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Excerpt of The “NOW” - New One Way to connected living - in Love, Life and Service for I, WE and all of US

Preface "All human beings have a positive core that consists of human qualities and potential. The core is the original and deepest in man, and when man is in contact with his core, it is in contact with all the living and natural in itself. I "Essentially, all human resources and qualities are there both in the individuals who know them and in those who still only have the germ to be able to develop if they are given the right conditions." What this book and the underlying process are all about is helping you find this and everything else that can be developed - and then giving you the tools to create the conditions you can to develop them, alone and with others, so you can have a completely different role in your own life, the lives of others and in the job market where you want to make a difference. We are here to fulfill the highest ideals of our souls in this life, as part of our role in the evolution of humanity, our planet and the universe. Happiness 4 all Wake up to your own happiness - and help heal the world through happiness. Remember, we all affect the world every moment, whether we like it or not. Our actions and state of mind matter because we are so deeply connected, with everything and everyone. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing we can do at any given time, and being love is the highest creative act. - Ram Dass.

I am writing this book and creating what I feel in my soul because we must now do what we as humans are ready for on a new and different conscious level - simply to change the world into a better place to be for us, our children and grandchildren, nature, all species and our human descendants in the next lives. As Einstein said, "You cannot change problems from the same level of consciousness that you created them." Already so many amazing people have written books, sung songs, taught, coached and commented on the change and the readiness of our consciousness - and I myself have read so many books, done so much in my old life, have met so many guides - that sometimes is very confusing - and recently I found out why it is - I simply did not use it all to make a real difference in the world - so now it's enough - I stop reading all the books, go to seminars, where I seek, etc. - and begin to implement - to pursue happiness for all. And for all of you who feel the same way - that's exactly what this book is about - namely how you and your fellow human beings can find your own and their true selves and there can be human actions that actually change the world in large scale to something that we all want deep in our hearts - namely to find, give and share happiness and the sustainability of our real

purpose for people, the planet and practice in that priority ie. and it in a completely different way than any of us humans, or perhaps only a few of us, do today.

How should this happen? I have a happy mission: Happiness 4 all (Too simple - why?) is not that how we should feel today - and every day - what else should we be here for - well, when your soul decided to come here, it was not then to develop, be fulfilled and feel happiness and have the human experiences that you are supposed to be ready for the next incarnation so that you can eventually come home to God (or whatever you believe in) and get back to more amazing things in another life. So, let's try again Happiness 4 all - is not it the least life should bring, if not, then why not? Dig deep into your heart and ask yourself why not? - and you have already taken your first step towards this new perception of your and others' lives. And I assure you that it is necessary if we are to see a different way of life than the troubled world of today. We need to heal ourselves in order to heal our world - and not continue to try to solve problems from the same level of consciousness that they have created over the last 5,000 years. Yes, I mean it - we humans have been fighting with and against each other for as long as anyone can remember - for land, power, money, religion, faith, love, sex, more money, bigger houses, bigger cars, more sex, higher salaries and bonuses, to be popular with bosses - and their spouses, for our own spouses, for our children's well-being and the list goes on - but it has never been as bad as in the last 200 years where even more people have died due to of our technically developed abilities but undeveloped human abilities. So, let's decide to make a turning point for humanity and the universe - starting now. As Kierkegaard wrote - "changing the world starts with yourself" - and even if you do not go further than changing yourself - it is a great achievement. My goal is to help you reach the STARS in a balanced way and be able to be consciously happy every day?

But where are you and the rest of us today - and how do you get from where you are to WHO YOU ARE. This book is about you - your consciousness, and how to recreate yourself in a way that benefits yourself, other people, all of us and human evolution and beyond. It starts and ends with you! Are you ready?

New LOVE (SEE) Now is the time to reveal all the former intelligence and ancient wisdom that we as humans have forgotten or thrown away because of fear. For many reasons, we are trapped in a place of fear for ourselves and others. This fear has led us to a place where we do not need to create as living organisms in a new open world. The new time is happening with the new consciousness. Allow me to refer / reproduce a chapter in the book "New Brain - New World" by retired professor Erik Hoffman - who together with his life partner Inger, has previously taught me a lot on my journey from 2005 - where brain waves and enlightened beings appeared in my world:

(Hoffmann; pp. 204-206 - A new consciousness and a new world -) What would life be like in a world populated by a new species of 'front-brain right-hemisphere' people? The emergence of such a new brain will, of course, give rise to many changes in our experience of life and ourselves. This is my impression of the changes that follow the development of a new brain: • There are strong perceptual changes: everything looks more vivid, detailed and genuine • The mind becomes very quiet. The usual incessant stream of commentary and judgment over everything we experience disappears. • There is always an inner state of peace and joy that is unshakable no matter what happens in the outer world. • Emotions are still there, but they are short-lived, and there is no identification with either emotions or thoughts. • Our old personality is still there, but we no longer identify with it and can observe it from a higher level. • Old belief systems disappear. • Love, compassion and willingness to help others are prevalent and it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to hurt other people and animals. • All interest in the past and the future is lost, as all focus is on the present moment. • Most actions and behaviors do not begin with thinking, but are governed by intuition.

• There is a strong sense of connection and empathy between people and between humanity and Mother Earth. Eventually, people will develop a sense of oneness with the earth and everything on it. They will feel like they are part of a huge living organism. • There will be a shift in values away from materialism and competitiveness, towards more playfulness, helpfulness, creativity and empathy. Getting back to the world as it is now, (2012) In my opinion, natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.) that kill thousands of people may only reflect serious conflicts in the current level of human consciousness. What I am suggesting is that there is a connection between the level of human consciousness and the state of the physical world we live in. The Indian master Bhagavan Kalki says: Man will soon realize that the earth is a living organism, he depends on it just like his mother ... There is a very close connection between human consciousness and the physical processes that occur on the planet. So the moment conflict levels decrease in human consciousness, you will also find dramatic changes at the ground level. (Quoted Windrider, This view is consistent with the concept of Gaia, the earth as a living organism. Our current society is largely fear-driven. I think in the new world there will be some fear. Jill Taylor gives and illustrates how she experienced the world from her right hemisphere perspective: How on earth would I exist as a member of human races with this heightened perception that we are each a part of it all and that the life force energy within each of us contains the power of the universe? How could I fit into our society when I am on earth without fear? (Taylor 2008: p 70) Is it possible today to imagine a world without war, terrorism, greed and exploitation, a peaceful world with redundant resources, where most people have enough and a few have too little? Is such a new world possible? I think it is possible, but we must have the VISION and the WILL to see it and BELIEVE it. '(Hoffmann 2012: pp. 204-206).

The book you hold in your hand contains the "VISION" and the simple tools to implement it - based on the expanded awareness that some have come to and others, if not all will follow. The book will set the stage for the changes in all of us because; • we may feel - but do not live • we can see - but do not know the consequences of it

• we may hear - but do not listen to it • we may smell - but do not understand the purpose of it • we may taste - but do not consider it important • we sense - but do not know what it means We have to see, feel, hear, smell, taste and feel as our consciousness has risen to LOVE, but we still live by the old habits and rules and dogmas of the past, created by fear. We need to believe that it is possible to change ourselves, by providing the will that can bring us from fear to LOVE - as with LOVE that comes from abundance and our deepest self-love, we can create inner peace - as well as the outer peace and live a life as in our dreams. “We are always looking for love outside of ourselves to fill ourselves up and conquer fear. In truth, love already exists in us - ready to be found - to bring the light and remove the fear.” When so many masters have said "know Thy self" or "Love your neighbor as you love yourself and even love your enemy as yourself" - the meaning has been that you have to accept yourself fully before you can love yourself and share that love with others - whether it's a neighbor or an enemy. An important part of your life as we see it today is based on a fear of knowing who YOU really are - and when that fear comes out in thinking and actions where we judge, condemn and even threaten others in instead of meeting them with love - it ends up in conflicts of all kinds from abuse in families, to family relationships, to communities, to nations and religions, to gender, to skin color - and most often because we do not / or do not want to recognize ourselves in the other, etc. Until you dare to see yourself as the light and love in you that is here for a special reason in this life as well as the lives of others - you will carry the conflict seed in you and let your personal fears affect your life as well as others in negative ways. When we learn to SEE that it is possible to change in simple ways, you must have a VISION that brings each of us out to heal - and BELIEVE, it is worth the effort for all of us to live an abundant life in love, compassion and peace - then and only then, are we able to create a new world based on our new conscious brain. LOVE brings you from - where you are to who YOU are, and returns you to Your True Self. So, my motive from my deepest love for myself and humanity as well as our earth is to fulfill my role in helping all of us get a better balance in life on the practical, emotional and divine level that leads us to be able to balance our wholeness in life by putting love before all other qualities. But how?

Radical changes "Radical change from the outside requires radical change from within - whether the radical change outside is unknowingly initiated through your life in the workplace or privately, or comes as crises or other life changing circumstances." Through my own journey, father of 4 sons, as a husband and successful businessman, topping a "global" partner role in a "big 4" consulting company - where I then go through some serious breakdowns ignited by some family disasters over a period of 6 years - to become a seeker of higher truth and wisdom to the glory of God - and where now people help to find their true selves to create conscious and different influence in work and life - I have realized how much we lose ourselves and our ability to make a serious difference in the world - due to our lack of "genuine" awareness in everything we do. Rebellion The world is changing faster and faster - like a hurricane, it takes everything that is not bolted to the ground, including humans. We do it ourselves, but we forgot to prepare for the consequences we see now, in our eagerness to just follow the desires of our egos - and the notion that "man can conquer everything - even nature". What is happening now is that we are trying to survive in the chaos of the hurricane among all the other things that are floating around and changing in so many areas of our lives - that it has become difficult for each of us to see what the purpose is. We simply do not use our hidden tools to consciously bring ourselves into the "silence of the hurricane" - to make the necessary radical changes in ourselves - to be prepared for the journey in the continuing "chaos" of change (which, however, is often hidden blessings, to awaken us from our unconsciousness). We are all individuals - an open adaptive system (man has proven over millions of years, we are the most adaptive being) - which means that we are adaptable - can be influenced and influence others - consciously and / or unconsciously. Most of our lives are lived from the outside - which in the news only shows us the effect of our own actions - and rarely or never deals with the actual deeper causes - which come from our own energies to think, feel, say and do. Traditions we can observe In Hindu traditions, the three gods or gods have characteristics - Brahma, Visnu, Shiva - all are equal and must be used - but at the right time. What is the right time to create (Brahma), to preserve (Visnu) - to decompose or rebuild (Shiva)? - that is what we must re-learn as humanity. We have made choices from the unconscious or conscious, outside our own Self long enough and sometimes for the right reasons - many times for the wrong reasons - i.e. from religion to politics to science to family patterns and value adjustments - in all external forces from people with desires for power for the sake of power, which I call control and power-desire;

It has created for most of us a life to be lived from • Fear instead of Love • Knowledge instead of Wisdom • Force instead of Power

In the world today, we have mostly created our results from what Maslow called "lack of need" self-assertion (competitiveness), anger, urge (greed) and fear. To get to a different situation, we need to use higher motivations such as mastery, creativity and higher service”- Danah Zohar - Spiritual Capital. So radical changes are needed from all of us, to change the negative spiral of unconscious blindness to a positive spiral of conscious clarity about the development of ourselves, our children and future generations, from within. The reasons are simple - most of us are disconnected from our true selves, from which we can see things more clearly with calm and commitment and think, feel, say and do what is necessary for each of us at the right time. In fact - when we gain insight into the effects, we have on ourselves as well as others and understand the deeper causes - there is no other way than to change the causes from within be conscious - otherwise we break down individually, and collectively. When we look at the effect, we have created by inconsistency between who we are - what we feel, think, say and do - we must, in order to create another EFFECT, look deeper at ourselves find and accept our BLIND POINT (SHARMER), INNER VOICE (COVEY), PERSONAL MOTIVE (ZOHAR) - which is the cause of the effects - before we can create something new and create a different effect. So, work from Who YOU ARE - not just what you want (ego) - to find the "right" answers and create something coherent. Radical change means we need to look deeply at our motives, beliefs and values - understand why they are the way they are - find our truth in our source – change, innovate, and re-integrate what is necessary - then you can make your contribution in the world where - who YOU are, what YOU think, feel, say and do - is coherent and true. Only then can we relate to others in the wisdom and power of true love and become our Own True Self. To become the “True” radical change you expect to see in our world. Nothing moves - unless you move - in and out and continuously, through your spiral evolution.

ENERGY We are all energetic recipients / senders of the influx of energies coming from the cosmos, food intake, respiration and inner spiritual power. I am personally responsible for the quality of the energy I provide as input to the collective consciousness of this planet. Only through purifying my own energy pathways, and vital systems inside, creating care for the quality of mindful thoughts and emotions I send in and out, can I correct and nurture a new level of health and well-being for all of us. The more we are able to balance our energies - the chakras - we must; • control and accepts our ego and emotions • conserve energy • speak and live truth This makes it easier for us to listen to the messages of our Self, which guides us every moment, and when we are quiet - listening to observe our inner self, we know if we need to do something. To get to this balance point, we need to increase the life power for consciousness, love and peace within us - so that our energy is not blocked and can flow freely through our chakras when they open in our lives. This is done through conscious breathing meditation, prayer and nature, etc. It is a matter of finding our right vibrational frequency for the right purpose and actions in all circumstances of life. As we seek and build this ability to find and use our inner core, we can use different channels for our plan of life - like clairvoyance astrology numerology regression media guru’s tarot hand reading etc. - each has different ways of seeing your life path - Just be aware and understand that the purer and more enlightened the person who does it, the less they block and filter what comes through to you - and be aware of our human language and understanding is never enough to understand it full meaning. Continue continuously as your soul longs, and by igniting your transformation - in conscious motivational steps. Create the highest ideals for yourself and others, but pay attention. "We get what we are - not what we want" "You cannot become - what you are not!"

If we can accept the universal concept that each of us is responsible for complex adaptive systems, and that we are influenced and influenced by many different forces from within and outside ourselves - then it also means that we have to look at, what is needed inside and out to adapt to the way the universe works, whether it is on an individual, collective, or organizational level.

Tools for change If you look at the tools to be introduced, such as the spiral, STAR and energy chakras, etc. - it is as also touched on in Ken Wilbers and many others' books, through which we realize that what affects one affects everyone, but in different ways as we are unique and have different perspectives and perceptions in and of our lives. So, when these tools are introduced, look at STAR as an individual star, organizational STAR, and so on. As well as the Spiral (Spiral Dynamics - Graves, Cohen) is for the purpose of evolution, from where you are to who YOU are, whether it is a person or a group of any kind such as team, organization, nations, networks, associations, etc. Imagine the spiral levels as chakras - realize that we have some chakras inside our body and outside our physical body. Consider the STAR and the Peaks in the STAR, as a continuous goal of development, emphasizing using the level of consciousness we are at and the things we will now achieve (under the circumstances we are in). Consider the HARA line both as something in individuals and in organizations - as our basic pipeline of energy that transports our energy from our Universe through our SOUL STAR chakra just above our head through our body and into our grounding core through our EARTH STAR chakra straight under our feet. In individuals, energy is transported unconsciously through our chakras, blood and other transport systems (meridians), immune system (quality system) and nervous system (lines of communication). And in organizations it is through processes, technology and communication - but again it connects through people's processes in daily relationships including all the blockages that we all have based on where we are at Chakra and Spiral levels and where we want to go and must go to fulfill our souls longing in this life. Why “radical” changes? I dare to share it again and again - what I have felt in my body for a long time. The many crises that affect our world so intensely, whether it be earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, economic recessions, terrorism, wars, poverty, are a crisis in our own action and a result of our civilization as it has become valued for the last many thousands of years. Our value systems are under pressure from forces we know but do not know what to do about, as it is a struggle we are not used to - against our inner unconscious self. Some have said that success is the worst enemy of new success - because all values and systems that are well-liked - must be broken down - and the fact is that our existing value systems in most of the world are now a direct threat to our future lives - and the consciousness

that is now the way forward in the world and what we pass on to our children and the next generations. We must reinvent our beliefs and perceptions of what enables us to survive in the new age and development of humanity by increasing our awareness of what we do and why we still hold on to the old values. We need to make a radical change from the inside out this time, because if we do not, it will affect us all and future generations - as we are ONE in the universe. Fortunately, some of us have been doing just that for a long time, but the critical mass is not there yet - and the fight against the old established control and power systems and values is taking too long. Start healing yourself (in body, mind, soul), all of us and Mother Earth today - just by breathing deeper and consciously - and you will soon see and feel a greater change in you. Yes, I know what you're saying - but just do it, ok! Through the body, change is created and manifested. Akashic consciousness (called "ether") - a higher consciousness that recognizes our connections to each other and the cosmos, a consciousness of attachment and memory that conveys a sense of belonging, ultimately of unity - a source of empathy with nature and solidarity among people. - Lazlo; World shift 2012”.

What is it all about? The book is about love, consciousness and simplicity - how-to live-in love, serve in consciousness, stay connected to everyone in unity. Living in love is a new way of accepting and changing your perception of who you are, why you are here, what you do, and who you do it with to influence the world with your specific skills and gifts. We are all infinite spiritual beings with a human experience - coming into life from love and seeing light in ourselves and others. As human beings we are able to be, think, feel, say and do - which means that we have both soul, mind and body connected or not - but for sustainable change we have to change at all 3 levels. "If you want to change your world - start with yourself" Kierkegaard Our realities are based on our perception (the way we expect to see and feel) - which is based on what we think (the way we treat inner and outer experiences), which is based on our experiences in this and even past lives (our DNA and cell memories from our body experiences).

You can say that your realities are based on how you see, feel and do - based on your balance and connection between body (do), mind (feel), soul (see).

Using TRIANGLES – to think and expand the possibilities An easy way to relate to it is by always thinking in 3 or triangle - when we experience or communicate - we can mostly relate to it from a soul level (being), mind level (thinking) and body level (doing) - I call it spiritual, emotional and practical. So, by using this way to explain it, it becomes easier for everyone - and makes it more inclusive and complete than "either or" - Love, light, life (soul, mind, body) Let me explain a little more, before we go into the direct talk of consciousness. Most of us think in opposites like black and white, good and bad, pain and joy, small and big, summer and winter, and so on. But if you only look at it from the linear perspective, you never really get the chances to understand the nuances - or the different measures on the scale. When you have one of these or a question, ask yourself: • Is it really that black and white? • Could I find different colors and shades of gray on that line, and even find more colors than gray (since black contains all the main colors) - and suddenly you might open up a different spectrum - seeing new ways and possibilities. • Seeing the gray means you are making a triangle that covers black, gray and white and many different shades of gray. The same goes for all other things in life - so when we like or dislike, fear or security, success or failure, love or hate, we may need to consider whether there are ways to get more nuances of our perspectives. Sunrise and sunset are also used the opposite way, but when you start thinking about it - the sun never rises or sets - it is always there (the alternative is non-existent) - the earth just moves around it - so it looks like it rises up and set depending on where you are. The more you are able to step back from the actual language you and others use and come to the understanding from another level - like the body (feel) or the soul (listen deeply) - your perspective and inner observer will give you more nuances. Opening up nuances of potential new perspectives opens our consciousness to more levels of understanding and being us - paving the way for our new practices of love, life and service that provide more love, more peace and more compassion.

CONSCIOUSNESS What is always important is to be aware and conscious enough to know whether you are dealing with a situation (reality) from a level of experience (body), a level of perception (mind) or a level of spirit (soul) - or combinations of this. Our minds (egos) often deceive us unless we are very clear and able to listen on many levels - including feeling and using our own intuition. Our higher collective consciousness, as well as our collective nonsense is always there for us to connect with, so it is up to your purified mind, body and soul to choose what you want to give energy (mind or higher consciousness) - which is crucial to the energy you manifest (unconsciously or consciously).

Completion of excerpt from the book "The New ONE Way - to connected living”

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