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2 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

Peace students hitting world’s largest rodeo ROB BROWN Managing Editor

A grade 12 North Peace Secondary School graduate has earned the right to represent British Columbia at the National High School Finals Rodeo in Gillette, Wyoming later this month – and will join a handful of other Peace region students. Saige Kjos said while she had to wait officially to hear a judge’s decision, she was already standing on solid ground going into qualifying. “I came into the weekend the leader, so I wanted to stay in the top four to make a provincial spot,” she said. Kjos will be competing in the reining cow horse competition with her animal All Reddy Dynamite. Reining cow horse involves running a horse through a course as well as cattle on horseback. The event is a

throwback to the old West where the demand for a tough, enduring animal that could go for miles and herd the vast numbers of cattle was key. Not only was an athletic horse required, but one that could be completely trained in carrying out the everyday tasks of ranch life. A horse can be used to single out a cow from a herd of cattle and keep it from returning, can also move a cow in any direction at extreme speed, including circles, and controlling its every movement. Competing at the international level is nothing new to Kjos, who has spent the last two years in Nevada in both barrel racing and pole bending disciplines. She and other area students will join more than 1,650 students from 43 states and five provinces for more than $200,000 in prizes and $350,000

Saige Kjos on All Reddy Dynamite. PHOTO SUBMITTED

in scholarships. Other area students making the trip to Wyoming include; Kate White, Sierra Jones, Derek Hadland, Kelsey Drinkall, Fallyn Mills, Chance Bolin, Cali-Jaye Rohloff, and Wade Roberts. The National High School Finals Rodeo goes July 17-23. editor@dcdn.ca



FOR ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW NO 2249, 2016 Pink Mountain area, along HWY 97N

District Lot 536 PRD and District Lot 537 PRD Proposal: To rezone subject proper�es from R-2 (Residen�al 2 Zone) to MH (Manufactured Home Park Zone) to allow for the development of a 53 site recrea�on vehicle campground along with a maximum of 13 park model unit home park, plus a laundry, fitness facility and caretaker building.







This no�ce is in general form only. Relevant background documents may be inspected between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, at the Peace River Regional District office located at 9505-100th St, Fort St. John, BC. Wri�en comments or concerns accepted. Chris Cvik, Chief Administra�ve Officer


For more informa�on:

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 at 1:00pm

Where: Sasquatch Crossing Mile 147 Alaska Hwy, Pink Mountain, BC


Development Services Department Tel: 250-784-3200 Fax: 250-784-3201 Toll Free: 1-800-670-7773 Email: prrd.dc@prrd.bc.ca

diverse. vast. abundant.


The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


Mexico lifts decade-old restriction on Canadian beef ZOë DucklOW Staff Writer

More than a decade after the fallout of mad cow disease, Mexico is lifting restrictions on Canadian beef imports. The news was announced June 28 during a visit by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to Ottawa, ending restrictions on Canadian cattle more than 30 months old after a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), the mad cow disease, was found in Alberta in 2003. The restrictions, which end Oct. 1, apply to cattle more than 30 months old, which had previously accounted for around a quarter of Canadian beef exports to Mexico. Sales of beef from young cattle has remained a lucrative market for Canada, averaging $136 million annually over the past five years. But the end to restrictions could increase beef exports to Mexico by upwards of $100 million a year, according to estimates by the Canadian Cattleman’s

Association. Bill Bentley, a director with the BC Cattleman’s Association for the South Peace region, is encouraged by the news, hoping that prices will increase with the new demand. “We had one cow (with BSE) in Alberta in 2003, and that caused a whole schmozzle. Everybody was affected because the price dropped,” he said. “When BSE hit you could get anywhere from 12 to 25 cents a pound. But now they’re likely around 85 cents or better, 90 cents in there. We’ve had two or three (BSEinfected cows) since then, but you’re allowed so much now, they’ve figured it out. They’re not sure exactly what causes the disease, but they’ve changed the regulations over the years.” The ban applied to mature cattle, as they are more susceptible to BSE. They are slaughtered for meat after they’ve been used for breeding. “They use older cows for


Friday 6:00 pm - Local Team Roping Saturday 1:30 pm - Local Contestants 3:00 pm - WRA Rodeo Sunday 1:30 pm - Local Contestants 3:00 pm - WRA Rodeo BEER GARDENS & FOOD BOOTHS ON FAIRGROUNDS

hamburger and some of your processed meats. But your roasts and your steaks that all comes from younger animals. The quality of meat is better,” Bentley said. The lifted ban doesn’t apply to live cattle sales, however, which is big business for some in the Peace Region. Roger Peters of Peterosa Exports has been selling live cattle to Mexico for 30 years. The paperwork’s gotten tougher since the BSE incidents, he said, and quarantine is required once the livestock arrives in Mexico. “Supposedly none of these cattle that they’re importing are supposed to enter the food chain. They’re supposed to be disposed of at the end of their life cycle,” Peters said. Despite regulatory challenges, Mexican ranchers seem to like the hardiness of Canadian cattle. “We find that our cattle adapt better than cattle from (the) central and southern States down there. Not sure whether it’s the quality of cattle that we’re sending down,

More Canadian beef into Mexico is only good news. PINTEREST PHOTO

or whether we’re lucky or what but I’ve seen our cattle do a lot better than other cattle,” Peters said. Curtis Blackstone is an Albertan rancher near Valhalla who sells through Peters. “It was January, we were standing out in the pen and it was about two degrees outside,” Blackstone recalled. “And (Peters) said, ‘three days ago, you said it was -30 C right? You take that for grant-

ed. To us, that’s a tough cow that can handle that.’ “It’s more about the hardiness of the animal. It doesn’t matter whether they’re bred for the cold climate or the hot. They’re just simply tougher.” The ban is set to lift Oct. 1, 2016, which coincides with the normal time ranchers would sell mature cattle for slaughter. reporter@ahnfsj.ca



JULY 22, 23 & 24, 2016 Rodeo Dancing Friday & Saturday Starting @ 10 pm Admission $10 With Grande Prairie Recording Artist Brad Sims


4 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

B.C. not upholding treaty rights: Blueberry River FN Blueberry River First Nations (BRFN) officials say the B.C. government is not doing enough to slow industrial impacts on its land, the effects of which it says are wreaking havoc on treaty rights. In a study released June 28, the nation says the province has continued to greenlight development in its territory at “an accelerated scale and rate, despite its knowledge of the worsening cumulative effects.” The 2016 Disturbance Atlas follows on the heels of a similar 2012 study. Work on the atlas was carried out in co-operation with the David Suzuki Foundation and Ecotrust Canada. It shows 84 per cent of the First Nations’ traditional land has been impacted in some way by logging, oil and gas or hydroelectric projects, including the Site C dam. Since 2012, the government has given the go-ahead to more than 2,600 oil and gas wells, 2,624 km of access and development roads, 1,500 km of new pipelines and 9,400 km of seismic lines in BRFN’s traditional territory, the band says. “The findings of the 2016 report clearly show that even though the provincial government has clear notice of the scale of harm… it has worked to make the problem worse, not better,” Chief Marvin Yahey said

in a news conference. “Fracking, forestry, roads and other development is pushing us further and further to the edges of our territory and we are no longer able to practice our treaty rights in the places we’ve always known.” BRFN’s reserve is located north of Fort St. John, but its traditional territory stretches from south of Dawson Creek, west beyond the Pink Mountain area and north past Sikanni Chief, ending just south of the Klua Lakes protected area. Concerns regarding cumulative impacts were the basis of a 2015 lawsuit over the breach of the guarantees to traditional land use contained in Treaty 8. Industrial development, particularly in the oil and gas industry, has increased sharply over the past few decades. The study outlines critical areas of the land in need of attention, including protections for some of the most important zones for hunting, trapping, and gathering food and medicinal plants. The First Nation says requests have been made directly to Premier Christy Clark for a cumulative impacts study of its territory, but “B.C. has not responded.” Province fires back Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation John Rustad fired back, saying the province is renew-

An oil and gas well in BRFN territory SUPPLIED Photo

ing its attempts to involve BRFN in its ongoing cumulative assessment projects. “Several attempts have been made to get Blueberry River First Nations involved in Northeast cumulative effects (management) programs,” Rustad wrote in an emailed statement. The government announced a cumulative effects framework in May. Rustad also pointed to the province’s liquefied natural gas environmental stewardship initiative, which includes the Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment (RESA) agreement, a part-

nership between the Doig River, Halfway River, Prophet River, Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations. The government said a RESA project team made up of members from these First Nations, the province, and natural gas industry proponents met Nov. 30 to begin planning this work. The next steps include submitting a budget and work plan for review. “We recognize the importance of assessing, monitoring and managing the cumulative effects of resource development,” Rustad said. “We are renewing our attempts to have BRFN join our regional initiatives.”

But Yahey said the province’s initiatives thus far have not done the job. “Despite raising these concerns directly with the premier and with provincial ministers, there has been no meaningful response to this critical threat,” Yahey said. As a result, the nation began its own study of the cumulative impacts called the Land Stewardship Framework. BRFN said it will offer a “science-based solution” to the issues it outlines, and a pathway to “sustainable development” in the area. dcreporter@dcdn.ca


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MIKE CARTER Staff Writer


6 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

Beverages will be served with every CanolaFest ticket sold CanolaFest rolls July 16 and now you can get your tickets at any On the Rocks Liquor Store location in Fort St. John and you’ll get two drink tickets included with every ticket purchased. Drink tickets can be redeemed at the Lonestar Nightlife bar at CanolaFest. The Lonestar Nightlife will be at CanolaFest before they open their new club in Fort St. John! Lonestar Nightlife, Fort St John’s Premier Nightclub – coming soon. CanolaFest, presented by Thunder Oilfield, will take over Peace Island Park Saturday July 16. The all day music festival will feature more music than ever with 14 performers including 2014 CCMA Rising Star Award Winner Tim Hicks with opener the Chris Buck Band. This year the festival will feature two stages of music to showcase 12 local artists. The McIntyre Painting Main Stage will

feature local favourites the Montney Coulees, Rose Prairie Romance, Scarlet Sway from Dawson Creek, Last Horse Standing and the Social Bulls. To help showcase even more local music, we’ve added a second stage sponsored by Peace Country Rentals. This stage will feature acoustic performances from local performers including 10 yearold Madi Comet-Cooper. The Peace Country Rentals Acoustic stage will also include performances from The Road Side Distraction, Tom Cole, Mike Strandberg Band, Lorissa Scriven and Joel Primeau. On top of all On the Rocks Liquor Store locations, you can still get tickets at any Encana Events Centre and Tiger Box Office Plus locations. You can purchase tickets online at tigerboxofficeplus.ca, and by phone at 1-877339-8499. Don’t forget, kids under 12 are FREE! Tickets have been moving fast with VIP tickets

and VIP camping now SOLD OUT. This family friendly festival will be held on the island at Peace Island Park and will feature two large stages, VIP tents, food, kids activities, arts vendors and more. Thank you to our official equipment supplier, Peace Country Rentals for all their help. Free shuttle service Once again there will be a free shuttle running from Fort St. John to Peace Island Park. New this year, CanolaFest, will be offering a shuttle inside Peace Island Park and down the Big Bam Road. The shuttle from Fort St. John will run once an hour starting at 2 p.m. from the Totem Mall. Park on the westside of the mall, between the mall and Safeway. The shuttle will pick you up at the westside entrance to the Aurora Cinema Centre. The shuttle will then make a stop at the Taylor

Local act Scarlet Sway will play CanolaFest this weekend.

Community Hall at approximately 20 minutes after every hour. The last shuttle will leave Fort St. John at 8 p.m. and 8:20 p.m. in Taylor. From 9 p.m. until all visitors are home, the shuttle will then bring ticket holders from Peace Island Park back to Fort St. John and Taylor. This year CanolaFest will also be offering

a shuttle at Peace Island Park. The shuttle will run from 2 p.m. until the end of the concert. This shuttle will make three stops, the Peace Island Park Office, the CanolaFest Parking Lot and the maingate for CanolaFest. This shuttle bus will run in a constant loop offering an easy way to reach all the campsites at Peace Island Park.


There will also be a van operating on the Big Bam Road to pick up ticket holders who are camping in the group sites. The shuttle will run in a constant loop starting at 2 p.m. from the CanolaFest maingate down the Big Bam Road stopping at all group sites as needed.

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


Courtenay, BC Horse wins Horse Council BC’s Horse of the Year Horse Council BC Zone Director Chris Pack and Jane Tidball of Thunderbird Show Park presented the Horse Council BC (HCBC) 2015 Horse of the Year Award to Wallabee and his owner Jolene Benham at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley, BC on July 2nd. HCBC’s annual awards serve to honour outstanding achievement within BC’s equestrian community. These awards acknowledge those who have stood out from the crowd over the past year and who have made a positive impact on the community as a whole. Each award recipient was nominated by two or more other Horse Council BC members for an award. HCBC is reaching out to the various equestrian communities throughout BC so that we are able to present each award at a recipient’s club, competition, or event of their choice, surrounded by their friends and the people that support them. The HCBC Horse of the Year Award (competitive category) is awarded to any

Chris Pack & Jane Tidball present Wallabee, Jolene Benham, Cheryl Keith, and Kassidy Keith with the Horse of the Year Award at Thunderbird Show Park. TOTEM PHOTOGRAPHICS

horse that has achieved a high level of success in any provincial, national or international sanctioned competition in a recognized discipline. The horse must have been born and raised in British Columbia. The 2015 Horse Council BC Horse of the Year Award was presented to Wallabee and his owner Jolene Benham at Thunderbird Show Park during the West Coast Classic competition on July 2nd.

Washington State Hunter Jumper Medal Finals at the Northwest Autumn Classic. Throughout the 2015 show season, Wallabee either won or was the equine partner behind the win of the “Alf Fletcher Award of Excellence”, $5000 Cobblestone Hunter Derby at Tbird, $2500 Junior Amateur Owner Hunter Classic at Royal West and Reserve Championship in the RMSJ Medal Final.

Wallabee is truly a horse British Columbia should be proud of. In 2015 at the age of 18, Wallabee partnered with Kassidy Keith for hunter and equitation divisions as well as with his owner Jolene in the jumper ring. He took Kassidy on to win 30’x50’ Building, as shown, IN STOCK the 2015 CET Medal National Final and the Jump Canada Medal Final Title at the Royal Winter Fair. He also was reserve champion in the Junior Hunter division and finished in the top ten in both hunter derby finals. In September, Wallabee and Kassidy won the

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Peace Country Shelters Phone (Fax) 250-827-3373

www.peacecountryshelters.com Email: donedith@pris.ca r0011176450

8 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

Taylor pulls a Van Helsing to fight pesky mosquitoes While garlic will apparently repel a vampire, officials in Taylor believe the pungent vegetable is the answer to fighting a smaller, but equally blood-thirsty pest - the mosquito. The District of Taylor has approved a pilot project to apply an environmentally-friendly but potent garlic solution to several areas around town in hopes of wiping out

mosquitoes. The solution is 99 per cent garlic and Taylor councillors have been assured it can kill mosquito larvae while the leftover sulphurs are undetectable by humans but deter adult mosquitoes for weeks. Several baseball diamonds in Taylor will be sprayed first, and the concoction will also be applied around the

downtown core. Based on costs and results, Taylor council intends to expand the pilot project in 2017. Taylor joins a handful of Canadian communities, including Leduc, Alta., and Huntsville, Ont., in using garlic to eradicate pests, with Huntsville using the potion to control black flies in advance of the 2010 G8 meeting.

Canada gains access to the Turkish market for Canadian cattle Dugout/Lake Compressors Medical Air Quality 1/3HP OEM (you wire power supply) Also In Stock:



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The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, and the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of International Trade, announced today that the Government of Canada has opened new market access for Canadian breeding cattle to Turkey. The Canadian cattle industry estimates that gaining this access, which opens immediately, will be worth $4.5 million per year, offering the potential of being a top export market for Canadian breeding cattle. Improved access in this sector will create more opportunities for Canadian cattle producers and will position Canada as a long-term, reliable partner in meeting Turkey’s import requirements. Canada and Turkey have a strong and complementary trading relationship with bilateral merchandise trade at $2.4 billion in 2015. Top Canadian agri-food exports to Turkey include lentils, soybeans, durum and non-durum wheat and chickpeas. Turkey’s agri-food imports grew by a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% between 2012 and 2015. “The Government of Canada continues to work to create new trade opportunities for Canadian farmers and agri-food exporters in key markets all over the world.

We are pleased to supply world-class cattle to Turkey, maximizing export returns for the benefit of Canadian cattle producers, said MacAulay. Honourable Chrystia Freeland, P.C., M.P., Minister of International Trade said Turkey represents an important market for Canadian exporters. “I am very pleased that our government has successfully secured market access to Canadian cattle in Turkey. When our producers and exporters succeed abroad, Canadians and our middle class benefit here at home.” “The Canadian Livestock Genetics Association (CLGA) and the Canadian Beef Breeds Council (CBBC) are very pleased to have this new market opportunity for Canadian Livestock Exporters,” said Michael Hall, Executive Director, Canadian Livestock Genetics Association. Michael Latimer, Executive Director, Canadian Beef Breeds Council said Canadian dairy and beef genetics continue to be valued around the world and we would like to extend our appreciation to the Government of Canada for working with CLGA and CBBC to open this key market.

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

Raising climate-friendly beef

A new study led by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) researchers found that over the years, Canada’s beef sector has reduced its impact on the environment. Today, the production of one kilogram of beef creates 15% less greenhouse gas emissions than it did 30 years ago. This improvement is the result of research in genetics, nutrition, reproduction and herd management, and of beef producers putting these into practice. For example, for cat-

tle nutrition, Canadian researchers are experimenting with cattle feed mixtures. Diets that are lower in fiber and higher in starch can improve a cow’s digestion and reduce the amount of methane produced. Oilseeds (sunflower seeds, canola or flaxseeds) are more easily digested by cattle. By giving them more fat to eat in the form of oilseeds, cows get more calories, and that lowers the amount of methane produced by up to 15%. This research on reducing greenhouse gas emis-

sions from cattle is gaining attention around the world. The Canadian beef industry (including veal) exported to 58 countries in 2015. Canada’s beef and veal exports were valued at $2.2 billion in 2015. The top export market for Canadian beef and veal products is the United States, and the second is China. Together, they represented 82% of total Canadian beef and veal exports (in volume) and valued at $1.8 billion in 2015.

Day at Research farm plotted The Peace Country Beef and Forage Association is inviting everyone to an open farm research day July 20. Starting at 10 am, plot tours will take place on the MD of Fairview Research Farm, located two mile west of Fairview on 64A 1 1/4 miles north on RR 35. Plot tours, pulses, cocktail cove crops, silage varieties and more will all be on hand. Experts on corn, cocktail mixtures, and pulses in the peace will all be on hand! Peace Country Beef and Forage Association programs range from environmental concerns to finding the newest technology and helping producers to implement it in their operations. To register for the Research Day call 780-835-6799.

For cattle nutrition, researchers are experimenting with cattle feed mixtures. The work WALLPAPERS.COM PHOTO only helps the family farm outfits.

Whole Farm Water Planning Day with

Jesse Lemieux of Pacific Permaculture


Looking for innovative ways to store or control water on your farm? Interested in finding more $$$ for your grain? Register your free account today! • Post your grain and negotiate with 100’s of verified buyers • We make you the broker • Increase your marketing options

The FarmLead.com Marketplace

www.FarmLead.com contact@FarmLead.com

Want to be prepared for drought years to come? Join us at a location near you to learn from and engage with Jesse Lemieux of Pacific Permaculture! 10am Registration

(please call PCBFA for directions)

Cost: $15/member, $20/non-member August 4 Hines Creek @ Kim & David Kuntz’s Lunch Included

Toll-Free: (855) 332-7653 Ph: (306) 665-8740

August 3 Woking @ Rick & Lorinda Thomes’

(please call PCBFA for directions)

For more information or to register, call Jen or Kaitlin with the Peace Country Beef & Forage Association at 780-835-6799 or email jallen@gprc.ab.ca or kmclachlan@gprc.ab.ca Brought to you in collaboration with:



10 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


12 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

GRAIN FUTURE REPORT Grain Future Prices - as of July 8, 2016 Last 473.80s 461.80 470.40 477.00 Last 423-4s 421-0 436-2 457-0 Last 365-6s 396-4 418-0 442-2 Last 573-2s 497-6 502-4 519-6 Last 343-0 348-4 355-6 Last 233-0 196-0 197-0 Last 1076-0 1070-4 1056-0 Last 29.90 30.01 30.14 Last 377.5 374.8 371.6

Change - 3.30 unch + 8.10 + 7.80 Change - 1-4 + 9-0 + 10-6 + 10-6 Change - 4-0 unch + 5-6 + 5-6 Change - 19-0 + 11-6 + 7-2 + 8-2 Change + 7-4 + 6-6 + 7-2 Change + 5-4 + 2-0 + 1-4 Change + 21-6 + 20-0 + 22-0 Change + 0.17 + 0.22 + 0.24 Change + 7.5 + 7.6 + 7.8

Open 0.00 0.00 462.30 469.70 Open 0-0 421-0 425-4 445-4 Open 0-0 396-4 414-0 436-0 Open 0-0 497-6 497-0 512-4 Open 337-2 343-0 349-4 Open 231-4 194-4 195-6 Open 1054-0 1049-4 1034-0 Open 29.77 29.86 29.95 Open 369.4 366.3 363.3

High 473.80 461.80 475.00 479.90 High 423-4 421-0 437-4 458-0 High 365-6 396-4 419-6 444-2 High 573-2 497-6 504-4 519-6 High 343-2 350-0 356-6 High 233-0 197-6 199-2 High 1076-0 1074-4 1060-0 High 30.04 30.24 30.34 High 378.3 377.2 373.2

Low 473.80 461.80 462.30 469.70 Low 423-4 421-0 423-4 444-4 Low 365-6 396-4 410-4 435-2 Low 573-2 497-6 497-0 512-4 Low 336-6 342-0 349-0 Low 231-4 193-2 195-6 Low 1053-4 1045-4 1031-4 Low 29.73 29.72 29.84 Low 368.0 365.1 362.2

Prev. Stl. 477.10 461.80 462.30 469.20 Prev. Stl. 425-0 412-0 425-4 446-2 Prev. Stl. 369-6 396-4 412-2 436-4 Prev. Stl. 592-2 486-0 495-2 511-4 Prev. Stl. 335-4 341-6 348-4 Prev. Stl. 227-4 194-0 195-4 Prev. Stl. 1054-2 1050-4 1034-0 Prev. Stl. 29.73 29.79 29.90 Prev. Stl. 370.0 367.2 363.8

Time 07/07/16 07/08/16 09:13 a.m. 09:04 a.m. Time 07/07/16 08:53 a.m. 09:14 a.m. 09:14 a.m. Time 07/07/16 09:15 a.m. 09:15 a.m. 09:14 a.m. Time 07/07/16 08:46 a.m. 09:15 a.m. 09:13 a.m. Time 09:15 a.m. 09:16 a.m. 09:16 a.m. Time 09:15 a.m. 09:13 a.m. 09:13 a.m. Time 09:12 a.m. 09:16 a.m. 09:16 a.m. Time 09:13 a.m. 09:16 a.m. 09:15 a.m. Time 09:12 a.m. 09:17 a.m. 09:15 a.m.


Canola (November 2016) Cash July 2016 November 2016 January 2017 Wheat (September 2016) Cash July 2016 September 2016 December 2016 Hard Red Wheat (September 2016) Cash July 2016 September 2016 December 2016 Spring Wheat (September 2016) Cash July 2016 September 2016 December 2016 Corn (September 2016) July 2016 September 2016 December 2016 Oats (September 2016) July 2016 September 2016 December 2016 Soybeans (August 2016) July 2016 August 2016 September 2016 Soybean Oil (August 2016) July 2016 August 2016 September 2016 Soybean Meal (August 2016) July 2016 August 2016 September 2016

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


14 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

New Challenger tractors debut at Farm Progress show Challenger®, a global brand of AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO), introduces an entirely new category of tractors to North American agribusiness operations. Challenger 1000 Series tractors are the industry’s most versatile standard tractor and the ‘must-see’ innovation for 2016. Designed to deliver lower cost of ownership per acre, advanced connectivity and world-class Challenger performance, they are available in four powerful models ranging from 396 to 517 engine horsepower. Producers will get their first look at the tractors during the 2016 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, Aug. 30Sept.1. “The needs of producers in North America continue to evolve as operations become larger and require more efficiency,” says Josh Keeney, tactical marketing manager at AGCO. “The Challenger 1000 Series tractors bring an entirely new solution to the market. These tractors combine the power of

a small-frame, articulated 4-wheel drive with the flexibility and speed of a lighter-weight, fixed-frame row crop machine.

“Using what we call the new Accu™ platform, the 1000 Series tractors are built to be smarter, more intuitive and efficient, to

help producers reduce input costs, increase productivity and ultimately be more profitable,” Keeney adds. “This approach is a logical next step in Challenger’s evolution after our work perfecting the track tractor.” Key to the new Series is the entirely new AccuDrive™ powertrain concept and an upgraded stepless CVT transmission, which provide the tractors with both their power and flexibility. Add to this the tractor’s full suite of on-board technology and an all-new, comfort-focused cab, and these tractors are a single solution for today’s high horsepower needs, from

planting and heavy tillage or row crop work to harvesting and on-road hauling up to 31 mph. All Challenger 1000 Series models are equipped with the ISO-compliant AccuTerminal™ for intuitive, one-stop control of all tractor and implement functions. In addition, the AccuTerminal fully integrates with AGCO’s entire suite of Fuse® Technologies and Fuse Connected Services, bringing a new level of precision and productivity to professional farming operations, to help optimize yields and save on operating inputs and time. A comfortable step up? Owners and operators

will appreciate the new fit and finish of the spacious, comfortable cabs on the Challenger 1000 tractors. The cabs offer a variety of amenities from air-ride suspension and deluxe leather seat to the ergonomic and intuitive placement of the tractor controls, making a long day in the field feel almost effortless. The Challenger 1000 Series tractors will make their public debut at farm shows this fall, including the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa; Big Iron in West Fargo, N. D. and at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Nebraska.

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


The real risks of lush grass to our horses by Dr. Christa Harder With the recent rains and hot weather the grass in the Peace Country is lush and growing very quickly and our horses are eagerly indulging on this delicious feed. As much as we love to see our horses out on pasture, to some horses, this can result in a devastating condition known as grass founder or laminitis. Unfortunately we do see a large number of these cases this time of year and the founder can range from fairly mild foot pain to extreme pain and a sometimes life threatening condition. Prevention of the disease and maintenance of high risk horses is the key to success when dealing with laminitis therefore I hope this article offers some insight to horse owners with susceptible horses. Laminitis is a condition in horses that causes foot pain. The pain comes from inflammation of the laminae. Laminae are the sensitive layers of the foot that provide attachment between the hoof wall and the bone within the hoof (coffin bone). When a horse founders, the laminae are damaged, become inflamed and swell. Being encapsulated within the hoof, the laminae do not have room to swell therefore increased pressure within the hoof capsule results in pain and compromises blood flow. In severe cases the laminae may be so damaged or die from lack of blood flow that separation between the hoof and coffin bone can occur resulting in rotation or sinking of the coffin bone within the hoof. In severe cases this loss of support may actually result in the coffin bone penetrating through the sole of the hoof. Laminitis can affect all four feet but more commonly both front feet are severely affected. A mild case will look like a horse that is stiff and painful when moving and shift their weight when standing. In more severe cases horses will “rock back” on their hindquarters (to off load weight from the

painful front feet), they will be very reluctant to walk, especially on hard ground. Often their hooves will be hot and throbbing and some horses will just lay down and not rise for long periods of time. At this time of year, one of the most common causes of laminitis is lush pasture or grass founder. Grass is high in simple carbohydrates or sugars and some horses (particularly overweight horses and ponies) are very sensitive to high carbohydrate feeds. Certain types of grasses contain more carbohydrates. In addition, each species of grass will have variable carbohydrate content depending on season and other environmental conditions. For example grasses that are stressed (due to freezing temperatures, disease, overgrazing, etc.) generally have higher carbohydrate content. This is important to consider when choosing pasture for horses that are predisposed to founder. There are also a variety of other conditions which can cause laminitis including: over feeding, excess carbohydrates (i.e. grain), toxins in the blood or infection, adverse reaction to some drugs, excessive weight bearing on one limb (i.e. when the opposite limb is severely injured), extreme concussion (fast work on hard ground) and metabolic disorders such as Cushing’s disease. Laminitis is diagnosed by examining the horse for specific symptoms as well as x-raying the hoof. X-rays are useful to assess the degree of rotation/sinking of the coffin bone and determine course of treatment and prognosis. Removal of the cause of laminitis (if possible) should be the first mode of treatment. For example, in the case of grass founder, horses should be taken off grass immediately. They also benefit from anti-inflammatory treatment, being placed in an environment with soft footing (i.e. deep bedding or sand), being maintained on a low carbohydrate diet, restriction of

their movement as more movement in mind that they are more likely to can cause more damage to the lami- founder again. Grass is loaded with nae, and weight loss (if overweight). nutrients therefore when restricted in Hoof trimming is often very helpful a foundered horse always make sure and in more severe cases corrective they have access to a good quality shoeing and the use of pads or wood- mineral supplement. en clogs is also required. Wishing you all a wonderful sumHowever, the best treatment mer but please be aware of the lush for grass founder is prevention. Sud- green pastures and the potential detden increases in concentrate/high rimental effects it can have on your carbohydrate food should be avoided. horse. Some horses that are naturally overweight cannot handle any pasture turn out. In others it may help to gradually introduce your horse to lush sumSmall Animal Services mer grass. Also, one may • Laser Therapy • Laser Surgery • Microchips consider restricting their • Preventative Health Care horse’s access to grass by • Medical Services • Laboratory Services keeping them locked in a • Diagnostic Imaging • Special Diagnostic Services dirt pen for half the day. • Surgical Services • Dental Services • Pet Nutrition The sugars are lower in the • Retail Pet Supplies grass during the night so Equine & Bovine Services locking the horse up during • Preventative Health Care • Medical Services the day and only turning • Laboratory Services out at night to graze may • Diagnostic Imaging • Surgical Services • Dental Services help. Some horses toler• Laser Therapy • Feedlot & Bovine Herd Health Services ate a grazing muzzle quite • Reproductive Services • Endoscopy Services well which significantly de• Equine Embryo Transfer creases the amount of the grass they can eat but they can still be turned out. If you have a horse that has foundered in the past, keep

Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic

Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic

All donations for the dog wash will go towards the Emergency Care Fund to help give the best care possible to injured animals like our three legged friend Rico. Small Animal: 250-782-5616 Large Animal: 250-782-1080 238-116th Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC Across from the Fairgrounds


Dr. Mike Ross

Dr. Christa Harder

Dr. Zoë Ross

Dr. Jenny Soucy

Dr. Emily Wilson

238 -116 Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3C8 Across from the Fairgrounds

(250) 782-1080 Small Animals: (250) 782-5616

Large Animals:

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C ttle Directory Wallin Stock Farm Jennifer Wallin, Woking, AB ...................................... 780-864-8556


Bar B Charolais George & Linda Bolin, Cecil Lake, BC ...................... 250-785-5325 Briar Ridge Stock Farm Randy & Chris Haddow, Dawson Creek, BC ............. 250-786-5048 Chad, Leah, Gene & Addison Haddow, Dawson Creek, BC...................................................... 250-784-3924 Eldon & Marilyn Cassity Wembley, AB .............................................................. 780-766-2887 Eight Way Charolais Drschiwiski Family, Groundbirch, BC ....................... 250-329-4816 JayDawn Farms Jason & Nicole McQuaig, Sexsmith, AB.................... 780-568-2647 Lazy S Charolais Roy & Erika Schweitzer, Beaverlodge, AB ................ 780-356-3611 Pro-Char Charolais David & Kristina Prokuda, Glenevis, AB ................... 780-932-1654 Rosebud Ranches Dan & Holly Schleppe, Progress, BC ......................... 250-786-5698 Spruce View Charolais Andrew & Effie Lakusta, Andrew, AB ....................... 780-365-2079 Valanjou Charolais Phillipe & Rae Lusson, Clyde, AB ............................. 780-348-5683


Milne’s Gelbvieh Harold & Bev Milne, Fairview, AB ............................ 780-835-2645


Benwyn Herefords Bill & Doug Bentley, Progress, BC ............................ 250-843-7575 Briar Ridge Stock Farm Randy & Chris Haddow, Dawson Creek, BC ............. 250-786-5048 Chad, Leah, Gene & Addison Haddow, Dawson Creek, BC...................................................... 250-784-3924 Chittick Family Hereford Ranch Raymond & Mona Chittick, Whitecourt, AB ............. 780-778-0150 Eureka Hereford Farms Tom Basnett, Eureka River, AB .................................. 780-685-2102 Friesen Hereford Farms Chad & Anna Friesen, Grande Prairie, AB ................. 780-832-4068 Gold Stock Hereford Farms Charlie & Steven White, Beaverlodge, AB................. 780-354-3190 Gurtler Farms Garry Gurtler, North Star, AB ..................................... 780-836-2125 Hilltop Honey Ranch Brian & Dana Smith, Pouce Coupe, BC ..................... 250-786-5232 McElroy Polled Herefords John McElroy, Charlie Lake, BC ................................ 250-785-6074 PHK Herefords Philip Krahn, LaCrete, AB .......................................... 780-821-9409 Reber’s Polled Herefords Gerald & Sandy Reber, Woking, AB .......................... 780-774-2161 Serena & Kasey Reber, Woking, AB .......................... 780-774-2337 Spring Mountain Stock Farm Hotte & Villiger Families, Beaverlodge, AB .............. 780-354-2074


Blueberry Valley Farms Limousin Michael & Rebecca McCord, Mile 86.5 Alaska Hwy, BC.......................................................... 250-772-5116 Dry Creek Ranch Gordon & Carla Harmon, Cecil Lake, BC.................. 250-781-3617 Excel Ranches Ron & Barb Miller, Cody & Amy Miller, Westlock, AB ............................ 780-349-2135 Fouillard Limousin Dan & Pam Fouillard, Thorsby, AB............................ 780-789-4055

Hansen’s Limousin Scott & Lesley Hansen, Evansburg, AB ..................... 780-727-4557 Hillview Farms Raymond & Corine Verbeek, Sturgeon County, AB ... 780-938-2173 Lakeroad Limousin Jim, Donna & Jackie Rowe, Worsley, AB .................. 780-685-2141 Pinnacle View Limousin Rob & Cheryl Swan & Erin & Eric Kishkan, Quesnel, BC ................................................................ 250-747-2618


Butterkup Farms & Pinnacle Lowlines Andy & Melanie Guttner, Pink Mountain, BC ........... 250-793-4742


Shadow Creek Red Poll Dean & Marsha Anderson, Fort St. John, BC ............. 250-827-3293


Tamarack Shorthorns Alvin & Deanna Johnson, Brownvale, AB ................. 780-597-3973


Albrecht Farms Steve, Tammy & Ryan Albrecht, Spirit River, AB ..... 780-864-4259 Briar Ridge Stock Farm Randy & Chris Haddow, Dawson Creek, BC ............. 250-786-5048 Chad, Leah, Gene & Addison Haddow, Dawson Creek, BC...................................................... 250-784-3924 Cuthbertson Cattle Co. Scott & Jackie Cuthbertson, Valleyview, AB.............. 780-837-8544 Fallen Timber Farms Chet & Jamie Jans, Groundbirch, BC ......................... 250-780-2141 Flatrock Valley Simmentals Brad Geisbrecht, Cecil Lake, BC................................ 250-781-3580 GRA-TAN Farm Grant & Tanya Chittick, Mayerthorpe, AB ................. 780-786-2181 Halfway River Simmentals Eckbert & Christa Weitzel Georg & Sarah Weitzel, Charlie Lake, BC ................. 250-263-8237 Hodges Simmentals Roy & Scot Hodges, Beaverlodge, AB ....................... 780-512-4669 JayDawn Farms Jason & Nicole McQuaig, Sexsmith, AB.................... 780-568-2647 KIN-KIN Cattle Co. Gary & Faye Chittick, Mayerthorpe, AB .................... 780-786-4500 KRS Simmentals Reanne Sanford, Quesnel, BC .................................... 250-249-5332 KSL Simmentals Keagan Scorgie, Beaverlodge, AB.............................. 780-518-6572 Moonlite Farm Norbert & Janice Luken, Fairview, AB ...................... 780-835-3165 Moose Creek Simmentals Don, Joyce & Shon Smith, Gordondale, AB .............. 780-353-2284 O Double E Simmentals Ole, Elden & Einar Bakkehaug, Hythe, AB................ 780-356-2113 Rachido Ranch Randy & Donna Chittick, Mayerthorpe, AB .............. 780-786-4373 Rosefield Simmentals James & Martha Wiebe, Prespatou, BC ...................... 250-630-2621 SIBL Simmentals The Smith Families, Cherhill, AB............................... 780-785-2045 Tri-K Simmentals Keith & Kerriley Hodges, Beaverlodge, AB .............. 780-831-7999 Willow Creek Simmentals Mike & Mari Klassen & Family, Debolt, AB ............. 780-957-2814 Willowdale Simmentals Dale & Judy Smith, Valleyview, AB ........................... 780-524-2790 Wolfe Farms Tony Wolfe, Valleyview, AB ....................................... 780-524-3939


Altona Falls Red Angus Dan & Trudy Loewen, Altona, BC ............................. 250-630-2146 Aspen Hill Red Angus George & Kelly LeBlanc, Woking, AB ...................... 780-774-2404 Bar 4A Cattle Co. Hugh Atkin & Joleen (Jo) Meservy, LaGlace AB....... 780-512-3641 Battle River Black Angus Ron Gordey, Manning, AB ......................................... 780-836-2584 Brandl Cattle Co. Byron & Gwen Brandl, Jarvie, AB ............................. 780-954-2599 Classic Livestock Freeman & Zoe Iwasiuk, High Prairie, AB................. 780-523-5077 Cinder Angus Brad Yoder & Nicolle Hoskins, Barrhead, AB ........... 780-674-5773 Clear River Red Angus Lloyd, Donna & Mackay Ross, Cleardale, AB ........... 800-667-2251 Cuthbertson Cattle Co. Scott & Jackie Cuthbertson, Valleyview, AB.............. 780-837-8544 Dwajo Angus Dwayne, Joanne & Jesse Emery, Camp Creek, AB .... 780-674-4410 Figure 8 Angus Paul & Coleen Jex-Blake, Grimshaw, AB .................. 780-597-2001 Fineline Red Angus Nick & Lorraine van Gaalen, LaGlace, AB ................ 780-568-3906 Gemvale Stock Farm Don & Sheri Murphy, Dawson Creek, BC ................. 250-759-4717 Grassy Lanes Angus Ed & Laurel Mostad, Valleyview, AB......................... 780-524-3129 Gumbo Gulch Cattle Company Dale & Steve Aylward, Dawson Creek, BC................ 250-786-5478 Heart Valley Angus Chris Tschetter, Birch Hills Colony, AB ..................... 780-864-8918 J Lazy A Ranch Jarin & Amber Carter, Sexsmith, AB .......................... 780-518-9652 Jones Land & Cattle Mark & Allison Jones, Barrhead, AB ......................... 780-674-6377 KBJ Round Farms Jim & Rita, Barry & Dette Round, Clyde, AB............ 780-348-5638 Kjos Black Angus Marty & Miriam Kjos, Fort St. John, BC ................... 250-787-0970 Lazy B Livestock Trevor Binks & Melanie Klassen, GP, AB.................. 780-539-7128 Luv-N-It Cattle Co. Jason & Trisha French, Mayerthorpe, AB .................. 780-786-9150 Mackenzie Red Angus Ken & Rebecca Mackenzie, Deadwood, AB .............. 780-836-2049 Mountain Side Angus John & Judy Mayer, Beaverlodge, AB ....................... 780-354-2726 North Point Red Angus Mark & Ginger Zahacy, High Prairie, AB .................. 780-523-5356 Rafter SJ Ranch Jack & Shannon Trask, Montney, BC ......................... 250-827-3364 Ring Creek Farms Pat & Len Friedel, Fairview, AB ................................ 780-835-4338 Rio Grande Angus Clint & Anna Collins, Rio Grande, AB....................... 780-354-3913 Roy Angus Chris & Jen Roy, Fairview, AB ................................... 780-835-0463 Sawmill Angus Clarence & Darleen Budal, Hotchkiss, AB................. 780-836-2788 Silver S Red Angus Devin & Amber Stark, Bezanson, AB ........................ 780-876-6252 Smoky River Red Angus Maynard & Curtis Boese, Sexsmith, AB .................... 780-568-4340 Spruce Lane Ranch Andrew & Vivian Miller, Bonanza, AB ...................... 780-353-3355

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DIRECT MARKETING PURCHASING BULLS, COWS & FEEDERS • Fully Licensed & Bonded Buyers • 0% selling commission • Open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm 1-1/2 miles south on Range Road 85 from Highway 43 west of Wembley

Glen Mayer 780.897.9570 • Mel Pydde 780.933.0048


Selling Bred Cows & Grass Cattle

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Milligan Creek Steel

a division of:

• 11 different profiles & 26+ colours • Agricultural & Industrial •Metal Installation

• LOWEST PRICES! Call for details!

Try this dramatic British Columbia beef This looks quite dramatic so it’s great for company. You can use any size of zucchini, but I think this is a good recipe for those ones that got away on you from the garden. There’s not much room for stuffing the little guys and we treat this as a complete meal. 1 foot-long zucchini 1/2 lb. (227 g) lean ground B.C. beef

1 small onion 1 clove garlic 1 tbsp. (15 ml) chives 1 tbsp. (15 ml) parsley 2 tsp. (10 ml) lemon thyme 1 tsp. (5 ml) fresh oregano 1 tsp. (5 ml) fresh tarragon salt and pepper to taste 3 tbsp. (45 ml) white wine

grated Swiss cheese Pre-heat oven to 350 F. Cut zucchini in half lengthwise to form two long ‘boats.’ Use a spoon to remove the pulp from the centre of the vegetable, making sure you don’t pierce the outer skin. Leave a shell of at least a half-inch all around. Chop the pulp, onions and mince the garlic. Use what-



Call Joe 250-793-7753

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Battle River Black Angus Registered Black Angus Bulls

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Ron Gordey


Phone: 1-780-836-2584 Cell: 1-780-836-6239 Fax: 1-780-836-2582

Unsurpassed Unsurpassed Unsurpassed Angus Genetics! Unsurpassed Angus Genetics! Angus Genetics! Call for more information Angus Genetics! Call for more information Call for more information George LeBlancCall for more information Chris Tschetter George LeBlanc Chris Cell:780-402-9509 Cell:780-864-8918 George LeBlanc ChrisTschetter Tschetter George LeBlanc Chris Tschetter Cell:780-402-9509 Cell:780-864-8918 email: gleblanc1@live.com Cell:780-402-9509 Cell:780-864-8918 Cell:780-402-9509 Cell:780-864-8918 email: email:gleblanc1@live.com gleblanc1@live.com email: gleblanc1@live.com r0011156613

Cleardale, Alberta

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Visitors Welcome Mile 11 on #2 Highway South of Dawson Creek STEVE AYLWARD (250)786-5031 or (250)784-5136 DALE AYLWARD (250)786-5478 P.O. BOX 132, DAWSON CREEK, B.C. V1G 4G3

Angus Club The Peace Country President: John Mayer: 780-354-2726 • Sec./Treas: Cindy Bjorklund : 780-835-35390


Dan: (250) 630-2146 Cell: (250) 261-3955 Dan & Trudy Loewen & family Altona, BC (1 hour north of Fort St. John)






Aspen Hill Hill Red Red Angus Angus Heart Valley Angus Aspen Heart Valley Angus Aspen Hill Red Angus Heart Valley Box 235, Wanham,Angus Alberta RR1, Woking, Alberta and Heart Box 235, Wanham, Alberta RR1, Woking, Alberta Box 235, Wanham, Alberta Aspen Hill Red Angus T0H 3P0 Valley Angus and RR1, Woking, Alberta T0H 3V0 and T0H 3P0 T0H 3V0 3P0 Box 235, Wanham, T0H Alberta T0H RR1,3V0 Woking, Albertahave teamed and up to bring you T0H 3P0 T0H 3V0 have haveteamed teamedup upto tobring bringyou you

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C O .

For more information Contact: Hugh Atkin • (780) 512.3641 Joleen (Joe) Meservy (780) 834.8286 Email: info@bar4acattleco.com



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Angus Bulls

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016 Horizon photographer Ron Cartier continues to bring the goods.



and herb-stuffed zucchini with tarragon ing the chopped zucchini pulp part way through. When the pulp has cooked down and there’s little juice left in the pan, add the herbs and wine and continue stirring and cooking until there’s just enough moisture left for the stuffing to stick together. Salt and pepper each shell and stuff with the meat mixture. Grate Swiss cheese, or a combination of

Andrew & Vivian Miller Box 163 Bay Tree, AB T0H 0A0


Mark & Ginger Zahacy Phone (780) 523-5356 Cell (780) 523-1356


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Ken & Rebecca Mackenzie & Family Tel: 780-836-2049 • Box 35, Deadwood, AB TOH 1A0 www.mackenzieredangus.ca


North Point Angus



Purebred Red & Black Angus For Sale On The Ranch ByAnnual Private 3rd BullTreaty Sale

Serve on a platter or serving board.


Selling Black Angus Yearling Bulls Off The Farm By Private Treaty Clint & Anna Collins Rio Grande, AB www.riograndeangus.com

The Roys - Chris, Jen & Family Fairview, Alberta

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Swiss and mozzarella over the top and place the zucchini ‘boats’ in a pan with about a half-inch of water in the bottom. Roast for about half an hour, until the cheese has browned on top.


ever herbs you have fresh that sound as if they’d be good. It’s important there be a total of at least three tablespoons of fresh herbs, though. Mince them. Gently heat a drizzle of olive oil in a large frypan or wok and add the ground beef and onions, then the garlic. Cook until the beef has changed colour and the onions are limp, add-


Registered Red Angus


Yearling and 2 Year Old bulls For Sale by Private Treaty FEATURING SONS OF OLE OSCAR Contact Clarence & Darleen Budal Email: sawmillangus@abnorth.com Coffee is Always On!



Quality Registered Yearling & 2-yr-old Bulls for Sale on the Farm


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20 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

Health Canada proposes rules for livestock antimicrobial drugs ing of drug sales. The department is seeking feedback on the proposals until Sept. 8. Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed, a veterinarian who advises the National Cattle Feeders’ Association, said the changes are overdue. She said there are rumours that some producers have imported antimicrobials for use on their animals, but it doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem. “The industry actually wants some of these regulations to protect us from the bad apples,” she said from her practice in Picture Butte in the heart of Alberta’s feedlot sector. “It is not in our best interest to not use drugs prudently.” The Canadian Meat Council, which represents federally registered meat packers, said it is reviewing the proposed changes with its member companies. Ron Davidson, a council spokesman, said the industry is pleased the amendments deal with the use of unapproved livestock drugs, which can leave residues in food. The Canadian Pork Council, Turkey Farmers of Canada and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association also said they are reviewing the proposed changes. “Canadian Pork Council believes the use of antibiotics is an important tool for the welfare of the animal and

rock Valley t a l F Simmentals 250-781-3580 Brad & Elaine Giesbrecht



Simmental Cattle

Chet & Jamie Jans Registered Simmental Breeders

Quarter Horse



Box 85, Cecil Lake, BC V0C 1G0 flatrockvalleysimmentals@yahoo.ca


• Bulls For Sale • •Red & Black Factor•

herd management,” said spokesman Gary Story. “Our goal is to produce safe food while reducing the need for antibiotics.” Health Canada said it is also working to phase out growth promotion claims on antimicrobial drugs used in food animal production by the fall of 2017. Department spokeswoman Rebecca Gilman said the government does not plan to ban antimicrobials in animal feed. “In some instances, antibiotics are administered in feed for both the treatment and prevention of diseases,” she said. “There is no plan to phase out this use as it remains important for food-producing animals — to still have access to antibiotic therapy.” The government says more than 75 per cent of antimicrobials sold in Canada are for use in animals, mainly For Sale: 30+or Purebred Simmental Heifer to promote growth to guard against disease and infecCalves, all Polled, Solid Red or Black. tion. About 1.6 million kilograms of antimicrobials were Short oninFeed. distributed for use in animals 2013. Health Canada says the proposed changes will align Canada with policies in the United States and the European Union.



Home of Polled & Horned 100% Full Blood & Purebred Fleckvieh

Yearling and 2 yr. old Bulls for Sale by Private Treaty

Elden, Einar, and Ole Bakkehaug Box 156, Hythe, AB T0H 2C0

Box 238, Norbert & Janice Luken FAIRVIEW, ALBERTA 780-835-3165 TOH 1LO Email: njluken6@gmail.com

(780) 356-2113



25 km North of Valleyview on Hwy. 49


Box 223 Groundbirch, BC V0C 1T0

P: 250-780-2141 E: info@fallentimberfarms.com www.fallentimberfarms.com

Box 154, Cecil Lake,BC V0C 1G0 www.peacecountrysimmentals.com

Eckbert and Christa Georg and Sarah 250-263-8237 250-262-7681 Email ecweitzel@live.ca • Box 159, Charlie Lake, BC V0C 1H0




Box 1555 Valleyview, AB T0H 3N0


Performance Breeding Stock Polled Reds and Blacks



2 year old Simmental Bulls FOR SALE on the farm J&M Farms JERRY & GEM GIESBRECHT 250.262.7867 jws@pris.ca


The federal government is proposing new rules for veterinary drugs used in livestock as it works to reduce human health risks associated with resistance to antibiotics and other antimicrobials. Health Canada says the decreasing effectiveness of antimicrobials is having a significant impact on the government’s ability to protect Canadians from infectious diseases. “The overuse and misuse of antimicrobials in animals is a contributing factor to the development and spread of AMR (antimicrobial-resistance),” reads a summary of the proposed rules. “The development of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens in animals can pose serious risks to human health when they are transmitted as food-borne or water-borne contaminants. Antimicrobial-resistant infections are associated with a greater risk of death, more complex illnesses, longer hospital stays and higher treatment costs.” The department says current regulations do not provide the necessary regulatory oversight to mitigate the risk. The proposed changes would restrict the importation of some veterinary drugs used in livestock, require drug manufacturers to follow stricter rules regarding the quality of active ingredients and allow for increased monitor-

Poorboy Simmental JOHN & LORI GIESBRECHT 250.261.0746 poorboy171@hotmail.com



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ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK! This “ladies man” approached me at Foster’s grand opening and wanted to know what it would take to get his picture in the Horizon; I said, “Stand still and smile.” DAN PRZYBYLSKI PHOTO

Commercial Buildings

Howard Uphill Alberta Sales Rep (403) 586-7678 fax 1-403-770-8580

Agricultural Buildings Garages & Work Shops Storage Buildings


Head Office 1-855-773-3648

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VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME Bill Bentley - (250) 843-7575 Doug Bentley - (250) 843-7364 BENWYN FARM LTD. PROGRESS, BC V0C 2E0

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Registered Polled Hereford Bulls and Heifers for sale

Home: (780) 832-4068 • Cell: (780) 831-9106




20 miles West of Dawson Creek Hwy 97 South 3/4 mile North of Progress (Rd 255)

Dorothy and John McElroy Box 185, Charlie Lake, BC VOC 1H0 Phone: (250) 785-6074 Email: jrmcelroy52@yahoo.ca

“The PEACE COUNTRY Cowman’s Choice” HEREFORDS PROOFED Dates ad is to run:

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Western wheat and barley check-off program refund deadline Alberta Barley is reminding farmers in Western Canada of the upcoming July 31 deadline for Western Wheat and Barley Check-Off (WWBC) Program refund applications. The five-year transitional Wheat and Barley Check-Off was established on August 1, 2012 via regulations under the Canadian Grain Act, and is administered by Alberta Barley. The WWBC is collected at the point of sale on Cash Purchase Tickets (CPT) at a rate of $0.48 per tonne of wheat and $0.56 per tonne of barley ($0.04 per tonne of barley sold in Alberta). Grain buyers are required by law to collect the check-off. The WWBC is separate from any existing provincial programs. Check-offs collected through the program help fund the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF), the Canadian Malting Barley Technical

Centre (CMBTC) and the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi). These organizations lead the way in developing new varieties, new markets and more opportunities for wheat and barley farmers. “Administration of this program has gone very well,” said Alberta Barley’s Chief Financial Officer Syeda Khurram. “In the coming months, our accounting staff will continue to actively answer check-off questions and assist producers through the refund process.” The check-off, while mandatory, is refundable. Farmers wishing for a refund of their check-off dollars for the 2015–2016 crop year must submit a completed refund application to the administrator, Alberta Barley, by July 31, 2016. Refunds are only processed once a year with the cheques distributed yearly before the end of October. r001699854


Wheat refund deadlines are on the way. THE PRODUCER PHOTO

Herefords Charolais Simmentals

SHORTHORN Alvin Johnson


Box 27 Brownvale, AB T0H 0L0


Phone/Fax: (780) 597-3973

Yearling & 2 year old Bulls for Sale



Randy & Chris Haddow 250-786-5048 Chad, Gene, Addison & Leah Haddow 250-784-3924

Do you have something you would like to share with the Northern Horizon community? • New Calf or Bull Purchase? • 4-H Accomplishment? • Interesting Article or Video? Join us on Facebook Today! https://www.facebook.com/NorthernHorizonDC/ R0011233294

Shadow Creek Red Polls

• Maternal traits with light birth weights • Dual purpose – high milk production • Registered Breeding stock for sale. Dean & Marsha Anderson – Fort St John, BC

Phone (250) 827-3293



Your Peace Country Connec�on for Quality Salers Ca�le

Grundke Family Salers Since 1987


We will be back in early 2017 • Bulls with 50-90lb Birthweight • All workable on heifers • Calving ease & performance • All fed to survive & perform on forage ra�on


Gelbvieh Bulls Red & Black 1 & 2 Year Olds Ph: 780-835-2645 • 780-835-0365

Randy & Lesli Voss (780) 356-3361 Box 473 (780) 814-1534 Hythe, Alberta rlsalers@hotmail.com T0H 2C0 33280

Werner & Debbie Alberta Beach, AB


780-924-2464 or 780-982-2472 grundke@xplornet.com



The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


Bre� Mitchell of the Kleskun 4-H Mul� Club would like to say





24 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


to Glenn and Judy Keddie of

For purchasing his steer, “CHECK” at the 2016 East County 4-H Achievement Day Show & Sale Bre� has partnered with Keddie’s Tack & Western Wear and will be showing CHECK at ca�le shows and compe��ons throughout the summer.

1 1

1 1

• 2016 Peace Country Beef Congress - Grand Champion Open Class • • 2016 Peace Country Beef Congress - Reserve Champion Junior Class • • 2016 Peace Country Classic - Junior Show Champion Steer • • 2016 East County 4-H Grand Champion Steer • • 2016 UFA Classic (Josephburg, AB) – First in his Class •


Watch for Bre� Mitchell & CHECK on the road this summer

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016



26 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

9905 – 132 Ave., Grande Prairie, AB (across from Keddie’s)


www.quapp.ca Mon – Fri: 8:00am to 5:00pm Sat: 9:00am to 3:00 pm Closed Sundays & Holidays

• Horse • Utilities, • Gooseneck • Livestock Quads & & Highboys • Cargo Sleds • Dump • Car Hauler Trailers


Feature Units

Members of the Ignite NPYSA group in Fairview were on hand at the grand opening of Foster’s Agri-World’s Fariview office on Wednesday, July 6th to help Jesse and Jason by manning the barbeques and flipping burgers and hot dogs for the great number of people who attended the event. Following their motto of “Engaging Youth to Volunteer in the Community & Give Back” were (appearing left to right) Ian LaLiberte, Pam MacKay, Callista Stensrud, Logan Banner, Rhyan Bruce, Kelsie Blake, Kasonya Parsons and Colton Grayson. DAN PRZYBYLSKI PHOTO

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


550HP, twin turbo, powershift transmission, PTO





Part Number umber

Roll Length Knot Strength


Ball Quantity Price Per Roll Rolll

Small Square 79033951C 3951C

7,200 7 200




$33.50 $33 50

Large Square 79034117C






Part Number










67 x 7000












64 x 7000




AGC 2016 NET WRAP PRICING AGCO Price Per Roll Pallet Quantity Pallet Price


28 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

DAVE ROSS EQUIP. LTD Ph: 780-864-3731,

Spirit River

Fax: 864-3468,

Toll Free 1-800-661-7401 Web site:

www.rossequip.ca July 09 - 2016

THE LAST New 2375 for Sale

Ross Equip. Ltd Since 1943



1 Price may varys w / Exch

New 2014 2375 Versatile 375hp QSM11

710/70R38 duals “w - 80 gpm” 4 hyds Radio

msrp $322,200

2012 RT490 Versatile Combine, 490 hp Cummins 653 hr 16’ MacDon PU header 259,400 Class 8 intro $ 199,000

Only $199,000 LEASE to Own this RT490 Versatile Combine

10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $16,500


10-Semi-Annual Lease pmts OAC of $16,500 + rv

LEASE to Own any Tractor on this page

Pay only the 1st lease payment in advance. OAC

2016 550 Versatile 550 hp, P/Shift Del/Cab 110gpm hyd 6 E/ hyd diff/lock Radar, A/S/R, Canbus, Radar *522550 800/70R38 Firestone demo $ 415,000


Tier 3

10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $21,500

Price may varys w / Exch

120’ 2014 RG1100 Rogator Sprayer 1100 $545,900 5/27 1- OH Blowout 445,000 10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC $36,000 2016 500 Versatile 500 hp, P/Shift Del/Cab 110 hyd 6 E/ hyd diff/lock Radar, A/S/R, Canbus, Radar *490550 800/70R38 Firestone demo $ 390,000

10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC $23,000

$298,250 w/16’ blade $209,000 10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $16,200


2016 400 Versatile 400 hp QSX11.9, PS 710/70R38 duals 6E hyd 113 gpm Radio msrp $425,500 demo $329,000 10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $28,000

305 Versatile 2013 305hp,16spdPS 38 hr demo, 4 E/hyd 55 gpm, Fnds HID wts L/3pt 540/1000 pto 20.8R42D, 16.9R30 $ 257,250 487 1 only $179,900 310 FWD Versatile 310 hp 16 spd P/Shift Deluxe Cab, 18,850# 3 pt hitch, 4 E/ hyd 10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $14,170 55 gpm high flow 540/1000 pto, HID lite, frt & rear wts, F/R diff/lock, 200 amp alt, 174 gal fuel tank, hyd P/brakes, Tran oil heater, 620/70R42 dual, 480/70R30 frt,

Sizes, 10’ 12’ 14’ 16’ 18’ 20’

10-Semi-Annual Lease pa

2014 35’ M155 MD Sw hyd/ C /linkHID, 600/6 DKD, 6 B/PUR, Trans msrp $226,100

10-Semi-Annual Lease pa

2004 30’ 9352 MacDon

10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC $18,500

2009 60’Morris Contour drill 12” 8370 Tow Behind Tank, 900 tires, 3 Tanks, 17”fan, dual castors, Topcon drive. new sweeps, roto scrapers *029132 always sheded premium unit $ 149,000

New Agri-Tech 35.7 128 Lift 7,700# Lift 23’ boo

48”x adj 72” wide 3 rear hyd 55gpm / pump, lites,boom s 174,200 Empty wt 15,900#

10-Semi-Annual Lease pay

10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $17,200

OFFER Ends July 30 / 2016


10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $ 8,580

2011 100’ RG994 Rogator Sprayer 3865hr SS tank, Viper Pro, Auto Steer, 300 GPS, Accu boom, Auto boom whls, Air ride Air Dryer,380/90R46 & 650/70R38 C/div $240,900 6/16 1 only $ 215,000

2016 35’ M155 MD Sw C /linkHID, 600/65R28 6 B/PUR, Trans stab/ msrp $238,400

$288,350 32 hr demo $199,900


30’ TD600 TANDUM DISK, 10.5”S, 26X8mm c/o frt 26x8mm S/rear, S/L hitch 650# per ft, T2-215 brgs *95150 Brg wear grds Intro 79,900 36’ TD600 TANDUM DISK, *99200 Intro

32’V-Wing Ditcher 1

10-S/A Lease payments

2012 100’ RG1100 Rogator Sprayer 1100 1965 hrs, SS tank, Viper Pro, Auto Steer, 300 GPS, Accu boom, A/B whls, Air ride Air Dryer 380/90R46 & 650/70R38 C/div $290,900 5/16 1 only $ 265,000


25’ TD600 TANDUM DISK, *89150 Intro

20’ V-Wing Ditcher

10-S/A Lease payments

10-Semi-Annual Lease pmts OAC of $29,345 + rv

*257,250 radio, work lites 1 Only 179,000 16’ 6 way Quick Tach Deg Dozer $36,050 30,000


10-S/A Lease payments


305 Versatile 2013 FWD 305hp 20.8R42 D 31 hr 16 spd P/S, 540/1000 PTO, 55gpm hyd 4 hyd


1214 Renn Unloader $6

10-S/A Lease payments


10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $19,500

10-S/A Lease payments



2015 375 Versatile 375hp DC 12 spd Std QSX11.9 710/70R38D wts 4 hyd 58 gpm msrp $343,200 bk-demo Only$243,000

1014 Farm Boy Unloade

$33,000 10’ Bagger 30” conveyo

LEASE to Own this 550 Versatile Tractor

Payout the residual value or Finance the residual value OAC.

The Last 2 - 305’s for Sale

10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC

10-Semi-Annual Lease pmts OAC of $30,350 + rv

When the LAST lease payment is made

2016 375 Versatile 375hp 12 spd P/Shift QSX11.9 710/70R38D wts 4 E/H 58 gpm msrp $366,250 demo Only $266,000

100’ 2014 RG1100 Rogator Sprayer 1100 SS tank, Viper Pro, Auto Steer, 300 GPS, Accu boom, Auto boom wheels, Frt load 380/90R46, Air ride, Air Dryer Pkg, $512,800 05/16 Blowout 417,000

71’ Morris C2 Air Drill D/S paired row 9650 650 bu 4 tanks duals Hyd Assist Auger, dual 17” fans, std drive, Hyd Hitch Jack Tow Between $ 487,900 Pre-Order Special only $ 436,900

SX280 Sprayer, rear-duals & spacers 100’ Steel boom 1200 gal 416800 $ 376,000 120’ Steel boom 1200 gal 438840 $ 394,000 SX280 Sprayer, rear-duals air ride, gps 120’ Alum DEMO 1200 gal 479600 $ 399,000

12’ 650 Offset 10”s 26”x8mm *39960 $31,900 10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $32,000

on these units $10,000 Deposit , Ba

61’ Morris C2 Air Drill D/S paired row 9650 650 bu 4 tanks

add $15,900 for Blade

2006 2145 Versatile 145hp, 18spd PS, 3 E/hyd

duals Hyd Assist Auger, 17” fan, std drive, Hyd Hitch Jack Tow Between $ 455,800 Pre-Order Special only $ 399,900

$ 89,900

71’ Tow Behind add $ 13,000 61’ Tow Behind add $ 7,000

6600 hr 710/70R38 600/65R28, 540/1000rpm pto, $127,350 w/ FEL, Bucket & grapple

www.rossequip. ca • DAVE ROSS EQU

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016 Model 1014 Unloader Model 1214 Unloader


July 09 - 2016



er $49,040


s OAC of

$ 3,900 $46,000



LEASE to Own DF22 Drier 1000 b/h $255,000 12-S/A Lease pay OAC of $


4 Driers OH @ 255,000 1 SOLD

$ 4,600

1 Reman drier OH @ $ 190,000

s OAC of

S e xs m i t h

G r an d e P r ai ri e


Toll Free 800-661-7401 for Matt, Al, or Larry

0 down, 4.99% for 84 mbw bi-weekly payments. w/gst OAC, vehicles may not be exactly as illustrated

V6 Dsl & Air Ride

32 mpg

$ 2,725 dis

$ 16,040 dis



MSRP $41,825

36 mpg

$292-84 mbw

15 Wrangler Sahara 4x4 3.6L i192420

s OAC of

32 mpg

V6 Gas 33 mpg

Pi RP $54,050

$199-84 mbw

$271-84 mbw


15 G/Caravan SXT 6spd i411381.po

36 mpg

16 G1500 SLT V6 8A QC4X4SB i807492 5.7 ,8spd 29 mpg

$ 13,250 dis

MSRP $52,940

MSRP $40,930

Pi RP $62,850

$308-84 mbw

$199-84 mbw

$278-84 mbw



15 Durango AWD 8spd V6vvt i530488.po


$ 12,630 dis

$ 8,030 dis

Double your drying capacity with Twins $ 510,000 2,000 b/h 12-S/A Lease pay OAC of $ 44,000

$ 12,350 dis

MSRP $40,630

$ 9,300

$ 15,300


$ 13,730 dis


172,250 $157,900

Pi RP $56,840

$281-84 mbw 14 D1500 SLT V6 8ACC4X4 i661523 po $299-84 mbw 15 D1500 SLT V6 8AQC4X4SB i265515 $315-84 mbw

$ 3,130 dis

s OAC of

$ 12,340 dis

Pi RP $57,940

MSRP $45,630

102,250 $96,900

Since 1948

V6 Dsl 38 mpg

38 mpg

15 Cherokee Ltd 4x4 3.2L i441391

4 Driers OH @ 265,000


July 09 - 2016

All Programs deducted

NEW 2015 ‘s

$ 4,500 $57,500 $47,500

s OAC of

R y c ro ft


O n ly 4 0 m ile s N o rth o f G ran d e P rairie


Spirit River, Ab

N S p i ri t R i v er


15 G/Caravan SXT 6spd i585384.po

2016 ‘s


16 1500 Sport ,8a QC4X4SB i710569 5.7 ,8spd

34 mpg

wather 148hp, hyd 8, 16.5x16.1, DKD, /whls, 10’ hyd roller


$ 3,130 dis

SIMPLE DRIER BASE in lue of cement. 8” X 4” Wide Flange on screw pillings


DK 2661 hr $ 49,100

$260-84 mbw

$310-84 mbw 17 1500 Sport ,8a QC4X4SB iv270568 $278-84 mbw

17 Chry Pacifica 3.6L 9spd i538460

1000+ bu. GC9250 UF Grain Cart, w/Tarp c/w 17” Auger, 1000 pto, 900/60x32R1 $54,900 $69,850 520 Scale 5 point system $ 8,500

Pi RP $63750

MSRP $46,545

MSRP $54,730

$295-84 mbw

$310-84 mbw 17 1500 Sport ,8a QC4X4SB iv927568 $278-84 mbw


16 G/Caravan Crew 3.6L 6spd i701435


5.7 ,8spd 29 mpg

$ 8,045 dis Price may varys w / Exch

Pi RP $63750


36 mpg

wather 148hp, 76 hr 65R28, 16.5x16.1, s stab/whls,10’ roller

ayments OAC $12,000

MSRP $48,725


16 Journey R/T AWD 3.6L 6s i504365

ayments OAC $16,900

MSRP $39,130



17 Chry Pacifica 3.6L 9spd i413507

36 mpg

5.7 ,8spd 29 mpg

10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $ 5,8,50 $ 7,840 dis MSRP $41,540

Pi RP $57,650


16 G/Caravan SXT 3.6L, 6spd i592392 $255-84 mbw 07 JEEP Ltd leather sunroof 63k 046109 $8,900

8hp 540 / 1000 PTO,

om susp Cab A/C forks d, 1 boom hyd, Rev fan, suspension, 22.5” Ag tires, # 1 only new 143,900

1300 bu 50” tire 114,070 $86,500

yments OAC $13,300

10-Semi-Annual Lease payments OAC of $ 9,250


17 G1500 SLT V8 8A CC4X4SB iv237522

$271-84 mbw

32 mpg Price may varys w / Exch

$ 14,750 dis

MSRP $33,920

Pi RP $56,450


16 Cherokee Sport 4x4 3.2L i176314

$215-84 mbw 06 GMC 1500 C/C 4x4 144k new tran 508490 $9,400

32 mpg

alance due May 1 / 2017

$310-84 mbw 07 D2500SLTQ/C4x4 N/tire288k i413129 $289-36 mbw 16 D3500 SLT C/C4x4 LB i611687

$ 9,000


$412-84 mbw

blk green




41’ Morris C2 Air Drill D/S paired row 9450 450 bu 3 tanks Hyd Assist Auger, 17” fan, std drive, Hyd Hitch Jack Tow Between $ 297,600 Pre-Order Special only $ 269,900 51’ Tow Behind add $ 8,000 41’ Tow Behind add

$ 12,050 dis MSRP 75,950




16 Cherokee T/hawk 4x4 3.2L i562394

$278-84 mbw



MSRP $42,930

51’ Morris C2 Air Drill D/S paired row 9450 450 bu 3 tanks

Hyd Assist Auger, 17” fan, std drive, Hyd Hitch Jack Tow Between $ 335,600 Pre-Order Special only $

Cstm Grill, Hood & Frt bumper


16 G2500 SXT V8 6ACC4X4SB i889487

wsb 20,940


$189-60 mbw




09 F150 Lariat C/C4x4SB 198k 182129

$ 15,560 dis


09 F3500 XLT C/C 4x4 202k i532659

$289-36 mbw



16 D3500 Laramie C/C4x4SB i938734

$445-84 mbw

UIPMENT LTD. • www.rosschrysler.ca

30 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


32 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


There is beer brewing in the Peace Region Beer at its core, is liquid agriculture. What better place to brew than the Peace River area? Wide open prairie fields lush with barley surround Grande Prairie where two new (and city’s first) brewing companies produce fresh, local beer. Grain Bin Beer and GP Brewing Company both opened early this year into a market previously untested for its appetite for local craft beer. Both teams did what research they could to make sure there was enough interest to sustain a business, but ultimately opened their doors on faith. Both have already surpassed early sales expectations. “We’re where we thought we’d be one to one and a half years in,” said Dalen Landis, head brewer at Grain Bin Beer that opened in February. “We opened with capacity for 1,600 gallons a month, and very quickly sold more beer than we could produce.” Just last week Grain Bin increased capacity by another 1,200 gallons monthly and expect to add another 1,200 gallons this summer. “We thought most of our business would come from wholesale in the beginning, like restaurants

and bars, but it’s been about 50/50 with growler fills” Landis said. Growlers are a reusable 64 oz. jug most breweries will fill from their taps. “Our location is hard to find, and our hours are horrendous, but people still make the effort to come find us for growler fills.” Their most recent “democracy” beer, voted for by customers and fans online, was a Double IPA: a high alcohol, super bitter ale. The portion of the batch they’d reserved for growler fills sold out in a single day, and of the 500 bombers (22 oz. bottles), all but eight sold in just a week. Their spring seasonal brew, Ale Spruced Up, was made with spruce tips harvested by Landis and his kids, aged 3 and 1, from budding spruce trees around Grande Prairie. Next up is a sour ale made with rhubarb. This kind of experimental craft beer is exactly what Landis and his friends had been doing for the last 10 years as a hobby until Alberta’s liquor laws changed, removing the restriction on volume of beer required to stay licensed. “We was doing it just for fun, but then the law changed, and we wondered if we could turn it into something. Our friends all liked our beer, but of course everybody who gets free beer will say that,” Landis said. “We started to wonder if we could charge for it.”

Turns out they can; Grain Bin is on tap at a handful of restaurants in Grande Prairie and they’ve just invested in bottling equipment to expand into retail. Five liquor stores carry their bombers, and customers come to the brewery for growler (and howler) fills regularly. GP Brewing Company had quite a different start. None of the GP team were hobby brewers before. The now-president Matt Toni was working as a chef at Madhatters and trying to distill whiskey at home, but he failed miserably he says, and switched to homebrew. It took a lot of trial and error, but eventually he had a product he was happy with. “Some of it was pretty bad,” Toni recalled. “To make good beer, there’s a lot of bad beer. So we dumped a lot of it.” He and the Madhatters’ owners initially planned to supply beer to their own lounge, but through the process of brewing and tasting and tweaking and tasting, they got really excited. “I think what really got us spiraling into the volume we’re doing now is just how excited we got for the business, and possibilities of being bigger and doing it right from the very beginning,” Toni said. “But the more we looked into it, it didn’t make sense to produce

one or two barrels at a time. It just got bigger and bigger and bigger.” They opened their shiny new brewing facility and tasting room this March, and are already distributing canned beer to 220 liquor stores throughout Alberta. They also fill growlers and supply a few restaurants in town. Toni’s careful not to call GP Brewing a craft brewery. It’s all about really good every day beer for these guys. “I want to produce a beer that you can literally drink the hell out of every day. And produce it right, with local ingredients,” Toni said. Currently GP buys from a maltster that uses Alberta barley, but have no connection with the farmers which is something they want to change. Within the next three years, Toni plans to develop direct relationships with barley farmers and do the malting inhouse, so they get more control over the product. Consistency is critical for GP to make six main brews, so they need long-term supply of the


Versatile 500DT (2014) 350 hrs Challenger 85C (1994) 6,000 hrs Challenger 45 (2000) 6,600 hrs


Versatile 500 (2012) 880 hrs John Deere 9530 (2007) 1,121 hrs John Deere 8760 (1991) 7,100 hrs Massey Ferguson 8240 (2003) Case IH 485 (2010) 2,700 hrs


Lexion 760 (2012) 900 eng, 700 sep Lexion 760 (2011) 1320 eng, 960 sep Lexion 760 (2011) 1315 eng, 943 sep Lexion 670 (2013) 888 eng, 550 sep Lexion 670 (2013) 970 eng, 682 sep Lexion 590R (2008) 1383 eng, 1014 sep Lexion 590R (2008) 1573 eng, 1131 sep Lexion 590R (2008) 2789 eng, 1848 sep Lexion 590R (2008) 3212 eng, 2115 sep Lexion 580R (2005) 2200 eng, 1750 sep Lexion 460 (2000) 3036 eng, 2418 sep Case IH 8230 (2012) 1230 eng, 930 sep John Deere 9860STS (2007) 1903 eng, 1430 sep John Deere 9860STS (2006) 2183 eng, 1515 sep New Holland CX8080 (2009) 1204 eng, 920 sep New Holland CX860 (2006) 2755 eng, 2231 sep New Holland CX860 (2006) 2864 eng, 2712 sep New Holland CX860 (2003) 2829 eng, 2252 sep


Feature Unit


1,000 bushel capacity, 14’9” auger height, 20” auger vertical diameter, 18” horizontal diameter, 900/60 tires, scales & tarp. Transfer Tracks included!

FAIRVIEW 10925-90th Ave (Industrial Park) 780-835-3887

Lexion M1050 35’ Maxflex Header (2012) Honey Bee SP36 36’ Draper Header (2006) Honey Bee SP36 36’ Header (2003) MacDon D65 30’ Header w/Lexion adaptor (2014) MacDon D50 35’ Draper Header (2008) MacDon 974 36’ Draper Header (2004) MacDon 973-36 36’ Header (2006) John Deere 930D 30’ Draper Header (2006) Massey Ferguson 9800 30’ Rigid Header (1995) New Holland 94C-36 36’ Insight Header (2006)



same type of hops. This makes locally sourced hops harder to integrate. “Local hops could supply us for maybe three weeks,” Toni said. “Then we’d have to go back to something further away. The flavour would change.” Grain Bin has more flexibility as a craft brewery. Aside from their three core beers, their menu can change as often as they sell out of a seasonal brew. So they take advantage of some of the unique strains developed by farmers. Lots of their supply comes from Chilliwack and Abbotsford in B.C., but they also have a small hyper local source: Landis’ backyard. “They’re a great plant, you can watch them grow a foot a day in the spurt phase,” Landis said. “And they have this aroma that naturally keeps pests away, but bees love them.” Grain Bin Beer hopes to use some of these homegrown hops in fresh hop beer, where hops are picked the same day they’re added to the mash.

SWATHERS MacDon M150 (2010)

AIR DRILLS Bourgault 8810 40’ Air Drill (1998) Bourgault 5710 64’ Air Drill (2005) Bourgault 5710 59’ Air Drill (2002) Bourgault 3320 76’ Air Drill w/6700ST (2013) Bourgault 3310 65’ Air Drill w/6550ST (2010) Bourgault 3310 65’ Air Drill (2010) Bourgault 3310 40’ Air Drill (2010) Horsch Anderson 60-15 Air Drill (2005) Seed Hawk 6010 Air Drill w/Seed Hawk 6000 Air Tank (2013)

AIR TANKS/CARTS Bourgault 6700 Air Tank/Cart (2013) Bourgault 6450 Air Tank/Cart (2006) New Holland SC430 Air Tank/Cart (2008) New Holland SC380 Air Tank/Cart (2003)

HARROWS/HEAVY HARROWS/CULTIVATORS Bourgault 6000 90’ Harrow (2012) Degelman SM7000 70’ Heavy Harrow (2003) Flexi-Coil 820 50’ Field Cultivator

MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT Auger – Sakundiak TL10-39 Grain Auger (2012) Auger - Wheatheart 10’ Grain Auger (2010) Auger – Wheatheart BH10-41 Grain Auger (2008) Ditcher - Xtreme Wolverine Ditcher (2010) Grain Cart – J & M 1325 Grain Cart (2007) Grain Cart – Unverferth 9250 Grain Cart (2006) Grain Extractor - Akron EXG300 Grain Extractor (2014) Grain Vac – REM Mfg 3700 Grain Vac (2013) Subsoiler – SUMO Q35 Subsoiler (2013) Swather Transport – Elmer’s ST Swather Transport

BEAVERLODGE 1100-11th Street West 780-354-3622

Jason (780) 518-8876 • Sean (780) 518-3829 • Kenny (780) 512-6682 • Dan (780) 380-6989


Zoë Ducklow Staff Writer

34 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

It’s a Rotary Dream Home first: Solar Energy

The 2017 Rotary Dream Home lottery home build is well under way. The home features a contemporary design and modern look and feel. The technology is also modern with a first for the Dream Home – solar energy. Empower Energy Corp will install solar modules on the home’s roof, it is hoped they will be installed within the week. Ross Thiessen is with Empower Energy Corp and says he is excited to be a part of the Rotary Dream Home. “We’ll install 10 solar modules on the garage roof which is 2.85kW of power. This will produce around 2500 kWh of energy annually. What it means is over the next 25 years around 25% of the power for the home will come from this solar array. We’ll also have a two way power meter on the home. This means while

at times the home will use power off the grid to energize the home - at other times we’ll actually be putting electricity INTO the grid system.” Devin Kimble is with Stonebuilt Homes and says he too is excited to be a part of this first for the Dream Home. “It’s innovative, it’s the future. It’s green. Yes it’s very exciting. Whether its pioneering hydronic cooling in our area, using SIPS panels in our construction, ductless HRV systems, or the several other areas that Stonebuilt leads in we put a lot of effort into being a progressive builder and this is another shining example.” Another unique aspect of the solar system is - the energy flow from the solar panels will be able to be monitored by anyone on the Rotary Dream Home web site, www.winadMorgan McGowan entertained Sunday evening during the Dawson Creek Music Festival. ROB BROWN PHOTO reamhome.ca .

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


36 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

DOUGLAS LAKE EQUIPMENT 3.00 x 176.0 R0011175751 TRACTORS/SKID STEERS: DISCBINES/HAYBINES/RAKES: USED EQUIPMENT LISTING Vers. 350 2014 Powershift, GPS, PTO, Low Hours 600 .................... $219,900


E017388 NH 1431 1997 13’

Discbine .............................. $14,900 NH H7150 2014 16’ Haybine, Swivel

FC New & Used Pull Type Sprayers, Various Models Starting At: .......................... $14,900

FEEDING: Haybuster 2650 With Grain Tank, 3 to choose from: Starting At: .......................... $15,900

TILLAGE & SEEDING: FC 1720 Single Shoot, TBH CNT......... $5,900 Morris 2000 50’x10” Floating Hitch Cultivator ...... $22,900 NH SC380 2008 TBT, VR, 380bu, SS ............................ $45,000 Bourg. 5725 40’ Disc Drill ....................... $34,900 NH P1060 2011 TBT, VR, 430bu. ISO, DS ................... $64,900

COMBINES & HEADERS: NH CX8080 2009-12 Available Starting At: .......... $114,900 E016610 NH CR9080 2010 Duals, RWA, GPS, Lux Cab, 1100E 850T .................................... $225,000

Tongue, Never Used ............ $46,000

BALERS: NH BR780A 2006 Auto Wrap, Standard Pickup .................... $16,900 CIH 8570 3x3x8 Square Baler, Good Condition ................... $15,900

MISC: .................................. Trailtech 16’ Gooseneck Dump Trailer ........................ $11,500 Viring 72” HighFlow Skid Steer Snow Blower, Excellent Shape. ................... $4,900

CONSIGNMENTS: FK Y720 Farm King 72” Rotary Cutter ...................... $1,700 Wheat-Belt Never used 20’

Electric Bale Elevator ............ $5,900 NH CR9090 2012 Singles, NH Boomer 3040 2012 Opti-Spread, Lux Cab, GPS, RWA, 817E ................. $2,69,900 40hp, Loader, Skid Steer Q/A, NH Selection Of NH Straight Cut & CVT Trans. ........................... $39,000 Draper Headers Various Sizes Available Starting At: ......................... $22,000 NH Boomer 25 2013


Loader & 60” Belly Mount Mower ............. $21,900

New Demco 1150 2014 1150Bu, Blue, 900 Tires, Tarp & Scales. One Left!!! ......................... $57,500

Deg 46/5700 2009 10’ 4 Way

E014522 Akron 9250D 9’ Bagger ............................ $14,900

T6070 Tractor ...................... $16,500 Vers 2145 2008 Loader, Grapple,


Renn 1014 2012 Farm Boy

MacDon M150 2008 35’ D60, Double Knife, Trans, Triple Del, New Canvases, Premium Unit 860E 700H .......................... $109,000 Hesston 9240 2005 30’ Header 1500E ............... $48,000 Hesston 8100 1991 14’ Haybine Header & 25’ Draper 3500E $14,900

Manure Fork, 5100 .............. $89,000

Grain Bag Unloader ............. $29,000 NH 488 9’ Haybine .............. $7,500


SEXSMITH USED FARM PARTS Your One Stop for New, Used & Rebuilt Ag Parts 3.00 x 87.0 R0011163742 Call Toll Free @ 1-800-340-1192 Email to farmpart@telusplanet.net DISPLAY AD RR #2 Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0 Tel: (780) 568-4100 • Fax: (780) 568-2000

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Blade to fit New Holland

Great Selection of Farm King New & Used Grain Augers. Call For Details!!!

MacDon 4952 2000 30’ 972, New Drive Tires ................... $47,900

Not a fowl pose.







946 JD

8370 CASE

Dismantling Many Haybines and Discbines

• 945 JD • 930 JD • 920 JD • 946 JD • 935 JD • 936 JD • 1600 JD • 1600A JD • 1209 JD • 1470 JD • 1380 JD • 1360 JD • 1590 CASE • 1490 CASE • 8370 CASE • 8360 CASE • 479 NH • 499 NH • 495 NH • 114 NH • 1411 NH • 488 NH • 412 NH • 469 NH • 489 NH • 1431 NH • 1085 HESSTON • 1120 HESSTON • KM321 VICON

Dismantling Forage Harvesters

NH TJ375 2005 4WD, Comes With 14’ Degelman 7900 6-Way Dozer 3100 ............... $175,000 SpraCoupe 3640 Aluminium Boom,


Swathers for Dismantling


AutoSteer ............................. $39,900



(250) 219-8299 (250) 784-7953

11508 - 8th Street, Dawson Creek, BC (250) 782-5281 • 1-800-663-3572



(780) 505-1734 (780) 978-2883 (780) 505-1753

14250 - 100th Street, Grande Prairie, AB (780) 532-5344 • 1-888-532-5344 R0011175751







The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


Lamb producers pleased with shepherd health conference by Gerty Sorensen and Raelyn Peterson The 4th annual Peace River Lamb Association conference was held on June 11, 2016 in Rycroft, with 40 producers in attendance, and focused on the health of the shepherd family and flock. The featured speakers kept the audience engaged covering a range of topics about health and safety. Dr. Christy Barlund, DVM, MVetSc spoke about Biosecurity and the benefits of working with your veterinarian throughout the year to prevent major health issues in the flock. Barlund shared tips on herd health and zoonotic diseases pointing towards acting on prevention instead of being reactive to situations. Raelyn Peterson, Farm Safety Coordinator with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry spoke about the Sustainable Farm Families Program, which was modi-

fied from an Australian program for use in Alberta. Peterson stated, “If you only have one pump on the farm that was responsible for all your farm’s operations, you would ensure it was always in good working condition. You only have one heart, another pump that simply must remain in good working condition.” The workshop stresses the importance of taking good care of your health and wellness on the farm. To date, 13 Sustainable Farm Family workshops have reached over 200 Alberta producers. Each participant receives a health assessment from a Registered Nurse including a full body compositions, blood sugar, cholesterol, oxygen saturation, respiratory assessment as well as sight and hearing assessments. Jacqui and Fred Burton completed the program in 2015 and found it to be valuable. The Burtons shared, “It was the best

health assessment we’ve ever had.” Dr. Stan Houston, MD, DTM&H, FRCPC, a professor in Medicine and Public Health at the University of Alberta spoke about Q-Fever. As more cases of Q-Fever have been reported in Alberta, Houston wants to study producers to see how many have, or have been in contact, with the disease. Q-Fever is a bacterial disease which can produce flu-like symptoms. People acquire the infection by inhaling infectious aerosols and contaminated dusts generated by animals or animal products. Trevor Jones provided Rycroft hosted the fourth annual Peace River Lamb Association conference. a celebratory statement TOTEM PHOTOGRAPHICS on the Peace River Lamb Association’s 48th year of operation. Participants en- excitement with event’s ning is already underway For more information joyed a walk down memo- turnout and geographic based on this year’s partici- about the Peace River Lamb Association please ry lane as Jones shared sto- range—pulling attendees pant feedback. in from LaCrete, BeaverNext year we’ll be lookcontact Sherry Mortland at ries as a sheep farmer and lodge, Hythe and Dawson ing at cocktail cover crops, 780-864-3057. from his work at Fairview Creek. Sherry Mortland, handling systems and College. Gerty Sorensen, a board member with the President of the associa- sheep nutrition.” association, expressed her tion was keen to say, “Plan-

38 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

Making use of the big data during beef production Radio frequency identification (RFID) ear tags have been mandatory for Canadian cattle since 2006, however, this means of identification offers more than just traceability. Data acquisition platforms combining RFID readers and other sensors make it possible to continually record individual animal weight, body temperature and behaviour. Tracking these indicators can assist in genetic selection for more feed-efficient animals, early illness de-

tection and treatment, and optimal market timing for fed cattle. GrowSafe Systems Ltd. based in Airdrie, Alta., was one of the first companies in North America to use RFID in livestock. In collaboration with Alberta researchers, the company developed technology to unobtrusively measure individual feed intake in normal cattle environments. The first of these systems were installed at Agriculture Canada research facilities in Lacombe and


Lethbridge in 1999. The specialized GrowSafe feed bunk automatically weighs feedstuffs every second, and captures the duration of each animal’s visit to the trough. The data is wirelessly transmitted to GrowSafe software, which then determines individual animal feed intake and analyzes the data for trends. One use for this information is in residual feed intake (RFI) calculations. RFI is the difference between an animal’s measured feed intake and its


BR7090 .................................. $29,000 NH TZ25DA tractor with mid mount mower ................ $10,000 BR780 with new pickup ......... $22,000 JD 5055 with cab and NH BR770 baler .................... $13,000 loader 160 hours ...................... $45,000 Case 8450 round baler............ $8,000 White 2-180 tractor NH H7450 discbine 2010....... $26,000 with duals ................................. $8,000 NH 648 Baler ......................... $15,000


NH TX66 with 971 25' straight cut header and p/u header..................................... $91,000 header 1995........................... $29,000 NH BR7090 ........................... $25,000 Versatile 4018 Header for Bi·Di 9030, etc ....................... $7,000 NH BR780 with standard Honey Bee ST18 to fit NH pickup ..................................... $13,000 9030 Bidi ................................. $12,000 NH 8060 with discbine



Ezee On Disk 1001 .............. $7,000 NH LS18O (00) Cab 1800+ Hrs ...................... $22,000 NH 166 Windrow Inverter ....... $5,000 NH C175 skid steer .............. $32,000 NH TC45DA tractor MISC. EQUIP with cab and loader ................ $35,000 Haybuster 2650 ................. $15,000

Butler Farm Equipment Ltd. 9008 - 107th Street, Fort St. John, BC • Tel: 250-785-1800


expected feed intake requirements for maintenance and growth. Feed-efficient animals eat less than expected and are assigned a negative RFI value. Inefficient animals eat more than expected and have a positive RFI value. Feed can represent more than two-thirds of all livestock production costs, so improved feed efficiency means big savings for cowcalf and feedlot producers. Canadian beef breed associations, with the help of GrowSafe, are developing expected progeny differences (EPDs) for RFI, to assist in genetic selection for this trait. “RFI is moderately heritable,” says Dr. John Basarab, senior research scientist with Alberta Agriculture based at the Lacombe Research Centre. Basarab and his colleagues have demonstrated that low-RFI cattle require 10 to 20 per cent less feed to achieve the same levels of growth and production as their high-RFI coun-

terparts. Selecting for low RFI can also benefit the environment by reducing methane emissions by 25 to 30 per cent and lowering concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in manure by up to 17 per cent. “It takes 15 to 20 years of dedicated genetic selection to improve methane emissions, and producers must consider other traits besides RFI,” Basarab admits, “but this change is cumulative and permanent.” Just one generation of selecting for low RFI can improve feed-to-gain ratio by one per cent in feeder cattle and replacement heifers, reducing feed costs and generating valuable carbon credits. GrowSafe measurement technology is also available to monitor individual animal activity at water troughs, useful information as an animal’s water intake and behaviour can be an early indicator of respiratory disease.

When compared to historical data, feed and water consumption profiles created by GrowSafe Systems can identify sick animals 24 hours ahead of a body temperature change, and up to four days before clinical symptoms appear. Early illness detection and treatment can mean lower death losses, reduced antibiotic use and improved animal welfare. Continual in-pen weight monitoring can also be achieved, helping feedlots better analyze animal growth trends and determine ideal marketing windows. “We’ve measured wide variations in individual feedlot animal performance – ranging from a $300 loss to a $300 profit in healthy animals,” says Alison Sunstrum, GrowSafe co-CEO. From an AgriSuccess article (July/Aug 2016) by Trish Henderson

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


Listen up - the Crown land survey was a big big deal by Orville Hingley In about 1950 Knox McCusker, a Dominion land surveyor, started from the 21st Baseline (which was done in the 1920’s) to survey Township 81, Range 12 (now part of Cotillion). From there they gradually worked east to the Fourth Creek area. With him were two young surveyors, C.T. Cuff (an army engineer) and Bjorn Rustad. Bjorn was a tall Scadinavian with a red beard. He and I went on a lot of trips looking for water that ended up in a waterhole in Fort St. John. He presently lives in Peace River, but winters in Florida. Jackie Lowe remembers working the summer before I started. There was also Bill Dick and Dave Knowles from Bonanza. From Fort St. John, there was Bobby Bremmer, Frank

Shyman and Toby Strand. Doug Creer, from Grande Prairie, ran a D^ cat. Jackie did mounding, but once a week made a trip to Bird’s Store at Blueberry Mountain with his dad’s two-ton KB5 International grain truck for groceries and fuel. There was a picnic and dance in Bonanza one weekend, so Jackie and Bill Dick decided to come out. They were up in Silver Valley at the time. I guess that was quite a trip. They walked for about four or five hours across country, drinking buggy water out of potholes on the way. Anyway, Jackie made a trip to Dawson Creek so the rest of the crew had something more enjoyable to drink by the time they came out. During the summer holidays of 1952, I started work with them as a rear chainer. This was just east of the Sneddon. While I



was in school, I worked holidays and summers. After graduation in 1953, I was with them steadier. The crew at this time was from all over. From Fort St. John were Joe Ferguson, a teamster; Gilbert Bourassa and his grey team; Charlie and Rose Beatton who were cook and helper, and Tom Holman who was a front chainer. From Bonanza were Emmett Iverson who ran levels, and Bill Dick who was a front chainer. From Spirit River was Charlie Herald, a picket man. Pop (Alex) Morrison and his sons, Don and Percy, were mounders from Clairmont. Bill Davis from Grande Prairie ran Gordon Moore’s cat. Allan Webber from Toronto replaced C.T. Cuff as instrument man. Ben Calliou and his team came from Hinton, as did his son Jerry, a picket man.





40 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

John Deere announces new software release for Op Centre The John Deere Operations Center provides value to growers with tools and features that enable them to easily access farm information to better manage their operations. They are able to see and analyze performance and collaborate with partners to gain insights, increase profits, and direct their plans with more precision in the field. Now, just in time for fall harvest, the new software release for the Operations Center offers a more complete solution with the addition of valuable features like Variety Locator, which automatically detects the crop variety being harvested and Harvest ID, Cotton Maps which make it easy to identify module locations and track cotton quality back to where it was grown. Also, introduced are the new Tillage Maps and

Speed Maps which offer insights into which variables affect yield and help to round out operational data layers for performance analysis. “This latest release is a big step forward for our precision ag solutions,” says Ryan Borcherding, Product Manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. “These new features, coupled with the existing abilities to share data and collaborate with trusted partners, give the farmer more reasons than ever to manage their farm data online.” The new tools and features available in the Operations Center include those listed below and more! Variety Locator - Allows usage of Variety Locator information (documented when planting) to enable the John Deere in-cab

display in the combine to automatically detect and document the crop variety being harvested. Tillage and Speed Maps - Assists in the evaluation of the performance of tillage operations with documentation maps on target depth (GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display only). Enhances insight into which variables affect yield with speed maps for seeding and tillage operations. John Deere Harvest ID, Cotton Maps - Improves traceability of where each cotton module is harvested and leads to better correlation between input decisions and cotton quality. Draw Field Boundaries and Freeform Zones - Released in April, Operations Center now allows new fields to be added by manually drawing boundaries, which can be sent to the in-cab display as an op-

New tool are available from John Deere.

erational boundary. Also added to the Prescription Creator by Agrian® is the


ability to create freeform zones when building prescriptions based off of soil or harvest maps. “To get the most out of the Operations Center, we highly recommend using JDLink™ Connect, which seamlessly connects the machine online and takes the burden of data collection and transmission off of the farmer. It also

rounds out agronomic data with machine data to give the full picture of what is happening on the farm,” explains Borcherding. “Our goal is to ensure that the job in the field happens exactly as planned and is documented with minimal effort, so growers spend less time managing data and more time doing what they love -- farming.”

Boulder Gardens. If you’ve never been to the Tumbler Ridge area, get of your butt and hike the trails out there you won’t regret it. RON CARTIER PHOTO

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


42 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

Tuesday September 6, 2016







“ D I S C O V E R





2118 Sheds/Outbuildings

BUILT RIGHT SHEDS Quality Sheds and Shelters. Contact John at 780-8351908 for Your project Quote.

2088 Butcher Shop

Butcher Hogs for Sale. Raised outside, No Hormones. Please Phone: 780524-7862

2146 Wanted

Wanted Alder Gas Welding machine run or not and 1973 to 1979 Ford crewcab run or not and postage stamps for collecting. 250-793-8520


For Sale - Misc

Honda Generator EU2001$1,000. Honda Water Pump-WX10 $200. Karcher K2.75-$100. RV Water Softener-$75. Macerator Pump-$150. Dyson Vacuum-$200. DC, 250-7194933 sookiesuchy@hotmail.com PEAT MOSS SOIL-6 miles NW of Sexsmith. $20/cubic yard loaded, Quantity Discount 780-568-3957 cell: 780-814-3082

1090 1100 1105

Anniversaries Announcements Birthdays Card of Thanks Churches Congratulations Engagements Wedding Announcements Funeral Services In Memoriam Obituaries

2210 Haying Equipment

Bale Wrapper 2015, Model TLR 5000 Tubeline. Used 1 Season, Excellent Condition. $30,000. Beaverlodge 780-354-2161 For sale: John Deere 568 round baler with net wrap. New condition. Phone: 780-835-4338 For Sale: John Deere 956 mower-conditioner. 3 point hitch. New condition. Phone: 780-835-4338 NH H7450 Discbine. Only Done One Thousand Acres. JD 567 Round Baler. Contact: 780-625-6767


Heavy Equipment

Attachments for skidsteers, tractors, loaders. Large selection of pallet forks, grapples, buckets, snow and dirt blades, tillers, mowers and snow blowers, etc. Phone 780-354-2161.Beaverlodge.

2220 Misc Farm Equipment

2145 Wanted to Buy

Looking for all Alberta licence plates, sizes and quantities. All types and conditions. Phone: 780380-1450

2205 Farm Implements

For Sale: 795 NH Manure Spreader,410 Bushels, Very Good Condition, $11,000. OBO. Please Phone: 780835-3528

2210 Haying Equipment

Alteen 10-wheel v-rake. $4,000. 2012 Matador swath windrow inverter, only used once. $9,000. 780-805-0298.

For Sale: 1978 Ford 800, 391 Gas, Steel Box, Silage Endgate. $9000. Please phone: 780-841-2984 For Sale: 1978 GMC 6500 Grain Truck, 20’ Steel Box. Good Condition. $18,000. Phone: 780-926-0983


July 15, 2016

NH Classifieds 1005 1010 1020 1040 1050 1075 1080 1085

1110 1120 1125 1135 1165 1205 1210 1215 1230 2020 2055 2060







C O V E R ”


Information Wanted Found Lost Personal Messages Volunteers Career Opportunities Career Training Help Wanted Work Wanted Auctions Firewood For Sale - Misc.

2118 Sheds/Outbuildings TODD SADLIER :: Owner/Operator • Sheds & Mini-Sheds • Mini-Shops & Shelters • Custom Buildings • Free Delivery within 200kms of Hines Creek Box 367, Hines Creek, AB T0H 2A0 780.772.3978 7723978@gmail.com


2080 2085 2145 2215 2220 3535 3560 4050 4545 5010 5015 5020

Furniture Garage Sales Wanted Heavy Equipment Misc. Farm Equipment Livestock Pets Seminars/Education Travel Business For Sale Business Opportunities Services

5520 6005 6010 6020 6030 6035 6036 6040 6045

Legal/Public Notices Apartments Condos-For-Sale Duplexes for Sale Farms for Sale Houses for Sale Industrial Commercial Land for Sale Lots & Acreages for Sale Mobile/Manufactured Homes for Sale

2118 Sheds/Outbuildings

6055 6070 6505 6515 6516 6525 6530 6560 6920 6935

Open Houses Real Estate Wanted Apartments Condos for Rent Commercial Rent to Own Duplexes for Rent Farms/Acreages for Rent Houses for Rent Office/Retail Property Management

6950 Shared Accommodation 6965 Suites for Rent 6975 Wanted to Rent 7015 Business Personals 8034 Building Contractors 9025 Hay/Bales for Sale 9115 Auto Miscellaneous 9160 Trucks/Vans/Cars 9185 Boats 9220 RVs/Campers/Trailers 9225 Snowmobiles

2220 Misc Farm Equipment 2220 Misc Farm Equipment

SHEDSPLUS Where we build sheds ... ... and deliver customer satisfaction


Misc Farm Equipment 2220 For Sale: 1987 TR96 4-Wheel Drive, 3400 Hours, Good Shape. $15,000. 30’ or 25’ 971 Straight Cut Header Available. 780-837-0518 For Sale: 2005 Case IH 2388 Combine. 2200 Engine Hours, 1850 Separation Hours. Fully Loaded, Excellent Condition. Field Ready, Never Combined Peas. $82,000. 780-3543447 or 780-814-4735 For Sale: 31’ Hutchmaster Disc. $12000 OBO. Large ALO Mount Grapple $3000. OBO. Phone: 780841-2984 For Sale: 370 GT Batch Grain Dryer, complete with self-loading auger, $1,600. OBO. Phone: 780-6852374 For Sale: CCIL 14 ft Heavy Duty Field Cultivator. Please Phone 780-835-4457 For Sale: Ezee-On Front End Loader for 970 or 1070 Case Tractor. Please Phone: 780-624-8265 For Sale: Grooming Chute, Good Condition. $400. Please Phone: 780-8050298 or 780-775-2215 For Sale: JD 8820 Combine. JD 2320 18 ft. SelfPropelled Swather. Phone: 780-494-3421 or 780-835-1172.

1215 General Employment 1215 General Employment 1215 General Employment

2013 Loader

2004 JD 6400 Like New

Sample Ad

$45,000 555.5555

Like New

$80,000 555.5555

Sample Ad

We will run a 1.44in x 2.5in Ad in The Northern Horizon for /per issue Black & White /per issue Full Colour

$39.95* $59.95*

/per issue Black & White /per issue Full Colour


Contact Dan Przybylski at the Northern Horizon Dawson Creek Office 901-100th Ave, Dawson Creek, BC Office: 250.782.4888 Cell: 250.784.4319 Email: horizon@dcdn.ca r0011150614


$22.95* $34.95*

We will run a 3.04in x 2.5in Ad in The Northern Horizon for



9020 Feed & Seed





“ D I S C O V E R

9020 Feed & Seed





July 15, 2016





For Sale: GT 580 Batch Grain Dryer in good shape, on natural gas, full canola screen, loading hopper, PTO drive, asking $9500.00. For more info call 780-685-3946

C O V E R ”

For Sale: Jiffy 700 HyDump Silage Wagons. $2500. each. Please phone: 780-841-2984



For Sale: NH TR96 4-Wheel Drive, 2613 Hours, Shedded Since New. 971 25’ Header Available. $30,000. 780837-0518

For Sale Spra Coupe 3630 High Clearance Sprayer. 2041 hours/Autorate, New Rear Tires. $20,000. 780841-9020. Frigstad 40’ cultivator w/John Blue anhydrous kit-$6,200/(OBO) parting out a Versatile 750 tractor. Phone: 780-323-4362 Kirby chaff spreader for axial flow combine- $1,100. (OBO). Phone: 780-3234362

9010 Farm Services

9010 Farm Services

KIR-ASH CONTRACTING LTD Hauling farm equipment of all types throughout BC, AB & SK. Call to book us today.

Contract, Construction & repairs to corrals, pasture & game fencing.


6045 Mobile/Manufactured Homes for Sale

6030 Houses for Sale

1983 Ridgewood 16 X 78 Mobile Home. $29,000.00, 3 bedroom/2 bathroom. Phone: 780-624-2671 Peace River

6930 Pasture For Rent

Older house for sale/to be moved in Spirit River area. $30,000 OBO. 780-8644400, 780-518-9575

For Rent: Good Pasture for 40 Head Cow/Calf Pairs. Phone: 250-759-4956 Rolla

5020 Business Services

5020 Business Services r0011178329

250.782.4888 5520 Legal/Public Notices

780.978.2945 Grande Prairie

5520 Legal/Public Notices


As required under the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation, Amuri Forest Management Ltd., has prepared a draft Pest Management Plan (PMP). This plan describes a pest management program using Integrated Pest Management techniques as part of their vegetation management program, where silviculture obligations exist, within specific areas of the woodlots listed below in the North and South Peace. This draft is available for public review at the address below. The woodlots covered by this plan are: Woodlot W0604 located at Mile 85 (Kitt Road) and Mile 92. Woodlot 1165 located at the junction of Highway 52 and the Kelly Lake Road Woodlot 1912 located at 11 km and 25 km on the Beatton River Airport Road Woodlot 1924 located at 15 km on the Mile 98 Road Woodlot 1953 located at 8 km on the South Puggins Road The use of pesticides is intended within the areas to which this Pest Management Plan applies. Under this PMP, Amuri Forest Management Ltd. will use a combination of selective and broad based techniques, alone or in combination with one another, to suppress and control competitive vegetation. Our approach to prompt reforestation with quality seedlings on the best microsites enhances our efforts towards reducing the circumstances where vegetation control is needed. Where vegetation control treatments are required in order to fulfill legal obligations for stand establishment, one or more of the following treatment options may be selected based on detailed site assessments: • Mechanical & Manual treatments such as Hand Girdling, Brush and Chain saws, (brushing & weeding), Site Preparation; • Herbicide Application with ground foliar spraying, selective or spot treatment. Herbicides proposed for use include, glyphosate (E.g. Vantage Forestry / VisionMax/ Weedmaster or equivalents).

2220 Misc Farm Equipment

Mandako 5’ hydraulic swath roller- $500.(OBO), Blanchard 10’ swath roller$800.(OBO). Phone: 780323-4362 New 3 Point Hitch, 7 Foot Rough Cut Kodiak Mower. Phone: 780-494-2088 Late Evening

THE CORRAL FACTORY: now selling corral panels, silage bunks/wind breaks/fenceline feeders/bale feeders, gates and Portable calving barns. Free Delivery Available. 780821-9020 Wanted: Small Bush VCutter for Cat or Skidder. Phone: 250-786-5463 or 250-784-5081

3535 Livestock

Butcher Hogs for Sale. Raised outside, No Hormones. Please Phone: 780524-7862 Red Angus Yearling Bulls For Sale. Semen Tested. Phone: 250-843-7183

The proposed duration of this PMP is for a five year period, beginning 2016, and ending 2021.


The draft PMP and associated map is available for public review and comment by appointment at 7244 – 253 Road, Baldonnel, BC from 8:00 A.M. until 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday, for a 30 day period following publication of this notice. Phone: 250 789-3411 Amuri Forest Management Ltd. 7244 - 253 Road Baldonnel, B.C. V0C 1 C0

M Mulvahill Fencing

155 Acres of land just off the pavement and only 10 minutes from DC. 250-7844256



5520 Legal/Public Notices

6036 Property For Sale





2220 Misc Farm Equipment 2220 Misc Farm Equipment 5020 Business Services


“On Farm Pickup”


A person wishing to contribute information about a proposed treatment site, relevant to the development of the pest management plan, may send copies of the information to the applicant at the address above within 30 days of the publication of this notice.

REGISTERED RED ANGUS YEARLING & 2 YEAR OLD BULLS For Sale. Semen tested & Vet checked. SAWMILL ANGUS-Clarence Budal 780836-2788 Registered Red Angus Yearling Bulls for Sale. Semen tested. Phone: 780835-0463. Roy Angus

Yearling Purebred Black Angus Bulls for Sale on the Ranch. Call Darren at 780814-4993.

• New Home Construction • Restorations • Stain and Chinking Products

Box 6237 Fort St. John BC V1G 4H7

Ken Boon tel/fax: 250.261.6900

5520 Legal/Public Notices


Rod Hedges tel: 250.263.7944

5520 Legal/Public Notices

FARMLAND FOR SALE BY TENDER The following agricultural property is offered for sale by tender. All offers will be held in strictest confidence. The highest or any tender shall not necessarily be accepted. The North East Quarter of Section Twenty Township Eighty Two Range Three West of the Sixth Meridian (NE-20-82-3-W6) 160 acres more or less excepting thereout all mines and minerals. This property is offered for sale free and clear of all financial encumbrances. This property is presently being rented from April 15th, 2016 to April 14th, 2017. Rent payments will be included in the sale of the property. The amount tendered will not include GST. All tenders submitted must be unconditional. 1.) Tenders in a sealed envelope accompanied by a certified cheque or bank draft for 10% of the amount of the tender will be accepted until August 10th, 2016. 2.) Unsuccessful tenders will have their deposit returned promptly. Property details: There are approximately 151.1 acres cultivated. Location: Municiple District of Fairview #136 Send tenders to: Terry Lund P.O. Box 1847 Fairview, Alberta T0H 1L0




8325 Sand & Gravel

Screened course pit-run gravel, sized landscape rock, erosion control rock. Hans: 780-596-2243. Rudy: 780-772-1085

9020 Feed & Seed

#1 Alfalfa seed for sale. Bagged and inoculated. Phone: 780-832-8250 For Sale: Fall Rye Seed, Cleaned or Bin Run. Phone: 780-835-0872 Fairview, AB.

9030 Tillage & Seeding

For Sale: 25 ft JD 1610 DT cultivator, sweeps & spikes. Please phone: 250793-9746 For Sale: Raven NH3 kit for 40 ft cultivator. Please phone: 250-793-9746 WANTED:148 John Deere Loader and bucket. Phone Clarence Potter Onoway. 780-967-2138

9105 Aircraft

For Sale: 1958 Piper Comanche 250, 6,136 hrs/90 gal Turbos IFR Autopilot, Slaved to GPS, 68,250 GSTN-For Full Info & Pictures go to www.fwtsltd.com. Jim: 780-356-2928




“ D I S C O V E R





July 15, 2016







C O V E R ”

9160 Trucks & Vans

For Sale: Dodge 400 Grain Truck- $2,200. (OBO). Phone: 780-323-4362 For Sale: 2013 Black Diamond Avalanche. Taking Offers. Please Phone: 780835-4457

9220 RVs/Campers/Trailers

For Sale: 20 ft. Yukon 5th Wheel Travel Trailer. Good Condition. Phone: 780766-2424




It’s What We Do THE

Northern Horizon Ph: 250-782-4888 Fax: 250-782-6300



Meeting to be held in Fort St. John

For More Information: Contact

The July 28, 2016 Regional District Board Meeting will be held at the Northern Grand Hotel, Grand 2 Room at 9830 100 Avenue in Fort St. John, BC starting at 10:00 am


July 28th 10:00 am Northern Grand Hotel, Grand 2 Room 9830 100 Avenue Fort St. John, BC




ri _

To learn more about diabetes, volunteer, advocate or donate, please contact : Northern Region (250) 561-9284 boyanne.young@diabetes.ca

Peace River Regional District Official Page I Facebook

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

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46 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

Part Five of Belt Drive Betty’s dispatches from Fort Mac Lynda Klouth is the new publisher for the BKC News Bytes, Grande Prairie & Region. She is the gal who without hesitation volunteered her truck and travel trailer and herself as the driver to get supplies up to Fort Mac’s first Responders. Lynda was a day later getting back to Fort Mac than she wanted to be. She had taken her truck into GP Chrysler because it had been running so badly the last 150 K into Fort Mac and it did not improve on the way back to Grande Prairie either. GP Chrysler changed the fuel filters, oil and filter and a headlight for her for free for what she was doing to help the fire fighters and other first responders. At one point on that first trip in, the truck “ran out of fuel” in spite of it having a full slip tank to draw from. We sat for a while and some gents came over to see if they could help. After a few minutes the truck started up again but failed a little ways up the road. These same folks followed us for a while, good thing too. It was odd, we thought there must be an air bubble in the system and or a plugged fuel filter. The truck started up, ran about 5 miles and quit again. After checking everything that could be checked, we started the truck up and the fuel gauge started registering fuel and while

the truck seemed to be revving awfully high about 2,200 RPM when it should have been down around 1,900 - it seemed to run not too bad. After we got done feeding RCMP officers on the highway and the fire was a bit more under control along the hi-way we headed into Mac Island. Lynda and I worked through the first 5 or six hours and when Jeremy came up he had picked up a filter for Lynda’s truck and attempted to change the one. Things did not go as planned and so I got about a two hour nap in and then Lynda took one for about 4 hours before she headed for Grande Prairie. She had left about 7 pm on Thursday May 5th. She arrived back on Saturday May 7th in the early morning, about 6 am. Saturday was a hectic day. There were so many new crews coming in and crews going home. Lynda had brought in some much needed supplies for people and we had gone around to each fire rig and made sure every truck had electrolytes (Hydralyte) and every fire fighter who had complained about their feet had the supplies they needed be they insoles, Gold Bond Powder, Moleskin etc. We delivered tobacco to a few, gum to others and made sure everyone possible was stocked up. She also told me of her harrowing trip back, with a sick

truck and a tunnel of fire she had to drive through. When she left Mac Island, she stopped at the road block and the RCMP had told her the road was good. But, by the time she was 60 Kms away from the Anzac road block (about 75k out of Fort Mac) there was fire on both sides of the road and the ditch in the middle. She said she had never been so scared in her whole life. I can’t freaking imagine how scary that combination of sick truck and a tunnel of fire must have been - words absolutely escape me. Poor Lynda, Her truck, her new to her truck that she paid really good money for was sounding very sick. She and her daughter and son in law basically unloaded, handed out supplies and then they had to head out. She needed to limp her truck back to Grande Prairie Chrysler where her Bulldog Computer was diagnosed as a fail. I worried about them on this trip back and was relieved when I got her text message that she had finally made it home a 7.5 hour trip took them over 11 to complete. The bill was not covered by the extended warranty she had purchased with the truck. Although GP Chrysler did discount the bill it still cost Lynda $1,500 + tax out of her pocket. Money this small business owner really didn’t have to spare. Her truck was finally repaired

late in the week and so that was the end of Lynda’s journeys with us. I wrote a letter to the dealership and asked them to make a plea to Chrysler Canada but as I write this I have heard nothing back. If I had the money, I would just give her the money, but I don’t so we are going to figure out a small fundraiser for her. Saturday was also an emotional day for me as Jim from Leduc Fire Department had presented me with a stuffed dalmatian fire dog to thank me for being there for them throughout the last few days. Glenn Chaulk from Syncrude had come over with his crew and presented me with his personal challenge coin - again to thank me for the work I had done feeding these guys while Lynda was on the road. The only real relief I had from manning that booth after Lynda left on the 5th was a gal named Jasmine Hale, who took over for me for about a half 3/4’s of an hour...maybe a bit longer she made sandwiches while I made coffee and straightened up the line and got some supper myself. Other than that the breaks I took where when either Matt, Jody or Jeremy could cover me for bathroom breaks and naps. Saturday afternoon, Kevin O’Conner and some Peace Officer & Sheriff friends along with employees of A1 Rentals pulled in with the produce and supplies

they had brought in. Later on in the evening two ladies, Brittany Cardle (R) and Becca Hess (L) arrived to give me a hand. I was grateful to have some hands and did my best to show them what needed to be done. I got some much needed sleep on my cot, snuggled up with my firehouse puppy. After a hot shower in the morning, I checked on the gals, Becca was manning the booth and Brittany was sleeping in her Jeep. With everything under control, I decided to let Will sleep in. I headed towards the gymnasium and with Dennis’s help got Mother’s Day breakfast started. We had all these glorious farm fresh eggs, sausage, potatoes and onions, pancake mix and syrup and I was determined we were going to have a great breakfast. Dennis sliced potatoes and onions, I was on sausage detail getting as many pre-cooked and on the warmers as possible. Now many years ago when I was a young girl, I dated a captain from Fire Hall # 3 in Edmonton, and I came to know that Fire Fighters tend to be pretty damned fine cooks. I wasn’t going to turn down his offer of help as people were already starting to line up and Jody was busy getting coffee ready and putting other breakfast items out on the table in front of the BBQ…

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The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

M y a e l y h b e m m e W July 30th & 31st, 2016 • WEMBLEY, ALBERTA


In partnership with



48 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

RHYTHM AUCTIONS SPECIALIZING IN: Real Estate • Farm • Commercial Charity • Estate • Auction Sales


rhythmauctions@gmail.com • Licensed (#334497) and Bonded


Estate Auction Estate Sale for Wilhelm and Helen Loewen

6 August, 2016 10:00 am

From Fort St John BC: go north on Alaska Highway and turn right at the 271 road just before entering Charlie Lake and follow highway signs to Prespatou. Watch for a Rhythm Auction sign approx 1 km before the Prespatou school. 21545 Prespatou Rd, Prespatou, BC, CA. Contact Bill Loewen (250-261-3420) or Dave Loewen (250-262-7619) on listings below. List is subject to additions and deletions. Not all items will be listed because there is much, much more. Too many items to list. VEHICLES • 1974 F350 Ford c/w box and hoist • 1991 Super duty flat deck ford (needs a clutch) • 1990 2 wheel drive dodge ram (Cummins turbo diesel engine) • 2002 chevy venture 7 passenger van (205712km showing) • 2012 Silverado chevy pick up -1/2 ton-2 wheel drive-4 door (75063km showing) this pickup is mint condition. 28ft by 38ft 4 bedroom house for sale to be moved off a concrete basement. It's sitting on concrete basement walls. Must be moved by the new buyer at his or her own risk. Cost of the house is not included in the moving fee. Basement is not moveable. Power must be disconnected by the buyer. See pictures below on the house. This house is sitting on a nice foundation. If your looking for a used house, this may be a nice starter home. GRAIN BINS • 5000 bushel steel grain bin • 700 bushel steel hopper bin. (will be sold by photo only). Hopper bin is located at nieghbors. call Dave to go view. FARM EQUIPMENT AND MISC. • 11 24ft free standing panels-3 c/w a gate • front end loader stack mover • ferrowing crate • storage van on skids • 6ft 609 John Deere jar mower • CCIL 17FT disker • pick up box trailer • D6 cat (not working) will sell as parts only • 1033 new holland stackliner • 14ft 3 point sub soiler • 9ft blade • winch off a triple 6 skidder • smaller tandem trailer • 12ft dozer for a cat c/w c frame • packers • flex harrows• automatic bale stooker • square bale stook mover • blade frame for a ford tractor • land leveler • axle • 6'' by 35' versatile grain auger (gas engine) • 12ft hydraulic dump box trailer• 1 ton fertilizer • assortment of tires (various sizes) SHOP TOOLS AND CARPENTRY TOOLS • 10'' digital craftsman electronic saw x 2 • router table • jim pole for a front end loader to lift rafters • step ladders and ext. ladders • 16ft aluminum scaffolding • wood stoves • 2 wheel cart • post hole cleaner and auger • cement sealer • construction heaters • propane tanks • garbage bins • assortment of garden tools • 2 table saws • saw horses • over head hoist c/w chain block • tool chest • power tools and air tools • furnace • floor jacks • drill press • cut of saws x 2 • compound mitre saw • jackal jacks • battery charger • bolt bins • hydraulic jacks • rock tamer • ice augers • grinders • wrenches • 2 mig welders • welding table and vise • 3 point drag • other items selling • beef smoker • meat hooks • meat tenderizer • foster 2 door electric cooler • 10ft by 8ft steel deck • steel hitch • welding/service tandem trailer deck • 400 L tidy tank w. hand pump • wheel barrow • seed cleaner • deck railing • 21' by 4'' auger • assortment of re-bar • tin butcher tables • hog self feeder • swing set ANTIQUES • forage blower • 3 point scoop • lanterns • irons • popcorn poppers • steel wheel • food cooker • beam scale • wood cook stove • noodle rack • cow stanchions • stone crock LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT • craftsman roto tiller • craftsman lawn mower 19.5 hp. 42'' cut • push lawn mower • lawn chairs • garden hose • lawn ornaments • picnic tables • push weed eater • assortment of garden tools and hand tools HOUSEHOLD ITEMS • water cooler • 2 fridges • 3 deep freezes • electric range cook stove • 3 kitchen tables • chairs • office chairs • rocking chair • couches • recliner end tables • dressers x 3 • bed • piano style writing table • closet with wood shelves filing cabinet • hida-bed • spinner washer• 2 propane cook stoves • And much much more!!!!!!!! TERMS AND CONDITIONS: We accept absentee bids only if the bid is placed at $350.00 or higher. To place an absentee bid, call the office at (250) 261-4198 to request the absentee bid form by fax. Forms must be sent back with proper information required 48 hours prior to the auction sale date. Everything sells unreserved and to the highest bidder only. No warranties or guarantees on items being sold, everything is sold as is where is. All sales must be paid for on day of sale by cash, VISA, Mastercard, debit, certified cheque, or letter from bank guaranteeing payment. A sufficient I.D. (drivers license) is required to register, prior to bidding.

Consignment Sale for JD Piling & Anchor Ltd. Saturday, August 13, 10:00 AM Sharp 10468-269 Road, Fort St. John, BC Consignments Welcome! Call Aron at 250-261-4198

Consignment sale in Fort Nelson BC.

Wednesday August 31, 2016. 10am Auction location on the chopstick factory road in behind the Hwy scales at mile 294 on the Alaska Highway.

Call Lyle buck to consign 250-500-2825

Visit rhythmauctions.com for up to date listings and photos.



Lou Potter performed Saturday at part of the entertainment during the afternoon of the Dawson Creek Music Festival. RON CARTIeR PHOTO

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016

HOLDING AN AUCTION DAN PRZYBYLSKI 250.782.4888 (BC) horizon@dcdn.ca

CONSIDER THE NORTHERN HORIZON WHEN ADVERTISING YOUR NEXT AUCTION Call 250.782.4888 • Fax: 250.782.6300 • Email: horizon@dcdn.ca to advertise


Regional 4-H clubs north of the river met up for Achievement Day in Fort St. John over the weekend. RON CARTIeR PHOTOS

JANIS KMET 250.782.4888 (BC) Cell: 250.219.0369


50 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


William Franklin


William Franklin Collins, better known in the area as “Shorty�, came to help survey the Blueberry Mountain area in 1919-1920, and filed on the north half of 26-80-86. He returned to Calgary and in February of 1921 married Jessie Clowes. They came to live in the area in late 1921, and their log home consisted of two rooms. The partition was made with boards taken from packing cases they used to bring their belongings in. The walls of the log house were chinked with dry moss. The floor was boards, under which was a cellar where they kept their vegetables and other supplies, to keep them as cool as possible. They used wood stoves and coal oil lamps, and of course had the little biffy out back. Water was hauled from creeks or dugouts in barrels for household use, and in winter people usually melted snow in barrels which were situated close to the wood heater. Washing was done on a scrub board and tub for many years. White cottons were put in a boiler of water and boiled for a while to keep them white. Travelling to Spirit was done with team and sleigh in winter months when roads were frozen. Supplies for several months were brought in at this time. Their son Roy was born in Spirit River on May 28th, 1922. At the age of three weeks he was taken home on horseback, the only way of travel at that time of year. It was a distance of about 30-35 miles.

Grande Prairie, AB

Settlers would take turns once a month and go on horseback, a three day trip, to town and bring out the mail. Whoever went, would notify the other settlers what day he would be back, and everyone would gather at his place that evening for a party and dance, and to get their mail. This was repeated every month till Mr. Milldrum later became postmaster. The veterans of the first World War got together and built a log hall, which turned out to be built on the road allowance, so there was a bend in the road. Dances and Armistice celebrations were held here, and as the settlement grew, it became the first school. The first teacher was Miss Walker who later became Mrs. Victor Mitchell. At that time school started when roads became passable in the spring, and ran till it became very cold, usually in November or early December. The winter months were holiday time. This practice was carried out until 1939. In order to hear the first radio we had, we had to use head phones. We were always pleased when company came, as we were allowed to take turns listening to the radio while mom and dad visited. Dad bought a threshing machine and tractor in 1927, and it took a week to bring it in from Spirit River. He also had one of the first cars in the district, a Model T Ford. He did a lot of blacksmith work, and also had a grain crusher. He crushed grain for flour, and also animal feed, for many of the settlers who came many miles to get their grain crushed.

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


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52 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016





Smooth and comfortable operation with premium foot-operated hydrostatic transmission.

Heavy-duty design, including a fully robotically-welded frame with e-coating corrosion defense system.

Automotive-style beltless drive shaft and powerful engines to handle the toughest tasks.












Decks sold separately starting at $699


The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016 Lead vocalists from Scarlet Sway perform during the Dawson Creek Music Festival on Saturday. The group is gearing up for CanolaFest performance this weekend! RON CARTIER PHOTO


54 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016



Let Matt help put you in the driver’s seat of a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® or RAM car, truck or SUV today! 2016 RAM 1500 SLT QUADCAB 4X4

2016 1500 SPORT QUAD CAB 4X4

2016 2500 SXT CREW CAB 4X4


Stk i807492

Stk i710569

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Stk i938734

3.6 Pentastar VVT V6 engine, 8-speed automatic transmission, premium cloth seats 40/20/40, fog lamps, power heated mirrors, remote start, luxury & comfort groups, security & protection groups, Class IV receiver hitch & trailer tow group, anti rear spin, spray-in bed liner, chrome wheel-to-wheel side steps

5.7L V8 HEMI engine, 8-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission, remote start, leather bucket seats, trailer tow mirrors and brakes with hitch, ParkView Rear Back-up camera, CD player, power adjust pedals, spray-in bed liner, sport performance hood.

5.7L HEMI VVT V8 engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, cloth 40/20/40 bench seat, carpet and mats, keyless entry, bright chrome front grille and bumpers, 18-inch chrome-clad steel wheels, 1-year free SiriusXM subscription.

6.7L Cummins turbo diesel engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, leather-face 40/20/40 bench seat, protection/5th wheel & smoker’s group, floor mats, keyless entry push and go, center high mount stop lamp with camera, single disc CD player, auto level rear suspension, power adjustable pedals, remote start system, spray-in bed liner, undercoating, mud flaps, brake caliper pin guards


MSRP $62,870



WHY LEASE? Own it today for only $271/bi-weekly for 84 months (taxes & fees incl)




WHY LEASE? Own it today for only $325/bi-weekly for 84 months (taxes & fees incl)




WHY LEASE? Own it today for only $271/bi-weekly for 84 months (taxes & fees incl)




WHY LEASE? Own it today for only $429/bi-weekly for 84 months (taxes & fees incl)


HWY 49, SPIRIT RIVER, AB 780.864.3731 / 800.661.7401 • www.rosschrysler.ca


Showroom open 6 Days a Week / Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 4pm (Closed from 12 to 1pm)

The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


56 The Northern Horizon, July 15, 2016


Foster’s Combine Clinic Tuesday, July 26th Beaverlodge, AB

RSVP today to Sandi 780-354-3622 Fairview: 10925 – 90th Avenue (Industrial Park) 780-835-3887

Beaverlodge: 1100 – 11th Street West 888-354-3620 780-354-3622

Jason (780) 518-8876 • Sean (780) 518-3829 • Kenny (780) 512-6682 • Dan (780) 380-6989

www.fostersagriworld.com R0011153975