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NO GREATER LOVE By: Rosie Basquin

MEN WHO HUSTLE By: Chandra Gore


Founder/CEO Jakia Cheatham - Myles Info@Prettywomenhustle.com WWW.PRETTYWOMENHUSTLE.COM

PWH SPOTLIGHT By: Latoya Wilson

Nikki Bryan is an author, business mindset coach, and celebrity baker at her online bakery, D’Delicious Delicacies, a 5-star bakery specializing in dessert cakes with an island flair. In addition to those amazing titles, she also holds a Bachelors in Business Supervision and Management and is currently enrolled to obtain her Masters in I/O Psychology. As an ambitious goal setter, goal-getter entrepreneur, she has been featured in Voyage Magazine, Shoutout Magazine, and various blogs and podcasts. Her bakery has also been featured in The Knot wedding magazine. Nikki is a firm believer in breaking the chains on spiritual traditions and building a foundation outside of the box. Through her endeavors, she has gained knowledge on business, society, herself, and the universe. Through her writings and products, her sole intention is to share her knowledge and expertise with like-minded individuals by influencing and inspiring them to create the life they desire and deserve. Your book, Create Your Own Magic, is definitely a page-turner. Give our readers a tidbit about what it entails? Create Your Own Magic is a 60-day interactive book of affirmations designed to help readers, specifically millennials, manifest the life they deserve and desire. Every day they will read an affirmation, then a short message from me with a task to complete, and later in the day, they can reflect on it with the space provided to write. What was the purpose of writing Create Your Own Magic? My purpose for writing Create Your Own Magic was to educate and motivate individuals in manifesting. I wanted to allow others to tap into their magical potential to do the same that I have done, which is manifest the life they desire.

Nikki Bryan Some say manifestation is a new trend. What are your thoughts about manifesting? What’s your experience with manifestation? Yes, I agree that manifestation is a new trend. It is definitely a buzz word, which is one reason I wrote the book the way that I did. I wanted to make it clear to readers that manifestation isn’t just saying an affirmation every day or 3x a day, and that’s it. It’s a process. Manifestation requires you to affirm the life you want and create the space for it to be until it manifests. That might look like saying an affirmation, which is to shift your mindset and belief, for 30 days while doing the work internally of letting go of something or changing a behavior, or even changing your environment. Things won’t manifest into an environment that isn’t nurtured for it. If it does, it won’t last. Once you have shifted your belief and created the perfect space for what you’re asking for, then it’ll manifest. BUT that can be one month, two years, or a decade. YOU have to do the work!

I have been manifesting since grade school without even knowing what it was. Once I’m clear on what I want and make room for what I want, it’s to the point that it manifests almost instantly. But I have grown my business from 3 figures to 5 figures, working on six now. I have baked for celebrities a few times, which was really dope how I manifested that. I have shifted my life around with the art of manifestation, and now that I know and understand it in its entirety, I live a better life. D’Delicious Delicacies is your online bakery. That is indeed a different concept. Tell us all about how that works. D’Delicious Delicacies is my baby! I have been in business for five years. Initially, it started as a way to make ends meet doing something I loved. Then it grew to me offering desserts with an island flair to customers in different cities and states. Online bakery simply means I do not have an option for customers to walk in and shop my bakery, but they do have the online option to order their desserts from my website, www.ddeliciousdelicacies.com. This business model seemed foreign to most prior to the pandemic, but I was ready! Customers ordered from the website, and I offered contactless delivery. My online bakery served customers throughout the entire pandemic giving gifts to customers’ loved ones because they couldn’t travel to them. If there was ever a feeling of doubt in my business, serving my community during this time eliminated that 1000%.

Nikki Bryan Okay, so you are an author, a blogger, and you have an online bakery. What’s your blog all about? What advice can you give aspiring bloggers? I loveee writing, so I started a blog to share my experiences, expertise, insight, and tips on different topics like business, self-love, manifestation, and relationships. But recently, I decided to start a podcast: “Affirm. Create. Manifest.” The podcast will be me, your not-so-average millennial, sharing my personal truths, experiences, and opinions on manifestation, spirituality, entrepreneurship, relationships, and securing the bag. I will also have guest speakers coming on every season to share their journeys as well. The podcast will be launching this spring, and I’m super excited!

Finally, if you could go anywhere in the world and open a business, where would it be and why? Hmm, this is a good question. I believe that I am right where I need to be. I understand business enough to know that just because I have the talent and the expertise doesn’t mean I can go and open a business anywhere I please. The audience for that business has to be there. But I thank God for the internet because I can virtually serve people anywhere in the world with the click of a button.

Connect with Nikki B Online at: www.iamnikkib.com

PWH SPOTLIGHT Tina Batten By:Jakia Cheatham - Myles

Not only is Sister D. “Tina” Batten a loving mother, wife, daughter, sister, and Mima to her grandchildren, she is also president and founder of Sister Batten Productions. She is a gifted visual storyteller who is passionate about bringing encouraging messages of inspiration and hope to every project she’s involved with. Sister Batten has a unique way of developing and creating fascinating stories that touch the heart of everyone who views her work. Her stage plays, dinner shows, and films promise to take you on a journey of the highs and lows of everyday life demonstrated in the most entertaining way. Sister Batten’s storytelling is portrayed in the most realistic manner that touches on the subject matters of today. She is an anointed woman of God who is on the battlefield for the Lord! Originally born in Philadelphia, then later moved and grew up in the Bronx, New York, Sister Batten is an over-comer of obstacles and life issues such as broken home, violence, and poverty, just to name a few. She is a dreamer who loves performing and creative arts. Sister Batten has been writing, directing, and producing original dramatic stage plays, dinner shows, concerts, and special events for the past nineteen years and counting. She continues to produce films that challenge the mindset of everyday thinking while overcoming micro budgets through God’s FAVOR of INCREASE. Sister Batten Continues to Reach Down Deep into the Hearts of the People. Sister Batten will continue to be an inspiration to all those around her, bringing forth hope, love, and joy to a dying world. With such a humble heart and desire to bring people together in unity, she will continue her work as a visual storyteller via stage, film, and books by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ one project after the other. Sister D. Tina Batten is a pretty woman who definitely hustles.

At what moment did you realize you held the gift of storytelling? Can you imagine a young biracial Afro-Latina girl having no outlet to unleash her most inner feelings? Worried about issues beyond her own understanding and out of her control? With no power to fix anything, let alone her own feelings? That little girl was me. I recall a time when my best friends and I started our own all-girl rap group back in the day. Each one of us wrote our own original material. That was a form of creative writing for me. I used my voice to express my feelings. Even still, my true giftings didn’t show up until later, when I turned my life over to the Lord. That was the moment I realized the true beauty of my giftings that manifested within me. I’ve been operating in those gifts and talents ever since.

What challenges did you face while trying to follow your calling? I faced spiritual challenges that forced me to hold on to my faith with every fiber of my soul. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind. 2 nd Timothy 1:7 I recall a season where I had to fight the spiritual war inside of me. During this season, my mind was far from sound. I did not want to utilize my gift of writing anymore. Frankly, I was afraid to. It seemed as though my writings were manifesting into real life situations and experiences. My writings were literally manifesting into fruition. I shared this internal struggle with no one until now. I was too afraid to speak such words aloud. So, I didn’t. I was afraid to write another fictional story. Afraid to write another drama-filled stage play, just to have it come true in my own life in some kind of way. No, thank you were my thoughts during that time in my life. I kept praying and warring in the spirit until I conquered those thoughts. I understood there were times when art resembles reality, but it was starting to hit a little too close to home. In the words of my pastor, you can’t have a testimony without first going through the test. Yes, I’ve had to face many challenges while trying to follow my calling. But I never gave up. I continue to press through the mess to get blessed!

Tina Batten What message do you hope women take away from your work? I say this to you, my fellow pretty women who hustle, that as long as you have breath in your body, it is never too late to accomplish what it is you were created to accomplish. Stay encouraged! Speak Life and Go Get Your Blessings! What is next for Sister Batten? Sky’s the limit! First, I will secure the necessary funding needed to complete and distribute my feature-length breakout film entitled Second Chance, followed by directing another music video, touring stage play, more films, and producing my audiobook. I would absolutely love to do a script adaptation of one of my stage plays into a Broadway musical. Love that! What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? A pretty woman who hustles will do what is necessary to meet her goals, deadlines, accolades, and achievements. She is the kind of woman who will walk into a meeting praying in her prayer language. Receiving “No” as an answer is simply a numbers game for a pretty woman who hustles while always striving for that “Yes” response she so desires. She will always keep it 100, living her true authentic life. She will continue to learn and grow with each passing day. A pretty woman who hustles will simply do just that...keep her feet to the ground, working extremely hard to keep it moving forward in all she does. A pretty woman who hustles, yup, that’s me. Here is to wishing all of my fellow pretty women who hustle continued success with each and every endeavor. You Got This! Connect online at www.sisterbatten.com


Many clients, friends, and audiences ask me how they can achieve comfort within their own skin. They ask because they say I make it look easy. This makes me laugh, as it is anything but easy. It takes a lot of work to find comfort in your own skin, so to speak. And sometimes, it takes just a bit of bravery as well. In the professional world, we are too often expected to conform to ideologies and practices just to get ahead. Thinking outside the box is an overused phrase that isn’t really utilized to its full potential. I have been on jobs where they claimed to want this attribute, but only so long as you didn’t go too far out of that box. In fact, they ultimately have told me to just stay in the box, look outside it, and maybe (strong maybe) emulate slightly something that you see on the other side of the invisible wall that the box has created. Essentially, there is an expectation to conform even if the proclamation is that employers want people to be bold creative thinkers. As a brand marketer, I have to teeter this line in every marketing plan. How far must I push the limits to ensure notice for my clients while still not alienating their potential customers? All the while, I have to remember their voice. Their identity. Their needs. This is just as true for one’s personal life as it is for one’s business life. Growing up, we are told to be ourselves. Then, we are given all the exceptions to when we should not be ourselves. All those times when we are expected to conform and not exist comfortably in our skin.

My personal and professional experiences have been filled with person after person telling me how I need to behave to get the job done and succeed in defining success. For me and others, this has led to what is called Imposter Syndrome. It is a real thing that afflicts women far more than men due to the history of women being bombarded with mixed messages about how they should behave and what they should and should not do in the workforce. No matter a person’s training or experience, they feel that they simply cannot be good enough. In reality, they are more than just good enough – they are amazing at what they do. Society just isn’t seeing it for want of conformity. I had to learn on my journey that finding the balance between being my most true self and conforming to society’s expectations are not really mutually exclusive sides of a single coin. They must, in fact, coexist in a way that may lead you to sacrifice a part of who you are because what you need (or want) to do is more important to your true self. For instance, if you are that person who enjoys dying your hair colors that society perceives as odd, you may have to sacrifice that for a while at the start of your career – hopefully, you work your way up to a place where you can return to those things you chose to sacrifice for the success you define. Of course, you could choose to be a bit more like me – sacrifice nothing about who you are. You might be in trouble with those conformists from time to time, but when you look back at your bold and brave choices, you can smile at the success you owned by doing it the best way for you.


BY ROSIE BASQUIN Inspired by the song, I Am Loved/Nothing Better- Maverick City Music (ft. Naomi Raine)

There is no greater love than the love that I have for you It’s sweet and rich, like mousse It feels like home. Out in the cold, torn down & ragged In the darkness and the pits of my despair, I call out to you You hear my cries as I beg for mercy You see my pain and draw near I am comforted in your warmth A light touch, a tight embrace, you hold me close You weep with me, wipe my tears away, lift up my head up and seal it with a kiss You’ve come to deliver me, rescue me from my strife, take me home You’ve given me the strength to seek a new day I will not dwell in my sorrows The contrite sinner is lives again For you give me hope. There is no greater or sweeter love than the love I have for you


n i k p m u L n w ro B a i h Ies

By: Jakia Cheatham - Myles

The CEO of De’Jour Couture Boutique, Ieshia BrownLumpkin, born and raised in South Carolina, graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and Business Administration in Atlanta, GA. Her creative eye and love for fashion developed at a very young age, where she paired a green, pink, and brown abstract shirt with a tweed skirt. Her family knew then that she had an eye for fashion. She graduated high school and relocated to Atlanta, GA where she met her now-husband of 20 plus years and had two biological children along with 5 step children, to attend Bauder College. After graduating from college, she then ventured to California to intern with The Parkers television show as a Jr. stylist after being offered a full-time position with Paramount Studios. Ieshia began building her portfolio and has had the opportunity to style several A-listers such as Steve Harvey, Leila Ali, Wesley Snipes, Monique, and Shaquille O’Neil, just to name a few. IBL jumpstarted her brand, De’Jour Couture Boutique, and opened her very first store in the heart of Forest Park, GA, along with an online eCommerce platform. Ieshia, a Certified Fashion Design major, Wardrobe Consultant and Curvy Ladies Confidence Coach, specializes in catering to the everyday sophisticated curvy woman by offering fashionably one-of-a-kind pieces forward handpicked clothes, jewelry, hats, and other bold fashionable function accents to enhance any look.

In the never-ending quest to help fashionistas enhance their wardrobe and personal style, IBL is certain that she is operating in her gift and is headed to meet her destiny while styling clients and keeping women updated with the latest fashion trends and accessories. She decided to bring her experience and knowledge within the fashion industry to create her own mantra.

At what moment did you realize you held a passion for fashion? There were quite a few moments, although in many cases, there were gradual realizations rather than distinct moments. Fashion was and still is my first love. How people express themselves and their individuality has always been a fascination. I loved sketching stick figures as a kid with colorful clothes and patterns. I get totally enthralled with the whole experience. The excitement from watching anything Fashion related. It has always interested me from the time I was about six years of age. The love between a girly girl and her favorite dress is a true love story. The most rewarding job for me is assisting curvaceous women who lack confidence in themselves or their curves and despise shopping. After becoming a professional wardrobe stylist, I knew that my passion for fashion was a part of my destiny realm. What can women expect when shopping with De’Jour Couture Boutique? The most rewarding aspect of shopping with De’Jour Couture Boutique is the option to find unique handpicked clothes and accessories that will bring out the best you. De’Jour Couture is more than a shopping experience; it’s a lifestyle. We offer personal styling, one-on-one wardrobe consultation, closet audits, private shopping appointments for those who want a more personalized experience, and Treasures of De’Jour live streams of new arrivals for customers to shop online and in-store. Imagine grabbing a glass of wine with your favorite bestie shopping on QVC while lounging on your sofa and interacting with the Owner; that’s the same experience you’ll have while interacting face to face with IBL. Customers or potential customers will get an opportunity to view new items as well as receive expert advice on different options to pair them with. We carry an array of items that will cater to and enhance the style of the sophisticated curvaceous woman.

Share five words that describe your brand as a whole. Vivacious -This one word would describe our brand as a whole. We are definitely full of life, health, and prosperity. Radiant- Our customers show a sense of happiness and radiance on their faces when they experience products from our brand. Zealous -setting goals and exceeding them is our model. We definitely feel the need to continue to execute our goals at a high level as a brand. Timeless- Our items are always fashionable and handpicked; therefore, we keep our customers updated with fashion. Therefore, it wants to be affected by changes in society or demands. Captivating- We are a captivating brand capable of continuously attracting our customers to our products while providing pleasant customer service, fashionable items, and the shopping experience of a lifetime. What is next for you and your brand? It’s definitely UP from here at De’Jour Couture. We are focusing our branding on digital e-commerce solutions and optimizing operations. Moreover, this trend of fashion marketing will become more digitized. We intend to make our brand as memorable as possible. Futuristically and currently, offering sustainable alternatives combined with unique styles has proven as an effective method of success. What is your definition of “Pretty Women Who Hustles”? A Renaissance Woman is to be seen and not heard; her work speaks for itself. She is intellectual and accomplished in many areas. She is fierce, ambitious, confident, and motivated to Hustle while being sophisticated and owning her Hustle. A PRETTY WOMEN WHO HUSTLES would exude all of these attributes while leading the pack in her career and personal life.

Connect online at www.dejourcoutureboutique.com


E mir Horton

By: Chandra Gore


I would like to introduce Emir Horton, Founder and CEO of Eartha Watch Company. As 2020 ushered in a wave of visibility on the Black Owned Luxury Watch Companies, many of whose products were sold at a price point of $300 or less. This company came to my attention. With its clean and classic look, I was excited to find that the Founder and CEO was transparent in his journey as well as his story of success. We chatted via Q&A about what has changed since he opened and also what keeps him motivated. Emir also shares with me his views and journey as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak, and I believe that it is more of a personal growth engine that is designed as a business engine. I realized that during our first holiday season, specifically Black Friday. I’ve had moments when my health was not at its best, and it caused me to make some personal adjustments. But I’ve had more uplifting, rewarding, and mind-blowing experiences in this journey than negatives. I am so grateful that I have a vision for Eartha Watch Company. It is literally changing my life by the day.

What has changed in your business since you started? When I started my business seven months ago, we only offered free shipping for domestic purchases. I read a frustrating thread from a few Canadians on Twitter one night about companies not shipping to Canada. I looked at a few things on our backend, and now we offer free shipping to both the US and Canada. What keeps you motivated in your business? What has been motivating me lately in my business is the rewards. The biggest reward with being an Entrepreneur is the amount of freedom it grants you. I’ve learned that I am a little bit of a control freak, and I want things to look and be a certain way. Being able to make my own decisions is what keeps me motivated because becoming successful is in my own hands. What words of encouragement would you like to share for someone starting a new journey? The words of encouragement I’d like to share with new entrepreneurs are to not be ashamed to start off small.

I am a huge advocate for using all that you currently have to get started. I’ve learned that people and resources will automatically gravitate to you and your business because you took the first step to get started. Take advantage of the beginning stages of your business. People are more likely to support you once they see that your business is new and authentic. What is next for your brand? We just hired a new product photographer that I am very excited about. We are rebranding right now and in the process of reaching a new set of audiences very soon. About Emir Horton: Emir Horton is the Founder and CEO of Eartha Watch Company. Raised in Philadelphia, Emir is no stranger to life’s challenges. As a young man, his environment weighed on his confidence and caused him to question whether he would be able to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams. Emir found hope as a student at Delaware State University. He graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications and planned to move to Los Angeles, CA, to pursue a career in acting and entertainment. With more courage than connections, Emir quickly found himself in L.A. sitting on a curb with a bag of his belongings, a little more than a month’s supply of cash, and nowhere to live. In that moment, he was reminded of the legacy attached to his name and the impact it would have if he stayed the course and kept moving forward toward his goals. However, it would take more than faith and ambition to fulfill the mandate of his life. Emir reevaluated his circumstances and realized he needed to be more strategic with the use of his time. The realization was the start of creating a timepiece that represents transcending barriers and living up to one’s full potential. With a wealth of knowledge and the desire to provide a luxury product for today’s thought leaders, innovators, and modern-day visionaries, Eartha Watch Company was born. As one of the youngest Black men at 26 in the watch industry, Emir hopes to support the dreams of his fellow leaders and remind himself and others to be bold and reclaim the rich resource, time. Visit https://earthawatches.com/

By: Jakia Cheatham - Myles

LaTrina Caldwell Activator, Cultivator, Catalyst and Trailblazer are a few words that describe mogulis in athewell-known making, Carla R. Latrina young Caldwell serial Cannon. She is a 9x International Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur, Author, and Coach. Author of Entrepreneur on a mission to unlock, unleash and national selling book, I Am HER, which is activate women into their purpose from the pulpit to the currently available on Amazon. Latrina marketplace authentically and unapologetically with a recently released her game-changing story, spirit of excellence. The Inside Job, available on Amazon. Latrina studied and graduated with a Human Services/Individualized Studies degree. Latrina got her start in social services, where she worked for over a decade. Latrina pours her heart into her coaching practice specializing in healing, relationships, families, mental health, and more. Outside of coaching, writing books, and being a well-rounded speaker to women, Latrina fills her day serving her community as a city commissioner. Latrina has a unique story that she uses to teach and inspire women by sharing her testimony of domestic violence. She knows what it is like to experience trauma. She serves as a beacon of comfort, healing, empowerment, growth, and understanding. “I want to give back to the communities that I love as a beacon of comfort, healing, empowerment, growth, and understanding.” As a visionary, Latrina strives to help individuals foster stable success within themselves and beyond.

At what moment did you realize entrepreneurship was for you? Great question. My brother, Donte, and I were recently reminiscing, and he reminded me that I had goals when I was 7 years old. I used to write songs, and I was inspired at that time to do great things. Fast forward a few years ago, I could remember struggling. I often had to work multiple jobs to support my two daughters. This was when I decided to own my own business. I was fed up with struggling. But due to overworking myself, I was forced to put my dreams on hold. As time passed, I was inspired again. In 2014, I met a wonderful woman, and we collaborated, and my first baby was born. Successful Women On The Move (S.W.O.M.) is a social club for women from all walks of life to come together and share ideas, full of empowerment and sisterhood. We also have an apparel line that includes t-shirts, bags, bottles, etc. We are S.W.O.M. Our mission is to enrich lives with a strong emphasis on advocacy, mentorship, community building, leadership training and self awareness. Due to life obstacles, marriages, etc., we were forced to put S.W.O.M. on hold. We are rebranding to launch in January 2022. You wear many hats. How do you balance it all and have time for your family? I live a self-care lifestyle. I have a routine, and I make conscious choices to try my best to stay committed to my routines. This ensures that I always allow time for my family. I have experienced being overwhelmed and burnt out within building my businesses. Throughout time and trial and error, I have learned to work smarter, not harder. It created a solid foundation for me to take moments for myself and keep my mental health at the forefront within my self-care lifestyle. You are very involved in the community. Can you tell us about that? Yes, I have owned a non-profit for over ten years, giving “Toys for Tots” to the surrounding local communities. I have also partnered with a few agencies throughout this journey to give back to our communities.

I have partnered with the local police/fire department for the last three holiday seasons. They have been so kind to work with my program by being very supportive. Last but not least, I was appointed as one of the local city commissioners for the park and recreation board along with multiple others in August of 2020. This is giving me a closer look at the needs of the people in our community. This is what inspired me to grow my youth programs.

You are a three-time author. What common message do you hope women take away from your work? I pray that I can inspire another woman to believe in herself. This journey called life will not be easy, but worth it. If you take one step, the man upstairs will take a few steps. Validation is personal, and it comes from within. Love yourself and treat yourself good and live in your purpose. Choose 2 Change Coaching is an all-exclusive coaching agency. What is the mission behind your company? C2C Mission Statement: Help coach you on recognizing, enhancing, and utilizing the power from within. C2C is based around self-care and self-love. The goal is for you to feel inspired with an effective plan to move forward with building a stable foundation for your life. What current services are you offering? C2C offers mentor coaching, revamp coaching, internships for youth, couples guidance coaching, travel notary services(local), books, eBooks, and more. C2C is based around self-care and self-love. What is next for Latrina Caldwell and Choose 2 Change? Speaking engagements, modeling opportunities, more books/book collaborations and local partnership collaborations. C2C is expanding its programs, and we are happy to launch our youth mentorship/internship program and developmental leadership training program. We will be collaborating programs with local city agencies/programs within my surrounding communities. We will be soon offering classes and courses as well. If you could advise the younger you, what would you say? Keep GOD and yourself first. Get to know yourself, and learn to love yourself inside out. Save your coins and stay focused on you and your goals. You can connect with Latrina online by visiting www.latrinacaldwell.com Book your complimentary discovery call with Choose 2 Change Coaching and Consulting by visiting www.c2ccoaching.org



Kay is a baker from Bronx, NY that pushes culture forward through dessert, art, and community organization. Patrice: What makes a Pretty Woman who hustles? Kay: I believe pretty is not only what you look like on the outside, but what you do from the inside. Hustle is being passionate about something that you love and doing something that contributes to that passion daily. When you put them both together, it is using the resources you have outside and combining that with who you are inside. I feel that is what makes a Pretty Woman who hustles. Patrice: Tell us more about your amazing baking company MADE BY KAY Kitchen! What was your inspiration behind it? Kay: MADE BY KAY resulted from a passion for sweets, pretty desserts, and freedom. After being wrongfully fired from a previous job, I used that experience as motivation to start my own brand. Patrice: What type of sweets do you normally bake? Kay: I bake cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and brownies! We can bake just about every sweet treat you can think of, but those are my specialties! Patrice: What was the first thing you learned to make? Kay: The first dessert I learned to make was cupcakes! The first dessert I mastered visually was chocolatecovered strawberries! Patrice: Have you been on any cooking shows? Kay: I was featured on Foodie Down Bronx, a local Food Network showcasing chefs and bakers in the Bronx! It is hosted by EM, @TheHungryDominican from Instagram, and airs on BronxNet. I absolutely loved it! Patrice: Who or what has been your biggest motivation? Kay: My biggest motivation is the lifestyle I feel we all deserve. I am adamant about my happiness and using my time wisely to create a life of abundance. I use my future children as motivation. They deserve a great life. Patrice: Tell us about LIT BLACK FOODIE! Kay: LIT BLACK FOODIE is an amazing showcasing competition and pop-up shop event created to highlight Black chefs and bakers around the world! My hope is to create a safe space that merges Black food culture and Black music culture. We will provide a business grant to one lucky chef or baker at the end of each event. My goal is to one day grant one small business owner $10,000! Our very first event is April 25th, 2021!

Patrice: Any special requests for weddings or special occasions? Kay: We recently rebranded our business to become a food blog full time and currently do not take special requests. We love showcasing baked goods such as wedding cakes and special occasion cakes online! Our goal is to show others how to make these special cakes from the comfort of their own home! We may even attend pop-up shops in the future to showcase/sell those specific types of cakes as well! Patrice: If you could meet any other baker, famous or not, whom would it be and why? Kay: I would love to meet Tabitha Brown. Her energy is infectious, and her talent is amazing! She is her authentic self, and I love that about her! Patrice: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you? Kay: Entrepreneurship represents freedom. Entrepreneurship allows me to be my creative self and work at my own pace. I can be exactly who I am as an entrepreneur. I would not trade it for the world! Patrice: How do you balance your work-life, personal life, and business life all at the same time? Kay: I think it is important to create boundaries for yourself, especially as an entrepreneur in 2021. It is amazingly easy to lack discipline when working for yourself. You must seek guidance outside of yourself to get yourself back on track sometimes. Discipline is most important, and understanding when to rest is important as well. Scheduling and organization are key! Patrice: What is next for MADE BY KAY Kitchen? Any new projects you will be working on? Kay: Next for us is embracing our LIT BLACK FOODIE journey! Our goal is to travel all around the world with our showcasing event. I am currently working on adding a new layer to MADE BY KAY as well. I want to introduce the business side of the foodie world to my audience and supporters! We are starting with an ebook series and an affordable online course program! Lastly, we will be expanding our MADE BY KAY merchandise line. It is our clothing brand for all the dope foodies! We are incorporating new designs, which will include t-shirts, sweaters, aprons & more! Connect with Kay of MADE BY KAY Kitchen Facebook: MADE BY KAY Kitchen Instagram: @MadeByKayKitchen Tik Tok: MADE BY KAY Kitchen YouTube: Kay In The Kitchen Shop Foodie Merch! Teespring.com/stores/madebykaykitchen

By Latrina Caldwell

Before you can live an abundant lifestyle, you must have abundant love for yourself..."


Girlfriends learn to validate you.

It is time to be intentional about your life and business goals. I know this is easier said than done, but you need to do a few basic steps to fulfill these goals. First, you need to evaluate your mental health to see if you are in a healthy state of mind. If you are not in a healthy mindset, please seek help. Learn to be ok with yourself and where you are in your life. Girlfriend, everybody somewhere.


Girlfriend, get started. Listen, you are safe here in the Pretty Women Hustle Tribe. This is a no-judgment zone.

Girlfriend, stop allowing people, places, or things to validate you. Girlfriend, after you validate you, then learn to accept you. Girlfriend, you are somebody. You are more than enough. I can’t say this enough. It is time to get serious about your life. Don’t wait for something to bring you to a life or death moment. Manifest yourself, girl. Push yourself (only if you apply daily self-care/ address your mental health). To be intentional requires another level of discipline. You will have to give up a few things.

Truthfully, these things are not good for us anyway. Be different, own your isshh, and step in your natural GOD-given power. It is located inside of you. Make those changes now. Start tapping into yourself. Start selfreflecting and self-evaluating by allowing room for daily self-care. Before you can live an abundant lifestyle, you must have abundant love for yourself. You must believe in yourself. If you struggle in this area, seek help. Tap into your resources at hand. Educate yourself, research yourself, validate yourself, accept yourself, and then apply the change for yourself.


Before you can effectively step into your season, you must do the framework towards creating your foundation. Do the work within yourself, allow the enhanced version of you to come to the forefront.

Enhance yourself during the pre-season so that you will be ready to slay your goals in your season. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. Your season will in its timing.


Mini Trina Tips: Do a social media check out once or twice a week. You can do simple things around the house, such as taking a bubble bath, lighting a candle, and playing some relaxing music. (Glass of wine and or Tea) Engage in healthier eating habits. (Try new recipes) Exercise within your own space. (YouTube workout videos/Virtual Zumba) Do something just for fun. Laugh and be free in the moment. Be intentional... Journal this experience. Write your goals down and create a plan for the next 3, 6 & 9 months.


you are looking for a self-care motivation boost unpredictable days, C2C Coaching is offering consultation/discovery calls. Visit c2ccoaching.org Signed: Your favorite Mental Health Professional The Self-Pusher, Latrina C.

during these complimentary




Pamela D. Smith is an Evangelist, Best-Selling Author, and Authorpreneur who has dedicated her diverse pursuits to elevating the lives of women and authors around the world. She uses her literary talent to evangelize and bring others into the saving faith of Jesus Christ. She started a movement #healedlifewholewoman to help women release past hurt and pain and live a life of purpose and abundance. As an Authorpreneur, Pamela serves as a life and book coach and a selfpublishing consultant. Pamela has worked with many authors and helped them pursue their dream of becoming published. She has been featured in several magazines, articles, podcasts, and blogs. She was recently named one of 11 Women in Marketplace Ministry to watch in 2021 by Sheen Magazine. To learn more about Pamela D. Smith, visit her website at www.pameladsmith.net

Patrice: For those who do not know you, tell us a little bit more about yourself? Pamela: I am a Wife, Mother of 3 boys, Glam-Ma, and an Authorpreneur. In the Author Space, I write and self-publish my books, which are used to evangelize and minister to readers, help them heal, and live a purpose-driven life. I coach other aspiring, faith-based authors on how to do the same. Patrice: What makes a pretty woman that hustles? Pamela: Her spirit. Her tenacity. Her courage. The fact that she is not truly hustling as the word defines hustle, but she is in divine flow and living her life purposefully. A healed, whole woman is a pretty woman who hustles. Patrice: How did you get your big start in business? Pamela: I’ve been writing for as long as I could hold a pen. From journaling to re-wording and rewriting my friends’ love letters to their boyfriends, it’s something I have always done. About 16 years ago, I gave God my “real” yes and decided to use writing as a ministry tool, so I started self-publishing my writing, and then other aspiring authors started asking if I could help them self-publish their books, and from there, the business was birthed. Patrice: You are a woman that wears many hats in entrepreneurship, such as being an evangelist, author, inspirational speaker, and more! Where does your inspiration come from? Pamela: My inspiration comes from the things I have been able to heal and breakthrough from. My inspiration also comes from living, breathing examples of the Gospel in demonstration. People who I watch who have mastered the art of overcoming! Patrice: I want to talk about your love to help others in the literary world. How long have you been a literary agent to new and upcoming authors? Pamela: I’ve been helping others self-publish for the last five years. Patrice: Speaking of authors, you are one yourself! How many books have you published? Pamela: I have published nine books.

Patrice: Out of all the books you wrote, which one seems to be the reader’s favorite? Pamela: I think there’s a split between my very first one- E3: Encouraged, Equipped, Empowered and my last one, While at the Altar. Patrice: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you? Pamela: To me, it means I have the liberty to enter an industry and set my own rules. Yes, I think it’s important to be knowledgeable in what is trending, but one can also be innovative and disrupt the industry. You can’t do that when you are working for someone else. Their rules and processes are their rules and processes. Patrice: Tell us more about your business and what it entails. Pamela: As an Authorpreneur, I am a Christian Author, Speaker, and Coach, so I write, publish, and sell books. I speak at Churches, Women Conferences, and Empowerment Events. I also coach and serve as a Self-Publishing Consultant to aspiring authors to help them through the writing process and with selfpublishing and launching their books. Patrice: Are you currently working on any new projects? Pamela: I am working on three client projects, and from there, I have some more that have already signed on. I’m booked with client projects until September. Glory be to God. Patrice: Do you plan on writing any more books soon? Pamela: Yes. With every book, I say it’s my last one because I want to focus 100% on clients, but God continues to download to me, and I am always drawn back to writing another book. I have accepted that I have a writing ministry, so I will never be able to get out of literary evangelism. Whether that be through publishing books or blogs, God will continue to give me a message to share through a book. Connect with Pamela: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1pameladsmith Instagram: @pameladsmith1 Email: smith.pamela391@gmail.com Website: www.pameladsmith.net

A storyteller and writer creating her own lane one opportunity at a time, Patrice Rivers is a 9x published author who created her own brand, That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC. Not only is she a certified journalist and freelance writer, but a Sickle Cell survivor and advocate. Patrice created the “Come Learn with Patricia” book series to share her personal testimony of living with SCD. Patrice is also the proud owner and creator of Versafi Media, an online publication dedicated to entertainment news, articles, and compelling interviews. Learn more about Patrice and That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC by visiting www.thatriverzgurlbrandllc.com. Be sure to follow her on Instagram www.instagram.com/thatriverzgurlbrandllc and visit her website for her magazine at www.versafi.style to learn more.



Springtime is upon us. The sun is coming out, the days are longer, the stimmy just dropped, vaccines are rolling out, and more people are giving in and getting out. While emerging out of the bubble of our homes we’ve been cooped up in for over a year, we’re getting reintegrated with a new world around us. While you’re living life like it’s golden and blowing the money you’ve saved from being in your bubble for almost a year, it’s important to think about tomorrow. Many of us experienced job loss during this pandemic, and trying to get back on our feet hasn’t been easy. I’m here to tell you that’s okay. It’s a blessing that you’re here, and every day is a new day so keep striving. If anything, 2020 taught us to expect the unexpected. Start this new spring with a new mindset and new habits, starting with better spending habits. By being aware of your finances, knowing what’s coming in and out, you can be prepared for what’s to come.

Set a budget - Money adds up quickly, but it also subtracts just as fast. Before you know it, you’ve spent more than you’ve expected. Stop the cycle of stress when unprecedented changes occur and release the pressure by budgeting. When you get paid, either weekly or biweekly, compare your income to your bills and decide how much you can spend in each category (food, housing, essentials, leisure, etc.). By being prepared and setting a budget, we are more hypervigilant in staying within the boundaries we have set aside for ourselves. Save for rainy days- Always set aside money first for your savings. It is the most crucial and important tip when it comes to better money management. Keep your savings in a place where it’s going to be a hassle to retrieve the money. Those six transactions a month limit between your checking and savings account won’t work, as you’ll slowly funnel money into your checking. Keep a separate account if need be and make access to your savings account, like finding water in the desert! Yes, that difficult! It’s going to deter you away from taking money out freely from your savings. Your savings should be just that, savings. Set aside a portion of your check and watch your savings increase, so when the rain comes and thunder roars, you’re ready with your umbrella to withstand the storm. Bill Management- Keep yourself on track by noting when your bills are due. Keeping a cycle going so you know that certain bills are paid on a certain date monthly, well before the due date. By paying off a set amount to each bill little by little over the course of time not only alleviates the pressures of paying down debts but also keeps you consistent. Before you know it, you will have paid down a debt, and that payment can be applied to other debts to be paid. Paying debts well before the due date ensures you’re avoiding late fees and minimizing any additional costs that you don’t need. Cash for everything- Think old school. In this day, the use of plastic and virtual payments are so simple and easy, and honestly, I enjoy it, but sometimes it’s too simple. The ability to use such a variety of different payment methods at the touch or tap of a button causes an influx of spending, and we don’t even realize. Start out by using cash for your expenses. The use of cash is a tangible way of seeing your money come and go. Watching your money disappear so quickly from your hands will make you more hesitant about spending. Also, with cash, you are more likely to stay within the boundaries of your budget by only providing yourself with a set cash amount; you can’t purchase for more than what you have.

As with anything, it takes consistency and discipline, but the more practice and effort you put into it, the more you can achieve. Good luck and happy savings!



Antania “Nia” Priester is known for her strength and encouraging spirit flowing out of her sincere mission to help others. She is a Therapist, Licensed Behavioral Specialist for the state of Pennsylvania. She is an author and Certified Professional Coach who is dedicated to facilitating growth and emotional well-being. Nia’s body of work spans almost two decades and includes published articles and her book titled Defenses Getting out of Emotional Prison. As a champion for emotional well-being, Nia holds a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and has an extensive background in the mental health field, totaling over 20 years of experience. Her expertise involves working in both local and state government throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Nia was also recognized for her continued dedication to the Human Service field and subsequently was recognized in 2011-2012 by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). She is a woman of God who has vision and purpose. Nia is a living testament to how embarking on a journey to heal and get out of her own emotional prison has allowed her to find purpose. She is the CEO of Nia Talks, LLC. Nia uses a healing coach approach which has been instrumental in helping men, women, and children: heal from past hurts, establish healthy relationships/boundaries, build healthy selfesteem, forgive themselves and others, find their purpose to live authentically. She has even been instrumental in helping agencies boost employee morale by instituting policies that have improved workplace culture.

By: Latoya Wilson

Antania Priester There is no better arena in which to experience Nia’s dynamic presence than in her coaching. She is loving and compassionate, yet her straight talk approach evokes people to change for the better. She uses various platforms to promote her message of forgiveness, healing, love and creating a healthy environment to have the life you desire. You can experience these messages in her coaching program, book, speaking engagements, course workshop, and social media. Nia continues to walk in her Godgiven purpose by inspiring people to be resilient, strive for self-improvement, self-love, and committing to lifelong growth that will yield a prevailing and positive harvest in every facet of their life.

Antania Priester Nia, your book, Defenses Getting Out of Emotional Prison, was published in 2018. How did writing this book help to release you from emotional prison? Let me start by saying, “if you don’t manage your emotions, your emotions will manage you.” The book was started in 2006, quite some time ago. It wasn’t until near the end of 2017 that I picked it back up and finished writing the book. In 2017, it was an extremely difficult year for me because I had to deal with a lot of changes, betrayal, and emotional turmoil. I believe that there is always purpose in pain. Therefore, I wanted to write something helpful for others. So, in order to do that, I had to heal, or else the writing would’ve reflected a woman who hasn’t healed. When you write or speak on things from an unhealed place, it does more harm than good. When your emotional health has been compromised, and you go on with life in either denial or just “sucking it up,” without resolving the emotional trauma that has occurred, not only will the wounds continue to fester, primarily in how you perceive and treat yourself—and your relationships but it will affect what you say as well as your perspective on life. The book forced me to come to terms with my own emotional baggage that I had thought I resolved. I realized I still had unforgiveness in my heart, so it allowed me to take accountability for my own emotional wellness.

As a Therapist/Licensed Behavioral Specialist, what methods can you pinpoint for our readers to assist them in their emotional well-being? The first thing I will advise is to be mindful of your emotions and reactions. I always say if you cannot profess it, you can’t address it. I think it’s important to notice what in your life makes you sad, angry, frustrated, etc. You have to identify and express your emotions because our emotions are so much tied to our quality of life.


The next thing I would say is to manage your stress. So many of us think that chronic stress is ok. It is not. Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your physical health so much to the point it can be detrimental. So, learn relaxation methods to cope with stress. These could include deep breathing, meditation, and exercise. Also, staying positive is a necessity. It’s important to try to have a positive outlook. Staying positive doesn’t mean that you never feel negative emotions, such as sadness or anger. You need to feel them so that you can move through difficult situations. They can help you to respond to a problem. Nevertheless, you don’t want those emotions to take over and remain stuck there. For example, it’s not helpful to keep thinking about bad things that happened in the past or worry too much about the future. As a final tip, I think creating boundaries is essential for our well-being. Many of us struggle with establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. It’s ok to say no. Establishing boundaries with people in your life will contribute to your mental well-being. While it’s best to be nice to others in your life, there will be times when they cross the line, and it’s up to you to tell them what is and isn’t acceptable for you. We set the template for how others will treat us. Advocating for yourself and your emotional needs will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by other people’s expectations and behaviors. We need to learn to protect our peace. Nia Talks LLC, for which you are the CEO, uses a healing Coach approach. What does that entail?

Most of my clients deal with past or current hurts, heartaches and are in an emotional prison. Some are struggling with healthy selfesteem and setting boundaries with family, friends, or significant others. My healing approach to coaching my clients helps us explore their deep-rooted beliefs and their connection with the divine rather than just examining my client’s behaviors, habits, and goals. My coaching approach not only taps into improving habits, behaviors, actions, and beliefs but also into spiritual and emotional growth. In order to do that, I help my clients discover their unique emotional triggers and how they affect their life or have inhibited them from moving forward in life. I also help my clients set healthy boundaries and establish a healthy self-esteem. Lastly, if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?” If I could change one thing about the world, it would be racism. I would eradicate it. The world has such a tragic history of discriminatory practices and racism that it is disheartening and maddening. The recent deaths of Blacks, in particular, have been occurring for centuries, but now it is just caught on tape, so it brings it to the awareness for those who otherwise pretended to be blind. I think there is an underestimation of the depths of racism, and while a lot of “rightful” attention has been placed on recent murders of people like Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, these situations are indicative of how deeply embedded racial injustices are in the social fabric of the United States. From the unjust murders that have occurred to Black and Brown people to the racial disparities that exist across society, from education to health care and criminal justice systems, it is no wonder why I would want to change this about our world.

Moreover, speaking from the perspective of a Black woman, living at the intersection of racism and sexism isn’t easy. My double minority status has unfortunately provided me with plenty of experiences with discrimination. We are discriminated against for being Black and for being women, and we exist in both identities at all times. All racist experiences, whether institutional, medical, or personal, lead to traumatic stress, and worse, our society has it, so we are just supposed to take it because Black women are superwomen. However, it is this stereotype that leaves Black women unprotected. Whether it’s biting your tongue at work each time, we are disrespected because if we respond, we’re the angry Black woman or going to the doctors and not receiving the proper treatment because it’s thought that we have a higher pain tolerance. Both of these examples among the many challenges we face stem from racism, and it leaves us prone to mental health issues like depression. Ending racism won’t solve all the problems of the world, but it certainly would help at least half of them.

WHO ARE WE? BY LR WILSON Women's Empowerment is the process of empowering women. It's more than just a voice when we say we're empowered. A woman's self-worth, ability to make her own choices and our right to influence social change are the power that we hold as women. So many of us allow the problems of the world to come in and place a shadow over our initiatives, and it's up to us to pull that curtain back and let the sunshine bright. We are that light at the end of the tunnel that people look for. We are hope. We are phenomenal. Sis, don't ever downplay your ability to make things happen in your life or someone else's if they seek your help. We were created to BE! Be the voice of the voiceless. Be the truth to the story. Be the change in a world of chaos. Be what destiny has ordained us to be. We are the mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmothers of the world. The load we carry was meant for us to carry because we are the strong, the mighty, the resilient. We are WOMEN EMPOWERED!


EXPLORING THE AUTHOR’S WORLD WITH CO-FOUNDER, Sherry D’Agostino The pandemic has allowed many to seek their creative talent through writing, music, and more. Like our favorite applications such as Tik Tok and Facebook, The Author’s World is a new multi-level platform for all things book and author-related. Cofounded by the talented Sherry D’Agostino, this new application allows for connection through favorite books, book discussions, and access to publishing houses and worldwide marketing forums. This genius creation is a great source for authors, publishers, editors, and more in the literature world. “The Authors World is a social media platform that joins readers, authors, publishers, writers, and advertisers through the common denominator of the love of books,” Sherry states. Today’s climate of social distancing has everyone longing for deeper connections. This platform will allow for shared interactions and opinions while provoking discussions. The intended goal for The Author’s World is to create opportunities for more openness that allow for meaningful discussions for change. “The Authors World is an amazing creation of Michael Pellegrino’s. When he first shared the concept of this idea, I knew immediately I wanted to help develop it. I wanted a partnership. And I told him, ‘Let’s do this. I want in, and I want a percentage’,” Sherry explains.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one, author, social worker, early learning advocate, and entrepreneur. Follow her on Instagram as @curls_coils, @beautifulshadeslc, and @mysweettealife. (Photo Credit: http://teresadalbera.com/ )

It’s no surprise that Sherry D’Agostino would spearhead a new application such as this. With over 20 years in entertainment, Sherry has worked with many industry celebrities such as the Dixie Chicks, the Four Tops, and more. After leaving CBS radio, she was recruited by the Media Artist Group. Sherry is also a member of the Recording Academy and the Screen Actors Guild. Her belief in organic happenings is also a crucial part of her partnership with co-founder Michael Pellegrino. Gear up for a new social media platform that is set to break barriers in the literature world. Whether a new author, existing blogger or self-publishing company, The Author’s World will serve as a great resource beyond any other social media platform thus far. Connect with Sherry D’Agostino online and also on social media.


The highly anticipated skincare line Ann & Ashley has released gamechanging products for all skin types to ensure that every individual receives the glow they all desire and deserve. With each product supercharged with antioxidants, essential oils, botanicals, and more, it becomes the perfect regimen to restore radiance and reinvigorate the skin that has been exposed to temperature and harsh environmental aggressors. Designed with the skin in mind, Ann & Ashley products respect and restore the natural pH balance of the skin, firm the skin, and improve elasticity.

Patrice: What makes you a pretty woman that hustles? Ann and Ashley: A pretty woman that hustles is an enterprise woman whose savvy and determined to go after her goals. I have always been ambitious, driven, and aspired to bigger things, and I believe you need a combination of all those things to truly be a pretty woman“hustler.” Patrice: The name of your business is catchy! What is the story behind it? Ann and Ashley: Our story began when I decided to develop a solution to help alleviate my mother’s skin condition. I realized that a homeopathic solution would help reverse the symptoms affecting the texture and color of her skin. Recognizing a valuable opportunity to provide for this niche market, Ann & Ashley was born. The inspiration behind Ann & Ashley (hence our brand’s name) was named for my Mother and myself. Patrice: What makes your skincare products different from others? Ann and Ashley: Sourced from the cleanest, purest ingredients using nearly up to 60% to 80% natural and organic botanicals and oils to effectively moisturize and hydrate the skin as well as protect the health & body using the principles of aromatherapy. At Ann & Ashley, it’s more than a moisturizer. It is a lifestyle! Patrice: In your beauty products, what are some of the main ingredients? Ann and Ashley: Vitamin C, African Baobab “superfruit” oil, rosemary extract, mango butter, vitamin E, Neem Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil are some of the main ingredients used based on the healing properties. Patrice: A lot of people have sensitive skin as well. Do your products cater to all skin types? Ann and Ashely : Yes, absolutely! Our products are formulated to work for even the most sensitive skin. Patrice: Skincare regimen is especially important, I believe. What products do you recommend people use?

Ann and Ashely: A good moisturizer, first and foremost, helps to reduce the signs of aging, and a good exfoliator helps to remove the buildup of dead skin. Our Skin Elixir is a pore-reducing genie that provides superior benefits that enhances the moisture content of the skin. Patrice: Black-owned businesses are important. Do you feel that black-owned businesses in the beauty industry are treated the same as any other skincare company around the world? Ann and Ashley: Black brands are some of the most culturally influential in the world. Many companies have recognized the value of Black-owned brands and Black consumers in the marketplace and are starting to implement better inclusion practices as well as reflect that diversity of product offerings to their customers. Patrice: Tell us more about the Coconut and Rose body butter and the Skin Elixir FirmingRadiance concentrate.

Ann and Ashley: The Coconut Rose body butter boasts an enchanting flowery scent that invigorates the senses and envelops the skin in velvety butters for maximum hydration. The Skin Elixir Firming Radiance Concentrate is Vitamin C-packed skin food that reduces the appearance of pores, minimizes cystic breakouts, and affects the elements on the skin. Its superstar ingredient of Baobab Oil is a fountain of youth in a bottle. Patrice: What are some of the challenges you faced along the way in your business? Ann and Ashley: Whew! So many things from having a lack of access to capital, knowing what things to look for to help with the best decision making, budgeting, bad deals, incorrect marketing. Those are some of the things I have had to overcome. Patrice: What does being an entrepreneur mean to you? Ann and Ashley: It means being passionate, savvy, fearless, tenacious, determined, cunning, hardworking, and being willing to sacrifice and get back up after being knocked down to achieve your goals. Patrice: For people wanting to start their own business, what advice would you give them? Ann and Ashley: Give yourself time, do the market research, find your niche that makes your brand unique, automate things, and outsource jobs that you are not an expert in. It will ultimately save you time and money! Connect with Ann and Ashley Instagram:@ann.ashleyskin Facebook:www.facebook.com/AnnAshleyskin Website: www.ann-ashley.com Email: info@ann-ashley.com

Patrice Rivers is a freelance writer, blogger, and author. She is the proud owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand LLC. Her passion for writing and storytelling has gotten her to interview public figures and celebrities. Patrice is creating her own lane one idea at a time. Follow her on IG at @thatriverzgurlbrandllc

FINANCIAL LITERACY IS THE KEY TO OVERCOMING POVERTY By: Chandra Gore In honor of Financial Literacy Month, I spoke with Folasade Ayegbusi about the importance of being financially literate and how this can impact your financial health personally as well as in your business. Ayegbusi shares with me five tips on what you can do to become financially literate. 1. Speak to a financial advisor or professionals A seasoned financial advisor can answer your financial questions, create a sound plan and even help you to stay on track to ensure your financial success. The advisor can also provide an assessment of your current financial state to determine the best way to achieve your financial goals. 2. Financial Podcasts Podcasts are an amazing way to find out about financial tips, news, and trends. You can listen to them while cleaning or on your way to work, or while you run errands. Visit accountingwithfolasade.com to check out The Money Zone Podcast along with her suggested podcast playlist. 3. Follow financial experts on social media Social Media is a great way to connect and follow financial experts who share their knowledge and advice. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are great platforms to find experts to follow. TikTok is becoming a great way to gain knowledge in short bursts. You can also consider Facebook Groups as well. 4. Personal Finance Books Check out books that provide guidance on strategy, trends, and predictions on the market and the economy. Audible books are also a great option as well. 5. Create a Budget and Know Your Numbers Creating and tracking your spending and expenditures each month is one of the most important ways to become more financially literate. If you are a business owner, knowing your numbers is key to your success. Bookkeeping is imperative to your success.

Folasade Ayegbusi is The Accountability Accountant & Entrepreneur Committed to Helping Build Generational Wealth and saving Small Businesses $25 Million and counting. You can find out more about Folasade Ayegbusi by visiting accountingwithfolasade.com .

P W H Spotlight By: Jakia Cheatham - Myles

Yolonda Crosby is the owner and operator of Bee Clean. Yolonda is a three-year-old mother (Layla, Taylor Grace, Jonas, Mahogany & Ava Grace) and a college graduate with a business degree. She displays her strong faith while being an active mother and working full-time with her business. Yolonda is a proud member of The Pretty Women Hustle Network and launched her brand in 2015. Bee Clean has grown rapidly over the years, becoming a full-service cleaning and maintenance company, licensed and bonded. She is thankful for the support of people in her life that have played an active role in her story. 2015 is not only the start day of her dreams, but it is the mark of something she never imagined would grow so big. She is grateful for all the late nights and early mornings, as well as the sacrifices made during this journey. She is grateful to finally see the hard work paying off. Bee Clean has grown to service the Mississippi area and has branched out to service New Orleans, Atlanta, and more being added. In 2020, Bee Clean became a certified professional member of the American House Cleaner's Association and was listed in the Directory of the Cleaners business organization. It added an additional service to the business in 2021, Green Seal Certified, Window Cleaning. It also became certified to clean for COVID-19 infections and disease prevention, which increased the referrals and client intake. While doing so, Yolonda hired several other employees to take on the additional clients and contracts. At Bee Clean, we are dedicated to providing excellent quality service for our clients while providing the proper disinfection to help slow down the spread of many illnesses.

Yolonda Crosby

We provide services for residential, commercial, post-construction, Airbnb, and many others. We have worked very hard to gain a reputation in the cleaning industry and have worked even harder to maintain that reputation. Our clients are our family, and every day our family is growing. Bee Clean can be found on all social media outlets as well as their website. If you could describe your hustle, how would you classify it? Going after my dreams, striving for success with high confidence, queen of ambition, huge faith stepper. At what moment did you realize entrepreneurship was for you? The moment I quit my 9-5 job and decided to work for myself. And it worked!! How did Bee Clean come about? Out of all the industries in the world, how did this industry speak to you? Bee Clean came about in 2015. I've always wanted to be in a place to serve, help, give, and do. So why not make it a career? I also knew the market was huge, and I wanted to do something that no one else was doing. I knew it was a big demand, and it was going to give my family job security.

What services are you currently offering? I currently offer Residential, Commercial, Airbnb, Post Construction, Move In/Move Out, Basic Cleaning, and Deep Cleaning with an additional add-on service of Window Cleaning. I look forward to adding more. What advice do you have for a woman interested in starting her own full-service cleaning business? My advice to any woman wanting to start a cleaning service or any business would be to follow her dreams, do the work, make sacrifices to get where you need to be, understand quantity over quality, never be afraid to step out on faith, and always invest in yourself! What is next for the Bee Clean Brand? The next step for Bee Clean will be expansion and growth, creating more job opportunities for others, and adding more services and states to the brand! Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? A woman who attracts ambition, dreams, goals, purpose, and opportunities. While working towards her dreams, she pushes others to theirs. She fixes a queen's crown without letting anyone know it was ever tilted. That's a pretty woman who hustles!!


She has her suitcase in the palms of her hands She decided it is time for her to go Get away from this town It’s long overdue It’s spring The flowers are blooming Birds are chirping She packed her bags and decided to follow the town called “New” It has hope Last time she took a visit People danced freely Played hip hop in the graffiti streets Shared communion of each other’s blues Where she was going, you can smell the curry Ole mama grits smelled of cheese She remembered the church that looked like a castle She could not wait to sit on the satin pews Also, hum to tunes She had her suitcase in the palm of her hands She was ready to leave her old, raggedly town With harsh memories of abuse Drunken men looking at her up and down Leaving behind cursed ideas and rude attitudes There were too many secrets she couldn’t tell in her town She had to leave to start a new So today she hastily packed her suitcase With what belongings she had left Not much to take She wanted the memories to fade

A wise women up yonder saw her passing through stated “Child, what you doing with that ole torn up suitcase?” Lady wise I’m fittin’ do what I always needed to do She wiped the sweat from her eyes Wise women walked away She knew her business would reach home soon She panicked several times before she went to the Greyhound ticket station She dared to never look back Because if she did, she knew she would stay She gave the bus driver her ticket Climbed the stairwell to her new freedom The driver put her suitcase up yonder She flipped down in fresh leather seats She smelled the newness with her tired hands Where she was going was special She could get lost Play outside in the green grass Have a childhood she never had Write in her diary See new faces of the future The engine of the bus started up and began to move Her heart finally at ease She knew she got away No one knew where she was going She vowed to never come back No, never to place like that The town behind her made her eyes weep She shouted out to the driver Driver, go ahead, go fast. Please spring forward It’s just me and my suitcase, sir I’m ready for a fresh start New beginnings She was ready By the time her family saw the letter On the dining room table, momma wise couldn’t spread the news The bus turned to the highway, and while her eyes stayed on the road She couldn’t look back She and her ole raggedly suitcase was through

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Pretty Women Hustle Magazine April 2021 Issue  

Successful Women On The Move with Latrina Caldwell

Pretty Women Hustle Magazine April 2021 Issue  

Successful Women On The Move with Latrina Caldwell

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