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Summer 2012

POA Uniform Resale Goes Global e POA’s uniform resale held last spring was a successful event on two distinct levels. Over the course of several days, purchases of gently used school uniforms brought in $6400 for the POA and items not sold were donated to an orphanage in migori, Kenya and an orphanage in Haiti. Over the past two years the Academy has donated through the Kenya relief organization hundreds of uniforms, as well as soccer equipment, to an orphanage in migori, Kenya. e organization collects items for orphans and hospital patients as well as many other programs that were established to improve the quality of life in this African community. is year, clothing was also collected for a Haitian orphanage to help children affected by the devastating earthquake of January 2010. enough uniforms were collected to provide each child two whole outfits. Serving others has always been an instrumental part of e montgomery Academy. With events like Community Day and other programs designed to give back set in place by HeArT and the Interpersonal relations class, these acts of contributing is just another way to cultivate students into ethical leaders inside the classroom and beyond.

Hope you and your family are having a great summer! We look forward to seeing you back at the Academy in August. Please watch your mailboxes for important Back to School information coming this week.

2012 Middle and Upper School Awards and Recognition Awards in English Marjorie J. Dubina Award ClAyTOn CrenSHAW

Awards in History Upper School Award ClAyTOn CrenSHAW

Middle School Award mAry elmOre DemOTT

Middle School Award Henry HAmleTT

Awards in Mathematics Clinton Wade Segrest Award erIn KATz

Awards in Art Upper School Award GIBBS lee

Middle School Award GrACIe TrulOve

Middle School Award HAley Terry

Awards in Technology/Computer Upper School Award BO STArKe

Awards in Dramatics Upper School Award HAnnAH TrACHy

Middle School Award elSA leOnArD

Middle School Award GrACIe TrulOve

Awards in Science Upper School Award erIn KATz

Awards in Forensics Upper School Award mArSHAll lee

Middle School Award WIllIAm mOOre

Middle School Award DArry elIzABeTH FreemAn

Awards in Latin Upper School Award HAyDen WAlCOTT

Awards in Music Upper School Award SAm WAlKer

Middle School Award GrACIe TrulOve

Middle School Award JAy BACK Awards in Physical Education Upper School Award JOHn THOmAS mOnrOe

Awards in French Upper School Award rOSAlInD O’COnnOr Middle School Award KrISTA GrAnT Awards in Spanish Upper School Award BO STArKe Middle School Award JACK BArGAnIer

Male and Female Athlete of the Year JOSH THOmAS lAyne DOCTSOn nInI rABSATT SmITH Junior Class Awards Yale Book Award WOn JOnG JIn Emory Book Award COrrIe TAnKerSley Sewanee Award for Excellence KrISIe STAKely Faculty Awards for Character ese students have demonstrated outstanding personal character, exemplary behavior, and a sincere regard for the rights of others. Fifth Grade SArAH KenneDy SmITH lee SAHlIe Sixth Grade mAylOn DAvIS PArKer nOrrIS Seventh Grade emmA FrAnKlIn JOSHuA KIm Eighth Grade HAley Terry rAHAT ISlAm

Middle School Awards KrISTA GrAnT JuD BlOunT

Ninth Grade CHrISTIne HOnG WIllIAm yOrK

Joseph David Mooty Award for Sportsmanship in Athletics mIAH BrOOKS

Tenth Grade rACHel WArWICK JOHn AHn

Eleventh Grade DrAKe mCGOWIn Henry TOOHey Twelfth Grade mIAH BrOOKS FITz HuDSOn Blondheim and Dyess Pursuit Awards ese awards recognize the concept of “Pursuit” found in our school motto, “e Pursuit of excellence.” e award honors the students who always challenge themselves to pursue excellence in all of their endeavors at the Academy. ese students may not always achieve “excellence” all of the time, but the “pursuit” is always present. Furthermore, these students have demonstrated a consistent drive for improvement throughout the school year. e Diane Blondheim Pursuit Awards Given in honor of Diane Blondheim’s tenure at the Academy and her role in shaping the middle School program in the 5th and 6th grades when she oversaw those grade levels and when she served as the director of the entire middle School. 5th grade: TArA KATz 6th grade: KATHerIne WAlCOTT e Kenneth Dyess Pursuit Awards Given in honor of Kenneth Dyess’s tenure at the Academy and recognize his role in shaping the 7th and 8th grades when he served as middle School Director. 7th grade: lInDSey FerrArO 8th grade: OlIvIA TreHern e McLemore Award for Excellence in Teaching Given in honor of mr. Price C. mclemore, a founding member of the Academy, presented annually to an outstanding teacher. is teacher is elected by his or her peers and the recipient is a representative of the Academy’s ideal of pursuing excellence in teaching. is teacher instills in his or her students not only knowledge, but also a love of learning, exemplifying the best in the profession.

mArIe WIllIAmS THIrD GrADe Headmaster’s Award for e Pursuit of Excellence Awarded annually by the Headmaster to members of the graduating class whose integrity, attitude, and commitment – regardless of achievement – seem to represent best the Academy's original and enduring value: the pursuit of excellence. In short, the award is intended to honor not just the destination, but the quality of the journey. AmAnDA THOmPSOn WylIe HAyeS e Betty Trawick McCutchin Award Given by the Class of 2006, many of whose members flourished within the lower School environment that was the product of Betty mcCutchin’s vision. mrs. mcCutchin, Director of the Academy’s lower School from 1979 until her retirement in 2000, believed deeply in the promise of healthy, balanced, hardworking children whose development could be built upon a foundation of certain key values: perseverance, motivation, personal responsibility, and integrity. AuDrey WOIKA e Headmaster’s Cup THe ClASS OF 2012 ACCePTeD By ClASS PreSIDenT SAm WAlKer e James David Smith Award is award is given by the Class of 2002 in memory of David Smith, Class of 2001. is award commemorates David's “true to yourself ” character and is given to that senior who, through a vote of his or her peers, is felt to best exemplify the strong moral character, sense of responsibility, and standards of conduct that the Academy tries to instill in all of its students. mIAH BrOOKS

e Eugene Lee Crouch Unselfish Service Award e faculty vote on this award that recognizes a student who has given most of himself or herself to others and to the ideals of the Academy. CASSIe PrICe e Faculty Award for Excellence e Faculty Award for excellence is the highest honor given by the Academy. e faculty selects that student who is most outstanding and deserving on the basis of character, academic achievement, scholarship, dependability and loyalty. Middle School: TAImOOr ArSHAD Upper School: erIn KATz Faculty & Staff Service Recognition Five Years:

CAmIllA ArmSTrOnG leIGH BArGAnIer ellen Bell lATryCe COle mArIe HArrInGTOn STePHAnIe HIll

Ten Years:


Fifteen Years:

AnTHOny mCCAll JODI nelSOn CArOlIne SeASe DenISe TInney

Twenty Years:


Twenty-Five Years:

irty Years:

AnA BAKer SuSAn rIley


Retirement: mArGAreT GrAnT 14 years of service BrInDA GArrIGAn 11 years of service

Students Discover Philanthropy 101 rising montgomery Academy seniors learned about non-profit organizations this summer through their participation in the Philanthropy 101 class. is class, offered at the Academy since the summer of 2006, is a threeweek course comprised of students who were selected after submitting an essay conveying the reason they were interested in the course, obtaining two faculty recommendations and going through an interview process. e Philanthropy 101 class was established in memory of Jimmy Samford and is funded through the W. James (Jimmy) Samford Jr. Foundation directed by lucinda Samford Cannon, Preston Barnett and race Cannon. rising seniors who were chosen for this year’s class were: Hendrick Adams, Abby Crawford, laura Katherine Crum, morgan Heumann, lizzie Hobbs, Sarah Catherine Hook, Cameron Jones, marshall lee, Alex long, Drew Patterson, William Speaks, and Hayes vinson. rough classroom learning and hands-on experience organized by Academy faculty members mandy Poundstone, John Tracy and Denise Wentworth, Philanthropy 101 helped the participants question their ability to make a difference in their communities. During the three weeks, the students visited a variety of nonprofit agencies and foundations and heard speakers from a number of organizations including the American red Cross, First Baptist Church Community ministries, Gift of life Foundation, and Hospice of montgomery who covered topics which included the legal, financial, and day-to-day operation of a non-profit organization. In addition, students visited or did community service projects with these nonprofits: Adullum House, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Brantwood Children’s Home, Child Protect, Common Ground montgomery, Community of Hope, Family Sunshine Center/exodus Community, Father Purcell’s memorial Children’s Center, mary ellen’s Hearth at nellie Burge, medical Outreach ministries, montgomery Area Food Bank, and montgomery Area nontraditional equestrian (mAne). As a part of the curriculum, students learned how to analyze a nonprofit’s annual financial statement, learned how a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization operates, and learned how to distinguish between administrative and program costs. Josh Cirulnak of the Alabama Association of nonprofits

Laura Katherine Crum presents her gift to Judy omas, a representative from the Salvation Army to support their annual Angel Tree project.

Class of 2012 Philanthropy 101 Course with Lucinda Cannon. Back row, L to R: Lucinda Cannon, Marshall Lee, Hayes Vinson, William Speaks, Drew Patterson, Alex Long. Front row L to R: Hendrick Adams, Abby Crawford, Laura Katherine Crum, Sarah Catherine Hook, Cameron Jones, Lizzie Hobbs, Morgan Heumann

presented information on 501(c)(3) designation, evaluation of a nonprofit’s 990 reports and grant writing. Students also researched not-for profits using and For the second year, Brad Armagost of the young Bankers leadership Initiative presented a session on financial literacy. While the students earned no school credit for completing the course, they were given a stipend which they are required to donate a percentage to a non-profit organization that they have chosen. each student invited a representative from their chosen organization to a luncheon the last week of the course. During the luncheon, each student gave presentations on their chosen non-profits and presented checks to the representatives in attendance. is year’s recipients of the students’ stipends were: e Autism Society of Alabama, Brantwood Children’s Home, Child Protect, Marshall Lee with Parke Hinman of the Cloverdale Playhouse, Common Ground montgomery, lifeline Children’s Services, mary ellen’s Hearth at nellie Burge, montgomery Area Food Montgomery Area Food Bank. Bank, Salvation Army, and erapy Dogs on Call.

French Honor Society New Members e French Honor Society inducted three new members on April 25th in a traditional initiation ceremony led by President Hannah Trachy. e French Honor Society, Société Honoraire de Français, is an honor society for secondary students of French sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. e goals of the organization are to promote the study of French, encourage high standards of scholarly achievement, and create understanding of the Francophone world. Students may be selected for membership as early as the second semester of level two, or at any time during their subsequent study of French. In order to be considered for selection, a student must demonstrate high levels of achievement in French, and meet high standards for character and academic achievement in general. is year’s new members, welcomed by the president and the current members, are elizabeth mcGowin, emily Pierce, and Justine reighard. middle School Director John mcWilliams spoke to the gathering about his personal experience of learning French and shared his travel diary from his first trip to France when he was an Academy student.

Second Semester Honor Roll Seventh Grade High Honors Amber Carter Sean Choi emily ernest Dora eskridge lindsey Ferraro emma Franklin Jenny Jeon Justin Jones Anna Kate lindsey Alice mcGowin Kate moore ellen Park Griffin Payne Annie ramsey elizabeth robertson Talya Whyte Honor Roll margaret Ann Allen Jade Brooks Ford Cleveland Kate Dockery John Forrest robert Fox Darry elizabeth Freeman Shelton James John Koo Andy lee Sellers mcConnell Ford mozingo George norrell Caroline Sellers Ann vivian Spencer maryren Stevenson Olivia White Dison Williams Eighth Grade High Honors Cari Budny Collin Darwish mary elmore Demott Krista Grant mary Braden Hendon Iris Hou Scotland Kemper Allen millsap Anna Peeples Olivia Trehern Gracie Trulove

lindsey Warwick Honor Roll Taimoor Arshad Jack Barganier Andrew Bell margaret Canary William Chandler elizabeth Crenshaw evan Foy Holland Griffin ellie Herron victoria Hughes rahat Islam rosie Jin elsa leonard Barton lester Samantha long William moore Olivia rush Pierce russell Gigi Starling Bo Torbert Bradley Turner Shelby Walcott Ninth Grade High Honors Danielle Berlin Dawson Buettner Ivey Henderson Christine Hong Cody Jones Brenna Katz miso Kim Sam laPlatney Jacqueline lee emily Pierce Will Sahlie Scott Simmons Jillian Tinglin Honor Roll Jack Anderson michael Choi Taylor Dockery mceachern Foy Frances Freeman Daniel Kang Brian lim Jimmy massey elizabeth mcGowin

John omas monroe Ted Park evan Price Patrick ackston Daniel updegraff Tenth Grade High Honors John Ahn Garrett Barnes lilla Bea Granger William Haynes Ann Hester elizabeth Kelly Gaun lee rachel lee Anne louise Pass lillian roth Hayden Walcott rachel Warwick William West Honor Roll emmie Chambers Jake Chesnutt Caroline Franklin Alan Jeon Hyunjung Kim Caroline lester Sarah Paige massey michael miaoulis Claire rickard Jeffrey Stallings Cady upchurch layne Williams Julie yoon Eleventh Grade High Honors Hendrick Adams lee ellen Bryan Abby Crawford Caroline elliott emily Hou Andrea Grey Jones mary elizabeth massey Krisie Stakely Parker Turner Honor Roll Sterling Anderson laura Katherine Crum

elizabeth Franklin emily Garcia morgan Heumann lizzie Hobbs Won Jin Paige Smith William Speaks Foy Stevenson Corrie Tankersley ryan Terry Aidan White Twelfth Grade High Honors Brittany Briddell layne Doctson nichole Green rachel Heavlin erin Katz rosalind O’Connor Anne Saunders Arthur Sellers William Sellers Hannah Tracy Audrey Woika ryan zienert Honor Roll Catherine Adams mary Ashley Allen miah Brooks John Alex Fowler Dawson Haynes Fitz Hudson Bentley Hudson laronica Kelly Sawyer Knowles Gibbs lee Kristoffer monsen Jonathan moore rachel O’meara Sophie Odom Ann Kathryn Parrish zach Pippin nini rabsatt-Smith Justine reighard Stephen Scott Bo Starke Amanda ompson Sam Walker Sara Walker

State Recognition for Duke TIP is year, seven seventh grade students at e montgomery Academy qualified to receive state recognition at the 32nd annual Duke university Talent Identification Program (TIP). e seventh grade students who qualified for state recognition were Sean Choi, Kate Dockery, Dora eskridge, Anna Kate lindsey, Kate moore, Griffin Payne and Talya White. ese students were invited to attend the State recognition Ceremony at the university of Alabama in June. e Duke university Talent Identification Program serves 16 states of the Southeast and is committed to identifying and serving academically talented young people, providing students with information about their abilities, academic options and resources, as well as sponsoring challenging educational programs. Seventh graders are invited to participate in the SAT or ACT if they score at the 95th percentile or above in one of the following areas on the erB: verbal ability, reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning, mathematics, writing mechanics or writing concepts and skills. Students took either the SAT or the ACT during December 2011, January or February 2012. Of the students who received state honors, two students qualified with the ACT and five qualified with the SAT. Forty-six Academy seventh graders qualified to participate in the Duke TIP program this year. Congratulations and job well done to all participants and especially our seven students who received state recognition.

Congratulations to the 2012-13 Academy Ambassadors Andrew Bell Danielle Berlin emmie Chambers Jake Chesnutt Barton Crum laura Katherine Crum emily Garcia lilla Bea Granger Abigail Hagood Brock Hendon mary Braden Hendon

Ann Hester George Hook Sarah Catherine Hook liza Hunter Sallie Johnson Andrea Grey Jones Jacqueline lee elsa leonard mary elizabeth massey neill mcCorvey William moore

William newman Drew Patterson Annabel roth Olivia rush Will Sahlie Krisie Stakely Corrie Tankersley Josh omas layne Williams

Jimmy Hitchcock Award Nominees e Jimmy Hitchcock memorial award given by the montgomery ymCA recognizes Christian leadership in athletics and encourages and inspires others to emulate the man whose memory is perpetuated by this award. each year the respective coaches of each senior high school athletic team in montgomery County nominate an athlete who has displayed outstanding qualities of Christian leadership. ese qualities are: 1. Strong Personal Character 2. Dependability 3. 100% effort 4. Team leadership 5. Church leadership 6. School Activities leadership 7. Scholastic leadership

from left to right: Miah Brooks, Clayton Crenshaw, Audrey Woika, and Amanda ompson

Congratulations to the Academy nominees of the 2012 Jimmy Hitchcock memorial Award: miah Brooks, Clayton Crenshaw, Audrey Woika, and Amanda ompson.

Sixth Graders Create Digital Books of eir School Year For the fifth consecutive year, each sixth grade student at e montgomery Academy was involved in building a one-of-a-kind digital book of their school year. In order to accomplish this project, students and teachers took pictures throughout the year of events such as field trips, class parties, project presentations, and daily activities. eir pictures were downloaded on school computers and each student put their book together as the year progressed. In April, the books were ordered, and everyone anxiously awaited their arrival at school. each student received a history grade (history of the sixth grade) on their book based on several categories including proper

grammar, well-formed sentences, spelling, and following instructions. Carole Quallio, sixth grade social studies teacher, said "I am excited about this project and think that both the building of the books and the books themselves have been a fun adventure for us all!"

WordMasters Earn National Recognition

Mu Alpha eta New Members

Two teams of students representing e montgomery Academy recently won highest honors in the Wordmasters Challenge–a national language arts competition entered by over ird graders Leighton Robertson and 220,000 students Jack Clearly placed among the 19 highest- annually, which scoring third graders in the country. consists of three separate meets held at intervals during the school year.

Twenty-two students were invited by e montgomery Academy mathematics department to join mu Alpha eta, a mathematics honorary society for students in grades 10-12. Presently, e montgomery Academy has 40 members each who must have earned an eighty-five or higher average in each of his or her mathematics courses for the previous two years. To remain a member of this society, the student must maintain at least an eightyfive average in their current math class. e 2011-2012 mu Alpha eta officers were: President: erin Katz; vice-President: Julian Freeman; Secretary: Anne Saunders; Treasurer: Audrey Woika

Academy third graders, coached by marie Williams, placed second in the nation in the year-end cumulative standings among 520 school teams participating at this grade level and in this division. At the same time, the school’s fourth graders, coached by Bobbie Woodard, tied for ninth place in the nation among 698 competing teams. ree of the students won highest honors for year-long individual achievement as well: third graders Jack Cleary and leighton robertson both placed among the 19 highest-scoring third graders in the entire country in the year-end cumulative standings, while fifth grader elizabeth Waldo was one of the highest-ranking students nationally at this grade level. e Wordmasters Challenge is an exercise in critical thinking that first encourages students to become familiar with a set of interesting new words that are considerably harder than grade level and then challenges them to use those words to complete analogies expressing various kinds of relationships. Working to solve the Challenge analogies helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically. Wordmasters materials have been specifically designed for younger students, in grades three through eight.

new members for 2011-12 were: Brittany marie Briddell, Katherine elizabeth Broadfoot, lee ellen Bryan, Abi lorraine Capouya, Caroline elliott, emily Katherine Garcia, Benjamin Carter Goodwyn, morgan Beth Heumann, emily yi-Fei Hou, Won Jin, Andrea Grey Jones, mary elizabeth massey, John neill mcCorvey, Sophie Ann Odom, margaret Cashion Price, lillian rebecca roth, Krisie Carolyn Stakely, Corrie Hill Tankersley, Henry Farrell Toohey, Joseph Parker Turner, Sara elizabeth Walker, and Aidan Patrick White.

National Math Exam e montgomery Academy upper School math Department recently had students participate in the national math exam, e American mathematics Competition. Two student winners and four students qualified as team members. emily Hou ranked winner in the AmC 12 and rachel Warwick ranked winner in the AmC 10, both receiving a medal. Team members included Audrey Woika, Stephen Scott, michael Choi, and yeawon yoon.

Around the Academy Summer 2012  

Around the Academy Summer 2012

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