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LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER Hot Chocolate. Laptop. Listening to my favorite playlist while reviewing this issue. February is one of my absolute favorite months, so we had to make sure this issue was filled with love and spotlights from amazing woman-owned brands. This issue will give you tips to plan your next vacation while encouraging you to show random acts of kindness to the people around you. On the cover, we have Jamiece Hill of Mink’d Cosmetics in Detroit, MI. She will share her journey of building a cosmetic brand that she is proud of while staying true to herself. Allow this issue to serve as a reminder to “Dream big, and NEVER stop dreaming!” Until Next Time, Stay Pretty and Paid!


FIVE TIPS TO SHOW RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS Who doesn’t need a little extra love these days? Here are five tips on how to show random acts of kindness to your friends in business...

Instead of social media, just reach out…


With the influx of social media being on the rise, it’s slowly diminishing the quality of how we interact with one another, and let’s be honest, COVID-19 isn’t helping much with fellowshipping either. However, picking up the phone to call someone instead of clicking send to send a message will brighten anyone’s day! Make it genuine by checking in and not just on a business tip. You never know what a person is dealing with, so follow-up with a mental health check! Check on your strong friends and new business owners! Compassion goes a long way! Pay it forward Help a friend or a business owner! Not too sure what to get? Well, start with a gift card they could use for their business. You could also donate towards an event or provide a useful connection to help level up their business. Pay for a healthy lunch or send takeout of your friend’s favorite meal.

Show Your support Find out how you can be of assistance to someone! One of the biggest complaints I hear from many business owners when starting something new is a lack of support! You can do this by sharing a post, word-of-mouth, and even purchasing a product! Do you have a business card? Share with someone who could utilize their services. If you’re still unsure, just ask! Whatever you decide to do, always be intentional in affirming your support!

Just make time Who doesn’t like a good strong presence? Sometimes, just being there and making yourself available is another good way to show your support. Even if your friend or colleague may not have an extensive list of things to do that day, chat about goals and what you would like to accomplish. Start a random vision board session on what you would like to see in the next quarter. Just be open to having a fun-filled day of elevation.

Take a day to uplift someone Take the time to reconnect with someone that may have slipped through the cracks and be random and creative! You can send a funny video filled with affirmations, or if you’re creative like me, send a small plant or aromatherapy to enhance their surroundings. Take the time to motivate and push your friends in the right direction.

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice! Now go forth and make someone smile today!



Jamie Watkins Faith-based women’s empowerment speaker, best-selling author, certified life coach, podcaster, and entrepreneur Jamie Watkins is known for her infectious smile, positive energy, down-to-earth approach, and keen ability to connect with a powerful message rooted in self-acceptance, mental wellness, and empowerment. Jamie empowers women to embrace their stories, stand confidently in their truths, and live their life with purpose! Often called the “Happiness Coach,” she is the founder of My Peace of Happy, a coaching and community brand dedicated to uplifting and empowering women.

Jamie shares her story with women worldwide to let them know they are not alone in their struggles. As a recovering perfectionist and planning control freak, she understands what it’s like to be “stuck” trying to control the uncontrollable and fix the unfixable. She also understands the journey to rediscovering self, happiness, and fulfillment! Jamie’s mission is to equip everyday women with the tools to create extraordinary lives. To inspire women to love themselves and know with certainty that they are enough, equipped, and empowered with purpose. Jamie wants women everywhere to know they are seen, heard, and they matter!

What inspired your start into entrepreneurship? I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset. I believe it best aligns with who I am. It’s allowing me the space and opportunity to create the lifestyle I want. How did “My Peace of Happy” start? It was definitely a purpose-driven desire to use my gifts to help women embark on their own self-love journey to their own Peace of Happy! What has been the highlight of your career? Becoming a bestselling author and impacting the lives of women in my community through coaching and sharing my story. What has been the most challenging? Playing the long game, not having the resources I feel I need to manifest the greater vision. But I know that’s a part of it all. I do what I can with what I have. I have no doubt greater is coming. Where do you hope to see your business in the next 3-5 years? An internationally known brand. I’m planning to write more books, host semiannual retreats, start a non-profit and get paid to coach and share my story worldwide. What message do you hope readers take away from your brand? That you are enough, equipped, and empowered with a purpose. To discover and lean into your own Peace of Happy! Connect with Jamie @mypeaceofhappy

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? Me! Seriously, every woman should read that title and think, “I’m a pretty woman who hustles.” We’re all beautiful and out here trying to do the best with what we have to make what we want happen and hopefully live our lives with purpose. My job is to provide women with the tools to make it a lot easier to do just that through self-love, mental wellness, and lifestyle success!

AUTHOR Dr. Dawn Menge SPOTLIGHT Dr. Dawn Menge has won sixty-nine international awards as the author of the Queen Vernita educational series and Dragon’s Breath, including the Special Recognition Champion Award from Conquering Disabilities with Film Festival, Best Written Word from Miracle Makers Film Festival, and the International Author Boss from Power Conversations Magazine. She holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, a master’s degree and a Clear Credential in moderate/severe disabilities, and a bachelor’s degree in human development. Dr. Menge has been teaching students with severe cognitive delays for over twenty years. She has three children and six beautiful grandchildren and lives in Southern California.

When did you discover your passion for writing? I began writing my Queen Vernita’s series as an assignment while I was earning my teaching credential. When I decided to publish the book, I named it after my grandmother, Vernita, and included all the children in my family. It has since grown to thirteen books in the series. The books are based on my real-life adventures, family, friends, and students. In Queen Vernita visits Gator Country, I traveled to New Orleans and learned about plantations, jazz music and rode a jet boat through the Bayou during a thunderstorm to hold a baby alligator. Queen Vernita Meets Sir Healthy Bean the Astronomer was written with my brother as the co-author and teaches all about our planets. In Queen Vernita Visits The Blue Ice Mountains, we kayaked to glaciers, snorkeled in Sitka, and had a crab feast. How would you describe your creativity? My books are based on my real-life adventures, my creativity is based on my passion for my life, loves, and travels.

Life is filled with empathy, compassion, a love for learning, and adventure."

If you could sum up your work into one message, what would you hope readers take away? Life is filled with empathy, compassion, a love for learning, and adventure. What has been the most highlighting part of your career? My books were taken to several schools in various regions of Africa. The teachers sent me videos of their students reading my books. Another woman was building a library in Ghana, and she sent me pictures of the children checking my books out. I recently did a virtual reading for a second-grade class in Paraguay. They were so excited, and one little boy said he was going to fly to the United States so I could read him a story. This was a very special reading.

The Queen Vernita Educational Series

During the Pandemic, I have been speaking to people all over the world about teaching students with severe cognitive delays and writing articles for their magazines. The most recent was one in Australia and South Africa. I also became one of 100 authors who contributed to an anthology published in Ireland. I participated in a writing conference for high school students in Jamaica. The highlight is having my series being given the Special Recognition Champion Award from Conquering Disabilities With Film, Best written work from Miracle Makers Film Festival, and the International Author Boss Award from Power Conversations Magazine. We’ve recently turned two books into screenplays and are submitting them to film festivals. Where do you see your work in the next 3-5 years? My work has expanded to judging children’s literary contests, Indie Romance books, and writing book reports for Story Monster Magazine. I am also on the committee for choosing the best books written for/about people with disabilities for the United States Board on Books for Young People. I see that my writing career is expanding into many different areas, not just writing the series. I would love to begin guiding other authors on their journeys and try my hand at an adult romance book.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? Pretty begins from the inside and then radiates out. A pretty woman devotes her passions to helping others, teaching compassion, empathy, and respect for others.


e l o h W s s e n l Wel

Master Educator, Serial Entrepreneur, and Certified Life Coach Erica Alcox shares some words of wisdom and guidance on getting back on track and defining whole wellness. Whole wellness is something that we are hearing so much about. Alcox broke down what whole health is and clarified how we can achieve it.

She states that “whole wellness is every single part every fiber of you starting, of course, with the easiest thing to recognize, and that’s the physical. But what people have to understand is the physical is triggered by the internal, the emotional, the mental wellness that it shows on the outside. So whole wellness starts by taking care of your emotional hygiene the same way you take care of your physical hygiene. And I say hygiene because you feel loyalty to make sure that you’re cool, to make sure that you are taking care of things to prevent further complications on the outside. So you do that on the inside as well. Emotional hygiene helps with physical hygiene.” If you feel that you started the year off on the wrong foot, she offers advice on how to get back on track and on the right path. She shares, “To be gentle with yourself, first and foremost, be gentle with yourself, and then pause and sit still, there’s no rush.

There’s no reason or any obligation to rush through, deprogramming yourself from things that have been embedded in you, whether it’s somebody telling you things over and over again until you believe it, or people doing things to you that has caused you to have a distorted sense of reality. “Be gentle with yourself. Because it takes a whole lot of courage, first of all, to even want to get on the right foot. So that’s kudos for that. I mean, let’s just be real. That’s that. That’s big kudos for that pocket call on that one because there are some people who are dead dedicated to being stagnant. And when you want to break out of that stagnation, that takes guts. So we’re gonna celebrate that, oh, yes, we’re gonna celebrate that. “So anybody who has started the year off, and you feel as if though, no, I can do better. Congratulate yourself on acknowledging that.

Sit still. And then slowly and purposely, intentionally decide what’s the first thing that I need to do, no matter how small it is, I don’t care if it’s a simple fact that you’re going to wake up and say something good to yourself. As soon as you wake up, I don’t care if you have a morning breath situation going on. If that’s your first step, that’s huge. That’s huge. You eat an elephant, one bite at a time. You walk up a mountain one step at a time. So don’t feel as though you have to accomplish so much within a short period of time to feel as though you’re making progress. Progress is gradual.” gentle with yourself, and then pause and sit still, there’s no rush.

x o c l A a c Eri Born in Charleston, SC, and a proud member of Generation X, Erica Alcox is the voice of what is considered uncomfortable but necessary conversation. Her discussions are laced with analogies and metaphors that allow her audience to feel understood as well as help them understand perspectives different from their own. She provides a purposeful voice as Geechie Gurl on social media. Erica has also built a community of “Cuzns” who impact the world one small act of kindness at a time, from assisting displaced families to raising emergency funds to keep students enrolled in HBCUs to provide comic relief while infusing jewels of life lessons in the punch line. She is also the owner of Charleston Crunch Co., a food production company with their signature Chucktown Chewie™️ and programs that trains students, young and old, in food production and food safety. Her education administration background led her to create the KnotStar life skills and leadership retreat with the S.H.I.N.E. curriculum equipping youth with tools that help facilitate self-love, intellectual and physical care, and a respect for nature economic responsibility. takes a whole lot of courage, first of all, to even want to get on the right foot.

Ms. Alcox spearheads the Knotty Saturday initiative that procures and promotes new small businesses owned by minorities while assisting with marketing and management decisions that boost their business acumen.

Up until the quarantine, she was filming her traveling Lowcountry Table events called Okra Soup Truth for an independent project where she is in her element of Lowcountry cooking and meaningful conversations to break bread while building bridges with people across the Southeast. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with her son, Nicholas.

Written By: Chandra Gore

Written By: Latasha Renee' Chubb

CHOCOLATE BAR APP WITH PARKER BROWN Tell us about Parker Brown. Who is the woman behind the vision? I like to think of myself as an extraordinary yet ordinary everyday woman. I am a founder, mentor, author, podcast host, entrepreneur, and currently, I am growing into my new status of “socialite.” I have grown the social platform Brown Girls Purple Lips for over 5 years. However, being an introvert immensely deterred both my growth in business and myself, personally. I have finally learned ways to get myself from who I was to who I am today. It took some work, but after I started the proper deep dive into me (and still continue to do it), I decided I want to help others on their journey as well, whether their journey is leading them to selfawareness, self-care, or growing a business or brand of their own.

Tell us about your amazing vision and mission for Chocolate Girls Brown Lips Brown Girls Purple Lips is a social platform that encourages brown women around the world to “find and utilize” their voices. I believe it is an essential part of our growth as women to take up space and share our experiences because what we go through matters, even when the world makes us feel otherwise. We also emphasize raising awareness for Purple Ribbon causes such as cancer, lupus, domestic violence, and fibromyalgia. Our trademark is wearing purple lipstick to show our support for our purple ribbon warriors. In addition to growing a large collection of women to support each other, we also engage in donation drives and events that are open to the community to help foster campaigns surrounding these causes.

The ultimate goal is for Brown Girls Purple Lips to be a powerhouse brand that educates, empowers, and acts as a resource for beauty, health, and wellness. A brand that teaches despite our experiences, being diverse, our emotions, coping styles, and opportunities for development are the same. Our brand demonstrates that by supporting each other through our difficulties, we create a foundation to uplift ourselves and a collective growth amongst women of color. We are always open to collaborating with other organizations, sponsors, community advocates, and everyday women who want to share their experiences to inspire others. What was the motivating force behind this concept? I started Brown Girls Purple Lips because I felt unseen, unheard, and misunderstood, and I realized that if I felt like that, then maybe other brown women felt that way. I felt I should do something to bring us all together. In addition, as a long-time pink ribbon supporter, I realized there were several Purple Ribbon causes that I didn’t know enough about that heavily affected our community. I wanted to be more knowledgeable and spread my knowledge throughout the community I was going to build. What are the ways someone can get involved? Brown Girls Purple Lips has a Podcast where we interview brown women all over the world. We have several virtual events that we host each month. Corporate Choas Conversations is where we get together and talk about different woes of the workplace. Virtual Circles is the pane we host each month. Several speakers share their life experiences about taboo topics such as miscarriages, abortions, domestic violence, and other topics that brown girls don't always feel safe to speak about. I regularly go LIVE, and the viewers can send in topics that they would like to discuss and hear my viewpoint. I offer the option for other Brownies to join me.

Our newest edition is The Chocolate Bar app. The app was created to be a Brown Woman Business Owners Directory, an easy way for brown ladies to sell, shop, collaborate, and find services within our community of brown girls around the world. We are also always doing pop-up events, live streams, or co-planning/coworking sessions. What are your upcoming projects for 2022 or big reveals you can tease? We will be dedicated to having our regular virtual events and will be expanding with some in-person events as well in 2022. The Brownie Bunch Brunch is an event we are very excited about as it is our first LIVE event in the works. We plan to come together, fellowship, and do a little shopping as we will have a few vendors at the event. We are super excited about the Raising Our Voices Summer Program. It’s a youth program we started in 2021. We had a great time last July and plan to inspire some 13-16-year-olds interested in writing, blogging, or podcasting in June and July. We will do some in-person interviews for our podcast if our schedule allows, which will be new for us as we have strictly done virtual podcasts.

Why digital marketing for chocolate girls? I like to help shed light on other brown women, so I continually find ways to create safe spaces for us to feel comfortable and pursue our dreams. Digital Marketing isn’t my focus; providing safe spaces for Brown women is my focus. However, helping them spread awareness of their stories, brands, products, and businesses go hand in hand with supporting them. I like to help shed light on other brown women, so I continually find ways to create a way for us to be seen and heard.

Talk about your support system? Selfcreated or established? I started by supporting myself and creating a community that I could support, and in turn, they supported me. Growing up, I was a person that felt I always had to be my own cheerleader. The lack of support severely stunted my growth because I constantly lost the battle to self-worth and knowing if my ideas, goals, and dreams were good enough. I just felt that people wouldn’t accept what I had to offer because I didn’t have familial support.

What is the biggest misconception about digital marketing? I'm not a digital marketer per se. That’s not my “thing.” I help women find out what they care about and build brands around what they care about instead of what’s trending.

I used to think, “If my family doesn’t support me, no one will.” Therefore, I didn’t have the commitment or consistency to show my power or even understand its depth. I realized recently this has a lot to do with my childhood and not feeling celebrated enough. I can definitely attest that when it came down to me, my family was not as supportive as they were to other children in my family and it was always like that.

Tell us about the app, its reach, and some of the businesses on there? The newly launched app, Chocolate Bar, is a brown woman-owned business directory. It’s for all brown women around the world, no matter the size or industry that their business, skill, or talent is. Our goal is to have this app be the largest brown woman-owned business directory in the world. We wanted to have a way to showcase our beautiful community members with business and we wanted it to be affordable no matter how small or large the business. We have businesses on the app that range from makeup artists to psychotherapists to digital designers. All Brown Girls are welcome, no matter where in the world. We want to promote as many talents, skills, or businesses as possible.

My family always encouraged me to do things, put me in activities, and created this high standard for me to live up to, but once I completed anything, it was always just like, “Okay. That’s Good.” No balloons, no parties, no recognition.

I got accustomed to not being recognized so much that I lost the ability to acknowledge when I did great things, even to myself. Ironically, enough this is one of the very building blocks to who I have become and the brand I have created. The great thing is I can now be a beacon to all the young girls in the world that feel as if they have no one. “ Be your own someone” is what I would say to them. The world will catch up. Any thoughts or final thoughts for Brownies? No matter where you are in life, keep going! Many times, we think it’s the world holding us back, but we just need to believe in ourselves, take up space, and follow our hearts.

Any collaborations in the works that can take Chocolate Girls to unlimited heights? Brown Girls Purple Lips is open to collaborations for anything that pushes brown girls as a collective forward. In particular, we like to emphasize collaborations surrounding our mental, physical, and financial health. We stress the importance of working with the upand-coming brown girls, but of course, we don’t discriminate with partnering up with larger brands either. There are some wonderful women in our community, and we are looking to connect and collaborate with as many of them as possible.

AUTHOR Gresson Peiffer SPOTLIGHT Gresson currently has an office job but has always known that she had a bigger role to play in this world. She is convinced she can teach to inspire and motivate others. She had to learn valuable lessons to get to her own wisdom and inner power. The time has come to share the knowledge and wisdom through her own experience and step into her life purpose. People around her always have known her as the shy and quiet type. It’s about time to get her full potential out. Through spiritual awakening, she has found herself, and she can maintain that balance by working with energy. We get tested many times in our lives, and Gresson found out that she has always been guided by the Universe in everything she did. She knows that everything has happened the way it was supposed to, the bad things included. Those challenges have turned her into the person she is today.

When did you discover your passion for writing and sharing uplifting stories? I started to write after my Spiritual awakening/transformational period. I managed to transfer pain into purpose. Everything I have been through was to fulfill my purpose here on earth. I discovered my gift for writing, and I didn’t want to keep my ideas and insights to myself. Finally, I knew deep down that I could inspire and uplift other people through my story. If you could use any 3 words to describe your creativity, what would they be? Purposeful, gifted, and compassionate. What inspired your debut book, “Sharing My Light & Healing Energy”? They always say that when you receive certain gifts, you are not supposed to keep them to yourself. Otherwise, those ideas may be passed on to someone else.

I learned that healing the connection with your inner self may seem hard and scary at first, but it’s actually a fun thing to do."

I have had quite a transformational journey, and I learned that self-care is the most important thing. I wasn’t aware I was suppressing past trauma and emotions. I learned that healing the connection with your inner self may seem hard and scary at first, but it’s actually a fun thing to do. I wanted to pass on the insights and wisdom I gained from my experience to help others. I don’t think many people are aware of our emotional and mental bodies, which are also important. What message do you hope readers take away from your work? Don’t go looking externally for the answers you are seeking; you have all you need within. Going through the dark will help us find the light that was always there. Stay true to yourself. Never ever dim your light. When you work on your vibration, you will attract the right people who resonate with you. You need to find your own uniqueness and spread it. You are the creator of your own life. Be mindful of your thoughts. Perception is all that counts. Let go of control; let your soul/intuition take the lead and go with the flow. What is next for you and your brand? I am going with the flow with this. No matter what comes my way, I will always stay grounded so I can handle every challenge. Who knows, maybe there will be a sequel to the first book. My main goal is to spread and share my story to help as many people as I can. What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? For me, a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman who does her best to live and speak in her truth. Who is unafraid to be unapologetically herself no matter what comes her way. She shines her light and her story with grace to help and uplift others on their journey.

Never ever dim your light.


VACATION PACKAGE Are you looking or planning a trip in the near future? If you are, there are a lot of vacation packages that are being offered through online travel websites. If you are an online searcher, you will discover many major online travel websites, like Expedia, Trivago, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Travelocity, Orbitz, and Hotwire, just to name a few. Beware of some of these online vacation packages offered on travel websites.

These websites focus on large areas, both domestic and international travel. Many of these websites give you some freedom when buying your vacation packages. Remember, you need to know what you are getting into when purchasing your vacation package online. The websites can be tricky, especially with several rules, restrictions, and exceptions. When you buy your vacation package on the travel website, make sure you read all the information and check out the travel insurance. To help save you the best money, you may want to compare similar vacation packages offered by different travel websites. Generally speaking, yes, online travel websites can save you money, but you need to proceed with caution. If you are not careful, online travel websites can actually end up costing you more money in travel costs. It is important to thoroughly examine any quotes that you may receive through an online travel website. Many do not realize that most online travel websites charge consumers a fee for using their services. This fee is often hard to notice, as it is typically included in with the quoted rate, but that does not mean that it will not exist.

If you are traveling to a popular or wellknown vacation destination, like Mexico, Caribbean, or Hawaii, you may be able to get a vacation package through the actual vacation resort and or hotel. As a reminder, you may have the best luck when dealing with large or well-known hotels and vacation resorts, as they are the ones more likely to have vacation packages for sale that will include reasonable airline tickets. . Vacation packages are nice, but they are designed, so it is easy for consumers to overpay or walk away without getting a good deal. When you are quoted a price for a vacation package, the hotel's name in question should be disclosed. Quickly visit the website for that hotel and perform your own private quote. Do the rates match? Are you getting a good deal or not? Be cautious of any websites that are difficult to navigate and watch out for fares that seem higher than normal. When it's all said and done, vacation packages are a nice way to make travel arrangements, as you may be able to save both time and money. If you find that this becomes a tedious chore, reach out to a travel agent to help you with your vacation plans. Travel agents are able to obtain great vacation packages for you. Amanda Sherman, Travel Advisor APS EVENTS AND TRAVEL

Written By: Chandra Gore

Let's Celebrate

GALENTINE’S DAY Although an unofficial/fake holiday that was created by fictional character Leslie Knope from the wildly popular show, Parks and Recreation, the character played by the iconic Amy Poehler, states “Every February 13, …we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.” Dr. Lorraine Beraho, Founder of GlowRX, shares with us some amazing ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

What ways can you celebrate with your girls for Galentine’s Day?

How important is it to have a network of supportive girlfriends?

For Galentine’s Day, I would meet up with my friends for brunch, followed by facials and pedicures. Sounds like a perfect Galentine’s Day to me!

The relationships we form with our girlfriends are truly the roadmaps to the different forms of us and are spaces for us to be truly the US. Supportive girlfriends are the keys to perception changes, life-shifting conversations, opening doors in which we didn’t know our names were being spoken, and growth.

When you have a community of girlfriends who truly love and support you, they want to see you succeed without any reward or gain. In a world that puts expectations on women, it is vital to have supportive friends to help direct you and keep you grounded. They are constant reminders of your achievements, and they are there to celebrate every small win. They are our true cheerleaders. We are here to support each other, lift each other up, see each other win, and watch each other grow. The power of conversations The relationship building Networking - family, work/career, personal growth Encouraging each other to reach new heights Village culture

How can GlowRx be used for a pamper event for Galentine’s Day?

What celebrity Girlfriend(s) would you invite to your Galentine’s Day celebration?

Applying GlowRx’s Charcoal mask together is the perfect way to catch up with your girls on Galentine’s day, all while working on your ultimate glow—it’s a winwin.

Yvonne Orji and Rihanna—when I’m not busy laughing at Yvonne’s jokes, I’d spend most of the day trying to convince Rihanna to let me be her baby’s Pediatrician!

Dr. Lorraine Beraho is no stranger to the unique challenges of melanin-rich skin. Half Ugandan, half Rwandan, she struggled for years to find multitasking products that helped balance and nourish her sensitive skin, and she recognized the same challenge in many of her patients and friends. Her experience led her to create GlowRx offering trustworthy, non-toxic skincare.


2022 is slated to be the year for love. After the past 2 years, we all could use a little more love in our lives. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not switch it up this year? Because let’s be honest, is it really exciting to go to dinner and the traditional date spots? Of course, it’s not. That’s why we’re dropping the following date night ideas for you and your love to test out.



A SIMPLE NIGHT IN Try a simple night in together. Each room can be a different “date spot.” The living room can be the theatre. Grab your favorite snacks, find a new movie you haven’t seen on your favorite streaming service, and get comfy. The kitchen can be a hands-on cooking experience to share, and the bedroom can be a romantic getaway.

TOUR YOUR CITY Become a tourist. Grab your coats and head out the door to a tourist spot you haven’t visited before. Check out a new art exhibit, visit the cheesy tourist traps, or try one of the famous local restaurants in your hometown.


CHEAP, GOOD FUN Have a cheap date. No, seriously, set a dollar amount for your outfits to purchase at Goodwill and go wild with style. Randomly pick a cheap food spot or activity like minigolf and pizza by the slice to add even more excitement.


MAKE ART Become an artist. Head to the dollar store and grab some art supplies. Sync your Spotify list and create some beautiful works of art. It’s just something about creating something with your loved one.

As you can see, all four of these dates are extremely budget-friendly and can be executed with as little as $20-$50. Sometimes we may get lost in chasing grand gestures, but it really is the smaller intimate moments that count, and those are the moments you truly can’t place a dollar amount on.


Valentine's Day XOXO



Mink’d Cosmetics DETROIT,

Jameice Hill is a 23-year-old CEO and visionary residing in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. A 2017 graduate of Cass Technical High School, Jameice attended Miles College in Alabama. With only a few dollars and a dream, she started her cosmetics company, Mink’d Cosmetics. Entrepreneurship proved to be successful early on, and Mink’d Cosmetics has shipped to 20 states! After graduating a year early from Miles, she now attends Wayne State University to get her master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Mink’d Cosmetics has been featured in PWH Magazine, Voyage ATL Magazine, and the Metro Detroit Black Business Guide. With many more magazines and networking opportunities to be debuted this year, Jameice is extremely ecstatic to show the world what more of her brand has to offer. This year, her goals are to be known globally as a company and open her own storefront in the city of Detroit.



Who Is Jameice Hill in three words? A soon-to-be millionaire! When did you discover your passion for the beauty and cosmetics industry? When I was 15 and learned how to do my eyebrows. I spent all my time at Sephora buying ABH Brow Dip, and I perfected my eyebrows. After I learned how to do them, I wanted to make my own brow pomade, and I realized I could! What is an ordinary day like in the life of The Mink’d Cosmetics owner? I wake up, pray, stretch, get ready for my day, eat, look over my daily agenda to see if I need to add anything (I make them a day in advance for the day ahead), make sales/sale posts online, collab/network on social media majority of the day, and make deliveries. At the very end of my day, I go over inventory and make my next daily agenda. What sets Mink’d Cosmetics apart from the various cosmetic brands out currently? I keep everything fresh and exciting. From my creative lash casings to how I market my products, it’s always something new with me. Yes, I have some of the same products everyone sells, but they don’t sell the way I sell. I’m constantly keeping up with the times and my customers’ wants instead of what I think is best. And I actually care about the customer. Most businesses go into business for the money, but I’m in it for the people. What message do you hope women take away from your brand? That you are gorgeous. These products are an enhancement to the beauty you already possess!

When picking and creating new products for Mink’d, what goes into consideration? Can you share the creative process? I really get into the mind of a customer. I’m a customer myself for different brands, and I research how these big brands present their best-selling products, so I really pay attention to what my customers do or don’t like that I have to offer. I mostly market to women and men who have women in their life. Most women like products that are girly, work well, are simple, and have a polished presentation. If there’s too much going on or it doesn’t look good, I know neither women nor men will buy it. People want the fantasy, a relatable brand with nice products that keep it cute for less, so I only consider things that will make them happy. What do you believe to be the biggest challenge in running a brand like Mink’d? Staying consistent. I really don’t have much free time dedicated to business with school and other priorities, so I have to find time to put myself out there every day at least 3 times a day, and it’s very hard to do by myself. Do you have a personal favorite amongst your product lineup? My mink lashes! I love lashes personally, but I always get compliments on my lashes whether I wear them or only promote them. They are what first got me in the game. Starting out, I was “Mink’d by Meice” as a play on the 25mm mink eyelashes I sold. Once I expanded into lip gloss and other items, I changed it to Mink’d Cosmetics. If I didn’t sell lashes first, I don’t know where I’d be right now. It really changed the game.

Are there any new products coming our way? Yes! I’m bringing the tasers back, introducing hand mirrors, makeup brushes, pencils, and matte lipsticks. I may bring back the makeup palettes. We’ll see. In the spring, I will be dropping a clothing line so more men can rep my company. It’s going to be for everybody to wear, but I get many complaints from guys who want to wear hoodies or t-shirts as a way of support.

Do you have any advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs? HAVE A PLAN, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, AND BE CONSISTENT. Always stay a step ahead. This generation is very digital, so you can take off overnight in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter if everyone around you doesn’t think you’ll be successful; know you will be. That’s all you need to keep going. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. You want your brand to be a household name. If you make a sale, put up a few dollars to save and keep track of your inventory. The worst thing in the world is when you run out of inventory or can’t afford to restock. Listen to your customers! They are the force that runs your business. You do not know everything. Pay attention to their wants and needs. What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? A boss woman who has her head on straight and knows where she wants to go in life if she’s not already there right now! She doesn’t let anything slow her down, keeps money in her pocket, and focuses on her bigger picture. Looking good doing it, might I add, always.


Is it always? Is it forever? Can it take a while? Will it forever be forever? Is it short? Is it long? Can it be infinity? Is forever eternity? Can you chase it? Can it be a dream Is forever a fantasy? Is it a lifestyle Can you turn the pages Like a romance novel? Is forever real? Is it raw? Forever, Forever Romance

This poem and others can be found in her poetry book, Rebirth.

AUTHOR DeAnna Lynn SPOTLIGHT Author DeAnna Lynn was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Rockford, Illinois. As an Early Childhood educator, she has had the opportunity to draw from her knowledge of social-emotional development to write culturally relevant literature for children of color. After receiving her master’s degree in Dual Language Teacher Leadership from Roosevelt University, she began her author journey. She has three published books, Not Yet, Deezy!, SOAR!, and That Hurt!, along with French and Spanish versions, including accompanying coloring books. In January 2022, DeAnna launched “Shining Light Online Academy,” which serves preschool and kindergarten students with a social-emotional/DEI curriculum. DeAnna’s goal is to inspire communities of color to be resilient, defy statistics, and value education. She hopes to stimulate a love of reading within BIPOC families.

When did you discover your passion for reading and telling stories? I knew at a young age that I would write someday. At 5 years of age, one of my kindergarten teachers asked me, “DeAnna…what do you want to be when you grow up?” I remember taking a very long time to answer this question. I eventually gave my teacher a few responses, one of them being, “…a person who writes things??” And after the social injustice uprising of 2020, I felt passionate about using children’s literature to empower diverse communities. How did Shining Light Online Academy start? I created Shining Light Online Academy in November 2021 after contacting an Early Childhood Education mentor of mine. I have been passionate about SEL and DEI for many years, and I felt that starting a school heavily focused on managing emotions, learning selfaccountability, and appreciating/celebrating differences would be highly beneficial for children and families both now and in the years to come. Social-emotional learning is the foundation for academic learning and achievement.

I recommend engaging with your preschoolers through the use of song and hands-on play!"

You have written several books, Not Yet, Deezy!, SOAR!, and That Hurt! What message runs through all of your books? I feel that many of our areas of opportunity as a society can be prevented/eliminated/remedied by teaching social-emotional skills in the early years (ages 2-5). Therefore, I’ve kept resilience (using appropriate coping skills to overcome negative experiences) as a common theme in my books. Where do you hope to see your work in the next 3-5 years? In 3-5 years, I see myself learning with, influencing, and inspiring children and families through school visits, library visits, and community outreach events. My online academy will thrive with a premier preschool and private kindergarten program. I look forward to hearing from my families how their children take the SEL skills they’ve learned in my program and translate them into public school settings and into their everyday lives. How can readers get involved in their community to stimulate a love for reading in their families? Participating in local school events (Family Reading Night, etc.), volunteering to read to students at schools and libraries, and even doing bookmaking activities at home are great ways to encourage reading within your community! Recording a video as you read to your child and sending the video to your child’s principal or teacher is another way to engage children and families in reading together! What advice do you have for moms looking to engage and teach their preschoolers at home? I recommend engaging with your preschoolers through the use of song and hands-on play! Bookmaking can also be fun to do at home. With bookmaking, you can create a blank book with a construction paper cover and blank white pages on the inside. After creating a title with your child, allow them to illustrate each page and talk about it! This is one of my favorite activities to do with my students.

DeAnna Lynn What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? A secure woman who works efficiently, empowers others, and learns continuously.

FB/IG: @authordeannalynn

AUTHOR Kasha Thompson SPOTLIGHT Kasha Thompson is a contemporary romance writer. She writes authentic love stories that examine the complexity of falling and staying in love. Kasha was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but she currently lives in California with her husband and teenage son. When she is not writing, Kasha enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies (mostly horror and Marvel movies… don’t judge), and buying things she does not need online. Intervention is coming soon.

When did you discover your passion for writing and inspiring true love stories? I’ve enjoyed reading since childhood. English was always my favorite subject in school. When I went to college, my love for writing grew. I enrolled in several creative writing courses. I started out writing short stories and poems. As it often happens, after college, writing took a back seat as I pursued my professional goals and started a family. But the dream to write a book stayed with me. I finally decided to stop dreaming and start by writing Working Through It, a contemporary romance that will be released on March 15, 2022. How would you describe your creativity as a writer? I’m a planner. I plan my stories as they come to me with outlines and character guides. The outlines act as road maps, but I’m open to taking detours on the way, allowing my characters to tell their stories to me. I believe in writing things down. Inspiration can strike at any time, so I utilize the notes feature on my phone to capture thoughts and dialogue. I enjoy writing books that I would like to read. I love stories with black people being their authentic selves and characters I can relate to because they talk like people I know and have a life experience that many can relate to.

I enjoy writing books that I would like to read. I love stories with black people being their authentic selves..."

How do you balance writing sessions and home life with your family? It’s definitely a juggling act. I work full time as a Human Resources manager, so most of my writing takes place at night or on the weekends. I allow myself a few hours at night to write after eating dinner and spending time with my family. My son is sixteen and has a part-time job and busy social life, so I don’t have to worry about keeping him entertained 24/7. I believe that we make time for the things that are important to us, so I make time for my writing because it’s a fun, creative outlet, and I’m always amazed at the direction my projects end up taking. What message do you feel remains true throughout all of your books? Love doesn’t have to be hard. That everyone is worthy and deserving of love exactly as they are. I write authentic love stories that examine the complexity of falling and staying in love. In Working Through It, my female character, Makayla, is at a crossroads. Her heart was broken years earlier by the man she thought was the love of her life. That hurt made her reluctant to be vulnerable again, keeping the possibility of love at bay. But when her ex-boyfriend gets engaged, she has to confront some hard truths.

Where do you hope to see your work in the next 3-5 years? I want to continue to grow as a writer, honing my craft. I’m so excited about how much I’ve grown as a writer just working on my debut novel. I want to continue to learn and create novels with interesting characters trying to navigate life and find the love they deserve. Honestly, I just enjoy telling stories, and if people find my work and connect to it, I’m happy. I want to write novels that make you laugh and have characters that readers can relate to because they are reminded of their sister, high school sweetheart, or grandfather. I want to tell black love stories that are as rich and complex as we are. Novels that don’t stress you out too much because you know that the happily ever after is right around the corner. What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is someone who isn’t waiting for opportunities because she is too busy making a path on her own. She knocks on doors that appear closed, willing to ask for what she wants and needs. She isn’t deterred by the word no. No is just her cue to seek a yes from a different source or in a different way. She can sit at the table, but if there isn’t room, she will make her own table, providing opportunities for others like her because she knows that her light isn’t diminished by someone else’s glow. A Pretty Woman Who Hustles knows what is meant for her will always find her because she is putting in the work to make it hers. She works hard, but she understands the importance of rest and the power of saying no. Instagram: @authorkashathompson Twitter: @thomkat29


Literally the entire month of February, we are inundated with LOVE! But what the advertising is not promoting is self-love! As women, we tend to validate ourselves by receiving love from someone else. Most of us are not selfvalidating the love we have within FOR OURSELVES! Yes, Sis...I've been there, and I know exactly what you're going through. We continually give and give and give only to wonder when the reciprocation will emerge. Well lucky for you, your Coach With The Most is here to guide you to Finding Love Within Yourself! First and foremost, let's explore why you don't give yourself the same grace you give others! I know...I know...I's because you don't want to appear selfish. Well, I'm here to inform you that it's okay to be selfish when it comes to loving yourself. No one is going to love you like you. Not to mention, we teach people how to love us. We literally provide them the blueprint! If you're not loving yourself or know what that looks like, they won't either! Yes, this is definitely a NEWSFLASH for many of us! The root of this evil is our childhood. Okay...full disclosure: I'm an Empowerment Lifestyle Coach with an advanced degree and a whole lotta (no, not "a lot of") life experience. So, believe me when I say it stems from our childhood. Being raised on survival looks a lot different from being raised on love, but I digress! Finding love within yourself takes time, dedication, transparency, and patience. You didn't get to this place overnight, so you can't expect to find love within yourself overnight.

What you can expect is a process, and I'm here to guide you! 1. Allow yourself some grace to make mistakes. Mistakes will happen, and that's part of growth. 2. Be transparent with yourself. When you're transparent, you'll find deep down within some ugliness that you need to address before you can find the love for yourself. 3. Respect the process. It takes time to build yourself and move out of your comfort zone. Respect and trust the process you give yourself permission to go through. 4. Change your mindset. You must absolutely change negative thinking patterns. Changing your mindset to a positive outlook will enhance your ability to find love for yourself. 5. Practice! Practice!! Practice!!! Every day identify something you love about yourself. I didn't say like...I said, love! That's the key to finding love for yourself! When you identify it and voice it, it's real! 6. Stop listening to naysayers! Well, this tip won't take long...Girl, bye! 7. Command your respect! When you walk into a room, the way you carry yourself will show that you command respect. With that said, always walk in like you own the company and the building and the land it sits on! And that is how you are Finding Love Within Yourself! I'm your Coach With The Most ~ LR WILSON! I specialize in YOU! Contact me to reserve your spot in leveling up personally and professionally!

HOW TO MANAGE A RELATIONSHIP AND LIVING LIKE A BOSS Now that the new year has arrived and entrepreneurs are on the rise, many wonder how they will keep up with their busy schedules of work at home and keep a happy, healthy relationship.

There have been talks of power couples breaking up during this season of love. The weather changes add another obstacle to managing relationships. Teeha Harrell, a businesswoman in the corporate world and an “authorpreneur,” gives us her spill on how she manages her time at home and work. The key to any successful relationship, whether business or personal, is communication!!! Now nobody wants to make an appointment to sleep with their spouse. Busy schedules would make these types of things impossible.

Written By: Akilah Roberts

Three essential questions that you would have to ask yourself before you commit to anything business or professional. 1. Do you work better alone or as a team? This depends on the team. I believe it’s better to work on a team because it can provide different perspectives and diversity. 2. Do you desire a business partner as a spouse (power couple)? Well, I already have that. My husband and I are partners, and we have the same life goals. But as authors, we still have our own paths. He writes about science fiction, and I write about love, mystery, and suspense. 3. What is your ideal perfect day from home-work-home? My perfect day would be to complete all duties or assignments before 5. After 5, I would eat dinner and relax with my husband.

CHECKLIST FOR LOVE Do not overbook yourself. There are 24 hours in a day. Use them wisely Create a warm atmosphere at home during these cold winter months, even if you have no time to spend with each other. Making one meal a day and coming home to a clean house to rest your head is essential to one’s wellbeing. Purchase “Just Because” gifts while you are out and about to let your partner know you love them and thought of them throughout your long workday.

Try to have a quiet dine-out or dinein night where you enjoy each other and discuss nothing of work

ALWAYS yourself !!





Sarah Boone

Written by: Rosie Basquin

Alice H. Parker

Since the beginning of time, women have been the backbone of this country. It is commonly written that our four founding fathers adapted to this country that we now live in. I believe it was the women in their lives that truly made the difference. The mothers nurtured their sons and the wives who took care of their households. From the beginning of time, women have stood firm in their caretaker role and have always been able to shift and expand with time. From then on, women became the driving force in the working community and began to make great names for themselves. In February, we honor extraordinary women. The women who played a part in creating our modern lives much easier. We take a moment and recognize the true empowerment of women and their resilient nature. We acknowledge the women who played a part in creating our modern lives much easier.

Marie Van Brittan Brown

Pretty Inventor Sarah Boone is noted to be the first black woman to invent the ironing board in 1869. Ironing boards had been around in the 1860s. However, Boone added key features to her design which allowed for the ease of ironing the sleeves of women’s garments without creases. Due to the originality in her design, it was patented, and it is now what is commonly seen with ironing boards today. Pretty Inventor Alice H. Parker is known for inventing our central heating system. In the earliest versions of heating in the 1900s, people relied on fireplaces to keep their homes warm.

However, fireplaces were known to be inefficient and harmful due to the heavy smoke and ash. Parker patented her first design with central heating using natural gas to keep homes warm during the cold Jersey winters. Due to her patent in December 1919, her idea is now commonly integrated with air heating systems used today. In the 1960s, Pretty Inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown was known for inventing what is known as one of the earliest versions of a home security system. Due to Brown’s own personal concerns of safety as a black woman and full-time nurse living in the city of New York, she rigged a motorized camera to record her home. The system projected images recorded onto a TV monitor, fully equipped with a panic button and a two-way microphone for communication when guests were at her door. Sound pretty familiar? Ring doorbells are a national sensation and a highly convenient way for safety and communication from anywhere to your home. Brown’s design was patented in 1969, a design that has been expanded upon and used to this day. From the beginning of time, women have been trailblazers, inventing new items and creating new solutions to their problems. Their names and legacy continue to remain as they set the wave in motion for other pretty inventors to come. We aspire to continue to be pretty and innovative!



Gequinn Mattox A native of Pittsburgh, PA, who has lived in Denver, CO, since 1984, she is the mother of one daughter and the grandmother, affectionately referred to as “GG,” of 3 grandsons. Since 2013, Gequinn has been an Event Planner and Coordinator for various events. She has worked with a host of organizations, private groups, and churches. She has also been contracted to work with organizations within Colorado, including Colorado Black Women for Political Action, Baptist Ministers Conference of Metro Denver, and Sims Fayola Foundation, and has volunteered as a committee member of the Mountain Region Black Economic Summit.

Gequinn is a member of the National Society of Black Wedding and Event Professionals (NSBWEP), Colorado Black Biz Group, and The Planners Vault, to name a few. She is also a certified Pandemic Compliance Advisor. In 2020 and 2021, Gequinn was featured in an interview and printed series in Thrive Global and Authority Magazine and has written a blog for Destination Colorado. She has also been a guest on Takeover Tuesdays, The Round Table Talk Show, Peppershock Media Podcast, Before The Big Day Podcast, and

Gequinn is an active member of the Ebenezer Baptist Church of Denver. She is honored to serve as a member of the Trustee Ministry and as the Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor. Although Gequinn is a late bloomer to launch a business in the event planning industry (official launch as an LLC company in September 2020), Gequinn is not new to the industry with over a decade of experience under her belt. What inspired your love for coordinating events? Planning gatherings and parties for my family. How would you describe the amount of creativity that goes into each event? Each event is like a new painting canvas. Everyone is different, so you never know what they are going to want. Some clients have their vision, and others don’t. But either way, I get to infuse my love and passion for event planning into every event. You are a busy entrepreneur and ministry leader at your church. How do you balance family, business, and church life? Fortunately for me, my church life spills over into my business and family life, so it’s like having a blended family. But at the same time, I make sure I take time for each one separately. Without God, I wouldn’t be where I am today. He has blessed me with the gift this gift that I have, and He has blessed me with a beautiful, loving, and supportive church family, especially my Pastor and Leading Lady. What has been the most rewarding and challenging part of business thus far? The most rewarding thing is being able to do what I love. Being able to spread love and bring joy to people for some of the most memorable times in their lives. Seeing the smiles on their faces and even tears of joy is like nothing else in this world.

The most challenging thing was launching my business at the onset of the pandemic! Having the faith to step out and make it happen despite what was going on around me. Once I did that, and doubt started to creep in on me, I had to reassure myself that I could do this and continue to move forward in the most purposeful way. I get so excited that I just want to jump into everything, but that’s not the best way to do this. It’s a process, and I must trust that process. Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years? In 3 years, I hope to be retired from my current, full-time job and only working in my business full time. By the 5th year, I want to have my own small event center complete with all the bells and whistles. Small doesn’t always mean less, especially if it packs a punch! What advice do you have for the next generation of event coordinators? Don’t be afraid to take that first step! Always know that you are enough, and you bring a unique element that no one else can bring, and that’s YOU! Be patient with yourself and don’t worry about what others do or say, do what’s best for YOU, and the rest will follow. What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? A pretty woman is more than a physical appearance. A pretty woman who hustles is attractive in the way she takes care of herself, her business, and those she loves. She is pleasing to be around and is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done!

Connect with Gequinn

FB: @ybdevents21, IG: @ybd_events




Chaunise Carter Chaunise, born and raised in Sumter, SC, has always had a huge passion for entrepreneurship. In fact, at the eager age of 14, she launched her first business, LaRoyal Publishing, now LaRoyal Printing. She designed and printed t-shirts and created logos, business cards, party props, invitations, and so much more. The business was extremely successful for the young teen, so she began making plans to expand into something greater. Growing up in a home full of creators, Chaunise’s mother, Cynthia, sold home interior as a side-hustle. Chaunise enjoyed watching her mom put together different textures and styles for clients to come view and purchase.

She knew one day she would want to do something similar. With all the ups and downs in life, Chaunise found herself on a journey and moved to New York City with her family. While there for two years, she did some extensive soul searching and decided it was time to return home and put her all into her newfound passion for event décor and planning. It just made sense as she was already creating party props and invites for clients. This was the birth of her second business, The Royal Event Company. Since the launch of The Royal Event Company just a little over seven years ago, her biggest accomplishment has been designing a wedding in Saint Maarten.

Chaunise still operates LaRoyal Printing as well and has a few things in the works this year as she embarks on her first hands-on class where she will teach other inspiring event designers the basics of event decor and all the behind-the-scenes work with starting and event planning business. She also plans to launch a new business this summer. Her life’s dream is to open her own event venue for her use and other event designers in the area. Her passion shows in every single event she does, and although it’s been seven years, she constantly says this is just the beginning. “God has really blessed me to be able to do something I love each day and make a living out of it. I have found my purpose in life and only wish to share it with others.” Who is Chaunise Carter? Chaunise Carter is driven, determined, loves God, and is creative in all aspects. I enjoy making a living doing what I love, but I am also an avid traveler and love every opportunity I get to see the world. When I’m not able to fly to another state or country, I look forward to just relaxing in the comfort of our home with my boyfriend, Xavier, and our dog, Dusse’. We love cooking and listening to classics on our record player, twostepping in the kitchen, trying different types of wine, and re-creating classic recipes. It’s always a good time when we step away from work and just enjoy each other. How did you get your start in entrepreneurship, specifically event planning? I began doing events as a spin-off to my printing company, designing invites and party props for other event planners. I always wanted to try something that involved decorating, being that my mother sold interior décor as I was growing up, and I would enjoy helping her put things together for her clients. One day I just said go for it. It just made sense to try, and that honestly was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I felt like I was now living my purpose. What were the top mistakes you made starting your business, and what did you learn from it? One of the biggest mistakes I made in business initially was not paying myself. The first year of my business, I was burnt out with very little profit because I wasn’t properly educating myself on the financial side of the business and how to actually make a profit within this field. I encourage all entrepreneurs who offer a service to ensure that you are left with something once everything is paid for. Create Profit and Loss spreadsheets, do your inventory counts, know your overhead. All of it is important for running a successful business.

What is one thing you do to improve your craft as a premier event company? Studying with the greats. Last April, I took a class with Atosha Barboza-Bennett, the founder of Behind The Veil Academy, which gave me the confidence and know-how I needed to design live florals. I can honestly say this investment has tripled my salary and taught me more structure. Continuing education is always important to success in the ever-changing market. What has been your most effective form of marketing for your business? Honestly, social media has really assisted in helping my business thrive. Facebook and Instagram ads work when you know your target market. Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years? Prayerfully I hope we are in our own event venue and able to offer many more jobs to the people of my community. What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? To me, A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is much deeper than looks and merely owning a business. She’s willing to give off herself to assist others in their goals and aspirations. She walks into a room and owns it. She glows but doesn’t look to dim the light of others. She works hard to put others in positions they may not have been able to obtain on their own. I hustle not only for myself but for all those around me who believe in me. For all those who have invested in me, whether financially, spiritually, or socially. The art of being an entrepreneur was my birthright. It’s in my blood, and I take huge pride in being a woman who owns several businesses. I enjoy putting family and friends onto opportunities to put them in a higher position in life. I’m passionate about building a legacy to leave for my future children and breaking generation curses simultaneously.

Connect with Chaunise

FB/IG: @yourroyalevent

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