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ISSUE 2 – FEBRUARY 25, 2014 ISSUE II – February 24, 2014



Hello. I am The Monocle. ! ! !

If I am not mistaken, I believe we have a mutual friend – The Morningside Muckraker. (Small world, isn’t it?)


Well this is


‘Cause here’s some

stuff that will really tickle your fancy. (formally called the “Table of Contents”) Illustrated: Brent Michael -------------------------Brent Michael ---------------- 4 Cartoon: Firm Culture ------------- Anthony Lauriello & Elena Lacey ------- 5 Summer Nostalgia ---------------------------------- Innominate ---------------------- 6 Poems by Jerome Ellis --------------------------- Jerome Ellis -------------------- 7-8 Adventures of Captain Damos ----------------Levon Golendukhin---------------9-10 Musings in Paint ------------------------------------ Innominate---------------------- 11 For the Birds ---------------------------------------- Minji Reem ---------------------- 12 !





Illustrated: Brent Michael




Cartoon: Firm Culture BY: Anthony Lauriello & Elena

“We really take pride in our firm’s unique culture”


! !


Summer Nostalgia BY: Innominate

Split watermelon Delirious treat tremors Summer sun shower. !


On Corot’s Curious Little Girl BY: Jerome Ellis ! !

! Primary, a dampness, a border A trail, the same shoes, tomorrow Morning it will already be uncovered And I, beyond, will hear only the hush Of my skirts In the bath this morning, The door locked and the key on the floor, I stared at my skin. I want to carry The wall with me, as light as the water that ran Down to the new hairs of my sex But the wall is strong It listens to my hands And when a shadow passes above, prostrate I think to measure it I hope to one day forget where this wall is And lose this old necklace that rests on my chest !

Illustrated by: Rosie Wang




Illustrated by: Rosie Wang A rainbow crackles and laughs A cold coin picked up and stuck In my pocket to warm up, stricken-The words of a hollow Sunday The stalled hours and the bright sun My baby brother and I step onto our private Continent, the words of a private Sunday A voice and then a voice. Pleasure in not seeing. All the chairs in the house are gone And at night we turn toward the walls Away from the mute TV Away from the patch of lawn where I stepped Tomorrow we start our philosophy !


Adventures of Captain Damos BY: Levon Golendukhin !


Part I: Introduction Afloat upon the autumn breeze, A piece of parchment charred with age, It rides the wind with greatest ease, And carries inking on the page. Engraved upon the paper old, A warrant for a bandit’s head, A thousand pounds of finest gold, For Captain Damos, live or dead.



Part II: The Captain

! He sports a smirk, our captain feared, As he lets drop the paper old, And stroking with his hand his beard, ! He chuckles at his worth in gold. ! ! “These foolish men,” I hear him say, ! “O, how they fear a man like me! ! So great a fortune they would pay, ! To end my presence on the sea. ! ! “But don’t these greedy merchants know, ! That killing me will give them naught, ! For pirates come and pirates go, ! ! Another will assume my spot.” ! And with that ever-glowing pride, ! Young Damos signals us, his crew, ! To gather closely round his side, ! As he devises what to do. ! ! “Dear gentlemen, and lady, too, ! ! These merchants prize us far too much, So I propose we sail anew, And take more coffers from the Dutch. For only then can we be worth, The price that they have set on me!” Then with those words he parts with earth, And steps into the boat to sea... Aboard the Phoebe, Damos stands, He’s eyeing the horizon great; The teakwood helm glides through his hands, And lets the winds decide his fate. “The gales blow east today, good friends,” He yells across the wooden deck, “Our journeys hereby recommence, Be ready for a daring trek.”




Musings in Paint BY: Innominate

Promiscuous proportions, silly scales and bleeding pastels drunken colours swimming across grubby paper seas, lines lounging like lotus-eaters swaying sloth-like to the breeze of the brush. The canvas speaks of bent streets and crooked faces, all met with entropic embraces it sings the world back to you slightly off-key, a little worse for wear, with beautiful wrinkles no-one else can see. !


For the Birds BY: Minji Reem! ! ! ! ! ! !

I paint what I love and what I love is for the birds. !


! ! ! !



‘Twas truly a

pleasure meeting you.

I’ll see you again soon.

But in the meantime,

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The Monocle - Issue 2  

The literary supplement and loyal friend of The Morningside Muckraker

The Monocle - Issue 2  

The literary supplement and loyal friend of The Morningside Muckraker