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According to the Alzheimer’s Association of America, the most important thing about dementia-related diseases is public awareness and education in taking the proper steps for recognition and early treatment.

Since there currently is no known cure for Alzheimer’s, the next best step is prevention or, at the very least, early diagnosis and treatment to try to manage and slow the disease process.

As such, this article is dedicated

in the hopes of making known the most viable steps for education, treatment, and early awareness of symptoms.

Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia is a fast-accelerating peril which is indiscriminate in claiming its victims.

In high-profile cases of dementia involving VIPs, political figures, and other famous people, these individuals have often used their celebritypower and influence to publicize the truth and awareness of this scourge today.

Please, help further the cause of proper awareness and early detection by responsibly sharing this article and its contents with others and become part of the solution.

The list of famous people who fell in the grips of dementia may shock many of you into realizing just how widespread and unknown this serious mental peril really is. The following list of famous people struck by Alzheimer’s serves only as a sampling and is nowhere complete.

Later in this article, we will offer a short quiz and talk about which

symptoms to be aware of; the importance of visiting and asking your family physician questions if you are concerned; the importance of early detection; and what the National Alzheimer’s Association encourages you to do to (hopefully) help prevent dementia or, at least, minimize your chances of getting it.

But first, let’s take a serious look at some of the world’s most famous individuals and their most remarkable stories of struggles against Alzheimer’s and the inspiring messages and legacies they left behind which continues their fight

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-- even after their death -- against one of history’s most relentless and ruthless diseases of the human mind: dementia.

NORMAN ROCKWELL (18941978. Famous American painter Norman Rockwell who was wellknown for iconic illustrations on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, succumbed to Alzheimer’s.

Rockwell’s paintings are now occasionally used in dementia therapy because of the “memories and nostalgia” they evoke in dementia patients.

FILM STAR, RITA HAYWORTH (1918-1987). Famed American actress Rita Hayworth who rose to prominence in the 1940s was not correctly diagnosed for several years before learning of the true cause behind her memory loss. Hayworth became the “Face of Alzheimer’s Disease” during the 1980s. This year, the Alzheimer’s Association held its 32nd Annual Rita Hayworth Gala to help promote public awareness.

SINGER PERRY COMO (19122001). Popular singer and television personality during the 1950s and 1960s, Perry Como became an iconic figure who performed

Give Us This Day

Our Daily Chuckle

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A Japanese company (Toyota) and anAmerican company (General Motors) decided to have a canoe race on the Missouri River.

Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race.

On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile .

The Americans, very discouraged and depressed, decided to investigate the reason for the crushing defeat. A management team made up of senior management was formed to investigate and recommend appropriate action.

Their conclusion was the Japanese had 8 people paddling and 1 person steering, while the American team had 7

periodically during his later years, especially during the Christmas Season. Mr. Como suffered from Alzheimer’s for two years before passing away in 2001. Como spent more than 50 years in the entertainment business and was internationally respected in and out of show business.

BOXING LEGEND, SUGAR RAY ROBINSON (1921-1989). Widely recognized as one of the greatest boxers of all time, Sugar Ray Robinson died from Alzheimer’s at just 67 years of age. Robinson held both the welterweight and middleweight boxing title belts. It is not currently known whether his head injuries incurred during his boxing matches contributed to Alzheimer’s disease.

CIVIL RIGHTS PIONEER, ROSA PARKS (1913-2005). American black civil rights activist, Rosa Parks, was known as “The Mother of the Freedom Movement” after her arrest for refusing to relinquish her bus seat during the Civil Rights Movement. She later wrote an autobiography and continued to live a quiet life before eventually being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

SINGER, GLENN CAMPBELL (1936-2017). Popular Ameri-

people steering and 2 people paddling.

Feeling a deeper study was in order, American management hired a consulting company and paid them a large amount of money for a second opinion.

They advised, of course, that too many people were steering the boat, while not enough people were paddling.

Not sure of how to utilize that information, but wanting to prevent another loss to the Japanese, the paddling team’s management structure was totally reorganized to 4 steering supervisors, 2 area steering superintendents and one assistant superintendent steering manager.

They also implemented a new performance system that would give the 2 people paddling the boat greater incentive to work harder. It was called the ‘Rowing Team Quality First Program’, with meetings, dinners and free pens for the paddlers. There was discussion of getting new paddles, canoes and other equipment, extra vacation days for practices, and bonuses. The pension program was trimmed to ‘equal the competition’ and some of the resultant savings were channeled into morale boosting programs and teamwork posters.

The next year the Japanese won by two miles.

Humiliated, the American management laid off one paddler, halted de-

can singer and guitarist, Glen Campbell, announced in 2011 that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He completed his “Goodbye Tour” after performing for over 50 years in the music and television industry, winning a historic four Grammy Music Awards in 1967.

ACTOR, CHARLTON HESTON (1923-2008). Charlton Heston’s most famous movie role was when he portrayed Moses in “The Ten Commandments.” Heston publicly announced that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Heston left a long legacy in both films and political activism.

POLITICIAN, BARRY GOLDWATER (1909-1998). Barry M. Goldwater, 5-time U.S. senator from Arizona and 1964 presidential candidate, ended his public appearances in late 1996 after he suffered a massive stroke. Family members then disclosed that he was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. He died at age 89.

ACTOR, PETER FALK (19272011). Peter Falk gained national prominence as a star on the TV series “Columbo.” Towards the end of his life his personal physician reported that Falk could no longer even remember his famous character Columbo. Alzheimer’s disease was one of the underlying

velopment of a new canoe, sold all the paddles, and canceled all capital investments for new equipment.

The money saved was distributed to the Senior Executives as bonuses.

The next year, try as he might, the lone designated paddler was unable to even finish the race (having no paddles), so he was laid off for unacceptable performance, all canoe equipment was sold and the next year’s racing team was out-sourced to India.

Sadly, the End.

Here’s something else to think about: GM has spent the last thirty years moving many factories out of the US, claiming they can’t make money paying American wages.

TOYOTA has spent the last twenty years building six plants inside the US. The last quarter’s results: TOYOTA makes 6 billion in profits while GM racksup 2.4 billion.

causes for his death.

ACTOR, JIMMY STEWART (1908-1997). Jimmy Stewart was one of America’s favorite actors and is immortalized in such films as “Harvey,” “Rear Window” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” as well as many popular western roles. Stewart remained active until his death in 1997, having been slowed down greatly by the advancement of Alzheimer’s and another illness which ultimately lead to his death at the age of 89.

ED SULLIVAN (1901-1974). Though he was many things, including sports and entertainment reporter and syndicated columnist for the New York Daily News, Ed Sullivan was best known for the variety show that bears his name, “The Ed Sullivan Show,” which ran 23 years from 1948 to 1971. In a 2012 radio interview, 38 years after his death, Joan Rivers disclosed that Sullivan had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease toward the end of his life.

And in a 1990 press conference, famed Beatles member, Paul McCartney, recalled a meeting with Ed Sullivan in the 1970s. It was a strange encounter. McCartney

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A doctor that had been seeing an 80yearold woman for most of her life finally retired. At her next checkup, the new doctor told her to bring a list of all the medicines that had been prescribed for her. As the doctor was looking through these his eyes grew wide as he realized Grandma had a prescription for birth control pills.

“Mrs. Smith, do you realize these are birth control pills?”

“Yes, they help me sleep at night.”

“Mrs. Smith, I assure you there is absolutely nothing in these that could possibly help you sleep!”

She reached out and patted the young doctor’s knee and said, “Yes, dear, I know that. But every morning, I grind one up and mix it in the glass of orange juice that my 16-year-old Granddaughter drinks. And believe me it definitely helps me sleep at night”

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kept trying to remind Ed that he was one of the Beatles. But, sadly, the elderly Irishman had no clue as to who the man was standing before him. Nor did Sullivan seem to recall any such group as The Beatles. Sullivan, in the grip of Alzheimer’s, could only smile at McCartney’s persistent efforts to jog his memory. He knew not McCartney, nor did he recall the Beatles, the very group he showcased ‘live’ to the New World for the very first time. It was the saddest reunion between the two inexorable forces who changed the world they both lived in.

Despite Paul McCartney’s heartwrenching urgings, the great Ed Sullivan – who once vocalized the greatest introductions in the history of entertainment – fell silent. He could not remember Paul McCartney, whom he once hugged as a son. Still smiling and nodding, Ed merely shook Paul’s hand. And then he slowly turned. And left.

In early September of 1974, Xrays revealed that Sullivan had advanced esophageal cancer. Doctors gave him very little time to live. Due to his dementia and increasing forgetfulness, the family decided to keep the deadly diagnosis from him. Considering his Alzheimer’s condition, it was the most merciful and practical decision. Five weeks later, at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, Ed Sullivan made his final exit from the world at age 73, with his cause of death officially listed from esophageal cancer.

BRITISH PRIME MINISTER, MARGARET THATCHER (1925-2013). Often referred to as “The Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher would become the first woman to be British Prime Minister from 1970-1990 and thus hailed as “One of the seminal political figures of the 20th century.” Margaret Thatcher’s daughter, Baroness Carol Thatcher, published her memoirs dealing with her mother’s advancing dementia.

It is a most heart-wrenching account bravely made public against this wretched disease.

Her daughter writes: “I almost fell off my chair. Watching her struggle with her words and her memory, I couldn’t believe it. She was in her 75th year but I had always thought of her as ageless, timeless and 100% cast-iron damage-proof.”

Her daughter further voices feelings of helplessness in trying to aid her mother during her inevita-

ble mental decline: “Sufferers (of dementia) look and act the same but beneath the familiar exterior something quite different is going on. They’re in another world and you cannot enter.”

Such open dialogue and painful sharing of her mother’s dementia greatly promotes “awareness” and “public education” on the value of early detection and treatment. The former Prime Minister’s daughter describes her mother’s struggle and great effort to complete sentences and the sad realization that her mother no longer even remembered where she lived, nor did she recall that her husband Denis Thatcher was long-dead.

On April 8, 2013, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died of a stroke in London at the age of 87.

COMEDIAN ROBIN WILLIAMS (1951-2014). Famous comedian and film star, Robin Williams, had a relatively less common disease that mimics Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and schizophrenia.

The complexity of these interwoven maladies astounded doctors and were not easily detected because of their over-lapping traits.

According to Robin Williams’ widow, an autopsy revealed that the comedian suffered from Lewy bodies dementia. His widow, Susan Schneider Williams, publicly revealed that he was also struggling with depression and early stages of Parkinson’s disease. Along with the little-known Lewy bodies dementia which “mimics” or “impersonates” other diseases, and causes dementia in the brain, it was not even discovered – let alone suspected – until it was found during the autopsy examination. All four doctors who had reviewed Robin Williams’ medical record said they were shocked at the intensity of his condition, calling it: “One of the worst pathologies they had ever seen!”

Williams was also thought to be plagued by manic-depression or bipolar illness which further complicated the already “mixed-bag” of maladies within him.

For nearly a year prior to his suicide, Robin Williams was aware of his deteriorating mental faculties and kept saying: “I just want to reboot my brain!”

He tried in vain to find out what was going on inside of him, undergoing extensive tests and even


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“Hearts Full of Song” May 5 • 3:15 p.m.

Pacific Coast Harmony will present “Hearts Full of Song,” a show of modern four-part acappella harmony music on Sunday May 5, at 2:30 p.m. at the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center, 5967 La Sendita, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. The music spans the Great American Songbook, Broadway theater and film, popular songs, and beyond.

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The meeting program we have been looking forward to will be presented by Gina Esoldi with “Next Step Service Dogs.” In addition, we will be filling backpacks for children at Head Start and Growing Minds.

Highlights for the meeting will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo, with music, Margaritas and Mexican food.

Lunch will follow the program and is $20/person. Guests and potential members interested in knowing more about the Woman’s Club are welcome.

Call the Club’s office at 760-7439178, leave your name and phone number so someone can contact you for your reservation. We look forward to having you attend our meeting.


Parkinson’s Support Group


May 6 • 10am to Noon

Parkinson’s Support Group. Free monthly meetings for people with Parkinson’s and their care partners are held from 10 am until Noon at San Rafael Church, 17252 Bernardo Center Drive, Rancho Bernardo, in the Parish Hall. Our featured speaker for Monday, May 6th is Dr. Christopher Cheng of Scripps Health who will be presenting “Managing Sleep Disorders”. Separate breakout sessions for People with Parkinson’s and care partners will follow the presentation to discuss successes and challenges.

Come learn, share, meet, and enjoy the free refreshments with other involved Parkinson’s persons. Please call (760) 749-8234 or (760) 5181963 if you have any questions.


The Women’s Club of Escondido Vintage Fashion Show May 11 • 1pm

The Woman’s Club of Escondido presents their Vintage Fashion Show. All proceeds will go to The Woman’s Club of Escondido Scholarship Foundation, benefiting Escondido High School students.

The cost is $45. Food and drinks will be available along with raffles and prizes.

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Alzheimer’s San Diego Professional Training Programs

Alzheimer’s San Diego is offering professional training programs for May 2024. Program information and registration links are available on our website: services/professional-education/

Supporting Those with IDD and Dementia

May 20, 10am - 11:30am

Online: webinar/register/WN_bD7SrBAvQiScEx87REQ-qQ#/registration

This training for professionals working with people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities about how Alzheimer’s and dementia affects this vulnerable population. Topics include the causes of dementia, adapting to changes in behavior, and planning for safety concerns. *This project was supported by grant number 90ADPI0066-01-00 from the U.S. Administration for Community Living, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. 20201. Grantees undertaking projects under government sponsorship are encouraged to express freely their findings and conclusions. Points of view or opinions do not, therefore, necessarily represent official Administration for Community Living policy.

Man About Town

Dreams . . .

One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock, rock

Five, six, seven o’clock, eight o’clock, rock

Nine, ten, eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock, rock

We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight

Put your glad rags on and join me, hon’

We’ll have some fun when the clock strikes one

We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight

We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ‘til broad daylight

We’re gonna rock, gonna rock, around the clock tonight

Dementia 202: Safety, Communication, and Behavior

May 30, 2:00pm - 3:30pm Online:

This intermediate training for professionals will teach you how to maintain safety, communicate effectively, address challenging behaviors, and support the caregivers of people living with dementia. The training is co-presented with Susan Valoff, LCSW, CDP, CGP. *The San Diego/Imperial Geriatric Education Center (SDIGEC) has been funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as part of their Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) to develop the next generation of geriatric health workers in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Homicide on Ivy Street in Escondido

On Saturday, April 27th, at 9:08 PM, Escondido Police Dispatch received a 911 call regarding a stabbing in the 1000 block of North Ivy Street in Escondido.

Officers arrived and located two

3:44 am. Now why would “Rock Around the Clock” enter my mind? Wasn’t dreaming about anything to do with rock n roll, or high school, or much of anything . . . and this song pops up. And now I’m sure it’ll be rolling around inside my head all day.

“Rock Around the Clock” pretty much opened up the era of rock n roll - and was the background music for a movie, “Blackboard Jungle,” starring Glen Ford. I wasn’t dreaming about either event.

Why do we dream what we dream? Have no idea.

I suppose there are some psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, neurologists, who have studied this and have some theories based on science. I haven’t read one yet that makes sense to me.

I have one dream, or type of dream, that happens reasonably often, and I don’t know why.

I’m in a strange city, park my car in a large parking lot/building, go tend to my affairs then return for my car but (a) don’t remember the address, (b) don’t remember the direction of the building, (c) if I do locate the building I don’t remember which floor or parking space I occupied, and (d) have lost my parking ticket.

males suffering from stab wounds. Escondido Fire Paramedics transported one victim to Palomar Hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased. The second victim was transported to Sharp Hospital, where he is currently in stable condition.

Officers on the scene learned that a large group of males were seen fighting in the middle of the street and then fled the area before police arrived. There suspects are unknown at this time, and there is no one in custody.

Escondido Police Detectives are investigating the possibility that this incident is gang related. Anyone with any information regarding the incident is encouraged to call the Escondido Police Department at (760) 839-4722 or Detective Chris Zack at (760) 839-4404.

Driver Arrested for Felony DUI & Gross Vehicular Manslaughter

On Saturday, April 27th, at 9:56 PM, Escondido Police Dispatch received a 911 call regarding a traffic collision involving two vehicles at the intersection of North Broadway and Country Club Lane in Escondido.

The first officer on scene found

Occasionally I’ll have dreams that pose a threat. Some evil person is chasing me (we’ve all had variations of this one) and no matter how hard I try to run I run in slow motion and he is always gaining on me. So far, I have survived.

I remember one such dream when I wondered, “where in the hell is Tim Cunning when I need him?!” (Tim Cunning is a black belt in karate, has huge, strong arms, shoulders and back, and could easily deal with evil doers who mean to do me harm.)

Sometimes my dreams are extremely realistic - some have even given me ideas for stories.

Some say, “oh, I don’t dream.’ Of course you do. Everyone does. But there is a technique you can easily learn to recover dreams.

What happens to those who think they don’t dream is . . . they dream, then wake up, look around and/or begin thinking ‘daytime thoughts.’ Stop. Once you wake up, focus on what you were just dreaming about. It’s still in your subconscious and you can not only recover that dream but if you go back to sleep you can often re-involve yourself in that same dream. If you start thinking ‘daytime thoughts’ - your subconscious yawns, rolls over, and takes a nap - and your conscious mind has

several people with injuries, one of them critically. Responding officers immediately began lifesaving measures until Escondido Fire Paramedics responded and transported three people to various county hospitals. An adult male was transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital, an adult female, was transported to Scripps La Jolla Hospital and a 13-yearold male child, was transported to Palomar Medical Center. All three are residents of Escondido. Despite lifesaving efforts, the 13-year-old child was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. The family of the child has been notified.

Alcohol is believed to have been a factor and one of the involved drivers, identified as Alexander Tito Oroz, a 20-year-old Escondido resident, was arrested for Felony DUI and Gross Vehicular Manslaughter. Oroz was later transported to Tri City Hospital for medical release, pending booking into Vista jail on the listed charges.

The deceased child was the passenger in Oroz’ vehicle. The collision is currently under investigation by the Escondido Police Department’s Traffic Division. Anyone who was a witness or knows anyone with any additional information regarding this incident is encouraged to call Escondido Police Collision Investigator, Officer Paul Smyth at (760) 839-4423.

forgotten that which you dreamed. I would continue this discussion further but I just awakened from a tremendous dream and I wanna go back and finish it.


A Memory From Eight Years Ago

Early Morning Musings 4:20 am. Wide awake.

Got to thinking about Nurse Evelyn. That gal can do anything!

About a month ago I wrote how I gave one of our landscapers $5 and asked him to dig a hole about 3’ long, 3’ deep and 2’ wide, as we had a 20 year old cat that we expected to die most any day.

Sunny Boy was Gene’s cat . . . Evelyn’s late husband. It was a feral cat that he began to feed and the cat became close to Gene and tolerated Evelyn. Gene developed lung cancer, which soon spread, and within a matter of months he was gone. I knew him fairly well. Liked him.

A couple years later, Evelyn and I became a couple. Now Sonny Boy was Evelyn’s cat . . .they were

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Alzheimer’s from page 3

scans. He tried various prescribed medications, physical therapy, even self-hypnosis. The sad fact was that, according to his widow: “Robin was losing his mind and he was aware of it. Can you imagine the pain he felt as he experienced himself disintegrating?” After his death, she would write of her ordeal and the painful and desperate search for a cure for her husband’s mysterious illness in an article she titled: “The Terrorists Inside My Husband’s Brain.”

In the months preceding his suicide, Robin Williams was onset by paranoia and confusion and increasing loss of memory. While filming “Night at the Museum 3” during the spring of 2014, he would sometimes have panic attacks on the movie set and had great difficulty remembering even one line of dialogue as he attempted to portray Teddy Roosevelt in the movie script. In the past, he could easily remember hundreds of lines without a single error. Robin Williams would die four months before Night at the Museum 3 was released. The film was dedicated to his memory.

In the end, the great comedian would succumb to suicide on August 11, 2014, at the age of 63.

How important is the retelling of such events? Listen to the pleas from Robin Williams’ widow, Susan, in her own words: “Hopefully from this sharing of our experience, you will be inspired to turn Robin’s suffering into something meaningful through your work and wisdom.” Then she added these final words regarding the need for ongoing research and the importance of never giving up efforts in promoting public aware-

Man About Town from page 4

close. Sonny Boy would have nothing to do with me. Wouldn’t sit by me. Would run away if I tried to pet him. But he would occasionally accept food from me.

This lasted for about 13, maybe 14 years. Then one day, out of nowhere, Sonny Boy began to cuddle up with me and we became pals. “What took you so long?” I would ask him. “We could have been pals all these years.”

About six months go, Sonny Boy started going downhill. He went mostly blind . . . and, I think, mostly deaf.

Today, he mostly sleeps. He’ll get up if we enter the room but I don’t think he sees us. I think he senses the vibrations of our foot steps. He stays

ness: “Please, do not give up!”

PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN (1911-2004). It’s 1994 and former U. S. President Ronald Reagan is razor sharp before 2,500 spectators at our nation’s Capitol. The assemblage was there to celebrate Reagan’s 83rd birthday and they boarded airplanes from around the world to do so and paid $1,000 per seat to hear Reagan’s wit and wisdom.

Reagan would not disappoint. He came out of the gate with verbal guns blazing: “Thank you. Thank you, Margaret (Thatcher). And thank all of you very much. I haven’t heard such cheers since I told the Washington Press Corps I was leaving town. I don’t know who cheered the loudest – them or me.”

Known as “The Great Communicator,” the 40th U.S. President had few equals in the arena of debate “power punching” or playful jabs at the expense of his political adversaries.

Off the cuff or off the script, Reagan’s quick mind and cerebral counter-punching could easily destroy an opponent’s accusations. When he was once asked a challenging question from a reporter, “How could an actor become president?” Reagan playfully adlibbed, “How can a president not be an actor?”

Reagan’s sharp mind knew the subtle rules and nuances of surviving any debate: “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.” On more explosive issues he was not a “fence straddler” but took incendiary issues head-on with a wrecking ball coated with wry sarcasm: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” Reagan knew that if a remark was funny enough it would be remembered,

in the kitchen, mostly. We brought in a comfortable, attractive bed for him and put him in it several times, thinking he would be more comfortable. He would have none of it. He’d get out and walk over near the dishwasher and lay down on the floor and sleep. He eschewed his bed. (I didn’t really need to say that part but I was looking for an excuse to use the word “eschew,” just so you could see how erudite I was.)

Sonny Boy just kept spiralling down . . . so when it appeared he was on his last legs I had the gardener dig his grave. It’s still out there on the backyard bank, nestled ‘neath an orange tree, and amongst the ice plant.


Evelyn took him to the vet and she (a specialist in cats only) gave Son-

repeated, and grow a life of its own and, therefore, would have a longevity against any opposing viewpoint.

Now standing before an adoring crowd on February 3, 1994, in Washington, D.C., he evoked both laughter and applause. “I must say that returning to Washington today really brought back memories. As our plane headed toward the airport, I looked down on the White House, and it was just like the good old days. Up on Capitol Hill, I saw that big, white dome, bulging with new tax revenues. I instinctively reached for my ‘veto’ pen and thought to myself, ‘Go ahead, make my day.’”

After that rousing reception and his amusing anecdotes all memorized and delivered away from cue cards, the Reagans departed his 83rd Birthday Gala, leaving the audience wanting more. Nancy Reagan vividly remembered what happened as they made their way back to their hotel suite. Something would happen that would forever change the life of the Reagan family – and America as well.

According to Dr. John Hutton, Reagan’s personal physician, when the Reagans reached their hotel suite in Washington, D.C. after his triumphant birthday reception, he hesitated near his room and said out loud: “Well, I have got to wait a minute. I am not quite sure where I am!”

Startled, Nancy Reagan quickly said, “Now, Ronnie, your clothes are down at the end of this room and you go down and you will find out where they are.” Nancy then quickly turned to Dr. Hutton and said, “John, do you see what I mean?” Nancy had long suspected there was something troubling about her husband’s lapses in memory.

ny Boy anti-biotics and an IV. Every day, for about a week. I think Evelyn spent around $1300 that week . . . on two cats. Another cat, Punkin, had some type of infection in the gut and was also going downhill . . . but was much younger. Punkin is now running around house, healthy as a horse. Sonny Boy . . . well, he’s not doing well.

Which brings me back to the central premise of this story.

Evelyn. And how she can do anything.

They showed her at the vet’s office how to insert an IV and how to administer a variety of drugs into the IV line to help keep Sonny Boy alive.

We place him on a kitchen counter, atop a towel. Daddy (that’s me)

On November 5, 1994 Nancy Reagan’s concerns would prove valid when he was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 84. The prognosis was clearly stated: “There is no cure.” The former U.S. President scribbled on two sheets of paper a letter to the American people and handed it to Chief of Staff, Fred Ryan stating, “Why don’t we get this typed up and put out.”

The letter would hit the world like a bomb shell. Addressed to “My Fellow Americans,” it said in part: “I have recently been told that I am one of the millions of Americans who will be afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life. I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead.”

The letter concluded, “In closing let me thank you, the American people for giving me the great honor of allowing me to serve as your President. When the Lord calls me home, whenever that may be, I will leave with the greatest love for this country of ours and eternal optimism for its future.”

(Contents of this letter were faxed to the Reagan Library on November 5, 1994.)

Brilliant author, Bob Spitz, in his unexcelled tribute “Reagan: An American Journey,” (Penguin Press, 2018) he chronicles the final days of suffering and torment.

As his memory faded, Reagan’s mind somehow took him back to when he was leader of the Western World. He once got out of bed

Alzheimer’s continued on page 12

stands on one side of the counter, stroking Sonny Boy’s jowls and the front part of his neck. He loves that and it calms him down. Evelyn will have given him an injection of a pain killer about 15 minutes earlier so the IV needle won’t hurt and bother him that much.

I keep stroking his jowls and chin and talking to him softly, telling him what a good boy he is . . . and he seems content.

Meanwhile, Evelyn is doing the hard stuff. Preparing the IV, inserting the IV, trying to hold the IV tube while reaching for several syringes used to inject more medication into the IV line.

I suppose, if I had to, I could do that

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Update: No More SVPs for Rural San Diego County

As you know, the placement of Sexually Violent Predators (SVPs) in rural areas of California, including San Diego County, has been an ongoing problem. SVPs have been placed in Jacumba Hot Springs, Campo, Boulevard, Borrego Springs and other locations, often near homes, parks and schools.

Currently, the Department of State Hospitals (DSH) oversees placement and contracts with Liberty Healthcare, which then seeks court approval. Courts sometimes intervene to deny inappropriate placements, but by then the leasing process is often already underway, increasing costs and delays.

Since the 75th Assembly District covers most of rural northern and eastern San Diego County, I am very pleased to join Senator Brian Jones (R – San Diego) as co-author of Senate Bill 1074. SB 1074 will make public safety the highest criteria for housing SVPs in any area, with the Director of State Hospitals to be held responsible for ensuring that public safety is the major consideration. The DSH will be required to take ownership by approving any placements before leases can be signed.

SVPs have been convicted of sexually violent offenses and are diagnosed with a mental disorder which

makes them a danger to others – ‘with a ‘high likelihood to reoffend.’ Whether or not someone designated likely to reoffend for such serious crimes should be released at all is another question. But if they are to be released, placing them in rural areas ignores the lack of resources in these communities. Rural areas rarely have the appropriate oversight, counseling or treatment options available in urban communities. SVP housing needs should never be placed above public safety.

SB 1074 has bipartisan support, and due to the importance of the legislation, it has an urgency clause (requiring a 2/3 vote). The bill passed the Senate Public Safety Committee without opposition April 9th, and has been referred to the Appropriations Committee. SB 1074 will go into effect immediately once it’s signed by the Governor.

California’s rural areas cannot remain dumping grounds for Sexually Violent Predators.

Assemblymember Marie Waldron, R- Valley Center, represents the 75th Assembly District in the California Legislature, which includes the cities of Poway, Santee, portions of the City of San Diego, and most of rural eastern and northern San Diego County.

5th District Supervisor

Jim Desmond

San Diego is the New Epicenter

San Diego is the new epicenter for migrants and illegal immigration.

Last week alone, Border Patrol apprehended 9,000 illegal border crossers within the San Diego sector, including 206 Chinese nationals. This surge in illegal crossings has propelled San Diego to the unfortunate position of leading all nine southern border sectors in April, a trend unseen since the 1990s.

Since October 1st, the San Diego sector has witnessed a staggering 214,855 apprehensions, representing individuals from over 75 countries across the globe. Moreover, the closure of the processing center has led to over 30,000 migrant drop-offs in the past two months alone, with projections of more than 1,000 drop-offs expected today. This doesn’t account for the frequent occurrences of boats washing ashore, averaging three to four incidents weekly.

Human smugglers have identified California, particularly the San Diego border sector, as the path of least resistance for illegal immigration. Border Patrol has inadvertently become the “Uber” for migrants entering San Diego County, and the County is the travel agent.

The recent allocation of $19 million in federal dollars will not solve the crisis, as the money will not be

Problem Solved

used to protect the border but only allow for more concierge service to get migrants to their destinations across the United States. We have laws set in place, but currently, the federal government is not upholding them.

Compounding these challenges is California’s sanctuary state status, which prohibits law enforcement from cooperating with immigration officials, hindering our ability to address these issues effectively. Even if local law enforcement were to respond swiftly to incidents such as boats arriving on our shores or breaches in border fences, state law prevents them from coordinating with immigration authorities.

This glaring loophole in our system poses significant risks to public safety and exacerbates the strain on our resources. We urgently need federal support and comprehensive reforms to manage this crisis and safeguard our communities.

So, how can you help? Contact your federal representative and tell them you want to fix the chaos at the border. They’re the ones with the power to fix this and they must hear from you.

San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond, 1600 Pacific Highway, #335, San Diego, CA 92101, United States http://

ParkWhiz said it didn’t charge me for parking -- but then it did!

When Grant Erwin tries to pay for parking at Seattle’s waterfront, a website called ParkWhiz charges him $115 -- even though it claims his transaction didn’t go through. Can he get a refund?

Q: A parking lot on Seattle’s waterfront at the foot of Union Street ripped me off for over $115. When you park there, you have to go to a website called ParkWhiz and give them your credit card number.

When I did that, the site told me very definitely the transaction did not go through. After repeated attempts, I gave up. When I got home, I saw $115 in credit card charges.

ParkWhiz answered my initial request for a refund, asking me to send a receipt (which I did), but since then, they have not responded at all. Their behavior is outrageous and shows Seattle’s new waterfront in a

very bad light. Can you help me get my money refunded?

~ Grant Erwin, Kirkland, Wash.

A: I’m sorry to hear about the extra charges for parking. You were only there for a few hours and it looks like ParkWhiz charged you four times for the same spot. This should have been a no-brainer.

ParkWhiz asked you for a receipt of your parking spot, which you readily provided. And that reminds me: It’s not just important to keep a receipt. If a website says your transaction didn’t go through, and you suspect it may charge you again, take a screenshot. That will prove that something glitched on your end of the transaction and it will make a refund easier to get.

It’s unclear why ParkWhiz stopped communicating with you after you furnished it with your receipt. But I have my suspicions. ParkWhiz

works through an app on your phone. It issues a mobile parking pass once you’ve paid for your spot. But it’s difficult to verify if a car has actually used that spot. ParkWhiz, which is just an intermediary between you and the parking lot operator, would have to contact the operator to ask if it has any records that the spot was used. That might explain the wait time.

ParkWhiz parking passes are fully refundable before the start time on the pass unless otherwise noted. So you could have canceled your reservation at any time up to the start of your reservation. But since you were already past the start time, the passes would have technically been nonrefundable if they existed.

Lesson learned? If a transaction doesn’t go through, contact the company or your bank before trying again -- and again. Otherwise, you could have multiple charges for the

same product on your credit card and no way to get rid of them.

You contacted me 10 days after your parking fiasco, which was understandable. But you might have given ParkWhiz a little more time to resolve this. Personally, I think showing it a receipt should have been enough, and who pays for the same spot four times? But still, I think a fair amount of time would have been two weeks. You were close enough.

I contacted ParkWhiz on your behalf. “It worked!” you said in a follow-up email the next day. “Today, they refunded all charges!”

Christopher Elliott is the founder of Elliott Advocacy (, a nonprofit organization that helps consumers solve their problems. Email him at chris@elliott. org or get help by contacting him at

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The American automotive industry played a giant role toward winning World War II by building planes, tanks, cannons, Jeeps and myriad of guns and ammunitions. Ironically, the British had a big part in getting the United States to participate.

Several different airplanes were designed and built during the 1930s and 1940s, among the more important aircraft to emerge were the P-51 “Mustang” single-seat long range fighter-bomber designed and built by North American Aviation and the B-24 “Liberator” heavy duty long-range bomber designed and built by Consolidated Aircraft of San Diego.

While historians marvel at the sleek-designed “Mustang” for being one of the top fighter-bomber planes of the War, it took the Royal Air Force to improve the plane’s operational performance by inserting a British-designed engine and contracting an American firm, the Packard Automobile Co., to massproduce the the Rolls-Royce “Mer-

Historically Speaking

The Victorious Wings of World War II

lin” engine, a liquid-cooled V-12 piston design. Without the Merlin, the P-51 was a somewhat underpowered, altitude-limited fighter hardly capable of defeating neither Germany’s fast ME-109 fighter nor the highly maneuverable single engine Japanese “Zero” fighter. The British discovered by using the Merlin engine in their famed “Battle of Britain” Spitfire as well as the Mustang, both planes quickly became superior to enemy fighters. The Mustang became known as the “Cadillac of the Sky” flying much higher and farther providing better protection for long-range Allied bombers flying missions over European.

In 1940, before the U.S. entered the War, American auto mogul Edsel Ford, who was president of the Ford Motor Co., agreed to mass-

produce the Merlin engine for the P-51, but his decision was overridden by his father, Henry Ford, who was chairman of the company. Henry wanted no part of any European war. The elder Ford was an isolationist believing the European war was not an American problem. It wasn’t until the Japanese bombed the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor on Dec.7, 1941, that Henry realized there was no other choice for America, but to join in the fight. However, Henry wanted more than just a contract for build-

Travel Troubleshooter

ing the Rolls-Royce engines, he wanted to produce the giant B-24 bombers at his Willow Run factory assembly line near Detroit. By War’s end, Ford had built more

Historically Speaking continued on page 12

Exedia said it refunded my tickets, but it didn’t. What should I do?

Keith Dawe has been waiting for his refund from Expedia since 2020. But neither the online agency nor his airline can find the missing money. Where is it?

Q: I need help getting a refund from Expedia. I booked two roundtrip Air Transat tickets from Toronto to Paris through Expedia back in 2020. I had to cancel the flights. Under the refund rules during the pandemic, Expedia said I could get my money back. Expedia said it would process the refund in a matter of weeks.

I waited a few months, but the refund never showed up on my credit card. I contacted Expedia in early 2022, and they told me to contact Air Transat for my refund. I did, and an Air Transat representative said the airline had already sent my refund to Expedia.

I’ve contacted both Expedia and

Air Transat on numerous occasions since then, and I’ve also asked my credit card company for help. It says there’s no record of a refund from Expedia or Air Transat.

I would love to get a refund. Can you help me?

A: Expedia should have refunded your money three years ago. I believe this is a new record for the longest airline refund case. (Congratulations, Expedia!)

Air Transat is a relatively small charter airline, so that might explain the initial delay. But at some point, Expedia should have taken ownership of this problem and helped you get a refund. Instead, it looks as if you bounced between Expedia, Air Transat and your credit card company for years. Literally, years. You must be exhausted.

What happened? It looks as if Air Transat may have refunded part of your purchase with a check, which looks like it was for taxes and fees. That left an outstanding balance of about $1,002. Air Transat claims it sent the money to Expedia, but Expedia said it never received the money.

Here’s the thing: When you buy an airline ticket through an online travel agency, it is responsible for the refund. It doesn’t matter if the airline refunds it or not. So if Expedia says you’re entitled to a refund, and it promises to process a refund in a few weeks, it’s on Expedia.

You were way too patient with your airline and online agency. You should have received the promised refund promptly, and if not, you should have filed a credit card dispute to recover your funds.

I list the names, numbers and email

addresses of the Expedia executives on my consumer advocacy site, A brief but firm email to one of them might have motivated Expedia to find your missing money.

I contacted Expedia on your behalf. In response, the company apologized and admitted there was “an error with the refund.”

“The refund has been processed,” a representative said. Expedia also added $200 worth of points to your loyalty account as an apology for the delay.

Christopher Elliott is the founder of Elliott Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that helps consumers solve their problems. Email him at or get help by contacting him on his site.

© 2024 Christopher Elliott.

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B-24 assembly line at Willow Run. P-51 “Mustang” fighter-bomber. Packard V-1650 Merlin engine.

Free-Range Kids Are Becoming a Problem at the Airport

Have you noticed all the kids at the airport lately?

Not so long ago, you could only find them at the terminal playground areas or the gates, where their parents kept a watchful eye on them. But no longer.

“It’s a free-for-all,” says Lisamarie Monaco, an insurance saleswoman from Jacksonville, Fla. She knows a thing or two about traveling with youngsters as the mother of seven kids. And she’s been appalled at what she’s seen lately.

“Parents let their kids do whatever they want at the airport,” she says. “It drives me crazy.”

Passengers are complaining about free-range children running around the airport unsupervised. How bad has it gotten? When I lived in Santiago, Chile, last year, one young passenger jumped on a luggage belt and took a joyride. Airport workers eventually retrieved the child, who was unharmed.

The anything-goes attitude is often a preview of the flight to come. Who can forget that viral video of the toddler using her tray table as a springboard on an eight-hour flight? Or the frustrated United Airlines captain who wanted to divert his flight because of unruly schoolkids in the back of the plane?

Air Travelers Disapprove of Free-Roaming Kids

Passengers are almost unanimous about this problem: 90 percent of travelers say parents should not let their kids roam free, according to a recent survey by Kayak. After all, your fellow passengers are not babysitters.

“These encounters with kids have become a bigger issue,” says Howard Pratt, a psychiatrist at Community Health of South Florida who specializes in treating children. “Not everybody traveling looks forward to interacting with kids who are not their own. So it’s not just a question of protecting your kids from strangers, but also about protecting other passengers from the potential stress they may experience from having to deal with kids they don’t know, yet who they may feel responsible for.”

What’s a parent to do? If you’re

flying with young kids, you may wonder if it’s OK to let your kids run free anywhere at the airport. When are they old enough to let them out of your sight? What are parents’ responsibilities when it comes to allowing their kids to interact with fellow passengers? And also, what if you’re on the receiving end of attention from someone’s unsupervised child?

Should you allow children to run free in the airport?

Yes -- and no.

“In a safe unpopulated area such as a terminal gate that is full of empty seats,” says Ashanti Woods, a pediatrician at Baltimore’s Mercy Medical Center. “Children need to play and burn energy, especially if we want them to sleep on the flight.”

But there’s a catch: Parents have to keep one eye on their kids and another on the departure gate to make sure the flight doesn’t leave without them.

So should you let your kids run free in the airport? No, say experts.

“Children should not be allowed to run free in the airport,” says Bidisha Sarkar, a pediatrician at ClinicSpots, a travel medicine site. “It’s essential for safety and courtesy to keep them within reach at all times.”

What is an appropriate age to allow your kids to explore the airport without adult supervision?

It depends. Timon van Basten, who runs tours in Spain, says he’s seen kids as young as 8 who have no trouble being independent in the airport terminal -- and behaving.

But it depends on the child and the airport.

“Busy airports like London Heathrow might prove too overwhelming for some kids,” he says.

Sarkar says parents have to assess their kids’ maturity and ensure they know all the airport protocols (no leaving the secured areas, be back in time for boarding).

“Parents also have to ensure their children do not disturb others,” she says.

What is a parent’s responsibility when it comes to allowing their kids to interact with fellow passengers?

I can’t believe I have to say this, but parents, you are responsible for your children at the airport.

“It’s the parent’s responsibility to keep their child from disturbing other passengers as much as possible,” says Brandi Taylor, a travel concierge. “If your child is trying to strike up a conversation with a stranger, keep an eye on the stranger’s reaction. If they are enjoying the interaction, then there’s no need to intervene. But if the stranger would obviously prefer to be left alone, you’ll want to redirect your child.”

Again, it depends on the child. When my kids were toddlers, they would talk to anyone. And not everyone wanted to get talked to. I erred on the side of caution and avoid the free-range kids problem.

“Parents should use the occasion to demonstrate many of the foundational etiquette skills that will serve them well their entire life, such as being mindful of others, re-

specting people’s personal space, being polite-yet-direct, and setting boundaries,” says etiquette expert Nick Leighton.

What if you have an encounter with an unsupervised child?

Don’t panic. The parents can’t be far away. But if you can’t find the parent, track down an airport or airline employee and ensure they know the free-range child is on the loose.

Etiquette experts say -- and I agree with them -- you’ll gain nothing by approaching a free-range parent angrily. They already know what they’ve done, and they probably don’t care.

A lighthearted, “Look who I found?” might be the best approach. Yelling or finger-wagging will just stress you out even more, and it won’t change the parents’ behavior.

Those signs warning of child trafficking in the bathrooms are a good start. If that’s not enough to put the fear of God into a parent, I don’t know what is. More designated areas for kids to play would help, too.

But ultimately, it’s up to parents to teach their kids good manners and responsible behavior.

Christopher Elliott is an author, consumer advocate, and journalist. He founded Elliott Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that helps solve consumer problems. He publishes Elliott Confidential, a travel newsletter, and the Elliott Report, a news site about customer service. If you need help with a consumer problem, you can email him at

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Illustration by Dustin Elliott

Time For Your Home To Take Care Of You

As an older homeowner, our perspectives change. We may have retired but our minds and our concerns for our future are more focused on what we have learned and how to make the bestdecisions for our future and our family’s future.

Healthcare should always be a part of that discussion and decision making process. We don’t know if or when we will need care not only from our family but also from professional healthcareworkers. Sometimes, our family members may want to help us, but they may not be able to because of work and/or family commitments. And we may make the choice to not ask them for help because of our

own pride or we may simply want to have professionals provide our care.

Decisions for our own care later in life should start in our 40’s. But that is not the case for the majority of us. Although 70% of us will need long-term care at some point in our lives, less than 10% have long-term care insurance. Longterm care insurance is only one part of a long-term care plan.

Long-term care insurance is a specialty in itself, I don’t have the expertise to address specifics.

For a more in depth conversation, you should speak with a long-term care insurance professional. This type of insurance is best when purchased in our 40’s or 50’s. But if you don’t have it, there are other ways to provide for healthcare costs.

Independence is important to all of us. As a homeowner, your home can support your independence. As I’ve always said, you spent your life taking care of your home, now it’s time for your home to take care of you. The equity you have built during your lifetime is there to pro-


continued on page 14

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The Pastor Says . . .

Being Blessed

Religious and secular communities have used the expression “God bless you” millions of times. Being a recipient of that expression has both encouraged me and given me a sense of what is in a person’s mind and heart. The question often is, however, if someone’s using the words they activate God to give a blessing, whatever that blessing is supposed to mean. If it is to convey the traditional meaning of wanting God’s favor and protection to bless me, I am ready to have as many people as possible to bless me. I will take God’s favor and protection anytime. Yet, is it possible that someone can get God to act on behalf of another human being, or has it become just another religious expression? It is truly unique if the expression releases God’s favor and protection. Think for a moment about what power and divine energy we have. It is far more than a handshake. It brings into focus the supernatural, which transcends this physical world.

People ask me to share this belief and expression with their pets. A person recently asked me if I would have a pet blessing ceremony this year, as I have performed over the years. Some churches often conduct such ceremonies.

Many ask if I use the same words, and the results are the same. Is there merit in having a pet ministry that includes praying over pets and conducting funerals for deceased pets?

When I’m asked to bless pets, I’m reminded of their owners’ profound love and concern for them. I also think of the pets themselves, in whatever form they may exist. I believe that my voice, the love of the owner, and even the touch of my hand convey a sense of care and, more importantly, the love of God. It is with the favor and protection of God that I can sincerely say, “God bless you.” Perhaps, in many ways, we can invoke God’s blessings upon all of His creation, not just our fellow humans.

Please dial 760-746-6611 for a Dial-A-Prayer message from my Dial-A-Prayer Ministry. This service is available 24 hours a day and is designed to offer spiritual guidance and support whenever needed.

Pet Parade

Persnickety Pop

Persnickety Pop is pet of the week at Rancho Coastal Humane Society. She’s a 1-1/2year-old, 50-pound, female, Shepherd mix.

Persnickety Pop was transferred from a shelter partner in the Imperial Valley through Friends of County Animal Shelters (FOCAS). She’s a medium energy dog who needs a family that will help her build confidence.

The $145 adoption fee for Persnickety Pop includes medical exam, spay, up to date vaccinations, registered microchip, and a one-year license if her new home is in the jurisdiction of San Diego Humane Society.

For more information visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, call 760-753-6413, or log on to

Kennels are open 11am to 4pm Thursday - Monday and Wednesday by appointment. (Yes! Open Thursdays for the first time since the pandemic began!)

San Diego Humane Society is supporting families and their pets who need a little extra help.

Through the Community Pet Pantry, anyone can visit our campuses to pick up a bag of dog or cat food, and other supplies, as available.

No appointment is needed for this service. Hours are Tuesday-Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

El Cajon 373 N. Marshall Ave.

Escondido 3500 Burnet Drive

Oceanside 572 Airport Road

San Diego 5480 Gaines Street

Pet of the Week


Meet Ollie! This bright-eyed, joyful pup only wants for a few things in life: tasty treats, toys to play with, a cozy spot for naps and a person to be his closest companion! You’re sure to fall head over heels for his playful personality and happy spirit, and he has a lot of love to share with you in return! Ollie loves other dogs and has experience playing at dog parks and beaches, so he may do well with another pup pal at home. If you’re ready to fill your days with playtime, walks, joy and companionship, he’s the one for you! Wonderful Ollie (896443) is available for adoption at San Diego Humane Society’s Escondido Campus at 3500 Burnet Dr. If you have questions about the adoption process, you can visit or call 619-299-7012.

Online profile:

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The Computer Factory

845 W. San Marcos Blvd. 760-744-4315

The IW (intelligent web) refers to the process of combining AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and NLP (natural language processing) techniques to enhance the functionality and intelligence of the World Wide Web (Internet).

That the IW and its successor technology will dominate the next stage of human development and civilization is a near certainty. Today it is impossible not to notice that everywhere in public; people of all ages are compulsively linked to IW via their “smart phones.”

The IW is barely twenty years old and already has the ever increasing capability to store and provide universal access to the entirety of human knowledge. AI is increasingly able to parse this store of

The warmer Spring weather is bringing rattlesnakes out of hibernation. They don’t care if you’re a person, a dog, a cat, or a rat. If you stick your nose, or any other part of your body, in their business, they’re going to defend themselves. Here are some things you and your dog can do to avoid snakebite.

• Sunset is when you’ll most likely encounter a rattlesnake.

• People need footwear that gives protection.

• Keep your dog on a leash and on a well-used trail.

“The times they are a changing”, IW and the Environment Part 2 of 2

knowledge with intelligence (AI) that far exceeds the capabilities of any single human mind. Whether the IW will be a font of truth and free human expression or a propaganda tool used by the “powers that be” to control the masses, as it is in China today, is a yet unanswered question. There is the seductive potential that this creation (IW) of our own ingenuity could unite the World’s people in peace and purpose and provide a rational vehicle to avert the looming environmental catastrophe that is the product of our own short sighted egocentrism. The egocentrism that once served us well as an individual survival strategy today threatens our existence as a civilization. Our survival is no longer about individual priorities. Hope for the future of our civilization requires unselfish cooperation and a concerted effort to address our impending survival threats. The most immediate threats are related to the explosion of our planets human population.

In 1492 when Columbus first glimpsed the “New World”, World population was estimated to be 450 million. Four hundred years later (1890), World population had more than tripled to 1.6 billion. By the middle of the 20th century (1950) World population was 2.5 billion. Since 1950 survival enhancing technologies in health, food and sanitation have resulted in the worldwide population explosion to over 8 billion in 2024, all within a human lifespan. By 2050

the World population is estimated to be 10 billion, 22 times the population on the Earth the year Columbus discovered America.

The speed at which the population explosion has overtaken us hasn’t allowed sufficient time to adjust our habits and attitudes to accommodate the harmful effect we are having on our home planet. We continue, at break neck speed, to deplete Earths natural resources, poison our water and air and flirt with potentially catastrophic levels of climate changed. A cacophony of impassioned and conflicting attitudes inhibit our ability to take consensual action to save ourselves.

Environmental activists scream for draconian political action, political opportunists use the looming crises as a tool to extract more power and


control and deniers dismiss contemporary environmental concern as “chicken Little” alarms. We of the older generations can see the growing problems but are reluctant to surrender the freedoms we’ve always enjoyed to laws that might limit our options. We attribute the activism of younger generations to their lack of real world experience and tend to dismiss their concerns as the “folly of youth.”

It would be great if only Jesus, Moses, Zoroaster, Confucius or some other great leader could step out of the clouds and unite us in a concerted action plan that provides the solutions to our problems. But that seems unlikely. We’re stuck with only ourselves to resolve these potentially civilization threatening problems. Can we get it done before it’s too late? “The jury is still out”.

you give up on your “old” PC, check out the cost of an upgrade.

Solid State Drive (SSD) - windows 10/11 - more memory (RAM) - Faster Internet - Bluetooth/Wifi, better/biger monnitor - external speakers - external CD/RW - wireless keyboard and mouse - etc.

• Carry a stick to beat the bushes and scare snakes away.

• Take your cell phone (for emergency...NOT to talk or text.)

Once you start hiking with your pet:

• Don’t go where there are likely to be snakes. I mean it. Don’t go where snakes are.

• Don’t put your paws, hands or feet anywhere you can’t see (like under a log or rock).

• Look before you leap. Step ON a rock or log instead of over it.

• If you stop to rest, look before you sit down.

• Be careful around water. Snakes can swim. In the water they look like floating sticks.

• If you see a snake...LEAVE IT ALONE!

What should you do if you or your pet are bitten by a rattler?

• This sounds dumb, especially if you or your dog have just been bitten by a venomous snake but try to remain calm. If you panic the venom spreads faster.

• Get to a Doctor ASAP...even if it’s

not your regular doctor or veterinarian.

• Try to remember what the snake looks like. How big, what color, shape of head, etc.

Don’t pick up what looks like a dead snake. It might just be sleeping. And a freshly dead snake still has the bitereflex. Keep your paws to yourself.

Just one more thing. Remember the old movies when a cowboy got bit by a snake, and his buddy cut the skin and sucked out the venom? That doesn’t work. Don’t do that.

To repeat, don’t take your dog where you’re likely to encounter snakes. If you do see snakes, leave them alone. It could save your or your pet’s life.

The Paper • Page 11 • May 2, 2024 Goodness! Gracious! Snakes Alive!
John Van Zante’s Critter Corner

Alzheimer’s from page 5

As in the case with President Ronald Reagan and others, tests quickly determined that he (Reagan) was just entering the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

factors to the disease.

Historically Speaking from page 7 at 4 a.m. and dressed as if going to work at the Oval Office. Nancy lovingly led him back to his bed. Ever his rock, she serenely spoke to him in quiet tones of their beautiful life together and the unbounded love which tied a bow around it. For Nancy Reagan, her heart would forever be shattered into irreconcilable pieces.

The end came on June 5, 2004 when, during his final moments of life, the ex-president looked around him for his wife, Nancy.

As Bob Spitz recalls: “With his last breath, he angled his head to one side, opened his eyes wide, wider, until they found Nancy’s face. He looked right at her, then closed his eyes and was gone.”

If we are to honor President Ronald Reagan’s request, as well as his surviving family, then we are bound to share this story of tragedy and learn from it.

Alzheimer’s is a menace which needs to be reckoned with and declared war against.

Long before his own diagnosis, Reagan always knew the dangers of Alzheimer’s disease and the need for public awareness.

In 1983, only 2 years after assuming his first term as U.S. President he would officially dedicate the month of November as “National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month.” Little did he know at the time that 11 years later in 1994, after declaring war on this disease he would be diagnosed as having that very disease, himself.

Incredibly, his diagnosis came in November, the very month he declared as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Let us honor his legacy and request to continue the fight against Alzheimer’s. Take an Alzheimer’s quiz and learn more about it and how you can stay involved.


A. True

B. False

Correct answer is “B” false. Although Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, there are several other types including Vascular dementia, Lewy bodies dementia, Parkinson’s disease (which can cause mental impairment), Frontotemporal dementia, Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, to cite just a few examples. A person can have more than one type of dementia at the same time.


A. Yes.

B. No.

However, tests are not always that conclusive and can be difficult, as in the case of Robin Williams, who was found to have dementia only after an autopsy was conducted. But, generally speaking, the correct answer is “A” yes. According to the Alzheimer’s Association: “Doctors can nearly always determine whether you have dementia, and they can often identify whether your dementia is due to Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease can be diagnosed with complete accuracy only after death, when microscopic examination of the brain reveals the characteristic.”

(Alzheimer’s official website, tests.) Always check with your family physician and never take chances if you’re in doubt.


A. One diagnosis every day.

B. One diagnosis every hour.

C. One diagnosis every 65 seconds.

Correct answer is “C” above. Every 65 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s. According to the official Alzheimer’s Association in America: “As the number of older Americans grows rapidly, so too will the number of new and existing cases of Alzheimer’s. Today, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s every 65 seconds.”


A. True.

B. False. Surprisingly, the correct answer is “B” false. Dementia is more common in people over 65, but it can also affect younger people. Early onset of dementia can begin when people are in their 30s, 40s, or 50s. One recent study found evidence of dementia in people as young as 20 years old.

However, it mostly affects older people. 1 in 3 seniors die with Alzheimer’s or other dementia. It kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer – combined!


A. True.

B. False.

Correct answer is “A” true. It’s no secret that women are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at first attributed this to the fact that women (on average) live longer than men, but scientists are now finding out that there may be other contributing

60% of all Alzheimer’s disease victims are women. Research has found that women in their 60s are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s than to develop breast cancer. Maria Carrillo, chief science officer for the Alzheimer’s Association states: “There are enough biological questions pointing to increased risk in women that we need to delve into that and find out why.”


A. White

B. Hispanic

C. Black

Correct answer is “C.” Older African-Americans are about twice as likely to have Alzheimer’s or other dementia than older whites. Hispanics are about 1 ½ times more likely to have Alzheimer’s or other dementia than older whites.


Best answer is to always check with your family physician.

Never try to ‘play doctor’ yourself by possibly making dangerous and wrongful assumptions.

Never, ever take that gamble.

Every person is different, so first ask your doctor questions regarding possible prevention measures such as improving your diet, exercise (your doctor must first approve the level of exercise for your condition), faithfully taking vitamins or medications as prescribed by your personal physician. Never experiment with over-thecounter drugs without first consulting your doctor. Your specific condition may not tolerate such drug interaction. Also, reading (as opposed to just passively watching TV) as well as learning new things keep the brain agile and stimulated.

Hobbies are fun, especially with a group of friends to interact with. Performing simple crossword puzzles help the perception of spatial relationship and logical conclusions. Stay socially interactive with friends with conversations and sharing experiences, etc. Surprisingly, social interaction is healthy for mental and psychological stimulation.

Isolation is not a condition conducive for mental health. Homeless people, for example, often incur early symptoms of dementia. Also, log onto the various official websites of the National Alzheimer’s Association to learn more

than 8,600 of the B-24s coming of the assembly line at the rate of one every 30 minutes. The Packard Motor Car company in Detroit took on the Merlin engine contract. The P-51 served until the U.S. Air Force retired it in 1984.

From late 1943, the P-51 Mustangs were used by the U.S. 8th Air Force to escort bombers in raids over Germany, while the British RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force and the U.S. 9th Air Force used the Merlin-powered Mustangs as fighter-bombers. During World War II, Mustang pilots claimed to have destroyed more than 4,950 enemy aircraft. At the start of the Korean War, the Mustang was the main fighter of the United States until jet-powered fighters took over.

One of the most successful aircraft engines of the World War II era, some 50 versions of the Merlin were built. The Packard “V-1650” was the version of the Merlin built in the United States. Production ceased in 1950, after a total of some 150,000 engines had been assembled. Interestingly enough today the Merlin engine remains in the service of the RAF.

At its inception, the B-24 Liberator had the ability to carry a heavy bomb load, but it was not without problems. In comparison with its contemporaries like the Boeing B-17 and the B-26, the B-24 was relatively difficult to fly and had poor low-speed performance. It also had a lower altitude ceiling and was less robust than other bombers. While air crews tended to prefer the Boeing B-17, U.S. Air Corps mission planners favored the B-24. Approximately 18,500 B-24 bombers, including 8,685 manufactured by Ford Motor Company’s Willow Run factory near Detroit, the B-24 holds records as the world’s most-produced bomber, multi-engine aircraft, and American military aircraft in history.

Along with the B-17, the B-24 was the mainstay of the U.S. strategic bombing campaign in the Western European theater. Noted Oscar-winning actor James Stewart became an U.S. Army Air Corps colonel piloting B-24 bombers for 50 bombing missions during the European campaigns.

Due to its range, the B-24 proved useful in bombing operations in the Pacific, including the bombing of Japan. Long-range anti-submarine Liberators played an instrumental role in closing the Mid-Atlantic gap in the Battle of the Atlantic. By the end of World War II, the technological breakthroughs of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress made the B-24 somewhat obsolete. The Boeing B-29 bomber was used to deliver the two atom weapons that ended the War.

The Paper • Page 12 • May 2, 2024
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Alzheimer’s from page 12

and keep up with new scientific findings. For example, vitamin B12 deficiency may contribute to memory loss. Also, fish with omega-3 fatty acids (for example tuna, halibut, and salmon) may decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s.

“While there is no diet or food (proven) to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, there is (strong evidence) that diet may decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s” according to Sue Stillman Linja and Seanne Safaii-Waite, and the Alzheimer’s Association. But always ask your doctor first, before taking any over-thecounter vitamins. Also, avoid tobacco, excessive alcohol and illegal drugs.


Yes. According to the Jersey Alzheimer’s Association, up to 45 percent of people with dementia have mixed dementia but don’t know it. Mixed dementia can cause different symptoms in different people.

Some people experience memory loss and disorientation first, while others experience behavior and mood changes first. So be aware and consult your family doctor if necessary.

WHAT ARE SOME DEMENTIA SYMPTOMS TO LOOK FOR? The National Alzheimer’s Association lists “10 Early Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer’s.”


(1) Memory loss that disrupts daily life. (2) Difficulty in planning or solving routine things such as keeping track of monthly bills. (3) Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure. Alzheimer’s victims sometimes have trouble driving to a familiar location, remembering rules to a favorite game, or confused about the settings on a microwave oven. (4) Confusion with time or place. Like Ronald Reagan, people may begin to have trouble remembering where they are or how they got there. They also may lose track of time, dates or even what year it is. (5) Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships. Vision problems, difficulty reading, judging distances, and not able to determine color or contrast can be an early sign. (6) New problems with words in speaking or writing. People with Alzheimer’s may have trouble following or joining a conversation. They may stop in mid-sentence, not knowing how to continue or they may repeat themselves. They may begin to use common words in clumsy ways, such as calling a “wrist watch” a “hand-clock.” (7) Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps. A person with Alzheimer’s may put things in unusual places such as the car keys in the refrigerator. Or unable to retrace their steps in trying to find a lost item. They may begin accusing you of stealing. (8) Decreased or poor judgment. People with Alzheimer’s may experience changes in judgment or

decision-making. For example, they may use poor judgment in giving large sums of money to telemarketers. They may also pay less attention to personal hygiene such as bathing, grooming, or keeping themselves generally clean. (9) Withdrawal from work or social activities. They may begin losing interest in their favorite hobbies, or withdrawing from social groups and activities. (10) Changes in mood and personality. The mood and personality of people with Alzheimer’s can change. They may become suspicious, depressed, fearful or anxious. They may become easily upset or angry at home, at work, with friends or in places where they are out of their comfort zone.

I hope this article has helped you be more aware at just how widespread dementia is and how we can be involved by being part of

the solution. Get involved with the next Alzheimer’s Walkathon or give charitably for ongoing research to help find a cure. Spread the word, stay alert, and stay healthy.

God bless you all, each and every one.

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Oodles from page 3

The fashion show will be held at 751 N. Rose Street in Escondido. For more information and tickets call 619-861-0395.


Zumba Fitness

Sundays 9 am Beginning Sunday, May 4th

The City of Escondido Recreation Dept. will begin offering a dance fitness class on Sundays at 9 am at East Valley Community Center. This class, using easy-to-follow movements and a variety of music, welcomes all fitness levels.

Registration opens April 16th 8am


El Camino Quilters Guild Meeting

May 14 • 9:30am

El Camino Quilters Guild meets at 9:30 AM on Tuesday May 14, 2024 at El Corazon Senior Center, 3302 Senior Center Dr. Oceanside 92056. Guest fee: $10.

Our April guest speaker is Susie Shkolnik. Her presentation is entitled “BATIK… The History and the Mystery.”

For more information or email

El Camino Quilters is a non-profit group. We donate hundreds of quilts and other handmade items to a variety of groups including Rady Children’s Hospital, Senior centers, hospitals, police and military groups.


Calling all EHS Cougars Class of 1974

Aren’t you curious about the life choices and twists and turns of your old buds life journeys so far? Don’t you want to reconnect with people who knew you when . . . well, you know. Here’s your chance!

Our GOLDEN Reunion is coming up and we’re ready to celebrate the facts that we graduated AND we’re still here to party like its 2024! The event is on Saturday, May 18th between 11 am and 3 pm at our old stomping grounds, Escondido High Football Stadium. The tasty lunch will be catered by the Wrangler BBQ, a longtime sponsor of this annual event.

Tickets and other information can be found on the reunion website:

Tickets are $45 per person and includes food, soda and water. Riding tours of the campus are free.

Handicap parking is provided.

This important event is made possible by the EHS 2024 Reunion Committee in association with the Cougar Alumni Club, a 503c nonprofit organization. All donations made to the EHS Golden Reunion are tax deductible.

Vista’s Moonlight Theater 2024 Concert Series

The Moonlight Concert Series is ecstatic to expand in 2024 with more tribute and headlining acts than ever before! Check out the full lineup and purchase your tickets today.

Concert Lineup

May 23: Mariachi Divas

May 24: So Good! The Neil Diamond Experience starring Robert Neary

May 25: The Sounds of the 60’s Tour: The Drifters, The Platters & The Coasters

June 27: ABBA-Mania: The Best of ABBA

June 28: Chicago Nights starring Jason Scheff

June 29: The Midtown Men: Stars from the Original Broadway Cast of Jersey Boys

August 1: José Feliciano & Tito Puente Jr.

August 2: Yesterday & Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience

August 3: 90’s House Party: Kid ’n Play, Tone Loc, Rob Base, Young MC

October 3: Dream Like Taylor: A Live Band Journey through the Enchanted Eras of Taylor Swift

October 4: When Disco was King: Featuring Former Members of the Village People

October 5: Dead Man’s Party: Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman


Ticket Prices

Ticket costs vary depending on event type and seat selection.




Reserved Lawn

Gen Lawn






Discount Packages

Interested in attending multiple shows? Get the best value by purchasing a concert package and receive a discount! Discounts will automatically be applied when ordering online.

3-5 Concerts = 10% discount

6-10 Concerts = 15% discount

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Questions? Call our box office: 760.724.2110. Customer Service hours are noon to 5 pm weekdays. Purchase tickets online at https://

Home from page 9

vide for you when your needs have changed.

With a reverse mortgage, that equity is unlocked for you to use as you see fit. The equity is converted to cash which can be used for paying for long-term care insurance or paying for healthcare professionals to care for you. That kind of professional care can be homecare for alzheimer’s patients, a reprieve for family members, even to pay for day care for alzheimer’s or dementia patients. Even without the diagnosis of alzheimer’s or dementia, an in-home healthcare professional can be invaluable to seniors dealing with frailty. If we lose the ability to drive, we can maintain our independence by having a care giver provide transportation services for us, with our car or theirs.

The journey to an enjoyable retirement is within reach. You have the ability to provide for your own care through a variety of avenues. Professionals are available to educate you in their specialty. I belong to an organization called the California Care Planning Council, www. .

We have professionals in many different areas of concern for seniors. From asset protection to veteran’s benefits to home care or placement services to estate planning, we have the professional to assist you. And of course, I am always here to answer any and all questions regarding reverse mortgages.

Please call me if I can help you decipher all the options a reverse mortgage program can provide for you. There are many new program options offering the perfect solution to your retirement strategy. Don’t wait to call, you won’t be sorry!

Laura Strickler

Reverse Mortgage Advisor


NMLS #315848

Man About Town from page 5

. . . but not as well as Evelyn.

Of late, Sonny Boy has been less tolerant of the IV. He’s fighting it and is uncomfortable.

Finally, after several days of trying it I said to Evelyn . . . “If you and I were terminal, we’ve already decreed that we don’t want ‘heroic measures’ to keep us alive. Just let us be pain free, comfortable, and let us pass, naturally. We need to do that with Sonny Boy. He needs to be allowed to be comfortable and not have to tolerate these infusions.”

I think Evelyn finally agreed.

So now we keep Sonny Boy comfortable. I pick him up from time to time and talk to him softly, holding him in my arms, stroking him. Letting him know he’s loved and allowing him to accept affection. Evelyn does the same.

Any day now, Sonny Boy is likely to leave us.

And then I shall place him in my $5 grave, up there on the bank, amongst the ice-plant, ‘neath the orange tree, and cover him up with warm, California earth.


Regular readers of this column know that, from time to time, I point out folks in business who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide service to their customers.

Today, I tip my hat to Cody, the manager at Discount Tires, in Escondido, corner of Washington Avenue and Broadway.

On several occasions Cody has gone out of his way to see to it I got prompt and dependable service . . . and always with that great big smile of his. Makes it a pleasure to do business with him!

I recall one occasion when I had a flat tire and needed a new one. All the racks were tied up and Cody, bless his heart, went and got a portable jack, jacked up my car, removed the now-useless tire and put a new tire on . . . in no time at all!

That is service!

Here’s hoping for a mighty pleasant spring and summer season for Cody and his team at Discount Tire, Escondido. And thank you for great service!


Word on the street is that all moms who visit Mike’s BBQ in Escondido on Mother’s Day will receive a rose in recognition of her special day. Mike’s BBQ is located at 1356 W. Valley Parkway. You deserve it, Mom! Congratulations!

The Paper • Page 14 • May 2, 2024
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STATEMENT 2024-9006733

The name of the business: Seaside North Physical Therapy, located at 4 Creekside Dr., Unit 320, San Marcos, CA 92078. Registrant Matthew Scott Doull, 4 Creekside Dr., Unit 320, San Marcos, CA 92078. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: N/A

/s/ Matthew S. Doull with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 3/26/2024

4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9006819

The name of the business:

RelyOn Home Services, EcoWater SoCal, located at 2241 La Mirada Drive, Vista, CA 92081. Registrant Yanchewski & Wardell Enterprises, Inc., 2241 La Mirada Drive, Vista, CA 92081. This business is operated by a Corporation. First day of business: N/A /s/ Glen P. Kiehl, Corporate Secretary with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 3/27/2024

4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9005402

The name of the business:

Azure Destination Wedding & Travel, located at 2130 Sunset Drive, #46, Vista, CA 92081. Registrant Linda Shirley Birdsall, 2130 Sunset Drive, #46, Vista, CA 92081. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: N/A /s/ Linda Shirley Birdsall with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 3/8/2024

4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16/2024


NAME STATEMENT 2024-9006696

The name of the business:

Touch of Glam Studio, located at 2821 Oceanside Blvd., G, Oceanside, CA 92054. Registrant Jocelyn Vanesa Cruz, 279 Douglas Dr., Apt 117, Oceanside, CA 92058. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: 3/20/2024 /s/ Jocelyn Cruz with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 3/25/2024

4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9007801

The name of the business: J’s Microgreens, located at 2629 La Gran Via, Carlsbad, CA 92009. Registrant Jason Anthony Thornborough, 2629 La Gran Via, Carlsbad, CA 92009. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: N/A /s/ Jason Anthony Thornborouogh with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/10/2024

4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9/2024


NAME STATEMENT 2024-9008031

The name of the business: Blackfish Pool Services, located at 429 Mimosa Avenue, Vista, CA 92081. Registrant Austin Jordan Lewis, 429 Mimosa Ave., Vista, CA 92081. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: N/A

/s/ Austin Jordan Lewis with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/12/2024

4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9/2024


NAME STATEMENT 2024-9007651

The name of the business: Home2 Suites By Hilton Carlsbad/San Diego, located at 1901 Wright Place, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Registrant Royal Hospitality Carlsbad, PO Box 3872, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. This business is operated by a Limited Liabiality Company. First day of business: 6/8/2020 /s/ Ryong Cho, Managing Member with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 3/26/2024 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9/2024


The name of the business: Morph N Time Collectibles, located at 2561 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Registrant Abram Moedano, 382 Osborne St., Vista, CA 92084. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: 4/1/2024 /s/ Abram Moedano with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/8/2024 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9/2024


The name of the business: 5 Star Cleaning Service, 5 Star Cleaning Services, located at 831 Millbrook Pl., Escondido, CA 92026. Registrant Jose E. Nieto, 831 Millbrook Pl., Escondido, CA 92026. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: N/A /s/ Jose E. Nieto with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 4/2/2024 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9/2024


STATEMENT 2024-9006133

The name of the business: Park Place Chiropractic, located at 955 Boardwalk Ste 305, San Marcos, CA 92078. Registrant Robert D Olson Integrative Chiropractic Inc., 955 Boardwalk Ste 305, San Marcos, CA 92078. This business is operated by a Corporation. First day of business: 3/14/2024

/s/ Robert Olson, President with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 3/19/2024 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9/2024


STATEMENT 2024-9008289

The name of the business: Ethical Resource, located at c/o 1177 Adena Way, San Marcos, CA 92069. Registrant Kevin James Camperell, 1177 Adena Way, San Marcos, CA 92069. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: 4/17/2024 /s/ Kevin James Camperell with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/17/2024 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16/2024


STATEMENT 2024-9006396

The name of the business: La Mission Barbershop, located at 2035 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92058. Registrant Karla San Elias, 2035 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92058 This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: N/A /s/ Karla San Elias with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 4/21/2024 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9008184

The name of the business: Milestone Renovation Consultants, located at 5102 Whitman Way #302, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Registrant Paul Keith Macaulay, 5102 Whitman Way #302, Carlsbad, CA 92008. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: N/A /s/ Paul Keith Macaulay with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/16/2024 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16/2024


STATEMENT 2024-9008073

The name of the business: Raelee Impressions, located at 4653 Carmel Mountain Rd., 306-128, San Diego, CA 92130. Registrant Linda Le Blevins 4653 Carmel Mountain Rd, 308-128, San Diego, CA 92130. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: 4/15/2024

/s/ Linda Lee Blevins with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/15/2024

4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9007481

The name of the business: A-Z Fitness, A-Z Wellness, located at 16360 Avenida Venusto Suite B, Rancho Bernardo, CA 92128. Registrant Arya Zokaei, 6360 Avenida Venusto Suite B, Rancho Bernardo, CA 92128. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: 4/1/2024 /s/ Arya Zokaei with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 4/5/2024 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9008082

The name of the business: Health is Wealth, located at 355 Forest Place, Vista, CA 92083. Registrant Chyla Solei Castillo, 355 Forest Place, Vista, CA 92083. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: N/A /s/ Chyla Solei Castillo with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/15/2024 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9007465

The name of the business: Got Gold, located at 1215A South Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028. Registrant Frank James Neu, 1215A South Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: 1/3/2011 /s/ Frank James Neu with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/5/2024 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16/2024



Case No. 24PE000608C



To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate or both, of Ronald Gerard Neilson, aka, Ronald G. Neilson, aka Ronald Neilson. A petition for probate has been filed by Karissa Neilson in the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, 1100

Union Street, San Diego, CA. 92101. Central Courthouse,Probate Division. The Petition for Probate requests that Karissa Neilson be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. The petition requests the decedent’s will and codicils, if any, be admitted to probate. The will and any codicils are available for examination in the file kept by the court. A hearing on the petition will be held in this court as follows: Date: 05/23/24 Time: 1:30 pm Dept: 503 Address of court: Same as noted above. If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general per- sonal representative, as defined in Section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. You may examine the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner Kyle T. Overs 600 W. Broadway, Suite 1500 San Diego, CA. 92101 619.810.4300

DOP: 4/25, 5/02 & 5/09/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9009056

The name of the business: A Cut Above Barber And Beauty Lounge, located at 918 Mission Ave., Ste 115, Oceanside, CA 92054. Registrant Kristy Rogers, 29538 Major League, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: 4/25/2024 /s/ Kristy Rogers with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 4/26/2024 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23/2024


STATEMENT 2024-9008803

The name of the business: Power Wash MD, located at 4325 Ls Portalada Dr., Carlsbad, CA 92010. Registrant Mark Dumais, 4325 La Portalada Dr., Carlsbad, CA 92010. This business is operated by an Individual. First day of business: 1/2/2023 /s/ Mark Dumais with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 4/23/2024

5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23/2024


STATEMENT 2024-9008495

The name of the business: Mommy & Me Nails, located at 1582 W. San Marcos Blvd., Suite 104, San Marcos, CA 92078. Registrant Tham Thi Ford, 1329 N. Las Flores Dr., San Marcos, CA 92069, Nicholas Robert Ford, 1329 N. Las

Flores Dr., San Marcos, CA 92069. This business is operated by a Married Couple. First day of business: 4/18/2024 /s/ nicholas Robert Ford with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/18/2024

5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9008636

The name of the business: Target Auto Repair, located at 3006 Barnett Ave., San Diego, CA 92110. Registrant VLLV Inc., 3006 Barnett Ave., San Diego, CA 92110. This business is operated by a Corporation. First day of business: N/A /s/ Bassam Behnam, Vice President with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/22/2024 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23/2024



STATEMENT 2024-9006238

The name of the business: Target Auto Body, located at 3006 Barnett Ave., San Diego, CA 92110. Registrant Target Auto Body, 3006 Barnett Ave., San Diego, CA 92110. This business is operated by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business: N/A /s/ Frank Rofail, CEO with Jordan Z. Marks, SD County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/20/2024 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23/2024


SONS: Petitioner Kimberly Rochelle Smith filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Kimberly Rochelle Smith to Proposed name Kimberly Rochelle Smith aka Kimberly Rochelle Levens French. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing.


Date: 5/24/2024, 8:30am, in Dept. N-25

The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. No hearing will occur on above date: see attachment. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078.

Dated April 11, 2024 /s/ Brad A. Weinreb, Judge of the Superior Court 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23/2024



Case No. 24PE000672C


1100 Union Street San Diego, CA. 92101

To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate or both, of John E. Azevedo. A Petition for Probate has been filed by Joseph Azevedo in the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, 1100 Union Street, San Diego, CA. 92101 Central Courthouse. The Petition for probate requests that Joseph Azevedo be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. The petition requests the decedent’s will and codicils, if any, be admitted to probate. The will and any codicils are available for examination in the file kept by the court. The petition requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority.

A hearing on the petition will be held in this court as follows:

Date: May 22, 2024

Time: 1:30 pm Dept: 502

Address of court: Same as noted above. If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within four months from the date of first issuance of letters as provided in Probate Code section 9100. the time for filing claims will not expire before four months from the hearing date noticed above. You may examine the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk.

Attorney for petitioner: Brian M. Wagner

11 Embarcadero West, Suite 140 Oakland, CA 94607


DOP: 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23/2024

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