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The Meadows School

Honor Roll of Donors, 2015-2016

The ABCs of Giving

Table of Contents Our Mission and Philosophy ................................................................................................. 1 A Letter from Our Head of School and Board Chair ......................................................... 2 Introduction ............................................................................................................................. 4 The ABCs of Giving .................................................................................................................. 6 Our Donors ............................................................................................................................. 37 Financial Report .................................................................................................................... 47 Impact ..................................................................................................................................... 48 Endowments .......................................................................................................................... 49 Thank You ................................................................................................................................51 Board and Administration ................................................................................................... 52


ission: The Meadows School develops in its students a love of, and respect for, learning—inspiring them to seek

knowledge independently and preparing them for higher academic pursuits.


hilosophy: Successful education requires a three-way partnership between students, teachers, and parents.

Successful education is most readily accomplished in an environment of serenity, where good manners

The School maintains high standards and seeks

and good citizenship are expected.

to instill in its students the concept that education carries with it an obligation to self, family, and

Successful education is the product of having a

community. It encourages each student to become

Master Teacher in every classroom who “teaches to

a compassionate and productive member of the

the top,” that is, keeps the brightest student in the

increasingly global society of the 21st century.

class fully challenged while providing a pathway to success for every student.

The Meadows School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin to all rights,

Successful education results from financial

privileges, programs, and activities generally

resources being directed to the maximum degree

accorded or made available to the students of the

possible towards the classroom and ancillary

School. It does not discriminate on the basis of age,

educational activities.

sex, race, religion, color, national, or ethnic origin.


ver the course of more than three decades, The Meadows School

that we provided well over a million dollars in need-based financial

has developed a well-earned reputation for offering the finest

aid to Meadows students. In all, last year was a great year for The

college-preparatory education available in the region. Our ability to

Meadows. And it’s all thanks to you.

continue to do so is due entirely to the support of alumni, families, our talented faculty and staff, and friends like you. Indeed, we have

We are humbled to be able to lead such a well-supported institution,

relied on the generous support of members across our community who

as your support illustrates your belief in our mission. This year, as has

believe in and support our pursuit of excellence. Published annually,

been the case for many years, The Meadows School’s Board of Trustees,

the Honor Roll of Donors constitutes an opportunity we look forward

Alumni Board, Parents Association Board, and the entire faculty and

to each and every year. In these pages, we inform you of our financial

staff supported the 2015-16 Anunal Fund. We are encouraged as

status, offer transparency in how the School’s supporters’ donations

well by the over 60% of our families that made the Annual Fund a

are being spent, and most importantly, we offer a heartfelt thank you

philanthropic priority.

to you, without whom nothing we do at The Meadows School would be possible.

In closing, we continue to urge the members of our community, both newcomers and longtime members, to participate in giving: your

This past fiscal year has seen The Meadows experience continue to

gifts make the difference in our ability to deliver the finest education

develop and grow. The Class of 2016 graduated and matriculated to

possible to our students. Please join us and the majority of Meadows

some of the finest colleges and universities in the world. Upper School

families in continuing to support our students, both while they study

athletic teams captured state championships in two sports, girls’ tennis

on Scholar Lane, and as they take their education to benefit the world

and boys’ basketball, while Middle School athletics fielded 23 teams


and only one missed the playoffs. Our experiential learning programs are getting off the ground, with Upper School college trips last year

In gratitude,

expanding from the junior year college trips to include a Washington, D.C. trip for sophomores this year, along with Middle School trips for 7th and 8th graders. The staff and students staged over 10 concerts and productions in the Peccole Center for the Arts. Students returned to the LeOre Cobbley Lower School this fall to see a completely refreshed

Jeremy Gregersen Head of School

The Honorable Douglas W. Herndon Chair of the Board

school, with new colors, wall coverings, and flooring. Inside those walls, our devotion to the Cobbley program’s reliance on traditional educational methods continues to pay dividends, as seen by our students’ nationally-normed test scores far outpacing their private and public school counterparts. Finally, we are extremely proud to note



he alphabet is one of the first codes we master as young children. Once deciphered, this string of 26 letters provides the building blocks of language and learning and provides us the tools necessary to express ourselves and connect with the world.

The alphabet gives us so many things - the periodic table and the Declaration of Independence, the words of our mission statement and our School motto, books like Moby Dick and Wonder, and useful shorthand like LOL, OMG, and, of course, TMS. But TMS is more than just three letters. Just as the alphabet provides an invaluable instrument for expression and engagement, The Meadows School gives academically able and ambitious students the tools they need to grow intellectually, personally, and socially: a rigorous curriculum, a community of peers who are looking to be challenged, and infinite possibilities for the future. We invite you to explore the ABCs of TMS, from where your Annual Fund dollars go to the hundreds of different ways our students, parents, faculty, and staff contribute to making The Meadows School so special. Enjoy!



is for Annual Report

If you think the Honor Roll of Donors, The Meadows School’s Annual Report, is a year-end accounting of the donations we have received and a listing of people who have made those donations, you are correct. It’s a place to find financial charts, lists of endowments, and the names of those who have given to the School. But it is also a place to reflect on the past year and to find stories and photos that show the impact that your donations have on the students, families, alumni, and faculty of TMS. In this report, you will read about the many ways your Annual Fund dollars help TMS. Beyond the normal classroom activities, TMS Annual Fund supports all of the extras: the Lower School trips to the fire station and the 11th grade college visits, the band concerts, the art shows, and the plays, the 17 varsity sports teams, and 15 Good Citizenship Programs. In short, they turn TMS from a good school to a great school. We hope our Honor Roll of Donors provides some insight into the countless ways that The Meadows School works every day to provide the best education in the region in a safe learning environment for your children. We hope you will continue to support the School through time, talent, and treasure, and we hope you know how much we appreciate all you do.



is for Band, Drumline, Orchestra, and Strings. If you have ever enjoyed a musical performance in the Peccole Center for the Arts, you know our students have talent. Our music teachers work with hundreds of students throughout the school year, teaching some who have never before picked up an instrument to others who have performed at Carnegie Hall. Over a dozen concerts are performed throughout the year, giving our young musicians the many opportunities to perform in front of live audiences. In addition, The Meadows owns hundreds of instruments that are available for our students on a daily basis. There are countless studies showing the benefits of music education, including brain development, problem solving, teamwork skills, and empathy. We are fortunate to provide these benefits to TMS students every day.


is for Clubs. At The Meadows, we understand that our students like to be engaged in many different activities. We are committed to supporting students as they discover new interests and deepen the passions that aid in their growth. Clubs not only provide occasions for Meadows students to explore and expand their individual interests, but they allow Middle and Upper School students the opportunity to learn and demonstrate leadership skills. Clubs at TMS include, but are not limited to, the Women’s Empowerment Club, Model UN, Science Bowl, Best Buddies, and STEM Club, as well as ten honor societies. The members of these clubs raise awareness, participate in service learning, and represent the School honorably in the community.


Since the late 1990s, the TMS Forensics Team has built a powerful local, regional, and national reputation. Nearly 25% of TMS students participate in the debate program during their Upper School career, honing skills in public speaking, research, argument construction, peer mentorship, and critical thinking. The School has produced three individual national champions and another fourteen state champions in its short history, as well as countless team victories and honors. Forensics students travel all over the country to compete in tournaments and even host an invitational tournament for visiting schools on the TMS campus every fall.



is for Experiential Learning. At The Meadows we believe that meaningful learning can take place outside of the classroom. For many

years, travel has been a part of The Meadows curriculum, encouraging students “to become compassionate and productive members of the increasingly global society of the 21st century” and “inspiring them to seek knowledge independently and preparing them for higher academic pursuits.” In the 2015-16 school year, over 180 students traveled out of state on School-sponsored trips and for 2016-17, another 65 students will be added to that list. Trips to Pali Institute and Astrocamp for seventh and eighth graders allow students to bond and develop team-building skills early in the academic year. Tenth graders will travel to the nation’s capital for an integrated learning opportunity, tying in their studies from US History and American Literature, both requirements in the sophomore curriculum. Finally, the juniors will travel with their college counselors to explore dozens of universities and to visit TMS alumni in preparation for the college application process.


is for Field Trips. From delivering pumpkins to hospitalized children on Halloween, to visiting a courtroom and arguing the mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, Meadows students are afforded the opportunity to leave the classroom and participate in meaningful activities in the Las Vegas community. Field trips are a vital part of The Meadows experience as they provide exposure to arts and culture, let our children learn and experience things from first-hand sources, and make our students more engaged, intellectually curious members of society.



is for Good Citizens. Dr. LeOre Cobbley believed that successful education is most readily accomplished in an environment of serenity, where good manners and good citizenship are expected. This educational philosophy is practiced every day in the classroom, in the hallway, and on the playground. Throughout the year, over a dozen programs are presented to Lower School parents and students featuring topics as varied as cultural literacy, Shakespeare, insects, and love of animals. While the themes and presentations might differ, the message of good citizenship is reiterated. These programs also teach public speaking skills that are carried throughout each student’s life.



is for Homecoming. Homecoming continues to be one of the most fun and exciting traditions at The Meadows School. For decades, fans have come to cheer on the Mustangs as they work to bring home a victory. But Homecoming is so much more than what

happens on the field. It is the community that comes together before the game proudly wearing their Mustang attire, enjoying dance contests, bounce houses, and visiting with friends over delicious food-truck fare. It is parents volunteering countless hours to create a carnival for the whole School. It is our youngest students developing a love for TMS athletics at an early age. Homecoming is the wonderful culmination of faculty, staff, and parents and students joining together to create a night of community, fun, and school spirit.

is for Internships

The Meadows School Alumni Association welcomes all graduates of The Meadows into a society that aims to connect alumni back to the School and to help them with their future aspirations. This process begins before students graduate with several initiatives, including the Senior Internship Program. Every senior is paired with a professional, usually an alumnus or parent, matched according to the student’s interest; they then work with that professional for the week. Students have interned with attorneys, physicians, politicians, and business owners, just to name a few. Seniors leave the week with a small glimpse into professional life, and some internships have evolved into employment after graduation.â€


is for Kickball...foursquare, and buried treasure. The faculty and staff at the LeOre Cobbley Lower School know that learning and fun do not have to be


mutually exclusive. Physical education and lunchtime play are integral parts of the day for all of our young Mustangs. Enjoying sports and games, learning teamwork and communication, and forming lifelong friendships are skills and memories that the students carry with them as they continue their TMS careers. Parent Play Days on the Mary B. and Fred Smith Lower School Playground have expanded the experience to include parents as well as students.


L is for Love of Learning. The Meadows School

aims to instill a love of, and respect for, learning in its students. This is a promise made by

the School to every family who enrolls at The Meadows. Every day the faculty and staff at

TMS are delighted to see this love of learning in

action. We see it in the clubs formed by students with a deep passion for history, STEM, and world languages. We celebrate as students return in the fall eager to discuss the books they have

read over the summer break. It is no surprise

when we hear of our alumni going on to receive

Master’s Degrees, JDs, MDs, and PhDs; they have an instinct to continue to challenge themselves

and to push further. We know our students love to learn because they come to school every day with a thirst for knowledge that is impossible to quench.


Starting in Middle School, students are exposed to a wide variety of athletic opportunities. As they move on to the Upper School, nearly 100% students play on at least one varsity team during their Upper School tenure. Over the years, the School has produced one Foot Locker Scholar, two Wendy’s High School Heisman winners, eight Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA) Awards for Excellence, twenty NIAA

is for Mustangs

Academic State Championship Titles, and forty-nine NIAA State Championship Titles. Even though The Meadows athletic teams have enjoyed much success, TMS athletics is about much more than just wins and losses. TMS student-athletes learn the lessons of hard work, discipline, and teamwork in a supportive environment that consistently achieves excellence while always remembering that academics come first. We are proud of our athletic programs and the legacy of excellence which has been built upon the hard work and integrity of our student-athletes. 22


is for Neighborhood. The LeOre Cobbley Lower School was the first building built in Summerlin, and we are very proud of that fact. Mayor Goodman was

correct when she said the best way to build a great neighborhood is to build a great school! Summerlin and The Meadows School grew together, and together we both became thriving, beautiful communities. We are forever grateful to the Howard Hughes Corporation for our 40 acres, and we enjoy volunteering hours to clean the neighborhood around the School and to visit with the seniors across the street at Atria Seville.


is for Options and Opportunities. At TMS we believe that a strong liberal arts

education is the foundation for the rest of a person’s life. A future doctor is better served if they learn Shakespeare, just as a future actor should have an understanding of physics. But within this well-rounded approach, we also believe that students should have choices within the requirements. Electives in the arts, world languages, sciences, and humanities provide Middle and Upper School students the opportunities to participate in an array of interests. Students can deepen their passion by immersing themselves in a particular subject or explore various offerings to widen their knowledge base. Whatever the decision, students are exposed to countless options and opportunities and use the knowledge gained well after graduation.


P is for Parents

Well before we opened our doors that fateful September in 1984, our parents have been an integral part of our success. We are grateful for the volunteer room parents and concession stand helpers, the parents who catalog books in the library, and those who provides a good workspace for our students when they are studying at home. It is our parents who continue to be our biggest supporters in reaching our goals. With the generous leadership set forth by The Meadows School Parents Association, all TMS parents have a place to build and grow the School into a true community.


How does the nervous system sustain life? What is the symbolism of the olive tree in Homer’s The Odyssey? Where can I apply calculus in real life? What issues will define the next Presidential election and how can my voice be heard? How can I impact the world for the better? Just as Socrates wandered around Athens asking questions, our students ask questions to discover a deeper truth. Our teachers encourage thoughtful debates and discussions to ask and answer these queries.

From the very beginning, The Meadows aimed to bring the very best teachers to the School. These dedicated men and women provide the foundation for everything we do as an educational institution. Annual Fund dollars allow us to continue to recruit the very best faculty for our teaching needs. We are not bound to the local area in our searches but look around the globe for the very best educators in their subject, who are not only excellent in the classroom, but are a fit with the culture of the School.



is for Service. At the core of our mission, we believe that education carries with it an obligation to self, family, and community. To this end, our students have participated in service learning throughout the years through various clubs, classroom activities, outside organizations, and 2016’s first annual Day of Service, which celebrated our founders and their mission with a school-wide dedication to serving our community. Our students wrote letters to service men and women, cleaned local parks, and volunteered at soup kitchens, food pantries, and assisted living facilities; our entire student body went above and beyond their usual service projects and spent a day in April giving back.


is for Theatre. The theatre and musical performances at TMS are undeniably impressive. Five times a year, the faculty in the Peccole Center for the Arts work with students to perform musicals and plays, dramas and comedies,

classic and contemporary pieces. Our students not only perform on stage, but also build the sets, run the lights, create the costumes, stage manage, usher, and assist in the direction for all productions. Our young thespians have been invited to perform in competitions throughout the country and several of our alumni have gone on to professional careers in the theatre.



is for University. Since our first graduating class in 1991, every graduate of The Meadows School has been accepted to a four-year college or university. Our Office of Student Life works with two full-time college counselors and a comprehensive advisory program starting in ninth grade to map out a path for college admissions. Students are assigned an advisor and college counselor that they will work with leading up to the admissions process, where student and family meetings take place to determine a list of schools that are the right fit for them. Students and parents are encouraged to be active participants in the counseling program and to treat the search process as they would any long-term research project: with regular attention and a frequent re-examination of objectives.


is for Visual Arts. Our Visual Arts program provides a supportive and structured environment in which students are given solid training at every step of their creative journey. Beginning and Lower School students are introduced to a variety of media and tools through projects that are both playful and thought-

provoking. Middle and Upper School students hone skills in observation and execution as they cultivate individual expression and analytical understanding. Additionally, our “teach to the top” philosophy celebrates students’ best work, with regular art shows and competitions throughout the year.


W is for

Why Should I Give?

There are so many reasons to give, but here are our Top 10: 1. Commitment

5. Mission

Giving percentages serve as the measure by which

Your TMS Annual Fund contribution reaffirms your

corporations and foundations rate involvement from parents,

commitment to The Meadows and its mission.

alumni, and faculty as an endorsement of the vision of the School. Participation from alumni and families is a reflection

6. Three Decades

of the satisfaction level of experience gained from a Meadows

The TMS Annual Fund helps The Meadows prosper every day


and continues our proud 33-year legacy.

2. Exceptional Faculty

7. Tax Deductible

The Meadows strives to attract and retain caring, motivated,

Since TMS is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, your TMS

outstanding faculty who are the best within their chosen field,

Annual Fund donation is tax deductible under federal law.

and who focus on the academic growth of each student. 8. Love for TMS 3. Financial Aid Fifteen percent of the student body will receive some type

The Meadows has given so much to you and your family. Your TMS Annual Fund gift allows you to show your love in return!

of financial aid this year. The Meadows School is responding to the continued need for assistance by families and is

9. Investment

dedicated to making TMS as competitive as possible

Your TMS Annual Fund gift ensures that The Meadows School

in admitting the most academically qualified students,

will be around for years to come, enabling it to educate future

regardless of their financial status.

academically able and ambitious students in Las Vegas.

4. Student Life

10. Making a Difference

Some of the areas that depend on support from TMS Annual

One student educated at The Meadows can positively impact

Fund include innovative academic programs, art and athletic

the lives of thousands.

programs, professional development for faculty, school technology, and much more. The dollars raised from the TMS Annual Fund are carefully used where they will have the greatest impact for the good of the School and our students.



is for Xenial. At The Meadows, we strive to make the School a hospitable place for everyone who visits our campus. This is especially true for the programs specifically set up to welcome prospective and new students to TMS. Middle and Upper School students are amazing assets, serving as hosts to those applying to the School. Upper School student ambassadors guide groups of eighth graders from around the city through TMS classes and common areas answering questions about the School. Our own sixth grade students spend three days in January hosting our current fifth grade students to teach them about the Middle School. Mustang Mentors, members of a new club, dedicate their time welcoming new Upper School students and helping them integrate into the TMS community.


is for You. We extend our thanks to every donor who has contributed to TMS’s success. In the following pages, we recognize all of the

donors who made a gift the 2015-2016 school year. Your participation in the Annual Fund makes a difference to every student and teacher at The Meadows, and we could not continue to provide such a high level of education and experience without your help. Thank you!



is for Zeal. TMS students amaze us every day with the great enthusiasm they show for everything that they do. From performing on stage or on the field, doing science experiments and high-level research, to leading the School in student government or community service, our students are doing extraordinary things in extraordinary ways. It is our sincere pleasure to see all of the things our Mustangs can accomplish here at school, in the community, and in their careers well after they graduate. Thank you for helping us accomplish our goals by supporting The Meadows School.


Annual Giving 11% Foundations, Corporations, Organizations, Businesses 2% Administration, Faculty, Staff 1% Other, Friends 2% Students, Alumni 56% Parents 11% Trustees 3% Parents of Alumni 14% Grandparents


ach year, hundreds of alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and students join together to give back to TMS. While TMS parents contribute most of the total dollars to

the Annual Fund each year, Mustangs of all affiliations have progressively rallied their support, empowering TMS to make an indelible positive imprint on the world. Over the past two years, faculty and staff giving has reached 100% participation and our parent donors have increased by more than 15%. More and more alumni have recognized the opportunities powered by Annual Fund generosity, and are proudly embracing their role as our next generation of philanthropic leaders. At The Meadows, we are developing leaders who know how to ask better questions, think critically, consider more perspectives, and collaborate effectively. TMS students learn how to succeed even when they are outside their comfort zones. When you support The Meadows, you help keep our mission alive by helping our students pursue excellence every day. Total Donors: 667 Total Raised for 2015-16 Annual Fund: $401,318


Named Endowment Funds Rickie and Mort Orzen Student Grant established in 1991 by the Orzens, Meadows School faculty members income is to be awarded to a Middle or Upper School student who, through academic achievement and good citizenship, has demonstrated qualities which typify The Meadows School student Alexandra Crockett ’92 Scholarship Funds (2) established in 1992 by the George Crockett Family in honor of their granddaughter, Alexandra Crockett ’92 - income is to be used to provide scholarship to two students who would be unable to attend The Meadows School without such help, and whose character and motivation merit special encouragement and support Reverend Robert I. Truesdell Memorial Fund established in 1992 by Board of Trustees First Vice President Ric Truesdell and his family in memory of his father, Reverend Robert I. Truesdell- income is to be used for campus beautification Nat Hart Scholarship Fund established in 1989 by The Meadows School to honor friend and distinguished Nevadan Nat Hart

Artwork by Ethan Fridman ’16

Jack A. Richardson Memorial Fund established in 1993 by Board of Trustees member William A. Richardson and his family in memory of Jack A. Richardson, husband, father, and grandfather, and patron of The Meadows School

Marilyn “Micki” Waller Memorial Scholarship Athletic Fund established in 1989 by her friends in her memory - income is to be awarded to a student who achieves both academic and athletic excellence

Isabelle J. Holman Faculty Professional Growth Fund established in 1986 and named in 2008 in honor of Isabelle J. Holman, former Lower School Director income is to be used to provide opportunities for professional growth for faculty members

Dr. Carl Goldmark, Jr. Memorial Science Discretionary Fund established in 1991 by Board of Trustees President Carolyn (Mrs. Oscar) Goodman and her sister, Virginia (Mrs. Philip) Koehler in memory of their father, Carl Goldmark Jr. M.D. - income is to be used for one of the following: 1) need or merit scholarship for a student exhibiting exceptional aptitude for or interest in science; 2) special science-related trip for students; 3) faculty educational enhancements in the science discipline; 4) Science Department equipment

Barbara A. Schick Memorial Scholarship Fund established in 1986 in memory of Barbara A. Schick, a Trustee of The Meadows School - income is to be used to provide scholarship support to students demonstrating academic promise and/or achievement LeOre Cobbley Master Teachers Fund established in 1987 by Dr. LeOre Cobbley, Founding Headmistress, to acknowledge on an annual basis outstanding performance and leadership of individual faculty members Ruvo Family Scholarship Fund established in 1991 in honor of Larry Ruvo to provide financial aid for worthy students

Hazel S. Goldmark Memorial Music/ Drama/Art Scholarship Fund established in 1991 by members of the New York County Medical Society Auxiliary in memory of their friend, and by Board of Trustees President Carolyn (Mrs. Oscar) Goodman and her sister, Virginia (Mrs. Philip) Koehler in memory of their mother, Hazel S. Goldmark - income is to be used to reward excellence by students in artistic disciplines

Cara Lee Goodman ‘91 Merit Science Prize Fund established in 1991 by Virginia (Mrs. Philip) Koehler in honor of her niece, Cara Lee Goodman ‘91, a member of the School’s first graduating class - income is to be awarded annually to the outstanding female science student in the senior class William and Gertrude Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund established in 1991 by Middle and Upper Schools Director William H. Richardson, Jr., and family members in memory of their parents, William and Gertrude Richardson - income is to be used to provide student scholarship Amanda and Stacy Darling Memorial Scholarship Fund established in 1993 by the Darling Family in memory of their daughters Amanda, Meadows School kindergarten student, and Stacy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas student - income is to be used as an annual scholarship for a student from the Class of 2005 as the student passes through successive grade levels to graduation and thereafter to the general scholarship fund

Harold Kleinman Memorial Fund established in 1994 by Kathleen Chilton and Brian Chilton in memory of her father, Harold Kleinman income is to be used to provide student scholarship G.C. (Buck) Blaine Scholarship Endowment established in 1996 and created to provide tuition support for financial aid students The Deborah K. Swissman Loyalty and Spirit Award established in September 2009 by her husband, Dr. Neil Swissman, her children Megan Swissman Buikema ’94, Joshua Swissman x’91, and by her friends and family to honor and recognize her 25 years of participation in and devotion and service to the creation of The Meadows School - income from this endowment will be awarded annually as tuition credit to a rising freshman who is a continuing student and who best personifies the embodiment of the pursuit of excellence in all facets of character, academic effort and achievement, loyalty, spirit, devotion to and enthusiam for the School SDB Foundation and Sarah D. Barder General Financial Aid Fund established in 1995 and created to provide tuition support for financial aid students

SDB Foundation and Sarah D. Barder Annual Operations Fund established in 1995 and created to support annual operating costs of the School Laura B. Goodman Senior Scholarship Art Prize established May 7, 2004, in memory of Laura B. Goodman, renowned artist and paternal grandmother of Cara Lee Goodman ’91, in her memory by her son, Oscar B. Goodman, her daughters, Erika Goodman and Lona Livingston, and by other members of the family, friends, and members of The Meadows School - income is to be awarded annually in the form of a U.S. Treasury Bond to the graduating senior who seeks to pursue an art education in college Sarah and Eugene Creel Memorial Scholarship Fund established in 1995 by Board of Trustees member Allan H. Creel and his sister, Susan Keys, in memory of their parents, Sarah and Eugene Creel - income is to be used to support general scholarship Howard Quam Memorial Scholarship Fund established in 2000 by Lester andCrystal Quam in memory of Lester’s father, Howard Quam income is to be used to provide student scholarship

Carolyn G. Goodman Scholarship Fund established in 1997 by the Board of Trustees of The Meadows School and the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation to honor Founding President Carolyn G. Goodman for 15 years of distinguished leadership - income is to be awarded to worthy students in need of financial assistance Do Stiver Tennis Award Fund established in 1997 by Fran and William Lummis in honor of their friend, Do Stiver - income is to be awarded annually to the most improved tennis player from the Upper School Eastlick Family Endowed Leadership Prize established in 1997 by Board of Trustees member Barbara Stout in honor of her parents, Lillian and George Eastlick - income is to be awarded to a graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities throughout his/ her Meadows School experience Binion Family Fund established in 2008 by Phyllis and Jack Binion in honor of their grandchildren, Katie O’Neill ’97, Kellie O’Neill ’99, T.J Fechser ’97, and Fancy Fechser ’99 - income is to be used to support the general operating fund

Leona and Roy Potts Memorial Patriotic Prize established in 2003 by Jeanne Kurvers and her brothers, Richard and Steven Potts, in memory of their parents, Leona and Roy Potts - income is to be distributed in the form of a U.S. Treasury Bond to a graduating senior who has exhibited exemplary patriotism, citizenship, and love of country Class of ‘97 Scholarship Fund established in 2007 by the Class of 1997 in honor of their ten-year reunion - income is to be awarded to a graduating senior who demonstrates the following: 1) exceptional academic record; 2) varsity athletics for two years; 3) involvement in organizations; 4) determination, character, and extracurricular pursuits outside of The Meadows School environment Shaila Daulat Scholarship established in 2013 by Dr. Girish Daulat in memory of his mother, Shaila Daulat - income to be awarded to a female senior of extraordinary character and conduct who has maintained a minimum four-year combined weighted G.P.A. of 3.50, and at minimum, has competed in or participated in two different sports in each year for four years


We know how much you mean to us. We also know that we can never thank you enough. We are forever appreciative of your generosity, and we are overwhelmed by your commitment to our mission. It is our mission that drives us, but it is our students who make it real. And it is you who make it possible.

Thank you for all you do.

Board of Trustees


Douglas W. Herndon Chair

Jeremy B. Gregersen Head of School

Matthew B. Becker Vice Chair

Sara A. Carlson Director, Beginning School

David A. Straus Treasurer

Shana V. Marek Director, Lower School

Archibald C. Rufty, Jr. Secretary

Brian P. Siegel Director, Middle School

April L. and Matthew B. Becker Janet E. Kofkin and Donald E. Buchanan, M.D. Louis J. Castle II Vrushali G. and Girish H. Daulat, D.O. Michelle E. and Ike Lawrence Epstein Blake H. and Ted J. Fechser ’97 Emily A. and Ross C. Goodman Carrie F. and Douglas W. Herndon Kelly A. and Brian K. Iriye, M.D. Emily S. and Michael J. Novick Laurel J. Andrew and Victor Onufrieff Linda R. Richardson Diane B. and Archibald C. Rufty, Jr. Heidi S. and David A. Straus Terri E. and Roland V. Sturm Patricia G. and Richard W. Truesdell Founder and Trustee Emeritus Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman Founder and Trustee Emeritus bestowed July 1, 2006

Dana C. Larson Director, Upper School Charles A. Newman Director, Student Life Frank C. DeSantis Director, Athletics Samantha G. Atkinson ’97 Director, Advancement Melanie M. Orton Director, Business & Finance Bret L. Peterson Director, Facilities Ronald R. Sandlin Director, Technology Dr. LeOre Cobbley Founding Headmistress 1913-1997


Artwork on pg 32 by Anuja Daulat ’17, Katherine Chau ’24, and Isra Sabir ’17 Copy by Samantha Robbins Atkinson ’97 Design by Jilliene Jaeger ’09 Photography by Carol Cali, Judy Chapman, Caitlin Parker, The Meadows School Students Edited by Debbie Youngblood, Abby Hilson, Laura Ommen

The Meadows School 8601 Scholar Lane Las Vegas, Nevada 89128-7302 Phone: 702-254-1610 Fax: 702-254-2452

The Meadows School Honor Roll of Donors, 2015-2016  

We invite you to explore the ABCs of TMS, from where your Annual Fund dollars go to the hundreds of different ways our students, parents, fa...

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