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Summer 2018 | 17


There are a few cultures in the globe that share an ancient past so old, rich, influential and definitive for the world’s timeless values, as the Middle East and Greece. Both in terms of art and aesthetics, but also in science and literature, these cultures have built the basis of humanity’s progress. Today, the two cultures have the opportunity to re-explore each other through the principles of everyday life's art, which is no other than lifestyle. In the first edition of “Experience Greece” magazine, our aim is that exact feeling of exploration: A small motive and an incentive to unveil a fashion scene that heads to the future of the metropolitan woman, but also deeply rooted in the classical sense of elegance. A stroll around the sunwashed alleys of Santorini, a taste of dolce far niente in the cosmopolitan beaches of Mykonos and Rhodes and a tastefully selected guide of Athens, as well as the best of Crete and Halkidiki are advocating the joy of traveling – a unique kind of joy, that cannot be compared or compensated with anything else. In just one sentence, “Experience Greece” aims to travel you in a place where everything is new, fresh and abundant. The publisher Konstantinos Deriziotis

Faces of Lifestyle

Themis Zouganeli

Th emis Zo u gan el i

Designer Themis Zouganeli has live d an eclec tic life . Her bran d, Themis Z, reflec ts her aes thetics , infl uence d by her upbringing in Athens an d her beautiful free dom summers in Myk onos , but mos t of all by her f a mil y stor y. Elegance and simplicity. What Themis Z is really about? Themis Z is a brand based on creating home and fashion accessories that are easy to use and wear, while adding glamour and style. Inspired by my www . Greek heritage, the uniqueness of the brand lies in the use of clean the mis z.c o m lines and beautiful unique patterns. Geometrical and repetitive designs revisited in a sophisticated and timeless way with a touch of fresh luxury. What is so exciting in being a designer? My inspiration can occur from a walk in Athens, taking in the beautiful architecture, to my travels abroad. Inspiration can come at any time when creating new concepts. How do you mix and match fashion and home accessories in your collections? The home accessories collection is designed to add warmth and understated elegance to everyday life, as well as entertainment at home. The objects range from beautiful crockery uniquely handcrafted with my designs, to marble lamps, pottery vases, candles and handmade cushions, all handcrafted in Greece. Made with the finest fabrics, the fashion accessories collection is designed to bring relaxed elegance

20 | Experience Greece

and style to everyday life. Meaningful patterns are uniquely placed on designs of handbags and capes, giving them a look uniquely true to the brand. What about your origins as a source of inspiration? My Greek father owned one of the most successful private clubs and nightclubs in Athens and Mykonos, since the 1960’s. H e was considered a pioneer in adding glamour to the Greek nightlife, instilling in me my love for entertainment and creating beautiful environments. My Polish mother, brought up in N ew York, worked as a fashion stylist and a writer for “H arpers Bazaar” and was voted one of the best dressed women of N ew York in the early 70’s. H aving also designed the interiors of my father’s clubs she infused me with love for beautiful designs, art, fashion and interiors. Your S/S Collection is special. It includes beautiful handmade caftans, wearable in the evening as well as during the day, beautiful long skirts with uniquely handwoven designs, as well as a range of silk scarves of the highest quality in beautiful colors of blue, pastels and greens. A project you are very proud of? Designing for Dior Maison. “Skorpios” collection –

including a range of crockery – was released last summer and is a huge success in the Dior Maison stores all around the world. Where can we find your collections? O ur first flagship store has opened in December in Gstaad, where you can find our entire product range, as well as in selected stores in L ondon, N ew York, Madrid, Athens, Belgium and Mykonos. Also we ship worldwide via our online store.

Summer 2018 | 21

High Fashion

Greece is the Muse Fr om the ancient ru ffles , cr o wns and sand als t o c ontemporar y high fashion , Greece is an unquestionable sour ce o f inspira tion – both for interna tional and l ocal designers . by Danai Fotini Makri


22 | Experience Greece

Hautes Grecians dresses the world Creativity is thriving on the field of fashion in Greece the last couple of years. A sense of freshness, chic conceptual ideas and old-timer’s references are mingling in the new Grecian scene, with designers such as Loukia, Vassilis Zoulias, Apostolos Mitropoulos, Vrettos Vrettakos and Angelos Bratis illuminating the way to the future. They all participated in a new fashion event launched for the first time in Athens last October, promising to change the way we see high fashion. Hautes Grecians, organized by the top model and nowadays entrepreneur in the field of digital publishing Jenny Balatsinou and her portal (, motivates a dialogue between the old and the new, the history and the newness, the nature and the Greek culture. The fi e renowned designers ▜

Summer 2018 | 23



ATELIER LOUKIA ALLURE SOPHISTIQUÉE “We worked this collection without betraying the fluidness of our designs and materials. This time we used fi mer textiles that allow us a more geometric approach. The dominant colors are black, grey, camel and white, infused with bright hues.” - Loukia

24 | Experience Greece

VASSILIS EMMANUELZOULIAS STUDY IN A DRESS “A dress in all its forms and shapes from hourglass to column under small jackets over cigarette pants always dramatic and substantial. The colors fade from black to white and back again, as if nothing else is required for an appearance or a grand yet understated entrance. The little black dress exists no more. In this collection everything is about the largerthan-life black dress. Style and substance reminiscent of the glory days of high glamour. A glimpse to the past right into now and the future.� - Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias.


Summer 2018 | 25

High Fashion came together for the first time under one show, to pay homage to the unique, the handmade, the exceptional, the Greek high fashion. In a night sponsored by Moët & Chandon, Wella and MAC cosmetics, among others, the pioneering concept sheltered high fashion – traditionally oriented to a small and selective audience – under one event open to a wider audience. Moreover, it took place at the new cultural landmark of Athens, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, by the starchitect Renzo Piano with a backdrop of the Athens skyline, maintaining a dialogue with antiquity, and drawing on the relationship of nature and Greek culture. ■


26 | Experience Greece




“This visionary pret-a-porter collection is inspired by the iconic buildings of the center of Athens and the city lights from morning till night. Urban chic meets details and colors from Greek traditional dresses. A retrospective to the past with the freshness of today. Bold. Edgy. Alluring.” - Evgenia Dimopoulou

APOSTOLOS MITROPOULOS “POSSESSED” “The collection is inspired by the people I meet by morning at the metro and in the streets, by night at the clubs and in my dreams. The way people dress was the primary inspiration for this collection. I would describe it as an illusion in the shape of High Fashion, which I named “Possessed” precisely because it carries all our mistakes and habits that have become obsessions and control our needs.” - Apostolos Mitropoulos EVGENIA DIMOPOULOU FOR TOI&MOI

Summer 2018 | 27

High Fashion

Jean Paul Gaultier loves Greece In April 2017, the famous fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier chose to exhibit at the Benaki Museum a high fashion creation “Paris-Athens” from his collection “Tribute to Greece” Spring-Summer 2006. With basic inspiration in the Cyclades, the collection included the well-known “Tsoliades fustanella”, as well as brocade dresses designed on the basis of the sleeves of ancient Greek deities, in earthy shades. Cropped waistcoats and harem-style pants appeared, while the pieces of the collection were named “Aphrodite”, “Sappho”, “Athena” and “Sophocles”. 11 years later, the Benaki Museum hosted his model creation, next to the authentic historic costumes that inspired him. Jean Paul Gaultier mentioned: “Greece has always been an inspiration for me. The light, the sky, the islands, the sea, the people.

28 | Experience Greece

I have a profound respect for your culture and the contribution you have made to humanity. Melina Merkouri, Irene Papas, Nana Mouskouri have – with their talent, beauty and innate style – left an indelible mark on film, theater, music and fashion. The Benaki Museum is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I am proud to be a part of this exhibition.” The end of the exhibition, last November, was shield by a fashion show, proposed by the designer, who was present in order to set the mood. In 2003, the controversial designer presented the Spring-Summer High fashion Collection, inspired by Atlantis and Greek mythology, translating them in the magic colors of the ocean combined with decorative pearls, black chiffon linen and bright red dresses inspired by Crete. In 2011, Gaultier presented yet another dress inspired by the ancient Greek tunic, which included the well-known “Draping”, a beloved stylistic choice of celebrities today.

Summer 2018 | 29

High Fashion

Now&then... Greece has a wide range of inspiring notions that will motivate not only fashion designers but also artists from different fields to create amazing works of art dedicated to Eternal Greece. Ancient Greece has always been an inspiration for some of the very famous and much praised fashion designers some millennia later. Lines, space, art, colors, fabrics are only some essences of Greece that designers have borrowed in order to compose their fascinating work. Fashion designers return today to those basic lines, but not with a


30 | Experience Greece

Chanel Resort 2018

folklorist view. Chanel transformed the Grand Palais into an ancient Greek temple for its Cruise 2018 show, making all the fashion aficionados want to steal the ancient goddess look. The clue to the setting was that halfpacked statue, a copy of Coco Chanel’s own 1st-century headless Venus, that remains in her apartment on Rue Cambon. Chanel’s press notes also flagged Mademoiselle’s contribution as costume designer to Jean Cocteau’s 1922 reimagining of the ancient Greek tragedy “Antigone”.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2014

Gucci Resort 2018

Prada Resort 2018

Summer 2018 | 31

High Fashion And what about Lagerfeld? “Reality is of no interest to me. I use what I like. My Greece is an idea”, he says about presenting an idealized vision of Greece, keeping up with the surrealistic world of Chanel. Raw fringes on skirt suits mingled with precious embroidery while columnheel gladiators reinvented the traditional Greek sandals. Accessories such as sautoirs, bracelets, golden cuffs buttons engraved with the typical symbol of wisdom, the owl and other prints such as laurel crowns and oak leaves lent a mystical appeal. But goddesses took over lots of catwalks, wearing ethereal or dynamic creations.

J. Mendel Resort 2018

Dolce & Gabbana, 2014

Karl Lagerfeld had designed the tire company Pirelli 2011 calendar called “Mythology”

Roberto Cavali Resort 2018

32 | Experience Greece

In 2006 Alexander McQueen had created his Spring Ready to Wear collection based on ancient Greek Pantheon, the phenomenal Karl Lagerfeld had designed the tire company Pirelli 2011 calendar called “Mythology” and a Cruise 2018 collection for Chanel was inspired by ancient Greece, while Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s Summer 2014 collection was an invitation to the Greek gods and goddesses to climb down mount Olympus.

Faces of Lifestyle

Mia Evgeneiadou The crea tor of Sho wr oom 10 wa s the fir st to put her tru st solel y in l ocal de signer s, dedica ting her en tire c oncep t store in G reek de sign .

www . sh owr oom10. com

What Showroom10 is about? It is the first exclusive Greek designer’s showroom ever created, 10 years ago in Athens, representing steadily both established and upcoming Greek designers in Greece and Cyprus. Our mission is to place successfully the designer’s collections in the worldwide market, putting them in front of the appropriate buyer, accelerating its revenue growth and creating brand awareness. Now and then. Milestones of your history? I entered the wholesale business 10 years ago, when I met Stelios Koudounaris, who inspired and motivated me with his work. 3 years later, I came with the idea of this unique showroom, nowadays hosting 22 designers and designer brands that carry a unique creative story and

34 | Experience Greece

strong characteristics. Showroom10 is making a real difference in the Greek market. Which brands do you represent? I cannot but start with Stelios Koudounaris – the story actually started with his brand. La Vaca Loca, Gaffer & Fluf, Liana Camba, Ergon Mykonos, Mummy’s Boyfriend,

Leather Trinkets, Royal Rag, Nommo Swimwear are just a few to mention. Does your experience as a textile engineer help you in your business? I have worked for some of the greatest companies in the Greek textile industry, I have to mention one of those, FANCO S.A. My main duty was to keep steady and above 95% “performance” – a number involving both quality and quantity, according to Nike’s standards. This task trained me during very difficult and tricky circumstances. In my business, my

background in textile engineering is useful every day, in order to explain the details to my customers but also to provide consulting services to designers. What trends do you foresee? The luxury athleisure. Comfort combined with elegance. Hot snickers in every shop window matching alternative cocktail dresses and easy to match handbags. Sweaters and leisure pants with fine fabrics are the everyday suits! In the very near future, this trend will

evolve with more advanced textures and technical fabrics, rather using technology than design in the textile fi ld. A comment about the Athenian fashion design scene? The Athenian fashion scene has grown to be very strong throughout the last decade. That’s why we decided to be the first to focus on hosting Greek designers. Showroom10 is a fresh, innovative brand with a clear DNA and our designers are some of the best.

Summer 2018 | 35

Faces of Lifestyle

IRENE ANGELOPOULOS THE WINNER OF THE BEST CATWALK AWARD 2017 ACHIEVED TO LAUNCH ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL BRANDS IN ALMOST A YEAR. Τhe concept of your brand? Capturing femininity in its most perfect version with utmost respect for women's nature leads the way for Irene Angelopoulos brand. My favorite motto is “First being a woman” and that's exactly what I want to highlight, the seductive elegance of the most beautiful creature, Women! When did you establish it and what motivated you to do so? My brand was a dream coming true just over a year ago. Ever since I can remember


myself, I was dealing with fashion and designing, and I knew that I was born for it. Your creative milestones? Ιrene Angelopoulos brand has already found its way into many showrooms both in Greece and abroad. When I began to create exclusive prêtà-porter deluxe pieces, it was the love of my audience that embraced my work and gave me the impetus within such a short period of time to develop the brand that nowadays includes a bridal, a casual, an evening and a beachwear collection. My designs have captured the showbiz audience and this publicity help the rapid expansion of my brand. With my team we have organized many fashion shows, exhibitions and styling photo-shootings all over the world. A few words about the current collection? My new collection goes under the name “Sirens” and is inspired

36 | Experience Greece


by the Greek mythology. The Sirens were female deities that seduced men, so the SS 18 collection is made of glossy fabrics, imposing kimonos and silk and airy muslin dresses. A few words about your person. In October 2017 I won the Best Catwalk Award in the fashion week of Athens for my AW 17-18 “Desert Flower� collection which was inspired by the autobiographical

book of Waris Dirie and devoted to abused women. After I completed my studies in Sociology and my Master's degree in MSc on Management of Bussiness Innovation & Technology in London, I decided to drive into the world of fashion. In my life I always set high goals that I want to overcome, I am a perfectionist and I want to evolve myself constantly.

Summer 2018 | 37

Faces of Lifestyle

ANTIGONI VINTIADI VIA A GREAT EXHIBITION BUT ALSO ONLINE, THE ORGANIZER OF ANDYDOTE FASHION FAIR INTRODUCES GREEK DESIGNERS TO THE WORLD What is Andydote Fashion Fair? Andydote Fashion Fair is a trade show that aims to become an institution for the promotion of Greek designers both in Greece and abroad. Merchants have the opportunity to meet Greek designers, all in one place, for three continuous days. In the exhibition aesthetics meet class and personality. On the last day, the exhibition is also open to the public to attend and ANTIGONI VINTIADI retail sales are carried out. When will it take place? For the first 3 days of the exhibition 08-10/06/18 International accomplishments? entrance is permitted exclusively During our three exhibitions, buyers to merchants. On the last day of the from around the globe visited us and exhibition (11/06), civilians can visit the found all the products they were looking fashion fair as well. for from our talented designers. In 2017 What led you to organize Andydote Fashion Andydote launched andydote e-showroom. We Fair? I’ve worked in fashion – wholesale and retail – for created a platform for potential buyers from all around about 5 years and I came to the conclusion that something the world, inside our main site ( Every really important was missing: A fashion tradeshow for the buyer will be able to see the look books Greek designers. Once I found the right space – Athinais and the wholesale prices and order Cultural Center – I was convinced that Andydote Team their favorite Greek designer’s WWW. would accomplice our vision. products. ANDYDOTE.EU

38 | Experience Greece


The ID of AD Communications is… We established our company in 2015, with the good omens of success through hard and focused work in the middle of a financial unstable environment. In the beginning we targeted clients from the luxury field, fulfilling high-end standards. Among the first clients who honored AD Communications were Louis Vuitton, since I was PR & Communications Manager for Greece, Cyprus and more countries for 11 years. This company will remain a family for me. Our next collaboration was Callista Crafts, followed by Ileana Makri, Nammos Village, Ralphs Dinner and Mi-Ro, building their 360 Communication Platform. A good result cannot be achieved through one off rojects. What inspired you to enter this professional field? As a child I was obsessed with reading magazines, never throwing them away and even memorizing the names of the journalists. After entering the Law School, I decided to study Marketing and Communication instead. Of course, the experience of a multinational company has a different story to tell than the academic studies. As I say to my interns, "Try to get the most out of an interniship”. Even

arranging RSVP on the phone has a lot to say about people and behaviors. Any creative inspirations you want to share? Louis Vuitton influences my creative course and evolution. Marc Jacobs was the first creative director I met. Then I was fortunate enough to meet and work with Nicolas Ghesquière, who took over the Creative Direction of the house. At that time, he was one of my beloved designers, since his work for Balenciaga. What was your most special moment in your career? The first International Press trip in Mykonos, organised in 2013 for Louis Vuitton, in order to celebrate the house’s leather goods boutique opening. Bringing 150 guests with high expectations in the Cycladian island and overcoming the capacity difficulties, took 7 months of planning. Its success was celebrated with one week off from the house’s president, in order to revitalize my body again. Your future plans? 2 great international events in Mykonos is my top priority. Along with my family of course. A happy woman is the one who balances her time between family, friends and work. Email:

Summer 2018 | 39

Faces of Lifestyle



How does it feel to be responsible for the awarded gallery Chora Art Home & Design? Since I was a child I considered myself lucky, because I knew what I liked to do. Îœy job determined always much of my happiness and today I feel proud to own a gallery that, from a small boutique town, manages to attracts global customers. At Chora Art Home & Design we design rare creations and we are excited to plan a decor-wise lifestyle for every home. Why in Mykonos? When I visited the island for the very first time, I dreamt of the best version of myself. Living and working on the background of the deep blue Aegean Sea, the golden beaches and the picturesque towns. So came along the decision to establish the gallery with my husband, Polykarpos Vorreas.

40 | Experience Greece

Your favorite style? My inspirations come from the infinite blue sky and the sea, as well as the amazing natural materials that can be collected from the nature. Such as? The wood, the stone and the semi-precious stones with their natural beauty are some of the basic materials that make up the pieces from my collection. I use them every time in different ways to create a new, fresh and unique collection. Ιs there one of your collections you love the most? I cannot distinguish them. They look different but are made with the same love and enthusiasm, bringing the Mykonian color in every space, transforming every house into a home.

LENA KALIDIS THE ARCHITECT AND INTERIOR DESIGNER WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH JEWELRY DESIGN REFERS TO THE EUROPEAN MODERNISM AND HER ORIENTAL HERITAGE. WWW.ETSY.COM/ SHOP/ARCHTREND What is the connection between your two professions? My main occupation as an architect and interior designer taught me that creativity can be interdisciplinary. The jewel on a cloth that embraces the woman for me is a challenge of architectural composition. As I would put in a space the finishing touches with an ingenious decoration, I design the jewel for a stylish outfit and every type of woman. Do you adopt a specific philosophy in jewelry making? My motto is “Don’t be afraid”. Dare to make your own style! Every series from my collections have their own stories. Their styles cannot be identified with one trend. I’m passionate about European modernism and my Oriental heritage, combining their different aesthetics to create a unique style. Simplicity and complexity, romance and rock, monochrome and m u l t i - c o l o r, symmetries or asymmetries, a composition of

mismatched materials, all are contradictory descriptions that coexist in my collections. Your current collection’s theme? This summer the woman will dive into a sea of natural colors, will walk casually in the narrow streets of the islands and enjoy the sunset with a good company. Jewelry made of traditional hand-painted motifs, colored beads, crystals, minerals, leather cords, molded silicone, large bracelets combine with suitably decorated hats and original bags in geometric shapes. Will you share your future vision? I’m working towards a competitive position in the global market! The innovation and originality of design and materials, the commitment to detail, the quality in construction, the business dealings and strategic communication are the values that ARCHtrend follows to support design beyond the aesthetics. To see more, like us on and follow us on

Summer 2018 | 41

Faces of Lifestyle

STATHIS SAMANTAS HE’S THE HOTTEST NAME IN SHOE DESIGN NOW. HIS DESIGNS, MUCH PRAISED BY THE GREEK STAR SYSTEM, ARE INSPIRED BY PSYCHOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTATION. STATHIS SAMANTAS From art to designing shoes… I built my brand about 5 years ago. First of all I created custommade shoes for women. During this period I had two distinctions in fashion design in Italy, in a competition that took place in Milan and at the 12th Young Artists Biennale of the Mediterranean in Naples. That helped me a lot to create my namesake collection and express myself through my creations as an artist. How do you “translate” the fetishism of shoes into style? My purpose is to explore the intimate relationship women have with their shoes examining the psychological and erotic significance of these objects. The style is experimental and the predominant characteristics are clean, austere lines and geometrical patterns which are further enhanced by intense coloring and usually WWW. combined with dual tomes or trichromes. STATHIS A few words about the current SAMANTAS. collection? My current collection is based COM on new hi-tech materials combined with natural fabrics – such as cotton and linen – and the styles of the shoes vary from classic pointed stiletto pumps to flat pointed mules and sandals with block-heels which give an up-to-date look. Your future plans? Building my brand abroad and the creation of my new store in Athens. Where can our readers find your shoes?Αt my store, in 22 Anagnostopoulou str., Kolonaki area in Athens and online at

42 | Experience Greece

LILA KARAGIANNI THE ART DIRECTOR OF THE INNOVATIVE BRAND KOORELOO CONFESSES HOW CREATIVITY BRINGS SUCCESS. WWW. KOORELOO.COM How was your brand born? Out of my realization, as an artist, that the European chic style and the Mediterranean culture invited for an unforced, if not natural, fusion. Each creation blends together modern elements with local materials, traditional weave and luxurious, one-of-a-kind fabrics. Which is the role of art in the creative process? Our philosophy has been built upon the principles of art, endless creativity, old-age tradition and uniqueness. The beauty of long-standing craftsmanship is reborn with the natural materials and handmade techniques we adopt to create unique goods. Is your background related to your creations? Since my childhood I've always felt I could breathe freely only when I had vibrant colors surrounding me. After


my studies in Economics and Management, followed by a dynamic career in the financial sector, I realized that my passion for art would lead me to new paths. I’ve always been a person driven by the need to create handmade things and express my emotions and imagination through colors and paintings. One day, I wanted to create a bag that could reflect my personality. So… this is how my little journey started. The concept of the new collection? The F/W 18 collection comes under the name “Geometry Ersilia Mediterranea”. It was inspired by the alchemical symbol of earth, one of the four classical elements (earth, water, air, fire), as proposed by Empedocles in ancient Greek philosophy. It is represented by a downward-pointing triangle bisected by a horizontal line, thus forming also a trapezoid which is the shape of the bag. I also introduced one more element, water, in the form of “Ersilia Mediterranea”, a sea shell which takes its place on the bag as a trapezoid shape.

Faces of Lifestyle



HER UNIQUE BRAND IT’S ALL GREEK ON ME PRAISES THE DORIC STYLE AND STRICT GEOMETRY. Your inspirations ? We create contemporary resortwear, handbags and accessories that revive geometrical patterns and motifs of the Greek tradition. All products are made in Greece by using only Greek materials (canvas, burlap, felt, leather and silk) handled with traditional care techniques. Thus we come up with unique creations that are inherited from the Greek grandmothers dowry of needlework and embroidery. We aim to give a whole new life cycle to elements of the precious Greek folklore heritage that would otherwise remain hidden in drawers and maybe eventually disappear someday.

Saving this precious heritage was the motive? The label started the spring of 2014 after a small talk about... trunks and “dowries” of our mothers and grandmothers filled with embroidery, dresses, white linen. After thinking that this Greek traditional “trousseau” may

44 | Experience Greece


disappear – since it cannot keep up pace with modern life – I faced the challenge to create something that connects the Greek tradition with modern everyday life. The concept of your current collection? We transform favorite motifs into minimal signature prints. Unlike the folklore resortwear trends, we insist on the Doric and unbroken Grecian style, the airy element and the unpretentious look that suits in the Mediterranean summer. We love the colors of nature, in linen, cotton and viscose. We play with prints and embroidered details, we dare combinations such as gold and silver – in embroidery. And we bring a new proposition to beach wear, “Sellana beach dress”, that comes to replace the usual cover-up (pareo).




What's your concept? Lookseri's concept focuses on a radiant woman who walks confidently into the beach scenery. A charismatic person, who lives in harmony with herself. What inspired you to start designing swimwear? I've always had a good connection with the sea and a crush with bikinis, but it was when Ι started surfing that my passion reached a whole new level. I made a few trips abroad to discover new scenes and cultures, leading my steps to the Caribbean in 2011, where I stayed for 4 years. This place and its people motivated me to start designing my own swimwear pieces. Coming back in Greece, I started my research. My first attempt to introduce its results to the public was me wearing my own designs. The general approval gave me a boost to actually turn this into my main job. My Greek roots combined with multicultural stimuli, nature and people I've met so far from all over the world got me into this amazing world.

Your latest collection's themes? One of my latest collection's themes is “Wild”, a re-edit of the former “Savannah” collection, inspired by Africa and consisted by ethnic patterns and animal prints. “Lorelai” theme has an ethnic touch as well, celebrating my favorite colors for the upcoming summer '18. “Capri” series pays honor to the cosmopolitan island and its solid colors. Last but not least, the “Basic” series consist of a luxe rib fabric. Your favorite global trends? Are you inspired by international designers? I'm mainly inspired by international designers that are more into minimal and classic lines. The sustainability is added to our vision and I'm really proud for this. Hopefully, we will be able to become an inspiration for others too. Your future plans? My vision for Lookseri is to become a well known worldwide swimwear brand that inspires and surprises people globally.

Summer 2018 | 45

Faces of Lifestyle

ELENA STAMATIOU ΝΕΜESIS SANDALS BY ELENA STAMATIOU ARE MEANT FOR POWERFUL WOMEN What is your brand's concept? Nemesis Sandals is a fresh brand addressed to all women who want to look elegant and stylish, yet feeling comfortable in their everyday lives. Clean lines and earthy colors are beautifully combined with a fresh luxury touch. I wanted to prove that women can look fabulous wearing flats!

46 | Experience Greece


Elena Stamatiou

You moved from business banking to design? Having worked for many years as an executive in business banking, I realized that my heart was telling me to unroll my creativity to a totally different field. My respect for my country's ancient history and my love for fashion have given me the inspiration to create my sandal collection. Your design values? We pay attention to the selection of materials and we give emphasis to the details such as our specially designed buckle and our stamp under the sole. All these along with the fact that our sandals are handmade make each pair unique. Will you introduce to us your current collection? I think Nemesis Sandals’ collection reflects my own aesthetic, not only in fashion, but also in the way I try to live my life. I believe that elegance, as well as happiness, lies in the simplicity. Our current collection offers more than 120 product codes of designs and colors, from easy to wear slip-ons and timeless ankle straps to gladiators boots for impressive looks! Do you have an e-shop? Our entire collection is available on our online boutique store and we ship worldwide. Your vision? My vision for Nemesis Sandals is to become a globally established brand. As customer oriented company, the happier women feel by wearing our sandals, the closer I get to my definition of success.

w w w. c a l l i s t a c r a f t s . c o m

Faces of Lifestyle LIA MANJOROU

LIA MANJOROU THE YOUNG AND PROMISING OWNER AND DESIGNER OF THE FASHION BRAND ĀMES INTRODUCES A HANDBAG COLLECTION OF INNOVATIVE MATERIALS. Τhe inspiration of your current collection? Being inspired by the ancient Greece, āmes – which means labyrinth in Minoan ancient dialect – is the pattern that characterizes my a m bags. My bags are designed in such way so they will be easy to wear and combine, for a modern woman who seeks to be looking smart and stylish at all times. What is your background and how did you decide to get involved with the world of fashion? After studying Fashion Design and working many years in the fashion industry, I had the opportunity to keep improving myself as a professional designer. Apparently, two years ago I made the decision to create an exclusive Greek themed pattern that would be able to represent my taste and be perfectly matched with my work. Therefore, I came up with the idea of creating a Greek patterned jacquard fabric in order to be used as a raw material to a handbag collection. I was highly motivated and had the ambition that this philosophy – behind the pattern – would lead up to be broadly recognized but most importantly to be desirable by all women.

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Future plans? My main aim for āmes is to be widely appreciated and recognized in order to attract more and more people and to embrace the impassioned Greek culture e s through my creations. It is hard to describe or imagine any bigger personal moral satisfaction I could receive from my work. I think it is on the right way. To see more, follow us on Instagram @ amesthebags & @ lia_manjorou and like us on Facebook @ Ames The Bags.

Faces of Lifestyle


What is the philosophy of your brand? Malvez is about beautiful and effortless elegant living. It is a luxury lifestyle brand creating collections in home décor and fashion accessories. Unique objects with timeless lines, sophistication and modern energy embody my personal aesthetics and capture the spirit and philosophy of the brand. What objects do you create? Glamorous evening clutch bags in the shape of boxes, which became an instant hit. For home décor, limited edition deco boxes with marble, brass, copper, mirror, and semi-precious stones. For an exquisite art de la table, Malvez napkin rings collections break away from the ordinary and add sparkle and freshness to the art of entertaining. Does art inspire you? I love the vibrancy of expressionist art and the Art Deco movement. I’m inspired by sculptures, film, photography and amazing www.

stage settings. Fashion and travelling around the world allow me to breathe creatively and so does Greece with its amazing colors captured in the light of the Aegean Sea, the blues and the whites. What motivated you to leave your career in advertising and enter the world of interior design? Since I was a child I was fascinated by beautiful interiors, fabrics and fashion. I liked experimenting with colors and textures. In my early professional years I worked in large advertising corporations – on brand strategy and PR – enjoying the participation in the creative process. When the opportunity came along to design an interior, I followed my passion and tap into my creative side. My projects are featured in international publications such as ”Vogue Brazil” and many others. The transition from interior design to designing objects seamed seamless.

Summer 2018 | 49

Faces of Lifestyle DESPINA GAVALA

BEAUTYWORLD A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO BEAUTY WELCOMES EVERY WOMAN IN DESPINA GAVALA’S STORES. Beautyworld is the temple of holistic beauty for all the independed women who lack of time but require to look feminine and neat. Despina Gavala, the owner of Beautyworld, established her first store in Mykonos in 2003 and later on she BEAUTYWORLD continued with Athens, both in the posh BYDG.COM region of Kifi ia, as well as Dafni. Each store offers the best and widest quality services, varying from a nail salon, a hair

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salon and a beauty salon offerings. Α special selection of designer clothing is also available, adding the final detail to a dreamy pampering session. Despina Gavala believes that every woman can shine and fully impress, taking advantage of the support by the right beauty experts. After graduating from the Pedagogical Department of the university, she dedicated herself in learning everything about her passion – beauty – constantly updating her expertise since the last 20 years. Τhe slogan of Beautyworld “I love myself” reflects the brand’s values, which promote the positive characteristics each woman possesses. Everyone – a hard working businesswoman, an executive, a mother, a multitasker – has the right in a short time to freshen up her appearance and refuel herself with confid nce. worlddg

Summer 2018 | 51

Set by Ancient Kallos,

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Volcanic Blues

Oceanic hues a gainst a white-w ashed back gr ound c omple te your C ycladic drea m.


by Danai Fotini Makri 5


1 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

11. 12.


Dress by Tunica Stola, Pendant inspired by surgical scissors, 18K gold with amethysts and diamonds by Elena Syraka Hat by Themis Z, themisz. com Dress by Paris Valtadoros, Blouse by Etoile Coral, 18k diamond chandelier earrings by Nikos Koulis Swimwear by Lookseri, Clutch bag by Malvez, Bag by Themis Z, themisz. com Sandals by Greek Chic Handmades, Bag by Callista Crafts, Bikini set by Nommo - The Amphibious Swimwear, Resortwear by It’s All Greek on Me,


9 8



12 13

Summer 2018 | 53

Bags by Themis Z,

54 | Experience Greece



Golden sand Α vint a ge flare fr om the 70’s meet s na ture ’s reinterpre t ations – see you in Myk onos . by Danai Fotini Makri







Set by Dimitris Petrou


Bag by Zoe Apostolou,


Swimwear by Royal Rag


Shoes by Stathis Samantas,


Dress by Zeus + ∆ione


Jewelry set by Archtrend - Lena Kalidis, people/lekal1418


Bikini set by Nommo Swimwear,


Necklace by Ilias Lalaounis


Clutch bags by It's All Greek on Me,


Swimwear by Zeus + ∆ione


Dress by Anthe, www.


Sunglasses by Urban Owl


Sandals by Nemesis,


Set by Panos Apergis



9 12





Summer 2018 | 55

Handcrafted bag by Kooreloo,

56 | Experience Greece


Urban hipster Col ors la yered soberl y, vint a ge motifs and str ong geome tr y mix and mat ch in the ul tim ate stree t st yle of Athens . by Danai Fotini Makri 3





Outfit by Deux Hommes


Backpack by Zoe Apostolou,


Swimwear by Sofie Deloudi


Dress by Nakou Maria


High heels by Stathis Samantas,


Bag by Callista Crafts,


Bag by Eleanna Katsira,


Pink gold ring with full cut diamonds by Kassis


Sunglasses by Zylo


Bag by Callista Crafts,


Outfit by Parthenis


Brass deco box by Malvez,


Sandals by Zeus + Dione


Diamond Napking Ring by Malvez,


Outfit by Olga Karavarveris


Swimwaear by Lookseri,


7 8


9 11



13 14



Summer 2018 | 57

Designer Brands

KATERINA IOANNIDIS & CO. An Ic on ic Hellen ic Jewelr y. “We design and produce handmade gold and WWW. silver contemporary jewelry. Our work can katerinaioannidis. be identifi d as 'studio craft' demonstrating COM a conscious subversion of the materials and techniques used in traditional goldsmith. We use gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stones family has being an ispiration combined with everyday objects such as nylon fibres, that led Katerina's path. She comes feathers and silk threads”, declares Katerina Ioannidis, from a well known Hellenic family of the owner of the stylish jewelry bearing her name. She goldsmiths with origins from Istanbul, established it in 1998, alongside her husband Nicholas so continuing this artisanal tradition came Navrozidis, quickly making a name for themselves with naturally. Her international experiences from the years their characteristics handcrafted jewelry. Τhe story of her of her studies in Greece, London and Barcelona have marked the evolution of her designs. The rewarding result is her constant presence in solo and group exhibitions, as well as biennials in Greece, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA. Nicholas, the Co-Founder and director of KATERINA IOANNIDIS & CO. jewelry firm, has his own influences to add, as a graduate of the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and his experience in the Advertising Industry as a creative director. Today Katerina and Nicholas run successfuly two jewelry boutiques in Thessaloniki and Athens and supply wholesale to discerning contemporary galleries, leading concept stores and national museums. Every item of KATERINA IOANNIDIS & CO. jewelry firm collections is the result of research and contemporary designing bearing references to ethnography inspired by Greek folk art as well as other nations' heritage. Handcrafted objects painstakingly executed in limited edition. These are elements that render their designs unique, timeless and precious.

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Designer Brands

Paris Valtadoros If you l o ve f ash ion , memor ize h is na me!

www . parisv al t ador os . co m

Par is Val t ad o r o s

C onsistently recognized as one of Greece’s top fashion designers, Valtadoros collections are highly anticipated at every A thens Fashion Week as well as W ho's Next exhibition in France. His garments are distinguished for their avantgarde lines and strict geometrical shapes which fade in the sensuality of the female silhouette – the defining postmodern stamp of the designer. His innate creativity and masterful techniques continue to push him to the front ranks of the fashion world where he continues to cultivate a dedicated following in Greece, Europe and abroad. From his base in A thens, Paris

60 | Experience Greece

Valtadoros is currently opening up to the international haute couture scene, being already renowned as one of the most gifted Greek fashion designers. R ecently, he expanded his label by opening a flagship boutique in Mykonos T own to directly bring his own label of modern elegance and classic glamour – with a Mediterranean touch – to the most cosmopolitan of the Greek isles. Valtadoros’ premier atelier is located in the upmarket Kolonaki district’s Voukourestriou street, A thens’ prime high-end shopping street. T he atelier house includes his complete collections: Valtadoros haute couture, Paris

Valtadoros prêt-à-porter and his bridal series. For Valtadoros bridal series, his talented and creative team implements the designer’s innovative vision of haute couture and bespoke wedding dresses creating a display of elegance in the most sumptuous fabrics. • ATELIER: 46-48, Voukourestiou str., Kolonaki 10673, Greece, T . +30 210 3646321 • STORE ATHENS: 37, Voukourestiou str. & Skoufa str., Kolonaki 10673, Greece, T . +30 210 3648017 • STORE MYKONOS: 37, Zouganeli str. & Goumenios S quare 84600, Cyclades, Greece, T . +30 22893 00857

Summer 2018 | 61

Designer Brands

Zeus + Δione The Reso rt 2018 is an O dysse y to wea r With a rich heritage rooted in mythology and symbolism, Zeus + ∆ione transcends classical notions of style and design. Named after the parents of the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty and eternal youth, the brand is characterized by a unique interpretation of myth and tradition. With creativity, design and culture at its core, Zeus + ∆ione was born from a passion to revive and redefine the local craft of artisans all over Greece, producing pieces that go beyond tradition, exceptional quality and fashion. The Resort 2018 is named “Odyssey”, just as the long poem written by Homer in the 8th century BC, about the legendary king Odysseus and his 10year expedition across the seas back to his native Ithaca. Along the way, the eponymous hero is confronted by natural and supernatural threats in order to test his bravery and wit before he is reunited with his family. Following the footsteps of Odysseus’ adventures, this Resort 2018 collection by Zeus + ∆ione goes on an epic voyage around the Aegean. The overall look is thoughtfully dramatic, much in the way of the story that inspired it. Evoking the impression of Odysseus’ sails, the light and pillowy silhouette is emphasised through generous cut, gatherings and pleating, whilst wide sleeves, asymmetrical hems and geometric bold panels act like windcatchers. Handmade silver buttons in the shape of nautical knots and symbols, made in small workshops around Athens, remind us

62 | Experience Greece

WWW. zeu snd shop

of Odysseus’ maritime adventures. Inspired by sea waves, handmade trims, woven on traditional looms in Athens and Crete, suggest a subtle reference to Penelope, the wife of Odysseus. Swimwear features the brand’s signature geometric color blocking, whilst the story of the Odyssey directs the design process.

ANCIENT KALLOS Insp ired by the anc ient greek beaut y

www . an cien tkall o s. co m

The Resortwear brand Ancient Kallos borrows its very name from the ancient Greek word for beauty, “kallos”. The sun shining on the islands, the tranquillity of the sea and the white color of the Cyclades are all imprinted in the resortwear’s designs. “Mani SS18 Collection” is created with a sense of elegance and sophistication that takes Grecian chic to a new level. It draws its inspiration from Mani, a historic region of Greece, depicting the authentic side of the country. The bright yellow of the sun, the dark blue of the deep sea and the warm beige of stone are applied on the finest linens and cottons, in the collection’s two sections, “Syko” and “Embroideries and Crochet”. The designers of Ancient Kallos were motivated to design “Syko” by the intoxicating scent of the fig trees. “Embroideries and Crochet” is sourced by the local embroideries bearing a timeless heritage of more than 100 years. It is compiled by luxury crochet dresses that can be worn from beach to evening.

Summer 2018 | 63

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White is in the DNA of the Grecian style. From the ancient temples to the white-washed Cycladic towns, from the clouds and the waves, from the ancient dresses to up-to-date creations. This year’s high fashion and haute couture creations realized the dream of a dream, moving towards ethereal, fairytale like statement pieces rather than the established archaic looks. Designers like Mi-Ro, Dimitris Petrou and Loukia as well as brands such as Tunica Stola and Royal Rag challenge women to bloom, embraced by lace and sleek materials.

Tunica Stol a


Nej ma, nej


64 | Experience Greece

Designer Brands

Nommo A true desire t o be w orn

www. no mmo swimwear . co m

Nommo is a luxury swimwear brand that embodies its designers’ love for art, elegance and natural elements. Every piece of the collection is made out of the highest quality materials. Nommo swimwear, decorated with handmade bronze jewelry and semi precious stones, stands out and shines emitting pure energy, beauty and charm. The idea is based on the story of the Nommos, the ancestral spirits, drawn by the tribe Drogon of Mali, Africa. According to their tribal legends, the Nommos is

a race of amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures, worshiped as gods and inhabitants of a world circling the star Sirius. The beauty of the world stimulated the brand’s designer to express it combining its two basic elements: Water and Earth. The inspiration for each piece’s custom prints derives from the underwater life and the creatures of the deep blue sea, while every jewelry is inspired by the opulence of Mother Earth. To see more, follow us on Instagram @ nommoswimwear and like us on Facebook @ nommo swimwear.

Summer 2018 | 65

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i pe

Me li



Black and glam

Paris Val tad or os

Over the prominent fashion events, such as The Athens Xclusive Designers Week, we've been seeing the little black dress being replaced by shiny, dramatic and – most importantly – abundant alternatives. Think of silk and lush materials, delicate embroideries, trucks and crystals, pleats and ruffles combined to emit the glamorous, sensual, feminine side of a woman. Championed by designers like Stelios Koudounaris, Sotiris Georgiou and Marilia Christina, it seems that black is the evening look we'll be wearing all year long.

66 | Experience Greece

Steli os Koud ounaris

ss a

nt h

Ja cql yn


Zoe an d Ioan n a

ZOE APOSTOLOU The twin sis ters Zoe and Io anna ca me up wi th a brand tha t ur ges w omen to live trul y. Zoe Apostolou brand was established in 2015 by the twin sisters Zoe and Ioanna, who shared the dream of cocreating. On the birth of this brand, stood the desire to design bags for dynamic women who contrive their own style, without the need of extravagance. On the contrary, they seek the finesse of an artistic simplicity. “We are looking for the absolute and the genuine, the unique and the timeless”, says Zoe describing the philosophy behind her statement pieces, which are appropriate for every moment. Each one of them is a handmade item, worked with genuine materials, exclusively in Greece, by the most experienced craftsmen. Both sisters are born and raised in Athens. Zoe studied Graphic Arts to express her creative spirit and worked for ten years in the field of high fashion, while Ioanna chose Informatics. In the pace of their lives they combined their specialties in a common professional path. Today they are presenting a collection that aspires to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Luxurious and special materials – such as python skin and calf hair – are combined in absolute harmony. Imaginative color combinations add the most impressive effect. The collection functions great for an all day look, ranging from the morning hours at work to the nights out, offering comfort and excellent quality. It is addressed to those who demand excellence. “Our vision is for every woman to recognize her unique identity. To dare to stand out, to show herself and her personality”, comments Ioanna.

www. zoeapos tolou. c om

Summer 2018 | 67

Designer Brands

Jacqlyn A Lad y of st yle.


With just one year of existence, JACQLYN company is already making history in the Greek fashion scene. Created in April 2017 the modern classic brand has being launching successfully its first collections, proving the imaginative view that its designer, Zoe Baliaka, holds upon the matter of creation. The name and slogan of the company refers to the celebrity first lady, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, famοus for her elegance and finesse, qualities that also brighten up each swimsuit and tunic of JACQLYN. Every collection stands out for the exquisitely matched materials, emphasized by the design as well. Lace, tulle, transparency, tread and paillettes are woven together in must-have clothes that cover every feminine desire. JACQLYN’s envisions to reinvent the royal class and romance that target to high aesthetics. Therefore, among this collection’s inspirations lies the clothing of medieval and rococo princesses’. Ζοe Baliaka has always being interested in fashion, a field which gained her professional preference since her early days, when she worked as a stylist. Her wish to differentiate women who share her love for fashion motivated her to establish her own brand.

68 | Experience Greece

Ζοe Baliaka

AntHE Ann a Gkik a is the Cre ative Dire ct or of the br an d Anth É. It s je welr y an d cl o thin g invest on gre at materi als an d feminine cut s in ul tr a st ylish designs . WWW. ANTHE.GR

Anna Gkika

Anthé Collection is a Greek brand based in Athens, founded at the end of 2016 by Anna Gkika and Theodore Vafiadis. The love for creativity of Anna and the bussiness oriented background of Theodore resulted in the creation of Anthé. Anna's designs of SS 18 combine vivid colors, windy dresses and fl ral kimonos with details influenced by Greek culture and ancient mythology. The jewelry line is based on gold and sterling silver creating unique and minimal designs, ensuring the brand's motto “Simplicity is Perfection”. The Brand's goal is steadily expanding to new markets around the world. The first step towards completing their goal was made by entering the Cyprus and UK markets. Follow us on Instagram @ Anthe_Collection and like us on Facebook @ Anthe Collection.

Summer 2018 | 69

Designer Brands

greek chic handmades

w w eek chichandm ad es. gr

pure lea ther .

Eleftheria Tyrakis

Greek Chic Handmades was born out of a burning passion for creating a brand with high aesthetic integrity for women who value their independence, individuality and desire for a strong impact. Since its launch in 2012, Greek Chic Handmades specializes in leather sandals, bags and accessories, all designed and handcrafted in Athens, Greece. The company insists in genuine handmade

70 | Experience Greece

craftsmanship from design to packaging, innovative and timeless design, high quality – they use only the best Italian leathers – and handpicked premium materials. But what Greek Chic Handmades is really about? Greek Chic Handmades is a sunburnt kiss in the middle of the Aegean. It is the intersection of high quality and high aesthetics. It is honoring old Greek traditions while applying modern know-how. Greek Chic Handmades is its non-negotiable values, respecting each and every woman by providing timeless products that enchant, seduce and last. Each collection is inspired by the soothing Greek sun, the hospitality of the South, the dazzling blue and the light of the Aegean, the simplicity and timelessness of Greek minimalism, all with a bohemian twist and attention to detail for the woman who wants to be remembered.

Thetis Swimwear Weaving abund ant semi-precious cr yst als , pearls and la va st ones on the s wimwear , this brand calls you t o worship your inner goddess .

WWW. the tisswimwear . COM

Mari Kakaviatou, Antonia Kouroupi

In the Greek mythology, Thetis was a beautiful goddess of water, object of desire of the Olympian gods Zeus and Poseidon. She was the leader of the Nereids, nymphs of the water, who had the power to still the winds and calm the sea.

Inspired by her story of beauty and female power, Thetis Swimwear is set to bring you luxury swimwear, proudly made in Greece, with ancient heritage and mythology in mind, while the luxury of ancient heritage is depicted in touches of gold and silver. Designed with a basic-forms philosophy in mind, the swimwear is distinguished by a unique and innovative design and attention to detail. Premium butter-soft fabrics are embellished with semi-precious crystals, pearls and lava stones, which draw inspiration from the Greek sea and islands, while clean and minimal lines worship the female body and embrace your inner goddess. This is the case of this season’s line, called “Genesis”, accompanied by a luxurious resort wear collection consisting of cotton kimonos and caftans hand-embroidered with silk. The designers Mari Kakaviatou and Antonia Kouroupi combine an academic background in Marketing with a Fashion Design Degree. “We believe in female empowerment and that little girls with dreams become women with vision”, they declare.

Summer 2018 | 71

Designer Brands

Lovely Handmade A c ouple in life te amed up t o buil t a c ompany.

www . l ovel yhandm ade . gr

L ovely Handmade was established 5 years ago, when its owners Stavroula L ambrou and Christos Theodorides decided to turn their passion into business, creating authentic handmade bags. L ovely Handmade's design is inspired by the Greek tradition – specifically by the handbags of the Greek countryside workers of the past century. Using ecological raw materials, such as ecological leather in its various forms, L ovely Handmade can guarantee that its products are environmentally friendly, without lagging in quality or durability. Each one of the bags is an elaborate piece to be made. “We do not use automated processes at any stage of production, so

72 | Experience Greece

the creation time is not compared to mass production times. O ur partners work exclusively with their hands. We are proud to be able to talk about purely handmade products�, comment the owners. The final result meets the needs of the modern women, upgrading a simple look and complementing a luxury outfit.

TUNICA STOLA The l uxurious beachwear & more . This luxury brand borrows its name from the ancient times, when the first known female garment ever created was named Tunica Stola. In our days, Tunica Stola is the renowned luxury brand consisting of stylish and feminine women’s

www . tun ic a stola .c om / en /c ollec tion s/

beachwear, beach towels and accessories. Gracious combinations made of light fabrics – cotton, silk and natural fibers – create elegant and chic beach looks highlighting each woman’s femininity. Τhe collection’s colors and aerial designs borrow characteristics from the Greek sun, the earth and sea blended in a unique way so as to create unique looks for all day outfits. The signature symbols for the collection summer 2018 are the embroidered flowers and the local musical instrument bouzouki, since both icons are associated with Greek nature and culture. Bouzouki’s origin is Greek and, like all lutes, a type of development of the ancient Greek string instrument pandura.

Summer 2018 | 73

Designer Brands

Nejma Chi c l ooks equ al t o the st yle of the cosmopolit an stree t s .

WWW. nej ma. gr

Clean cut lines, an emphasis on materials and a passion for details related to the seam and the patterns are the rules of Nejma. It is a modern Greek company that has already gained the hearts and preferences of the people involved with fashion, also consisting the first choice for a large female audience. With a selection of fabrics and designs made by a Greek team based on international fashion trends, Nejma's creations are stylish, completely wearable, loose and everyday. What Nejma's people prioritize is the independence of fashion and its appeal to each and every age. With this mentality, its collections focus on the woman with the attitude of the well-dressed, not oppressing her wardrobe.

Nejma's woman prefers the simple and quality things in life: Good design, functionality, arts and action. The aim of the company is to promote Greek creations abroad, showing that elegance is of Greek origin!

74 | Experience Greece

Mara Pentzou

Etoile Coral The bohemian chic & carefree

spiri ted resor twear .

Fueled by her love for traveling, Mara Pentzou aims to take every woman on an unforgettable journey to her birthplace, Greece, through the poetry of garments. Born and raised in Greece, she always felt the sea calling to her and enjoyed carefree strolls on the beach. Having studied in France, she became passionate about fashion and was inspired by the effortless Parisian style. Today, Mara remains true to the dictates of high aesthetics, as she works tirelessly on new pieces for the modern world traveler through her brand, Etoile Coral, combining fabrics to create a unique story, a memory about a time and a place. Etoile Coral specializes in resortwear designed for the woman who loves to travel and always wants to be on trend, whichever place she chooses for her vacation. With attention to detail and lines that flatter every shape, its pure silk and www. cotton garments are etoil ecor al . embroidered, becoming co m a must item for every effortless cosmopolitan look. From the simplest to the most elaborate, Etoile Coral pieces feel comfortable in every resort or city destination, taking you on a journey across the golden beaches of the Mediterranean islands and dressing you with the white and bluish hues of the Aegean. Shop online at

Summer 2018 | 75


Childhood filled with good memories. Childhood filled with family trips all over Greece. Weekends at Lake Plastira or North Euvoia. Long weekends in the northern part of Greece for skiing or down south lying by the beach. Peloponese, Crete, Santorini, Myconos, Zante, Corfu, Rhodes are all magnificent places to go and enjoy the food, the nature and most of all the hospitality of the local people. No matter how often I travel or how many trips I make in a given year, Greece is the place I long to be. I can remember traveling long distances as a child in Greece from one place to another; from south to north; from east to west and the beauty of this country intact. Throughout the years Greece has developed in all aspects of life but its natural beauty has sustained its setting. This beauty has made me dream of a magazine publication as that. I’ve always wanted to see the story

76 | Experience Greece


Vivi Andritsou



of my country being narrated to the people abroad; to feel like my stories are shared with other people who get to know my country as beautiful as I see is. Places, people, culture, food, are presented from another perspective. The country that combines culture and technology, urban and rural life, hospitality and lifestyle. This diversity that would provoke visitors to book a ticket to visit Greece. Visitors who would re-evaluate vacation in Greece... and figure out what’s important... quality time, quality people, quality services and quality holidays. Therefore I urge you to take out a detailed map of Greece and have a look at the places in this magazine. Vivi Andritsou Editor / Concept Initiator of "Experience Greece Magazine"

Summer 2018 | 77

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The City Center vs the Athens Riviera Whe ther you choose the hist orical hear t of the capit al or the c osmopolit an c o ast al pr omenade , your lifest yle choices are infinite . by Danai Fotini Makri

78 | Experience Greece

The Acropolis Museu m

Climb up the Acropolis. After you visit the thousand-yearold miracle of the Athenian Acropolis, head to The Acropolis Museum. The 25,000 square meter building, designed by the architects Bernard Tschumi and Michalis Photiadis, showcasing the exhibits in the most appropriate and impressive way.

© Michael Paschos /

© Milan Gonda /

The City Center


Summer 2018 | 79

Luxury Guide © k-studio

Zon ars Fully renovated today, the historic café-restaurant Zonars has been here since 1939. It was founded by the Greek chocolatier Charles Zonaras, who opened the café upon returning to Greece after living in the United States for some years. Famous patrons include Greek and international actors, musicians, composers and many others. Today, it maintains its distinct style, with the impressive decoration and lighting creating a classic atmosphere.

The Cl umsies Dine in this brilliant brainchild of two world-class Greek bartenders is not clumsy at all. The interior is bathed in natural light in the day time and, as the day progresses, it changes into a more sophisticated mood. The private room – booked by reservation only – is decorated with a bookcase, a billiard table, old-school records, and a crackling fireplace that remind of a hidden parlour room.

©Dimitris Poupalos

80 | Experience Greece

© k-studio

Mama Fuga There is no doubt that Mama Fuga welcomes you to the most beautiful and sophisticated urban garden of Athens, the garden of the Athens Concert Hall. Its modern, metropolitan style comes to an inspired pairing with the nature offering moments of pure relaxation. Its menu recommends the most comfortable version by the great Italian cuisine, designed by the chef Fabrizio Buliani.

Spondi A member of the prestigious “Les Grandes Tables du Monde”, Spondi restaurant has occupied renowned international chefs like Jerome Seros and Arnaud Bignon, endowing it with its two Michelin stars. Creativity and tradition, modernity and classism, along with a tint of exotism characterize both the menu and the space: An elegant courtyard and the stone walled, atmospheric dining room.

Funk y Gour met How about watching sexy dishes forming a quirky, edible landscape on your table? Entering in the sphere of art, the Michelin awarded tastes of Funky Gourmet are bound to please the senses. The chefs Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nick Roussos coown also the London based OPSO restaurant.

Summer 2018 | 81

Luxury Guide

The Athens Riviera Temple of Poseidon , Sounio Pay a visit to the ancient Temple of Poseidon in cape Sounio. Sailors in ancient times knew they approached the city of Athens when they saw the first glimpse of its white marbles in the horizon. Let yourself be impressed by the view, especially during the sunset or even the sunrise.

82 | Experience Greece

Glyf ada Golf Course Give it a shot with a round of golf at Glyfada Golf Course, an international-standard 18-hole course. When you finish the course, you can enjoy a meal or a drink at the Club House, while you admire the sunset.

Astir Beach Discover a new beach concept based on innovative design, environment-friendly facilities and truly unique guest services at Astir Beach, the much praised, sandy, cosmopolitan beach where the jet setters meet. Take a break from sunbathing for a delicious lunch in the restaurants of the place, shop exclusive brands, or boost up your adrenaline trying water sports at Astir Ski Club.

Isl and Cl ub & R estaur ant Live the experience of Island Club & Restaurant. The iconic establishment overlooks the sea, scrambled up the rock, offering Mediterranean flavors in creative dishes, all signed by the multi-awarded chef Nikos Skliras.

Summer 2018 | 83

Luxury Guide

84 | Experience Greece

SNF CC Stroll around the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, where the National Library of Greece, the Greek National Opera and a huge park are located. Choose the event you prefer to attend through a wide array of operas, concerts and film screenings.

Š Milan Gonda /

Summer 2018 | 85

Luxury Guide Aleria Located in the upcoming Metaxourgeio district in the center of Athens, Aleria delivers the message of absolute class. It is set in a restored neoclassical villa, with dining rooms both upstairs and downstairs, but also in the courtyard, where you can dine al fresco. The recipe of its success lies in the combination of the creative – pretty much vegetarian-friendly – cuisine, by the chef Gikas Xenakis, and the magnificent decoration. The first fl or is conceptually decorated as an exquisite drawing room.

Mal abar at The Mar gi Malabar is the name of the famous restaurant hosted at The Margi hotel. During the warm summer evenings, the restaurant transforms into a fairytale place full of candle lights, romantically set by the illuminated pool and the olive trees. The dinner menu is inspired by international gastronomy.

Gar bi Creative fish dishes are served at Garbi restaurant, in the upscale coast of Kavouri. Garbi’s story begins in 1924, when it first opened as the summer edition of a famous city tavern. Today, the menu includes refined options, such as soup of summer tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and crayfi h tartar, or John Dory croquettes with a cream of finocchio and saffron. 86 | Experience Greece


Varoulk o sea side

Lefteris Lazarou is one of the most beloved and multiawarded chefs in Greece, drawing his inspiration from the sea since 1987. His current restaurant Varoulko Seaside offers a picturesque sea view in the Mikrolimano marina, on a deck reminiscent of a sailing boat’s. The perfect place to dine, tasting Michelin awarded dishes, such as the grilled cuttlefish with caramelized lentils and orange sauce, or the fi h patties with a sweet and sour pepper sauce, or – what else? – a perfectly executed fresh grilled fi h.

Voulia gmeni l ake Α rare geological phenomenon, in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, is waiting to be discovered. In front of a magnificent rock, the lake’s brackish waters, which are continuously replenished both by the sea and the underground thermal springs, create a serene option for bathing. Scuba dive under the surface to discover a special formation of caves and labyrinths or refuel your energy with a nice, cold drink at the restaurant.

Summer 2018 | 87

Good Life


THE ULTIMATE ENTERTAINMENT DESTINATION ON THE TOP OF ATHENS Just 17km from the city centre of Athens, Regency Casino Mont Parnes is located on the top of mount Parnitha and promises an extraordinary escape. It is the top Greek casino and attracts the most glamorous names of the Greek and international jet set WWW. REGENCYCASINOS. since its first day of operation. GR/ATHENS

88 | Experience Greece

THE BEST GAMES THAT WILL LIFT YOUR SPIRIT! At Regency Casino Mont Parnes you will find the best games in Europe that will excite you and offer you the ultimate gaming pleasure! Live exciting moments with more than 700 thematic Slot Machines from big companies like Konami, Bally etc. and thematic games like Duo Fu Duo Cai and Smash Smash Festival, or experience the intense thrills of the Roulette, Blackjack, Stud Poker and Texas Hold’em, the No1 poker game in the world.

COSMOPOLITAN HOSPITALITY AT AN ALTITUDE OF "1055"! Regency Casino Mont Parnes’ philosophy is based on personal customer care, offering high-standard services and is a typical example of Greek hospitality. Accompanying your every selection is the most breathtaking view of Attica and the exceptional menu of the atmospheric “1055 Café Restaurant”. The restaurant was named after the Mont Parnes altitude and it constitutes the gastronomic achievement of the Casino. For reservations, please call (+30) 210 2421055. The most modern cable car in Europe provides you with free and comfortable transport while you enjoy the fabulous view in a just 7 minute ride.


We are operational 7 days a week Slot Machines 24 hours operation

Table Games

From 12:00 to 06:00 – Monday to Friday


24 hours operation

Texas Hold’em From 15:00 to 06:00 daily


Guests must be over 21 years of age and a police identity or valid passport are required.

CONTACT Telephone

+30 210 2421234


Summer 2018 | 89

Good Life

ZAMBRI UNIQUE ALL-DAY RESTAURANT IN THE POSH AREA OF KIFISSIA. “ZAMBRI” is housed in one of the oldest and most impressive mansions in Kifis ia. ZAMBRI in Maori dialect means “colony” and that is the exact feeling that you get when you enter this beautiful High End Espresso Gastro. Inspired by the Baobab trees of Madagascar this allday bar restaurant predisposes visitors for a journey to paradise. Stone, worn-out wood, plants, vintage tiles and tapestries with birds-of-paradise underline the unique personality of ZAMBRI. More specifically “ZAMBRI” offers: • Everyday brunch until 19:00 • Mediterranean & Greek cuisine • High quality coffee • Exotic cocktails • Weekly events & themed parties • Corporate events services


90 | Experience Greece

ART: CULTURE IS LIFESTYLE AT THE ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE. The Onassis Cultural Centre Athens is a cultural space which hosts events and actions across the whole spectrum of the arts – from theatre, dance, music, cinema and the visual arts to digital and hybrid art and the written word. It showcases contemporary cultural expression, supports Greek artists, cultivates international collaborations, explores the boundaries between science, art and society, and promotes lifelong learning for people of all ages. The top storey is home to The Onassis Cultural Centre Restaurant, which extends out onto the rooftop terrace during the

92 | Experience Greece

summer months and offers breathtaking views of the Acropolis, the Philopappos monument, Lycabettus and the Saronic gulf. From the 12th of June you may join Medea Electronique Soundscapes Landscapes/Rhizome II/Kerameikos/Metaxourgeio, an audio-visual and highly interactive walk at the neighborhoods of Kerameikos/ Metaxourgeio to discover parts of the city you were unaware of. Until the 15th of April, watch “Summerfolk” by Maxim Gorky directed by Maria Maganari.

+30 210 8925 000

+30 210 9656 388

Faces of Hospitality


What is your company profile? Caldera Yachting specializes in yachting in the area of Caldera in Santorini, having a main priority to provide high quality services. Providing a full range of vessels of high standards, we offer semi-private cruises or we create personalized programs to customers who contact the company directly or referred by our partners. Is there a boat for everyone? The company has a total of 18 yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, sailing boats, traditional wooden and rib boats. The catamaran promises a unique experience of a peaceful escape – even in the most WWW. demanding sea routes – and comfort. CALDERA The motor yachts feature fully


94 | Experience Greece

equipped, luxurious spaces. The traditional boat – with wooden cladding and stylish elements – offers comfort and a unique experience keeping in with the Greek tradition. For the lovers of action, the sailing boat is suitable for trips outside the region of Caldera, to nearby islands of Santorini. Finally, if speed is required, our clients choose the rib boat. What’s so unique about the island of Santorini? Sailing with a vessel around Santorini brings the unbeatable sunset closer to you, opens up the imposing beauty of Caldera and the unique colors of the volcanic rock beaches, allows you to swim in the deep blue area

of the volcano and live snapshots that leave speechless whoever has seen them. Which is your target audience? People who want to enjoy the diversity of Santorini and feel the freedom of a sea route, along with the necessary luxury and various types of vessels. Your future plans? We always remain focused on our main objective, which is the quality in our services.

We renew our strategic co-operations at the level of branding – such as Tag Heuer – and we offer a very special, unique vessel on the island, the RIVA yacht. Recent awards? Recently, Caldera Yachting was honored in Luxury Travel Guide Awards 2017, winning the award of Charter Company of the Year - Global Award Winner 2017. A real step higher, which specifies a solid succeeding day in the development of the company.


Fira, Santorini, 84700, Greece


+30 22860 23000, +30 6984 631129


Signature Destination



96 | Experience Greece

SIGNATURE SHOPPING Santorini boasts a plethora of cool shopping options. The shops, ranging from clothing and shoes to jewelry and books, are located in Fira and Oia. Drakkar (Ipapantis str. 22-29, Fira) is the ideal spot to find international haute couture brands, as well as Greek designs. Make a stop in the stores near the cathedral or on the main street to shop the right outfit before planning a unique night out. Complement your look with products from Silk Shop, on the main street of Oia. Scarves, accessories, and clothes are made mostly of silk, cashmere and other noble textiles.

Add the final, golden touch wearing jewelry signed by designer Ilias Lalaounis – there’s a whole museum dedicated to his work in Athens. Each jewel is a piece of art, drawing its inspiration from the Byzantine times, the Neolithic period, or the Mycenaean era. In the design shop of the Tomato Industrial Museum, in Vlychada Beach ( SHOP - Santorini Arts Factory) you may find exquisite modern Greek design items, by innovative brands, such as It's All Greek on Me.

Bags by It's All Greek on Me at the Tomato Factory Museum's Shop

Summer 2018 | 97

Signature Destination Selene

Kokkino Podilato

FINE DINING If fine dining is what you seek, Selene restaurant in Pyrgos (tel. +30 22860 22249) employees the Michelin star awarded chef Alexandros Tsiotinis, whose cuisine is rooted in Greece. A fine example of his creative spirit is the rabbit stew with slow-cooked onions. The restaurant Kokkino Podilato (tel. +30 22860 71918) is another great option, with a menu curated by the awarded chef Gikas Xenakis. Among the dishes that stand out, try the juicy crayfi h with cream, the ravioli with smoked eel, or the lamb with white eggplant – typical vegetable grown in the island – purée.


98 | Experience Greece

Alternatively, reserve a table in the breathtaking Mylos restaurant (tel. +30 22860 25640), situated in a traditional restored windmill, in Firostefani. The fusion cuisine by chef Adam Kontovas combines influences from Europe, Japan and Greece. One of his must-taste dishes is the amazingly fresh and delicious rabbit terrine with oyster mayo. ylo M


SWEET TASTING To begin with a sweet exploration in the world of local tastes, head for LukuMum in Fira (tel. +30 22860 24672). Loukoumades, the Greek doughnut balls served traditionally covered in honey, is the special dish of this spot, suggested as an early morning breakfast, a snack within the day and even as a late night comfort treat. Alternatively, order them stuffed with praline cream or covered in white chocolate. If you are up to more traditional sweets, note the name Melenio Café of Oia (tel. +30 22860 71149) in your list. Walnut cakes, galaktoboureko – “milk börek” with custard cream – ekmek kataifi, chocolate soufflés and lemon pies are paired perfectly with the sweetest panoramic sea view.

FUN HISTORY LESSONS Early in the morning, take a tour to the Ancient Akrotiri – one of the most important archaeological sites on the island and an active excavation site since the 60’s. A massive volcanic eruption destroyed the city of Akrotiri, covering it with a layer of ash in 1627 BC. Today, the past is uncovered and you are able to take a look at what life might have been like centuries ago. Continue your submergence into the ancient history of the island visiting the Archaeological Museum of Thera, where treasures from the Neolithic to the Roman times are exhibited. The magnificent Tomato Industrial Museum is also a must-visit. Tomatoes are one of Santorini’s traditional and world-famed products. Its museum in Vlychada Beach (tel. +30 22860 85141) operated in the

past as a remarkable factory. Today it presents local steampunk mementos such as machinery dating back in 1890. It also hosts worthy art events and an upscale art shop.

Ancient Akrotiri

Tomato Industrial Museum in Vlychada Beach

Summer 2018 | 99

Signature Destination Whitewashed alleys

5 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU LEAVE • Sail to the islands

formed by the volcanic eruption, Nea Kameni and Palia Kameni.

• Enjoy a fruity beverage

at PK Bar in downtown Fira, overlooking a magnifi ent scenery.

• Buy an exquisite souvenir

from the collection of Mnemossyne Gallery, including rare books, photographs and designs.

• Watch the sunset

from the picturesque, historical town of Oia.

• Take instagramic photos

in the narrow alleys of Firostefani and Imerovigli.

SWIM IN THE AEGEAN In Santorini you will not find the typical pink sand Greek beaches. The crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea embraces unique landscapes derived from the volcanic eruption. This is the case of the Red Beach. Fully organized, touristy, rocky and iconic, it’s worth to be visited by a yacht service. The White Beach is marked by its white big pebbles and rocks. The Black Beach is also a pleasure to the eye. But since you are in Santorini, the ultimate destination for unique luxury boutique hotels, take your time to relax in the water of an infinity pool floating over the divine views of the Caldera. Sail to Palia Kameni

100 | Experience Greece

High-end Destination

MYKONOS It ’s incl uded in the l ist of w orld ’s lead ing je t se t dest ina t ions . T he island tha t can reall y c ope w ith the t oughest requ irement s of the h igh-end tra veler is al ways myk onos . by Danai Fotini Makri

Hora, Windmills

102 | Experience Greece

Surrounded by white beaches, the rolling hills of Mykonos are adorned with the impeccable cubist Cycladic architecture. This is the scenic setting of one of the most famous tourist destinations all over the world. Stroll leisurely in the main town of the island, Ηora, and mingle with the high-rolling international crowd gathering in its narrow lanes. Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Gerard Butler, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner where spotted among them, the last couple of years. Follow their steps to the most fashionable but also timeless spots of the island!

Little Venice


Summer 2018 | 103

High-end Destination The relaxing side of the town Start your evening with a sundowner in the laid-back Little Venice, Mykonos Town’s historic 18th-century district. Perched right above the water, this place is the right starter before heading to the nightlife of Hora or Paradise Beach. Nearby, you will find the most renowned art boutiques, a few quiet cafés and 4 museums. Open during the daytime, they document the island’s history from the Geometric and Archaic era to the latest years. Don’t miss out the experience of the Cine Manto. Located in a vast garden with palm trees, it offers the combination of an open-air cinema and a cool café-restaurant.

Life is a beach If you don’t want to sunbathe at the ultra-cosmopolitan Paradise Beach and Psarou Beach – where you must reserve a sunbed and brace yourself in the mood of a party from 17:00 – note this name: Agios Sostis. The wide, gorgeous strip of golden sand rewards the visitors who are prepared to hike to this virgin spot. Get your own sunbeds and umbrellas and feel free to relax. Grab a bite at Kiki’s, the famous restaurant that doesn’t use any electricity and doesn’t accept reservations. The restaurant relies on the memory of its owner, making sure that everybody is served in the order they arrive. Alternatively, the little beach of Fokos still remains a secret place, reminiscent of the old Mykonos. The wild beauty of the rocky landscape, the small sandy beach and the crystal clear water ends up at a humble yet delicious tavern. Horse riding is one of the special activities offered in Fokos Beach.

Psarou Beach, Nammos

104 | Experience Greece

Fokos Beach

Dine - With an Asian twist Every respectful jet set destination is proud of its own Hakkasan. So is Mykonos, due to Ling Ling. The barrestaurant is located in the center of Hora to please the seekers of a cosmopolitan island lifestyle with an international glam. The Cantonese menu is mostly cooked with local products. If this is not enough, get ready to shake hands with the master Nobu Matsuhisa. The world class chef returns to the island every summer on the occasion of the yearly Nobu Food Festival, in Matsuhisa Mykonos. Nobu himself will prepare dishes, such as tiradito and new style sashim.

Matsuhisa Mykonos

Ling Ling

Shop as you deserve it Linea Piu

Nammos Mall is a business project that bears the signature of the three co-owners of the famous Nammos Restaurant by the Sea: Zannis Frantzeskos, Konstantis Kousathanas and Sami Ibrahim. The new shopping mall offers clothing and accessories, from major fashion houses to artworks. This is the ultimate shopping experience you shouldn’t miss. Don't forget to visit the minimal Linea Piu boutique. Linea Piu

Summer 2018 | 105

High-end Destination Take a brunch! Fuel yourself to keep up with the intense rhythms of the island. The Liberty Breakfast Room, with a perfect view on the outside and a hip atmosphere in the inside is the place to take a brunch. Try all the different versions of eggs – varying from traditional to

Dine - Exclusively There are three reasons to book a table in the restaurant Thea, by the pool of the Belvedere Hotel. First of all, it accommodates only up to 25 people. The second reason is the revisited Greek menu by Nikos Zervos, also known by his work at the 2-star Michelin awarded L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Last but not least, due to its location, the restaurant is cherished for the most beautiful sunset view. If you prefer some tasty treasures from the

gourmet –, drink super foods’ juices, taste handmade breads – with wheat flour, gluten-free, or made with multi-seed flour – and eat the most fresh and spicy cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables from local producers. It’s definitely worth it.

sea arriving directly in your plate, go for Spilia Seaside Restaurant, located in a natural cave right under the Hotel Anastasia Village. The unique setting could only be compared to Costiera Amalfitana and the sea is at such a short distance to your table, so that the waves could get your feet pleasantly wet! A third option is Alemagou, the beach restaurant that connects its name with the unique island chic style of Mykonos. A young well dressed crowd, foreign journalists and photographers, socialites and fashion designers are taking a refreshing swim before tasting the delicious dishes. Definitely one of the leading jet setters’ destinations. 

106 | Experience Greece

Extravagant grocery shopping

Rhenia island

Indulge in VIP Services Mykonos is the only Greek island that one phone call can bring a Learjet in your hotel’s yard. Whether what you want is driving around with luxury cars, or riding a helicopter to the nearby islands and renting villas with all comforts – from chefs and masseuses to live music bands for parties and pedagogues –, all you need is to tell your personal concierge. To complete the Mykonian experience, make sure to visit the archaeological site of Delos and to swim in the crystal clear waters of the nearby Rhenia island. To get there hire a private yacht, with all that this entails.

What do the neon lights and the DJs sets have to do with grocery shopping? A possible answer is provided by Flora Market. This concept is built exclusively for VIP customers who can buy the rarest and most expensive brands, on products such as caviar, foie gras, French truffle and Spanish meat. Probably the only place in the world where you will see the latest fashion shows on the giant screens over the cold cuts corner. Dio Horia

Art is a lifestyle Open for more than two decades, Rarity Gallery, in the center of Mykonos, was the first art gallery on the island to showcase the work of internationally recognized artists and is, therefore, something of a cultural site. What you’ll find here is the best of contemporary art, drawn by a cosmopolitan collection of artists. A new arrival on the island is Dio Horia, a platform of art and culture created by art historian Marina Vranopoulou. Its aim – supporting artists in the production and exhibition of their works – stimulates discussion, experimentation, creativity and the exchange of knowledge. The terrace boosts for a stunning view and the design bears the signature of the interior design architect Stavros Papagiannis. Summer 2018 | 107

High-end Destination


You are invited to the party Cavo Paradiso is the name of the island’s premier out-oftown open air club, where you can dance at the beats of the best international DJs. On the other hand, Scorpios is an entire peninsula redesigned by the renowned architecture office K-Studio, to become a 24-hours boho

108 | Experience Greece

chic heaven on earth. It is suitable for swimming, eating, watching unique sunset views and mingling with classy people in an endless party.


International flare at Soho Soho The exquisite boutique is today the most dynamic multi brand chain store in the Greek Fashion Market, hosting leading US and European clothing designers. Alexander Wang, Kenzo, Dior and Versace are just a few of your options, to be found in the store, 100% dedicated to women, in 46 Matogianni str.

The Greek luxury of ergon Mykonos Handmade and bespoke creations constitute the essence of the minimalistic brand. Clothes, shoes and accessories – such as a Trojan horse interpreted as a presse papier, an ancient pillar as a pencil case – all made of quality materials such as linen, silk, wood, clay, gold, silver and gems. Create your own pieces in the store’s design lab, where you can tailor-make espadrilles or accessories for a personal spin on their collection. In Athens, you will find its creations at Showroom 10, in Kolonaki.

Mementos and more at Anapolo Souvenirs sold in Anapolo shop are tasteful little pieces of art. Signed by Greek designers, they bear a hogher price, as well as prestige. It is located in 25 P. Drakopoulou str.

Summer 2018 | 109

High-end Destination

NAMMOS VILLAGE Disc o ver the para dise of f ashion . Situated on the cosmopolitan beach of Psarou, just a few steps away from NAMMOS Restaurant, NAMMOS Village welcomes its guests. Featuring 5 buildings and an open air cafe within a magnificent botanical garden, NAMMOS

nammosvill age. c om

Village competes in style, variety and prestige the most well known global shopping hubs. It's goal, creating the ultimate shopping destination on a distinctive setting next to the beach. Within a total land size of 12.000m2 and combined with a 1.800m2 underground parking the only access to its private beach is achieved through the enjoyable pedestrian alleys, filled with

112 | Experience Greece

refreshing water features and lush plantation. The architecture of its villas complies with the local vernacular architecture enhanced by modern features, such as its openings and materials. The buildings’ shell is designed in such a manner to

maximize the window display and promote the use of both levels and fl ors. NAMMOS Village promises a unique, luxury experience.

Summer 2018 | 113

Cycladian Hotels



Luxurious Villas


Celebra te life ’s most val uable moment s in Myk onos .

Class 5* Accommodation

Panormos Mykonos, Greece

This unique hotel is consisted of a timeless collection of white-washed Mykonian style luxury sea view villas, overlooking stunning Panormos Beach. Each villa provides a private swimming pool. The hotel’s philosophy is to provide its guests with a personalized, tailor-made experience. W hether it’s an in-house massage, child care, an on-call driver or a private chef to prepare a fabulous candlelit meal in your villa, your wish is the personnel’s command. The hotel offers a state-of-the-art event management service, to plan and implement weddings and parties.

6 private villas

Room Equipment

• A ir C onditioning • Satellite TV, DVD Player & C D Player • C omplimentary Wi-Fi • Pool Towels & Hairdryer • L uxurious Bath A menities • C ot & High C hair • C overed Terrace & Private Pool • Private Parking • Pets A llowed • Traditional BBQ & Fully Equipped Kitchen


w w w.mykonos panormosvillas . co m

• C omplimentary Daily Maid S ervice • C omplimentary C oncierge S ervices • Private C hef Service & C omplimentary Buffet Breakfast • R oom S ervice • Butler S ervice • C hild C are • A irport/Port Transfer S ervice • C hauffeur S ervice • C ar R ental • Beauty Treatments • In-house Massage • Private Excursions to Delos Island • Guided Tours • Boat R ental • Events Management • Travel A rrangements


• Upon request

CONTACT Telephone

+30 210 9614201, +30 6947303639, +30 6948784099


116 | Experience Greece


Boutique Hotel Mykonos A journe y t o the jo y of life and the feeling of serenit y is about t o begin . Completely renovated in 2017 by renowned French designer Fabienne Spahn, Kouros Hotel and Suites offers its guests an exclusive, elegant, relaxing experience all within the idyllic setting of Mykonos island. The traditional and modern architecture blends in with its unique location, while all the design-wise rooms provide unobstructed sea and sunset views. The hotel's restaurant caters its guests’ gourmet needs. The recreation areas – the Spa & Wellness Center – upscale the sessions of luxurious relaxation and optimal health. www. kouros-hotel. com



Mykonos Town, Greece

Class 5* Accommodation

7 classic rooms and 32 suites

Room Equipment

• Cable-Satellite TV • Direct dial Telephone • Individually Controlled Air Condition • Safe Deposit Box • Pre-stocked Mini Bar • Full-length Mirror & Hairdryer • Korres Natural Products • Laundry Service • Additional Linen Change & Pillow Choice


• Large Outdoor Swimming Pool & Pool Bar • Gourmet Restaurant & Breakfast Room • Free Parking & Valet Parking • Luggage Storage & Porterage • Fitness Center • Exclusive Wellness Center & Hammam • 24-hour Front Desk & Room Service • Multi-lingual Staff, Concierge / VIP Services • In-room Breakfast & Early Breakfast • Special Arrangements for Honeymoon & Anniversary • Wake up, Laundry & Secretarial Service • Babysitting Service & Doctor • Mini Bus Service to & from the Airport / Port Bullet • Free Wi-Fi, Laptop / Tablet (on availability) • Currency Exchange Bullet • Yoga, Dance Courses, Culture Packages • Shopping Assistance & Rentals


• Upon request

CONTACT Telephone

+30 22890 25381


+30 22890 25379


Summer 2018 | 117

Cycladian Hotels




Class 4* Accommodation

Info Santa Maria Beach Paros, Cyclades, Greece

12 suites

Room Equipment

White Dunes' 12 fine and total-white seaside suites are decorated with romantic nuances and discrete shades of blue, giving a sense of finesse and fascination. White Dunes guarantees a really dreamy and unforgettable stay in a modern Cycladic sea view suite in Paros. Guests are invited to relax in this seaside suites, next to Santa Maria beach in Paros, enjoying a wide variety of luxury services and comfort such as COCO-MAT anatomic mattresses, free Wi-Fi and plant bath products. Facilities and services provided by White Dunes will surely fascinate younger and older guests, whether travelers enjoying their family www. holidays in the island or couples, looking for a dreamy whitedunesparos. and romantic destination in the Cyclades. com

• Coco-mat King-Size Bed • Various Coco-mat Pillows • Private Balcony • Sea View • Air Condition • Mini Bar • Safe Box For 15'' Laptop • Electric Iron & Ironing Board • Free Wi-Fi • TV 32'' Ethernet/Satellite ΤV • Direct Telephone Line • Hair Dryer • Daily Maid Service • Bathrobe • Slippers • Natural Bath Amenities • Coco-mat Aromatherapy

Facilities • Swimming Pool & Children's Pool • Restaurant à la Carte • Breakfast Hall • Playground • Pool Bar • Beach (2 min walking) • Launtry & Ironing Services • Room Service and Concierge • VIP Services


• Upon request

CONTACT Telephone +30 22840 53343, +30 6989905905

Fax +30 22840 28911


118 | Experience Greece

KenshO Boutique Hotel & Suites Expl or e perf ec tion .

Info Location

Οrnos Beach Mykonos, Greece

Class 5* Accommodation

25 rooms, 10 suites, Kenshō private villa

Room Equipment

• 48'' LCD-LED with Over 100 Satellite Channels TV • Ergonomic Workstation • Mini Bar • I-Pad With Custom Application & Unlimited Music Lists • A/C, Luxurious 100% Cotton Linens • Luxury Amenities by Hermès • Nespresso Coffee Machine • Safe Box, Shower with Chromotherapy

Natural stone and aged wood frames the architectural expression of the luxurious rooms and suites, furnished with original works by Patritcia Urquiola and Paola Navone. Comfortable bars, hidden pools, whirlpool caves and designwise terraces are complemented with imaginative concierge services and chef’s George Stylianoudaki’s menu in the restaurant. Wellness upgrades to a high level, offering treatments like reiki massage, a tropical rain bed, color, sound and heat therapy. This year, Kenshō was distinguished as World’s Best New Hotel at the Boutique Hotel Awards and was awarded for its restaurant at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards.


• Pool • Spa • Restaurant • Wellness Center • Library • Breakfast • Laundry & Ironing Services • Transportation to and from Mykonos Town • Limousine • Room Cleaning Twice a Day • Quick Arrival / Departure • Transportation and Luggage Storage • Room Service and Concierge • Free Wi-Fi


• Upon request

CONTACT Telephone

+30 22890 29001, +30 22890 78788


+30 22890 27010


Summer 2018 | 119

Experience an incredible destination and the finest resort in Rhodes


Exclusive Resort


Sets the Standard for Luxury Holiday Experiences

NEW ENTRY! Opening: May 201 8 • Reservations: +30 22440 29230,

EXPERIENCES Excellent Weather

Fine Dining

Rhodes Island offers undisrupted sunshine almost 300 days a year. With a glorious year-round climate, you are guaranteed wonderful sunshine to enjoy your time by the pool or the sea.

Conquer the art of eating well at the Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa. With Greek, Italian & Asian cuisines, as well as some world gourmet corners and the delightful BuffetMain Restaurant, Mayia Resort offes dining options to delight every palate.

Premium Drinks

Personalised Service

Unlimited International branded drinks are included. The Mayia experience offers the choice of refreshment that most appeals to you, from soft drinks to fine wines and premium beers, international branded cocktails and whiskeys.

Mayia Resort goes beyond the expected to create bespoke experiences crafted especially for the guests. What is absolutely assured for everyone is a caring, personalised service of the highest standards.

Intimate Atmosphere With its breathtaking view over the Aegean Sea and the modern setting, the Mayia Exclusive Resort creates an atmosphere of intimacy and style for a truly relaxing holidays. It offers the ideal place for a memorable vacation in Rhodes full of unforgettable moments.

Private Accommodation

Private villas with pools Priv a cy and o pulence chara c terize these finel y selec ted ho tels .

1. Boutique 5, Rhodes The award winning Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa is tailored for guests who seek the best adults-only accommodation in Rhodes Island. Embraced by the evergreen nature and the crustal clear beaches of Rhodes it combines the smart contemporary architecture with the timeless

122 | Experience Greece

elegance, in a casual chic atmosphere. The flawless architecture allows you to enjoy the crystal-clear blue sea horizon from every spot of the hotel. Release any stress with one of the spa's therapies, sunbathe on the private section of the beach, dine with

style tasting fine local products in the restaurant. Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa includes 44 unique rooms to ensure that you will enjoy the ultimate privacy. Among them, the magnificently appointed Executive Suite is designed to satisfy the most demanding guests, featuring a separate living room, a private pool, a spacious terrace with a fantastic sea view, a walk-in closet to love, and two flat screen televisions. Moving from the bedroom into the bathroom, you enter an equally serene and posh decor. The sophisticated bathroom is fully decorated with marble and comes with jacuzzi and double sink. The suite can accommodate up to 4 adults.

Summer 2018 | 123

Private Accommodation

2. Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa, Rhodes Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa was created to meet the needs of high-level travelers focusing on the range and quality of its amenities. Guests who choose the Mayia Exclusive will enjoy personal service, discreet intimacy and high standard service with emphasis on wellness, luxury, rejuvenation and gastronomy. The luxurious brand new five star hotel features 248 luxurious rooms and suites, almost half of them with the ability to use the pool from the room. All this by the sea, with all the rooms offering a magnificent view from sunrise to sunset. Premium & Mayia Suites include an enriched mini bar (Maxi bar) with branded chocolates and juices, daily refilled. Cooking classes, dance lessons and studies on the Greek language are organised for its guest. Mayia Suites, with its heated private pools, are in an advantageous position a few meters from the sea, being the most special and exclusive suites at the Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa in Kiotari, Rhodes. Shaped in two rooms with a spacious living room and a separate bedroom with king size bed, modern heating and air conditioning systems, impressive furnishings and include a second bathroom and unobstructed sea views. Mayia's welcome includes refreshing drinks, chocolates and fresh strawberries, greaves, a welcome letter and escorts of guests to their room. Guests booking the Mayia Suites are entitled to free VIP transfers from and to Rhodes International Airport. 124 | Experience Greece

3. Sani Resort, Halkidiki A special place where nature and man exist in harmony. A family-owned ecological reserve stretching across 1,000 acres, with endless golden beaches enchantingly framed by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. Sani Club is a discrete and refined choice. Shimmering azure waters, white sands and ancient olive groves adorning the surrounding hills – it would be hard to dream up a more serene idyll than the Sani Club. It provides you with a dazzling array of amenities and fun activities, both on and off the water, complemented by a fabulous choice of tempting cuisines and restaurants to ensure your stay is very memorable. The luxuriously welcoming bungalows provide a private setting with stunning views. While the spectacular new collection of double rooms are the most spacious at Sani. These splendid rooms are the culmination of Sani’s recent refurbishment program which also includes beautifully appointed one and two-bedroom family suites, private heated pools, new indoor and outdoor pools, and fabulous new restaurants, Pines & Cabana. The intimate Sani Asterias Suites are sublimely elegant, luxuriously styled and almost lapped by the turquoise waters of the Aegean and the soft golden sands. This luxury boutique hotel in a private beach setting sits comfortably in its own serenely landscaped surroundings with inspiring views over the Aegean Sea and direct access to its own exclusive beach. Michelinstarred executive chefs have excelled themselves with a menu that both surprises and delights. If you want to leave your pool, work out in the Spa Suite Fitness Center, enjoy a game of tennis on one of our courts or even a spot of scuba diving at our watersports center. Alternatively you may like to take to the water on the exclusive Asterias Sunset Cruise – a very calm way to end your day or attend a live jazz evening at Water Bar. Summer 2018 | 125

Private Accommodation

4. Rodos Palace, Rhodes Opulence and privacy, distinct style and refined elegance define our Imperial Garden VIP Suite with Private Pool and Spa. Our distinguished guests find themselves in a relaxing ambience, surrounded by nature and experiencing upper luxury with exclusive facilities and features. The suite

welcomes guests with an impressive entrance foyer, the ultimate appetizer for what comes next. The ample lounge includes a sitting area for 6 persons, a distinct dining area accessible by the fully equipped kitchen and a WC. The Master Bedroom with a king size bed of supreme quality pampers and delights you. The lavish en-suite marble bathroom includes extra steam jacuzzi wellness system with remote control and a TV set for in-bathroom entertainment. A distinct dressing area with walk-in closets is next door, while the second bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom. The Exclusive Spa of the Imperial Suite includes a biometric gym and a private massage area, devoted to Personal Fitness. The Imperial Suite off rs its own private outdoor pool within a large private terrace with solid wooden deck, ideal for relaxing and enjoying sunshine in beauty and style. High technology features include three TFT Plasma TV sets (42"-50"), a Sony PlayStation unit, a Sony quality Home Theatre Stereo Device, a Notebook with Wi-Fi, a Tivoli HiFi, remote-controlled curtains and dimmed lighting. 126 | Experience Greece


Rodos Palace Resort, Iraklidon Avenue Ixia, Rhodes T: +30 22410 97222, F: +30 22410 25350, E: Facebook/rodospalace, Instagram/rodospalace

Private Accommodation

5. Nana Princess, Crete Discover the new jewel in the crown of Crete, the Nana Princess Hotel, which offers guests a choice of 112 superior luxury suites and villas, most with their own private pool. Choose from a selection of ten sublime accommodation types, all looking out onto the spectacular Cretan Sea in this exclusive waterfront property. Luxury meets state-of-the-art technology with spacious outdoor verandahs and uninterrupted sea views, contemporary living spaces, LCD satellite TVs, iPad/ PlayStation availability, mood lighting and rain showers. Add to that the choice of a private heated pool or

128 | Experience Greece

whirlpool, an indoor gym and even the option of a privÊ spa, steam room or sauna for your indulgences. Every aspect of one’s stay has been designed to bring a hospitality experience unlike any other, from the superior sleep experience to Nespresso coffee machines and personalised services. At the Nana Princess Hotel king-size beds, marbled bathrooms and private outdoor pools offer the discerning guest pure luxury, wellness and grandeur.

Private Accommodation

6. Amathus Hotels, Rhodes

On the west coast of Rhodes lies the resort of Ixia, the closest resort to Rhodes town. On this beautiful location offering majestic sea and sunset views lie the Amathus Hotels Complex that consist of the Amathus Beach, a 5-star resort hotel, and Amathus Elite Suites, an exclusive luxurious boutique hotel! Amathus Beach Hotel boasts spacious common areas with 3 swimming pools, delicious cuisine in restaurants offering majestic views and excellent friendly services. The hotel has 14 meeting rooms, the largerst of which

can accommodate 250 people making it the ideal destination to combine business and pleasure. The Amathus Elite Suites is a boutique exclusive hotel offering suites with private pools. It is voted from its guests one of the top 10 hotels in Greece, offering excellent service, gourmet cuisine, world class spa and amazing views. Amathus Spa and Wellness Centre is an oasis of relaxation, showcasing 14 treatment rooms, an authentic hammam, sauna and a relaxing jacuzzi. The indoor pool and the fully equipped gym are there to keep you in shape while on holidays. The island’s warm climate, its site and nature together with the impeccable quality in accommodation, dining and service make the Amathus Hotels the perfect choice when in Rhodes. 130 | Experience Greece

100 Iraklidon Avenue, Ixia, 85101 Rhodes, Greece ΤEL: +30 22410 89900, FΑΧ: +30 22410 89901 Amathus Elite Suites: | Amathus Beach Hotel: |

Private Accommodation

7.AldemarKnossosVillas,Crete Aldemar Resorts’ Complex, located on Greece’s largest island, Crete, lies 23km from Heraklion International Airport, 25km from the city of Heraklion and 2km from Hersonissos. In a separate and private section of 300 square meters premises of the hotel complex of Aldemar Resorts, Knossos Villas, with 40 autonomous and deluxe villas, offer an ideal refugee for a calming and relaxing break, and a cosmopolitan holiday destination to our up-market clientele. The unique location of Knossos Villas offers majestic views of Greek sunsets and access to two beaches with crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Aegean Sea. Its top clientele may enjoy the benefits of private or sharing pools, the beautifully manicured lawns and abundant gardens, sports facilities, entertainment and shopping. The northern side of Knossos Villas is uniquely located within its own private grounds offering total exclusivity and privacy. Knossos Villas offer various options in luxurious suites and villas to serve all tastes and demands of our customers, accommodating from couples 2 pax

132 | Experience Greece

to 16 people. The all-inclusive dine around program gives the opportunity to even the most demanding clientele to savor culinary delights at all 4 deluxe à-la carte restaurant. Sanctuary and serenity await you at our deluxe Knossos Villas.

8. Myconian Collection, Mykonos

Nine leading luxury hotels on Mykonos offer discerning visitors a choice of the most beautiful locations, stateof-the-art Thalasso spa centers, gourmet restaurants, outstanding conference facilities and glamorous wedding venues. Each hotel in the Myconian Collection has its own distinctive personality, a diverse range of accommodations, rates and entertainment options. On the idyllic Elia Beach which is famed for its fine sand and crystal water, the Utopia Relais & Chateaux, trendsetting Avaton, luxurious Myconian Villa Collection, as well as the Imperial and Royal resorts – both proud members of Leading Hotels of the World – all

command sweeping views of the Aegean sea from spectacular pool decks and private terraces. Further south, the Ambassador Relais & Chateaux presides as a beacon of superb contemporary elegance over the beautiful bay of Platis Gialos – the pearl in a string of famous beaches that includes the neighbouring Psarou, Agia Anna and Paranga. And in Mykonos Town, overlooking the iconic Alefkandra windmills on the very site which George Daktylides chose for his first hotel, the once well known as K-Hotels emerged transformed after extensive renovations in June 2016. A unique portfolio of luxury lifestyle destinations on the edge of Mykonos town, the five-star Kyma and Naia, and the Korali Relais & Chateaux complete our constellation that is without equal in the Aegean. Summer 2018 | 133

Private Accommodation


LUXURY MADE EASY® is a concept born out of a vision for waterfront lifestyle and it visualizes “LUXE ALLINCLUSIVE LIVING®” which simply becomes a part of your life. Irresistible! Grecotel Luxe all inclusive living is a refreshing and ultimate holiday concept which combines spectacular beachfront location with great design, personalized modern services, outstanding food and beverage selection, multiple activities and entertainment. White Palace lies on the island’s stunning north coast and features open-style public spaces and generous

134 | Experience Greece

lightfilled accommodations that mirror the easy elegance of a Grecotel Luxury Resort lifestyle. Delight with top world-class restaurants, sunset lounges, lovely pools and lagoons, a modern Hippie spa, surrounded by its endless Sea View premises. Indulge in the incredible hospitality. Revel in a new concept of luxury living: The waterfront “Yali” Villas, an amazing seafront collection simply named after Greek word “yalos”, meaning seaside.


in the Greek islands

Grecotel is a collection of Greece’s finest resorts, each individually designed and crafted, inspired by its own supreme beachfront location. Island retreats, enchanting waterfront palaces and contemporary haut chic resorts. You don’t have to own a Greek island; our amazing villa collection is all you need for another summer of partying in a beachfront villa and being wooed in the Greek summer. Grecotel holidays are full of precious moments to cherish forever.

Private Accommodation


An enticing resort full of magic and nostalgia awaits for you in Corfu island, where secluded beaches surrounded by cypress and lemon trees consist the scenery. In the “Garden of the Gods”, Grecotel occupies the most gorgeous Kommeno Peninsula, one of the most exclusive address in Greece. Corfu Imperial reflects the peninsula’s gorgeous natural setting with an unsurpassed collection of exclusive accommodation among luxuriant, splendid gardens along the shore’s edge. Twinkling chandeliers and luxuriously appointed lounges hint at the opulence of the rooms. Magnificent verandas with sculpted balustrades and wroughtiron railings look over sandy or pebble coves. The resort brings back to life the glorious summers of Queen Victoria and Empress Sissy with legendary service for an experience unparalleled in Greece. Aristocratic Villas share the mood and comfort of a

seaside country home. Discover the Palazzo Libro D’Oro, your own Italian-style chateau, nestled in a private inlet on the glorious shoreline of Corfu island.

136 | Experience Greece

El e

P ap

Faces of Hospitality


an ic o

la o


Elena Papanicolaou

www. fl ymeto th emoon tr avel .c o m

Her l o ve for tra vels and lifest yle can lift your holid ay planning t o an upper le vel and F l y you T o Th e Moon .

The concept of "Fly Me To The Moon" travel agency? “Fly Me To The Moon” is an exclusive “concept store” in travel and leisure. We personally explore, test and select top notch services to craft bespoke, authentic and unique events and travel experiences in Greece. We listen to our guests’ needs and dreams and tailor design their trip from start to finish. Some special offers to the modern traveler? We spare people the time, insecurity, stress of researching and booking, and protect them from the pitfalls of overinformation and misinformation. We custom design and arrange to the last detail everything from choice of locations, hotels, villas, yachts to guides, transfers, special events, gastronomy, entertainment, shopping and all that with 24/7 personalized service. We look for hidden, authentic and original elements that make

travel an inspirational and transformational experience. What led you to your current love for traveling? I am an economist with a master’s degree in Information Science, educated in Greece and Britain. A long multinational experience in senior corporate positions has offered me a deep understanding of people’s needs in traveling, working, relaxing and having fun. This together with my forever passion for exploration, travel, lifestyle, culture and gastronomy perfectly matched the next chapter in my life of doing a business out of my passion. Milestones, accomplishments or future plans? Gaining people’s trust in planning their leisure, corporate travel and special events; adding to their satisfaction in body and mind, inspiration, sense of exploration, spiritual and cultural empowerment; contributing to local societies and the environment; showcasing the beauty and spirit of Greece – all these feel like an accomplishment. We will continue this soul filling journey for us and our guests.

Summer 2018 | 137

Faces of hospitality




What is the concept of Mykonos Dream Living? Specializing in luxury residential real estate, rental and sale, the whole concept FRANCESKA. of our company is focused on helping guests to create lasting PROPERTIES memories with the people they love, and this by finding the dream villa that will offer to each one of them not only an unforgettable stay in Mykonos but a true lifetime experience. Some special services? Whether it is for business or pleasure our services are designed around the principle of providing to each of our guests an utterly personalized and exclusive experience tailored to their personal requirements. From last minute restaurant bookings and VIP access, luxury travel transportations and event planning, personal trainers, to villa management while you are away from your new home, we can take care of Your background & infos that all your hassles for you to guarantee a memorable stay with us. led you to this work? I was born in What do you offer to your clients? Our mission is to deliver the highest Mykonos and grew up in a family level of service to our most demanding guests. We are always by their side that was very active in the hotel to also assist them with anything they may need. With a portfolio boasting industry. Living permanently on the some of Mykonos’s most desirable properties, our tremendous experience island with my husband and two allow us to turn dreams into reality as well as providing them tailored and children, I have acquired a deep continuous consulting and bespoke services. knowledge and skills to design to each guest the perfect island escape. Whether it is for property rentals or sale, I combines my innate passion for hospitality and ability to understand each guests’ needs to create the ultimate living experience. With more than 20 years of unrivaled service, dedication and experience across a wide variety of property types, through my company we offer an extensive portfolio of bespoke luxury villas. It’s no coincidence that affluent

138 | Experience Greece

clients have trusted us with their investments. With a unique understanding of the high-end clientele, I personally inspects all properties and takes great pride in every villa I do present, focusing on offering to each guest an authentic personal approach based on discretion and confid ntiality. What you love the most in Mykonos? The natural beauty of the island, the Light, the fact that I was born and raised in an island that over the years still surprises me at so many different levels. But I truly believe that what makes it special and loved by every

single person coming for a visit is that whether it is a family , a couple , group of friends, gay partners there is and will always be a secret gem to each one of them that Mykonos has to offer. Contact:

Summer 2018 | 139

Faces of Hospitality So f ia Vl a ssi

Sofia VLassi Having recentl y w on t he Gl obal Award fr om L uxur y T ra vel Guide in L ondon , t he o wner of t he boutique design ho tel R a c c ont o in t he t o wn of Par ga shares her suc cess st or y. In Italian, its name means “fairytale”. What is Racconto? Racconto is a boutique design hotel based on the philosophy of high services, offered in a luxurious and friendly environment. I aim to create the right conditions for our customers to live in relaxed surroundings, with absolute privacy, traveling away from everyday life, escaping in a “fairytale” holiday. To me, hosting is a total experience and not just a stay in a beautiful room. That's why we invest heavily in training qualified staff who will always be ready to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. What motivated you to create a boutique design hotel? I was raised in Parga and the hoteling business of my parents, constantly dreaming of building a pioneering hotel concept, different to what the local competition had to offer.

What are the main features that distinguish your hotel from others? The combination of our adults only policy with our customized services – such as planning holistic experiences and excursions proposals. What is the connection with the town of Parga? The hotel stands on a private property dominated by the captivating essence of the olive tree forest and the majestic views of the surrounding Epirus Mountains. In this magnificent location, where www . ra c c on to-ho tel . the ancient, almost untouched co m nature meets the deep blue of the Ionian Sea, our guests find the destination of their dreams. Your future plans? The continuous improvement of our premises – especially of our services – is our constant care. Moreover, soon we will expand our hotel portfolio.

140 | Experience Greece

Faces of Hospitality

Aphrodite Dellaporta Al ong with her Br azili an par tner , Camil a Col ode t ti , the y contrive the most imagin ative Myconi an experien ces. What is your company’s concept? ALPHA - OMEGA Mykonos’ objective is simple… The perfectly planned, customized holiday, that is a sumptuous and luxurious adventure, from the very beginning to the end, in Mykonos. Simple? Well, we make it look that way! Your mission ? Locating, discovering, improving and delivering products and services you didn’t even know were possible in Mykonos. Why do you love holiday planning? I am a part of the Greek Isles, since I’ ve been spending time on various of them in my entire life. After completing my MSc in international medicine and crisis management , I dedicated myself in

Aphrodite Dellaporta

Camila Colodetti

helping others to plan, deliver and even repair others’ holidays when necessary, for 12 years. Just as I was thought by the Ancient Greek Gods: Hospitality, Assistance, Communication, Leadership, Socialization and of course Love. Also, my colleague, coming from the finance field, shares the same passion for traveling, adding an exotic, Brazilian twist to the whole experience. What is your next steps? Visiting various travel and culinary events all over the world, promoting my beloved Mykonos, as well as all the Greek Islands, of what comes natural to us Greeks; Live Life to its Fullest!

Summer 2018 | 141

Events to love

Your Big Greek Super Wedding Sand y t oe s, golden smile s, sal t y kisses‌ Whe ther your wish is t o ge t married or t o rene w your vo ws, foll o wed by an unfor ge t table par t y and a one-of-a-kind hone ymoon , Greece is the pla ce . by Danai Fotini Makri

inEVENTive / Maria Maroulidou

142 | Experience Greece

How about a barefoot, lux wedding on a pink sand Mykonian beach? Or perhaps on the rim of the Santorini volcano with the deep blue sea –reminiscent of a dreamy Dolce & Gabanna scenery– of a 1.000 feet below? A magically decorated cave οn an evergreen slope of mountain Pelion –where according to the myth the ancient gods lived during the summer days– is a great choice as well. "Greece is a unique place to for a destination wedding. Greek islands are real gems scattered in the Aegean and Ionian sea each one with a different beauty" says Olympia Giannopoulou, owner of the agency Marry Me In Greece. “A closer look into Greece's diversity will convince even the most discerning why it allows couples to leave the world behind and at the same time rediscover it. The right event will transfer

Marryme in Greece / Olympia Giannopoulou

inEVENTive / Maria Maroulidou

you in ivory shores and ornate vineyards, lavish retreats and fairytale habitats, dreamy seascapes and alpine sanctuaries filtered through a film of perpetual, milky light make wedding magic very easy to find”, comments Maria Maroulidou, owner of the agency inEVENTive. Greece is ranked on the third place of the top 10

Bright Blue / Georgia Katsila

Summer 2018 | 143

Events to love wedding and honeymoon destinations in the large UK portal “101 Honeymoons”, coming after the Maldives and the Caribbean. Among the reasons supporting this recognition lies the renaissance of the stylish accommodation the country is being through the last couple of years, the natural beauty of its mainland and islands, and the accessibility of all regions. According to Santorini’s mayor, Mr Anastasios Zorzos (Αναστάσιος Ζώρζος), during the past season the municipality provided about 800 permits for political

inEVENTive / Maria Maroulidou

144 | Experience Greece

weddings of foreign visitors to the island, while a great number of ceremonies without requiring a permit are to be added to this number. One of the most important European markets for weddings on the island is the British, while globally there is an ever-increasing demand from the Asian markets. A characteristic paradigm is an Indian fairytale-like marriage that took place one year ago in Athens. The two families of the couple have Indian roots and come from London and Nigeria. They distinguished Athens as a wedding destination instead of their alternative choices, Geneva and Amsterdam. For the hospitality needs of about 400 guests, all King George and much of Great Britain Hotels were booked, causing a total turnover of half a million euros for the capital's market in 4 days. Therefore a significant number of businesses appears or develops further, in order to help the couples handle with such huge, once in a lifetime events. Georgia Katsila the spirit of "Bright Blue Wedding and Events", owned by her and her partner, Anna Galani, shares her experience.

m ly /O


re e in G

me M arr y



an Gi





"Recently we organised a wonderful spring wedding that came out of the pages of a fantasy book. Our couple Samia and Khalil, living in Dubai, they felt that Greece was the perfect destination, and they were right! Their wedding style was natural in white and greenery, our favorite combination for this season, which highlighted the beauty of the venue. We loved every detail of this event, from the mint ties of the Groom and his party, to the white balloons that were released to the sky". On the other hand it’s the event planning agencies that remain always the top and safest option, as they take up the holistic approach of a wedding or vow renewal. They can give you a package and take care of all the details including the reception, transportation, paperwork, hotel reservations for your guests, handle any travel arrangements before or after the ceremony and hire all the professionals, like photographers and makeup artists. Of course they can suggest your personalized, unique concept, the right venue for you, the decoration and a menu to adore.

Summer 2018 | 145

Events to love Marryme in Greece / Olympia Giannopoulou

inEVENTive / Maria Maroulidou

The trends According to inEVENTive’s experience, destination weddings in Greece are becoming the new “it”. International photographers have started swarming, wedding workshops and editorials are constantly developed. At the same time the Greek wedding photographers changed their photography towards brighter, more upscale shootings, and wedding planning has elevated to a whole new level. Spanning floral installations, grand garden themes, a sea of stars wedding covered in blooms, lights and dreamy textures are only a few visions completed. “On choosing the perfect venue we keep in mind that each event is unique, as is every couple. From al fresco celebrations in private villas, to estates, exclusive, luxury resorts, private gardens, from a ranch to a vineyard, and from beach to a residence, there are hardly any limits to where we have staged or can stage an event”, complements Mrs Maroulidou.

Bright Blue / Georgia Katsila

146 | Experience Greece

Marryme in Greece / Olympia Giannopoulou


What motivated you to focus on event WWW. planning? The love of beauty, good taste, INEVENTIVE. and the creation of art. I realized that the COM ability to understand space, anticipate flow, design and eventually balance a concept with know-how was dear to me, and something actually missing from my country, when I launched over 15 years ago. Evaluating and breaking any event into components while striving for the fashionforward or that classic feel are very demanding and require great patience and expertise, but I wish to view them more as rituals that not only evoke but elicit feelings. Ηow did you develop your brand philosophy? InEVENTive is a compound of Invent and Event, a mission starting from conceptualizing to actually bringing every event full circle. To my brand, this means breathing deep, slowing down time with presentness, thankfulness and attention to detail as a couple prepares themselves to be wed. The true joy my couples feel, runs deeper than just one season. They deserve to spend less time stressing and more enjoying the beauty of their journey together and that is what we provide them with. Why should someone pick Greece to get married or celebrate an anniversary? Greece is the slipstream between art and nature, an unparalleled in beauty and soul land where people learn to laugh, open and experience emotions even before they can walk, which manifests itself in every aspect of life here. Celebrations are considered more than sacred, plus one can find practically every world destination in a single country!

Summer 2018 | 147

Faces of Happiness

OLYMPIA GIANNOPOULOU HAVING LIVED IN THE UK AND THE USA, THE OWNER OF MARRYME IN GREECE GUARANTEES THE BEST ORGANIZATION OF THE MOST JOYOUS EVENT. What is the concept of Marryme in Greece? Marryme in Greece is a boutique event and wedding planning company specializing in destination weddings and events. Our concept is to plan, organize and design destination weddings in various areas of Greece. We want the bride to have a hassle-free wedding and the way we achieve this is by taking care of all the services needed for a wedding – from the paper work, hair and makeup, photographer video and up to wedding. We work only with the best and we get the best results. Behind Marryme in Greece there is a whole philosophy that reflects our values, which are professionalism, care and love for our brides. How did you decide to enter the world of event

148 | Experience Greece



planning? After several years of experience in resort hotels as a General Manager and having organized many conferences, meetings and a lot of weddings, I decided to create my own business, as I have the necessary experience and the studies in the UK and the USA. How do you plan an exceptional event? Our team organizes weddings in Santorini, Mykonos, Kea, Naxos, and in the rest of Cyclades, Chios, Lesvos, Athens, Nafplion and Monemvasia. Each wedding we design from scratch and, after we have visualized our ideal, dream-wedding with the couple, we create Your Wedding in Greece. So if you are looking for a custom-made wedding and high quality services, certainly we are the team you are looking for. Is it feasible to built the event of a foreign customer? Of course. First of all, we have a Skype meeting with the couple to discuss their needs. After they decide about the destination and the services, the design of the event or wedding, we create with the couple the whole wedding day-by-hour. What is your mission? Marryme in Greece’s mission is to create joyous moments and unforgettable memories! All you have to do is to let us blend our creativity, high aesthetics and the vision to create for you a sparking event.

GEORGIA KATSILA OWNER OF WHITE DUNES LUXURY BOUTIQUE SUITES AND PARTNER OF BRIGHT BLUE WEDDING & EVENTS COMPANY. What is the setting of your hotel? The beauty of Santa Maria beach is the setting for White Dunes Luxury Boutique Suites, providing some of the most luxury accommodations in Paros. Guests can enjoy the tasteful breakfast, swim in the crystal-clear waters of the swimming pool and fully relax with a revitalizing massage. Except Paros island, which are your favorite destinations? Paraphrasing our great poet, Seferis, I would say that “wherever I travel, Greece is enchanting me”. What are the pillars of Greek tourism? Our country is a unique tourist destination. It is not only its beautiful natural environment and its wonderful climate, making it a first-rate tourist destination. It is our long history and our culture. They are the countless choices and the quality of our services and our delicious products. But above all, it’s the people. The smile and the pride of a generous gifted country.

What are the most important skills that GEORGIA KATSILA an event planner needs to possess ? While creativity and style are important skills to possess, it is even more important for a planner to demonstrate strong time management and organizational skills, ensuring that tasks are completed on time. What you love as a planner? Bright Blue Wedding and Events is here to create an event true to your unique sense of style and taste. It is our mission to make your guests really feel your love and experience! The photos are from our couple Samia and Khalil. Living in Dubai, they felt that Greece was the perfect destination – they were right! A wedding that came out of the pages of a fantasy book.


Summer 2018 | 149

High Cuisine



Guests at Ikos Resorts would be forgiven a moment’s hesitation in choosing where to dine. Michelin-star quality resonates everywhere they turn, with Greek, French, Italian and Asian menus curated by leading exponents of the fi est international cuisine. The famed Pourcel brothers have given their French gastronomic flair to the à-la-carte Provence

150 | Experience Greece

restaurants, while master of Italian cuisine Ettore Botrini characteristically combines the classic and the innovative in the use of the fi est ingredients in Fresco. Greece’s leading fi h and seafood chef Lefteris Lazarou is the inspiration behind the menu at Ouzo, while Chef's Katsu subtle blends of spices light up

Anaya and bring tastes of Asia to your doorstep. Head Chef Giannis Vasileiadis completes the culinary tour with Flavours, using the freshest local ingredients in a delicious Mediterranean buffet option. Spoilt for choice? Well, if you really can’t decide, there’s always the dine-out experience giving guests a taste of local community and culture.

For more information about the Ikos Gastronomy scene just download our IKOS RESORTS, GREECE APP and let this tasty journey begin.

Summer 2018 | 151

High Cuisine


Greece is a land of numerous islands and beautiful treasures on the mainland. This diversity can be explored with a fascinating trip through the Greek tastes and flavours and their unexpected combinations. In 2009, Aldemar Resorts, one of the leading hotel chains in Greece and one of the most dynamic businesses in the hospitality industry, was the first company that recognized gastronomy as an important

152 | Experience Greece

feature of the Greek identity and designed, planned and set in motion Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring with the clear objective of enhancing the image of Greece abroad by means of gastronomy. Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring is now established as the most dynamic and extroverted Greek promotional culinary programme promoting Greek food with a definite shift towards locally produced

food products of high nutritional value and Greek tourism. With the objective to establish Greece on the world map, it brings together a team of experts from Greece and abroad, including trade partners, state bodies, transport services, travel agents, tour operators, Greek producers and representatives of local and international hospitality Media, to partake in this multi-faceted experience. Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring starting from visiting 7 cities in 4 countries, has been visiting now, on its 8th year of operation, more than 80 cities, 14 countries, organizing more than 122 events. The team of Sympossio consists of 36 people and the supporters, collaborators and sponsors are more than 45. The number of people attending Sympossio events are approximately 4,150 travel and media professionals so far and the demand is increasing. Sympossio has been awarded and recognized in Greek National Tourism Awards as the No1 initiative to successfully promote Greek Tourism and Gastronomy abroad. Sympossio takes place once a year with a different concept every time. Starting from Sympossia held in Greek antiquity, which means “social events for the purposes of drinking, dining and intellectual discussion among Greeks”, we moved to the Ouzeri concept, showing the folk side of Greece, to Street Food as it was the arising trend in gastronomy in 2016. Last year, the Sympossio

set sail for the Aegean islands and this year will travel around Peloponnese, the undiscovered island. Sympossio’s duration is on average 4 months, but is likely to extend throughout the year. It consists of a series of culinary events hosted in designated locations like cooking studios in various European countries – each night event staged in a different city. Operating on the basis of synergies, Sympossio brings together the Greek National Tourism Organisation, Greek producers, chefs and hoteliers, airlines and coastal transport companies, with international tour operators and travel trade businesses. All together, this moveable customized programme of culinary events has had a really positive impact on local agricultural economies as well as on the promotion of Greek culinary traditions to Aldemar’s clientele and, over the years, has become an annual institution for the tourism sector in Greece.

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The man behind the idea of Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring, Mr. Alexandros Angelopoulos, Vice President of Aldemar Resorts, describes this journey of Greek gastronomy around the world as “A Sensory Voyage Into Flavours & Authenticity”. “Sympossio is a synergistic, interactive promotional vehicle through which we aspire to change the Greek narrative. We want people to experience Greece: Its culture, its inherent values, its tradition. Sympossio

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provides us the means to do exactly that; our unique food culture brings all these unique traits together.” •

Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring is by all means a quite successful programme, dependent on synergies, and contingent on top-quality products and services. It aspires to provide sustainable opportunities for growth for tourism or tourismrelated businesses in Greece.

FUTURE TRENDS & GOALS In next years we will be focusing on the food waste as it is at a critical point. Therefore, the next years’ trends include grow it yourself backyard and balcony foods, giving a larger emphasis on cooking what you know you can eat. Which means the leftover revival is on its way. Combine leftovers to create great tasting meals that reduce waste and save on food prep time. Sympossio aspires to provide sustainable opportunities for growth for tourism or tourism-related businesses in Greece. It is a customized, interactive, customeroriented, multi-faceted project that requires careful

planning and special know-how. With the objective to enhance Greece’s culinary reputation abroad, Sympossio manages to show the correlation between hospitality, gastronomy and culture in Greece, thus expanding the foreign customer base for the Greek tourism industry. With Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring, Aldemar Resorts aims to place Greece on the global tourist map, as an outstanding, attractive destination that offers a “wealth of experiences”. Learn more:

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• 800gr grouper fish fillet or 4 fill

For the marinade

• 300gr tomatoes, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, 1 celery stick • 100ml white grapes beverage, 80ml olive oil, 50gr honey, • 50ml white vinegar, 50ml grapes beverage vinegar

For the chickpea “skordalia”

• 200gr chickpeas, 50gr honey, 80ml olive oil • 100gr manouri or mizithra cheese, 1 garlic clove

For the garnish

• 8 fresh green asparagus, 120gr pearl onions, 20ml balsamic vinegar

Preparation Marinade • Set aside a small portion of the finely chopped marinade ingredients to garnish the dish. • Mix the rest of tomato, onions, garlic and celery in the blender and stir in the grapes beverage, olive oil, honey and both vinegars. • Marinate the grouper fish fillets or at least 2 hours. Chickpea “skordalia” • Leave chickpeas overnight to soak, then boil and set aside to cool. Puree the chickpeas in a blender along with garlic, manouri cheese, olive oil and honey. • Remove the grouper fish fillets om the marinade and grill. • Garnish with the chickpea skordalia, the boiled asparagus and the pearl onions, sauteed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. • Decorate the dish with the marinade ingredients that were kept aside.

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Ingredients • 1 onion • 1 garlic clove without stalk • 1 leek • 2 carrots • 2 zucchini • 1 potato • 500gr yellow pumpkin • 20gr grated fresh ginger • 100ml olive oil • 100ml white grapes beverage • 4 large cleaned shrimps No1 • 4 tbsp yoghurt • salt, pepper • chives (optional)


• Saute the vegetables in olive oil until they become soft. • Cut the pumpkin in small pieces and pan-fry it last, along with the grated ginger. • Add white grapes beverage to simmer and fill with enough liquid (vegetable juice or water) to cover the vegetables. • Boil in medium heat until the vegetables are cooked. • Blend the mixture to give it a soft texture. Taste for salt and pepper. • Saute the shrimp in a drizzle of olive oil, add salt and pepper and white grapes beverage.

To serve

• Serve the soup in a deep bowl. • Add a shrimp and one tbsp of yogurt per portion. • Garnish with chives.

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EXQUISITE EVENTS AND CATERING ΤHE RESULT OF TWO RESTLESS BUSINESSMEN’S LIFESTYLE APPROACH BOASTS OF THE BEST ORGANIC TASTES IN MYKONOS AND ATHENS. Mr. Christos Athanasiadis and Mr. Dimitris Christoforidis have introduced the Greek audience to the “healthy gourmet” concept with their venture, Nice n Easy organic restaurants. With over 70 years of combined experience in restaurant business and already five operating restaurants around Greece, Exquisite Catering came as a natural decision to channel their

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organic food expertise and turn it into a premium affair. Emphasizing in locally grown food, they cover wedding proposals and receptions, private dining, conferences and corporate events, on board catering, catering and breakfast services for villas, customized menus for special dietary requests, also providing the basic equipment – chairs, white ware,


stainless flatware, stemware and table cloths. Exquisite Events and Catering supports local producers and have established collaborations with small – or large – scale producers that use environmentally sustainable production methods. Dimitris Christoforidis arrived in Los Angeles at his early 20s and it did not take him long before starting his very own club restaurants.

Eventually his love for his home country brought him back to Greece only to join forces with the awardwinning chef Christos Athanasiadis, the co-owner and executive chef, that is always curious for the finest cuisine, expanding his gourmet horizons on an international level. At the moment, they own Nice n Easy organic bistro restaurant in the regions of Kolonaki, Kifi ia and Mykonos, Santa Anna in Mykonos, Nesaea farm to table Greek island cuisine, Loft Nice n Easy in Kifis ia and the brand new Italian bistro Frankie.

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WHO IS WHO Chef George Stylianoudakis curated the cuisine of the Kenshō Fine Dining Restaurant. Unique in its kind, it places the Greek culinary culture at the center of high gastronomy through modern and innovative techniques. George Stylianoudakis was chosen to cook last year for the James Beard Foundation in New York. Kenshō Restaurant has already being honored with the global award of World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2017 in the category Best Styling/Presentation.

To begin, place the clams in purified sea water and leave to soak overnight. To make the lime jelly, start by lining a baking tray with cling film. Bring the water, lime juice and gellan gum to the boil. Add the lime zest and boil for 30 seconds. Pour the hot liquid into the lined baking tray, allow to cool slightly and set in the fridge. Once set, put it a blender to make a puree. For the clams and mussel sauce, put the shellfi h with water and bring to a boil. Pass from a strainer and then reduce to 40%. Add butter, lemon zest, salt and pepper. For the clams, saute the garlic and parsley in a pan fitted with a lid, add the clams and a few inches of water and bring to a rapid simmer. Simmer until all of the clams have opened. Once opened,

remove the clams from the pan, pass the clam water through a sieve. To make the risotto, rinse the chopped shallots under running water and dry well. Saute the shallots with a little olive oil and stir in the rice. Slowly add the fi h stock and clam water mixture, adding approximately 1 ladle at a time and stirring until all the liquid has been absorbed by the rice. Repeat this process with all the remaining liquid – this should take approximately 20 minutes. Stir in the butter until creamy, sprinkle in the thyme leaves and season with salt and pepper. Spread a circle of risotto on each plate, place a ring of clams sea urchin on top the rice and top with lemon puree. Pour over some clam sauce and decorate with flowers and salicornia sprigs of thyme to serve.


• 300 gr clams • 1 garlic clove • 1 sprig of parsley • sea water, purifie

Sea urchin

• 100 gr sea urchin

Lime jelly

• 225 gr water • 75 gr lime juice • 5 limes • 22.5 gr gellan gum

Clams & mussel sauce • 500 gr clams • 500 gr mussels • 1 L sea water • 50 gr butter • 1 ea zest lemon


• 300 gr carnaroli risotto rice • 1 shallot • 400 gr fish s ock • 10 gr butter • 10 gr thyme leaves • olive oil • salt • black pepper

To serve

• edible fl wer • salicornia • thyme sprigs

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• 16 snails • 1 tsp olive oil • ½ tbsp butter • 1 tsp shallot • 1 tsp parsley • ½ tsp rosemary • 1 tsp garlic • salt • pepper

Swiss chard puree • 4 bunches of Swiss chard • 50 gr butter

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• salt • pepper

Xinochontros (Cretan sour trachanas) • 1.5 L water • 500 gr xinochontros • olive oil • vinegar

• To plate

• borage fl wers • rocket • 16 Parisian zucchini • 8 croutons

To make the Swiss chard coulis, pick the Swiss chard and save some nice leaves for plating. Wash carefully. Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and cook for 3 minutes, until the Swiss chard is soft. Refresh in iced water, then drain well. Blend the Swiss chard in a blender until smooth, season with salt and pepper and set the puree aside. Cook the xinochontros in the water, until is al dente strain and store in the fridge, until time to serve. Just before serving, finish the xinochontros with snail stock and the Swiss chard puree. Heat a small saucepan and add the butter, cook until it reaches a nut brown color, then add the reserved xinochontros and the Swiss chard puree. Cook for a couple of minutes until the puree has reduced slightly and the xinochontros is soft. Add olive oil and vinegar. To cook the snails, melt the butter in a frying pan and when it begins to foam, add the snails. Fry for 2-3 minutes. Finish with the garlic, parsley, shallots, salt and pepper. To plate, place a spoon of the xinochontros on the bottom of the plate and using a ladle, push to the edges. Arrange the snails and zucchini on the plate and finish with the olive oil. Garnish with rocket leaves, borage fl wers and croutons.

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KSD brought to Greece the prestigious Allegrini, the leading research and production house in the fields of perfume, Amenities and more. We offer a full range of convenience products in a wide range, fully covering your every needs, at great prices, consistent in Tradition and Quality.

OLIVA DEL MEDITERRANEO All types are fully harmonized with the new Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on cosmetic products.



The products of ALLEGRINI have ISO 9001: 2008 certifications, Eco Label, Bio Eco, ICEA.


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