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fit it all in one brochure but I hope this gives you a taste of what


we have on display and the fabulous selection of artists we


represent, some of which are exclusive to us.


We pride ourselves on our reputation for selling affordable original art by the countries leading artists as well as rarer pieces from artists across the world. Our ever changing walls are testament to our success in the South East as a leading independent gallery. Our service is as tailor made as our


bespoke picture framing, including our unique home viewing




We look forward to seeing you soon in The Royal Gallery.

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A more affordable way of purchasing art, where you pay for your pictures in instalments over a few months.

Whatever the event, anniversary, retirement, or a birthday. A gift voucher from The Royal Gallery is the perfect present. In our wide range of paintings, from local watercolours, figurative paintings, landscapes to abstract art, there is something for everyone.

With one of the most important days of your life coming up why not spend a romantic visit to the Gallery and fall in love with a piece of art. We can take payment direct from your guests and make a list for you of who has contributed. The perfect wedding present.

If you have a particular artist in mind who is not in the gallery or have seen a picture elsewhere, we will do our best to obtain it for you.

A number of the artists we represent accept commissions. If you have something special in mind why not ask at the gallery for more details and we would be happy to arrange this for you.

Bespoke Picture Framing • Hundreds of Frames & Mounts on Display • Separate Framing Room • On-site Workshop • Friendly Experienced Advice

Custom Made Mirrors

The amazing paintings by Rozanne Bell have established her as the Gallery’s best selling artist. Her phenomenal international success is due to not only her versatile talent but her dazzling colourful personality which transcends into her paintings. In 2002, the situation in Zimbabwe, Rozanne’s home of 40 years, necessitated her move to England. With her large family and two dogs, she is now settled in Dorset.

Rozanne has a soft spot for Devon & Cornwall and this can clearly be seen in her fun coastal scenes. Her townscapes have hailed her the new Lowry! Returning to her passion for flowers time and time again, depicting their natural beauty in her vibrant style with acrylic, gold & silver leaf, highlighted with glitter and a resin finish. As the light moves around your home, the sunlight will catch her paintings with bursts of colour and sparkle which are simply breathtaking. So diverse are her styles, you could hang one in every room creating a flow through the home, yet each painting is unique in its impact.

Iain Faulkner is one of the countries greatest figurative painters. His paintings are so detailed they are often mistaken as photographs. Born and raised in Glasgow, where he achieved a BA (Honours) Degree in Fine Art. Iain’s mesmerising paintings capture calm and contemplative moments, intimate exchanges, solitude, sometimes melancholy. There is a stillness in the everyday themes which conveys a sense of inner-reflection. An original painting by Iain Faulkner achieves in excess of £20,000. We have several customers of whom we notify with each new release, as his low number limited editions are highly collectable.

The internationally recognised Kerry Darlington, twice winner of 'The Best Selling Artist’ at The Fine Art Trade Guild Awards, as voted by U.K. Galleries. We are proud to be Kerry Darlington’s ‘Flagship Gallery’ displaying her original paintings and unique editions since Spring 2011, the highlight being her 2012 sell out exhibition at The Royal Gallery. Working from her stunning studio in North Wales, Kerry’s passion for art was inspired by a love of beautiful old picture books, which developed into a degree in illustration. This has greatly influenced her more recent pieces from fantasy, figurative to abstract. Many customers have made successful investments in her work. Please check Kerry’s page on our website for all available pieces.

Kerry’s 'Unique Editions' are limited in number, however each one is original, being hand finished and individually embellished.

Stella has the most amazing and instantly recognisable style of painting. We are fortunate to include her in our established stable of artists. Stella’s love of landscapes, water and sky influence her collection of contemporary abstract. Using oils and acrylics and silver leaf she demonstrates a new freedom of expression. With her artistic flair and versatility, Stella is happy to take commissions and create a unique piece to match your interior design and colour scheme.

Cefyn is the son of a 3rd generation coal miner from a small mining village in North Wales. The ability to draw put his life on a different path to his forefathers. Art college was the beginning of a London based career in illustration, working extensively in the world of publishing from book covers, international publishing and editorial illustration. This was followed by a comprehensive career in packaging illustration for major clients worldwide. He now works independently, expressing his versatility and passion for image making in his unique style.

‘Lhouette’ was born and raised in Luton, Bedfordshire, where he demonstrated early promise in the arts. Despite receiving high praise from his teachers and peer group, he surprised many by joining the Royal Navy on leaving school. Five years and twenty- one countries later, Lhouette returned to the UK, inspired and refreshed by the diverse cultures he had encountered. Lhouette's mixed media artworks are instantly recognizable by their vibrant colours schemes and trademark stripes, layering areas of intense detail through the use of spray paint and stenciling.


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Urban Art


ed P rints


Allan Morgan is one of our top-selling artists - it is easy to see why. Allan draws his inspiration from his coastal upbringing and now from the stunning back drops surrounding his home on the Herefordshire welsh border. The outlook from his studio over rolling hills is inspiration enough but his love of light, colour and atmosphere, results in paintings with a contrast of tones, vibrancy and an injection of colour. . Allan’s masterful techniques using acrylic paint to depict dramatic landscapes contrasting emotive skies with vibrant fields of harvest. His paintings appeal to a fine art collectors and contempory buyers alike.

A window to the countryside Allan graduated with a BA in Fine Art and embarked on a career as an illustrator in publishing. His professional painting career has since focused on realist landscape painting, recently extended his style to encompass a more "colourist" approach. Visit the Gallery, or arrange a home viewing to experience the fine details, dramatic skies and plentiful harvests, inspired by the changing seasons.

Leanne paints vibrant flowerscapes, English country gardens & wild flower meadows. Professionally painting for over twenty years, she has been described as one of the most prolific artists in recent years. Painting and design has always been an integral part of Leanne's family life. Leanne's earliest memories are of watching her mum sketching and painting in her art studio. She grew up surrounded by paint and canvases forming an interest in art from an early age and going on to produce commercial pieces ever since. Leanne is now living in Devon, drawing inspiration from the ever changing moorlands, beautiful coastlines and Devon's famous floral hedgerows. Leanne's work is unique and highly sought after.


All of Leanne's paintings are predominately oil, embellished with glitter, jewels and gold leaf. These unique paintings, regardless of whether they are flowerscapes, seascapes, waterscapes or moorlands, are textured with an almost three dimensional feel.


Joe Bowen has become one of our best selling artists with his unique style of depicting London's iconic views. Using his fine art techniques with a contemporary approach his paintings will transform an ultra modern setting or room with more traditional dĂŠcor. Working from his studio in Wales, Joe captures the nostalgia and beauty of our capital city, with glowing sunsets, the shimmering water of the Thames and beloved iconic buildings. His following is growing across the country as well as overseas.




Born in Kent in Stuart studied Illustration and Design at Ravensbourne College of Design. He began his professional career as an Illustrator for magazines and as a greeting card designer. In recent years his work has focused on figurative fine art and portraiture following the classical traditions.

Simon Wright’s original paintings have caused quite a stir in the art world, and we are unsuprised by his immediate success. From West Yorkshire, Simon’s passion for painting and drawing led to a degree in illustration and a talent for portraiture and studies of animals. Each painting is a statement piece, transforming any space. However, several customers could not resist his unique style and have bought more than one!

“I try to bring the elements of illustration and fine art together to create a style which is totally unique and appeals to a varied audience”

One of the most collectable artists in the UK, Ruby Keller is in fact the pseudonym of highly regarded artist, Peter Worswick. Having exhibited throughout the UK, including Kensington Palace in London His work is also held in private collections worldwide. Working from his studio in Cumbria, Peter has always maintained a fresh approach to his painting by experimenting with new styles and techniques. We are fortunate to represent Ruby Keller in the gallery and these charming animal portraits are proving extremely popular, we just can’t get enough! COMMISSIONS AVAILABLE




Sarah Ewing has been fascinated with drawing and painting from early childhood. She takes inspiration from her rural surroundings, and her paintings feature idyllic environments with symbols of freedom which are charming in their nature. To create each piece, Sarah uses a mixed media technique which gives the paintings depth, and allows the colours and images to truly sing. Sarah Ewing's work has appeared on ITV and Channel 4 television. Her work has been featured in publications from Mirror Group Newspapers and Future Publishing. Sarah is based near Stroud, and lives in a tumble-down cottage with her

Two artists, one idea; unique, vibrant works of art to tantalize the imagination. Miller James, is in fact a combination of two artists, Matthew James and Alison Miller, acclaimed artists in their own right. Best friends since college who have blended their talents to create enchanting fantasy landscapes from their shared studio in Southport. Each original painting is enhanced with an array of mixed media, diamante, glitter, gold leaf and a resin finish. All of which are truly appreciated when the light brings them to life.

Contemporary Cityscapes

Inspired by his travels in the Navy, Nigel captures the energy of the worlds most iconic cities, with his bold use of acrylics, glossy 3D accents and use of light and space.

Born in West Yorkshire, Nigel Cooke joined the Merchant Navy but soon found his passion lay in painting. First working as a caricature artist, he then developed his style to produce high contrast cityscapes which have established him as one of the countries best selling original artists. Nigel has a large following and his vibrant contemporary paintings are soon snapped up, bringing impact and style to the walls of many a fan. Nigel also welcomes commissions, sharing his unique view of capital cities.

Katy began painting in a number of mediums from acrylic to watercolours in mixed media canvas pieces on the side, often attending art events and fairs with her work. The positive reaction to Katy’s wildlife work led to a large shift towards oil paints as the medium of choice. After finding the rich tones and infinite possibilities with texture, oils became the fast medium of choice and thereafter became a huge part of Katy’s development and work as an artist. At the Royal Gallery we are delighted to have a number of Katy’s Signed Limited Edition pieces and many more available on our website.

Combining traditional pen sketch work with digital mark making techniques, Mr Go's art contains humour and wit, often using word play or visual puns to communicate his point and entertain. Drawing on influences of photorealism, the detail he manages to achieve within his work is impressive - most look like photographs. It’s only when you look closely you notice the hand developed details and quirks that embellish his digitally drawn subjects. Originally from the south coast, Mr Go is currently living and working in London. With Limited Editions framed on display and lots more on our website The Royal Gallery is your first stop for Mr Go.

A respected and well known English craftsmen of the 100 year old art of glassblowing neon tube lights, Courty has reached master neon glass blower level and is forever exploring and pushing the boundaries of hand made neon light use in the world of art & sculpture from his East London based studio. We are delighted to have a number of Limited Edition and Original pieces of Artwork by Courty as well as available pieces on our website.

Kevin Bandee is a self-taught visionary of the artistic form and spends much of his time experimenting with many different types of media. Using a multi-layer approach, with varying depths, each creation is revisited on a number of occasions, taking up to 2 weeks to complete. He has developed a True 3D effects style bringing elements of nature to these abstracts to complement each piece. Unique and stunning.

Living with his young family and working from his newly rennovated studio in St Albans, Lee has built up a reputation as one of the countries best selling abstract artists. His stunning works of art are consistently in demand, with customers regularly purchasing more than one of his paintings for their home. Lee undertakes commissions in an array of sizes and colour palates to a customers requirements.

Drawing his inspiration from all that is organic, pure pigment and freedom of expression. Lee has emerged on the contemporary art scene with an explosion of colour.

His new exciting range which is entitled “Aluminart” is in contrast to his trademark canvas paintings, Lee is now using gold and silver aluminium which produce not only a stunning effect on the wall but also an unusual contemporary urban statement piece. Holographic style pieces are also now available.

Justifying the term

“The Wow Factor”

Say “Goodbye”

to boring walls

Born in Glasgow in 1958, and so, growing up in 1960’s Britain, AJ was encouraged to let his imagination rule him. It was due to this encouragement that he turned to art as a child, as well as watching his mother doodle while doing crosswords. During his school years he was an avid artist and says that he was as interested in art as he was in dinner time, and because of this, was often late home from school as he was so engrossed in his art work. AJ studied graphic design and fine art for 5 years, and had a successful career in advertising. Eventually, there came a time where he had to decide whether to become a full time artist or continue his career. He took the path of full time artist and has never looked back.

“If someone looks at my paintings and smiles, then it’s done its job”

Each of AJ’s paintings is truly unique and full of humor and wit. We have found his paintings popular with customers who are bold and seeking a statement piece that will make everyone look twice, so much so that we now have a waiting list for his latest creations.

Growing up in a small fishing village in Southport and never living far from the sea, Anne enjoys nature and wild countryside. She finds painting naive waterside scenes particularly satisfying as she can express herself in the spirit of the story without the constraints of perspective or realistic hues, and enter a somewhat imaginative world where all can share in these holiday experiences and memories'. Travelling England's canals in her houseboat, inspiration is all around for her uplifting, nostalgic and skilfully painted scenes. Anne is The Royal Gallery’s rarest artist making her work extremely sought after.

Josie loves to create tableaux of life in a community, where each time you look you find yet another character up to mischief, with adults, children and animals constantly upstaging each other! Street parties, parades & summer strolls evoke a cheerful nostalgia for bygone days.

In 1954 Jean was invited to become a Windmill Girl at the famous Windmill Theatre in the West End of London. During her time there she worked with such greats as Harry Secombe and Bruce Forsyth. From caberets to Eastenders, Jean’s acting career has taken her all over the world. Upon retiring from show business at the beginning of the 1990s Jean began painting as a hobby but quickly realised she had a talent for art and gained a BA Hons degree in Fine Art in 2002. Jean’s new found career as an artist has gone from strength to strength in the UK and internationally.

Once seen, rarely forgotten, Antonio Iannicelli’s award winning paintings of the Amalfi Coast, South of France and Venice capture the beauty and charm of these Mediterranean landscapes. Naples born Antonio recreates the colour and vibrancy of these Italian scenes in a realistic and intimate way; his paintings are a celebration of his colourful surroundings and Italian exuberance. Inject the passion of Antonio’s painting into your home, to keep your continental memories alive.

One of Kimberley’s earliest memories was her father, a great lover of impressionist art, taking her to a JMW Turner exhibition at the Tate Gallery. That was it - she was going to paint like this genius one day and ten years later in 2005, she gained a Diploma in Art and Design. She re-ignited her passion for painting in 2014 after meeting a renowned artist who introduced her to oils and the palette knife.

The son of a baptist preacher, JJ emigrated as a child from Plymouth in the UK to Cape Town in South Africa in the early eighties. JJ finally returned to the UK in 1998 with the aim of becoming a tattoo artist. After a number of frustrated years living in London and working in Camden Market struggling to make ends meet, JJ moved back to Plymouth to further study commercial printing at the Plymouth College of Art and Design. JJ Adams uses a range of mixed media in his work from spray paint to hand painting acrylics, screen printing, collage and digital matte painting as well as photography working from his studio overlooking the Thames Barrier in Woolwich, South East London.

Watercolour Views of Chislehurst Signed Framed Limited Editions by

Mark Ashmead

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Stunningly Framed

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Edith Ransford

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The Royal Gallery 2017 Brochure  

Welcome to the Royal Gallery. A Beautiful brochure packed with our new and favourite artists. Originals and Limited Editions. Visit The R...

The Royal Gallery 2017 Brochure  

Welcome to the Royal Gallery. A Beautiful brochure packed with our new and favourite artists. Originals and Limited Editions. Visit The R...