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Dear Readers and Moon Luvers, Do you hear that? It’s The Moon Zine in your ears! This issue is special because we have an audio component in addition to the usual print/digital issue. We’ve got songs, sounds, and stories from artists and musicians across the country and right down the street. Stick it in your boombox or check it out online at However you prefer to crank yr jams, make sure to walk around and play it for strangers and friends! Wait, this thing looks different! Recently, we have been printing our zines at South City Art Supply. We are using this new layout in order to conserve paper. Before, we were limited to one-sided printing which is one reason why we started collaging each individual zine. But we still like collaging and we think it is an important part of The Moon Zine, so one spread in every zine will still be collaged. For future themes, submission deadlines, and anything else, be sure to check in with us online. (See last page.) Like our previous issues, the numbered pages are original submitted content. Other pages are altered by The Moon Zine team with the help of friends and are unique to each edition of the issue. Thank you for taking a chance and picking up our zine. Hold on to it, or pass it on to the most harmonious zinester you know, as The Moon Zine is one of a kind.

Thank you and good night!, The Moon

meet the staff: first concert

Julie Davis - Relient K (3 times) Josh Saboorizadeh - B-52’s on the arch riverfront Allison Sissom - Fastball, Sugar Ray, Goo Goo Dolls. Triple Threat! Wes Harbison - Aaron Carter, A*Teens, Leslie Carter 7/5/01 Kansas City, KS @ Memorial Hall Lauren Kellett - Britney Spears–Dream Within a Dream Tour staff picks: dream supergroup

Julie - Allison Crutchfield, Nicki Minaj, Robert Smith, and Mama Cass Josh - Beth Orton, Natalie Merchant, and Valerie June Allison - Angel Olsen, Alex Cameron, Rodrigo Amarante, Mac Demarco Wes - Thao Nguyen, Reggie Watts, Mulatu Astatke playing vibes, backed by LCD Soundsystem, and Otis Redding comes out for a couple of songs in the encore Lauren - Nicki Minaj, Stevie Nicks, Grimes

Sold Out by Bob Boston ***********


Stage Fight #1 by Bob Boston ***********



by Julie Davis ***********

codex by Anna C. Wermuth ****************



On Listening and Time by: A.D. Owens

You walk into a museum, concrete and glass walls, a receptionist welcomes you on the right, a swelling hum of voices permeates. Around the corner are 40 black speakers, arranged at chest height, grouped in fives. Each speaker contains a voice, each voice contributing to a choir. Walking into the circle is like stepping into a pool. Outside the dull waves knocked on your sternum eliciting a slight secular interest, but inside — inside you are breathing under water. The shape of the music morphs and wraps around as you step through the space. At the center your eyes close as each voice melds into the many only to break apart as the voice of a child soprano taps at your right shoulder followed by a quick punch from a tenor. You focus and unfocus your hearing, picking out individual songs and weaving them into the whole. Eyes open, hearing follows sight, and voices grow and recede with each glance at a new speaker. Your fallible senses build an

unstable world with each missed song floating over, under, and past you. Taking a step forward you begin a clockwise circumnavigation. Inside your left ear quilted men vie for your attention, begging you to stop and listen. 40 voices make their case, crashing and calling, rising and falling to your steps. The piece ends in a long held gasp for breath. You are at a bar, wooden rails and glass pints, large windows open onto dark, deserted, downtown streets. The final act is organizing gadgets on a small table perched on a small stage. You’ve been going to

these weekday shows for the past year and describe them to others as “avant-garde.” The label tells them nothing, but you like it because it feels exclusive and implies hard listening with atypical rewards. The artist takes his seat and begins to fiddle with boxes, you see lights on pads blink at his touch, red and green dots flicker and throw themselves onto knobs. You become lost in an ambient dream barely conscious of what is being done to you. Time continues but these tones, these simple, transparent tones lift you out and hold you suspended without language. This elasticity in time is why you come here. There is a pleasure to be found in redefining your relationship to such a fundamental element of reality. When the music ends it’s like childhood, your perception of its distance and length seems expansive and brief.



by Julie Davis ***********

by Jacque Davis ************


ICE by A.D. Owens ************




Bears on the Mesas by Allison Sissom ***************************


by Julie Davis ***********


by Julie Davis ***********


THE VOICE by Rune Bakka Bjerga

In the dark, when you're emptied you're so far down that you think you'll never be able to get out of this bed where you've exorcised all your zest for life and where the fog has settled like a suffocating blanket covering all your future optimism Then, think of the voice listen to the voice the alluring and the sweet the hurt and the dark sound the ineffable special the undecipherable own which sounds in the voice which sounds in the voice of Paola Turci in "Attraversami il cuore" which sounds in the voice of Kate Bush in "Wuthering heights" which sounds in the voice of Antony & the Johnsons in "Her eyes are underneath the ground" which sounds in the voice of Nick Cave in "Push the sky away"


And when you lie there in bed staring at the endless rows of bookshelves and when the words that are written no longer helps and when the book covers on display no longer speaks to you and when you become silent and lose faith in that you'll ever be able to get back up Then, come one evening (to the poetry reading) and just listen to the voice that sounds for you which flows into the darkness towards you possibly talking to you It is not certain that it which is something for me is something for you but listen to that voice that might fill you up with anything you need


Wigpaw by A.D. Owens ************


Alberto Patino by A.D. Owens ************

by Julie Davis ***********


Soundtracks By David Bitterbaum

When I was in Junior-High during the early 2000’s, I had the idea to try to always be listening to music/make a soundtrack to my life. I would burn CDs with some awesome tracks and that way everything was more like a movie. True, it was like a boring indie movie about me taking jaunts around the cul-de-sac or sitting and reading comics, but a movie nonetheless! I had my big portable CD player that barely fit in my pockets and which would skip if I walked at all faster than a lazy stroll, and I was ready. That first day I started this experiment I was able to wear the headphones into school but before the end of first period was instructed to put, “That Walkman thingy,” in my locker until the end of the day because if I was listening to music, “I wasn’t paying attention.” I explained that I kept the volume low enough to hear—and that I could even hear people muttering how stupid I looked (yeah, I heard you, Chad), but it was a no-go. I decided I would just try to listen to music more on weekends or when working at the com-


puter as this new thing where you buy (or steal) music online was just beginning to take-off. You kids today (God I sound old) are just spoiled. With your Pandora, Spotify, etc. helping you find music and put it on your phone with a few taps on the screen. I had to risk computer viruses, patiently wait for dial-up download speeds, and burn CDs at a computer that sounded louder than an air siren to get my jams. Nowadays you just say what kind of genre you’re in the mood for and get countless suggestions, or if you know exactly what you want it’s easy to find many an artist’s works on the web for free/a dollar/those stupid premium subscriptions that stop the horrifically annoying Spotify ads. I still listen to music a great deal, it just is a lot easier now. Lord knows if I want to make a soundtrack for my life it’s a ton less work, but I still have that CD player tucked away in a drawer, should the urge strike to play one of my old mixes.

CALENDAR fun thing another fun thing oh here’s one more



by Julie ******************

Davis *************




submitted anonymously *****************


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The Moon Zine #22 - Music (June 2017)  

We made a music issue! We love music! Print your own here: Listen to the audio portion of the issue here: https://the...

The Moon Zine #22 - Music (June 2017)  

We made a music issue! We love music! Print your own here: Listen to the audio portion of the issue here: https://the...