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Dear Readers and Moon Luvers, Wake up! It’s the Moon Zine! Or sleep in a lil bit. We don’t mind. Here’s a new issue for your bedside table. For future themes, submission deadlines, and anything else, be sure to check in with us online. (See last page.) Like our previous issues, the numbered pages are original submitted content. Other pages are altered by yours truly and unique to each edition of the issue. Thank you for taking a chance and picking up our zine. Hold on to it or pass it on to the sleepiest zinester you know, as The Moon Zine is one of a kind.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight, The Moon

meet the staff

Julie Davis - Been dreaming about pigs a lot. (I’m the only editor that doesn’t use a flat sheet and I’m shocked.) Lauren Kellett - I use a flat sheet. Wes Harbison - Started drinking a tea called “lights out.” Allison Sissom - Finely tuned circadian clock. I don’t even need an alarm, but I set three.

staff picks: childhood sheet print

Julie - First: Barney, Later: Pocahontas Lauren - Rugrats Wes - Primary color puzzle pieces Allison - Little Mermaid

Night Light by Bob Boston ************ Laburnum by Crowbirdart ************




Insomnia by Mart M ****************

Peetsj by Midnight Dreamer ****************


Hypnopompic Hallucination by Aimee Cozza ************* Bedtime by Anna Gecko ************



Sleep by Stephen M. James

We always had a crooked relationship; me and you and Sleep. I met Sleep before you did by two years I think. it’s funny because it was to the month nearly to the day before you came into this world and met Sleep for the first time yourself. Me and Sleep would greet each other joyously whenever we saw each other; when we happened to cross paths on the bus on a train in the park. But then you came along and Sleep drifted towards you albeit flittering fluttering faltering as Sleep often does. You rarely saw Sleep without me by your side. When I was there I’d find myself looking down at you, awake as you grappled with Sleep or writhed in Sleep’s embrace and when we were apart we’d both find ourselves reaching out and calling for each other although we were both really just calling out for Sleep.



The Moon Zine presents:


Last night I dreamt I was at a __________________________ event

in _________________. location

I was so __________________ emotion

with all the _________________ _________________ that adjective

I ____________________. past tense verb

plural noun

You won’t believe who was

there! It was __________________! They had _________ celebrity name


________________. The two of us went to _______________ plural noun


to _____________. Everyone was cheering for us! They verb

shouted _______________________! When I woke up, I felt intterjection x3

_____________. adjective.




Dreaming ******************

by Storm Colloms *********************





The Beard That Disappeared by Wes Harbison *************



SleepWalking by Kodi Kat *******************



Tinnitus ***************

by Yvan Subbotin *********************


Sleep Talks by Julie Davis The following are late night transcriptions of sleep talks I’ve had with my husband. These events occurred sometime in late 2013/early 2014 C.E. The device used to record and store these conversations was a Samsung Evergreen SGH-A667 which even in 2013 was outdated. Shorthand was used by me, the transcriber, because it was in the middle of the friggin night. The transcriptions were recovered on 4/9/2018. All parties involved have given their consent to the publishing of these transcriptions. Henceforth, I will be referred to as “Me” and my husband will be referred to as “Brad.” --------------------------------------Brad: U dont want any of those things. Me: What things? Brad: Bird innards Me: Bird innards? Brad: And scrambled eggs Me: What else? Brad: That’s it. --------------------------------------Me: Do u no ur asleep? Brad: They shouldn’t know. Me: Who? Brad: People Me: Who? Brad: Enemies Me: Do they know? Brad: No Sleepy Researcher by Helena Smolka **************


CALENDAR fun thing another fun thing oh here’s one more


Hello again Print-Your-Own-Zine folks! We haven't written one of these in while! The message is pretty much the same, though: we want to thank you for spending some time with The Moon Zine. Know that we are happy you dropped by. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, let us know at themoonzine@ gmail.com. For some instructions (should you need them), see the document in Google Drive where you found this PDF! ď ™, The Moon Zine Crew

The Moon Zine is a free compilation zine started in 2015 and made in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Issues are published in digital, print-your-own, and limited physical editions. We try our best to be eco-friendly, but dang it’s hard sometimes.

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Credits & Notes

Thank yous

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Odilon Redon. 1898. Sleep

[Lithograph]. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

https://www.metmuseum.org/art/ collection/search/369623

and/or helped us collage The Moon Zine, and those who

have downloaded & printed their own copies, making The Moon Zine's world bigger and better

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They rock, and rock, and rock to sleep.”

- The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton


Profile for The Moon Zine

The Moon Zine #33 - Sleep (June 2018)  

Print your own here: https://goo.gl/jXflxZ.

The Moon Zine #33 - Sleep (June 2018)  

Print your own here: https://goo.gl/jXflxZ.