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The Roanoke Star-Sentinel February 11 - 17, 2011

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[Riding for a Cause]

Roanoke City Walks Thin Line On Budget

Biking the U.S. for MS

With “caution” being the word of the day, Roanoke City’s Director of Finance, Ann Shawver and Director of Management and Budget, Amelia Merchant began framing the budget for fiscal year 2012. At a briefing with council Monday fingers were crossed that revenue will remain stable and expenses will continue to stay below this year’s budget. Fiscal year 2010 was the first year ever the city had declining revenue. Fiscal year 2011’s adopted budget anticipates another year of City Gov’t decline at 1.5 percent. The preliminary forecast is for a flat fiscal year 2012 compared to 2011--Flat being an improvement after two consecutive declining years. A surplus of $3.78 million for fiscal year 2010 is due to hiring delays and salary freezes. The economic downturn has produced a “smaller government” for Roanoke City. The employee per capita has declined to below the 2006 level at .0185 of an employee per person. Though sales tax revenue hit a growth spurt in November, Shawver notes that fixed costs are increasing. Shawver remained wary with the lost revenue from the delayed openings of Wal-Mart and Kohl’s which are now scheduled for the middle of fiscal year 2012. Kohl’s is expected to generate about half the sales tax rev-

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Cyclists on a recent Bike the US for MS trip gather for a group photo just after arriving on the West Coast.

H. Bruce Rinker, PhD

God and

Evolution P5– Bruce Rinker says that evolution is one of life’s little facts - and that God is its divine and sustaining author.


hat’s it like to load food and provisions onto your bicycle and set off for a two-month, cross-country, quadriceps-powered ride? Just ask Mason Cavell of Blacksburg. By day, Cavell crunches data and numbers for the Office of Economic Development at Virginia Tech. By night, Cavell, who is graduating in May with a master’s degree in urban planning from the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, recruits riders and plots routes for a three-year-old bike riding enterprise that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple sclerosis (MS) research. > CONTINUED P3: Bike

Virginia and Maryland last year had the biggest baby oyster boom in more than a decade, providing a sliver of good news for the critical Chesapeake shellfish whose overall population hovers near historic lows. The annual fall oyster survey found an average of nearly 80 spat, or baby oysters, per bushel, the highest since 1997, when the spatfall index, as the count is called, was 277. The annual fall survey also found low disease mortality for the

seventh straight year. highest spat counts since 1985. The index is the average number of The heaviest spat counts were in the spat found in each bushel southern Eastern Shore, sample collected at 53 oyster where one sample showed Regional News bars scattered through Mary910 spat. But baby oysters land’s portion of the Bay. The were also found in low safall survey has been conducted annually linity areas, where spat is found only since 1939. about once a decade. Unlike 1997, when the index was drivThe timing couldn’t have been better, en primarily by a very heavy set in East- biologists say. Last year, in a controverern Bay, the 2010 boom was widespread. sial move, Maryland set aside about a Eleven bars had the highest or second quarter of its high quality oyster bars as



protected sanctuaries. Spat in those areas will be protected from harvest. “Historically, when an area was open to fishing, once you developed a high concentration of mature oysters, they would be quickly discovered and exploited,” said Mike Naylor, director of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Shellfish Program. “Now you > CONTINUED P2: Oyster

Watoto Children’s Choir Presents Concert Of Hope

P11– Patrick Henry Captures the Western Valley Title, District Playoffs begin and Wild Bill Turner makes his predictions in Sports!

VDOT plans show the proposed layout of the new interchange on I-581.

Valley View Interchange Offers Alternate Options

P14– The Kandinsky Trio will be joined by a human beatbox artist, hip-hop dancers, a jazz trombonist vir tuoso and other soloists at the Lyric on Feb 19th.

> CONTINUED P2: Budget

Chesapeake Bay Oyster Survey Gives Good News

Playoff Time

Beat Down!


With Governor McDonnell’s transportation bill passing both the Senate Monday and the House Appropriations Committee the week before, the proposed Valley View interchange has been moved to the front burner. City Council members were briefed on the project Monday and if all goes well the Virginia Department of Transportation will hold a public hearing in June. The Federal Highway Administration is looking for the project to be “shovelready” or ready to go, their preferred terminology. Project preparation by the city engineering department has been ongoing for the last two years. The state has kept the interchange’s completion dormant for more then 10 years. The interchange has decreased in size since its last visit to the drawing board. Reduction in collector roads has decreased the price tag slightly. The estimated cost is now $62 million according to Mark Jamison, Roanoke City’s Transportation Manager. It won’t be costing the city one dime as there is no requirement for the city > CONTINUED P3: Interchange

The Watoto Chilowed by AIDS or war). dren’s Choir from This gives them a famUganda brought a bit of ily environment –they Africa to Raleigh Court are brothers and sisters Presbyterian Church to each other and the last Friday evening as woman becomes their they presented their mother. Each village Concert of Hope. The also includes a school, a twenty-two children, church and a clinic. At ages seven through present, 2000 children Photo by Dennis Fisher fourteen, received prolive in Watoto villages. longed applause for The children of Watoto perform. They hope to have their outstanding perthis concept become a formance of music and dance, which model for other African countries. is an energetic fusion of contemporary The Children’s Choir was instituted gospel and traditional African rhythm. in 1994. With a team of adult leaders, The audience appreciated their enthusi- the choir tours worldwide, presenting asm, their focus and their boundless en- Concerts of Hope and telling the Watoto ergy. The program included information story of how the love of God transforms about their country and the organization lives. Audiences learn that millions of that changed their lives. African children are orphaned by AIDS “Watoto” means “the children.” and warfare. Opportunities to help with Founded by missionaries Gary this transforming work are and Marilyn Skinner in 1992, available through Watoto: by Community Watoto is sponsored by KPC, sponsoring a child ($35.00 a thriving church in Kampala, monthly), by donations, by Uganda. Its purpose is to change the purchasing handmade jewelry, scarves lives of children orphaned by AIDS and and CDs displayed at concerts, and by warfare, enabling them to become edu- prayer support. cated, responsible Christians, and future To learn more about Watoto, go to the leaders in their country. Instead of an website institutional orphanage, the children live By Mary Jo Shannon in a Watoto village, in a house for eight children and a “mother” (women wid-



> Budget

Page 2 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 2/11/11 - 2/17/11

High pressure will be in charge of our weather Friday through the middle of next week, bringing partly to mostly sunny skies with it. There might be the chance for a few sprinkles/ flurries in the mountains on Saturday morning and then again on Monday morning, otherwise we look dry through Wednesday. Temperatures will warm nicely during this timeframe: middle 40s on Friday, upper 40s Saturday, near 60 on Saturday, and mid-toupper 50s Monday through Wednesday.

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enue of Wal-Mart. City Manager Chris Morrill was more optimistic saying, “Kohl’s may be more of a regional draw.” People should linger in the city and spend time shopping at other stores and dining out. Poverty in the city has continued to climb. In 2010, 22.76 percent of Roanoke’s population was on food stamps – a 15.4 percent increase over 2009. Health insurance premium and retirement contribution increases add to the overall fixed cost increase. Long-term bond debt per capita has increased. Roanoke City has taken steps to toe the line on debt after exceeding the

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city’s debt policy in fiscal year 2010. It exceeded the 10 percent cap at 10.2 percent. Shawver warned that debt would hover at the 10 percent level for three more years. This leaves little or no room for funding additional capital improvement projects. Answering city council questions on pension funding, Morrill settled concerns saying, “there is a lot of hysteria out there about municipality’s pension funds going bankrupt - we have a sound pension plan.” The first cut at the FY2012 budget estimates an increase to the schools of $139,000 with total funding to schools just short of $69 million. Shawver said, “it is a little early


Superman and Spiderman are the crime fighting heroes of the past. Today’s heroes will be facebook and twitter. Roanoke City’s Chief of Police Chris Perkins plans to use the tools of technology to foil the foes of today. The Roanoke City Police Department already has a twitter and facebook account but Perkins expects to be using the tools more frequently starting March 1. “We’re going to put out profiles on officers – profiles on cases – share information,” said Perkins. Perkins said that fraud increased sixteen percent in 2010. Perkins attributes the increase primarily to computer fraud. An irresistible e-mail is delivered to the victim’s inbox with an enticing message saying, “click here to win your prize.” Before the vision of the newfound fortune fades to an empty reality the victim has entered his personal information. The perpetrator then empties his victim’s bank account before he releases the grip on his mouse. In a briefing to Roanoke City Council Monday, Perkins had some good news--peppered with concerns over a 45 percent increase in domestic aggravated assaults for 2010. “A poor economy correlates with an increase in domestic assaults,” explained Perkins.

Child in Need of Services (CHINS) petitions were up 21 percent as well. Perkins said this increase was due to parental issues as arrest of juveniles was down. Overall, aggravated assaults and homicides each were up twelve percent from 2009. Of the nine homicides in 2010 four were domestic related. Others were suspected to have involved drugs. The good news is that overall crime is down four percent over 2009. In the past six years crime in Roanoke City has decreased twenty-three percent. Perkins humbly said, “that truly is [due to] this community - we’ve had some changes in attitude – we have a lot more involvement.” “Most of our criminals are opportunists,” said Perkins. Programs like “Lock it or Lose it” have made citizens aware that by simply locking their car and removing valuables, they can negate the opportunity of theft. Perkins said, “it amazes me people will still pull up, park their car, leave everything sitting there with the car unlocked and walk away.” That is where the community can help eliminate larceny by removing the opportunity. The sluggish economy has caused an increase in “white collar” crimes such as fraud, bribery and forgery. These cat-

that “Calculating the BPOL tax on net rather than gross receipts will result in less revenue for the City of Roanoke unless the Code of Virginia increases the established rates.” Roanoke presently calculates on gross receipts. Shawver thought it didn’t mean that you could do both but had to pick one or the other. “Localities would need to have uniformity in the application of the tax. This type of legislation shifts the political battle to the local level,” said Shawver in an e-mail. By Valerie Garner

Police Chief Chris Perkins addresses city council and others. egories increased from 673 in 2009 to 806 in 2010. Increases in various crimes vary from one quadrant to another. For example, Southwest City had an increase in assault while Northwest had an increase in robberies. Perkins cautioned not to draw any conclusions based on the quadrant, “you’ve got to draw down to the raw numbers to say whether it is bad or good or other.” For example Southwest, had young people who were stealing mopeds. Mopeds are considered “vehicle theft.” Cleared cases in 2010 have jumped an average of thirtyfour percent since Perkins became Chief, with some recently solved arson cases taking the percentage even higher. In answer to a question by council member Ray Ferris on

recording incidents, Perkins explained that “we have guidelines set out in a booklet by the State Police that “tells us how to classify these offenses.” Perkins stressed how across the nation there is under reporting of crime, especially in domestic abuse incidents. “We may have a problem. That’s why when we identified this [domestic] problem - it could be larger,” said Perkins. Domestic violence issues will be a priority for Perkins this year. Other than correlating some increases to the economy, over eighty percent of crime is directly or indirectly related to drug activity. “Overall Roanoke is fortunate in being a safe city,” concluded Perkins. By Valerie Garner

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can have high density oyster reefs that will be left alone.” A good spat set does not guarantee a boost in future populations. The 1997 spat set was followed by a series of poor years, driven in part by a four-year drought from 1999 through 2002 which saw oyster populations plummet even further as drier conditions allowed the diseases MSX and Dermo, which thrive in high salinities, to flourish. This year’s survey also showed good news for disease. While Dermo was widespread, infection rates were below averages seen over the past two decades, and the range of MSX continued to decrease. Non-fishing oyster mortality was just 12 percent, as low as it’s been in the past quarter century when the diseases began devastating oyster populations in the state. That was a dramatic drop from the worst year, 2002, when drought conditions resulted in

oyster mortality reaching about 60 percent. The survey showed that 2010 was the seventh straight year oyster mortality has been below average observed over the past quarter century. Biologists hope that means oysters are showing some signs of disease tolerance, or even resistance. “This is exactly what we need to have happen,” Naylor said. “We need to have disease resistance develop if there is any real hope of large scale recovery of oysters in the Bay.” But biologists won’t know for sure how tolerant oysters are to disease until there is another drought. “That is when you tend to have massive, widespread mortality,” Naylor said. “But droughts are natural, and to some extent, we have to expect that there will be setbacks. We are not going to just see a continual climb in oyster populations. We will move forward and backwards, hopefully

lurching in an upward direction.” Even if positive trends continue, the Bay is, at best, decades from seeing a large-scale recovery in oyster populations. The amount of oyster habitat in the Bay is thought to be less than 10 percent of historic levels. “We still have dramatically reduced physical oyster habitat,” Naylor said. “The better spat sets we are seeing are only occurring in a very small percentage of the historic habitat.” Creating large amounts of new habitat hinges on oysters being able to survive long enough, and grow large enough, so oyster shell builds up faster than it is buried by sediment. By Karl Blankenship

Pasta Land Lovers h s i F Salads Fin andwiches S h s Fi Shell



in the process” and she expects a clearer picture of revenue from personal property taxes when vehicle data becomes available. For now a decline of 3 percent is expected. Real estate values will be watched carefully and are expected to remain flat for FY2012. General Assembly passes a BPOL tax change With the passage of House Bill 1437 the Business professional and occupational license tax (BPOL) can be calculated using gross receipts or Virginia taxable income. It now waits to be taken up in the Senate Finance Committee. The commissioner of revenue, Sherman Holland said

Chief Of Police Plans To Expand Use of Social Media To Fight Crime

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> Oyster

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> Bike

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The cross-country trips came about when alumnus Don Fraser, who graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in biology, talked three friends into cycling from Maine to Seattle. Cavell was one of those friends, and since that first sojourn the friends have built a nonprofit organization that does more than just spin its wheels. “The money we’ve raised has funded a fulltime nurse practitioner at the James Q. Miller MS Clinic in Charlottesville,” Cavell says. “Over time, our tours have become so popular that there’s a waiting list, so instead of doing just one trip this year, we’re doing three.” The nonprofit is called Bike the US for MS. Last year’s riders pedaled 3,800 miles to raise more than $100,000, starting out in Virginia and ending up at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The group also engages in service proj-

ects such as building a ramp for an MS patient in Roanoke. MS is a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system, sometimes affecting the patient’s mobility. The disease is personal for Cavell and Fraser, who both grew up in Blacksburg, because Fraser’s mother has MS. After earning their undergraduate degrees from Virginia Tech, the two friends worked in Seattle until Fraser decided to return home. He is now a watercraft and biological technician in the College of Natural Resources and Environment, working closely with his father, faculty member James D. Fraser, a professor of fisheries and wildlife science. Cavell soon returned to Blacksburg as well, both to work on his master’s degree and also to help get Bike the US for MS established. “Our target demographic is college kids be-

cause they have the summer off,” Cavell explains. “But we’ve attracted retirees as well. Many of our riders have ties to Virginia Tech. It’s exciting, because no one else is doing anything on this scale, with cross-country tours lasting two months or more.” The tours raise money that mounts when each rider brings pledges of $1 per mile or more. On a good-weather day, riders can cover 70 miles or more before sundown. On the website, (see below) each rider is featured with a webpage along with a tally of his or her pledges. Even though the premier goal is to help others, the rewards for Cavell have been many. “Seeing the backroads of America from the vantage point of a bicycle is a life-changing experience,” he says. And resume-bolstering learning experiences have included setting up a nonprofit, marketing via the Internet, schedul-

ing sleeping stops for 25 riders, and generating news coverage. And, of course, how could he not enjoy being a “spokes” person for the group he helped found? Upcoming tours are June 1 to Aug. 1, Virginia to San Francisco; May 28 to Aug. 1, Maine to Seattle; and Memorial Day to July 4, Seattle to San Diego. Anyone interested in joining one of the 2011 tours can contact Cavell at or (206) 498-7954. A two-month ride will require approximately $1,500 for food and campsite lodging costs, and bikers will also need a tent and sleeping bag. For more info go to: By Andrea Brunais

Tea Party Protests John Edwards’ > Interchange Vote Against “Transparency” Billing their gathering “a good, old fashioned Tea Party protest,” the small group that showed up this past Tuesday at noon wanted to get the message out that there are “politicians who vote for bills they haven't read … [and] we have one right here in Roanoke - our very own State Senator John Edwards.” To help make their point, the protest was held outside of Edwards’ downtown office at Sun Trust Plaza at the corner of Franklin and Jefferson streets. In an email the Tea Party explained that “Senator Edwards voted for last year's state budget without reading the bill. The way the process worked last year, the Senators on the Budget committee had 45 minutes to review the telephone book sized budget and cast a vote. Senator Edwards still voted for the bill.” From the Tea Party’s point of view, Edwards and others then added insult to injury when they voted against a proposal (SB867) that would have required that the state budget be posted online for 72 hours prior to a vote. SB 867 has been killed in the full committee now, and Edwards voted against it again there. “This is unacceptable to the Roanoke Tea Party.” Roanoker Caleb Coulter tried to speak to pedestrians as they curiously glanced his way. He said that “we want Edwards to know that we know what’s going on. On both sides of the aisle,

Photo by Cheryl Hodges

Caleb Coulter can be heard above the traffic as he espouses the Tea Party position outside the SunTrust Building. who doesn’t think we should see a little transparency on the budget bill?” He pointed out that Ralph Smith said that last year he had about 34 minutes to read the budget before a vote. The small group of protestors, which numbered around a dozen, held up homemade signs and called out to passing cars. Though relatively few in number, there was no mistaking the Tea Party’s resolve in getting the message across to Edwards-who happened to be out of the office. A group of protesters visited Edwards’ office during the protest and were told by Sen. Edwards’ secretary that SB 867 “sounded reasonable” to her. The Roanoke Tea Party, along with other groups in the area, has begun vetting candidates for both the Democrat and Repub-

lican primary in an effort to find a suitable “Constitution-minded replacement for Edwards.” RTP Board member Gregory Aldridge indicated that a commitment from the highest offices in Richmond had been made to them to help in their effort to unseat Sen. Edwards this fall. “Evidently, voters in SW Virginia aren’t the only Virginians wishing to replace him in the state senate,” stated Aldridge. Gordon Potter, who participated in the protest, said “I’m retired from the Air Force. I fought for our country for 23 years; I retired, and I’m still fighting.”

to match funds. “The biggest part of the initial engineering piece was to develop the interchange modification report which is currently at the Federal Highway Administration awaiting approval … that’s the key piece on how the interchange might function,” said Jamison. The interchange will require traffic signals to accommodate a more complex traffic pattern. Noise analysis results have revealed that sound levels will exceed established criteria. The adjoining neighborhood will determine whether noise barriers will be placed to mitigate the increase in traffic noise. It will require 50 percent of the of the affected property owners’ approval. This means some spots could have the barriers and others may not. The Melrose-Rugby neighborhood will be part of the approval process and visits are underway. About 200 property owners will get a certified letter asking them to vote for or against the barrier. No response will automatically mean a “no” vote. “Communication to the neighbors is essential,” explained City Manager Chris Morrill.

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“People will also have to think about the viewshed there as well,” said Morrill. The cost of additional roads off the interchange will be borne by any future developer - unless the city negotiates differently. The modification plan was designed to allow for road

extensions into the 100 acres that will then be open for development. Jamison expects developers to “come knocking” fairly quickly as soon as completion of the interchange is secured. By Valerie Garner

“Big Box” Cabinetry compared to

By Cheryl Hodges

Goodlatte Nominates Roanoke Students for Military Academies Congressman Bob Goodlatte has announced that he has nominated the following students to a military academy for the class entering the fall of 2011. In doing so Goodlatte remarked: “I am incredibly honored to nominate these fine young students to compete for appointment to the United States Service Academies. Upon appointment, they will be attending outstanding schools and joining the world’s finest fighting force. I am confident they will serve our country with distinction. Folks in the Roanoke Valley can be proud of these hard working young individuals.” Carter Blackwell, son of Todd and Anne Blackwell, is currently a senior at Patrick Henry High School and a resident of Roanoke. He has been nominated to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Stanton Coman, son of Joel and Rhonda Coman, is currently a senior at Lord Botetourt High School and a resident of Troutville. He has been nominated to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Bradley Elder, son of Alan and Diane Elder,

is currently a senior at Hidden Valley High School and a resident of Roanoke. He has been nominated to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Daniel Gallagher, son of Thomas and Julie Gallagher, is currently a senior at Willaim Byrd High School and a resident of Vinton. He has been nominated to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Dominique Litchford, daughter of James and Leonetta Litchford, graduated in 2010 and is resident of Blue Ridge. She has been nominated to the United States Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. Nicholas E. Longaker, son of Francis and Judith Longaker, is a graduate of Northside High School and a resident of Roanoke. He has been nominated to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Zachary Zoller, son of Jeffrey and Susan Zoller, is a graduate of Roanoke Catholic High School and a resident of Salem. He has been nominated to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

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The Very Miraculous Septic Tank Excavation


he old septic tank refill it later. needed attention. The My family used to call me “the tank cleaner folks said mole man” because I was the that if we uncovered the access one who would crawl and tunhole it would save some time nel under the old house, torch and money. Sounds reason- and tools in hand, to repair able, we thought. On our first busted water lines and cracked attempt to locate the vault we drains. I didn’t mind the work, failed. I guess that was because although it was always nice to it had been fifty years emerge into the light since the tank had of day again. I used been placed and varito try to dig to China ous things had been in the vacant lot next done to the old house door when I was real in the meantime. A young, and as a teenporch had been addager I dug for antique ed, the back stoop bottles at abandoned had been relocated, a home sites. I guess I shed or two placed in John W. Robinson have a natural prothe yard, things like clivity toward digthat. Still, I thought ging in the dirt. for sure we had figured it right, Anyway, to ensure success but even after digging a most we called in some reinforcegenerous-sized hole at the pre- ments. I got in touch with our sumed location, no luck. Fur- acquaintance Chuck, a jackther, the dirt here was dry and of-all-trades including "septichard as rock. We couldn’t just tank-locater." I described the casually drop a test hole any old need for locating the tank and place. Out of time, we planned our inability to do so as of yet. to try for “the crypt” again the No problem, Chuck assured. following weekend. One good He’d swing by there the next thing: we had carefully placed day, locate the tank and mark the dirt from the hole in a neat it with a wooden stake tied pile well out of the way. We’d with fluorescent survey tape. Sounded good to me. We returned the next weekExperience Your end for another cabin work Dream Today! party, and to again dig for the crypt. We noted that yes Home Ownership is Chuck had been there and had Easier Than You Think!! marked the spot with the stake. You Can Be Wouldn’t you know, it was Pre-Approved right on the edge of the dirt Down Payment pile which we had so carefully Not Required placed previously, in a location Past Credit, which we had deemed could Even Bankruptcies not possibly be the spot. Can Be Overcome We set to work, and laughed at the irony of the tank being See How Much under the very spot we had You Qualify for: thought it most unlikely to be. Call Tom Zarske 540-815-7929 We took turns shoveling away MKB REALTORS the previously-placed dirt pile, refilling the first hole, then ex-

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ACROSS 1 Skier's need 5 This Roanoker developed a move called the Gorilla Press Slam and is in the WWF Hall of Fame. 10 Which local business says 'If water runs through it we've got it!' 13 Danger 15 Compact 16 Garden tool 17 Excuse 18 Slightly drunk 19 Estimated time of arrival 20 Fast movers located in Vinton on Parker Lane. 21 Cut of beef 23 ----- home improvement of

25 26 28 31 32 33 34 37

38 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 49

roanoke Baby powder Juggler’s bike Meager Make copy of Constellation Island Foreign Agricultural Service Mulchn---- is a plantation road business providing plants - shrubs topsoil - decorative stone - fertilizers - and more. Fish tank growth Smear Espy Haze Overly fat Fake Surfboarder Quell Small particle

50 Singer Adams 51 Channel 10 around here. 52 Sum 55 Cause of sickness 56 Whining speech 59 Spooky 61 Also 62 __ Oyl (Popeye's girlfriend) 63 Robber 64 White-tailed sea eagle 65 Vetoes 66 Quickly DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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huge bailouts and the stimulus packages. That saved the economy . . . at least the wealthiest portions. Those who caused the problem have become even richer with billions paid to themselves as bonuses and deferred compensation. But the citizen in the street hasn’t seen any of this. With credit severely curtailed, millions of jobs lost, unemployment stuck at nearly 10%, people are asking why things are not improving for them. That was a major factor in the recent elections. As a result people are beginning to think the government has rigged the system to maintain the wealthy. How can that be corrected? How can we change almost a quarter of income being controlled by a handful? That’s in the purview of the Dismal Science, as Thomas Carlyle called economics. The take home point is just this: When too much wealth is concentrated in the hands of too few, then the masses can rise up in protest. That was partly what happened in Russia in 1917; that’s a portion of the problem in Egypt today. It could have happened in the Great Depression, but the country was unified by the New Deal and the neardictatorial powers of President Roosevelt and Federal Reserve Chairman, Marriner Eccles. The United States today is not the homogeneous country with which they dealt. It’s hard to imagine of current situation leading to violence, but it could happen. If one wants to find out how financial order can be restored, read the final section of After Shock. Reich, Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, may be diminutive in statue but he’s a giant in economic explanations. His solutions are draconian but one thing is obvious: the current distribution of wealth is unsustainable for a healthy nation.

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he news has been full not raised the standard of living of the travails of Egypt for the many. In that disparity and no one is sure how part of their current discontent. this is going to conclude. The The news of how violent this possibilities of it working out uprising has been is only beginbadly in the post-Mubarak era ning to be surface, but it could are real but most agree this may have been much worse. be a tipping point for the one of The financial parallels with the oldest surviving civilizations the United States are important. of the western world. Their cur- Robert Reich in his recently rerent repressive regime is hor- leased book, After Shock, makes rendous and the hopes they may a strong case the root causes establish a true democracy (or of our Great Recession are not something like it) for the first something new. Many of the time in their 6000 year history same factors were in place in are offset by the possibility of 1929 and mal-distribution of radical Islamists movwealth among the most ing into the vacuum, as important, just as we they did in Iran in the find in Egypt today. 1979. During the first three The United States decades of the 20th cenobviously has a vested tury in America there interest in seeing the was a vast redistribution former rather than the of wealth. By 1928 23.5 latter but it is a delicate % of all total income balancing act to get was controlled by 1% Hayden Hollingsworth what we want, what of the population. we think is best for The years following the Egyptians and the rest of the the Great Depression saw that world without angering them by inequity gradually corrected. interfering with their internal af- From the mid 1950s to the early fairs. 1980s, the top 1% controlled While there are many things only 10% of total income. Startthat played into the current cri- ing in the Reagan administrasis one important factor seems tion, the redistribution of wealth to be financial imbalance of was meteoric. You do remember those who have an exorbitant “The Trickle Down Theory,” and standard of living and those supply-side theory, aptly idenlive in abject poverty. We can tified as “voodoo economics” scarcely comprehend how the by George H.W. Bush. It was a vast majority of Egyptians sur- time of jingoism into which we vive: In Cairo, with a population all bought; a rising tide lifts all of 14.5 million, the average daily boats. Only it didn’t happen: it wage is the equivalent of $2, or lifted the yachts but most were so it has been reported. There left standing on the dock By are millions who live, or try to, 2007 the numbers were identical on that paltry sum. To estimate to those in 1928: 1% controlled the wealth of the richest class in 23.5% of total income. Egypt is more difficult, but it is Since all this wealth had not a tiny number who have great “trickled down” everyone, infortunes. cluding the government, lived The economy of Egypt has on credit, financed by inventive Contact John at been moving along at a pleasant instruments that no one undergrowth rate but the problem is stood. When it was discovered the massive wealth of the few has that we had been duped by Wall Street, derivative traders, investment bankers, and venture capiFebruary is talist, the balloon burst. National Dental Month. Bring you We did learn something from pet in for a check the Depression: the banks must up or cleaning today! not be allowed to fail, hence the We now have Canine/Feline

cavating the undisturbed earth underneath, happy and confident of impending success. Sure enough, after our brief stint at hard labor we had uncovered the business end –the access hatch- of the fifty-yearold septic tank. High fives all around, and end of story. Well not exactly. The day after our successful dig I called Chuck to thank him for locating and marking the tank location for us. He was a little confused and questioned me several times about what I was talking about. He then explained to me -through interruptions of fitful laughter- that the day he had come to locate the septic tank had turned out to be a complete wash. In the short time he had been available for the task, he could not for the life of him find the old tank, having poked and probed all over the place. Before he drove away he had simply stuck the survey tape-wrapped wooden stake into our dirt pile for a future attempt. So there you go. Chuck had unwittingly and correctly marked the location of the septic tank by absentmindedly placing the stake at the edge of our initial effort. We, for our part, merrily assumed he had done exactly what he had set out to do, our confidence in the process unquestioned. We "knew" we would find the tank there, and lo and behold we did. It just goes to show you that, yes, God has a great sense of humor. And another thing: Among the human race, traits like assuming things and blissful ignorance are not in short supply.

“ I am the slowest


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Petty fight Seaweed Colored part of eye Bro. or sis. Top level Bony Mouth part American Cancer Find the answers online: Have a clue and answer you’d like to see? email:

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2/11/11 - 2/17/11 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 5

Yes, Virginia, You Can Believe in God and Evolution!


n some religious circles perature; the canopy of the or in another era, I might world’s rainforests is home to be vilified as someone millions of arboreal species; to be burned at the prover- glucose is C6H12O6; trilobites bial stake for heresy. Why? have been extinct for milBecause I am an evolutionist lions of years. They present filled with wonder about the little to no room for argument among the sane. Theories, on world around me. For decades, I’ve upheld the other hand, are structures Charles Darwin as a modern- of ideas that explain and interpret facts: gravity, day hero. I’ve studied for example, or the many of the principles atoms and molecules of evolution active in of chemistry. They’ve the laboratory and in been investigated rethe field, even leading peatedly as hypothfive separate expedieses, withstanding the tions to the Galápatest of time, approachgos Islands where ing but never reaching Darwin himself stud100% certainty. Their ied in the 1800s. I’ve taught evolution to H. Bruce Rinker, PhD merits can still be argued. students of all ages Evolution is both as their professor, school master, guest speaker, fact and theory. For us sciand mentor. From childhood, entists – and most of the rest I’ve embraced the writings of of the rational world – it is a Darwin and his followers as fact that evolution has ocmindful presentations of the curred, is occurring, and will workings of Creation. I’ve occur into the distant future worked shoulder-to-shoulder of life on the planet. In evwith colleagues who employ ery meaningful sense of the the latest genetic or fossil evi- word, evolution is a fact. Its dence to support evolutionary proposed mechanisms, howprinciples. Further, I’ve de- ever, may be debated: natubated with Biblical literalists ral selection, the inheritance throughout my career as a sci- of acquired characteristics, entist, pointing out what I per- and punctuated equilibrium. ceive to be substantial flaws in When tested, they might fail fundamentalist approaches to eventually to explain the fact of evolution. Indeed, acquired Scripture. I am also a man of faith. I characteristics lost favor more have lived a Christian credo all than 100 years ago as an altermy life, but have studied and native to Darwin’s proposed admired other world religions mechanism of natural selecsuch as Judaism and Islam as tion. In the 1970s, Gould and well-regarded pathways to the his colleagues argued that the slow-moving process of natuDivine. Thus, I’ve found the cur- ral selection might be comrent debate about evolution mandeered at times in the hisversus “intelligent design” as tory of life on Earth by a faster a painfully irrelevant quar- means called punctuated equirel between two different, but librium. In summary, no scicomplementary, teaching au- entist debates the fact of evothorities. The late Stephen Jay lution: just its mechanisms. “Intelligent design” is a synGould identified the separate teaching authorities of science onym for “scientific creationand religion as “nonoverlap- ism” or “special creation.” It ping magisteria” or NOMA. is a religious expression about Recently, politicians, school the authorship and mainteboards, preachers, and televi- nance of a hugely complex sion media have mixed the and wondrous universe, but it separate magisteria of science is not science. Wrapped variand religion with such cavalier ously by its proponents, the ease that many Americans – book of “intelligent design” is intent on balance and fairness entirely a religious text. The – wonder why anyone would much awaited court decision not wish to compare evolu- in Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover tion and “intelligent design” Area School District in Pennas equal alternatives to the ori- sylvania – along with other gins of life. They do not regard pertinent cases – to corrobothese as powerful expressions rate this can be found at www. (The ruling of NOMA. The same politicians, school by the Pennsylvania judge was boards, preachers, and televi- even praised in mid-January sion media also tend to misuse 2006 by L'Osservatore, the ofthe scientific terms, fact and ficial newspaper of the Vatitheory. In 1980, the late Presi- can!) Repeatedly, such legal dent Ronald Reagan exempli- decisions have supported the fied this misuse in a campaign view of NOMA via thorough address before an evangelical and consistent judicial intergroup in Dallas: "Well, it [evo- pretation of the U.S. Constitulution] is a theory. It is a scientific theory only, and it has in recent years been challenged in the world of science--that is, not believed in the scientific community to be as infallible as it once was." Every scientist in the world moaned that day because of Mr. Reagan’s inelegant and careless comment about our field of study. Facts are the world’s data. They are observations that we make about the natural world. Butterflies are winged insects; water is liquid at room tem-

tion. It is disingenuous for antievolutionists to paint an “either/or” picture of a tiresome debate. I am one of many scientists who are also men and women of faith. Numerous faith-based colleges and universities throughout the United States are proponents of evolutionary biology: Brandeis (Jewish), Notre Dame (Roman Catholic), Brigham Young (Mormon), Emory (Methodist), and numerous others across the nation. For many of us scientists and academics, no conflict whatsoever exists between the practice of our science profession and the expression of our personal beliefs in the Divine. So, yes Virginia, you can believe in both God and evolution! Interestingly, the etymology of the term, evolution, includes a near-forgotten meaning: an “unfolding.” For us theistic scientists, how wonderful to revive that original definition especially now: the unfolding of God’s creation through 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history. Those who deny the fact of evolution are like the idolaters of old, worshipping their fundamentalist reading of Scripture as the golden calf in the Sinai. Why such vehement denial and uninformed vitriol from among their ranks? Evolution is one of life’s little facts, and God is its divine and sustaining author.

H. Bruce Rinker, Ph.D. Ecologist, Educator, and Explorer


A Perspective on Priorities

here is nothing quite of uncertainty was still heavy on around us like leaves in the like a “near miss” to set my mind – and the television was wind. Information overwhelms your priorities straight. a good distraction from medical us with its volume and speed. You know the feeling… the rush tests and fear – I stumbled across But life is not filled with great of adrenalin that flashes through a wonderful documentary about accomplishments. No, truly your body when you narrowly how Pixar Animation Studios great accomplishments happen avoid an accident or witcame to life. There when a good idea crashes into ness something frightenwere fascinating tales a brilliant mind or meaningful ing. For me – it’s always of the creative spirit collaboration. followed by an instant and sheer determinaIt’s not the clever idea we have mental laundry list of all tion. There were un- over breakfast or the content of the things I “promise to likely business partners a business meeting that flashes do better.” and lifelong friends. through our minds after a “near The last few months There were animated miss”… it's the love of family and have been filled with cowboys and cartoon the loyalty of friends that fills a series of such “near Stephanie Koehler fish. There were for- that primal and sacred space. It’s misses”. A sudden altunes risked and for- a healing touch or a kind word most debilitating problem for tunes found – but there was one that can bring us back from the a beloved friend; the positive single quote by founder Ed Cat- edge – every time. outcome of a deadly condition mull that left an indelible mark “It’s about the people. Not the for another; and a potentially on my mind. ideas.” What a brilliant and obvilife-altering health scare for me. “The important thing is not ous concept – and a perfect way This prolonged adrenalin rush the idea. The important thing to set our priorities. has left me both exhausted and is the people. It’s how they work pensive. But most of all, it has together, who they are that matleft me grateful for the opportu- ters more than anything else.” Contact Stephanie at nity – and clarity -- to carefully And so it is. evaluate my life and its prioriModern life is flooded with ties. a multitude of ideas that rush How do I spend the precious 168 hours in my week? Am I wise with the expenditure of energy or wasteful with my chances? Do I breathe life in or allow The it to pass by? Am I purposeful and intentional or haphazard fabrics and unaware? upholstery This isn’t the first time life has furniture handed me this opportunity to evaluate life and what we value. 2914 Williamson Rd. My brother died 11 years ago Roanoke 540-563.0979 in January at the age of 32. We knew it was coming – so the last weeks of his life seemed to be the perfect execution of well-bal- Celebrating 38 years of serving the Roanoke Valley anced priorities. The entire family paid attention to each other as if it was the last chance we might all have to be together... because it was. I learned a great lesson in those days – to take the time to appreciate the people in A name you can trust offering maintenance-free pools our lives. with totally automatic cleaning and sanitizing systems. I think I just needed a refreshYou spend your time enjoying your pool er course. So, last weekend as the weight

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Page 6 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 2/11/11 - 2/17/11


Playing Ahead of The Game

am privileged to work you prepare? You study. By the with a group of highly time the emergency arrives, it’s motivated and very bright too late to grab your computer medical practitioners. But as ca- or your text books. You prepable as they all are, not one of pare; “Pre” = “Before.” It was them would deny that the ER shortly after such a shift – one shift which causes them the that bought with it a few clinigreatest apprehension is mid- cal surprises which, happily, I nights [graveyard]; specifically managed with an uncharacterthe hours between 3-7 AM. istic efficiency - I remembered Something heavy and gray Harry. lingers in the back of your I used to play Little League mind. You might deny it, but baseball, due in no small part to it cares not at all whether you Harry Hicks. Harry was a short, poo-poo or acknowledge it; it’s peppery, middle-aged guy with there. During these hours you a poorly-trimmed brown musare alone. One physician, forty tache, a balding head, calloused treatment areas – and yes, a hands, and a love of baseball great nursing and tech and kids. Oh, one othstaff – but the final deer thing: his attitude. cisions are yours. Had Harry been born Unlike any other a machine, he would specialty in medicine, have been a bulldozer. in Emergency MediHis firm, Hicks Lumcine any medical conber sponsored our dition you can name team. or imagine might come There are two things screaming in the door Harry did each game: Lucky Garvin from a new-born in bring a small cardcardiac arrest to some board container of obscure medical disorder which Wrigley’s chewing gum – indihas rapidly deteriorated. Often vidually wrapped – which he these medical presentations would dispense to us. We covhave no past medical history, ered our bases or sat in the dugno patient information… you’re out chewing and feeling ever-so going in totally cold. big league. The other thing he The ER doc is supposed to be did was to peer out over his ready for anything; and, frankly, black-framed glasses and roar at that’s a lot to ask. In those hours, us covering our bases, the batter you have no partner to turn to striding to the plate, “WHAT for a second opinion. So, to the ARE YOU GOING TO DO IF degree you are able, how do THE BALL COMES TO YOU?”

[Bulldozer.] In other words, figure it out now, because if the hit is right at you, grounder or fly-ball, Harry felt it was probably a bit late then to size up the tactical situation. I heard this hollered question time and time again. Interesting, it had its effect on us even if we were the runners on base: what are you going to do if the next hit is a high-pop fly? An in-field grounder? An arching ball to center field? Tag-up, or not? Figure it out now, because when it happens, there’ll be NO TIME. It came to me, my shift finally over, the sun slowly waking over our beautiful valley’s mountains: for most of my adult life, I had – without realizing it – taken Harry’s words to heart without ever crediting him with such wisdom. I have made provision before the need arose. I have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and property insurance, although I’ve never had a fire. I protect my home with two burglary systems – one canine; one electric – health insurance, saving money… well, you get the point. Most prudent people try to anticipate trouble by asking themselves – in Harry’s words– what if the ‘ball’ comes to me or my family? And that is why we in the ER study our craft. Harry wanted us to play ahead of the game. Although, as a boy, I didn’t recognize his wisdom, now, as a man grown, I most certainly do. Thanks, Harry. We owe ya.

Disaster-Mapping: Let's Start Pulling the Pins Now


he car won't start and eruption. The enormous dome in five hundred miles of us this the milk you poured has risen three inches each of the morning, nothing to be conon your cereal this past three years. Here’s another cerned about here, back to what morning went south. The kids good reason for my daughter to you were doing, biz as usual. have the flu and the cat is having bring her family from SD to NC. But stand far off in space and more kittens in the washroom. Listening, girlie? (She’ll only re- monitor the globe’s chills and feYou think you got troubles, mind me about the hurricanes vers and consider: given the curbrothers and sisters? Just browse they never have in SD.) rent trends in planetary climate over to The Emergency But this map is a se- shift plus the growing appetites and Disaster Informarious tool, a lens that of a busting-at-the-seams hution Services (EDIS). shows more than we man population, are we likely Your local, personal, could otherwise com- to look at this map in one, five tea-pot tempest will prehend of planetary and twenty years and increasseem far more survivpurturbations. Among ingly see events—famines and able, given the fact that the most serious hu- displacement, droughts, wildvolcanoes and earthman stories as I scan fires, floods, sea level change— quakes, floods and the globe this morning that are not just nature taking its wildfires are more conare the floods pinned course? More and more, manFred First sequential molehills on the EDIS world kind’s actions or inactions will than your mismatched map, most notably put pins on this map. And we socks. perhaps, the 15 inches of rain on have no other Earth to go to. This highly-informative web Queensland, Australia in JanuLeave space and the abstract. site integrates a Google-Earth- ary alone. Flooding and mud- Go down to the ground. Look based map of the world with slides are extremely serious in around; and look ahead. Lean tables listing and categorizing Brazil, Malaysia, The Philippines into the hard truth of human world wide "events' of natural and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia? suffering signified by each coland man-made disaster--always To learn more about any given orful map pin. By our choices, a good way to gain an "it could event, click the little information by our commitment and forealways be worse" perspective. At "i" to the right of the row, and sight now, could we reduce the first glance, it might just seem from the window that opens, disease and chaos, hunger and like ambulance chasing from the click "description" to learn about thirst, pain and privation of fucomfort of your ergonomic of- the hanta virus cases in New ture emergency and disaster? fice chair. Mexico or the higher-than-norVolcanoes, earthquakes and Look. There was a "nuclear mal incidence of spinal menin- tsunamis, as the insurance incident" on the shore of Lake gitis or measles in New York. company describes them, may Michigan over the weekend. No This is a great resource for be Acts of God. We can only cause for alarm, folks, nothing to the globally curious citizen— prepare for them. But the Acts see here, be on your way. It was a kind of accident report and of Man should not put pins on an electrical cable issue, nothing health check at a glance. See this map. I think about that, and to do with radioactive stuff, they for instance the category called wonder what the EDIS map will say. Homer Simpson is alive and ! “Mass Death of Animals.” Think look like when my kids are my well and does not glow in the of this as the Canary in the Cage age. For their sakes, I’d love to dark. section. There are more than 25 imagine it boring and empty. Ah…let's lookCleaning at volcanoes entries here, just in 2011, includ- But wishing will not make it so. Professional House Look for Lucky’s books locally and such. The super-volcanic ing all the thousands of birds ! General Home Repairs and on-line: The Oath of Hippo- Yellowstone Caldera (Wyoming) that died inexplicably in several Complete Bathroom Remodeling • Tile Work 1618 Roanoke crates; The Cotillian; A Journey ranks 8 out of 8 onBlvd the “explosiv- places around New Years. Some Fred First / Floyd County VA Interior/exterior Carpentry • Plumbing Long Delayed. ity index. ” This blamed fireworks; othSuite A is no joke. The experts Books: Hardwood Flooring mapVirginia description24153 explains that Window/door ers are not so sure.installation •Blog: Salem, Contact Lucky at just one eruption of the many in InFor the aabstract, scanning a Free Estimate Call or email James the past few million years pro- disaster map of 725-7343 somebody else’s 540-389-5252 duced 2,500 times as much ash problems can be a false comfort.

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2/11/11 - 2/17/11 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 7

WRABA Chief Now Pulling Double Duty Wendy J. Jones doesn’t stand still … she has too much to do. The scrappy Fincastle resident has long been known as an executive with the Williamson Road Area Business Association, Inc. (WRABA), a tax-supported endeavor that works to improve Roanoke’s main thoroughfare. Now she has taken on an additional challenge, as a member of Fincastle’s Town Council. “I’m the advocate for the businesses in this area of the city,” Jones explained of her WRABA role. She fights to ensure that the needs of businesses are front and center when Roanoke City is contemplating change that might affect the Williamson Road area. WRABA President and Fincastle Town Council “If she’s got something in her sights, don’t get in front of her, because she’s a go-getter,” John Left- Member Wendy Jones. wich, owner of Ivy Realty and President of the anything get out of hand,” Leftwich said. WRABA, laughingly said of his friend of 10 years. The organization’s active membership exceeded Jones has been involved with WRABA for 15 100 members last year for the first time ever, and years and has served in every position on the or- Leftwich credited Jones with that increase. “A lot of ganization’s Board of Directors. She was the first that was due to her personal visits to everybody on female president and the first group president to the road,” he explained. serve back-to-back terms. She has been Executive Some of the problems Jones has helped solve inDirector for three years. clude the placement of medians in the middle of WRABA began over 30 years ago when the Williamson Road, which she studied to ensure aparea declined as traffic patterns changed due to propriate access for businesses, helping with sign the completion of Interstate 581. Jones compares permits, water issues, and storm water drainage. Williamson Road to Route 66, a once well-known The latter has been a thorn for over 20 years, when highway that ran from Chicago to California. Like extensive work on the storm water drains in the that road, Williamson Road reached its heyday in area last took place - but was not enough to resolve the 1950s and 60s and then fell into a reputation the problem. Jones continues to pressure the city that had it being known more for some bawdy es- for resolution. tablishments than for business. But the WilliamA recent coup was the revamping of the old son Road area has made a nice comeback. Roma Restaurant into O’Reilly Auto Parts, Jones Business owners in the 1980s worked with Roa- said. She was happy to see that new business come noke City to create a special district designation into the area. The announcement of the closing of that allowed the city to charge a special tax in order the Williamson Road Post Office has been a blow. to create WRABA. Landowners pay an additional “No one warned us it was coming down,” she said 1/10th of a percent of real estate value to fund the of the closure. organization. Active participants also pay annual Jones is concerned not only about businesses, dues to cover meeting expenses. which now must spend time taking mail to a post A generation later, the Williamson Road area is office miles away, but also about elderly or handia destination point that offers a small-town flavor capped residents who must find another way to get for residents. Within a five-mile stretch, people can their stamps and packages. find services such as real estate sales, beauty shops, In Fincastle, Jones worked with the town’s sideautomotive repair, grocery stores, and restaurants. walk committee prior to running for office in 2010 “You can go to the park and play with the kids, and and she is focusing on a new sidewalk project, feel safe about it,” Jones pointed out. The crime rate one of the town’s most ambitious undertakings in has dropped 40 percent in the last 10 years. many years. Construction on the sidewalks should WRABA sponsors Star City Motor Madness, begin in 2012 if not earlier. which brings 25,000 people to Williamson Road As if these ventures were not enough, Jones for a weekend of car fun. The group also sponsors also runs a bookkeeping business from her home the Greek Festival, the Roanoke Valley Wine Fes- - and operates a chapel. In 2005 Jones and her hustival and Fiddle Fest, all of which occur within the band Bob purchased the former Fincastle Baptist WRABA special service district. Church structure and moved in. She has remodAdditionally, the organization sponsors quarter- eled it in part for a living space, but the chapel rely clean-ups of the area and has officially adopted mains and can be rented for weddings. Williamson Road. “The voluntary trash pick-ups In her spare time, what there is of it, Jones likes have led to more pride in the area,” Jones said. to fly airplanes; she is also very proud of her two The organization also adopts several children children and a stepchild. Her son, Richard James from local schools and provides gifts and necessi- Connaroe, II, served in Iraq and is currently studyties during the holidays. In her hometown of Fin- ing law at the University of Virginia through the castle, Jones runs a similar event, called Operation JAG program. Don’t expect Wendy Jones to be Christmas Cheer, to help those less fortunate. standing still for long - at least any time soon. WRABA is responsible for placing vertical banners on poles in the area and has a traversing banBy Anita Firebaugh ner near 10th street that advertises special events. Jones works closely with Roanoke City at all levels, including the police and fire departments and city planning. “Our goal is not to keep legitimate businesses out,” she said, but to bring businesses into the should be the community. only bug around Keeping membership up and this time of year. attracting business to the area is Jones’ primary challenge each year. She excels at helping existing members with problems and in recruitment. “She has extremely good skills as far as staying on 2223 Crystal Springs, Roanoke top of situations and not letting

The Love

Grandin Village Winterfest Heralds Valley Bank’s Grand Opening There’s just something about Grandin Village … the small shops sprinkled up and down the street, the wide walkways and even the new curbing all contribute to the inviting atmosphere along the several blocks that comprise the heart of the area. The larger “anchor” businesses, Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op, Reid’s Fine Furnishings, and the Grandin Theater, also have that down-home feel. Another business, new to Grandin Road, has just celebrated their Grand Opening, and embraced the entire Grandin Village community in the process. Valley Bank opened a branch next to the Co-op and held a two-day celebration last weekend called “Winterfest” in which they partnered with the other businesses in the area to entice area Roanokers to see what Grandin Village has to offer these days. In conjunction with the Grand Opening, there was a grand prize – a “New York City Get-A-Way” that had a lot of people scurrying from business to business in the area to get their “passport” stamped. Visitors could pick up a replica of a passport, navy blue and all, at the new Valley Bank Branch and have it “stamped by any 12” of the 24 area businesses and “return it to Valley Bank to be entered in the drawing.” This got people moving in and out of all of the area businesses, from Cups Coffee & Tea to Benjamin Moore Paints, to Too Many Books… and eventually back to the bank where there were refreshments and balloons on hand. According to Valley Bank’s Susan Stump, Branch Manager, the event “was a big success for the area and for us; this is the first time we have attempted a grand opening in this manner. We were able to include the merchants of Grandin Village and everyone had a great time roaming around the businesses. We had fun meeting and greeting.”

Winterfest enticed patrons to visit Grandin Village shops. The unique Village, which Opening is a one-time event. Stump calls “the greatest area— One lucky couple won the Roanoke’s best kept secret” natu- grand prize, but as one little girl rally lends itself to such an effort was overheard telling her mom and there are plans to repeat immediately after drawing, the event, or something like it “We’re going to keep doing this each year, although it will most til WE win!” likely be under the auspices of By Cheryl Hodges the Grandin Village association, since the Valley Bank Grand

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Give yourself and your family the peace of mind of knowing help is just a pull cord or phone call away. Our apartments offer independence, privacy ….. and peace of mind. We are a continuing care community offering independent living, assisted living and nursing care.

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Helping Business Owners Bridge The Gap N. Edward Link, Jr. is Inducted Into the Business Owner Executive Council The Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Business Owner Executive Council is an invitation-only program reserved for the top 2% of Financial Advisors who have shown a deep understanding of the needs of small- and middle-market business owners. The goal of the council is to share new and innovative strategies to help business owners bridge the gap between successfully running their own business and reaching their personal goals.


One floor living includes living room, eat-in kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, laundry room, all appliances, storage, 950 square feet. Meal plans available. Enjoy our wooded, beautifully landscaped 10 acre campus with walking paths.

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For more information on the Business Owner Executive Council and how Eddie can help you, please call to arrange a meeting. N. Edward Link, Jr. Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Financial Advisor

The Meridian Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 213 S. Jefferson Street, Suite 1600 Roanoke, VA 24011 540-983-4908 • 877-449-4449

A Morgan Stanley Company

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, its affiliates and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Financial Advisors do not provide tax or legal advice. This material was not intended or written to be used for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer. Clients should consult their tax advisor for matters involving taxation and tax planning and their attorney for matters involving trust and estate planning and other legal matters. © 2011 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.

NY CS 6597436 02/11 2011-PS-82

Call Today for a Tour:


or visit for more information.

1009 Old Country Club Road Roanoke, VA

My Valentine

Page 8 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 2/11/11 - 2/17/11

Be a Great Valentine - Give the Gift of Words

Are you looking for a meaningful Valentine’s Day without spending a dime? Share the gifts below. Gift of Words #1 ­ Compliment Your Mate Inside and Out: There are two types of compliments: those that address a person’s outer appearance and those that address a person’s inner character. Surprisingly, our research shows 84% of people prefer to receive a character compliment as in, “You are an incredibly kind person,” over a comment like “your hair looks great.” Start sharing character comments with your sweetheart today. Gift of Words #2 ­Show You Care: We all experience unique events during our busy days so when our mate shows interest

Daisy Patch Floral Design

Fresh or Silk Flowers and Arrangements Unique Gifts and Gift Baskets

18 E. Main St., Salem,VA 24153 (Downtown Library Square at “Oh My Stars!”)

54 0 / 3 8 7- 0 0 70 540

Linda Hudson 540/293-1728 Weddings, Funerals, Hospital, any occasion




ÊAll-U-Can-EatÊ BuffetÊandÊDrink! 1 to 3 pm • Mon thru Fri

in our day’s happenings it creates an immediate loving bond with him/her. Find something in your mate’s schedule on Valentine’s Day (and other days too) such as a special meeting, an important errand, A doctor’s app’t, and call/text/email mid-day to specifically ask how it went. Gift of Words #3 ­ Talk Forward: If you want to have a special Valentine’s Day, it’s important to persuade your mate that he or she is special to you every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. Do this by “talking forward.” Take charge and make a thoughtful plan for the future. On Valentine’s Day, say, “I’d like to make a special plan for us next month. Let’s go to __________. [fill-in with something your mate enjoys, such as a museum, the the-

The Happy Chef -


Winter is certainly upon us and has been for awhile. We may not be seeing as much white stuff as New England but we certainly have felt the cold and as far as illness goes, well, many of us have felt that too. Two weeks ago most of my colleagues at this fine newspaper were sick and my children were sick and my friend’s children were sick and it just seemed everywhere I turned someone was battling something! Yet I felt fine. As I began to realize the responsibility that is left to the ones who are well, I wondered if being the last one standing was a blessing or a curse. Even though

ÊAll-U-Can-EatÊBreakfast BuffetÊandÊDrink! 7 to 9 am • Fri, Sat, & Sun

1441ÊTownÊSquareÊBlvd. Roanoke, 24012 • 563.8826

atre, shopping, a road trip, etc.]? What do you think?” Gift of Words #4 ­ Make an Offer: If you want to receive instant love and appreciation from your honey, volunteer to do something for your mate before he or she asks you to do it. For example, offer to pick something up at the store, offer to repair something, prepare dinner or offer to put your kids to bed (if you don’t usually). A surefire way to boost your love life is to make an offer. It says to your mate, I care about you and when you’re happy, I’m happy. Gift of Words #5 ­Be Memorable: Do and say memorable things this Valentine’s Day and year round. Instead of dining out, create a candlelit indoor picnic. Sing karaoke together.

it is lonely out here in the “land of the living,” I have seen enough illness in my days to not take good health for granted, so I will say that it is a blessing indeed. We felt the promise of Spring last Sunday and with the warmth of the sun and 50 degree temperatures I sat my children out in the backyard (sick or not!) and told them to close their eyes and put their faces to the sun. I asked if they felt that warmth and they said they did. I told them that that is the promise of spring - a remarkably great gift on a grey winter’s day. So if you are fighting the cold and the viruses and wondering

if an end is in sight, yesterday’s warm day is your answer, but until warm and healthy days move in on a more permanent basis, embrace the cold with this hearty soup that is even fit for a special Valentine meal! Hope your Valentine’s Day is happy AND healthy! 1/2 lb lobster meat, cut into small chunks 2 tablespoons minced shallots 2 tablespoons chopped green onions 3 garlic cloves, crushed 1/4 cup white wine 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

This Valentine’s Day Say “I love you” with Steak. A FAMILY RESTAU

Spread some LOVE this Valentine's Day

1223 E. Washington Ave, Vinton, VA 540-345-2619 Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6 • Saturday 10-4 • Closed Sunday • Look for us on Facebook

Jobe Florist 389-7284 215 South College Avenue Salem, VA


Celebrate at The Great 611 Steak Company Come

Sun. - Thur. 11am - 9pm • Fri. & Sat. 11am - 10pm

Emilie Sloan


- By Leigh Sackett

Paper Products Design

Edwin Jagger

Noodle and Boo

Punch Studio Wooster and Prince

PAPER GOODS STORAGE AND ORGANIZATION COFFEE PRODUCTS GIFTS 1 0 8 C hu rch Ave. SE , R o anoke VA 2 4 0 1 1 | 5 4 0 . 5 2 5 . 9 9 2 9

embr a d l e y. c om

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R.L. Bishop presents...

Valentine’s Special

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2 teaspoons Tabasco sauce 1 teaspoon dried thyme 6 tablespoons dry sherry 1 teaspoon paprika 1 cup hot water 1 teaspoon lobster base (better than boulion) 4 ounces tomato paste 2 bay leaves 2 cups heavy whipping cream 4 tablespoons butter - In a saute pan heat a little oil over med-high heat and saute shallots, onions, and garlic for one minute. - Deglaze the pan with the white wine. - Add the worcestershire, tabasco, and thyme and saute for another minute. -Deglaze the pan with the sherry. - Add the paprika, hot water and lobster base and combine well. - Stir in tomato paste and add the bay leaves. - Simmer for 10 minutes. - Whisk in heavy cream and the butter and bring to a boil. - Add the lobster and simmer until cooked through. - Serve with crusty garlic bread.

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Feb. 14th is fast approaching... Call TODAY !!!

You will spark love and romance this Valentine’s Day (and the year through) by showering your sweetheart with the priceless gift of words. Visit www. and find more love-building advice and information. Laurie Puhn is a Harvard-educated lawyer, couples mediator, relationship expert and bestselling author of Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In. Article adapted from Fight Less, Love More.”

Mid-Winter Lobster Bisque


Primitives • Handmades • Vintage / Home Décor Shabby Chic • One-Of-A-Kinds • Dolls / Uniques

Arrange for a massage-together. Post love notes in surprise places. Buy a lasting plant instead of flowers. Phone your mate to give a heartfelt comment during the day like, “I love you because….”.

Fine Jewelers

Appetizers Coconut Shrimp

6439 Williamson Road

(Next to Brookside Golf Course)


Grilled & Stuffed Portabella • Crab Stuffed Tilapia

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Choice of Two E r an Appetizer ees, Desse Glass onftC rt and Chohcampagne Cove olate Strawbreerdr y All for $50

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Entrees Surf & Turf • French Style Cut Pork chop

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Located in Piccadilly Square | 3117 Franklin Rd. SE Roanoke | Find us on Facebook: SoRo Chill and Grille

My Valentine

2/11/11 - 2/17/11 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 9

February is Love Your Library Month at Roanoke County Libraries Help Support Your Library in Simple Ways this Year

You can hardly get through the grocery store checkout without getting advice on how to make your love life better, especially on Valentine’s Day when lovers across the globe celebrate their own special bond. During February, Roanoke Valley residents will have the opportunity to share the love at Roanoke County public libraries as well. February has been designated Love Your Library Month. The Roanoke County Public Library receives government funding, but it relies on the contributions of individuals, corporations, and foundations through its not-for-profit Friends of the Library organization to help support unique and meaningful initiatives, such as the popular children’s Summer Reading Program, as well as things we take for granted, like computer furniture. When you visit a Roanoke County branch library during February, there will be three easy ways to support your library: • Purchase a red heart for $1.00. Add your name to the heart, and we’ll display it with others at that library’s circulation desk. • What love is complete without chocolate? Roanoke County libraries will sell Hershey’s chocolate candy bars – milk chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, and dark chocolate – at the circulation desk for just $1.00. • Show your true commit-

Roanoke County Library Staff celebrate Valentine’s all month, ment by becoming a Friends of the Library member. It’s about the same cost as taking a family of four to a fast food restaurant just once – $15.00 for individuals or $20.00 for families – and your membership is good for a whole year. What are your

membership benefits? o Free admission to the Friends dinner and early bird book sale on Friday, April 8 o Discounts for library bus trips. The next trip is to the Virginia Festival of the Book on Saturday, March 19 in Char-


rt a e h t e Swepecial S

Voted “Best Overall Dining Experience” by Roanoker Magazine

Brazilian International Cuisine 4167 Electric Road

On The Hill, overlooking Roanoke County!



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on three bedrooms You’ll love all the changes we’ve made at West Creek Manor for you and your family plus you’ll save money with our affordable rents and energy-eficient apartment homes!


Valentine’s Day She’ll Remember.

lottesville. o Discounts to Friends-hosted events o We’ll display a big pink heart during Love Your Library Month to show how much you love your library through your support of Friends of the Library “Libraries are important assets to local communities,” says John Nettles, president of Roanoke County’s Friends of the Library. “Individuals can help Friends keep these institutions vital during Love your Library Month by doing something as simple as purchasing a candy bar. We look forward to celebrating this annual event with our patrons in February.” For more information, call (540) 772-7507 or visit www.

Stop by and see for yourself.

y. a w r ou Have it y

2203 Crystal Spring Avenue | 985-3700

New Amenities throughout all of our properties, including:

• ALL NEW kitchen cabinets with under-cabinet lighting • ALL NEW refrigerator, stove, range hood and kitchen countertop • ALL NEW dishwasher & garbage disposal 410-1 Westside Blvd. • PLENTY of Parking as well as a convenient bus route

Roanoke Va 24017

El m Pa rk E s t a t e s INVITES

You and Your Guest To Join Us for a COMPLIMENTARY



Join us for our Annual Valentine’s Promotion for Your Special Someone.

Please RSVP to Elm Park Estates 989-2010


Elm Park Estates, 4230 Elm View Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 (across from Tanglewood Mall)

Valentine’s Special

Dfionner r


for $40


Friday, Feb 11 through

Monday, Feb 14

Includes Choice of Appetizer with Sunflower 5oz filet with mashed potatoes or Encrusted Tilapia and Dessert and vegetables

From Friday, Feb. 11th thru Monday, Feb. 14th Enjoy a Discount on Some of Your Favorites!! S pa rtina Cinda B Viva Bea ds Express ions by G w en Vera Bra dl ey Emil y R a y a nd much more! Purchase one regular priced Handbag or Jewelry piece and receive a second regular priced Handbag or Jewelry piece for

30% off.

Excludes Chamilia Jewelry

with rice and vegetables

40 Summers Way, Roanoke

Open Seven Days a Week

Located beside the BAC (Botetourt Athletic Club) on route 604, Cloverdale Road, halfway between route 460 and i-81. Find us on facebook: LuckyDogPub


16890 FOREST RD. FOREST, VA 24551 434-525-9355

4361 STARKEY RD. ROANOKE, VA 24018 540-774-0004

1520 S. MAIN ST., STE. 104 BLACKSBURG, VA 24060 540-552-6564

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Presents 2011 Schedule Mar. 3 - Wytheville... Wohlfahrt Haus -“SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN”, Matinee and Lunch...............................................$72.00 Mar. 24 - Wytheville... Wohlfahrt Haus -“BIG RIVER”, Matinee and Lunch.......................................................................................$72.00 Apr. 1-2 - Washington, DC - Visit monuments and memorials, Air and Space Museum, Night Tour, 2 Breakfasts, Dinner.............................................................................................................................................................................. $181.00 Apr. 13-17 - Charleston - Savannah - Beaufort... Harbour Dinner Cruise, Savannah Theatre, much more 5 Breakfast, 4 Dinners including Paula Deen’s Restaurant...........................................................................................$775.00 Apr. 30-May6 - New Orleans and Natchez-Natchez Luncheon Cruise, World War I Memorial, City Tour of N.O. and Natchez, Visit Two Antebellum Homes, Viscksburg Military Park and much more. 7 Breakfast, 2 Dinners..................................................................................................................................$866.00 May 12 - Wythville... Wohlfahrt Haus -“AMERICAN BANDSTAND”, music from the 50’s and 60’s. Matinee and Lunch..................................................................................................................................................................................$72.00 May 23-25 - Philidelphia... Guided City Tour, See all the Famous Sites of the“City of Brotherly Love”, Longwood Gardens, Winterthur. 3Breakfast, 2 Dinners...............................................................................................$355.00 June 4-10 - Branson-6 Shows, Showboat Branson Belle Dinner Cruise. 6 Dinners, 7 Breakfast and more..........$975.00 July 7 - Abingdon, VA... Barter Theatre...“BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”Lunch at Greenway Haven...................................$81.00 Aug. 18 - Wythville... Wohlfahrt Haus -“RING OF FIRE”Story of the Man in Black, Johnny Cash.....................................$72.00 Sept. 12-14 - Ohio Amish... Guided Tour of the Largest Amish Region. Dinner in Amish Home. 3 Breakfast, 2 DInners and much more....................................................................................................................................$335.00 Sept. 21 - Wythville... Wohlfahrt Hauss...“HELLO DOLLY”Matinee and Lunch............................................................................$72.00 Oct. 1-7 - Vermont and New Hampshire... 2 Nights Kilington VT, 2 Nights Waterville Valley N.H., Stowe Village, Quechee Gorge, Lunch at Von Trapo Lodge, Guided Tours of areas, LOON GONDOLA, Fanchonia Notch Visitor’s Center, Squeam Lake Narrated BOAT CRUISE, Lake Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad and dinner on train, much more, 7 Breakfasts, 4 Dinners, welcome reception in VT and NH.............$965.00 Oct. 17-20 - Cape May, NJ - Beachfront Hotel, Tour Victorian Homes, 3 DInners, 4 Breakfasts Trolly Tour, Dolphin Watch Cruise and much more.........................................................................................................$695.00 Nov. 4-6 - Myrtle Beach... Hotel on beach,“Alabama Theater Christmas Show”,“Carolina Opry Christmas Show”, Palace Theater“Christmas on Ice”, Shopping at Tanger Mall, 3 Breakfast, 2 Dinners...................................$395.00 Nov. 10 - Charlotte... Southern Christmas Show... Crafts and Displays and More.....................................................................$55.00 Nov. 17-19 - Lancaster PA... Stay at Eden Resort, American Music Theater,“Christmas 2011”Biblical Tabernacle, Canning Company, Kitchen Kettle Village, Tour Amish Farmlands, see quilts and crafts of the Amish, “Miracle of Christmas”at the Sight and Sound Theatre, Millers Smorgasbord, Dinner in Amish Home and more 3 Breakfast, 2 Dinners...................................................................................................................................................$395.00 Dec. 1-4 New York City... Hotel in theater district, Tour of City, Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular Tickets Available at additional Cost......................................$754.00 Dec. 5 - Wythville - Wohlfahrt Haus..“A WOHLFAHRT HAUS CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR”, Matinee and Lunch $75.00

CLASSIC TOURS, please call Wayne or Britha Gibson 540-366-2591 764 North Battery Drive, Roanoke, VA 24019 Fax (540-362-5464/Out of Town 1-800-221-5056)

Give him the future he can’t even see.

If you are considering opening your loving home to a child in need, now is the time. As a foster parent, HopeTree will provide you with 24-hour support, monthly training, and a tax-free stipend. Most of the children HopeTree serves are victims of abuse and/or neglect. They need good homes like yours. Please join our next Foster Parent Orientation Session on February 28. For more information, please contact:

HopeTree Family Services Attn: Foster Care 820 Mount Vernon Lane Salem, VA 24153 (540) 444-0566

Prices Per Person, Double Occupancy - Continental Breakfast Served Morning of Departure Visa, MasterCard and Discover Welcome - Licensed and Bonded Visit our WEBSITE

Harvey Dentistry Foster Care - Cant see future Training ad.indd 1

1/21/2011 3:27:16 PM

Dr. Brice D. Roberts grew up in Athens, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia. He received his BA degree in Criminal justice and Psychology in 1996. Dr. Roberts attended Nova Southeastern University, School of Dental Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Here he received his Dental Doctorate, D.M.D. Dr. Roberts is a member of the American Dental Association, Virginia Dental Association, and a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Brice’s wife Marigny works at Lewis-Gale hospital as a pathologist and they have three sons. Brice is an avid outdoors man. He enjoys kayaking, mountain biking, the arts, hiking, and hunting. Dr. Roberts treats every patient with the utmost respect and care. “Dentistry allows me to blend my skills in art and medicine to help patients.” Dr. Roberts is committed to providing the personal, modern, and high quality dental care that our patients expect and deserve.

DR. ROBERTS IN NEW OFFICE, ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS “I take pride in providing my patients with the most modern techniques and materials available in cosmetic, restorative and preventative dentistry. You’ll enjoy our state of the art facility with the latest in high tech equipment.”


Dr. Lovecchio enjoys and works primarily with pediatric patients. “There is a strong need for dentists willing to work with children in this area,” Lovecchio says.



ts n DR. B ie t a P w e N g Now Acceptin Providers in the Delta Dental & Cigna Radius Networks


1618 W. Main, Salem VA



a Wal-M

in W. Ma

line Valvo








Patrick Henry Captures Western Valley Around the Hardwoods with Wild Bill District Title With Win Over Fleming the opportunity and gradually increased its lead to 41-29 to settle the final outcome. "The first half was a typical ugly PH-Fleming game," Patriot head coach Jack Esworthy said after the game. "That run we made late in the third quarter was huge. We were relying on our defense to keep us in the game. Our guys were playing into Fleming's tempo. I was getting concerned and about ready to go into some type of full-court trap to force the action." "I thought we had a game plan that would work," Fleming coach Mickey Hardy said in the Colonel locker room afterward. "This is

Fleming 6'2" senior #34 Vincent Wyatt goes to the basket for a score Friday night. Wyatt led the Colonel scoring with 10 points. Patrick Henry broke away from a 25-25 tie midway through the third quarter as the Patriots captured the crosstown rivalry and Western Valley District regular season crown with the win on Colonel senior night last Friday in the William Fleming gym. In a game which could be called ragged, at best, both teams struggled to find their shot most of the evening. PH managed to take a 19-17 lead to the halftime break on a last second shot from behind the arc, and the teams exchanged leads early in the third quarter before Fleming went cold. Patrick Henry seized

Patriot #23 Tre Crowder runs the PH offense during the first half. a big rivalry and the games are always close. It was senior night and it was emotional. PH is a seasoned team. We just didn't make shots down the stretch." Patrick Henry was led in scoring by Marcus Banks' 14 points, while K.J. Epps added 10 for the Patriots. Vincent Wyatt led the Colonels with 10 points. Patrick Henry (15-3;7-1) locked up home court advantage for the district tournament and is assured a spot into the regionals. Fleming needed to win its final game at GW Danville and get some help with a Halifax loss to avoid its season coming to an end. "We still have a shot," Hardy said. "We're a young team. Every high school team goes through this type of cycle. The fans just don't understand that." By Bill Turner

Fleming cheerleaders on senior night.

District playoffs are set to start next week and the tournament matchups are starting to look interesting on both the boys and girls sides. For many area teams, it’s now or never in their quest to hopefully qualify for regional play. For others, their ticket is already punched. Irregardless, tournament time brings out the best games as we roll toward everyone’s goal - the road to Richmond. Here’s a look at what to expect next week. In the Western Valley, Patrick Henry has home VT coach Seth Greenberg and Wild Bill Turner. court advantage throughout the district tourna- taught the Hokies what it takes to win a big game, ment, and is already assured of a regional berth. which they since have shown they can do. NothWilliam Fleming, by virtue of its loss to GW Dan- ing is learned by blowout wins over a parade of ville Tuesday night, has seen its season come to patsies. an end. This brings us to another matter where I’ll set In the Blue Ridge, Northside took second place things straight. I’m now on the Hokie Hoops and William Byrd third heading into tournament bandwagon. After watching Tech dispatch Miami, play. The River Ridge is still up for grabs as Hidden I sort of got going on VT basketball. I like their Valley travels to Christiansburg Friday night with strategy of putting those dance team gals clad a chance to force a Saturday playoff should the in the tight black outfits near the visitors bench. Titans win against the undefeated Blue Demons. Mark my word- when Duke visits the Cassell on Salem has securred third and a first round home Feb. 26th, Coach K will sneak more than one peek game, while Cave Spring will travel to Blacksburg in their direction for a clear cut distraction. And, Monday night for a do-or-done contest. as you can see by today’s picture, Seth Greenberg On the girl’s side, PH and Fleming both face and I are on good terms. Anyone can tell by the first round road games in the Western Valley. Lord look on his face he was flattered posing with the Botetourt finished undefeated in the Blue Ridge Wild One and talking Tech basketball at courtwith their ticket into the regionals punched. Byrd side. Knock ‘em out the rest of the way Coach gets the third seed in the district tournament. In Greeenberg. the River Ridge, Hidden Valley can secure a first Now to the mailbag, where I’m asked to play round bye with a regular season win over Chris- ‘Name that Tune’ and we discuss the virtues of tiansburg tonight. Salem has a first round home popcorn at high school basketball games. game, while Cave Spring goes on the road. Dear Wild Man: I saw you near the tiger cages Good luck to all our area teams on bringing taking pictures of the circus Saturday afternoon. their “A” game to the playoffs. What in the world was that song the elephant In the unusual games of last week, we first go to played on the trumpet with his trunk? Dry Fork,Va where the Tunstall Trojans definitely (Harold/Rural Retreat) experienced a draught. Hosting Magna Vista, Answer: If you speed the tune up, Harold, I Tunstall’s point totals for the first three quarters think you’ll find it’s one of Lady Gaga’s hits came in at two, two and four respectively. A big Dear Expert: Why do they sell popcorn at Cave problem in itself after Magna Vista guard Gervelle Spring basketball home games and allow it in the Kidd canned eight 3-pointers and ended up out- gym? (Mona/Clearbrook) scoring the entire Tunstall team in Magna Vista’s Answer: Excellent question. Popcorn is some62-18 win. thing that readily gets away from everyone, and Not to be outdone the following night, High- the CS gym is no exception. By halftime, the stuff land County recorded totals of two, two and three is tossed everywhere. The refs are throwing it off in the opening three quarters, as defending Group the court and the AD, Jon Hartness, can be seen A state champion James River rolled 61-12. Un- sweeping it up from the gym all the way to the fortunately for Highland, the girls side was just as foyer after a game. I can remember taking my date ugly against James River. The Lady Rams could to the old Lee-Hi Drive-In and the next day my only muster one point in the entire first half as the car interior would be covered with popcorn. Ahh, Lady Knights exploded for a 83-13 victory. well, now that I think about it, popcorn isn’t so How about Super Bowl XLV and the exciting bad after all. win by the Packers. The game was great start-tofinish and who can be disappointed by a Black Send your inquiries to: Eyed Peas’ halftime show. (Except maybe our publisher.) And, that commercial with the parkingchallenged monkeys had me rolling. Only thumbs down I had was the ad with that ridiculous talking By Bill Turner baby. If anyone has a 6-month old baby that talks like a 50-year old man, I advise a visit to a pediatrician, tout de suite. Now to the college hardG E woods where the Great PreRAN in POalmEs NMaN sage Therapy! s dictor is ready to make a call. a t Tw Remember, you heard it here All 1 hour massages and Rossiter % first. VT will make it to the workouts at new location tournament when the selections go out in early March. And, the reason? Their losses. That’s right, the losses. Tech lost (Must present coupon. games to Purdue, Kansas State Expires 2-28-11) and UNLV early on. But, those 3108 Peters Creek Rd. (near Rick Woodson Honda) losses, against quality teams, Call today for appointment 540-580-1231


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PH Henshaw Signs with Spiders

Remington Henshaw signed as a walk-on to play football at the University of Richmond. He is pictured with PH head football coach Brad Bradley(L) and father Hank Henshaw. "I chose Richmond because of the academics and the fact that they have one of the best business schools on the East coast," Henshaw noted. "Coach Bradley gave me a lot of direction in making my decision."

Brailsford Signs with Dartmouth Liz Brailsford signs a letter of intent to play volleyball at Dartmouth. Flanked by parents Robert and Trudy Brailsford along with (standing) brother Rob and sister Caroline. “ As soon as I visited the campus, I knew this is what I wanted,” Brailsford said during the signing Tuesday. “Although I’m playing volleyball, the decision was based on the school first- and Dartmouth is an Ivy League University.”

Milk • Dairy Products • Fresh Food Delivered Weekly to Your Door

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Cave Spring Defensive Star Signs Football Scholarship Cave Spring's Adam Anderson has signed a letter-of-intent to play football for Fairmont State University in West Virginia. Anderson received a full scholarship and is expected to play linebacker for Fighting Falcons head coach Mike Lopez By Bill Turner

Anderson flanked by parents Lib and Lyle Anderson along with Cave Spring Head Football Coach Tim Fulton.

Cave Spring’s Cole Signs With Tech Cave Spring's Michael Cole has signed to play football for Virginia Tech under Hokie Head Coach Frank Beamer. An all-state first team defensive player, Cole helped the Knights make it to the regional final last season.

By Bill Turner

Flood Signs to Play for VCU Oliver Flood signing letter of intent to play soccer at VCU where he will major in pre-dental biology. Flanked by parents Barry and Pam Flood.

Michael Cole with parents Mary and Jim Cole and Cave Spring Head Coach Tim Fulton.

Hidden Valley Runners Sign College Scholarships

Hidden Valley cross country By Bill Turner standouts Haley Cutright and Annie LeHardy signed letters of intent last week at a ceremony in the school's library. Send sports pictures, Cutright will attend Ole Miss announcements and and LeHardy signed with the story ideas to University of North Carolina.

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(L-R) Haley Cutright who will attend Ole Miss, Hidden Valley Track & Cross Country Coach Dan King, and Annie LeHardy who will be attending UNC.

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By Bill Turner

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Valley Business

Well Known Roanoke Chef Opens Blue Apron / Red Rooster Perhaps a bit crazy for attempting the riskiest kind of business venture amidst an economy that is bumpy to say the least, Scott Switzer, 37, alongside his wife, architect Ashley Tayloe-Switzer, has stepped up to the challenge and opened Salem’s “Blue Apron Restaurant and Red Rooster Bar.” The duo’s decision to open a restaurant was preceded by years of Scott’s restaurant experience—especially in fine dining—which includes his degree from the Culinary Institute of America. Ashley’s resume reflects a different skill set that she brings to the venture; she has a master’s degree in business construction and bachelors in architecture from Virginia Tech. After five years as executive chef and owner / partner with Andy and Janet Schlosser at Metro! in downtown Roanoke, Switzer said that “burn-out” was what brought him to a fork in the road; he either needed to recharge his commitment to Metro!, find another employer, or start his own business. He believes that most people will experience this in their career at some point—losing some of the passion after several years in a job and having to determine whether to retool or head in a new direction. After a month or so of watching him mull it over, Ashley challenged Scott to make a decision. He decided to work for himself. The process of planning their new business had begun. “You romanticize opening a restaurant early on,” said Scott, “but then the real world kind-of hits you in the face and you go to work.”

To help ensure he was ready for the challenge, Scott prepared himself by working 125 hours per week for minimum wage at the Ryland Inn on a Relais Chateau property where the employer didn’t care whether or not he showed up for work. Once he felt he could handle that, the next steps ensued. Opening a new business in a slow economy is not something to be taken lightly, but Scott says, “If I worry about the economy, I’ll go out of business . . . worry is something you can’t do. The challenge is to create a system that has all the elements to survive if [things] get bad.” The Blue Apron is distinguished by its variety within a wide range of price points. They serve a fabulous lunch where patrons can eat in a high-end fashion or have something casual and inexpensive. “You can come in and spend a couple hundred dollars—or not,” Scott remarked. An integral factor in the business’s success, Scott maintained, is a sort of “balance” in contrasting variables. Impeccable service, quality and atmosphere are top priority, which is why he chooses his staff carefully. On hiring, Scott’s refrain is, “I’d rather tame a racehorse than kick a mule.” He continued, “I need [an employee] to be self-motivated.” It is in this delicate balance of quality production both in what the customer experiences and in employees’ confidence in themselves and in their employer that provides the restaurant’s ability to operate at its peak. “It’s like riding the crest of a wave and this place just sings,” Scott asserted.

Pointing out that it is common for restaurant owners to pay rent for a property, Scott and Ashley decided it wasn’t their best option and purchased their own building, hopefully to be in a better position financially. The building, originally constructed in 1880, resides on East Main Street in Salem near Macado’s. It consists of two smaller buildings; the main section is the dining room, called Blue Apron, and the Red Rooster Bar is its annex. The kitchen is centralized and the set-up is modeled after their own home built in 1918 that is reconstructed with modern amenities. Most people would certainly consider the restaurant’s offering to be fine dining but Scott says the restaurant offers “authentically modern cocktails and cuisine.” Its modernity is juxtaposed with classical elements like the chandeliers that hang beneath the thirteen-foot ceilings in the dining room; lamps reflect soft light from brick walls, and the music is modern and up-beat. One will find entrees like seared Hamachi with fried oysters and fondue and butter braised Maine lobster on the menu--to be followed by a dessert like chocolate soufflé cake. Owning their own place gives the couple a chance to be more creative in their approach. Customers will not be disappointed with the result. “The goal was never to be unique; it was to be who we are,” Scott said. “If it becomes unique, then we’re doing something right.” By Keisha Graziadei-Shup

To Retire Comfortably, Know What Moves to Make and When to Make Them

We all want to enjoy a comfortable retirement. But to do so, we need to make different moves, and consider different issues, at different times of our lives. To help illustrate this point, let’s look at three individuals: Alice, who is just starting out in her career; Bob, who is nearing retirement, and Charlie, who has recently retired. Let’s start with Alice. As a young worker, Alice has a good four decades ahead of her until she retires. Yet she realizes that it’s never too soon to start saving for retirement, so she has already begun contributing to her 401(k) and to an IRA. And since she has so much time ahead of her, she can afford to invest aggressively, putting much of her contributions in growth-oriented vehicles. While it’s true that the market will certainly have its “dips” in the future, and that Alice’s account values could rise and fall from year to year, it’s also true that, over the long term, stocks have historically trended upward*. And the longer Alice holds her investments, the less of an impact that market extremes should have on her 401(k), IRA and other accounts. Now, let’s turn our attention to Bob. Since he is within a few years of retirement, he has some key decisions to make. For one thing, he must decide if it’s time to change the investment mix in his IRA, 401(k) and other accounts. Because Bob doesn’t have much time to overcome market volatility, and since he’d like to maintain the gains he has already achieved, he may decide to be-

Educational Camp Receives Unexpected Gift Apple Ridge Farm, a local educational camp for at-risk youth, has received a 2010 Jeep Liberty 4x4 from the Farrell family and Berglund Automotive at no expense. The vehicle was presented to Mr. Peter Lewis, President and Founder of Apple Ridge Farm on Thursday, February 3rd, at Berglund Automotive. The Farrell's, owners of Berglund / Farrell Automotive companies, have known of Apple Ridge Farm and the great work they have done to support the community’s youth and were looking for a way to help. William Farrell explained, “I saw they had “SUV” listed on their donation “wish list,” and it was a no brainer from there. This is a great organization that deserves the support of its community, and we are more than happy to contribute.” For eight weeks in the summer, Apple Ridge Farm provides a free academic summer camp experience at their farm in Copper Hill to under-served youth of the Roanoke Valley. During the school year, Apple Ridge Farm continues to provide cultural enrichment, academic support, homework help and SOL preparation thru the "Aspire Connect Rites of Passage” program and "Reading Adventure" Program.

2/11/11 - 2/17/11 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 13

come more conservative with his investments. Consequently, he may choose to move some of his investment dollars from stocks to bonds and other fixed-income securities. Realizing, however, that he may spend two or three decades in retirement, and knowing that he will need to stay ahead of inflation, he doesn’t abandon all his growth-oriented investments. Furthermore, Bob decides that he may need to bolster his retirement income, so he considers whether an annuity, which is designed to provide him with an income stream he can’t outlive is appropriate for his situation. Our final “life stages” investor is Charlie. He has recently retired, so his biggest concern is making sure he doesn’t outlive his financial resources. Therefore, he may need to consider a variety of moves. For starters, he should determine when to start taking Social Security and when to begin taking withdrawals from his IRA and 401(k) plans. (For a traditional IRA and a 401(k) or other employer-sponsored plan, Charlie, like all investors, must start taking withdrawals no later than age 70-1/2, but for a Roth IRA, there is no age requirement. However, there may be other requirements that must be met for a Roth IRA. ) After deciding when to start taking withdrawals from his retirement plans, he’ll also

need to calculate how much he can afford to take each year without emptying the accounts. Finally, he might need to rebalance his overall investment portfolio to provide himself with more income. Of course, the situations described have been simplified for illustrative purposes to give an idea of some of the considerations for different stages in your life. It is important to work with your financial professional to develop a plan to help you enjoy the retirement lifestyle that you’ve envisioned. Carl Grove is a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones located in Roanoke, VA. He may be reached at 540-344-9211 or Edward Jones, its associates and financial advisors do not provide tax or legal advice. *Past performance is no guarantee of future results. An investment in stocks will fluctuate with market conditions and may be worth more or less than the original investment. Before investing in bonds, you should understand the risks involved, including interest rate risk, credit risk and market risk. When interest rates rise the prices of bonds can decrease and the investor may lose principal value if sold prior to maturity.


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Apple Ridge Farm’s President Peter Lewis (L) accepts the keys from William Farrell. Peter Lewis, founder and president of Apple Ridge Farm remarked, “We are so pleased to receive this outstanding support from Berglund.”

-To learn more about Apple Ridge Farms visit them on the web

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Page 14 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 2/11/11 - 2/17/11

Beatbox artist Shodekeh and the Boogaloo Crew dancers perform with the Kandinsky Beat Down. The Kandinsky Beat Down, a multicultural performance ensemble, will perform on Saturday, Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. at the Lyric Theatre in Blacksburg. The classical chamber music ensemble the Kandinsky Trio will be joined by a human beatbox artist, hip-hop dancers, a jazz trombonist virtuoso and other soloists performing new music written in cross-genre styles. This creative collaboration is presented in partnership with the Virginia Tech Department of Music and funded by a diversity award from the Virginia Tech College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. It centers around the renowned Kandinsky Trio, comprised of Alan Weinstein, cello; Benedict Goodfriend, violin; and Elizabeth Bachelder. The Trio, in residence at Roanoke College, is known in the world of classical chamber music for both passionate performances of masterworks and innovative ideas for re-defining the genre. They have performed throughout the country in prestigious venues like New York's Miller Theater and Merkin Hall, Atlanta's Spivey Hall, Washington's Kennedy Center, the Inter-

lochen Festival, and Cincinnati's Arnoff Center. The Kandinsky Trio is one of only six piano trios ever to win the prestigious Chamber Music America Residency Award. New York based jazz trombonist Josh Roseman will join the Trio. He studied at the New England Conservatory of Music and later became a part of the New York City scene in the early '90s. Roseman has recorded and toured with progressive jazz luminaries like Dave Holland, Dave Douglas, Steve Coleman, Don Byron, John Zorn, and countless others. He is known for his unique, improvisatory style and approach to music. Beatbox phenomenon Shodekeh, (pronunciation: Sho-Dah-Kay) is a self-taught vocal percussionist and professional beatboxer currently working in the Baltimore area. He has soloed with the Baltimore Symphony, and according to the Baltimore Sun, "He brought the house down with his virtuoso vocal acrobatics." He works in a number of artistic fields for dance, music, and the visual arts, and vocalizes many dynamic emulations of every-

thing from drum sets and turntables to ocean waves and sleigh bells. Shodekeh also serves as Faculty/Musical Accompanist at Towson University's Department of Dance and The American Dance Festival at Duke University. Previous Beat Down performances have been enthusiastically received, with audience members often taking part in the interaction of the performance. Weinstein, of the Kandinsky Trio, stated that it is "exciting to see all these different disciplines happen at a high level." Other artists include guitarist Cyrus Pace, soprano Ariana Wyatt, trumpeter John D'earth, and the Boogaloo Crew -- professionally trained hip-hop dancers. Featured composers include John D'earth, James Miley, Dan Cavanagh, and Brian Coughlin. Tickets for Kandinsky Beat Down are $15 gold; $10 silver; and $5 student and are available at the Lyric Theatre box office, online at, or by calling (540) 951-4771. By Susan Sanders

A Glimpse of Nepal at New Art Gallery

An impressive throng of art aficionados was on hand for the recent opening of downtown Roanoke’s newest art gallery. Blacksburg resident and Virginia Tech art instructor Jane Lillian Vance made her debut at 309 First Street during the monthly Art By Night series. Visitors included U.S. Congressman Bob Goodlatte and downtown redeveloper Ed Walker. Vance, who calls herself a Buddhist, showed off many of the “lineage” paintings she has done in the Tibetan style, narrative works full of detail that tell a story. In fact her journey to deliver one of these paintings to a village in Nepal – so large they had to remove the door of an airplane to fit it in – was the subject of a documentary coproduced by former Blue Ridge Public Television education director Tom Landon. Landon, who now teaches for the Virginia Department of Education, had originally pitched the project to Blue Ridge Public Television (BRPTV) but decided to strike out on his own in 2007 with co-producer Jenna Swan and make the film “A Gift for the Village,” which has played at several festivals and may wind up on television in the near future. Swan and Landon had produced another film for BRPTV, Into Nepal: Journey through the Katmandu Valley. “That was where [the Vance film] idea came from,” noted Landon, who was introduced to Vance then, about four years before the crew followed the artist to Nepal and came away with A Gift for the Village. There is a connection to the Dalai Lama as well; the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader now living in India, hoping that his country is freed from Chinese rule. Vance, who has encountered the Dalai Lama on a number of occasions, would seek his permission before she did a painting in the Tibetan style. “She knew that no westerner or woman had done it before.

Jane Lillian Vance explains one of her works. She knew that she needed to make sure it was okay. So she wrote to the Dalai Lama,” said Landon. A letter back from the Dalai Lama granting permission “opened so many doors,” for the film team when they were in Nepal – especially when trying to transport the giant 8’ by 12’ painting, done in the Thangka style. “It’s created to tell a story,” explains Landon, about “an important person or event in their culture.” That person was a Buddhist healer Vance has known for more than 20 years; he had achieved a status worthy enough for her Thangka style, lineage painting. A National Geographic photographer recommended him to Vance years ago. He has since visited the states to teach at Virginia Tech and is an equestrian veterinarian. Landon and Swann’s film premiered in Katmandu and has its U.S. debut at the Taubman Museum. It was shown at the American Embassy in Nepal as well. Landon has been a producer for a long time but said he had never done anything on this scale. “To have such a great story that had to be told well. We were there to see the impact of the arrival of this painting on that village. To try and translate that to people here was a big responsibility. It was really important that it come out right.” Vance said the film helped inspire her to open a gallery;


Michelle L. Belton, Owner

she had “stacks” of paintings in her home that had rarely if ever been seen. “For thirty years I’ve traveled in South Asia, and I’ve studied hard,” said Vance, a North Carolina native who “appreciates the appreciation” South Asians have for teachers and their reverence for tradition in general. “Tradition is a form of consolation and reassurance [there].” She sought out the Dalai Lama in India, brought her children to hear him speak and eventually told him about the lineage painting project. “I knew that I was on that fragile border between tradition and innovation [and asked] him if it would be okay. He said yes, please do it.” Vance teaches a course called the Creative Process through the department of religion and culture at Virginia Tech, what she terms “a plum of a small course.” Vance said she “falls in love with an idea,” before she starts on her very detailed, complex paintings, and goes from there. The paintings in her house, some decades old, are finally seeing the light of day at a gallery space owned and made affordable by landlord Dave Trinkle. “It never occurred to me that circumstances would conspire to get the paintings out of my living room. It feels really good to see them on the walls.” She called the gallery opening “an incredible night. I’ve been so fortunate.” Tom Landon has visited Vance’s home for many years in Blacksburg and often urged her to show off her works locally (she has exhibited in New York and elsewhere). “To be able to get it out of her house and put it on walls where people can stand in front of one of these paintings…to me it means a lot that she be recognized in her own region. A lot of the local artists and art [fans] in the region don’t really know who she is.” The Jane Lillian Vance gallery at 309 First Street will be open on request and during events like the monthly Art By Night series. Contact stephaniekoehler@cox. net or call 540.204.6708 for details about visiting. Information about the movie can be found at


By Gene Marrano

A Better Class of Companion for a Better Quality of Life


The Picture Frame Outlet



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Grandin Theater





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eA ve

MARCH 3, 2011

• Housekeeping, Laundry & Maintenance • Escort & Transportation to Medical Appointments • Shopping & Social Events • Meal Preparation • Bill Paying & Reconciliation • Medication Reminders • Pet Care



Non-Medical Senior Home Assistance

Warwick St 619



ToÊhelpÊ maintainÊ yourÊqualityÊ ofÊlifeÊasÊyouÊ knowÊit,ÊatÊhome.



The Picture Frame Outlet

Memorial Ave Norwich Park



Kandinsky Beat Down To Perform At Lyric

Arts & Culture

Wiley to Lead Roanoke Symphony Orchestra Virtuosi Group in Blacksburg The Roanoke Symphony Orchestra Virtuosi group's performance of "Romantic Strings" will take place at the Squires Student Center Recital Salon on the Virginia Tech campus. The concert is being presented by the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech and will be presented in partnership with the New River Valley Friends of the Roanoke Symphony. The performance will feature David Stewart Wiley, music director and conductor with a program that will include Mozart's Romance (from A Little Night Music), Piazzolla's The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, J. S. Bach's Air on the G String, and Grieg's Holberg Suite, Op. 40. Through a comprehensive arts strategic plan, Virginia Tech has made a strong commitment to the arts on campus and in

surrounding communities. The cornerstone initiative of the strategic plan is the $89 million Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech. Opening in 2013, the Center will include a 1,260-seat, stateof-the-art performance hall for music, theatre, and dance performance as well as visual arts galleries for traditional, digital, and new media exhibitions. It also will include the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology, a laboratory for innovation where faculty and students, in coordination with partners from Virginia's school systems, can research, develop, and apply modules for learning in a collaborative, transdisciplinary setting. The institute was built in conjunction with the existing resources at Virginia Tech, and its charge will be to address educational, economic, and cultural needs in Southwest Virginia.

steaks they enjoy now include Shula’s 347 Grill on their list of favorites. “They are really happy that we’re here.” Steaks are still a prime focus: the Shula Cut Steaks (priced from $29-33) must meet 10 standards in order to make the grade. Porter said less than 1% of all steaks pass muster, for standards that involve marbling, maturity, flavor, uniformity, appearance, tenderness, etc. Other favorites include a number of signature martinis, an extensive wine by the glass menu, crab cakes and a barbeque shrimp “signature appetizer,” that includes baconwrapped shrimp drizzled in a tangy-sweet sauce. Portions are generous; Porter said that “more often than not the desert [crème brulee, bourbon-chocolate pie, apple cobbler etc.] goes home.” Several seafood dishes (including pecan crusted salmon) and wild mushroom ravioli, plus an assortment of burgers and other sandwiches help appeal to a variety of palates. Starters include the Chef’s Daily Soup and blackened tenderloin tips. Head chef James Andra has been at the Sheraton property for two years; the sous chef that works under him trained in Florida. Two private dining rooms that can be reserved for meet-

A large gathering was entertained Saturday at the Taubman Museum of Art for the Chinese New Year, 2011 Year of the Rabbit Celebration. Organized by Dragon Pearl Fu, Roanoke's goodwill ambassador and founder of Local Colors, the colorful event included dancing by the David White Troop, Kung Fu animal forms and demonstrations of Chinese New Year traditions. Kids received hands-on lessons in paper folding, face painting and calligraphy in an afternoon that brought the Chinese culture front and center to the Roanoke Valley.

The concert will be held on Saturday, Feb. 12, at 8 pm. Tickets are $25 for the general public and $15 for students. To purchase tickets, call (540) 343-9127 or go to the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra website: catalog/index.php?cPath=1_138

By Bill Turner

By Heather Ducote A traditional Chinese drum.

ings feature, quite appropriately, wall coverings that look and feel like the pigskin on a football. Inspirational quotes from Don Shula affixed to the walls and floors lend a sort of locker room feel, the type of messages he might have tacked up to inspire his Colts and Dolphins squads. Two girls strike rabbit poses as part of a Kung “Success is not forever and Fu Animal form expression. failure isn’t fatal.” “The one thing that I know is that you win with good people.” “Sure, luck means a lot in football. Not having a good quarterback is bad luck.” Six televisions placed throughout the restaurant and bar area are tuned to sporting events. “We always have a game on – or ESPN,” said Hargrave, who enjoys a ginger-sesame salad that can be ordered with sushi-grade ahi tuna or with chicken. New staff members spend three weeks in training and Hargrave said each wait staff person gets to sample each item Sword dance performance. on the menu before they hit the floor, so they can offer diners an honest impression on possible Organizer Pearl Fu leads an appreciative choices for dinner or lunch. An crowd. outdoor patio dining area will open in the spring. Hargrave said the decision to turn Charades into Shula’s 347 TUNING UP YOUR HEATING SYSTEM WILL SAVEÊ10%ÊONÊHEATINGÊCOSTS IN ADDITION TO REDUCINGÊ350LBSÊOFÊCO 2ÊEMISSIONS. Grill came down from Sheraton management before he came aboard. “They were looking for a name steak house that would mix with the [Roanoke] community and the hotel itself. We didn’t want to do the steak house that was white cloth – I think Cannot be combined with other that was a little too much for this Our Tune-up is Guaranteed! Your SYSTEM will not break down. offers or towards Diagnostic fees particular location. We had to If your system fails within 120 days of our tune-up then the tune-up is free!!!! have a restaurant that caters to a wide spectrum. Overall [the reINSTALL A ception] has been very positive.”

The Most Comprehensive Tune-Up in the Area


Head chef James Andra delivers BBQ shrimp.

Year of the Rabbit Celebrated at Taubman Museum of Art

David Stewart Wiley

Steak Bistro Has Winning Atmosphere Shula’s 347 Grill, located inside the Sheraton Hotel near Hershberger Road, truly has a sporting feel to it: one of the owners is Don Shula, the Hall of Fame football coach who led the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins. “347” refers to the number of lifetime wins for Shula, an NFL player in the 1950’s who later won two Super Bowls with the Dolphins in 1972 and 1973. His Miami team in ’72 remains the only unbeaten team (17-0) in National Football League history. Shula’s 347 Grill, a 176-seat bistro that opened in December, has replaced the Charades restaurant and lounge after several months of renovations that eliminated a second floor, replacing it with a dark wood finish interior. Replicas of the Vince Lombardi trophy (given to Super Bowl winners), autographed pictures of athletes and entertainment stars – often wishing Shula good luck on his restaurant ventures – are in abundance. There are several restaurant nameplates bearing the Shula moniker, including the higher-end Shula Steak Houses. Sheraton Roanoke Hotel & Conference Center General Manager Greg Hargrave, who relocated a year ago from California to take the Roanoke position, labels the 347 Grill a mid-level, mid-priced restaurant with a menu that is “priced right [and] not stuffy.” With a hotel clientele that often includes families in town for athletic tournaments, finding the right price points and bill of fare was important added Hargrave, who also worked at Boston area properties for many years. Business Development Manager Katie Porter said Shula’s 347 has made some inroads among local foodies so far: “we’ve had repeat customers.” Porter said one couple that has traveled as far as Charlottesville to find

2/11/11 - 2/17/11 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 15



Reservations for Shula’s 347 Grill can be made online at or call 366-5220 for more information. By Gene Marrano





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Page 16 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 2/11/11 - 2/17/11

Commentary - Putting You Back In Charge of Your Health Care Just days ago the House of Representatives, with my support, delivered on our promise to the American people to hold a vote on legislation that would repeal the sweeping health care reform law, passed by the last Congress. For nearly two years now the American people have been attending town hall meetings, sending letters and emails and making phone calls. Their message has been simple and consistent: We don’t want a government takeover of our health care system. With total disregard for the will of the American people, the Majority in the last Congress pushed through a health care reform law, which was defined by federal regulations, mandates, a myriad of new big government programs, and a significant increase in federal spending and debt at a cost to our country too high to bear. This legislation, which was signed into law last year, gives Washington bureaucrats ultimate control over what is best

for you and your family – deciding when and what treatment you can receive. The so-called health care reform law creates more than 150 new government agencies and programs at a cost of well over $1.2 trillion. It mandates that folks buy health insurance, makes significant cuts to Medicare and includes $569 billion in devastating new tax increases imposed on individuals and small businesses. Americans are frustrated by rising health care costs. Instead of passing legislation that raises taxes, raises health care costs, adds to our national debt, and hurts America’s seniors, families and small businesses, Congress must focus on policies that cut health insurance costs and make health care better, more available, and more affordable for all Americans. In addition, I voted in support of a resolution which instructs the House Committees with jurisdiction over health care to each develop and re-

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port out legislation proposing replacements to the flawed health care reform law. The appropriate House Committees will now begin working on this replacement legislation which will likely include proposals such as allowing for the purchase of health insurance across state lines, allowing individuals and small businesses to join large pools to get more competitive rates, providing tort reform to cut down the high cost of defensive medicine, allowing full tax deductibility of health insurance premiums, and providing for portability of health insurance and protection against pre-existing condition exclusions. A replacement health care bill should also increase the number of community health centers, encourage the use of health information technology to achieve greater efficiencies and provide health insurance tax credits for individuals and families who don’t have access to employer-based health insurance. We need a positive, patientcentered strategy that puts patients, families and doctors, not Washington bureaucrats, in control of personal health care decisions. While we can all agree that our current health care system needs to be reformed, the new health care law was not the right way to do it which is why there was a bipartisan vote in the House of Representatives to repeal it. Now is the time to focus on replacing it with commonsense measures that expand access and choices while lowering costs. - Congressman Bob Goodlatte

Super Bowl 45 Not So Super Window on America

I really have no idea what my Grandfather would say if he were still in this world and had watched the four plus hours of Super Bowl programming that I did last Sunday. Actually, I think I do know. I think he would have said, “What the hell?” in a generally catch-all sort of way that means, “Am I supposed to understand what’s going on here? Is anybody?” “Sadly Granddad - yes, we are . . .” Let’s start with the game itself. Good game. Great game even. Owing to some injuries to the Packer’s defense, the Steelers were able to keep it close, and watching journeyman-superstar (he somehow manages to be both) Aaron Rodgers throw those Favre-like laser passes right on target was amazing. (And with no interceptions!) Hurray for the Packers - gotta pull for the only NFL team owned by the fans. But outside of the actual game? Let’s see if we can sum it up . . . Fox offered what felt like 45 years of pre-game coverage that was all but a Pizza Hut commercial. How many different ways can they try to convince you to buy their “new” product which amounts to nothing more than a pizza cut in strips? This was followed by about three minutes of real game analysis - the bulk of which seemed to say that the Packers were going to win. But then Fox ran a rather inspired reading of the Declaration of Independence, read by a variety of stars and public figures (From Colin Powell to Bart Starr) who were joined by everyday Americans. It was surreal really - so seemingly out of place amongst all the glitz and schmaltz that was being touted, but there it was. You may or may not agree with their political angles, but Fox does seem to

do patriotism quite well. Not so much Christina Aguilera, who gave such a overblown, excessively self inflective (maybe that should be “inflicted?”) rendition of the National Anthem, that it was hard to tell that she didn’t even sing the words right. In lieu of, “O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming,” she sang “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last reaming.” Sheesh. That’s a really bad moment. But perhaps not as bad as the halftime show that featured the “Black Eyed Peas” / “Slash” the washed up druggie guitarist and “Usher” who pumped a mostly steady message of a basely debauched culture so caught up in sex, commercialism and itself that it’s little wonder extremists watching by satellite on the other side of the world are able to sell others on their own God forsaken visions bent on our destruction. To quote my imagined Grandfatherly response, “What the hell?” But if we’re going to talk hell and visions of it maybe we should simply watch the television commercials for the upcoming movies that portrayed no less than seven scenarios of mass violence and destruction. What is the fascination with this theme and where does it come from? Do you remember the feeling after the World Trade Center came down in NY? How utterly gross and inappropriate it felt to depict anything having to do with wiping out human beings on a such a large scale? Where did that go so quickly and why do we revel in it now as though it brings us some sort of perverse joy? Am I missing something here? Do parents no longer really care that their children who

gather around an “American tradition” are force-fed such incredible depictions and images of violence and horror. Who gave Hollywood and the media giants permission to show such obscenities to our children? Well the answer is, of course, us. We give it to them with our own indifference and blind patronage of all the things that support them. The truth of the situation seems to be this: The Super Bowl has become a massive crossroads of sport and entertainment and everything we like to enjoy and experience as Americans on a hyper-high sort of level. Unfortunately, it reflects our culture as it really is - and just as we might expect there is both goodness and evil lurking there: the unexpected tear in your eye as a farmer from the Midwest with a tear of his own recites the words that gave freedom to us all . . . The shock of a commercial that depicts a young man saying all he wants to do is “sleep with her” over and over as he stares at his date. Did you watch too as your impressionable young sons and daughters looked on and wonder how it might affect them? Freedom, of course, allows us so much opportunity to do good for ourselves and others . . . and it allows us so much opportunity to do bad for ourselves and others. How far are we willing to let it go, I wonder, before some great event brings us back to our senses? In the meantime, perhaps we should all consider very carefully that which we choose to lift up. I think our lives as Americans depend on it. Stuart Revercomb is the Publisher of this newspaper and the minister at Peace Presbyterian Church in Roanoke.

Commentary - Pulling Back the Curtain on Industrial Wind

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A Commentary on Wind Energy Using the Proposed Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant in Maryland as a Comparison Ever wonder why sailing ships no longer ply the oceans with goods and passengers? It’s a question wind energy advocates might ask themselves. They ignore the fact that the wind doesn’t blow consistently, even though its intermittent nature makes wind an undependable source of power and restricts wind generators from consistently reaching their potential. The relative effectiveness of a generation facility to produce electricity is called its capacity factor or CF for short. It is the ratio of what a generating plant actually produces compared to what it nominally could produce at full capacity. The annual average CF for wind turbines located offshore is about 40 percent, but that falls to about 25 percent during the summer when the winds are weakest. For wind turbines located onshore the annual average CF is even worse - about 30 percent, and can drop to 13 percent in the summer. Proponents of wind power argue it is a good choice because, among other things, it reduces green house gasses. They compare industrial wind energy with

power plants fueled by oil, coal, and natural gas that generate tons of carbon dioxide. However, they fail to recognize that because of the unpredictable nature of wind, carbon-fueled plants will continue to underpin the load. This is particularly true in the summer when the winds are at their lowest and the demand for power is highest. Proponents of wind almost never compare industrial wind to nuclear power, probably because in every aspect of electricity generation nuclear beats wind by a long shot. The following are informative comparisons. Capacity factors: The capacity factor of the 104 nuclear reactors operating in the United States is 90 percent. In other words, nuclear facilities crank out electricity around the clock, 365 days of the year, at pretty near their total capacity. Compare that to the results of a study from a group of wind power advocates at the University of Delaware that modeled data from off shore meteorological stations from Maine to the Florida Keys. Their results show that a large offshore turbine array would attain a 90 percent capacity factor only 2.2 days a year. Their numbers show that 20,000 five megawatt turbines would be

BIG DADDY’S SALVAGE REMOVAL | (540) 265-2244 Friendship does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment. For further information about this policy, contact the Corporate Compliance Officer (540) 265-2222.

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needed to equal the full generating capacity of those 104 reactors. Even 1,200 turbines would not supply electricity as dependably as a new reactor like the one proposed at Calvert Cliffs in Maryland. Electricity rates and costs: The proponents of wind use the high cost of building nuclear reactors to argue that the electricity they produce will be costly. They’re wrong because they fail to account for the low efficiency of wind; for the need for carbonfired backup plants to compensate; for the much shorter working lives of wind turbines; and for the enormous subsidies, grants, tax incentives, and tax breaks from federal, state, and local governments. In fact, the expensive wind turbines would never be built without these subsidies that in some cases pay for 50 percent of the project’s cost. After coal, nuclear is the least costly generator of electricity for the rate payer. After solar, wind is the most expensive. Environmental impacts: The proposed Calvert Cliffs 3 nuclear reactor would be sited on about 350 acres. The 1,200 offshore wind turbines needed to produce the same amount of energy would require 74,000 acres. Onshore, 2,400 turbines would be needed and would require 8,500 acres. This is a lot of land or water and a big impact on the rich mountain ecosystems and habitats or ocean ecosystems about which we know little. There are numerous reasons why nuclear energy should be seriously pursued. But the question here is: should inefficient industrial wind be pushed blindly given its potential for greatly increasing our energy bills, requiring up to 50 percent taxpayer investment, and causing enormous environmental damage? -Ajax Eastman - Distributed by Bay Journal News Service

2/11/11 - 2/17/11 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 17

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Billy Graham Library/Stowe Botanical Gardens ....................... 55 Washington, DC/Our Nation’s Capital ...................................... 350 Lowe’s Motor Speedway/NASCAR Hall of Fame ....................... 75 Ohio Amish Country/Longaberger Basket Co ......................... 550 Great Southwest/California/Grand Canyon Land/FLY ......... 1,795 Pigeon Forge/Dollywood/Gatlinburg/Smoky Mountains ........ 495 The Great Southwest & California/Grand Canyon................ 2,095 Nova Scotia & The Atlantic Provinces .................................. 1,295 Florida’s Walt Disney World/Sea World/Universal .................. 995 Atlantic City/Taj Mahal/Boardwalk/4 Day/$30 Coin ............... 275 Michigan & Mackinac Island/The Grand Hotel .................... 1,475 Niagara Falls, Canada/Montreal & Quebec ............................. 995 California Coast/Los Angeles to San Francisco/Land/FLY .. 2,295 Civil War 150th Anniversary/Gettysburg, PA ........................... 395 “Joseph”/Tour PA Dutch Country/Miller’s Restaurant ........... 295 Branson, MO/America’s Music Show Capital ......................... 995 Hawaii/Honolulu/Waikiki ...................................................... 2,250 Alaska & Canada’s Yukon by Motorcoach ........................... 4,595 Canyonlands FLY/Land/”Our Most Scenic Tour” ................. 1,695 Alaska & Canada’s Yukon/FLY/Land/Northbound ................ 3,595 Canyonlands/”Our Most Scenic Tour” ................................. 1,950 San Francisco, CA & Pacic NW/Yellowstone ...................... 2,195 British Landscapes/Ireland/Scotland/Wales ....................... 4,950 Summer in New England/Martha’s Vineyard ....................... 1,250 Canadian Rockies FLY/Land ................................................. 1,995 Nashville, TN/Grand Ole Opry/General Jackson...................... 450 Alaska & Canada’s Yukon/FLY/Land/Southbound ............... 3,595 Best of the West .................................................................... 2,995 Philadelphia & Baltimore/Longwood Gardens ........................ 525 Canyonlands/”Our Most Scenic Tour” ................................. 1,950 Annapolis, MD/Inner Harbor .................................................... 295 “Joseph”/Tour PA Dutch Country/Miller’s Restaurant ........... 295 World’s Longest Yard Sale ....................................................... 325 Bunker Tour/Greenbrier Hotel .................................................... 90 San Francisco, CA & Pacic NW/Yellowstone ...................... 2,195 Seattle/Northwest/Yellowstone/FLY/Land ........................... 1,750 Renfro Valley & Lexington, Kentucky ...................................... 375 ELVIS/Tupelo, MS/Graceland/Memphis, TN ............................. 550 Niagara Falls, Canada/Montreal & Quebec ............................. 995 Baseball/Atlanta Braves/2 Games/Atlanta, GA ....................... 225 Memorial/Smith Mountain Lake ................................................ 85 North Carolina Zoo/Asheboro, NC.............................................. 50 Nashville, TN/Grand Ole Opry/General Jackson...................... 450 Atlantic City/Taj Mahal/Boardwalk/4 Day/$30 Coin ............... 275 Myrtle Beach, SC/Fun & Sun at the Beach/Oceanfront .......... 395 Washington, DC/Our Nation’s Capital ...................................... 350 Niagara Falls, Canada/Montreal & Quebec ............................. 995 Branson, MO/America’s Music Show Capita .......................... 995 Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Sedona/FLY/Land........................ 1,395 Atlantic City/Taj Mahal/Boardwalk/$25Coin........................... 210 “Cabaret”/Barter Theatre/Abingdon, VA ................................... 75 Billy Graham Library/Stowe Botanical Gardens ....................... 55




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“Joseph”/Tour PA Dutch Country/Miller’s Restaurant ........... 295 Washington, DC/Our Nation’s Capital ...................................... 350 Brushy Mountain Apple Festival ................................................ 45 Nova Scotia & New England/Fall Foliage ............................. 1,650 New England/Fall Foliage ........................................................ 995 Cass Railroad/Fall Foliage ......................................................... 80 New England/Fall Foliage ........................................................ 995 The Great Southwest & California/Grand Canyon................ 2,095 Branson, MO/America’s Music Show Capital ......................... 995 Bunker Tour/Greenbrier Hotel .................................................... 90 Hawaiian Islands/Four Island Tour ....................................... 3,795 Billy Graham Library/Stowe Botanical Gardens ....................... 55 Maggie Valley, NC/Great Smoky Mountain Railway................ 325 Shatley Springs Inn/Fresco Paintings ....................................... 45 Andy Grifth’s Mayberry/Mt. Airy, NC ....................................... 45 Israel & Jordan ...................................................................... 5,575 Shatley Springs Inn/Fresco Paintings ....................................... 45 Andy Grifth’s Mayberry/Mt. Airy, NC ....................................... 45 “Joseph”/Tour PA Dutch Country/Miller’s Restaurant ........... 295 Nashville, TN/Grand Ole Opry/General Jackson...................... 450 Carolina Balloon Festival/Statesville, NC .................................. 55 Sunshine Tours Family Reunion .............................................. 475 Atlantic City/Taj Mahal/Boardwalk/$25 Coin............................ 10 Concord Mills/Concord, NC........................................................ 45 Southern Christmas Show/Charlotte, NC .................................. 50 Reading & Lancaster, PA/Factory Outlets ............................... 175 Greenbrier Hotel & Casino/Overnight/$20 Cash Back ............ 150 Southern Christmas Show/Charlotte, NC .................................. 50 Biltmore House & Smoky Mountain Christmas....................... 695 Christmas Carol”/Barter Theatre/Abingdon, VA ....................... 75 New York City/Macy’s Christmas Parade ............................. 1,095 Nashville/Country Christmas/Opryland Hotel ......................... 795 New York/Radio City Christmas Spectacular .......................... 950 “Miracle of Christmas”/Lancaster, PA .................................... 295 Grove Park Inn/Gingerbread Competition ................................. 75 New York/Radio City Christmas Spectacular .......................... 950 Christmas at Myrtle Beach/Oceanfront Rooms ...................... 395 Nashville/Country Christmas/Opryland Hotel ......................... 795 Branson, MO/Ozark Christmas ................................................ 995 Charleston/Savannah Christmastime ..................................... 795 Christmas Lights/Tanglewood Park/Winston-Salem................ 40 Biltmore House & Gardens/Christmas ...................................... 85 Niagara Falls/Festival of Lights ............................................... 595 Nashville/Country Christmas/Opryland Hotel ......................... 795 New York/Radio City Christmas Spectacular .......................... 950 Biltmore House & Gardens/Christmas ...................................... 85 Grove Park Inn/Gingerbread Competition ................................. 75 Christmas Lights/Tanglewood Park/Winston-Salem................ 40 Biltmore House & Gardens/Christmas ...................................... 85 Greenbrier Hotel & Casino/Overnight/$20 Cash Back ............ 150 Florida/Christmas at Disney World.......................................... 895 Tournament of Rose’s Parade/Pasadena, California ........... 2,195

All Tours Include Roundtrip Transportation by Modern, Air-Conditioned, Restroom Equipped Motorcoaches. All of our Motorcoaches are VCR and DVD Equipped and All have Extra Leg Room. All Fly Tours – United Airlines. All Tours are Fully Escorted and Include Hotel Accommodations, Baggage Handling at all Hotels and Admission to the Listed Attractions.

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Cancellation Insurance is NOT REQUIRED on any Sunshine Tour, as we will REFUND ALL PAYMENTS FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER if you nd it necessary to cancel your Reservation AT ANY TIME before the Tour Leaves.

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This is not just a place for exercise. It’s a place for fun as well. I have four children ages 7 to 20 and I like Green Ridge because there’s something here for every single one of them.


-Paige Hickey

Green Ridge is a Godsend to me. I’d say it saved my life! I lost over 90 pounds and probably got 10 or 15 years of my life back. -Bill Logan

This is a place where everyone feels at home. Green Ridge has provided me not only with a way to work out, but has helped me both spiritually and socially. -Pamela Butler-Kasey

I get such joy from being here, and when I walk out I feel totally energized and at the same time perfectly relaxed. -Margaret Klapperich


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