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Decoration SIEM HELIX 2

by Tove Hertzberg w w w.toveh er t zb erg.co m




Siem Helix 2 is now filled with color, pride and identity. In the space between the enivironment and humans occurs a reaction. People are influenced by what is vibrant, colorful, narrative, gripping, proactive or simply beautiful. Visual communication can be awareness-raising and it can create pride. In the space between the crew and the inside of Siem Helix 2 I have added colors and experiences. I salute you for this choice! The art on the walls will help create job satisfaction, commitment, loyality and affinity for all on board the vessel. Congratulations!


Deck description from 1st floor up to E floor. I have used different colors to give the feeling of a sunrise.

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Inspired by the old vessels with figureheads under their bow spears. I have created art with figureheads included in the paintings. I have used women in white dresses as a symbol of caring and protection. I wanted the pictures to crate a feeling of somebody watching over and caring for the people working on board.

by Tove Hertzberg w w w.toveh er t zb erg. co m w w w.ga ller itove. n o

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Siem helix 2  


Siem helix 2