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Photo: Edu Hanekom, The Boer and Butcher Founder

South Africa is home to 59 million people in nine provinces who speak eleven official languages, and have various racial and tribal identities: we are literally the ‘rainbow nation’, as Archbishop Desmond Tutu coined it. Heritage Day is a public holiday in South Africa that is always celebrated on 24 September. Its significance rests in recognising aspects of South African culture which are both tangible and difficult to pin down: creative expression, historical inheritance, language, the food we eat, as well as the land in which we live. Jan Braai started the initiative - known as National Braai Day. The idea of togetherness, Ubuntu, fascinated him. Jan realised that a shared heritage is what allows South Africans to live in harmony. A shared heritage included moments of shared historical memory, contemporary social activities and the common ideals of all citizens.

Jan soon realised that there was one thing he knew for a fact about every single person living in South Africa: everybody likes standing around a fire and enjoying a braai. In 2007 Archbishop Desmund Tutu agreed to become the Patron Saint of National Braai Day. The National Heritage council officially endorsed the National Braai Day initiative and the campaign changed the name to Braai4heritage. The day is not only celebrated amongst South Africans, but also growing internationally amongst expatriates in the USA, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Taiwan, Dubai, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Australia to name a few. On 24 September everyone will be ready with their wood, coals and meat - South Africa will be ablaze with braais! Continue Reading Page 5


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Twenty-Year-Old Tony McPherson One of South Africa's Youngest Success Stories Awarded the title of world’s youngest CEO of an international pharmaceutical company at the 2019 ARAB Health Conference held in Dubai, 20-year-old Tony McPherson has already achieved more success and accolades than many his age or even older. Having learnt the value of money at a very young age, McPherson is today group CEO of McPherson Holdings which oversees the running of companies specialising in pharmaceuticals, marketing, logistics and philanthropy, and has achieved this without any outside investment.

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Entrepreneurial bloodline - Based in Somerset West, McPherson attributes much of his entrepreneurial prowess to that of a long lineage of businessmen and women. His grandfather, Ivor Duncan, founder and inventor of EmOx™ Oxygen, started grooming McPherson – then aged 17 – to eventually take over his pharmaceutical company. From working on the factory floor to overseeing product marketing, McPherson already demonstrated acute knowledge of how to run the business when his grandfather suddenly passed away in September 2017. Without a leader, battling dwindling profit margins, and accruing debt, the company board members appointed McPherson as their interim CEO for a six-month period. “Understanding and knowing the company like the back of my hand meant that I was a natural candidate despite only being 18-years-old at the time,” says McPherson. In six months, the company recovered from all its debt, profitability was increased by 38%, development plans for new product lines were underway, and a worldwide sales force was implemented. It goes without saying that McPherson’s business acumen won him the permanent title of CEO. Over the past two years, EmOx International, which manufactures the world’s only emergency powder-based oxygen, has sought to continuously improve upon its non-pressurised products, which are activated by mixing two chemicals with water to generate 99,98% pure oxygen. The company is also working on developing and marketing products McPherson’s grandfather was unable to complete due to his illness. Today the company works closely with international entities such as the United Nations, Doctors Without Borders, Marie Stopes International, and various relief programmes across the world.

Within South Africa, portable EmOx™ oxygen units are utilised by miners, the NSRI and the Mountain Club South Africa search and rescue teams. Holiday job that started an empire



Photo: Beyond Expedition Series - Photo Credit: Jacques Marais

The fourth adventure in the Beyond Expeditions Series, Beyond Bicornis, (a four-country journey with a focus on Rhino Conservation in southern Africa) was originally scheduled for September 2020, but had to be shelved due to Covid-19 and the ban on any cross-border travel. However, the Beyond Expeditions team did not want to lose the essence of the Beyond Expeditions journey into the most remote corners of the African continent to showcase the most incredible landscapes, cultures and experiences offered by Mother Africa - the team wanted to continue doing this, while simultaneously assisting those in need. “We have therefore decided to completely re-imagine our 2020 expedition by changing the name to ‘Beyond Lockdown’. Firstly, we wanted to symbolise that there will be an eventual end to all the mental dissonance and financial hardship, and secondly, we felt we had to find ways of helping those who have been hardest hit by the lockdown,” says Jacques Marais, Expedition Coordinator and Photojournalist.

Jacques Marais will be accompanied by Peter Van Kets: Chief Adventurer and Expedition Spokesperson, Peter Kirk: Chief Expedition Videographer; and Zane Schmahl: Day-today Logistics & Social Media Coordination. “The economic sectors suffering most under the yoke of lockdown are indisputably the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, with especially local tourism buckling under the strain of nearly five months of not being able to operate.”


“Something needs to be done to help these small operators, especially those in the rural areas who have seen literally a 100% drop in income.” “We therefore plan to use Beyond Lockdown as a vehicle to travel to nine inspirational and off-the-grid destinations – one in each of South Africa’s nine provinces – and from our visit create an exhilarating story to draw people to these remote places,” Jacques explained.

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Photo: Tony McPherson - Photo Credit: EBEN Photography

Starting an empire needs to start somewhere and for McPherson it was atop an overturned milk crate behind the till at his grandparent’s store in Malgas along the Breede River. “I was six years old and I could barely see over the till,” recalls McPherson. “But that’s when I started to learn the value of money, and how saving and investing it over time would reap rewards.” In Grade 9, the then 15-year-old took an interest in computer programming and web development so when asked to create a website for his grandfather’s real estate company, McPherson jumped at the opportunity to programme, develop, optimise and market the website. In the process he realised that there was a growing demand for those types of services. “With one completed website under my belt, I decided to pitch for more work.” It took over six months of unsuccessful pitching until McPherson landed a monthly retainer with a local security company in Somerset West who were so impressed with his pitch, they signed him on the spot. Less than a year later, McPherson Consultancy had over 25 clients on retainer and was turning a reasonable profit. Trading with the world In January 2019 – and with a wealth of experience in shipping oxygen products around the world – McPherson launched McPherson Trading; a tender based procurement consultancy that sources and ships medical consumables and disposables to difficult-to-deliver regions and rural communities across Africa such as Mali, Malawi, Tanzania, the DRC, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen.

Digital Digital

Photo: Tony as a 6-year-old helping out at his grandparent’s store in Malgas

Within only 11 months of founding the company, McPherson won the 2019 NSBC Youth Entrepreneur Champion Award, and McPherson Trading was placed among the top 20 SMMEs in South Africa. Uniting Nations


Through his advisory work with South Africa’s current government, McPherson has developed strong ties with the United Nations. In July 2020, he was named Youth Representative for South Africa to the Model United Nations (MUN), which is an educational simulation in which delegates can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Recipe for success McPherson admits that taking his business prowess from his bedroom – where he started his consultancy in 2015 – to the boardroom – where he now oversees 52 staff locally and internationally – was a big shift for him. “I went from being a sole proprietor to running two international companies,” he adds. McPherson also cites focus as a key characteristic he has honed over the years. “I would rather give one hundred percent to a few endeavours than twenty percent to many.”

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Amongst his accolades, McPherson holds several titles. In 2018, he was awarded the Investec Bank Out of the Ordinary Award and received a Forbes 30under30 fellowship in the USA. He was also runner up at the 2017 Small and Medium Enterprise Association of South Africa’s (SMESA) Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. In 2018, McPherson understood that he was in an unusually privileged position at such a young age, and so at 18 he founded the McPherson Foundation as a charity aid organisation. Through strategic investments, donations, and government funding, the foundation strives to uplift through empowerment. The foundation also supports local organisations such as the Hali Trust, The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, and Heartlands Baby Sanctuary. Despite an incredibly busy schedule, the young entrepreneur and Parel Vallei High School alum is currently in his second year of an LLB degree via Unisa.




Franschhoek & City Sightseeing makes TripAdvisor World List

Photo: City Sightseeing busses in Long Street Photo Credit: Craig Howes / Cape Town Tourism

South Africa keeps making us proud as she features on world wide travel lists even amid a pandemic. This time, Franschhoek gets a nod from esteemed travel booking site TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards for ‘Emerging Destinations.’ ‘This is all about what’s next — the off-the-radar destinations that smart travellers are already saving on Tripadvisor (and that everyone will be talking about next year),’ says TripAdvisor. Franschhoek ranked 15th on a list of 25 world destinations. ‘The village of Franschhoek (French Corner), tucked into the Cape Winelands of South Africa, is known as the country’s food and wine capital. Galleries and antique shops fill the tree-lined streets, and vineyards established more than 300 years ago cascade over the hills just outside town,’ the site continues. The Mother City’s famous red tour buses have also featured on global booking site TripAdvisor’s list of the world’s best hop-on hop-off tours. The Traveller’s Choice Awards listed 10 similar tour bus experiences, with Cape Town claiming the 10th spot. “This City Sightseeing Cape Town hop-on hop-off tour highlights the best of this South African coastal gem. Enjoy the convenience and easy-access of an open top, double-decker bus as you check out all of the Cape Town highlights. This popular tour is easy to personalize since travelers can hop on or off the bus as many times as they choose,” TripAdvisor explained in its description. The City Sightseeing Cape Town tour received 550 ‘Excellent’ votes and 132 ‘Very Good’ out of 714 reviews on the site. These tours are a favourite for tourists and locals alike and features over 30 stops and 50 attractions as well as walking and boat tours. It also includes audio commentary in a host of languages including Afrikaans, Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Zulu, Mandarin, Turkish and special kids commentary.

Steenberg’s Irma Stern

Cape Town Tourism

Is Supersized In Masked Masterpieces

New Travel Safety App Launched

A mask wearing, supersized art installation of Irma Stern’s The Initiate, the prized artwork taking pride of place at Tryn, Steenberg’s signature restaurant, is part of a novel COVID-19 fund raising initiative to assist students at Stellenbosch University. The masked rendition of the Irma Stern portrait can be seen outside the GUS gallery in Dorp Street, as one of a number of Masked Masterpieces on display in the university town. This powerful outdoor collection of famous South African artworks with masks superimposed in supersized format is funded entirely by the private sector and is on display until December at significant sites around Stellenbosch.

Cape Town Tourism (CTT), the City’s official Destination Marketing and Management Organisation, has launched a new and exciting safety application, Namola. The app, which is free and available for download, provides quick access to an emergency operator and provides visitors with educational information on health and safety, with a particular focus on responsible travel.

The Irma Stern installation was made possible by Beck Family Philanthropy. As custodians of Steenberg, the Beck family’s love of South African art is evident in the farm’s notable collection. I Irma Stern, one of South Africa’s most celebrated artists who achieved national and international acclaim during her lifetime, painted The Initiate in 1935. The artists’ stories are displayed on plaques alongside the installations for the duration of Masked Masterpieces with information about the works, where the originals can be viewed and how to make a donation towards a student bursary via SnapScan or EFT. The donations will be administered by Stellenbosch University and will assist in funding bursaries for students impacted by COVID-19, studying at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

This partnership forms part of CTT’s TravelWise initiative. The main aim of the app is to give visitors and locals peace of mind wherever they may go in Cape Town. Namola is an app that pinpoints your location, immediately gives you an emergency operator to talk to, and gets you the help you need and does so speedily. The app then uses the phone’s GPS location to tell nearby responders who you are and where you are. Trained operators will confirm details and dispatch help from near-by police, sentinels or other emergency officials. “As we start to welcome visitors back again, the safety of guests and our citizens remains a top priority for us. We are proud of the partnership our official Destination Marketing and Management Organisation is launching with Namola. We facilitate year-round programmes focusing on the prevention of tourist and visitor safety incidents through community, stakeholder and enforcement engagements, and implement the use of technology to ensure a safer Cape Town,” said Alderman James Vos, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management. “Safety and security in Cape Town present a serious challenge when it comes to tourism in what is a popular destination for tourists and visitors. Now more than ever during these uncertain times, travellers and locals alike need to know that, while they are out and about in Cape Town, they have quick access to an emergency operator to get help should they need to. We have identified Namola as our preferred partner to help visitors and locals feel safe when in Cape Town. As regulations are eased and the tourism engine slowly restarts, we remain committed to ensuring our destination is safe and ready to welcome travellers again,” said Enver Duminy, CEO CTT.


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H E M E L- E N - A A R D E V A L L E Y






Women In Tech Share Their Secrets With Shetrepreneurs The information and communications technology (ICT) industry in South Africa is still largely male-dominated, with only 23% of jobs in the field held by women. But even though men still lead the field both in South Africa and internationally, there are a handful of women who are really disrupting the status quo and making their mark. Three such women are co-founders of Airshot; Samantha Staats, Claire Storm and ex-Miss South Africa, Heather Mostert. In 2017, these three women, who were all running successful businesses at the time, wanted to address a gap in the market with a tech-centered solution. The problem? None of them actually had the tech skills or the education to back their vision. In fact, none of them had any form of tech background at all! And yet the co-founders believe that they possess the necessary skill and experience required to make their dreams a reality. With the help of their wingman and serial entrepreneur, Felix Schmitz, these ladies pursued their dream and founded Airshot, a forward-thinking digital solution that boosts employee engagement and productivity across a company’s value chain. Now, two years and 1000 users later, Airshot has managed to bag one of South Africa’s largest retailers as a client, making the co-founders vision of building a global business that drives growth, is a catalyst for change and ultimately makes every single person they engage with maximise their potential, a reality. Sam, Claire and Heather share 5 tips with wannabe shetrepreneurs: Know your vision, make your tribe, start! Claire shares that taking the first step was critical to their success. Sam and I had realised that a technical solution needed to be developed. It took all of five seconds for Felix to agree and a few months later, the team was completed by Heather.

Photo L - R: Samantha Staats, Heather Mostert and Claire Storm

She adds that it’s important to remember that your product or service is not going to be for everyone. Every no is closer to a yes! Be agile and open to learning - No business is without its challenges, but being able to quickly adjust and lean on the collective skills within your business, plays a pivotal role in your ability to bounce back.

Affect change no matter the circumstances - Heather believes that when you have an opportunity to affect change, you don’t necessarily need all the required skills, education or background to make that happen; you do however need the right people.

Talk about your ideas - Don’t be scared to talk about your business for fear of someone stealing your ideas says Claire. “Talking, connecting, sharing and networking can only grow your abilities, and hiding it, is just one potential customer down the drain. There are more collaborators than destroyers in business.”

It’s not going to be for everybody - “When someone says ‘No’ to your product, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be a success,” says Samantha.

“Women can become leaders in any industry, but a strong vision and a formidable team are great contributors to overall success,” Samantha concludes.

Blooming Flowers In City Parks Show Signs of Spring The City of Cape Town’s Recreation and Parks Department is committed to nature conservation by allowing indigenous cape fynbos and flowers to bloom. With the onset of Spring, there is the inevitable burst of floral growth. The City remains committed to service delivery and environmental conditions will dictate mowing schedules.

Every Spring brings forth an explosion of annuals and perennials which germinate in the wet soil as the weather warms up. Many residents and visitors to the areas where the flowers occur contend that they should be left untouched and not mowed until the seeds have ripened and dropped. Some of these are remnants of indigenous fynbos, renosterbos and strandveld, which can transform open spaces into Namaqualand-type flower shows. Other vegetation making their appearance include weed grasses such as common wild oats and broadleaf weeds such as Patterson’s curse. These weeds quickly push their flower heads upwards and reach 1,5 metres high, even within a matter of days after being mowed. “Mowing causes contention as residents on either side of the hedge flood us with numerous requests for parks to be both mowed and left to flower,’ said the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Councillor Zahid Badroodien. The City has more than 6 461 hectares of land to be mowed, which is no small task.


“There are many open areas throughout the city, including identified biodiversity areas or nature sensitive areas, where mowing does not take place. Despite these challenges, all efforts are being made to keep our parks and sidewalks tidy and properly maintained, while at the same time, satisfying the nature lovers and those keen on the new Spring buds.” “Taking measures to preserve Nature Protected Areas means we continue to have habitats where local flora can flourish. This in turn attracts a variety of butterflies, birds and insects which are crucial for many reasons, including pollinating wild flowers to produce viable seeds, thus safeguarding the species for future generations to enjoy.” “It’s also a special privilege to live in a part of the world where one can walk outside at this time of year and see wild flowers everywhere. We encourage communities to notice them and learn about how to protect them. Many are very rare, critically endangered species, and can only be seen in the Cape during a few short months of each year,” said Councillor Badroodien.

Menu available at

Some examples of parks where mowing does not take place are: Surrey Park, Claremont, Panorama/Benurban Road/Valmary Park (public open space), Durbanville and Rondebosch East Common Conservation Area, Rondebosch East.




“ ANYTHING FRESHER ON OUR MENU WOULD STILL BE OUT IN NATURE ” The Boer and Butcher - a fully operational butchery derived from a passion for natural healthy farming methods, a love for the countryside, its people, culture and values. Edu Hanekom’s love for meat was born in his grandmother’s kitchen on the farm Appelfontein in the Koue Bokkeveld, outside Ceres. After completing his schooling in Paarl, he studied marketing before he left for the UK and Europe. It is during his time overseas, and with his experience gained on the family farm, he understudied the techniques of meat processing in countries such as Spain and Italy, before returning home to open his first operational butchery in Durbanville in December 2013. The Boer & Butcher is Edu’s brainchild. His vision is to bring the most natural product to the market at the best possible price and prefers things to be as natural as possible. This means that he predominantly chooses livestock, he personally selects only the best animals directly from the grazing fields, and he steers clear of animals that feed on any substance which contains growth stimulants. It all started off in a traditional ‘vleiskamer’ (farm style butchery) constructed somewhere in the 1916’s on their livestock farm in Darling. As farmers they wanted to share their passion with friends and families in the city that understood and appreciated the value of old school natural rearing methods. It is with great appreciation that Edu looks back to the period of organic growth from their humble beginnings back in July 2009 - with pride The Boer & Butcher can provide quality service through their retail outlets. With only 500 pounds and 22 ewes, Edu started off his new business. No bank was prepared to support his vision with a loan, and he was left out in the wilderness to find his way in generating cash flow. In his humble way he approached a friend with a supermarket, who purchased his lambs for their in-house butchery. He also sold offal in local settlements to generate cash flow.

STORES In a strange way the name “boer” the Afrikaans for farmer, and butcher took on shape in Edu's mind, which eventually became the name of the business. The first shop was a 62m² hair salon converted into what became the first The Boer & Butcher outlet, with all livestock supplied mainly by their family farm in Darling. The second shop opened in 2017 at Stellenbosch Square, followed by the third in Boston in 2019. The latest edition to the brand will open in Paarl during December.

Pork supplied in the butchery are from pigs which range freely in a plum orchard just outside Stellenbosch. This is also where they make their beer. The brewer’s malt that is generated from the brewing process is also fed to the pigs, which adds good flavour to the meat. Free range poultry are fed on grass and mielies and is obtained from the suppliers on the West Coast as well as from the Worcester and Karoo area.

BUTCHER’S BARN & BISTRO “At The Boer & Butcher our aim has always been to offer the most natural healthy product straight from the farm. These same values apply when you enjoy a meal at our new Butchers Barn & Bistro. From local fee range eggs & grass-fed butter used in our homemade mayonnaise to hollandaise sauces to freshly baked bread and Croissants, daily.” “All our meat, including our pie fillings is sourced from our quality approved team of farmers at The Boer & Butcher,” Edu says. The Butcher’s Barn & Bistro is open for breakfast and lunch. They serve interesting breakfast delights such as a Breakfast Burger; Pulled pork, egg and hash; breakfast nachos and for the love of Chocolate. The lunch menu includes a wide range of mouth-watering meaty dishes including various burger variations, an old school boerie, steak salad sandwich and 500 gram Pork ribs brushed with their famous Smokey BBQ Basting sauce, not to mention the options on the light lunch menu to choose from, as well as the delicious farm style bread and sourdough. “As we continue to provide you with home grown produce directly from the farm, we can assure you the best value that money can buy in and around the Cape,” Edu concludes.

PRODUCTS The Boer & Butcher is well-known for their top-quality beef and lamb, not to mention their steak burgers, peach boerewors, curried sosaties, aged rump, curried lamb chops, and giant farm chickens – to name just a few. The shelves are also packed with products including their own range of spices, sauces, olive oil, frozen meals and The Boer & Butcher merchandise. When sourcing Beef, Edu only target breeds like Hereford, Angus, Bonsmara, Simmentaler and other beef crossbreeds. The beef is produced locally by farmers in and around Durbanville as well as by farmers from Limpopo and Vryburg. When it comes to cattle sent to market directly from the grazing fields, Edu aims to dry age such meat, and beef, finished on maize and grain, therefore, market ready – these cuts are predominantly wet age at their stores. Edu prefers to stock breeds like Dohne Marino sheep from the Swartland area as well as the Southern Cape, and for the lover of Karoo lamb, these can be obtained on order through them. For the game lover The Boer & Butcher has a selected group of hunters that harvest game in Namibia, and this is mainly where their game meat ranging from Kudu, Eland, Springbok and Gemsbok comes from.





27 Main Rd, Durbanville

Stellenbosch Square, Stellenbosch

Cnr of 12th Avenue & Duminy Street

021 976 8627

021 976 8627

021 976 8627 | Facebook @boerandbutcher | Instagram @theboerandbutcher




ENJOY A UNIQUE GUEST FARM EXPERIENCE AT SOUTH HILL VINEYARDS An hour’s drive south of Cape Town past Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, on the way to the coastal town of Hermanus lies the Overberg town on Grabouw. The town is surrounded by the Hottentot Hollands, Kogelberg and Groenberg mountain ranges to form the cool mountain plateau of the Elgin Valley. And situated on the south eastern side of this Valley, lies South Hill Vineyards. The Elgin Valley is fast becoming known for its top cool climate producing wine route, romantic destination wedding region and as the outdoor adventure capital of South Africa. A background in hospitality and property development and a huge passion for wine, prompted the King family to create this contemporary, accessible, boutique wine farm. Since buying the farm in 2000, Kevin and Sandy King have developed South Hill Vineyards into a producer of delicious cool climate wines and offer a unique guest farm experience with luxury accommodation including a Scandi-style House Boat, wedding and function venue, art gallery, restaurant and one of a kind Vineyard maze. Together with their dedicated team, they invite you to visit South Hill Vineyards and enjoy this unique offering. Open 7 days a week for wine sales; restaurant and art gallery open Friday – Monday, for breakfast from 08h00 and lunches until 16h00. For more information visit

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STARBUCKS TO OPEN IN CAPE TOWN After the announcement in mid August that Starbucks would finally launch its stores in Cape Town, the global coffee brand has just revealed that it will open its first Western Cape store in Canal Walk in November. In a bold move by the global brand that illustrates the confidence in the future of Cape Town’s coffee-drinking market, Starbucks has selected Canal Walk as its chosen entry point into the Western Cape market as it expands its South African footprint. Adrian Maizey, CEO of Rand Capital Coffee, the owners of Starbucks South Africa, reveals that the global brand is taking a long-term view as it expands into the Western Cape, and is doing this with like-minded partners such as Canal Walk’s owners, Hyprop Investments Limited and Ellerine Bros.

Boundaries are great in my world, a set of parameters which gives you the opportunity to think beyond. “Covid 19 has set some extreme and very unique challenges which we are all faced with daily, we all think, communicate, behave and live in a new realm. My approach to this new way of life is to innovate and through innovation we can improve the way we operate, face some of the small challenges head on to improve our lifestyle. For me the challenge was to find a place to work, with the whole family at home 24/7 there was limited space to retreat to, a place where one can focus and get some work done. The solution a simple box, a box that is independent from home, a small box big enough for big ideas and a box that caters for your needs. I would like to introduce the Micro Office by Richart, a big thinking space in a box. Manufactured from 40mm structurally insulated panels on a sturdy galvanised steel base with a large floor to ceiling sliding door. With the benefit of insulated walls and roof you can control your new working environment, a small compact heater will warm the space up in minutes and with the large sliding door you have the ability to control airflow with the perception of space. With a built in desk and shelving system this is the perfect work / study space. Measuring 1.2m across and 2.2m in length, it can be placed outside over looking the garden away from the home, your office away from the office,” says Richard Meershoek of Richart. Claim your space and make it yours, personalised options available. For more information contact 083 506 2783, or email

Starbucks’ choice of Canal Walk, Cape Town’s largest shopping centre, positions its first Western Cape store right at the heart of Cape Town in the Century City Precinct, which is conveniently located on the N1, and central to the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Canal Walk offers a wide variety of 400 stores and thousands of the best local and international brands, including fashion, retail, leisure and entertainment for the whole family, all under one roof. Starbucks began in 1971 as a roaster and retailer of beans, ground coffee, tea and spices, with a single store in Seattle. Today the company connects with millions of customers every day with its own special taste and offering that has seen the company grow to more than 30,000 retail stores in 80 markets. Rand Capital Coffee bought Starbucks South Africa in November 2019, including 13 stores in Gauteng.




THE NEW AGE OF UNDERSTANDING DIGITAL IMAGING FOR YOUR HEALTH SoundWaves Health Clinic in picturesque Old Cape Mall in Gordon’s Bay, has through the years proven Frequency Therapy as a highly scientific system of treatment without medication. Our amazing Non Linear System offers you this 3-fold benefit: 1) Scan 2) Analysis 3) Treatment. No chemicals; non-invasive; and NO side effects! Wouldn’t you like to have early warning that there is a growth in your body – when it’s still the size of a pinhead? Wouldn’t you just love to get rid of it - without any bodily invasion? How about a prostate check; a mammogram; a “pap smear” – without being touched at all? What about your child struggling with allergies, ADHD etc. - Don’t you just wish you could discover the cause – and improve the child’s health without medication? Well, we have the solution! Whereas conventional medicine focuses on symptoms, our system can identify and eliminate the origin of a disease/condition – thus eliminating those very symptoms. In fact: we also scan the DNA/RNA; chromosomes; genes; cell walls; cell nucleus; even the mitochondria! Scientific studies, medical records and video footage¹ substantiate that frequencies (sound waves) do in fact destroy bacteria, viruses, parasites - even tumours - without endangering any part of the body.

What a bonus: we do all the work, while you are free to continue your daily activities without interruption - whether working, relaxing, exercising, watching a movie etc. What’s more: it saves you time and money! We have been serving people “remotely” not only in South Africa and cross-border, but also in Australia, Belgium, Dubai, England, Germany, Malta, Namibia, Netherlands, Reunion, Scotland, United States of America – and this list is still expanding! Simply send us your digital photo - from your smartphone to ours!

Furthermore: Frequencies are globally acclaimed and proven as one of the best ways of winning the war against cancer. ² ¹YouTube: Search for “Killing with frequencies” and watch numerous fascinating demonstrations. ² Something completely different Most of you know that, for several years now, we have scanned and treated people all over the world without their physical presence. (The earlier DNA sample /nail clippings method – see our website article “Remote Treatment”). The surprisingly swift world-wide pandemic lockdowns of 2020 quickly shook everybody out of their comfort zones. Globally, people were faced with unexpected challenges to former ways of thinking - and working! And so, for us at SoundWaves Health Clinic, this brought about the most recent addition to our natural health care arsenal: Digital Imaging Without sounding too technical, this process boils down to a few basics: A digital image is a digitally encoded representation of an object’s visual characteristics (i.e. facial features). Such a digital photo can be copied repeatedly without losing any image quality. Using a digital camera or smartphone for a facial photo, light* zooms into the camera lens from the face. This incoming light* hits the inner sensor chip, breaking it up into millions of pixels. (Pixels are the multitude of minute square picture elements forming the image.) The sensor measures the colour and brightness of each pixel, storing it as a number which is then reproduced as a photo. The combination of these pixels is unique to that person’s face. [*Light = energy/vibrations/frequencies. Bearing in mind that all created things have their own unique frequencies, it means that each face consists of its own unique frequencies, captured digitally in the form of a combination of pixels – your unique combination of pixels/frequencies.] So, to scan or treat you in your absence we insert your digital photo into our specialized system - fondly called “The Black Box”. Your photo pixels are instantly transformed into scalar waves. At 1 and a half times the speed of light, these scalar waves capture that image and transmit it into space to find the corresponding source (i.e. you). The very moment that occurs, the connection between you and the machine is established – enabling us to scan or treat you wherever you are. Nothing can block scalar waves!

Charl de Villiers demonstrating scan and treatment

Who are we? Charl de Villiers, distinguished Therapist in Bio-Resonance Medicine, has a proven track record in this field ranging over the past 2 decades. He keeps abreast of new developments by continual research, while working toward his Doctorate in Energy Medicine and Bio-Resonance. Anne-Marie de Villiers: As his wife and business partner, I love sharing his passion and vision: to help people enjoy good health! Discover more on our website about who we are; the extensive range of services we offer; but most of all: what we can do for you. Be prepared to have your mindset challenged in a positive way!

Anne-Marie de Villiers Always ready to assist you

SoundWaves Health Clinic: Suite 6, Old Cape Mall, 33 Beach Rd, Gordon’s Bay Enquiries and bookings: 083 267 9745 Email:

“You truly need sound information to make sound choices!” A simplified way of picturing this process: (courtesy of Tutorialspoint)

Article by Anne-Marie de Villiers




Curated Gifts Boxes for every occasion! You’re Welcome Gift Design’s intention is to create an unforgettable experience for customers, but even more - to leave a memorable impression with each recipient of a You’re Welcome Gift box. Our relationship with our artisan partners is very important to us and we value the time and the effort that goes into creating their unique hand-crafted products. We hand pick products and partners to ensure a high standard of quality is met.


Browse through our online store to find the perfect gift that will leave a memorable impression on everyone on your list – it may be your client, your friend or family member. Our gift boxes are perfectly packed and delivered anywhere in South Africa - waiting to be send on your behalf.

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o & Rose Guesthouse is situated on perhaps the o world’s longest wine route the R60/R62 just & Rose Guesthouse is situated on perhaps 10km outside of Robertson in scenic Klaas- just the world’s longest wine route the R60/R62 voogds West. Nestled at theinfoot of the Lange10km outside of Robertson scenic Klaasberg mountains, enter at a magical relax at voogds West. Nestled the foot world of the –Langethis one of a kindenter garden inhabited by legions of berg mountains, a magical world – relax at succulent treesinhabited silhouetted this one ofplants a kindand garden by against legions of the vast South African sky. At the centeragainst of this succulent plants and trees silhouetted marvel guesthouse and restaurant. the vastreside South the African sky. At the center of this The guesthouse owned and and run by a local marvel reside theisguesthouse restaurant. couple, Francois is and Jeanne The guesthouse owned andvan runWageningen by a local since April 2017.and Jeanne van Wageningen couple, Francois Mo & April Rose 2017. guesthouse has 8 luxury en-suite since rooms equiped with fireplace and Nespresso Mo & Rose guesthouse has 8 luxury en-suite coffee machines with patio‘s overlooking the rooms equiped with fireplace and Nespresso garden/pool andwith large variety cacti, somethe dated coffee machines patio‘s overlooking back to 1910.and large variety cacti, some dated garden/pool back to 1910.

We offer massages in the comfort of your own room by the Travelling Massage Therapists. They are experienced and versatile massage therapists that both have over 20 room years of and have a good reputation for providing a high We offer massages in the comfort of your own by experience, the Travelling Massage Therapists. They are experienced andstanversadard of service. Styles include: Deep Tissue, Point and Therapy, Massage, Reflexology, Craniotile massage therapists that bothSwedish, have over 20 years ofTrigger experience, have Indian a goodHead reputation for providing a high stanSacraloftherapies, and Sports massage. dard service. Styles include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, CranioSacral therapies, and Sports massage. Breakfast and dinner are served in our beautifull Restaurant Succulent overlooking the succulent and cacti gardens. Breakfast and dinner are served in our beautifull Restaurant Succulent overlooking the succulent and cacti gardens. Robertson valley has an variety of activities to offer like wine valley safari, olive farms, Robertson art gallery, Golf, Farm stalls, MTB and hiking in the mountains at Van tastings at Paul Rene andRobertson many more. Robertson valleytrails has an variety of activities to Loveren, offer like MCC wine valley safari, olive farms, art gallery, Golf, Farm stalls, MTB and hiking trails in the mountains at Van Loveren, MCC tastings at Paul Rene and many more.

r e s e r v a t i o n s @ m o a n d r o s e . c o . z a | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 2 3 6 2 6 4 1 3 4 | w w w. m o a n d r o s e . c o . z a | r e s e r v a t i o n s @ m o a n d r o s e . c o . z a | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 2 3 6 2 6 4 1 3 4 | w w w. m o a n d r o s e . c o . z a |




Ban Lifted on Wine Sales - But Industry Needs Buyers’ Support Wine producers across South Africa have welcomed the lifting of the ban on alcohol sales from midnight 17th August 2020, but the industry still needs the support of buyers nationally and internationally in order to protect jobs, says Penny Streeter, CEO of Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate. The industry has suffered hugely from the effects of the restriction on wine sales in South Africa, she says, which is the only country where there has been a ban during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Some 300,000 people are employed both directly and indirectly in the wine industry, according to Wines of South Africa, WOSA. This includes the many people working within hospitality as well as the wine tourism sector - ranging from transport operators to entertainment services, such as the popular wine tasting pontoon tours at Benguela Cove. In addition to the impact on domestic sales from the ban, exports were also stopped, which normally represent some 50 percent of all revenue for the wine industry. South Africa produced 974 million litres of wine in 2019, with export revenues valued at R8.5 billion, according to data from WOSA. The industry is believed to have lost more than R7 billion since the introduction of sales restrictions in March 2020, says Vinpro, a non-profit company which represents 2,500 South African wine producers, cellars and industry stakeholders. Following the initial nine-week ban on local sales, five-week ban on exports and second domestic sales ban, Vinpro estimates that more than 80 wineries and 350 wine grape producers would go out of business over the next 18 months, with a potential loss of more than 21,000 jobs across the value-chain. The #JobsSaveLives campaign was launched during the ban to petition for the sale of alcohol in sit-down restaurants, as well as a relaxation of the 9pm curfew. The initiative was taken up internationally too, appealing to expatriates and other drinkers of South African wine internationally, many of whom have enjoyed wine tours in the Cape, says Penny Streeter.

“As a wine producer and destination, we were very encouraged by the level of support for the #JobSaveLives campaign that we saw from UK buyers, both through our wine club there, as well as at our estates at Mannings Heath Golf and Wine Estate and at Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens. Brits love South African vintages and the wine tourism experience - we get many visitors from the UK at Benguela. Whilst our industry has been hit by the ban, there is huge potential for the sector, both for exports and for wine tourism. I am optimistic about the future - but the public and Government must get behind the industry.” Benguela Cove has resumed online sales following relaxation of the ban, and its South African wine club is preparing for the next distribution of its limited edition wines. The full onsite services and entertainment on the wine estate - including lagoon wine tours, Moody Lagoon restaurant and Pirate Golf - will open from September 24th. For more information visit

Henri's Restaurant and Wine Bar Supports Local Henri’s Restaurant and Wine Bar is conveniently situated on Somerset West Main Road in a heritage building which was renovated years ago into a spacious contemporary restaurant. The owner since 2013, Pierre Vosloo welcomes first-time visitors and familiar faces from the Helderberg basin and abroad to the Restaurant and Wine Bar. “Little did we know how much we would come to rely on our community during the trying times that so many have faced.” “Over 150 days ago, we were unsure of the challenges that would lie ahead, but it soon became clear that we would have to rethink, adapt and expand our offering,” says Pierre.

New Offering - “Our decision making was at times governed by strict lock-down regulations but also offered opportunity. We endeavoured to deliver delicious familiar favourites and new dishes to our customers, offering our full menu for take-away, delivered by our own team, as well as ready-made individual and family meals. This included chicken pie, lasagne and cottage pie prepared in trays to pop in the oven or the freezer. We also prepared chicken curry, oxtail and lamb shanks in easy to reheat bags for convenient dinners,” Pierre continues. #jobssavelifes - “During this time we established a Back-a-Buddy fundraising campaign to support our waiters and waitresses who could not qualify for other benefits and we are humbled by the generous contributions received,” Pierre added. “We also expanded our menu by becoming a supplier of BRM pork loin ribs and marinated chicken and when regulations allowed we supported local wineries by selling their wine at cellar door prices. As we are slowly moving toward a new normal we will continue with these offerings and look forward to seeing familiar and new faces in our restaurant, without whom our doors could not have remained open,” Pierre concludes. “Congratulations Henri’s Restaurant & Wine Bar on being a Travellers’ Choice Winner. Each year, we comb through reviews, ratings, and saves from Travellers everywhere, and use that info to award the very best. You’re part of an exclusive group, and we want to help you celebrate (and promote) this major accomplishment – You’re in the Top 10% of Restaurants worldwide,” – Travellers’ Choice 2020 For bookings contact 021 852 6442 and view the full menu online at

Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery at Spier offers lots of space to feel safe If you’re needing a safe place to go with the family, visit Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery on Spier Wine Farm for their heart-warming dishes and ample space. Breakfast is served every Saturday and Sunday morning from 9 - 11am. You can enjoy farm-style delights including warm rolled oats, sourdough waffles, eggs benedict and the Farmer Angus breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, boerewors, mushrooms and toast. The bakery serves freshly baked croissants, sticky buns, sourdough bread and of course, their much-loved Pasteis de Nata! Open for lunch Monday – Sunday from 12 - 4pm, you can savour the new menu, which now includes their signature sourdough pizzas. Still serving their delicious smoked beef brisket and fire-grilled meats, there is plenty to choose from for both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike (the menu boasts a number of innovative veg dishes). A take-away menu is also on offer, as you find a perfect spot under an oak tree on the historic Spier Werf or stroll along the Eerste river. While at Spier, be sure to visit the newly transformed Spier farm shop to stock your pantry with delicious offerings. Frozen family-size pies, sourdough waffles, pizza bases, bread rolls and other Vadas goods are on sale; along with organic Spier vegetables, local chocolate, cheese and Farmer Angus meat products. The recently opened Elemental Garden, a refreshingly natural play area for the kids to enjoy, places Spier as a favourite for families – at any level!

For bookings contact 021 809 1137 or and view the full menu online at




The Benefits of investing in Cyprus Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity!

There is a perception that it is very expensive and onerous to realize a Plan B in Europe. In Cyprus – an English-speaking, ex-British colony and full member of the EU – this perception couldn’t be more further from the truth. Cyprus is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world; and last year saw an increase of 65% in property sales to overseas buyers from the previous year. Huge investment is pouring into the economy with all the infrastructural developments and the enormous natural gas fields. There’s never been a better time to explore investing in Cyprus. The main benefits of investing in Cyprus are to secure permanent residency or a 2nd citizenship through property investment thereby realising a Plan B, the lifestyle options and being a secure investment destination.

YOUR PLAN B Cyprus’s Citizenship though Investment programme offers an attractive option for investors through property acquisition. Cyprus’ programme is the quickest in Europe as applications are vetted in 6 months. Dependent The permanent residency programme on offer in Cyprus has been voted as the best in children up to age 28 as well as the parents and the parents-in-law of the Europe because it automatically qualifies 3 generations in the same family line, including main investor also qualify. dependent children up to age 25 as well as both the parents and the parents-in-law of the Not only is there zero inheritance tax, but the investor is able to rent main investor. Not only is the application process very quick – it takes just two months for out his / her properties to earn a Euro-based income. Once citizenship residency to be approved – but the permanent residency status for the whole family is for life, is granted, there is an extensive list of countries where no travel visa is the permit never expires nor needs to be renewed. required and Cypriot citizenship extends down the line to future genera-

Another benefit is that you do not need to live in Cyprus to retain your residency status. tions. On Cyprus’ Citizenship programme you do not need to live in the country for your citizenship to remain valid, nor do you need to be domi- Cyprus permanent residents do have the right to apply for citizenship following their ciled in Cyprus for tax. Securing permanent residency is also an option physical presence in the country for a number of years, so will in fact follow the naturalisation programme. worth considering.

THE LIFESTYLE Another huge benefit of investing in Cyprus is the fabulous lifestyle on offer. Being an ex-British colony, there is no language barrier – everyone speaks English and all the documentation is in English. Cyprus has a relaxed, stress-free lifestyle offering an ideal family environment. Your children & grandchildren will benefit from excellent schools and tertiary education instructions (all Euro-accredited); and the healthcare facilities and medical care are world class. Cyprus is very similar to South Africa. The golf courses are world-class, the countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and Cyprus has 66 blue-flag status beaches, the cleanest seas in the Med and a mountain-range where it snows for 3 months. This is a country for enjoying and exploring.

SAFE INVESTMENT DESTINATION Cyprus offers a safe, solid environment in which to invest in real estate. Properties in Cyprus offer excellent value for money when compared to other European countries – especially homes right on or near to The Med. The lush & beautiful Western side of the country is similar to the Western Cape and enjoys the biggest demand and highest growth. In Cyprus, unlike some other European countries, as an ex-pat you are not LOGO restricted to buying only in Special Designated Areas (SDAs), nor are you prescribed to stay in the country every year to retain your residency. Being able to rent your property out has the real benefit where you can earn a decent Euro-based income. There is a high demand for both long-term rentals and short-term holiday lets. Not only will your asset generate income for you, but you have complete peace of mind that the property purchase is legitimate and your ownership is guaranteed.

YOUR TRUSTED PARTNERS Cypriot Realty – a proudly South African company in operation for nearly 13 years with offices in Sandton, Cape Town and Cyprus – is your trusted partner to realise your Plan B in Europe We are recognised and respected as Southern Africa’s authoritative investment specialists promoting Cyprus as an ideal destination for acquiring EU citizenship or permanent residency, for property investment, for immigration or retirement and starting an EU-based business. We understand investor’s needs, and we have an impressive track record showcasing our success.

PROPERTY INSPECTION TRIPS We arrange personalized property inspection trips for you to come to Cyprus to look at the property options and to experience for yourself the lifestyle on offer. From arranging meetings with taxation and legal specialists, to opening up your offshore bank account – we hold your hand every step of the way.

c ypr iot



Contact us for a confidential meeting to discuss how we can help you realise your and you family’s Plan B in Europe. Contact Jenny Ellinas Founder & Managing Director Tel : +27 83 448 8734 Email: Visit:




HISTORY & LUXURY MEET IN UNIQUE NEW DEVELOPMENT An exciting new luxury residential development is currently under construction on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard that will have history lovers – and property connoisseurs - salivating. Alpha One is a six-story boutique development situated on the slopes of Signal Hill between High Level Road and Ocean View Drive, on what is one of the last possible prime building sites on the Atlantic Seaboard. Featuring 16 premium apartments, all with uninterrupted views, the story behind the site on which Alpha One stands is as unique as the building itself. A military relic unearthed - Once the location of a 19th century fortified battery, a rare military relic – a “disappearing gun” was unearthed from below a derelict swimming pool which stood on the site. Buried for almost 100 years, this disappearing gun was brought to the Cape in 1885 during a brief period of tension between Britain and Russia. Britain, fearing that Russian aggression may threaten all their colonies, installed breech loading canons around the Cape, including three huge and mysterious “disappearing guns”. Disappearing guns are a uniquely British feat of midVictorian engineering and are extremely rare. They had the ability to hide from enemy fire by lowering down into a gun pit with hydraulic lifting mechanisms. After being fired, they would disappear back into a vault under a protective shield. The disappearing gun in Sea Point never saw military action. The gun was fired once a month as per army regulations but was not popular among the locals because of the noise. There were a lot of complaints and eventually the land was sold by the Department of Defence in the 1920’s – after that the bat-

tery’s existence disappeared as the site was covered over by residential buildings. Simon Bridges, Managing Director of Elemental, a boutique property development company who are the owners of Alpha One, explains that the project began in August of 2018. They were aware of the remnants of the Sea Point Battery under the site and once the structures above ground were demolished, the battery structure was safely unearthed and documented, without damaging it. The preservation and restoration plan, which was approved by Heritage Western Cape, saw the historical battery remnants being incorporated into the new development. The now restored disappearing gun forms an integral part of the new building and features front and centre as a glass enclosed exhibition in the beautiful communal central lounge and wine-tasting area. Bridges says that a network of underground tunnels and ammunition storage rooms was also unearthed, and these are being restored and re-purposed into a wine cellar, with dedicated tasting areas and private wine lock-up’s for each Alpha One resident. Every level of the building will have uninterrupted sea views from both the bedroom and living areas, as well as from the terraces. Added to this, Alpha One features a communal roof top leisure deck with a swimming pool, lounge and braai area that boasts some of the best 360 degree views in Cape Town.

NOW’S A GREAT TIME TO SELL YOUR HOME, SAYS LEADHOME If you’re considering selling your home, now is a good time to do it. The combination of record low interest rates, and a surge in buyers looking to buy new homes since the end of the hard lockdown, means the local property market is ‘extremely attractive’ for sellers, says residential property experts Leadhome. Leadhome CEO Marcél du Toit says the latest interest rate cut was ‘fantastic news’ for South African consumers and would boost the property market even further. Leadhome’s data shows a whopping 46% increase in buyer activity since level 5 of lockdown ended, and 45% over the same period in 2019. “Lowinterest rates bring down the costs to obtain a home loan and create a higher demand for real estate,” said Du Toit. One of the key indicators to assess the attractiveness of selling your property at any given time is the ratio of buyer enquiries received against the number of properties marketed, measured over a rolling sevenday period. The higher the ratio, the more buyer interest there is, which indicates a better time to put your property on the market; a lower ratio means the opposite. Since the hard lockdown ended on 1 June, buyer interest has skyrocketed, averaging 90% buyer enquiries to marketed properties ratio, compared to a 62% average in 2019. At the same time, Leadhome’s data shows buyers paying an average 96.7% of sellers’ asking price since 1 June, compared to the 2019 average of 96.4%. To make the market even more attractive, bond originators Bondspark say there is an emerging trend of banks being ‘slightly more bullish’ in offering more attractive home loan packages. What does this mean? “For sellers, it’s a great time to put your property on the market. And if you’re considering buying a property, know that you need to bring your A-game! There is a lot of interest in, and competition for, properties, which means that you’ll need to be prepared to pay fair value for that house of your dreams,” said Du Toit.

CONSTRUCTION TO START ON RIVER CLUB REDEVELOPMENT The proposed redevelopment will have a number of positive economic spin-offs including: Job creation for 5 239 people during the construction phase with a total value of R1.6 billion as well contributing 13 700 indirect and induced jobs. On completion of construction over 860 people will be employed during the operational phase (with an estimate wage bill of R200 million per annum) and indirect employees are likely to support an additional 1700 dependents. A significant portion of the proposed 150 000m² of floor area will be space for retailers and offices to stimulate business development and contribute towards the growing need for decentralised centres of business outside of the Cape Town CBD.

After years of being embroiled in a legal battle with Heritage Western Cape and much pushback from residents in the area, the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning has approved the River Club redevelopment in Observatory. Liesbeek Leisure Properties Trust purchased the the 14.7ha property from Transnet in 2015 for R12m. The R5 billion project proposes the delivery of a mixeduse development that will make a major contribution towards creating a more sustainable, inclusive and prosperous City and Province, and will convert private closed space into space that’s accessible to the public.

The development will also offer a range of other socio-economic benefits such as: 65% of the site will be retained as Green Space; 20% of the residential space will be dedicated inclusive housing; the majority of the site will be dedicated, safe recreational spaces and pathways; a Heritage and Cultural Centre that will memorialise the history of the area and educate the public, (the centre will be an inclusive process involving all parties who have an interest in the historical and symbolic significance of the area); upgrades to the surrounding road infrastructure and public transport facilities; the establishment of an accessible private school, and the application of 5 star green building and design principles, including water and power efficiencies. It is clear that the project presents many exciting opportunities for the people of the Western Cape. “We look forward to our continued interactions with all interested and affected groups and stakeholders over the next few weeks, while the prescribed development proposal processes are underway.”







Online stores in South Africa are experiencing a big increase in sales as consumers are buying products online to limit social interaction. Is your company integrated to sell your products online? We are all about solutions and solving problems. We have carefully aligned our business model to accommodate companies that are cash-strapped to be able to afford setting up online stores in order to generate income in a current and post pandemic world. “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” - Jim Rohn



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BREWERYTOBREWERY (B2B) - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND The BrewerytoBrewery’s (B2B) unique start and finish venues in the shape of Old Potters Brewery in Greyton and Hemel-en-Aarde Brewery in Hermanus are unique. It creates an interesting intro and final chapter of a great MTB journey starting at the Riviersonderend Mountains and snaking its way via valleys, large yellow canola fields and vineyards to finish in sight of the Atlantic. “Last year was the inaugural B2B; we had good reviews and will make the route slightly easier and more gravel bike friendly, based on rider suggestions.” The total distance is 85km, with 1500m of climbing and an approximate 80% open gravel roads and 20% single tracks. It starts at 07h00 on Sunday, 18 October at Old Potters in Greyton, with long open gravel roads and spectacular views of mountains and fields, painted dark green and bright yellow by wheat and canola. Join on Saturday already, for an informal ride on the Greyton MTB Trails, to loosen up the legs, in anticipation for Daddy Long Legs, the next day. Registration is on Saturday and Sunday morning. The event is organised by MTB Adventures (JK), Coastline events and the respective breweries. Entry fee is R650 per person which includes 2 x free draft beers and a burger & chips combo at the finish. “We expect government to limit event participants to 300 max in the latest Covid-19 regulations to be published by 15 September.” For more information visit

KEEP & LIEBENBERG ELECTED AS SCHOOLS CYCLING SA AMBASSADORS For Schools Cycling South Africa (SCSA) August and September is all about motivating, inspiring and supporting each other. “We’ve come a long way since the start of this pandemic and we cannot think of a better time than now to create hope and re-nurture the love for cycling. Sport unites people and cycling gives a sense of freedom and fun no words can describe and nothing would give us greater pleasure than to see more girls take up cycling as official school sport.” “We are also super excited to announce that Tiffany Keep and Henry Liebenberg were elected as our National Schools Cycling Ambassadors! Both Tiffany and Henry were part of the Spur Schools Mountain Bike League throughout their High School careers from Grade 8 to Matric. We are looking forward to their valuable contributions in future to inspire even more children across the country,” - Annelize Ziehl-Owens, President Schools Cycling South Africa.”

Tiffany Keep

“My cycling journey began back when I was only three years old, but my very first race was actually an inter-school’s series mountain bike race at my local bike park at the age of 6. Once I’d reached the age of 10 I began to compete more regularly and the KZN Schools Mountain Bike Series was the very first series which I completed; who would have thought that it would take me on an incredible journey where I would get the opportunity to race my bike all over the world and meet some amazing people along the way.”

Henry Liebenberg

“It is the perfect platform to grow kids from grassroots level and nurture them into the future generation of top competitive South African cyclists. I only have good memories of my Schools Cycling experience, and I owe a lot of what I’ve learnt about the sport to my experiences from this platform,” - Tiffany Keep “We would like to encourage all the School riders out there that have a spirit for adventure and a Mountainbike to come and join in our fun activities,” – Nina Jordaan – Chairperson Free state and Linky Cilliers, Secretary of Schools Cycling South Africa said.


Thanks to the Cape Town Cycle Tour’s (CTCT) ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign, clothing, blankets and food worth over R900 000, are being distributed to the most vulnerable along the event’s route over the next few weeks. The campaign - an initiative launched by the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (CTCTT) in May - invited riders to make a R1000 donation and, in return, organisers would offer a limited number of complimentary entries into the 2021 Cape Town Cycle Tour.

With over R500 000 raised from entries, with additional donations from a number of past participants, the CTCTT has already begun the process of distributing the essentials to communities in Red Hill, Ocean View, Masiphumelele, Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg. “Charity begins at home and never has that been truer than helping the communities that lie along our route that have suffered most significantly from the effects of the extended Covid-19 lockdown. Each year these communities open up their hearts to the thousands of riders who make their way past their homes. They are part of the heart and soul of the event,” said David Bellairs, a Director of the CTCTT. With the help of community organisations like Living Hope, Feed Our Valley and Courage Africa - together with support from long-term partners Pick n Pay’s ‘Feed The Nation’ campaign - the neediest are identified and assisted. The Cape Town Cycle Tour has raised over R100-million for social upliftment and cycling development over the past 15 years.




LANGEBERG LINK MTB Strict safety Covid-19 protocols in place to protect riders

WHEN 25-26-27 SEPTEMBER 2020

WHERE Oudewerf Farm On R60 And Just Outside The Historic Town Swellendam

ROUTE Day 1 Night Race - 2.4km lap route, and laps to be completed within one hour. Day 2 - 61km over farmland, jeep track, single track and gravel travel. Day 3 - 28km into the foothills of the Langeberg mountain range. Trail run: Sunday 27 Sept 2020 | 16km - R80 | 5km - R40

COST All 3 days – R1500 per cyclist and R550 single stages/day

ENTRIES 2020 +27 74 457 6777


GET IN TOUCH 021 852 6500






stories that are life changing

THE STORY OF ORCA PAIR PORT AND STARBOARD ‘Port’ and ‘Starboard’ are nautical terms referring to the left hand side and the right hand side on ocean vessels. Dave has kept a database of their movements since then. The pair, both males and estimated to be about 20 years old have been sighted a total of 55 times, between Lüderitz and Port Elizabeth. They were first sighted in the Cape in 2015 – once offshore Cape Point, three times in False Bay and once in Gansbaai. Latest Sighting Report: “What I’ve observed over the now double digit sightings of Port and Starboard in False Bay is that they have a clockwise and an anti-clockwise foraging route that they follow almost with military precision around the bay, only deviating from it when in pursuit of a prey item.

Photo: Orca pair Port and Starboard - Photo Credit: Dave Hurwitz

The famous Orca pair, Port and Starboard visited the South African coastline frequently and has already been sighted seven times in False Bay this year. The main species of whales normally seen in Cape Town are Bryde’s whales (all year round), humpback and southern right whales that come to our shores from June to December. Dave Hurwitz, owner of Simon’s Town Boat Company named the Orca pair Port and Starboard and has followed their journey closely since 2009 when he first sighted them in Lüderitz. Dave named them Port and Starboard because one of their dorsal fins flops over to the left and the other to the right.

It was the anti-clockwise route and from the lighthouse they headed straight inshore for the kelp beds on the western side, probably in search of sevengill cow sharks or as we have witnessed before, to make a meal of a copper shark (bronze whaler). It’s really great when the duo navigate the western shore of False Bay, as the elevated road en-route to Cape Point provides a fantastic land-based spectacle,” - Dave Hurwitz. Dave Hurwitz, an avid naturalist, has been watching whales and dolphins for his whole life. He collaborates with other naturalists and marine scientists in South Africa and abroad to further his knowledge of dolphin and whales. He has photographed some incredible natural events, including killer whales hunting dolphins in False Bay. He has also consulted and featured in documentaries produced by Discovery, National Geographic and many others - both locally and internationally.

FLOCKS OF FLAMINGOS TURN PLETT PINK Greater flamingos are painting areas of Plett pink, migrating to the seaside coastal town to nest and hatch a few chicks. Though the beautifully coloured birds have occasionally been ‘spotted’ in Plettenberg Bay since the early 1900’s, the lagoon was lucky to have 2 or 3 and one could sometimes find a pair up the Bitou River during migratory season. Known for its natural green thumb when it comes to wildlife, coastal reserves, river estuaries, indigenous fynbos and forests, Plett has seen the numbers of these migratory birds soaring over the past few years. Greater flamingos are close to 6 feet in height, and they have the identifiable pink feathers with black-tipped wings. These remarkable birds rarely breed in South Africa. Their more popular breeding grounds include Sua Pan in Botswana and Etoscha Pan in Namibia and they have an average lifespan of 60 years. Locals are protective of these special guests and understand how fortunate it is to have these remarkable birds visit and are extremely excited about the recent roosting and hatching of chicks. They are comfortable with their new environment, a testament to the conservation efforts of the Bitou Wetlands and surrounding birding areas. “The lockdown has given these birds peace for roosting, little to no disturbance and overall an encouraging habitat.” “While there is a decline in potential water waste due to the closure of tourism businesses during the lockdown, there seems to be an undisturbed formation of planktons, algae and other micro-formations which provides food for flamingos and other wetland birds,” says Patty Butterworth, Plett Tourism media spokesperson.

Photo: Flamingo - Photo Credit: Pastor Johan Coetzee

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