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the Redpath Group’s global newsletter | SEPTEMBER 2012

Breakthrough was achieved on July 1st, 2012. The above official breakthrough photograph shows Darren Medd (Redpath Project Manager, front left) and Al Gray (Redpath Superintendent, front right) alongside the Decline 1 and Decline 2 national and expat crews.

Kumtor Breakthrough Achieved Ahead of Schedule By Johan du Toit Accomplishing this major milestone of safely breaking through was an all-team effort between the expat and national work force, KOC and Redpath teams. National skills development played a major role in the execution of this project. Apart from the excellent performance

achieved by the crew, the project safety record was outstanding passing 1180 LTI free days with breakthrough. Taking into account the sometimes difficult circumstances, the crews worked with safety always being the first priority adhering to all Redpath procedures and standards.

INSIDE Raiseboring Around the World 50th Anniversary Celebrations Oyu Tolgoi Update Ron Dion Memorial Golf Tournament Lifestyle

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2 Message from the


SAFETY “All too often, we focus on the path of least resistance.” Derek Budge, CRSP

Director of Health, Safety, Environment

Behaviour Based Safety

There has been much discussion recently about behaviour based safety. It is true that a very high percentage of incidents are the result of unsafe behavior. However, this does not automatically mean that it was the worker’s fault. When an injury or incident occurs, in almost all cases there has been a management failure. We need to find both the immediate cause and the basic underlying cause(s) when we investigate injuries and incidents. The immediate cause is usually quite evident. However, the basic underlying cause(s) are often not so easily determined and - when found are sometimes embarrassing or hard to deal with for a variety of reasons. So, all too often, we focus on the path of least resistance - the immediate cause. Why is this done? It is much easier to say “The worker messed up so he will be dealt with”. Recommended prevention measures – “Discipline the worker”, “review at safety meetings”.

Please make sure you always take the time to truly investigate what the real basic underlying causes were and then address them as required. Operations Managers and superintendents are required to actively participate in the investigation process and thoroughly review the reports to ensure the basic underlying or root causes of injuries and incidents are determined so that effective prevention measures may be initiated and shared throughout the Group to prevent any similar occurrences in the future. Please review an excerpt from an article I read recently … continued >> Back cover

“...early success led to the Redpath Spirit...” George Flumerfelt

President and C.E.O.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the founding of our company, it is important to reflect on the things that have allowed Redpath to be successful and grow into one of the world’s foremost underground mining contractors. There is no doubt that Jim Redpath, our founder, was an extraordinary business leader. Under his leadership, this company tackled some very challenging projects in the early years that earned Redpath a reputation for taking on different assignments and completing them successfully. The Creighton #9 Shaft, the Black Angel project in Greenland and the Brunswick project were all highly successful projects completed in the early years that helped Redpath build its reputation for delivering quality service. This early success led to the “Redpath Spirit” that has enabled us to grow to a size that, today, is well beyond anything we ever imagined possible. We’ve done it by taking on new challenges all over the world and being successful at providing quality service to our clients. Today our employees have opportunities around the world as a result of the application of that Redpath spirit and it is very satisfying for me to see the personal growth in so many of our people as they stretch to take on new challenges and develop new skills in the process. The first half of 2012 has gone well for the most part. Revenue is higher than anticipated and the Company is performing well overall. We do, however, need to remain vigilant in the application of our safety systems as we have had some slippage in our total medical injury frequency. We all need to remember that nothing is more important in our company than having each and every employee complete every shift. The outlook for the second half of the year is very promising for Redpath. While we have completed, or are about to complete, a number of key projects (Fruta del Norte in Ecuador, Orosur in Uruguay, Waneta in Canada, and the Lalor Shaft in Canada), we are also about to start up or expand several new projects (Casposo, Gualcamayo, and Cerro Negro in Argentina, Gaghoo Vent Shaft in Botswana, Sunshine Mine in the U.S., and the Uralkali shafts in Russia to name a few) that will offset the loss of the completed projects. All in all, we are anticipating 2012 to be our busiest year ever. The longer term outlook is not all roses though. The mining industry is cyclical in nature and we are starting to get indications that we are probably at the peak of the current cycle. There is evidence to suggest that both the exploration and engineering activity in the mining industry is starting to slow down. High costs are forcing companies to restructure their operations and even to defer continued >> Page 3

3 our most valuable resource


New to the Redpath family:

People on the move

• Daniel Careau, Raglan Project Manager - Redpath-Nuvumiut in Quebec • Victor Martinez, Manager, Oyu Tolgoi Shaft #5 – Mongolia • Martial Macameau, Area Safety Superintendent, Quebec – Canada • Ryan Smit, Project Controller – Canada • Leon Munnick, General Manager - Mongolia • Liesl Rabie, Project Controller, Oyu Tolgoi Shaft #5 – Mongolia • Willem Geldenhuys, Project Manager, OT Shaft #2 – Mongolia • Johan Bystedt, Supervisor, Grounds Maintenance Crew - North Bay • Lara Church, Data Entry Clerk, Human Resources – North Bay • Tyler Foy, Engineer-in-Training, Graduate Development Program – North Bay • Jan Hegemann, Engineering Student, Internship – North Bay • Cindy Laplante, Graphic Designer, Marketing – North Bay • Sophie Dubois, Estimator, Estimating Services – North Bay • Virginia Delachevrotiere, Senior Financial Accountant, Holdings – North Bay • Kaitlin Elliott, Student, Safety – North Bay • Jordan Vidal, Administrative Assistant, Project Services – North • Trevor Yerlitz, Global Mobility Coordinator, Human Resources – North Bay • Phil Gelmi, Raisebore Operations Manager – Australia • Tim Benseley Project Accountant, Raiseboring - Australia • Nyamtseren.G, Mining Engineer, Oyu Tolgoi Shaft #2 – Mongolia • Batsuuri.D, Zorigt-Erdene.Ch, Mandakh-Soyombo.Ts and Bayarbat.B., Underground Translators, Oyu Tolgoi Shaft #2 Mongolia • Vicky Milne, Administrative Assistant, Project Services – North Bay • Lorieann Whittaker, Contract Administrator, Contract Services – North Bay • Jacqueline Jennings, Electrical Apprentice, Raisebore Shop – North Bay • Shelleen Tisseur, Domestic Coordinator, Human Resources – North Bay • Tracy Yuen, Financial Accounting Clerk – North Bay • Victoria Taylor, Administrative Assistant, Timmins Office/Shops

• Salipin Sudirman, currently Redpath in Indonesia, has joined J.S. Redpath Limited to begin training for approximately one year as Project Controller, Project Services • Matt Perkins has been promoted to Area Superintendent, Raiseboring – U.S. Operations • Micheline Poulin has been promoted to Lead Project Controller, Canada • David Hansman has accepted an assignment as Senior Vice President, South America • Derek Budge appointed Director – Health, Safety & Environment • Bruce Fraser promoted to Manager, Health, Safety & Environment – North America • Sandy Spencely has been appointed Operations Director, South America • Pat Smythe has accepted the position of General Operations Manager, South America • Oscar Quenneville has been promoted to Purchasing Supervisor, North Bay • Natalie Charette has accepted a position in Human Resources as Travel Coordinator • Paul Healy has been promoted to Vice-President, Canadian Operations • Bruce Mennie has been promoted to Vice President, International Projects responsible for overseas projects managed from J.S. Redpath Limited • Chris Cobbledick is promoted to General Manager, Estimating Services – North America • Tony Cerasia is promoted to Manager, Project Accounting and Payroll – North Bay • Gary Gagain has been promoted to the position of Area Superintendent - MRC • Paul Lefrancois has accepted a promotion to the position of Area Superintendent - Sudbury Operations. • Marius Blignaut has assumed the responsibility of Shaft Manager for Oyu Tolgoi No. 2 Shaft in Mongolia. • The entire Purchasing team has moved to 4560 Hwy 11 North in North Bay.

Message from the President continued >> Page 2 major capital spending programs. Platinum mining companies are struggling in South Africa and the metalliferous sector in Australia is not in expansion mode at present. Junior companies in Canada are experiencing difficulty raising money in equity markets and everyone is uncertain as to how the debt crisis in Europe will impact commodity markets. What does it all mean for Redpath? Well, we understand the cyclical nature of our business and that the best way to survive the downturns is to have delivered great service to our clients in the past - so they will remember us in the future. From our Philosophy and Guidelines penned by Jim Redpath almost 50 years ago: “We remember that our goal is to serve our clients well Excuses are unacceptable.” This simple statement is the key to our ongoing success and living up to it will allow Redpath to enjoy another 50 years of success.

Narangerel Banzragch on obtaining a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology. Narangerel is QA/QC Engineer, with the Surface Construction Crew for the Oyu Tolgoi Shaft No.1 Materials Handling Conversion project in Mongolia.




Our newest Shop Technician, Julian Tessier, working on Redbore 90 assembly.

Raiseboring by Rob Bettiol In the last edition of The Scoop, I said “What a year 2011 was”, well what a year 2012 has been so far and what a year it will be. In 2011 we set a Raiseboring Revenue record and grew our global fleet. And, in 2012, we will set a new Revenue Record as we continue to grow our global fleet. Raiseboring Australia, headed up by Allan Brady, has been growing with all their rigs running. Marcel Leclair , Manager of South American Raiseboring, is doing much the same, keeping their rigs and people working. Matt Perkins in the U.S. is keeping their rigs running as well. With the growth of our global raiseboring community, we are expanding our fleet and adding some new drill models. We are adding a second Redbore 90 and a new model - the Redbore 30 (3 of them) to our fleet this year. Another new model – the Redbore 60 - will be added in early 2013. The addition of these drills will set Redpath in a position to have Redbore drills to cover any raiseboring requirement. It will hardly be a surprise to anyone that the manufacturing shop is a busy place! At time of writing, the second Redbore 90 is being completed (it will then go directly to a project), a Redbore 40SDR (this is the last available drill in our fleet) is being overhauled for a new project. The shop will then start on the 3 new Redbore 30’s. As well there is good potential for another drill sale in the immediate future (for a 2012 delivery). Once again Rick Pearson and his entire crew of technicians have their hands full. Dieter Von Doeler (our world traveler) and his electrical group, Mike Giesler and Bill Vainio, our CAD designers, Dave McCoy and Bill Lee our parts/shipping department (who keep the parts flowing) are all just a “TAD” busy. Good Job! - all of you. We would like to welcome the newest members of the North Bay Raiseboring office staff - Joshua Artus and Salipin Sudirman. Joshua comes in as our Raisebore Project Controller and Salipin (with his wife Risma) is here from Indonesia for a year. He is replacing Imade Pasek who has returned to Indonesia (we miss his big smile).

Redbore 90 Operator’s console underground at Totten Mine.

There have been many improvements here at our facilities notably, the entrance and surrounding area shows the pride we all have in our work area. On behalf of Dan Kelly, Allan Mills and Louise Young, we all wish you a great 2012. Work Safe, Play Safe and Be Safe!

Raiseboring – Canadian Projects by Rob Bettiol

777 Project – Canada Now that this project has been extended by 3 years, Steve Williams and Dan Pawlachuk can start planning their retirement in Flin Flon. This project has already run for more than 10 years. The crews continue to fly the Redpath flag in the far north of Manitoba.

Totten Project – Canada As this project consists of two drill rigs, the Redbore 90 and an 85R, Andy Bellaire and Dennis Kelly have more than their hands full. The work includes many large diameter long raises in very difficult geological conditions. I would not hesitate in saying that tripping of rods and working on reamers is not at the top any of the crews’ favourite pastimes. The important thing is, they keep doing it and doing it safely. Keep it up and well done.

Bracemac Project, Quebec This is one of our newer projects. Rolly Proulx and James Pawlowski have now completed one 3.05m diameter raise and are about to start a 5.0m diameter raise with the Redbore 70 drill. I am sure that, after being involved with the Redbore 100 recently, going back to the 70 (which, at one time, was our largest capacity Redbore drill) must be quite a shock. Although the drill weighs only 30 tons, it really is small by comparison. Once this project is complete, the drill and crew will be heading to the United States for a new job. As usual, great work guys.



Raisebore Training Session – Requinoa, Chile

61R at work at Cabildo Las Cenizas

Raiseboring South America By Marcel Leclair

It’s been a busy first half of 2012 for raisebore in Chile. It took a global team effort and support to successfully coordinate the completion of Chile’s first raisebore training seminar, shipping the 82R to our friends in Australia, participating in the Argentina mining expo and, of course, all the while maintaining the utmost satisfaction of our clients (Goldcorp, Codelco - Geovita & Cabildo) in terms of quality, safety and production. Our crew members and support staff take great pride in their work - and it certainly shows.

Loading the 82R bound for Australia

82R setup at Cerro Negro project in Argentina

Many thanks to our team. Your continued efforts will ensure the successful future of raiseboring in South America. !Muchas gracias a todos! Y, como siempre: trabajo seguro. Saludos

Redpath South America Wins Major Contract at El Teniente The Raisebore team in South America, led by Marcel Leclair, is keeping up its momentum by having just won a major development contract awarded by Chilean construction company Más Errázuriz.

Redbore 50 crew at work at Cabildo Las Cenizas

The company granted Redpath the development of a total of 540 metres of 1.5 metre diameter blind hole raises ranging from 15 to 25 metres in length - as well as another 1,080 metres of raisebore holes with diameters of 2.1, 3.1 and 3.5 metres. The services will be performed at Codelco’s Division El Teniente. The equipment to be used includes a Redbore 50MD as well as a Redpath 82R. According to Dagoberto García, Estimate Administrator and Project Controller for Raiseboring in South America, it is expected that the blindhole services will be extended until next year – 2013, due to the needs of the production. “As well, it may be possible that we incorporate a second blindhole starting September 2012. We´re very happy for being selected to do this important work.” A total of 22 staff from Redpath, including administrative and operations staff, will be dedicated to this specific project.

Redbore 40 at work at the Geovita Project - El Teniente


>> ON SITE Left: Mike Kelly took out the biggest and best fish award for the trip off Perth, Australia with a Dhufish which is one of the best eating fish in the world.

Raiseboring Australia By Allan Brady

After two years running the Raisebore Division, I took some time to sit back and reflect on a great line from a Kevin Costner movie “Field of Dreams” which really explains our growth over the past 2 years. “Build it, and they will come” Redpath in Australia currently have 6 rigs in work, our 82R from Chile is finally in the workshop in Brisbane getting refurbished, the Redbore 100 is on the water bound for Australia and two Redbore 30’s which we helped conceive and design will be in the country in October. This will mean we have grown to ten rigs in Australia in a little over 2 years. Plus - on top of this - we currently have a workforce in excess of 45 people. Over the past 3 months, all rigs have been in work and a Redbore 40 was air freighted from Chile to assist with our increased workload in Western Australia (WA). A “well done” goes to Scott, Woody, and Brad who converted the rig to Australian standards within 10 days! Thanks very much for your efforts on this. Also, thanks to Marcel’s crew in Chile for quickly packing the rig once the “go” button was hit. Peter Neshoda as per normal has been doing some long stints and long trips in Western Australia managing all the rigs and keeping our clients happy. This itself is such a hard task with all the rigs stretched around WA. All this is a credit to Peter, who sets the highest safety and work standards and is the main reason we are becoming the supplier of choice for raiseboring. To the rig crews over the past months - thanks for your efforts in working across so many sites, and handling different inductions and different rules yet, through all this, making sure our high standards are maintained.

On our growth, we now have a dedicated yard and workshop in Perth which is a 5 minute drive from our office. This has become Scotty’s little cubby house. It even has a “love shack” for Woody and Timbo Slice. This workshop will handle rebuilds and storage for both the raisebore and the expected growth of Redpath in WA. With the growth we have experienced, we have increased our management team. Phil Gelmi has started as the Raisebore Operations Manager who will be in control of all the day to day running of the rigs. Phil brings over 30 years of experience in drilling and mechanical with him and has fitted right in. As part of our financial control, we have transferred Tim Benseley (Timbo Slice) to Raiseboring as a Project Accountant from the Brisbane office. Tim brings with him a great work ethic and will be a great asset to the team. Single girls, and TAB’s will be kept busy with his move to Perth. Needless to say, he and Pete will be having many discussions on what’s the best thing going around at the moment. We had a brief visit to Perth by Mike Kelly. This visit literally brought me to tears as Mike took the award for our fishing trip off Perth. I had it in the bag when I fought this, let’s say, “Moby Dick” size fish for 20 minutes only to have the line break within 5 metres of the boat. Mike thinks that this is the first time I was lost for words. Be careful Mike, I’m coming for my trophy when we fish in Canada. DVD (Dieter von Doeler) also came down under to help with the rigs and his assistance was much appreciated. Many fruitful discussions, as normal, were had between us all and Dieter. So thanks for everyone’s efforts over the past months but remember the most important thing is to go home safe every day. Have a safe and happy day!

101 projects • 18 countries • 6 continents

In our 50th year, that’s where we’ve worked all at one time! Globally, we’ve provided every one of our services - mine development, tunnelling, shaft sinking, surface plant construction, ground freezing, production/contract mining, raiseboring, planning and engineering, MRC raising, mechanical installations and commissioning, underground construction, and ... and... – and did it in 10 different languages.



Snow Days

C.F.O. Visits Jakarta

Redpath South America keeps up the work despite inclement weather conditions!

It has been 15 Years since Martin Hunka’s last visit to Indonesia and his last meeting with Kemalsjah Siregar (PTRI Director and company lawyer). A supper was held at one of Indonesia’s authentic restaurants in Jakarta. Proudly photographed with their first ever Kopi Luwak (civet coffee), where its taste could seriously damage their fondness for Tim Horton’s. Readers might google ‘Kopi Luwak’ and discover how it is made – something to do with the Civet cat in Sumatra and other areas of Indonesia. Hopefully there are no lasting side-affects…

Redpath workers at Pascua Lama, on the border of Chile and Argentina, keep on working hard in very snowy conditions. This year the area has been hit with record-levels of snow.

Martin Hunka and Torsten Kahn pictured with Jakarta staff.

Lalor Vent Shaft

Left to right : Kemalsjah Siregar, Torsten Kahn and Martin Hunka. Here is the last bench at the Lalor Vent Shaft being blasted 11:45 am June 19, 2012. Congratulations to all. You should all be proud - Rick Gagain



Brigus Black Fox, Ontario Canada On April 29, 2012 the Redpath Development and Raise crews at Black Fox mine, achieved

1 Year No Lost Time Incidents Annabel Stevens, Site Administrator

Meet Redpath Australia’s very own snake wrangler Annabel Cannington Mine Site in Central Queensland is home to four of the world’s top ten venomous snakes. Encounters on site are common and, as all snakes in Australia are protected, safely catching and relocating snakes is necessary. BHP Environmental Officer informed us that they were looking for someone to go through the venomous snake handling course being conducted on site. A mix of curiosity and the desire to challenge myself had me volunteer immediately. On 29th March 2012, I sat down with a small group and Ranger Dan from Hands on Wildlife (after signing a waiver for pretty much everything!). I completed a venomous snake handling course that has given me knowledge and confidence to competently catch and relocate snakes. At the start of the course, myths and facts were discussed - venomous snakes CAN climb, they can’t sense fear, they will not purposely chase me across a paddock and they do not form gangs to stalk humans! We also looked at identifying snakes and general snake behaviour.

The development crews are responsible for developing the Internal Decline, Fresh Air Accesses and Level Accesses up to the ore body. The raise crew is driving the internal Escapeway Raises in the east and west ramps. Roger Lapointe, Redpath Project Superintendent, says “this lofty Safety accomplishment was achieved utilizing a mixture of experienced miners and number of young inexperienced miners who are just learning about development mining.” He also stated that, during the course of the year, over 2,800 metres of advancement was developed. Roger goes on to say “While mixing these young workers with the more experienced miners may be a concern; it has never been a Safety concern and the 1 year no LTI record is a testament to that.” Roger is looking forward to achieving another year of no Lost Time Injuries with his workforce.


We were then given the opportunity to handle non-venomous snakes and become comfortable with catching and releasing them using snake poles and bags. Then Ranger Dan brought out the venomous snakes! Not de-fanged, not de-venomed and certainly not SMALL! A death adder, a western brown and a couple of adult mulgas (aka king browns) were introduced. I had moments of self-doubt and some seriously shaky hands on my first few goes at catch and release. By the end of the day I was competently catching and handling some of the deadliest snakes in the world and felt quite comfortable in my task. I have a new appreciation for these often misunderstood creatures and all the tools to keep myself, others and them safe from harm. We encourage all employees to send in your best site / project stories, photos or videos to be featured online or in print. We are always searching for great content! Send to:

Point. Snap. Submit.





Kumtor - Kyrgyzstan


by Johan Du Toit The last four months have been very intense for the Redpath Kumtor team as we were aiming to achieve the proposed breakthrough date set for the end of June. During this time, the construction of the main intersection was successfully completed as well as a major ventilation changeover completed by the maintenance team in preparation for the primary vent system - post breakthrough.

Jumbo driving through supported breakthrough

Apart from this additional work and working through difficult ground conditions, the crews were able to achieve three record metre development months since the start of the project. Daily metre advance increased by almost 50% since the start of the project back in 2009 with no real improvement on ground conditions. Construction of the main T-intersection commenced in early March after final design was approved. The design focused on widening the drift and slashing the pillars as this area was to accommodate high volumes of traffic. Extended steel sets and a complex bolting pattern were used. A few days into construction, we encountered a fall of ground which had to be secured before construction could resume. Directive ground support and grouting injection were used to secure this fall through approximately 20 metres (m) in the main decline. Excavating the new P1 incline towards the breakthrough point with decline 2S commenced as soon as construction of the intersection was completed. The last two weeks prior to breakthrough was probably one of the more difficult phases of this project as we had very little geotechnical information of both headings and ground conditions deteriorated rapidly. The crews encountered a large fault zone approximately 20 m in width on both sides towards the breakthrough location. Safety was the main focus in the final weeks towards breakthrough. The incline was stopped due to ground conditions deteriorating while the Decline 2 crews continued to breakthrough. Progress was slow with blasting eliminated the last 10 m due to sloughing of the face. Advancement of the last 10 m was by means of chipping and mucking the face until breakthrough was completed - still ahead of schedule. The following two days were spent securing the breakthrough point to establish a safe drive through. Approaching the breakthrough, the mechanical and electrical departments were under immense pressure as the ventilation changeover and installation of the ventilation doors had to be completed in time. Major changes were made of the original design with fans being moved and ducting rerouted to ensure sufficient air flow for future development. As major equipment became available developing only a single heading, time was set aside for rebuilding and overhauling some of this equipment. Breakthrough was achieved successfully on July 1st, 2012.

Crew busy installing and securing extensions of steel sets into the incline.

Breakthrough photo with (from left to right): Richard Branch KOC Spraymec Operator, Roger Sullivan KOC Shift Supervisor, Frank Gauthier KOC Jumbo Trainer and in front Al Gray Redpath Superintendent.

Maintenance crew busy extending the Portal 2 and constructing the ventilation drive at Portal 2.



Oyu Tolgoi - Mongolia The No. 1 Shaft Materials Handling Conversion Team achieved the May 2012 KPI on 26th May – 4 days ahead of schedule. This entailed the completion of the Rock Hoist Upgrade, Blair Hoist Installation with both the hoists roped up and commissioned for the shaft equipping phase. Recognition must be given to Roman Schule (Master Mechanic), Mark Siemer (Maintenance Superintendent), John McDonald (Master Mechanic), Jean Francois Deault (Electrical Supervisor) and their respective crews for the hard work and long hours required to achieve this target. Also during the month of May, Shaft Mine Captains, Robert McLaughlin and Andy Prier and their crews were busy assisting Minesteel (North Bay) in completing the head frame changeover. They have now started with the shaft equipping. As a team, the crew has stayed safe, positive and productive while overcoming significant setbacks during the month with design and fabrication issues.

OT Shaft No.2 / ОТ Босоо Ам-2 Oyu Tolgoi Shaft No.2 has reached the depth of 315 metres to date (June). An average shaft advance of 2.7 metres per day has been achieved for June so far. Redpath’s Shaft No.2 miners were recognized for their excellent achievements by the client and Redpath management team and received their Excellence Award at a Barbeque Event organized for them. Оюу Толгойн Босоо ам 2-ын нэвтрэлтийн ажил хугацаандаа 315 метрийн гүнд хүрч 6-р сард босоо ам нэвтрэлтийн өдрийн дундаж 2,7 метрт хүрээд байна. РэдПаф компаний Босоо ам 2-ын уурхайчдад зориулан зохион байгуулсан Barbeque-ний үйл ажиллагааны үеэр Захиалагч компани болон РэдПаф компаний удирдлагын багийнхан уурхайчдын ажлын амжилтыг үнэлэн “Ур Чадварын Шагнал” гардууллаа.

In recognition of this achievement, the Oyu Tolgoi management arranged a barbeque for the No. 1 Shaft Crew. This work was achieved without any personal injuries. Thanks must also be given to I Made Pasek, Project Controller who was seconded from North Bay and helped in keeping the schedule updated and the works on track.

Mining crew members: Turbold, Bilguun, Purevdorj, Basbayar, Nyamtseren, Pieter, Munkhtulga, Khishigtsogt, Tugsjargal, Erdenedavaa, Sukhbayar, Munkhtaivan, Munkhsoyol, Bolorsaikhan & Burenjargal.

Shaft Steel Laydown Area at OT #1 Shaft – steel being prepared in sequence.

Sinking Manager W.Geldenhuys, Mine Captain W.Swanepoel, Admin Ulziisaikhan.D & Safety Officer Zolboo.E are handing excellence certificate to miners.

OT #1 Shaft Collar House – steel laid out for installation in shaft.

5 Year Service Awards were presented to Nasanjargal Dangaa , Lkhamdegd Dambadarjaa, Ganzorig Khalzan, Ganbayar Genden, Byambasuren Togooch and Batkhurel Mangaa. Congratulations to them all!

Green crew miner Tugsjargal after awards at BBQ.



Out fishing 13 men and capturing 1st and 2nd place in a recent fishing tournament -

During the 2012 Raiseboring Strategy Session held in Temagami, Canada, the day-long team building event saw Amy Ayotte (pictured left) capture 1st place for both most fish (5) and largest fish (7 pound Lake Trout) caught in Lake Temagami. Laura Piche netted 2nd place with 4 fish. The male international raiseboring team has graciously congratulated the ladies on their fishing prowess!!!

When the Sea Calls! Dirk Strachan (General Manager, Technical Services and Marketing, Redpath South Africa) and friends participated in the 17th Indian Ocean Classic fishing competition held at Sodwana Bay from the 23rd to 27th March 2012. What makes the outing interesting is the fact that most fishing boats in South Africa are launched directly off a beach as very few small boat harbours are available. The launching and coming back through the surf requires a careful and patient approach to prevent the boats from flipping over. Although there were a couple of close calls the competition ran its course with no mishaps. Due to bad weather, the competition was limited to only two days out of a planned five days fishing. Good catches of Yellow Fin Tuna, Barracuda and Dorado were made and one boat landed a Black Marlin of around 400 pounds which was successfully tagged and released. Team Geronimo came 5th overall out of 8 participants. Not a great position - but a great safe time was had by the team and we look forward to trying for a higher position next year.

“Geronimo” on the way out through the Surf.

A Close Call.

Left: George Flumerfelt (right) proudly sports the only Redpath 50th Anniversary deel (pronounced “dell”) in existence. The overcoat, along with a special hat and hand carved belt, was hand delivered by Tsengel from Mongolia.

An Even Closer Call !

And safely back towards the beach.


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Children of Redpath Shaft No.2 miners from Manlai soum

Redpath Celebrated Children’s Day / РэдПаф Хүүхдүүдээ Баярлуулав Redpath Mongolia celebrated International Children’s Day on June 1st with all local employees’ children in Gobi Desert travelling to their provinces. It was nice to see children having fun. The children had a great day!

Redpath Khanbogd soum employees’ children with Shaft No.2 Administrator Jargal.M & Shaft No.1 employee Urnaa

Find it on REDPOINT

РэдПаф Монгол компани 6-р сарын 1-нд орон нутгуудаар зочилж Хүүхдийн Баярын өдрийг Өмнөговь аймгийн ажиллагсдынхаа хүүхэд багачуудтай хамт тэмдэглэн өнгөрүүллээ. Хүүхдүүд баяраа сайхан тэмдэглэсэн юм. Хүүхдүүдийн баяр хөөртэй байхыг харах сайхан байл аа!

Mishca (above), at the Gauteng Provincial Championship, 2012

Elizabeth Johnson (HR Department, South Africa) shares this photo of daughter, Mishca, running in her first Gauteng Provincial Championship (2012). Mishca made it through to the Finals and finished in 5th Place out of 32 participants. Elizabeth remarks, “For me this is the best and I’m so proud of her.”

Children of Redpath miners from Bayan-Ovoo soum

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Next only to his favourite pastime – Raiseboring Safety Superintendent – Bob Bouchard (above) enjoys taking to the open road.


There’s Always A First Time!


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Top left: Allison - Canada Top right: Ava - Canada Left: Avery - Canada

I Made Pasek (Indonesia, above) was enjoying his first time skiing which took place at Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Huntsville, Canada . Ivan Agustian (North Bay, below) was on hand to witness the event.

Top left: Brooke - Canada Top right: Eden - Australia Right: Leilan

Top left: Namuun - Mongolia

Top right: Sean - Indonesia


Jason Wisner (Kyrgyzstan) and Amber McLaughlin who have agreed to be married on October 20th, 2012.


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>> Lifestyle 24th Annual Redpath Golf Tournament North Bay, July 7th, 2012



Redpath South America Participates in Argentinean Trade Show Showcasing its work at Casposo, Gualcamayo and Lama at “IV Exposición Internacional San Juan, Factor de Desarrollo de la Minería Argentina.” In San Juan, Argentina, Redpath South America took centre stage as it participated in an important mining trade show in this key province for Argentine mining development - June 6-9. The show featured over 250 exhibitors including international participants and San Juan’s mining companies, suppliers, professionals and government representatives. The aim of the exhibition was to present a comprehensive picture of the mining industry in San Juan. Redpath had a significant presence with its 18-square metre red-and-white booth bearing the Redpath logos and staffed

Monica Salvo (left), Belén Rodriguez and Verónica Lay participated at the Labour Fair, as part of the San Juan Mining show.

by South American representatives from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Hundreds of visitors stopped by our booth to seek information related to our new works in the area of San Juan, including the recentlyawarded Casposo and Gualcamayo projects. Veronica Lay, HSE Superintendent for Redpath’s Arenal Deeps project in Uruguay was on hand to deliver her experiences as a “woman in mining” during a special Women In Mining Forum held within the show. A presentation about Safety in Mining was also given by Cristian Arenas, lead of the Rescuing Brigade for Pascua Lama. Cristian’s speech gained so much attention that he was later interviewed by one radio station broadcasting live from the show, as well as two other journalists. Overall, Redpath’s participation at the Show proved to be a great experience for everyone involved. Our congratulations to the Argentinean and Chilean teams on hand to make it happen so smoothly!

Redpath’s Javier Cagnoli, Human Resources Manager for South A merica, was interviewed by a local television station right in our booth.

Redpath had its own promoter, María Belén, to work our booth.

Women’s Day - Mongolia In order to celebrate Women’s Day on 8th March 2012, Project Manager Doug Wheeler, Training Superintendent Marias Snyman, Project Controller William Ramsbottom and Project Controller Mahmoud Hammouda took our beautiful office personnel out for lunch and presented them with gifts…some guys have all the luck!



Ivan Agustian (right) handed out a door prize contributed by Redpath with Mr. Julang Pujianto (Indonesian Consul General in Toronto).

Indonesia Independence Day Big Bike Ride for Heart and Commemorating Indonesia’s Independence Day, the Indonesian Stroke – North Bay Consulate General hosted a celebration on Toronto Island (Toronto, Canada) for the Indonesian community, June 30th, 2012. Over 200 people – mostly from the Indonesia community in Greater Toronto Area - participated in the event titled Fun Walk 2012. There were various family games during the event, such as sack race, crackereating contest, and tug of war, as well as door prizes.

The Redpath Blasters took to the streets of North Bay once again, on May 17th, for the annual Big Bike fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. A total of $7,538 was raised by Redpath this year in support of this special event.

Powering the Bike, Redpath Blasters team members were:

Redpath sponsored a youth Hockey Team in Quebec with toques and pucks.

Alice Brooks Amy Ayotte Amy Cormier Ben Pettella Brian Knox Derek Budge Emma Brown Jayme Burke Johan Bystedt John Serran

Kaitlin Girard Kari MacDonald Kelly Caron Kim McNeil Lara Church Laura Piche Laura Sedore Linda Malcolm Louise Young Lynne Bernier

Mary Goodchild Michelle Lastoria Nathalie Bester Sarah Fitzgerald Shelley Bellefeuille Sherry Marsh Tamara Dahl Tamie Laronde Wendy Carrothers



... that’s 5 + 6 + 3, carry the 1 – was that a par 3 or 4? Hmmm - it’s worth it to honour Ron ....

Ronald André Dion

Ron Dion Memorial Golf Tournament By: Derek Budge, CRSP On June 5th, 2012, the first annual Ron Dion Memorial golf tournament was held in North Bay. The two person scramble in Ron’s honour - hosted at Osprey Links golf course in North Bay - was sponsored by Redpath. The Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association (OMCSA) donated the beautiful trophy in Ron’s name. Participants included friends, family members, mine safety suppliers and fellow safety and operations personnel from numerous OMCSA companies.

Ron, a long term member of the Board of Directors of the safety association, was a 2010 recipient of the OMCSA Lifetime Achievement Award. He had a passion for golf and, over his career, was a regular at Redpath’s annual company tournament sponsored by Raiseboring - the OMCSA tournament in his name is a very fitting tribute. The weather was beautiful and fun was had by all. We are sure that Ron was smiling down on us and we are looking forward to next year’s event.

The tournament was honoured with the attendance of special guests Claudette Dion (Ron’s wife), daughter, Christine, and granddaughter, Chloe who were on hand to endorse the first of this annual event.

“Ron would have been proud. It was his kind of day – blue sky, a light breeze, a little golf, with friends and family all around.”

A Gift for the Cobar Cemetery Restoration project Allan Brady, better known to locals as ‘Pally’ and now based in Perth, presented a donation on behalf of Redpath in the amount of $5,000 to the Cobar cemetery restoration effort when he was in town the beginning of August. Allan said it was part of Redpath’s philosophy to give back to the community Allan Brady (right), Redpath Australia’s general manager of raiseboring, presents Cobar mayor, Lilliane Brady with the donation.

“All my blokes are Fly-In, Fly-Out (FIFO) and we can’t just take from Cobar,” he said.

“Success is the prize for those who stand true to their ideas!” - Josh S. Hinds

“As mining people, we need to give back to the communities we work in. It doesn’t matter where we are around the world.” The presentation was made to Cobar’s Mayor, Lilliane Brady, one of the driving forces behind the cemetery restoration effort – and who just happens to be Allan’s mother.


WHAt’s New

50th Anniversary Celebrations in South Africa

It was a black tie affair held at the Country Club Johannesburg on July 14th to celebrate Redpath’s 50th Anniversary. Lovely escorts, black and gold treatments and live entertainment added to the elegance and enjoyment of the evening.

And the Name is...The Redpath Scoop! Yes – it is still The Scoop. We thank everyone who entered our contest and submitted a name suggestion. However overwhelmingly – the choice was to keep the name. It made sense to stick with a Redpath tradition but we’re changing the graphics to give it a more global appeal and new look. We received some very good entries and these top 3 will receive a Redpath prize. 1. Miner Details 2. This Ore That 3 . The Hole Truth

Chris Cobbledick Allan Mills Anonymous

Honourable mention: The Redpath Way, The Mined Reader, In and Out of Site, and Open Mineded

“Scoop” – from the Oxford dictionary:

• informal, a piece of news published by a newspaper or broadcast by a television or radio station in advance of its rivals: reporters at the city’s three tabloid papers usually compete for scoops • (the scoop) the latest information about something: ‘What’s the scoop, old-timer?’

A special “thank you” to my fellow esteemed judges, who mulled over the entries - 156 in all – to arrive at our decision. Derek Budge – Director HSE, Martin Hunka – CFO, the Americas Mike Kelly – Sr. Vice President, and Denise Point – Supervisor, Recruiting. - Theresa Coates, Editor.

Note: The panel of judges were presented with the suggested names only and not the name of the entrant.

Watch for The Scoop’s new logo in the next issue!


Mike’s Corner Behaviour Based Safety continued from page 2 >>

“The point is to keep the same type of accident from recurring.” excerpt from a safety article … A few years ago, a newly-hired employee lost a finger when he tried to unclog grass clippings from the discharge chute of a power lawnmower, while the mower was running. The supervisor who reported the accident described its cause as a “careless employee”, although the employee had never operated a power mower before, was unsupervised at the jobsite, and was totally untrained. Obviously, this is an extreme case. Yet many of us in the safety field can cite similar instances when it was obvious the supervisor who reported an accident spent no time at all determining the true cause(s). Instead, he or she followed the path of least resistance and pointed the finger at the employee. The worker was “careless” or “not paying attention” or “in direct violation of rules”. While these things may play a part in an accident, they are rarely the sole reason. The worker may have been distracted by an identifiable cause that could have been removed. Or, perhaps, he wasn’t following the rules because it was accepted practice to ignore them.

Stress the real purpose of an accident investigation and report which is not to ascertain blame or find a scapegoat. The point is to keep the same type of accident from recurring. A supervisor who objectively reviews the facts, determines the cause of the accident and acts to avoid repetition is a true supporter.

September saw Redpath’s return to MINExpo in Las Vegas, USA.

This nimble and economical raise drill was specifically built for raisedrillers by raisedrillers, to make light work of box hole block caving projects.

In our 50th year of business, Redpath truly is a global company with ample opportunity for each of our employees around the world. When you get to the size Redpath has reached (some 5,900 worldwide employees), keeping people informed takes a dedicated team and our Marketing department has taken on the challenge.

• We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for those who enjoy social media;

When a supervisor sends an apprentice out on a job without adequate verbal instruction and the apprentice injures himself, what was the true cause of the “accident”?

This international flagship tradeshow showcases the mining industry once every four years to the global stage. It was at this year’s show, where Redpath launched the newest member of the Redbore family, the Redbore 30.

Michael J. Kelly Senior Vice President

• They have revamped our website – which will continue to evolve as needs dictate;

Employee error plays a part in many accidents but so do physical deficiencies, procedures that have not been updated or revised, unsafe tools and equipment, a lack of written safety and health instructions, and lethargic supervision.

Redpath’s 50th anniversary year, 2012, is bustling with activity and interest. Anniversary celebrations have been enjoyed around the world by way of elegant dinners; branded merchandise; international tradeshows; race days, social media, print media interest and more!

“If anyone is bored – they just aren’t paying attention!”

• Hi-Lites is issued each month to share all the work we do around the world; • And the newly pressed electronic version of The Redpath Scoop is available on Redpoint and our website. All of these are done so that each person can be as up to date as they want to be. I would ask each of you to take a few minutes and visit the website, read the global news, the press releases, go on facebook, and - if you enjoyed the experience - share it with Marketing.

We’ll continue to recognize this significant milestone, our 50th anniversary in mine contracting, through to the end of 2013. To learn more about Redpath’s 50 years of history, projects and regional highlights and accomplishments, please visit our website at: history

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The Scoop - October 2012  
The Scoop - October 2012  

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