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Sarah is welcoming home her little sister, Emily. They are both loved so much by Grandma Beth!

Wallingford Fireworks - A Reflection By Andy Reynolds Having been raised in Wallyworld - my family attended the fireworks every year. It is one of my fondest memories. When I was really young, my family - all 8 of us piled in the car and went. This is when they still allowed that fold up seat in the back of the car as there was no way all of us would fit otherwise. As we grew older, we all went on our own but there is one reflection I would like to share from that time. It's about a truckload of friends, at least 15 of us piled in together. Right before the show the Bay City Rollers came on the radio singing the one hit wonder "Saturday Night." We all screamed along with the song and all of the folks gathered enjoyed our wonderful melodies NOT! Geeze - I think I just dated myself but let's just say I was 5 when it happened or maybe not. Even later on in life - the fireworks changed to date night! I loved taking dates to the fireworks. The romance of it all. Finding that nice quiet spot and cuddling while fireworks went off in the air and in my heart. Sappy - I know.

But the most important reflections of the Wallingford fireworks were and are in the eyes of children and yes, adults as well, as the show went off. It's one of the few days of the year that all boundaries would come down. Blankets right next to each other with people you didn't know but by the end of the night you were friends. Snacks and drinks being shared by all. Laughter and joy across the entire field and of course the chorus of oooos and ahhhhs heard as far away as Hartford. It's not just about the celebration of our history. It's a celebration of Wallingford. A celebration of the community we all share. A night when all of us are gathered as one - family and friends alike. But now as you know the fireworks are in danger of not taking place this year. Like so many towns and cities across the nation - economic realities have struck hard and Wallingford is no different. That does not and should not mean that the fireworks should end. An effort has started to save the fireworks. You can help by becoming a part of it. Your company can help by being a part of it. Look inside this issue for the information you need. It would be so sad if the reflections ended this year and that special time of community went away. I sincerely believe that we can make the fireworks happen but only if we work together. It's up to all of us. Please help.

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CELEBRATIONS Don't forget Father's Day! It's FREE to share any celebration in The People's Press. The deadline is May 29th!


Happy Birthday Memere!! I LOVE YOU!! Love, Alex

PRAYER TO The Blessed Virgin: Never known to fail. Oh most beautiful power of Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me that you are my mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly seek you from the bottom of my heart to secure me in my necessity. (Make your request). There are none that can withstand your pwer. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3 times). Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands (3 times). Say this prayer for three consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. Grateful Thanks. J.K.

Happy Birthday to our wonderful son, Joshua! You are the best and make us so happy. Love, Mom, Dad, Sierra, Shaunessy and Minny!

Summer Camp - Summer Fun!

Meriden YMCA Mountain Mist Day Camp

Where There's Magic in the Mist!

Register now for Summer Camp Preview Week: June 21 - June 25 Something for everyone: Session One: June 28 - July 9 Traditional Camps, Fort Building, Rock Climbing Session Two: July 12 - July 23 Up the Creek with A Paddle Session Three: July 26 - August 6 Arts Camp, Band Camp, Hip Hop Camp Session Four: August 9 - August 20 Fishing Camp, Space Camp Ages 3 through grade 11 Fitness Camp, Journalism Camp Extended am and pm hours available Adaptive Camp Bring this ad and register by May 31st and your name will be entered in our drawing to win a 3 month family membership.


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Jon Peckman Playing At Jakes By Andy Reynolds Right after the Fireworks fundraising dinner on May 21st- well known drummer Jon Peckman and his band will be playing at Jakes in Wallingford. Jon was born and raised right here in Wallingford. His parents shared the joy of music with him at an early age and he was hooked. He started playing the drums when most of us were just learning to read. By the time he was in high school he was already playing in well known area bands and of course he was a force to be reckoned with in the Sheehan High band.

Jon got to sit in with the Rhythm on Steel Band in Jamaica last year. He loves reggae and was extremely excited to play with them. After the set, the bandleader Winston (on right) gave Jon his business card in case he wanted any gigs. Jon immediately started looking at properties on Jamaica (just kidding).

Now some musicians don't grow but that's not the case with Jon. His talents blossomed more and more every year. Bands came calling for his special skills. He has played with the K-Man Band, Eight to the Bar, Sweeter than Wine, Tongue n Groove, Acoustica, and Feathermerchants, an original band based out of NYC. He was also a member of Disco Hell, a Worcester, MA spectacle that took place every Sunday night at the Lucky Dog Music Hall. It involved costumes, onstage mayhem, and of course, disco! That band could fill up an entire article on its own. Currently, besides working on his own, he is playing with Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood. He has also played with nationally known musicians Dana Pomfret, Jeff Pevar, Donna Martin, and Danny Kortchmar (who wrote a number of Eagles songs and has worked with many greats). All of this on top of doing session work with various artists. Kristin Pippin-Herbst had this to say about him "I have known Jon since 5th grade he was all about music and musically cool before that became trendy...he was the go to guy for what was cutting edge for music in high school...still exudes a subtle coolness regarding music without effort...always a pleasure to hear play in whatever venue he's in." When I talked to Jake Kilroy he said, "I follow Jon wherever he goes. He never disappoints me because not only is he talented but he plays with all of his heart and soul." Jon has even shared his talents in the book world. He wrote "Picture Yourself Drumming" in 2006. I wonder where he finds all of the time but then there is more. Jon has always felt the importance of teaching children music. He has taught at the Connecticut Valley School of Music and Dance for 10 years and has also started lessons in Wallingford. Now that you know about him - it's time to experience him. Join me in enjoying the music at Jakes which is located at 179 Center St in Wallingford. He will be playing from 9:30 till close on Friday, May 21st as I previously mentioned. You can also buy me a drink or two. Shirley Temples of course. See you there!

The Fatal Fifties Affair at Castle Craig Playhouse Friday, May 21, 2010 through Saturday, June 05, 2010 at 7:30 PM At Castle Craig Playhouse The Fatal Fifties Affair Murder Mystery Dinner Theater presented Cabaret Dinner Style with performances on Fridays & Saturdays on May 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th, June 4th & 5th at 7:30pm. Sunday Matinee on May 23rd & 30th at 2:00pm. 59 W. Main St., Meriden For more info or for auditions call 203-634-6922 or go to


Happy Birthday Connor! Great job with the tree! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Hubbard Park Closed to Public May 14-16 The City of Meriden will close Hubbard Park to the public for a Boy Scout event celebrating the 100th anniversary of Scouting on Friday afternoon, May 14 through Sunday May 16th. Only participating Scouts, volunteers and vendors will be allowed in the park during this time. The public is invited to attend this camporee on Saturday, May 15th from 2 pm to 10 pm. Parking and ticket information is at 203-514-5181 or

Mary Solomon for the Wallingford Health Department My name is Mary Solomon and I am a junior at Sheehan High School. Like any other student, I wanted to find a job close-by that was fun. Through the Peer Advocates, a community service organization by the Wallingford Youth and Social Services, I heard of an opening at the Wallingford Health Department. After meeting with the Health Director, I was hired as an intern to work under the City Readiness Initiative. As soon as I received this position, I was presented with an opportunity to work on a program known as "3 Days/3 Ways". This program stresses the importance of being able to be self-sufficient for a minimum of three days in times of crisis. During a crisis, such as a tornado, hurricane, or public health pandemic, help might not reach you and your family for a few days. The program and concept is simple: There are three steps to be prepared. Step One: Make a plan. Plan a family meeting place and also plan a couple different evacuation routes out of your house. Maybe a near-by relative's home or even the town designated shelter. Step Two: Build a kit. This kit should include food, water, extra clothing, important medications, copies of important family documents, sanitation supplies, tools, and a battery operated radio. Some sort of entertainment is also recommended so that you stay busy and keep your mind occupied. And don't forget about including a plan for your pets! Step Three: Stay informed and get involved. Be prepared to evacuate your home during a crisis at a moment's notice. Also, get involved in helping make this stressful time a little easier. Making a plan, building a kit, and staying informed and getting involved can be the difference between life and death during a crisis. Many disasters will strike with little or no warning. I take pride in being prepared and helping spread the word about "3 Days/3 Ways". I also encourage anyone to take part in this simple procedure of enhancing your life. Note: Wallingford Health Department is part of the Dept of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) Region 2. The "3 Days/3 Ways" Program is a national Public Health campaign designed to educate the community on simple preparedness actions. Mary Solomon is using this program to educate peers. Would you like a presentation on this project for your civic group or organization (how about a guest speaker for your PTA or Youth Group!)? We would love to hear from you at 203-294-2065. Or stop by the Wallingford Town Hall, rm. 215 for more information.

The Wallingford Junior Football League 2010 Registration Dates Saturday, May 15, 2010, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Saturday, June 5, 2010, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM At the Wallingford Parks and Recreation Department Save the date for The Second Annual Wallingford Vikings Golf Tournament Friday, June 25, 2010 The Tradition Golf Club. More information to come in the coming weeks Life is half spent before we know what it is. - George Herbert

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Mom, you are the best! Love, Alyssa

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Saving Wallingford's Fireworks By Jason Zandri Since Tuesday April 13th when I learned the fate of the budget for the Wallingford Fireworks, that these line items were to be cut once again as last year, I set out to try to save them. I knew this was not going to be a repeat of last year. Times are different now than last year - they are on the improvement side but they are lower and worse off than where we were this time last year. The Council was not going to be able to save the day this time like last year. I asked individual councilors; some I spoke to would not commit to trying at that point to save them. Others were convinced that had they tried there would be opposition from the Mayor for trying to put them back into the budget so they were not going to bother. Others supported the move and simply felt it was the prudent thing to do in this economy. Despite having that mindset some voted to keep some or all of the funding for other town sponsored events; only the fireworks were completely cut. That is a story for another day I suppose. I spoke with the Mayor and he did indicate that he would not be supportive of a move by the council to restore any funding, all or partial, for the fireworks celebration. So knowing all this and thinking no one was going to take any action I decided to see what I, Joe Citizen, could do. There have been some that have walked right up to me and said this is a fool's errand and that it can't be done in 40 days. I have politely disagreed and said "it can if the people really want it - there are enough citizens in this town that go to the show, I just have to find a way to reach them all." Others have said "with all the gloom and doom, the layoffs of the teachers and what not, we should not be celebrating." Again I disagreed. We are not blowing up fireworks and celebrating because the economy was effectively in a car wreck and that teachers were recently given notice of layoffs. We are celebrating the birth of our great nation and since it is a great nation we will pull out of this mess too - better and stronger than before. "This too shall pass." You see, for me the fireworks mean many different things. At the base of it all - it is the celebration of the birth of our great nation. I love my country. There are days I certainly could do without our government but the government is not the country; the people are. Independence Day, as outlined in the write up at Wikipedia at states: "In the United States, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, political speeches and ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the national day of the United States." There is little I could do to improve upon that to make a point here as to why at a basic level I am doing what I am doing - I deeply believe in most if this (again - I could do without the political speeches but if I have to have them to keep the holiday I can turn up my Zune and drown them out.) There are other reasons too. I remember going to the show many years as a child with my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. I remember when I got my driver's license I went up there on my own with a girl I was dating steady at the time. I remember going less often as I got into my early 20s but I always knew the show was going on. I remember talking to my grandmother and my great / grand aunt about how they used to shoot them off in the 1950s at the old airport in town (which is now the closed landfill). I remember the one year my two children (at the time - I have four now) didn't go to Poland for the summer and they went to the show with me. My son was frightened and excited all at the same time. My daughter cried after the show ended because we had to go home. Now there was the risk that we would never have this show again. My family leaves for Poland this year on June 1 - the very same day that is the drop dead date for us to collect all of the funds for this show and to get them over to the town. The cost of the fireworks and all the city services and overtime costs - we have to have it all. So I am sacrificing all of the remaining free time that I could be spending with my little ones trying to collect the funds so this show goes on. I am willing to make the sacrifice so that if I have to say to them someday "I remember when we used to do this in Wallingford" I can at least say it knowing I tried to do something about it rather than being another one of many saving "gee, I hope someone does something about this." I am confident we can save it. We have some time (although tight), we have the consideration and support of the citizens that have been giving generously, and we have the interest of some businesses that are looking to help out however they can. I am doing this for me - for all the memories I have had of the event and all the ones I want to make going forward. I am doing this for my kids so that they will have the same opportunity I did to make memories at their home town fireworks celebration. I am doing it for all the families I know and all the ones I do not, from Wallingford and beyond, who come and enjoy our "Grand Event." I am doing it for all the members of our military, past and present, all that gave some and some that gave all. Without them to nurture, protect and defend this great nation, from before day 1, it would not be turning 234 years old this year. I am doing this as an American and a Citizen of Wallingford, one who does not want to see yet another great tradition get piled into the ranks of "I remember when." Not on my watch - not without a fight.

Ted's "Burgers for a Cause" Event to Benefit Relay for Life Members of the Moynihan and Underwood families have been participating in Relay for Life for several years. Different family members have been members of different teams at different events throughout the years. But this is the first year the family is coming together to form a team. The "We are Family Team" will be participating in the event being held in Cheshire on June 11th and 12th. Team captain, Mary Underwood, decided to form the team to honor and remember family members who have battled cancer. Mary's mom, Fran Moynihan, is a breast cancer survivor and a member of the relay team this year. The team is also remembering Underwood's sister in law who lost her 8 year battle with cancer on June 14, 2008. Carleen Underwood was only 43 years old when she died. As a way to raise money, Underwood has partnered with family friend Bill Foreman, owner of Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers in Meriden. The two came up with the idea of "Burgers for a Cause" which will be held on Wednesday, May 19th. People are asked simply to stop by Ted's during normal business hours and enjoy a great burger (or anything else offered at Ted's). At the end of the day, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the "We are Family" team. Foreman, who is asked numerous times throughout the year for donations, liked the idea of doing something different. He and Underwood are hoping for a busy day. For more information on the event, people can go to the "Burgers for a Cause" event on Facebook or can log on to the Cheshire Relay for Life site.

Meriden Historical Society Tag Sale

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7-6; Saturday 7-4; Sun. 7-2 238-0159 • 212 West Main Street, Meriden

The Meriden Historical Society will begin our monthly tag sales on Saturday, May 15th at the Research Center, 1090 Hanover Road in So. Meriden from 9am to 1pm. We are starting a new season with a fresh selection of antiques, collectible, household and miscellaneous items. If you would like to join us, spaces are available at $15 for non-members and $10 for members. Please call 203-237-4636 or 203-235-2217 for information. As always, donations for the society table are welcomed. Heavy rain cancels. Life is something to do when you can't get to sleep. - Fran Lebowitz

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MERIDEN PUBLIC LIBRARY MAY EVENTS MAY IS GERMAN MONTH AT MERIDEN LIBRARY In May, Meriden Public Library will be highlighting the German culture in our community. Each week there will be a special program starting with Wednesday, May 5 at 7:30 pm when the HSV Bavaria Schuhplattler dance group will be performing. On Tuesday, May 11 at 7:00 pm, join Katie Mayer, Bob Neuman and Willi Englert as they speak about German history and culture. Wednesday, May 18 at 7:00 pm, the Meriden Turner Liedertafel Chorus will sing familiar German songs and Broadway tunes.. Saturday, May 29 at 2:00 pm, accordion player Gary Welkopp will entertain us with a variety of German tunes. All the programs will be held in the Griffin Room of Meriden Public Library. Contact the Community Services Department at (203) 630-6349, email, or visit the library's web page at and click on "Adult events" to reserve a seat. COMPUTER CLASSES FOR MAY Meriden Public Library is offering a variety of free computer classes. To help you become more comfortable with computers or to learn how to use Excel, Word, or the internet and email, sign up for one of the following classes. The classes will be held in public computer lab area. Basic computer skills - Monday May 17 at 6:00 pm to 6:40 pm Email class - Monday, May 24 at 6:00 pm to 6:40 pm Introduction to computers - Tuesday, May 18, and 25 at 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm Microsoft Excel class - Thursday, May 20 at 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm Microsoft Word class - Thursday, May 13 and 27 at 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm Email class - Saturday, May 15 at 9:30 to 10:15 am Internet class - Saturday, May 22 at 9:30 to 10:15 am Microsoft Word - Saturday, May 29 at 9:30 to 10:15 am All the classes are free, but class size is limited. Contact the Information Desk at (203) 238-2346 to sign up for any of the computer classes. SCRABBLE AT MERIDEN LIBRARY May 24 The Meriden Public Library will be holding Scrabble sessions on Monday, May 10 and May 24 at 2:00 pm in the Friends Room. Come to practice or learn the game. Everyone is invited. If you have any questions about this or other programs at the library, contact the Community Services Department at (203) 630-6349, email us at or stop by at any session. WRITERS NETWORK May 12 and May 25 The Writers Network will meet at Meriden Public Library at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, May 12 and Tuesday, May 25 in the Griffin Room. The Writers Network is for anyone who is looking for a support network to keep the motivation going, is interested in sharing their writing with others and is longing for the camaraderie of others who share a passion for writing. Contact the Community Services Department at (203) 630-6349 if you have questions about any library program. THURSDAY LUNCH TIME BOOK CLUB AT MERIDEN LIBRARY Meriden Public Library's lunch time book club continues on Thursday, May 13 at noon in the

Seminar Room. Bring your bag lunch and enjoy some great discussions. All are welcome. The book that will be discussed in May is The Reader by Bernard Schlink. Copies are available at the Meriden Library. The June selection is Lit: a memoir by Mary Karr. Contact the Community Services at (203) 630-6349 or email to join the book club. MERIDEN TURNER LIEDERTAFEL CHORUS May 18 The Meriden Turner Liedertafel Chorus will be performing in the Griffin Room of Meriden Public Library on Tuesday, May 18 at 7:30 pm. The chorus will be singing Broadway tunes along with familiar German songs.. This program is part of a series highlighting the German culture in Meriden during the month of May. The program is free and all are invited. Contact the Community Services Department at (203) 630-6349 if you would like to reserve a seat. LEGO CLUB May 18 The Meriden Public Library will have its next Lego Club event on Tuesday, May 18 th at 4:00 pm in the Griffin Room. The theme will be "Castles, Dungeons and Towers." The program is open to children ages 6-12 and their parents. Legos will be provided for all participants and creations will be put on display in the library. Sign up is not required but if you would like a reminder e-mail about this event and future Lego Club events, please contact Melissa at TEEN ANIME CLUB May 21 The Teen Anime Club at the Meriden Public Library will meet on Friday, May 21st at 3:00 pm in the Griffin Room. We will be watching the first Tenchi series. Tenchi lives a normal life until the day he accidentally awakens the demon Ryoko. Now his life is filled with space pirates, galaxy police and princesses. This program is for teens ages 13-18. Snacks will be provided. Sign up through our website at or at the Information Desk. If you have any questions please call Melissa at (203) 238-2346. SCRAPBOOKING ON A SHOESTRING May 24 Have you ever wanted to scrapbook but felt you couldn't afford it? Well, now you can! Come to Meriden Public Library's Griffin Room on Monday, May 24 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. This month's featured technique is "Borders in Minutes." Bring your photos, pages, an adhesive, and pens. Free handouts will be available. Registration is requested by calling the Community Services Department at (203) 630-6349 or sign up online at under "Adult events." ACCORDION PLAYER AT MERIDEN LIBRARY May 29 Come to the Meriden Public Library on Saturday, May 29 at 2:00 pm in the Griffin Room to enjoy the music of accordion player Gary Welkopp. Mr. Welkopp will be playing a variety of German tunes. This program is part of a series highlighting the German culture in Meriden during the month of May. The program is free and all are invited. Contact the Community Services Department at (203) 630-6349 if you would like to reserve a seat. Life has meaning only if one barters it day by day for something other than itself. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

LocalMotion - Local Businesses

It’s the LOCAL Businesses and Owners like these that make a difference for Wallingford and Meriden!

Carrie - Energy Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Nicole R. Kerr from Harvest Park Naturopathic Medicine

Jim from Baran’s Kenpo Karate

Fred from Rousseau’s Auto Repair

Mike from Verdolin’s Transmission Service

Paul from Stone Wall Boundaries, LLC

Ryan & William from Wallingford Computer Center

Diane and James from Wallingford Optical

Shaun, Dawn, Andy, Joshua & Sierra from The People’s Press

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Life along the Q River… An Update from the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association QRWA 30th Annual Canoe and Kayak Race It all started 30 years ago with a small group of canoe enthusiasts. It now attracts racers from all over New England and New York and it the longest running race in CT history. It's sanctioned by the New England Canoe and Kayak Race Association, or NECKRA and is one of the nines races on their calendar. Last year, 35 boats raced with 70 participants. This year the QRWA celebrates the 30th anniversary of their Canoe and Kayak race on Sunday, May 16th. This five mile course begins at the Route 322 Department of Transportation parking lot on the Cheshire /Southington line. There is ample parking for all participants. The course consists of four miles of mostly twisting flat water and about a mile of whitewater, and one portage, continuing right past Boy Scout Island and concluding with a flat finish at Red Bridge. There are 17 classes available for racers of all levels of expertise from competition level to novice, for single person to duals, from male to females and mixed (one male, one female), from senior to junior. There is also a touring class for those just paddling for fun, not medals. There is even a class for politicians and local officials. If you want to race, there'll be a class for you to race in. The day begins with registration from 9 - 10:30 am at the parking lot. From 11:00 on, boats will be launched at 30 second staggered intervals, getting everyone pretty much finished within 1-2 hours. QRWA Board members Paul Roy and Dan Pelletier and Executive Director Mary Mushinsky take on the officiating and record keeping tasks. Connecticut State law requires that each participant wear an appropriate life vest, footwear and each boat has a whistle, which will be provided with registration. Additionally at the portage, where you physically walk your boat in shallow areas, we will have QRWA members flagging and providing assistance to the tourist class if needed. The unofficial rule of helping when asked is a sign of respect for the racers and the water. Once the race is completed, the results will be tallied and the top three finishers in each class will receive awards, a medal for first place and ribbons for second and third place. There will be two additional awards for the overall canoe and kayak winners with the best time. Afterwards it's time to celebrate with a cookout and music for the race participants. QRWA board member Deb Mason Meydag and her band 'Highway 49' will provide the live entertainment. The event usually winds down at 3 p.m. Dan Pelletier, event co-chair states, "This is a well respected race for the water enthusiasts. We are happy that this event draws people from all over New England to the Quinnipiac River in Cheshire and Meriden. It really showcases the best of the Q River and the great outdoor activities that are right in our own back yard." Adds event co-chair Paul Roy, "As avid racers, both Dan and I enjoy being with others who appreciate a great course, the challenge to better your time and the opportunity to meet your fellow racers. This is one of those races that many racers look forward to and it's a nice way to raise money for the QRWA." "It's amazing that our race is the longest running race in CT and has been one of the most anticipated races in New England for a long time," noted Mary Mushinsky, QRWA's Executive Director. "And regardless of the weather, we always have a great time." QRWA President Ginny Chirsky added, "This event is great and I appreciate the efforts of all those who volunteer to make it come together so effortlessly, especially Dan and Paul. This is the type of event that shows how we can enjoy our natural resources while raising funds that protect those same resources. In the summer, we also have programs that introduce people to the adventures of canoeing or kayaking." The registration fee to enter the race is $18 will be held rain or shine and QRWA will ensure that transportation will be available to get back to the parking lot. For more information about the 30th Annual Canoe and Kayak Race, including parking, registration forms, course map and other race details, please visit Planting the Butterfly & Bee Garden - May 23 and 23, 2010. Do you have a slightly green thumb that you want to put to use to help nature's pollinators? Contact JoAnne Grabinski, Project Coordinator at (203) 235-0775. Water Trails Day - June 5 and 6, 2010. Mary Mushinsky and Dan Pelletier will be giving paddle lessons on Hanover Pond. Learn to steer and you may qualify for a cruise down the race course. To register, call (203) 237-2237. The Quinnipiac River Watershed Association (QRWA) is a 501c3 organization whose mission is to restore the Quinnipiac for the health and enjoyment of all citizens and communities along its reach and to educate all students, families, individuals, businesses and governments to be informed stewards of the river. We provide water activities, events in education, outreach, advocacy, scientific monitoring, conservation, restoration, recreation and public access to the watershed area. To learn more about the QRWA and future events, please visit our website at Thank you for your support and remember your donations are tax deductible.

Former New York Yankee

Joe Pepitone

Appearing June 6, 2010 from 12-2pm!

Rosa's Deli

Considered by many to be WALLINGFORD'S INSTITUTION, people will agree that Rosa's Deli is one of the best places to come and eat. Rosa's has been here since 1980 and brings a wealth of knowledge and southern Italian cooking, hence the reason why so many come back.. Rosa's is a small family business that tries to maintain a friendly atmosphere, low prices and great food. You can ask the hundreds that come back every day and they will tell you how much they love it. We get personal with many of our clients, we exchange jokes, daily news and even family news. This truly makes Rosa's Deli a community center. With many of our fellow local businesses, we all help build and make Wallingford the town it truly is. Rosa's Deli 57 North Colony St., Wallingford, CT 06492 203-265-1487 Open Monday-Saturday 830-6pm Closed Sunday

IS Your Radon System Working? Egon Loffel, BS Intern Wallingford Health Dept.

Pricing: Any Item Signed Is ONLY $15.00 Each! Inscriptions Are ONLY $5.00 Each! We Will Have Items For Sale Or You Can Bring Your Own Item! Extra Bonus: James Spence Authentication Will Also Be On Site To Authenticate Your Autograph Collection And Accept Trading Cards For Beckett Grading, (BGS) from 104pm. 1371 East Main Street in Meriden 203-440-2377 Across from Jacoby’s Restaurant!

Like many homeowners in this part of the country, you may have a radon venting system installed. You may have had it installed yourself, or it may have been there when you bought your home. If you had it installed yourself, you can be sure it was working at that time. If it was already installed when you bought your home, it was most likely checked during the home inspection. But, as is the case with any electrical appliance, they have a limited lifespan. The fan in the system is designed to run quietly so you may not even know it is running. And when these systems fail, it is not obvious that this is the case. Fortunately, it is a very simple matter to check and see if the system is operating properly. There is a device on the vent pipe known as a "manometer' which is used to indicate a pressure differential between your basement and the vent pipe. It looks like a "U" shaped tube filled with a colored liquid (usually blue). If the liquid level is different between the tubes, then your system is working. If the liquid is the same level in both sides of the tube, this indicates a problem. The most common causes of failure are either a defective blower fan or a clogged exhaust pipe. So if you have one of these systems, please check them periodically to see if they are still functioning correctly. As you may already know, radon is a colorless, odorless gas created by the decay of uranium in rocks and soil. While there are no immediate health affects, prolonged exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer (after smoking). Therefore, it is important to have a properly installed and functioning system in place to vent it to the outside if you have radon present in your home.

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Wallingford Memorial Day Parade and Events The Wallingford Veterans Memorial Committee, under the direction of Chairman Jerome J. Kennedy, has announced the schedule for ceremonies on Memorial Day weekend. Festivities begin with the placement of American flags on all the graves of the deceased veterans on Saturday, May 29th at 9:30 a.m. at each of the town's cemeteries. A service will take place on Sunday, May 30th at 7 p.m. at the Good News Christian Church, 46 John St., in memory of those who gave their lives in service to the country. During the service the names of all deceased servicemen from the Town of Wallingford will be read. There will also be the presentation of the ceremonial American flag to the Parade Marshal, Sergeant Major William A. Kosche, U.S. Army Ret. The annual Memorial Day Parade is set for Monday, May 31st. The parade participants will meet at Dutton Park at 9 a.m. Ceremonies start at 9:20 a.m. before the parade. The Gold Star Sisters will lay wreaths, with a prayer ceremony and Taps to be played by Sheehan High School. The parade begins at 9:30 a.m. and will proceed south on North Main Street to Center Street; they will then turn left and proceed to South Elm Street, turn right and proceed to Doolittle Park, where the parade formation will gather in front of the reviewing stand and ceremonies will commence. A flyover will be presented by the Connecticut Air National Guard. The committee is also pleased to announce that the Master of Ceremonies will be David Gessert, and the Guest Speaker will be Captain George Messier, U.S. Marines Ret. Dave Gessert is a 25 year SNET retiree; he also served on past Red Cross, United Way, SCOW, Big Brothers / Big Sisters and Mid State Community Board. He has served as honorary chairman of the Wallingford Vietnam Memorial. He is s\a member of Compass Lodge 9 Masons, Board of Directors for Ashlar Village, and he is on the Board of Trustees of Masonicare. His public service in Wallingford includes 14 years on the Town Council, more than four of those as Chairman; Public Utilities Commission for 17 years, with eight years as Chairman. He has been the Memorial Day speaker and has been Master of Ceremonies for Memorial Day and Veterans Day. His military service was in the 344th Military Police Company USAR for five years, 163rd MP Battalion for a year and District of Columbia National Guard. George Messier was born and raised in Manchester, NH and graduated from high school in 1964. He enlisted in the U.S. Marines in 1966 and joined the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing Danang in 1969. After 19 months in Vietnam, he returned to the U.S. as Sergeant; he left active duty in 1970 and attended Central Connecticut State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree; he went back to the U.S. Marines and became a 2nd Lieutenant in 1972. He started flight training in Pensacola and was designated a Naval Aviator in 1974, and was assigned to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing 74 in North Carolina, flying AH1 Attack Helicopters. He was then promoted to Captain and served with Cobra Helicopter Squadrons in the Western Pacific. He also served as a Forward Air Controller. He served as Commanding Officer of the Marine Recruiting Station in Hartford. His last operational assignment was Detachment Commander of the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 167 in North Carolina. He retired from active duty in 1988, taught high school for 11 years, and taught in the Navy Junior ROTC program in New York City and Norwalk, CT. He currently serves as Veterans Administrator for Wallingford and Meriden. Parade Marshal William Kosche was raised in New England, joining the U.S. Navy Submarine service after high school. He served 10 years abroad on submarines for 10 deterrent patrols. His last duty station was Groton, where as Chief Petty Officer he resigned to go to college under the GI bill. Bill with his wife Marilyn moved to Wallingford 37 years ago. He worked for Olin Chemical and then Northeast Utilities and took early retirement after 20 years. At the same time Bill joined the Army Reserve in East Hartford and served as a Drill sergeant. After 29 years he retired as Sergeant Major, Senior NCO for training in the 76 Division. He has been working with Veterans groups and holds positions with the American Legion Post 187, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9965 and AMVETS Dept. of Connecticut and Post 83. He also has been Scout Master of Troop 4 and worked with the troop for 17 years. Presently he works as a volunteer at the Veterans hospitals and as a service officer for Veterans organizations. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Class of 1985 Orville Platt High School 25th Reunion We will be having our Reunion July 24th, 2010 RSVP by May 31, 2010 Anyone interested in attending can contact Ida Zimmer (860) 621-0267 or email You can register on or join us on for more information. Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Anderson


The Bermudez Family says hi to all family, friends and readers!

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Mayor's Corner - Meriden Mark you calendars for a number of positive and fun family events and activities coming up in Meriden. The Mayor's Annual Spring Cleanup is Saturday, May 15 from 10 AM to noon. Free T shirts for all participants and a lunch cookout immediately following. Join us and pitch in to keep our city clean! The 15th Annual Meriden/Wallingford Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society will be held on May 21, 22, and 23 at Platt High School. Attendees walk the track and partake in numerous activities and moving ceremonies. Help in the fight against cancer and spend some time with the Relay for Life in honor or memory of a family member or friend. The annual spring flower barrel program is in full swing. Main Street will soon be adorned with colorful flower barrels in front of businesses along the sidewalks. Contact Eddie Siebert at city hall (203-639-6595) to order your barrel. Italian Night will take place at Hubbard Park on Wednesday June 2 from 5:30 PM to 9 PM. Enjoy and dance to the live music of the East Chicago Quartet and Kevin Scarpati & the Goodfellas Band. Meriden Unison's Club will be cooking peppers and sausages and fresh pizza will be offered from LaRosa's Papa Joe's Pizza Wagon. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Meriden Boy's and Girls Club. Sponsorships are available to support the event. Contact Eddie Siebert or the Unison Club for more information. The Circus is coming to town on June 30, July 1 at the downtown hub. The Coleman Bros. Circus has thrilled thousands of children and families in 26 states with trapeze acts, human cannonball, motorcycle cage, live animal shows and much more. Plan to bring the family for exciting entertainment in downtown Meriden! Once again, Westfield Meriden will put on a fireworks show and party. The date is Friday, July 2 at the upper parking deck at Westfield Square. The fireworks will be bigger and better than last year and the party will feature live bands, food, and children's activities. We applaud Westfield for providing a helping hand in bringing back the fireworks show once again! Finally, Meriden is blessed with some of the finest hiking trails in New England. Dwight Needles, a member of the Meriden Land Trust, has produced four magnificent trail maps of the hiking trails in Hubbard Park, Hanover Pond, Higby/Beseck, and Giuffrida Park. These are available free of charge from the Meriden Land Trust at or by calling city hall. The four-color maps show the marked trails, the elevations, and a description of the trails and their difficulty. Take a hike! So get outdoors and enjoy what Meriden has to offer!

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: "I am with you kid. Let's go." ~Maya Angelou Living involves tearing up one rough draft after another. ~Author Unknown Life: It is about the gift not the package it comes in. ~Dennis P. Costea, Jr. There is no wealth but life. ~John Ruskin


Happy 2nd Birthday Kallee! Love Auntie Elise & Tyler


Mike Rohde - Mayor of Meriden

Mayor's Corner - Wallingford Dear Friends: Hopefully, the nice weather of May will bring recovery from our economy woes. However, I'm reminded of an old cliché which states: Be careful not to cook your own goose! The expression, according to some, relates to the fable about the goose that laid the golden eggs. The farmer killed the goose to get the gold inside and was left with only a goose to cook. When analyzing the U.S. economy recession we should remember that laws enacted after the 1929 stock market crash resulted in a fairly stable financial structure until 1999. Those laws allowed the financial and investment geese to lay gold eggs. That changed in 1999 when laws such as Glass-Steagall were repealed. Within 10 years, we were giving gold back to the financial geese to keep them alive. Until we strengthen our financial institutions by separating banking, investment and insurance functions, we will continue to cook our geese with no long term gold for the people who need it. Whether economic or atmospheric weather, as sailors would say, in another cliché: always keep a weather eye. Sincerely, William W. Dickinson, Jr. - Mayor


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Mom By Samantha L. Bastoni As Mother's Day draws near, I find myself thinking of what my mom really means to me and the journey that we have taken together. The relationship between a mother and daughter is one that grows and evolves in time. When we are young, a mom is someone who looks over us, who protects us, who provides care for us. When we are teenagers a mom is someone who we defy, who we try our hardest to not be like and even harder to do exactly the opposite of what she wants. As the college years approach, there is a certain dynamic that changes. One realizes the importance that their mom holds in many different aspects. Going to college three hours away from my home was a time of great excitement and anxiety for me. I was in a new place with no one I knew. I expected to have to make friends, I expected to have a new work load that I had never experienced before, I expected to miss my home friends, but one thing I did not expect was the realization of how much I truly was dependent upon my mom. In high school I was always jealous of my friends whose moms did everything for them. I was always responsible for myself and anything I wanted to do. Until recently I never understood how much of a disservice my friends were at. I knew how to clean, I knew how to be responsible for myself and my money and I knew how to be on my own. All those years I resented my mom for making me do things for myself, and now I know she was only doing these things because she loved me. My mom had inadvertently been preparing me for my future and my future success by making me responsible for myself and my actions. I can actually pin point the day I knew our relationship had changed. We had never been the overly loving family, not saying there was not love, just that it was not verbalized or demonstrated very often. On May 13, 2008, at the age of 20 I had to undergo spinal decompression surgery. My freshmen year of college I was diagnosed with Chiari I malformation which is a genetic defect where the base of the skull is basically misshaped and puts pressure on my spinal cord. This compression can cause a variety of symptoms and problems that I had ignored for the majority of my life. On May 13, 2008, as I was waking up from a five hour brain surgery, my family was right by my side. I was in ICU for four days and my mom never left the hospital. My mom slept in the waiting room of the ICU because hospital policy would not let her stay in my room. When I was moved to the surgical recovery room, the hospital put a cot in the room with me for her. She slept in my room every night until I was released five days later. The physical pain I felt was indescribable and my mom did not complain once about having to help me. I could not move for close to a month and it would not be for months later that I realized the emotional pain that surgery had caused my mom. My mom later told me that nothing can compare to having a child in pain and being completely helpless in the situation. Now, as a 22 year old woman, preparing to enter the real world, I appreciate and respect my mom more than she could ever know. What started off as a caretaker and then as an opponent, evolved into an emotional and physical bond that words really cannot describe. Most of the time I would say I never want to be like my mom. This cliché notion, when I really think about it, is not true. My mom may not do the things I hope to one day, but I would be honored to say that I have a fraction of the tenacity and strength that she possesses. So as the time to reflect upon how much our mom's do for us approaches, I would say that one day a year is not enough. Mothers everywhere, whether right or wrong, have influenced who you are today and we should be grateful for that.

Don't Forget and Don't Miss Out! The 2nd Annual Durham Pet Fair will be hosted by Help Willy's Friends and the Durham Veterinarian Hospital on May 16, 2010 at its new, larger location - Coginchaug Regional High School, 135 Pickett Lane, Durham, CT. This fun, FREE and family-oriented event will feature over 45 local animal shelters, more than 50 vendors, entertainment and lots of food for you AND your pet! At last year's Pet Fair, animal shelters from general municipal to breedspecific, brought their best and brightest animals to meet the public in the hopes of finding them loving, forever homes. Nearly every pet that attended was adopted! With so many more shelters and people expected to attend this year, we are confident that many more animals will find that same happy ending. We are also anticipating over 50 local vendors and artisans who will be eagerly showcasing their services and products ranging from handmade jewelry, doggie bandanas and organic pet treats to pet sitting services and woodworking. Tons of freebies will be available, so don't miss out! This family-oriented event will not just feature adoptable pets and local merchants, but will also include: * Live music * Wine-tasting * Silent auction * DJ * Food vendors * Children's activities such as face-painting and Touch-a-Truck * State police K-9 Unit, Agility, DAWGS and Skyhoundz demonstrations * Free nail-clipping * Pet reiki * Pet psychic The 2nd Annual Durham Pet Fair is not just an opportunity for those looking to add to their pet families, it's also a FREE, fun-filled day for those who love animals, so mark it on your calendar and we look forward to seeing you there! Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. William James


Animal Cruelty, Why? Lori Peck, M.H.S. Dedicated Volunteer We've all seen the SPCA commercial about animal cruelty that features Sarah McLachlan and have gotten a bit misty eyed. Some of us have down right balled. I bet there are a lot of people that can't even handle watching it and change the channel whenever it comes on, because it makes them so angry. The sad and sickening truth about it is that it's happening right around us, in our own neighborhoods. I'd like to share a couple of our animals stories with you. About two weeks ago, late one afternoon during the week, a dog was brought in to the shelter wrapped in a blanket. She had been found in a Meriden neighborhood, wandering the streets and nearly starved to death. Rushed to the Meriden Animal Hospital, her body was so tired, her bones showing through her skin, but her will to live and to still trust people, truly amazing. She is called "Amazing Grace" and is receiving continuous care during her recovery at the Meriden Animal Hospital. Grace's condition was not something that happened overnight and it is beleived that someone must know how this beautiful, sweet dog got this way. Grace is not available for adoption at this time. If you'd like to make a donation towards her medical care, it can be sent to The Meriden Animal Hospital, 607 E. Main St.., Meriden, CT 06450 or The Meriden Humane Society, 311 Murdock Ave., Meriden, CT 06450. Then, last week we receive a call that a Beagle/Pug mix had been thrown from a second floor window. To make matters worse, this poor dog was kept in the apartment for a week before the drug addicted owner called us to come get it. "Wylie" was also rushed to the vet, where we found out that he had two broken hind legs. The vet reassured us that he is presently not in any pain and that with the proper surgery he will do well. Wylie's surgery will cost approximately $6,500.00. How can this dog be denied a chance to walk again, because of someone's stupidity in throwing him out of a window. So please, if you can find it in your heart to help us raise money for his surgery or if you'd like to do a fundraiser of your own, he needs your help. Donations for Wylie can be sent to the Meriden Humane Society. I welcome you to see their pictures and read their stories on our website at I know it seems like we are always asking for donations, but these dogs really need our help right now. They were wronged by people and now we can make it right for them. We appreciate any little bit that you can help with. We are always looking for volunteers and fundraising help. Please visit us on the web, at 311 Murdock Ave. or call us at (203)238-3650. " Happy Mothers Day" to all the Mom's out there, but especially mine. Love Ya Mom! The submission deadline for the June issue of THE PEOPLES PRESS is May 29th. Email your stories, news and events to Email your Celebrations Photos and Messages to: Don’t forget Father’s Day. Send some love your Dad’s way by sharing a story or sending in a Celebration! Call 203-235-9333 if we can be of any service or if you have any questions

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The Max E. Muravnick Meriden Senior Citizens' Center is open to all Meriden residents age 55 and over. Membership is free of charge and new members may sign-up any weekday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. by presenting a driver's license or other proof of age. New members receive an information package about senior services and a coupon entitling them to one complimentary lunch in our Senior Community Café. Sign-up today and find out about all that is offered for Meriden seniors at the Max E. Muravnick Senior Center! Our annual Senior Expo Information & Health Fair for Older Americans' Month will be held on Wednesday, May 12 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on the lower level of the Senior Center. A free box lunch will be served to the first 300 attendees and the event will feature vendor tables, free samples, health screenings, and information about health and well being opportunities. The speaker at 11:00 will be health care expert Earl Baker who will speak about changes in healthcare pertaining to seniors and long term care. The Senior Expo features displays from Meriden agencies serving the elderly and is an opportunity for seniors, caregivers and family members to learn about the many fine services offered for senior citizens in our community. This year's event is again sponsored by Genesis Health Care and Meriden Center on Paddock Avenue and we appreciate their support! Participating agencies at the Senior Expo include New Opportunities of Greater Meriden, The Day Club, Westfield Care & Rehab Center, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Senior Go To Guide, Home Helpers, Alcasoft Computers, LaPlanche Clinic, Miller Memorial Community, Agency on Aging of South Central CT, Social Security Administration, the Bradley Home, BCI Financial Mortgage Corporation, Meriden Center, the Eye Center, RSVP of Central CT, Rushford Center, Elder Law Attorney Dan Tully, the Meriden Health Department, the Village at Kensington Place, Interfaith Volunteer Care Givers, Silver Springs Care Center, Assisted Living Services, Franciscan Home Care and Hospice Care and more. Join us on May 12 for the Senior Expo at the Max E. Muravnick Senior Center. Admission is free, the public is invited to attend and we hope you will join us for this big event! Starting Monday, May 17 Senior Center staff will begin taking applications for the Rent Relief Program sponsored by the State of Connecticut. The program provides eligible renters with money back on their rent and utilities based on their income and expenses. To be eligible you must have been 65 or over as of December 31, 2009 or be enrolled in Social Security Disability. Proof of 2009 income must be presented, including a copy of your 2009 income tax return, if filed, Social Security 1099, and all other income. Income limits are $32,300 for a single person and $39,500 for a married couple. Proof of rent and utilities must also be presented. Applications are taken Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon and 1:00 to 4:00 PM on a first come, first served basis. A "Salute to Veterans" musical program with vocalist Karen Wagner and her husband Robert Iovanna will be held in Willene's Place on Thursday, May 27 at 10:30 AM in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. Karen is a wonderful singer who has performed here several times in the past and I know you will enjoy this show. Members of the Antique Veterans and their wives are invited to attend and also join us for lunch that day compliments of the Senior Center. This program is sponsored by Health Net. On Wednesday, May 20 at 10:30 Masonicare will present "Advance Care Planning: Your Decisions Matter" about the importance of living wills and other medical directives. Learn the value of planning for future health care events and making your family aware of your wishes. Free living will and advance directive forms will be available at the program which will be held in the first floor meeting room. Refreshments will be served. Save the date for the 40th annual "Special Day for Special People" picnic in Hubbard Park on Saturday, June 12 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Music will be provided by Vinnie Carr, there will be free bingo with prizes and food served by student volunteers. It will be great day to enjoy beautiful Hubbard Park with your friends so don't miss the 2010 "Special Day for Special People" senior picnic on Saturday, June 12! - John F. Hogarth - Senior Center Director

No Matter What The Occasion...

AMERICAN RED CROSS BABYSITTING CLASS AGES 11-15 YEARS OLD SUNDAY MAY 16th 2010 9:00AM-4:00PM MERIDEN YMCA 110 WEST MAIN STREET $29.00 Full Meriden YMCA Member $59.00 Program member (Must be registered by May 12th) Includes: Babysitter'sTraining Handbook, DVD & Emergency Reference Guide. Learn leadership skills, how to diaper and feed infants, age appropriate play, how to handle choking emergencies, rescue breathing, basic first aid and lots more. Bring a pen, note book and a bag lunch. Contact Carrie Marquardt @ 203-235-6386 ext. 18 or

WALLINGFORD CONNECTICUT HAPPINESS CLUB Date & Time: Meetings are held on the Last Tuesday of each month, from 7:00- 9:00 P.M. Place: Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT - Ruuz Rees Building Admission is free and all are welcome. Jim & Chris Rinere are the facilitators. E-mail Chris at: For additional info or questions, contact Jim at: (203) 985-5994

Audubon Society Events

Discovery Trail at Riverbound Farm Bird Sanctuary The Quinnipiac Valley Audubon Society, the local chapter of the National Audubon Society, will sponsor an Open Day at Riverbound Farm Sanctuary, 1881 Cheshire St in Cheshire on Sunday May 16 th 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Pick up your Discovery Trail Booklet in the nature center. Your quest is to answer the questions in your booklet. They can be found inside the nature center and along the trails. May Bird Walks May 15th Sat 9:00 at Riverbound Farm May 16th Sun 11:00 at Riverbound Farm..along with Discovery Trail. Please call Loretta at 203-634-1911 for more information. The events are free, however, donations are accepted. Photo by Ellie Tessmer “Streamside”

Franciscan Sports Banquet Honorees

we’ll make the flowers picture perfect! Your celebrations of life are so important to us. We take the time and care to make you the flowers, gift baskets and more that will make any celebration even brighter. We would not have it any other way! “When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else.” - Georgia O'Keeffe

Wallingford Flower & Gift Shoppe Wallingford’s Florist Since 1950

190 Center Street * 203.265.1514

George Grande and Al Terzi to be Honored at 25th Anniversary Franciscan Sports Banquet George Grande, baseball announcer, Cincinnati Reds, will receive the Saint Francis Award, and Al Terzi, news anchor, Channel 3, will receive the Jim Calhoun Community Service Award, at the 25th Anniversary Franciscan Sports Banquet and Silent Auction on Tuesday, June 1, 2010, at the Aqua Turf Club, Plantsville, CT. ESPN will receive the Corporate Sponsorship Award. Proceeds to benefit the programs of the Franciscan Life Center and Franciscan Home Care and Hospice Care. For more information call: 203.237.8084 or visit web site at

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SPECIAL PROGRAMS AND EVENTS AT WALLINGORD PUBLIC LIBRARY: All of our programs are free, all of the time! Saturday Mornings with Poetry - Saturday, May 22 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Board Room This month the Saturday Mornings with Poetry group has two themed meetings. First, on May 8, Mother's Day poems will be featured and secondly, on May 22 the group will be taking a "field trip" in Wallingford to inspire some nature poems. At each meeting all are welcome to read original poems and share their writing experiences with fellow poets. Teen and adult poets and poetry lovers are invited. Please contact the library for more information. Author Event: Michael White, "Beautiful Assassin" Monday, May 17 - 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room Michael White is the author of six novels including two Connecticut Book Award finalists: Soul Catcher which was also a Booksense and Historical Novels Review selection; and The Garden of Martyrs. His novel A Dream of Wolves is this month's Thursday Night Book Club selection and is currently under option by Miracle Pictures. His latest book, Beautiful Assassin is an historical novel of love, loyalty, and intrigue, set in the 1940's. As World War II engulfs the globe, none suffer its misery like the beleaguered Soviets who are struggling to hold back the invading Germans. Yet just as all seems lost, a fearless and unflappable female sniper named Tat'yana Levchenko gains fame in the battle of Sevastopol with confirmed kills of over three hundred enemy soldiers. Offering hope in the nation's darkest moments, she becomes a Soviet hero, and word of her beauty and prowess reaches Washington, D.C. Soon, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt herself invites Tat'yana to tour America with her. For the Soviets, the invitation is an opportunity to garner public support a muchneeded second front in the war-but also to gather information about President Roosevelt's plans. Tat'yana becomes a pawn in a battle for information, and she is forced to question the motivations of everyone around her, including an American captain who has been assigned her translator. But as quickly as she rises to fame, Tat'yana vanishes. Did she defect? Was she silenced-and by whom? Decades later, a clever journalist will discover Tat'yana's story . . . and reveal the truth. Mr. White will be reading from Beautiful Assassin, sharing his writing experiences and signing copies of his books. A portion of the proceeds from the evening's book sales will be donated to the library. In addition to his novels, Mr. White has published over 45 short stories in national magazines and journals, has won the Advocate Newspapers Fiction Award and been nominated for both a National Magazine Award and a Pushcart. He was the editor of the yearly fiction anthology American Fiction as well as the editor of the journal Dogwood. He is the founder and director of Fairfield University's low-residency MFA Creative Writing Program. Career Express: Get on Board! Tuesday, May 18 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Library Parking Lot The Career Express is the Department of Labor's mobile one-stop career center providing the latest workforce and job skills development services to individuals across the state. It is equipped with eight computer workstations with Internet access, the latest audio-visual systems including a plasma TV with SMARTBoard technology and a hydraulic wheelchair lift to provide full access to persons with disabilities. Information about the DOL/CT Works Career Centers is also available. Free, professional help is available on a firstcome-first-served basis. Areas of expertise include: " Online job searches " Career exploration " Finding good job sites " Interviewing " Resume writing Lunch and Learn - Demystifying 911 Wednesday, May 18 - 11:30 a.m. Community Room All are welcome to a presentation on the 911 Emergency Service. Learn what to expect from fire department and ambulance crews and how to provide the best information possible in an emergency situation. A complimentary lunch will be provided. Please call early to register. Thursday Night Book Club: A Dream of Wolves by Michael White Thursday, May 20 - 7:00 p.m. Collins Room A Dream of Wolves was written by this month's featured author, Michael White and published in 2000. The novel's narrator/hero is Doctor Stuart Jordan, a part-time medical examiner and full time OB-GYN. The novel takes place in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Hubbard County, North Carolina where Doc does some sleuthing on the side, juggles work and complicated relationships, confronts the ghosts of his past and searches for a balance between right and wrong, forgiveness and acceptance. Please join us for an informal discussion. All are welcome for conversation, refreshment, and reader fellowship. A limited number of copies of the book are available from the Information Desk and from our library catalog. "White's emotionally packed novel delivers first-class examinations of morality, mixing strong supporting characters and unexpected plot turns, enveloping the reader in an extraordinary story," Publisher's Weekly. "It's a wonderful novel, strong and tender and rich. I loved it...This book deserves a big readership." -- -- Anne Rivers Siddons The Play's: A Discussion Series - Love Letters by A.R. Gurney Thursday, May 27 3:30 p.m. Collins Room "This is a play, or rather a sort of a play, which needs no theater, no lengthy rehearsal, no special set, no memorization of lines and no commitment from its two actors beyond the night of performance. It is designed simply to be read aloud by an actor and an actress of roughly the same age, sitting side by side at a table." -- A. R. Gurney. Love Letters was written in 1989 and was initially performed by the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven. The story involves two characters: Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner and the letters they write to each other over the course of their lifetimes. Through these letters, each of their personalities and their dreams are revealed. This play is the second installment of our 3-part discussion series "The Play's the Thing" presented in cooperation with the Connecticut Humanities Council. Copies of the plays are available from the library's Information Desk. Series concludes on June 24 with a discussion of Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit. TEEN ZONE: MAY TEEN EVENTS AT THE WALLINGFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY FRISBEE WORKSHOP Wednesday, May 12 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. All students in grades 4-12 are invited to spend an evening with two time world champion freestyle Frisbee player Todd Brodeur. Beginners and experts are invited to this fun, informative talk on the science and history of Frisbees. The "Frisbee Man" will teach you how to perform your own tricks. Photographs and quality autographed Frisbees will be available for sale after the workshop. WII BOXING Tuesday, May 18 6:00 p.m. Put on the Wii boxing gloves and show us what you've got. Open to all Teens in grades 6-12. Registration is required and slots are limited. ANIME NIGHT Tuesday, May 25 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Calling all manga and anime fans. All Teens in grades 6-12 are welcome to come for a screening and discussion of anime. Come and learn all about scanlation. Japanese snacks always served. All events will be held in the library's Community Room. For more information or to register for any of the above events please contact the Wallingford Public Library at (203) 265-6754 or online at Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. - Mark Twain Every man dies. Not every man really lives. - William Wallace

Please check out our website for upcoming events and specials. 437 Broad Street in Meriden 203-2 235-3 3166

Come on down to Rosie's CafĂŠ on Thursday, June 24th to support Jennifer's House of Hair as they host their 1st Celebrity Bartending night. There will be drinks, food, drawings, 50/50, music and good times!! Jennifer, Lisa, Sarah, and Heather will be your favorite waitresses for the evening, along with Jim behind the bar! All tips and proceeds from drawings will be donated 100% to The MeridenWallingford Chrysalis and to Our Companions. Rosie's CafĂŠ is located at 194 Camp Street in Meriden. The event will take place from 5p.m. to 9p.m. *This event will take place instead of the Cut-A-Thon*

Anyone who would like to help out with this event, please call


Page 12 May 2010

People’s Press Crossword by Ruth Gordon Look for the answers in this issue.


2. for shame! (interjection) 5. A hasty escape; flight (slang) 7. A solemn, formal declaration or promise to fulfill a pledge 10. The sum total of two or more quantities. 13. White _____ is the official State tree (see 16 across) 15. Male person (pronoun) 16. Location of The People's Press (also the theme of this crossword puzzle) 19. Legume 20. Plural form of this 21. A scrap of morsel of food left at a meal. 22. One of the greatest hockey players of all times. 23. Female relative. (Informal) 24. A State Park in 16 across. 27. To cut or tear with the teeth. 28. _______ Richards, guitarist, songwriter, and founding member of The Rolling Stones. 29. People who handle or control, especially in a business or other enterprise. 32. The molecule that carries genetic information in all living systems. 34. TV series (1996-2001) _____ Bridges, starring Don Johnson 35. Popular cable TV network __&__. 37. To move in a stealthy or furtive manner. 40. Powdery residue that remains after burning. 41. A platform extending from a shore over water. 42. This actor portrays writer, Clifford Irving, in the new movie, The Hoax. 43. The chemical symbol for Plutonium. 44. She is the re-elected leader of 16 across. 46. A type of limited company under the law of many Commonwealth countries and US States (abbr.)

47. TV network created by Jane Fonda's ex-husband. (abbr.) 48. A winter month. (abbr.) 49. The astrological sign that comes before Virgo. 51. Official State Nickname of 16 across. 56. Finished 59. A public lodging house serving food and drink to travelers; a hotel. 60. To gaze fixedly and intently. 61. The indigenous people of New Zealand. 62. B_____ of wine, fruit of the vine‌. 63. Doctors (abbr.) 64. To hit; slap; smack. 65. Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea is the new secretary-general of this

international organization with its headquarters in New York, NY. 66. Physician. (abbr.) DOWN 1. Agreements or treaties between two or more nations. 2. Quality or character of sound. (plural) 3. Self-luminous heavenly bodies; stars. 4. Socks or stockings that cover the lower legs to just below the knees. 5. A wreath of flowers. (Hawaiian) 6. Grieved; lamented. 7. All right. 8. Not here, but _____. 9. The floor of a fireplace, usually of stone, brick, etc. 11. This Casino is a popular tourist attraction in 16 across 12. He was U.S. Attorney General from 1945 to 1949. (initials) 14. Reaches, achieves, or accomplishes; gains; obtains. 17. A device or person who keeps track of minutes, hours, etc. 18. Prepare food by the use of heat. 19. Sumptuously furnished or appointed; luxurious. 25. Dined. 26. Arnold _____ was the actor who did the voice of Top Cat in the 1961 cartoon TV series. 27. Housed; situated; (term often used in Military) 30. No. (Informal) 31. Large piece of cloth (usually canvas) used to catch the wind at sea. 33. City that is the capital of 16 across. 35. Elongated, snakelike fish. 38. (See 35 down). 39. A wingless, bloodsucking parasitic insect found on sheep; a sheep tick. 40. Suited to a purpose. 41. Annuity; retirement account; subsidy. 44. Participated in a marathon. 45. Employed again. 48. (see 44 across) 49. Military rank. (abbr.) 50. Mel ____ was the first National League baseball player to surpass 500 homeruns. 51. A breath mint (brand name). 52. A common explosive. (abbr.) 53. To the inside; toward. 54. "__ ___, what __ ___, I'm Popeye the sailor man." 55. A nursery for baby birds. 56. Ambulance personnel are part of this group. (abbr.) 57. To "G_ _ _" is to wear away or remove by persistent biting or nibbling. 58. Term for being deceased before reaching the hospital. (abbr.)

City of Meriden 2010 Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony Monday, May 31, 2010 at 10:00 AM At East Main Street The United Veterans Council of Meriden, CTand the 2010 Memorial Day Parade Committee invite ALL to come to the 2010 parade - the theme this year is "The Forgotten War?" a tribute to the Korean War and its' Veterans. The parade will form up at Washington Park on Liberty Street and the adjoining area side streets between 9:00 and 9:59 a.m. Parade route is West on Liberty St. turning left onto Cottage St., continuing to East Main St.turning right and continuing westward down to the Meriden City Hall area. A Memorial Day Service (45 minutes) of ceremony, patriotic music, speeches and prayer will commence at 11:00 or immediately following the parade. Come out to pay honor to our deceased Veterans. Originally Memorial Day was designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land. In this observance no form or ceremony is prescribed, but posts and comrades will in their own way arrange such fitting services and testimonials of respect as circumstances may permit.

MERIDEN FREE BULKY WASTE DISPOSAL SATURDAY The City of Meriden's Transfer Station located on Evansville Avenue will be open to Meriden residents, with a valid I.D., on Saturday, May 15, 2010, between 7:00 A.M. and 12:00 Noon for the FREE disposal of household bulky waste, leaves and brush. Accepted items include; furniture, carpeting, bedding, appliances, metals, toys, leaves in biodegradable paper bags or emptied from other containers and brush not exceeding 6 inches in diameter. The City does not accept auto parts, recyclable materials, construction materials, scrap wood or hazardous waste (i.e., oil, gasoline, paint, solvents, and pool/lawn chemicals). The City accepts the following electronic waste: Monitors, CPUs, Batteries (non lead acid), IPods, PDA's, Cell Phones, Fax Machines, CRTs, Terminals, Stereos and Radios, Toner Cartridges, Printers, Keyboards, Copiers, Telephone PBX, Cables, VCRs, Modems, Mainframes, Typewriters, Laptops, and Inkjet Cartridges. Please note the City does not accept televisions. Televisions may be disposed of at Green Monster e-cycling, 150 Brook Street, West Hartford, CT for a nominal fee. For hours of operation please visit their website, The City reserves the right to inspect and reject all materials delivered to the site. Non-commercial vehicles only. There will be NO curbside pickup associated with this program. It is anticipated this FREE bulky waste disposal opportunity will be busy and waiting times may be longer than normal due to ongoing improvements at the Transfer Station. Every effort will be made to minimize wait times.

WALLINGFORD JUNIOR WOMAN'S CLUB ANNOUNCES 3rd ANNUAL TOUCH-A-TRUCK EVENT - TRUCKS WANTED The Wallingford Junior Woman's Club will sponsor its 3rd Annual Touch-a-Truck on May 22 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre, and trucks are needed. This is a hands-on activity for children and parents to experience their favorite big trucks up close by climbing into the driver's seat, honking the horn, and pretending to steer. WJWC invites local truck owners to provide trucks for display and touching. Truck owners must provide a current certificate of insurance, a truck attendant at all times, and a truck that may be touched and/or sat in. Truck owners may distribute family-friendly promotional materials with WJWC approval. For more information, please call Ann Whitman, WJWC Touch-a-Truck Committee Co-Chairwoman, at 203-284-2376. The Wallingford Junior Woman's Club (WJWC) is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization, and a member of the Connecticut Junior Women, Inc. WJWC was incorporated in 1954 and is a non-profit organization that promotes educational, philanthropic, community service work and provides its members with opportunities for personal enrichment, leadership and social interaction. WJWC projects include the Townwide Spelling Bee and Children's Area at Celebrate Wallingford, and partnerships with the League of Women Voters of Wallingford & Cheshire, Wallingford Symphony Orchestra, Wallingford Emergency Shelter, and American Red Cross. In addition, WJWC has participated in and donated to several state projects overseen by CJW, including the current state project, Covenant to Care for Children, Inc., which provides direct assistance to Connecticut children who are neglected, abused or at-risk. For more information about WJWC, call Jaime Bowen, Membership Chairwoman, at (203) 294-0017.

Thank You Mr. Narducciof Connecticut Outdoors Troop 10 - Meriden Connecticut Sleeping Giant District - Connecticut Yankee Council - Boy Scouts of America Dear Mr. Narducci: As Scoutmaster of Troop 10 in Meriden I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your generous donation of fishing tackle. Your donation will be used to introduce and develop yet another outdoor activity to the scouts of Troop10. Troop 10 has a fifty two year history of being a high adventure Troop that brings a quality outdoor program to young boys in inner Meriden, who seek wilderness adventure in the mountains and on the rivers of the Northeast. The life skills that these young boys learn as scouts are brought back to our community in the form of service projects that enable others to achieve their goals, as well as future leaders of business. We, as Scout leaders, supply the leadership; guidance and the skills to guide these boys through their scouting adventure. Through your generosity we can deliver a program that these boys will remember all their adult years. Again, I would like to express thanks to you on behalf of the Scouts and Leaders of Troop 10. Thank You Yours in Scouting, Keith Charette- Scoutmaster Paul Charest - Committee Chair

RESIDENTIAL Electronics Recycling and Paper Shredding Event NO COMMERCIAL MATERIALS ARE ACCEPTED Saturday, May 22 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Hamden Middle School 2623 Dixwell Avenue Hamden, CT 06518 This event is open to residents of Cheshire, Hamden, Meriden, North Haven and Wallingford. No commercial waste is accepted. Please read the flyer for more details, including accepted items and directions. Should Wallingford residents have further questions, please contact the Resource Recovery Project Coordinator at 203-294-2061 (Tuesday through Thursday). Residents of other towns should contact their Town Hall for more information.

Page 13 May 2010

A TRIBUTE TO MARION MABEL HILL ROGER MY MOTHER By Priscilla Reynolds Mom always stood tall. She could easily balance a book on her head even into her elderly years. She died in 1985-after 87 years on Earth. Picture an erect willowy long-legged woman always taking the time to change from house dresses to fresh skirts and blouses or best dresses before supper, always wearing high-heels. You would think her affect represented an attitude of pride but she was wise and very humble. Through the years her posture was a symbol of her strength. It was Mother's Day in 1940. "Mom, this is for you!" I said. I handed her a small glass vase filled with a few of her favorite flowers, lily of the valley. She was grateful and I was proud. Without any grown up pressure I had walked 1/4 of a mile down Main Street in Oakville and purchased a small vase for a quarter. I was so happy to be the "giver" at nine years of age. I knew the idea of giving came from her example and from the stories she read to me and to my three older siblings at bedtime. Dad bought books and how I loved the fairy tales and short stories as well as the poetry Mom read to us. Dad also purchased The Harvard Classics and Mom quarreled with him about "the money" spent in a tight household but the installment payments were well worth it as the years went by. These books were kept in a glass covered book case--not disturbed by crayons or dirty fingers. Mom was an English major and graduated from Normal School as a teacher. (New Haven Normal School is now Quinnipiac University) She actually taught many grades at once in a one room school house in Goshen, CT for a short time before her marriage to David, my Dad. She felt her talents lay more in organizing and doing secretarial work but at home she always taught us, her four children, Virginia Ruth, Everett David (Lefty), Nancy Joyce, and me. Thank God, it didn't stop here. Twenty grandchildren were blessed by her habit of teaching and reading. I was six years old when Mom fell down the cellar stairs. Her facial wounds healed but her teeth were jagged and ugly. My parents could not afford the denture repair. In today's world (2010) the cosmetic surgery would be essential. I never heard her complain or become moody or tearful. Instead, she kept up with her housework, her work as treasurer in the Oakville Congregational Church, her substitute teaching, her writing in "The Waterbury Republican" about Oakville events, her baking and sewing and her reading. She also was diagnosed with breast cancer but kept it hidden from us, or at least from me. I must have been twelve when she went to the hospital to repair her side. Dad told me four years later that she had a mastectomy. The good news was she no longer had cancer. Years later after all four of us married and left 18 Ball Farm Road another miracle happened. She surprised us with her smile of joy==Gone was the witch; instead her face was lovely with new dentures. Even now, I ache over so many years of her grotesque mouth. There is so much to write about my Mother. Each of my six children has his or her own story to tell. Mom and Dad welcomed two at a time to stay overnight. She catered to the needs and desires of each child and they will never forget. Cathy remembers the paper dolls she cut out of McCall's magazine every month of the year, the solitude in the imaginary doll house made from a circle of quince and lilac bushes and flox in the back yard (the same area I used as a child). Mom and Dad believed in God. They raised us as Christians in the Oakville Union Congregational Church. They celebrated 50 years of marriage at that same church with all six children and their spouses and twenty grandchildren along with many friends attending. I remember that bad times come in threes, but in the year of our Lord, 1974 to 1975 it seemed like much more went wrong. Keith, Virginia and Fred's oldest son died in an automobile accident in Nov. 1974, Fred and Ginny's marriage was disintegrating but Dad was not told because he was very sick from prostate cancer. Dad guessed that they were separating. Lefty became ill from asbestosis and died in Feb. 1975, leaving his wife, Eunice and six children, the youngest, two years old. In the latter part of the summer months Dad came home from the hospital. A hospital bed was set up in the dining room for him. Visiting nurses, friends and family helped in his care. You remember that my Mother stood tall. The next tragedy is very difficult for me to tell. Three buildings within 1 and 1/2 miles of each other in the WaterburyOakville area were set on fire that October night in the year of 1975. Rags and turpentine started the fires. Ambulance alarms rang as firemen rushed to 18 Ball Farm Road. Mom ran to Dad's side but smoke encircled him and ambulance attendants pulled her away. Dad escaped to Heaven. The homestead was gutted. The FBI investigated but never found the pyromaniacs. Mom lived on. Following the tragedy she stayed in an apartment in Oakville. Even though we were all devoted to her, she became very lonely. Her spirits were renewed when she moved to Avery Heights Church Home in West Hartford. Love surrounded her, love from family, love from the staff and ministry, love from other patients and Love from God. Now, in the year of our Lord, 2010, 25 years after her death, I still remember her as a very brave and strong woman who stood up to all the adversity of Life. For if there is a sin against life, it consists perhaps not so much in despairing of life as in hoping for another life and in eluding the implacable grandeur of this life. ~Albert Camus In masks outrageous and austere The years go by in single file; But none has merited my fear, And none has quite escaped my smile. ~Elinor Hoyt Wylie, Let No Charitable Hope God asks no man whether he will accept life. That is not the choice. You must take it. The only question is how. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Fortunately analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist. - Karen Horney


Here is a photo of the Earth Day Event Cadette Girl Scout Troop 60728 hosted. The four girls shown in the Bridge ribbon cutting ceremony with Mary Heffernon earned their Silver Award. (Ashley Haskell, Karrigan Nicholson, Jennifer Ryan and Courtney Parent built the footbridge. In addition, over 15 Girl Scout Troops helped them build birdhouses, plant a Sunflower Maze and plant a perennial garden. Most of the troops attended the Earth Day Event which included several activities and lunch.

Lead Poisoning and Pregnancy: Are You and Your Baby at Risk? Children and Pregnant women are most at risk for lead poisoning. Babies exposed to lead before they are born may have behavioral problems & not develop to their full intelligence potential. The may have problems learning throughinjest out their lives.

What Can a Pregnant Woman Do to Protect her Unborn Baby? * Stay away from work areas involving the removal of paint, especially if the house was built BEFORE 1978 * Eat a healthy balanced diet, especially foods high in iron, calcium, and folic acid. For a free Lead Risk Assessment or advice about lead & lead paint removal please contact The Wallingford Health Department at 203-294-2065.

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CELEBRATE PENTECOST AT NORTHFORD CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH All are welcome to come to the Northford Congregational Church on Sunday, May 23, 2010, for a family-friendly celebration worship in the sanctuary, followed by brunch and music/entertainment in the church social hall. All ages are welcome to share the spirit of Pentecost. Begin the day at 10 a.m. with a worship service that reaches out to people of all ages and which is "child friendly," so please bring your children. The service and celebration will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. The church is located on the Old Post Road at the corner of Route 22 and Route 17 in Northford. If you need directions or have any questions, please call 203-234-7794 or contact the church office at 203-484-0795 or He who has nothing to die for has nothing to live for. ~Moroccan Proverb

You’ll find all sorts of treats at Marianna’s! Come and treat yourself.

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7-6; Saturday 7-4; Sun. 7-2 238-0159 • 212 West Main Street, Meriden

Filipek’s Kielbasa You Can Taste The Difference! Stop by today!

S A V E .50 P E R l b . o n o u r famous Kielbasa S A V E $1.00 P E R l b . FOR 10 lbs. OR MORE! With this ad - Expires 5/31/10 262 Elm St., Meriden 203-237-3488

WALLINGFORD SENIOR CENTER NEWS AND EVENTS Daily Activities for Independence Program Did you know that the Wallingford Senior Center has a secret? It is a memory care program known to be one of Wallingford's best kept secrets, Memory Lane (formerly Daily Activities for Independence). Companionship, socialization, nutritious meals, and daily exercises are just a few of the programs offered. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., with handicapped-accessible transportation provided for Wallingford residents. The daily fee is $18.00 per day for town residents and $23.00 per day for non-residents. Come and join us for a free trial day! Contact Melinda Welch, D.A.I. Coordinator, at 203-265-7753, Ext. 205, for more information and an appointment. SOCIAL SERVICES IN ORDER TO SERVE YOU BETTER, PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE SOCIAL WORKER, EILEEN FLYNN, AT 265 7753. THANK YOU. $ Important Papers Reference Guide: Your Travel Log Tuesday, May 18, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. A key part to managing your financial journey is to know where you have been. This class provides you with a comprehensive guide detailing the value of your assets and where to find important documents when you need them. Are You Without Health Insurance? Governor Rell's Charter Oak Health Plan is available to uninsured Connecticut residents who currently lack access to affordable healthcare. This insurance is available to individuals who are between the ages of 19 and 64 and have been without insurance for at least six months. Exceptions to this waiting period could be financial hardship, job loss, etc. Premiums are based on income and start at $75.00. For additional information, please call Eileen Flynn, Social Worker at (203) 265-7753. Low Vision Support Group Friday, May 21, 10:15 - 11:15 AM Stephan Deltato, owner of Silver Lining Technology, will be presenting updates on the newest advances in low vision technology. He will also provide the newest equipment available for members to try. New members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please call (203) 265 7753 to register. Veterans Services Tuesday, May 25, 1:00 - 3:00 PM George Messier, Veterans Services Officer for the Town of Wallingford, will be available to answer questions and assist with benefit information. An appointment is required. Please call 203-265-7753. NEW HAVEN EXPO Friday, May 21, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. You are invited to attend the annual expo sponsored by the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut and the City of New Haven to be held at the New Haven Athletic Center, 480 Sherman Parkway, New Haven, CT. Approximately 150 vendors are expected to provide information on a wide variety of topics related to seniors. Vinnie Carr, will provide entertainment. There will be free health screenings and a Wii bowling tournament. Free lunch will be provided and there will be lots of prizes. Sponsors will provide transportation. To sign up for this event, please call (203) 265 7753. IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING CONNPACE Please be aware that if you do not renew your ConnPACE when it is due, you will not be able to re-enroll until November 15th. This is due to changes that have been made in the ConnPACE program. New enrollment in the ConnPACE Program will be limited to November 15th through December 31st. A few exceptions do apply. You will be able to join ConnPACE 31 days after turning 65 or after becoming eligible for Social Security Disability (SSDI) or State Supplement Insurance (SSI). FOOD PANTRIES IN WALLINGFORD Need a little help with your food bill? Listed below are the names, addresses, and times you can visit. oAngel Food Ministries: Get $75.00 worth of food for $30.00. See member interest table at the center, or call 203284-8975 for additional information. oMaster's Manna: 46 North Plains Road (in back). ID required (Photo ID, Birth Certificate or medical card). Distribution times: Tuesday & Thursday, 9-12; Fridays, 4-8 p.m. oGood News Food Pantry: 46 John Street (Good News Church). Distribution time: Wednesday, 11:00 a. m.-1:00 p.m. oLocal churches: Call your church to find out if there is a food pantry available. Benefits Screening Tuesday, May 18, 10:00 AM - 12 NOON Do you often wonder if you might be eligible for any State or Federal programs? Benefits QuickLINK is a free and confidential program which can quickly screen for eligibility. Supporting Documents are not required, but please bring the following information with you to your appointment: 1. Monthly income (social security, pension, dividends and interest). 2. Monthly expenses (heating, fuel, gas, electricity, water, telephone, rent or mortgage payments and medical expenses not covered by health insurance). 3. Asset information (savings, estimated value of home and car, life insurance benefits). 4. A list of all current prescriptions. Registration required. Call 203-265 7753 now to schedule an appointment. FOOD STAMP PROGRAM (SNAP) The State Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (formerly the Food Stamp Program) has changed its eligibility criteria effective July 1, 2009. Income limits have been increased and there is no asset limit when applying for this program. oSingle Income: $1,669.00 month oCouple Income: $2,246.00 month For more information or to schedule an appointment to apply for this program, please call Eileen Flynn, Social Worker at 203-265 7753. May Is National Older Americans Month The theme of National Older Americans Month 2010 is "Age Strong; Live Long." Your Senior Center offers a variety of programs and services to help you fulfill this goal! Come celebrate all the wonderful aspects of being an "older adult" by participating in the educational, social and recreational activities scheduled this month just for you! Guest Speaker Series with Maryann Meade, MS RD Falls Risk Screening Wednesday, May 12, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM More than one third of Americans aged 65 and older fall every year. Falls prevention is an essential component of "Age Strong; Live Long". Gaylord Hospital will conduct a free Falls Risk Screening at the Senior Center on May 12. The screening involves four simple tests to determine your risk of falling. Appointments, which run 15 to 20 minutes, are limited, so sign up today! Coping With Allergies Wednesday, May 19, 10:30 AM MidState Medical Center will present a program on allergies and how to cope with the symptoms. Whether you are bothered by seasonal or year-round allergies, this program presented by Jill Caiola, APRN, will offer some helpful information. Please sign up if you plan to attend. Memorial Day Observance Friday, May 28, 11:00 AM Our program of remembrance will feature relevant readings and music in memory of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Please join us. Computer Lab Open Door Sessions The Computer Learning Center is open on Thursdays from 1:00 - 3:00 PM. Please feel free to come in to check your email, practice class work, browse the internet, or check your Facebook! A volunteer will be available for assistance, but knowledge of computers is required. Hi-Liters Show Thursday, May 13, 7:00 PM Richard Fontanella and the Kiwanis Hi-Liters will present their 2010 show, "No Biz Like Show Biz" on May 13. The variety show includes singers, dancers, magic acts, duets, piano music and more! Come support these great kids who work all year long to provide entertainment for local convalescent homes and senior centers.

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Frugal Living: Getting More for Less in Connecticut By Gina Juliano My family calls me the Queen of Free, and they aren't far off with the moniker. My blog, Gina's Kokopelli is dedicated to all things coupon, free, and cheap. I help people stretch their hard earned dollars farther by providing information and resources to do so. For example, did you know you can get free plants and seeds for your garden, free books for your Kindle or Sony reader, and free butter and eggs at Stop & Shop? (The links for the free stuff are below!) What's more, you can always get free merchandise at CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. Getting free stuff is just a matter of using coupons, store sales, and common sense. I was going over my budget for April, and realized I have saved over $2300 since January 1st for my family just by using coupons. It's hard to believe those little pieces of paper can rack up so much in savings. In my life before coupons, I would consider getting something on sale to be a pretty good deal. Now, I'm extremely shrewd about what I buy. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean I buy it. I usually insist there is a coupon to go along with the sale; and even then, I have to think it's a good bargain or a rock bottom price. When something is a rock bottom price, you better believe I stockpile that item. My sister-in-law always teases me about my "Nuclear Holocaust" stockpile in the basement, but rarely do I ever have to pay full price for anything because I've got one or two (or seven!) more I bought dirt cheap. There are a few pitfalls to having a stockpile, however. Don't over buy just because you can. I went a little crazy when I first started stockpiling. (What I have now is NOTHING, comparatively speaking.) Even though I would have 15 cans of green beans on the shelves, I would buy more because they were at a rock bottom price again. I've gotten much better about waiting until I'm down to my last 2 or 3 cans before I stock up again. For the most part, you can rely on sales going in 12 week cycles, so you won't miss out. Another pitfall is buying too many of one thing and having your family get sick of it. The item might be a great bargain, but if it goes bad because your family has had enough, it's just a waste of money. Now, I may buy something my family doesn't like, but it goes right into the bag for donation. Watch expiration dates! Make sure you check your stockpile ever month or so and use up or donate what may be expiring. You haven't saved yourself any money if you throw away food items that have expired. Even if you donate those items, you're still saving money because you can ask for a receipt for your taxes. I'm pretty lucky because I have room in my basement for a fairly substantial stockpile. Many of you, however, may not have a lot of extra room. I still advocate a small stockpile if you can spare some space. I've seen people use under bed storage containers and wire wracks on the backs of doors. Even if you only have one or two extra of things you use on a regular basis, you'll find you save money because you don't have to run out and pay full price for something you need. And NEVER forget the coupons! Some free stuff: Get free plants and seeds for your garden - Free book (including Sony and Kindle) and game downloads - Free butter and eggs at Stop and Shop - Free Couponing Classes - Contact Gina at Find this and LOTS more on Gina's Kokopelli Free Couponing Classes Meriden Public Library June 29th 6:30 PM 203-238-2344 Wallingford Public Library June 30th 10 AM - 203-265-6754 or contact Gina at to set up a date for your organization

NATURE AS A MIRROR May 2010 Dorothy Gonick May Flowers The Earth blossoms wildly during the month of May. Warm breezes invite us to shed our heavy coats. Children embrace the freedom of outdoor play Gardeners are busy with spade, hoe and seeds. Violets, crocus and forsythia have greeted us; Baskets of fuchsia celebrate Mother's Day. Flowers brighten our world and our hearts with cheer. Birdsong accents the warm spring day.

T- Ball Training at the Meriden YMCA The Meriden YMCA is offering T-Ball Training to children ages 3-5 at the Meriden YMCA May 1st to June 5th where children will have fun learning the fundamentals by participating in weekly drills. Please bring a glove for your child. Fees are $40 per for full members and $60.00 for program members. Call 203-235-6386 to register your child today. About the Meriden YMCA Since1866 the Meriden YMCA has helped its members build strong kids, strong families, and a strong community. The Meriden YMCA is located at 110 West Main Street in Meriden. Visit us on the web at


Happy Mothers Day to our Granny Cynthia! We love you!!! Love, Ethan, Trent & Corrina

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We understand that it is important to exercise our brains to keep them alert. Perhaps you like crossword puzzles; word searches, or a companiable card game. Using the theme of flowers, I offer you a Scrambled Flower word game. Give your brain a challenge. Have fun! Unscramble each group of letters to reveal its hidden flower. The unscrambled words are found elsewhere in this issue of The Peoples Press Newspaper. Scrambled Flower Game 1. Laazea 2. Chytanith 3. Tenapiu 4. Hxpol 5. Ratanonic 6. Sehtryammuchn 7. Cilla 8. Orse 9. Yepno 10. Siri 11. Tares 12. Sydai 13. Lidedanon 14. Meinluboc 15. Dralgimo 16. Fiddolaf 17. Anizin 18. Aderigan 19. Sladugiso 20. Syapn

Meriden Lions Club Duck Race Brookside Park Our annual Duck Race will be held on Sunday, May 17, 2009 on Harbor Brook at Brookside Park, located at Broad Street and Bunker Avenue. In conjunction with the Duck Race will be held at Baldwin's Pond on May 17 from 9:00 am until noon for children up to 12 years of age. Registration will begin at 8:30 with fishing derby to start at 9:00. All children 12 years of age and younger who register will be given a voucher for food and a soft drink. Winners will be announced in many categories and prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the Fish Derby. Race will be held at 2:30 pm on May 17, 2009 with ticket sales until 2:00. Duck Race activities include a city wide coloring contest for children of grammar school age. Past years have brought over 2,500 entries. Our Duck Race is entertainment for the whole family. Over 2,000 rubber ducks are released at one time to tear down to a finish line where winners are announced and prizes awarded. For additional information, ask any Meriden Lions Club members or email us at Event Tri-Chairmen: Jim Bartolotta (Phone 203-630-1113), Jack Fontanella (Phone 203-687-8876), Fran Zygmont (Phone 203-634-3188) All proceeds of this event are distributed to various charitable causes.

Do you enjoy dancing and listening to the fun and familiar music of the 1950, 60 & 70's? St. Laurent Church at 121 Camp St., Meriden, will sponsor CABARET NIGHT on Saturday. May 22nd at 7:00 PM. Entertainment will be provided by "Stuck On You". Ticket price is $12.50 and includes hot and cold hors d'oeuvres. BYOB ( Bring your own beverage ). Soda and set-ups available. Call the parish office at 203-634-1583 for tickets and/or additional information.

VASA PARK COMING EVENTS - 358 MAIN STREET SOUTH MERIDEN SCANDINAVIAN MIDSUMMER FESTIVAL will be held on Sunday June 27, 2010. The park will open at 12 noon and the event will run until 6PM. A SWEDISH meatball dinner will be served along with other food. There will be music and entertainment for adults and children. RSVP will be needed for the SWEDISH meatball dinner. or 860-563-0040 Bring lawn chairs The VILLAGE ARTS & CRAFT SHOW will be held on July 25, 2010 10AM to 4PM. Food will be sold.

Stresses, traumas, surgeries, and even genetic predisposition all contribute to dis-ease in our animal companions. Animals of all species respond well to energy medicine. After working with your pet, I share with you what I have found and ways that you can continue to help them on your own. Let my experience help you and your pet!

Healings include: pre and post surgical healings arthritis and old-age diseases (kidney and liver support) cancer healings preventative & general health healings

For more information visit To schedule an appointment call 203.623.7386

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YO U R S t o r i e s YO U R L o c a l N ew s YO U R L o c a l E ve n t s YO U R Tow n YO U R L o c a l O rga n i z a t i o n s YO U R L o c a l B u s i n e s s e s YO U R C e l eb ra t i o n P h o t o s YO U R Fa m i ly & F r i e n d s YO U ! Always has been...Always will be! LocalMotion - Moving Forward Together!

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Ryan and James cooking up something special for Mom and Dad!


Meriden Health Department News and Events Bicycle Helmets Available at the Meriden Health Department Bike riding is a great way to get exercise and fresh air and share time as a family. The Meriden Health Department wants everyone to be safe - we are selling Bell brand bicycle helmets for $7.50 each. Both adult and child sizes are available, and there are many different styles and colors to choose from. The helmets are available for purchase Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Please call the Clinic office at 203-630-4234 before you stop by to check on availability. Be safe - always wear a helmet when riding a bike, no matter where you are or how short the ride! Recognizing Heart Attack and Stroke Presentation If a co-worker, friend, or family member had a breathing or cardiac emergency, would you know what to do? This presentation will review the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and stroke, when to call 9-1-1, and how to provide emergency care. Participants will also have an opportunity to try CPR on a manikin. This event will be held on May 17 from 6:00-7:00pm at the Meriden Public Library, located at 105 Miller Street. Healthy snacks will be served. This event is free and open to the public. To register, please call Lea Crown, Community Health Educator, at 203-630-4238. "Know Your Numbers" Health Screenings Do you "know your numbers"? The Meriden Health Department is now offering a comprehensive health screening for Meriden adults. The screening is only $10.00 per person (cash only, please) and includes: " Blood glucose (sugar) testing " Total cholesterol " Blood pressure " Height, weight, body mass index (BMI) " Vision and hearing We'll give you a tracking card with all your results and educational materials as well. To make your appointment with one of our nurses, please call the Clinic office at 203-630-4234 today! Save the Date - National Trails Day is June 5! Come celebrate National Trails Day on Saturday, June 5 from 10:00-11:30am at Dossin Beach Park, directly across the street from the Quinnipiac River Linear Walking Trail (Red Bridge) in Meriden. Meriden's National Trail Partners will showcase educational exhibits and be on hand to answer your questions on Meriden's natural resources, environmental issues, and trail expansion. Meriden's National Trail Partners include the Meriden Conservation Commission, Meriden Land Trust, Quinnipiac River Watershed Association, and the Meriden Linear Trails Committee. The Meriden Health Department will be giving out 75 free pedometers and walking logs to attendees (first come, first serve). The Quinnipiac River Watershed Association will offer canoe and kayak rides down the river. Light refreshments will be served. If it rains the event will be cancelled. Bring the family and enjoy a great day outside! For more information call 203-630-4238. Coffee and Conversation: "Kenya - A Safari" Join us for Coffee and Conversation on Monday, May 24 from 1:00-2:00pm in the first floor conference room at the Meriden Senior Center. This month's program will take you on a trip to Kenya. Rich and Joan Hamel will share pictures, music, and stories of their recent adventure trip to Kenya. This event is free and open to the public. Coffee and Conversation programs are jointly sponsored by the Center for Successful Aging and MidState's LaPlanche Clinic, and are held once a month at the Senior Center. Call 203-630-4222 to RSVP or for more information.

ATTENTION MERIDEN WATER DIVISION CUSTOMERS Congratulations to the Parker Farms Drama Club for a job well done on their first musical performance of Disney's, 101 Dalmations!


The Meriden Water Division will begin flushing hydrants between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. Please excuse any discoloration or reduced pressure that may occur during this program. PLEASE CHECK ANY TAP WATER BEFORE DOING ANY LAUNDRY Beginning May 3rd 2010, the following areas will be flushed: May 10th to May 14th Section #6 - Pratt St/East Main St to Broad St/Berlin Turnpike (Town Line) May 17th to May 28th Section #7 - Crown St/East Main St to Curtis St/So Broad St (Town Line) Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please call the Meriden Water Division at 203-630-4256 or check the City of Meriden website at or the Public Access Channel

Natural Medicine Experts, Local in Wallingford

Mr. Ayrton recovering after helping his student complete a float for the Daff. Festival

CELEBRATIONS Dr. Jared M. Skowron - CT's expert in children's natural healthcare, author of Fundamentals of Naturopathic Pediatrics, recently seen on Animal Planet, Dogs 101 Dr. Nicole R. Kerr - expert in natural treatments for women's health conditions, IBS, migraines, and expert in acupuncture. During April Vacation, the Meriden YMCA held Vacation Fun Club at our Mountain Mist Outdoor Center and at our Downtown facility. The children had a blast hiking, playing sports and games, singing, playing with the parachute, and swimming. It was a taste of some of the fun things to look forward to at our Mountain Mist Summer Day Camp. For more information about our summer camp, call 203-235-6386 or visit our web site at Sign up today.

Insurances accepted: Aetna, Blue Cross, and others 101 N. Plains Industrial Rd. #1B, Wallingford, CT Call for an appointment!


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FRIDAY MAY 21, 2010 ZANDRI’S STILLWOOD INN – 7:00P.M. 1074 SO. COLONY RD., WALLINGFORD TICKETS: $25.00 EACH What’s It All About? “The town of Wallingford cannot budget the $30K for the fireworks display that has been a tradition in our town from before I was born (1969). These tough economic times call for equally tough measures so I am going to try to find a way to fund the event through the people. I need your help. I have always felt that it is not charge of any part of the government (local, state, or federal) to do more than provide basic services to all. Above and beyond that should be the charge and the will of the people. The fireworks display / ceremony, while traditionally provided by the town is something that can no longer be afforded. If this is still something that should be desired, then by the will of the people, I would like to see the tradition continued!” - Jason Zandri

We will be having a special program handed out at the event. Please help us by being a part of it! PROGRAM BOOK Opportunities: • Full page ad (Color) – $350.00 (includes 2 tickets to the dinner). • 1/2 page ad (Color) – $175.00 (includes 1 ticket to the dinner). • 1/4 page ad (Color) – $85.00 • Full page ad (B&W) – $300.00 (includes 2 tickets to the dinner). • 1/2 page ad (B&W) – $150.00 (includes 1 ticket to the dinner). • 1/4 page ad (B&W) – $70.00 • Personal dedication page – 300 characters (three lines) – $30.00 • Personal dedication page – 200 characters (two lines) – $20.00 PLUS: All Ad Book Participants will be recongnized in the June issue of The People’s Press. Also included will be contributions after the event up to May 29, 2010! For more information, please contact: Jason Zandri - (203)294-4647 - If you would like to purchase tickets to attend or can’t attend and would like to make a contribution for the cause, please make checks out to: “Wallingford Fireworks Fund” and send to: Wallingford Fireworks Fund, c/o Jason Zandri, 35 Lincoln Drive Extension, Wallingford, CT 06492

Please see the next page on how you or your company can help even more!

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Your Company Can Help Save The Day and The Display! Become a sponsor of the “Save Wallingford’s Fireworks” Campaign What’s in it for you? You or Your Company will obtain the sincere gratitude of the over 45,000 residents of Wallingford as well as those from other towns who attend the event! You or Your Company will gain high exposure in a variety of forms to let people know what you have done. You or Your Company will keep a long standing tradition alive and well! You or Your Company will make all of this happen by becoming a sponsor TODAY! Make a difference and see a difference!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Friend of the Wallingford Fireworks 2010 Celebration - $50.00 Donating sponsor's name is printed in the advertising booklet. Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The People's Press. Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The Record Journal and also recognized on a variety of websites and blogs. Sponsors as of 5/8/10: Wallingford Flower and Gift Shoppe

Wallingford Fireworks 2010 Celebration Bronze Level Sponsor - $250.00

Donating sponsor's name is printed in the program guide / advertising booklet. * 1 ticket to the dinner fundraiser. Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The People's Press. Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The Record Journal and also recognized on a variety of websites and blogs. Sponsors as of 5/8/10: Kindermusik with Sandie @ Keys & Strings Music Studio

Wallingford Fireworks 2010 Celebration Silver Level Sponsor - $500.00 Sponsors receive all Bronze level benefits plus: * 2 tickets to the dinner fundraiser. Photo / business card ad (one of four on a page). Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The People's Press. Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The Record Journal and also recognized on a variety of websites and blogs.

Wallingford Fireworks 2010 Celebration Gold Level Sponsor - $750.00 Sponsors receive all Silver level benefits plus: * 4 tickets to the dinner fundraiser. Photo / business card ad (one of two on a page) Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The People's Press. Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The Record Journal and also recognized on a variety of websites and blogs. Sponsors as of 5/8/10: G & G Beverage Distributors INC and MidState Medical Center

Wallingford Fireworks 2010 Celebration Platinum Level Sponsor - $1,500.00

Sponsors receive all Gold level benefits plus: * 10 tickets to the dinner fundraiser. Photos / business card ad (dedicated page) Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The People's Press. Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The Record Journal and also recognized on a variety of websites and blogs.Sponsor as of 5/8/10: Jason Zandri and Family

Wallingford Fireworks 2010 Celebration Executive Level Sponsor - $5,000 Sponsors receive all Platinum level benefits plus: * 12 tickets to the dinner fundraiser. One page business write up and the business write up will also appear in The People's Press. Sponsor will also appear in The Record Journal advertising campaign (multiple advertisements). Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The People's Press. Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The Record Journal and also recognized on a variety of websites and blogs.

Wallingford Fireworks 2010 Lead Sponsor - The Record-Journal - Sponsorhip Category Closed Wallingford Fireworks 2010 Celebration Naming Convention Sponsor This sponsorship level will be $10,000.00 for any single individual, business, or corporate entity that would be willing to sponsor at that level. This level of sponsorship grants the sponsor to have their name as part of the celebration event.

"The [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] 2010 Wallingford Fireworks Celebration"

This level of sponsorship grants the sponsor to have their name as part of the celebration event. "The [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] 2010 Wallingford Fireworks Celebration" Sponsor would be on the cover of the program guide / advertising book. Two page business write up. The business write up will also appear in The People's Press. * 20 tickets to the Dinner Fundraiser. Full page ad in The Peoples' Press and as the title sponsor on the fireworks thank you page. Sponsor will also appear in The Record Journal advertising campaign (multiple advertisements). Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The People's Press. Sponsor will also appear on the sponsor thank you page in The Record Journal and also recognized on a variety of websites and blogs. * Early Bird benefit only - not valid after the May 21st event ** Sponsorship levels not valid for in-kind donations; these levels are monetary donations only

For more information, please contact: Jason Z a n d r i a t ( 2 0 3 ) 2 9 4 - 4 6 47 - J a s o n @ Z a n d r i . n e t

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Look, I don't want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you're alive you've got to flap your arms and legs, you've got to jump around a lot, for life is the very opposite of death, and therefore you must at very least think noisy and colorfully, or you're not alive. - Mel Brooks I say, if your knees aren't green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life. ~Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes It is not length of life, but depth of life. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Bobbie's Bevy of Beauties Spring definitely has arrived. Pam has planted her circular bed of pansies with a raised container of them in the center of her front lawn. Living next door to her I see this beautiful display many times a day. This year I have to give her husband Ed some some of the credit for his helping hand. Assisting Pam with her flowers, berry patch and small veggie garden last season. He'll become as knowledgeable with this labor of love as she is. Thought I saw some green on his thumb the other day. Most of the early bulbed flowers have gone their way. Perennials can be planted and trans-planted now. Wouldn't have room to keep all the many varieties which reproduced this year. They'd be growing on top of each other. So no pretty display. It would be quite hampered. Have given many containers away already. And still have to find a few more homes before I am done. Now for the annuals and veggies. Wait! One, two or maybe even three weeks before planting them. With this crazy weather where one day it's 90 degrees and the next just about fifty I wouldn't chance it. There isn't anyone more anxious to hit those nurseries then me. They become my second home during the flower season. Jimmy is getting around better than previously. He still has aches and pains and quite a bit of difficulty with both shoulders. He still continues with his therapy exercises. Is looking forward to the tomato season. Has cleaned out the large containers where he grows this veggie. Guess it will still be a while before I have my favorite sandwich. I'm sure by the time the June issue is out I'll have written about my escapades to the nurseries. Really looking forward to those trips. Flowercerely yours, Bobbie G. Vosgien P.S. 1 May 5th Happy 54th Hubby. 1956-2010 Where did the time go? P.S. 2 May 8th Happy Birthday Jodie P.S. 3 May 9th Happy Mother's Day Daughters Jaime and Jodie Our granddaughter Abby entered a national contest for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. She and another student from Lincoln Middle School took top honors. Not everyone may agree with what her feelings are but for someone to compose an essay such as hers at age 13 - I find truly amazing. And I did want to share it with the readers of The People's Press. Congratulations Abby and love always from Grammie Bobbie and Gump Jimmy.

Martin Luther King Essay Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom in the world. Love, Daddy, Sierra, Joshua and Shaunessy.


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By Abigail Schmidt - Age 13 One of the most preeminent speeches of all time was delivered two score and six years ago by a man who believed in peaceful means of communication and equality for all men and women of every shape and size. That honorable fellow, of whose name rings a bell to young and old, is Martin Luther King Jr. He believed that all people should be treated the same and not be shown bias because of the color of their skin. Within his speech he stated all these ideas, encoded in metaphors and linguistic word play, and captured the attention of every citizen of the United States. On that fateful day those forty-six years ago, he presented his opinion to and convinced the world that some wrong-doing was in occurrence, and that it needed to change. Now racial segregation is more or less just a chapter in our textbooks; very real but very distant. However, inequality still exists quite commonly in our nation, in more than one way. One of these issues revolves around the homosexual identities of our communities. Scoffed and laughed at, the gay, lesbian, and transgender community is looked down upon and treated quite like mud; stepped upon for amusement, just because they are not identical to us. I, standing upon the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in a way synonymous to the way King did, would discuss one single word, and that nation-changing word is tolerance. Gay rights and the establishment of them have been discussed for an extensive amount of time. The more this constant argument heats up, though, the more it seems the homosexual community is pushed down. To most of us, they seem just like dolls in a thrift store; a respectable toy, sure, but a bit battered up and not the same. Thus, the nation segregates against them, assuming that the fact they have a preference to the same gender is an excellent reason to depict them as a foul part of society. However, those of who are gay are still people, a fact that is often overlooked. They see, smell, touch, taste, hear, and stride about in clothing to their occupations each morning in the same way you or I would. They slip past our radars, on occasion, simply because they don't identify themselves as homosexuals on a regular basis. Why, you ask? It's simply because they are not allowed to be comfortable in their own skin, because we say they aren't supposed to be a part of our lives. They hide within their shells, like turtles, waiting for the day they can state their existence in a prideful way. As stated previously, homosexuals are still human beings, with a full set of emotions. Simply enough, they just direct their more romantic and intimate feelings towards members of the same gender in the exact way heterosexuals direct theirs to members of the opposite sex. The difference is minimal, in my mind; both are just following their hearts, and so what exactly is wrong with that? There is no error in their ways factually. People tend to disagree with that, however, defending themselves with the Bible and stating how gays were not approved by God. This is not a valid argument, you see, though, because a good part of the Christian community does in fact support gays, regardless to what the book of their religion states. Hypothetically speaking, if we are not all creations of the hands of God, why exactly is it that they have been rejected by Him? Is it, technically speaking, because homosexuals are different from all of the others molded within His hands? In which case, supposing that was the true reason, it is the twenty-first century, and by no means is it fair to ostracize someone for being different. If this was the case, society would not even exist at this point, because we are all individuals with differences, and while some of these differences do shape who we are, they do not truly define it. Our romantic preferences should not decide whether we are treated with utmost respect or have slurs thrown at us left and right. They should not be used to define if a couple can get legally married or not. Preferences to men or women are by no means a reason to physically assault, stereotype, or mentally torture a human being. An obvious example of a gay hate crime, Matthew Shepard was killed in the early nineties due to the fact he was a gay male, easily naive to two persuasive men of whom used his sexual preference against him. He is an example of how far this has all come, and how dangerous this nation has made it out to be to be an openly gay being within an American community. The battle for equality and elimination of homosexual discrimination is now a raging war, filled with violence and bloodshed. It is beyond understanding how we allowed it to get this far. Thus an offer for a solution is made; a solution I would preach out on the steps of that famous memorial, telling everyone in my presence one fateful word: tolerance. Regardless to our personal thoughts on gays and their lifestyles, we can lend a hand by simply not giving any extra attention towards homosexual couples and the like. It is not so hard to simply mind one's own business and ignore Sally and Addie kissing in the movie theater, or to simply walk past Bill and Stan who are holding hands as they stride past. Americans must see that it's not incredibly hard to realize that just carrying on with our business, regardless to our personal beliefs, is the solution here. We must fight off the urge to state our opinion in every situation, or preach to them our possible beliefs against their preferences, and the like. They are people, and we are not to judge them on one characteristic of which is beyond their control. Tolerance for their different way of life is the only time to gain peace and to stop the havoc of which this lack of respect is causing. Overall I would speak out a stream of simple words with a deeper meaning. We are all people within this nation, no matter our color, age, or sexual orientation. We are all Americans, united as one country, and we need to learn how to realize this unity of which bonds us. In this country, all should be able to walk the street with pride, and show their affection for one another. Days special for homosexuals should be no longer necessary; every day should be a day where they can have pride in who they are without fear of being mauled or have emotionally damaging terms spewed at them. No, though, I am not speaking about gay rights really; I would be speaking of human rights.

Upcoming May Events at the Augusta 2010 Thursday 13th---Meriden Public School Art Show Opening Reception 4pm to 7pm at ACCC (Elementary Schools) and Gallery 53 (Middle & High School, and Wilcox Tech). THURSDAY, 13TH---"THE ULTIMATE MICHAEL JACKSON EXPERIENCE" IS PRESENTED BY THE ACCC AT MALONEY HIGH AUDITORIUM, 121 GRAVEL STREET, MERIDEN 7PM. Tickets can be purchased online for $18 at, in advance at ACCC or other ticket locations to be announced $15, and at the door $20……….. Thursday, 14th through Thursday, May 20th---Meriden Public Elementary Schools Art Show. Exhibit will be open daily, call or visit website for times. Saturday, 29th---"Memorial Day Concert" featuring the Central Connecticut Civic Youth Orchestra at the ACCC 12noon. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON UPCOMING EVENTS AT THE AUGUSTA, TO DONATE TO THE CENTER, OR TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ACCC VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.CURTISCULTURALCENTER.ORG

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WE CARE Wins Napier Award

One Woman's Journal by Audrey C. Linke I have occasionally watched some golf on TV and although I enjoyed it, I found it to be a little slow, rarely sticking with it to see who won and who were the runners up. But the day Phil Mickelson won the 2010 Masters golf match, I became enamored of the gentle game of golf and couldn't pull myself away from my TV until the joyful moment when Phil embraced his wife in triumph. The game is played on some of the most beautiful real estate in the world. Just being there, albeit only on television, renders the viewer relaxed from the get-go. That day we viewers enjoyed a pleasant stroll in the woods with a player retrieving his ball. We admired bushes in glorious colors. There were areas of white sand placed strategically around the course and lovely little ponds of water, as well. We got to walk over a bridge with some of the players. The men play the game at a leisurely pace and create a relaxed atmosphere for the viewers, as well. The fans watching from the sidelines encourage the players with polite applause after each play. In return, the player tips his hat in quiet appreciation. Basketball, by comparison, is a fast-paced, frantic activity. Twelve men, of women, as the case may be, race back and forth across the basketball court, trying to get the ball in a basket. Fans have been known to jump out of the bleachers and attack members of the opposing team. It's an exhausting game for players and fans alike. Baseball is another tense game. Nine men on each team are concerned with a ball, the man who pitches it and the men who try to hit it with a narrow wooden bat. Every fan shouts instructions to every player as to just how to score a run. Football is downright dangerous. Several men on each team attack each other for several hours. Fans shout directions as to how to make each play of the game. One day I heard much noise and hollering from our living room. I went to check and found my son-in-law involved with a football game on TV. "Which position are you playing?" I teased. "All of them!" was his honest reply. He could no more relax while watching a game than he could if he were playing it. Golf is by far the most relaxing game to play and to watch. No one is in a hurry, even when the sun is setting and the shadows overtake each player in turn. One can almost feel the gentle breeze that moves the leaves on the trees ever so slightly. The game is played in a wonderfully peaceful setting, but I think the real reason the game of golf is so relaxing is that each player has his own ball. .

The Wallingford Early Childhood Alliance Resource and Education council [ WE CARE] has received a grant award from the James H. Napier Foundation of Meriden for the 2010 PreK classes. WE CARE works in conjunction with the three elementary schools in the school district each year to prepare a welcome reception and backpack for each student in the program. The PreK program is designed for 4 year olds to ready them for kindergarten. Each session is a halfday class experience at either Moses Y. Beach, Parker Farms or E.C. Stevens Elementary Schools. The WE CARE parent volunteers raise funds to provide each child with a back pack sporting the individual school logo. The teachers and the parent team from the WE CARE Family Resource Center fill the bags with items to help the parents work with the children over the summer months so they can arrive at school in August ready to learn. Each backpack contains a picture album with the friendly faces who will welcome the child to this first school experience. Storybooks, summer craft activities and a message from the PreK teacher fill the bags. The back packs are provided in either English or Spanish. This project is part of the ongoing Discovery program in Wallingford and this grant from the Napier Foundation. - Roberta Clouet, Project Coordinator - WE CARE - a Discovery Project 203-284-4019

Sheehan Class of 85 Reunion Planned Attention Mark T. Sheehan High School Class of 1985 grads: The 25th class reunion is planned for Friday, November 26, 2010. Additional information can be found online at: Alumni are encouraged to register for reunion updates and information while visiting the site. Our 25th reunion is coming and we still need to get the word out to about half of our fellow graduates. Would you take a few minutes to look over the list of missing alums below or under the "Missing Classmates," tab on to see if you know where any of these folks are? If you have their contact information, would you please call, email, or write them and encourage them to register at Maybe you know their relatives, or any other connection? Even if they don't think they'll attend our 25th Reunion in November, it would be great to have them register to stay up to date on the Reunion and on other Class of '85 news.

Summer Camp - Summer Fun!

Wallingford Family YMCA/Wint Filipek Sr. Memorial Tennis Tournament The biggest and premier community tennis tournament in New England is right here in CT! The 6th annual Wallingford Family YMCA/Wint Filipek Sr. Memorial Tennis Tournament is scheduled for June 12th - 20th. The venue in 2010 will be the Cheshire Academy tennis complex. All proceeds from the tournament will benefit Wallingford YMCA youth programs and the Winton S. Filipek Sr. scholarship fund. All players receive a tournament t-shirt, players handbook, players gift bag, ticket to "Breakfast at Wimbledon" and tennis balls & water for every match. Prizes are awarded to 1st & 2nd place in every division. The 9-day event in 2010 will feature: 21 divisions for all levels, a Free Kids & HS Clinic & Fun Day (at capacity in 2009), 5 high school divisions, a junior boys & girls round-robin and special events daily. Please direct any questions to Wint Filipek Jr. 860-621-5655

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WALLINGFORD RESIDENT NAMED WINNER IN THE FARMER'S COW ICE CREAM NAMING CONTEST Wallingford resident Tracy Shortell will be popular with her friends this summer. She is one of eleven Connecticut residents who were named winners in an ice cream flavor naming contest sponsored by Connecticut's own The Farmer's Cow, and as a winner will receive a summer's supply of The Farmer's Cow Ice Cream. "It was a lot of fun to hold the contest and sift through over 3,000 names for our various ice cream flavors," says Robin Chesmer, managing partner with The Farmer's Cow. "It was a lot of work judging all of the names, but we've narrowed the choices. It was really a tough job because there were so many good names! We blind judged all the entries and had no idea who entered the ice cream names so I'm pleased to see that our winners cover the entire state and ranged in age from high school to their 90s." The winning name was: "Hay! Hay! Hay! Vanilla" - Tracy Shortell, Wallingford "Now our work turns to getting our delicious new ice cream in the stores to help cool Connecticut residents this summer," says Chesmer. "We anticipate having our first batches of Connecticut farm-fresh ice cream available by Memorial Day."

Summing up, it is clear the future holds great opportunities. It also holds pitfalls. The trick will be to avoid the pitfalls, seize the opportunities, and get back home by six o'clock. ~Woody Allen, "My Speech to the Graduates," Side Effects, 1980 If you stop struggling, then you stop life. ~Huey Newton

Do You Remember???

Love's Perfect Alignment By Diana Lewis - Chapter 3 The next morning Josie woke up to the smell of bacon frying. She quickly got dress to go help her mother fix breakfast. "Why didn't you wake me? I would've helped." "That's fine, Dear. You can check the biscuits if you'd like." answered Amelia. Josie turned to do that but they needed a couple more minutes before they were done. She helped put the meals on the plates for everyone else who were driving the wagons. After the dishes were done and put away, they started their trek back to Montana. It would take them several weeks to get especially climbing over the mountains, They got into a routine on the trail, where Amelia and Josie walked part of the time and road part of the time, Towards the end of the day Amelia and Josie would collect twigs and wood they could use for the fire, where wood wasn't available they would pick buffalo chips to use for their fires. Josie didn't really like the smell of the buffalo chips but she endured it because knew they needed to eat. They ran into rain for two days at one of the rivers they were supposed to cross. It was too high for them to cross. They had to wait for it to crest before they could cross. They spent a week by this river. Amelia and Josie decided to do some of the laundry and bedding while they waited. It rained again while they waited and that had to make them wait longer for the river to crest. Mr. Hammond took inventory of what food supplies were left. They had enough for the week at the most before they would have to stop and replenish their supplies. Towards the end of the week and they still weren't' able to cross, Mr. Hammond started to worry. "We can eat cornmeal mush for a few days. We got plenty of cornmeal." said Amelia. "I guess we will have to if this river doesn't crest soon." he replied. And what happens when we run out of that and we still can't cross the river. I have all these people to worry about. He went over to his wagon and got his map out and sat down and started studying it. Here we go, there is a town about twenty miles on this side of the river. We could go there and get supplies and maybe cross over there. It might be easier from there. He got and went to talk to Amelia. "Miss Amelia, can we talk?" "Sure, Mr. Hammond, what's up" "There is a town about twenty miles down on this side of the river. We could go there and get our supplies and maybe it would be easier to cross the river there." "Good idea. Tell everyone we leave early in the morning as usual." He bowed and went off to tell everyone. Everyone went to bed early that night so they could be up early so they could get back on the trail.

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Registration for Girls Inc. 2010 Strong, Smart, and Bold Girls Summer Camp is under way. In person and on-line registration is available. The 9week summer camp offers a variety of activities for girls entering kindergarten thru age 15. Swimming, arts and crafts, and much more! The camp runs from 9am-3pm Monday- Friday and also offers before and after camp care for an additional fee. Financial Assistance is available to those that qualify. For more information please visit Girls Inc. at 130 Lincoln St., call (203) 235-7146, or visit us online at


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Redman Inducted into Eastern’s History Honor Society Katherine E. Redman of Wallingford, a senior at Eastern Connecticut State University, was recognized on April 27 for academic excellence in history upon her induction into the Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society. The ceremony was held in the Paul E. Johnson Sr. Community Conference Room of the J. Eugene Smith Library on campus. During the ceremony, Carmen Cid, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, reminded the 12 inductees that “history is happening right now.” She added, “Historians have a lot of power, especially in the media. You have the knowledge of the ages on your behalf. Reflect on your power, reflect on your accomplishments, and reflect on how you can make a difference to use that power to effect change for the better.” The mission of Phi Alpha Theta is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. Redman is majoring in history and will graduate in May.

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Pubic Invited to Help Boy Scouts of America Celebrate 100th Anniversary at 2010 First Aid Spring Camporee Sleeping Giant District will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Boy Scouts of America at the 2010 First Aid Spring Camporee on May 14 -16, 2010 The City of Meriden, CT is allowing the Scouts to use Hubbard Park and Castle Craig for this event. Cub Scouts, family and the public are invited on Saturday May 15th from 2 PM to 10 PM. Shuttle bus parking will be available at this time from Ben Franklin School and Wilcox High School in Meriden. Activities open to the public include shuttles up to Castle Craig, fishing in the lake, radio controlled boats and a variety of Scouting, military, emergency preparedness and first aid related displays. Dan Deluca, author of the Old Leatherman - a true story about a hiker in Connecticut from the 1800's, will be leading a trek to a cave that the Old Leatherman used at 3pm for Scouts and the public. Geocaching activities will also be offered. There is a Trading Post with hiking sticks, hiking medallions, a variety of books, a bandana of the Hubbard Park trail system, postcards and more. The US Postal Service has created a custom cancellation stamp. Food and drink are available. The Show will be held on Saturday from 7 PM to 10 PM in the Hubbard Park Band shell. Performers include The Quinnipiac Dancers, a Native American Dance Team, part of The Order of the Arrow Scouting Honor Society; "Celebrating 100 Years", a video by Dave Lyons; The Fuse, a Youth Rock Band, "Magic Mike" Gagne and Scouts & leaders from the Boy Scout Sleeping Giant the River Band. District completing a community service projects This First Aid Camporee will help kick off National throughout Hubbard Park April 18th Emergency Medical Services Week (May 16-May 22 2010) in Connecticut. Hunter's Ambulance in Meriden is one of the primary sponsors of the camporee and they have reached out to EMTs and Paramedics to provide training to Scouts for the First Aid Merit Badge. Additional first aid activities will be offered to older scouts who have already earned this Merit Badge. As part of the camporee, the district is completing several community service projects including… * Clean up project at Hubbard Park - Over 80 Scouts marked trails, cleaned the skate house and picked up trash in preparation for the annual Daffodil Festival. * Food Drive - Scouts have been asked to bring canned food to the Camporee, and the donations will be delivered to the food pantry in their own town. * Liberty Elm Memorial Project - 30 Liberty Elm trees will be planted by the Achewon Chapter of the Order Of The Arrow, Scouting's Honor Society at the William 'Bill" Dunn Sports Complex in Meriden. This project is supported by the Meriden Rotary Club. * Public Safety Boards are being built for the City of Meriden * Castle Craig & Hubbard Park souvenirs are being created and will be sold by Scouts at the Daffodil Festival and Camporee with extras to be donated to the City of Meriden Hubbard Park was the vision of one man, Walter Hubbard. He donated it to the citizens of Meriden over 100 years ago after laying the ground work of it's paths trails, lake, ponds, brooks, water fall and the famous Castle Craig, which stands at it's peak 1002 feet above sea level..Frederick Olmsted the first well known American Landscape architect, who designed Central Park NYC, had a son John, who assisted Mr. Hubbard in laying out the grounds of this 1800 square acre park out. Come explore Hubbard Park with the Sleeping Giant District at the 2010 First Aid Spring Camporee. Ticket Prices are Adult $10 donation; Youth $5 donation (5-16 years); Children under 5 Free. Tickets are available at the following locations: Hunters Ambulance Training Center, 450-478 West Main Street, Meriden, CT 06451 Meriden Chamber of Commerce, 3 Colony Street, Meriden, CT 06451 Hancock's Pharmacy, 840 East Main Street, Meriden, CT 06450 The shuttle bus locations and for walk-ins, the Skate House in Hubbard Park. For more information about the Spring Camporee, call 203-514-5181 or visit For more information about the 100th Anniversary of Boy Scouts of America, visit For more information about joining Scouting, visit For more information about the 100th Anniversary of Boy Scouts of America, visit For more information about joining Scouting, visit

Alison & John Gopoian are donating their truck to the Boy Scouts of America for the 100th Anniversary of Boy Scouts of America in tribute to their sons that were scouts and their daughters being Explorers, three of which are serving in the United States armed services. May 15th is National Armed Services Day. The truck is being completing renovated by area companies, including its stop at Firestone for a brand new set of donated tires. The truck has been repainted to match the upcoming scouting event at Hubbard Park, the colors of scouting and a bit of patriotism RED WHITE & BLUE

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John J. Kovacs Insurance Agency 208 Center Street, Wallingford

Office: (203) 269-2500 Life Insurance underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated Companies Home Office: Columbus, OH 43215-2220


Restaurant & Lounge

Memories of Wallingford Fireworks Moving onto Bertini Lane 5 years ago, meant a brand new house, a nice, quiet neighborhood, and a front row seat to the Wallingford fireworks each year! Every summer my husband and I plan our annual lobster party around the Wallingford fireworks. We invite our family and friends, buy large amounts of food and drinks and enjoy the day, knowing that we can see the fireworks in our front yard at night. Our neighborhood is a nice little cul-de-sac and it has become a tradition for most of the neighborhood to have their own Fourth of July parties. Our friends and families have actually come to count on our parties. We get together and rent bounce houses for all of the neighborhood children and the guests. Bertini Lane is practically impassable on the Saturday of the 4th of July weekend. Cars line the street and well as swarms of people anxious to have a good time and relax on our front lawns while watching the fireworks. After all of our picnics conclude, everyone gets their lawn chairs and sits on the lawns, the driveways, and even in the middle of the cul-de-sac. We all ooh and ahh and have a great time. This is why Bertini Lane will not be the same without the fireworks. Sincerely, Tracy Brunelle

MERIDEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY TAG SALE May 15th; June 12th; July 10th; August 14th & September 11th Saturday May 15th 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and thereafter on the second Saturday of each month (May through September) will hold a tag sale at the parking lot of the Research Center - 1090 Hanover Street, South Meriden. Cost for Society members is $10.00 per booth per Saturday - $15.00 for non-members. Call Neda Weathers 203-237-4636 or Bill Siegel 235-2217 to reserve your spot. To help raise money for the upkeep of our research center, the Society will have its own booth at the sale. Donations to the Historical Societies Booth are welcomed and can be dropped off at Fair Weather Antiques or at the Research Center or, to arrange for a pick-up, call Neda Weathers 203-237-4636 or Bill Siegel 235-2217. No appliances please collectibles and smalls only.

11th annual Golf Tournament Our Lady of Fatima Men's Club will hold its 11th annual Golf Tournament on Monday, June 21st, at Hunter Golf Club, 688 Westfield Rd, Meriden. The Tournament, which benefits the many Men`s Club programs in the Parish and Community and two annual $1,000 scholarships to High School students, is a scramble format with a 12:30 p.m. shotgun start. The $135.00 entry fee includes, golf, cart, gift bag, lunch, on course refreshments, cocktails and dinner following golf. A raffle will conclude the festivities. For information and entry forms, or to be a sponsor, please call Dave Corriveau at (203) 284-1615.

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*Southern and Northern Italian Cuisine * Veal, Chicken & Seafood Specialties * Large Selection of Salads * Pizza * Grinders * Homemade Burgers * Specialty Wraps

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Plan your party with us! Parties for up to 60 people are our specialty. We also offer off premises catering and party platters to go. “Come visit and enjoy one of our finely prepared meals in the comfort of our new dining and lounge areas”


Restaurant & Lounge 34 River Road * South Meriden

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Lois Lowry to Appear at Wallingford Public Library


We are delighted to announce that award-winning author Lois Lowry will speak at the Wallingford Public Library on Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room. Lois is one of America's preeminent writers of literature for children. A wide-ranging author, she is perhaps best known for Number the Stars, and The Giver, both of which earned the prestigious Newbery Award. Tickets for the program are free and will be available in the Children's Library while they last. There is a limit of four tickets per person. Books will be available for purchase at the program, and Ms. Lowry is willing to autograph them. This program is made possible by the Faustman Fund, which was created by the family and friends of Liz and Walt Faustman in 1997 to support Library programs for Wallingford. Liz Faustman was an avid reader and beloved member of the Wallingford Public Library staff, and Walt Faustman was a gifted Wallingford educator. This program is dedicated to their memory.

Mom, with each passing year my love and admiration for you continually grows in leaps and bounds. The life lessons you so lovingly bestowed on your five "kid-lets" have gifted each of us in every area of our lives. You raised FIVE children all alone on less than a paupers budget. Still, what we lacked in material items we gained in the creative and selfless time you shared. Perhaps I felt a little green with envy when my neighborhood chums showed us their new toys. Yet, that was swiftly forgotten by the swell of pride I felt when you sat on the front step on summer evenings and they all crowded around to listen to the stories "My Mom" shared with us all. You found frugal ways to entertain. You would pack up not only your five but also the neighbor kids in that beat up old station wagon for a day at the beach. Oh, the fun we had in the sand and the surf. The Wallingford library was our oasis. For you taught us that a book could take us on a thousand adventures free of charge. They did and they still do. What a gift! With the little you had you always gave to those in need. "You will get back ten-fold what you give" you always said and you were absolutely right. It is so very true. You have quietly lived your life as a shinning example of what Love truly is. Compassion, kindness, empathy, forgiveness, selflessness and most important Faith! "Put your trust in God Lisa" you told me time and time again. "He will never let you down. You will feel hurt at times. That hurt is so that you can grow and learn to depend on His good grace. He will never forsake you. "Mom, this gift of knowledge HAS sustained me often, like you told me it would .."time and time again." You have always looked at life with childlike excitement. The green fingers of plants emerging from the earth after a cold winters rest or the bowl full of stars in the nights sky winking and blinking. Both had you giddy as a schoolgirl and taught us that the real treasures are gifts to both the rich and the poor alike. It just depends on the view. Your brain has forever sought knowledge and your work ethics so strong and true. "Give more than they ask of you" was a phrase you always used. "If you give more you're free in the duty, not a slave to it." To this day Mom my favorite sound is that of your uncontrollable laughter. I always felt I grasped the Golden Ring when I did or said something that could elicit those happy, golden tones. For you lived a hard and often painful life. I could go on and on, write tomes detailing your attributes. Suffice to know I glean them all. I know that Patti, Mike, John and Jim do too. You always taught us to stick together. One pencil is easy to snap but put a bunch together and the task is almost impossible. We are all close .. the six of us "pencils." At times one or another of us falters but together we cannot be snapped. I'm sure we will face countless challenges in life but thank God we learned and are still blessed to learn from a mother that wears the title "MOM" so very, very well. So on this Mother's day Mom I would like you to recall the countless times you had to give your brood tough love. I also want you to remember the many times you said "Someday you will thank me for this!" Well, today's the day Mama. Thank you. Thank you so very much!! You have been and still are a blessing in my life and I know in the lives of countless others. With a heart Full of Love, Lisa Walters Seyler

News and Events from the Wallingford Public Library Children's Department 2010 Summer Volunteer Application If you are a Wallingford student going into grades 5, 6, or 7 in the fall of 2010, you are eligible to volunteer to help us run our summer reading program. This year our program will be Haunt Your Library This Summer, featuring our Ghoulish Gameboard! We are expecting many enthusiastic players and we need our volunteers to help us run the game. Volunteers commit to working two hours each day for one week . If you have the time to commit, please stop by and pick up an application form, or go to our website and make a copy. Read the application carefully with your parent or guardian and fill it out. All application forms are due by June 8. We hope you will consider applying; we really can't run the Summer Gameboard without our wonderful volunteers.

MERIDEN-SPRING STORY HOURS HERE! SIGN-UP NOW AT THE MERIDEN PUBLIC LIBRARY! PREPARE FOR SUMMER PROGRAMS AT THE MERIDEN PUBLIC LIBRARY. Pre-school Programs, Early Literacy Programs for children under 2, Programs for families every Monday evening and Thursday mornings with a variety of performers, a Rocket Club for children grades 4 and up, Cooking for children kindergarten through second grade, and crafts and stories for children grades three though five. These programs will be starting the week of June 21st. For more information call the Children's Library at (203) 630-6347.

Meriden Historical Society May Open House ROCKWELL SILVER & SILVER CITY GLASS CO AT THE ANDREWS HOMESTEAD The Meriden Historical Society is opening the doors of the Andrew's Homestead, 424 West Main St. Meriden (next to Ben Franklin School) on the first four Sundays during the month of May.

CELEBRATIONS Families just want to have FUN

Answers to Dot Gonick's Scrambled Flower Game 1. Azalea 2. Hyacinth 3. Petunia 4. Phlox 5. Carnation 6. Chrysanthemum 7. Lilac 8. Rose 9. Peony 10. Iris 11. Aster 12. Daisy 13. Dandelion 14. Columbine 15. Marigold 16. Daffodil 17. Zinnia 18. Gardenia 19. Gladiolus 20. Pansy

HOLY TRINITY PARISH BAZAAR This year's Bazaar will take place June 7-12, in the church parking lot at 84 North Colony Street (Rt. 5), Wallingford. Wristbands for rides will be available nightly, and at the matinee, on the midway during bazaar hours only. However, advance sale of sheets of bazaar ride tickets, and food tickets, will be available at the church, after all Masses from May 22 to June 6. Come join us for Tufano Amusement rides for adults and kids; food specials; games of chance & skill; 50/50 drawings; and our main bazaar drawing on Saturday evening, June 12. It's full of excitement...don't miss the fun...There's something here for everyone at the Holy Trinity Annual Bazaar, celebrating our 40th year!!! Bazaar hours will be Monday through Thursday, 6-10 PM; Friday 6-11 PM; Saturday Matinee, 2-5 PM; and Saturday Evening 5-10 PM. Call 269-8791 for sponsorship opportunities or for more information on the bazaar.


Bobby, Alysa & Bob

Monday, May 24, 2010 at The Farms Country Club (Includes lunch, raw bar, happy hour after golf and dinner (lobster and turkey & beef carving station.)

Did you know that the Wallingford Foundation, the charitable arm of the Wallingford Rotary Club, has, over the years, donated the Children's Reference Room at the Library, a Teen house at the YMCA, vans to the Ulbrich Boys and Girls Club and awarded grants to Master's Manna, the Thanksgiving Community Day Dinner, the Homeless Shelter, Fuel Assistance Program‌just to name a few. Help support this worthwhile Foundation and meet your fellow business associates/professionals by joining us for golf and/or taking out a sponsorship. Bobby & Alysa

For information contact Jon Kaplan at or call Pat at 203-640-9016.

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Connecticut Outdoors Written By: Paul Narducci I am going to share a story with you that is simply cool. Stanley jigs has been a sponsor to my show for the past few years and I truly love their baits. When I first approached them to be a sponsor they agreed to be part of my show and I was very excited about this for obvious reasons. You see I have always used their products as a kid and always new about them. As a teenager I use to watch a show called The Sportsman Challenge on ESPN. Their were several people involved in this show and one of them was Lonnie Stanley. I came home one day and my wife says you have a message on the answering machine. When I listened to it , "holy crap Lonnie Stanley is on my machine" asking me to call him. How cool is that. You see I always watched his show and looked forward to it. For those who don't know he co-hosted with people named Ron Franklin, Mike Dyes and Doug Hannon. This show was seen on Lonnie Stanley ESPN for over eighteen years. There is no doubt this show was the most informative and educational show of its time. Lonnie founded Stanley Jigs in 1980 and is still going strong in today's market. He is truly one of the true legends in the fishing industry as a whole. You can log onto to check out some of their old and new lures. For those who watch my show, know I love fishing spinnerbaits and his are wonderful. In fact they have won me some money while fishing local tournaments. Lures I would recommend you trying are his bugeye jigs, wedge plus spinner baits, ribbits, buzzit , platinum jigs and check out his new lures for 2010. Well back to my story. After listening to his message I said to my wife," How cool is that". I watched and looked up to this guy as a teenager and I admired his story. So after taking a few deep breaths I called to talk to Lonnie about my show and of course fishing. Forty five minutes later I hung up and soaked it all in. I just spoke to Lonnie Stanley a fishing legend and owner of Stanley Jigs. I called Frank and Tony to tell them and we spent time talking how we all use to watch his fishing show. Stanley Jigs is a great company that has a long history of making wonderful lures that catch fish. I am very proud to have them as a sponsor and really love how Lonnie took so much time talking with me. I will forever remember our conversation and what it meant to me. A reminder to those fishing for trout this year the Quinnipiac River offers some great fishing. If you're a lucky one to catch a tagged trout notify the QRWA for your prize. You may also want to try your luck at Black Pond and Wharton Brook. I have seen some huge stripers being caught in the Connecticut River and will be trying my luck for these fish within the next few weeks. I will keep you updated. Years ago I caught some huge stripers using some Sluggos and Zara Spooks on top while filming our show. It has been a while so me and the boys will be doing some striper fishing very soon. If your fishing for bass good reports are coming from Candlewood with some huge bags winning lots of money. Frank and I have our first tournament of the year on Candlewood Lake in May. I will keep you posted. Tony and Joey have been doing well trout fishing and have enjoyed some success using Yum Troutkrilla in the pellet form. Yellow and green seem to be the colors working for them the best. For those who own a boat you may want to try a product called BTS Wax. This is an all in one wax that will leave your boat looking better than ever. BTS is an all surface wax. If you would like more information log onto I spend a lot of time waxing my boat and this stuff is easy to apply and works great. BTS stands for bow to stern and they weren't kidding. This can be used on everything and takes away the need to buy other products to keep your boat safe and protected from the elements. As always the team of Connecticut Outdoors wishes you the best of luck and good fishing.

Wallingford Family YMCA Conducting Lifeguard Training Course This certification course prepares those 15 years of age and older for employment as a lifeguard. This class will cover professionalism, surveillance, victim recognition, equipment based rescues, spinal injury management and post rescue care. In addition; CPR/FPR, First Aid, AED and Oxygent certifications complete this Lifeguard Training Package. Classes will take place on May 25, 26, 27 6:00-9:00p.m. June 1, 2, 3> 6:00-9:00pm and June 5th > 10:00-2:00p.m. Participants must attend all class. Pre-Registration is required. Class size is limited. For more information; please contact Lisa Hoover @ or (203) 269-4497; ext. 20 Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. ~Joseph Addison

Spring has sprung or has it? a musing by Ernie Larsen If one had to determine if spring were actually here, the calendar would indicate it was. Yet based on the weather of the last month it would be extremely difficult to figure out what season it was. From temperatures ranging from the 30's with frost warnings to the high 70's low 80's; torrential rain storms with a few high winds mixed in challenged the most seasoned meteorologist. Even though I don't hold many positive vibes toward the weather watchers - just last weekend we were heading for one of our cultural overnights in NYC and the prediction was for rain both days - not a very encouraging outlook - however, once again - the forecaster should have just looked out the window - it rained minimally with none of it affecting out outing. So, getting back to whether it is spring or not - the season arrived sometime in the early hours of March 20, the equinox and all that sky chat. I started my tomato and pepper plants, with the love apples definitely out-growing the peppers and my mini-tomato greenhouse kit from the Christmas Tree Shop doing the best of all. I've decided to plant three times the crop of tomatoes as last year; just in case we get another round of 'late blight' which limited my 2009 harvest severely. Other signs of spring; daffodils - their glory now all but gone - the early warm weather coaxed them into blooming way too early. Although I did see a good representation of the species at the Daffodil Festival which suffered a couple of days of rain - split on the first and second weekend of its run. Nothing new for the organizers, yet still a bit of a bummer. It would be great if they could have the good luck to have two consecutive days of warm, sunny weather. I understand the Saturday crowds at the Park were outstanding and there for fun; this was good news for the non-profit food vendors who use the Festival as their major fundraiser for the year; a few groups sold out both their Saturday and Sunday supplies of food the first day, so I expect many will exceed their profit expectations. I checked out a couple of bands in the Food Tent, the River City Slim and the Zydeco Hogs and my favorite DF group, The Shiny Lapel Trio. At 5:00 PM the tent was jammed - the Craft Show, packed and the midway, jamming. Truly, Meriden's premiere event. Another sign of the season, opening day of fishing season - haven't been out yet myself, have a trip scheduled next week. Although the areas I normally fish are available all year, opening day still gets the old fishing genes cooking and the urge to drown a fly gets stronger and stronger. So I'll get my gear ready, find my 'lucky fishing hat' already have my license - I'm ready to hit the river. Wish me luck. And now next Sunday, Mother's Day; I just sent out my invitations for my annual brunch to the family, my daughter, s.i.l. and granddaughter; my daughter in law, son and granddaughter; my sister in law and my brother and nephew. It is usually a pretty low-key affair with a couple of quiches, fruit salad, sausages, chocolate chip pancakes etc. with Mimosa's to wash everything down. And speaking of brunches, I think one of the most memorable was many years ago, we decided to take my mother to a buffet brunch at the Yankee Silversmith in Wallingford. It was my wife and I, our two children and Mom. The dining room was smartly set up, with sparkling glassware and shining silverware; napkins that matched the tablecloths and were done up in a fancy cone type configuration. As soon as we were seated each of the children took one of the napkins and placed them on their head, thinking they were party hats. Well, it was a special occasion! They're going to 'kill' me when they read this recollection, but my wife and I and my mother thought it was extremely amusing at the time. And for me the next ritual that is spring, the planting of a vegetable garden. This year I probably will just stick to tomatoes, green peppers, some herbs and sunflowers. But I usually do some last minute plant buying and will add a couple of more things, cucumbers come to mind. So that pretty much sums us spring in my world - even though the weather is all over the place. The weather is on the TV as I write this and the guru's are calling for temps in the mid 70's and 80's this weekend - well time will tell, however it would be a welcome surprise from the torrential rains and low temperatures of the week just past. Happy spring - hope you consider planting a vegetable garden - its good therapy and believe me there is nothing like a home-grown tomato! Hey, maybe I'll see you at Vinny's when I pick up my next flat of plants. Or if not, perhaps on the Salmon River; wherever you spend your spring - have some happy thoughts and most of all have fun.

Keene LITTLE EAST HONORS Wallingford Resident Stephanie Lavado (Wallingford, Conn.), Senior, Catcher, Keene State College - Lavado powered Keene State College to a 7-2-1 mark this past week, batting .581 (18-for-31) with eight runs scored, four home runs, three doubles, and 13 RBI. The senior from Wallingford, Conn. registered seven extra-base hits to post a 1.129 slugging percentage and .606 on-base percentage. She collected at least one hit in eight games, including seven with multiple base knocks. Lavado was white-hot from the plate during a doubleheader with Fitchburg State, batting 5-for-6 (.833) with three homers and eight RBI.

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Volunteers Needed! Volunteers are needed to visit frail, elderly people, to shop with or for an elder, to drive an elder to and from their medical appointment, and to provide respite care to family members caring for a loved one who needs constant care. All that is required is a warm, loving heart and one or two hours of your time each week. A two hour training event will provide you with information and basic skills to make a difference in someone's life. The next training dates sponsored by Interfaith Volunteer Care Givers of Greater New Haven are: May 4 West Haven Senior Center, 201 Noble St.1:00-3:00PM; May 11, 1:003:00PM, Wallingford Senior Center, 238 Washington ST.; May25, 7:009:00PM IVCG, 30 Gillies RD. Hamden. Please call IVCG at 203-230-8994 or email for more information and to register. To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone. ~Reba McEntire


The eighth grade students at Saint Joseph School, Meriden, created their own Spanish games. They made Spanish versions of some of their favorite games, such as Spanish Twister, Capture the Flag, Memory, Old Maid and Trouble. The games were required to be written in Spanish, directions in Spanish, and the game boards themselves had to be in Spanish. They invited the sixth and seventh graders to join them, and they all played the games together. Special thanks to Senora Cannell for her help with this project.


Wallingford Community Day Care Center Celebrates "Week of the Young Child" Ice cream, hand art, puppets and crafts punctuated the celebration at this year's "Week of the Young Child" celebration at Wallingford Community Day Care Center. On April 13, parents were invited to join their children for some ice cream and fun to help celebrate the event, which is sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and helps focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and recognizes the early childhood programs and services that meet those needs. Kathy Queen, the center's executive director, helped scoop out bowls of ice cream to eager children who were excited to eat their dessert before their dinner that evening. At one table, a little girl with a chocolate ice cream mustache finished off a bowl of ice cream. Close-by, three siblings of a child who attends the center made Dr. Seuss-inspired 'Cat in the Hat' hats. Across the room, a teacher at the center who has an artistic talent, painted a variety of characters on the hands of children - finishing each off with a little bit of glitter. A puppeteer sat nearby, entertaining the children with his squirrel puppet. "Every week should be the 'Week of the Young Child,'" said Queen. "To those of us in the early learning world, it is." Shown in photo are three older siblings of a child who attends Wallingford Community Day Care Center show off their painted hands and Dr. Seuss hats on April 13 during an ice cream social celebrating the "Week of the Young Child." Photo by Jessica Ciparelli, CT Early Childhood Alliance.

Dear Housewives - Central Connecticut's Know It All Gals Dear Readers, Do you have a question regarding family life, budgeting, customer service issues, DVD or book reviews, or home organization? We will give you our candid advice from a family perspective. Contact The Peoples Press by e-mail at or phone with your confidential question and we will answer it in the next issue. The phone number is 203.235.9333. - June and Flora Why would the City of Meriden spend so much money on the Daffodil Festival when they can be using that money to help our kids and save teacher's jobs? - Shocked in Meriden FLORA: The City of Meriden spends money on the Daffodil Festival because it is important to have tradition and to celebrate. Can you imagine the complaints if it was canceled? Things are gloomy for many families right now with the down turned economy; families need to go to our beautiful park to celebrate spring, families and entertainment. As for the school's budget.........that is a teacher union issue and better left for another month. Breaking up the teacher's union is like breaking open a piggy bank (but with a lot more than pennies...) The Daffodil Festival helps our children. It helps build memories and family bonding. JUNE: I am not a fan of the Daffodil festival but I agree it is nice for communities to have public activities. In times like these I think the city could have suspended the festival until things are a bit better. There are many memories families can make with their kids. Dear Housewives - my kids want to be on Facebook and I just can't let them do it. How can I explain to them the dangers of being on the internet without scaring them too much? - Someone from Wallingford JUNE: I think as everything technological, Facebook has gotten out of hand. I don't think children should be on Facebook until they are in high school. Unfortunately, it has become another vehicle for kids to bully and embarrass each other with and their isn't enough education about it. It isn't just the predators but their own peers they have to worry about. Facebook is pretty secure, you control who sees what but you can't control what others put on. Remember that when someone is taking your picture. FLORA: Depending on the ages. If your children are under the age of 13, get some backbone, set some boundaries NOW and follow through. Don't give in. Decades ago it was "Ginny has a Barbie pool, can I get one too?" Now it is all about putting all your personal information (pictures, school locations, likes, dislikes) on the web for all to see (even the child predators). And please spare the line that "only those I invite to view can see." These are CHILDREN people. Children. Remember when you were young; you thought you had all the answers and that you were invincible. Keep your kids safe. Oh and by the way, if you as the parent are on Facebook and your face is staring at your cell phone every moment-get off. You model behavior for your children. If you are Facebooking and enjoying it, why won't they want to join in the fun with their friends. Get off the Cell Phone, Log-off your computer (unless you are working from home) and engage with your precious children. Talk with them, walk with them. Get to know them before you hear "Cats in the Cradle".

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CHORALE CONNECTICUT: A TRUE MUSICAL TREASURE By Phyllis S. Donovan "Come with me to Chorale Connecticut's spring concert," a former coworker and voice student of Chorale director Dorothy Barnhart recently suggested. "Of course," I readily agreed. Since we've long been impressed by former concerts offered by the Chorale, my husband and I were both eager to see what new surprises Dorothy and her 50-strong group had in store for us. We weren't disappointed! (We never are.) This spring's concert, entitled "Earth Notes" and dedicated to its May Day performance, was a treasure of musical surprises. With such joyous celebrations of their craft as their opener, "We are the Music Makers," to the splendid closer, "How Can I Keep from Singing?" the wonderful harmonies of the Chorale soared in confirmation of their artistry. The versatile Timothy Moran added yet another dimension to the musical fabric with his playful flute in "Piping Down the Valleys Wild" and rich clarinet in the lovely Shaker tune "Simple Gifts" and later sing-along, Chorale Connecticut and their Artistic "Down By the Riverside." Director, Dorothy Barnhart Ms. Barnhart delights in engaging and including her audience. Carrying out the earthy theme of the concert, an American Indian sequence complete with the surrounding sounds of rushing water, calling loons, hooting owls and an amazingly realistic (female) baying wolf transported the audience into a veritable wilderness, while later the persistent drumming of a woodpecker and even the annoying buzz of mosquitoes ended with a satisfyingly abrupt mid-buzz silence. Playing to an audience that packed the sanctuary of Meriden's First Methodist Church, the event also showcased the Concert Choir of DePaolo Middle School, 25 lively young people who performed both with the Chorale and also in a delightful segment of their own, under the direction of Patricia Altieri. A mellow "As Time Goes By" was followed by a rousing "Rock This Town" with show choir moves worthy of "Glee," then the talented youngsters exhibited their own "Electricity" in a "Billy Elliot" number. We love that Dorothy Barnhart encourages and nurtures the musical talent of the next generation of performers. Seven young people from surrounding high schools regularly expand the ranks of her Connecticut Chorale as "interns," honing their own talent as they gain performance experience. At one point in the concert, each of these young Chorale members was introduced and praised individually by their proud director. As for the DePaolo Middle School Concert Choir, these youngsters, whose dedicated parents had transported them to the concert site and encouraged them with their interest and support, are so lucky to have had the chance to show off their talent in a professional setting. At a reception in the church hall following the concert, a long table of home made sandwiches and goodies plus punch were set up and waiting for concert-goers who wanted to mingle with the performers. We imagine this was the doing of Chorale members' spouses working behind the scenes while the program was in progress. All of this doesn't just happen. We always think of all the preparation, hard work and dedication that goes into an event such as this. Yes, it has to be soul-satisfying to perform with such an obviously well rehearsed and professional chorale such as this. And to create such a joyful noise unto the Lord is, to us less musically talented folks, nothing short of amazing. We are so thankful that the arts in our community are still alive and well. Dorothy Barnhart and her Chorale Connecticut are constantly doing their utmost to carry on this tradition. Our job is to support them any way we can. And the side benefit is the best part of all - pure unadulterated pleasure from an outstanding musical experience! Mark your calendars! Chorale Connecticut's next performance, its Winter Concert, will take place on December 4 and 5. A long time to wait but don't miss it. For more information about the Chorale and a sample of its wonderful harmonies, check out their website:

REFLECTIONS OF THE SIXTIES AND EARLY SEVENTIES By Cathy Short I was born in 1958, so I was a child of the sixties. Toward the end of the sixties I was reaching adolescence. I grew up in a time of great turmoil in America. The Vietnam War started in 1965 under President Lyndon Johnson's administration. In 1968 the American people started anti-war protests. It was a vicious war and we lost many Americans. We got out in 1973 and in 1975 South Vietnam surrendered and North and South Vietnam became one country. I was 17 years old at the time. There were peace rallies and love rallies. In 1970 there was a huge outdoor concert in Woodstock, New York. It was the biggest outdoor concert in American history. It was called "Woodstock" and mainly Rock n' roll bands played.. It was very peaceful, but there was a lot of illegal drug use, mainly marijuana, LSD and Heroin. Haight Ashbury in California was a town that was one of the chief centers in America for psychadelic drug use, mainly LSD. Getting high on it was called "tripping." You would hallucinate and sometimes have wonderful spiritual experiences. The down side was that many people would have what they called "bad trips", They would think that they could fly and would try to fly off building tops, several falling to their deaths. Also. many would get extremely paranoid and frightened and many died of overdoses. A lot of the youth were trying to escape reality. It was extremely sad. Organized religion was not sought as much by the youth. They were more interested in rebelling against society, materialism and war. They would wear love beads and peace signs and bright neon colors. The women wore mini skirts, peasant tops and go-go boots. They were labeled as "Hippies", mainly because they were non-conformists and anti-society. Some lived off the land in communes. I personally attended Church every Sunday since I was very young. A lot of my close friends were from my church school classes. I then joined the youth group at church and taught Sunday school for a year. While in the youth group I learned to play the guitar. I loved it so I bought a guitar and then took private lessons. I would sing and play songs for my friends and relatives. I liked to play Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel. Most of the guys I dated were musicians and played in Rock bands. Long hair was very common among the guys. I went to many musical concerts with my friends. My favorite bands were the "Beatles", Dave Mason, "Yes", Neil Young, "The Moody Blues". Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, "Pink Floyd" and "Led Zeppelin". I also loved to read. My favorite books were "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings". I also liked anything by Goethe, Charles Dickens, Ursula LeGuin, George McDonald, CS Lewis and Virginia Wolfe. My favorite poets were Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, William Wordsworth, Edgar Allen Poe and William Blake. I worked as a nursing assistant part time throughout High School. I started when I was 16 years old and saved and bought my own car. I graduated from Sheehan High School in 1976. I wanted to be a nurse but instead became a medical transcriptionist. I had a large social circle of friends and also came from a large family. I have five brothers. The ocean was my favorite place to be, and still is. I did a lot of creative writing and wrote a lot of poetry. I painted, did pottery and even made a hammock. Creativity was my calling along with music. I was very upset about the Vietnam War and any war. I thought of myself as a peacemaker and I still feel that way.

Masters Manna Events News and Needs May 2010 * Saturday, May 15 the Connecticut Yankee Chorus will be sponsoring "Harmony For Hope" - a musical extravaganza to benefit Master's Manna.Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen. It will be held at the Wallingford Senior Center. Performances will include Mayor Bill Band and Dancers, The Sea Cadets and Exciting Quartets will perform .Admission at the door will be Food/Monetary donations. *Also Masters Marches join many other teams from all over the area to Walk Against Hunger this past Sunday on May 2nd .Which was held at east Rock Park in New Haven .The Rotary Club Sponsored Master Manna's Team Masters Marches . In Connecticut, 390,000 people do not have enough food to eat. The Walks against Hunger are held each spring to raise money and awareness about the problem of hunger. In 2009, individuals, teams, donors and corporate sponsors raised over $180,000 between the Walks in New Haven and Waterbury. Whether you walk on your own or with a team, every dollar that was raised that day helped provide food and hope to someone in need. Finally Masters Manna is in need of a Walk in freezer and refrigerator so if you can spare one please contact Masters Manna Food Pantry and Soup 203-678-2042 ask or leave a message for Ken.The Pantry is open Monday Through Friday 9 AM-4 PM and Saturday 9 AM-12 Noon .The Food Pantry is Open for Shopping 3 days a week Tuesdays ,9 AM- 12 noon ,Thursdays, and on Fridays 4 PM-8PM .On Other days we are Open for donations of Food and Clothing Books. Volunteers are always needed!

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Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7-6; Saturday 7-4; Sun. 7-2 238-0159 • 212 West Main Street, Meriden

COMFORT KEEPERS WALLINGFORD Carol Carbutti - Owner 157 So. Orchard St., Wallingford 203-697-1030

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You will receive 6 free hours of in home non-medical service with mentioning this ad and signing a contract of 12 hours or more per week. Offer is valid for the month of May only. We are an in-home, non-medical care giving, staffing agency.

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LocalMotion - Local Business! To advertise with Wallingford and Meridens Community NewsMagazine, The People's Press - Call Andy Reynolds at 203.235.9333!


The eighth grade students at Saint Joseph School, Meriden, created their own Spanish games. They made Spanish versions of some of their favorite games, such as Spanish Twister, Capture the Flag, Memory, Old Maid and Trouble. The games were required to be written in Spanish, directions in Spanish, and the game boards themselves had to be in Spanish. They invited the sixth and seventh graders to join them, and they all played the games together. Special thanks to Senora Cannell for her help with this project.



DRUM LESSONS Attention Parents I give your child focus & confidence! Students are welcome from beginner to advanced by Jon Peckman, author of the nationally renowned book “Picture Yourself Drumming.” Lessons are held conviently in the center of Wallingford.

Call 203.537.4112 or visit

"Maggie's Corner" Live in Interview with the Famous Vocal Performer on The Saturday Night Live Band, The Beehive Queen of blue-eyed Rock n' Soul, Christine Ohlman By: Maggie Griffin For years we know Christine Ohlman, lead vocals on the band for Saturday Night Live. And for years her fans grew by the thousands, growing to love her in voice, talent and performance. And with Christine being a native of Bronx, New York, she was born to Rock n' Roll with a lot of Soul. Coming from a musically talented family, she began to tune up the volume since she was a toddler. Amazement by her riff, Christine states "My parents were my inspiration through their encouragement to my siblings and myself in the music industry. Coming from a musically talented family and background, in the early 70's, my brother and I had a band and made our first recording". At the age of 17, "Wake Me, Shake me" was Christine's first release, breaking the top 100 in singles. Amongst being the lead vocals in the band on Saturday Night Live, Christine recorded 6 albums, which includes the new release of her newest CD "The Deep End". Christine feels strongly when she stated; "I love my fans. Their support means everything to me. What I do in the Music Industry is for them." Music to my ears when Christine told me how much she loves her fans and what her fans mean to her, as I have been a fan of Christine Ohlman as far back as I can remember. Christine's new release of The Deep End with Rebel Montez is; Christine Ohlman vocals, acoustic and electric guitar; Michael Colbath - bass, vocals; Larry Donahue Drums, percussion ; Cliff Goodwin - vocals, lead guitar. Christine is proud to be with these excellent performers as they too are well known names in the music industry. All of them combined are Rebel Montez. Christine Ohlman is still the current and long time vocalist, with the Saturday Night Live Band, who sang in their 25th anniversary telecast, Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary bash at The Garden with George Harrison and Chrissie Hynde. Christine, the queen of blue-eyed rock n' soul , also made her special appearance at the 2009 Obama Inaugural Gala in Washington, DC, The Lincoln Center "American Songbook" series with Sting and Lou Reed. That's not all. Christine Ohlman's performances with many Photo by Ric Kallaher others in the music industry, draws her fans to her like a magnet. Christine will tell her © Ric Kallaher audience, "I've come here to set your souls on fire". With Christine's Saturday Night Live "Swine Fever", Raves for Re-Hive, interviews with the New York Times, this Beehive Queen also Rocked Elmore Magazine. Shall I mention Rolling Stone as well? She is everywhere. Members of The Rebel Montez are the most valuable people to her as for her new release of "The Deep End", which is available on sale now. Along with Christine's long standing history in Rock n' Roll, she is deep in Soul with the members of Rebel Montez. It is a pleasure to introduce and give you a glimpse along with the names you already know. The members who work with Christine Ohlman and Rebel Montez are: Cliff Goodwin: He is the legendary New England Rock n' Roll gods The American Standard Band. Joe Cocker and Robert Palmer called Cliff to be their lead guitarist because of his legendary reputable signature in performance. The music industry fames Cliff; he not only shares the stage, Cliff rocks the House. Michael Colbath: He is the Jazz at the base of his own rhythm. Known as "Buddha of the Bass", his stage presence goes deep. With Michael's fingers at the bass, his performance with Duck Dunn, James Jamierson and John Paul Jones brought his rhythm to high inspirations. He delivers the inspiration in music at its original context. Larry Donahue: He can beat at 300 BPM. With his coordination beat and percussion moves, he has unshakable timing. A world of inspiration, at LA's turbulent music scene, Larry has the elegant Stax styling of Al Jackson, Jr. to Wamack's "Scratchy" and Frank Kirkland's jungle-drum excursions with Bo Diddley. With Donahue's Motto "Have Drums, Will Grove", he is born again every time he picks up those sticks. Performing live at Meriden, CT's Daffodil Festival in April, Christine Ohlman and Rebel Montez are scheduled to appear in several upcoming concerts where you can find her appearances and buy tickets online at Here are a few towns and States where we can spot the Famous Beehive, Blue-eyed Queen of Rock n' Soul with her pride and joy Members of Rebel Montez: May 22nd in Westerly, RI; May 27th in Fairfield, CT; May 30th in Durham, CT; June 10th in Uncasville, CT; June 13th in Rochester, NY; July 3rd in Manchester, CT; July 23rd in Old Saybrook, CT We love Christine Ohlman! As a lifelong fan of Christine, after talking to her, I turned up the volume to Christine's new release with Rebel Montez "The Deep End". Moving and grooving in the privacy of my family room, my neighbors witnessed the beat of the tunes shake my house. Christine Ohlman……YOU ROCK! ORDER The Deep End ON at: Download The Deep End on iTunes at:

My Favorite Time of Day

By Janet Althouse Isn't God great? I think Easter is a really good time to praise Him. Do you ever stop and think about all the beauty in the world? God gave us so many feasts for our eyes. We should stop to think on that while we are having our Easter feasts. No matter where you go in this world, there is always something of beauty that God created just for us. Be it at the extreme North Pole where everything is white, but so beautiful with the brilliant blue skies and the contrasting white snow and ice formations. It is also very colorful as can be seen with the ice bergs when the sun and shadows fall on them. Then we have the other extreme, the sweltering jungles with all their lush growths and mountains covered with verdant greens. But I have, for most of my life, lived in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. Although we are told we live in the Allegheny Mountains, the small town where I live is nestled between tree covered hills. The hills wrap themselves around our little town and we feel sheltered and protected. They are not so high we can't hike to the top, but still they are majestic and a feast for the eyes. Every season brings a new kind of beauty. But I ramble and I wanted to tell you about my favorite time of day. It is dusk. The first time I fell in love with this time of day was when I was a young girl. I lived in a different small town back then, in the south western part of Pennsylvania as apposed to the north western part where I now live, but it was just as beautiful. We lived more on the top of the hills there and were sometimes called "Ridge Runners". This one day has always stayed with me. Even though I was quite young, I still remember the awe of that moment. My mother had asked me to run to the grocery store for a couple items she needed for supper. It was winter and the snow was quite deep. Up to my knees. It was not far to the store and I trudged along but was suddenly aware of the glow that surrounded me. The sun was just setting and it cast an ethereal radiance over the mounds of snow. Everything was in shades of pink, lavender, yellow and many hues in between. So beautiful it made an lasting impression on my young soul. Now I live in the north western part of the state, but dusk is still beautiful. Our town has streets that climb the hills. I live on the south side as you go up the hill and have a perfect view of those houses on the north side going up that hill. These two hills overlap with another hill going from south to north and where they meet on level ground, the sun sets. I can look out my windows and see the beautiful colors of the sunset, pinks, reds, oranges, glowing on the houses and buildings in the main part of town. The street lights and the house lights are just coming on and they add to the mixture and make up that ethereal glow and beauty I love. I especially love it at Christmas when the Holiday lights add their festiveness to the earthly glow and enhance the whole scene. It always has a calming effect on me. It is a peaceful and spiritual manifestation on which to feast your eyes. Check it out in your area and see if I'm not right about the awe and wonder of that time of day when day is ending and night is just beginning. So, what is your favorite time of day? Or maybe you have a favorite season. Don't you want to share it with us? I'm glad I did and I hope you are too.

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South Meriden Volunteer Fire Department By Keith Gordon South Meriden Volunteer Fire Department is in its 102 year of service to the Village of South Meriden and the City of Meriden. Last year the department responded to 760 calls of service to the community. At this point in time, in the beginning of May we are 45 calls a head of 2009 calls of service! The following are the types of calls we responded to: * Structure Fires * Brush Fires * Medical Emergencies * Vehicle Fires * Boat Rescues * Airplane Emergencies * Motor Vehicle Accidents * Hazardous Material Spills * Emergency Lockouts * Carbon Monoxide Emergencies * Electrical Emergencies * False Alarms * Storm Stand-Bys and * Stand-Bys to Help Cover and Assist the Meriden Fire Department. Approximately 61 % of the calls responded to where medicals and Motor Vehicle Accidents. This is our 10th Anniversary of Overnight Duty Crews. We are still one of the only fully volunteer fire stations in the state that has overnight duty crews. We have certified personnel that presently staff our fire station 6 nights a week. These dedicated members (Crews) allow us to respond quicker to emergencies in our area. We believe in providing good customer service to our customers, you our neighbors. South Meriden Volunteer Fire Department works hand and hand with the Meriden Career Fire Department. Meriden Fire Department has 5 career stations based thought-out the City. The two main stations that also cover the South Meriden area are Station 1 which houses Engine 1 located on Chamberlain Highway and Station 2 which houses Engine 2 and Truck Company 1 (The Ladder Truck). We usually get dispatched at the same time for calls in the South Meriden area. These incident can be serviced either by both of the departments or separately. When our station is manned either day or night depending on the severity of the incident we usually handle the incident ourselves, this frees the Meriden Engine Company up to handle other emergency incidents that might occur. I believe that Meriden has the best career firefighters in the State. We work with them everyday and I think we all learn from each other each day. Fire Education & Home Safety Check 18 years ago we introduced our annual Home Safety Check for the residents of our fire district. We are still providing this Free service to all our neighbors. Please call us to set up an appointment. We will come to your home and make suggestions on safety items that could protect your family and your home. We will suggest the proper locations for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and types of fire extinguishers to have in the home and other emergency equipment that can be used in case of a fire or medical emergency. Our fire education services are dedicated to developing fire prevention and education projects in the South Meriden community. Some programs involve pre-school and elementary school children while others involve adults and the elderly. Our department also helps businesses with fire extinguishing classes to educate employees in the event of a fire. This past year we had our first adult fire education night at Hanover School. Thanks to Principal Cardona we were able to share an evening with the PTO members and share and demonstrate home fire safety information. Our next Adult Fire Safety Night will be on Wednesday May 26st at Hanover School. FIRE/EMERGENCY SAFETY TIPS Have you checked your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors this month? Working detectors do save lives. Please change your batteries once a year. It's always a good time to practice E.D.I.T.H. (EXIT DRILLS IN THE HOME) Keep matches and lighters away from children. When using gas grills, keep them away from the house and garage. Spare tanks should be kept in a safe ventilated place and the safety plug should be kept screwed into the valve. If your clothes catch on fire, cover up your face with your hands and drop to the ground and roll. "STOP DROP AND ROLL" Do not leave children unattended near swimming pools, lakes or ponds. Please help us keep the fire hydrants clear of snow during wintertime. Adopt a fire hydrant at the City Clerk's Office, located in City Hall on the 1st floor. Please have your furnace and chimney cleaned each year. Please remember that the 911 System Is for Emergency Response by Police, Ambulance and Fire Department Personnel. Please use the system, and teach your children how the system will work for them also. Annual Fund Drive Information We are presently in our 2010 fund drive season. We want to thank everyone who has already made a donation to us. We do not use an outside fund raising company. 100% of the funds donated to SMVFD stay with our department and are used for the betterment of our work to our community. If you want to help us so we can continue to help you and your family you can send your donation to SMVFD, PO Box 3030, Meriden, CT 06450 Your donations allow us additional time to be spent on training and serving our community. The Officers and Members again thank you for your years of continuing support to our organization. Membership Information After September 11, 2001 (911) we had a surge of memberships in Volunteer Fire Departments not only in CT but a cross the Nation. The numbers of volunteers has dropped in the last several years and we all need help to continue to serve our communities. We are looking for some eager, hard working and committed volunteer recruits to join our department. South Meriden Vol. Fire Dept now is accepting applications. We are recruiting citizens from Meriden over the age of 18 who are High School Graduates in good physical health and have a clean police record. No fire fighting experience is necessary; we will train you and send you for training. We also do recruitment for certified firefighters that live outside of Meriden as long as they can meet our bylaw requirements to do minimum one duty overnight crew a week plus meet our drill, meeting and squad duty requirements. While volunteering with our department you will gain the experience, knowledge and certification which will help your career search in the emergency service field or just enhance your present career. Our members that have served over two years with us and are in good standing with our department can receive enhancement points that could help them in the hiring process if they choice to apply and test for a City of Meriden Fire Fighters position. Information about our application process: We administer a written entrance exam in order to determine if applicants will be able to take and pass the required State of CT Fire Fighter I course and CT Emergency Medical Technician or Medical Response Technician courses which are also mandatory over the first 18 months of membership. We also administer an agility test that helps us determine if the applicants can perform the physical duties of a fire fighter. We also administer an oral interview and perform police and other background checks to ensure that the character and integrity of our prospective members meets our highest standards. South Meriden Vol. Fire is also a drug free environment and we test for drug use. Interested parties can pick up an application at 31 Camp Street, South Meriden on Monday evenings. FIRE LINE - DO NOT CROSS Are you committed enough to Cross This Line? If you are we want to talk to you! Join a Fine American Tradition of Honor, Bravery and Community Service. Chief Keith Gordon, of Operations

We make TV on Mondays... The On The Parade Ground Volunteer Team producing Community TV at the Wallingford Public Access Station has 3 more shows in development. Informing conversations will begin Mondays with host Paul Braccioforte at 7:30 PM. Viewer call-ins begin at 7:45 PM (203) 265-6310. Participate. May 17th local Rotarians, members of the International Service Organization, are preparing to golf to raise funds for local causes. We caught up with some members at the Master's Manna Grand Opening and will hear about what makes a Rotarian tick. On The Parade Ground is on Comcast Cable 18, U-verse 99 WPAA Community Building TV and internet streaming on Live Mondays at 7:30 PM. Call in 203-265-6310. Replays Schedule- Monday 9:30-10:00 PM - Tues: 7:30-8PM - Wednesday: 1:30-2PM -Friday: 4:30-5PM -Saturday: 55:30PM Sunday: 11-11:30AM We are looking forward to doing stories about Wallingford farms in August. In pursuit of these stories, we already met some 4-H members at the Williams Farm. We captured some pic. B - O- V- I - N- E (yes they were filling out forms) Contact us at with story ideas or comments. Keep informed at The only way to have a life is to commit to it like crazy. ~Angelina Jolie

Give us Lord, a bit o' sun, A bit o' work and a bit o' fun; Give us all in the struggle and sputter Our daily bread and a bit o' butter. ~From an inn in Lancaster, England Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be. - Jose Ortega y Gasset

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$ CASH PAID FOR $ Toyotas, Hondas, Nissan, Suzukis, Subarus, Geo - Any Condition. Running or not crashed and burned. Other makes and models Motorcycles, ATVs and more. Call 203-600-4431 People’s Press Crossword May 2010 Answers. Puzzle by Ruth Gordon.

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Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce News & Events

Servicing Transmissions Since 1952

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You may have noticed an ad in this issue promoting the Greater Meriden Chamber's 23rd Annual Golf Tournament, the Ray Parmentier Classic. The event will be held on Wednesday, June 9th at Hunter's Golf Course in Meriden. Most important to note is that the proceeds from this event result in education awards to area students. Over the years, close to $70,000 has gone back into the community - in the form of monetary awards to area high school and college students. The work of the Greater Meriden Chamber envelopes the principles of Leadership, Education, Networking & Promotion. These awards speak directly to the education principle, as we are committed to the success of the students in our communities. They are our future leaders. One specific example of such a success is Dr. Tina Boucher of Central CT Footcare, based right here in Meriden. Tina was a recipient of the Sanford S. Shorr Education Award when she was a graduating senior at Platt High School, and after completing her education, she chose to return to her home town to open her podiatry business. That is a true success story. Part of the value of membership in the Greater Meriden Chamber includes the educational workshops and speakers that we offer to our member businesses, but Chamber staff and Chamber members are often called upon to address the students in our city's schools. It is an important connection that we have with our schools and a great chance to not only share information on our respective businesses with the students, but to also remind them of the many and great opportunities that the City of Meriden has to offer. ATTENTION PARENTS & STUDENTS: Mark your calendars for December 2010 - and remember to download the education award application from the community services section of, or pick one up at your high school guidance office. Generally, the deadline to return the applications is the end of January, and students are presented with their award at the Chamber's Annual Meeting & Dinner which is held in April. Remember, whether you are looking for a service, looking to purchase something new, or have the urge to volunteer your time at a local agency, look first to your local chamber members. Those are the businesses that see value in the connection to the community that membership brings. And, surveys have indicated that consumers are more likely to buy from chamber members because they are ethical, credible businesses. These businesses voluntarily join the chamber to be a part of Networking, Education, Leadership & Networking - the main focus of the work of the chamber. Become a FAN of Greater Meriden Chamber on Facebook! Join the over 165 Facebook Friends who are already FANS of the Greater Meriden Chamber! The Greater Meriden Chamber of Commerce is located at 3 Colony Street, Suite 301, Meriden, CT 06451. Ph.: 203.235.7901 / Fx.: 203.686.0172. Visit or email:

The Thirteenth Annual Town of Wallingford 'Doherty Cup' Golf Championship 2010 On April 30, 2010 a crowd of over 100 people gathered at the Wallingford Public Library to celebrate Wallingford’s first Dia de los Ninos/Dia de los Libros. This event which was sponsored by the Library, celebrated children and books with an evening of bilingual fun. The program was an outgrowth of a bilingual storytime project that was funded by the Rotary’s Wallingford Foundation and co-sponsored by The Wallingford Public Library and WECARE. Ms. Evangeline Mendoza Bourgeois, Director of the Escuela Guadalupana de Musica and her students kicked off the program with a performance on drums and led the crowd in a lively musical literacy activity. Skippyjon Jones, the much-loved character in a book series by Judy Schachner, made an exciting appearance during the program and was the inspiration for many arts and craft activities. A group of talented student volunteers helped to make these activities possible for all the children in attendance. Ruth Gaffey, Head of Children’s Services at the Wallingford Public Library, Maria Ruiz, a parent-educator for WECARE’s Bebes Activos, and Roberta Clouet, the Project Coordinator for WECARE, hosted the event which stressed the importance of reading and introduced many new awardwinning books in the Library’s World Language Collection through displays and bilingual booklists.

This year's event will be held on Tuesday, July 6th at the Wallingford Country Club. The popular tournament raises monies for the Doherty Scholarship Fund., a scholarship that was created in 1997 upon the untimely death of David J. Doherty, a popular town councilman and Sheehan High School Civics teacher. The Doherty Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing two $2,500 scholarships to eligible Sheehan High School Seniors and donating $1,000 annually, to the Wallingford YMCA's Youth and Government Program, David established at the Y many years ago. The Doherty family, which hosts the tournament, extends the invitation to all to come and support its event and enjoy a day of comrade and fun! The tournament not only has its traditional individual medal play championship, but also features a four-person team scramble event championship! The day is highlighted with special events and prizes, and features our special Doherty Cup presenter, Mayor William Dickinson. For more information on the tournaments and a copy of this year's brochure, please contact John and Elaine Doherty at 203.265.7349.

Wallingford Native and The art of making movies by Richard Neilberg. After writing the screenplay Love's A Killer, and learning that he couldn't use Myspace or Facebook as the social network that the serial killer uses to find his victims, Michael J Citak, while backstage at a local production of Detective Story, in New Britain CT, in where Michael played the Patrolman Gus, the idea for RUSocial was born. "I was looking at Vogue Magazine, and was searching for inspiration for the name of the university in the film", said Michael, "because it was the schools social network that the serial killer uses, and I figured it needed to coinside with the name of the social network." So flipping through Vogue, he came across a picture of American born actress Reese Witherspoon, and without going any further, he knew right then, that the name of the university would be Reese, and the social network for the school would be RUSocial. "Upon researching," Said Michael, "to see if was taken in the real world, I found that was for sale, so I figured what better way to market the film then to create a real life rusocial, and promote it to the world!" Originally RUSocial was meant to be a private social network, for use by only the people involved in the making of the film, but with each passing day, and with ambitions far exceeding ordinary, Michael felt that the world should be able to see and interact with the stars of Love's A Killer. So now, once casting takes place in January, pictures will be uploaded, and potential castmates, crew and fans of the film, will be invited to join, making RUSocial, the next biggest thing since Facebook! "I've always been a dreamer," said Michael, "and I've always followed my dreams, no matter how far fetched, because I believe, if you don't dream big, and work towards those larger than life ideas, you'll never know if they were really larger than life, or just your reality!". In November 2009, Michael moved one step closer to his dreams, and became CEO of JustAHead Productions LLC, the production company he started to produce his screenplay Love's A Killer. "I never thought it would be possible," Said Michael, "that I'd be at the healm of my own film production company and when we complete filming Love's A Killer, I'll be at the verge of movie stardom." Michael will not only be producing/directing, but will also be acting in the film as well in a small role. FAQ- Q. Is RUSocial free? A. Yes, the social network is free, and is similar to that of Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and the like. Q. How can I contribute to the movie. A. There are multiple ways that you can contribute. 1. You can donate at least $1 to, and in doing so will be an accredited producer on the film. 2. You can simply publicize to all your friends and family, and tell them by joining they are supporting a local filmmaker, and can chat and socialize with the stars of the film. 3. You can become an investor on the film by contacting Michael at Q. What is the film about? A. The film is entitled Love's A Killer, and is a story about a University senior named Branden Montgomery Love, and what happens when a serial killer shows up on campus and friends everybody on, the school's social networking site. With the deaths mounting, and the clues piling up, can the police chief solve the crimes and bring the serial killer to justice before his daughter is next? Can Branden avenge the death of his Brother without going to jail, and can Stacey keep her cool in the face of adversity? All these questions will be answered. Plot twists, buried treasure, and a serial killer who has more than one personality makes Love's A Killer more than your average 'who done it', and unlike any other horror comedy you've ever seen. Q. Where are you filming the movie? A. Filming of Love's A Killer will be predominately taking place in Wallingford, CT, featuring local businesses as locations in the movie, but locations all throughout CT will be utilized. Q. Can I be in the movie? A. If you're local to Connecticut, or will be in the area when we happen to be filming, I'd be happy to have you on set as an extra. If you join RUSocial, and stay tuned, I'll be posting events for when I need extras! Q. I have a product that I'd like to advertise, do you offer any type of advertising on A. Yes, we do. For a monthly fee of $25, we'll feature your product, or business on the front page of in the rotating banners. Its a great way to promote your brand and raise awareness for your cause. Q.How long will my ad stay up? A. As long as you're willing to pay for it. . Q. Where does the money go for the advertising? A. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of advertising goes towards the budget of Love's A Killer. The rest goes to administrative costs. Contact Us. Administrator- Michael J Citak- 203-824-0558. Web Programmer- Janeice Advertising Sales-

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Meriden Rotary Race Results

Stakes Are Too High When Death Is an Option More than sixteen years ago, two young men, Ronald Taylor and George Gould, were convicted of murder, largely because of the testimony of one witness. That witness has now recanted, and because the prosecution's case hinged on that one testimony, both men were set free by Superior Court Judge Stanley T. Fuger, Jr. In setting them free, Judge Fuger vacated the finding of probable cause, set aside the guilty verdicts, and overturned the warrants of arrest and prison sentences. He stated, "George Gould and Ronald Taylor have been convicted and spent over sixteen years in the custody of the state of Connecticut Department of Correction for a crime that, based upon all of the available evidence, they did not commit." This conviction error, which is not uncommon, resulted in what amounts to the theft of a substantial portion of these two men's lives. Across the country, hundreds of convictions have been overturned because it was later discovered that the person convicted had not committed the crime. It is shocking-and a grave injustice-that innocent people have been sent to prison for crimes that they did not commit. As unjust as that may be, at least the innocent in prison can be released. Unfortunately, there is no recourse for the innocent who have already been executed. In Connecticut at least eight people have been convicted of serious crimes and sentenced to long terms in prison, only to be found innocent at a later date. One such case took place right here in Wallingford. In 1989, Kenneth Ireland was convicted of rape and murder and sent to prison. Because of the efforts of the Connecticut Innocence Project, new DNA evidence proved Ireland's innocence, and he was exonerated in 2009. Had Kenneth Ireland been just two years older when he was convicted he would have been eligible for the death penalty. If so, in the twenty years that passed between his sentence and release, Ireland could have been executed. In the U.S., more than 135 people serving death sentences have been set free because of their actual innocence. The over 135 individuals who succeeded in proving their innocence and were released are the "lucky ones." We probably never will know how many innocent people were not so lucky and were executed." Admittedly, our criminal justice system is created and managed by human beings and we are inherently imperfect. Even the most well-intentioned, conscientious, moral of persons can err in judgment. When corruption, abuses, discrimination and inequities are added to the mix, mistakes are inevitable. The stakes are far too high when death is an option because the execution of a human being is irrevocable. The overwhelming data of "convicted innocents" summons us to strive more passionately to eliminate the death penalty in our criminal justice system in Connecticut. Submitted by Katherine Michel of Wallingford

Web Solutions Helps Girls Inc. with Spring Cleaning and Gardening

Meriden Rotary 5 K Road Race and Kid's Fun Run On April 18th, the 11th Annual Meriden Rotary 5K and Kid's Fun Run took place at Hubbard Park in Meriden amongst thousands of blooming Daffodils!! The Kid's Fun run dedicated to the Memory of Dan M. Hunter went off at 9:45 am and 173 children made the ½ mile dash around the course and at the completion of the run received their race medallions for accomplishing the run. All participants in the fun run were eligible for the bike raffle at the completion of the run. Bicycles were donated by the Meriden Target Store. The 11th Annual 5K Run in Memory of Fire Chief Bill Dunn went off at 10:00 am. There were 183 registered runners and the winners of the race in the Male and Female divisions were Michael Rafferty of Plantsville in a time of 17:26 and Amy Cipollone of Southington in 22:47. It was a great day for all and the proceeds of the Race benefit Rotary Charitable Contributions including The Meriden Boy's and Girl's Club Bill Dunn Scholarship and Beat the Street Community Center.

Good fences make good neighbors...Surveys from Stone Wall Boundaries, LLC make even better ones.




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Friday, April 23, 2010 In celebration of Earth Day, the staff of Web Solutions took to the outdoors to help Girls Incorporated of Meriden do some much needed spring cleaning and gardening. Employees from Web Solutions headed down to Girls Inc. on Wednesday, April 21 with a truck-load of flowers, shrubs, and garden tools with the goal of weeding and cleaning out existing flower beds and enhancing specific areas of the grounds. Girls Inc. Executive Director Michelle Bourdeau was surprised by the amount of landscaping accomplished in the short time Web Solutions was on hand. "Web Solutions arrived and got right down to business," Bourdeau remarked. "They transformed a lot of our grounds and really got us ready for the season. We were thrilled." Web Solutions has always been committed to giving back to the community in which it lives and works and has shared this philosophy throughout the organization. "I was very excited when Tom Barton gave me the opportunity to select and coordinate a volunteer event," said Monica Golino, Human Resources Manager at Web Solutions. "Thanks to the United Way of Meriden & Wallingford, we learned about the need at Girls, Inc. The project was a perfect opportunity for the team to enjoy a beautiful day outside, get their hands dirty, and work together to give back to the community."

Home Country by Slim Randles Oh, we could always just go ask Delbert Chin why he did it, but that would take all the fun out of it. You know. So we sat and sipped at the world dilemma think tank meeting of Everything Important down at the Mule Barn truck stop and talked it over. It was probably inspired by Jasper Blankenship bringing cookies down from the diggin's and passing them out, along with a compliment for each recipient. Others in town did likewise, including Delbert Chin, whose immaculate Gates of Heaven Chinese restaurant is a favorite for special times. Delbert got in the spirit of cookies and passed out fortune cookies on the street to all concerned, wishing each of us a good fortune. He lit up when he did it, you could see. Maybe that's what happened. It was less than a week later. Delbert brought out a large glass jar full of water and punched small holes in the lid. He set it on a small table outside the front door to the Gates and put a sign on it: "World Famous Invisible Golden Trout." Problem was no one could see the fish. When he was asked about it, he said he caught it in Owens Lake, which is dry. He also added he caught it on a dry fly, naturally. He had a kind of smirk about his mouth when he answered these questions, but it didn't stop every kid and half the adults in town from looking in that glass jar to see if they could spot the fish. It was a tourist lady who did it, though. She confronted Delbert directly. "Sir," she proclaimed, "there's no fish in that jar out there. That's a lie!" "Oh no!" said Delbert and ran out front to the jar. "Whew!" he said with relief. "For a while I thought he was gone, you know." "There's no fish in there!" she said. "Ma'am," Delbert said. "He's more than eight inches long. You see those little-bitty holes? How he's gonna get out?" We're pretty sure Jasper's cookies are responsible for starting this. Sponsored by: Farm direct, delicious, California navel & Valencia oranges.

Wallingford Optical Diane Mintich Licensed Optician, A.B.O. & N.C.L.E. Certified

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I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. John Burroughs




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Rotary Clubs Make A Difference for the Quinnipiac River! On April 3rd, Rotary Clubs from District 7980 which includes Meriden, Wallingford, Cheshire, North Haven, Hamden, New Haven and East Haven participated in a collaborative Cleanup in the Quinnipiac River Watershed. Approximately 125 Volunteers worked in the various towns at locations chosen by their clubs and the QRWA. District 7980 of Rotary International had the goal of implementing environmental projects that would make a difference in their communities. The Rotary Clubs along the Quinnipiac embraced this project and worked hard to clean up along the River and it's tributaries. The Rotarians were joined by High School Interact Clubs, Civic Leaders, Local Organizations and Boys and Girls Scouts and Explorer Groups. We thank everyone in all the towns who turned out to make this event a success. The Groups removed car parts, bicycles, shopping carts, mattresses and over 100 bags of garbage and debris from the Watershed. Meriden Rotarians and family members and QRWA David James from the QRWA organized the association David James look over the fruits of their cleanup effort. Volunteer leaders who worked closely with Rotarian teams in each town. Heartfelt thanks to David and his QRWA team!

Your Town Your Station Annual Meeting

Thank you to KT Baxter's Restaurant in Wallingford for helping Thomas Edison Middle School 8th Grade class with our Pancake Breakfast. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets and helped with our fundraiser. A BIG THANK YOU to the 8th Grade students who helped the day of the Pancake Breakfast. Washington D.C. here we come! From left to right: Luis,Noelle,Corinne,Jessica,Courtney,Patrick and Spencer

Find A Friend At The Wallingford Animal Shelter!

At 7:30 PM on May 20th WPAA is to hold its annual meeting at 128 Center St. This is an opportunity for people interested in the operation of the station to make their interests known and to vote on matters of membership. If you are over 18, any of the following make you eligible to vote and potentially serve on the Board. Do you reside in Wallingford or work charitable or civic organization serving Wallingford? Have you submitted 5 hours of programming to WPAA prior to 4.15.2010. Have you volunteered 5 hours (maybe helping renovate 28 So. Orchard St.). Did you contribute more than $75 to WPAA by 12.31.2009. Do you have special skills that you think WPAA needs that like media specialist or accountant and desire o serve. If you are not 18 but want to participate in creating media education and communication in Wallingford you are welcome to attend as well. Community Access brings private citizens into public life. Participate. To learn more go to

Wallingford Historical Society Special Event The Wallingford Historical Society will be hosting a free program on Wednesday, May 19. Dave Koch, History Professor, will present Abraham Lincoln: Life of an American President. This program will explore the life and personality of this powerful figure in our history. The program begins at 7:30 pm at the First Baptist Church, 114 North Main St. Refreshments provided. All are welcome.

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Barney is an 8 month old beagle basset hound mix that is sweet as a button. He would love to find a family of his own to love. For more information Please contact Wallingford Animal Shelter. 203 294-2180.

Lefty is a 1 year old hound/shephred mix that was found roaming. He's such a super sweet and affectionate dog. He even gives hugs. Lefty is a happy boy, his face always wears a smile. We named him Lefty as he has a deformed front left foot. We call it his little T-rex leg. It is a birth defect and doesn't bother him in any manner. He gets around just fine and he has no other health issues. He's a good boy who would make a great addition to any loving home. For more information Please contact Wallingford Animal Shelter. 203 294-2180.

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Not Just on Mother's Day Did you know that Mother's Day began way back in 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as this national holiday and asked all Americans to offer their respect and love for mothers publicly? Every year this day is celebrated by millions of families spending the day with mom to honor her and pay tribute to her. Moms often provide endless support, love and encouragement, especially during our most difficult times. Think of the countless diapers she changed, loads of laundry she managed, and the meals she prepared. Think of how moms were always there to love, comfort, protect and encourage their children. There is no doubt that mothers are special! Moms have that special touch to make things better, and put a smile on our faces and in our hearts. While it is wonderful to offer our respect and love on Mothers Day, there are 364 other days of the year that moms also deserve our praise. As our parents age, become ill or face injury, many of us will have the opportunity to honor our mothers and fathers by providing assistance and encouragement as life becomes more difficult. Here are a few tips to help you ensure your mom and dad is getting the care and support they need and deserve. 1. IDENTIFY POTENTIAL LIMITATIONS - As our parents' age, everyday tasks may become more difficult. An occasional visit here and there often does not allow us the opportunity to really see that. One can ask if there are certain aspects of daily living that are becoming more challenging. But the general answer you will get is - "No, I'm fine." I have found that you really have to visit for a good solid day or more to see where they might need help. You might even stumble upon a potential medical concern. Consider the skills and abilities you take for granted in living independently. Those skills might be difficult for them but often pride gets in their way of asking for assistance, as they don't want to be a burden on you. If you notice mom may be struggling, discuss your concerns in a loving and kind manner to determine if it might be time to offer or otherwise provide assistance. 2. MAINTAIN CONTACT - Whether seeing your mom on a regular basis, or talking with her on the telephone, keeping the lines of communication open may give you insight to life changes and struggles she may be facing. Often, what she says or how she says it can be quite insightful. Each time I ask Mom how her day was, even though her answer is always "Good", I can tell if that is a "good" good or a "bad" good just by her tone of voice. Ask questions such as: "What did you do yesterday?" "How are you feeling?" "When was the last time you saw your doctor?" "What are you planning to have for dinner tonight?" and "What can I help you with this week?" So often people don't know, simply because they don't ask. Maintaining communication and talking about more than just news, weather and kids is a great way to honor your mom and demonstrate how much you care. 3. PROVIDE SUPPORT - If you observe or have reason to believe your mom may be struggling, it is often easier to lend an occasional hand without asking and gradually increase the level of support you provide, as opposed to waiting for a crisis situation. Quite often the type of support your mom wants or needs is basic help around the house, assistance with meals or transportation, or a hand to hold and a heart to understand. For many us, providing assistance can be challenging because of family, work and personal commitments. Maybe it's time to look for ways to supplement the care and support you are providing. Explore the options that may be available in your community. From community programs to our companion caregiving services, there are many ways to help people maintain their sense of purpose, level of activity and independence. Comfort Keepers provides non-medical in home senior and personal care services similar to what is often provided by family members. Carol Carbutti, Owner, understands the need to keep people in their own homes and Comfort Keepers' constellation of services are designed to help people of all ages (not just the elderly) stay in their own homes and maintain their independence and avoid isolation. We provide from 3 hour to 24 hour care to clients in their residential home or in a facility. To learn more about our services call our office at 203-697-1030 or view our website at We're all accidental soldiers in the army of life. ~Ymber Delecto

Way to go Wallingford Rotary On Sunday, April 11th, members of the Wallingford Rotary joined Cheryl Bedore of Master's Manna, at the dedication ceremony for the new Master's Manna kitchen. The Wallingford Rotary donated $10,000 for the stove exhaust system. In picture, left to right, Roz Gallagher, Diana Reilly, Cheryl Bedore, Ed Zavaski, and Wallingford Mayor Dickinson.

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Relay For Life Relay For Life is a major fundraising event for the American Cancer Society and a life changing event. During Relay For Life we all have an opportunity to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back. It is an overnight walk to Celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, Remember loved ones lost, and Fight Back against the disease. Money raised for this event is directed towards cancer research, education, community programs for cancer survivors and caregivers, and so much more. This year the Meriden-Wallingford Relay For Life will take place May 21-22 from 3pm to 12pm at Platt High School in Meriden. Relay For Life is a community event and the success of this event would not be possible without the support and generosity of our Meriden-Wallingford community. At Relay For Life teams of people camp out at the high school track taking turns walking the track. Each team is asked to have a team member on the track at all times during the event. Relays are overnight because cancer never sleeps. Each Relay team has fundraised with the hope of some day having a cancer free world. This year team BIG GREEN will be celebrating its eighth year at Relay For Life. BIG GREEN is a family. It is a team made up of family and friends who are dedicated to fight cancer. We raise money for ACS individually and through team events. BIG GREEN participates in Relay events and is very proud to say we have a team member on the track for the entire event. When BIG GREEN is together at Relay, we laugh, cry and create lasting memories. Please join us for Relay For Life 2010 as we Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back. Survivors can participate in the Survivor Walk. As darkness falls, the Luminaries Ceremony lights the track so we can celebrate survivors and remember those who have lost their fight with cancer. When morning comes, we will all be out on the track again fighting back against cancer. See you at Relay. - Jim and Sandy Comeau

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Best Vacation Ever - Tie between China, Costa Rica and Florida. What Movie will you seen in May - Iron Man 2. Hottest Woman and Hottest Man? Johnny Depp and Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Best song ever? Stairway to Heaven and What a Wonderful World. Guilty or Innocent by Reason of Insanity - GUILTY. How old were you on your first date? - 14. Favorite Beach? - Cape Cod Beaches. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendys or Burger King? Taco Bell. What Superhero would you be? Wonder Woman and Diaper Boy. Favorite Beer? A tie between Sam Addams, Corona w/Lime and Blue Moon. Where do you want to travel - Austrailia. What would you do if you had a million dollars - pay off your mortgage. Toilet Paper top or bottom - Top wins by a roll. Favorite place to get glasses - Wallingford Optical. Favorite place to go as a kid - Tie between Grandparent's house, Riverside and Big Pond. Favorite Toy as a kid Sprirograph. Favorite Cookie - Chocolate Chip. Favorite Car - Mustang by far!

My Guardian Angel

Brittney Marie Winslow Most moms play one role in there child's life. They spend the majority of there time nurturing and loving there children and doing there best to make sure they grow up to be a considerate caring individual and lead a great life that we can all only dream of. Not all of us can say that statement with complete truth, not all of us had the privilege to be loved by a mother, especially a mother like mine. So when I sit back and reflect on the 18 years I was granted with my mom I consider myself extremely lucky. Unlike most moms my mom played three roles in my life she was first and foremost my intelligent mother, second my beautiful sister and third my unconditional best friend. No matter what I was going through or where I was in my life my mom would be there for me and take me under her wing no questions asked and not because it was her obligation because she sincerely wanted to help in any way she could. Never in my life have I come across such an incredible, loving vibrant individual nor will I ever. When my mother was on this earth she turned my world upside down but in the best way possible. Her beauty both inside and out reflected with every action she's ever made, her loyalty to her friends, her love to her family and her presence to the world was and will always be overwhelming. For my family there was no such thing as too much togetherness. Those who know us well could confirm, so it's extremely difficult to go even a day without seeing her because before this we never had to or wanted to. From the many lessons I have learned from my mother the one that sticks out the most to me is always be yourself never follow the "crowd" only follow your heart, and that's exactly how she lived her life. She was so unique and danced to the beat of her own drum...literally! I miss our conversations about boys and life and her impressions of people who will go unnamed, how when nobody can get me to smile she would have me laughing on the floor. Most girls would want to go to parties on a Friday night but I would make up excuses so I could go straight home and watch the food network with her on her bed or have one of her amazing dinners with her my dad and my brother. She was truly that amazing to be around. If there was ever an angel on earth it would be my mother, her wings might have been invisible to strangers but for those who were close to her they shined luminous and bright she was the exception. My family and I felt her love in every word she spoke, every laugh she let out and every embrace she gave us. No one could ever hold a candle to her and we would be foolish to try, without hearing her voice or holding her hand a part of me is truly missing. The day she left this earth so did half of me, as well as half the hearts of my family members. I know without a doubt Patricia is watching over us and waiting for the day when we can all be together again. Ill never understand why this tragedy happened to my mom out of all people, she was the last to deserve it. I use to be afraid of death of what exactly would happen, and who we would be with but knowing my mother is in heaven I am not any longer. I am so proud of her many accomplishments and even though it has left us with an indescribable pain I know I have someone waiting for me when its my turn to leave this earth and that puts me at ease. My faith has never been stronger not so much because my mom passed away but because the feeling she gave all of those around her makes me believe everything is possible, and that there is still good in the world you just have to look to the person or angel next to you. My mother will never be forgotten because she never really left I feel her every day with every breathe I take and I am eternally thankful for that. Rest in peace mom I love you always and forever.

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God writes a lot of comedy... the trouble is, he's stuck with so many bad actors who don't know how to play funny. Garrison Keillor Don't forget Father's Day! It's FREE to share any celebration in The People's Press. The deadline is May 29th!


Flowers and Photo by Elizabeth Monroe - Beautiful PRAYER TO The Blessed Virgin: Never known to fail. Oh most beautiful power of Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me that you are my mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly seek you from the bottom of my heart to secure me in my necessity. (Make your request). There are none that can withstand your pwer. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3 times). Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands (3 times). Say this prayer for three consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. Grateful Thanks. R.R.


You are invited~ Our first show horse and now lesson horse has turned 30. We've decided to hold an open barn in his honor. Marc whose registered name is Trijas Peppermarc has been a wonderful Morgan horse in our barn. He has been my daughter Karens first show horse, my first driving horse and now in his later years he is a lesson horse still to this day at 30 years old. Last fall we brought him to the Masonic Home to visit the residents with 7 other horses. He acted like a 10 year old and strutted around the grounds like he was going to his first horse show of the season. He gives lessons to the more experienced rider and is a very important part of our family. The Open Barn will be Sunday May 16 from 1 - 5 at Hunters Glen Morgans at 1190 South Meriden Rd in Cheshire.

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PRAYER TO The Blessed Virgin: Never known to fail. Oh most beautiful power of Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me that you are my mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly seek you from the bottom of my heart to secure me in my necessity. (Make your request). There are none that can withstand your pwer. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3 times). Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands (3 times). Say this prayer for three consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. Grateful Thanks. D.N.R

National Youth Leadership Conference Joseph Gulino, a 6th grade student at Washington Middle School was selected to attend the Congressional Junior National Youth Leadership Council recently held in Washington DC. Joseph was nominated by his teacher to join over 250 other outstanding middle school students to participate in the 6 day leadership conference. Students studied the impact of leadership throughout critical periods of American History and gained a greater sense of understanding of the role of individuals in American democracy. Congratulations Joseph Gulino, we wish you the best of luck in attaining your full leadership potential! Who knows, you may be our next great leader!


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