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Founder/CEO Jakia Cheatham - Myles WWW.PRETTYWOMENHUSTLE.COM


LOVE Written by: Latoya Wilson

We often separate empowerment and self-love when we address them, whether speaking about ourselves or someone else. The truth of the matter is they are a couple! You can't have empowerment without having self-love. Your empowerment is based on how you love yourself. How do you take care of yourself? How do you manage boundaries with others and allow them to treat you? There are many steps to empowerment that will also overlap with self-love. Each person brings a unique perspective and vibe to how to feel empowered. Empowered is merely making yourself stronger and more confident, controlling your life, and claiming what is rightfully yours. That strength and confidence comes from the self-love that you exhibit. Below are the 8 Foundations of Self-Love that I teach through my Empowerment Coaching. Those 8 Foundations are the pillars of moving into, exhibiting, and sustaining self-love!

8 Foundations of Self-Love Positive self talk Putting yourself first No self-judgment Own your truth Be nice to yourself Create and enforce healthy boundaries Forgive yourself for what you didn't know or understand Speak life over yourself

Every one of us often needs these reminders. It doesn't matter where we are in life and what journey we are on. We must always empower ourselves with self-love that no one can take away from us. When we are confident and moving in our element, we tend to forget that we need to continue to practice the 8 Foundations above so that we are continually grounded in empowerment and self-love!



Written By: Jakia Cheatham - Myles


to life in the middle of the pandemic. This was at the lowest point of her life where she felt depressed after tragically loosing her baby sister ShiAnne. Ashan is a 35 year old single mother of two beautiful children and a fur baby. She runs her business while working full time. Throw It Back Fitness was birthed when Bella felt alone, shattered, hopeless, and had no sense of direction. She manifested this business, she realized once you hit the bottom you have to look up. It all began with Ashan running and praying.

s s e n t i F k c a B


Throw it back fitness founded by Qween Bella was brought

She remembered sitting on the phone one day with her God sister after deciding on the start of the company. She had a dream, and in that dream she was teaching a group of ladies in the park fitness. They were happy and glowing even though they were tired. What caught her attention, however, was the song playing. She woke up, got dressed went running came home and showered and the song that popped on was the song in her dreams, it was Throw It Back by Missy Elliot.

Since Launching Throw it back has expanded to offer waist trainers, as well as customized meal plans for clients, even before having a website. The goal is for Throw it back fitness to become a one stop shop for all things fitness and health! What is your why? My goal with this company, is to teach the importance of health, at the same time teach empowerment to every woman I have the ability to reach. I have learned, that as women we take on so many capes that we forget how important self care is for ourselves. I like so many women and mothers have started working out then stopped bc we either didn’t see the results, or bc life itself didn’t allow time, so we stopped and in doing so fell off. Bc I’m a fun, loving, and silly individual, I needed my company to match that, so that women can enjoy themselves, and feel good and grow their confidence as well and Throw It Back Fitness has embodied that! When did you realize you held a passion for fitness? I started working out years ago. It wasn’t until I had ppl coming to me asking me to train them that I said ok I may be on to something! It became a passion during Covid bc it became therapeutic. I lost my baby sister and Fitness saved me. I got up and started running every day when we were shut down, and I wanted to open up my expertise and knowledge of health with others. What services does throw it back fitness currently offer? Currently we offer customized meal plans, bc not everyone has the same fitness goals so you have to eat for the body you want. We also offer THE BEST waist trainers, thigh erasers, and cinching leggings from our Silhouette brand. And if you live in the Atlanta area you can get personal training sessions with me or group sessions. We are also partnered with Goli vitamins and you can use throwitbackfitness for extra off your purchases! What has been your biggest lesson thus far as an entrepreneur? Prioritizing my time and Balancing! My motto is I operate on the same time as Beyonce, bc I don’t want to operate on excuses. Having a business, being a mom, working, and working out, has taught me to appreciate every second of every day even more. When shopping with Throw it back fitness what experience should customers take away? With my orders I put extra detail, and extra love on each package Bc it’s important that buyers feel like they are appreciated and most importantly that I show women how much of a goddess and Qween that they are. When you purchase anything from me that’s my way of adjusting your crown so you can add value! I want all women to look good and feel good and know that you can do whatever you set your mind to. What is next for you and the Throw it back fitness brand? Currently I’m resting and allowing my body to heal after being struck by a vehicle recently. It’s been really hard learning how to walk and get back in tune with my own body after it suffered trauma. I thank God for allowing me to be here to continue to pursue my goals, so once I am cleared I want to finish what I started with revamping the website, but my goal for Throw it Back Fitness, is to make it a one stop shop for everything fitness. I’m adding customized work outs for your personal goals, apparel, fitness gloves, booty bands, supplements etc etc. All I can say is continue to watch out for us as we expand and grow!!!

Owner: Qween Bella IG: Qweenbella_Fit

ENTREPRENEUR SPOTLIGHT Princess D. I was born in Buffalo, NY, to a first-time single mother. My mother worked so hard. She never learned to drive but never missed work, never was late. She inspired me and influenced the fire that burns inside of me to keep reaching.


At ten years old, my mother moved to Los Angeles to establish a better life for us. I remained in Buffalo until a few months later when she sent for me. It was my first plane ride of many to come. I flew alone. It was exciting and scary! Those few months without my mother changed me. It made me strong. It made me a fighter. My love for fashion and music had just begun. In Los Angeles, from John Muir Middle School to Crenshaw High School, dance, cheer, sorority, majorette, choir, band, and talent shows filled my days. Dance was my first love. I joined a dance team known as “Tommy The Clown.” I started auditioning and landing scenes dancing in music videos for artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Master P, Chris Brown, and Missy Elliott. I also participated in halftime shows for college football games and the Drumline movie premiere at Magic Theatre. My stepfather and I would spend hours making my outfits! My dreams became bigger, and I wanted life to always be like this. Senior year I found myself back in Buffalo, NY, attending Riverside High School, where none of what I had grown to love existed. I would fly back and forth to LA to be with my mother throughout the coming years, but I wasn’t pursuing my dreams as I had hoped to as a child. Friday, July 13, 2012. I was in a terrible car accident that left me permanently disabled with broken spinal fragments and multiple tissue tears in my leg. The doctor predicted I would never sing again. The incision damaged my voice box, and I wouldn’t wear heels anymore due to the muscle tears in my leg. Music and Fashion were taken away from me, but I was determined to get them back. I was frantically searching for something to do with my life! In April 2014, while making bling pimp cups for my mother and aunt’s birthday gifts, it came to me. This is something I love to do. I have been doing it my whole life, and it could also generate income. In September 2014, La’Rue Couture, Design and Customizing was born. Seven years later, I reflect on several runway shows, cities, and thousands of clients.

I would continuously quit my jobs because I was not happy. It was not about the money. I wanted to be happy! I found more happiness in designing on the side. Then it clicked. “This makes you happy, but it also pays.”

At 32 years old, I gave birth to my first child. In March 2019, we welcomed our daughter, Babyy Zara. Yes, we named her Babyy. The same year, my significant other introduced me to home renovations. We now own McQueen Contracting Company in memory of his father, and it has opened yet another door for me into the world of Interior Design. Notable names I’ve worked with: Beat Face Honey Marsha Ambrosius Judge Mathis Donna from Black ink Jhonni Blaze of “Love & Hip Hop” Chrissy Monroe of “Love & Hip Hop” Sweet Lea Lea and her daughter ReeMarkable (Eazy E’s daughter) Also, my designs have been featured on FOX and ESPN. You are no stranger to hard work and dedication. At what moment did you realize entrepreneurship was for you? I would continuously quit my jobs because I was not happy. It was not about the money. I wanted to be happy! I found more happiness in designing on the side. Then it clicked. “This makes you happy, but it also pays.” Most of your life has been spent dancing. How will your love for music and movement pour over into your new company? Music, dance, and fashion are all tied into one another. I hear a song, and I can picture what I want to wear and what dance moves I want to do. When I am preparing for a runway show, besides the clothing, the music is most important. It helps express the tone and attitude I’m trying to convey to the audience. Can you share the inspiration behind your new company, La’Rue Couture? I am inspired by Costume Glamour. Masquerades. Big, bold glitz and over-the-top fashion. You should walk into a room and turn everyone’s head. “Who is that?” What do you hope women take away from their experience with LaRue? Well, I design for all: woman, man, and child. So with every client, I want them to trust me! Trust that they will look and feel great. My goal is to give confidence and joy through fashion. Where I hope myself part of

do you hope to see your company in the next 3-5 years? to have my designs appear on a red carpet. That’s a big dream of mine. I also hope to see growth in as a designer as far as my creativity, products, and materials. I hope to double my clientele and be a more special occasions!

Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @Princessdlarue

IN TOUCH WITH Katherine Cheatham DIRECT SALES Katherine Cheatham hall was Born and raised in Lunenburg Virginia. She is happily married and the mother of 3 beautiful daughters. She started Mary Kay in September of 2020 in the city of Andalusia in Alabama. Katherine started Mary Kay as an independent consultant for the mere fact that she can help women look and feel more beautiful. One of the greatest benefits of this company is the worldwide community that supports and encourages one another. Katherine says that one of her main reasons for selling Mary Kay is the ability to motivate herself. Not only is she trying to reach goals but she is trying her best to make a life for her family. She encourages every woman she meets to Try it. Mary Kay is one of those companies that is known for their great name and they live up to it.

When did you discover the benefit of entrepreneurship and direct sales? I discovered the benefits of entrepreneurship, and direct sales back in 2018, What has been your biggest motivation so far during your Mary Kay Journey? My biggest motivation so far during my Mary Kay journey was First to let me cover the positive good things I learned from being a Mary Kay Cosmetics Consultant: I can now cold-call someone on the phone without getting butterflies in my stomach. Before joining Mary Kay, I would get sweaty palms if I had to make a phone call to any person that I did not know. I would sit there for 10 minutes rehearsing what I would say, and when the call happened, my voice would waver and I would sound nervous. After my Mary Kay training, it’s a piece of cake to call an unknown person, and I can even engage them in a conversation. Also, now I can speak in front of a group of people in meetings and not get butterflies. Before, I would just hyperventilate at the thought. I look much cuter. Before Mary Kay, I wore just enough makeup and didn’t pay any attention to my clothes, and I forget about accessorizing. After Mary Kay, I became aware of color-coordinating makeup with clothes, shoes with handbags, jewelry, and what colors looked best on me. My hairstyle became more important. If you look good, then you feel good. I learned to find good in everyone I deal with. I had to learn to deal with different personality types to establish a customer base. I learned that not everyone was like me and not everyone liked what I liked, but I learned to value the uniqueness of each person.

An iconic brand isn’t built in a day. For more than 50 years, Mary Kay Inc. has empowered women while changing the world of business. - Mary Kay Mission

When most hear about Mary Kay they immediately think of makeup, can you share the products you currently offer? Some of the products I currently have on hand is Timewise miracle 3D set which works miracles on your skin Print Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval TimeWise Miracle Set 3D® Normal/Dry $110.00 Select Your Skin Type Normal, Normal/Dry, Dry Combination, Combination/Oily, Oily TimeWise Miracle Set 3D® $110.00 Qty 1 Add a Foundation (optional) Select Foundation Estimated Total $110.00 Add to bag Save to Wish List TimeWise Miracle Set 3D® defends, delays and delivers younger-looking skin with a full-spectrum, threedimensional approach that helps improve your skin with visible results. This simple, three-step skincare routine helps minimize the appearance of skin aging including wrinkles, uneven skin, and overall dullness in just four weeks.** Along with, perfumes eyeshadows, and lipsticks. Can you describe your ideal customer? MY IDEAL CUSTOMERS, They Appreciate What I Do For Them, They Recommend me to Others, They Keep Coming Back, They Happily Pay For What I have to offer. Mary Kay offers competitive pay for new reps, why should someone join the Mary Kay opportunity? You can earn up to 50%†† on the Mary Kay® products you sell at suggested retail. If you decide to develop a team, you can earn product rewards and you've got dreams, and the Mary Kay opportunity offers the flexibility and, of course, the fun that you’ve been looking for. As an Independent Beauty Consultant, you can help women look and feel more beautiful. You’ll also become part of a worldwide community that supports and encourages one another. We know it takes time and energy to start your Mary Kay journey, and that’s why we want to help set you up for success with a Great Start. Mary Kay® Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get you going, including access to valuable resources like apps and other digital and selling resources, education, and more! monetary bonuses, plus a commission based on your team members’ production. Put yourself in the driver’s seat with an opportunity to earn the use of a Mary Kay Career Car, one of the best car incentive programs in the direct-selling industry.



By: Jakia Cheatham - Myles

Robinson JaQuitta Ann Robinson, CEO of Chic Next Door, the marketing and branding doctor, is engaged and has four






Cardiopulmonary Practitioner full-time, specializing in diagnosing and treating heart and lung diseases. Chic Next Door also offers diagnosis and treatment, but instead of patients, it caters to BUSINESSES struggling with marketing, branding, increasing sales, and social media growth issues. Before coming into the medical field, JaQuitta received her associate’s degree in marketing and finance. She realized that she could still love the medical field and use her love for marketing and helping other businesses at the same time. She is passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs because when she started, nobody was willing to help. She now has a bachelor’s degree in math and science and a master’s






management. JaQuitta recently launched a new business venture by tapping into the beauty industry.

Lonnie Webb Photography New Rochelle NY

If you could describe your brand using any

How do you balance the day-to-day demand

five words, what would they be?

of work, family, and entrepreneurship?

Positive, influential, confident, brave, and

In the beginning, I did not have a clue what I


was doing. I was all over the place. I would work in the medical practice, come home,

You are a Cardiopulmonary Practitioner full-

order take-out, and dive into my business and

time. Why Entrepreneurship and branding?

would be awake far beyond midnight. I was

I went into the healthcare field to help others

burnt out. I didn’t know how to balance it all,

and save lives. Since I was a little girl, I have

and it took a toll on me.

always had a helping and giving heart. My mother always said I didn’t know how to mind

I remember how much my mom worked to

my business, but it wasn’t that. It was that I

take care of my brothers and me, and

always wanted to help people find a solution

although we had a great life, we didn’t see her

to their problems. I hated to see anyone suffer

much until she retired. I did not want my kids

or go through something if there was a way I

to have that. They grow so fast, and before

could help.

you look up, they are grown. I know this because, in addition to my 16-year-old and

Being a cardiopulmonary practitioner was a

10-year-old, I have two grown 21-year-old

calling for me. I love every second of patient

children. So, I decided I would call the shots. I

care, but I felt there was more for me. I began

am going to live life, not let life live me, if that

as an influencer promoting other brands. I

makes sense.

believe when you showcase a product, it is to show people how that product or service can help them, how’s it is beneficial to them (me minding people’s business again, lol), so I would get packages delivered to me daily from several brands and get paid to post a video or do a picture review. I noticed that one thing many of these businesses lacked was proper marketing and branding and that no matter how many influencers they used, the business was not going to grow or scale in any way. I think that is where the light bulb went off in my head. Before the medical field, I received a business degree in marketing and finance. I used that to help






companies with their marketing and branding. So, there it is. I can still keep my passion for healthcare




influencers, and creators to scale their businesses.

Lonnie Webb Photography New Rochelle NY

I dedicated Saturday as a limited workday and Sunday as a non-workday unless it’s a client that I really need to adjust my schedule for. On weekdays I have a cut-off time where business ends no matter what, and if the kids or my fiancé need me, business pauses always, and family comes first. The balance I have learned works for me, and my career, business, and family are all great! Since starting your brand, “The Chic Next Door: The Marketing and Branding Doctor,” what have been the top 3 common mistakes you have seen from entrepreneurs? The most common mistake I see is entrepreneurs first want to immediately make money and sales; they have that get rich quick mentality. You have to build trust and a relationship with potential clients/customers before they become paying and repeat clients/customers. If you start off just shoving what you sell in their face without building that trust, you will surely fail. Second, they think they can do it all. Everyone has talents, and as entrepreneurs, we have to identify where our talents are weakest and not be afraid to delegate those tasks to others for help. Third, they have no clear marketing strategy. The first impression of your business is everything, and you never get a second chance to make that first impression. They are marketing to everyone, not knowing their target audience, and trying to sell to people who will never purchase from them or book them because they are not their target audience. Before launching, they need to know who the target is and how to locate them to market properly.

You are also the author of the Amazon Best Seller Secure The Insta Bag. What inspired this eBook? This book was inspired by a free masterclass that I gave on marketing and branding. I only had 50 slots, and all 50 were taken. After the masterclass, I received many calls and emails with many questions, people wanting more, and many compliments on how much they loved the class.

Entrepreneurs learned things they had never known and were able to immediately implement them into their businesses. They began to share with other entrepreneurs, and then the calls and messages went crazy. The funny thing is, I was going to sell a recorded replay of the masterclass, but I forgot to hit the record button on the platform I used at the time, lol. So, there was that lightbulb again. “JaQuitta, write an eBook, put all the tips and tricks for marketing and branding there.” I self-published it, and it was one of my best ideas this far. What message do you hope entrepreneurs take away from your work? I hope the message they take away is that you can’t do everything alone, and sometimes you have to call in an expert. If you need a roof for your house, you don’t get up there and install a new roof; you call a roofing company. Your business is your baby. Let me help you, if not me, then someone else, to strategize your marketing and branding for you the right way. If you have an expert to teach you and lay the foundation, the possibilities for your business will be endless. Just so we are clear: I am a Social Media Marketing Strategist. However, two things I am not: A Social Media Manager or a magician. LOL. Many people ask what the difference is between a Social Media Manager, and a Social Media Marketing Strategist is, so let me explain. A Social Media Manager is someone who oversees a Social Media account for someone else. They can provide content and post it, or it can be provided by the business owner to post. A Strategist is someone who helps you to get your ideas on paper and create a plan to execute your vision. They help with setting goals and teach you how to implement the strategy in place. Can you share 5 tips to help entrepreneurs make the most of social media? 1. Be relentless with your marketing, promote, promote, promote. 2. Be consistent. Social media is like a sport. In order to be good at it, you have to show up and put in the work every day.

3. Make sure your account represents your brand. Choose the right platforms for your business—research what platforms are best for your specific niche. 4. Be real and be unique with your audience. 5. Finally, have a documented strategy. What is next for The Chic Next Door? I am going to be tapping into the beauty industry. So Chic Next door is launching “Extreme Couture Lashes.” They will not be available immediately on my website but hopefully soon in the future. I have actually had a vending machine built especially for eyelashes and a few other beauty products. It will be located at a premium outlet mall near me in New York. My vending machine will be steps away from Michael Kors, Gucci, YSL, Salvatore Ferragamo, Balmain, and many more premium brands. I am very excited to be offering premium mink and vegan lashes in such a high-end shopping facility. This will generate passive income for decades to come. I will also be releasing an eBook and teaching a class on how to tap into the vending industry, secure a location, do’s and don’ts plus vendor info, and so much more for others who want to learn. PLUS, I will also be re-releasing Secure The Insta Bag eBook with added new and improved tips and strategies for entrepreneurs. I am just getting started!

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years? I hope to see Chic Next Door: The Marketing and Branding Doctor with an actual in-person location to work with entrepreneurs hands-on. I hope to see the vending business expand to several other locations, not just in New York, and offering several other products you don’t typically see offered in vending. My fiancé and I are working on a few other business ventures, so be on the lookout because we are creating opportunities in our communities for people who want entrepreneurship. If you could collaborate with any woman in business, who would it be? If I could collaborate with any woman in business, I would say Yandy Smith-Harris. She is a powerhouse when it comes to business. I saw her graduate from an HBCU and go after everything she manifested. She has several businesses, and she makes sure that she brings her team along with her for everyone to succeed down to her kids. She is not just an entrepreneur, producer, mom, wife, and media mogul but also an activist, and that speaks volumes.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? A pretty woman who hustles is a woman who holds a very high regard for herself and every business or project she’s involved in. She is classy and works hard every single day. She takes pride and joy in her work and does everything with a sense of purpose. She goes after every single goal she sets. There is no limitation to what she can do even when no one believes in her. She makes her own money, is a true winner, and wants to help and see other women win.

Chic Next Door Lonnie Webb Photography New Rochelle NY

PWH ENTRPRENUER SPOTLIGHT Alicia Roberts Alicia Renee’ Roberts is an inspiring leader who is passionate about helping women to overcome barriers and become the best versions of themselves that they can be. Alicia Renee’ is a new Best-Selling Author, Blogger, Confidence Coach and is the founder of The Confident Lily. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, she has spent many years as a corporate finance professional while holding a BA and MBA from Indiana University and Indiana Wesleyan University. Alicia Renee’ has a drive to serve her community and has done so through her involvement in church and as a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated. Alicia Renee’s writing and personal coaching goal is to encourage women and young ladies, especially of color, to be bold, confident, and courageous in achieving their dreams and living their best lives. She sees The Confident Lily as the start of a movement of more successful Christian women of color shattering fear, breaking barriers, achieving goals, and enjoying life. Through her inspirational content and practical, faith-based solutions, she hopes to achieve those ambitions.

You wear multiple hats as a new author, blogger, entrepreneur, and more. How do you balance the demand? Finding The right balance when trying to start a business, write a book or blog, work a full-time job, be a mother or care for others, and still allowing time for self-care and doing the things that make me happy can be difficult. I definitely rely on a mobile calendar and try to realign my priorities each day. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, I remind myself that I am only one person and can only do what I can do within a single day. Tomorrow begins a new day, and I will tackle the challenges of that day. Prayer and giving myself grace are also important to me. What has been your biggest challenge while transitioning from finance to entrepreneurship? My biggest challenge is finding time to market and network to build my business. In my finance roles, I’m usually working behind the scenes, and my responsibilities are finite. As a business owner and author, I wear all the hats, and I am the face of my business. My responsibilities vary each day depending on what my goals are.

You are the best-selling author of “She Exudes...A Confidence Awakening Devotional & Journal.” Can you share the inspiration behind this book? When I began writing She Exudes, I was in a place where I needed some inspiration and was working on my personal healing journey from experiencing a divorce. I was struggling with understanding my purpose and what God was taking me through. I was a single mother who left her home state and moved across the country to begin a new venture in life. I sought out encouragement and faith-based inspiration daily to help to renew my mind and refute negative thoughts. Writing the devotional gave me a chance to dig deeper into the scriptures and the promises that Christ had given us. It motivated me to live my best life and know that the best is yet to come for me. As I wrote, I learned more, and I wanted to share what I’d learned, and any wisdom gained with other women who may have experienced similar issues. I wanted to provide practical and down-to-earth guidance on how to deal with life’s challenges.

What message do you hope readers take away from your work? I hope that readers will become more knowledgeable about the power they possess and allow them to have the tools to use when they don’t feel like they are at their best. It is not uncommon for us as women to become overwhelmed and hard on ourselves. That is the time when we need to be uplifted the most and reminded of how amazing we truly are. I hope that my inspirational content will also draw readers closer to God and His promises. What is the Confidence Lily? The Confident Lily is a movement. Our mission is to encourage and inspire women to boldly pursue a life of prosperity and become the best version of themselves that they can be. We do that by offering faith-based yet practical solutions, motivational content and products, personal coaching, and support from a community of other like-minded women. We are named after the adored lily flower because of its beauty and association with being a symbol of rebirth, new life, and hope. Each color of the lily is unique and symbolic, representing everything from confidence and prosperity to beauty and purity. The name is also an ode to one of the strongest women that I know, my mother, Lillie. How can women join our support of the Confidence Lily community? Women can support The Confident Lily by becoming a part of our network. I offer a bi-weekly newsletter that contains motivational content, access to blogs and other exclusives, and support from other like-minded women. Women can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration throughout the week. Of course, we have print resources that are awesome motivational tools, such as the She Exudes devotional and journals and the Oh, So Confident adult coloring book for women. What is next for you and your brand? In addition to blogging and writing inspirational content, I am going to be starting some growth groups for women to promote confidence-building, healing, and fellowship amongst women. I will also be kicking off my confidence coaching practice very soon.

PWH AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Tonya Austin While many choose to hide behind their shame, guilt, and error, she chooses not to wear a mask at all, making herself vulnerable, yet unapologetically authentic, to those around her. From growing up in a toxic and emotionally abusive environment to an identity crisis, to her own two toxic and abusive marriages, and always feeling alone and unprotected, Tonya K. Austin has made it her mission to heal those who have been emotionally broken and heartbroken---including herself and teach the awakening of their minds to stand up and let the God within them rise---and leave all that hurts behind. Having graduated Cum Laude, Tonya K. holds two degrees, one being Behavioral Science and the other in Business. Using her Psychology background, she puts her specialty to the test as a Spiritual Life Coach through her many courses, books, and social media content. Tonya is always finding ways to relay her message of healing to others. Her debut book, Mending a Broken Heart (2016), her sophomore book, My Secret Life (2020), and her last book, HUSH (2021 and hit #1 Best Seller within three days of being released), are each proof of her dedication to her personal mission and life cause.

If you could describe yourself using four words, what would they be? Determined, strong-willed, passionate, and full of resolve (because I’m loyal to love). What inspired your start in coaching? My childhood was toxic with arguing parents who taught me this was “normal,” but my soul knew better! I had cognitive dissonance even then about why they stayed married and why they did what they did. Unfortunately, I adopted that generational curse of an abusive marriage, but I broke it! And now I teach other women how to get through the same thing. What message do you hope women take away from your platform? That they are the shit (edit where needed lol) and that they serve a greater purpose than living a life of mediocrity and abusive or hurt and pain. To stop robbing themselves from living their BEST LIFE YET!

You experienced abuse and had to go through healing to get where you are. What has been your biggest lesson thus far? I CAN do whatever I set my mind to. These last two years helped me to see that as my new truth!!! What are 3 tips to let go of what has hurt us in the past in order to move forward? Reserve time for space. Be surrounded by loved ones who support your healing process. Love. Open your heart constantly; do not close it.​

PWH ENTRPRENUER SPOTLIGHT Claresa Baggs A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Claresa Baggs is the founder of the production company Red Petunia Productions. In addition to being a Workshop Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, and Humanitarian, Claresa is also the Creator and Executive Producer of the multiple award-winning talk show and podcast Still Surviving, Thriving During COVID-19, and the upcoming documentary, Consequence. She is also an active member of Women in Film & Television (W.I.F.T.).

You are the host of the show “Still surviving” Growing up as you share your mission behind this show? I am not the host of this incredible show. I am the Creator and Executive Producer. I aspire to teach people that we are more alike than we are different. No matter our backgrounds, where we grew up, our religions, language, race, or gender, we are more alike than we are different. So often, when we are experiencing our personal version of hell, we falsely assume that no one else could possibly understand what we are going through, and because of that, it is, unfortunately, true that sometimes we lose hope and see no way out.

As a survivor of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, Claresa uses her numerous platforms to help guests share their stories of survival in a safe and supportive environment. Claresa believes that when guests share their stories of triumph, they, in turn, provide a sense of hope and encouragement to viewers who may share similar experiences.

But it is when our guests open their mouths and speak their truths, it is then that hope can be revived, and viewers/listeners experience an awakening and realization that after all of their pain and heartache, there truly is “Life After.”

Claresa is focused on influencing change and reducing barriers to the improvement of quality of life for the voiceless. Claresa Baggs Speaks Life!

How do you balance motherhood and business? Having raised three phenomenal children, and after 33 years of marriage, my husband Angelo and I are empty nesters. We are excited to travel this road together. He is my absolute biggest supporter!

Claresa presently resides in Jacksonville, Florida, celebrating 32 years of marriage to Angelo Baggs, Sr., and sharing three incredible children and six grandchildren.

Who is Claresa when she isn’t interviewing and shining a light on others? I am an avid reader and writer. I crave learning new things and sharing that knowledge. I enjoy seeing the spark of excitement in the eyes of others when they walk in newness. I started the blog “The Penney Dropped” to share my personal life affirmative lessons. I am also in preproduction for our groundbreaking documentary, Consequence, which will take an unprecedented look into the silent world of child suicide influenced by media, religion, the legal system, medicine, and mental health. I enjoy speaking at various engagements, leading empowerment workshops and workgroups. When did you discover your gift for connecting and aiding women in their healing process? I believe at some level I have always known. As the eldest of twelve children, it became second nature to reflect a positive influence, particularly in our household of discontent. I have many “off the record” conversations, which is a driving force behind why I became a Certified Life Coach.

Where do you see your platform in the next 3-5 years? We plan to begin filming in different cities, states, and eventually internationally. Season Four will be filmed in Spanish with all Spanish-speaking cast members and guests. We will share stories of surviving and thriving from across the globe. The desire is that Still Surviving will be optioned by a major streaming or television platform. There’s a purpose to everything that we go through in life. My primary focus is to save lives. What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? ​A Pretty Woman Who Hustles exudes excellence and is an unstoppable force of nature. She is fierce and fearless! She walks boldly in her Purpose. She leaves strength and beauty in her wake.