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Friday, January 18, 2018 Volume 28, Issue 1

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January 18, 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter




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issue? Seven vendors who have been at the market for years are under threat of expulsion from the Market after 16 other vendors complained about “behaviour that is detrimental to the corporation.” I don’t know what was said, or done by whom. What I do know is that some of the vendors in question have been vocal about who’s putting out “local” products at the market and who is not. Years ago, I was surprised to find out that several of the vendors provided produce that was not grown locally, but “harvested” at the Toronto Food Terminal. I don’t know about you, but I go to the local farmers’ markets to support local farmers. If I wanted produce from the Food Terminal, I’d head to the grocery store. I know that there have been allegations about vendors at the market in Peterborough for years. Some of the vendors have been vocal about their opposition to those who are re-sellers who have not been upfront about where their products come from. Should they be punished for speaking out? I don’t think so.

There are a couple of things on my mind for this first issue of 2018. It boggles my mind that people are still driving while impaired. Whether you’ve had a few drinks or some drugs, it’s not okay to get behind the wheel of your vehicle. Over the holidays, the OPP in the province laid 587 impaired driving charges. Sure, they stopped more than 9,000 vehicles during their annual RIDE program, so I guess some would see that average as pretty good. But it doesn’t alter the fact that there were still 587 people operating a 1,500kg (4,000lb) weapon while “under the influence.” All the advertising in the world is obviously not going to reach those selfish individuals who insist they’re “okay” to drive. Until they realize they’re not and someone dies. How quickly then will they change their tune? On another note, what’s up with this Peterborough Farmers’ Market


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January 18, 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter

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Parking in Lindsay

Where is the vision for a parking plan in downtown Lindsay? The vacant lot at 7 William Street South is listed for sale for $193,000. I am all in favour of keeping my taxes low and no doubt that if it gets sold and a new building built, it will generate more property tax revenue. However, if it comes at the expense of losing more parking, and the accompanying customers that need to park, is this a win – win? 7 William Street is only a small lot and holds about 20 cars at any given time, without anyone trying to organize it. I do not know what the average turnover ratio is in downtown Lindsay for parking, but suspect it is in the three to four times per day in busier seasons. Even using a modest two times daily, extrapolates out to 40 customers per day on that lot alone. How much cash flow does that generate for the businesses within one block? CKL recently moved the downtown bus stop from William Street to Victoria Ave. Doing so, took away about 6 parking spots beside the Kent Place Mall. It took an already frustrating situation and made it much worse. Has anyone in the parking department taken the time to circle the block around Kent, Cambridge South, Russell and Victoria South during business hours to see how difficult it is to find a parking spot? Throw in a few jaywalkers and people doing U turns to park on the opposite side, and we have a great recipe for disaster.

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January 18 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter

Has anyone talked to the owner of the vacant lot at the northeast corner of Victoria South and Russell Street to see if that could be opened up for surface parking, albeit at some cost? These two vacant lots are not nearly enough to provide the parking that is needed now and particularly in the future. With CKL’s plans to build many new homes in the northwest part of Lindsay plus other areas, it will exacerbate the downtown parking problem. All of the downtown businesses pay significant property taxes plus DBIA surcharges, which I understand a good portion goes to fund the Downtown Business Improvement Association (DBIA). Why can’t some of that money be directed to actually “improve” the downtown shopping experience for all business owners and customers for a win-win situation? It is my understanding that the DBIA does not have representation from each business block that is encompassed by the DBIA. If this is true, can this be corrected so that businesses within every block can be heard? Would the DBIA be willing to re-invent themselves and consider taking control of the parking in their downtown and adapt a vision that will encompass the future and be a win not only for themselves, but for us customers that truly want to do business in downtown Lindsay? The CKL has tried and it is painfully obvious that staff do not have a vision for parking.

S. Oliver Bobcaygeon/CKL

Food Bank Thanks

I had the privilege of volunteering with many others at the December Bobcaygeon Helps Christmas Gift Program. The generosity of local churches, businesses and residents to our friends and neighbours was more than evident by the wonderful display of toys and gifts.  

Kinmount and district Educational Bursary Fund Roast Beef Dinner • Loonie Auction • Door Prizes Doors Open at 5:00pm • Dinner at 6:00pm

Saturday February 3rd, 2018

The Galway Hall - 579 Galway Road $15.00 per person 705-488-3053

Rest assured that because of your generosity 117 families including 105 children had a merrier Christmas.   Thanks to all and best wishes for the New Year Janet Klein on behalf of the board of directors of The Bobcaygeon Helps Food Bank

Gallery Owner Responds

I must respond to the article “Gallery Asks for Handout” (Promoter, December 15, 2017). First of all the request was related to Gallery expansion and relates to four specific items which were clearly spelled out in the request to Council: 1) Façade Improvements: A $15,000 grant provided by municipalities including Trent Lakes, to businesses whether for-profit or not. The Gallery’s façade is larger than the square footage of entire businesses. Council refused to even consider or address this request. 2) Addition of a Permanent Exhibit space for a renowned Canadian Artist: Such a space would increase tourism and visitors to the area. Funding is required to acquire artifacts, hire guide, etc. 3) Addition of an Artisan Alley to provide space for artisans to demonstrate their craft. Funds are needed for new flooring and related capital improvements. 4) Funding for hiring of expert staff and marketing efforts to promote the foregoing initiatives. The vast majority of businesses who are in the “Tourist” attraction business -- The Canoe Museum, Peterborough AGP, and Lang Pioneer Village receive millions of dollars per year in government funding in spite of their location in or proximity to a large urban centre. Rural businesses such as the Gallery have faced, and continue to face, operational challenges and hurdles. In this context, and given the economic impact

that the Gallery single-handedly provides to the community, Council should have at least considered the request, or rather put forward to its Economic Development Committee. I stand by my comment that this Council does not deserve the sacrifices my husband and I have made that Council and the community have benefitted from, and that Council has demonstrated is completely unappreciated

Esther Inglis, Owner, Gallery on the Lake Buckhorn

Great Community

Thank you to all those who gave money, a snow blower and offers of labour for the Community Ice Rink at Tommy Anderson Park. We live in such a great community with such generous spirit. The community is so enriched by people like you. For those of you who wish to still contribute, we have opened a Community Ice Rink bank account at the Bank of Montreal in Bobcaygeon. Happy Skating! Ruth Pillsworth & Steve Blodgett Bobcaygeon

Have you heard BOB lately? BOB listened to you!

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Snowshoe Kawartha is hosting Winter Festival 2018 in Fenelon Falls featuring the first race in the Snowshoe Canada Ontario Cup Series. Written by Wendy Lill. Presented by Borelians Community Theatre.


15, 16, 17 22, 23, 24

Best course for the 5k and 10k races • Best food in the series Ice Fishing • NEW: Crokicurl and Fat Tire Bikes This year elementary school-aged kids will attempt a new World Record for the most participants in a 500-metre snowshoe race. Visit for more information

Register today! January 18, 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter


City Hall

from Durham Region, three from the City of Kawartha Lakes and two from Peterborough County. Each municipality is given a percentage of voting power, based on their municipal levy contributions Conservation Budget Sent Back to the overall Kawartha Conservation budget. City By Pat Warren At the last budget meeting of City of Kawartha of Kawartha Lakes, with three representatives, Lakes Council, a motion was made to send the 2018 contributes 60 percent of the municipal levy, therefore Kawartha Conservation budget back to the Board, has 60 percent of the weighted vote. However, there is provincial legislation stating that no municipality can asking for a reduction of $15,000. Two weeks prior, the nine-member Conservation have more than 50 percent of the final budgeting vote. COKL Board members Councillors Miller, Dunn board passed the budget in principle without the and Breadner wanted to cancel the per diems (the $60 support of the representatives from the City. All three all board members receive to attend meetings). They board members from the City of Kawartha Lakes voted felt it unfair that COKL pays 60 percent of those costs. against the budget moving forward to Council. At the Conservation board meeting, the motion to The nine-member Board has four representatives end the per diems was defeated as the vote resulted in a tie. However, the COKL reps were successful in garnering support for ending mileage payments to board members which COKL also pays 60 percent. All regular votes at Kawartha Conservation are passed by a simple majority but at budget time there is a weighted vote based on assessment of the municipality. 2018 Dog Licence and Tag Fees Along with the $15,000 cut, COKL council is also 2018 Dog Licence Tags are now available at the requesting all votes be weighted at 60 percent. Also, COKL wants a guarantee that the position following locations: of chair or vice chair go to one of their City The Municipal Office representatives. The current process is decided among SocialServicesDivision Bobcaygeon Transfer Station Site the nine-member board. Buckhorn Transfer Station Site These requests will have to be investigated to see Cavendish Transfer Station Site whether they adhere to provincial legislation. Crystal Lake Transfer Station Site During the budget deliberations at City Council, Do You LiveCouncillor In Peterborough County? Breadner also made a motion to not Every owner of a dog within the Municipality of Trent Lakes must purchase a tag with the fees as follows: fund Lake Management implementation funding of Are Here Help with many Free Services $157,900. ThisWe resolution wastodefeated Before March 31st, 2018 $25.00 Call (705)760-4854 We can you of withthe things like: of Councillors speaking inassist favour merits After March 31st, 2018 $30.00 implementing the plans. Monday • Community Referrals & Supports • Buckhorn Public Library pm The move to send the budget back will delay the Owners of dogs who fail to purchase a tag will be subject to a fine. 9:00am – 12:00 Conservation’s weighted budget vote, to March. • Employment

People Serving People


SocialServicesDivision PeoplePeople Serving PeoplePeople Serving Dogs Running at Large SocialServicesDivision SocialServicesDivision People Serving People ou Live In Peterborough County? People Serving Peopleromoter • Trent Lakes Municipal Office 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


If you own a dog, you must not permit the dog to be at large. A dog is deemed to be Thursday “at large” if found in any place other than the premises of the owner. Any•dogApsley found Library 9:15 am – 3:00 pm at large may be seized and impounded accordingly.

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Telephone: 705-738-3800 Toll Free: 800-374-4009 SocialServicesDivision We can assist youMain with Office things like: SocialServicesDivision day • Community Referrals & Supports We Are Serving Here to Help People People Monday Call (705)760-4854


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Do You Live In rborough County? Peterborough County? erborough County?

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• Trent Lakes Municipal Office

IF YOU WERE WAITING FOR A SIGN, THIS IS IT. For a limited time, we’re offering free tree planting in the City of Kawartha Lakes for projects of at least 5 acres, eligible for the 50 Million Tree Program. Managed forests may reduce property taxes, will reconnect you with your property and improve the environment. Make 2018 the year you plant a forest. Contact Eleanor Reed, professional forester, to arrange a site visit. ¡ 705-328-4584

January 18, 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter


SEPTIC INSPECTIONS ONGOING By Glenna Burns The municipality of Trent Lakes has, for the past

two years, been spearheading a Peterborough Health Unit inspection program of septic tank systems. This is a multi-year project that the current council felt was necessary to ensure good water quality and habitat protection. Trent Lakes Mayor Bev Matthews was disheartened to learn from Health Unit Inspector Kathleen Shepherd that not all municipalities are undertaking this project often for political reasons. “I’m sorry to hear that a couple of municipalities, because it’s an election year, have decided to not do this….even though it’s an election year, it needs to be done.” In general, over the past two years, the Health Unit has been assigned to look at about 800 properties. After researching, the Unit visits sites and the majority (about 83 percent) ‘pass’ the Phase 1 inspection. What really slows the process down is when people don’t fill in the initial questionnaire sent out by the Health Unit. Inspectors have also run into roadblocks when systems can’t be located at all or there is a clearance issue (too close to a lake). So far only one system has needed full replacement, although about 47 systems still under investigation may need replacement, or need to remove added plumbing fixtures. According to Inspector Shepherd, public response has been very positive. People realize that this septic inspection program is essential to good public health,

especially in a region where water wells are the main source of potable drinking water.


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January 18 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter

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January 18 to February 7

Melodie McCullough

Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Dear Aquarius, your health will be your number one priority in the coming months. Don’t take it for granted. As you are well aware, life isn’t worth living without good health!

Leo (July 24 to Aug. 23) A new job is on the horizon for you, Leo. Look for something that will fulfill you and nourish your sense of community. You may have to start out small, but don’t worry, small things very often lead to bigger and better things. Virgo (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) A New Year’s love! Just what the doctor ordered for you, Virgo. Enjoy the happy days you share.

Pisces (Feb. 20 to March 20) “Knowledge of the self is the mother of all knowledge. So, it is incumbent on me to know myself, to know it completely.”: Kahlil Gibran. So, Pisces, how well do you know yourself? Try to discover something new about YOU, and perhaps it will lead to more knowledge of the world around you.

Libra (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) If you are planning on travelling in the near future, Libra, by all means, do so! But plan carefully and don’t expect a far-off trip will be the answer to problems back home. They will still be there when you return, so it’s best to face them before leave!

Aries (March 21 to April 20) The first new moon of the new year occurred January 17, bringing with it a time to honour the silence of winter. Take time, Aries, to sit and wonder at the mysteries of the world and your place within it.

Scorpio (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) We believe meditation is on the books for you in the days ahead, Scorpio. You need to relax and diminish your anxieties, and it is an excellent way to attain these goals. Look into it.

Taurus (April 21 to May 21) Perseverance is certainly a virtue, Taurus, and it may well be needed by you now. Hang on to the knowledge that friends and family are behind you, every step of the way, and don’t give up!

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) New work responsibilities may seem daunting during this zodiac phase, dear Sag, but they can also mean new opportunities. Look for the positive and don’t get discouraged!

Gemini (May 22 to June 22) The things that haven’t happened yet are the things that keep us up at night, Gemini. That and the things of our past, over which we no longer have any control. Forget about both! Here’s to a good night’s sleep.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) You are a wonder! Your commitment to your community is truly astounding. Remember, though, you can’t do everything! Don’t be afraid to let others step in, while you provide the guidance and support. Otherwise, you may burn out – and we don’t want that!

Cancer (June 23 to July 23) It is very tempting to jump into a conversation to offer an opinion, Cancer. But a lot of time, people don’t think things through and don’t realise the consequences. Don’t be one of those people! Learn to handle your words wisely.

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BAD NEWS/GOOD NEWS Growing a Healthy Farmers Market

By Pamela VanMeer, Kawartha411

There’s nothing better than getting up early on a summer Saturday morning and heading out to the local Farmers’ Market for some fresh, homegrown produce. Except we’ve recently learned some of that “homegrown” produce isn’t homegrown at all. Some of the “farmers” at the Peterborough Farmers Market aren’t farmers at all. A CBC News investigation revealed that at least two of the vendors at the Peterborough Farmers’ Market buy some of their produce from the Ontario Food Terminal or other outlets rather than growing it themselves. The CBC also reported that these same vendors allegedly tried to pass off the product as being grown by them. This practice understandably upset some of those who toil away in the harsh weather conditions, night and day to produce food, locally. Farming is a tough way of life and we recently learned that local farmers are increasingly taking their own lives. Farmers work long hard days growing the food that keeps the rest of us alive. A study done in 2016 for the Greenbelt Farmers’ Market network found many small farmers are increasingly reliant on markets as a source of income. The study says nearly half of farmers surveyed rely on markets for 75 percent or more of their income, up from just a quarter of farmers five years earlier. Some of the local growers have expressed concern over re-sellers setting up shop at the market and misleading customers. Some of the board members of the Peterborough Farmers’ Market are trying to give a few growers the boot after several association members said they are giving the market a bad name by speaking

out. The members are in the process of voting on a motion to oust 7 businesses. A second meeting is to be held in the next 30 days. The good news is that these “whistle blowers” have brought attention to a very serious issue. It’s the few who are being dishonest and trying to pass off purchased items as “home grown” that are giving the market a bad name. We now know that we must be careful when buying from these unregulated markets if we want to ensure we are truly supporting the local farmers. Ask questions, look for boxes from the Ontario Food Terminal, ask where the farm is and then look it up on the internet. Get to know your local farmers. Visit the farm and get a first hand look at what they do. McLean Berry Farm in Buckhorn is a wonderful example of a community-minded farm. They not only work hard in the fields, they also allow local charities to come in on a weekly basis in the summer and take produce left laying in the dirt, for FREE. There could be more to the fight for control of the Peterborough Farmers’ Market and we may never know the full story. Whatever the full story is, both sides need to come together for the good of all involved. Take the lessons learned and use them to grow a healthy farmers’ market, one that features increased transparency, of course. You can find more local news and reports on


4 1 1

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January 18 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter

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Across 6 Hormone which helps regulate sleep (9) 8 Absurd (5) 10 Firmly implant (5) 11 Complex system of paths (9) 12 Bass singer's forte (3,4) 14 Story in installments (6) 16 Impossible to perceive (13) 20 Soccer team (6)

21 Old hand (7) 24 Seasonal song about "frightful" weather (3,2,4) 25 Concerning ships or boats (5) 27 It switches lights on/off (5) 28 Message maker in the air (9)

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By April Scott

Welcome to the Choristers 2018 year, we wish you all the best and hopefully we will bring you some musical moments somewhere down the road. We’ve already had our first practice of the year - Christmas music was handed back in until next year and new numbers filled up our binders. We have lots of learning to do along with re-learning others. The Choristers are off to a good start - folks that came down with the nasty cold that has been going around have now recovered. We welcome Kay Jamieson back after a short leave of absence. With our numbers declining it is time to recruit some new vocalists - if you have sung in a choir before and have basic music reading skills, we would love to welcome you into the Choristers. The Bass and Tenor sections are particularly needing some help. We practice on Tuesday nights at 7pm for a couple of hours at the Retirement Suites on West Street. We are so lucky to be able to have this space and time every Tuesday - we even have cookies waiting for us for the break. For further information please call 705-7382396 and visit our Facebook page - Bobcaygeon Choristers - where you will find out what we do and see photographs of many events. Until next time, keep warm and try to enjoy winter. If you are stuck inside why not take a moment and ‘like’ our facebook page.


One of the fastest growing winter sports is coming back to Fenelon Falls on Saturday, February 3. Snowshoe Kawartha’s Winter Festival and 5K/10K Ontario Cup Snowshoe Race in 2018 will be better than ever before. The Fenelon event is designed for all levels of participants from beginner to expert and is truly a family event. In addition to the Ontario Cup races sanctioned by


Thank you for making the 2018 Tourism Guide Photo Contest a great success! With well over 1000 images, Explore Buckhorn, Explore Bobcaygeon and Explore Fenelon Falls 2018 are sure to demonstrate the beauty that this region has to offer. The Guides will be available early Spring. Watch for winning submissions in our next issue, February 8th.

Thank you to our Contest Sponsors

Promoter The Kawartha

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January 18 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter

Snowshoe Canada, the governing body for snowshoe racing in Canada, this year’s activities will include two new sports including Crokicurl and FAT Tire Bikes. Crokicurl, invented by two architects in Winnipeg, combines the sport of curling with the well-known board game of crokinole. On Cameron Lake, a special “ice board” similar to the board game will be set up. To add more excitement to this year’s festival, organizers are setting up special 0.5k and 1K courses for elementary school students from across the City of Kawartha Lakes and the rest of Ontario in hopes of setting a U15 World Record. Snowshoe World Record registration is from 9am to 10:45am at the Salvation Army at 47 Bond St. West in Fenelon Falls. Parents are invited to walk the course with the kids. For more information, the entry form and waiver for the World Record event please visit www.snowshoekawartha. com. In addition, there will be an ice fishing demonstration and, for adults looking to stay warm, there’s a special event entitled “Fenelon Falls – History on Ice” featuring the Curator of Maryboro Lodge. You can get all the information about this funfilled winter festival at


On Saturday, February 3, Truth and Reconciliation Bobcaygeon will be hosting a public screening of the new Curve Lake First Nations film on treaties. Members of the public are invited to gather at the Bobcaygeon library at 10 am to view the film titled Innakonigewin Andaadad Aki:Michi Sagging Treaties and hear a lecture on the history of the area from Trent University Indigenous Studies professor Phil Abbott. Dr. Abbott’s research explores the impact of early European settlement in Mississauga territory, focusing on Treaty 20. This treaty was one of the earliest signed in British North America in 1818 and impacted the whole Kawartha region.


By Kirk Winter

In the spring of 1985, Don Thompson was looking for a new career challenge. Recently laid off from his construction job, Don was approached by one of the seven-person volunteer board who managed the Bobcaygeon-Verulum Arena, and asked to apply for the position of arena manager. Don was a keen hockey player and had spent huge parts of his formative years on the ice of that arena. He sat for the interview, was offered the position and little did anyone realize that Don would only retire from working at the arena in December of 2017, the longest-serving arena employee in the City of Kawartha Lakes. Don said the first three to four years at the arena were a steep learning curve. The arena, originally built in 1954, was in need of a lot of love but the recently retired manager, Byron Martin, took Don under his wing and taught him everything there was to know about arena operations and maintenance. Don said he was very fortunate that Byron wanted to see him


AGENT succeed, and worked hard to assist Don in those early


years. As arena manager, Don was responsible for selling GENT TRUST A LOCAL AGENT arena advertising, scheduling staff and ice time, ice making and maintenance, painting the ice and caring for the fickle physical plant at the facility. In those Y pre-amalgamation days, the local 30 ears Area Resident for Over 30 Years community, led by people like Keith Tamlin, raised money and received grants to improve the arena 0 ceiling, Y ears Area Resident for Over 30 Years improve the upstairs kitchen and meeting Area Area Resident for for Over 30 Years Resident Over Years Area Resident for Over 3030 Years room, replace the glass and boards, pay for a Zamboni, and install rubberized flooring throughout the arena. The arena was truly a community centre, managed, run and operated by local people who had the best interests of the community at heart. kawartha chapter Don mourns the year 2000, when amalgamation took township facilities out of the hands of the 25th Annual Kawartha community boards that had so efficiently run them, Woodlot Conference and turned control over to the newly created City of & Tradeshow Kawartha Lakes. Networking and learning opportuni�es to support private Thompson believes that there were some landowners in their important role as forest caretakers. improvements under amalgamation, but for the most Saturday, February 10 - Fleming College, Lindsay part people outside of Lindsay have not received the Amazing Spain & Portugal: Alhambra Palace, Gr services they were hoping for. Don is hopeful about the future of local arenas as Register by February 2 there is talk about the return of real arena managers Tickets - Only $25 who will be site-based managers, responsible for Hot Lunch Included everything he once was. The people of Bobcaygeon-Verulum were indeed Registra�on and Informa�on: lucky to have someone like Don Thompson taking care 705.454.3167 of their arena for them all those years. KawarthaConserva�






Cruise Holidays of Lindsay celebrated the grand re-opening of their new office at 15 William Street South with an open house and ribbon cutting.

10% EPD + Show Special offe

December 4, 2017 | Session 1: 3pm

The travel agency opened in 2006 in Cruise Holidays of Linday the Whitney Town Centre and moved 15 downtown William Lindsay St S, Lindsay, ON in 2017.

K9V 3

*Conditions apply.

While they are river and ocean cruise specialists, they are a full service travel agency and also book all-inclusive resorts, motor coach travel, flights, travel insurance and more.

Cruise Holidays of Lindsay


Ocean & River Cruises | All-Inclusive Resorts | Escorted Motor Coach Tours | Travel Insurance and more

NOW AT 15 William St S, Lindsay (across from Bank of Montreal)

Photo of our grand re-opening ribbon cutting. (L to R) Pat Kuypers, Sue Whitford, Lisa Whyte, agency owners Cheryl & Robert McDonald, Vivian Warren & Keith McDonald.

705-324-3110 / 1-866-963-1010 • TICO #50014864

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By Kirk Winter As a young man growing up in Montreal, Art Field

loved hockey. When work brought him to Little Britain in 1956, it didn’t take Art long to begin sharing his passion for the sport. He started volunteering with minor sports in the Little Britain-Valentia area in 1957. Sixty years later he’s still going strong. Art began with the Jr. D program. He coached, managed and worked at the arena. In 1973, came a sporting crisis. The province condemned the Little Britain arena, and a new one was needed to save winter sports in Mariposa Township. Art and a committee of concerned citizens raised almost $800,000 from bingo, Wintario grants and financial support from the township. The new arena opened in 1975, and the committee took over managing the facility. For many years Art was a staple, working weddings upstairs, and helping out with hockey downstairs. With the new arena in place, hockey moved up a division to Jr. C in Little Britain with the creation of the Merchants Hockey Club. Since 1976, Art has served as manager, vice president and president of the Merchants organization.

He says his primary job “is to get people to work together.” He also takes great pride in selling all the advertising for the Merchants game programs, which is vital for covering operating costs and keeping players’ fees down. You might think that after a winter in the arena Art would want his summers off—but for decades he was a prime mover in Valentia baseball, umpiring hundreds of the games in the tiny hamlet. Art hopes the City of Kawartha Lakes will soon turn the arenas back to local control by the community groups that ran them effectively and efficiently for many years before the City took over. He hopes to serve on the same volunteer council that he was a member of for more than 20 years.


Films by the Falls and the Kawartha Lakes Film Circuit are very pleased to feature Loving Vincent on Tuesday, January 30 at Fenelon Falls Secondary School. Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully oil-painted feature film. Tickets are available at the door or in advance at Sweet Bottoms Coffee House in Fenelon Falls for $10 each. Doors open at 6:45pm with the feature presentation beginning at 7:30pm. Fenelon Falls Secondary School is located at 66 Lindsay St.

It’s Hard To Stop A Trane.®

705.887.1670 or 800.810.9289

5077 Hwy 35 Fenelon Falls |

Local Trades & Services

Support our local small businesses! To advertise in the Trades & Services section please call Laura at 705.738.6188

Drywall • Ceramic Tiles Plastering • Painting Laminate Flooring Roofing • Carpentry


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Dante (705) 341-2073 Cell: (416) 318-3170

Clover Appliance Service

Expert repairs at fair prices

Rick Hayward

Appliance Technician Serving Kawartha Lakes & Beyond Repairs to most brands including Fisher Paykel, Aga, Heartland, Marvel

705-243-8911 705-821-1040

Parts sales




O p e n i n g S o o n i n B o b c ay g e o n


Call: 705-928-0724

ELECTRIC Owner: Kirk Kimble ECRA/ESA Lic. 7009784



For all your electrical needs FIRE OR ICE



95 MAIN ST BOBCAYGEON ON 705 738 9779

253 KENT ST W LINDSAY ON 705 878 4074


6666 HWY 35 COBOCONK ON 705 454 2014

Kawartha Drywall & Interiors Boarding Taping Texturing Darrell Conners

Cell: 705-821-2533

Insulation Painting Trim Fully Insured


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Legion News “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.” For hall rentals or more information about ongoing activities, please call the individual Legion Branch. We welcome submissions to Next deadline: Wednesday, January 31.

Branch 67 Lindsay (705) 324-2613 • Pub Fare Lunch – Tuesdays, Thursdays, noon to 2 pm • Full Dinners – Fridays, 11:30am to 1:30pm • Meat Roll – Saturdays, 2 pm • Live Entertainment – Saturdays, 7:30 to 11:30 pm, free • Sir Sam Seniors progressive euchre every Tuesday - 1pm • Big Buck Bid euchre 4th Wednesday of every month -11am

Branch 184 Woodville & District (705) 439-2397 • The Country Music Jam is back the third Sunday of each month from 1-4 pm. • Dances the last Saturday of each month - 8pm to 11pm featuring The Gary Peters Band. $10 per person – light lunch at 11pm.

Branch 238 Fenelon Falls (705) 887-3041 • Dart League - Tuesdays, 7:30 pm • Men’s Snooker League - Wednesdays, 7 pm • Tai Chi - Thursdays, 10 am • English Pub Night* - first Friday each month, 5-7 pm • Meat Roll* - third Saturday each month, 2:30 pm, • Drop-in Shuffleboard - Sundays, 1:30pm • Turkey Dinner- Last Thursday of each month. • Drop-In Euchre Sundays at 1pm.

Branch 239 Bobcaygeon (705) 738-2710 • January 27 – Tragically Hits Fundraiser for the Food Bank • January 29 – Big Bucks Euchre – 11am • Monday & Wednesday – Darts at 7pm • Monday – Pasta – 5 to 7pm • Wednesday – Live Music from 2 to

5pm in the Club Room • Thursday – Hamburger – 4 to 7pm • Friday – Karaoke – 8pm • Saturdays – Meat Roll at 2pm and Trivia at 7pm • Sunday – Shuffleboard – 2pm • Ladies Auxillary does catering – call Anna 705-731-2244

• Mixed darts – Wednesday, 7:30 pm • Big Buck Bid Euchre - Third Wednesday of month, 11 am

Branch 497 Omemee (705) 799-5095 •Open House Country Jams every 2nd Saturday – Jan. 20; Feb. 3 and 17; March 3, 17 and 31; April 1 and 28; May 12 • January 21 – Giant Chili Cookoff – 1pm • February 4 – Super Bowl Sunday – 1pm – Pulled pork and refreshments • February 10 – Valentine’s Day Dance – 8pm • March 9 – Ham Dinner – 6 to 9pm • Every 2nd Saturday – Progressive Euchre • Hall Rentals – call 705-934-5095

Branch 519 Coboconk (705) 454-8127 • January 26 – Lunch from 11:30am to 1pm – Pork Tenderloin or Liver & Onions - $9 – followed by Country Music Jam from 1pm to 4pm – Open Mic and Local Talent. Food bank donations would be appreciated.



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Branch 441 Kinmount (705) 488-3462 • Bingo – Fridays, 6:45 pm • Meat Draw – Saturdays, 5 pm • Seniors Cards – Mondays, 1 pm


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The Kawartha

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GLASS & METAL REPAIR Windows and doors You may need only the glass replaced. Call Harold 705-887-6608


VICTORIA PLACE Avail. Immediately 2+1 bdrm Lakeview Bung Garage/Waterfront Amenities 1st & Last-$2000/mo+Util. Non Smoker/No Pets/ References Kevin 647-961-8812


DRY CLEAN KINDLING Hand packed. Approx 35lbs $10.00 Free local delivery. 705-738-3214 or 705-341-0160 Leave message.


WANTED: POP CULTURE ITEMS Vinyl records (rock, jazz, blues), rock memorabilia, pre-1990 comic books, toys, vintage costume jewelry, sterling & gold jewelry. All types of retro / mid-century items. House calls made at your convenience. Robert or Penny 705-324-2699 ____________________ CONSIDERING DOWNSIZING Feeling overwhelmed with clutter Don’t know where to start Call Renee 705-341-0581 Bobcaygeon area.


Domestic assault impaireD over 80 sex crimes/assault any crime or bail 705


6 41


WANTED Canada & USA coins Coin collections Silver dollar coins 1967 and earlier Silver & gold jewellery broken or not Sterling items eg. Birks Sterling flatware Jurgen 705-340-1504


Furniture,Glass, China, Military Medals etc. Duck Decoys, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Dollars, Gold, Coins, Pocket Watches etc. Anything old. R. Carruth. 705-887-1672.


LOOKING FOR Doreen Speir who resided in Fenelon Falls in 1990. She posted an ad in the Legion looking for my grandfather Frank Hart, a WW2 Pilot. I’m Frank’s granddaughter and would love to find Doreen and her family. Please contact me 403-463-5299


ADVERTISING SALES REPRESENTATIVES Orillia • Port Perry • Oshawa • Peterborough areas. Resumes only kawarthasalesmanager@

HELP WANTED Family dental office in Bobcaygeon is looking for a dental assistant to join our team. Must be HARP certified, friendly with good organizational and time management skills. Please email resume to or drop off at 129 Main St., Bobcaygeon. 705-738-1464 HELP WANTED New kitchen cabinets store in Bobcaygeon needs cabinet installers and renovators. Call 416-565-0868 ricardo@ricardoskitchens. com



His name is Tall-boy and boy is he tall! My giraffe is missing ... last seen nibbling leaves from the “old Oak Tree”. He has a very long neck, very long legs and a short little tail. Not house trained and eats a lot. Do not approach him as he’s very shy. You can’t miss him if you see him. If found, please send him home ... he knows the way.

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COOPER, Robert Grant It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and friend on December 30th 2017 in his 76th year. Rob was a loving and devoted husband of 52 years to Laurie Anne Cooper (nee Mitchell). An amazing father to Paul and his wife Cheryl, Jason and his wife Miranda, and Danielle and her husband Gavin. Adored Papa to Blake, Chad, Jordan, Meaghan, Jaxon, Lucas, Ryan and Mackenzie. Beloved younger brother of Harry and his wife Sandra, and Norm and his wife Lorraine. Friend and brother in law to Tom and Daphne Mitchell and the late Jim and Lillian Mitchell, the late Don Mitchell, and his wife Judy. Rob was a favourite uncle to many nieces and nephews. A respected and admired member of both Port Perry and Bobcaygeon where he and Laurie have lived for the last 8 years. Rob’s positive attitude and infectious smile will be missed by many. A celebration of his life will be held on Saturday, January 13 from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM at The Port Perry Social, 187 Queen Street, Port Perry, Ontario. If desired, donations can be made in memory of Rob to the SickKids Foundation or the Canadian Cancer Society. Online condolences may be made at www. Gone but never forgotten, lost but always loved. Love you to the moon and back Coop XOXO

In Memory of my dear husband

Bert Macey January 12, 2012

I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake from which I’ll never part. God has you in His arms, I have you in my heart. All my love Rosemarie & Family 18

January 18 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter

TAYLOR: Maurice The family of the late Maurice Taylor wishes to extend their sincere appreciation to their relatives and friends for their expressions of sympathy and kindness during the recent loss of our father and husband. Special thanks to the nurses and medical staff of Ross Memorial Hospital for their care and concern during his stay. Sincerely, Doris Taylor and Family.

MITCHELL, Marjory Marion (nee Taylor) - Born October 10, 1928 in Bobcaygeon, ON. Passed away peacefully, at home on Monday, January 1, 2018 at the age of 89. Predeceased by her beloved husband of 56 years Robert; survived by her loving children Stephen (Deborah), Karen, Sandra, and Heather (Rick Dawson); her cherished grandchildren Kathryn, Alex, Michael, Shannon, Travis, Stacey, Kira, Emily, and her adored great-grandchildren. Marjory will be missed by her siblings Wilma (Fairbrother), Eric, and predeceased by her brothers Lloyd and Lewis, and sister Jean (Jones). Marjory treasured her large extended family and friends; they will miss her dearly. The light that Marjory brought to our lives will shine brightly from heaven. Visitors are welcomed to O’Neill Funeral Home, 6324 Main Street, Stouffville, 905-642-2855 for a memorial visitation on Thursday, January 11, 2018 from 6-9 p.m. & Friday, January 12, 2018 from 2-5 p.m. Memorial Service to take place on Saturday, January 13 at 3 p.m. in Stouffville United Church (34 Church Street). In lieu of flowers, memorial donation may be made to Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation, Mission and Service Fund United Church of Canada or the Canadian Cancer Society. Online condolences may be made at Foran: David 1932 - 2017 It is with great sadness that we announce the death of David Lloyd Foran on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at Memorial Hospital in Lindsay, ON. Beloved by his wife of 62 years, Muriel, and all his family, Dave passed away after a lengthy illness. He was 85. A proud father of three children, Debbie, Charlie (Mary) and Michael (Wendy) and a no less proud grandfather of Matthew, Sean (Suki) and Mark (Sabrina), Anna and Claire, in his final years Dave was equally thrilled to welcome his first great-grandchild, Audrey Makarenko. A celebration of his life will be held at 11 a.m. on December 28th at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, 18 Need St., Bobcaygeon, starting with a Mass and followed by lunch. All are welcome. Donations in the name of Dave Foran can be made to the Tales of Hope campaign at Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation:

BIRRELL, Gwendolen Elizabeth (neé Purdy) in her 93rd year at Case Manor, Bobcaygeon, Ontario on January 7, 2018. Daughter of Albert Charles Purdy and Agnes McDowell, born in Truro, Nova Scotia. Predeceased by her husband of 59 years Richard Birrell (2006). Survived by daughter Beverley (Bruce) Williams, Brooklin, and son, Wayne Birrell, Kitchener. Grandchildren Aaron (Claire) Birrell, Wellesley, Sherri Beth Birrell, London, Ian (Meaghan) Williams, Janetville, & Maxwell Birrell-Jupp, Brantford. Great grandchildren, Braelan & Connor Birrell, Charlotte, Charlie, Lilly & Hazel Birrell. Cremation has taken place. Interment Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto later. Visitation Saturday 1pm4pm January 13, 2018 Barnes Memorial Funeral Home 5295 Thickson Road North, Whitby, L1M 1W9, 905-655-3662. Donations may be made to the SickKids Foundation.

Local Events

Ferguson, Bruce

In loving memory of Bruce who left us on January 6, 2017. He was a loving and thoughtful brother who is terrible missed and loved by his sister Vi and niece Kimberly.

In loving memory of My Husband Bruce Ferguson (Fergie) 9/11/39 - 1/6/17 Although I laugh and seem carefree and make no outward show, What it meant to lose you No one will ever know All I want is what we had.

Sadly missed, always loved. Jean

This section is only for Local Charitable Events. We do provide Not-for-profit rates for more in-depth advertising

Adult Day Programs - Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls , Little Britain, Lindsay & Omemee. Community Care - Call 705324-7323 JAN 16 & 20 - Friends of the Lindsay Library books sale/ JAN 19, 22, 26 & FEB 14 & 16, 23 & 26 - Basic foot care services for seniors and people with special needs, 70 Murray St., Fenelon Falls. Pre-booked appointments required, 705-879-4100. JAN 19 ,26 & Feb 2, 9 & 16 & 23 - Basic foot care services for seniors and people with special needs, Bobcaygeon Senior Citizens Centre. Pre-booked appointments required, call 705-879-4100. JAN 23, 30 & FEB 6, 13, 15, 20 & 27- Diners Club seniors luncheon, 70 Murray St., Fenelon Falls, noon. 705-3247323 to reserve. JAN 24 & FEB 28 - Diners Club seniors luncheon, Burnt River Community Centre, noon. 705-324-7323 to reserve. JAN 25 & FEB 1, 15 & 22 - Basic foot care services for seniors and people with special needs, 1027 Portage Rd., Kirkfield. Pre-booked appointments required. Call 705879-4100 to inquire about services and fees. JAN 25 - Bus to Casino Rama $5 Bus Leaves the centre at 8:30 arrives back around 4:30 Infor call 705-738-4978 FEB 1 & 15 - Circle of Hope for the Bereaved - free support group for those who have recently lost a loved one to share with others. 2 Kent St. W., Lindsay, noon - 1:30 p.m. 705879-4123 for info or to register. FEB 3 - Kinmount & District Educational Busary Fund Dinner & Auction. 5pm $15pp Galway Hall 705-488-3053 FEB 6 - free blood pressure monitoring service, Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre, 10:30a.m.-1p.m. No appointment needed. FEB 7 - Healing After Suicide Support Group for adults. 6:30 p.m. 2 Kent St. W., Lindsay. 705-324-7323 x 504 for info. FEB 7, 14, 21 & 28 - Greet & Eat luncheon for seniors, Village Housing, Lindsay, noon. 705-324-7323 to reserve. FEB 7 - free blood pressure monitoring service, 70 Murray St., Fenelon Falls. 9:30 - 11 a.m. No appointment necessary.

FEB 9 & 10 - Booksale, Bobcaygeon library 9am-2pm. SUN - Royal Canadian Legion Fenelon Falls Euchre 1pm $5 All skill levels are invited. 3rd SUN - Ladies auxiliary for Kinmount RCL BR.441 breakfast 8am -noon. MON - Bobcaygeon Senior Centre Mahjong 1 p.m. $3 MON - Bolsover Seniors Euchre 1p.m., Bolsover Community Centre, Bolsover Rd & hwy 48. $3. Info 705426-9053 2nd MON - Lindsay Creative Quilters’ Guild Meetings 35 Lindsay Street N, Lindsay 1–3:30pm 1st TUES - Dunsford Seniors Club Pot Luck, noon; 1:30 pm for Euchre. 1st TUES- Free clinics are now at the Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre, 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. No appointments are needed. TUES - “Expanding the World of Literacy After School Program” Kinmount library 4:30 pm. Call 705 488-3199 TUES - Amateur photography club that meets alternate Tuesdays, 10 am, Bobcaygeon Library. $2 each for the use of the room. TUES - Omemee Legion Doubles darts @ 8pm. TUES - Bobcaygeon Pickelball at Bobcaygeon Curling Club 7-9 pm Drop-in fee $3 TUES - Bobcaygeon Cruisers, Beach Park, Bobcaygeon. 6 pm till dusk unless it is raining. Classic Cars, sports cars, trucks & other interesting vehicles are welcome. If you don’t have a car come, talk & look. Info: 705 738 5319 TUES - Coffee Talk is Back! 10:30 a.m. Fellowship Room, Trinity United Church, Bobcaygeon . All welcome. 2nd TUES - The Kawartha Settlers’ Village Quilters meet at Trinity Church, Bobcaygeon. New members & guests welcomed. Contact: 3rd TUES - Free clinics are now at the Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre, 10 a.m. - noon. No appointments are needed. 1st WED - Crime Fiction Book Club in the Carnegie Room, Lindsay Library to discuss works by certain authors. 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm. Call the Library for more info.

January 18, 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter



By Pamela VanMeer, Kawartha411

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge (CMHA HKPR) has been awarded Exemplary Standing, following an extensive accreditation review in November of 2017. CMHA HKPR met or exceeded 454 of 456 standards, indicating 99.56% compliance according to numbers provided by the organization. Officials say the award objectively confirms to clients and families that CMHA HKPR is diligent in providing the highest standard of care and service to our clients, through a process of continuous quality improvement. Accreditation Canada provides a framework, through the use of various sets of standards, to achieve a high level of quality and safety for clients, families and staff.

Are you or someone you know looking to give back to your community?

Kawartha Haliburton Victim Services is now seeking Volunteer Crisis Responders for our Spring 2018 Training. Kawartha Haliburton Victim Services works in partnership with Police and Emergency Services to provide emotional and practical support to victims of crime and tragic circumstance. Assistance is provided by staff and trained volunteers over the phone, on-scene, and in our office. Volunteer teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information please call 705-878-5505 or visit our website at


Submitted by Christina Charpentier

100 Kids Who Care Kawartha Lakes is looking for 100 local children to join a grassroots organization that empowers youth to make a positive impact by giving back to the community in which they live. By joining 100 Kids Who Care, children will have to chance to learn about their community, become advocates for organizations and issues that matter to them, learn the importance of giving back and see the direct impact they can have in their communities. The premise is simple: 100 school-age (kindergarten to grade 12) children in the Kawartha Lakes commit to attend three 1-hour meetings a year. Before each meeting, they are invited to nominate a local charity via the website to be in the running to receive support. At each meeting, the children come prepared to donate $10 to the local charity. The kids vote on the charity they would like to support. The charity with the most votes leaves with $10 from each member in attendance.

GENTLE CARE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Times are changing at Bobcaygeon Family Dentistry - Come check us out! “Our Dental Office Provides”

• Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) ... no need to be anxious about your appointments • Family Friendly Dental Care ... helping to keep your teeth looking and feeling great • Dental Implants .... experience total comfort and confidence with implant supported teeth • Cosmetic Dentistry ... helping to enhance the look and function of your smile

Dr. Rafik Salama & Associates

Come meet our Exceptional Dental Team • Wisdom Teeth .... we offer laughing gas (nitrous Oxide) for your comfort • Professional Tooth Whitening ... to help get your whitest and brightest smile • Dentures and Denture repairs; non- surgical treatment of gum disease • Endodontics ... root canal treatment • Emergency Care ..... we provide treatment when you need it most

NEW PATIENTS WELCOME - Call us to book your next appointment 100 East Street, South, Bobcaygeon Located at the corner of East Street, South and Mill Street


January 18 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter

(705) 738-2828

The first meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 7 at 6:30pm at the Boys and Girls Club in Lindsay. Kids should come to the meeting with $10, ideally their own earned money. Parents are asked to register their kids in advance at For more information, visit the website.


By Glenna Burns

Trent Lakes Fire Chief Don Mitchell is worried people are getting lazy when it comes to fire prevention. “People are cleaning out their ashes (from wood stoves and fireplaces) and leaving them beside the stove, sometimes in cardboard boxes!” In one case Chief Mitchell described how Fire Rescue was called out when someone had put the ashes in a sealed pail but left it on a ceramic tile floor. Twelve hours later, the floor joists under the pail caught fire. Wood ashes often have live coals still ready to ignite and should always be removed away from the house and other out buildings in a sealed metal container. If left indoors the ash can cause carbon monoxide alarms to go off. Chief Mitchell is also concerned that people are not checking smoke alarm batteries on a regular basis. Tragedies can be averted by simply making sure your alarms are all working properly and wood ashes are kept safely away from combustible surfaces.

New Patients Welcome Emergency Care- Root Canals Implants - Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Your 1st choice for custom designed quality dentures with exceptional service We specialize in • Full and partial dentures • Implant supported dentures • Relines, Repairs,Tooth Additions

Call For A Free Consultation NEW PATIENTS WELCOME Serving the Kawartha Lakes for over 18 years

Vikki Smyrniotis B. Sc., DD

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COATS FOR KIDS: BMO Bank of Montreal, Fenelon Falls, has been selling used books and accepting donations to purchase snowsuits and boots for their “Coats for Kids” campaign to keep local children warm this winter season. They have exceeded the previous year’s numbers with more than 90 snowsuits, jackets and snowpants, and 34 pairs of boots! Clients also knit mitts and hats, as well as donated toys. The Salvation Army Church distributes the donations for BMO. Thank you to everyone in our community for their generosity again this year!


It is especially important for hearing aid users to avoid earwax (cerumen) buildup. Accumulations of the fatty substance produced by the sweat glands inside the ear not only damage the hearing aid, but they also can reduce its effectiveness by blocking sound, causing feedback, and producing poor fit. Left to its own devices, earwax will normally migrate through the ear canal and shed on its own. However, because a hearing aid may block the wax’s normal passage, it is recommended that hearing aid users visit a health-care professional every three to six months to inspect their ears with an otoscope and treat earwax impaction as needed. Treatment may involve the use of a dissolving agent, irrigation, or manual removal. When it is difficult to tell whether ear wax or another physical impairment is causing a hearing loss, it’s time for a hearing test. Have a comprehensive hearing evaluation at our clinic so that we may accurately determine the reason behind your hearing loss. And if a hearing aid is indicated, rest assured we carry a full range of brands and types, and we’ll find the one that is right for you. We also offer hearing aid repairs and cleanings. P.S. Hearing aids need to be cleaned daily and allowed to dry overnight.

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Members from the Haliburton Highlands Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind snowmobilers to ride safely for an enjoyable winter season. Snowmobiling is one of the joys of a Canadian winter, but not taking the necessary precautions can quickly result in tragedy. Haliburton Highlands OPP officers within the local detachment and the OPP’s Snow Vehicle, All Terrain Vehicle and Vessel Enforcement Unit (S.A.V.E.) will be conducting snow vehicle patrols throughout the season and want to remind riders of some important safety tips that will help make your ride safe;

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• Drivers and passengers must always wear a snowmobile helmet that meets the standards approved for motorcycle helmets, with the chin strap securely • Obey speed limits and road/trail signs and always drive within your ability. • Reduce your speed when driving at night (don’t out drive your headlights) and watch out for fences, guide wires and other objects that are more difficult to spot out at night. Wear reflective clothing so that you are more visible to others. • Know your local by-laws. Some prohibit snowmobiles from being operated on boulevards and sidewalks and have restricted hours of nightly operation. • Avoid driving on frozen lakes and rivers. If it can’t be avoided, check ice conditions beforehand, wear a floater suit and carry ice picks and make sure they are accessible. No ice is safe ice. • Never travel alone and tell someone of your outing including; your destination, the route, description of your snowmobile and your expected time of return. • Never drive impaired. Alcohol, illegal drugs, even prescription and over the counter drugs can slow your reaction time and affect your ability to make good decisions. If convicted of impaired driving on a snowmobile, you will lose your driving privileges for all types of vehicles including motor vehicles, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. • Snowmobile operators are obligated to carry documents with them when operating a motorized snow vehicle. A valid driver’s licence or motorized snow vehicle operator’s licence, the vehicle’s registration permit and proof of insurance. If riding on a prescribed Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club (OFSC) trail, then a valid OFSC trail permit is required to be affixed in the proper fashion to your snowmobile. • Be prepared and pack an emergency/survival kit, spare parts, tow rope and a fully charged mobile device.

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January 18 2018 - The Kawartha Promoter

The Kawartha Promoter - January 18, 2018.  

The Kawartha Promoter - January 18, 2018.

The Kawartha Promoter - January 18, 2018.  

The Kawartha Promoter - January 18, 2018.