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HELLO THERE How quickly will we let your property?



We understand these are two of the most important things to landlords, which is why we measure and publish the results every quarter, so you can see how well we’re doing, and we think you’ll be impressed with the latest figures. First, it takes us just 6 days on average from instruction to finding a tenant. And second, for 96% of our lettings, I’m pleased to say that the rent we achieve is the same as the valuation we’d put on the property.


(source: Cambridge Residential figures for Q3 2009).

What rent we’ll get for it?




Please read through our information sheets to find out more about the services we offer and our approach. You’ll find a lot more information, including answers to many of the most common questions landlords ask us on our new website at: Or please do call us on 01273 204037 with any questions – or maybe even to ask us to let your property for you! With best wishes Tom Ghibaldan, Director

cambridge residential

"You found a new tenant within three days. I cannot think of any way you could have improved your service. Absolutely brilliant all round."

"Over a twenty year period Cambridge Residential are the best I have come across and they set the standard for the industry."

S. Tanner

D. Blezard

"The team at Cambridge Residential is a real gem! Professional, intelligent and on-the-ball – they are exactly the people you want in charge of your property."

"After several negative experiences with other agents I was cautious about using a new one. A friend recommended Cambridge Residential as trustworthy and efficient. I have been excellently treated, and the team have been friendly and attentive in setting up my letting and resolving the queries I had."

J. Carne

M. Reynolds

NEED TO KNOW MORE? CALL 01273 204037 VISIT 117-118 Western Rd Hove BN3 1DB CLICK


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Cambridge cares…

Regulated, for your reassurance

We never forget that the success of our business depends on satisfied landlords. So we regularly send out a survey to measure how well we’re doing in your eyes. Because it’s the only way we can hope to keep improving.

You’ll be reassured to know that we are members of these professional bodies, abiding by their strict codes:

National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and abide by their Code of Practice.

The Property Ombudsman (formerly the Ombudsman for Estate Agents / OEA) which offers landlords and tenants redress against agents should things go wrong (we joined long before it was compulsory to do so).

“You provide a very professional service at a competitive price. Staff always do what they commit to do promptly, they are polite, efficient and knowledgeable. Obviously, they have been well trained. I'm a fan.” Comment from client satisfaction survey, Aug 2009.

The Dispute Service, licensed provider of tenancy deposit protection, who also provide independent resolution of any deposit disputes that arise between landlord and tenant.

"Up-to-date knowledge of legislation and the current market, accurate monthly statements, good tenants, advice you can trust, quick response to emergencies – they effortlessly deal with any issue they meet and are always happy to help." J. Carne

NEED TO KNOW MORE? CALL 01273 204037 VISIT 117-118 Western Rd Hove BN3 1DB CLICK


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cambridge residential


If you’re thinking about letting, we know this is a competitive market. Which is why our approach is an intelligent one based on the experience we’ve built up since 1997. Here’s why we think you’ll like us:

We’re a natural stop for tenants

We love letting property

We put a lot of effort into making sure we’re as prominent as possible, and so a natural stop for tenants:

We've got a great team of people who just love letting properties.

great big prominent office on Western Road

tenants find us on all the big property websites…

weekly ad in Latest Homes

We’ve been focusing on lettings since 1997, and this experience tells us it’s important to have the right tenants. Which is why we accompany prospective tenants on all viewings, and demand references, proof of employment and carry out credit checks before it goes any further. Also, we’ve developed something of an intuition for the people who might not be good tenants, and occasionally instead of showing someone your property, we’ll politely show them the door…

well-thought-through website

our new iPhone app

cars that buzz about noticeably!

“We started using Cambridge 10 years ago after trying other letting agencies in Brighton & Hove. They are very careful when selecting tenants, not necessarily accepting the first one to make the commission if they were not happy with them or their guarantors. They manage tenants well so have never had any defaults on rents." S. Bowes

We have the technology

We’re seasoned property managers

Smooth processes. One of the basics of running a successful lettings agency is getting a smooth information flow between everyone: our lettings people, landlord, tenants, inventory clerks, sign people, banks, reference agencies, our accounts people and maybe maintenance people.

What if something goes wrong in the property? If you choose our Fully Managed Service, you’ll find our years of experience and dedicated team of property managers will be able to get the problem sorted quickly with minimum hassle and cost.

Our top-notch computer systems ensure everyone is fully up-to-speed with what needs to happen and when – making sure your letting is as smooth as it can be.

Fly-by-night contractors are not welcome! We always select contractors we’ve used and relied on for many years to keep our clients’ properties as they’d expect. With property management, lack of experience here can cost you dear!

Keep up with your account online. If you’re a ‘managed’ client, you can log-in to a secure area on our website to see full monthly or annual statements for your property.

“I particularly like the landlords’ log in area, which is useful for me as I'm often not in the UK.” Comment from client satisfaction survey, Aug 2009. We pay out rent quickly. If you opt for our 'managed' services our same-day-payment means you’re not left waiting for rent money from your tenants. Floorplans save time all-round. All clients requesting an Energy Performance Certificate get a free floorplan, saving wasted viewings for everyone, and hassle for whoever’s in the property at the time.

We are constantly updating our processes to keep up with rapidly changing legislation, and keep all of our 'managed' clients up to speed, every step of the way.

“My company has had an excellent working relationship with Cambridge Residential for well over 10 years. The team are all excellent and very professional, all enquiries or problems are dealt with immediately if possible, or certainly the same day. They are all cheerful and helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble." S. Pavey

WHICH SERVICE SUITS YOU BEST? At Cambridge Residential, we have three lettings services for you to choose from, depending on your needs. We find that these provide for most clients but we will of course be happy to tailor them to suit you.

Tenant Introduction Service

Part Managed Service

We’ll find the right tenant for you

We’ll find the right tenants and collect the rent for you

With our Tenant Introduction Service, we’ll:

For landlords who want to manage any repairs or maintenance to their property, but don’t want the hassle of protecting deposits, collecting rent and renewing tenancies.

advise you on your property’s likely rental value

compile full colour details for your property

market it far and wide

accompany prospective tenants for all viewings

provide you with feedback

Essentially, it’s the Tenant Introduction Service, PLUS we also: •

We can also compile (for a small extra fee) an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if you don’t have one already – and you’ll get a free floorplan with it.

Then, once we’ve found potential tenants for your property, we’ll:


compile and check references

obtain proof of employment or funds

carry out credit checks

prepare the tenancy agreements and progress to the onset of your new tenancy

protect the tenancy deposit with our accredited scheme, TDS

collect rent and forward it to you monthly by BACS transfer

s upply you with monthly statements and a log-in to check your account on our website

send renewal or termination notices to tenants at the end of the tenancy

renew annual safety certificates for gas installation update you on legislation changes

With this service we would normally give tenants your contact details for repairs etc and our details for other enquiries.

cambridge residential

Fully Managed Service

Compare our services

PLUS, before the tenancy, we'll: •

 ask an independent specialist to prepare an Inventory and Schedule of Condition and meet your new tenants on the day they move in to show them round and obtain their signed agreement maintain accurate records to ensure that your property complies with all safety regs arrange any inspections that are necessary, like the gas safety check, EPC (in which case we'll also compile a floorplan).

During the tenancy, we'll: •

• •

 andle problems or questions from your tenants 24 hours a day, h 7 days a week arrange any maintenance or repairs necessary, using professional and trusted local contractors update you on any new legislation carry out regular property inspections, complete with a written report where appropriate handle any insurance claims.

At the end of the tenancy we'll: NEED TO KNOW MORE? EMAIL CALL 01273 204037 VISIT 117-118 Western Rd Hove BN3 1DB

• •


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send renewal or termination notices to tenants complete a thorough check-out inspection as an independent view on any damages or dilapidations oversee the return of deposits and any correspondence with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme arrange any cleaning or maintenance and check it afterwards.


As with the Part Managed Service, we'll collect your rent, chase any late payments, forward the rent to you and let you have full access to the landlords' log-in so you can check your statements online.


This is designed for landlords who want us to take care of absolutely everything. We've been doing this since 1997, so you can imagine we've dealt with every issue imaginable!


We’ll find the right tenants, collect the rent and look after any maintenance or repairs needed

Advise on your property’s likely rental value

Advertise on Rightmove and 5 other sites

Advertise on our website

Accompany viewings with prospective tenants

Provide feedback on viewings

Compile and check references, obtain proof of funds or employment, carry out credit checks

Prepare tenancy agreements




Accompany tenants on moving-in day


Arrange annual inspections to ensure the property complies with gas, electrical eqpt, and fire regs





Register tenants’ deposits



24 / 7 emergency call out for tenant issues



Arrange any repairs/maintenance required



Handle any insurance claims that arise



Carry out periodic property inspections



Collect rent, pass on to you same day


Enable you to access your account online


Send renewal or termination notices to tenants at end of tenancy


Carry out end-of-tenancy check out



Release deposits



Prepare Inventory & Schedule of Condition

Arrange Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with FREE floorplan

Update you on legislation changes How much does it cost?


2 weeks’ rent

8% of rent

10% of rent

Guide price: 2 bed flat - £80 + VAT

£75 + VAT inc. FREE floorplan £40 + VAT. Mand. for Full Mgt Svce


+ £75 for tenancy agreement + £40 to register deposits + repairs or maintenance


YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AS A LANDLORD As a landlord you have certain responsibilities towards your tenants before they move in and throughout the tenancy. Here is a quick guide, with more detail at (click ‘for landlords’) or please call us on 01273 204037 if you have any further questions. Safety regulations

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

You must keep the structure, exterior and interior of the property in good repair, including drains, gutters, water, gas and electricity, central- and water-heating.

By law you must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in place before any tenancy is entered into. We can arrange this for you at competitive rates. It comes with a free floorplan, enabling prospective tenants to better understand the shape, size and layout of the property reducing time spent on wasted viewings for the current occupants.

All furniture and soft furnishings must comply with fire regulations. If your property was built after 1992, you must fit mains-operated smoke alarms. All gas appliances, pipes and meters must be inspected and certificated every twelve months. You must ensure all electrical equipment is safe. Cambridge Residential can advise in more detail, and organise appropriately qualified contractors to help.

Insurance It is vital that your property and any contents are properly insured, and we recommend that you speak to your insurance company before your tenancy commences. Please remember that any existing insurance for an owner-occupied property might not be valid when it is rented.


If you do not already have insurance we will happily help here.

Tax Like all income, profit from rental income in the UK is subject to tax. The good news is that many expenses, such as agents’ commissions, accounting fees, ground rent and maintenance charges on leasehold property, and general repair and maintenance costs are normally deductible. We will gladly explain tax implications upon request. If you will be resident overseas throughout the letting period specific HMRC regulations will apply, and we will be happy to provide the paperwork you’ll require and guide you through the process.

More information This is a quick guide to your responsibilities. You’ll find more information at, including how the process of letting a property works, and the most frequent questions from landlords.

cambridge residential

MORE INFORMATION You’ll find more information on our website, including: •

information on your responsibilities as a landlord

how the process of letting a property works

the most frequent questions from landlords


“Cambridge have let my two properties for nearly 10 years and they have always found good tenants. One is an eight bedroom student house which is very difficult to manage without a good agent. Cambridge have always been on hand to deal with the problems inevitable with a house of this size, including chasing late payments from the students, which with eight of them is no mean feat! Cambridge staff are professional and caring and I always recommend them to people looking for a letting agent.” H. Crozier

"Cambridge Residential … stand in (stark!) contrast to our previous agent; they were prompt, friendly and professional in arranging our new tenancy. They are trustworthy and reliable when some agencies are insincere and impersonal. I am impressed and would certainly use Cambridge Residential again." V. Smith Or please do get in touch, and we’ll be only too pleased to help.

EMAIL NEED TO KNOW MORE? CALL 01273 204037 VISIT 117-118 Western Rd Hove BN3 1DB CLICK

CALL 01273 204037 VISIT 117-118 Western Rd Hove BN3 1DB


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We look forward to hearing from you.

AN EXCELLENT AGENCY We’re over the moon to have been awarded silver in the Sunday Times Lettings Agency awards, in the category of ‘single lettings agency of the year’.

An agency apart Cambridge were the only Brighton & Hove agency even shortlisted in any category of the awards. The judges made some extremely kind comments in their report and called us "an excellent agency".

Here is the full text of the judges' report:


With this in mind they invest heavily in technology to provide the most efficient service possible and couple good use of automated services with a personal and knowledgeable service offering. They have continued to profit and grow their business which is testimony to the hard work and dedication of their team. They measure their results carefully which enables them to offer an accurate picture to potential customers as to the successes of their business. An excellent agency."

"Cambridge Residential is a highly focused and motivated agency who has spent over a decade surpassing the expectations of both themselves and their customers.

More information

They continually strive for excellence and are passionate about the service they provide to vendors and landlords. The team receives excellent training to perfect the basics with the result that innovative ideas and initiatives are based on a strong foundation and they can deliver what they promise.

Find out more about our ‘excellent agency’on our website at: or please do call us on 01273 204037 with any questions – or maybe even to ask us to let your property for you and experience our award winning service yourself!

Cambridge Residential brochure  
Cambridge Residential brochure  

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