the November, 2010, meeting and needed with work commencing December 2, 2010).

Old Business: Bob Bevins updated the Board on 3174

Kirkwell Place construction progress, noting that much of the exterior work has been accomplished and interior work continues. The owners have not yet requested an ACC walk-through to verify that all violations have been satisfactorily addressed. The CHHA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 20, 2011. Although several members of the community have recently indicated interest in volunteering for the Board or in some other capacity, at present there remain several vacancies on the Board. [A nine (9) member Board is what is called for in the CHHA governing documents.] Treasurer’s Report:

Dan Overbey was unable to attend the meeting, but submitted a preliminary 2011 CHHA budget for Board review.

Community Facilities Report: In an effort to con-

trol costs, efforts are underway to schedule a Community Center “facelift” in January/February 2011. The CHHA budget shall fund the supplies. VOLUNTEER LABOR IS GREATLY NEEDED. Members of the

Architectural Control Committee Report: With three new volunteers to

the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), Bob Bevins passed five ACC applications to the committee for action. Community Events Report: The winter party is scheduled for December 11, 2010 at the Community Center, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and is sponsored by Girl Scout Troop 5646. Civic Affairs Report: No Report at

this time. Neighborhood Watch Report: No

Report at this time. Communications Report: The Virginia Dominion

Power commercial recently filmed on Kinross Circle (at the sledding hill) was an overall success. Long Range Planning Report: Gerard Eldering

reported the LRP Committee met on November 18, 2010, and is developing a communications plan for the Board to educate the CHHA residents on the issue before us and options for successful resolution. Recommendations should be before the Board in early 2011. The Board Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M.

January 2011

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CHHA Annual Meeting PROXY January 20, 2011, at 8 p.m. Annual Meeting of the Chantilly Highlands Homes Association, Inc. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THIS MEETING, COMPLETE THE FORM and return NO LATER THAN 5 PM ON JANUARY 20, 2011, as directed below. Proxy form must be signed and address block completed to be valid. Complete ONLY ONE of the following sections:

Please vote for up to three (3) candidates (use blank spaces to PRINT Write-In candidate names): Bob Bevins Mike Laverdure  Ken Weinstein Gerard Eldering Dan Overbey  __________________________________ Greg Zilberfarb Bob Hirsh  __________________________________

OR The undersigned hereby appoints _____________________________ as proxy to act and vote at the annual meeting of the Chantilly Highlands Homes Association, Inc, to be held at 8:00 PM on January 20, 2011, at the CHHA Community Center, Oak Hill, VA, and at any adjournments thereof, upon any business which may properly come before said meeting, all in accordance with and as more fully described in the notice of said meeting, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged.

OR  Vote in the same way as the Board of Directors

OR  The undersigned wishes to abstain from voting but allow this proxy to count towards the necessary quorum.

Return your Proxy to arrive by 5 PM on January 20, 2011: 1) US Mail to Chantilly Highlands Homes Association, PO Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171; or 2) Drop your proxy in the mail slot next to the front door of the Community Center at 3225 Kinross Circle.

Homeowner/Co-Homeowner Print Name ________________________________________________

Date ____________

Signature _________________________________________________ Lot # _______ Address _______________________________________

Phone (_____) _______________

Instructions: 1) CHHA bylaws require that a quorum be present at the annual meetings for actions taken to be valid. 2) Please complete this form to ensure that a quorum is achieved. 3) A proxy can be rescinded if you attend the meeting. 4) When you complete the proxy, you will be conveying your voting power to the appointed individual. 5) The only votes expected to be cast will be for Board of Directors positions. 6) If you wish, you can abstain from the vote, but have your presence counted to ensure the quorum is achieved. 7) Proxies must be signed by homeowners or renters granted a proxy from the homeowner. 8) Areas with BOLD type must be filled out for the proxy to be valid. 9) If the Lot Number is not known, it can be filled in at the Annual Meeting. 10) Only one proxy per household.

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JANUARY Dates to Remember 12

Newsletter Deadline


FCPS No School—Martin Luther King Day


CHHA Annual Meeting @ 8 PM

DUES from page 1

cuss options for raising dues. We will be posting information on the CHHA website, speaking directly to community members and discussing the issue at upcoming Board meetings. We want to hear from the community on this important issue. Look for information on the CHHA website and be sure to provide your input to the committee. FAQs

Jan 31—Feb 1 FCPS - Student Holiday

Q: Why have the CHHA dues been so low? A: Our dues are low for several reasons. We currently operate with a volunteer homeowners association as opposed to using a professional management company. Our Homeowners Association bylaws, adopted more than 20 years ago, limit dues increases to the consumer price index. Also, our dues do not include garbage collection as many communities do. Q: Why is CHHA running out of funds? A: A state law passed several years ago requires that the Homeowners Association have a long term plan for maintaining facilities and grounds. CHHA had a plan prepared in 2009, and although our association has reserve funds of more than $200,000 right now, that plan projects that we will use up all reserve funds in six years. Therefore it is necessary for CHHA to raise dues. Q: How much do other developments pay in dues and what does it cover? A: Fees at other developments vary but after deducting garbage pickup (included in many homeowners dues) the dues at several nearby neighborhoods are in the range of $400 to $500 per year. Q: How are the CHHA funds used? A: Homeowners dues are used for a variety of association operating costs including landscape management, pool operations, community events, and other items. Key expenses in the 2010 budget were capital improvements (17% of the budget), pool (32%), land management (23%) and administration (9%). Q: What options do we have for dealing with the long term reserve shortage? A: The simplest option is to raise the homeowners dues. An increase of between $50 and $100 in the annual dues (currently $234.50) would resolve the issue. Other options include a significant onetime special assessment, or closing facilities (tennis courts, playground, community center, or pool) instead of up keeping those facilities. See DUES on page 5

January 2011

DUES from page 4

Q: What happens if we don’t address this issue? A: If the issue is not resolved CHHA will run out of funds in about six or seven years. If CHHA is bankrupt, the State of Virginia would be required to take over the association and assign a professional management company to operate the association. It is likely that the dues would then increase dramatically. Q: What is the schedule for resolving this issue? A: Earlier this year the CHHA Board formed a committee to evaluate options and make a recommendation to the board. This issue will be discussed at the annual meeting in January and at the February board meeting, and will be put up for community vote in April or May. Any change in the dues rate would take effect in 2012.

Rresidents who are interested in learning more about or becoming involved with the committee should contact Gerard Eldering at Gerard.Eldering

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Fairfax County NewsWire provides the county’s most comprehensive news, and aims to serve you more effectively by sharing information of all sizes and topics in multiple ways.  See all county news on one webpage.  View news by selected topics and locations that interest you.  Choose multiple ways to get news, such as new E-mail newsletters, more than 40 RSS news feeds, mobile options, social media sites and more.  Engage and interact with your government on Ask Fairfax! chats, social media sites and social voting opportunities. The NewsWire can be found at news.

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Page 7 2011 January

Page 7

Protect Yourself Against Financial Crimes With the holiday season behind us, some of us now face the daunting task of paying for those holiday purchases. For some, walking to the mailbox and opening the credit card statements will be accompanied by a rapid heartbeat and beads of perspiration. Different people handle their finances differently. Some pitch them in a heap, only to later write a check and file the statement away (or worse, just toss into the trash). Others will scrutinize bills and bank statements every month, matching each and every charge to an actual receipt or electronic record (for online purchases). Which one are you? Thieves will do whatever they can to take your money. Stealing your credit and debit cards or bank checks is usually the easy part. They can easily wipe out all the money in your bank account; run up astronomical bills on your credit cards, and ruin your good credit. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Only you can eliminate a thief’s opportunity to steal your property, identity, and good name. Use the following tips to protect yourself against financial crimes at all times of the year:

 Diligently review and reconcile all credit card and bank statements every month  Don’t keep your PIN written down and near your credit or debit card  Sign new credit/debit cards as soon as you get them  Destroy old cards after expiration  Never give your account information over the phone to someone you don’t know  Never provide your PIN to anyone. Your bank or credit card company will never request it  Make sure your credit/debit card is returned after each use  Do not include your Social Security Number on your checks  Do not write your credit card number on your check  Get in the habit of inspecting to see whether any checks are missing from your checkbook or your check order  Immediately notify your bank if a check is missing or if checks you ordered are not received  Criminals who use scams for financial gain can be great con-artists. If a deal sounds to good to be true, it probably is  Never allow anyone to work on your home/business until you have a signed contract outlining the specific work to be done and a specific start and finish date  Always get several estimates before accepting a contract for work on your home/business; ask for and check references  If you become a victim of financial crime, immediately

contact your bank, the Fairfax County Police Department, and the three major Credit Reporting Agencies Are you taking steps to protect your financial security? Along with skyrocketing popularity of credit and debit cards, the potential for financial crimes and abuse has risen too. Don’t become a victim of credit card theft or fraud. Remember the following:

 Contact your credit card company as soon as possible to report its loss, theft or suspected fraudulent use  You may be required to fill out an affidavit of fraud/forgery  The credit card company is considered the “real” victim of the offense  As the card holder, you will be required as a witness if the case is prosecuted  Contact the three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax (800) 685-1111 Experian (888) 397-3742 Trans Union (800) 680-7289 If any account is not accurate, the representative can explain how to have it removed from the credit report. It usually takes about 30 days for any See CRIMES on page 9

The Chantilly Highlander

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Snow Removal FAQs Rerun

Who do I call about getting my street plowed? VDOT is responsible for plowing the public roads (interstate, primary, secondary, residential) in Fairfax County. Clearing is done on a priority basis, with interstates and high volume roads cleared first. Once the most heavily traveled roads and emergency routes are adequately clear, snow crews move to lesstraveled roads and subdivisions. Contact VDOT's NoVA Office for additional information (703-383-8368, TTY 711). What about my pipestem driveway? Pipestem driveways are privately owned and maintained by the property owners on the pipestem. Snow removal is the property owners' responsibility. Who is responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalks in my neighborhood? Neither the state nor the county clears snow and ice from public walkways (sidewalks and trails). While not legally obligated, residents and businesses are asked to help keep sidewalks safe. They should, as soon as feasible, clear snow off the sidewalks in front of their property so that all pedestrians, especially school children, those with disabilities and the elderly, may walk securely. Plan now: buy shovel(s)/snowblower, ice melt, etc.; contract snow removal companies, or line up teenagers to shovel for pay!

Travel Info and Road Conditions Before you leave for your next trip, or just head off to work, check the weather and road conditions in Virginia at Travel Center section has winter driving tips, which might be a good review for both new and experienced drivers; the Info Center provides various information, including contact numbers to report unsafe conditions, such as blind or poorly marked intersections, slick or icy roads. You may also call the Highway Helpline at (800) 367-ROAD. Another useful website is Their tollfree 511 phone service and this website features tools to help you get around. To get started, sign up for a personalized My 511 Control Room today — it'll let you see live traffic cameras, receive free mobile alerts and lots more! See it Before You Drive at users can select and see live traffic views from thousands of public cameras from around the world. The free service uses interactive traffic maps to display available traffic cameras and simple point-and-click navigation to launch live traffic video.

January 2011

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CRIMES from page 7

activity to show up. Contact the Fairfax County Police Department Financial Crimes Section at 703-246-7800 for more information.

Identity Theft Identity theft occurs when an unauthorized person uses your name, date of birth, social security number or other forms of identity to obtain credit in your name without your consent. Who should you contact if you suspect identity theft?

 Alert your bank; they will start an investigation 

Alert the creditor reporting agencies  Federal

Trade Commission (877) 438-4338

 Equifax

(800) 525-6285

 Experian  Trans  Social

(888) 397-3742

Union (800) 680-7289 Security Administration (800) 269- 0271

Request to have your accounts flagged and to be notified prior to approving any transactions. What you need to do before calling police.

 Contact federal agencies if your credit was compromised in more than one state (Fairfax County detectives have authority to investigate these crimes; however agencies or businesses outside Virginia do not have to comply with our subpoenas.)

 Request copies of bank statements, credit card statements, drafts and receipts, sales drafts and the front and back of all checks

 Request a copy of your credit report (see above)  Contact all banks or credit card companies that have established fraudulent accounts in your name

 Try to determine whether the application was completed in person, by mail, or over the internet In addition to local assistance in resolving problems, consumers have access to additional information at the Better Business Bureau at Not only can you check out a company or file a complaint, but you can also learn about fraud and get tips to protect yourself in the For Consumers section. The United States Postal Service also has a site to provide basic fraud prevention tips as well as guidance on how to report swindles when you spot them. For more information go to Educate and protect yourself from becoming a victim to theft and fraud.

Spring is just around the corner… well, not really! But when you are stuck in the house this winter due to the weather and you start planning some spring projects, remember that most projects and improvements to the outside of your house and yard require you to submit for approval an Exterior Alteration Request form to our ACC committee. The committee meets monthly, and because the committee has 60 days in which to provide a decision to your application, you need to submit your application IN ADVANCE of the work to be done. Yes, that means that you must plan ahead! So, while you are watching the snow fall, the football games (during halftime, of course), or the kids play, think about the projects you want to get done this spring or summer, download the Application for Exterior Alteration (—go to Forms & Requests button, then Exterior Alteration Request

link), and start the process.

The Chantilly Highlander

Page 10 The Fairfax County Solid Waste Management Program has released the dates and locations for Electric Sundays, three remote household hazardous waste collection events and three business hazardous waste collection events in 2011. All event details - including dates, times and locations - can be accessed online at calendar.htm. Fairfax County residents may use each Electric Sunday recycling event to recycle televisions, computers, monitors and peripheral electronic devices such as printers, scanners, speakers, keyboards, mice and external drives. Residents may also recycle their unbroken fluorescent tubes and light bulbs at these events as well. This is a free service for Fairfax County residents thanks to our partnership with Covanta Energy, Inc. The next date will be January 23, 2011, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the I-66 Transfer Station, 4618 West Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030. For scheduling updates, including cancellation notification of events, please call 703-324-5052.

Classified Advertising SAT Tutoring: Expert, professional SAT tutoring. Customized lessons and tailored strategies for each student’s strengths and needs. For a free ½ hour consultation and assessment, call Mr. Vargas: 703-362-2585. A&S Home Improvement: Remodeling bath/kitchen, ceramic/floors/wall tile. Basements/painting/ drywall/ elec./plumbing/ceiling fans+. Licensed, experienced. Free est. 703-860-4734; 703-944-3135. Residential and commercial cleaning -MSC, LLC has been servicing the Washington metropolitan area for 20 yrs offering competitive rates and great references. Free estimate, (703)723-3850, Lawn Mowing+: Mow, Fertilize, Weed control, Aerate, Seed, Mulch, Shrub Pruning, Spring/Fall Cleanups. Reliable svc w/prof results since 1991-Professional Property Maint. Inc.703-273-9626 Pet care: Responsible and dependable pet care in the neighborhood for the past ten years. References available! call Jennifer at (703)787-9323. Almighty & Co—Painting Int/Ext, local references, drywall & rotten wood repair, power washing, wallpaper removal, moldings. 26 years, family run. Call Carl at 703378-5602 or cell 703-926-8700. Painting: Neat, clean, reliable. Interior & exterior. Decks-wash & seal. Drywall repairs. 25 yrs exp. Large & small jobs. Licensed & insured. References available. Free estimates. Steve Chute 571-216-9338.


KidWorks Babysitter/pet sitter - Need a responsible babysitter or pet sitter? Call Katie at 703-471-8654. 15 years old, completed certified babysitting program successfully.

January 2011

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COMMITTEE INFO Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Community Center. Meetings are open, and all residents are welcome and encouraged to participate. To include a specific item on the agenda, please contact the Board President. Architectural Control Committee (ACC) meets monthly at the Community Center. Contact any ACC member or appropriate Board member if you have ACC questions or concerns. Chantilly Highlander newsletter welcomes your articles and community photos of specific events. Advertising questions and other information may be emailed to or mailed to the Editor at P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA, 20171. Civic Affairs Committee for comments or questions contact Jeff Parnes at; enroll in the Civic Affairs mail group at to receive related notices. Community Activities Committee organizes events for Chantilly Highlands families. The committee meets as events are scheduled, and chairpersons vary throughout the year. Interested residents should please contact a Board member. Community Facilities Committee (ComFac) meets as needed regarding our swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, Community Center and its grounds. To become involved and participate in the meetings, contact Jeff Boehlert at 703-435-2836. Land Management Committee handles all issues that involve the common areas of our community, primarily lawn care and snow removal, meeting as needed. Contact Paul Thurneysen at 703-318-1468 with questions or to help on the Land Management Committee. Neighborhood Watch Committee is accepting members to help monitor the community. Contact Gerard Eldering at to learn more and join.

The Chantilly Highlander is a monthly publication which informs the community of upcoming events, committee meeting highlights and decisions, and provides a forum to communicate items of interest to your neighbors! Articles are reviewed (subject to editing), and published at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Published advertisement is accepted, however it is not considered an endorsement by the Board. Electronic submissions are encouraged via email; however, please also provide a “camera ready” printed copy for comparison if there are graphics or fonts (print styles) that must be maintained. Email address: (Include ‘Chantilly Highlander’ in the subject line so it is not deleted as spam) Mailing address: CHHA, c/o The Chantilly Highlander, P.O. Box 710238, Oak Hill, VA 20171 Please submit articles, advertising (with payment), and photos so they are RECEIVED by the 12th of each month for consideration in the next month’s issue: be sure to allow sufficient time for mail processing. Submissions or payments received after the 12th will be held for the following month’s issue. Any non-profit notices will be included only if space allows—guaranteed placement must be paid advertising. Classified & KidWorks ad wording should be no more than 30 words to fit on 4 lines, and is subject to editing due to space constraints.

Advertising Rates: KidWorks (Under 18 yrs) Classified Ad Business Card 3½”W x 2”H Quarter Page 3¼”W x 4½”H Half Page 7½”W x 4½”H

Resident $ 3.00 $ 15.00 $ 30.00 $ 55.00 $100.00

Non-Resident $ 10.00 $ 20.00 $ 50.00 $ 70.00 $120.00

CUT OUT AND HANG BY YOUR PHONE FOR HANDY REFERENCE! When calling board or committee members, please be mindful that they are volunteers, with jobs and families, making sacrifices to serve our community. Try to contact the appropriate liaison or committee chair for the best response to a concern/question.

Chantilly Highlands Committees Architectural Control (ACC) Bill Steinhour Bob Hirsh ……. Paula Yass ……. Civic Affairs Jeffrey Parnes 703-904-0131 Community Ctr Rental Answering Machine 703-435-0736 Community Events Michelle Doucette Community Facilities Jeffrey Boehlert 703-435-2836 Database Administrator Greg Zilberfarb Garden Club OPEN OPEN Paul Thurneysen Land Management 703-318-1468 Gerard Eldering Neighborhood Watch (see Comm Facilities) 703-435-2081 Pool House Phone Lori Manik Resale Packages 703-796-1061 Sara Chichester Swim Team Chair 703-742-3353 Steve Edwards Tennis Courts Greg Zilberfarb Webmaster Greg Zilberfarb Web Posting


BOARD MEMBERS Jeff Boehlert 703-435-2836

Chantilly Highlands Homes Association P.O. Box 710238 Oak Hill, VA 20171