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May 2012 PUBLISHER Roger Coover PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR Deitra R. Kenoly EDITOR Karen Bakhtegan CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Susan Michener Spracher Katie Donahue Charleen Earley Deborah Littleton Jennifer Siders Kim Robinson FASHION CONTRIBUTOR Zabeen Ismail CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Amy Phipps Sheridan Blackard Lindsay Ortez GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Jason Ente Dan Loeffelbein COVER PHOTO BY Amy Phipps

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Karen Bakhtegan Editor


t is always a great pleasure for me to watch an individual create something beautiful

using their own specific talent. But something magical happens when you bring together people with various talents and witness the result of their combined efforts. I had such an experience recently while putting together our mom makeover feature for this edition. We asked for letters from our readers, telling us about their own mothers or moms that they know who are so selfless with their families, friends and community that they never make time for themselves. We selected four of those to receive a day of beauty at Destination Salon in Stockton. Marcella Galante is the owner of this business that is so much more than a salon. I have personally experienced Marcella’s gift for making her clients feel like royalty, but with this adventure I got to spend a day in her salon and witness her entire team in action. Anyone who says outstanding customer service and skill no longer exist has not been to Destination Salon. Put that together with an amazing and gifted photographer named Amy Phipps of On the Phippside Photography, and the result is that magic I mentioned earlier. I hope you enjoy our mom makeovers just in time for Mother’s Day. San Joaquin Woman magazine is published six times a year by The Record, 530 E. Market Street, Stockton, CA 95202. All information written for publication in San Joaquin Woman magazine is believed to be accurate. Readers must assume all responsibility for their own actions based on this information. Occasionally a product or company may be named in an article, but does not constitute an endorsement of said product. San Joaquin Woman magazine assumes no responsibility for claims made by advertisers. Photos and content become the sole property of San Joaquin Woman magazine and may be used, published or edited without limit or obligation to the author. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. Reproduction is prohibited without the permission of the publisher. For more information, go to

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This being our semiannual Moms and Kids edition, you will also find a wealth of information from our team of talented writers from baby boot camp to getting kids involved in politics. A newcomer to San Joaquin Woman magazine, Deborah Littleton has written an article on the subject of bullying that takes a look at this growing problem from a completely different perspective. This is a must-read for every parent, along with the many other treasures you will find in these pages. As always, tell us what you think and what you would like to see in future editions of the magazine. Email us at, and don’t forget to visit us on our Facebook page!









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FEATURE STORY 7 Mother's Day Makeovers

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getting kids politically involved

18 Keeping A Bully-Free Zone 20 Cancer Kids 24 Micke Grove's Zoo Ambassadors


CAREER 26 Walking a Mile In Her Shoes Super Mom – Dr. Lena Moua

TOT CULTURE 29 Baby Boot Camp BODY, MIND & SPIRIT 32 What Have You Got To Lose?

By Kim Robinson

34 Baby-Friendly Hospital Reader Q&A

PEEK-A-BOUTIQUE 36 Sassy Pants

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hanks to Marcella Galante

and her talented team of stylists at Destination salon in Stockton, we were able to give four deserving moms a beauty makeover just in time for Mother’s Day.

6360 PACIFIC AVENUE #3 • STOCKTON • 209-473-1043


Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an




Maikou Vang This busy mom to 3-year-old Olive holds down a job, often including weekends and six day work weeks, while attending Delta College where her studies include calculus, chemistry and biology. Maikou’s friend of 5 years, Geraldine said of her pal, “she does so much for others, and has shown that she is probably the most selfless person I know.”

Hair: MARCELLA GALANTE did a color balance, medium-length haircut with textured layers and bangs.


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

Makeup: CASEY YTURRI using Aveda’s new spring/summer collection.

MAY 2012


Brenda Kelley


Brenda is a mom to Clemente, Jermiah, Briunna, and Athena, along with being a grandmother of four. Briunna had this to say about her mother: “…a woman whose unconditional love continues to have a profound effect, not only on myself, but on many of my family and friends. Her sacrifices for my family and me are made without hesitation. Going on her 37th year at Meadowood Health and Rehabilitation in Stockton, a normal work-month includes fifty hours a week and one weekend every month. The other three weekends out of the month she babysits four grandchildren. After a long day’s work, she commits to providing a home-cooked meal for a family of six, and does not stop until the house is clean. Each of her 4 children and 4 grandchildren will attest to her unwavering desire to ensure everyone is always taken care of.” Hair and makeup: CASEY YTURRI colored Brenda’s hair to cover grey and give it shine, and did her makeup using the Aveda line of makeup.

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an




Joyce is mom to Scott, Veronica, and Nicole, and is the proud grandmother of nine. Scott had this to say about his mother: “… Joyce is an exceptional mother in many ways. She is a business woman who has spent the majority of her life making other people beautiful while operating two beauty salons of her own. She deserves to have the favor returned. She has always been there providing comfort and encouragement to my two sisters and me through numerous ups and downs. She has always been there for us both emotionally and financially, with the unconditional love that all mothers should possess.” Hair and makeup: MARCELLA GALANTE gave Joyce highlights with a demi-color in between foils, followed by a textured haircut. Marcella did her makeup using the Aveda line.


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2012

Ann Robinson



Ann is mom to 25-year-old Jacob and 16-year-old Joshua. Joshua had this to say about his mom: “… she is the very pinnacle of selflessness, and perseverance. Traveling to the ends of the earth for someone who needs it is to be expected of her, and to say that she could have tried harder is a lie. Her smile is almost as bright as she is, and that’s saying a lot. However, although she is always there with open arms to comfort others, she never sees a day that’s in any way about HER. How such a beautiful and pure soul could have avoided any self-satisfaction is quite the enigma.” Hair: CYNDI ALVEREZ did a three-dimensional weave with a clear gloss color in between foils.

Makeup: done by Cyndi using the Aveda makeup line

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


MAY 2012


’s the it , ic ll a t & me 012! 2 y r in e h s m , ld or sum f y If it’s bo r o s s acce t c e f r e p







s e e H HEAD



are ls e e h , ! 012 ly 2 l r a r e e it m l , For sum T of FASHIONND H BRA G I E LUCKY N” H e R th “MO A D IJ O N IN D ’S D IL L A R




S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an


MAY 2012




Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an







arlier this spring, after Republican Presidential candidate Mitt

Such real-life lessons help engage children in the democratic

Romney came to Stockton for a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser, local

system well before they are old enough to vote – and in the months

teacher Van Ha To-Cowell shared a newspaper clipping about the

ahead, excitement surrounding the upcoming presidential election

visit with her classroom of fourth graders.

promises a wealth of opportunities for hands-on civic learning.

The students’ initial reaction? “$1,000 for breakfast?” To-Cowell, also a member of the Lincoln Unified School Board,

at University of Tennessee during the last days of the Vietnam War.

went on to explain why political candidates raise money and what

Not until the mid-1980s, after she married and became a naturalized

that money pays for.

citizen, was she able to vote in an American election. She has

It was a short conversation, but one that gave the students a little insight into American politics.


Born and raised in Vietnam, To-Cowell left her country to study

remained an active voter since then, she says, in part to give her sons (who are grown-up now) an example of responsible citizenship.

“I introduce them to the topics, without feeding them my

“If you don’t vote, you have nothing to complain about,”

opinion,” she says. “They get excited, they’re interested in the

To-Cowell says. She recommends going over sample ballots as a


family. Talk about the issues you care about and why. You’re not

S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2012

forcing your views on your kids, To-Cowell says, you’re showing them that your political opinions – and eventually theirs – count. “In some countries, you don’t get to have a voice.” In Tracy, City Councilman Steve Abercrombie,

BY THE BOOK Children’s books can be a fun way to introduce your kids to American government and the democratic process, suggests Suzy Daveluy, youth services coordinator for the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library system. Check your local library for one of these:

a father of four, invited his children to take part in his campaign. Alongside their parents, they helped distribute signs and lick envelopes. They

So You Want to be President by Judith St. George

greeted guests at parties. Abercrombie says he

(Philomel Books, 2000)

hopes the experience showed his kids that good

“This book presents many unknown facts about the American

leadership starts with good relationships – really

presidents,” Daveluy advises, “and it just might inspire some

listening to people, understanding their needs

young readers to seek the highest office in our nation.”

and working to help. Two of his children are now adults and are now 17, will vote for the first time in November.

Duck for President by Doreen Cronin

Abercrombie is confident she has learned how to

(Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2004)

both responsible voters, he says. Another, who is

make informed choices. “She’ll do some research; she’ll ask good questions,” he says. “She knows that voting is when you get to have a say in who’s making the

“This whimsical picture book takes us along Duck’s rise to political stardom – from head of the farm to president of the United States! Duck enters politics to make a change, but soon discovers how difficult political life can be and ultimately returns to the farm.”

decisions.” Another way to teach that lesson, Abercrombie says, is to introduce your children to local government, where it’s often easier to see how the decisions of elected leaders affect everyday life in a community. When city council

LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign Trail by Mark Teague (Blue Sky Press, 2008) “This picture book stars Ike LaRue, a dog who decides that the anti-dog campaigning of Chief Bugwort, the mayoral

members talk about a fire station, it might be

candidate, must be stopped, so Ike enters the campaign

one you drive past on your way to school every

himself. The ending is inspiring in that it shows two former

morning. If they talk about building a new park,

adversaries find a way to work together.”

it might be one your children could envision themselves playing at. Often, Abercrombie says, groups of Cub Scouts sit in on Tracy City Council meetings to see first-hand how citizens bring their concerns to local government leaders.

America Votes: How Our President is Elected by Linda Granfield (Kids Can Press, 2003) “This non-fiction book for elementary-age students gives a very

“Some of these kids have such smart

thorough overview of the political process – from suffrage rights to the

questions,” he says. “I almost want to ask, ‘Are

duties of the president. A glossary at the end defines important terms.”

you thinking about running for office?’”

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


209 M OM S




’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”

That was the funny, sultry line from Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Children are the same when it comes to bullying, and that’s not funny at all. Children aren’t bad, they are only trying to exert their power of influence over their peers. And when it comes to being “drawn,” we’re all imprinted by our parents’ role modeling of behavior. If we’re demonstrating to our children that we call other drivers idiots, as they cut us off, our “mini-me” takes that to mean that they can call their friends mean names, too. If we’re using someone because we have an agenda to get ahead, our teenagers – though they may say we don’t know anything – try to emulate our success using the same tactics.


One thing that you can teach your child is

Schools are now legally required to take

As Leo Tolstoy wrote in War and Peace, “All that

to try befriending bullies, because quite often

the situation more seriously than saying, “Kids

is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men

they are hurting inside and just lashing out.

will be kids.” But it goes so much deeper than

to do nothing.”

Most times, when counselors dig down to the

he said, she said. Children are often told on

So in this Mother’s Day season we should

bottom of why bullies are behaving badly, they

the playground to stop tattling on each other,

all schedule a daily “BCSE.” Hopefully we’re all

are reacting to pressures at home: financial

so when Susie is calling her less-aggressive

doing that monthly breast cancer self-exam, but

stressors, parents arguing, mean siblings,

friend “a baby,” because they’ve heard mom

how about a daily “bully cancer self-exam.” If

or harsh realities like domestic violence and

or siblings saying, “Don’t be such a baby,”

we’re about to say something that the kids may

divorce. These days, parents are also dealing

we really have to look at what we’re telling

emulate with their peers, we should think twice.

with joblessness, and even the threat of being

our children. It’s so much better to be an

We need to encourage our children to build up


encouraging voice.

their relationships, and support their friends,

Thankfully those that are being bullied are

Bullying can also adversely affect the

finally being heard. Mothers and fathers who

bystanders who often do nothing. There was a

We are responsible for what is happening,

have lost their suicidal teens – pushed to the

fight on the Williams Middle School campus in

and how our children are shaped for better or

brink because of bullying and cyber-bullying –

Tracy several years ago. Bystanders were also

worse. Some grow up to play political-Survivor

have been approaching the media and taking it

suspended, and parents were angry, because

tactics in the workplace, and that’s not funny

to their legislators to pass laws.

their children were being held accountable too.

either. In fact, it’s pretty ugly.

S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

especially when someone is mistreating them.

MAY 2012

ANTI-BULLYING RESOURCES The controversial documentary Bully, a film by Lee Hirsch, has won multiple awards, and went into limited release in March. The R rating for language limits the ability to be shown in schools, requiring permission slips to be seen. The filmmakers felt compelled to keep the R rating, versus going for an unrated status. Their concern is that the kids are facing harsh reality and vulgar abuse on a daily basis. Bullying is not censored. High school students read literature with vulgarity and adult situations, and are allowed to swear in drama classes. So this controversial film should be sought out for kids to see how their attitudes and actions affect others. For more information, see

According to the Bully Project, surveys show

v o g . g n i y l l u stopb

that most teens are not telling their parents about being bullied. Much of this thinking with teens is the training they get from teachers from an early age, telling them not to tattle on their schoolmates, so they feel like they have nowhere to turn. They are telling peers, which means that the advice they get is from someone whose brain isn’t fully formed, or cognizant that there are answers besides suicide. If teens share their pain with their parents, it’s far more likely to be reported, and hopefully stopped. See for more information on making your child’s school a bully-free zone. Some high schools offer

as a result of his injuries after a suicide attempt. This law came about

conflict resolution counseling with peers. And teachers can find conflict

because the school officials did not treat Seth’s situation seriously. Now

resolution lesson plans online at places like

schools are required to handle things before they turn serious. AB 746 was

Things will get better, but everyone has to be accountable.

signed into law in 2011, modifying existing cyber-bullying laws. There is

School counselors should be aware of the new laws that have been

also a new law that allows intradistrict or interdistrict transfers for students

passed, and if students come forward, counselors can give them guidance,

to relocate to a school away from former bullies. Children have the right to

and start the process for the bullying to stop. One of the laws, AB 9, or

be able to learn in a non-threatening environment; and students need to

Seth’s Law, passed in the California Senate in 2010. Seth Walsh was a gay

know that their administration cares about them.

13-year-old, continually harassed for his appearance. He died that year

laws/california.html has all the California anti-bullying laws.

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


209 M OM S




here’s a quiet grace about Peggy Walters

as she discusses Lodi Cancer Kids, the organization she and her husband Don created to assist local families. Underneath is the strength and determination of a mother who faced down her daughter’s cancer and won. Lodi Cancer Kids, a non-profit organization, originated in response to the Walterses’ own experience with their daughter’s cancer treatment that began at age 7. The reality then, as is still true today, is all pediatric cancer treatment occurs outside San Joaquin County. Families must travel to the Bay Area or UC Davis, and not just for day trips. Radiation cycles lasting 28 days make it necessary to be at or near hospitals in case complications arise. Leukemia treatment can last for 3 years. The Walterses soon learned that commuting from


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2012

Lodi to San Francisco was not an option, and

and toys. Families are eligible to receive up to

to the University of the Pacific. She plans to

began to look for short-term rental housing.

$1,600 per year. No family has been turned

go into the child services field, working at a

They found landlords wanted long-term leases,

away. Religious reading resources are also

hospital helping families in cancer treatment.

until one gentleman offered them a bonus

available, free of charge. Peggy mentions that

room, free of charge. They spent 9 months

every family she has met wants their child to

there, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and

be prayed for.

Easter, fighting their daughter’s illness.

Donations can be made by contacting

Lodi Cancer Kids assisted 42 families in

The stress and logistics of treatment that

2011, and is currently offering support to an

Susan Michener Spracher

often separates families when they need to be

average of 21 families in treatment. Funds to

is the author of

together the most, plus the many miracles and

support the organization are raised from private

The Four o’Clock Martini,

kindnesses they experienced from strangers

and corporate donors, and an annual spaghetti


inspired the Walterses to form Lodi Cancer

dinner, with 100% going directly to support

and co-author of the

Kids in 1999. Families need to meet just

families. The Walterses conduct all the business

Mom About the Town blog,

three basic requirements to be considered for

of the organization on a volunteer basis with

support: their child must be under age 18, be

the help of a small board of directors. It’s their

She is a lifelong resident of Stockton,

in active treatment, and live in San Joaquin

way of remembering where they’ve been and

and proud to be Mom

County. Assistance is given in the way of gift

how far they have come. Their daughter Kelsey

to two girls, ages 12 and 16.

cards for gas, groceries, restaurants, clothing,

is now 21 years old, healthy and has applied

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


209 M OM S

ZOO AMBASSADORS Volunteer program for kids at Micke Grove Zoo




oes your child have a passion for exotic animals and an open schedule this summer?

The Micke Grove Zoo Ambassadors Program (ZAP) might just be the activity he or she is looking for. The program gives San Joaquin County kids between the ages of 12 and 15 the opportunity to learn about zoo animals and gain experience working with the public. LORIKEETS


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2012








Ambassador, participants must first take a six-

other people, and be able to interact with the

the sciences or education that much these

public,” says Morris.

days. I find it really interesting to think about

week training course, says Kelly Morris, senior

Also available to teens ages 16 and up is

that stuff. If I can get someone else to learn

office assistant with Micke Grove Zoo. They are

the Zoo Keeper Aide volunteer position. These

something they didn’t know or about an

taught about animal habitats, conservation,

volunteers attend the same training as the ZAP

animal they never heard of, then that’s better

and animal diets, says Morris. The training is

participants. They help staff prepare diets, help

for them,” he says.

offered twice a year, typically in January and

maintain and clean the zoo, and assist with

again at the end of May or early June.

other special projects. They are also asked to

Once they have completed the training, ZAP volunteers are asked to commit to a

commit to a 6-month volunteer term, with a minimum of one 4-hour shift per week.

minimum 6-month term with two 3-hour

Micke Grove Zoo is typically a busy place,

shifts per month. Zoo Ambassadors help

says Morris, and receives between 115,000

set up information stations in the zoo, and

to 120,000 visitors per year. The zoo is open

teach visitors about animal habitats and

everyday, rain or shine, with the exception of


being closed on Christmas.

For more information about the ZAP and Zoo Keeper Aide programs

Morris says the program is beneficial for

Aidan Backus, 13, began volunteering

kids in the community. “At that age, you’re

with the zoo in June 2011 and is now a Zoo

with Micke Grove Zoo

not sure what you want to do (with your life).

Ambassador. “I like helping the people,” he

I think it actually helps them interact with

says. “People don’t really think much about

(209) 331-7270

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an




M o m o f five invests h er he ar t and soul in he r childre n BY CHARLEEN EARLEY PHOTO BY LINDAY ORTEZ


t’s not every day you meet a mom of five kids,

let alone follow her for a few hours, so when something as rare as this happens, you put your running shoes on and prepare to do your best to keep up. At age of 38, Dr. Lena Moua has it all together. With her husband Blong, age 40, they’ve finetuned their Stockton family’s schedule down to a science. At any given moment, they can tell you exactly where Shawn (18), Matthew (17), Allan (15), Randy (13) or Teya (8) is located. And just in case you didn’t notice, the first letter of each name spells out SMART. “I don’t know what we would do without texting,” said Moua, an English Specialist at Cesar Chavez High School, who recently earned her doctorate in Education and Leadership from

and I usually spend nights discussing strategies

takes a back burner, which sometimes translates

California State University, Stanislaus.

to connect to each child and to better them in

to studying or working at midnight or in the wee

specific areas.”

hours of the morning, Moua’s world primarily

I met Moua at her office at Chavez High around noon, just when students were finishing

I don’t know which was more difficult, doing

their CST testing for the day. Before becoming an

my best to master the art of keeping noodles

English Specialist, she taught English at Chavez

on my spoon (Moua made it look so easy),

“I grew up very poor with 18 family

for five years, and 10 years at Franklin High. Also

or following their conversations, which went

members, at one time, in one household. My

a teacher, Blong works at Grunsky Elementary

something like this, “You take Allan and I’ll take

mother and stepfather never invested in us,

School, where their daughter Teya attends.

Teya. I have to get Matthew’s shorts. No, I just

never bought us anything or supported us in

From school, she drove Allan and me to

spoke with him, I can get the shorts. Let’s meet

school,” said Moua. “I just tried to raise my own

Pholicious Vietnamese Cuisine, where she

at the Men’s Wearhouse for the fitting, then to

children differently. I have great respect for my

treated us to lunch, along with her oldest son

Matthew’s badminton game.” I was lost, but

mother, however. I wrote an entrance essay for

Shawn. She spoke with her sons in English and

they were all on the same page, and that’s all

UOP about my mother as my hero, because she’s

Hmong (her native tongue), asking about their

that mattered.

everything I would never be.”

day so far.


Moua believes there’s no right way to be a

“I lecture the kids at every chance I get, so

4.58 and above arena. All are involved in sports

even the five to eight minute rides to school, I

and extracurricular activities, take advanced

“Give everything you possibly can (time,

usually leave them with the thought of the day,

placement classes, and on the weekends, the

guidance, financial or emotional support, etc.)

or ask what’s going on in their lives,” said Moua.

family is usually booked with cultural events.

to your children,” she said. “And in the end, you

“Every kid is uniquely different, so my husband


Her kids’ grade point averages hover in the

revolves around her five kids for a very good

S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

While her personal and professional life

parent, but investing in them is mandatory.

will have fulfilled your duty as a parent.”


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

209 M OM S

MAY 2012




ow do you to get your body back after having a baby when you have a baby to take care of? The

answer has arrived with a program that incorporates the baby and the stroller. Baby Boot Camp offers mothers a fitness program designed specifically for their body concerns. In less than an hour participants go through a circuit class, led by certified exercise instructors, that includes cardio strength training, Pilates, yoga, resistance tubes and abdominal exercises to improve core strength. Children are engaged by music and constant motion that make them an interactive part of the workout. The class offers multiple levels of intensity, and can be adjusted to target the individual needs of each woman based on where she is, fitness-wise. Participants range from pre-natal women to those with children ages 3-4. A variety of classes are offered several times a week in Lodi and Stockton, with times and locations that accommodate both the working and stay-at-home mother.

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


Monthly rates are purposefully reasonable to accommodate the budgets of families with small children. First-timers can request a free class. Baby

Baby Boot Camp

Boot Camp replaces the high expense of gym membership and the guilt

Leigh Hobson at

of leaving a child in others’ care to get a workout in.

(209) 470-2766

Owner Leigh Hobson’s enthusiasm for the concept of including baby in your workout is effervescent. She points out that Baby Boot Camp offers a welcoming environment for all moms to feel comfortable getting fit at their own level without feeling intimidated. More than just a fitness program, Baby Boot Camp has evolved into a community where mothers can gain nutritional counseling and share the trials and triumphs of parenting.




“I surround myself in a sacred sphere of divine white


s many women do when a new year unfolds,

I recently set about the task of reorganizing my

light, and ask that only positive energy be allowed to enter

molecules – which is my way of saying “dieting.”

in, unless I need further teaching and recognition to be

Dieting is such an ugly word to me; I tend to avoid

made available to me. I bless the bringer of what I

it at all costs (which may account for my need to

currently perceive to be negative and forgive them

do it… oy vey!). Food brings vitality and joy, and

in advance, for they are here to show me a better

allows us to feel nurtured, nourished, and to share

way. Help me to learn and grow and to find the good in all things. Thank you, Divine Source, for the love and support you so freely and

happy time with others. It energizes us in mind, body and spirit. Yet too much, or the wrong type can be a bad thing, resulting in excess weight or changes in our overall sense of well-being. After

compassionately give to all living beings.”

hiring a nutritionist, I discovered I’d been eating

Please join me in creating the tsunami

the wrong types of food. I was encouraged to

of love so we can all grow wiser, and lose

incorporate more live/raw foods, drink essential

whatever obstacles stand in the way of

greens juice, and eat in a way that supports my

being more joyfully and compassionately

lifestyle (those “baby steps” I talk so much about!),

alive on this wondrous planet. By changing our energy, we change the energy of others the world over, bringing

and I’m seeing great results. Along the way I was also encouraged to examine my hunger, not only for food, but everything I hunger for in life as well. Exploring my hunger and wondering what more

consciousness and healing, to

in the world I could possibly want, I was led to look

allow peace and prosperity

at our beautiful planet and universe through the

to grow. Go ahead, give it

eyes of Hubble photos from afar. Breathtaking

a try. After all, what have

in glorious color and sheer immensity, it’s truly a

you got to lose?

magical place we’ve been given to love, co-create, live in and protect.


email your questions to kimrobinsonintuitive@gmail. com, and you may find your answers in the next edition of San Joaquin Woman magazine. Kim Robinson is an intuitive life coach in Stockton. Combined with her unique gift of intuition, her non-standard approach helps people deal with issues such as grief, low self-esteem, anger, depression, substance abuse, compulsive behavior, financial difficulties, sexual abuse, control issues, and weight and eating disorders, just to name a few. WWW.KIMROBINSONINTUITIVE.COM


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2012

As I gazed in awe, a question began to take

with friends, feeling like you own the world

First let me say, I know YOU would NEVER

shape in my mind: “What could I, one semi-

and all’s right in it, when suddenly, almost out

be the bringer of bad energy, right? So let’s

small being do, to make a huge difference on the

of nowhere, you’re engulfed by some hideous

make it about THEM… those who without

planet?” Like many of you, I already embrace all

cloud of noxious energy, often provided by

conscious thought or with malicious intent,

eco-friendly “mode du jour” activities such as

some “well-meaning” human being who by

dump their “stuff” on us in the middle of our

recycling. Yet my hunger was to do something

word or deed rains on your parade?

happy-dance day. Whether a boss, spouse,

BIG in a spiritual/metaphysical kind of way.

We all experience it and know how awful it

teacher, child, friend, or parent, they blame,

As I pondered, I mentally asked the Angels

feels. All our happiness can be blown away by

shame, criticize or otherwise diminish us in

what it might be. Immediately the word

harsh comments or cruel gossip. For some of us,

some form or fashion. Or the people who just

“energy” zinged through my head. “It’s ALL

the programmed response is to commiserate

plain have a bad attitude towards life in general

ABOUT the energy, especially the energy you

and take on the negative energy in a “birds

and generously share it with others. That kind

create,” I heard, and suddenly I knew what I

of a feather” or “misery loves company” way.

of energy is harmful and hurtful. It coalesces

wanted to do! I wanted to bring positive energy

Others of us take the “that kind of junk doesn’t

within us and creates a place for sadness, anger

to the planet in a great tsunami of love to heal

live HERE!” stance and do our best to shuffle

and frustration to reside.

it and every being residing on it.

Mr. or Ms. “isn’t the world a crummy place?”

I recommend we lose that kind of energy

Energy is a powerful thing. Ever notice how

on their way as fast as we’d swat a fly. It’s

as quickly as possible, as holding onto it can

you’ll be walking along the street smiling and

what we were taught to do. Yet Spirit teaches

damage our self worth and self esteem. It can

humming a little tune, or happily engrossed in

another way to handle this and using it could

also cause a “ricochet effect” wherein we

a project at work, or enjoying an evening out

truly change the world.

unconsciously dump our “stuff” onto others.

1. Here are my tips on h dealing wit negative energy in a ay: positive w

Recognize that we are all exactly where we need to be. Even the Donny and Debbie Downers are here for a reason. Whether through the life map we created before coming to Earth, allowing people to appear and teach us about negativity, or an inability or lack of desire to release negative emotions, which draws people to us to mirror what is going on within us, these brave souls show up to help us grow. In your heart, thank them and release them so they too may journey on. If you find yourself needing help with this, let me suggest a wonderful book entitled Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping. It offers examples of how the Universe works on a spiritual level and tools to help deal with negative experiences.


Examine your “attractor factors” for negative energy. Might you be magnetizing it in some form by talking, acting or thinking in negative ways yourself? There is no “fake it till you make it” with the Universe. If you’re contributing to the negativity, it will bounce back on you. This can sometimes be tricky as we are to an extent a product of the environment we grew up in, which can heavily influence us unconsciously to pull the negativity card. Take a close, honest look and see if any of your behaviors need to be moved up a notch or two to bring more positive experiences your way.


Whenever possible, lovingly confront the person who brings the negativity. This is VERY important, as not only can holding on to bad energy make you feel terrible; holding back on setting a firm, yet compassionate boundary towards it can leave you feeling vulnerable to it happening again. No one should have to live their life avoiding people and experiences just to escape negativity. Two excellent books on this subject are Saying What’s Real by Susan Campbell, Ph.D. and Emotional Bullshit by Carl Alasko, Ph.D. Once you’ve mastered the above, you can take it to an even higher, more spiritual level and not receive the negative energy in the first place, or minimize its effects. I say the aforementioned “enchantment” whenever I know a negative wind is blowing my way. Feel free to incorporate it into your life as well.

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an






he birth of a child is often the most important day in a new family’s

start for a healthy life. Breastfed babies receive better nutrition, and

life. Whether it’s the first baby or the fourth, families prepare for months

have a reduced risk of serious illness, sudden infant death syndrome,

to welcome their new arrival. At St. Joseph’s Medical Center, we feel that

and diabetes. As a nurse, I know the health benefits of breastfeeding,

it’s important to honor that experience by providing the best possible

but as a mom who breastfed two children, I know how personally

care to new moms and their infants. Recently, St. Joseph’s reached a

gratifying it is to see an infant grow and thrive and know that you’re

milestone in that commitment as we became the first hospital in San

providing their nourishment.

Joaquin County to be designated a Baby-Friendly® hospital, part of the international Baby-Friendly® Hospital Initiative (BFHI).


But breastfeeding is not just about providing nutrition for a child; it’s also about bonding and falling in love with your baby. With St.

While St. Joseph’s has always been “baby-friendly,” this official

Joseph’s family-centered care, the bonding process begins immediately

designation recognizes hospitals and birthing centers worldwide that

after birth, even after a C-section. We promote “skin-to-skin” between

meet strict standards in the education, promotion, and support of breast

parents and their newborn by placing the baby in direct skin-to-skin

feeding for new mothers. To date, we are one of only 48 Baby-Friendly®

contact for bonding time with both moms and dads.

hospitals and birthing centers in California, and 134 in the United States.

For moms that have expressed the desire to breastfeed, a certified

The BFHI, a joint venture of the World Health Organization and

lactation consultant will visit within the first hour to educate and offer

UNICEF governed in the United States by Baby-Friendly® USA,

instruction on the breastfeeding process, as well as advise how to

distinguishes breastfeeding as optimal care for infant feeding. Years of

maintain lactation. Regardless of whether moms decide to breastfeed,

research has told us that breastfeeding newborns gives them the best

our nurses educate all of our patients to promote its benefits and provide

S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2012

them with the tools they need to make an informed decision. Our Baby-Friendly® designation means that our maternity nurses have received at least 20 hours of lactation training. Additionally, we

just for Cesarean sections, pain management including epidurals, and a neonatal intensive care unit with eight connecting pod-like rooms of three to four isolettes each.

have five International Breastfeeding Certified Lactation Consultant

Since integrating our new Baby-Friendly® culture, we’ve seen a rise

(IBCLC) nurses, with a sixth on the way. This education and support, a

in the number of women choosing to breastfeed. Our new mothers leave

cornerstone of St. Joseph’s Baby-Friendly® culture, is available to new

St. Joseph’s empowered by the knowledge of the incredible staff, and

moms from before birth to after they take their babies home.

are more confident and comfortable breastfeeding. This is why we love

Our lactation consultants hold weekly breastfeeding support groups, and our nurse call center offers the only 24/7 assistance line for breastfeeding moms in the county. Additionally, we offer a variety of educational Welcome to Life classes for soon-to-be parents and new

our jobs, because we look at what we do as building and strengthening new families.

For more information on St. Joseph’s Women & Infant Center, visit or call 209-943-2000.

parents. The prenatal classes are led by Susan Pirie, RN and lactation consultant, who has been teaching childbirth and breastfeeding courses for over 30 years. And the best part is that most of these services are free and open to the community. In addition to our skilled staff, St. Joseph’s Women & Infants Center’s features and amenities are uniquely suited to our baby-friendly culture.

Free Pregnancy and Parenting Classes The following classes are part of St. Joseph’s free Welcome to Life pregnancy and parenting class series

Our family-centered care includes rooming-in where moms and infants

n Prenatal Nutrition and Exercise

stay together in a private room, which we’ve found makes breastfeeding

n Childbirth Preparation Class

easier and more comfortable. Each room features private bathrooms and

n Mother-Baby Breast Connection

showers, sleeping recliners and flatscreen televisions, which helps make St. Joseph’s more dad-friendly, as well. While amazing, childbirth is also exhausting, which is why we aim to help families feel as comfortable as possible. We take meal orders at bedside and deliver fresh-baked cookies daily. Our Women & Infant Center also features state-of-the-art technology in two operating rooms

n The Newborn n Big Brother – Big Sister n Welcome To Life Tour For more information or to view the complete brochure, visit




assy Pants is a children’s clothing boutique in Lincoln Center carrying apparel, shoes,

accessories and gifts for children – infants through ten. They carry a large selection of European products, as well as locally-made goods. Baptism, communion and flower girl attire are available.


S a n J o aqu i n Wo m an

MAY 2012


354 Lincoln Center • Stockton 209-451-9775

Owner Angela Scannavino Karp

Sa n Joa q ui n Wo m an


MAY H O RO SCO PES ARIES (March 21-April 19):


MAY 2012


(June 21-July 22): You’ll come up with original solutions that will have an impact on your community, environment and peers. Put everything you've got into helping others.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):


Weigh the pros and cons before you take a leap of faith. Impulsive action will not lead to the results you want.

Put more effort into selfimprovement, education and stabilizing your personal life. Set a realistic budget and stick to it.

(Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Your enthusiasm will attract positive attention and opportunities. You have great potential for prosperity and personal growth.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20):

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22):



Market what you have to offer, and it will pay off. Take advantage of every opportunity that arises.

Too much of anything will be overkill, leading to loss. Balance, equality and embracing change

(Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Home, family and partnerships are highlighted. Greater opportunity will develop through the company you keep.

(Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Moderation will be required in all that you do. Keep your opinions to yourself. Overindulgence will lead to a bad reputation.

will keep you on the right track.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20):

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22):


PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20):

Keep everything out in the open or you stand the chance of being ridiculed for hiding information. Protect your reputation by being honest.

You’ve got all the right moves, so dive in to liar territory with confidence. You will impress even the most unforgiving observers.

(Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Take care of your responsibilities. Love is in the stars. The people you care about most should be your main concern.

You’ve got what it takes to get what you want. Use your experience and knowledge, and you will be successful.

San Joaquin Woman May 2012  

The March issue of San Joaquin Woman, by the Stockton Record.

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