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builders parade 2019

Sept. 13, 14 and 15 - 12pm-5pm Feature Stop

Mike Gepfert Homes “Country Charm” Lake George 20 Lane 301C, Lake George Fremont, IN

Windows, Doors & More “Le Cupole” Lake James 500 Lane 440, Lake James Angola, IN

JICI Construction “Gay’s Tasting Room” 101 Growth Parkway Angola, IN

Saturday Only 12-5

Four Seasons Design & Remodeling “Charming Country Homestead” 2115 CR 4 Ashley, IN

Bob Buescher Homes “Heron’s Nest” Heron Lake 5709 Cascina Lane, Heron Lake Auburn, IN


Beautiful Homes

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letter from the president W

elcome to the 2019 Builders Parade, brought to you by BANI - The Builders Association of Northeast Indiana! We welcome you to tour our event, showcasing 4 outstanding homes; 3 New Homes and 1 Remodel as well as a Feature Stop. These KRPHVUHSUHVHQWVRPHRIWKHÂżQHVWEXLOGHUV remodelers in our area. Each entry offers unique design ideas, one of a kind decorating, outdoor living spaces, new innovations and custom details to entice you to either take the plunge and build or remodel your dream home. Be sure WRUHFRJQL]HDOOWKHÂżQHFUDIWVPDQVKLS architecture and artistry that our Builder and Associate Members put into each home to bring them alive. A special thank you goes out to our Sponsors that every year help make this event possible: our Major Sponsors this year are Homes by JICI and Carter Lumber. Our “Complete the Tourâ€? Sponsor is Kendall Lighting Center and our “Map Page

Sponsor� is Bob Buescher Homes. Thank you again for your continued support of our Association and in helping to make our events successful. A full listing of our members can be found on our website. www.ba-ni.com. Check out our Upcoming Events, our Builders Standards – the level of Quality Assurance Standards we require our Builder Members to follow OR link informative articles from NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and IBA (Indiana Builders Association). The site also posts our monthly Newsletter. We know the Builders Parade would not be a success if not for you, the folks that attend this event! We’d like to thank you all for taking the time to enjoy our tour. To support that thought, we offer our “Complete the Tour� Contest every year. All you have to do to participate is tour each home, get your “Complete the Tour� ticket punched at each home and then drop the completed ticket in the last home you tour. It’s that easy! Winner is awarded $500 cash.

Thanks again to all who attend and support the Builders Association of Northeast Indiana. Enjoy the Tour!!!!!!!

Mike Gepfert President BANI

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com




Building Life 260.485.8000 | www.timberlinhomes.com 4

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

Where excitement and relaxation meet is “The Perfect Place to Call Home.”



2013 2014 2016 ... 1ST PLACE BANI BUILDERS PARADE ...

Celebrating over 50 years of building custom homes Let’s Talk! 2IÀFH

Be Social! 

Explore Our Website! ZZZ6WDU+RPHV,QFFRP

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com


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BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com


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MIKE GEPFERT HOMES â&#x20AC;&#x153;Country Charmâ&#x20AC;? - Lake George 20 Lane 301C, Fremont

WINDOWS, DOORS & MORE â&#x20AC;&#x153;Le Cupoleâ&#x20AC;? - Lake James 500 Lane 440, Angola

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From the monument in Angola, take Wayne St./SR 127/Old US 27 North to Lane 201 Lake George. Go left (west) on Lane 201 Lake George to Lane 201C Lake George. Turn right to Lane 301 Lake George. Turn right (north) and follow to Lane 301C Lake George. Parade Home is on the right side of Lane 301C.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From the monument in Angola, take Wayne St./SR 127/Old US 27 North to W 200 N. Turn left (west) to N. Bay View Road. Turn right (north) and follow N. Bay View Road to Lane 440. Turn right onto Lane 440. Parade Home is on the right side of Lane 440.





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JICI CONSTRUCTION â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tasting Roomâ&#x20AC;? 101 Growth Parkway, Angola

FOUR SEASONS DESIGN & REMODELING â&#x20AC;&#x153;Charming Country Homesteadâ&#x20AC;? 2115 County Road 4, Ashley

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From the monument in Angola, go north on N. Wayne St./SR 127 to Growth Parkway. Turn left (west) on Growth Parkway. Feature Stop is on the left side of Growth Parkway.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From the monument in Angola, take US 20 west to I-69. Merge onto I-69 South to Exit 340. Go right (west) on SR4 to County Road 19. Turn left (south) on County Road 19 to County Road 4. Turn left (east) on County Road 4. Parade Home is on the left side of County Road 4. 

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BOB BUESCHER HOMES â&#x20AC;&#x153;Heronâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nestâ&#x20AC;? - Heron Lake 5709 Cascina Lane, Auburn DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From the monument in Angola, take US 20 west to I-69. Merge onto I-69 South to Exit 326. Turn left (east) on County Road 11A to County Road 427. Turn right (south) and continue to entrance to Heron Lake. Turn left (east) to Cascina Lane. Parade Home is on the right side of Cascina Lane.

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com



Country Charm 20 Lane 301C Fremont, IN Lake George

923 Northcrest Business Center, Suite D9 Fort Wayne, IN 260-482-3650 gepferthomes.com

Mike Gepfert If you are looking for a truly custom home builder, you need to look no further than Mike Gepfert Homes. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t build spec or model KRXVHVÂąZHFUDIWÂżQHFXVWRPKRPHV(YHU\SURMHFWZHXQGHUWDNH QHZFRQVWUXFWLRQRUUHQRYDWLRQDGGLWLRQLVXQLTXHDQGFKDOOHQJLQJ At Mike Gepfert Homes, designing and crafting custom homes is not simply our profession, it is our passion. From the site plan to smallest detail of the home, we plan each build to create the perfect setting, then design the home to meet the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs and lifestyle. And weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re experts in waterfront construction. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sâ&#x20AC;? ourselves, so we understand the nuances and challenges of building on these sites. )URPXQLTXHĂ&#x20AC;RRUSODQVWRVWULNLQJHOHYDWLRQVZHGRPRUHWKDQWKLQN outside the box, we live there. We are not afraid to push the envelope of design and creativity to deliver a client their dream home. Listening to our clients is our top priority. We make sure our clients DUHHQJDJHGLQHYHU\DVSHFWRIWKHSODQQLQJGHVLJQDQGÂżQLVKLQJRI WKHLUKRPH,WLVWKHLUSHUVRQDOVHOHFWLRQVRIÂżQLVKHVWKDWWUDQVIRUPD house into a home. Our goal is to deliver to each client a home that LVUHĂ&#x20AC;HFWLYHRIWKHLUSHUVRQDOLWLHVDQGOLIHVW\OHWKURXJKDQH[SHULHQFH that is both enjoyable and memorable. Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a new custom home or total renovation of an existLQJKRPHZHHPSOR\WKHVHUYLFHVRIWKHÂżQHVWWUDGHVSHUVRQVLQWKH industry, each a craftsman in their respective trade. Besides having Mike Gepfert (Owner) or Justin Bell (Project Manager) on-site almost daily, we utilize a web-based software to manage communications between clients, trade partners and us, ensuring the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vision is effectively communicated to and carried out by each trade. 8

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

Country Charm had been in the dream stage for a couple of years. The previous home, while nice and not that old relative to most lake cottages, was a modular home. The layout was not ideal, the rooms were small, and the current owners were experiencing a growing family, so more space was desired. Some investigative work by the owner revealed that the existing foundation was adequate to support a new, 2-story VWUXFWXUH7KDWZDVVLJQL¿FDQWLQDOORZLQJWKHPWRPRYHIRUward with plans to rebuild on the existing footprint. The existing home was dismantled by hand so as to not damage the foundation. A new concrete slab was poured in the crawl space to allow for a more climate-controlled space. Then began the re-construction of the new home. 7KHQHZKRPHFRQVLVWVRIDODUJHRSHQ0DLQ/HYHOÃ&#x20AC;RRUSODQZLWKYDXOWHGFHLOLQJVDOORZLQJIUHHÃ&#x20AC;RZIURPWKH/LYLQJ Room to the Kitchen to the Dining area, all with spectacular views of beautiful Lake George. The kitchen has custom Main Level Second Level cabinets with quartz countertops, a large eat-in island, and a custom built-in banquette. A large Master Bedroom with a semi-private full-bath is also located on the Main Level. 8SVWDLUVWKHUHLVDVHFRQG0DVWHU6XLWHRYHUORRNLQJWKHODNHZLWKKLVDQGKHUFORVHWV7KHUHDUHDOVRWZRÃ&#x20AC;H[VSDFHURRPVIRUVOHHSLQJ H[HUFLVLQJRUDQLQKRPHRI¿FH7KH\DUHVHSDUDWHGE\D-DFNDQG-LOOEDWKURRPVSDFHZLWKVHSDUDWHYDQLW\DQGVWRRODUHDVDQGDVKDUHG shower room. The Garage is oversized in depth and height, maximizing the storage capacity of the home. Outside there are large covered porches on both the road and lake elevations, completing the charm of this modern farmhouse design home.

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com


Our mission is to provide our customers with a high quality, affordable home designed with their lifestyle in mind The distinguishing factor in a Steury built home is the attention to detail The result is that most of our new homes come from referrals from satisfied customers 5030 S Old US 27 S Pleasant Lake, IN 46779 www.steurybuilders.com


YOUR DREAM HOME OUR REAL-LIFE LOANS. Ask us how an F&M mortgage can work for you.


Home Loan Originator NMLS #1234554 419.956.2833 ChrisCoy.fm.bank


Home Loan Originator NMLS #1762791 260.724.1814 TravisHunt.fm.bank

NMLS #407535 Member FDIC


BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

Looking for cabinet solutions? When quality and experience matter - call us!

260-665-2772 205 W. Harcourt Rd., Ste. C Angola, Indiana


9606 Stellhorn Road Fort Wayne, IN 46815

260-749-2933 www.crflooring.com

The most durable, easiest to clean carpet on the planet.â&#x201E;˘ Now featuring All Pet Protection & Warranty covering all pets, all accidents, all the time.

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com



Le Cupole 500 Lane 440 Angola, IN Lake James

1121 W. Washington Center Road Fort Wayne, IN 260.399.6037 wdmfactor ystore.com

Kevin Hunter Windows Doors & More takes pride in this beautiful Lake James project and all our lake home construction and remodeling projects. We do business the old fashioned way. We do not take shortcuts to save time, we have the best teams available, and we make sure the job is done on time and on budget. Windows Doors & More has an architect on staff and partners with premier manufacturers to provide the best products. If you have questions regarding our services, visit the Neighborhood Showcase and speak with our knowledgeable VWDII6HHZK\ZHKDYHPRUHWKDQVDWLVÂżHGFXVWRPHUV 12

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

You wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to miss Le Cupole! This unique lakefront KRPHLVEXLOWZLWKDQRSHQĂ&#x20AC;RRUSODQDQGORWVRIH[WUDV7KHOLJKW DQGDLU\PDLQĂ&#x20AC;RRUKDVKLJKFHLOLQJVWKDWFXOPLQDWHLQDFXSROD at the peak, bringing in natural light. A full wall of windows allows guests to enjoy the view from the comfort of the living URRP:DUGRIIWKHFKLOORQFRROQLJKWVZLWKDFR]\ÂżUHLQWKH EHDXWLIXOĂ&#x20AC;RRUWRFHLOLQJVWRQHÂżUHSODFH7KHVWXQQLQJNLWFKHQ features custom two-toned cabinets, topped with transom cabinets, and a large granite island provides plenty of room for the IDPLO\WRJDWKHU7KHPDLQĂ&#x20AC;RRUPDVWHUEHGURRPLVKRPHWRD smaller cupola and the attached bath features a beautiful walkLQVKRZHU'RZQVWDLUV\RXÂśOOÂżQGPRUHOLYLQJVSDFHDEHGURRP living area, bathroom, and a fun â&#x20AC;&#x153;bunkhouseâ&#x20AC;? with built-ins, just for the kids. Looking for outdoor space? This house has it in spades with spacious stacked decks. Each one is sized to seat the whole family with room to spare. BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com


bobbuescherhomes.com | 260-490-3355

Since 1993


• Pavers • Lawns • Retaining Walls • Landscape & Design Dave Miller – Maynard Miller 59504-B CR 33, Middlebury, IN 46540 Middlebury (574) 825-TURF Topeka (260) 593-3003

Mortgages BUILD BUY REFINANCE It’s not just a house, it's your home. It’s about your life and your family.

Learn more interracu.com/mortgages NMLS 623379


BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

Associated Landscape Contractors of American

Full Line of Furniture and Home Accessories e w a n a’s D e sti n a t ipsh i h S F u r nitu re S to re o n

Mattresses, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Office, Home Décor and More!


SR 5 & US 20 1/4 mile south & 1/4 mile east of Junction 5 & 20

Store Hours

Open Mon-Sat 9-5 and by Appointment (260) 768-3270 Junction 5 & 20, Shipshewana BrandenberryFurniture.com

Mon - Fri 9-5; Sat 9-4 Closed Sunday 260.768.7730


Customcrafted in the Heartland...The Amish way!


BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com



Feature Stop

319 Pokagon Trail, Suite A Angola, IN 260-665-9384 jici.com

Ken Wilson JICI Construction was founded in 1977 in Angola, Ind., and KDVJURZQLQWRQRUWKHDVW,QGLDQD¶VSUHPLHUFRQWUDFWRUIRUGHVLJQ build projects, construction management services and general contracting. We are a contractor that is Built on Solid Principles and believes success is in the details. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve built a reputation in the community and surrounding areas for putting our attention on the important things: personal service and a commitment to quality. This commitment has led us to over 40 years of growth and translates to a cultivated team with a wide range of skills and knowledge. You ZLOOQRWLFHWKH-,&,'LIIHUHQFHIURPWKHWLPHWKH¿UVWVSDGHRIGLUW is turned through when the ribbon is cut and beyond. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s our ability to work seamlessly with owners, sub-contractors and vendors that pays dividends for our clients. From communication throughout HYHU\VWHSRIWKHFRQVWUXFWLRQSURFHVVWRWKHFUDIWVPDQVKLSRID¿QLVKHGSURMHFWRXUFOLHQWVEHQH¿WIURPRXUDELOLW\WRWork as One. With millions of square feet in experience, it is an honor to serve northeast Indiana! 16

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

Gayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tasting Room 101 Growth Parkway Angola, IN

Welcome to the New Gays Hops-n-Schnapps and thank you for stopping by our Feature Stop on the 2019 Builders Parade Tour! The vision for the new Gays Hops-n-Schnapps was to create the best shopping experience! This was achieved by combining outstanding product selection with a space that is like nothing else around! It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop there; Tony and Cricket are IN THE KNOW, offering product education on whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s available, whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new and whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s improved! Shake (donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stir) that all together with a pretty edgy industrial modern design and you have quite a shopping experienceâ&#x20AC;Ś alas, their Vision! Gays Hops-n-Schnapps is a destination for the sensesâ&#x20AC;Śstop in to see just what weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re talking about. Tony and Cricket have created a great shopping experience that offers guests the largest product selection in NE Indiana! Check out the corner bar; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s open daily for barrel picks and new items! Want to learn and experience the subtleties of Mixology? Want some ideas using new and innovative products and recipes for your next get together? They got you!! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to stop in on the weekend too, when the Tasting bar becomes a focal point for customers, as suppliers offer tastings of their products and new ways to mix things up. Want some more details? This location has expanded its cold beer selection for both domestic and craft beers. The cooler here is an impressive 26 doors!!! All French style with LED lighting for superb visibility. In addition to the cooler, there are two full height wine refrigerators allowing for some incredible vintage wines to be storedâ&#x20AC;Ś at the perfect temperature might I add (how convenient).

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss the grab and go cooler, another nice niche feature for customers. The Grab and Go offers an assortment of gourmet meats and cheeses, as well as some special chilled wines and WUHQG\GULQNV7KH\ÂśYHGHÂżQLWHO\WKRXJKWRIHYHU\WKLQJ Gays Hops-n-Schnapps is very excited to have their Tasting Room. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been designed with the forethought of hosting special events and private tastings in the very near future. The Tasting Room offers a full bar and the privacy of your own bathroom for complete separation from the store. This multi-functional room will allow Gays Hops-n-Schnapps to grow and expand with this everevolving industry. They intend to utilize their very own in-house FHUWLÂżHGVSHFLDOLVWVLQFOXGLQJ-DUHG'LOOHU :LQH %REE\9DQWormer (Bourbon), Matt Thomas (Beer) for local bourbon & wine clubs and small group events. Stop in, you will not be disappointed!

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com


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builders parade 2019

Builders FirstSource (formerly ProBuild) carries a wide selection of high quality building materials for both homeowners and professional builders’ needs. We take pride in personal service, and our talented and experienced team provides support to meet the needs of your specific project.

SpectraPrint is proud to assist in the sales and production of the Builders Association of Northeast Indiana’s 2019 Builders Parade!

Sept. 13, 14 and 15 - 12pm-5pm Feature Stop

Mike Gepfert Homes “Country Charm” Lake George 20 Lane 301C, Lake George Fremont, IN

Windows, Doors & More “Le Cupole” Lake James 500 Lane 440, Lake James Angola, IN

JICI Construction “Gay’s Tasting Room” 101 Growth Parkway Angola, IN

Saturday Only 12-5

Four Seasons Design & Remodeling “Charming Country Homestead” 2115 CR 4 Ashley, IN

Bob Buescher Homes “Heron’s Nest” Heron Lake 5709 Cascina Lane, Heron Lake Auburn, IN


SpectraPrint sells, designs and prints Specialty Publications for Chambers of Commerce, Builders Associations and other organizations throughout Northern Indiana. Let us quote your next publication!

Local representative: Kent Obelin Phone: 260-213-7235 12727 Lima Road Fort Wayne, IN 46818 Phone: 260-637-3191 Fax: 260-637-3143

Gas Fireplaces | Wood Fireplaces Electric Fireplaces | Gas Inserts Gas Logs | Glass Doors Thin Veneer Stone Bricks | Pavers | Hardscapes Visit us at 4936 NOB Road, Fort Wayne, IN


BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

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BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com



BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

Charming Country Homestead



2115 CR 4 Ashley, IN


Lou Salge, Jeff Deahl Four Seasons Design & Remodeling is the name you can trust to transform your existing home into the home of your dreams. With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills to provide our customers with the highest quality projects that retain lasting value. We will guide you through the process from design FRQVXOWDWLRQLQRXURZQVKRZURRPWRÂżHOG completion by our team of expert craftsman. By combining quality living space solutions with excellence in workmanship, Four Seasons Design & Remodeling are the professionals you can count on. Four Seasons is proud to have participated in the Remodelers Tour every year since its inception in 1994.

205 W. Harcourt Road Angola, IN 260-665-2772 craftsman-design.com


This project embodies the vision of the most recent generation to own and live in this 150+ year old farmhouse. The homeowners came to us wanting to bring new life to their family homestead. As we began working through the preliminary plans and preparations for the project, the homeowner often shared stories and memories of his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents from different areas of the home. The goal was to breathe new life into the home, but also maintain historical and sentimental value â&#x20AC;&#x201C; they still wanted to be able to walk through their home, point to things and tell the stories of the original pre-1900 era, the 1920â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s remodel, the UHPRGHODQGÂżQDOO\WKH renovation. The cornerstone of the project was opening up the original two-story timber-frame portion of the home, exposing the timbers and making that previously utilitarian area the central feature of the home. Although the home ZDVVWULSSHGWRWKHVWXGVUHFRQÂżJXUHG and for the most part re-built, great care was taken in preserving and repurposing YDULRXVPDWHULDOVDQGIHDWXUHVÂąWKHVWDLUUDLOLQJLVRULJLQDOWKHRULJLQDOZRRGĂ&#x20AC;RRULQJ XSVWDLUVZDVH[SRVHGDQGUHÂżQLVKHGDQXPEHURIWKHGRRUVZHUHUHSXUSRVHGWR new locations and the original 2x poplar planking that was used as sheeting on the timber-frame is now seen as wainscoting in the dining room. While the home features a one-of-a-kind kitchen, beautiful custom tile work, a spacious master suite and an abundance of custom features, the story of the home is truly what makes this project spectacular. We look forward to sharing it with you!



BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com


Builders Association of Northeast Indiana’s 9th Annual

Chili Cook-Off & Kegs Tuesday, November 12 • 6:00 PM-8:00PM

Tickets: $10/person Includes: Chili Tasting & Keg Beer Plus 2 Voting Ballots: 1 for Chili and 1 for Table Theme Tickets available at the door Call 260-665-8921 or Email chris@ba-ni.com for more information

Cook-off and Kegs Sponsored by:


April 2019

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August 2019




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Lakeview Alehouse Angola, IN




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BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

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Ed Hernandez Mortgage Loan Originator EdH@Bfirst.bank 574.266.2888 NMLS# 1493606

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com



Heronâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nest 5709 Cascina Lane Auburn, IN Heron Lake

1206 Ruston Pass, Fort Wayne, IN 260-490-3355 bobbuescherhomes.com

Bob Buescher At Bob Buescher Homes building dreams is our primary motivation! These dreams started over 40 years ago when Bob was a framer. Now with 1,650 homes under our belt and a staff of 25 employees, we are blessed to be creating dreams. Many of our subcontractors, suppliers and employees have been team members since day one. We appreciate their service, dedication and commitment to excellence that goes into building each and every home. Bob would like to thank all his staff, subcontractors and suppliers for the quality work they do, not only in this home but in every home. The entire staff of Bob Buescher Homes is dedicated to making sure that the building process is stress free for you and your family, and that your home is delivered on time. Bob Buescher Homes Fort :D\QHRIÂżFHLVORFDWHGDW5XVWRQ3DVVSOXVDVDWHOOLWHRIÂżFH at 1250 N. 200 W. in Angola conveniently located to service the Steuben and Southern Michigan clients. You can contact us at the $QJRODRIÂżFHDWRU)RUW:D\QH$GGLtionally, you may visit us on our website at bobbuescherhomes.com


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Welcome to Heronâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nest, Bob Buescherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest custom designed lake home at Heron Lake! From the moment you step through the front door you will instantly be captivated by the quality, unique features, and custom craftsmanship. As you explore this VSDFLRXVVTIWKRPH\RXÂśOOH[SHULHQFHODNHOLYLQJDWLWÂśVÂżQHVW Upon entering the foyer, you will be greeted by an open space concept. Our great room features cathedral ceilings with handcrafted ZRRGEHDPVDĂ&#x20AC;RRUWRFHLOLQJVWRQHÂżUHSODFHDQGSOHQW\RIQDWXUDO lighting. The gourmet kitchen is a chefâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delight, and the perfect space to make cooking and entertaining a memorable experience. You will quickly notice the custom cabinets, well-appointed appliances, 5X9 quartz island with a farmhouse sink, and easy access to a spacious walk-in pantry. The adjacent dining area provides plenty of space to gather with friends & family. The large pane windows provide the entire kitchen, dining and great room with a fantastic view of the water! Tucked away for a private retreat, the master bedroom on the main level, displays a tray ceiling with beams and water views. The master bath feels like a spa with an oversized walk-in tiled shower, dual cultured marble vanities, private water room, and DVSUDZOLQJZDONLQFORVHW-XVWRIIWKHJUHDWURRPLVDQRSHQĂ&#x20AC;RDWing staircase with cable railing. From here, you will access a large bonus space and discover three additional bedrooms. The upper level boasts 9â&#x20AC;&#x2122; high ceilings for a grand effect. There is ample space in the oversized 4 car garage, which also has direct attic access from a set of private stairs located inside the garage. This wellappointed lake home boasts 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. Relax and enjoy the outdoor living space, complete with an additional VWRQHWRFHLOLQJÂżUHSODFH(QMR\WKHWUDQTXLOLW\RIODNHOLYLQJZLWKD Bob Buescher Home at Heron Lake.

BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com


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Home Lumber is Indiana’s largest distributor of Andersen products. Make a visit to Home Lumber’s showroom to see how Andersen windows and doors can give you the ůŽŽŬLJŽƵǁĂŶƚĨŽƌŶĞǁĐŽŶƐƚƌƵĐƟŽŶ and remodeling jobs.


BANI BUILDERS PARADE 2019 | ba-ni.com

Standing Seam Steel RooďŹ ng Attention Contractors: Building a new home, remodeling, or changing your existing roof? We can set up at the job site, roll Competitive Pricing and prep sheets as you install. Lifetime Warranty Call for more details. Free Estimates Call for a free quote! V.M. 260-463-2675 x1 Larry & Fannie Schlabach Fax 260-463-3676 2510 S. 250 W. LaGrange, IN 46761



Andersen 400 Series products are available in a range of replacement styles with options and accessories to complement any home. Plus, they offer energy savings and long-lasting beauty. All this with virtually no maintenance. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no wonder Andersen is the most trusted and recommended brand among residential contractors and builders.* Why choose anything else? ®



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Builders Association of Northeast Indiana 2019 Passbook  

Builders Association of Northeast Indiana 2019 Passbook