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Friday, July 29 – Thursday, August 4, 2011

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OLD LOGO Worker dies as trench collapses


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China seeks to muzzle reporting on train crash


Prapan Nammali, 36, right, was arrested on July 24 after 17,300 ya ba pills and 150 grams of ya ice were seized at his house in the Saphan Hin Area.  –Photo by Phuket Provincial PR Office

Police strike major blow against drugs A

n estimated B7 million worth of drugs were taken off Phuket streets last weekend after local police netted two dealers and made a dent in what they believe to be a major national drug syndicate.

The two major drug dealers were arrested on Sunday evening (July 24) as officers seized a staggering total of 22,300 pills of ya ba (methamphetamine) and three quarters of a kilo of ya ice (crystal methamphetamine).

By staff reporters The first major dealer, Prapan Nammali, 36, had been under suspicion for some time, police said. His arrest at about 8:30pm came after an undercover po-

liceman posing as a buyer managed to trap Prapan into selling drugs to him. The subsequent search of Prapan’s house in the Saphan Hin area uncovered a haul of 17,300 ya ba pills and 150 grams of ya ice.

Under questioning, Prapan confessed that he had replaced another dealer at the Phuket end of what appears to be a major national drug ring. The other dealer, Odd, was arrested on May 12. Continued page 2

Evans makes Tour history


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Hla Thein Lana's wife wept as Kusoldharm volunteers recovered his body from the collapsed trench. Left: The work site where Hla Thein Lana was killed on Monday.

Worker dies in ditch An immigrant worker was killed on Monday when a hole he was working in collapsed following heavy rain. Hla Thein Lana, an ethnic Mon from Myanmar, was working on a project ordered


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Wind turbine planned for Koh Lon Residents on the island of Koh Lon, south of Phuket, may soon have a natural source of energy for the first time after a generous offer by a Japanese wind turbine producer. The representative of AWing International Co, Ltd., Yasui Mitsu met with Phuket Vice Governor Somkiet Sangkaosutthirak last Friday (July 22) to promote the advantage of wind turbines to Phuket. The 260 residents of Koh Lon currently use generators to generate electricity which cost each household at least around B2,000 per month. The company plans to install the turbine by August if officials agree. Mr Mitsu said the wind turbine would make the island more environmentally-friendly.

by the Municipality to install a new drainage network in Wichit, just south of Phuket Town. The new network will accommodate stormwater from a new development by Phuket Villa.

Mr Lana was in a three metre deep trench installing part of the new pipe when a large mound of dirt collapsed in on top of him. Witnesses who saw the body being recovered said

they believed Mr Lana died instantly, as his neck appeared to have been broken. Police and site workers are so far remaining tight lipped about the name of the contractor in charge of the site.

Police have admitted they will investigating the accident, and will consider whether the contractor’s decision to place piles of dirt alongside the trench may have contributed to his death.

Residents oppose Patong tunnel Plans for the long-awaited Kathu-Patong tunnel are being vehemently opposed by the community of Baan Mon who live near Phisit Karani Rd in Patong. Former village headman Vicharn Sawatdirak, representing Baan Mon residents, told representatives at Patong Municipality last week that many people who lived in the area were opposed to the tunnel because of the way it would impact on their lives. Community residents, mainly Thai and Burmese, say the development will impact on the community’s way of life by bringing more traffic, with the tunnel entrance set to be right on their door step. They suggested authorities spend money on fixing the existing road as they claimed

Patong Mayor Pian Keesin has promised compensation to residents, but it has done little to ease their concerns about plans for the Patong tunnel. it would be cheaper and more practical. Patong Mayor Pian Keesin said the land owners affected by the tunnel will be compensated B80 million per rai for their land.

The planned route would start on Phrabaramee Rd near the go-kart speedway in Kathu, go through the hills, and connect with Phang Muang Sai Kor Rd, near Baan Mon, in Patong. Mayor Pian said a feasi-

bility study was expected to be completed and handed to Patong Municipality within three months. The project has been in the pipeline with the aim of reducing road accidents on the notorious Patong Hill, but is not expected to begin for a number of years. The proposed tunnel would be 165 metres long and cost around B6 billion, which the government would fund. Three consulting agencies, Epsilon Co, PlanPro Corp, and The Energy and Environmental Engineering Centre from Kasetsart University’s Faculty of Engineering, have proposed that the tunnel under Patong Hill should start from near the go-kart speedway in Kathu. Companies from China and Korea are interested in doing the construction work.

B7 million worth of drugs now off streets Continued from page 1 Odd and he had both received their orders from a man Prapan named as Ae, currently incarcerated in Bangkwang prison in Nonthaburi Province. On Ae’s orders the drugs were brought from Bangkok to Phuket by a man Prapan named as Bas. The drugs were delivered to him during a rendezvous outside the Siam Commercial Bank branch on Thepkrasattree Road, close to the Rajabhat University intersection, he said. Prapan confessed to making deliveries for Ae three

times, each time receiving about B50,000 in compensation. Wiroj Suwanawong, head of the anti-narcotics task force of the Phuket Provincial Office of Local Administration, said Ae was arrested in Kathu back in 2005 for possessing thousands of ya ba pills. He declined to give Ae’s full name for fear it may jeopardise ongoing investigations. He did say Ae was initially transferred from Phuket prison to Nakorn Sri Thammarat prison, before being sent to Bangkok’s Bang Kwang

Some of the seized drugs. Prison, where he remains incarcerated. Police believe members of his criminal network still take orders from him today, including major dealers like Prapan and Odd. They believe Ae gives orders from prison by cell-

phone, which they suspect was given to him by a corrupt prison guard. Phuket police will now collaborate with Bang Kwang Prison officers to try and crack the drug network. On the same evening Prapan was caught, around the same time, police began a rolling series of arrests with Yotin Innipat, 32, who was found in illegal possession of a .38 revolver and 12 rounds of ammunition. His responses to questioning led police to the nearby Saphan Hin home of Ekachai

Saekor, 28. A search of his home uncovered 1,500 ya ba pills and 90 grams of ya ice, along with a 9mm pistol and 28 rounds of ammunition. Using information they got from questioning him, police next went to the home of Ekachai Naamkanthi, 25, and On-anong Leesakul, 21, in Phuket Villa 1 in Sam Kong. There, they seized 3,500 ya ba pills and massive half a kilo of ya ice, along with a pistol and 190 bullets of varying calibres. All are now locked up awaiting their date with the judge.



Fried chicken is junkie food A Rajabhat Phuket University student was caught just before lunch today trying to smuggle drugs to a friend inside Phuket Provincial Prison – inside a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The drugs – 0.99 grams of yah ice (crystal methamphetamine) and 10 yah ba (methamphetamine) pills were found stuffed in a piece of fried chicken contained in a meal box, carried by Sathiya Jindakaew, 22. Ms Sathiya denied knowing there were drugs hidden inside the chicken. She said a female acquaintance called “Kob” had asked to meet her near the university and gave her the box of chicken to take to a prisoner, convicted drug

Sathiya Jindakaew. offender Teerawoot Kengkan. However, Ms Sathiya admitted she had had known Teerawoot for some time. She also revealed that her brother is also incarcerated in Phuket Prison. Prison officers held her for around an hour until they could hand her over to police for questioning.

The drugs stuffed inside a fried piece of chicken. 

Photos by PR Phuket.

More lights for Phuket’s north

Two people were killed and two injured in the horrific crash near Central Festival last Friday morning.

Survivor recalls horror crash

An innocent night out with friends ended in tragedy for a group of foreign expats last week, as Phuket’s roads witnessed yet more carnage. Early on the mor ning of Friday, July 22, a Toyota Vios driven by 31-year-old Lithuanian expat Tamara Rabo crashed side-on with a telegraph pole on highway 4020, about 500 metres from Central Festival. Ms Rabo, who had been living in Phuket for four years, died instantly at the accident scene. Her Kuwaiti friend, Waleed Alostad, 37, who sat in the front passenger seat, died later at Phuket International Hospital. Alyona Klimova, 27, sat on the driver’s side back seat and sustained serious injuries. Both of her legs were broken and she suffered serious bruising. Her injuries will take four months to heal. Falis Mubark, also from Kuwait, was sitting in the back passenger side seat and fortunately suffered only minor injuries. “I can’t remember exactly what happened. I was half asleep during the drive,” Ms

Klimova, a Russian national who has lived on Phuket for six months, said from her bed in Vachira Hospital. “I and Falis went to Tiger Club in Patong. We met Tamara, who is my neighbour, and Waleed there. Then we four partied together.” At about 4.30am after a long night, the four decided to drive back from Patong to their houses in Chalong area. “None of us had been drinking,” Ms Klimova insisted. “I think Tamara was too tired because we all stayed awake until very late, and she drove fast.” Ms Klimova’s memory of the accident is cloudy, but she remembers the road was slippery, and says the car skidded out before hitting the concrete pole. When asked how she felt about what had happened, she replied “I am sad, of course’’. Four days before Ms Klimova’s car crash, Jiradetch Sawadjan, 20, a volunteer of Kusoldharm Foundation, also found himself lying in Vachira Hospital with severe injuries. He was the victim of a drunk driver, who knocked him from his motorbike on the road near Thai Rath Wittaya 29

Street lights have been installed along the main road leading east from the Heroines Monument, with more expected to be installed soon, following a recent protest. This has pleased residents who two weeks ago held a protest about the lack of lighting on the road, which they blamed for three pedestrians being killed recently. The protest involved 300 local residents who burned tyres and demanded more street lights been installed for safety. The road between the Heroines Monument and the Pa Khlok tambon offices was widened to two lanes each way about two years ago, and vehicles now travel along it much faster than before.


IN BRIEF Inspection ordered to ease fears

The Office of Natural Resources and Environment has been ordered to inspect land on a hillside in Chalong after residents expressed fears that heavy rain could trigger a landslide in the area. Thirty residents from Moo 7 Soi Klum-yang initially lodged a complaint with the Damrong Dham Centre alleging illegal clearing and excavation was occurring in the area, and that it was placing locals at risk of flooding and landslides during the monsoon season. That complaint was then forwarded to Phuket Vice Govenor Somkiet Sangkaosutthirak, who ordered all digging, clearing and construction in the area to be halted until an inspection is complete.

Dam upgrade

Ratsada Municipality plans to develop Mali Kaew Dam at Koh Sirae, an upgrade that will cost more then B20 million. The upgrade will include sidewalks, benches, public toilets, retail stores, and a viewpoint.

DJ held on charges

FM 94.5 radio DJ Somchai Chaiyathin, 33, was arrested at his apartment on Nanai Rd, on Saturday night, after police found two grams of ya ice (crystal methamphetamine), drug-taking paraphernalia, a home-made thai pradit gun and three imitation pistols in his room. The DJ insisted the drugs and guns were not his.

Alyona Klimova, one of two survivors of last Friday’s crash, remains in Vachira Hospital. School in Kathu. He was rushed to ICU and underwent surgery to stem internal bleeding. “I woke up numb. I remembered only seeing a car coming from the opposite side of my lane, then I just blacked out,” Mr Jiradetch said. As the number of cars on Phuket rises, serious accidents are spiralling out of control, prompting deep concerns about the enforcement of road safety regulations on the island. According to statistics from the Phuket Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office,

the annual fatality rate from road accidents on the island has risen 35 per cent between 2007 and 2010 (from 99 deaths in 2007 to 134 deaths in 2010). Figures for non-fatal accidents from the Kusoldharm Foundation are just as troubling. They show a staggering monthly range of 290 to 350 reported accidents in their duty areas around Phuket Town, Patong, Thalang and Tungtong. The foundation’s statistics show that more than 10 people die each month. –Paritta Wangkiat




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Above: Head coach Jose M ar i a P a zo s M e n d ex , known as Pulpis, takes time out to have a photograph. Left: Go Thailand go! Local children show their support for the Thailand national futsal team.


Jason Beavan Mob: 086 479 7471

Thai futsal team aiming for the top


Jittiya (Tiya) Rakdej Mob: 088 766 1615

Children show their support for the team by signing a large ball.


Siriporn (Nok) Seangmas 086 479 7470


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Thailand’s national futsal team arrived in Phuket last weekend to meet fans and promote the team’s dream of competing in the FIFA Futsal World Cup 2012 in Thailand and Asian Beach Games 2014 in Phuket, as part of their

“Thailand to the World” tour. For the Thailand team to enter both competitions they must first qualify, something they are hopeful of achieving. Futsal is a variation of football that is played on a smaller pitch and mainly played indoors.

Head coach Jose Maria Pazos Mendez, known as Pulpis, brought the team to Phuket, where they met fans and Phuket Vice Governor Weerawat Janpen and the director of Phuket Sport Authority, Wirat Patee.

New Phuket - Phang-nga Weather sends flight back to Bangkok bridge almost complete The new Sri Sunthon Bridge, connecting Phuket and Phangnga, will be official opened on August 1. The bridge was scheduled to be opened on July 20, but was postponed after adverse weather delayed construction. Now in its final stages of construction, when finished the bridge will be 650 metres long, 12 metres wide and will

have two lanes for outbound traffic from Phuket. Construction began in 2009 and has so far cost an estimated B370 million. The Thepk rasat t ree Bridge, which is currently being used for inbound and outbound traffic, will be turned into a dedicated two-lane bridge for incoming traffic. The height of the new

bridge will be around 15 metres – the same as the Thepkrasattree Bridge – allowing larger ships to pass under it. T he existing Sarasin Bridge was derelict and at 52-years-old, needed major upgrading. It will now become a tourist attraction, with a section of it being made higher and turned into a footbridge with a viewing platform.

Locals left homeless by land claim appeal to Governor More than 100 residents who live behind Suan Luang Park, near Naka Temple in Phuket Town, have complained to Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha after they were kicked out of their homes when an alleged landowner returned to reclaim the land. Between 30 and 40 families had lived on a 30 rai section behind the park since

1980. However in 2005, a person claiming to be the landowner kicked the residents out. Residents Aroon Kongsut and Supphamas Sirichoom, who are leading the group, have been trying to sort the issue out for years. Their plea to Gov Tri last Thursday is their latest attempt to resolve the problem that has left them

homeless. The group are now scattered around Phuket Town and other areas. The residents have asked Gov Tri to provide temporary housing in the area for the people until the issue is resolved. Gov Tri and other officials will now investigate whether the land belongs to the owner as he claims, or if it is public land.

What should have been a 45-minute flight turned into a five-hour ordeal for passengers aboard a Thai Airways flight on Tuesday. The more than 300 passengers were due to travel from Bangkok at 7.30 am. First, takeoff for the flight, Thai Airways TG 201, was delayed by an hour, until 8.30. Then, when the Boeing 747-400 finally approached Phuket, bad weather forced the pilot to circle for 10 minutes, before he eventually decided

it was too dangerous to land. With nearby Krabi and Surat Thani airports too small to land the plane, the flight was forced to return to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. It eventually took off again a couple of hours later and finally landed safely at Phuket International Airport at 12.30 in the afternoon. Aerothai, which manages traffic control at the airport, said that TG 201 was the only f light affected by the bad weather.

Locals protest canal dredging A group of concerned local residents have protested workers dredging the Bang Yai canal (klong) in Sapan Hin, Phuket Town. The protesters are concerned the dredging could have a detrimental impact on the local marine environment. They claim no information was given to them about what the project is and what it is trying to achieve.

The officer in charge of the dredging operation, Suthi Luanseng, met with Governer Tri Augkaradacha last week to discuss the problem. Governor Tri suggested the locals needed to be better informed about the project to understand its value. The dredging will eventually enable local fishing boats to use the klong as a safe mooring area.

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Hip-hopping to nationals

Two breakdancing teams from Phuket have been selected to enter the national “Battle of the Year Thailand 2011” breakdancing competition after topping the Southern Thailand round last weekend. Power Storm Crew were the winners of the Southern

Thailand regional competition, while Exotic Family were third. Both teams, along with Nifty Flow from Hat Yai, will compete in Bangkok in late August against teams from other regions in Thailand. The regional competition was held at Jungceylon, Pa-

tong, last Saturday (July 23). Power Storm Crew also won B30,000 for their efforts, while Exotic Family won B10,000. The three winning teams from the national competition will go on to compete in an international breakdancing competition held in France.


IN BRIEF Robbers still on the run

Exotic Family, from Phuket, were placed third.

Police are still hunting for the two men who robbed the Thanet gold shop on Chao Fa Rd in Phuket Town on June 4. Using fake guns, the men made off with about B5 million in gold. Pure gold is now priced at about US$1,500, or B45,000, a gram. Police Region 8 and Phuket police have names one of the robbers as ‘Eak’ who is from Surat Thai. They have not been able to identify the second man.

Donations sought

Taking out first place was the Power Storm Crew team from Phuket.

Break dancing at its best.

Work has started on the construction of a new four-storey outpatient building at Thalang Hospital, which is due to be completed by 2013. The new building on the area of 5.5 rai will replace the existing outpatient department, which currently filled to overflowing most days. The hospital is appealing for donations to help pay for the new building. It will cost B103 million. The Ministry of Public Health will pay B87 million, leaving a shortfall of B16 million. To make a donation call Thalang Hospital on 076 311 866.

A seafood spectacular The Phuket Seafood Fiesta is back for another year to help boost tourism numbers during the low season. The festival will run until August 31, during which people will have the opportunity to receive discounts (between 10 and 20 per cent) on seafood dishes at any of the participating restaurants. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket Office Director Bang-ornrat Chinaprayoon said the event has been organised by TAT, Phuket tourism agencies and local authorities to encourage tourists to sample the region’s seafood. More than 60 restaurants in Phuket and Phang Nga are expected to take part in the Good Taste Best Price event.

Food presentations and a variety of activities will also take place in Patong, Kata, Karon, Rawai, Chalong Bay, Cape Panwa, Nai Yang and Phuket Town during August. The official launch will be held on Monday at Junceylon in Patong. Mrs Bang-ornrat said so far the low season in Phuket had been busier than in previous years, with direct flights having started from New Delhi, India, Taipei and Taiwan. “During August we will be handing out 10,000 copies of the guidebooks to hotels and restaurants around Phuket.’’ For more information about the festival please call TAT Phuket Office: 076 212 213 or visit to see names and details of participating restaurants.

Four suicides in three days Four suicides were recorded in Phuket last week, all deaths by hanging. The first was Sawat Chaikaew, 30, who hanged herself at her home on Soi Baan Takdaed in Cherng Talay, at about 3pm on Wednesday (July 20). Her 13-year-old son was found crying next to her body. Her neighbour said she had had an argument with her husband, which might have led to her suicide. In the early afternoon of the following day, another

woman, Sa-ngob Rattanapan, 44, was found hanging in the bathroom of her rented room at Karn Kaeha apartments in Koh Sirae. A relative said that Ms Sa-ngob had recently had financial problems. On Friday (July 22) Damrong Kaewti, 33, originally from Tak Province, was found hanging in his home in Srisuchart 3 Village on Prachasamakkhee Road in Rassada. The reason for his suicide is not clear.

And on Friday evening, Wiroj Tianmanee, 46, was found hanging in the back yard of his home in Wichit District. He had used a piece of electric wire tied to the support bracket for an air conditioner to suspend himself. Records kept by the Kusoldharm Foundation show that there is an average of 30 to 40 suicides a year in Phuket, or roughly three a month. About 95 per cent of these are Thais, and 5 per cent foreigners.

The Port zone at Jungceylon. Open everyday for lunch & dinner 11am ‘til mid-night. HAPPY HOUR UPDATE FACEBOOK.COM/FULLMOONBREWWORK RESERVATION: 076 366 753




Splashing around



Competitors battle it out for the finish line.

early 100 people splashed t hei r way to the finish line during the fourth Wichit Municipality canoe race last Sunday (July 24). The event was held at Mudong Canal in Wichit District. Besides the four racing categories, blind canoeing was set up to entertain the audiences. Students from Wichit District schools – Wat Tepnimit School, Wichitsongkram School, Lampanwa School and Baan Ao Namboa School – acted as cheerleaders for the event and also participated. Canoe racing in Wichit was first started in 2007 to help tighten up local communities and promote tourism in the area.

Vegetable seller Punnee Dibuk.

Living with change In her 10 years of selling vegetables from her shop on Saiyuan Rd, on the way to Naiharn Beach in the south, Punnee Dibuk has seen huge changes in her neighbourhood. Born in Phuket, Mrs Punnee has seen her sleepy seaside village, surrounded by green thick coastal vegetation, growing very rapidly into a desirable holiday area, especially for visitors from abroad. The little winding dirt road to the roaring beach that she ran along as a child, is now sealed and bordered by restaurants serving international food, 24-hour convenience

stores, little resorts and housing compounds for foreign retirees. And the construction of more goes on daily. She glances along that road, smiles and says that her business is not that good now, because of competition from convenience stores and other vegetable sellers and markets nearby. But her shop near an intersection is still very much a part of this changing neighbourhood, and regular customers, many of them foreigners, still call in to make their choices from her ample selection of fresh vegetables.

A student enjoys performing at the event. On your marks, get set, go!

Phuket street vendors protest against police crackdowns

Street vendors from Kata and Karon beaches marched on the Phuket Provincial Police Station. –Photo by Boonrat Apiwantanakorn

About 200 street vendors from Kata and Karon gathered last Tuesday at Phuket Provincial Police Station, protesting a recent crackdown on stores selling pirated goods. The vendors complained they were being unfairly targeted by police. They said their shops in Kata and Karon were being raided almost daily, while stores selling pirated goods in Patong and elsewhere on the island were operating freely. They also expressed concerns about alleged corruption in the police force. When it was discovered the Commander of Phuket Provincial Police, Pol Maj Gen Pekad Tantipong, was away in Surat Thani province, the vendors shifted their protest to Phuket Provincial Hall, attempting to talk to Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha. Phuket Vice Governor Weerawat Janpen eventually received the complaint, and vowed to discuss the issue with Gen Pekad when he returns to Phuket.

Prawich Janyasittikul, Vice-CEO of Jungceylon Phuket, second from left and Nan Chaiyadej general manager of Aroma Group, third from left, launch the Thailand Indy Barista Championships.

Calling all good coffee makers The Thailand Indy Barista Championships, held to find the best coffee maker in Southern Thailand, is now on at Jungceylon in Patong. The winner will go on to

represent Southern Thailand at the national championships, and will win the Princess Patcharakitiyapa trophy. The contest is being run by the Aroma Group and Jungceylon.



Malaria gets the boot

English Premier League team Chelsea player Didier Drogba poses for a photo with Thai children from the slums of Bangkok during a ceremony to donate mosquito nets last Saturday. Drogba, who is from the Ivory Coast, a country where malaria is a major health issue, and Chelsea Football Club officials joined forces with humanitarian organisation Right To Play International and PermaNet, the world’s leading producer of anti-malaria bed nets, to donate thousands of nets to fight malaria in the country. Drogba and Chelsea are in Bangkok as part of the team’s Asian tour and played a friendly match last Sunday. –Photo AFP

Army wants new choppers The Army is pushing for the next government to buy more than 30 new helicopters to reinforce its dwindling and obsolete fleet following three horrific crashes this month. The planned acquisition is part of the army’s programme to replace its Bell HU-1 “Huey” helicopters which have been in use for more than three decades. But questions are being asked as to whether the army could afford to maintain any new helicopters, with suggestions that the three army helicopters that crashed on

Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha. the Thai-Burmese border in Phetchaburi last week were ill-equipped and poorly-maintained. The three helicopters

crashed in Kaeng Krachan National Park, claiming a total of 17 lives over a period of nine days. The first crash on July 16 happened in bad weather and poor visibility, killing five people. A UH-60L Black Hawk was then sent to recover the bodies, but it too went down in bad weather, killing all nine people on board, including an army officer and a television news cameraman. A Bell 212 then successfully recovered those nine bodies on July 24, but crashed

after completing its mission, killing three and injuring one. Army chief Prayuth Chanocha said he will propose the helicopter purchase plan, which will include included 36 new Bell 212 helicopters, to the new government when it takes office. The army developed a

programme to replace the old Huey fleet several years ago, but the Democrat-led government said it did not have the money to fund the purchase plan, Gen Prayuth said. In the meantime, the army has grounded all 20 of its Bell212 helicopters to undergo examination.


IN BRIEF Army colonel charged An Army colonel was on Wednesday charged with attempted murder following a “road rage” case in which a female doctor was severely-injured. Col Saksit Phuklan, an officer of the Supreme Command’s Accounting Office, was charged by police with with attempting to kill Dr Hathaiporn Imwittaya on June 4.

Crackdown on forest grabs Legal action is being prepared by the Royal Forest Department against suspected encroachers on 530 rai of forest reserve areas in Chiang Mai’s Hang Dong district as the crackdown on encroachers expands to other provinces. The department’s director-general Suwit Rattanamanee said on Tuesday that 530 rai in the Mae Tha Chang and Mae Khanin forest reserves have been encroached upon. He said 41 suspected encroachers had occupied land in the reserves and exploited legal loopholes to apply for land title deeds for 40 plots, and forest areas have now been cleared to build houses, resorts and to plant crops.

Yingluck forms government

Prime minister-to-be Yingluck Shinawatra of the Pheu Thai Party and party leader Yongyuth Wichaidit will have the final say in selecting the party’s political appointees. Spokesman for the party, Prompong Nopparit, said on Tuesday that the executive board had empowered Yingluck and Yongyuth to choose persons for the posts of House speaker, deputy speakers,

chairpersons of House committees, prime minister, Cabinet members, ministerial advisers and secretaries, and other political positions. Pheu Thai had insisted fugitive expremier Thaksin Shinawatra, who had earlier described his sister Yingluck as “my clone”, had no influence in selecting people for a new Cabinet.

Embassy joins jet row Spokesman for the Government, Panitan Wattanayagorn, said Tuesday that a press statement issued on Friday by the German Embassy in Thailand was an interference in the judicial process of the case. The Embassy’s statement on Friday demanded that the Thai government fulfil the obligation to pay compensation to the German company, Walter Bau, over the conflict surrounding construction of the Don Muang Tollway project.

“We were surprised at the statement, which expresses an opinion on an ongoing legal process in the German court,” Panitan said. German insolvency officials seized the Boeing 737, which the Thai government says is owned by HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, while it was parked at Munich Airport in southern Germany on July 12. The move aimed at forcing the Thai government to repay a debt in a commercial dispute

dating back more than two decades between Thailand and Walter Bau, a now insolvent German construction firm that was building a road link to the airport. An international arbitration tribunal in 2009 ruled against Thailand and awarded compensation to Walter Bau amounting to more than 30 million Euros (B1.28 billion). The Government refused to pay, arguing that the jet was the personal property of the Crown Prince.



IN BRIEF Freak umbrella accident kills German teen Friends and family of a 14-year-old German girl were in mourning on July 21 after she was killed in a freak accident involving a broken umbrella thrown by a fellow pupil, police said. Sandra was one of a group of teens who had gathered in their school playground in Delbrueck, western Germany last Tuesday evening and started throwing around the discarded item. The umbrella became impaled in the girl’s chest and she died at the scene.

China seeks to muzzle reporting on train crash

US man tries to repair hernia with butter knife A US man stuck a butter knife into his stomach in a failed bid at self-surgery to remove a painful hernia, US police say. The wife of the 63-yearold man from Glendale in Southern California called emergency services on Sunday night and told the operator her husband was using a knife to remove a protruding hernia. The man was placed on psychiatric hold and taken to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Centre.

Leopard killed after rampage in India A leopard that mauled 11 people in a fierce showdown with Indian villagers has died of knife wounds after being captured. The snarling adult male leopard leapt at locals and forest officials as they tried to drive it into a wildlife sanctuary in West Bengal state. Forest official Dharma Dev Rai says villagers used knives, stones and batons to beat back the cat before it was hit with a tranquiliser gun.


Workers clear the wreckage of mangled carriages after a Chinese high-speed train derailed when it was hit from behind by another express train on Saturday. –Photo AFP

China has ordered its media not to probe a deadly highspeed train crash that has triggered public anger and raised questions over the rush to develop the rail system, reports said Tuesday. Journalists have been ordered to focus on “touching stories” and avoid questioning official accounts of the disaster, which killed at least 39 people, Chinese bloggers and the US-based China Digital Times website said. China’s propaganda authorities typically move swiftly to limit coverage of major disasters that could embarrass the government. The China Digital Times said the nation’s media had been ordered to focus on positive stories such as blood donors coming forward and free taxi services. “All reports regarding the Wenzhou high-speed train accident are to be titled ‘7.23 Yong-Wen line major transportation accident’ and use ‘in the face of great tragedy, there’s great love’ as the major

theme,” the directive said. “Do not question. Do not elaborate. No re-posting on micro-blogs will be allowed!” China’s railway minister said Saturday’s accident, which left nearly 200 people injured and was the worst to hit the country’s rapidly expanding high-speed rail network, had taught the country a “bitter lesson”. “We must on one hand extract these lessons and deeply examine and reflect on them, while rousing ourselves from this setback and concentrating our efforts on inspecting and rectifying hidden safety problems,” said Sheng Guangzu. The railways ministry is to pay 500,000 yuan (B2.3 million) in compensation for each victim of the crash, Xinhua reported, citing an official. T he gove r n ment ha s sacked three senior railway officials and announced an “urgent overhaul” of the national rail network. But the moves have failed to stem a tide of criticism of the government’s handling

of the disaster, which initial reports blamed on a lightning strike knocking out power to the first train. Despite the reporting ban, many continued to question why the driver of the second train, which ploughed into the first – crushing some carriages and forcing others off the rails – was not warned in time to stop. China’s high-speed rail system only opened to passengers in 2007, but has grown at breakneck speed thanks to huge state funding and is already the largest in the world, with 8,358 kilometres of track at the end of last year. The trains involved in Saturday’s collision were the first generation of China’s highspeed trains, and designed to travel at a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour. More recently, China has introduced a second generation of bullet trains that can run up to 380 kph, although their speed is restricted to 300 kph for safety reasons. –AFP

US lawmakers war over debt Killer denied right to appeal as world warily watches The White House and its divided Republican foes clashed on Tuesday but failed to break an impasse that could see the world’s richest nation default on its debt, with potentially ruinous global results. With a week to go before the US Treasury says it will run out of cash to pay its bills, the dollar slid against key currencies and US stocks fell as markets measured the risk of an August 2 deadline passing without a breakthrough. Top Senate Democrats and Republicans cautiously urged compromise even as

Republican House Speaker John Boehner struggled to keep his conservative troops in line behind his plan for raising the US$14.3 trillion (B430 trillion) debt limit. “We’re willing to listen to all the good ideas,” Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, even as he declared Boehner’s plan “dead on arrival”. “We need to re-engage with the president,” said Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who days earlier had washed his hands of negotiations with Obama

and placed his hopes for an ambitious compromise in the Congress. McConnell noted that Republicans only control half of Congress, and, in a message sure to rile “Tea Party” hardliners, told reporters: “I’m prepared to accept something less than perfect, because perfect is not achievable.” The White House came out guns blazing at Boehner’s plan, warning that Obama’s advisors would push him to veto it in the unlikely event the measure survived the Democratic-led Senate. Boehner insisted his plan, which Obama opposes because it would force another debtceiling showdown during the 2012 presidential election campaign, was the only “reasonable approach” – even as he tamped down a conservative revolt. Boehner, whose measure fell short of the US$1.2 trillion (B45 trillion) in cuts over ten years he wanted as the price for raising the debt limit $1 trillion, said through spokesman Michael Steel he was “looking at options to re-write the legislation”. Reid’s plan would lift the debt ceiling by US$2.7 trillion. –AFP

jail sentence

Arthur Freeman, who threw his four-year-old daughter to her death off Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge, has been denied the right to appeal his 32-year sentence for the horror murder. Freeman in April was jailed for life with a non-parole period of 32 years after a jury convicted him of murdering his daughter Darcey. He argued for the right to appeal his sentence on the basis that 32 years was manifestly excessive. But the Victorian Court of Appeal today ruled that the sentence was not manifestly excessive and refused Freeman’s application to appeal. “The judge’s findings about the seriousness of this offence were very clear,” Justice Chris Maxwell said. He said sentencing judge Justice Paul Coghlan highlighted several aggravating features of the crime, including the fact that an innocent child was killed by being thrown from a bridge more than 50 metres above the ground. Justice Coghlan had also said the murder was witnessed by Darcey’s two other children, was a fundamental breach of

Australian murderer Arthur Freeman has been denied the ability to appeal his 32year sentence. –Photo ABC trust, and was motivated by Freeman’s desire to hurt his former wife, Justice Maxwell said in his ruling. Freeman, 37, will be eligible for parole in 2041 – when he will be 67 years old. Darcey was thrown from the West Gate on what was to be her first day of school – January 29, 2009. Freeman’s barrister, David Brustman, SC, argued during the trial that his client was mentally- impaired, “mad not bad”, when he killed Darcey. The jury rejected the defence, after five days of deliberation.



Gunman may be insane, lawyer says

People pay their respects to the victims of the July 22 twin attacks in downtown Oslo and on the island of Utoeya, at a makeshift memorial outside the Cathedral in Oslo. –Photo AFP

The lawyer for the Norwegian gunman who claimed responsibility for killing 76 people in twin attacks last week said everything about his client’s case suggested he is insane. “This whole case indicates that he’s insane,” Geir Lippestad said of Anders Behring Breivik, 32, adding that a medical evaluation would be carried out to establish his client’s psychiatric condition. “He believes that he’s in a war and he believes that when you’re in a war you can do things like that without pleading guilty,’’ he said of his client, who has described himself as being part of an anti-Muslim revolution. Asked about the implications of his client being judged medically insane after blowing up the government centre in Oslo and shooting dead 68 people on a nearby island, Lippestad said: “He can’t be punished in a jail’’. Norwegian authorities indicated they may charge the suspect with crimes against humanity as the government rose to the defence of police following criticism of the response to the island shooting spree. Police meanwhile said they had found and detonated explosives found at a farm rented by Behring Breivik while declining to specify the size or nature of the cache.


IN BRIEF Nine dead, two buried in S Korea landslide Nine people were killed and two were missing after a landslide triggered by torrential rain smashed into a South Korean mountainous region early Wednesday, rescuers said. The landslide just after midnight in the Chuncheon area 100 kilometres east of Seoul flattened an inn and three homes, they said. More than 500 firefighters and police have been sent to the area to speed up the rescue.

Strauss-Kahn hearing delayed Anders Behring Breivik. Lippestad, appearing to pave the way for a defence that could see his client escape prison, said Behring Breivik “has a view on reality that is very, very difficult to explain’’. He said his client used unspecified drugs to make himself “strong, efficient, to keep him awake’’ going into Friday’s rampage. “He thought he’d be killed after the bombing, after the action on the island, and he also thought he’d be killed at trial,’’ Mr Lippestad said. –AFP

A possibly crucial court hearing due next Monday in the sex crime case against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been postponed for three weeks, lawyers said Tuesday. The hearing in New York State Supreme Court had already been delayed from July 18 to August 1. It is now set for August 23. No reason was given for the repeated delay.

Family, friends farewell troubled Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse’s family and friends paid their last respects to the troubled British soul singer at her funeral on Tuesday, three days after she was found dead at her London home. Father Mitch Winehouse and his ex-wife Janis have said they were “devastated” by the death of their daughter, who was one of the finest British singers of her generation but had struggled with addictions to alcohol and drugs. Winehouse was found dead on Saturday afternoon at her home in north London. A post-mortem examination on Monday failed to establish a formal cause of death, and police said the

results of further toxicology tests could take between two and four weeks. However, her death is not being viewed as suspicious. During the eulogy, Mitch Winehouse said his daughter had been on the path to recovery at the time of her death. “Three years ago, Amy conquered her drug dependency,” he stressed. “She was trying hard to deal with her drinking and had just completed three weeks of abstinence. The Grammy-winner, who passed away at the age of 27, has joined a tragic group of famous rock stars who passed away at the same age – the notorious 27 Club.

Amy Winehouse. Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones, guitarist Jimi Hendrix, singer Janis Joplin, The Doors front man Jim Morrison and Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain are the other major “members” of the ill-fated club. –AFP

Nurse in court over deaths A British nurse was remanded in custody by a court on Saturday on charges relating to the deaths of five patients at a hospital where detectives believe saline solution was contaminated with insulin. Rebecca Leighton, 27, was arrested at her home last Wednesday (July 20) over a string of suspicious deaths

this month at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, outside Manchester in northwest England. She was charged late Friday with three counts of criminal damage intending to endanger life and three charges of criminal damage being reckless as to whether life would be endangered, the Crown

Prosecution Service said. She has also been charged with a count of theft. Leighton appeared at Manchester Magistrates Court on Saturday and was remanded in custody until August 1. She wiped away tears in the dock and glanced at a group of family and friends, speaking only to confirm her details. –AFP




Editor’s viewpoint

Time to get serious on workplace safety


May I suggest an internal body search, Officer?


Where to go for help in Phuket

Ever wondered where you would go if you needed help with a particular issue, well wonder no more... Note: You may need a Thai friend to make the call on your behalf.

Phuket Tourist Police

This organisation helps tourists reporting crime incidents such as fraud, harassment and violence. The Tourist Police can act as an intermediary between tourists and the Thai Damrongtham Centre police. The Tourist Police are able to This is a government unit that can communicate with local authorities help decide where to go to make a in several different languages. If you complaint if you have issues with need help, call 1155. your neighbours. The unit acts as an intermediary to reconcile community Phuket Provincial Land Office issues, and coordinates with Phuket This government office deals with any authorities to solve complainers’ issues related to land and property. problems. Many cases have been Services provided are land registrapassed through the unit’s hands, tion, issuing title deeds, registering such as land disputes, neighbourly lease agreements and land mapping. quarrels, fraud cases and construc- The office also helps to protect the tion opposition. rights of land owners by investigating Contact: First floor, Phuket Pro- land ownership disputes. vincial Hall, Phuket Town. Tel: 076 Contact: 36, Damrong Road, 222 886 or 076 354 875. Phuket Town. Tel: 076 212 103.

Kusoldharm Foundation The foundation is a private volunteer rescue service that gives first aid to the injured, and also transports patients and bodies to hospitals. Foundation members also have other skills such as search and rescue, and helping animals in trouble. Contact: 34, Soi 9, Poonpol Road, Phuket Town. Tel: 076 246 301 or 076 246 599.

abourers,especially those working on construction or demolition sites in Phuket, are often seen working in dangerous conditions. While some of the bigger companies appear to make an effort at keeping their construction sites safe, more often than not workers enter their workplace with little or no safety gear. In Phuket it’s common to see workers welding while wearing only a pair of sunglasses – or in some case no eye protection at all. They climb power poles to work on live power cables with no safety rope, or balance delicately on bamboo scaffolding metres in the air with no harness. A Myanmar immigrant worker is the latest to fall victim to this country’s loose health and safety attitude. On Monday Hla Thein Lana was buried alive, in Wichit, when dirt from a trench he was digging in collapsed on him. Heavy rain was a factor, but police have also been reported as saying they will investigate

Department of Business Development Provides a commercial register for individual businesses, companies, limited partnerships and business associations. The department also can investigate any business if there are complaints about a particular business’s operations, and can give advice to anyone who wants to start

setting up a new business. Contact: 38/12 Rattanakosin 200 Pee Road, Phuket Town. Tel: 076 217 406 or 076 217 746. Phuket Provincial Labour

Protection and Welfare Office Protects labourers’ rights. Investigates and mediates conflicts between workers and employers. Contact: 188, Soi 1, Sakdidetch Road, Thambol Wichit, Phuket Town. Tel: 076 211 995 or 076 220 760.

Narenthorn Centre

Phuket Provincial Public Health Office

This office covers a wide range of health services, ranging from drug addiction to workers’ conditions. One of the office’s sections is called “Consumer Protection” and is open for any consumers who want to make a complaint about a product, a price or even a contractor. Many cases handed to the Consumer Protection involve house collapse, construction problems, fraud, hazardous electrical goods and expired food products. Contact: Narisorn Rd in Phuket Town. Tel: 076 211 330.

The centre is an emergency medical unit located in Vachira Hospital. For reporting accidents, dead bodies, or if you require a rescue service, Phuket Provincial Industry Office Issues licences for industrial busidial 1669. nesses, including licences for inPhuket Provincial dustrial machinery possession. The Employment Department Provides information about, and is- office also investigates complaints sues, work permits, and gives advice from individuals relating to things like pollution from a factory or a to employers and employees. The department also approves hazardous environment. Contact: workers who are requested to work 48/4, Damrong Road in Phuket Town. or intern aboard, and investigates Tel: 076 222 754. If you have no idea which authoripotential employment fraud if a complaint is made to the department. ties can help you, visit municipality Contact: 38/27 Rattanakosin offices or district offices (OrBorTor) 200 Pee Road, Phuket Town. Tel: in your area. The officers will advise you who to contact. 076 219 660-1.

whether the contractor’s decision to place piles of dirt alongside the ditch may have contributed to his death. Here in Phuket the number of commercial and luxury property developments has led to an increase in construction work and consequently an influx of unskilled workers to the island. The rush to finish multimillion-baht projects will no doubt have an adverse impact on the well-being of workers. Working long hours in less than adequate safety conditions will lead to more and more workplace accidents or deaths. Accidents happen, of course they do, but certain situations can be averted. Enforcing high safety standards in the workplace would be a good start. Provide every labourer with basic safety gear like hard hats and protective clothing and hold contractors and site managers responsible for ensuring the rules are followed. Until safety standards are brought up to a more acceptable level, tragic situations like this will continue to happen in Thailand.

Letters to the editor Timeshare debate Thanks very much Phuket News for your story on timeshare. I have experienced similar tactics myself from operators so was very interested to read about Rahul Prasad’s experience. Good to hear he will be getting his money back, unlike many others I’m sure. Alan Phuket Town 3G is rolled out It was good to read about AIS’s plans for 3G. However a crucial part of the debate – the price – has been left out of any announcements by AIS. I’m hoping this won’t be too expensive, as like a lot of things in Phuket now, the price just keeps going up and up. I hope it will be affordable. Michelle R Rawai

Have your say We welcome letters to the editor. Letters must be under 250 words. You can email editor@thephuket or fax your contribution to 076 612 553. Please include your name, address and contact telephone number.





Random View This week’s view comes from Norachai Thavisin, Phuket amateur photographer and lover of sea turtles. This particular turtle was being looked after very well at the Marine Research Centre at Tai Muang Beach on the coast of Phang-nga Province. It was swim mi ng around in a large tank with other turtles as the centre is trying to see whether they may mate and lay eggs in captivity, which so far has not happened successfully.

All the many young sea turtles that the centre is successfully growing came from eggs that had hatched naturally under beach sand. What is this mature green sea turtle thinking? The future of its species hangs in a delicate balance. Many humans are helping it to survive, but the indifference and carelessness of others are drowning turtles in their nets, and choking them with their floating plastic rubbish.



Chanon Chanphanao Chanon painted this selfportrait in oil to show with other artists at Taducontemporary Art Bacc in Bangkok last month. The viewer can’t help but feel his predicament with him. How often does life tie us up in a knot like this? Other people point you in 10 directions at once, our elders know much better about what we should study

and become, and the law, and society as a whole, do not allow you to do this and that. If that is not enough, one’s own hang-ups, inhibitions and lack of focus and directions tie us up as effectively as these strong plastic cords. Chanon may feel better after painting this. But does the viewer, when confronted by this big canvas (120x80cms)?

ARTEYE The Bangkok Metropolitan Authority was much praised for making concrete the vision of Thai artists to site the building to show their work right in the busiest commercial heart of the capital. The big open-plan building stands opposite the very popular M shopping mall which is always packed with shoppers. The sk y t rain t racks swing spectacularly by there one on top of the other. And the building is, slowly, be-

coming an art hub that the art community dreams of. These heads of tigers have sprouted on one side of the art centre, making a striking picture. What do they represent to you? Apart from the artistic arrangement of the stripes, why does the sculptor want to place heads of tigers in the middle of the city? Are they to remind us of the welfare of tigers? Or is it a comment on the way we approach our lives and relationships in the city? Or...


THE PHUKET NEWS, FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2011 Eating fruit has many health benefits. Here in Phuket the choice of fruit is varied, here’s just two in season:

Rambutan (Ngaw) This attractive red hairy fruit holds firm white flesh, pleasantly sweet and like hard jelly, that will please most people. The flesh peels easily from an oval pip. A little knick with a sharp knife cross-wise in the middle of the fruit, and the peel breaks easily apart. Try serving it chilled, a few to a plate, peeled and with pips pushed out of the middle like pitted olives, leaving the fruits still whole. Cooling and delicious.

Santol (Katorn) Katorn are fruits of big trees. You will need your sharp knife to cut into this fruit to its soft flesh, with a delicate sweet taste, that sticks to rather large stones. Thais also eat the tart pink pulp area under the skin but that is an acquired preference. Of course these are only some of the many local fruits to sample. No words or pictures can replace the simple act of trying them all.

We can all learn from Issac Newton Darren Hancock, General Manager of the RPM Health Club, Royal Phuket Marina, Phuket, writes a regular health column for The Phuket News readers. At the end of an exercise class this week I asked one of the participants how he’d enjoyed it. He said it was okay but it wasn’t very hard. Behind that little exchange lie some core questions: How do we get fitter, leaner, stronger, thinner or just plain healthier? Do we know that we are actually in control of how hard we work out? Do we know that we are in control of our intensity, our outcome, our destiny? Sometimes I don’t think we do. On a planet with six billion people, we have approximately six billion answers as to why we exercise or even why we go to a health club at all. But being human also gives us all the answers we need to give us the fitness we want, the health that we so need, and the body of our dreams that we so crave. I believe there are a few natural laws which – if we

all abide by them – can help us to achieve our goals and sometimes more. So to keep this information fun, lets go to the man himself, English physicist Isaac Newton, and use his laws of motion to help us achieve what we talk, think and dream about almost every day. Newton’s Three Laws of Motion: 1. Newton’s First Law of Motion states that in order for the motion of an object to change, an external force must act upon it. When applied to the act of getting fit and losing weight, this law essentially tells us that if we continue to do what we are currently doing, we are going to be forever the same as we currently are! This rarely makes anyone happy, so how do we change this? Essentially, we need to move it or lose it. This doesn’t just apply to muscle. It’s everything. If we don’t use it, we lose it – and that includes our cardiac muscles, our metabolism and, in the end, our desire to do anything about it, which may end in us losing our life.

2. Newton’s Second Law of Motion defines the relationship between acceleration, force, and mass. Essentially this law is a formula that describes the amount of force that must be applied to create acceleration. It makes it obvious that the greater the effort we put in, the greater the reward we get out. Pretty Simple really. So stop saving yourself for tomorrow. Do it today and give it 100 per cent. I promise you will never be sorry you did. 3. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is always an equal Move it or lose it. and opposite reaction. as famous, and my science This is fantastic news. It teacher would probably tell you means that every time we lift that I’m not as smart, but I do a weight, that same weight have a little bit of experience is acting against us, which in reaching your health and helps us increase our muscle fitness goals. size, strength and endurance, Really, it all ca n be and ultimately improve our summed up in one “law”. You metabolism. can make it really complex and If it didn’t we would be very scientific (and I’m happy like astronauts in weightless- to expound on this in future ness and lose a lot of muscle articles) but essentially my weight, which looks great on favourite law is Nike’s Law: the scales but really bad with Eat right. Drink plenty of water. your clothes off. Sleep well and go like hell! I’m not as old as Isaac or Just do it! Train hard!



Above: Phuket Thaihua on Krabi Road, Phuket Town, which is now a museum. Left: Phuket Thaihua School in its glory days, pictured with school basketball players. Photo: Phuket Thaihua: One of the Memories book.

The ghost of Thaihua School “L

ook!” a grade-four boy exclaimed when he peeked through the hole in the school’s ceiling. “There’s an owl perching on the roof’s beam.” Other kids gathered around him and gazed into the loft. A pair of the bird’s eyes glistened in the dark. “Our school is kind of spooky, don’t you think?,” a young Mei Ren whispered to her friend. For a little girl like Mei Ren, Phuket Thaihua School

Grandpa’s yarns was a mystical place where illusions could become reality. Someone who she could not identify might be sitting at the back of a dim classroom, gazing at students who were reading textbooks. Whenever Mei Ren had to use the toilet located down the back of the school, its gloomy atmosphere made her want to leave the place as fast as

she could. The dull environment of her school always encouraged her to think of the bat attached to the school’s gable. “I don’t like that bat,” she told her friend when she looked up at the bat, who had spread its wings. “It’s the symbol of a dark night. It’s an ominous sign.” Mei Ren heard the story of a ghost of a Japanese soldier who sometimes appeared in the school’s sick bay on the left wing of the building. It was said that the Japa-

nese spirit had been homeless until he came across the school, and decided to stay in the gloomy sick bay forever. Many students warned Mei Ren not to stay at school after 5pm, as the master of the owl might come to haunt her as it could feel her fear. It’s not just a ghost story that made her felt restless in her own school. Whenever it was raining, strong winds would blow from the school’s atrium through the classrooms that surrounded it.

Windows would repeatedly flip back and forth, just like a scene in a horror movie. She would sit still but be distracted from her teacher’s lessons whenever she heard the noise of the creaky windows. “I’m afraid of the ghost in my school,” Mei Ren told her parents one day. “Can’t you shift me to another school?” Her parents were puzzled when they heard her plea. “Do you know that you are in the best, and the only, Chinese school in the island?

You should be proud of your school,” her mother said. “Don’t be afraid. Ghosts are living.” Mei Ren didn’t quite understand what her mother meant at the time, until 15 years later. Her old school became part of the heritage of her hometown, and she realised later that the ominous bat was actually a Chinese symbol of luck. The Chinese school was built by Chinese immigrants in 1934. It became a museum in 2005.

Taking some time out from England Tim Pearson

Marketing & Communications Executive, British International School, Phuket How long have you lived on the island and why did you move here? I’ve lived here for over six and a half years now. I came here because I wanted to travel the world and I had the chance to do it but I never got past Phuket really! My first day here believe it or not was the day of the tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. I was in the aeroplane when it happened. The scenes I remember from walking around Patong that evening will stay with me forever. What hobbies or sports are you interested in? Being from the north-east of England, I’m a football fanatic whether it’s playing or watching! I really want to take up golf again this year too as there are some great courses on my doorstep. What is your favourite childhood memory? Camping with my grandfather in a miserable, rainy, cold, North Wales. We spent the

whole time in the tent playing cards and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

What were you doing before you moved here? Ten years ago, I was working as a Communications Officer for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the U.K. (I can hear boos already!). I worked on some interesting cases and uncovered a lot of non-compliance (tax dodging!). I really fancied a change and knew I had to take my chance so I applied for the company career break scheme and was shocked when they agreed! I originally took a one year career break from my job with the intention of returning but because I loved it here so much, I applied for a second year and then a third year! There was no chance of any more so I resigned and have lived here ever since! Favourite food or dish? I love a good Massaman curry, but I’ve also got a sweet tooth. It doesn’t get much better

Exposed than sticky toffee pudding and custard!!

What is best thing about living here? Being able to finish work and be on one of world’s top beaches half an hour later with my family! What do you do to relax? I spend all of my free time with my four-year-old son, Matthew. Although it is non-stop bike rides, football, swimming or whatever, it is relaxing for me because I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing. The person you admire the most and why? My wife Anchalee. She always has the answer for me when I need to talk to someone and such a wonderful mother too. If you could come back as any other person who would it be and why? Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne. I still believe he was the greatest footballer of his generation but I would love to have changed a few things that happened to

Tim Pearson, Marketing and Communications Executive for BIS. him over the years so that he could have realised his full potential and help England win a World Cup!

Is there anything you don’t like about living here? The never-ending flight to get here! Favourite place on the island, and why? It has to be Nai Yang Beach next to the airport. It’s such a beautiful and tranquil place for a lazy Sunday afternoon with the family. It also has the added bonus of keeping my

Dad amused for hours at a time as he is an avid plane spotter!

What kind of music are you into? I’m not ashamed to say that I still listen to a lot of 90s dance music. I also like to listen to chill-out music in Phuket and I’ve got all the Café-del Mar albums. Alternatively, I like Dire Straits and John Denver which I grew up on. What is the best tip you have for people moving to Phuket? Show the utmost respect to lo-

cal people and don’t lose your temper as it gets you absolutely nowhere! Also, pinch yourself from time to time and realise where you’re living!

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while living on the island? Not long after I moved into my new house, my mum was here staying and she put her hand into the top of the washing machine outside and pulled out a green snake. She still talks about it every time I speak to her!


Cement statue of a monk faces Naiharn Lake.

Naiharn beach at dawn.

A young blonde muscular man in Muay Thai boxing shorts, his muscles bulging out of his T-shirt, is on his early morning jog along the empty road. A Western woman cycles gingerly, exercising or heading to the Lotus supermarket around the corner. A thin farang pulls up on his scooter and buys a big bunch of bananas, for breakfast. It’s seven in the morning at Naiharn village. Here, West meets the original Phuket on either side of Saiyuan Rd that turns off from the main south-bound Viset Rd, to go to the popular Naiharn Beach, at the southernmost tip of the island. Like many other places on the island, the new layer of Western habitation sits at times not all that comfortably on the landscape here. The picture of every sec-

this was a small dirt road with forest on either side, “ he said. “The first foreigners to come didn’t have anywhere to stay so they camped on the beach and walked about stark naked. “The original landowners sold their land and they and their children became rich. Not that they spent their money all that well, some gambling it all away,” he said. In the middle of walled housing compounds and other lodgings, many displaying sale and for rent signs in this low season, the village heart beats early around the Wat Sawang Arom and its village school. Monks in their saffron robes are back in their cement kuti lodgings. A young monk is surrounded by kittens and puppies, as he shares some of the food that he has brought back from his early morning walk around the village to


Dawn at Naiharn Village

of the week

ond business along a road being a bar or restaurant catering for farang residents or visitors, is all too familiar in the development of this tourist paradise. Three small German restaurants, serving good food, home-made sausages and bread, two French, one Italian and many a few Thai, line this international strip in the middle of the village. Resident Singh Chanalert just had his usual breakfast at a roadside stall with three elderly mates. He crosses the road and sits at another shop selling groceries to chat away the morning. “When I first came here about 30 years ago from Sisaket (north-eastern Thailand),

collect food offerings in his bowl. It’s morning assembly time and children, in their King-yellow shirts, are seated neatly on the cement schoolyard. They were invited by teachers to meditate, briefly, then the male principal introduced a new woman teacher to students. Some joggers are making their way around the large cool lake behind Naiharn beach but the beach itself is almost empty this early. Folded beach umbrellas stand up straight in a line against the background of a rough sea. A lone farang gentleman picks his way between the plastic beach loungers, perhaps his usual morning walk to start his day in his Thai retirement village, far from his original home. –Norachai Thavisin

A monk shares his breakfast.

Old-timer Singh Chanalert.

Breakfast time for the locals.

A village residence.



Jim Ellis gets Sue Usher to admire Remington’s trophy for first in the IRC 3 class.

Raceweek’s big bash A

party to top all Phuket parties was held at the Evason Resort on Sunday night bringing the 2011 Six Senses Phuket Raceweek to a closure. Yachties,

Team Premier receive their IRC Racing class trophy from Royal Thai Navy Admiral Surasak Rounroengrom.

event organisers, family and friends drank, laughed and danced into the small hours to the impressive sound of the Big Bamboo Band.

Singer Gig belts out another number with the Big Bamboo Band.

David de Rijke.

Nina Fordham and Jane Mountford.

Cim Upananchai, Jeanette Powis and Tara Sudlow.

Peter Cunningham (right) plays the bottle flute for the amusement of Andy Dowden.



Exports Pheu Thai rice plan Bulls in the hotel hit new market looking unpopular heights Thai exports in June rose by 16.8 per cent year-on-year to a record of over US$21 billion (B630 billion) while imports climbed to around US$19.8 billion (B594 billion), up 26.1 per cent in the same month of 2010, outgoing Commerce Minister Pornthiva Nakasai announced late last week. Exports in June were driven by growth in all key sectors, particularly agricultural and agro-industry products, which increased by 48.9 per cent. Exports in the first six months of 2011 were a record US$114.9 billion (B3.4 trillion), a 23.6-per-cent increase on the same period last year, Mrs Pornthiva said. Exports to key markets grew by 19 per cent on average, led by Japan, whose imports from Thailand grew by 38 per cent. Shipments to secondary markets increased by 11.4 per cent. Imports accelerated almost as fast as imports – 26.1 per cent year-on-year, to a total of US$19.8 billion (B594 billion). Rises were recorded in all categories, highlights being increases of 38.3 per cent in raw material, 22.4 per cent in capital goods and 20.1 per cent in energy products. Imports in the first half of 2011 were valued at more than US$111.5 billion (B3.3 trillion), a 28.5-per-cent growth compared with the first six months of 2010, giving Thailand a trade surplus of more than US$1.26 billion (B38 billion) in June and nearly US$3.45 billion (B104 billion) in the first six months. Cross-border trade also hit records of $76.6 billion in June, up 8.2 per cent, and $446.1 billion in the first half, a 14.8-per-cent increase. Mrs Pornthiva warned that some risk factors need to be monitored, including oil prices, a possible global rise in commodity prices, the baht exchange rate, interest rates and labour shortages. The Japanese government’s economic-recovery policy to deal with the effects of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami is another risk factor. Following the global economic recovery, Thailand, as one of the world’s leading producers of agricultural produce, holds an advantage, she said. She urged the incoming Pheu Thai government to continue to support Thai exports, while expressing her confidence that export growth for the whole year will reach 20 per cent or more. – MCOT/NNT

A battle for control of Thailand’s staple of staples is shaping up as rice farmers, mills and exporters try to figure out whether the new government will go ahead with its rice pledging scheme, or stay with the income guarantee system that was proposed by the losing Democrat Party. Prices of rice are already edging up as rice is hoarded instead of being released to the market, in the expectation that the price will soar when Pheu Thai implements rice pledging. Both systems are, in effect subsidies. Under the Pheu Thai proposal, farmers would receive a guaranteed B15,000 a ton for white rice and B20,000 for jasmine rice. The Democrats’ income guarantee system allows farmers to mortgage paddy to the state and redeem the grain when the market price is higher. Prices fluctuate, calculated on the basis of a farmer’s production costs plus 50 per cent profit and B300 to B600 for transportation costs. Outgoing Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has already expressed his opinion that the rice pledging scheme, although not even implemented yet, has caused rice hoarding. He has been receiving backing from a variety of people. The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) said it could cause problems because rice farmers still have total unpaid debts to the government of more than B150 billion. At a public debate recently, featuring representatives of both parties, representatives of farmers, millers, rice traders and exporters came down firmly on the side of the income guarantee system. There was a variety of reasons for their support Democrats’ system.

Rice terraces in Chiang Mai. Even the rice farmers’ representatives said they were opposed to rice pledges. First, it was predicted that rice pledging would create a loss to the government of of about B150 billion a year. An income-guarantee policy, on the other hand, would result in a smaller loss of around B65 billion a year. Second, they felt that pledging would distort market mechanisms and be less transparent. Pledging, participants argued, would also greatly increase the temptation for people to smuggle rice from neighbouring countries to take advantage of the higher price guaranteed by the pledging scheme. The pledging scheme would, in addition, affect consumers immediately, with domestic rice prices rise by an average of B11 a kilo. It would also affect exports by making Thai rice less competitive, reducing Thailand’s export market share to the benefit of neighbouring countries such as Vietnam. “All players, including farmers, millers, traders, exporters, politicians and government officials would have a high opportunity for involvement in corruption under the pledging scheme,” warned Thai Rice Mills Association

president Pramoth Vanichanont. He pointed out that the Pheu Thai scheme’s proposed prices were 77 per cent above current market price, and predicted this would lead to exports plummeting from 8 to 10 million tonnes a year to as little as 2 to 3 million tonnes. The president of the Thai Rice Exporters’ Association, Chookiat Ophaswongse, agreed. “Pledging prices [such as proposed by Pheu Thai] that are too high will push up the export price of Thai rice to more than US$850 (B26,000) a tonne, from a current price of US$490 to US$500 a tonne. Thailand will lose its export competitiveness to rivals such as Vietnam,” he said. Nakorn Pathom Rice Mill Association’s expresident Somsak Tachasirinuguae warned of increased smuggling, or “rice circumvention” as he termed it, because of the price gap between Thai rice and that from neighbouring countries. The pledging subsidy package will pay not only for Thai rice but also for smuggled rice. “The most important thing is that the pledging scheme will damage the rice business,” he said. The farmers, too, seemed

in favour of the Democrat system. The president of the Thai Rice Farmers’ Association, Prasith Boonchuey, said most farmers preferred the income-guarantee proposal because every household would gain from it. That said, he added, the government must focus more on reducing farmers’ production costs. “Farmers want to see the government create ways to help them reduce production costs and to achieve stable returns,” he explained. Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary for Commerce Yanyong Puangrach scrambled to reassure consumers that Thailand will not experience a rice shortage. The government holds stocks of more than a million tonnes of rice, he said, while rice mills and exporters also hold large amount. However, he conceded that bagged rice producers – who buy rice from large sacks from millers and repackage it for retail sale, and who stockpile less rice – have been having problem negotiating prices with the millers. But he reiterated, “Thailand does not face a rice shortage and does not need to slow down rice exports.” – Phuket News/MCOT/TAN

While hotel investment in the Asia Pacific region remains strong, the real surprise from second quarter analysis by Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels (JLL) is the upsurge of investment in the global market, with US$14.8 billion (B444 billion) in hotel assets changing hands in the first six months of 2011. That figure represents a 117 per cent increase on the same time last year which, according to JLL, is driven by easing levels of liquidity, improved hotel trading performance and banks’ actions to speed up workout programmes. Activity in Asia Pacific totalled US$2.6 billion (B78 billion), a 59 per cent increase on the prior-year period, with the main action in Singapore, Australia, China, Japan and Hong Kong. “Singapore dominated transaction activity in the first half of 2011 with volumes surpassing US$1 billion (B30 billion), reflecting pent up investor demand for the market,” Scott Hetherington, CEO-Asia for JLL, said. In Australasia, deal volume totalled US$478 million (B14 billion) with offshore capital sources featuring strongly, accounting for 76 per cent of transaction volumes. That figure is expected to reach $1 billion by the end of this year. The Americas registered a compelling 187 per cent year-on-year upsurge with transaction volumes totalling US$7.4 billion, driven by large single-asset deals in gateway cities like New York. “Despite various natural, economic and political crises witnessed globally in the first few months of 2011, hotel transactions continued gaining momentum and volumes for the full year are expected to exceed our previous forecast,” Global CEO for JLL Arthur de Haast said.

SME pickup predicted The Deputy Vice President of the Thai Military Bank, Benjarong Suwannakiri, said small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will pick up in the latter half of this year particularly in the auto and auto part businesses. The auto industry in Thailand will return to its glorious days as Japan is recuperating fast from the quake. According to Mr Benjarong, the demand for cars is on the rise which will lay a

strong foundation for SMEs to thrive in the second half of this year. The tourism business is also on an upward trend. with visitors expected to soar, thanks to the political stability following the election. However, Mr Benjarong is concerned about the furniture, garment and jewelry industries, which he worries may be affected by interest rates and the rising cost of production. – NNT



New govt positive for real estate, Frank Knight predicts

Most people in business in Thailand are waiting to see the concrete plans of the incoming Pheu Thai government, and how it will affect the economy, before coming to a view of the new regime. But the Thailand office of international property agency and consultancy Knight Frank is positively gung-ho about Yingluck Shinawatra and her party – with one reservation: any political violence will slam the door on investment. Frank Khan, Director of Residential Department of Knight Frank Chartered (Thailand) explained in an email round-robin, “Whenever there is a change in the political arena, such as the new election, it will affect two things very fast: the stock market and real estate. “Since the election [result] was announced, Thailand’s real estate market has some movements. We have seen activity by Thai investors and Thai buyers. “They can see light at the end of the tunnel; they expect the new politics will bring with it a good economy.

He said that the most important aspect of the new government’s policies was the massive spending planned for megaprojects. “My investors, both from foreign and domestic, agree that megaprojects will attract more investment.” Another important factor, he said, would be exchange rates. “We forecast that the baht will weaken, [so] Thailand will have more foreign investment in real estate coming in. “If the baht goes to 32-33 to the US dollar, that would be good for major foreign investors from Hong Kong, Singapore, Britain, European and Russia. Bangkok real estate will grow, and new projects will be launched.” He noted that the announcement of the election results sparked the launch of many large projects such as Noble Ploenchit, which will have more than 1,000 residential units. “In the near future we will see more projects launched because many developers

Megaprojects such as Suvarnabhumi International Airport, built under Pheu Thai’s precursor government, Thaksin Shinawatra’s Thai Rak Thai, are seen as stimulators for investment in real estate.  –Photo by Khaosaming believe it will be a good time for business.” He added a note of caution, however: “If any policy affects people to [the point that they]

New Stoc k


arriv ed!!

come out on the streets [in protest], then the investment will stop. “If people think a policy won’t work, the stock market and real estate market will be the first to go down. It all depend on the new policies and how they will tackle the whole economy. “But I can safely say that from October to December will be good for the real estate market because the government will still be in the process of refining its policies.” The real estate market in resort areas such as Phuket has a different dynamic, the Knight Frank release noted. This period is the rainy season,

traditionally a time for Thai buyers to stay at home and hang onto their money. Movement will begin right after October, it predicted, after the rains stop, and when schools are closed – a time when many people go out on vacation and are in the mood to buy. Any political unrest – which would likely focus on Bangkok – would have less effect on buying in resort areas than in the capital, Frank Knight predicted. Phanom Kanjanathiemthao, Managing Director of Knight Frank Thailand, also sees political stability as crucial to the real estate industry. The release quoted him as saying,

“The future of Thailand’s real estate depends on the stability of Thai politics and good economic management. “If the new government can end the political problems and bring continuous economic growth, the real estate industry will be positive and property in resort markets will attract more foreign buyers because real estate in Thailand is still cheaper than in other countries.” If the economic policy is working well within six months, this will bring more foreign investment. This will also be positive for the hotel, office, factory and warehouse property markets, he predicted.

Industry urged to upgrade The Bank of Thailand (BoT) has urged the private sector to take advantage of the currently strong baht and import capital goods in order to reduce production costs.

Building C1-C2 Premium Outlet-Gallery Zone, Bypass Rd., Phuket 83000, Thailand Tel: (076) 350-465 Fax: (076) 350-465 Email: Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10 am-5.30 pm Closed: Sunday

BoT Governor Prasarn Trairatvorakul said the Thai economy is currently in good shape and growing consistently. With the baht strong against other currencies, now

is a good time, he argued, to upgrade production methods to cut costs and remain competitive. He also said that with the minimum wage set to rise under the Pheu Thai government, Thai business owners should also invest in training to upgrade worker skills. High-quality workers, he pointed out, would lift both the productivity and the quality of Thai goods. Mr Prasarn had advice for the new government, too, urging it to give importance to research and development. He pointed out that, at present, a tiny portion of budgets – about 0.2 per cent of Gross Domestic Product – is allocated to R&D – NNT



Don’t boost Thailand’s debt, TMB boss warns Pheu Thai A top Thai Military Bank executive has urged the new government to focus on turning Thailand into a regional economic centre, while advising it to manage budget wisely and not fall into a debt crisis like Europe. Thai Military Bank (TMB) CEO Boontak Wangcharoen urged the new government to go through all policies to make sure they do not increase debt for the country. He said he agreed with all of the investment incentive programs but urged the government to focus on turning Thailand into a regional economic centre. He added that the minimum wage should be increased according to workers’ competency level as increasing wage for all workers would only place more cost burden on entrepreneurs. Mr Boontak said that the Deposit Protection Agency, or DPA, plans to decrease its protection for all deposits to B50 million starting August 11. He said it will increase competition among all banks. He said TMB will focus on a new deposit campaign, which is a non-fixed deposit program with high interest rate. He added that the bank will introduce a payment system allowing customers to manage their bill payments through SMS texts. The system will inform customers of account balance at least three days prior to the payment date to help them manage expenses. –TAN

Qatar Airways opens office at Phuket airport Qatar Airways has opened a ticket office at Phuket International Airport to serve passengers. Located on the third floor of the airport, the office was officially opened on Wednesday by Marwan Koleilat, the airline’s Senior Vice President for East Asia and the South West Pacific. The office is open for reservations all day from Monday Friday and half-day on Saturday. Phuket Tourist Association president Somboon Jirayus said he believes the airline, which flies to Doha via Kuala Lumpur, is useful for journeys by Middle Eastern travellers. It is also, he added, “a great link with European markets”, as the airline flies direct between Doha to major cities in Europe.

Bangkok real estate ‘heading for bubble’ The Agency for Real Estate Affairs and Property Consultants (AREAPC) has warned the real estate sector targeting Thai buyers could be heading for a bubble. It points out that 48,825 units were sold in Thailand in the first half of the year, an increase of 15 per cent on the first half of 2010. It predicts sales for the year will be double that number – almost 100,000 units. The agency’s president, Sopon Pornchokchai, said he believed the real estate sector will continue to expand next year, with a further 100,000 units at least being sold. He said entrepreneurs are confident in the country’s economic expansion. But he warned that if the economy slows in 2013 because of political factors or increased foreign competition, or both, buyers may not be able to keep up with payments on their property. In addition, he pointed out, the higher supply of real estate and the atmosphere of bullishness could lead to rising competition among banks in the home loan sector, which in turn could lead to increasing amounts of bad debt or nonperforming loans. He added another disturbing factor is that real estate purchases nowadays “are mostly speculative”, especially for condominiums selling for

less than B1 million. Phuket is more stable than Bangkok, said Tanan Tanphaibul, President of the Phuket Real Estate Club. He noted that the condo building boom in the capital has been “tremendous” recently, especially along MRT rail lines. “The market here, under B2 million per home, is still very active, but there is not as much speculative buying as there is in Bangkok. “Tourism is picking up and so long as we have political stability I don’t see a problem here.” He warned, however, that the market needs to keep an eye on the absorption rate – the time it takes for a low-end development to sell out. This is currently about 12 to 15 months nationally, he noted, but added that if it were to slow to 24 to 30 months, that could lead to oversupply. As for international sales in Phuket, Mr Tanan said these were currently rather slow, a situation he attributed to potential home-buyers holding back because of the current high exchange rate of the Thai baht. That said, added the Russian market has been growing rapidly, because Russians are coming to the island in ever greater numbers, have good buying power, and often do not want to keep their hard-won money in Russia. –Phuket News/TAN

Apartment building under construction in Bangkok. –Photo by Jeremy Winterson

Fund to help SMEs hit by wage policy The Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Office is preparing a labour fund to help more than 400,000 operations that may be affected by the new government’s minimum wage hike policy, while an economist suggests business operators quickly adapt to the policy and make a log of production costs. The Small and Medium

Enterprises Promotion Office (OSMEP) Director Yutthasak Supasorn said if the government implements the B300 daily minimum wage hike, the OSMEP will set up a Labour Fund to help 430,000 affected SMEs, or 15 per cent of the total 2.9 million SMEs nationwide. The fund will grant a maximum of B5 million in

low-interest loans for an SME to adjust its production and workforce. The details of the Labour Fund are expected to be clarified within two months. Thai Military Bank economist Benjarong Suwankiri said

the wage hike policy will trim SME revenues by 50 per cent, particularly industries reliant on unskilled manual labour. He went on to say that SMEs must cope with other production costs such as raw materials, oil prices, and the

climbing inflation rate, which is expected to float at 3.75 per cent. Benjarong suggested that all SMEs quickly adapt to the changes by making a financial log to keep track of all production costs. – TAN




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Training to save lives P

huket’s monsoon season brings with it high waves, strong currents, and regular rescues by Phuket’s lifeguards. But just how well are they trained to carry out risky, potentially life-saving manoeuvres? And why have there been cases where sometimes there are no lifeguards on the beaches at all, leaving tourists to perform dangerous rescues themselves? The Phuket News spoke to the president of the Phuket Lifeguards Club (PLC), Prathaiyuth Chuayuan, who said lifeguards worked hard along Phuket’s beaches, offering advice and rescuing swimmers in trouble. New lifeguards, employed in a paid role, undergo training from both Thai and Australian trainers at the PLC, before getting a certificate and being able to start work. Lifeguard training involves extensive swimming tests, including in a pool, in the sea during rain, and during high waves or storms. They are taught how to use rescue equipment such as fins, rescue boards or tubes, dinghies, jetskis or lifebuoys, as well as undergoing fitness tests. Lifeguards are also trained in first aid and CPR. Every week, representatives from the PLC and the Phuket Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation (OrBorJor) claim they visit one of the island’s beaches every week to test the lifeguards capability on the beaches. After an unsuccessful rescue, trainers and Mr Prathaiyuth have a meeting with the lifeguards to analyse the incident and discuss ways

Left: Chatree Promnan, a lifeguard at Karon Beach. Above: Happy in their work. to improve rescues. But there have been more than a handful of examples of lifeguards being absent from beaches, with tourists, and other members of the public, having to perform dangerous rescues themselves in order to save lives. One recent example was just last month when visiting New Zealand tourist Stu Piddington saved the lives of two children and two adults at Naiharn Beach. Lifeguards were in “a meeting” at the time, leaving the beach without any rescuers. There are also other examples where flagged zones are up on the beach but lifeguards are nowhere to be seen.

By Sukunya Phoonpong (Beau) REPORTER

Mr Prathaiyuth claimed the lifeguards were often monitoring another part of the beach, or could be taking part in another rescue. He did admit, however, that many could also be on breaks. Tourists often reached the person in trouble because they were in the sea with them, and closer, he claimed. He also claims lifeguards are on duty everyday from 9am to 7pm, and regularly worked late to perform rescues. Flags are often put out on the beach, with yellow mean-

ing it is safe to swim, and red meaning stay out of the water. Flags that are half yellow and half red indicate a lifeguardmonitored zone, but often these cannot be relied upon to be safe areas, as often the flags are not changed with the tidal currents, and lifeguards are often absent. Mr Prathaiyuth said when there is a “safe zone’’ indicated on the beach, but a red flag was inside it, swimmers should stay out of the water. He claims a lack of education about the flags, but also at fault could be a previous lack of information provided by Phuket’s local authorities. However it appears some improvements

could be on the way. The PLC and the OrBorJor recently put up more warning signs around Phuket’s beaches, which provide more information to tourists about the beach dangers, and what the flags mean. The Phuket Tourist Police also now regularly walk along the most notoriously dangerous beaches – Kata, Naiharn, Patong and Karon – handing out brochures to tourists containing information and warnings about the beaches. New warning signs, in many languages, have also gone up around local beaches. A lifeguard at Naiharn Beach, Natthakit Srijan, who unsuccessfully tried to save a

Russian woman who drowned at the beach last month, said: “It is very sad when we can’t save someone, but we do our best.” Vitanya Chuayuan, a publicity officer at the PLC, said the main cause of drowning was being caught in rip currents and the swimmer not knowing how to escape a rip. “These rips are unpredictable during the monsoon season.’’ “We would like to warn tourists to respect the warning signs and flags, and listen to the lifeguards. If you are unsure about what the flags mean, contact the lifeguards and they can advise you.”

Above: On the move; a lifeguard in action. Below: Chaninthorn Nareepen is keeping a lookout at Naiharn Beach.

A lifeguard at Naiharn Beach keeps watch over his patch.



Above left: By Hannah Willoch from the British International School. Above right: By King from the Phuket Has Been Good to Us Foundation.

From left: King, Bo and and Guitar from the Phuket Has Been Good to Us Foundation.

Our first kid art winners C

ongratulations go to the first four budding artists who are the first monthly winners of The Phuket News’ kid art competition. Their good work is shown here (on the right) for us all to enjoy.

Every month, four artwork, as sent in by Phuket’s young artists, are selected to be shown. These winners then go into the competition for a major prize, to be offered later on in the year. I n the meantime, ar t teachers and parents, please

encourage young artists to send in files of their work (at least a megabyte in size for good printing) to editor3@ Keep making art as The Phuket News would love to see your work here.

Left: Figure sculpture by Tiggy, Year 5 at Headstart International School Phuket. Right: Monet by Nae Nae, Year 6 at Headstart International School Phuket.

Above: Novice monk Anuphon Saengmuang sits slightly apart. Below: Jaenjira Kanaphum with her new specs.

Final adjustments are made to students’ new glasses.

Lions give gift of glasses Some 21 students at the Baan Ban Tong School near the Ban Vart Dam in Kathu are reading and seeing better today, thanks to 21 pairs of glasses provided by KT Optic and the Lions Club of Patong Beach. The whole school turned out on Monday to see their classmates individually collecting their first-ever pairs

of specs from the President of the Lions Club of Patong Beach, Jehanbaz “Jum” Ali Khan. Other Lions members were on hand to celebrate with the children. Lions plan to use the Phuket Go-kart Team Championships, to be held on Sunday August 28 at the Go-kart racing track in Chalong, to raise

the money for these glasses and the club’s charity work. Mr Ali Khan said from the club helping this school for the last three years, it became clear that some students were short-sighted. So to these students, the teacher and the whiteboard should be in sharper focus now.

Back, from left: Lions President Jehanbaz Ali Khan, Hirun Harngamphon from KT Optic and School Principal Thaopan Wongthai.





Sex on the Moon

Ben Mezrich Doubleday In this true story of love and adventure, nothing can stop Thad Roberts from keeping a promise to his girlfriend – not even NASA security. When he’s in the lab, Roberts is a brilliant NASA co-op intern, but the other interns know him better for devising thrill-seeking activities, like cliff diving and sneaking into the shuttle simulator. When he realises that scientists consider moon rocks worthless once they’ve been in experiments, Rober ts starts to wonder… if they’re worthless, how could stealing them be wrong? Behind-the-scenes looks at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre and thriller-like action that ranges from the US to Belgium make for an enthralling read for anyone who ever dreamed about being an astronaut –or promised to give someone else the moon.

They Might be Giants

Join Us Rounder (2011) The 15th album from They Might be Giants (TMBG), Join Us, offers 18 new tracks that clock in around 46 minutes, meaning they’re 18 pretty short songs, a decision that pays off. The songs are novel in both conception and execution, and the band seems aware of the novelty, aware that two to three minutes is just the right length, that quirky and irreverent work best when the song ends before you want it to. They also seem aware of who they are, what their strengths are, their past, what their fans like and expect, but they seem far more concerned with having a good time than any of that. Join Us is always fun, consciously clever and catchy in that “I can’t believe I’m singing to myself in the grocery store in the voice of a personified raindrop” kind of way (a raindrop does respond in character in the refrain of Track 5).

Run Time: 126 minutes Rating: 13+ An illiterate farming girl who rose to become the ‘Queen of Country Music’ in Thailand, only to be ravaged by illness, controversy and personal heartbreak – the story of Pumpuang Duangshan is one worthy of being told. It’s also one that’s been eagerly awaited by her legions of fans in Thailand. But much like the tragic ordeal that was her life, this is a film that suffers wildly from highs and lows of quality filmmaking, and is ultimately unlikely to engage with a foreign audience. It starts well enough. The opening paints a stunning if not stark picture of life at the absolute bottom of the Thai socio-economic spectrum. The mundaneness, the sense of futility that derives from farm life, and the sense of sheer desperation to break

free from the shackles of poverty is overpowering, and draws from the audience a genuine sense of sympathy for Pumpuang’s plight. But it is a background that is all too brief, and we are given too little time to look at the true conditions of her upbringing and identify with her character. It is always alluded to later in the film, but with less impact than the original imagery. That inconsistent pacing is a trend that is continued throughout the story, as the filmakers opt to skip over some of the more pivotal plot developments in favour of some rather stagnant scenes, that are, to be blunt, a little boring. In the end

it is impossible not to feel like Pumpuang’s character never really lives up to her real life persona, while too much emphasis is given to songs that, while hauntingly beautiful in their own right, all sound much the same, and indeed are the same on many occasions. Eighteen-year-old Paowaree Panpimol delivers a strong performance in the title role, but this is a film not let down by its actors, rather by poor scriptwriting decisions and direction. We have to remember though that this has been made almost exclusively for a Thai audience. If you haven’t heard of Pumpuang the artist, which is probably most of the farang fraternity here on Phuket, then there is probably little value in seeing Pumpuang the film. Too much assumed knowledge of her life is required to enjoy the film fully – it definitely hasn’t been made for the casual expat theatergoer. That is exaggerated by some fairly substandard sub-

titling. Noticable misspelling and grammatical errors litter parts of the text, but what is more distracting is the awkward and clunky language used in the translation. It feels more like it’s been put into Google Translate at some points, with unusual and old fashioned word choice and sentence structure. It’s not enough to stop us understanding what is going on, but it is distracting enough to detract from our enjoyment of the film. Wrecked by fame, ravaged by greed, redeemed by determination, Pumpuang’s story is a good one. But it’s one that, even after seeing this movie, you’ll need to research to fully appreciate. Ultimately this is a case of missed potential – see it only if you are a diehard fan of Thai cinema or have an interest in Thai country music. – Dane Halpin

As some movies and movie times change every Thursday morning, after The Phuket News has gone to press, the accuracy of the following information cannot be guaranteed. For up-to-date information, visit, or phone the cinemas: Phuket 076 209 000 and Patong 076 600 555.

AT SFX COLLISEUM PHUKET THIS WEEK Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (E/3D) [G]: 12:00, 14:45, 17:30, 20:15 Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (E/F) [G]: 13:20, 16:05, 18:50, 21:35 Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (T) [G]: 11:20, 12:40, 14:05, 15:25, 16:50, 18:10, 19:35, 20:50, 22:20 The Lost Bladesman (T) [15+]: 11:30, 15:35, 20:00, 22:20 Pum Puang (T/E.SUB) [13+]: 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 19:50, 22:25 Transformers 3 (E) [13+]: 13:50, 18:00 Transformers 3 (T) [13+]: 12.30, 17.00, 21:00

AT SFC JUNGCEYLON PHUKET The Hangover 2 (E) [18+]:


Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (E) [G]:

11:15, 14:00, 16:45, 19:30, 22:15

Largo Winch 2 (E) [18+]:

12:30, 15:00, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30

The Lost Bladesman (T) [15+]: Pum Puang (T/E.SUB) [13+]: Transformers 3 (E) [13+]:

12:40, 15:00, 17:20, 19:45 11:40, 14:20, 17:00, 19:40, 22:20 12:00, 15:05, 18:10, 21:15

STRETCH YOUR BRAIN Across 1. Apostasy! Natives tore rig to bits! (14) 8. New York river back in lax throat. (6) 9. Approve penalty. (8) 11. Strangely, I note Levi’s box. (10) 12. Far from beautiful in thug lymph part. (4) 15. Set fire to Thai lass – and bolt! (9) 18. Away in Scotland? Quiet! It’s flooded. (5) 20. Direct cattle. (5)

Solutions to last week’s puzzles

21. Difficult to be behind number sphere. (5,4) 22. Sounds like a pointer to corner of sail. (4) 23. He throws down the gauntlet to exploding spaceship. (10) 27. Sure it’s the right terminal? (8) 29. Principality can go back into cow call. (6) 30. Charm may scatter vain set. (14) Down 6. “Oddly, I owe you, 1. Such exaggerations yes,” says Marcel. (3) 7. Two points to are not for midgets. five with affirmative (4,5) jealousy. (4) 2. Agricultural right to mountain range. (5) 10. Want to reach a part of church. (6) 3. In zero tax, or 13. Farang with green south to people with skin. (5) new ideas. (10) 4. Quiet! A knockout 14. Fight French artist piece of headgear. (5) with old-style racket. 5. Thanks to company (10) for snack. (4) 16. Ogre beak holds

bird. (5) 17. Silence. Note the French flock. (6) 19. Somehow, I hail ours: very funny! (9) 22. Limits hats. (4) 24. Put audio-visual in this Latin chaos. (5) 25. Sort the slope. (5) 26. Wake up in prison. (4) 28. Bend it into instruction to dog. (3)


Gents pipe up for a jolly good time earing their finest tweeds, stroking their sidebur ns and filling the air with pipe smoke, competitors and spectators gathered for The Chap Olympiad on July 16, an annual celebration of the classic English gentleman. Hundreds of “chaps” and “chapettes” descended on a leafy square in central London for the sporting social occasion, where regular pastimes are overlooked in favour of smoking pipes, ordering butlers about and swilling cocktails. The event is the annual summer bash of The Chap, a bi-monthly magazine celebrating the English gent, his eccentricity, courteous behaviour, impeccable dress and devotion to facial hair. “It’s a sports day for people who don’t like sport,” said organiser Gustav Temple, The Chap’s editor.


THE BIG LIST Outlandish lodgings


In the doghouse: This is no ordinary doghouse – it’s an inn in the shape of the world’s largest beagle, nicknamed Sweet Willy. The Dog Park Bark Inn in Idaho, USA has guestrooms inside the multi-level interior, including a sleeping alcove in the dog’s muzzle. Even toilets are shaped like fire hydrants. In-flight entertainment: For the most convenient airport hotel in Sweden, guests need not leave the tarmac. Jumbo Stay is a retired jet that holds 27 guest rooms with either garden or courtyard views.

Englishman gathered round for a traditional gentlemanly round of ‘tug of hair’. “It’s unfair that chaps who spend most of their time filling their pipes, pressing their trousers and mixing dry martinis

don’t get a chance to compete.” The 10 events included the pipeathlon – sauntering, bicycling and being carried

by servants while smoking a pipe – butler baiting, ironing board surfing and moustache wrestling.

Dye thief caught red handed When a bottle of red hair dye was stolen from a bed-sit in the UK, the boys in blue didn’t exactly have to tear their hair out to find the culprit. Police simply knocked on a nearby front door that had red stains over it – then arrested the man inside, Edward Allen, whose hands were covered in the dye.

Cave dwellers: As the world’s only internationally rated underground hotel, Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy, Australia is cut into sandstone and stays cool and dry, a far cry from the scorching surroundings.

Flying start: Tim Johnson has already begun work on converting this Royal Navy helicopter into a room for his camping site.

Camping taken to new heights

This little gem of a sign is located outside the toilets inside Robinsons (Jungceylon), Patong.

Icy reception: Even though it’s built from snow and ice, Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada remains a red-hot place to stay. Completely rebuilt each winter, the hotel has 36 rooms and suites and is the only ice hotel in the Americas. After school care: You won’t mind staying after school at the Kennedy School hotel. A former neighbourhood elementary school, the Kennedy was transformed into a luxurious and funky hotel, with guest rooms in former classrooms – complete with school-related décor like blackboards and coatrooms.

He admitted burglary and even Judge Anthony Goldstaub had a laugh at his expense as he jailed Allen for 15 months, saying: “You were caught red-handed.” Allen, 35, stole £115 (B5550) worth of belongings including the dye, a pink mobile phone, perfume and curling spray.

The ultimate tease

A night in the slammer: Formerly the Charles Street Jail, The Liberty Hotel in Boston, USA retains the original granite work and cupola built in 1851. It features preserved jail cells, barred windows, original stonework and an outdoor patio.

Quirky British campsite owner Tim Johnson has bought an old Westland Search and Rescue helicopter to turn it into a caravan, complete with beds and seats. Visitors to the Blackberry Wood campsite, near Ditchling in East Sussex, will get their camping holidays off to a flying start if they spend their break in the contraption. Father-of-three Johnson bought the former Royal Navy copter for £5,000 (B240,000) and has already stripped it down to make way for caravan furniture. Happy campers will be

able to hire it for about £60 (B2,900) a night, plus a charge of £5 and £9 per person. It will be surrounded by a mock army camp, complete with sandbags and an army shelter. Johnson said: “Originally I was looking for a private jet but they were very squishy inside and I didn’t think it would be a very nice experience to stay in there. So the helicopter was what popped up.” Those who don’t fancy bedding down in that particular vehicle can opt to stay in a double decker bus, or a tiny ’60s Dutch ‘bubble’ caravan.

Bookworm: You won’t run out of bedtime reading when you stay at the Library Hotel in New York City. The top-rated, luxury library-themed hotel has arranged its floors according to the 10 categories of the Dewey Decimal System. Guests choose from a room menu of sub-topics according to their interests, such as classics, astronomy or new media, complete with book selections. Underwater world: Jules’ Undersea Lodge is the world’s first underwater hotel. Originally built in the early 1970s as a groundbreaking research lab off the coast of Puerto Rico, the Lodge has been in business in Key Largo, Florida since relocating there and opening its hatch to the public in 1986. Asleep in the sewer: Located less than an hour away from Mexico City, Tepoztlan’s Tubohotel is an affordable hotel that uses recycled concrete tubing for its rooms. Crazy house: Hằng Nga guesthouse, popularly known as the “Crazy House”, is an unconventional building in Đà Lạt, Vietnam. The building’s overall design resembles a giant tree, incorporating sculptured design elements representing natural forms such as animals, mushrooms, spider webs and caves.



Welcome to the Beatle Party. Left: Face painting time.

Beatlemania hits Phuket T

he Laguna Summer Family Festival went back in time on Saturday with a special Beatles party night. Held at Canal Village, there were plenty of activities to keep all ages happy, including a bouncy castle, face painting, and clowns for the children. As well as popular 60s music there were lucky draws all night long.

Event MC Russell Distance Russell. Below: Sonya Taylor from South Korea and Zina Mikati from Lebanon.

Above, Beres and Christopher Hogan. Below, from left, Per Erichsen; Laguna Phuket Destination Marketing AVP Debbie Dionysius; and Doug Young. Right: Maria Victoria is ready for her show.

Above: Passapong Nantarak with his wife Sannamart and son Khantapong. Left: Sarah Ratcliffe (left) and son Michael with Sara McCarthy.

Andrew Smith and his daughter Molly. Left: Iona and Manicha Campbell.



Street Fashion

Must haves 1

Vintage-style accessories from Aommy at Indy Market on Dibuk Road, Phuket Town.



Yupaporn Kaewsawee,

Orawan Srikram,

Yupaporn bought her ZARA shirt for B890 from Central Festival. Her Xact skirt was B1,500, her FQL belt was B550 and her Gian Ferrente bag was B4,900, which were all bought from Jungceylon. She bought her Stellaluna shoes (B8,000), her CH watch (B10,000) and her earrings (B40) in Bangkok.

Orawan paid B4490 for her waistcoat and B2,990 for her shorts. Both were bought from IZZUE shop in Phuket Central Festival. Her bracelet was bought from Expo Market in Phuket Town for B390. Her Cherilon stockings were bought in Phuket Central Festival for B99. Her boots cost B590, which she bought at Phuket Central Festival.

Account executive.

Fashion store assistant manager. 1: Necklace B59 2: Headband B100 3: Sling bag B299 4: Belt B100



Annie and Jamie Fumo from Australia were married on Ya Nui Beach on July 20. –Photos by





A sea anemone.

Staff check the health of this big grouper being kept for breeding.

Helping fishemen and sea turtles

Staff at an out-of-the way marine research centre on Tai Muang Beach in Phang Nga Province, about 100 kilometres from Phuket, are doing some very dedicated work for local fishermen and endangered sea turtles. This afternoon staff are catching big pla kaow (grouper) from tanks, weighing and attaching microchips to them. The hefty breeding fish are then transferred to new cement tanks where they will breed offspring that fetch high prices in restaurants in Patong or Karon and are exported live to China. Suparp Pripanapong, Director of Phang Nga Coastal Fishery Research and Development Centre of the Department of Fisheries, said the main work of the centre is to raise

Centre’s director Suparp Pripanapong. the young of popular eating prawns and fish species to be released into the sea to restock for fishermen. Each year the centre releases into the mangrove forests 21 million young black tiger and banana prawns, about three centimetres long, that staff have hatched from eggs and reared, solely to maintain the livelihood of fishermen

Meet the natives


ach week The Phuket News introduces an animal or plant that is found on the island of Phuket.

The swift land crab is approximately the size of a small finger tip, and can be found on any Phuket beach. It digs into the sand to create a small hole as its home, only venturing out for food such as plankton and minute pieces of food that wash up on the beach. The swift land crab also has a unique way of eating its food. It uses its claws to scoop up a small ball of sand and mixes the food in before swallowing. The crustacean is also easily frightened and scatters off back into its hole with any vibration.

working closer to shore in their smaller boats. T h e c e n t r e r el e a s e s 200,000 offspring of pla grapong (snapper) a year for the same purpose and help stock fish in the aquaculture sea cages be raised off the Phang Nga and Krabi coasts. It also raises quaint coral fish to sell to sellers of aquarium fish so that fewer would be caught from coral reefs. Sea anemones and soft corals flower multi-coloured in the long cement take in the centre’s effort to help with the coral-bleaching death caused by a rising sea temperature. For all this beneficial work, the centre receives dwindling funds from the government departments that it serves, not enough to pay for adequate maintenance.

It has not been possible so far to tempt sea turtles to lay eggs in captivity, so the centre relies on the supply of young mostly green sea turtles from the Royal Thai Navy to raise to eight months old. Research has shown that, released at this age, about 90 per cent of the turtles survive. On beaches in the secured area of the naval island bases free from human traffic, the clever turtles come ashore to lay their many egg caches in the sand. Sailors then collect the tiny turtles hatchings to rear further. If the hatchings are left to make for the sea and struggle into the surf, as their instinct tells them to do immediately, they are mostly eaten by birds and fish because of their soft shells and only about three

A worker cleans the cement tanks.

A mature olive ridley sea turtle swims in its tank. per cent survive. Help is needed at this early stage as all of the three species of turtles that try to come back to lay eggs at the same beaches where they were born on Phuket and Phang Nga – green, olive ridley and leatherback – are all on the endangered list. As it is, it is rare to see mother leatherback turtles making their way back up to the same beaches where they were hatched as those beaches

have often been taken over by luxury resort guests and fishing villagers. Actively green, the Alleenta Resort and Spa slightly to the south, pays the monthly salary of one worker at this centre. To see their good work, drive straight ahead from the Tai Muang township straight to the Khao Lam Pee-Had Tai Muang National Park instead of turning for Khao Lak. –Norachai Thavisin

We're now available at all


in Phuket Se-Ed Coliseum Phuket Talad Yai, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 256 723 Se-Ed Big C Phuket Vichit, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 249 422 Se-Ed Lotus Mall Phuket Rassada, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 255 118 Se-Ed Home Pro Village Chalong Chalong, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 606 441 Se-Ed Home Work Phuket Vichit, Muang, Phuket Tel: 076 608 076

This is in addition to 400+ locations including all 7-Eleven, Family Marts, Big One Supermarkets and all major shopping outlets.

For full list of outlets please visit


Stuffed quail on herb salad.


Cheese dish at Amari.

‘Trio’ of oyster, sole, monkfish – and a raviolo.

Courage and creativity at Amari I

t’s that season. It’s raining; no way to get a tan. Unless you’re quite mad or really stupid you’re not going to go near the sea. All of which translates into fewer tourists which in turn means that hotels look to the local market to promote their culinary skills and perhaps make a little money from local gourmands. During the tourist season, there are lots of meals to serve every day, but the operation of providing them is rather production-line. Before the season opens, settle on your menu, make sure that every dish works and that it can be produced quickly and to the same quality each time. The chef’s job is to make sure everything ticks over.

Once everything is working like a Swiss watch, many chefs go off on vacation. Not very challenging, really. The low season, after the snowbirds have migrated north, is the time for creativity and experimentation, a time when locals get to pay for the privilege to act as guinea pigs for the chefs’ wilder ideas, many of which are delicious, a few of which fall short. It’s live and learn time, and everyone enjoys it. A recent entry into this public experimentation is the Amari Coral Beach at the south end of Patong Beach, which has in the past pretty much ignored the locals. Last Friday, executive chef Thomas Vanderlieb and his crew of 15 served up a six-

Tomato granita infu s e d with herbs, each portion resting inside a cave in a huge teardrop of ice.

course gourmet dinner accompanied by an eclectic variety of wines from French winemaker Francois Lurton, who has vineyards in the Bordeau region but also in the New World. Chef Thomas started with a simple and relatively conventional concept – stuffed quail on herb salad with a bacon vinaigrette. The stuffing

was … stuffed, shall we say, with pistachios and other nuts. Tasty, but perhaps a little on the dry side. The menu announced that next up was a “trio” of oyster, sole and monkfish. When it arrived it had transformed into a quartet with the addition of a green-and-white striped artichoke raviolo. No complaints about that –

more bang for our monk. And creativity should not be limited by a mere menu. Of particular interest was the oyster, served in the kind of batter more usually used for that Thai breakfast staple, patango. Lentil soup with rabbit followed – a strong-flavoured winter warmer – then the most mysterious of courses, a tomato granita infused with herbs, each portion resting inside a cave in a huge teardrop of ice. How did they make this? Executive assistant manager Alexander Mack replied with the standard magician’s response: “That’s for us to know and you to guess,” he said. A fellow diner, though he could not say how the teardrop was made, explained one

mystery: that the granita is created by dripping the tomato slowly into ice where it forms little caviar-like pearls. Back to tradition with slow-roasted beef tenderloin, rosy and tender, with forest mushrooms and a delicious mashed celeriac. Very successful, and the accompanying robust Argentinian Piedra Negra Malbec was a worthy accompaniment. There were mixed reactions to the final course of cheese, particularly to the warm Munster cheese pear, a f lavour combination too strong for most, but overall the meal was a success, with Chef Thomas and his team receiving applause for their courage and creativity. –Alasdair Forbes

Quick guide to boxed wine Box wines, claimed by Aussies as their invention and where they are referred to more kindly as “cask” wines, have actually had their greatest success in the United States. Tank farm wine production facilities in California’s Central Valley churn out three and five litre boxes of wine at an average of over 100,000 units per day. Franzia Wines, an immense wine production company based in the town of Ripon, leads the competition by producing about 30 million boxes annually to feed the global supermarket demand for wine in low price point categories including, relatively speaking, here in Thailand. The Franzia brothers built the Ripon winery during the 1980s then sold it to Coca Cola at the beginning of the massive consolidations that brought corporate marketing tactics to what had been family owned and operated wineries. In 1993 a San Francisco company, The Wine Group (TWG), bought Franzia from Coca Cola and in a few short years acquired more than

Fine Wine thirty additional winery brands establishing it as the third largest wine producer in the world. TWG’s roster includes such well known American mass market brands as Glen Ellen, Almaden, Paul Masson, Inglenook, Corbett Canyon and Mogen David. Recently the Inglenook brand was bought from TWG by wine and movie mogul Francis Ford Coppola so he could restore its name to the original Napa Valley winery, which he owns. If you are one of many taking advantage of the improved quality and economy of box wines and can’t find your favorite Franzia merlot, cabernet or chardonnay at your supermarket, fear not. Look for the same size box branded Inglenook or Corbett Canyon and you’ve got the same wine. The global glut of “factory” wines gives companies the size of TWG the opportunity to buy reasonable quality at rock bottom prices and package the same wine under

different brands. Closer examination of labels on Franzia, Inglenook and Corbett Canyon boxes of merlot and cabernet reveal that the wine isn’t from California but Chile. It is shipped in bulk from Chi­lean cooperatives to TWG’s Ripon facility and boxed under labels of choice for importers, two here in Thailand, who distribute to their customers. As noted the upside to this maze of brands and confusing small print on labels is the quite drinkable quality of some of the box wines. The merlot in the above brands is worth a try – chilled. Compared to local prices for one 750ml bottle of merlot with the equivalent of four bottles per box makes it seem like a bargain. That is until you remind yourself that it’s still over three times the price you’d pay in countries with fair taxes on wine. – R. James Mullen For more information call the Andaman Wine Club, Tel 076-620-101 or visit andaman-wine-club. com


A beef spectacle



he Mare restaurant at the Centara Grand, at the north end of Karon Beach, seems to be trying to build a niche reputation for itself, as the creator of meals created around a single food. At the end of February it was foie gras (liver), as described in The Phuket News, issue of March 11. On Saturday it was beef. Not just any beef, either. Supplied by the Bangkok-based Jagota family, which also has offices in Phuket, the meal used secondary cuts of beef – sirloin made no appearance on the menu. For Jagota, this was a showcase for their beef which, they argue, can be every bit as tender and delicious as the primary cuts, but at half the price. On the first evening the press were invited; on the second, a score of Phuket’s top chefs. Jagota also supplies a wide range of seafood, which formed a secondary theme for the evening. Pairing wines with the menu plainly received serious thought, too, and diners were treated to very good sauvignon blanc from New Zealand, a delightfully fresh chardonnay from the Californian Layer Cake winery,

Beef oyster blade – one of four main courses. a truly excellent cab, also from Layer Cake; and to finish off, a nicely floral viognier from the Pays d’Oc. All supplied by Water & Wine of Bangkok. In the open kitchen, meanwhile, two young chefs who, one suspects, may soon attain international recognition, were hard at it: Sandro Aguilera, who trained under famed molecular cuisine pioneer Ferran Adria; and Haikal Johari of Bangkok’s ultra-trendy Water Library fusion restaurant, already known for his individual tasting menus for regular diners.

The pair had plainly figured that serving a stodgy combination of beef with gravy and two veg was out in Phuket’s steamy climate, and that the 10 courses each had to be small if any diner was going to make it to the non-beef, non-seafood finish. Thus the starters (not exactly starting – they were third and fourth on the menu after the welcome canapé of oyster and vodka and the tenderloin and monkfish amuse bouche), came with acid-note sauces to cut through the richness of the meat.

Haikal Johari (left) and Sandro Aguilera. An example was the choron sauce, a Spanish variant on bearnaise using tomato and served with topside carpaccio, a worthy competitor for the more usual fillet. The beef tongue (served with excellent scallop) was a revelation – a meat that has disappeared from most menus and even home cuisine but on this showing deserves a return. There were four main courses: Tuna (very good) and beef oyster blade (not so good); element of roast beef (hard to get past the memories of

school dinners that this course evoked); flank steak with rosemary fragrance (excellent); and short ribs cooked for 24 hours (reminiscent of rendang, and also excellent). The cheese dish, featuring brie baked in puff pastry, was inventively served with rhubarb ice cream and a radish infused with beetroot juice. A delicious combination. Finally we (those of us who still had room) arrived at the dessert of chocolate, passion bergamot tea, braised fruit and ice yoghurt. Again, a

surprising yet very successful combination. One question: if one is going to serve secondary cuts of beef at a five-star restaurant, how does one get around the potentially off-putting names of these cuts. Will diners, expecting prime rib or sirloin, turn up their noses at brisket or shank? Our table agreed that it might be an idea simply to use another language. Some suggestions instead of “brisket”, for example: Rebarca (Croatian) or faldilla (Catalan). Suitably exotic? –Alasdair Forbes




TSLC Kids Summer Camps Join the fun this weekend at Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club.

THIS MONTH ... July 30-31 IBAP Business Fair

Most children learning to swim are recommended to to go into group sessions. However, for those requiring individual attention, private classes can be arranged. Class times: 45 minute sessions from 9am-12pm or from 4pm-6pm. Price B200 per class per person.

The IBAP (International Business Association of Phuket) Business Fair is back. The exhbition will feature exhibitors from all industries in Phuket and beyond. As well as local exhibitors, this year the show will also feature celebrity appearances, lots of prizes and free giveaways and much more. Spaces are limited. Special appearances by Princess of R&B: Lydia. Contact Events Thailand, info@eventsthailand. net.

Until AUGUST 08 Learn to Swim This Summer at TSLC

Let your kids enjoy sports and adventure this summer at

This comprehensive program helps develop a wide range of skills to ensure children are competent in all strokes, water safety and survival. Qualified instructors will teach classes in all six levels of the programme.


“Learn to Fly” on Asia’s only Mini Flying Trapeze open to the public at Laguna Summer Family Festival. There are many reasons to go on holiday. One is to enjoy new culture and to gain new experiences for the family. iFLY are offering that chance, to create memories to last a lifetime and to try something new and unique with the entire family. Classes are open to all ages at all times. Great for families, BDAY parties, and corporate events. Be in the iFLY fantasy fly show. 084 837 5726,


TSLC Kids Summer Camps

Laguna Phuket’s Summer Family

Let your kids enjoy sports and adventure this summer at Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club’s kids summer camps. Children from 7-14 years old can join the fun with a wide variety of sports to choose from. Each day will combine a range of sports and activities from football and swimming to nature walks and trekking.

Laguna Phuket’s Summer Family Festival stages a spectacular Phuket Magic show in the Festival Marquee at Canal Village tomorrow (July 30) at 6 pm.

The camps include: • Developing self esteem, confidence and leadership qualities. • Professional, internationally accredited specialist instructors. • Encouraging every student to “Be the best they can be”. Programmes available for: Half Day – B600 (either 9am-12.30pm or 1.30pm5pm) Full Day - B1,000. 5 Days - B4,000.076 336 000 ext.1608.

entertainment at the Festival Marquee with Happy Hour bar 5-7pm; BBQ food and live big screen sports, Kidzole Flying Trapeze, Kidz Lounge with

movies and games, bouncy castle and trampoline, and Quiz Nights on Wednesdays. See: familyfestival

The festival runs until August 27 at Canal Village with Artist-in-Residence Christopher Hogan’s art classes MonSat 2pm-4.30pm at B1,000 for children and B2,000 for adults; and performance artist Greta Caponnetto’s children’s Circus Skills classes Mon-Fri from 5pm. Kidz Zone adventure activities are held every day 2pm-5pm for kids aged 5-15 at B200 per kid; there’s evening

JULY 09 Laguna Phuket's Summer Family Festival: Special appearance by the Phuket Magic Show

NEXT MONTH ... AUGUST AUGUST 01-26 Phuket Seafood Fiesta 2011

Every dish is specially prepared and cooked by experienced chefs. In addition to delicious sea-food for choices, it is a good chance for all diners to join many activities in a relaxed environment with an exquisite scene of Phuket. Contact Tourisim Authority of Thailand (TAT), Phuket office. 076 212 213. See www.

Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club. Contact 076 336 000,

UNTIL AUGUST 31 iFly Flying Trapeze by KidzSole

List your events on our website and here for free

Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket Office by cooperation of Phuket Province, Phuket Tourist Association, Food Shop and Restaurant Owners will hold “Phuket Seafood Fiesta 2011” in coming August. Seafood, one of the main symbol of Phuket will play the most important role as the main selling point to encourage more tourists to visit Phuket during the green season. Over 60 food shops and restaurants in Phuket and PangNga harmonise participate this event by offering 10-20 percent discount for all kinds of menu to welcome all tourists.

AUGUST 12 HM the Queen’s Birthday Commemorates the birthday of Queen Sirikit, also observed as National Mother’s Day (Wan Mae Haeng Chart). It is a public holiday.

AUGUST 20 Dusit Charity Cup 2011

AUGUST Por Tor Festival

Ethnic Chinese in Phuket believe that Por Tor Kong is a God of Devil. The seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar is believed to be the period when spirits are released. The gates are opened and spirits released to wander or revisit homes. During the festival, people bring food and nicely-decorated fruits to make offerings to Por Tor Kong to pass onto those spirits. An essential offering for the festival is red turtleshaped cake, large or small. They believe that turtles symbolise longevity.

winning team will be awarded the Governor’s Cup trophy inscribed by Phuket Governor Tri Augaradacha. Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards the ongoing Dusit Smiles - Operation Smile Thailand programme. This worldwide organisation mobilises medical professionals to provide safe and effective reconstructive surgery for children born with facial deformities, such as cleft lip and cleft palate. The registration fee of B 1,500 per team covers the rental of bowling shoes and refreshments.

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket will hold its first charitable bowling tournament, the Dusit Charity Cup 2011, at CS Bowl, Big C Phuket. The

For more information or to register, contact CSR Coordinator Ms Wineeporn Sinsaengwat, 076 362 999 ext. 7401 or dtlphrcsrco@



List your events on our website and here for free

Happy Hour? Special promo? Live Music? Live Sport? Brunch? Dinner? Spa Promo? List here for


FRIDAY IBAP - Networking

Program Topic: Thailand – same same, but different, from traditionalist patronage democracy to capitalist patronage demo cracy. Presented by Voranai Vanijaka, Political and Social Commentator for the Bangkok Post. NEW LOCATION for August 12 Meeting - IBAP has been invited to meet at the Full Moon brewery in JungCeylon, Patong Beach. Doors open at 6.15pm. Contact Denny on 089 973 3483.

Birthday Michael invites you to his birthday bash at the Ship Inn by old Kata Bazzar Friday July 29. Free English and Thai buffet, live music.

Friday Night Relax At Friendship Beach Resort in Rawai. A mix of great music, great food, and great company with a special drinks promotion.

Friday Night Soul The Pjae Stanley Band, with US female soul singer Pjae Stanley at Opus One Restaurant, Surin Plaza, Surin Beach.

Curry Fridays at Navrang Mahal Alternate Fridays, all-you -can-eat authentic Indian curry buffet, B449 net per person. Draught beer B50. 7pm-11.30pm. Call 076 286 464.

Indian Night At RPM Due to the overwhelming success of our “Indian Feast” at “Les Anges”, guests can now enjoy this unique event regularly. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine from 7-10pm. This authentic homemade Indian buffet will be prepared and served by in-house Indian Chef Padum Kahtri. Only B495++. Re ser vat i o ns re c o m mended, please call “Les Anges” on 076 360 803 Or call Khun Murat on 081 797 3364.

At Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Call 081 891 4381.

SUNDAY Sunday Night Sundowner A t Fr i e n d s h i p B e a c h Resort, Rawai. A mix of great music, great food, and great company. B60 Heineken Draught promotion.

Sunday Brunch Enjoy the original Sunday brunch in Phuket at Twinpalms. 12-3pm (from B1,190++ per person). Call 076 316 577.

Champagne Brunch at Trisara

Tapas & Wine Night Order tapas, as much as you like plus one bottle of wine. B1,200 net per person. 6-11pm at White Box Kalim. 076 346 271.

50% Off All Drinks From 10pm-12 midnight with live music, Roaring Bhoys. Every Friday. Irish Times Irish pub, Jungceylon, Patong.

Fillet Friday Enjoy the best steak deal in Phuket. Fillet steak, salad, potato and a beer for B250. From 6-9pm at 5!5! Bar, OTOP shopping centre. Call 086 786 5501.

BBQ Ribs Only B250 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Call 081 891 4381.

SATURDAY TapasTree TapasTree (Near Peppers Bar Laguna). Resident DJ 70s to date. Great tapas. 088 443 4166.

AA Phuket Meetings @ TGM

TapasTree (Near Peppers Bar Laguna) Buy one get one free cocktails. Resident DJ 70s to date. Great tapas. 088 443 4166.

All meetings are one hour long and held in English at The Green Man Pub 82/15 Moo 4 Patak Road, one km from Chalong circle. Contact 081 895 4763.

Colin Hill

BBQ Buffet

Colin Hill performs (duo) every second Friday at Legends Bar in Kamala, with local guitarist “Florian” . Call 081 079 1069.

B295 at Shakers, Rat-UThit Road Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas call 081 891 4381.


20% off all Pizzas

Beach BBQ

All Major Sports Live

Enjoy a beach BBQ at Catch Beach Club, Surin (from B1,190++ per person). 7-10pm.076 316 567.

On the big screen. F1, Motor GP, Tennis, Golf, AFL, NRL. Irish Times,Irish Pub, Jungceylon, Patong.

E v e r y S u n d a y, t h e beachfront bar becomes a celebration of f ine wines, exquisite tapas, live cooking stations and Phuket’s best dessert, featuring the cool sounds of a jazz trio. Come and indulge in Roederer Champagne or a wide variety of wines. Kids club welcome all children with complimentary snacks. Advance reser vations rec om mended on 076 310 100 or

Salsa Night Happy to announce the 4th salsa event at RPM. Dance the cha-cha, bachata, samba and rumba to the sounds of our resident DJ’s “Miscaro” and percussionist “Oy”. Live on the boardwalk outside Les Anges 8pm onwards. Entrance: free. Dress: colourful. For all enquiries please contact Anna & Dider on 084 306 2016 or Mr Murat on 081 797 3364.

Family Brunch on The Boardwalk Les A nges at Royal Phuket Marina. Star ting 11am-3pm. B795++ Adults, include one glass of house wine, 50 per cent discount. Children under 12 eat for free. Call 076 360 803.

Best Sunday Carvery in Phuket Roast beef, BBQ ham, chicken, pork and Yorkshire pudding. All you can eat B399. Irish Times, Jungceylon, Patong.

Sunday Family Brunch At Club Yamu by Twinpalms. Noon till 3pm. En-

joy delicious pasta, BBQ, Thai home cooking. Call 076 310 557.

Sunday Roast Buffet B350 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim areas. Reservations call 081 891 4381.

MONDAY Book & DVD Exchange at Duke’s Duke’s at Kata is happy to sponsor the ChickyNet monthly book and DVD exchange. We meet every second Monday of the month. Visit ChickyNet. com or for details.

Roaring Bhoys Live Music every Monday night. The largest selection of draught beer in Phuket. Irish Times, Jungceylon, Patong.

BBQ Buffet Only B295 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pickup Patong and Kalim. Reservations 081 891 4381.

TUESDAY Beach BBQ Enjoy a beach BBQ at Catch Beach Club (from B1,190++ per person). 7pm-10pm. 076 316 567.

AA Phuket Meetings @ TGM All meetings are one hour long and held in English at The Green Man Pub 82/15 Moo 4 Patak Road, one km from Chalong circle. Contact 081 895 4763.

Salsa Dance With Didier and Anna in their Dance Studio at The Green Man Pub. Dance continues in the pub after class. Happy hour 6-7 pm. Call 084 437 0233.

Rotary Club of Patong Beach Weekly meeting of the only English-speaking Rotary Club on Phuket at the Aloha Villa Hotel (Dinner out on the first Tuesday of mont).

20% off all Pizzas At Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim area. Call 081 891 4381.

WEDNESDAY Wicked Wednesdays at Delish Delish-ous selection of cakes with your favourite coffee or tea only B99 at Delish cafe, Viset Road, Rawai, 150 metres past Tesco Lotus.

Chef Dinner at Surin Gate Kitchen Star t at 7.30 pm, four courses for B750 with awarded Chef Daniel Isberg. 086 047 1474.,

same one free” promotion. The Luna Bar, Centara Grand. 076 201 234.

Brew Great Beer

Salsa Class RPM Salsa c las s at Royal Phuket Marina from 7.309pm. For more info on

Interactive Pub Quiz night. Starts from 8pm every Wednesday night. The largest se lection of draught beer in Phuket. Irish Times, Jungceylon, Patong.

BBQ Ribs Only B250 per person at Shakers. Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong. Free pick up Patong and Kalim. Call on 081 891 4381.

THURSDAY Colin Hill (Solo) At Enigma Bar Aussie expat, Colin “Illy” Hill plays solo at Enigma bar, Rawai. Time 9pm-midnight. Contact Illy on 089 777 3063 or

Pub Quiz

Happy Hour daily from 4pm -7pm. D raf t beer B110/pint, cocktail two for B220. Behind the ship at Jungceylon 076 3667 753.

Currie Cup Rugby Live games shown at Australia Bar & Grill, Kata Beach. For more info visit or call 089 226 2878.

ITM Cup Rugby Live games shown at Australia Bar & Grill, Kata Beach. For more info visit or call 089 226 2878.

GAA Football & Hurling Live games shown at Australia Bar & Grill, Kata Beach. For more info visit or call 089 226 2878.

3-Hour Happy Hour

The Green Man Pub, near Chalong circle. The famous pub quiz with Master John and beat Howard on his landlord’s question. Call 084 437 0233.

“ 3 - hour ” Happy H our Monday-Friday, 4pm-7pm. Beer from B50. House spirits B90. Australia Bar & Grill, Kata Beach. 089 226 2878.

AA Phuket Meetings @ TGM

Duke’s Sports Bar at Kata

All meetings are one hour long and held in English at The Green Man Pub 82/15 Moo 4 Patak Road, one km from Chalong circle. 081 895 4763.

Rawai Ballroom and Latin Dance

Watc h your favour ite sports and enjoy a cold beer at the best little spor ts bar in Phuket. Special “drink of the day” B110, all day - every day.

July Live Sports

At The Green Man Pub, near Chalong circle. More info please visit on http:// Hope to see you on the floor.

Tri Nations Rugby, Netball World Cup, FIFA Womens World Cup, Tour de France. At Australia Bar & Grill. Call 089 226 2878.

Cheap Charlie’s

Peppers Quiz Night

Rooftop BBQ all you can eat and live entertainment B150 per person. Nanai Road b et ween Royal Crown and Soi Banzaan. Call 082 221 2922.

Peppers Sports Bar daily happy hour, great food, full English breakfast. Open from 8.30am. All spor ts shown. Laguna area. 088 443 4166.


Rawai Buffet Breakfast

Ship Inn Kata

B129 at Tiffany Restaurant. Fried potato, dark bread, fresh coffee and more. Near The Vijitt resort, Rawai. 085 786 6272.

Real English breakfast from 10am and all your favorite meals happy hours from 3-8pm, you will find by old Kata Bazzar.

Sunset Happy Hours & Ninjazz Don’t let pass the Sunset happy hours between 5pm and 7pm when offer you a “Buy one get the

Australia Bar & Grill at Kata Projector screen plus 50” TV’s. TrueVisions and Astro systems. All live sport include AFL, NRL, rugby, F1, football. 089 226 2878.

32 ENTERTAINMENT IN BRIEF Taking time to grow up Justin Bieber is taking a month off from his busy schedule to “grow up”. The 17-year-old Canadian sensation is soon going to start work on his new album, but says he is going to take some time out to do the normal things in life that he hasn’t managed to do yet.

Bond star dies Linda Christian, the Hollywood starlet of the 1940s who married heartthrob Tyrone Power and went on to become the first Bond girl, has died. Her daughter, Romina Power, says Christian died Friday in Palm Desert after battling colon cancer. She was 87.

MTV Video nominations Pop singer Katy Perry has received a leading nine nominations for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, reducing eccentric superstar Lady Gaga to also-ran status with just three nods. The awards will be held on August 28. Winners are picked by public voting.


Thai star to entertain at IBAP T hai singer Sarunrat Vi s ut t h it h a d a , or Lydia as she is better known will arrive in Phuket on Sunday and can’t wait to learn more about Phuket’s businesses and the tourism industry on the island. She is the headline act for the International Business Association of Phuket (IBAP) Business Fair, which will be held this weekend at Homeworks. The 24-year-old beauty and R&B superstar has many friends in the business industry in Phuket and says she is looking forward to finding out more about what makes the island tick. “My friend is about to launch a really big hotel chain there, and I have lots of friends in the business and tourism industry in Phuket. It will be really interesting to see what is out there, and get an idea of what business in Phuket is about. “Usually I just visit Phuket to entertain, or for something like a television show, but this

time it’s related to business. It’s a great thing because it’s something different. “The IBAP Business Fair is very exciting.’’ Lydia says she loves coming to Phuket because of the beaches, the food (particularly the seafood) and the shopping. Lydia is famous in Thailand for her singing, soap opera stardom and modelling. She has released multiple albums since 2005 when she shot to fame following her hit single Wang Leaw Chuay Toh Klub, which translates to When you’re free, Please call me. She will arrive on Sunday afternoon and spend the day meeting business representatives and members of the public at the Business Fair. In the evening she will perform at IBAP’s farewell dinner at Thanyapura. Tickets are B999 (includes a buffet dinner and two refreshments) and are available from The Phuket News, Thanyapura, Jaspal Tailors and the Sandwich Shoppe.

Thai superstar and singer Lydia will perform at this weekend’s IBAP farewell dinner, held at Thanyapura on Sunday night.



To advertise in our classifieds visit JOB WANTED Butler House Manager Professional Head Butler, 43, previous extensive experience with Buckingham Palace and an internationally-renowned Hollywood producer is now available. Interested parties kindly email enquiries to

JOB AVAILABLE Secretary Required Secretary required. Must speak and write Thai and English. Please your send CV: or call 084 449 3863.

Accountant Needed Phuket Fish Boat Company and its director seeks a accountant graduate for general accounting work and data based management. Can have no experience but requires a degree in accounting. Full time position pay is starting at B15,000. Please send applications to martin@phuketfishboat. com.

Chat Moderator Skandinavian Work for home on internet as chatmoderator. Work when you want, send email, skype, telephone number and full name. Outgo ing, and creative. chatsup

Senior Web Programmer Web&IT Agency is currently searching for a Senior Web Programmer/Developer. Interested? Please send your CV/Resume. recruitment@

TV Cameraman Wanted Professional experience with Pro HD Cameras and editing with Final Cut Pro essential. Send CV to dun

Travel Writer We are looking for a native English speaker who has excellent grammar skills and able to write in variety of styles. Contact jobs@

Carpenter Urgently Needed

please call: 082 816 0126 or

Job Available at DIVE SUPPLY We are looking for: Sales representative (Westener) and secretar y/assistant (Thai). Please check www.

Waitress Experienced waitress wanted for our new restaurant in Cherngtalay area. Contact 081 787 2717.

Teacher Wanted Muang Thalang Secondary School is looking for a foreign English teacher. TEFL certificate and work permit are required. Send CV to

Cashier, Cook and Cleaner A Cashier, cook and cleaner are required for a large bar (lady owner) in Rawai. Good English skills required. Call 089 071 0169.

Hostess Needed Must be happy, caring, nice and friendly for tour company. Excellent salary. Must be Thai and speak English. 083 390 4924.

Tour Guide A really happy, smart, caring and experienced tour guide needed. Great rates of pay. Contact Aon 083 390 4924.

Receptionist Needed Great salary, great bonuses to the right candidate. Must speak Thai and English. Call Lei for interview. 080 038 7599.

Homemaker/PA Single, attractive female under 32 years. College graduate with good English, live in. Own luxury apartment and transportation provided. Flexible hours and liberal time off. Swimming pool, health club and tennis cour ts steps away. Send CV to

Thai, age not more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Accounting Staff Required Expanding, 10 years in business, urgently requires a Senior Accountant, five years experience and two junior accountants. Cherng Talay area. Send your CV to

Reservation Sales Agent Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

One Touch Service Attendant Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Food & Beverage Attendant Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Landscape Attendant (2) Thai, aged no more than 35 years. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

Temporary Beach Boy Thai, aged not over 35 years, one years experience in field. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Sales Manager (Bangkok) Thai, age not more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Guest Service Attendant Thai, aged no more than 30 years, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

Architecture and Mechanics Design Architecture - Mechanics Design wanted: 1. Thai national 2. Can use AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, 3DMax. Please contact sec@

Teacher For Nursery We are looking for a native English speaker to work part-time with children 18 months to three years-old. We train. 082 323 1188.

Phuket Event Company Hiring Wedding planner, part time admin staff. Please mail your CV to hr@phukete

Assist. Sport & Recreation Manager Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

Order Taker Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Demi Chef de Partie Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

Houseman Thai, age not more than 35

Sales Staff for Cherng Talay Good English, positive attitude, good in sales, outgoing personality. Salary B12,000 plus commission. Contact Phuket Pool Tables 085 782 1200.

Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Duty Manager

Hard-working, punctual and responsible working. Six days per week, off sunday, We offer a good benefit security fund fully-paid by us. 076 350 465.


Thai, age not more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Duty Engineer

Swimming Pool Service Staff Wanted: swimming pool service staff. Male or female okay. Experience good but not essential for job .Please call 076 620 193 to make an appointment.

Animator Wanted Using 3D max, bachelor degree, hard working. Call 076 245 734.

Maid To take care of house and give daily massage to 70 year-old American. Email to

Native Russian Speaker Wanted

High proficiency in written and spoken English, able to speak and understand Thai. 081 803 7189,

Programmer Good experience in PHP, Javascript /Ajax, CSS3, HTML5 and mySQL for our web project. Good experience of Google Maps v3. Please send CV to bee@

Native English Teacher Female caucasian to teach class of 10-12, 3-5 year old children. Chalong, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm. Immediate start. phuketpreschool@yahoo. com, 080 624 7060.

Commis I Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

Reggae Keyboardist or Lead Guitarist Cool new reggae band in Phuket is looking for a keyboardist or lead guitarist. Call 087 895 7284.

Secretary / Assistant Manager Female, bachelor degree. Speaking, writing and reading English well. Must have at least two or three years work experience. 081 737 9049.

Accounting Manager B ac h e l o r de g re e, f i ve years’ work experience, preferably in property industry, knowledge of taxation, good English. Call 076 345 212.

Assistant Sales Manager Based in Bangkok. Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, two years experiece in field. Contact jobs.

Native English Speaking Teacher Need native English speaking teacher with ability to speak, read and write Thai. Contact Robin on 081 803 7189.

Health Consultant

Pastry Chef is seeking a Thai national to join our detox team. Excellent English required.

Thai, aged no more than 35 years old, one year experience in field. Contact jobs., 076 602 500.

The Phuket News is looking to add to its ever growing team of professionals and seeks:

Sales Manager (Thai or Foreigner ) Responsibilities:

- Reaching sales target - Developing and following up new sales leads - Self discipline in developing and managing sale volumes

Sales Representatives (Thai National) Responsibilities:

- Reaching sales target - Developing and following up new sales leads - Must have good command of English & Thai

Gift Shop Attendant

Thai, age not more than 35 years old, two years experience in field. Contact jobs., call 076 602 500.

Accountant wanted for cooking school and food services business. Thai national. For more information

Engineering Maintenance (3)

Tele Sale Executives (Thai National) Due to the high demand of our publications we now seek the following: AREA SALES REPRESENTATIVE Responsibilities :

- Responsible for sales activities in Phuket, Krabi, Hua-Hin and Samui - Generating new leads through assigned territory - Responsible for sourcing and developing client relationship

Qualifications :

- Thai or Foreigner - Excellent communication and negotiation skills in English - Able to travel in all territories on a monthly basis - Must hold a valid driving license

We offer:

- Competitive salary, bonuses and travel expenses - Friendly work environment - Social security (10%) paid by the company - Excellent career progress opportunity

- Able to work to deadlines - Experience in sales or telesales would be an advantage - Must have good command of English & Thai

Reporter (Thai National)

- A curiosity for news and breaking stories. - A willingness to learn. - Good English speaker and communicator - Must have above average English writing skills. - A proficient photographer. - Must be able to work unsupervised and be a self starter. - Must be willing to work after hours to cover events. Some weekend work will be required. - Applicants must have their own car and driver’s licence.

We offer:  Competitive salary, bonuses and travel expenses  Friendly

work environment security (10%) paid by the company  Excellent career progress opportunity  Social

Please email full resume in English indicating expected salary with recent photo to or call 076 612 550-2 for more info.



To advertise in our classifieds visit CONTENTS Accommodation Available....................34 Animal Care................34 Apartments & Villa Rentals...............34 Articles for Sale.........34 Boats & Yachts..........34 Business Opportunities............34 Business Services....................34 Cars for Rent............35 Cars for Sale..............35 Child Care Servies.....35 Clubs & Associations.............35 Computer- Sales-Repairs............35 Diving Services.........35 Jewellery & Accessories..............36 Miscellaneous Items Wanted......................35 Motorbikes for Rent..35 Motorbikes for Sales..35 Personal Services................35-36 Personals Wanted......36 Pets for Sale...............36 Property & Concierge Services.....................36 Property for Rent..36-37 Property for Sale.......37 Trade Directory..........38

ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE Inexpensive Stay in Phuket

Limthong House is a small guesthouse in Phuket. More detail please visit

Andaman Cove Condos Three luxury condos for rent inside the Evason Phuket. View www.anda

Cheapest Rooms Condo Rental Cheap rooms. B2,500, B2,800, B3,000 per month, fully-furnished for rent weekly, monthly in Phuket Town near Super Cheap. 082 420 3134.

ANIMAL CARE Chaofah Pet Hospital

8/28–29 Moo 9, Chaofah East Road. 076 283 365, 083 501 8488.

ARTICLES FOR SALE Portable Air-Conditioner Fujiaire has cool, dehumidify and fan functions. Exhaust unit, remote and owner’s manual. B6,000. Call 08 5325 0804.

Expobar Coffee Machine B45,000 Coffee machine-Picture http://www.phuketbazar. com/general/electronic/

expobar-coffee-machinei-45-000-available-l521. html.

Pizza or Bakery Oven B20,000 Picture http://www.phuket b a z a r. c o m / g e n e r a l / electronic/gas-pizza-orbakery-oven-thb20-000-i20-000-available-l522. html.

Mazda/Ford Brake Pads Full set front and rear Mazda original brake pads to fit Mazda 323/Ford Laser. Unused. Purchased B6,000. Sell B3,000. 081 271 5311.

Moving Sale Two green potted palms three metres in hight, two large water jars, large pots, two stylish fountains, two potted Dock Bua with stand holder. Call 087 925 3778.

Jamis Cycle for sale

Jamis 19” frame. Good for tall person. 21 Shimano gears. New hubs, road tyres, stand and bottle holder. B7,000. Call 081 537 9196.

Boss Super Overdrive Pedal Plus Boss compression sustainer and “Rock” Delay pedals. All in good working condition. B1,000 each. Call 081 537 9196.

Office/Home Equipment

Standing shelf, 24”Sanyo LCD, 22”LG LCD, 35-litre waterfilter, 750-litre Nano watertank, Samsung security system four cameras. 086 281 8883.

Mountain Bike for Sale Mongoose Td24, bought six months ago for B14,000, selling B8,000. Used about four times, as new. 083 691 8784.

Epiphone Wilshire ’66 guitar Reissue in Black/white. t wo mini - humbuckers hand made in UK. Hot overdr ive. SG sound, one year old. Carry bag. B9,600. 081 537 9196.

Bakery Oven for Sale Brand new gas bread oven for a bakery business, one door. Price B16,000. Call 081 892 5538.

Two Arms Flour Mixer for sale Brand new, size for 1-5 kg. Price B20,000. Call 081 892 5538.

Riviera Motoryacht For sale as new at US$ 190,000 ono. Full-time captain, length 40 ft, sleep five, game fishing/cruises. Call Duilio 081 820 6313.

Grady White Tournament 19 Merc Optimax 150hp w per 172hrs. New everything. Too much to list. B675,000. mmcgrath2@, call Matt 089 587 1862.

Wharram Tiki 30 Thai registered 20 0 9,whar ram tiki 3 0 cruising catamaran,ready to sail, give sleep up to 6 in 3 bunks B1.800.000.

Stand Up Paddle

Phuket’s first and only SUP dedicated shop. Visit www.standuppaddlethai. com. 081 985 2478,

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Chalong Restaurant & Cafe

ARTICLES FOR SALE Carpet for Wanted

Pepper Spray

Four Large approximately 9’x12’ High-end carpets. Call Brian on 089 054 4354.

Pepper spray large (60g) B 600. Lipstick size (24g) B400. Call 089 896 5600.


Wii Console for Sale


Wii console + games, B6,000 ono. Call Bec 084 845 5643.

081 985 2478.

Zee Zee Interior Grand Sale Old Java funiture items. The third floor of Zee Zee Interior. All items on sale. Clearance Sale. Call 076 620 095.

Kustom KG210 Guitar Amp

Kustom 2x10” speakers. Built in Reverb delay. Line out. MP3 in. Two channe ls, hi gh - g ain. N ew boxed. B4,500. 081 537 9196.

Small nice restaurant in Karon Beach, fully-furnished, good location, no keymoney. 082 270 6385.

Six Websites For Sale

Surfing SUP Equipment

Azimut 46

Nine bedroom hotel in Rawai, plus two bedroom house for staff or for the owner. Year around customers. B3 million. (Eng) 087 280 3282 / (Th) 081 797 9046.

Inflatable Canoe

LodeStar Canoe for sale 3 pax size. B20,000 One year old and used twice. VGC. Call for details on

Pearl Shop for Sale

Large pearl shop located at Patong beach for sale. With fully-furnished, talented staffs, high quality product. 087 047 5767.

Bar/Guesthouse Pattaya Sale

Commercial sites. Five in French and one in English. Made on Worpdress. Contact at maxidive@ or 081 090 3698 (From October).

$612,0 0 0. Year 20 01, functionality and flair in one stylish Italian package. 085 887 7414.

Bar For Sale

On Nanai Road, (Soi 8), next to Seeka Resor t. Four years lease, four rooms, three bathrooms, and staffs. Optional price B600,000. 083 593 7553.

Restaurant In Karon for Sale

Supreme location in KhaoLak, two rai leasehold, fully-furnished, Salas, shophouses, stage inclued for B35,000 per month. 086 942 5244.

Longtail Surf Shop sells surfing equipment deicated to SUP for fitness and core workouts SUP Retail/Whol/Rental//Tour. 076 620 201.

Shop for Rent Prime potential shop for rent in prime commercial location. Also has franchise opportunity for Bellini. For more information call 082 816 0126 or email

Beautiful Thai bistro on Soi Saiyuan, Rawai Beach for sale. Fully Thai-style furnished. Chef and staff (optional). Recipes. 087 047 5767.

Sale remove tattoo laser, call 080 718 1686, email,

The Roland 80XL. 80watt, 12” speaker, four channels, 11 Amp models, 8FX.Looper, four switchable channels. New boxed. B15,000. 081 537 9196.

Large bar on main road of Kamala . Owner returning to Australia. Chattels include pool table, stock, furniture. Bedroom and two toilets and private shower room. Good storage space also. Priced to sell quickly. Monthly rent only B8,000. Contact owners Peter or Chompoo on 084 844 3504 or 087 898 0508.

Fully-equipped and furnished, in busy Chalong location. Hot price at B130,000. Call 082 420 6877.


Roland 80XL Guitar Amp

Kamala Bar for Sale

Thai Bistro for Sale

Tattoo Removal Laser for Sale

18FT, two good as new engines 60HP Mercury and 8HP Mercury. Thai Reg’n Priced to sell. Very cheap at B130,000. Please phone Gordon (ENG) 081 892 4804.

Business for Sale

Rawai Plaza

Lease opportunities, newly developed shopping complex. New available, one massage, one salon and two shops. Contact

Bar and six apartments in gay area-Sunny Plaza. Fully-furnished, price B2.3 million ono, no key money,

Internet Cafe for Sale Patong Rat-U-Thit 200 pee Road. opposite to post office. 60sqm. Three years lease left. Rent B35,000 per month. sale B800,000. Call 081 908 8303.

Massage Shop for Sale Patong Beach, Nanai Rd, next to Seeka Hotel, fully-furnished ready to run business, Quick sale 150,000 B. 083 593 3768.

BUSINESS SERVICES More Visitors to Your Website Attract more visitors to your website today and increase your business. We can show you how. South East Optimization. 081 691 9907.

Web Design Webdesign plus af ter sales service, included

marketing technical (SEO) , key word, usable via IPad, iPhone.

Tile It Thalang. Wana Park on Srisoonthorn Rd. Phuket’s Quality Tile Boutique. Tiles for interior, exterior, residential, commercial. Contact 076 620 16 8 or 081 424 2828. Email

Printing & Design Printing: competitive price and quality. Onsite service all process. Please visit www.marketingphuket. com. for full details.

Alarms & CCTV Protect your home or office with an alarm system and CCTV cameras. Call for more info on 085 798 9469 or

Internet System & CCTV Internet system, computer sales and service and accessery, wireless, and CCTV. 081 538 6237.

3D Animation And Perspective Over eight years experiences, 3D Animation and Perspective high quality.

TwinTech Hospitality technology systems. POS system for F&B, spa and retail businesses. Hotel and property reservation systems. See

Cheap Copy Forty-satang copy, menu, card, colour printing/copiers, binding/laminating, rubber stamp etc. Free delivery order from B1,000.

Fully Programable LED Signs

Programable LED signs perfect advertising for all busineses call for free demo phuket area. Call 084 377 2526.

Aquatira Zen Interior, furniture design, fitted and loose furniture packages, project management, professional photography. www.aquati

LED Shower Head Simply replace your shower head with the led shower head and it will change colour depending on the water temp. 084 377 2526.

Maximum Security for Hotels Instruct your security chief in the development of the most sophisticated precautions specific to your facility. 089 896 5600.



To advertise in our classifieds visit CARS FOR RENT CONT. Pure Car Rental: Phuket

Good quality car for rent with honest and reliable services more than 30 years in Phuket. Call 076 211 002 or visit

Black Fortuner Smart TRD @ 28k

Excellent condition, low mileage, drives perfectly, long term rent at B28,000 per month. 085 7821 200

Ford Focus 2.0s 5-Door for Rent Special price for short and long term rental. First class insured. Call 081 908 8303.

CARS FOR SALE Volvo S80, D5 for Sale

Year 2006, 2.4Litre, automatic gears, Diesel, luxury interior, full options. Serviced by Volvo. Call 086 846 3266.

Suzuki Vitara Four Door

19 9 6, dark red, good c ondition. Automatic, B310,000. 089 873 5947.

Toyota Yaris Silver 2008 Toyota Yaris for Sale B440,000 ONO. Good condition. Call 084 845 5643 or email bec987@ for more details.

White Pearl Honda CRV for Sale

Per fect condition, low mileage, no accidents, 2.0 i-vtec, 4WD, Modulo kit. Insured and serviced B999,000. Call 081 823 4627.

Isuzu D-Max 4x4 Double Cab

Ice silver, manual, 62,000 miles. Lovely condition TV, DVD, alloys, full service history. Bargain at B500,000. 086 757 1362.

2010 Mercedes 250E Coupe

Pearl White 7,000 km as brand new, electric everything. Cost over B5.0 million, will sell for B4.2 million. 086 757 1362.

CHILD CARE SERVICES ABC International Nursery Education for children 18 months to six years with experienced and native English teachers following the UK EYFS curriculum. 089 971 1813.

Buds Nursery Kindergarten Phuket oldest bi-lingual

international child care facility. High quality time proven schedule and curriculum. Experienced native English teachers to teach ages 1½ -6. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Bus service available. Call 076 282 232, 080 624 7060. www.

International Kindegarten

International Kindergarten. English teachers, UK and Singapore curriculum, small class sizes. Best choice. 082 323 1188.

International School

Aikido of Phuket Martial arts for adults and children. Classes Mon. Wed. Fri 5-6pm and 6.307.30pm. School break classes and seminars. David 086 007 4010.

Honda Click for Rent

Calling all Singaporeans in Phuket to join “Singapore Club Phuket”. Contact Robin 081 803 7189, 076 303 500.

Short and long term available, no scams, honest good value. Free delivery for over one week hires. Call Cat 087 188 9047.


Sales, service and repair. Hardware/software. WLAN a speciality. Free telephone advice. Call for more details on 084 625 7744.

Phuket Baby Sitting

Asus Laptop T8100

Rawai Progressive School International private school for ages 3-12, offering Montessori education.

CLUBS & ASSOCIATIONS SKAL International Phuket Skål is a professional organisation of leaders from all branches of the travel and tourism industry.

The Hub of Bridge Tuition and play is available for everyone. Beginners welcomed or seasoned players. All this can be found near Laguna. Cherngtalay, Phuket. Contact Derek on 089 723 1209. Accredited teacher & bridge director, UK.

Phuket Men’s Group The Phuket Men’s Group meets weekly and is focused on personal development and growth. Contact warrior.monks@

Rawai-Naiharn Dragon Boat Club

Get fit, have fun with a rapidly growing social club. Naiharn lake on Sundays at 3pm. Ages 12+. Free membership. Get paddling!

Phuket Sport and Tennis Club

Tennis, beach volley ball, petanque, pool, dar ts, table tennis, lake fishing, bar and more. Everyone welcome. w w w.phuket


Singapore Club Phuket

New International School. Primary 1, 2, 3 UK and Singapore curriculum. Promotion B8,000 per month! Call 082 323 1188. Plus nanny services, English-speaking, qualified babysitters and nannies, short or long term. www.

box, all accessories, documentation and original sales slip to prove ownership. 087 077 9816.

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz. G r a p h i c s C a r d AT I Radeon. Memory:2Gb, H D D 25 0 G b. 14 inc h screen. B10,000. Contact phuket_electronics@

Motorbike for Rent

Honda PCX, Honda Airblade for rent, cheap price and free delivery. Call now, Omar 087 075 2166.

Cheap Motorbike/ Scooter Hire Motorbike/scooter hire from B150 a day, in Patong, Phuket Town, Karon, Kata, etc. Free delivery.


Delivery Computer Repair Delivery computer repair service, upgrade, virus problem. Data restore. Network. WiFi. 081 908 8303, office call on 076 290 310.

DIVING SERVICES Phuket Scuba Club PADI 5 Star Centre. Half day, daytrips, live-aboards an d di ve r e duc at i o n. Phuket’s only dive club!. Call 076 284 026.

All 4 Diving

5/4 Sawatdirak Road, Patong Beach. For more info call 076 344 611 or info@

Paradise Diving Asia All courses and diving trips. Boat charter and individual tours.


Honda Rebel Classic Honda Rebel Classic 777 now available to buy or rent! Wow! Contact Lei for further details 080 038 7599.

Honda Click for Sale

Honda Click, black and pink, good condition, only B19,900. Call May 081 691 2881.

Honda Rebel

A real classic, lovely condition, 24 years old only B70,000. Contact Aon for more details. 083 390 4924.

Ducati Multistrada 1100s

2008 Model (Red). 43,000 km. One owner. Great condition. Ser viced by Ducati Thailand. B 420,000. Contact kirjon@

PERSONAL SERVICES Yoga Teacher Training Course Yoga teacher training international training course certificate, 250 hours. October 16-November 13., contact Khun Noi 080 533 2202

Cooking School

2009 with only 8,000km. Perfect condition, fast an fun. Priced to sell quickly at B595,000. Call 081 734 8309, ducphuket@

Andaman J Bike Sales & Services Bicycle sale and service shop, with full equipped. 111/1 Thepkastree Rd., Thalang (Monument circle) 081 891 9203, 081 893 3409.

Southern Big Bike Chopper Shop

All your chopper needs, located on the hill before Safari heading south from Patong. Get ready for bike week 2012. 076 292 079 or 087 382 2494.

Fire up your creative flare with Food Services Cooking School. Italian, Western and Thai cuisine. Try our famous pizza school. For more information call 082 816 0126 or email info @ fo o dser vic esth. com.

English Teacher English teacher. Russian students welcome. Four years teaching in Phuket. 085 889 7758.

Dance Tango Learn to dance Argentine Tango, the most sensual dance around. Workshops second/third weekend July. Contact

English Teacher For Thai and Italian stu-

dents. TEFL certficate with 15 years teaching experience in Phuket. 087 282 2699.

Home Tuition We provide teaching Modern Languages at student’s house/office, two books included. 084 851 8099.

Lost Ring, Watch or Treasure? Lost something? Checking you proprety. for treasure? Call professionals. We’ll find it. Time matters. Skype: samovarsiam.

Maid Available

Thai maid, expert in baby-sitting, international. cooking, ironing and gardening is available four hours a day for three days a week. 087 925 3778.

Night Time Babysitting-Phuket

Experienced babysitter, English-speaking, for one year-old+ children. Rate per night depends on location, own car. Contact

Learn Spanish

All levels, private classes. Teacher Paola 084 898 1225, galarza_paola@

Martial Arts for Kids

Chinese Wu Shu, Kung Fu. AJ 082 590 8018,

Visa run B1,100 A completely new visa run company. Only B1,100. Leave 5am, get back 5 am. No crazy driver, no boats, no bull. 083 390 4924.

German Lessons for Thais

At Kathu Phuket, in preparation or tutoring for A1, A2, B1. Private lessons individual teaching ThaiGerman. 089 8662721.

Phuket Visa Offers consulting and services on company registration, work permit, visa, accounting, auditor, legal advice. 081 892 9960.

Phuket Pearl Gem

Brand new, genuine quality Phuket pearls. 100 styles, perfect gift, online store. www.phuketpearl


Required immediately. Will pay B500,000 plus half transfer fee. Contact 084 065 7590(English),

iPhone G4 Used second hand with



To advertise in our classifieds visit PERSONAL SERVICES CONT.

Chalong Language School Professional language instruction, translations, and education visa. English, Thai, German and French. 081 607 6765.

PERSONALS WANTED Persian-Thai Kitten

design. Call 089 668 3639.

Resort-Estate Management Provide individual, property management and rental services for villas, estates etc.

Selling Your Property?

Homes needed for 17 lovely kit tens. Need pet lover please. ling _

Deep Tissue Sports Therapy Trigger points structural integration. 14 years experience. Rid headaches stiff shoulders etc. Can come to you. 085 889 7758. English to Chinese, Thai to Chinese translation. Chinese translation by native translator. Contact

Kata Hot Yoga Most popular Yoga for men and women in Phuket. Four classes every day. Kata yoga, it works! www., 076 605 950.

Image Editor Top quality image editor (see my site at http://www. can do excellent work on any image you need. Call 084 690 2217.

Bon CafĂŠ Phuket A producer of premium coffee blends and powdered mixes as well as selling, maintaining, servicing and repairing all major brands. 076 355 600-1.

Guitar Lesson By Pro Player Guitar/bass lessons beginner to advanced. Personal one-on-one or by DVD. Diploma of Teaching (Aust) Degree. Call 089 777 3063.

Live Music By Colin Hill Popular expat pro musician (guitar/vocals) with work permit. Can perform solo, duo or band. www., call 089 777 3063.

Phuket Private Tutor Phuket International Tuition Assignments IGCSE grade 1-12 IB++ qualified English-speaking teacher British International. Call 084 192 4975.

Spectacular Panoramas

First time in Thailand. w w w.rhodesian-ridge Healthy Ridgeback puppies born on May 15, from these 2010 Top World Champion Dogs of Europe. Choose your best friend now! Contact lenysikuv@ or call 089 871 2744.

Pedigree Doberman Puppies 11 weeks old with Pedigree and KC registered in Phuket, Rawai. Male and female available. More details please call 082 113 4799.

Why buy a pet? Soi Dog Foundation have over 300 beautiful dogs and puppies available for adoption. Fully-vaccinated and sterilised. 087 050 8688,

Cape house, Cape Yamu. A luxurious four bedroom villa at a remarkable destination. In a hillside estate with amazing ocean views. Features include marble finishes throughout, pool and lush tropical gardens. Close to BIS/ PIA schools. B60,000/ month. 086 279 6283.

New House for Rent in Patong New house for rent in Patong. Two bed, two bath , fully-furnished. Quiet area Contact 081 878 2199,

Fancy carp fish, imported from Japan. Sales, design, and care. Only one in Phuket. 086 691 2120.


Two Bed Condo Patong Beach 3.2m

Phuket Pool Tables www.phuketpooltables. com. Your number one billiard and snooker supplier in Phuket. Sales, rent and profit sharing. All accessories and services. Call 081 823 4627.

PROPERTY & CONCIERGE Personal Interior Decorator

Opposite HomePro Village Chalong. Khun Vasanh 081 956 2024. vinoltds@

Home furnishing: Re-upholstery. Services: Interior. Renovation: Bespoke interior fitted furniture with

Great little house, four minutes walk to Ao Yon beach. Fully-furnished and now available daily/ monthly. 083 390 4924.

One and three-bedroom garden rentals: new, quiet, near town and beach: Panwa Green. See full info rates at panwagreen.

Superb Apartments in Kata

One of Patong best locations. Two bed 100 Sq metre, freehold condo needs decoration, huge pool plus resort facilities. Call 086 757 1362.

Patong Lovely Freehold Condo Huge price reduction from 3.4 million to 2.0 million, 50 Sq metre, Incuding furniture, perfect locatation, enormous swimming pool. 086 757 1362.

House for Sale or Rent Large house in Chalong,

terms. Call 081 893 2165, 081 956 1218.

Rent In Phuket Looking for a house to rent long term in Phuket? Call 089 646 8563.

Pool Villa for Rent Fully furnished with three bedrooms. Near Lotus Rawai, in quiet and secure area. Call 086 940 0379.

Saiyuan House For Rent Two bedrooms, one bathroom with a big garden in Saiyuan near Naiharn Beach. Good price for long term. 087 883 0105.

Patong Tower Rent

A variety of superb one or two-bedroom apartments, penthouses with pool for rent, also long-term. See

Sea view and mountain view. Short term and long term, starting B30,000. Good location,walking distance from the beach. 081 878 2199.

Nice Apartments in Kata Beach

Beautiful Office for Rent

Nice clean safe, one bedrooms all with aircon. kitchen, cable TV, fast internet and jacuzzi. B500 a day. Call Ari at 086 595 8512.

Nice and quiet of f ice space for rent, includes kitchen, server room and toilets. Perfect for property, IT, legal business. 076 521 873.

Super Pool Villa

Studio Apartment for Rent

By Laguna, luxury villa, jacuzzi, etc. Special rate lease. B15,000 per month. 089 594 4067 (English).

For Rent: Villa in Phuket/Chalong New renovated town house, three bedrooms and parking, without furniture B10,000 per month. Or with furniture B12,000 per month, minimum one year. 081 788 8280.

Kata - Office for Rent

House for Rent Detached house, three b e dr o o ms, t wo bat h rooms, four air-con. Fullyfurnished. Only five minutes from Central Festival. 087 270 9093.

Niigata Koi Farm

Havana Cigar Shop

Get maximum exposure on our top ranked website. Call 080 143 2929 or visit


Chinese Translation

One Bedroom House Seaview

Fully Furnished Rentals

PETS FOR SALE For Sale 13 Pedigree Puppies

three beds, four bathrooms, swimming pool well worth a look offers over B6 million or B30,000 a month. 076 374 562.

On the beach, Chalong. Studio apartment/office can convert to cafe, close to the light house. Call 081 892 0960.

Pool Villa for Rent Furnished, air-con. two bed two bath pool villa in Rawai area, 500m from Tesco Mall on quiet private road. 081 968 3546.

Land for Lease in Chalong Bay Opportunity to invest in Chalong Bay. Suitable for marine business, eight rai of land for immediate development B3 million per year. 128-metre sea frontage. 081 802 4098.

Apartment for Rent in Patong Fully-furnished. B13,000 per month. Short and long

Three-Bedroom House in Chalong Fu l l y - f u r n i s h e d , c a rpark, washing machine, WiFi, free cable TV. Rent B19,000 per month (min 6 months) 086 944 4885.

Two Bedroom Ocean View Patong A quiet residential estate in Patong, fully-furnished with air-con in all rooms. bathro oms and f it ted kitchen, communal pool and terrace gardens. Call 087 888 4770.

Lake View Apartment Rooms and houses for rent in Kathu, (the way to Kathu Chinese temple). Quiet area. Call 089 196 8449.

Studio Apartment Near the Beach New studio apar tment with quality furnishing, 50 metres from Chalong beach, garden and small pool. Please contact 086 274 3060.

Happy Home Apartment (Rawai) Apar tment for rent at Saiyuan 15, Rawai. Fullyfurnished, swimming pool, free WiFi. Start B6,800 per month. Call 081 956 1218.

Sea View Apartments

Affordable Office for Rent At Royal Phuket Marina. Space from 40-200sq.m. A/C, car park, CCTV and 24 hr. security. Khun Koi 081 810 3328.

House for Rent

Kata beach in front of hotel Alpina resort. Good condition, with air-con 1 unit, pantry, Well-decorated. B16,700 per month only. Contact for more details on 081 956 1077.

per month. Visit or call 086 470 2468.

Two-bedroom furnished house with air-con, one bathroom, living room, kitchen and car park. 081 537 9878.

Four-Bedroom House in Saiyuan

With five bathroom, 168 sq.wah with big garden in Saiyuan, Naiharn Beach.

Comfortable Private and Quiet Townhouse three bedrooms, just a few minutes to Karon Beach. B25,000 per month, long term rent requires. 081 396 0880.

Pure: House RentalPhuket Town House for rent with furniture. In Phuket Villa Dowrung, B8,500-B9,500

Modern furnished one and two bedroom apartments in Kata. Available for long and short term rent. From B20,000 per month. Contact 081 326 2542.

Superior Four Bedroom Villa For rent, short day rate, h o li d ay o r l o n g te r m monthly. Safe quiet location at Land & House Park Estate. 081 676 4849.

Three-Bedroom Pool Villa near BIS Three bedroom, three bathroom pool villa. 5/6 already sold.

Three-Bedroom House for Rent Nice house, two bathrooms, one air-con, partially furnished detached house for rent, small garden, large communal pool. Call 089 475 3220.



To advertise in our classifieds visit PROPERTY FOR SALE Land for Sale 1,908 SQM Soi Saliga, Rawai. Sale by owner. Call 084 745 4132.

Land for Sale One rai with Chanote title. Five minutes from Rawai Beach in secure area. Call owner on 086 940 0379.

EVERYTHING GOES !! Land on east side of Phuket. Some have seaview. B500,000 and up. All reasonable offers accepted! Can finance! Chris 086 942 1930.

Rawai Condo Rawai Condo small unit on corner third storey up close to beach B500,000 with aircon. and cable. 085 889 7758.

850 SQM Land Plot for Sale In Soi King Saliga, front 22mx42m long. walled and on just about 100m from Rawai Beach. Full chanote title. 080 530 6880.

House for Sale in L&H Phuket Two storey house, 134 sq.m, land 225 sq.m, three bedroom, two bath room, in Chaiyapruek, Land&House Park Phuket. Call 086 470 2468.

Kathu: Serviced Land for Sale NS3K land plot of 500 m2, including infrastructure and construction permit for a 220 m2 villa: B 2,900,000. 089 724 7211.

300 sqm ) - Saiyuan main road, sale: B7.5 million. Best for development

300 metre from Chalong Circle. Three-storey, double unit B9.9 million. Main road 7.5 metre front - 156 sq metre land. See www.

Jindarin Beach Resort Beach Resort Lots: B1 million. Cottages: B2.5 million. w w w.jindarin. com, eam1008@mac. com. Call 076 238 732 or 083 520 0020.

Rawai house cheap House and land in Rawai B1.8millon, great location ocean view from top floor. Big house, two-storey, call 085 889 7758.

Two Bedroom House With Financing Phuket near Laguna, 5 minutes to Layan Beach, small pool, two air-con. Bedrooms ensuite, furnished, Electrical gate, 400m2 Land, B5.9 million. 086 267 0157.

180 Degree Seaview Land Sale

Loch Palm Land Several ready to build C h a n o t e p l o t s ove rlooking Loch Palm Golf course from B5 million per rai kathuland@gmail. com, call 081 893 3462.

Bali Style Pool Villa for Sale

Patong Lovely Freehold Condo Huge price reduction from B3.4 million to B2.0 million, 50 Sq metre. Incuding furniture perfect, location, enormous swimming pool . Call 086 757 1362.

Last Plot Saiyuan Mainroad Three hongs ( 15 x 20 m /

Golf View Land for Sale 17 rai in Kathu, c​ onnects to main road, Nor Sor 3 Gor. Price B75 million. Contact for more details on 089 724 7211 or info@

Beach. Price B9.8m. Call for more information on 089 875 4173.

Rawai-Sai Yuan Villa

11th Fairway LochPalm For Sale

Penthouse for Sale

Two-storey villa, threebed, three-bath and pool. 516sq metre, two years old. Orginal price: B13 million. Now: B9 million. Needs work. Call 089 731 0283. namjailand@

Two-bedroom, two bathroom penthouse. 200 metres walk to Bang Tao beach. B11.5 million, plus furniture.

Private Pool Villas, from B4.9M

Villa with three bed, two bath, open living, fullyfurnished, sala, pool and jacuzzi. Fairway and mountain views. Urgent sale B10.8 million. Contact 089 731 0283.

Land at Anuphas for Sale 40 sq.wah of land behind weekend market at Naka Temple, on Wirathongyok 3/1 Road, Contact 089 668 3639.

Land up Patong Hill, Sea View Various sizes of land with sea view overlooking Patong Bay. znresidence@, Please

Kata-Phuket From 19M Now 14.5M

Great 180 degree elevated seaview land for sale in Leelawadee Hill behind Toyota on Bypass Rd. 1080sqm for B18.9 Million. 081 823 4627.

Four Rai, two Ngan, 64sq Wah (7,456sqm), near shell museum, 80m road frontage. B7.5 million per Rai. 089 731 0283,

One bedroom,56 sq metre, seventh floor, furnished and located on Rat U Thit Road. 400 metres from beach. B1.8 million. 084 058 2410.

Rawai-Sai Yuan For Sale

Chaofah Shop House

Land for sale Rawai

Patong Condo for Sale

pool and resort facilities 086 757 1362.

Bungalow in Chalong Intira Villas is a development of 15 boutique villas in the hear t of Rawai. Second phase open now! Only few villas available., call 083 594 9279.

The Sands Condominium Naiharn Beach. 150sq metre foreign freehold, two bedroom, swimming pool, GRG FLR, lake view, 150 metres to Naiharn

For rent or sale. Three bedroom on 65sq wah, with Western kitchen and bathroom. For rent B17,000 per month. For sale price: B3.95 million. Call 089 922 2800.

For sale or rent. Twostorey villa on 620sqm land. Living spac e: 220sqm. In quiet area. Three-bed, office, open living area, Western-style kitchen, bathroom, cable TV, telephone, ADSL, balcony, car parking, beautiful garden, swimming pool and jacuzzi. Must see. Original price: B12.5 million. Now B9.9 million. Contact Harrij on 089 731 0283 or

Rawai Land for Sale Rawai land, cheap various plots start price from B2 million. See more details and pictures www.stefan. asia.

Stunning three bedroom villa with big kitchen, living room, office, pool garden and parking. Freehold and free transfer. Original price B19 million. Now B14.5 million. Call 081 788 8280.

Patong Condo Two studio apartments located 300m from the beach. Freehold, B2 million each. Fully-furnished and newly-renovated. 084 442 6144.

Rawai-Naiharn Land Two bed with en-suite in Naiharn, 480sq metre, fully furnished, internet etc, freehold. Priced at B9.7 million. Contact

Guesthouse for Sale Eight rooms, internet cafe and an apartment. Rent B52,000 per month. Asking price B1.75 million. Call Merv on 085 794 6530.

Two Bedroom Condo Patong 3.2 M In one of Patong’s best locations, two beds, 100 sq. metres, freehold condo. Needs decoration, has

Soi Saiyuan13. Sale at reduced price. 640 sq.m. B4.2 million. Elevated, walled, views and Chanote. 085 782 7551.

Three-Bedroom Big Garden Three bed, three bath. Heroines Monument, Paklok. Bargain 460sqm. land, reduced from B3.8m to B3m for urgent sale. 080 124 1245.

Land and House Park Phuket Land and House Park Phuket for sale. 82 sqm, t hree - be d, t wo - bat h, Chalong, B4.3m. Call 087 907 4004, pppppatch@



To advertise in our classifieds visit

TRADE DIRECTORY AIR CONDITIONING Siam Cooling System Marine air-conditioning, Koh Kaew. Contact 081 891 9442, or scspkt@

Phuket Home Services Installing, servicing commercial and residential air- con systems since 2001. All brands. Call 076 324 400, or

Kerati Air 2 71 Ya o w a r a t R o a d , Phuket Town. Air-con centre, call 076 214 033.

C.P. Engineering Service Supply and install both commercial and residential air-con units to satisfy 076 321 562.

Mana Air

and home structure roof. See more info at www.

Lucky Awning For the best pr ic e in phuket for retractable/verticals/roll ups with acrylic fabric direct from the importer and save. Call 087 276 0529.

Phuket Pro-Built Construction, renovation, electrics and shop fitting. Call 089 909 8604,

Just Sofas Section Premier supplier of leather sofas. Is your sofa looking old and tired?Give it a new life for less than half the cost of a new one. Call 076 262 024-5

Casa Nine Co.,Ltd Mosaics, tiles, stones, wall plaques, hand-made, c er amic s, de c o r at ive items. Call 081 514 8547.

KV Southern

Specialises in the installation and maintenance of air-conditioning, ventilation and electrical services. 076 215 506.

Waterproof flooring. Engineering, product architectural, product repair system. 081 828 2457.



Asia Marine Ltd.

J-SAT Communication

Parts supply, refits, repairs, project management yacht delivery. Call 076 239 111.

C & C Marine (Thai) Marine Engineering Services. Call 076 273 247.

Dan Marine Limited Koh Kaew. Yacht interiors, maintenance and management. Call for more info on 081 271 742.

BUILDING SUPPLIERS Island Curtains For all your windows furnishings made to order in our factor your workmanship is guaranteed our service is second to none. Call 076 262 024-5.

Water Proof Phuket Waterproof, water stop and water swell. Design, construction for factory

The leader of a communication system in Phuket. Service fire alarm, CCTV system, PABX system, TV system. Call for more details on 076 258 200.

Cooling Technician All commercial, kitchen needs, fridges and cooling systems. Good, reliable and honest. Service all over Phuket. Contact Tammarat 086 310 3870.

Mono Sun Technology Phuket solar, tomorrow’s technology, working today. Wind and solar at downto-earth prices. 076 263 717.

Raksa Electric Service Electric, airconditioning, lighting services and water systems. Call 084 849 8204 for details.

AVC Engineering Mechanical, electrical and plumbing to international standards. 076 615 810.

AAA Phuket Electrician UK-approved electricians available to advise on all electrical issues. Contact for 081 691 9907.

Phuket Home Services Specialise in domestic and commercial electrical wiring installations, telephone, internet and security systems. 076 324 400 or www.phukethome

Phuket Sound System Rental Having a party? Check out our website for your sound system needs. Contact for more info on 089 587 1841.

HARDWARE STORES Phaisan Makita Paint All types of paints, colours for home and more. Find us at MaeLuan Road, Phuket Town, entrance to Rang Hill 076 355 664.

HOME IMPROVEMENT Squeaky Clean Windows A professional window cleaning company. Clean villas, shops, hotels and specialise in high/hard access windows. Call 087 013 7650.

Designer Furniture Packages

Designer sofas, fitted and loose furniture and outdoor solutions. Full turnkey packages. 082 275 7737 or

Shades (Thailand) Awnings, shade sails, tension fabric structures. Call 076 367 566, www. shade

Fletcher Aluminium Thalang. Premium window

and door systems. For free quotes call 076 275 278.

Phuket Awnings Service

Global Logistics Asia

Contex Phuket Co.

Making an alliance with the sun. Contact 076 612 870 for more details.

Thalang area. We have the knowledge, networks and technology to answer your needs. 081 797 2753.

Bang Tao area. High-end teak doors and windows with German technology. Call us on 086 281 1264.

German Floors H o m e w o r ks . En h a n c e your home and office with genuine German-standard floors. Call 076 608 000.

Chem-Dry Cleaning Service The carpet and furniture experts. Also offering full cleaning services for stone, marble, terrazzo, granite and more. Contact 076 261 513.

Canvas Creations Boat Lagoon. Deluxe awnings and covers for your boat. Contact 076 238 946.

Phuket Home Maintenance Renovations, house repairs, painters, electricians, plumbers and construction workers. Fluent Englishspeaking manager. Free quotes. Call 084 139 5124.

Phuket Home Solutions Providing a solution for all your home requirements. 076 270 854.

House Sale and Service Phuket Offer a full range of home services, including electrical, plumbing, AC, interior and exterior painting and woodwork. 087 888 4770.

Pro Carpeting & Wood Work Thepkrasattri Rd, Boat Lagoon. Home, office, bar, renovations, rebuilds and repairs. 076 238 947, www.

The Stone Doctor Thalang Restoration, sealing, maintenance and cleaning. Call 087 282 4930. or visit www.the

Phuket Home Services High-quality building, contracting and refurbishment work in Phuket and the surrounding region. 076 324 400.

DWF Home Services

South Services

Built-in bars, counters, pools, kitchens, ponds, etc. Call Noi on 081 606 5746. DWF_ homeservices@hot

Montr i Road, Muang, Phuket. We specialise in air/sea freight, Transport etc. 076 211 447.

Adisak Trading

One-stop service for all your removal and shipping needs. 076 263 987.

Bypass Road. We have the largest selection of TOA paint. 076 261 420.

Stonearth Luxury Bathrooms The highest quality luxury natural wood and stone bathrooms for your villa, hotel, condo development.

May Curtain and Decor

Bigmove Phuket

Advance Interfreight Express Chaofah (East) Road. Moving and shipping. Better services, better prices. 076 376 677.

SAIL REPAIRS Rolly Tasker Sails (Thailand)

The best for curtains. Visit for more information or call 076 304 304.

Chaofa Road, Wichit. Sails, rigging, covers harken etc. 076 521 591.

Buildersmart Public


Treated pine, Thai gypsum, Shera, Weber, and Watty. Contact for more information 076 275 221.

LANDSCAPING SERVICES Chateau Sabai Villa Cherng Talay area. Professional landscape design and care. Call 076 318 266

Phuket Home Services Design and build salas, pergolas and decks. Offer custom design and build water features and p onds. 076 324 4 0 0, w w w.phuket

REMOVAL SERVICES Numchai Ocean Transport Phang Nga Road, Phuket Town. Call 076 225 444.

Phuket Home Services Since 2001. Offer a range of qualif ied in - house plumbing engineers, p lumb in g inst allat i o n teams and plumbers. Call 076 324 400.

The Mobile Pool Doctor Srisoonthorn Road, all areas of Phuket. Contact for details on 076 620 193 or visit

Environmental Solutions Chalermphrakiat Road, Rassada. 076 304 278 or 089 724 5617.

Phuket Water Supply Water filtration systems for home and pool. Thepkrasattri Road, Rassada area. Call 076 215 681.

Siam Pickpack

Chai Choochuay Hot Water

B oat L ag o o n. G l o bal transportation services. 076 238 791, www.siam

Air- con and solar water heating sales and ser vice. 076 321 562.

Reserve Your Storage Space

E.C. PHUKET SATELLITE Worldwide household removal services. Warehousing and packing services.

Wana Park, Srisoonthron Road, Thalang, Phuket 83110 Tel 076 620168

You’ll find flexible, enthusiastic and professional, committed to getting you the most effective logistics for the project at the best price.

Professional Satellite Provider. Astro and Thai Satellite and Cable Services. For quotation call for Thai: Lek on 081 535 9936. For English call: Mel on 086 687 8806. Shop number 076 215 081.

Call: 076 29 29 09 or visit:

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Team Premier live up to name SAILING The Neil Pryde-skippered Team Premier was the star performer of the 2011 Six Senses Phuket Raceweek as the TP52 romped to victory in the IRC Racing class, winning the first seven races of the nine-race regatta before opting to spend the final day in the bar, having already secured the title. In the other classes there were wins for Mark Chapman on Piccolo in the IRC2, Remington skippered by Jim Ellis in IRC3, Alan Carwardine on Sidewinder in the multihulls, Peter Dyer on Team Land and Houses in the Firefly 850 Sports and Mark Myking on Idiom in the Classic class. The eighth edition of Six Senses Phuket Raceweek – a regatta which has garnered a reputation as Asia’s most exciting and fastest-growing – saw a mixed bag of weather, as crews had to contend with squalls, storms, light wind, blazing sunshine and, finally, good winds over the four days of competition. With the exception of the IRC Racing and IRC2 classes, which were dominated by Pryde’s Team Premier and Chapman’s Piccolo respec-

The weather gods threw everything at the competitors. Here the Fireflies find the going bumpy. –Photo Six Senses Raceweek tively, there was still all to play for in the other classes on the final day, leading to some exciting action out on the water. The battle for honours in the Firefly 850 Sport class was

the most keenly contested and went right down to the last race of the regatta to determine the class winner. Ian Coulson and Clarence Tayong’s Voodoo held the lead going into the eighth and final

race but a fourth-place finish allowed Peter Dyer’s Team Land and Houses to sneak through at the death and take the win by just two points. The Multihull class was almost as close; Alan Carwar-

dine’s Sidewinder pipping Paul Larsen – the man hoping to set the Outright World Speed Sailing Record – on board DaVinci by nine points to 12. Larsen made a blistering start to the regatta, taking

the first three races but Carwardine finished strongly, winning the remaining five to take the honours. The IRC3 class was won reasonably comfortably by Jim Ellis’ Remington but the battle for second and third between Jim Kane’s Linda and Rob Azzopardi on Dreamtime was so close the two boats had to be separated on count back after they both finished with 11 points. Linda was given second place by virtue of her wins in race 2 and race 4. Piccolo was a clear winner in the IRC2 class but the battle for second also came down to the final race. Royal Thai Navy 4 had simply to finish ahead of Team Sea Bees to clinch the runners-up spot or hope that their rivals didn’t finish more than two places ahead of them. The Thai Navy boat skippered by Commodore Pornprom Sakultem crossed the line in second place to deny Rob Meiz on Team Sea Bees. Just two boats participated in the Classic class, which was won by Mark Myking on Idiom ahead of Khun Bao on Seraph. Raceweek party pictures: Page 16.

Caffari: I’d love to return for Raceweek

When The Phuket News meets Dee Caffari for the first time in the lounge area at the Evason Six Senses Resort and Spa, it becomes apparent very quickly how easy it is to forget how much this remarkable woman has achieved in her life. She’s so normal, down to earth, polite, happy to chat and almost permanently boasts a beaming smile. She has none of the ego that is evident in many who have achieved less in the world of professional sport – several English footballers spring to mind – nor has she the mindboggling physique of, say, Sir Chris Hoy, the multiple Olympic gold-medal winning cyclist whose thighs make him look like he has swallowed a rhinoceros. Just normal person who has achieved incredible things. In her illustrious career, Caffari has singlehandedly sailed non-stop around the world three times, in the process becoming the first woman to circumnavigate the globe both with and against the wind. Throw in the fact that she also holds the female-crewed monohull Round Britain and


Ireland speed record and has competed in several other global events, it’s amazing to think that, outside of the sailing world, she’s barely given the recognition she deserves, with the exception of an MBE from Queen Elizabeth II. Ellen MacArthur was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire for similar feats and while similar recognition might be forthcoming in the future, it’s easy to believe Caffari when she says that she doesn’t do what she does in order to gain recognition nor is she concerned about the accolades doled out to others. “It’s not something I do to be famous,” she says. “I do my sport because I’m passionate about it. “It just happens that some people pick up on it so you get invitations like this [to Six Senses Phuket Raceweek]. “It’s nice to be considered an inspirational figure for schoolchildren or women. People have picked up on it and say, ‘Wow! That’s an amazing story,’ which makes me feel very proud. But I continue to

Dee Caffari: ‘It’s not something I do to be famous. I do it because I’m passionate about it. do what I do because I love it.” Caffari is famous in sailing circles and that is the reason she was invited by Six Senses to be the “Ambassador” for the eighth edition of Phuket Raceweek – voted Best Asian Regatta of the Year in the 2011 Asia Boating Awards – and it was clear the experience was a positive one. “It’s been lovely. I was so lucky to be asked to be the ambassador for Six Senses. “I was invited to be the

ambassador to help raise the profile of the regatta that they sponsor; last year they invited an Olympic medallist [British double gold-medallist Shirley Robertson] in the same capacity; this year my calendar was free so I jumped at the chance. “To combine having a bit of luxury, seeing a bit of Thailand and doing some sailing has been the perfect package. I’m smiling genuinely as we speak and it means I fit perfectly in the Land of Smiles.”

It’s hard not to be content when you’re presented with the opportunity to do something you love in a place as beautiful as Phuket, but Caffari has also been impressed with the whole Raceweek setup. “This is my first experience of Asian sailing and the Asian yachting circuit is really growing. I was really impressed by the setup and the organisation. It’s really efficient and you can see why people go from one regatta to another [within the region]. “It’s one of the more relaxed, more friendly regattas and the atmosphere is great on the water and off it too.” During the four days of competition, those out on the water were faced with a range of different weather conditions including squalls, light wind, storms, blazing sunshine and more but the key, Caffari says, is to go with the flow. “I think you have to have a very relaxed attitude which fits in with the temperature, the climate and the surroundings. Even though there was no real wind and hot temperatures at times, it meant I could go for a swim. “You need to be relaxed

but a good thing is that the rain is warm!” After being part of the crew that finished fourth onboard Six Senses Niña, skippered by Phuket resident Grenville Fordham – whose company, Image Asia, runs the regatta – the opportunity to experience one or two of Phuket’s tourist hot spots and enjoy some pampering proved irresistible. “We’ve [Caffari and partner Harry Spedding] been through Patong and we went to FantaSea which was quite cool with the elephants and tigers. “We’ve also had a bit of a session in the Six Senses Spa which has made me feel like I’m truly on holiday.” Having enjoyed the best that the island has to offer both on land and at sea, chances are Phuket will see the return of Caffari in the future. “I’d love to [return to Phuket to sail]; if it comes with an invitation, even better. “I’d love to come back to do Six Senses Raceweek but if there was an opportunity to do one of the other Asian regattas that would be fantastic.” –Dan Ogunshakin



YFH finish 4th in Great Wall tournament

Phuket’s Youth Football Home (YFH) under-16s team recently returned home from Beijing, China, after finishing a very creditable fourth in the annual Great Wall Cup. The squad of players from the home in Thalang, which also featured three students from Muang Thalang School and one from Phuket International Academy, lost the third/ fourth play-off match against Deportivo de Mexico by two goals to nil. The Great Wall Cup, which consisted of four separate tournaments – Under-12s, Under-14s, Under-16s and Under-18s – featured teams from China, Taiwan, South

Marathon this weekend ATHLETICS This weekend will see local runners getting up early to take part in the Phuket Health International Marathon which will be contested on July 31. The main race is the 42km marathon from Sarasin Bridge at the north of the island to Saphan Hin, just outside Phuket Town, but runners can also opt to compete in a 13-km mini marathon and a 4.5-km fun run, around various routes in Phuket, all finishing in Saphan Hin. The men’s marathon event will be broken into eight age groups while the women’s event will be broken into four age groups. Runners can opt to take on the entire 42 km, or enter as part of a five-runner relay team The event is open to both Thais and foreigners. Cash prizes totalling B168,000 will be up for grabs, the biggest prize – B48,000 – going to the first Thai man to compete the marathon. Registration takes place from 10 am tomorrow (July 30) at Saphan Hin. Marathon competitors must check in at the OrBorTor Mai Khao offices on Sunday at 4 am. Competitors in the other events must check in at Saphan Hin between 4:00 and 5:30 am For more information, course maps and age classes visit phukethealthmarathon. com/engver/homeeng.html.


Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Brazil, Australia and Thailand. The YFH under-16s were drawn against Balcatta Soccer Club from Australia plus China’s Beijing Baxi FC and Beijing Bayi High School in Group B, and went through to the semi-finals with four points after drawing 0-0 with Beijing Bayi, beating Balcatta 3-2 and losing 2-0 to Beijing Baxi. In the semi-final, YFH came up against another Chinese outfit in Beijing Guoan; a team who had scored 20 goals in their three group matches and conceded none.

The team acquitted themselves well and the match remained goalless until the final 15 minutes when YFH conceded a penalty which Guoan scored to take the lead. Now trailing, YFH had to attack but conceded another penalty five minutes later and Guoan scored from the spot again to make it 2-0. Matters were made even worse for the Thalang-based team when Suthee Wanthor was shown a red card after which Guoan scored a third goal with just a few minutes of the match remaining. Guoan went on to win the Under 16 Championship after beating Beijing Baxi in the final.

The YFH team – a good result against tough international competition. In their match against Deportivo de Mexico for third and fourth places, the YFH conceded another late goal and trailed 1-0 with just seven minutes left. In their desperation to find an equaliser as time ran down, all 11 players pushed forward

but were hit on the break by the Mexicans in injury time, and the game ended 2-0. YFH manager Hannu Tukkannen said, “Fourth place was better than I had expected and I was delighted with how the team performed. “I hope that FC Phuket will

give some of these talented boys the chance to play for the club in the future.” Boys from the YFH play more than 20 matches a year against international opposition and many have gone on to join clubs in Europe to further their footballing careers.

FC Phuket ready for big push FOOTBALL

After a month’s break FC Phuket return to Thailand Division One action this weekend when they travel north to Bangkok to take on Raj Pracha FC this Saturday. The Southern Sea Kirin currently sit in ninth position with 24 points from 17 games, trailing league leaders Buriram FC and BBCU FC by 18 points. While the gap is by no means insurmountable, it is unlikely that coach Somphong Wattana’s side will catch the two runaway leaders. But fans of FC Phuket can take heart from the fact that Bangkok United – the team in third and final promotion place – are just 10 points in front with a total of 51 still to play for. The Southern Sea Kirin do have their work cut out for them, however; their next four matches all take place away from the comfort of Surakul Stadium in Phuket Town where the majority of their 24 points have been secured. Despite there being no Division One football to contend with, it has still been a busy period for FC Phuket both on and off the field. Since they last played in the league, coach Somphong’s side has been involved in both FA Cup and Toyota League Cup matches against Thai Premier League sides TOT SC FC and Sri Racha FC respectively.

Thai Division 1

after the 1st halfof the season Team Buriram FC BBCU Bangkok United Songkhla Chainat PTT Rayong Raj Pracha Saraburi Phuket Air Force United Bangkok Rangsit JW Suphanburi Chanthaburi Customs United Thai Honda Chiangmai RBAC Mittraphap

In the FA Cup Third Round, the Southern Sea Kirin were narrowly beaten by TOT away from home 1-0 in a game that was shown live on TrueVisions. FC Phuket acquitted themselves extremely well, creating a number of good chances though unfortunately they were unable to convert them. The Greens fared better in the Toyota League Cup, however, progressing to the quarter-finals 4-3 on aggregate. In the first leg at Surakul, the home side were held to a 1-1 draw by Sri Racha from the division above, leaving the Kirin with a tough task in the second leg. But they responded mag-








17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17

13 13 10 9 9 8 8 6 6 5 6 4 3 3 3 3 2 1

3 3 4 6 3 6 3 7 6 6 1 7 8 6 3 1 4 5

1 1 3 2 5 3 6 4 5 6 10 6 6 8 11 13 11 11

38 27 32 32 30 24 20 19 29 21 23 16 17 14 16 21 12 10

8 10 19 14 21 10 20 15 21 28 32 20 19 21 32 47 29 35

42 42 34 33 30 30 27 25 24 21 19 19 17 15 12 10 10 8

nificently, winning the game 3-2 with goals from Kone Adama (2) and Seksit Srisai to advance to the last eight. Off the field, the club has seen a number of players arrive to bolster the ranks. The most significant acquisition has been that of French goalkeeper Johnathan Matijas, who represented SC Bastia in France’s Ligue 2. Matijas has been joined at the club by defender Nitipong Limsuwan from Nonthaburi FC, along with midfielders Hossien Nissim from TTM Pichit FC, Jongrak Pakdee from Bangkok Glass and Boubacar Issuffu from Muang Thong United. The club was also given

FC Phuket star Nene Bi will remain with the club for the foreseeable future. There had been fears that the Ivorian would join former Southern Sea Kirin boss Arjan Songngamsub at Bangkok Glass.

a boost when it was revealed that star defender Nene Bi would stay with the club for the remainder of the season. It was rumoured that the Ivorian might be reunited with former FC Phuket coach Arjan Songngamsub, who is currently in charge of Bangkok Glass. Coach Somphong will also hope to welcome back injured stars Suphat On-Thong and Thawin Butrasombat before the end of the campaign, after both players broke their ankles earlier in the season. Saturday’s opponents, Raj Pracha, sit three points ahead of FC Phuket in seventh position but given the marked

improvement shown by the Southern Sea Kirin since Somphong took charge of the club, fans of FC Phuket can look forward to the match with confidence. Earlier in the season, FC Phuket recorded a 2-0 default win over Raj Pracha after it was revealed the away side had finished the game with too many foreign players on the field. The game originally finished 0-0. If FC Phuket are to start climbing the table they must make a strong start to the second half of the season and a win this Saturday might just be the catalyst they need for a promotion charge.



RED CARD! Hammam gets life ban

Out for ever: Qatar’s Mohammed bin Hammam is banned for life from involvement in organised football.  –Photo AFP

Qatar’s Moham mad Bin Hammam – the man largely credited with helping Qatar win the right to host the 2022 Fifa World Cup – has been banned from football for life after being found guilty of attempted bribery. The decision was made after Fifa’s ethics committee deemed the former Fifa presidential candidate guilty after a two-day hearing. The Qatari was accused of trying to buy votes ahead of the presidential election which took place in June. Bin Hammam, who on Friday blogged that he felt the decision to ban him had already been made by the committee, has vowed to take the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in a bid to clear his name and have the ruling overturned. A little less than eight months ago Bin Hammam was celebrating Qatar’s unlikely victory in the race to host the 2022 World Cup; four


months later he announced that he would challenge current incumbent Sepp Blatter for the presidency. The 62-year-old subsequently withdrew from the presidential race just days before the vote took place following accusations of bribery from fellow Fifa Executive Committee (ExCo) member Chuck Blazer, leaving Blatter to be re-elected unopposed. The findings of the Fifa ethics committee and subsequent banning of Bin Hammam mean the Qatari is the most senior official to be banned in the governing body’s 107-year history. The result means that Bin Hammam is not allowed to partake “in any kind of football-related activity at national and international level for life”, according to Fifa ethics committee deputy chairman Petrus Damaseb. The decision is unlikely

to signal an end to the matter; Bin Hammam’s legal council said that the former head of the Asian Football Federation will continue to fight to prove his innocence. A statement released to the press said: “The Fifa ethics committee has apparently based its decision upon so called ‘circumstantial’ evidence which our case has clearly demonstrated was bogus and founded on lies told by a senior Fifa official. “We have strictly observed the legal rules regarding the confidentiality of these proceedings and not shared our evidence, which is compelling, with the media. “Fifa, either directly or through third parties, appears to have done the opposite with selective and continual leaking to the media of documentation that has been part of these proceedings, in order to influence public opinion and create bias. “We are confident of the

Uruguay win record 15th Copa FOOTBALL

Two-time World Cup winners Uruguay made history in the early hours of Monday morning (July 25) when they won the Copa America for a record 15th time, beating Paraguay 3-0 in the final. Goals from Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and a brace from former Manchester United front man Diego Forlan eased La Celeste to victory against a Paraguay team that had reached the final without winning a single match in regulation time. The victory marked Uruguay’s first Copa America success for 16 years and moves them one ahead of Argentina, who they beat en route to the final. Uruguay dominated the match from the word go and Suarez gave his side a deserved lead after just 12 minutes, scoring after his deflected left foot shot that went into the back of the net off the far post behind Paraguay ‘keeper Justo Villar. Athletico Madrid striker Forlan doubled his side’s advantage before half time and completed the scoring in the final minute of the match, collecting a headed pass from strike partner Suarez and slotting the ball in the far corner.

Luis Suarez (right) celebrates; the Liverpool striker was named the Copa’s best player. Forlan, who was making a record 82nd appearance for his country, scoring his 30th and 31st goals, lifted the trophy and revealed that he was the

third member of his family to have won the long-running competition. “My grandfather won it, my father won it and now I have

won it,” he said. “It is a pride for the family. “Three generations of my family have won this tournament – Forlan will be the last

name in history of football. “It was a complicated game but the team played well. The early goal helped to simplify things.” Villar admitted that their opponents had deserved to win the game and the tournament itself. “It was fair that Uruguay are the champions because they are a very solid team and their attackers are two lions,” he said. “They are among the best strikers in the world. We got to the final because we had guts and luck. In the second half of the final we had a lot of the ball and we created some good chances but we just couldn’t score.” In recent years Uruguay has enjoyed an upturn in its football fortunes. The country’s players now represent some of the biggest teams in world football and in 2010 they reached the semi-final of the World Cup in South Africa, surpassing the efforts of rivals Brazil and Argentina, considered the heavyweights of South American football. Given that the country has a population of just 3.5 million people compared to Brazil’s 193 million and Argentina’s 40 million, La Celeste’s success is all the more impressive.

strength of our case and invite Fifa to make available now to the media a full transcript of these proceedings.” Hammam was originally suspended along with former Fifa ExCo member and Vicepresident Jack Warner when a leaked report revealed that officials of four Caribbean nations were allegedly offered money in exchange for their vote at a meeting in May or were aware that the offence occurred and failed to report it. Envelopes stuffed with up to £25,000 (B1.25 million) were alleged to have been handed out during the meeting in Trinidad and Tobago. Warner resigned from his position within Fifa and, as a result, will not have to face the ethics committee. Two other members of the Caribbean Football Union – Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester – were banned from football for a year for their involvement in the attempted bribery.

Bingham beats Williams for first ranking title SNOOKER England’s Stuart Bingham – who finished as runner-up to Thai star Thepchaiya Uh-nooh in the 2011 Sangsom Phuket Snooker Cup in June – came from behind to beat world number one Mark Williams in his first-ever final at the world-ranking Australian Goldfields Snooker Open in Bendigo on Sunday. Bingham fought back from 8-5 down to win the last four frames and clinch a 9-8 victory in the best of 17-frame match. “Mark snookered me when I was eight frames to five down and I got out of it,” Bingham said. “My body language changed and I felt, ‘Come on, this is it, this is your chance’.” B i n g h a m , w h o wo n AUS$60,000 (B1.93 million) for the inaugural Goldfields title, began with an opening break of 139, the best of the final. Welshman Williams, who was chasing the 19th ranking title of his career, said, “He played faultless stuff, some good breaks under pressure and I can’t do much about that.” – AFP



Evans makes Tour history CYCLING

Cadel Evans made history on Sunday (July 24) when he became the first Australian to win the Tour de France, beating last year’s runner-up Andy Schleck by one minute and 34 seconds to complete the sporting world’s most gruelling test of endurance in a total of 86 hours, 12 minutes and 22 seconds. Evans also became the first rider to wear the yellow jersey for only the final stage since Greg LeMond achieved the feat back in 1990. Elsewhere there was a first green jersey win for British rider Mark Cavendish, now confirmed as the world’s fastest and best sprinter, after he won the Paris finish stage of the tour for a record third consecutive time. Known as the ‘Manx Missile’ (Cavendish hails from the Isle of Man), the British rider now has 20 Tour stage victories to his name and stands equal sixth on the all-time list of Tour de France stage winners. Samuel Sanchez of Spain was named ‘King of the Mountains’, taking the polka-dot jersey awarded to the best climber, while home fans had something to celebrate when Frenchman Pierre Rolland was confirmed as the best young rider, winning the white jersey. Evans is a popular winner of Le Tour after a series

Done it! Cadel Evens celebrates his Tour de France win, the first Australian to manage the feat. of near-misses and timed his charge to perfection with a superlative 42.5km time trial in Grenoble the previous day. Schleck, who was runnerup to Alberto Contador last year and has now finished second in the past three Tours, had a 57-second lead going into Saturday’s ride but Evans proved the master, wiping out

the Luxemburger’s advantage with ease and establishing a lead of more than 90 seconds for himself. The f inal r ide of the 3,430-kilometre test of attrition into Paris is often little more than a procession for the newly crowned champion, especially when they have such a significant lead over

their nearest rivals, and so it proved once again. With no real opportunities to attack, it was left to the sprinters to create the excitement and, for the fifth time this Tour, Cavendish didn’t disappoint, blasting his way to the line after being given the perfect lead-out by his HTC-Highroad team-mates.

– Photo AFP

Both Evans, 34, and the 26-year-old Cavendish have been hailed as heroes in their respective countries for their achievements. Australians called for a public holiday in recognition of Evans’ triumph and although Prime Minister Julia Gillard was unable to grant their request she did call Evans

personally to congratulate him on his victory. The major Australian newspapers – never backward in coming forward when it comes to Aussie sporting success – were also effusive in their praise for Evans, all dedicating their front pages to his triumph. Greg Baum, a columnist with The Age broadsheet wrote: “If Cadel Evans’ victory is not the single most heroic Australian sporting achievement of all, it is at least the equal of any preceding it.” Owen Slot, writing in The Times was only slightly less restrained in heaping praise on British rider Cavendish, who, at 26 and with 20 stage wins under his belt, has Eddie Merckx’s record of 34 wins in his sights. “Cavendish’s first green jersey is deserved and overdue. And there is no option now but to wheel out that pompous, overblown word, ‘pantheon’. “Among the greats in his sport and the greatest sportsmen of his nation, Cavendish is nibbling away, assembling an increasingly weighty argument for inclusion,” Slot wrote. For some years both Evans and Cavendish have been stars in France on the back of their Tour de France performances; now it seems their stock in their own countries has finally risen to the levels both of them deserve.

Phelps, Lezak unhappy Hall planning about Cielo drug ruling to retire from Aussie rules SWIMMING

US superstar Michael Phelps and veteran Jason Lezak have voiced their unhappiness at the decision to let Brazil’s Cesar Cielo Filho swim at the FINA world championships in Shanghai after he failed an earlier drugs test. The championships come to a conclusion this Sunday.

Phelps signalled he was not satisfied with the outcome of the case, after Olympic and double world champion Cielo was let off with a warning by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) this week. “I think in everything that you do in life there are going to be some things you’re not happy with,” Phelps said. “But at the end of the day

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Bad boy: Cesar Cielo Filho. –Photo Agencia Brazil the only person that you can control is yourself and that’s all I’m worried about right now.” Lezak said many other swimmers were also unhappy about the CAS ruling, which left Cielo free to compete in Shanghai where the Brazilian took gold in the 50m butterfly. CAS rejected an appeal by governing body FINA to ban Cielo for three months after he tested positive for the banned

diuretic Furosemide, which can be used to mask performanceenhancing drugs. Cielo, 24, and three fellow Brazilians who also failed the test blamed a contaminated caffeine supplement. Lezak, 35, said, “Obviously there are more new laws now than there used to be over the years that I’ve been swimming, so hopefully people will learn from this and move on. But right now I don’t think there are a lot of happy people, that’s all,” he added. Australian head coach Leigh Nugent said swimmers would have to put the Cielo case behind them and focus on the competition. “We’ve spoken to our team and I’ll observe the same advice – my own advice – that we can’t be distracted by this issue and it’s done and dusted and we’re just going to get on with the racing.” –AFP

Australian Rules football star Barry Hall has revealed that he will retire at the end of the season, saying his body was “really screaming out for it” after more than 15 years in the sport. Hall, 34, is the first player to kick more than 100 goals for three different AFL clubs – St Kilda, Sydney Swans and Western Bulldogs – and is 19th on the list of all-time goal scorers with a total of 715. The 283-match veteran has also made headlines with his on-field temper, quitting the Swans after a string of incidents in which he struck members of the opposing team, before being picked up by the Bulldogs in 2009. “The Bulldogs gave me

AFL a chance when no one else would. They put their head on the chopping block and they had their knockers and doubters – they put a bit of faith in me that I could change my ways and do good for this football club,” the imposing forward said. Prime Minister Julia Gillard, a devoted supporter of the Bulldogs, said she was sorry to hear about Hall’s retirement. “Very few footballers will equal Barry’s achievements: more than 250 games at the élite level, four-time All-Australian and 2005 premiership captain for the Sydney Swans,” she said in a statement. –AFP



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NRL after round 20 Team Storm Sea Eagles Dragons Cowboys Broncos Warriors Wests Tigers Knights Panthers Bulldogs Sharks Rabbitohs Raiders Eels Roosters Titans

P 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18

Pts 34 32 29 28 28 24 22 22 20 20 18 18 16 15 14 12

W 15 14 12 12 12 10 9 9 8 8 7 7 6 5 5 4

D 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0

L 3 4 5 6 6 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 14

F 413 410 369 422 344 369 357 308 345 304 317 334 329 285 268 259

A 204 251 229 350 294 306 342 313 353 368 378 428 426 378 379 434




16 17 16 17 16 17 16 16 17 17 16 17 17 16 17 16 16

15 15 12 11 11 9 9 8 8 8 7 7 5 4 3 3 2

L 1 2 4 5 5 7 7 7 8 9 8 10 11 12 14 13 14

D 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0



1891 1796 1663 1764 1507 1441 1432 1345 1678 1641 1481 1533 1551 1162 1354 1138 1264

1078 1297 1242 1331 1260 1315 1450 1243 1604 1628 1527 1631 1880 1583 1759 1998 1815

Points 60 60 48 46 44 38 36 34 34 32 30 28 22 16 12 12 8

Formula 1 Driver Standings (after German Grand Prix) Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26



German Australian British Spanish British Brazilian German German Russian German Japanese German Spanish Mexican Swiss Brazilian British Spanish Italian Italian Belgian Finnish Venezuelan German Indian Australian

Red Bull Red Bull McLaren Ferrari McLaren Ferrari Mercedes Renault Renault Mercedes Sauber Force India Toro Rosso Sauber Toro Rosso Williams Force India Sauber Lotus HRT Virgin Lotus Williams Virgin HRT HRT

216 139 134 130 109 62 46 34 32 32 27 18 9 8 8 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Constructor Standings 1 2 3 4 5 6

RBR-Renault McLaren-Mercedes Ferrari Mercedes Renault Sauber-Ferrari

355 243 192 78 66 35

7 8 9 10 11 12

Friday July 29 Broncos v Sharks Sea Eagles v Tigers Saturday July 30 Roosters v Bulldogs Cowboys v Panthers Sunday July 31 Knights v Titans Warriors v Raiders Dragons v Rabbitohs Monday August 1 Eels v Storm

16:35 16:35 14:30 16:30 11:00 09:00 12:00 16:00

AFL Round 19 (Aussie Rules) (Times in Thailand)

Force India-Merc STR-Ferrari Williams-Cosworth Lotus-Renault HRT-Cosworth Virgin-Cosworth

Saturday July 30 Bulldogs v WC Eagles 11:10 Geelong v Melbourne 11:10 G Coast v St Kilda 16:10 Fremantle v Hawthorne 16:10 Sunday July 31 Collingwd v Essendon 11:10 Adelaide v P Adelaide 13:10 Bye: Brisbane Lions, Richmond, Sydney Swans

Formula 1 (Times in Thailand) Hungarian Grand Prix Budapest Friday July 29 Practice 1 15:00 - 16:30 Practice 2 19:00 - 20:30 Saturday July 30 Practice 3 16:00 - 17:00 Qualifying 19:00 Sunday July 31 Race 19:00

Phuket Hash House Harriers


S Vettel M Webber L Hamilton F Alonso J Button F Massa N Rosberg N Heidfeld V Petrov M Schumacher K Kobayashi A Sutil J Alguersuari S Perez S Buemi R Barrichello P di Resta P de la Rosa J Trulli V Liuzzi J d'Ambrosio H Kovalainen P Maldonado T Glock N Karthikeyan D Ricciardo

(Times in Thailand)

Friday July 29 N. Melbourne v Carlton 16:40

AFL after round 18 Collingwood Geelong Cats Hawthorn Carlton W. Coast Eagles Sydney Swans Fremantle St Kilda Essendon N. Melbourne Melbourne Western Bulldogs Richmond Adelaide Brisbane Lions Gold Coast Suns Port Adelaide

Australian NRL Round 21

Run 1325 Saturday, July 30 at 4pm. Hares: Billy Boy, Bluey and the Mexican. Directions: From Heroines’ Mon­ ument go east 2.7 km. Turn left into Soi Nanua and it’s 700m to the run site. Buses leave Expat Hotel, Patong at 14:30 and Baan Rim Klong, Kamala at 15:00.

Second win of the season: Lewis Hamilton was back in blistering-fast form in the German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. – Photo by Andrew Hoskins

Hamilton gets back on song

After a couple of trying months, during which it seemed the weight of the world was resting heavily on his young shoulders, Lewis Hamilton responded in a way that few in Formula 1 can, winning a thrilling German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. After a stunning last-gasp lap in qualifying saw him split the Red Bulls of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel on Saturday, Hamilton roared off from the start to lead on lap one and held off former McLaren team-mate and great rival Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari and Webber who finished second and third respectively. Defending world champion and current Driver’s Championship leader Vettel was never really in contention and finished

Sports on TV (Times in Thailand) Friday, July 29 EVENT TIME NRL: Sea Eagles v Wests Tigers 16:30 AFL: North Melbourne v Carlton 16:30 FINA World Swimming Champs 17:00 Tennis: ATP Tour Suisse Open 20:00

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Saturday, July 30 AFL: Bulldogs v W Coast Eagles AFL: Geelong v Melbourne AFL: Gold Coast Suns v St Kilda AFL: Freemantle v Hawthorn FINA World Swimming Champs FINA World Swimming Champs Tri-Nations: N Z’land v S Africa NRL: Cowboys v Panthers Football: Barclay’s Asia Trophy Football: Barclay’s Asia Trophy F1: Hungarian GP Qualifying Football: Emirates’ Cup

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FORMULA 1 fourth after an uncharacteristically error-strewn race. But there was no such mistakes from the 2008 champion as he won his second race of the season and his 16th overall to reduce the gap between himself and Vettel with nine races remaining in the season. The young German still leads the championship by a massive 77 points – more than three race wins – from fellow Red Bull driver Webber, with Hamilton a further five points behind the Australian. After receiving the chequered flag Hamilton celebrated on his pit-to-car radio: “Great job guys, great job. Keep pushing, these are the results we can get, it’s amazing.” When the teams arrived in Germany, a win for McLaren had seemed unlikely and, after Alonso’s win at Silverstone, many expected Ferrari to be the main challenger to the Red Bull RB-7. Yet after Hamilton’s impressive qualifying performance on the Saturday, it was clear the McLaren had sufficient pace to compete.

And so it proved. The Briton jumped Webber at the start to lead the race but had to battle with the Australian and Alonso all race as the three drivers took turns out in front. Hamilton led into the first round of pit stops but it was Webber who emerged out in front after the change of tyres. The Australian was aheaduntil the teams came in to switch to the soft tyres when Hamilton passed him, only to be passed himself by Alonso. The Spaniard’s lead was short-lived, however. Moments later Hamilton produced a breathtaking pass before putting in a series of fastest laps to take the race away from the Ferrari driver. With one more round of pit stops still to be made, the final positions weren’t set in stone but Hamilton held his form and took his first win since April’s Chinese Grand Prix. Formula 1 is in Hungary this weekend for the final race before the summer break. Both McLaren and Ferrari will be hoping to build on their recent good form, while Red Bull will be looking to get back to winning ways.

Sunday, July 31 20 17 4 0 0 0

AFL: Collingwood v Essendon AFL: Adelaide v Port Adelaide FINA World Swimming Champs FINA World Swimming Champs NRL: Dragons v Rabbitohs F1: Hungarian Grand Prix Football: Emirates’ Cup

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NFL stars return in time for new season AMERICAN FOOTBALL

NFL player representatives unanimously agreed to a new 10-year contract with club owners on Monday (July 25) ensuring the season will start as planned in September after a four-and-a-half-month shutdown, the longest in the sport’s history. “Football is back and that’s great news,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said. “It has been a long time coming. We know what we did to frustrate our fans over the last several months. They want football and our job is to give them football.” Owners and players agreed on final terms in the early hours of Monday morning and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) executive committee presented details to player representatives ahead of the crucial vote. The players group unanimously voted to approve a new deal, setting the stage for the end of the NFL’s longest work stoppage, a lockout that began on March 11. “I know it has been a very long process since we stood here that night in March, but our guys stood together when nobody thought we would and football is back because of it,” NFLPA executive director

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (No 12), will be just one of the players returning to training after the lockout ahead of the new season, with matches starting on August 11. –Photo by Keith Allison DeMaurice Smith said. “I believe it’s important that we talk about the future of football as a partnership.” Final legal details are still to be sorted, with a majority of all NFL players having to vote within 10 days to re-establish the NFLPA as a trade union and then to accept the deal, both approvals expected by landslide margins. The first shutdown since 1987 began when millionaire

players and billionaire team owners could not agree on how to divide US$9.3 billion (B280 billion) in annual revenues. Owners opted in 2008 to end the deal this year. The new contract will not have an early opt-out clause but would allow expansion from 16 to 18 games a season per club as soon as 2013, provided the players agree to such a move. Goodell struck a unifying

tone over a deal that brings owners as much as 53 per cent of revenues after a prior 50-50 split, but gives players better benefits and faster free agency for some. “Having a 10-year agreement is great for our game, especially our fans,” Goodell said. “I think this agreement is going to make the game better. I’m grateful for all the work both parties did.” The bottom line for fans is

that, barring any unexpected complication, the NFL season will begin as planned on September 8 with the New Orleans Saints visiting the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Green Bay Packers. “We have all worked tirelessly throughout this process,” NFLPA executive committee member Jeff Saturday said. “We now look forward to a conclusion so we can return to playing the game we all love.”

Saturday, a centre for the Indianapolis Colts, hugged Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, in the most symbolic moment of an owners-players news conference. Kraft’s wife, Myra, died last Wednesday (July 20) after a fight with cancer. Players and owners knew there were some fences to mend with fans after the uncertainty of the past few months. “I would like to apologise to the fans for the last five to six months when we have been talking about the business of football,” Kraft said. “This is an agreement that will allow our sport to flourish.” “We want to thank the fans who stuck with us,” NFLPA President Kevin Mawae said. “This has been a long road for everyone involved. This settlement is an essential component to what will be a long-term agreement benefitting players, owners and fans.” There was only one lost game in the 2011/12 series – the annual pre-season opener, the Hall of Fame game that had been set for August 7. The first pre-season game will now be played on August 11 when San Diego host Seattle. Securing a deal before the end of the month means that a planned game in London will take place as scheduled. –AFP

Boks look for positives after Wallaby drubbing New Zealand will be favourites to win the Rugby World Cup whatever happens beforehand, as an injury-hit South Africa line up against the All Blacks tomorrow afternoon (July 30), Springboks skipper John Smit said. World champions South Africa take on the defending Tri-Nations champions in Wellington on the back of a convincing 39-20 loss to the Wallabies in Sydney last Saturday. South Africa left 21 injured front-line players at home for their Australasian leg of the Tri-Nations and paid the price as the rampant Wallabies romped to victory, scoring five tries to South Africa’s two. It was the Springboks’ biggest loss in Australia since a similarly weakened team was crushed 49-0 in Brisbane five years ago. But hooker Smit, South Africa’s most-capped Test captain, saw positives for his side going forward to September’s Rugby World Cup South African skipper John Smit (right) talks to his players during their Tri- in New Zealand. Nations defeat by Australia in Sydney on Saturday night.  –Photo AFP He said Saturday’s match had

TRI-NATIONS not been a blow to their confidence. “It’s more of an experience for those guys who haven’t been out in this arena – just to feel the difference in speed and physicality,” he said. “Every game you lose is a confidence blow, I suppose, but a lot of these guys wouldn’t have experienced Test rugby yet. Some of them haven’t got more than 10 Test caps; if anything it will be invaluable to those guys who haven’t been around.” The All Blacks, who thrashed Fiji 60-14 in Dunedin last Friday (July 22), will be strongly fancied to win their fourth straight Test against the Springboks, but that doesn’t diminish South Africa’s chances of defending their World Cup crown, Smit said. “I don’t think anyone is going to be able to take the favourites tag from New Zealand, no matter what happens in the Tri-Nations,” he said.

“So we have the pressure of arriving there as defending World Cup champions and we have to make sure we are as well prepared as possible. “We have three more games to go in the Tri-Nations and lots to do and lots to prepare for.” Smit said South Africa paid for lapses in concentration and turning over the ball to the Wallabies, but will learn from the experience. “What I enjoyed about our younger side was that they fought to the death,” he said. “There were tries going begging out there for the Wallabies and there was a lot of guys chasing to make sure it didn’t happen; these are the things we can draw upon in the future.” Coach Peter De Villiers expects to have Paris-based lock Gerhard Mostert available for selection for the All Blacks Test as a replacement for Johann Muller, ruled out of the tour with a hamstring strain, while lock Flip van der Merwe has injured ribs.


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