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September 28, 2012

[Angels of Assisi Benefit]

A Very Tough Breed So Very Close

P7– William Fleming holds a lead through four quarters but can’t quite hold on to get the first ever win at their new stadium.

Photo by Beverly Amsler

P8– Roanoke Attorney Malissa Giles compares the cultures of yesteryear and today and notes that our concept of Bankruptcy has come a very long way.

David Bowers is looking at his last term as the mayor of Roanoke. It was a tight race this year between the incumbent and his Republican challenger Mark Lucas, only separated by 348 votes. Bowers had a wealthy conservative to thank for a $75,000 donation that floated both his primary and general election. It could have been a different story had it not been for that support. At the time a baffled public wondered why a conservative, who has normally only donated to conservative campaigns, would give so much money to Bowers. The answer then


was that he liked Bowers and knew he and Eastern Virginia. “My first reacwas not using his position as mayor as tion was who, what, where, when and a stepping stone to higher office. why?” He said he was surprised, conSaturday as Tim Kaine rallied sup- fused and flattered by the suggestion. porters for his Senate race, The RoaHe said his friends wanted to see a noke Star quizzed Bowers on what was statewide ticket that included repreon his mind and asked him if he was sentation from the western part of the really considering running state. Bowers is one of the longest serving Democrats for Lieutenant Governor in Politics 2013 per recent reports. (though not contiguous) in western Virginia along The Mayor said that friends he’d known for a long time, with Commonwealth Attorney Don who have some connections in the Caldwell and Jack Kennedy, the CirDemocratic party, had contacted cuit Court Clerk in Norton. When asked the time frame for him. Bowers wouldn’t name them but said they were located in Richmond making a decision Bowers said, “This



whole episode kind of reminds me of what my secretary used to say – run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it.” Since Aneesh Chopra had already announced for Lieutenant Governor I asked if he was prepared for a primary. Bowers thought that the Democratic Party of Virginia was planning a caucus. The DPVA voted and selected a primary and not a convention. In contrast the Republican Party of Virginia reversed its decision to hold a primary and instead is now planning a convention for their statewide candidates. > CONTINUED P2: Mayor

Ann Davey Masters Memorial Garden Dedicated

P9– Apart from off Broadway touring shows that pass through the valley, local High Schoolers provide some of the best dramatic performances around.

Photo by Valerie Garner

Craig Romney addresses supporters, speaking highly of his father’s character.

Craig Romney Stumps For His Father In Roanoke P4– Robert Adcox says that even at age 51 the ability to just let go and be spontaneously silly is a very, very good thing.


Lame Duck Mayor May Have Political Ambitions

Fresh Drama

Good Vibes

In the end perhaps what bothered Nell Boyle the most was that her slot on Roanoke County’s RC CLEAR citizen’s committee – the environmental group affiliated with ICLEI – was terminated without advance notice. Windsor Hills supervisor Ed Elswick chose not to reappoint Boyle, who was also the chairperson, to the controversial commitCity Govt. tee, which has been accused by local Tea Party members and others of having nefarious ties to the United Nations and “Agenda 21,” which describes ways that people can live differently in order to minimize environmental impact. Boyle and other RC CLEAR members have long maintained that the group is just an educational tool, showing Roanoke County residents how they can easily reduce their carbon footprints – that it wasn’t involved with forcing people to live in cluster housing for example, as some maintained the tie to ICLEI, an international organiza-


Larry Groah and Harley the Biker Dog were stars of the show at the recent “Biscuit Bash” held in support of Angels of Assisi. Harley a Yorkie, was outfitted in what he usually wears while out on the open road looking for adventure in whatever comes his way . . . A scarf, hat, leather jacket and “doggles.” > SEE FULL STORY ON PAGE 3

A Positive Word

RC CLEAR Committee Chair “Fired” By Supervisor

Craig Romney was 30 minutes late to Roanoke’s Romney headquarters Thursday afternoon. While supporters patiently waited for his arrival, financial planner Maynard Keller was scurrying around promoting a photo opportunity in hopes of getting the young Romney in his (Keller’s) 1969 AMC Javelin. Craig’s grandfather, George Romney, was chairman and president of American Motors Corporation from 1954 to 1962. Keller had a photo of a very young Mitt Romney sitting in an AMC car; his idea came with a slogan – “Ramblers For Romney.” Craig, 31, is the son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He is the youngest of the five Romney sons and works for a real estate developer in California. “This campaign is a family affair,” he told 70 supporters when he arrived. He talked about his son Parker having been in 35 different states by > CONTINUED P2: Craig Romney

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The Ann Davey Masters Memorial Sculpture Garden was dedicated in Vic Thomas Park last Thursday morning. Over 100 people gathered as Mayor Bowers, the artists, Clean Valley Council, the Roanoke Arts Commission and Eric Thomas cut the ribbon. Vic Thomas’ son, Eric, said the contributions Masters made to a cleaner, better environment is what Photo by Valerie Garner his dad was in support of “Calling the Powers” by Lawrence Reid too. “He loved hunting and fishing and loved the mental stewardship. arts – he’s very happy today.” Vic Thomas Park, with its natuAnn Davey Masters was the execu- ral design and native plantings, is the tive director of Clean Valley Council newest addition to the City of Roa(CVC) from 1996 to 2009. noke’s nationally accredDuring her tenure, she ited parks and recreation Culture spearheaded environmental system. The park’s location initiatives that improved the next to the Roanoke River quality of life in the Roanoke Valley. As and view of the mountains made it a a former curator of the Art Museum of fitting place for the Sculpture Garden. Western Virginia, she used her passion The park is part for the arts and nature to educate citi- of the Roanoke > CONTINUED P2: Memorial zens about the importance of environ- Valley Green-


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Sun and clouds are expected today. Showers will return mainly north of I-64 today with temperatures rising into the low 80s. Showers and storms are possible area wide on Thursday and Friday with temperatures staying warm. High temperatures will remain in the low 80s. Showers and storms are possible Saturday into Sunday as a cold front moves through the region. Temperatures will be cooler rising into the low to mid 70s.

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> Fired

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tion, might lead to. she was “angry and resentful that I would be used as a political Elswick, one of two Roanoke County supervisors to vote pawn to further other peoples’ agendas, with actions that are inagainst funding ICLEI membership for tended to be hurtful and destructive. I will another year recently (the measure passed not allow this to go unnoticed and I will 3-2 however) said he did not “terminate” keep my integrity in place. I find it horrific Boyle, who had been the chair for three that an elected official would be so short years. Elswick appointed Windsor Hills sighted and self-serving to take an action resident James Gray in her place. that would hurt a committed group of vol“I simply appointed someone I knew unteers.” whose whole career was in the energy field Boyle, who has been the RC CLEAR and who could bring fresh ideas to the chair for all three years of its existence, team,” he wrote in an e-mail. “[Gray] can said it was Elswick’s prerogative to replace provide valuable input on ways to save enher as the chairperson. Her “biggest disapergy. Jim has been an instructor, consultant pointment” however was having to find out and manager in the HVAC area. [Boyle] through the grapevine that her position as and the RC CLEAR team have great enthua committee member was being eliminatsiasm and work hard at educating citizens ed. “If [Elswick] has a different perspective on saving energy. I support them and want he wants represented on the committee to take on larger projects that have a meaI’m good with that. But I do think there’s surable impact,” added Elswick. a sense of respect and protocol that would He also said he wants these projects to have been nice – to give me some sort of be noticed by citizens who may then take explanation. I think the committee’s been on their own initiatives. “I would like to see pretty successful.” a good major project sponsored through Boyle said she had been told by Elswick RC CLEAR and Jim has technical expertise and other supervisors that RC CLEAR’s that would be invaluable.” accomplishments – providing free energy Elswick bristled when asked if he had audits, developing a website ( Photo by Gene Marrano and an educational program “had been been pressured by Tea Party members to County Supervisor Ed Elswick replace Boyle, who had solid credentials good for the county,” even if several of herself as a certified LEED professional and them didn’t want to fund the annual $1200 the sustainability coordinator for the City of Roanoke. ICLEI membership any longer. Boyle was also pleased that reIronically as part of her mission there, she will still be in- gional partners concerned with reducing carbon footprints have volved with ICLEI – sitting in on meetings of the Clean & Green come together on the issue. citizen’s group, RC CLEAR’s counterpart in Roanoke City. She’s also hoping the ICLEI connection becomes less of a poElswick did call Jim Gray and his wife Loretta “very loyal Re- litical football: “There’s just nothing but good that comes from publicans who attended all board meetings until recently when this group and the committee work that they’re doing. I feel like Loretta became ill. They are some of my closest friends and we we’re getting sidelined on the real goal and objective – the prosee each other often. Some of the finest people I know.” tection of our [environment]. People need to think about their For her part, Boyle said her biggest disappointment with her perspective and their priorities, to make sure they’re keeping the replacement on RC CLEAR was that as a “dedicated volunteer” community’s best interests at heart.” she didn’t find out first-hand from Elswick. “It would have been By Gene Marrano nice to get a heads up.” In a memo to other RC CLEAR members, Boyle stated that

> Mayor

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According to Joan Washburn his campaign manager and a consultant, Bowers will serve out his term as mayor and take stock of potential options at that time. He’ll still be young and vibrant at age 64 and can view the political landscape then. Washburn noted that Bowers was “floating the balloon” for the future a bit prematurely . According to Political Analyst Dr. Bob Denton the most important factors in statewide races are name recognition and money, more so since state Democrats have chosen a primary for candidate selection. “If you don’t have the former, you need bunches of the latter.” “Thus, with all due respect to Mayor Bowers, he seems to lack both.” said Denton. Bowers faces an uphill climb. In general larger cities are more likely to gain name recognition, build coalitions and potential donors. “Mayors, like governors, can usually point to their record of accomplishment,” said Denton. Down ticket offices are helped by a strong top of the ticket. “A mayor from a city the size of Roanoke would need to work years in advance with state party leaders and legislators to garner support. It is possible, but a challenging task.” Councilman Sherman Lea was going to challenge Bowers for the Democratic nomination for Mayor this year but changed his mind and supported Bowers. In an email asking him if he would run for Mayor in 2016 he said, “I was elected for the third time to work with and serve the citizens of the city of Roanoke as a councilman four months ago. I take things one step at a time. ! Right now that’s my commitment.” Vice Mayor Court Rosen said, “I was only re-elected this past Professional House May and my full attention and concentration is onCleaning continuing to serve the residents and taxpayers of Roanoke. I already have one of seven votes on Council and any consideration of running for 1618 would Roanoke Blvd mayor because of being vice mayor have to be posed to the top vote getter in the 2014 CouncilSuite elections. ” A Councilman Dave TrinkleSalem, in an email said, “While I am very Virginia 24153 comfortable with my position with the city, I do try to leave op-

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> Craig Romney • gift certificates available

Angel’s Tree Service

Mayor Bowers in his law office with his dog Catcher.

tions open. It would be an honor to be mayor of our great city but it would really depend on what the situation is like then and what is best for the city at that particular time.”

JSS Remodeling

No Roanoke mayor has ever pursued a statewide office. Tim Kaine was Mayor of Richmond before becoming Lieutenant ! General Home Repairs Governor of Virginia and then Governor.Between the “flagpole” and “balloons”Bathroom Mayor Bowers has everything and Work everybody Complete Remodeling • Tile “flapping in the breeze” for the moment, Interior/exterior Carpentry • Plumbing By Valerie Garner Window/door installation • Hardwood Flooring For a Free Estimate Call or email James 725-7343 Licensed/insured with 24 years experience From pageavailable 1 references

the time that he was two years old. That was during the 2008 Republican presidential primary. “Parker loved watching him (Mitt Romney) speak on stage,” he said. “The tool I recommend most? He recounted that after a long day of campaigning they heard Parker talking to himself in his bedroom and when they peaked in the door his son had lined up all of his stuffed animals on the floor. He was standing on top of his bed giving a speech. “He just Use it to call Mr. Handyman. may have a future in politics,” said Romney. He highlighted his•father’s business acumen and said that he understood the sacriTree Removal Deadwooding • Gutter Cleaning fices that a startup business has to make. Craig reiterated the words spoken by PresiAeration • Overseeding dent Obama atSpring Roanoke’s Fires Station No. 1 – “Our current President says if you have a business you didn’t build that. Look at contrast.”Cleanups Mulch Delivered and Spreadthe • Spring Craig offered the personal side of his father saying, “He taught us the value of hard Estimates • Fully Insured work.” BesidesFree his career achievements “I think his greatest achievements are actually 540-977-4444 what he achieved in our home.” RICHARD KARN TV star and “home improvement guru.” In follow up questions Craig said he wasn’t sure if his campaigning for his dad was having any effect. “What I can really do is testify to his character. If it helps to get one or two votes here and there, I’m happy to do it.” Romney was ready to hit the road but not before Maynard Keller got his wish. Keller Photo by Valerie Garner beaming rushed to drive the 1969 AMC Javelin to the front of the building. To Keller’s delight, Craig sat in the driver’s seat posing just as his father did many years ago, then Craig Romney after trying Maynard Keller’s 1969 AMC Javelin. Craig was off to Lynchburg for another event. By Valerie Garner


Angel Tarabay

> Memorial

The telephone.”


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way system. The three sculptures dedicated included “Calling the Powers” by Lawrence Reid Bechtel and “Annies’s Peace” by Betty Branch. A selection panel made up of neighborhood citizens, Parks and Recreation representatives and Susan Jennings chose both sculptures. The Clean Valley Council donated the works to the City of Roanoke. The Art Museum of Western Virginia previously donated “Vertical Break” by the late Paul Ostaseski to the City of Roanoke. Masters was a friend and mentor to Mr. Ostaseski. ADM Committee Co-Chair Laura Wasko said it had taken two and a half years to put the projPhoto by Valerie Garner ect together. “Ann Masters understood educat- Mayor Bowers with artist Larry Bechtel and his sculpture “Calling the Powers.” ing children and understood art and understood wind and then dropping to her knees and bringing her arms marketing. She loved and respected nature and the importance back in awe of the powers of nature. He said he thought it was of keeping your neighborhood clean.” representative of Ann Masters, “It has such power and presence.” Bechtel said that the “Calling the Powers” sculpture was inBy Valerie Garner spired by imagining the figure climbing to a ridgetop in a high

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Biscuit Bash Raises Funds For All Breeds

Angels of Assisi welcomed autumn with the first “Biscuit Bash” at the Daleville Town Center. The event was a fundraiser for the Biscuit Fund, which is a fund to help neglected and abused animals. Angels’ spokeswoman Lisa O’Neill says the fund began in Botetourt County several years ago, but has since spread to neighboring counties.“It’s done very well and people are very supportive of it.” More than 200 animals have benefitted from the fund. O’Neill isn’t aware of any similar fund in the Roanoke Valley. “A lot of the point today was to bring animals that have benefitted from the Biscuit Fund as a reunion.” Two of the animals attending the reunion were Mama Beagle and one of her nine puppies that were confiscated from Botetourt County last year. All have since been adopted. Among the celebrities at the Biscuit Bash were Larry Groah and Harley the Biker Dog from Waynesboro. Groah looked like a stereotypical biker dressed in leather, and four-year-old Harley, a Yorkie, was similarly dressed in a jacket, scarf, hat, and “doggles.” Groah says the doggles were a present from a woman in Tennessee, and Harley recently received a birthday present from France. He also has YouTube videos and has quite a following. Harley even has more than 3600 “likes” on Facebook. Groah babysat Harley when the Yorkie was three weeks old, fell in love with him, and the rest as they say, is history. “I carried him around with me all the time [and] he got so accustomed to being with me that once I got on the motorcycle he thought he had to go too. And now, he’s a monster. If I go on the bike, he has to go on the bike.” The seven pound dog sits on Groah’s shoulder when they ride. Sometimes he puts Harley inside his jacket to take a break when they ride the

Photos by Beverly Amsler

interstate but says Harley prefers the open road. Harley is attached by a leash to Groah’s neck, so he can’t fall off in case of an accident. “If I go into a turn, he leans. If I go to slow down, he drops his feet down. If I go to take off, he drops his back feet.” When asked why a seemingly tough biker would have such a little dog as a constant companion, Groah said, “I always wanted a little dog and thought it’d be neat to ride a motorcycle, but I never expected anything like this. He’s turned into quite the biker dog.” Among those enjoying the live band were Skip Jackson from Salem and 10-year-old Sassy, a small mixed breed. Sassy even got to meet Harley, the Biker Dog. Jackson’s sister had owned Sassy. When Jackson’s sister died, he and his wife adopted Sassy. He says the Biscuit Bash was a “good event; good cause-help(ed) raise money for the animals.” Lisa O’Neill didn’t have a fundraising goal for the day. She said Angels would be pleased with whatever amount people could contribute to the cause. By Beverly Amsler

Roanoke City Sheriff ’s Office Recognized For Fighting Car Theft The Roanoke City Sheriff ’s Office and Sheriff Octavia Johnson were recognized by the Virginia State Police (VSP) Help Eliminate Auto Theft (H.E.A.T.) Program in the 2011-2012 Operation HEATWave Awards competition. Major David Bell and Deputy Robert Hudgins were presented with the First Place Award for District VI at a ceremony during the annual conference of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. The Operation HEATWave Awards are part of a cooperative program between VSP, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and local law enforcement agencies. They recognize exemplary actions related to intelligence, prevention, enforcement and recoveries in fighting the crime of vehicle theft. The Roanoke City Sheriff ’s Office was recognized in the area of prevention. Winners are selected by judges from the insurance industry, partnering law enforcement agencies and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. H.E.A.T. operates in a manner similar to Crime Solvers, Crime Stoppers and the Drug Hotline. Citizens call the statewide toll-free hotline – 1-800-947-HEAT – to report information about suspected carjackings, auto thefts or chop-

Tim Kaine Rallies Supporters At Roanoke Headquarters

The tight Democratic campaign headquarters to the economy – roads, bridges, rail and broadat the Tanglewood West office complex proved band internet. It is a two pronged approach – “you too small for 100 supporters Saturday morning, hire people to build today and enjoy the fruits of as the energized former Governor and DNC chair their labor for the next 60 years.” “The true job creators are not the Exxon MoTim Kaine ran through a list of his positions on the economy, sequestration, debt and the Afford- biles - it’s small startup businesses.” Growing the able Care Act. Through it economy means investall he repeated the theme ing in “brain power,” said Kaine. He highof compromise and lighted the Virginia “coming together.” Councilman SherTech Medical School as man Lea introduced Tim an example. “We win Kaine saying “We are the talent race – we win coming down the home the economic race and level the playing field for stretch and this is the small businesses.” most watched Senate race in the country – we have The budget is a “math the person to represent us problem,” said Kaine. in Governor Tim Kaine.” Revenue isn’t covering spending by a long shot Kaine said it has been but “we can’t do it over 19 months on the campaign trail and “by this Photo by Valerie Garner night.” Kaine advocates for letting the Bush era time you sort of run out Tim Kaine rallies supporters at Roanoke tax cuts expire for those of gas – it’s like hopping Democratic Headquarters. on a surf board and praymaking over $500,000. ing for a wave and I look He deviates from Presiat you and I’ve got my wave.” The crowd included dent Obama in that respect. Obama’s threshold is former Delegate “Chip” Woodrum, Senator John $250,000. His opponent wants to “start swinging Edwards, Mayor David Bowers and former candi- and cut everything.” That approach will weaken date for attorney general Jody Wagner. our economy, said Kaine. Kaine advocates for negotiating with pharKaine said he has had to endure $12 million of negative TV PAC ads aimed at him for the past maceutical companies to bring down the cost of 10 months and that his positive campaign ads Medicare. That elicited a round of applause from began running on August 23. “I’m proud to say the seniors in the crowd. Kaine said that when Althis because it says something about Virginians len was in the Senate he voted for the Medicare that three and one half weeks of positive ads have drug plan known as Part D that excluded price done what 10 months of negative couldn’t do. The negotiations. most recent Washington Post poll has Kaine leadKaine said he would eliminate $2.5 billion of oil ing Allen 51 – 43. The negative PAC ads haven’t company subsidies. “I don’t especially like paying worked, said Kaine. We’re finally starting to see a at the pump and paying out of my taxes to compalittle bit of space.” Kaine said he is still going to run nies that don’t need our help.” like the underdog until the last vote is counted. Common ground – “If we have a perfect idea According to Kaine, the main differences be- but nobody will work together what does it mattween his Republican opponent George Allen and ter,” said Kaine. He added that he believed the vethimself boil down to three things: the economy, eran’s job bill that was filibustered in the Senate the budget and finding common ground. last week because Republicans didn’t want PresiKaine claimed that Allen’s approach to the dent Obama to have any kind of a victory to tout economy is to cut taxes and eliminate regulations. before the election. “That strategy put us into the economic tail spin The farm bill that dealt with drought relief and we were in.” Taxes and regulations should be fair children’s nutrition passed with bipartisan supand balanced, said Kaine. “There is not a tax or port in the Senate but the Republican controlled regulation you can cut that will provide one more House wouldn’t take it up before the election for student a high school diploma … a college degree the same reason, he said. … a dignified retirement.” By Valerie Garner Investing in infrastructure is Kaine’s approach

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shop operations. Tips also can be submitted by visiting the H.E.A.T. website – www.heatreward. com. Tipsters remain anonymous throughout the process, and those who supply tips leading to arrests are eligible for rewards of up to $25,000. By Carla M. Bream

Local Crossword

Local Crossword for 9/28/2012 1















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33 36

37 41


















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ACROSS 1 Pounds per square inch 4 Annoying insect 8 Invitation type or the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of the Roanoke Valley 12 Snack 13 Roll styled candy with a caramel center 14 Water pitcher 15 Before, poetically 16 Eve's other half 17 North Atlantic Treaty Organization 18 Robes 20 What you usually get at work before you get into trouble 21 Ax-like tool, for dressing timbers 22 The proud Marines 23 The most religiously homogeneous state in the Union 26 Greyhound transport 27 Facial twitch 30 Not properly appreciated 34 Packetized Ensemble Protocol 35 Only 36 The white tiger cub at Natural Bridge Zoo. 37 When they do their job they protect the environment 38 Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel this under 20 mattresses and 20 featherbeds. 40 Senile 43 Owns hair magic in Vinton 47 Indonesian island

1 To peer through a crack or hole or from a place of concealment 2 Afghan 3 Your new relationship, for a while 4 Piano store in Roanoke? 5 OTC drug with 100mg of caffeine for staying awake 6 Woe is me? 7 Turkey 8 To overhaul your drivers license at the dmv. 9 Played in the water 10 Outlaw 11 Aces 19 Island 20 When I do derivatives, this is my math 22 Bear's coat 23 Arbiter 24 Men's neckwear 25 Poisonous snake 26 newspaper or flying insect 27 Digit 28 What you don't want to give IRS 29 Discs 31 yeah opposite 32 Carrier of RNA 33 Tyrant 37 Advantaged 38 Capital of France 39 Wear away 40 Can 41 With rays, this is a shop on hardy road in vinton. 42 Evils 43 Homeless person 44 Roanoke texas tavern 45 Gain 46 What grew in the middle of carolina ave., came down in a storm, and was replanted? 48 Drink slowly

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150 Year Old Battle Raises Familiar Questions

Good Vibrations At Age Fifty-One I have to laugh at myself. so no one would hear me. The other day I was nostalgic for TV While my foot swelled, my ego shrunk. commercials from thirty or so years ago Rolling around on the floor in pain may not when I was a lad of nineteen. Checking out be the best way to express one’s dignity, but YouTube yielded some dandy Sunkist soda somehow it felt appropriate in light of the ads from the day. “Insanity Workout infomercial” As I watched the ad campaign airing at the moment out in the for that soda brand, I found myliving room. self in the mood to be young Then there’s the issue of beagain. The twenty-nothings in ing Bipolar. Remember threethe commercial were living life hundred seventy-nine words ago at its fullest: playing volleyball when I referred to impulse? Yeah, on a sunny southern California that applies especially to those of beach, laughing, soaking up cous who tend to go Patty Duke at pious amounts of sun-provided odd moments. Trying to relive vitamin D, and swilling gallons the viewing pleasure of an enticof Sunkist. All the while, the ing commercial from my youth Beach Boys’ hit “Good vibratrumped any forethought of Robert Adcox tions” was tying the whole “you’ll hurt yourself, Rob”. thing together. That’s why, as I lay on my floor Anyone who knows me also knows I’m gasping for breath and cradling my left given to impulse at odd moments. Like the foot and wondering how such shenanigans time a friend and I accidentally created a would affect my previously swollen ankles, cattle stampede with a bottle rocket at age I couldn’t help musing about what it would sixteen. Not that either of us does those have been like to have been created more kinds of things anymore, but impulse is the stoic. Hypomanic episodes lead to dancing id’s way of shouting, “LET’S BE YOUNG along with soda pop commercials. Would a AND INSANE!” stoic episode have led to something more It was with that spirit that I found myself productive? Perhaps a video centered on getting into the theme of the commercial solving one of those tricky Kakuro puzzles -so much so, in fact, that I started jump- no one quite seems to grasp? ing up and down along with the kids in the Without the excessive emotions I often ad and singing along with the Beach Boys. experience, I might have found myself hopNone of this, as it turns out, was as much ping up and down like the volleyball playfun as it promised to be. ers, but without that tonnage of affect I can First of all, when I was nineteen I was assure you that eighty percent of the pleaan inch shorter and almost one-hundred sure would have been absent. Who wants to pounds of muscle and flab lighter than I risk making a fool of oneself to a decadesam in my current configuration. I was also, old TV spot if there’s no emotional reward? um, nineteen. While I wasn’t in top shape I’m pretty sure no one in soda pop marketat the time, I could have run rings around ing ever said, “let’s run a background song me now. inspiring engineers to map out flow charts.” Jumping up and down on an apartment People want to have fun -even older guys floor, albeit a carpeted one, only further with bad feet and questionable maturity. aggravated the plantar fasciitis I so desperI get a very good vibe knowing that. ately want to put behind me so I can feel Contact Robert at young again. I suppose that’s what led to my decision to grab a pillow and scream into it

150 years ago this past week, in the beauti- history, with over 22,000 Americans killed or ful farm country of Maryland, some 73,000 wounded. And, though it was technically a union soldiers were massed on the east bank draw, it persuaded President Lincoln to issue of a small creek, looking across at the Emancipation Proclamation. 40,000 confederate soldiers camped That in turn caused England and outside a small village. Shortly afFrance to choose to not support the ter dawn, the northerners crossed southern cause. All of which ultiover and launched a furious asmately ensured the preservation of sault against southerners hiding in a unified democracy, the integraa corn field near a dunker church. tion of millions of immigrants, and The result was utter chaos. No orthe freeing of over 4 million slaves. ders could be given in the noise. For the first time, the people of Guns overheated and jammed; these States were truly United. the soldiers fought on with bayoGiven the magnitude and imMike Keeler nets. The carnage was incredible. portance of this battle, it’s shock(When a general was asked later ing that its anniversary passed this in the day where his division was, he simply week largely unnoticed. But ironically, the replied, “dead on the field.”) The center of ac- reason for that is that the news cycle is overtion then moved south to where confederates whelmed by the upcoming election. The airhad dug in along a sunken wagon road. The waves are filled with bitter dialogue, and with northerners launched assault after assault, questions that Civil War soldiers might find and so many bodies piled up that the road oddly familiar. What is the purpose of govis now grimly remembered as the Bloody ernment? Whom does a democracy serve? Lane. Finally, in the afternoon, a third part What is a citizen’s responsibility? And who of the union army crossed a bridge over the shall lead? creek and attacked what was left of the rebel In the coming weeks, we will answer those army. The confederates were disintegrating, questions ourselves. We’ll all go to the polls, but reinforcements miraculously arrived, and pull some levers, and peacefully re-invent the as the day ended the two armies ground to a government without firing a shot. bloody stalemate. And this much is certain: the ghosts of It was a battle so brutal that, to this day, we Sharpsburg, and of Antietam, will be watchcan’t even agree on what to call it. Southern- ing. ers refer to it as Sharpsburg; northerners call it Antietam. But this much is certain: Sept Contact Mike at 17, 1862 was the single bloodiest day in our

The Preacher’s Corner Two Women for the Ages -Mark Graham

For the record, I am joyfully and gratefully married to my wife, Rena of 33 years and counting. If Protestants counted saints, she would be on the list! But in recent months, I’ve fallen in love, even if that’s not quite the right way to put it, with two other women. Ruth and Esther are their names, and they’re both remarkably well preserved and vigorous for their ages. Ruth, after all, is pushing 3,200 years old and Esther is only about 500 years younger. The Bible of course preserves their lives afresh for us each day, and so they will never actually grow old in our eyes. I look forward to meeting them in heaven. I’ll bet they’ll be even more beautiful in person. For as long as I’ve been serious about Scripture, I can’t believe I haven’t spent more time with Ruth and Esther. Maybe I thought other books in the Bible were more important or more relevant. Whatever the reason, I’m thankful to be past it now. Ruth and Esther are the only two books in Scripture bearing the names of women, but in God’s wondrous providence and plan for salvation, we see in them the fullness of His work. It’s not a stretch to say they represent the whole spectrum of believing women— and men. Do a quick comparison. Ruth was a Gentile girl who married an Israelite, while Esther was an Israelite girl who married a Gentile. Ruth helped build the House of Israel, while

Did you Know

Esther helped save the people of Israel. Ruth was instrumental in producing David, the King of Israel, while Esther was married to the King of Persia. Ruth was an impoverished widow living in a rural setting, while Esther was a rich wife living in a royal palace and city. What does this comparison show us today? They were both outsiders in their respective settings who stayed true to their faith in God and their values regardless of cultural pressures and circumstances. Ruth was a poor young woman who lived through the grace of God by a rubric of love and loyalty. Esther was a rich young woman who maintained her steadfast commitment to what was right and true according to God’s Word. Neither Ruth’s poverty and powerlessness nor Esther’s wealth and influence changed who they were fundamentally as children of God. So now when I survey our current situation all these years later, I draw deeply upon their testimonies. They encourage me not to be swayed by every changing movement of the moral compass. God alone is the True North. They help me see that wealth in the eyes of God is not counted by the money—or lack of it—in our bank accounts. They give me courage to stand for what is right, not for what is popular or personally expedient. I love my wife, but there is still a place in my life to love Ruth and Esther, too. I hope you will get to know them soon.

At Your Mark Graham is the Senior Pastor at St, John’s Lutheran Church located at 4608 Brambleton Ave. Visit them on the web at:

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9/28/12- 10/4/12

Writing as Balm, Elixir and Legacy

It is my prayer that writing will play its part say this: I have written as many words, for in a sufficiency and satisfaction of life after at least as many years as any of these famous retirement. I began writing some thirty years three. I sense, one day after I am gone, my ago because a young boy strangled to death. kids will want to know more about their old By the time he got to the ER with his mom, man, thus, the ‘diary,’ not only of me, but my, he was beginning to turn blue. I tried to put and their, forebears. Well, kids, it’s all here; an endo-tracheal in his throat, but the bolus my legacy to you. of meat blocked its passage. Next, an emerWriting is a whimsical mistress. Some days gency tracheostomy. Although very small, you can’t turn off the flood, while others, not his trachea was successfully identified and even a trickle. Sometimes, I get an idea for opened, where to my horror, I found more a piece, but nothing will come to me as I sit meat. Although I tried frantically down to write, but let me start to to clear his airway with forceps, the work on some outdoor project and youngster died in front of me and the writing inside my head, begins. his mother. I always carry paper and pencil Over the weeks that followed, with me. my sorrow overwhelmed me. I As to the fulfillment that writknew the path to healing was to ing may afford me after retirement, talk about the event, but when I I take comfort in the written expetried, my throat would spasm, deriences of James Herriot, a Welsh nying me utterance. So I began to doctor of veterinary medicine. He write about the case in an attempt wrote a series of compelling works to impose an order on my thoughts on his day to day life. His secret is, and emotions. I would read what I think, that his writings, perhaps I had written, and cry; again and inadvertently, touched upon topLucky Garvin again the cycle repeated until the ics which many of us find compeltears came less and less, and I was ling: helping, compassion, healmending. That’s when I started writing. ing, and the like. But once retired, will writing meaningAh well, it’s time to finish this piece. But fully round out my days? Sabrina and I have when I reflect on the blessing writing has our wildlife work, I have my bowl-turning; been in my life, the joy, sometimes therapeumaybe the three activities will provide ad- tic, and perhaps to others occasionally enterequate scaffolding for fulfillment. taining, I am led to a gratitude – a thanksgivOf my writing, I can say it’s never been my ing to beings who existed in an untraceable aspiration to end up on the New York Times antiquity – the ‘cave men’ –their genealogies Best-seller list. My goal has not been to reach forever lost. the masses, rather to reach the one. I honThey who, huddled near their smoky fires estly feel it’s more faith than vanity for me to fend off the dangers of the night, gave rise to assume that if my words are intended to to so much of what is now common place. reach another, they will; that’s Heaven’s work, Because of their scrawling on the walls of the marketing. Then it will be up to him or her to caves of Lascau, and the elders telling stories, decide what to make of those thoughts. or reciting the clan’s history, we now translate My observations, of course are not the fi- our experiences of living and thought into nal word. [Life ain’t that simple, and Ol’ Gahv the prose or pigment of literature, the study ain’t that bright. Trust me, I’ve lived with him of history, and of art. We owe them much; I a long time.] No, my scrivening is the link in owe them much. a chain I am to work on; perhaps an insight, [I wonder if these activities kept the cave or my inner attempts to reconcile a worri- people busy after retirement? J] some perplexity. Yet I keep the faith that this Look for Lucky’s books locally and onis how God works, often in obscurity, one line: The Oath of Hippocrates; The Cotilseemingly disconnected event leading to an- lian; A Journey Long Delayed, and Campfire other. Tales. I write as a diarist, not unlike Boswell, Contact Lucky at Nin, and Pepys, for although perhaps ing the smooth finish of their prose, I can

Week Jobs Report In Line With Other Data

The monthly employment/unemployment of 2nd quarter GDP was close to the 60-year data from the US Department of Labor has low. Consumer spending spiked to 68.7% of become an important touchstone for every total spending in the 2nd quarter in spite of segment of our population. The following reduced incomes. This ratio suggests that people are spending more and savnumbers were released on September ing less. Many seniors heading for 9; 96,000 jobs were added in August, retirement will need to hustle to down from 142,000 in July. Unemreplace the financial resources they ployment fell slightly from 8.3% to had to dispose of during the down8.1%. In a speech, President Obama turn. mentioned that although the jobs Small business owners that had report was disappointing, the unemplanned on selling their companies ployment percentage had declined. and retiring are stuck with depreciCritics were quick to point out that ated assets that are hard to sell at in order to achieve the lower perany price. Company values dimincentage of unemployment, 368,000 Dick Baynton ish at a rate of up to 150% of reworkers quit looking for jobs; alduced sales. One owner reported most four times the number of jobs created for the month. The federal govern- an offer of $250,000 for a business with an ment added 3,000 jobs while other employ- asking price of $2 million. We are enduring 43 consecutive months ment segments didn’t hire or shed workers. How could 368,000 people subsist yet quit of unemployment above 8%. Average joblooking for work? The answer is that many lessness is 39 weeks, compared with 15 to live on government sources such as disability 20 weeks between 1984 and 2008. With the benefits, unemployment benefits, the Sup- uncertainty of increasing regulations and the plemental Nutritional Assistance Program cost of the Affordable Care Act plus appre(SNAP) and payments from other welfare hension regarding higher taxes, the outlook programs. Interest and dividend income has for increased employment is bleak. Food stamp (SNAP) participation continsupplemented ‘earned income’ for those who ues to rise at the rate of 400,000 per month have investments. Mortimer Zuckerman, chairman and edi- and about half of the nearly 11 million people tor of U.S. News and World Report cites the collecting disability checks signed on during eight million who are employed only part the Obama presidency. The national debt is above $16 trillion time and the ‘underemployed’ that create an and growing. Moody’s has threatened a overall unemployment rate of 19%. There are important ripple effects that cre- downgrade of US debt unless provisions are ate unintended consequences. Older citizens made for deficit reduction. The administrahave returned to work, estimated to be about tion speaks in ebullient optimism and makes 3.9 million, in order to shore up their retire- promises reminiscent of 2008. Have you noticed newspaper articles and ment that has been deflated by the reduced value of their net worth. The birthrate has hit radio and TV announcements that the Presia 25-year low of 1.87% because young cou- dent is reducing staff? Have you read about ples fear that they won’t be able to support reductions in federal employees? Have you an additional family member. Young work- heard about the voluntary pay cuts the Coners, with high unemployment rates and low gress and all departments of federal governwages are moving in with parents and other ment are taking? Neither have I. Apparently the federal govfamily members; many are working multiple ernment is not participating in the recession. jobs to make ends meet. In one man’s humble opinion, it’s time Annual wage increases have dropped to a 30-year low of 1.6%. GDP advanced a feeble to hang out the sign that says, “Under New 1.7% (annualized) and compensation, at 55% Management.” Contact Dick at

Its Amazing What You Can Do In A Day

I crack my eyes open in time to see a water tower as it flies by only a small part of the museum. the drizzle-streaked window. Proudly emblazoned on it are the For two hours Jim parades us through the high points of the words “Xenia – Bicycle Capital of the Midwest.” Wow, we’re mak- Early Flight and War World II galleries, and it’s a fantastic tour. ing good time; we’re almost there, I think as I yawn and sit upright We learned long ago how valuable such volunteer-led tours can be in the back seat of the Honda. Middle son Ian is at the helm and – it’s a labor of love for these people who almost always add counteldest son Adam is still dozing in the less vignettes and interesting side notes – passenger front seat after his stint at the and this one was no exception. wheel. Following a quick picnic in the gardens We’re headed to Dayton, Ohio on this adjacent to the museum, we hit the exhibSeptember Saturday. Our trip started at its with renewed enthusiasm. Still ahead 3:00 am when we pulled out of Roanoke are the galleries of the Korean War, the with me at the wheel. At dawn, 200 Southeast Asia War, the Cold War, and miles behind us, Ian took over, a quick that of Missiles and Space. It’s daunting pit stop at a gravel pull-out somewhere in scope but we cheerfully and guidelessly northwest of Charleston. wend our way through the planes and exThe slap of the wipers keeps tempo hibits until we’re finally ushered out the as we roll on. We’ve wanted to visit the door at closing time. hometown of the Wright brothers for Ten minutes away from the museum some time now, and recently prepared we are still babbling about the fascinating to seize the soonest day that we could exhibits as we arrive at the Huffman Praiall wrangle free. Photo by John Robinson rie Flying Field. We’re amazed to find not So here we are. We don’t have as Johnny, Ian and Adam Robinson catch a quick another soul in attendance. And this is on much time as we’d prefer, but a micro lunch in Dayton. a lovely Saturday evening. Odd. adventure is better than none at all, and A National Historical Site encompassed I realized years ago that one should nevby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, er underestimate what can be done in a day. Huffman Field is the expansive cow pasture in which Orville and Now Adam and I are digging into the provisions which we have Wilbur Wright conducted many flight tests in 1904 and 1905, afon board: cereal, sandwiches, apples. Ian is on the alert for the exit ter their initial success at Kitty Hawk culminating in 1903. Today which will take us to our first stop, the US Air Force Museum, and there is a path and lots of interpretive signs, and even a reproducsoon we’re parked in the big lot, donning shoes, brushing teeth tion of the workshop shed and launching tower which the Wright and patting hair into place. “Let’s go!” brothers utilized. Before moving on to visit the Wright Brothers “Yes, there’s a docent-led tour about to begin right over there,” Memorial perched on a hilltop Not far away, we launch our little the bright and chirpy woman directs us with a practiced wave of radio-controlled model plane over this hallowed ground. the hand. Big Jim Newport starts his tour, and right away he con“Is this even legal, Dad?” wonders Adam as the little plane cirfirms our suspicions. This place is huge. It covers 17 acres. One cles above us. Hmm … Oh well, soon enough I crash the model could spend days just visiting the Gallery of Early Flight, which is and gather up the wreckage. Off we go to the Wright Brothers

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monument. Once you’ve gazed at the tremendous and grand memorial to the brothers Wright at Kitty Hawk, well, the one here consisting of a modest column is not so impressive. But it’s a beautiful spot, especially today with the early fall breeze shuffling through the scattering of trees. Adam entertains us by doing flips -”Websters”off the low stone walls in the park. “Why’d you come all the way here from Virginia? There ain’t nothin’ ’round here!” our laughing waitress at the Big Boy restaurant exclaims. We assure her that we like her city, and that there is indeed a lot to see. “If you say so!” she grins again as she unloads plates of onion rings stacked on her arm. It’s Sunday morning and downtown Dayton is deserted. We leisurely stroll (yeah right, says my wife; you guys never ‘stroll’) the urban banks of the Miami River. Then we get briefly lost locating the Wright Bicycle Co., another historical site administered by the National Park Service. Again, we are the only visitors, and the rangers on duty here seem thrilled to see us. Besides being in the bicycle business, the industrious Wrights were printers too, and in this space is exhibited their print shop equipment as well as the bike shop stuff. There are only four Wright bicycles in existence today, the helpful ranger points out. We find especially interesting the workshop where Wilbur and Orville conducted their meticulous and exacting tests – including the ones in which they used their self-made wind tunnel – on various wing and propeller parameters. Our brains are bubbling to capacity with all of this to consider and it’s been almost twenty-four hours since we arrived in town. Time to head home. We’re crossing the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, and following US Rt. 35 down the Kanawha River valley. We’ll be back in Roanoke in a few hours, and my sons know full well that sooner probably than later I will be saying, “It’s amazing what you can do in a day!” Contact John at


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9/28/12- 10/4/12

Fired Up Again To Stop Breast Tech Engineering Students’ Experiments Go Up With NASA Rocket Cancer In Its Tracks

The second annual Fired up for a Cure event at the Roanoke Civic Center had attracted less than 50 runners or walkers for the 5k and 10K races by August 31, but by the time it took place last Saturday more than 300 were ready to go. Fired up for a Cure, also held elsewhere around the country, is the brainchild locally of Roanoke City FireEMS. It’s designed to raise money for cancer research and to focus on awareness for the disease. The department brought several large ladder vehicles to Fired Up and welcomed Chesapeake’s “famous” pink fire truck, which also was part of the program last year. In addition to free mammogram signups there were plenty of events to keep race participants and others amused, like giant Zumba classes and rows of product vendors. There was also free ice skating offered inside the adjacent Civic Center coliseum. Tiffany Bradbury, the Fire Prevention specialist and public relations coordinator for Roanoke Fire-EMS, said last year’s Fired up Photo by Gene Marrano for a Cure raised about $6000 for cancer re- Fired up for a Cure featured road races, Zumba – search; she was hoping for that much or more and pink fire trucks. this time around. Bradbury said cancer surtown streets. A hike (or run) up the steep Martin vivors, their family members and even those still fighting the disease came out to walk or run Luther King Jr. Bridge was one of the more challenging features. the races. Among those who walked the 5K course was “Amazing weather, an amazing group brought together to support [people] that have had breast Cindy Shields of Roanoke, who was diagnosed cancer,” said Bradbury, a former Channel 10 news with breast cancer in February. Luckily that detecpersonality who was trying her hand at Zumba tion was made early – Shields gets a mammogram along with another hundred or so, as the instruc- every year and this time it paid off. The surgery tors led the way from a Roanoke City Parks & needed was minimal and she’s back on her feet, telling as many women of a certain age as she can Recreation portable stage. Outdoor Events Specialist Joe Hanning, very to get their annual mammogram examinations. “I was very early stage,” said Shields, who was visible at many races held in the city recently, acted as emcee for the races, which also included treated at Carilion Roanoke Memorial. She apprea children’s Fun Run. Channel 10 WSLS co-spon- ciated Fired up for the Cure and the focus it put on breast cancer. “I think its wonderful – women sored the event as well. Several firefighters in the city have passed away really need to think about how important it is [to from cancer in recent times. “[The cause] is very have regular examinations]. I’m amazed at how close to our hearts,” noted Bradbury, “and we many women don’t. Its traumatic no matter what, but if its caught early, the chances of it being miwanted to help our community.” Fired up for a Cure also provided Roanoke nor [increase].” It’s a lot of work for Tiffany Bradbury and the Fire-EMS the opportunity to talk about fire safety. “All you see is a sea of pink,” said Bradbury, noting few others that planned Fired up for a Cure, but the color of the day, for women and many men. “It she sees the event gaining some momentum. “We definitely think it will be back next year.” brings a tear to your eye.” The 5k and 10k courses (3.1 and 6.2 miles, respectively) wound their way from the Civic Center parking lot to the Lick Run Greenway for a By Gene Marrano da Vinci Baker 7583x10 RnkStr_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:42 PM Page 1 short stretch, before heading back towards

Virginia Tech College of Engineering students watched their experiments blast into space last Friday aboard a rocket that launched from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. The spacecraft climbed roughly 99 miles or 160 kilometers into the thermosphere before diving back to Earth for an Atlantic Ocean splash landing via parachute. The NASA-owned, two-stage, 40-foot long Terrier-Improved MalVirginia Tech’s RockStat-X team emute rocket carried a series of experiments both built by Hokie students. The payload also created by students from Virginia Tech’s De- will test two inertial measurement units for fupartment of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering ture CubeSat use. as well as student teams from three other U.S. Virginia Tech’s nitric oxide sensor will have universities: Baylor University, University of an un-obscured field view of the Earth’s upper Colorado at Boulder, the University of Puerto atmosphere, and will use an optical bandpass Rico. The full flight time was right at 15 min- filter which passes only light in a small band, utes, according to a NASA Wallops website. around 220 nanometers, and a custom-de“Launches at NASA Wallops are a sight to signed sensor housing built by students. Servsee,” said Stephen Noel of Christiansburg and ing as faculty adviser on this experiment is a first-year master’s student in aerospace engi- Scott Bailey, associate professor with the Bradneering who also is serving as team leader of ley Department of Electrical and Computer the project. Noel recently finished an intern- Engineering and a member of Virginia Tech’s ship at Wallows Flight Facility and was witness Center for Space Science and Engineering Reto several previous rocket launches. search program. “The speed and power of the sounding rockDesign of the payload for the rocket by stuets are even more impressive in person,” said dent teams requires strict adherence to NASA Noel, who is pursuing a master’s in dynamics guidelines, in addition to communication and and control. “A launch is even more significant cooperation with the principal investigators of and exciting when you have a piece of hardware each experiment, Noel said. This included nuor an experiment flying onboard. At NASA merous readiness reviews along the way, preWallops, they allow the students or employees sented by students to Colorado Space Grant fairly close to the launch pad, although outside Consortium and reviewed by NASA engineers. the danger zone of the rocket. At that distance “Each of these payloads performs separate there is a significant time delay between seeing experiments for each university, and the payand hearing ignition, which is interesting.” loads operate independently of each other,” Last Friday’s launch is part of NASA’s Rock- he added. “NASA provides each payload with Sat program, an educational project designed power and a connection to the transmitter on to provide students with hands-on experience the rocket which communicates each payload’s in designing, fabricating, testing, and conduct- data with NASA’s ground station.” ing experiments for space flight. The RockSatThe Sept. 21 launch was actually the third X team was tasked with designing a payload attempt to launch the RockSat-X rocket. Two and power system to support several experi- previous tries in August were scrubbed bemental projects, including an optical nitric ox- cause of too many boats in nearby waters of the ide sensor and an aperture vacuum seal release Atlantic Ocean for a major fishing tournament, mechanism for the Space Barometer CubeSat­ and then foul weather. or a miniature box-like satellite ­ instrument,

There Is An App. For That

With over 14,000 smart phone/tablet applications and counting, it can be difficult to sort through them for the best ones to aide you in your fitness efforts. There are 1,046 just on alone under a Health & Fitness listing. Here are a few that I have found to be helpful. Some are free; some have a charge; and some are just for fun. I have no interest in the companies or the developers other than, like you, I want useful tools. Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise plan. I am not endorsing any particular site or program. This is for informational purposes only. My Fitness Pal- Available on the iPhone, Android and Blackberry this app is free and has several components. You can use it as a food journal or an exercise journal or both. There is an online community to share your story and learn from others. There is a purported database of 1 million foods. You take it with you on your phone so there are no excuses for not being able to make an entry. Fitness Builder- Available for Android, web and IOS this is free for the first month then $10 thereafter depending on which program is chosen. You can make a customized workout for yourself based on your age, gender and fitness level. It’s like having a personal trainer with you any time day or night 7 days a week. You can choose workouts with or without equipment. It will track your progress for you. There are versions available for the general public, athletes and fitness/health professionals. Fat Secret- An online journal and community for all things diet related. There is a calorie counting app for Android and a webbased diet and food journal, weight history graph and community. It is free. You can use it anonymously or allow others to see your entries and journal for feedback and support. It doesn’t endorse any particular program or diet. Candle Free- This is a virtual lit candle that will flicker when you move your device. I found it on the app store. Dining should be an event and what better way to make it special than by candle light. Studies consistently show that we forget 40% of what we eat in a day. Keeping a journal will help with the food “amnesia” and keep you on track. A food journal will also serve as a reminder of what you consume; if your diet is balanced; and where you need to make changes. An exercise journal will serve as a tool for you to track your progress and keep you motivated. Be sure you are visiting reliable websites for answers to your medical and health questions. Don’t believe everything you see on Less than half an inch. That’s the length of incisions the internet. There is a better chance of accurate information from the Mayo Clinic than anonymous168 on a community board. Many when you’re talking about the da Vinci® Surgical people will try to “sell” their particular diet or health theories so be System. With that small cut, surgeons at Carilion can careful and do your homework.


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9/28/12- 10/4/12

Salem Holds Off Late Viking Charge For 16-14 Victory

Salem mounted a 16-7 lead with 3 1/2 minutes to play, then held off a furious final charge by the Northside Vikings, as the Spartans escaped Salem Stadium with the 16-14 win Friday night. Salem remained undefeated at 4-0, while the Vikings dropped to 2-3 on the season. The game was a signature game in the trenches for the two foes, as Salem ground out a 7-0 lead at halftime, and increased the margin to 10-0 on a Scott Look field goal from 23-yards out midway through the third quarter. Later in the third, the Northside offense got untracked as Viking quarterback Dominic Dunnaville capped off a superlative running display Photo by Bill Turner. with a 12-yard TD dash that cut the Spartan lead Salem runnng back #6 Tyrek Roberts looks to 10-7 after junior Trey Noell’s point-after. for an opening as he faces a wall of NorthNoell later missed on a potential game-tieing side defenders. 30-yard field goal early in the final quarter. Salem looked to put the game away with an 80- yard bomb to close to the final margin. A lastyard drive in the fourth, culminated by a Devante ditch Northside effort in the final minute came up Payne 2-yard touchdown dive for the 16-7 advan- short. The two teams combined for 74 rushing plays, tage. Dunnaville responded 32 seconds later when with the Vikings holding the slim edge in yardage, By Bill Turner he hit fellow-junior Harold Buckner with a 64- 176-174.

Cave Spring Opens River Ridge Play With 3-1 Win Over Salem

Cave Spring opened its River Ridge District volleyball season with a convincing 3-1 win over Salem Tuesday night in the Spartan gym. After winning the opening game 25-11, the Knights rebounded from a game-two 23-25 setback to clinch the match 25-22; 25-16. Cave Spring was led by Erin Holsinger’s 16 kills and 7 blocks. Alyssa McKinley added 14 kills, with Olivia Sass setting the Knight offense with 36 assists. Junior Barrett Kemp led the Salem attack, Photo by Bill Turner. posting 10 kills. The Cave Spring front line rejects a kill attempt by Salem seBy Bill Turner nior Savannah Stevens Tuesday night in the River Ridge opener.

Hidden Valley Volleyball William Fleming Just Misses In 14-13 Rolls In 3-0 Sweep Over Franklin County Setback To R.J. Reynolds All systems were on go last Thursday night for Hidden

It would be hard to argue that William Fleming half staked the Colonels to the 13-0 lead, and the is getting close to paydirt. Fleming faithful could sense a celebration in the Friday night at Fleming Stadium, the Colonels, works. after outplaying the visBut, the Demons iting Demons from R.J. fought back with a pair Reynolds of Winstonof Otto Steele short Salem, North Carolina touchdown runs and for most of the game, Brady Buchanon PATs to saw a potential gametake the 14-13 lead. winning 21-yard field The game offered an goal sail just wide. unsual twist in the first The miss prevented quarter, after Reynolds Fleming from gaining had taken the opening their elusive first win of kickoff and driven inthe season as well as the side the Fleming 10-yard first-ever Colonel victoline. Faced with a fourth ry in Fleming Stadium. down, the Demons lined Photo by Bill Turner. It was a bittersweet end up for a field goal atto an otherwise promis- Fleming running back Etienne Morisseau tempt, before a fake led to picks up big yardage as he outruns a closing an apparent touchdown ing night Fleming, challenged R.J. Reynolds defender. pass. with the running game However, the play, all season, saw senior Etienne Morisseau move to legal in North Carolina high school rules, was running back and have a superb game, picking up deemed illegal under Virginia rules, turning the 125 yards on 27 carries. ball over to the Colonels. Morisseau’s 4-yard touchdown run in the first The Colonels will hope to regroup on Friday, quarter, along with a 2-yard TD toss from Flem- Sept. 28th but have a tough assigment as as the ing quarterback Tyrell Adams to sophomore wide undefeated Salem Spartans invade Fleming Stareceiver Mike Gravely midway through the third dium. By Bill Turner

Roanoke United Volleyball Club Tryouts

Roanoke United Volleyball Club is hosting tryouts for the 2013 season on September 30 and October 7 for ages 13-18. Please visit for more info and to sign up.

Valley as the Titans rolled to the 25-7; 25-17; 25-16 volleyball win over Franklin County at the Hidden Valley gym. The Titan’s height at the net was the dominating factor as junior Madison Morris fired 11 kills past the Eagle defense, with seniors Jenny Clark and Lauren Thomas adding 9 and 7, respectfully. Paving the way for the Hidden Valley power game was Hanna Podeschi’s 28 assists. Hidden Valley, which begins River Ridge District play this week, improved to 6-0 in regular season 3-game Photo by Bill Turner. matches. Hidden Valley’s Madison Morris powers By Bill Turner one of her 11 kills past the Franklin County defense in the Titan’s 3-game sweep.

Catholic Girls Continue to Roll

Roanoke Catholic maintained its dominance over rival North Cross on the volleyball court on Tuesday night winning in 3 games by scores of 25-15, 25-14, 25-19. The scrappy but overpowered Raiders seemed to be able to hang with the Celtics through the first 1214 points of each match before the experience and athletic ability of Mairin Guilfoyle (13 kils, 3 aces) Alexandra Arnold (10 kills) and Ava Perez (26 assists) took over. Gussie Revercomb (9 kills) and Ashley Donaho (8 kills) led North Cross. #8 Alexandra Arnold soars high above the net for the Celtics.

Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It’s just like An unusual week for the Wild Bill ‘Big-11� as four teams, PH, when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.� Northside, Botetourt and Cave Spring have open weeks before disThat line, from the 1978 movie ‘Animal House’, sorta sums up this trict play starts. Here’s a look at the slate of five games for week-6. week’s prediction dilemma. If you didn’t realize it’s been 34 Salem at William Fleming: I’m getting nervous about years since the Delta House boys took over Faber College, the obvious choice on this one. One team is undefeated. well just remember- you always learn something when you One winless, but on the cusp. In the end, Salem should have read my column. too much experience and too many bodies for a Fleming Last week got a passing grade after only three misses in shocker. But, this one has the makings for a Wild Bill upset. what turned out to be one of the toughest weeks of the seaClearer heads prevail. Salem- 27 William Fleming- 13. son. Glenvar at William Byrd: Byrd had the open week to reThe parity of local football is brutal, and I’ve got to fess group after it’s 1-3 start, while Glenvar checks in at 2-2 after up that a couple of my many correct picks last Friday were a thrashing of Covington. Jeff Highfill will have the Terriers very close calls. barking in this one. Horns blare in Vinton. William ByrdSalem, one of two ‘Big-11� undefeateds, and a typical 24 Glenvar- 14. Bill Turner winning horse to keep riding, narrowly slipped by for the Bassett at Hidden Valley: Hidden Valley has been the second week this season. early disappointment, starting 1-3. The off-week last Friday gave On the other end of the spectrum, Fleming continues to be only Scott Weaver the chance to revitalize the troops, and Bassett may one play from breaking the egg and rolling into the win column. I’m be the perfect cure at Bogle Field. The Titans roll on homecoming hoping to be on hand for the Colonels pending celebration. Flem- Friday. Hidden Valley- 34 Bassett- 13. ing officials had better be ready to secure the goal posts. Hargrave Military at North Cross: Things ease up a bit for the In the meantime, I’m heading to Dean Wormer’s office where I Raiders after a murderers row slate to open the season. Expect the expect to be told to Ouija-up or be put on double-secret probation. Raiders to get it clicking on offense. North Cross won by 29 last There’s only one solution, of course – return to Delta House, put year. Closer, but the Thomas Field faithful should be cheering. on my toga and listen to Otis Day and the Knights. And, no, I don’t North Cross – 33 Hargrave- 19. mind if you dance with my date. I’ll be too busy figuring out this Fishburne Military at Roanoke Catholic: The Celtics look for a week’s winners. turnaround from their young team’s 0-4 start. Fishburne comes to

friday night football schedule

town after a 16-point win over Quantico. The Caissons have only scored 6 points in two road games so far. Roanoke Catholic- 18 Fishburne- 12. Now, to the mailbag where questions about my celebrity connections drew plenty of comments. Dear Wild Bill- I saw you laughing along with Johnny Bench last Tuesday night at the Taubman Museum. What was so funny? (Steve/ Roanoke). Well, Steve, we were comparing rings and chatting about ‘The Broken Stool.’ The Cincinnati catcher was a first-ballot hall of famer and quite engaging. Thanks go out to Greystone Financial for the opportunity. To the Roanoke Star tennis pro: Hey, Wild Bill, how in the world did you get on the court with John McEnroe and Pete Sampras last weekend at The Greenbrier? (Tom/ Greensboro). I wasn’t playing, Tom. But, I was on the court with both during their exhibition match Saturday. Great experience. The outspoken McEnroe reminds me of some of my shenanigans. Only downside – Maria Sharapova wasn’t there. But, I’m working on that for next month. Until next week, remember all is not lost. John Belushi (aka Bluto) graduated from Faber and became a U.S. Senator. Hey, probably makes more sense than this November’s slate. Send your tennis lobs to Wild Bill via By Bill Turner

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Bankruptcy Is Not A Bad Word

I grew up in a family where bankruptcy was citizens don’t live under oppressive debt loads a bad word. But, over the past 19 years, I and and have a basis as far back as the Old Testamy law partner have helped more than 10,000 ment where debts were forgiven every 50 years folks in Southwest Virginia get a in the book of Leviticus and every fresh start by filing bankruptcy. In seven years in Deuteronomy. The today’s world, bankruptcy is not right to file bankruptcy has been a bad word and can be, in fact, a around almost since the foundlife saving tool in the fight against ing of our nation. In fact Article 1 mega-creditors who seem to have of the United States Constitution all the power (and sometimes the sets out the authority for banklaw) on their side. ruptcy laws. Many of the counMy parents ran a small weekly try’s esteemed citizens have taken newspaper and print shop and I advantage of those bankruptcy recall them talking at the dinner laws or debt relief laws from Miltable about folks who owed them ton Hershey to Henry Ford and money for advertising or printWalt Disney. Even Virginia’s ing for which they would never be own Thomas Jefferson struggled paid since those folks filed bankthroughout his life with substanMalissa Giles ruptcy. Those bankruptcies had a tial debt issues due to a multitude direct financial impact on whether I got a new of factors, including overspending and co-signbike or not. ing an obligation for a friend who did not pay. Dinner table conversations are different for For many folks, asking for help or even conmy children. They live with two attorney par- sidering bankruptcy feels shameful and wrong. ents who help folks file bankruptcy daily. They It is tough for folks to look at it as the finanhave a different view of bankruptcy because cial tool or remedy that it is as they often feel they live in a different economic world. They responsible for their own situation. They look recognize it a tool that helps even out the play- at economic failure as moral failure. But many ing field for the many folks who find themselves times, especially in the last few years, we have in financial distress and with few to no options. seen the finances of so many people swept away In short, they know that bankruptcy is not a by economic storms that few could have imagbad word. ined. People who have worked hard their whole My dinner table recollections come from a lives have lost their jobs because of the closing, time when local businesses ran credit accounts downsizing, or outsourcing many once stable for their customers and few folks owed on companies have gone through. And those jobs credit cards. Heck, at that time the mortgage on are hard to replace. Not to mention the impact your house was actually held by the local bank of sickness or divorce. whose loan officer lived down the street from We have seen some of the largest corpoyou. You did not open your mail box to find rations in America file bankruptcy or avoid the constant barrage of credit solicitations that bankruptcy only by being bailed out. Most of have become so prevalent in the past 10 years the time being bailed out is not an option for – your mortgage was not sold and securitized a regular person. But the bankruptcy laws that and packaged up for investors — nor did you protect individuals are still there. have the financial uncertainly that many folks So, for a girl who learned bankruptcy was a face these days. bad word at the dinner table, I’ve done a 180. It Over the next few months, I’ll address the is not for everyone – people who can pay their different types of bankruptcy, non-bankruptcy bills should do so. But when the time comes options and also write about common mistakes that they can’t, there must be an alternative. folks make that can lead them to end up need- There must the opportunity for people to shed ing bankruptcy. or restructure debt they have no hope of fully No one actually wants to file bankruptcy. repaying. There must be the hope of getting I see folks weekly who just need advice about a fresh start and going on to a productive life other alternatives. Some folks need advice without an overwhelming burden of debt. After about spending habits, some folks may need to all, would we really be better off without Ford recognize they simply cannot afford to keep the trucks, Hershey Kisses, and Tinker Bell? large home now the kids are gone and income is reduced. But other folks are grasping at false Malissa Giles received the Platinum ranking solutions that damage their credit as much as as top attorney in Roanoke Valley as recognized bankruptcy and give them no substantial relief by readers of The Roanoker in 2012 Best of Roafrom the stress of debt overload. noke. (May/June 2012 issue.) You can reach her The bankruptcy laws were created so that our at 981-9000 or

9/28/12- 10/4/12

Life-long Advocate For Those In Need Brings Her Message to Ferrum College

Lutheran Family Services of Virginia (LFSVA) President and Chief Executive Officer Julie Swanson was on the Ferrum College campus last week for the College’s first Executive In Residence program of the new academic year. In addition to delivering a keynote address to students, faculty and others from the community, Swanson joined students in morning and afternoon classes sharing details about her life and work. Swanson has been involved with programs and advocacy efforts for children, families, refugees and the elderly throughout LFSVA President and Chief Executive Officer Julie Swanson her career, which has included ing budget to $25 million with 375 employees. positions in the Virgin Islands, Florida, Colorado and now Virginia. The na- Services provided at 19 locations and six group ture of her work often makes career changes homes have been expanded beyond children or management decisions challenging and her to include older adults and individuals with method of making hard choices was of partic- intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Executive in Residence initiative at ular interest to audience members. “Typically when I approach decisions and Ferrum College seeks to bring the real world change, I try to assess everything that is affect- business experience of current and retired ing that situation. My gut and intuition play business professionals to campus. Guest exa big part,” explained Swanson. “If I come to ecutives tour the College, audit classes, interthe decision that our mission is going to be af- act with students and faculty, and are asked to fected in a way that won’t move it forward, I deliver a lecture sharing their personal experiences and philosophies. Speakers offer insight will make the difficult decision.” LFSVA traces its roots to the Lutheran Chil- on the knowledge, skills and leadership qualidren’s Home of the South founded in 1888 ties necessary for a successful business career. to provide care for orphaned children. Since Novozymes Biologicals President Patrick Pattaking the helm in 2005, Swanson has reorganized the structure of LFSVA and through the terson will serve as the College’s next Executive strategic acquisition of a for-profit company as in Residence on Wed., Oct. 3. His 11:15 a.m. well as growth in other divisions, LFSVA has keynote address in the Blue Ridge Mountain increased from a $10 million annual operat- Room, Franklin Hall, is open to the public.

New Director of Client Services Joins B2C

Bruce Bryan, President of B2C Enterprises, has announced that Beth Kolnok is joining the firm as Director of Client Services. In this position, Kolnok will provide client support in brand management, strategic marketing planning, business development, advertising, media relations and corporate relations. Kolnok, a native of Roanoke, comes to B2C from Vistar Eye Center for whom she will continue to handle all marketing, advertising and communications as contracted through the agency. “Beth has been instrumental in creating a marketing vision for Vistar, and helping us effectively position the practice as the pre-eminent ophthalmic group in Southwest Virginia. As Beth moves on with her own career growth, I am happy that she will continue to be working with Vistar and helping the practice grow,” says Paul Levy, CEO of Vistar Eye Center. Kolnok obtained her degree in Communications from Virginia Tech and brings with her 13 years of experience. “The growth at B2C Enterprises has been consistent,” said Bryan. “Having the opportunity to add someone with the skills Beth has developed is a huge win and better prepares us for future expansion. Her background in medical marWe Finance: keting will translate well into all areas of our company and • Small & large tracts of land with our clients are looking forward no acreage limits to adding her perspective to • Homes and home construction their planning process. • Home and lot improvements “What makes it such an at• Mortgage refinancing tractive situation is the ex• Recreation property panded role B2C Enterprises • Farms, livestock and equipment will play in Vistar Eye Center’s overall marketing,” said Bryan. “Vistar is a charter client of B2C and we’re really looking forward to expanding the relationship with them in the coming years.”

Feeling Depressed or Down? Counseling may help. Volunteers are needed to participate in an MRI study.

Beth Kolnok

America’s Rural Lender Since 1916 Eligible participants will: • Receive free counseling • Participate in interviews and complete questionnaires • Play computer games during MRI scans • Be paid $15/hour or more for participating

To be eligible you must: • Be 18-55 years old • Have problems with depression • NOT be taking antidepressants • NOT have any metal implants • NOT be claustrophobic

Contact: | 540-526-2032







The Country Store Deli




4717 Starkey Rd. Roanoke, VA

lOSe WeiGht aS if yOur life depended On it. Start by losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks.**

Being overweight increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many types of cancer, it also can take years off your life. Our programs offer strategies unavailable to commercial weight loss programs. Non-surgical weight loss One-on-one with a physician Physician customized plan 99% keep the weight off after a year*


Grand OpeninG - BramBletOn COmmOnS initial COnSultatiOn Only $19!

Kenneth Luckay, DO - 4515 Brambleton Ave. S.W., Suite B, Roanoke VA *Based on a stratified sample of 349 patients over a six-year period. Patients must have remained on the program for a minimum of 28 days and be monitored with at least two physician visits within first 31 days to be included in the study. A variety of nutritional meal replacements were used. 99% of the patients that followed the CMWL program, including a low calorie diet and individual counseling with CMWL physicians, from one month up to a year, weighed less at their last weigh-in than their starting weight. **Based on a stratified random sample of 223 women and 99 men on a medically prescribed diet.

Arts & Culture |Page 9

9/28/12- 10/4/12

Popular Christian Music Groups To Perform At Roanoke College

Jones Returns With Musical Revue at Jeff Center

Save perhaps for the Broadway touring his Broadway show for the past few years. “We shows that hit the Roanoke Civic Center sev- try so hard [and] have to be off-book after the eral times a year, believe it or not the best first week.” (Jones said they really had about chance to hear musical numbers comparable ten days.) to the “Great White Way” in New York City That means students are expected to know may come from local high school kids. the songs by then; the choreography will come For the 11th year, The later. “If its taught, its Kevin Jones Performing learned,” is the mantra Arts Studio (KJPAS) Jones preaches to his will offer a free show aspiring musical thefeaturing high school ater troupe, many of students from Jones’ whom have appeared private program for locally in plays at Mill would-be actors/singMountain, Showtimer/dancers. Just about ers, etc. all of them will go on to “He teaches us what study theater in college we need to know – I and some will aspire to wouldn’t say he’s mean a professional career; or anything,” said Miothers hope to pursue randa Jones, who will their craft as a sideline. be featured in songs Jones, who ran the like Chicago’s Color Photo by Gene Marrano My World and also performing arts program at the Arnold R. Kevin Jones (left) leads part of his troupe has a solo on Its My Burton technical school through a rehearsal at Tanglewood Mall. Party. She likes being in Roanoke County for up on stage, “free to do a time, is a veteran piano player/actor/per- whatever you want.” As long as its in the show former in his own right, who has taken his script or choreography, of course. own turns on New York stages. “Its so professional,’ said Dwyer about the Now his troupe of high schoolers (his young- annual performances held at the Jefferson er daughter Miranda is also in the cast) present Center. “You have to be like a professional acBroadway Jukebox Musicals on Saturday, Oc- tor, there’s so much responsibility.” Acting will tober 27th at the Jefferson Center. Show times always be part of her life, Dwyer hopes. She’s are 2pm and 7pm. The musical revue features looking at a double major in college: theater songs from Rock of Ages, Mamma Mia, Jer- and “something my parents believe I can get a sey Boys and many more shows. Free tickets job in.” She said that with a chuckle but can’t will be available through the Jefferson Center imagine life without the stage being part of it box office starting next Thursday, October 4th, in some way. beginning at 8:30am. (Warning: these tickets The 25 students in this year’s show “is the have gone quickly in the past!) most ever [and] they had to audition,” said Baby Boomers and those a bit younger, with Jones. Every number in the show will be reteens still in school perhaps, will appreciate hearsed for about four hours before they get tunes by Journey, Queen and ABBA; other to “Tech Week,” the final rehearsals before older standards will include My Boyfriend’s the two shows on October 4. Jones will reBack and Mr. Sandman. hearse his students three days a week; three Jones’ past annual shows have all featured other days they still come to his home studio Broadway musical numbers and other tunes in Southwest Roanoke County to study at the staged with elaborate choreography, fine sing- performing arts studio. ing performances and a polish beyond what He promises a good time for those that atone might expect at a high school production. tend Broadway Jukebox Musicals. “People Cave Spring High School’s Jessie Dwyer has who have never been [to a previous producnow been in four KJPAS Broadway –style pro- tion] have no idea what kids are capable of. ductions at the Jefferson Center. “We practice We’ve really raised the bar – we take it up a for about two months, which is shorter than it notch.” The proof will be evident October 27, used to be,” said Dwyer on a short break from on stage at Jefferson Center once again. practice at an empty space inside Tanglewood By Gene Marrano Mall, where Jones has set up shop to rehearse



Lessons from the Pages of Deuteronomy



Presbyterian Church in America


2216 Peter’s Creek Road

Calling all Christian music fans and those who want to donate to a worthy cause.

For King & Country

Dara Maclean

Christian recording artists, For King & Country, Dara Maclean, and Jason Castro, from American Idol season 7, will perform at Roanoke College for a special benefit concert on Sunday, Oct. 7. This concert, called “Music for Food” is hosted by several different Christian organizations, including Roanoke College Campus Ministries, Intervarsity, Lutheran Student Movement, Baptist Student Union, Students for Life, Young Life and the Chaplain’s Office. All proceeds from this concert will go to Roa-

Jason Castro

noke area organizations that feed the homeless, such as RAM House, the Rescue Mission, the Salem/Roanoke County Food Pantry and Micah’s Backpack. The concert is open to Roanoke students and to the general public. It starts at 5 p.m. in Roanoke’s Alumni Gym. Tickets are $10 before the concert and $13 at the door. They can be purchased at or at Roanoke’s Colket Center Information Desk.

How To Take Your Talent From The Playroom To The Stage

Young Phenom Offers Tips for Tweens and Teens with Big Dreams

If you have a vision and a talent, don’t ignore it. At least that’s what Sydney Rose, 20, has learned. The singer/songwriter whose debut pop single, “Breaking Rules,” hit No. 23 on the national radio Top 40 chart in Sep, says she tried to put her dream on hold – and couldn’t. “I’ve been in love with music all my life,” says Rose (www.sydneySydney Rose “I’ve learned it’s an important part of who I am and you can’t ignore that, no matter what your age.” Rose grew up honing her singing skills, then learning guitar (“My first chord was D”) and dancing. She overcame any lingering shyness about performing before audiences by joining two other girls in a pop/ dance group called Rosemadayne. But when it came time to attend college, she decided it was best to put her dream on a back burner. “I was afraid,” she says. “I wanted to experience college without the pressure of a music career, but I actually felt more pressure without my dream and I knew I had to nurture that passion that is so a part of me.” That’s when she wrote her newest album, “Rise,” an up-tempo celebration of life. It’s getting airplay on radio stations across the country, a development that never ceases to amaze and delight the rising star. “Listening to myself on the planet 96.7 right at this moment!!!” she posted recently on Twitter (@itssydneyrose). “This is surreal!!!! #bestdayeverever.” Rose offers tips for other young people who are determined to follow their dreams: • Get your support team together: Whether it’s parents, other family members, friends or teachers, you’ll need people who encourage and help guide you. Coaches, mentors or instructors can help you improve – because no matter what your talent and how much of it you’ve got, you can always expand your abilities with help. Depending on your age, that may require financial and transportation support. • Set realistic goals: You may dream of being in the movies or on TV, but don’t expect to start there! “I happily performed at bar and bat mitzvahs (bonus! – I met my manager through those), book stores, Best Buy stores, and at my vocal school,” Sydney says. “These were great opportunities to get used to being in front of live audiences and learning how to interact with the audience.” The smaller goals are there for you to reach the bigger ones – Rome was not built overnight, she says. Those who are supportive will remind you of the big picture. • Remember, it’s OK to be scared: Doing something for the first time can be really scary, and it’s perfectly normal to be nervous. But of Dooley Heating & Air don’t let that stop you from getting out there and trying! “From experience, I know that almost anything that seems scary the first time gets much easier, and less scary, every time you do it,” Sydney says. Guilty of the following: “Don’t let fear keep you from ever taking the next step.” • Offering too many Affordable Solutions • Have fun! “With ‘Rise,’ I wrote songs that are fun and upbeat. I thought, ‘If I’m going to do this for the rest of my life, I have to have • Responding Too Fast to Emergency Calls an amazing time. Right?’ she says. Part of what has helped the album’s • Offering Interest Free Financing success is that she was genuinely happy and having a good time when • Saving 50% on Heating & Cooling Bills she recorded it. No matter what you’re doing, your true emotions tend to color your work – they’re hard to hide, so work with them. About Sydney Rose Sydney Rose is a 20-year-old recording artist who has worked toward her success the old-fashioned way – through training, practice and dedication. She credits great coaches for helping her develop her talent for singing, dancing and songwriting, and she has become a rising star on the pop music circuit. Her new album, “Rise,” is now available on iTunes. License #: 2705028614


Have you seen this man? He Must Be


Tim Dooley



When times are tough you may need someone to walk beside you to offer encouragement and hope. That is why our hospice offers a FREE support network and bereavement program from a perspective that strengthens your faith and helps you get back on your feet and living again. Please contact Kathy Barton at 540-989-6265 for more information. Long term employees with experience in palliative pain & symptom management, emotional support and grief counseling


CHILDREN GRADES K-12 One Monday night monthly & pizza provided.

24/7 Referrals... Same Day Admissions

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3/1/11 1:20 PM

Free Health Care for the Uninsured

Board President, Randy Rhea, M.D. with Nancy Ferris

The Volunteers Who Make It Possible! Every Dollar Donated Provides Four Dollars of Care

1240 Third Street, SW Roanoke| 540.344.5156

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#P13350A #R00841A

$13,990 $12,490

$14,990 $13,990

#30948AB #SB18337

$15,990 $13,990


$15,990 $16,490

#B18459 #531002A

$15,990 $16,990



$27,990 $20,990

#P13245 #R00755A


Carfax on Every Car!



2007 FORD Focus Stock #221292A

Stock #220971A

2005 SCION

2010 HYUNDAI Accent






2007 DODGE Caliber Stock #221266A

2007 CHEVROLET Impala Stock #PB4512A

2004 NISSAN Murano

2002 CHEVROLET Silverado

2004 DODGE Ram 2004 DODGE Ram






2009 KIA OPTIMA Stock #PA5014

2006 JEEP Wrangler Stock #221349A

2010 DODGE Grand Caravan

Stock #221253A

2008 MINI Cooper Stock #220531A






2007 BMW 3 Series Stock #221094A

2007 GMC Yukon Stock # PA5016

2011 SUBARU Legacy Stock #221243A

Stock # PA5007

2009 ACURA

2009 TOYOTA 4Runner Stock #221369A


Stock #221008B

Stock #P5026

Stock # 220967B

Stock # P4872A

2002 AUDI Stock #P5019






Stock #P5008

1994 DODGE DODGE VIPER Stock #P4589

2009 ACURA

Stock #P5031

2008 PORSCHE Cayenne Stock #PA5022

Stock #PB5010







$32,990 $31,990


Stock #221135A



#R00776A #SB18270

2004 CADILLAC Deville

$9,490 $12,490

#120369A #SB18329 #120369A

2004 BUICK Lesabre Stock #221311A

#B18438C #30810B

$8,990 $12,490

#SH46859A #SH47148B

$6,990 $8,490



#B18536 #R00711A

$6,990 $7,490



#531121A #R00847A






News from the Roanoke Valley for September 28, 2012.  

News from the Roanoke Valley for September 28, 2012.