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November 2013


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A Word from Our Mayor Showing Gratitude For Those Serving in Armed Forces

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange

Every American owes a huge debt of gratitude to the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. Freedom is not free, it comes with great sacrifices. Our military personnel place themselves in harm’s way every day for the protection many of us sadly take for granted.

The City of Montgomery and the entire River Region benefit from having Maxwell Air Force Base, the Gunter Annex along with Reserve and Guard units in our community. They are major employers that contribute greatly to our local economy. Equally important is the contribution their men and women make to the social fabric of the River Region. Their volunteerism and membership in civic groups touch many lives. Often, they stay here after retirement and continue to make a difference. This past June, we were proud to become a Purple Heart


The Pride of Montgomery

Capital City; just the third in the United States, to express our special gratitude to service personnel killed or injured in combat with a declared enemy. The City of Montgomery is home to the Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter #2205, the largest and fastest growing chapter in the State of Alabama. In December, cities across the River Region will pay homage to the 908th Airlift Wing as it celebrates 50 years of service to our nation. The men and women of the 908th have served in military and humanitarian missions around the world and are Alabama’s only Air Force Reserve Unit. The first week of December will be declared 908th Airlift Appreciation Week as our way of saying thanks for a half century of service. We hope you’ll join us on November 11th when we will also express our gratitude during our annual Veteran’s Day Parade. It will start at the Capitol and proceed on Dexter Avenue. Afterward, there will be a performance at City Hall featuring the Capitol Sounds Concert Band. We encourage you to take part in these official events and hope that you’ll extend words of thanks to veterans for their service and dedication.




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L to R: Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital Doctors: Dr. Zeb A. King, Dr. Philip V. Mitchell and Dr. Robert M. Speight Jr.

Since 1990, Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital has been a leader in providing the highest standards of compassionate care and comprehensive veterinary services. Their reputation keeps them at the top of the field in the River Region, as the proud recipient of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce (COSBE) small business award and being voted the Best Veterinary Practice since 2005 by readers of The Montgomery Advertiser. All your pet’s needs, from routine annual visits to major surgeries to boarding and grooming to day care, can be taken care of at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital’s modern, newly expanded facility. Drs. Philip V. Mitchell, Robert M. Speight Jr., and Zeb A. King are three dedicated and compassionate veterinarians who stay current on the latest veterinary health techniques and research. In addition, Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital maintains state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for patient care including digital xray, otoscope, laser, ultrasound and blood analyzers. To further support their goal for exceptional pet care, the hospital has an onsite technician living at the facility who provides continued care for hospitalized patients after the business is closed for the day. As a full-service facility, Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital also offers boarding, grooming, dog training, and doggie day care services. Here, your pet will get the perfect balance of TLC and exercise. Pictured on the cover with the doctors are Sabine Inbau, an Airedale Terrier, and Lola Berlin, a Boxer, enjoying their day care experience. These dogs, along with many of their friends, enjoy safe, supervised social play with Taylor Crossing’s professional Doggie Day Care Team. It is a known fact, pets come with their tails “wagging” and leave with their “tongues” dragging. Whether you are new to the area or looking for a change with your current pet care, Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital has something to offer every pet owner. For more information, visit them at, call 334-260-8787 or come by for a tour. Tours are offered MondayFriday from 11:00am-2:00pm.

The Pride of Montgomery


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Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital


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Sights To See

A Proud Heritage by Geoff Stough

He then sailed back to London to get his family and return to his new business. However, upon returning to London, he found his wife had died. He remained in London long enough to settle accounts, remarry, and begin searching for a ship to return to Jamestowne.


very Thanksgiving, I pause to remember my Mayflower ancestor, Stephen Hopkins, and what he and his family endured during the first feast we now celebrate. Hopkins first came to the “New World” aboard the Sea Venture in order to bring new supplies to the Jamestowne colony. The ship ran aground in what is now Bermuda and it took some time for the crew to make the journey to Jamestowne. Once in the new colony, Hopkins established a new business and served for several years under Capt. John Smith at Jamestowne Colony.


opkins eventually found passage to Jamestowne on a small ship named the Mayflower. On board, he and his family were referred to as one of the “others” since their intentions for sailing to the new colony were not religious, rather business. However, the ship was caught in a storm and landed in Plymouth, not Jamestowne. Hopkins was one of the forty-one signers of the Mayflower Compact and an influential leader in the colony, serving as assistant to the Governor. He was asked by the Governor of the colony to serve as ambassador to the Indians. It is documented many of the tribe

leaders spent the night in his home or the tavern he ran during times of negotiation.


tephen Hopkins was a member of the early Mayflower exploratory parties. As he was well-versed in the hunting techniques and general lifestyle of American Indians from his years in Jamestowne, Virginia, which was later found to be quite useful to the Pilgrim leadership.


he first formal meeting with the Indians was held at Hopkins’ house and he was called upon to participate in early Pilgrim visits with the Indian leader Massasoit, who had also donated food to the settlers during the first, harsh winter when supplies were dangerously low. Over the years Hopkins' assistance to Pilgrims leaders such as Myles Standish and Edward Winslow regarding his knowledge of the local Indian languages was found to be quite useful. Due to Hopkins’ leadership and interaction with the Indians, the first feast between the two cultures, now called Thanksgiving, was held. The first feast was held in 1621 at Plymouth where the settlers held a harvest feast after a successful growing season. Afterwards, feasts in late autumn or early winter continued sporadically. At first, these were impromptu religious observances, but later civil traditions.


here is much more to Stephen Hopkins than written in this account. However, his descendants have a distinguished heritage in such a great, although sometimes controversial, ancestor.


The Pride of Montgomery

The Pride of Montgomery


Health & Fitness

Laughing Gas Its



by Dr. Frank K. Rho I was talking with a friend of mine a few weeks ago. He is a major car buff and knows just about everything there is to know about cars. He knows the intricacies of how they run, how to restore them and how to make them go much, much faster. One of his favorite ways to give a car a huge boost in power is by using nitrous oxide. Aaah… Nitrous oxide… NOS... Laughing gas…. It’s been made famous by movies like “The Fast and the Furious” and “Little Shop of Horrors.” Who would have ever thought that this crazy little gas would link dentistry to cars? Well, it doesn’t. But after my friend explained to me exactly how nitrous oxide works to massively increase an engine’s power, I have a deeper appreciation for what this little gas can do.

In dentistry, unfortunately, nitrous oxide will not make you any faster, but it does work to relieve anxiety, provide some pain relief, and create a sense of euphoria. It’s the euphoria that sometimes causes people to burst into laughter, which has given it the pet name “laughing gas.” Used correctly, it’s a very safe way to help keep you from feeling the heebeegeebees during a dental procedure. The first time nitrous was used in dentistry was in 1844 when a dentist named Horace Wells used it to perform pretty much the only procedure that dentists performed back then - pulling teeth. The way it was used was a bit more rudimentary than the metered delivery systems we have today. Basically, the dentist had his patient inhale pure nitrous gas stored in an

oiled silk bag until they passed out, then he pulled the tooth before they came to. It was wildly successful for a time when there was no other way to numb the teeth, and pulling teeth was like… well… pulling teeth. He did hit a snag, however, when he presented his findings to the faculty of a medical school in Boston. He talked about the wonders of his discovery and how it could revolutionize medical and dental patient care. During a live demonstration, Horace’s patient breathed the gas, but when Horace tried to pull out his patient’s tooth, the patient cried out in pain. Horace and his nitrous oxide gas were mocked out of the room. It was another 20 years before nitrous oxide was used again for dentistry. But ever since then, even with all the tremendous advances dentistry has made in the last 150 years, nitrous oxide has always been, and still is, in use today. In today’s modern dentistry, nitrous oxide is just one of many possible ways to make your dental visit much more comfortable. If you suffer from any form of dental anxiety, congratulations, you’re human! Talk to your dentist about the options available today to make your visit comfortable and anxiety free. Now, about your sadly underpowered car… Dr. Frank K. Rho received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Loma Linda University in 1997. He has worked with numerous dentists and specialists and has lectured in communities on the subject of dental care throughout the United States. He is an active member of a number of organizations composed of dentists who keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques in dentistry. Dr. Rho practices general dentistry in Prattville, Alabama.


The Pride of Montgomery

AAA Auto Rental “The Right Impression Is Priceless�

Call Kori for reservations and information.

334-356-3841 5660 Atlanta Highway Montgomery, AL 36109 Pick up available. Restrictions Apply.

These vehicles available along with many others.

Health & Fitness

Dr. Rachelle B. Janush, DO Dr. Janush, the owner of The Center for Physical Medicine & Pain Management, was recruited to Montgomery in 1996 from The University of Texas San Antonio for her expertise as an outpatient pain management physician in physical medicine and rehabilitation. At that time, she was the only one in her specialty for outpatient pain management from south of Birmingham to Mobile. Currently, she is still the only clinical pain physiatrist in the area. Dr. Janush frequently tells her patients, “I am a southerner by choice” since she grew up in Michigan and had elected to establish her practice and family here in The River Region. Her father, Walter D. Janush Jr., who passed away last year, began a long line of entrepreneurial businesses with her mother’s help. Dr Janush inherited her dad’s business acumen. Her parents taught her to work hard with discipline and to persevere to reach her goals.


The Pride of Montgomery

In the 3rd grade, Dr. Janush knew she wanted to be a physician. Despite many obstacles along the way, she has been caring for and treating patients for over 20 years. Dr. Janush enjoys a well-run, efficient and pleasant office. Her husband, Henry Hernandez, had been essential to establishing the foundation of her practice. The clinical evaluation and interaction with her patients still enthralls her. Correctly diagnosing, treating patients without surgery and getting to know her patients and their life stories fascinates her. In about 1998, Montgomery Chamber of Commerce elected The Center for Physical Medicine & Pain Management as one of the “Emerging Thirty.” Their office recently moved to their newest location at 2227 Taylor Road, Montgomery. In the new facility, Dr. Janush and her staff are excited to begin offering new services as state of the art ultrasound guided pain procedure injections. The office’s hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8:00am4:30pm. 334-260-8988. Dr. Janush is on staff with both Jackson Hospital and Baptist Medical Center East.

Health & Fitness


PRIDE Montgomery



Second Anniversary

Our goal in starting The Pride of Montgomery magazine is to create an opportunity for the citizens of Montgomery to focus on what is really special about our city: the tremendous growth, opportunity and beauty here. This magazine is market specific to drive people toward local businesses, while highlighting the rich history, unique architecture and locales found here.

The Pride of Montgomery Owners Virginia Saunders, Dr. Frank Rho and Amy Strickland

Pride of Montgomery Owners with Kim Tomberlin, Owner, Fine Line Engravers & Gifts

OwnerVirginia Saunders with Health & Fitness Writer Corey Ellis

Virginia Saunders with Photographer George Singleton

Allie Manzari, Virginia Saunders & Emily Cobern

The Pride of Montgomery's 2nd Anniversary party was held at Fine Line Engravers & Gifts, also celebrating their GrandOpening at their NEW location!

Virginia Saunders with Leslie and Julian McPhillips

Virginia Saunders with Insurance 101 Writer Henry Hernandez, State Farm

Virginia Saunders & Nick Drollette, Cover Photographer


The Pride of Montgomery

Allie Manzari with her parents, Dr. & Mrs. Manzari

Holidays Are Here! by Corey & Donna Ellis

The holiday seasons are upon us! Thanksgiving is this month, Christmas is next, and New Year's is the month after. We're going to need a lot of self motivation, and willpower to stay focused on limited intake of all that good food, so that the normal holiday pounds and sizes won't creep up on us. You've been working hard in 2013. We want you to enjoy yourself, as you take part in the parties and festivities. Just remember not to overdo it. Stick to the smaller plates for serving sizes. Limit the sodas, and sugar-filled drinks. When it comes to the sweets, it's hard to stay away from mama's pound cake and granny's peach cobbler, but do the best you can to limit your portion sizes. That's a hard one for me too! At the end of the day, we want you to have a great holiday season, while continuing to be conscious of WHAT'S going in, and HOW MUCH is going in and out of your mouth. When in doubt, eat a little and drink more. That's the New Orleans way! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Corey & Donna Ellis Owners of Resolution Fitness Camps 504.915.7879 The Pride of Montgomery


Health & Fitness

What Is Chiropractic And Can It Help You? by Dr. Hunter Sadler


hen you ask people what a chiropractor does, common responses are “they pop your back” or “they treat neck and back pain” or the most common response, “I don’t know.” There is quite a bit of misinformation and misconception regarding chiropractors and chiropractic treatment in the general public. Although chiropractic is growing in popularity, many people know little or nothing about it.


hiropractic is a branch of natural health care which is concerned with the relationship between structure, primarily the spine, and function, primarily the nervous system, as that relationship may affect the restoration and preservation of health. The primary concern of chiropractic is abnormalities of structure and function of the spine known clinically as the vertebral subluxation complex. Chiropractic Doctors [Chiropractors] consider humans as integrated beings and give special attention to

the physiological and biochemical aspects of the human body including skeletal, musculoskeletal, neurological, vascular, nutritional, emotional and environmental relationships. The "Practice of Chiropractic" is the science and art of examination, diagnosis, adjustment, manipulation, and treatment without drugs or surgery of mal-positioned articulations and structures of the body. Vertebral Subluxation Complex is a degenerative process caused by abnormal motion and position of spinal bones. This process leads to abnormal nervous system function, abnormal muscle and ligament function, abnormal organ function, and spinal decay.


bnormal posture and spinal misalignment affects the nervous system, which controls and moderates every cell, tissue, organ, and physiological function of the body. In addition, poor posture also leads to spinal decay, spinal disc degeneration (disc bulge and herniation), and osteoarthritis. By working to restore the normal curves and function of the spine, the chiropractic doctor improves your posture and relieves your symptoms. Chiropractors use many treatment methods to achieve this improvement. These methods include spinal and extremity adjustments by hand or instrument, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, mechanical traction, manual therapy, assisted stretching, electrical modalities, and heat and ice to name a few.


ost people get great relief from chiropractic care. However, the only way to know if a chiropractic doctor can help your particular problem is with a thorough evaluation. Such an evaluation should include a detailed consultation, health history, and examination including orthopedic, neurologic, palpation, and posture analysis components. In some cases, x-rays should be taken to fully assess the condition of your spine. Once the doctor has analyzed all the information concerning your case, he or she should be able to tell you the underlying cause of your problem. Dr. Hunter Sadler received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Parker College of Chiropractic in 2006. Dr. Sadler is licensed by the Alabama State Board of Chiropractic Examiners and certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiner Parts I – IV and Physiotherapy. He also is a member of the Alabama State Chiropractic Association and the Parker College of Chiropractic Alumni Association. 16

The Pride of Montgomery

Going The Extra Mile Is Simply Business For over thirty years, DeRamus Hearing Center has been helping Alabama hear better. Whether you are a grandparent, struggling to hear your grandchildren’s precious voices; a music lover whose hearing loss has stolen the melody of your most beloved songs; or a sports fan, straining to decipher the fast-paced commentary on your favorite sports program, DeRamus has been working diligently to help you hear. Glenda DeRamus, who started DeRamus Hearing Centers with her late husband in 1982, has seen the remarkable change that is possible through the use of hearing devices. “It’s amazing!” said Ms. DeRamus, “Many people don’t even realize what they have lost, until they have it restored with the right pair of hearing aids.” Advances in digital technology have allowed hearing aids to become smaller, more comfortable, and more dynamic and strategic in the sound that they deliver. Because DeRamus Hearing Centers has remained independent, they are able to order any hearing aid on the market. This freedom and their years of experience allow DeRamus to help you find the best device to meet your individual needs.

Because DeRamus Hearing Centers recognizes that high-end electronics like hearing aids can be expensive, they also offer refurbished models and other affordable options. At DeRamus, current and retired civil servants with federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield can qualify for hearing aids with no out-of-pocket expense. As Ms. DeRamus put it, “We just want you to hear again!” Whether through their support of organizations like Kiwanis, Lions Club, MADD, Alabama Sheriffs’ Association, and local food distribution programs, or through their own community-minded initiatives like their recent Veterans Day Giveaway Event, DeRamus Hearing Centers is committed to fostering communication and giving back to the people of Alabama. DeRamus invites you to get back into the conversation, starting with a free hearing screening and private consultation at one of their offices. For more information, call 334-262-7553, click, or come by DeRamus Hearing Center, 2809 Chestnut St., Montgomery.

The Pride of Montgomery



McPhillips Shinbaum, LLP Th e P e o p l e’s L aw Fi r m

McPhillips Shinbaum, LLP has built its reputation on being “The People’s Law Firm.” Senior partner Julian McPhillips founded this firm in 1978 to provide the people of Alabama with top-quality legal services at an affordable cost. Our firm represents clients throughout Alabama in cases involving: personal injury, auto accidents, wrongful death, workers' compensation, employment law, social security law, criminal law & general civil litigation.

When You Need a Lifeline

516 South Perry Street Montgomery, AL 36101


Montgomery, Alabama Personal Injury Attorneys Protecting the people of Alabama for 35 years


The Pride of Montgomery

No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.


Most businesses today rely on technology, but technology is not always reliable. That's where Wilson Shaw Information Technology comes in! When computers are down, so is your company's time and money. Wilson Shaw IT offers managed services and the highest level of support so that you have time to focus on growing your business. The dedicated technicians can identify areas of improvement and make recommendations to help achieve maximum availability and reliability of your technology infrastructure. Wilson Shaw IT will construct a unique business plan that works best for you, your employees, and your organization as a whole. Founded by Hanan Wilson and Brad Shaw, Wilson Shaw IT has forged loyal relationships with customers and put together a great team of employees. These relationships and a world class team have lead to their continued steady growth. Wilson Shaw IT is passionate about their customers and the ability to help them succeed by offering a unique business model. This business model has been a large part of the growth and success Wilson Shaw IT has seen. All of the highly trained and certified technicians come from various IT backgrounds, and each one has a specialized skill set to make them uniquely qualified to work with your environment.

Wilson Shaw IT’s hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm. To reach a certified technician, call (334) 356-3461. Wilson Shaw IT is located at 8405 Crossland Loop, Montgomery, AL 36117.

The Pride of Montgomery



Tired of managing IT, when you should be managing your business? That’s what we’re here for. 334-356-3461 Managed IT Services IT Security Solutions Email and Collaboration Hosted Solutions Hardware/Software Monitoring Wilson Shaw IT, 8405 Crossland Loop, Montgomery, AL 36117



The Pride of Montgomery


Thanksgiving Trivia! Thanksgiving Day is important to us as Americans and we have many traditions, none of which are similar to the first celebration in the fall 1621. Can you imagine a football game between the Wampanoag Indians and the Plymouth Puritans? How about a game of Turkey Trivia? Hopefully these facts about Thanksgiving will enable you enjoy this day in a new light.


What was the name of the ship the Puritans used to sail into Plymouth Rock? A) Nina B) Mayflower C) Mayfair D) Puritans Progress


The first Thanksgiving Day was in the fall of 1621 in Plymouth, MA and lasted days. A) 5 B) 3 C) 6 D) 1


What drink did the Puritans bring with them on the boat? A) Root Beer B) Grog C) Beer D) Wine


were the Indians who taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land. A) Cherokee B) Navajo C) Walapai D) Wampanoag 22

The Pride of Montgomery


By the fall of 1621, only half of the pilgrims had survived. The survivors, thankful to be alive, decided to give a Thanksgiving feast. Pilgrim leader, Governor , and Chief, Massasoit had organized the first Thanksgiving feast in the year 1621 and invited the neighboring Indians also to the feast. A) William Bradford B) John Bradford C) Thomas Bradford D) Kenneth Bradford

6 (TRUE / FALSE) Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States. But it was Thomas Jefferson who opposed him. It is believed that Franklin then named the male turkey as 'tom' to spite Jefferson.


(TRUE / FALSE) The first Thanksgiving menu consisted of duck, geese, fish, lobster, berries, dried fruit, and vegetables.


(TRUE / FALSE) Congress continues to veto a proclamation declaring that now and onwards Thanksgiving will be observed as a legal holiday on the fourth Thursday of November every year.


(TRUE / FALSE) The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by giving thanks to God and the Native Americans for helping the Pilgrims survive the harsh winter weather.


(TRUE / FALSE) When the Pilgrims arrived in North America, the clothing of the Native Americans was made of woven plants and deer skin.

1-B 2-B 3-C 4-D 5-A 6-True 7-False 8-True 9-False 10-True

Life Lessons

Letting Go L

etting go is difficult. Thinking of all the bad things that could happen petrifies us. The fear of facing all the things that we were making sure did not happen is too big. So, we would rather live in status quo because it is still safer not to let go than to face the ultimate worsecase scenario that terrifies us. What happens is simple: we feel safe without progress. But we also never experience the opposite outcome –all the things that could go well for us. We totally miss out on the positives that could happen.


owever, letting go does not mean letting all things bad take over. Letting go does not mean we don’t follow the decision and walk into bad situations. Maybe when we let go, we can follow the process closer, and give the attention it needs, so the bad things are less likely to happen. Maybe we can also create the possibilities for good things to have the higher probability of happening. All the energy we use to not let go can be focused instead on ensuring good things happen to us.


erhaps if we assumed the bad things will happen and face it head on as though it is happening, we just might calm down. We might have more energy to do other things. And, in my own experience, when I let go, I was surprised about how much surplus energy I had and by the number of people who reached out to support me. Sometimes I feel as though I wish I had let go sooner. Dr. Kalai Mugilan received his Doctorate of Health Promotion/ Medical Sociology. He is an Assistant Professor at South University and the co-founder of Varietas LLC Diversity Training, Certification, Staff Augmentation, which is located in Montgomery. He had workshops in New Orleans after Katrina and currently works with local veterans. To contact him, please call 205-243-7747.

The Pride of Montgomery


Life Lessons

Give Thanks this Season! November is here and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full swing! With a recent government shutdown and other events out of our control wreaking havoc, it's sometimes hard to stay focused on the reason for Thanksgiving - to GIVE THANKS!

Leanne - Growing up, my mom always told me that "Your health is the most important thing to be thankful for. If you have good health, you have everything." As a teenager, all I heard was "Your Health - blah, blah, blah." I thought my mom was just changing the subject so I would stop asking for whatever ridiculous new gizmo I just HAD TO HAVE! Now, as a mom and older (just a little), I realize AGAIN, that my mom was right! I have friends that are dealing with family members fighting cancer, grandparents with dementia and some with grandparents struggling with stroke side effects. Our teenage girls know kids in school that are sitting by their parent's bedside and praying for a miracle. There is a reason God puts those friends in your path. Their stories make me stop and realize that I have so much to be thankful for and our healthy


The Pride of Montgomery

family is so blessed! It is hard to teach those life lessons to three teenage girls, but one day maybe, just maybe, they will look back and realize that mom was right!

JT - I am thankful that Leanne & I are able to use our talents to help many different organizations in the River Region. Whether it's the kids at Children's Hospital, the homeless animals at the Montgomery Humane Society, or adults and children suffering from things like diabetes and arthritis, we strive to be involved in the community, and that really does make you feel good when you're able to make a difference! As Thanksgiving approaches - remember to count your blessings, and of course, spend time with family and friends! I'm also thankful for the turkey deep

JT & Leanne:

Married with Microphones! fryer I got 2 years ago - I no longer have to call the Butterball Hotline for turkey tips! Turn on the fire, heat the oil, and drop the bird! Fried turkey is the BEST! I wouldn't call it health food, but it's good! And it's Thanksgiving - you're SUPPOSED to eat! Be thankful this Thanksgiving Season. Give back, pay or pray it forward and don't eat too much! Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Contact JT & Leanne Mix 103 Radio Personalities River Region TV Show (CW & WSFA12) Direct Cell: (334) 380-1950 Email: Websites: and www.RiverRegion.TV

The Pride of Montgomery


Good Taste

American/Deli American Deli 971 Ann St 334-262-6122 Chappy’s Deli 1611 Perry Hill Rd 334-279-7477 2055 E South Blvd 334-286-9200 8139 Vaughn Rd 334-279-1226 Chick Fil A EastChase 6921 Eastchase Loop Montgomery, AL 36117 334-271-1095 Chick-Fil-A at RSA Tower 201 Monroe St. Montgomery, AL 36104 334-293-4773

Chris’ Hotdogs 138 Dexter Ave 334-265-6850 Courthouse Café 100 S Lawrence St 334-832-1684


The Pride of Montgomery

El Paso Chili Company 539 N Eastern Blvd 334-244-0118

Jason’s Deli 1520 Eastern Blvd 334-409-9890

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 7005 EastChase Pkwy 334-396-1078

Sundown East 3416 Atlanta Hwy 334-271-0501

Five Guys Burgers & Fries 7220 EastChase Pkwy 334-239-7220

Lunde’s 201 Montgomery St 334-265-3663

Ruddle’s Pub Grill 3133 Bell Rd 334-277-8710

Tenda Chick 5951 Atlanta Hwy 334-260-8547

Flames Grill 142 Montgomery St 334-264-0100

Mama’s Sack Lunch To Go 21 S Perry St 334-265-5554

Schlotzsky’s Deli 5055 Carmichael Rd 334-409-9993

Wings Xpress 5780 Woodmere Blvd 334-244-7898

Scott St. Deli 412 Scott St 334-264-9415

Wishbone Café 61 Bridge St 334-356-4175 7028 Atlanta Hwy 334-244-7270

Flips Uptown Grill 3900 Atlanta Hwy 334-244-8833 7900 Vaughn Rd 334-270-5559 Guthrie’s 5376 Atlanta Hwy 334-396-8300 7216 EastChase Pkwy 334-270-3331 Hamburger King 547 S Decatur St 334-262-1798 Honey Baked Ham 2816 E South Blvd 334-284-9100

MiMi’s Café 6814 EastChase Pkwy 334-271-0124 Momma Goldberg’s Deli 7960 Vaughn Rd 334-517-1071 Montgomery’s Café at Embassy Suites 300 Tallapoosa St 334-269-5055 Panera Bread 2998 Carter Hill Rd 334-262-0064 7224 EastChase Pkwy 334-274-9170

Shoney’s 850 Eastern Blvd 334-396-8533

Steak ’n Shake Prattville 2313 Cobbs Ford Rd. 334-290-0036 Steak Out 3271 Malcolm Dr 334-270-0747 2930 Carter Hill Rd 334-269-1800 Stop & Sip Coffee 981 Adams Ave 334-230-9989

Zaxby’s 3130 Taylor Rd 334-481-0406 6453 Atlanta Hwy 334-277-8066 2923 Eastern Blvd 334-420-3500 2675 Zelda Rd 334-293-9933

Asian/Indian Ala Thai Classic 963 Ann St 334-240-2549

Chef & Owner Missy Mercer


n February 2004, Browne & Missy Mercer pursued a lifelong dream to own a restaurant, and took one of the biggest steps of their lives by purchasing Café Louisa & Tomatinos Pizza in Old Cloverdale. With their 18 years combined experience and a culinary degree, they began their journey to bring their dreams to reality. They both grew up around grandmothers that enjoyed cooking everything from scratch, while using seasonal berries, fruits and veggies with local meats.


ith the Café, it was an easy transition for them. Make the best food you can, the way you always knew how, by “always scratch” baking and using seasonal ingredients with high quality meats and cheeses. With these theories already in place, they helped Café Louisa in one year double their sales and become the only restaurant in Montgomery making all their sandwiches on bread made in-house from scratch. All of the soups, salads and even the coffee drinks are given this much attention as well.


afé Louisa is a mecca for locals to hangout and discuss the happenings in the neighborhood over Fair Trade Organic Coffee. It was an easy choice for the owners to use Counter Culture Coffee and is proud of the concept that it follows on seasonal sustainability with all the coffee it roasts. Meaning, the beans they use are from certain regions of the world produced during certain times of the year. Like peaches in Alabama!


aving Louisa’s Bakery produce all of the bakery items in the café has been amazing. It allows them to offer an even wider selection of freshly-made baked goods in a coffee shop, which is very important to the Mercers as well.


all Café Louisa today at (334) 264-4241 or stop by 1034 East Fairview Avenue. Visit the website at www. or check us out on twitter! Cafés hours are Mon-Fri from 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. and Sat-Sun 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Recipe for a delicious espresso shake: Chocolate Covered Cherry with a Kick! 2 large scoops of espresso Chocolate gelato 4 oz Toddy (cold brewed coffee) 2 ¼ oz cherry syrup

½ cup milk

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Good Taste Ala Thai East 6663 Atlanta Hwy 334-271-3141

Saigon Deli 2323 Eastern Blvd 334-279-5921

Asia Bistro & Seafood 7839 Vaughn Rd 334-213-3628

Satsuki 6534 Atlanta Hwy 334-239-7450

Bombay Masala 109 Eastern Blvd 334-272-8510

Shilla 3526 Eastdale Cir 334-354-3026

Buffet City 5461 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-1678

Shogun Japanese 5215 Carmichael Rd 334-271-6999

Choices Restaurant 80 Commerce St 334-262-0888

St. Café 2777 Eastern Blvd 334-396-2232

East China 8153 Vaughn Rd 334-279-1779

The Super Buffet 5831 Atlanta Hwy 334-215-0055

Green Papaya 409 Coliseum Blvd 334-395-7654

Sushi Café 3004 Zelda Rd 334-819-7060

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet 6561 Atlanta Hwy 334-260-7799 181D Eastern Blvd 334-260-6111

Sushi Yama 2070 Eastern Blvd 334-612-7800

India Palace 3007H McGehee Rd 334-281-1200 Kabuki Steakhouse 7834 Vaughn Rd 334-273-8885 King Buffet 2727 Bell Rd 334-273-8883 Korean Garden 2891 Vaughn Plaza Rd 334-277-5685 Lek’s Railroad Thai at Union Station 300 Water St 334-269-0708 Lek’s Taste of Thailand 5421 Atlanta Hwy 334-244-8994 Midori 5824 Woodmere Blvd 334-593-1754 Ming’s Garden 1741 Eastern Blvd 334-277-8188 Miyako Japanese 8173 Vaughn Rd 334-215-2275


The Pride of Montgomery

Sam’s Bar-B-Que 3510 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-0008

Dreamz 511 E Edgemont Ave 334-239-7303

Sophia’s BBQ 1055 Adams Ave 334-269-1177

Eastside Grille 6667 Atlanta Hwy 334-274-1200

Varsity BBQ 5471 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-5444

Café Café Louisa 1034 E Fairview Ave 334-264-4241

Thai Gratiem 8868 Minnie Brown Rd 334-215-9960

Café M One Museum Dr 334-240-4333

Top China 9160 EastChase Pkwy 334-270-1668

Cool Beans at Café d'Art 115 Montgomery St 334-269-3302

Bakery Cupcakes by Tish 1940 Mulberry St. 334-625-0999

Louisa's Bakery 1039 Woodley Road 334-356-1212

Barbeque Country’s Barbecue 2610 Zelda Rd 334-262-6211 5761 Atlanta Hwy 334-270-0126

Shashy’s Fine Foods 1700 Mulberry St 334-263-7341

Casual Dining All City Coney Island 701 Madison Ave 334-819-4100 Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar 3001 Carter Hill Rd 334-264-9064 3195 Taylor Rd 334-274-0009 6601 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-1902

Dreamland BBQ 101 Tallapoosa St 334-273-7427

California Yogurt Kraze 3010 Zelda Rd 334-356-3716 7730 Vaughn Rd 334-215-9135

Jim ’N Nicks Bar-B-Q 6415 Atlanta Hwy 334-213-0046

Chili’s 7355 EastChase Pkwy 334-270-1973

K&J Rib Shack 4255 S Court St 334-356-1368

City Limits Bar & Grill 3585 McGehee Rd 334-239-9130

The Exchange at Renaissance Hotel 201 Tallapoosa St 334-481-5165

Filet & Vine 431 Cloverdale Rd 334-262-8463 Island Delights 323 Air Base Blvd 334-264-0041 Nancy’s Italian Ice 7976 Vaughn Rd 334-356-1403 True 503 Cloverdale Rd 334-356-3814 Ruby Tuesday 1310 Eastern Blvd 334-396-0224 6970 EastChase Loop 334-215-2285 Sinclair’s 1051 E Fairview Ave 334-834-7462 7847 Vaughn Rd 334-271-7654 Smoothie King 7026 EastChase Pkwy 334-356-5621 Smoothies & Things 109 S Court St 334-241-0770 Sommer’s Grill 9188 EastChase Pkwy 334-274-0275 Sommer’s Place 7972 Vaughn Rd 334-279-5401

Filet & Vine Filet & Vine Market, Deli, and Bottleshoppe started in 1997 with partners Derk Lyerly and Jud Blount in Old Cloverdale, Montgomery, Alabama. After six months of renovations, the doors were opened to the public in March of 1998.

When asked the inspiration behind opening Filet and Vine, Derk responds, “My passion and love for beef and steaks.” Derk Lylery grew up working with German chefs preparing beef and went on to work in the beef department of Winn Dixie for 20 years. His vision was to open a facility that not only provided the best cuts of beef available, but also a deli featuring gourmet sandwiches, soup and salad bar, grocery store, meals to go and catering for all events. In addition, it contains a Bottleshoppe that has central Alabama's largest selection of wine and beer, with over 10,000 bottles of wine and 150 types of beers. If they don't have it, they can order it! Longtime friend Jud Blount recognized Derk’s vision and wanted to partner with him to turn the one-stop shop idea into a reality. Over the years they have expanded twice, now occupying over 6500 square feet, and have seating for 140 people.

For special occasions, including the upcoming holidays, Filet& Vine offers gift baskets, gift boxes and gift cards.

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Good Taste 32 Degrees Yogurt Bar 7030 EastChase Pkwy 334-272-4773 The Tipping Point 5015 Hampstead High 334-260-9110

Fine Dining Central Restaurant 129 Coosa St 334-517-1155 Chophouse Vintage Year 405 Cloverdale Rd 334-264-8463 City Grill & Next Door 8147 Vaughn Rd 334-244-0960 Garrett’s 7780 Atlanta Hwy 334-396-9950 Ham & High 5251 Hampstead High 334-239-9982 The House Restaurant at Renaissance Montgomery Hotel 201 Tallapoosa St 334-481-5166 La Jolla Restaurant & Bar 6854 EastChase Pkwy 334-356-2600 Michael’s Table 2960 Zelda Rd 334-272-2500

Greek Mr. G’s 6268 Atlanta Hwy 334-356-4662 Zoe’s Kitchen 7218 EastChase Pkwy 334-270-9115 Zoe’s Kitchen 2960C Zelda Rd 334-395-4698

Italian Carrabba’s Italian 1510 Eastern Blvd 334-271-7500 Cheezie’s Pizza 8125K Decker Ln 334-244-9496 2762 Bell Rd Bldg B


The Pride of Montgomery

Cheezie’s Pizza 334-365-5423 1113H Perry Hill Rd 334-239-9263 CiCi’s Pizza 981 Ann St 334-386-3086 Corsino’s Italian 911 S Court St 334-263-9752 Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs 1712 Carter Hill Rd 334-262-8988 Marco’s Pizza 3171 Taylor Rd 334-356-6000 Mellow Mushroom 7915 Vaughn Rd 334-213-6443 Midtown Pizza Kitchen 2940 Zelda Rd 334-399-0080 Olive Garden 2700 Eastern Blvd 334-260-9220 Pizza Perfect 428 Coliseum Blvd 334-244-7721 Sa Za’s Serious Italian 130 Commerce St 334-495-7292 Stevi B’s Pizza 5411 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-3112

Tomatinos 1036 E Fairview Ave 334-264-4241 Mexican Cuco’s 11123 Chantilly Pkwy Suite A 334-271-3528 Cuco’s Express 31 S Court St 334-832-0081 El Rey Burrito Lounge 1031 E Fairview Ave 334-832-9688 Ixtapa Bar & Grill 7157 EastChase Pkwy 334-277-7600 Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant 6132 Atlanta Hwy 334-272-5232

Jalepenos Restaurant 8157 Vaughn Rd 334-277-2840

Red Lobster 300 Eastdale Cir 334-277-0780

Odessa’s Blessings 726 Forest Ave 334-265-7726

La Zona Rosa 2838 Zelda Rd 334-274-1153

Ric & Mos 3150 Watchman Dr 334-517-1140

Peyton’s Place 5344 Atlanta Hwy 334-396-3630

Las Salsas Mexican 7921 Vaughn Rd 334-260-9096

Wintzell’s Oyster House 105 Commerce St 334-262-4257

Piccadilly Cafeteria 2610 Eastern Blvd 334-271-6189

Los Cabos Cantina 1801 Eastern Blvd 334-277-7571

Young Barn Pub 5331 Young Barn Rd 334-819-7423

Red’s Little School House 20 Gardner Rd 334-584-7955

Los Ranchos 127 Eastern Blvd 334-270-1509 Los Vaqueros 2195 Eastern Blvd 334-277-8339 Moe’s Southwest Grill 2900 Zelda Rd 334-273-9198 7028 EastChase Pkwy 334-356-3333 No Way Jose 5338 Atlanta Hwy 334-396-2222 8844 Minnie Brown Rd 334-819-7363 Salsaritas 8015 Vaughn Rd 334-356-5430 San Marcos Mexican 61 N Burbank Dr 334-279-6680 Santa Fe Express 15 Commerce St 334-262-7676 Taqueria El Cantaro 1130 Ann St 334-356-7361 Tipico De Mexico 3441 Malcolm Dr 334-356-0459


Southern Style A Social Event/Bandanas 301 Jefferson St 334-265-911

Pub & Restaurant

Blue Moon Café 7725 Averritt Dr 334-356-0543

Baumhower’s Restaurant 2465 Eastern Blvd 334-271-1831

Cornerstone 5336 Atlanta Hwy 334-386-0449

Irish Bred Pub & Restaurant 78 Dexter Ave. 334-834-7559

Cracker Barrel 9191 Boyd Cooper Pkwy 334-244-1085

Key Largo Bar & Grill 1343 Dalraida Rd 334-272-1402

Davis Café 518 N Decatur St 334-264-6015

Rock Bottom American Pub 2430 Eastern Blvd 334-239-7625

Eastbrook Café 520 Coliseum Blvd 334-272-2438

Wingers Sports Grill 2773 Bell Rd 334-277-3379

Farmers Market Café 315 N McDonough St 334-262-1970 Farmhouse Kitchen 5251 Hampstead High St 334-284-8989 Fried Tomato Buffet 6050 Atlanta Hwy 334-244-6162 Gail’s Down the St. Café 2739 Zelda Rd 334-279-1009

Bonefish Grill 7020 EastChase Pkwy 334-396-1770

Golden Corral 1480 Eastern Blvd 334-532-0020

Capitol Oyster Bar at The Marina 617 Shady St 334-288-4217

Isaiah’s Restaurant 135 Mildred St 334-265-9000

Jubilee Seafood 1057 Woodley Rd 334-262-6224

Wagon Wheel Café 1961 Maxwell Blvd 334-265-9979

Martin’s Restaurant 1796 Carter Hill Rd 334-265-1767

Steakhouse Charles Anthony’s Restaurant at the Pub 10044 Chantilly Pkwy 334-281-3911 Longhorn Steakhouse 4095 Eastern Blvd 334-613-7555 Outback Steakhouse 1040 Eastern Blvd 334-270-9495 Texas Roadhouse 7525 EastChase Pkwy 334-396-7774

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Change Can Be a Good Thing . . . by Rev. Dr. Wendy R. Coleman


I’m going to make a confession to you. Are you ready? Do you promise not to tell anyone else? Okay, here goes: I hate going to the gym. There it is. You now know the secret I’ve been trying to hide from my trainer, Melvenia, since I met her. She’s absolutely terrific at her job and brings to each workout a sense of gladness that makes me want to keep at it. Her laughter is contagious, and even on my most sluggish days, Mel can get me going on the recumbent bike or treadmill. She’s walking in her calling and I’m so glad to have met her . . . but I still hate going to the gym! Like anything we don’t like or find especially difficult to do, we have to try particularly hard to do it. The gym is one of those things for me, so I’ve really been thinking and praying about it. I know it’s good for me. I know my body will feel and look better if I stay committed

Go with It!

to a workout routine. I know I’ll be healthier in the long run. I know I’ll be able to get back into at least five outfits of clothing that I love. I know all of this, but still I wrestle to get up in the morning for my workouts. “Lord, what’s that about?” is what I’ve found myself asking. Here’s what the Spirit told me . . . It’s about change. Going to the gym is a change in the life routine I had developed for myself. It’s something that requires me to do something different. Something that requires more effort than usual. Something that calls for another level of discipline. Something that will only make a difference if I make the change and really commit to it. It requires change, and for most of us, change is hard.

make up in our mind to go with it. As we go through life, we develop habits, beliefs, and mindsets that are not necessarily the best for us to live by or to build our lives upon. But we invest so much time and effort into those ideals until when we are shown the truth, it can be extremely hard (and sometimes painful) to let go of the false and embrace the truth. That’s called change, and as uncomfortable as it might make us, many times change is not only helpful but vital.


But I want to encourage you even as I encourage myself: change can be a good thing. We just have to

So now that I’ve shared my secret, will you look at your life and see where you need to change? You don’t have to put it on display for folks to read. It can be a conversation and agreement between you and God, you and yourself, or you and your closest friend, but please don’t let me be out here by myself. Let’s make some changes together.

Rev. Dr. Wendy R. Coleman serves as Pastor of First Congregational Christian Church, UCC, and as Chair for the Department of Theatre Arts at Alabama State University.


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Education Station Public Schools Montgomery Public Schools 334-223-6700 Private Schools Alabama Christian Academy 334-277-1985 Calvary Christian 334-281-9633 Churchill Academy 334-270-4225

Lighthouse Christian Academy 334-271-4200

Seventh Day Adventist 334-272-6437

Faulkner University 334-272-5820

Success Unlimited Academy 334-819-8005

Fortis College 334-272-3857

Montessori Academy 334-262-8685

Trinity Presbyterian School 334-213-2100

Huntingdon College 334-833-4497

The Montgomery Academy 334-272-8210

Special Needs Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind 334-262-0824

Jones School of Law 334-386-7495

Macon-East Academy 334-277-6566

Eastwood Christian School 334-273-1164

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School 334-272-7220

Evangel Christian Academy 334-272-3882

SafetyNet Academy 334-277-1334

Frazer Memorial 334-279-0271

Saint James School 334-277-8033

Green Gate 334-281-3300 Holy Cross Episcopal School 334-395-8222


The Pride of Montgomery

St. Bede 334-277-8551 St. Jude Educational Institute 334-264-5376

Sylvan Learning Center 334-262-0043 Universities Alabama State University 334-229-4100 Amridge University 334-387-3878 Auburn Montgomery 334-244-3000

Prince Institute of Professional Studies 334-271-1670 South University 334-395-8800 Trenholm State Technical College 334-420-4200 Troy University 334-241-9537 Virginia College 334-277-3390


Lee & Lan F l o r i s t

Flowers for all Occasions

(334) 277-8040 (800) 239-1600

Voted Best in Montgomery by Reader’s Choice Award!

FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS • Traditional and modern floral designs. • Specialty food, fruit, snack, and gourmet baskets. • We wire flowers anywhere in the world and deliver to all of Montgomery, including Pike Road, Waugh, Cecil, and Hope Hull. • Choose a design from one of our websites or allow our team of talented designers create a one-of-a-kind arrangement for you! • Discount For Active & Retired Military

3365 Atlanta Highway Montgomery, AL 36109

Lee & Lan Florist The Pride of Montgomery



We Are Much Mo

CALL 281-3300 TO SC


ore Than A School


Attention Homeschool Parents of Students K-8th! Is Your Child . . . Struggling with learning? Missing group instruction in Art or P.E.? In need of additional social interaction? Desiring enrichment in specific areas such as literature or creative writing? Churchill Academy now offers specific, targeted services for homeschooled students, including . . . • Learning style assessment. • On-site academic and enrichment classes. • On-line individualized learning classes. • Social skills classes and activities. • Remedial & advanced tutoring/coaching. Call Churchill Academy to learn more, or schedule an appointment with our Director, Lisa Hanlon Schroeder 270-4225

Churchill Academy “Educating Bright Children With Unique Learning Differences”

395 Ray Thorington Road • Montgomery, AL 36117 • 334-270-4225


Don’t want to be a face in the crowd at one of those giant universities? At Auburn Montgomery you’ll find an easy campus vibe that promotes friendship and getting to know one another. And smaller classes with hands-on learning mean you’ll get to know your professors better too. So why compete for attention when you don’t have to? Call us today and plan your campus visit to see why AUM is a better choice.

APPLY NOW 334-244-3615


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Kid's Corner

Crafting Gratitude I always enjoy creating with my daughter, but if we can do something that holds a higher purpose, it's doubly special. Here is a fun little something we made as a way to remember to be thankful each day. We started with a simple craft box. I glued a knob on top and then let my little girl have fun painting. Next, I added black and made a few "thankful strips." We took it home and set it on the table. The intent of this little box is that each night at dinner it will remind us to jot a few things down that we are thankful for: a visible reminder to begin and end each day with gratitude. It will be overflowing very soon, just another reminder of the blessings that overflow. When gratitude is where your focus is, all the other stuff (stress, jealousy, worries, anxiety) starts to fade just a bit. And for that I am thankful.

Kasey Hope is an Auburn University graduate and the owner of P'zazz Art Studio in Prattville, where she has been teaching art lessons to adults and children for 6 years. 40

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An Open Letter Dear Parents,

Let me introduce myself. I am THAT MOM. You know the one. The mom who calls you before your child's birthday party to check the menu. The one beside you at the ballpark asking you to please not eat that delicious bag of peanuts. The one who sends a letter home at the beginning of every school year. And you know my kid. The one who won't eat at parties even though her mom checked the food. The one afraid to go to ballparks where peanut dust is flying through the air. The one who carries a bag of life-saving medicine everywhere she goes. The one who could die from one bite of a peanut. I don't want to scare you. I just want you to understand. I am hoping that this letter can clear up some of your concerns and answer your questions. Life threatening food allergies are on the rise. One in every 13 children under 18 in the U.S. has a food allergy. According to a study released in 2013 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, food allergies increased approximately 50% between 1997 and 2011 ( Chances are good that if you have a child, you know someone with a food allergy.

to parents of children without life-threatening food allergies.

Some children with food allergies will only have a stomach ache, diarrhea, a rash or a runny nose. But some, like mine, will vomit violently as their airway begins constricting. Emergency medical help is critical. Some food allergies can be outgrown, as many people become tolerant of the offending food as they get older. Unfortunately, for children with nut allergies, the chances are approximately 20%. If they have asthma, eczema or other food allergies, they will most likely spend their lifetime with this allergy. So, what can you do to help? Start with a simple internet search to read up on food allergies. Read the story of Natalie Giorgio, the 13-year-old girl who died from eating a treat at a camp in California. Feel her parents’ pain. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand what it is like to monitor every bite of food your child eats. Be supportive of the school, church, child care, sports team or club that asks you bring allergen free food. There are many wonderful snacks that are safe. Please don’t bring unsafe food for the group and an alternative for the “allergy kid”. These children want to be as normal as possible. They don’t want to be singled out and

reminded constantly of their allergy. Read labels and know where allergens hide. Be an advocate for those children so that those of us who are “THAT MOM” have some support. Think about allergies when planning school parties, church events and social activities. Teach your children about food allergies. If they have a friend with food allergies teach them how to use the Epi-pen and talk openly about emergency situations. Having a child that is different in any way can be difficult, but I know that with your help and support these children can thrive and succeed in any situation. Sincerely, THAT MOM

Sharon Huey Wilbanks earned her Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies at Auburn University. She is the director of the Auburn University Early Learning Center, a NAEYC accredited laboratory preschool on the campus of Auburn University. She is also the co-founder of Camp iCare, a philanthropy camp for children ages 6-12. She lives in Auburn with her husband Chad and daughters Amanda and Olivia.

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Meow, Woof & Chirp


eciding who is going to take care of your beloved pets while you are away is not easy. When it comes to pet care in the Montgomery area, Creature Comforts is highly recommended. Creature Comforts has been serving the Montgomery area for more than 15 years.

reature Comforts was started in 1998, and Barbara Eaves has been operating the business since 2002. During the years, Creature Comforts has earned a favorable reputation for their friendliness, reliability, and trustworthiness. While you are busy at work or enjoying a well-deserved vacation, the Creature Comforts' team will be more than happy to come to your home to take care of your pets.


reature Comforts will feed your pets, give them their medication, take them for walks, and clean up after them. Basic visits last about 30 minutes, during which your pet will receive plenty of affection and attention. Creature Comforts will also bring in the mail, water plants, rotate lights, etc. whether you have pets or not.


reature Comforts operate everyday including all holidays from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. To set up a sitter, call 334-263-7297. You can also visit our website at


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Christmas Cards  Save-the-Date Cards  Invitations  Table Cards  Printed Napkins  Banner 

Creative Printing can provide professional advice, design services and custom printing that match your festivities and make a lasting impression! Call Beth at 334.281.1315 or visit our website at The Pride of Montgomery 43

Meow, Woof & Chirp

Is My Pet Too Old for Surgery? by Dr. Phil Mitchell, DVM


hanks to better vaccines, better drugs, better surgeries and dental care….and above all more dedicated pet owners, our pets are living longer. Age is and will continue to be a valid concern when considering helpful surgeries or procedures that could improve their pet’s quality of life. However, there are a few myths about a pet’s age that I would like to clarify.


irst, age is not a disease! Cancer, kidney and liver malfunction, hormone imbalances-these are diseases –but all are treatable if caught before irreversible damage to an organ is done. But, age within itself IS NOT A DISEASE.


his is not to say organs do not deteriorate as your pet ages. This deterioration is why physical

exams, blood work, and urinalysis are recommended. Pre-anesthetic blood work, as well as the blood work given with your pet’s annual and semi-annual physicals, helps your veterinarian check for “malfunctions” with your pet’s kidneys and liver. This blood work also insures blood cell counts are normal, thus ruling out undiagnosed infections, anemia and blood clotting disorders-before anesthesia is given and surgery is performed. Just because a value may be high or low doesn’t necessarily mean a life saving procedure should be canceled. What a slight abnormal reading does mean is your veterinarian will adjust certain medication doses before and after surgery or anesthesia levels will be adjusted to accommodate the blood work values. In short, blood work at any age is helpful before anesthesia. (This is why blood work is required before “humans” undergo anesthesia).

me a much better picture of how well your pet’s organs and vital systemic systems are “functioning”. Your pet’s “actual” age does not. “Actual” age is merely a number a veterinarian uses as a reference guideline. For example, a veterinarian may elect to perform a procedure on a healthy 14-year-old pet whose blood work was normal; but cancel surgery for a 6-year-old pet whose blood work indicated advanced kidney or liver disease. Or surgery might get postponed for a 3-year-old pet whose complete blood cell count revealed a possible clotting disorder or anemia while surgery for a “functionally” healthy 12-year old pet was performed.


he bottom line is AGE ISN’T A DISEASE. If your pet’s physical exam and blood work are fairly normal, the pet is in overall good health, and has a fixable problem, a procedure that could enhance his/her quality of life should be considered.


or more information about caring for your pet check out our Facebook page or visit our website at


o add clarity to this “old age” myth, pets have an “actual” age and a “functional” age. As a veterinarian, I am more concerned with your pet’s “functional” age. The “functional” age takes into account health factors; your pet’s “actual” age does not. Blood work and other diagnostic procedures give

Dr. Philip Mitchell has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 20 years at Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital. 44

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Insurance 101

Insurance: LifeLifeInsurance

Making a Difference to Those Left Behind by Henry Hernandez, State Farm™ Insurance Agent

When the unexpected happened, Melissa Wandall found out how being financially prepared can make a big difference in the lives of those left to carry on. Melissa Wandall - Bradenton, Florida In 2003 when Melissa Wandall was nine months pregnant, she got the call that no wife wants to receive: Her husband Mark had been in a serious car accident not far from their home. He died soon after. According to Melissa, she immediately had to embrace what had happened. "From that moment of impact, I had to take care of our family,” says Melissa. "I didn’t want to be a ‘broken mommy’ for my baby." The driver who caused the accident hadn’t stopped at a stoplight, so Melissa took the opportunity to lobby for a new speed camera law in her state. Because of her husband’s life insurance benefits, she was able to devote five years to the effort, and on May 13, 2010, the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act was signed.

She also started the Mark Wandall Foundation, which cares for children whose parents have been killed in vehicle-related collisions, and is partnered with Comfort Zone Camps, which offer grief counseling for children. "Life insurance not only allowed us to survive in life, it gave us the opportunity to thrive in life," she says. Melissa continues to speak on the value of life insurance, what it does for a family, and why it shouldn’t be taken for granted. "My husband told me he wanted to assure his family a life in the event of his absence," says Melissa. "He wanted to show us how love really can go on. And it has."

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. I hope you are able to connect with your loved ones and have time to enjoy the season of Thanksgiving. Henry Hernandez


The Pride of Montgomery

Insuring your Gobble. life helps Gobble. protect their future. Gobble. by Henry Hernandez, State Farm™ Insurance Agent

Agent Name, State Farm Agent Henry Hernandez StateAddress Farm Agent Street City, State, Zip Phone 3574 Quad Parkway Montgomery, E-mail AL 36116 Office: (334) 271-6000 Fax: (334) 271-6202

That’salso turkey talk forfor “Digtoday. In.” It can provide no better I’llThere’s show you how atime lifeto thank youpolicy for your continued insurance with living business. benefits canHappy help Thanksgiving your family to you your family. with bothand long-term and Like a good neighbor, short-term needs. State is there.®STATE.® GET TOFarm A BETTER CALL TODAY. CALL MEMETODAY.

State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI) Bloomington, IL

State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI) The Pride of Montgomery Bloomington, IL 1203087


Shopping Spree

It's All About the Men! by Geri Cronier Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Designer, and VP Croniers Fine Jewelry

Here in the South, men do not find much for themselves in the average jewelry store. Cronier’s Jewelry is the exception. It was started in 1968 by a true Alabama native, Jerry Cronier, who grew up in Montgomery and graduated from Lanier in 1968. He has hunted, fished, raised a family, and has grown a business here. He sells what he likes to buy in his store, with the exception of firearms. Cronier’s Jewelry carries the most collectible line of men’s high-end, hand-made knives on the market. These are the heirloom for the southern man to collect and hand down to his sons. The company, William Henry, makes special knives, using blended metals, gemstones in the patented flip levers, and Alabama marble, among other rare woods and stones. They are super-cool and our customers love them! We also carry money clips, writing pens, and golf tools. Prices begin in the $250 range and go up over $2,000. Yes, the men that own these actually do carry them every day. We also carry Farber Castell writing instruments, which are made by the company that invented the modern pencil. These items range in price from $30 to $1,500. Any man who carries his own pen for work, especially an architect, an engineer, a lawyer or a businessman, would appreciate one of these great gifts! Ball Watch, a company that was able to get the trains running on time years ago by creating a precise time piece and calibrating them all together, offers cool gift options for collectors looking for something unique. The watch guy, with his love for precision, will truly appreciate what this company has to offer. We create custom wedding rings and bands for men as well. Just the other day, I made a beautiful ring with blue sapphires set flush down into the surface to compliment the bride’s vintage engagement ring. We work with different metal options to hit the right price point, using modern materials of the customer’s choosing: titanium, cobalt, tungsten, and stainless steel. Any golfer will appreciate this collection of metals from golf applications. Black diamonds look great in wedding jewelry for men, as well as sapphires and white diamonds. Wedding jewelry is no longer “all about the girl” at Cronier’s Jewelry.


The Pride of Montgomery



The Big Sale...40% OFF Only at Cronier's Fine Jewelry! This is our way of saying "Thank You" for over 30 years of Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more! Some pieces have been reduced more than 40%. Many styles and pieces on sale. . . platinum, handmade one-of-a-kind, white gold, yellow gold! Come in while supplies last!

Stunning 40% OFF

Our Handmade Custom Designs


I Want 1 or 2... or 3...

40% OFF Hidalgo



2307 Eastern Blvd., Montgomery, Alabama 36117 • 334-272-4995 Open Tuesday- Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Find us on Facebook: Cronier’s Fine Jewelry •

We provide our clients with the highest level of customer service in the industry and we are committed to always having a team of passionate and knowledgeable representatives. This sale is possibly one of our largest Reduced Sales we've ever had. Come in and get what you've always wanted. Thank you for your business. Jerry Cronier, Owner Cronier's Fine Jewelry The Pride of Montgomery


A Unique Shopping Experience Offering Gifts for Home, Holidays, Weddings or any Occasion

Find Us On Facebook Monday: 10am-5pm Tuesday-Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday: 10am-5pm

Peppertree Shopping Center 8127 Vaughn Road (334) 647-1745

TWO BLessings Donnie Sasser opened Two Blessings Gift Boutique in April 2013. When asked about his passion for his store, Donnie is quick to respond, “It’s a great feeling at the end of the day to know you’ve made new friends, brightened their day and their gift will bring joy to their friends as well.” Donnie strives to help his customers find the perfect gift by listening to their requests and trying to accommodate them as much as possible. Donnie is constantly looking for unique and different items - things you won’t see in other stores in the area. He likes simple gifts that have some meaning, a great story, and simple message - gifts that inspire both the buyer and the recipient. Do not be surprised if one of the gifts you pick out is one of Donnie Sasser’s original Faceless Angels and/or Reflection Crosses from The Donnie Sasser Collection, which are featured in hundreds of stores across the country. The store also features several other local artists. When asked about owning his own business, Donnie responds, “It’s a great sense of accomplishment owning your own business. You know at the end of the day that the hard work and planning has been a blessing to others.” Two Blessings Gift Boutique is open Monday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Tuesday thru Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. It is located at 8127 Vaughn Road in the Peppertree Shopping Center. Call Donnie and his staff today at 334-647-1745.

The Pride of Montgomery


Shopping Spree



friends to find out her tastes. The ring has to be her style, fit her finger and fit his ability to pay. During this time, the couple will also be paying for a house, a wedding, perhaps a car and paying back student loans. This is a groom’s-eye view as he maps out his life with his new bride. And it all begins with the ring.


t is easy to walk into Cronier's Fine Jewelry and find a ring that you like, but for a groom today, the pressure is on to find THE RING the bride is dreaming of, that is not common or plain, and to make that happen within a budget.


eri and Jerry Cronier have been making one-of-a-kind rings for Montgomery brides for more than 20 years. They can build them from a drawing or put them together with a loose diamond and a mounting. Today, almost every groom does research online and talks with the bride’s family and


The Pride of Montgomery

he secret here is that most fingers are similar in size, between a 4.5 and an 8.5, which only represents a tiny difference in size to the eye. Most grooms will buy something more ornate than a simple solitaire, or a lone diamond lifted above a plain band. They want something extraordinary for their bride.


n rings, measurements are in millimeters. A 1-carat diamond is 6.5 mm, so to add to its visual appeal, enrich it with a halo, a circle or cushion shape of diamonds, that acts like uplights on the base of a house. You could also place it in open work vintage metal, as the edge of the metal extends the eye. Diamonds and metal can be used to highlight the main stone.


he photo accompanying this article demonstrates how a ring can be built for a budget of $1,500 to $4,500. Most of Cronier's rings are built in 14K white gold with diamond centers. However, white sapphires and other stones can be used to create beautiful options. The secret to creating a 2-3 carat footprint with a one-carat ring is using a small halo of diamonds or metal. A little added expense can make a smaller ring look dynamic!



2307 Eastern Blvd. Montgomery, Alabama 36117 334-272-4995 Open Tuesday- Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

The Pride of Montgomery


Worth A Look

Some Makeup DO's!

by Rebekah Edwards LUSH Makeup Art

* Do try something new! Are you into earth tones and natural lip colors? Try a hint of soft pink or light green to brighten up your regular look. A light pink lip liner topped with a natural gloss looks great and will add variety to your look. * Brighten up your complexion by mixing in a soft shimmer loose powder with your foundation. You can even try this with bronzers.

*Try not to clump your lashes. I love to dip a a clean mascara wand in eye makeup remover, and brush the wand through my mascara madeup lashes. It gets rid of clumps and makes lashes look more sleek. *Color in those brows! Even if it's just a slight stroke of a brow pencil arched with powder, it will make an impact. Brow color immediately warms up your overall look and can be a perfect compliment to your skin tone and hair color.

The Perfect Look for The Perfect Day 54

The Pride of Montgomery

You can even open the eye by putting a light color at the top of the eye, near the brow, to highlight.

The Pride of Montgomery



Diamond Princess Ball #



Friday, December 6, 2013 6:00-8:00 p.m. THE CAPITAL CITY CLUB

Girls Gra de 6 an d Un der

Black Tie Optional

Refreshments Provided

Tickets $100 per Couple Additional Daughters $50 Each Call Landmarks Foundation at

334.240.4500 for Reservations Visa an d Mastercard Accepte d

Space is Limited. Respond Immediately. •



The Pride of Montgomery


The Pride of Montgomery


Datebook Annual Greek Food Festival November 1, 2 The Greek Orthodox Church 1721 Mount Meigs Road; 334-462-7285 The Annual Greek Food Festival is November 1 and 2 on the grounds of the Greek Orthodox Church at the corner of Mount Meigs and Capital Parkway.

Pure Artistry Café Presents “The Meeting” - November 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 Pure Artistry Café 142 West Jeff Davis Avenue; 334-528-0174 Fascinating and dramatically compelling, this eloquent play depicts the supposed meeting of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Differing in their philosophies, but alike in their mutual respect, the two men debate their approaches to the same grave social problems, both prepared to die for their beliefs but neither aware of how soon their assassins' bullets would await them.

Dinner Cruise - November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Montgomery Parks and Recreation 200 Coosa Street; 334-625-2100 The Harriott II Dinner Cruise boards at 6:30 pm, departs at 7 pm and returns to dock at 9 pm. There will be live entertainment, cash bar and concessions available.

Feeding Hands 5K Run/Walk for Hunger; November 2; 8:00 a.m.

Old Alabama Town 301 Columbus Street; 334-240-2400 Help increase the community awareness that childhood hunger is preventable! Please join us in our effort to raise money to provide nonperishable food for children to take home during the weekends when school meals are unavailable. Registration on race day begins at 6 a.m. Opening ceremony at 8 a.m. Prerun warm up begins at 8:15 a.m, and the race at 8:30 a.m. Stay for special Kids’ Fun Run at 9:45 a.m and award ceremony following.

Making Strides of Montgomery November 2; 8:30 a.m. Riverwalk Amphitheatre 355 Coosa Street; 334-288-3432 Why do you walk? Your reason for participating in the American Cancer Society Making Strides walk is as unique and special as the story that motivates you. By joining our family of volunteers, you're helping the American Cancer Society continue to do the most for people facing breast cancer today to end the disease tomorrow.


The Pride of Montgomery

Agape of Central Alabama’s 5th Annual Adoption Celebration November 2; 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. The Dreamland Farms and Pumpkin Patch in Union Springs U.S. 82, Union Springs, AL; 334-272-9466 Agape’s 5th annual Adoption Celebration provides an opportunity for adoptive families to come together, build relationships and celebrate God’s unique plan for their family. The event is free and lunch provided. To register, please email or call 334-272-9466.

In the Arts: A Professional Event for Teens November 2; 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts One Museum Drive; 334-240-4333 Local teens will have the chance to interact with professionals dedicated to the arts. Representatives from arts organizations and businesses will demonstrate their craft trade and answer questions about their careers.

Murder Mystery Cruise November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; 5:00 p.m.7:30 p.m.

Montgomery Parks and Recreation 200 Coosa Street; 334-625-2100 The Harriott II and the Millbrook Community Players presents "Frankly Scarlett, You're Dead" Murder Mystery Cruise Series. A spoof on "Gone with the Wind," the Harriott II has truly taken a trip back in time presenting a true southern "comedy" murder mystery cruise. You are encouraged to dress as an old southern character, but you may come as yourself for a night of laughter, fun and interactive murder mystery! This cruise boards at 5 pm, departs at 5:30 pm and returns to dock at 7:30 pm.

Mellow Mondays November 4, 11, 18, 25; 6:00 p.m. Mellow Mushroom 7915 Vaughn Road; 334-356-7271 Montgomery MultiSport and Mellow Mushroom are hosting a running group every Monday. Join us at Mellow Mushroom at 6 p.m. for a group run followed by dinner specials, raffles and fellowship! 2-, 3- and 5-mile options available, runners will begin at Mellow and follow courses marked throughout Halcyon subdivision. Everyone meets back for pizza, beer, and giveaways!

Don Williams November 6; 7:30 p.m. Montgomery Performing Arts Center 201 Tallapoosa Street; 334-481-5100 Visit or more details.

The International Fitzgerald Society’s 12th Biennial Conference November 6-10 F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum and Troy University at Montgomery 334-241-9701 The academic portion of the conference will be held at Troy University’s Montgomery Campus and the Fitzgerald Museum will host the opening reception on Wednesday, November 6, from 6 to 9 p.m. and will include a presentation of Scott’s short story “The Ice Palace” by the Alabama Readers’ Theatre, led by board member Dr. Don Noble. More than seventy papers and roundtables will be presented over the course of four days. Scholars from nearly a dozen countries will attend, making the event a truly international occasion. For more information, visit or contact Professor Curnutt at or 334-241-9701. Visit Facebook for updates!

First Annual Hank Williams Songwriting Workshop November 7, 8, 9, 10 Hank Williams Museum 118 Commerce Street; 334-262-3600 Country Music Hall of Famer and legendary singer/songwriter Whisperin' Bill Anderson will serve as moderator of the First Annual Hank Williams Songwriting Workshop. Fees are $350 per person for the 4-day workshop. Pre-register now with Beth Petty, Director of the Hank Williams Museum at (334) 2623600 or

Thursday Runs November 7, 14, 21, 28; 6 p.m. Chipotle 2560 Berryhill Road; 334-356-7271 Montgomery MultiSport’s Thursday runs are changing! The first Thursday of every month (starting in November) we are starting to spice it up and will meet at Chipotle! Join us at 6 p.m. for 2, 3, or 5-mile options and BOGO entrees afterwards!

Division 1 and 2 State Cup Final Four November 8, 9, 10 Emory Folmar YMCA Soccer Complex 300 Brown Springs Road; 334-271-4343 The Final Four tournament will be made up of 60 teams. Come out to support your favorite team!

Governor’s Cup November 8, 9, 10 Emory Folmar YMCA Soccer Complex 300 Brown Springs Road; 334-271-4343 The Governor’s Cup will be made up of 50 teams. Come out to support your favorite team!

Local Veteran to Receive the Gift of Sound - November 8 DeRamus Hearing Centers 2809 Chestnut Street; 334-543-0034 In honor of our armed forces, DeRamus Hearing Centers will be giving away a pair of top-quality digital hearing aids and many other prizes to one of our Alabama veterans. A panel of local citizens will read all submissions and choose the lucky winner, who will receive a free hearing evaluation, hearing aids ($4000 retail value), free hearing aid batteries for life, and free follow up visits for life. Not only that, but a luxurious limousine, courtesy of Touch of Class Limousines, will carry the winner in style to a party in their honor, hosted by DeRamus Hearing and catered by Eastside Grille. After all this, the winner will be able to use the Gift of Sound to enjoy lively conversation with a friend or loved one at a free dinner for two, courtesy of Eastside Grille. The winner will be announced November 8, 2013. Employees of DeRamus Hearing, Touch of Class, and Eastside Grille are excluded from winning and from inclusion in the panel of judges.

SSAC Volleyball November 8, 9, 10 Cramton Bowl Multiplex 1215 Madison Avenue; 334-625-2300 The SSAC Volleyball Tournament will be played in the Multiplex at Cramton Bowl. For more information, visit

2nd & 4th Saturday Jam Sessions November 9, 23; 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Old Alabama Town 301 Columbus Street; 334-240-2400 Pick and grin at our Saturday Jam Sessions in the Rose House. Bring your acoustic instruments and have fun!

Veteran’s Day Week November 10-16; 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Montgomery Zoo and Mann Museum 2301 Coliseum Parkway; 334-240-4900 Join the Montgomery Zoo in thanking the proud men and women of the armed forces. During Veterans Day Week, all veterans, active military personnel and immediate family receive a 50% DISCOUNT on regular admission to the Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum. Participants must provide a valid military identification to receive discount. Thank you for your service and dedication.

8th Annual Agape of Central Alabama Golf Tournament November 11 Wynlakes Golf and Country Club 7900 Wynlakes Boulevard; 334-272-9466 Agape of Central Alabama's 8th Annual Golf Tournament is more than just a great day of golfing, it's an opportunity to be a part of a ministry that serves neglected and abused children.

Veterans Day Parade and Concert November 11; 11:00 a.m. Downtown Montgomery The Montgomery River Region Veteran's Day Parade will begin at the State Capitol and will proceed down Dexter Avenue. Afterward, the Capitol Sounds Band will perform a Veterans Day Concert inside the City Hall Auditorium beginning at 12 pm - Rain or Shine.

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner November 14; 6:00 p.m. HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital 4465 Narrow Lane; 334-290-0646 Alabama Head Injury Foundation invites anyone with a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or any disability & their family to attend our support groups. The meetings are held at HealthSouth in the cafeteria. The Pride of Montgomery


Datebook Sinbad November 14; 8:00 p.m. Montgomery Performing Arts Center 201 Tallapoosa Street; 334-481-5100 Hailed as one of the “100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time” by Comedy Central, Sinbad has performed for audiences across America and Canada for more than a decade.

Miss Alabama/Miss Teen Alabama November 15, 16; 7:30 p.m. Montgomery Performing Arts Center 201 Tallapoosa Street; 334-481-5100 This is that time of the year again for Miss Alabama and Miss Teen Alabama to be crowned at the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre.

Color Vibe 5k November 16; 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Montgomery Motorsports Park 2600 North Belt Drive Get ready Montgomery for the most colorful fun-filled day of your life! Get your friends and family stretched out for this amazing color blast event where you'll get blasted with color while you run the Color Vibe 5K. Sign up fast, because spots are filling quickly and we have a limited number of shirts available.


The Pride of Montgomery

Air Command & Staff College Sporting Clays Classic November 16; 9:00 a.m. The Lower Wetumpka Shotgun Sports Club 4758 Lower Wetumpka Road; 812-240-5158 Air Command & Staff College Students from Maxwell Air Force Base have organized a Sporting Clays event to take place Saturday, November 16 starting at 9 a.m. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. The cost to participate is $100 per shooter and includes cart, 100 targets, T-shirt and lunch. Shells will be available for purchase on the day of shoot at Lower Wetumpka Shotgun Sports Club. Awards will be given to the top team of 4 shooters as well as to the top male and female shooter.

Miles for Midwives Presented by The Alabama Birth Coalition November 16; 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Union Station Train Shed 300 Water Street; 334-625-2100 The Alabama Birth Coalition will host Miles4Midwives Montgomery. Free healthy family fare provided by vendors from around the capitol city, as well as activities for the entire family!

Mistletoe November 16, 17; 2:30 p.m. Davis Theatre for the Performing Arts 251 Montgomery Street; 334-241-2800 A Montgomery holiday tradition featuring “The Messiah” with music by George Frideric Handel accompanied by the Montgomery Chorale and “Favorite Dances of Christmas.”

Moscow Ballet- The Great Russian Nutcracker - November 19; 7:30 p.m. Montgomery Performing Arts Center 201 Tallapoosa Street; 334-481-5100 40 star-studded dancers perform Olympicworthy leaps in Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker. Celebrate the beauty of the holidays in Moscow Ballet’s grand production of the Great Russian Nutcracker!

Doug’s 2 Salon Open House November 21; 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Doug’s 2 Salon 8131 Vaughn Road; 334-396-7120 Come join Doug's 2 Open House! Refreshments will available all day. All products will be 10% off! Stop in during the day to see if you won a giveaway. Buy a gift certificate of $100 and receive a $25 gift certificate free!

Capri Classics 2013: To Kill a Mockingbird November 21; 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. The Capri Theatre 1045 East Fairview Avenue; 334-262-4858 Atticus Finch (the renowned Gregory Peck) is a lawyer in the South during the Depression who takes on the case of a black man accused of raping a white woman. His children learn about prejudice and strength in the face of adversity. It's the movie your teachers wanted to inspire you with; only here you can see it with drinks and snacks.

Peppertree Turkey Burner November 23; 8:00 a.m. Peppertree Shopping Center 8107 Vaughn Road; 334-356-7271 The 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk races start and end in front of Montgomery MultiSport in the Peppertree Shopping Center. The 5K course takes you through the beautiful Wynridge neighborhood and is USATF certified. A water station is located at the halfway point and the finish. The 5K will be a chip-timed event. All participants are asked to bring two canned food items to be donated to the Montgomery Food Bank. Proceeds from this race will go towards Urban TREC and the Montgomery Food Bank.

The Shoppes of My Kids Attic Christmas Open House November 23; 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. The Shoppes of My Kids Attic 401 Coliseum Boulevard; 334-270-1456 Join us for The Shoppes of My Kids Attic Christmas Open House on November 23 at 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Baptist Health Presents Cece Winans November 23; 7:00 p.m. Montgomery Performing Arts Center 201 Tallapoosa Street; 334-481-5100 CeCe Winans is considered one of the sweetest and most genuine artists in the gospel music industry. She somehow seems to exude holiness and her passion for God is front and center. The singer is widely known for her award-winning solo career and her collaborations with brother BeBe Winans (the duo have a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame).

Montgomery Symphony Orchestra November 25; 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Davis Theatre for the Performing Arts 251 Montgomery Street; 334-240-4004 Maestro Hinds leads the MSO in an allAmerican program-featuring pianist Adonis Gonzalez in Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

A Christmas Carol November 29- December 24 Alabama Shakespeare Festival 1 Festival Drive; 334-271-5353 An ASF tradition begins with the return of this holiday hit featuring Charles Dickens himself who, with sleight of hand and sense of humor, brings his magical story to life. When miserly Ebenezer Scrooge receives an unwanted visit from the ghost of his former business partner, an overnight journey of epic proportions begins. With a gorgeous set and period costumes, beautifully sung carols and a spectacular new ending, you and your family will be left totally enthralled!

The Ninth Annual Father Daughter Diamond Princess Ball December 6; 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. The Capital City Club 201 Monroe Street; 334-240-4500 The Landmarks Foundation presents the Ninth Annual Father Daughter Diamond Princess Ball. The Ball welcomes girls grade 6 and under. Black tie is optional, and refreshments will be provided. Tickets are $100 per couple and $50 for each additional daughter. Call Landmarks Foundation at 334-240-4500 for Reservations. Space is limited so call today to get your tickets! The Pride of Montgomery


Map It Out



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1 AAA Auto Rental 16 Alabama Shakespeare Festival 18 Alabama State University Theater 2 American Forest Management 3 Artistic Expressions 36 Auburn University Montgomery 4 Biscuits Baseball 35 Cafe Louisa 38 Carrabba's Italian Grill 51 Chris' Hot Dogs 47 Churchill Academy 7 Cronier’s Fine Jewelry 52 Deramus Hearing 8 Dougs 2 Salon 9 Eastside Grille 10 Filet & Vine 11 Fine Line Engravers & Gifts 12 Fitzgerald Museum 13 Green Gate School 14 Holy Cross Episcopal School 43 Hue Studio 17 Lee & Lan Florist 19 Looney’s SuperSkate 35 Louisa’s Bakery 25 Lush Makeup Art 6 Macon East Academy 20 McPhillips Shinbaum, LLP 24 Mela’s Boutique 28 Montgomery Antique Gallery 21 Montgomery Humane Society 37 Montgomery Medical Supply 49 Midtown Pizza 46 Old Alabama Town 5 Pediatrics at Twilight 45 Primary EyeCare 50 Prissy Paws 26 Resolution Camps 27 Riverfront Facilities 31 Sadler Chiropractic 29 Steak ’n Shake 22 Studio South 30 Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital 32 The Shoppes of My Kids Attic 34 The Space Walker 35 Tomatino's Pizza and Bake Shop 33 Tonya Speed’s Dance 53 Troy University Montgomery 39 Two Blessings Gift Boutique 41 State Farm - Henry Hernandez 42 Triton Sports Apparel 44 Walker 360 54 Wilson Shaw IT

November 2013 Pride of Montgomery