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Propane Autogas Station Development

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Headlines • “Gasoline Prices Soar” • “Citing high earnings, Congress considers passing a tax on ‘windfall’ profits of oil companies” • “President calls for a ‘massive increase’ in domestic production of ethanol” ALL of these headlines are from the… think green! think propane.


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Where are we headed?

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Maybe where others already are‌

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USA Autogas Program Overview Clean Fuel USA received a Department of Energy grant with Texas State Technical College to develop alternative fuel propane autogas refueling stations and alternative fuel service centers in select US metropolitan markets.

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US Autogas Program Overview CFUSA has partnered with key propane and retail industry leaders to provide the fleet support and training, retail station footprint, local fuel supply and local service for this program.

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Why Propane Autogas ? •

Economics – – – –

Technology – – – –

Cost per mile vs. other fuels Fuel pricing stability and fuel mgmt programs Federal and local incentive programs Low infrastructure development costs Liquid propane injection engine systems Bi-fuel engine systems OEM vehicle platforms State of the art dispensing systems

Environment – – – –

Lower Greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel Clean burning with less tailpipe cleanup than gasoline or diesel Zero hazmat issues with storage tanks Listed as an approved alternative fuel in Clean Air Act of 1990

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Why Propane Autogas? • Availability – Made in the USA – limited importing – Large pipeline and storage facilities across US – Retail supply available in every US state & city

• Safety – LPG has a narrow flammability range compared to refined fuels – Tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than refined fuels – LPG fuel is known across all aspects of society

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Propane Vehicle Growth in the US 14000

('000 vehicles)

12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 1999








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Program Partners •

Texas State Technical College •

Providing propane vehicle technician training programs and curriculum

CFUSA – Technology Integration and facilitate Complete Solution • Fueling equipment supplier • Fueling network operator • Propane Engine Technology integrator

ConocoPhillips – Third largest integrated energy company in the United States – World Headquarters Houston, Texas, is home to over 3,000 employees (31,000 employees Worldwide) – Multi state branded marketing sites • Corporate approval for Propane Marketing to work directly with retailers

Propane Education & Research Council – Funding for market research – Support of city marketing and program rollout think green! think propane.

Program Partners Propane Marketers Nation’s leading retail propane marketers with distribution, supply and storage in every state and multiple retail locations in every major city in the US

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• Clean Start Project – 16 Cities in the USA – ConocoPhillips along with CFUSA & Propane Marketers to install 8 to 10 public stations in each city – Rush and CFUSA to offer service & installation support for fleets in each city – TSTC to train and certify mechanics with propane vehicle specific curriculum – PERC and DOE Clean Cities to support with fleet marketing & outreach

• Selected Cities & Support – Phase 1 • Houston, Dallas/ Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Louisiana Corridor and Atlanta – Phase 2 • Chicago, OKC, Denver, Sacramento, Phoenix, Indianapolis & Orlando – Phase 3 • St. Louis, San Diego, Los Angeles, & Seattle

– Support From; • Energy Offices from Each State, Governors, City Leaders, Clean Cities Coordinators from each city

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Propane Vehicle Curriculum

-Developing propane vehicle technician training curriculum -Training and certification for mechanics with propane vehicle specific curriculum - State of the art facility and instructors in Waco, TX

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Program Development Criteria • Targeted metropolitan markets – Fleet metrics in area – Regulatory programs and support – ConocoPhillips retail locations and supply

• Select Retail locations – – – –

Site operational functionality Fleet usage potential Site regulatory review Geographical evaluation think green! think propane.

Target City Plan - Houston

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Program metrics • Costs – No capital costs - all equipment provided by Clean Fuel USA – No labor installation fee’s – Some minor site improvements costs if optional station equipment desired – No inventory costs or storage fee’s

• Site Development – 3 month process managed by Clean Fuel USA and partners – Some support for regulatory may be required (permits/site drawings) – No interruption to current business operations

• Business Opportunity – Per gallon incentive for 5 year program for site owner think green! think propane.

Station Equipment •

Retail Propane Dispenser – Full function LPG Gilbarco dispenser; printer, card reader, pos – accepts all major cc cards and fleet cards – Self- service user cards for trained customers – Skid storage systems also available

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Vast Vehicle Availability

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Coming in First Quarter 2010 GM 6.0L 3500/4500 Cutaway Van & Workhorse W42 Walk in Van Applications

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Coming in First Quarter 2010 GM 6.0L 2500/3500 HD Chassis Cab Application

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Coming in 2010 GM 2500/3500 Complete Van & Pick Up Truck & W Series Cab Over Applications

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2007 – 2008 ROUSH Ford F-150 5.4L V8 • Delivery available upon order • Works with 4x2, 4x4 and all bed & cab configurations • In-Bed Tank: – 450 mile range

• Under-bed Tank: – 200 mile range

• EPA Certified • CARB Certified

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2009 – 2010 ROUSH Ford F-250 / F-350 5.4L V8 • Delivery available upon order • Works with 4x2, 4x4, pick-up truck and bed delete configurations • In-bed Tank: – 500 miles estimated range

• Under-bed Tank: – 250 miles estimated range

• EPA Certified • CARB Certification in process – OBD-II approval received 1/6/2010 think green! think propane.

2009 + ROUSH Ford E-150 / E-250 / E-350 5.4L V8 • Order banks now open, delivering first units February, 2010 • Works with passenger van, cargo van, and E-350 SRW cutaway applications • Under-Floor Tank – 300 miles estimated range

• EPA Certification Pending – Expected February, 2010

• CARB Certification Pending – Expected April, 2010

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Dallas/ Ft. Worth Road Show Rollout • • • •

Feb. 23rd – 9:00 to 12:00 Propane fleet workshop with lunch provided Vehicle Display / Ride & Drive Register at: Location: North Central TX Council of Governments - Transportation Council Room think green! think propane.

Contact: Brian Grimm 913.620.5118 Crystelle Markley 512.864.0300 think green! think propane.