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Choose Life, Choose Sleep

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

When at university the urge

Screw Ultron and Joker, it’s

to stay out later is real, and

the fickle finger of fanboys


which will be the death of the superhero



Dont Take The Bait

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ISSUE 49 Editors Letter


So, the first month of Uni has been and gone, many a drink will have been had and

Editor in Chief

many a hangover suffered. Hopefully you will have found time for your studies in

Andrew Stewart

amongst the carnage, but if not DON’T PANIC! Deputy Editors The theme of this letter will be of staying strong in hard times and celebrating your

Kate McAuliffe

successes. This will be relevant to every student at some point, and has never been

Leona Reid

more relevant to the Magdalen team. Art & Entertainment Editors Our strong and faithful Deputy Editor, Leona Reid, is having to say goodbye to Dundee

Patrick O’Donnell

for a year, while she recovers from a serious illness back home in Northern Ireland.

Francesca Reid

Leona has been with the Magdalen right from the start of her time in Dundee. (Even further actually, as she confesses to have researched the magazine before even

Community Editor

getting here.)

Hannah Baird

Previously our Fashion Editor, Leona has been a creative and reliable member of the

Current Affairs Editor

team, and will remain a member of our family until she is ready to come back. Good

Euan Forbes

luck Leona, from all of the team. Enterprise Editor It is important to remember when times are tough, that the people in your life are of

Vladimir Ghita

the upmost importance, your family and friends will always support you, and provide you with guidance. Remember the good things you have, and you will make it through.

Design Editor Hazel Wyllie

So to you, the students, and to Leona, I leave you with a quote (not Dr. Seuss I’m afraid) from Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States:

Fashion Editor Sarah Doig

“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the Lifestyle Editor


Lauren Copeland Stay strong students, a long year lies ahead! Opinion Editor Leona, we wish you a fast recovery and remember, you will always be part of our team

JB Fyfe

and will be welcomed back to the Magdalen with open arms. Science Editor Andrew Stewart

Victor Chamosa Pino

Editor in Chief Sports Editor Alasdair Hooper

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Jessica Borwell


ISSUE 49 Creative Directors Letter

Design Team

It’s a busy month in Dundee, isn’t it? With events happening accross the city, the

Creative Director

student calander is looking more packed than ever. From Autumn pop up shops to

Kenny Meek

international conferences, the people of this neat little city on the water really are showing us something new every single day.

Asst. Creative Director Andrew Simpson

Speaking of new things, the team has a whole new group of designers. That’s right, a myriad of young, inspirational minds who really, REALLY love extra-curricular activity


have popped their wee heads up to say ‘yo, I want to design for this magazine’ and we

Freya Bigg

listened, and we agreed, so we let them and here we are...

Gavin Reid Amy Collier

Not only did we bring on new designers, but we celebrated veterans to the Magdalen

Ali Elliott

design team. See, with the new cover style this year, we’ve had to solve a serious

Fabio Maragno

problem: What do we feature on the cover?

Jill Montgomery Alice McConnell

Usually the cover design is a last minute affair. It’s done in panic, on the day before

Katie Wilkinson

print and it’s a terrifying experience for all involved. This is the first thing people see

Maha Ghani

so it has to make an impact. We solved this problem by utilising the best resource we

Ross Grubb

have available to us; student designers who will work for free!

Laura Gelston Monica Dunne

Here’s the plan: every month from now until my reign of terror ends, the covers will be

Dawn Neely

designed by 4th year members of the design team. This gives them a chance to flex

Ellen McLean

their creative muscles and it gives you, the students a shit hot magazine to do what

Erin Docherty

you want with. Be that read, or use as emergency toilet roll.

Craig Barbour Alice Farquhar

This months cover is by Maha Ghani - A graphic designer based in Dundee.

Ruth Martin Caitlin MacLeod

Kenny Meek

Grace Cunningham

Creative Director

Kieran Mcmaster

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Alasdair Hooper, Dominic Marshall, Hannah Baird, Jalal Abukhater, JB Fyfe, Katie Jowett, Larissa Kathleen Kennel, Lauren Copeland, Patrick O’Donnell, Qasim Ali, Ross Pollard, Sarah Doig, Sarah Witt, Victor Chamosa Pino, Vladimir Ghita

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DUNDEH, EH? Amsterdam is as charming as it is wild and as lively as it is laid back. Dundee is much the same. The Salty Dug explains the first statement, and the people explain the latter. However, the cities are a stark contrast.

Amsterdam is just over three times bigger than Dundee but it feels bigger. The tourists, the foreign attractions and the novelty enlarge the place. The things I liked most about Amsterdam could be done in Dundee. Amsterdam is extremely social, there are open spaces and the streets are cluttered with tables, chairs and umbrellas with the advantage of wide, well planned pavements. Amsterdam’s socially skillful streets are lined with businesses, without the gaps found in our high street. More business and less empty windows make a place bustling and buzzing whilst street food stalls and public pianos make the streets a playground. Council regulations are crushing for any food van entrepreneurs (a one-day-only taco van man in Caird Square explained to me), but why not put a grand piano in the train station and let people play? I saw a gang of young people piled round the piano en masse at Amsterdam Centraal and it was brilliant.



Dundee is in the process of a big change; a £1 billion pound

city without its problems, unless it is a divided city. A new

change precisely. Structurally and culturally things are

Dundee, united and stronger, would commit to tackling the

going to be different. Dundee has its first new boutique

shocking child poverty statistics in the reinvention plan.

hotel and a new pool, whilst a central open space, new railway station and V&A museum are on their way. The

It is useful to look at other cities and analyse their

plans look great, realising open space opportunity and

development to speculate what could become of our

aesthetic dreams whilst additionally, the development

changes. The fall of the Berlin Wall illustrates the effects

could possibly revitalise local health.

of socio-economic change, and provides a useful analogy. Life was better in West Berlin and the falling of the wall

Last year the Office for National Statistics released figures

dramatically improved lives in the East. Findings by the Max

revealing Dundee has one of the lowest life expectancies

Planck Institute for Demographic Research show it ‘added

in the UK, marking the fifth consecutive year in the

6.2 years to the life of men in the former East and 4.2 to

bottom ten. The reasons given for these issues were the

their female counterparts’.

socio-economic conditions, environment, education and lifestyle. Doctor David Leon writes in his journal on trends in European life expectancy that ‘getting out and taking in the view (metaphorically as well as literally) can have a salutary effect. It broadens our perspectives and challenges our assumptions. Looking at recent trends in European life expectancy is a case in point.’ It would be interesting to see if life expectancy in Dundee increases after the

The Child Poverty Action Group released a report this year revealing that one in four children in Dundee live in poverty and even reaching one in three in most deprived areas

redevelopment but before getting ahead of ourselves, it will surely improve quality of life.

However, this also demonstrates that wealth generates wealth. After the Second World War, capitalist West Berlin

Quality of life at the moment is an issue in Dundee already.

received funding to rebuild itself, like the Waterfront.

The Child Poverty Action Group released a report this year

West Berlin roads and infrastructure were superior, as the

revealing that one in four children in Dundee live in poverty.

Waterfront development will hopefully be.

This reaches one in three in most deprived areas. Likewise, Dundee’s Evening Telegraph announced in April that ‘[new

East Berlin is infamously referred to as ‘the workbench of

statistics] providing up-to-date figures for drug-related

the West’ as companies use the East for labour yet their

deaths in 2013 have shown that there were 26 in Dundee, a

headquarters and skilled jobs remain elsewhere in the more

rate of 0.18% per 1,000 people, the highest in the country.’

prosperous West. Living conditions, infrastructure and

Such figures make it unsurprising that some locals feel

employment improved with the fall of the wall, however

bypassed, their city under construction, but at a cost.

inequalities not only remained, they grew. Will Dundonians

Money is being pumped into the arts and rebuilding

(East Berliners) benefit from the new land of West Berlin

arguably adequate infrastructure whilst children are

(The Waterfront Project) or will they be the workforce

‘growing up in families with incomes that are inadequate

for a new influx of wealth? Primarily, there needs to be

for the task of giving them a fair start in life in 21st Century

an involvement and unification of the old and the new to

Scotland’. It is important the redevelopment results in

prevent division in our city.

reinvestment into the city as it is not possible to reinvent a




I had been told that there was some discontent directed towards the project for a variety of reasons, so I talked to some locals for their thoughts. I asked a varied demographic and tried my best to get an unbiased view. Generally people were hopeful for the end result but couldn’t believe how much it was costing. Older people were as pleased run-down buildings had been demolished as they were sad nice buildings had been torn down.

One elderly man feared for my safety if I wrote anything bad about the council but apart from him, people were largely ‘no bathered.’ I went to Tony’s Diner, the oldest and the best place to eat, to see what they thought. Established so long ago there were still whales in the Tay (maybe), I was expecting some opinionated people. I explained that many people didn’t seem to really know or care about the project, to which the staff said ‘pretty much’. This was interesting in itself. The tangible disinterest was strange but indifference doesn’t stop change.

Primarily, there needs to be an involvement and unification of the old and the new to prevent devision in our city

Change is inevitable and will affect Dundee forever. Here’s to Dundee culturally catching up with Europe, its change encompassing the best of the socioeconomic change in post-war Berlin and the best of the socially creative ventures in Amsterdam. Give the people what they want – a taco van, a grand piano and a better quality of life.

Hannah Baird



The Women Who Built this City

alking through the original

Although her home no longer exists, she has her

gates to the University on

own little blue plaque which can be found on

Perth Road you may notice a small

Princes Street.

blue plaque dedicated to Mary Baxter. But who was she? Well if you’re a local you will know that

Campaigning on behalf of women was not

her family gave us Baxter Park, the Baxter Jute

just a rich lady's hobby. Many of the working

Mills and she donated a quarter of her fortune

class women fought on a daily basis for female

to found the University College so that men and

rights. One of the loudest was Mary Brooksbank.

women could be equal in education. You may

A jute mill worker, originally from Aberdeen,

now know The University College better as the

Brooksbank was not afraid to take on a cause. At

University of Dundee. However Mary Baxter is

15 she experienced her first strike for better pay

not the only woman from Dundee to support

and worked hard to try and improve the working

progression in this small city in Scotland.

conditions of her fellow mill workers. By the time she died she had been imprisoned, renounced

‘After all it’s a brave man that takes on a Dundee Lass.’

religion and been thrown out of the Communist Party. Brooksbank’s plaque can be found just around the corner from Moorhead’s on Princes Street, on the site of Baxter’s Mill.

During the suffragette movement Dundee was

Although Brooksbank, Moorhead and Baxter

a hive of activity and support. For a small city it

represent only a small selection of the women

had big ideas, and the right to vote for women

who shaped Dundee, the strength and bravery

was certainly a strong campaign. This movement

they showed in changing the history of this small

spanned decades, refusing to be ignored and

city lives on today. We can see this in the work of

showed that Dundee knew what it wanted.

the University and, the tourism and culture that is found all around the city. Baxter and Brooksbank

Ethel Moorhead was not born here but she

will be appearing in a small play about the

quickly became a Dundee favourite and was

History of Dundee on the 23rd October at the

known as the finest female artist of her time in

Verdant Works, or you can check out the Dundee

the City. However, do not let her creative ways

Women’s trail.

and reputation fool you, Ethel was not to be underestimated. She was one of the leaders of the suffragette movement in Dundee and Painting by Ethel Moorhead

Katie Jowett

in her time smashed windows and committed attempted arson in her campaigns.



Eat, sleep, rave, repeat; eat, sleep, rave, repeat - ahhhhh to be a Fresher. No decisions, no worries, no problems. Well, maybe you have to decide which pardy to go to for pres, what to wear each night, or whether or not to get with that fit flatmate with whom there’s undeniable sexual tension (don’t, or do? YOLO.) No real problems; sheer, giddy bliss.

That’s until it’s the end of November and you’ve realized

are to your friends, they’ll either try and avoid looking at

exams are looming and no work has been done. Oh well, it’s

you because they don’t know where to look without staring

only first year, cram a little, get a solid 40% and it doesn’t

at some of your new found features or they’ll tell you point

matter anyway.

blank: ‘YOU’VE GOT FAT.’

What’s of more concern is the fact that you’ve ballooned into a hippopotamus. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat-may have been fun at the time but it certainly wasn’t good for the waistline. Or the chins. You’ve developed a lot of chins. And now it’s time to return to your old friends and family

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat - may have been good fun at the time but it certainly wasn’t good for the waistline.

who remember the fresh you. The slightly slimmer you. The single chinned you. Or probably not, they’ve realistically

Personally, I think we’d all like to avoid this situation. Now,

been stalking you on Facebook, and you’ve already been

I’m by no means trying to deter you from doing what

dubbed ‘the friend that got fat at uni.’ On your return you’ll

Freshers do, I’m not the fun police; let’s call me, the fat

be greeted jovially by friends’ parents with, “gosh aren’t

police. So, here are five top tips that if you bear in mind

you looking well, I can tell you’re enjoying uni,” with them

when it comes to Christmas you can indulge as much as you

later, after getting over the shock of your rapid increase in

like without your dad snidely muttering “should you really

size, probably enquiring if you’ve joined any sports clubs.

be having that?”

Clearly you haven’t, it’s a hint. Depending on how close you



1. Learn to cook! It’s all too easy to live off junk food and takeaways for your entire university career but these will make you fat and probably short of cash. Cooking for yourself will be much cheaper in the long run, healthier and pretty sociable too. Find some friends, do a big shop (Lidl’s cheap) and take alternate nights to cook for each other, remembering your balanced diet!

2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ and the fat at bay! Replace unhealthy snacks with fruit and nuts. Have a nice crunchy apple instead of that bag of crisps and you’re 1/5th of the way to a healthy day.

3. Alcohol. You’re going to drink and probably a lot more than you’ve ever drunk before. Everyone’s aware of the immediate repercussions of drinking too much, the dry mouth, the pounding head, the inability to move except for the occasional dash to the toilet to vom, but people rarely think about the long-term effects. Alcohol piles on the pounds, especially the tastiest drinks. The clearer the alcohol the lower the calories, so becoming a gin or vodka drinker is probably not a bad idea, coupled with slim line or low fat mixer. Sugary & sweet equal a recipe for fat, so avoid VKs, they are not the cheapest drink in Liquid, and nobody looks cool with a bright green alcopop to hand.

4. Don’t indulge in post night-out food. Scientifically unproven to improve the hangover, just adding unnecessary calories.

5. Exercise. Join a sports club; sociable, sporty people are always cool!

Now as intelligent young adults these little suggestions might seem obvious and somewhat patronizing but it’s remarkable how many people slide down the very slippery slope of purely eat, sleep, rave, repeat, get fat. It’s a tricky place to emerge from and as many wise people have said, prevention is better than cure. Maybe you’re one of those really annoying people who just have a great metabolism, maybe you think putting on a bit of weight is the natural transition from teenager to young adult, or maybe you just cba; whatever you think, ignoring this advice is likely to leave you struggling into your favourite pair of jeans and feeling less than attractive! Take it or leave it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sarah True-Love Witt




Without wishing to conform to the Daily Fail school

circadian rhythm is truly established and going to bed

of journalism and mass stereotyping; it can be said

at 10pm and awakening at 7am becomes less of a battle.

with little hesitation that students like to sleep. However,

Hence, when at university the urge to stay out later is real,

our inherent drive to sleep may actually have roots in

and biological. It is said that each of us may be fighting our

real life science and it is at university that some basic

own personal battles each day and perhaps you can feel

problems with sleep can commonly arise. In keeping

less guilt that your own might be the unseen Everest of the

with the theme of authenticity and actual science, Dr Ian

snooze button.

Morrison, Consultant Neurologist with an interest in sleep medicine has been consulted to enlighten us as to the

Evidence suggests that regardless of variations in when

particulars of such issues.

we want to sleep, the amount we require is pretty consistent and the majority of individuals need around 8 hours of sleep

When at university the urge to stay out later is real, and biological

per night. Unfortunately, for those instances where having a lie-in is not an option and lectures can’t be missed, we can accumulate a sleep deficit. If an average of 2 hours is lost from the perfect 8, you can acquire a deficit of around

Firstly, each of us possess a Circadian Rhythm or ‘body

24 hours; at which point response times are equivalent

clock’ that establishes a sleep-wake cycle and it is this

to your friend who has just drank 3 pints (who we will

rhythm or lack thereof that could lead to problems

imagine for the sake of argument is a bit of a lightweight).

conforming to the conventional 9-5 lifestyle which is thrust

Alcohol may well inspire creativity, but such a deficit is not

upon us from the very beginning of our education. It is not

ideal for when we rely on our brain to function reasonably

until our late twenties or early thirties that a traditional

efficaciously e.g. before exams.



In line with this, if studying is a feature of your university

science has provided the welcome knowledge that a 10-20

life, you may in fact have poor sleep hygiene, which

minute nap during the day is actually equivalent to 2 hours

perhaps surprisingly does not refer to the fact you haven’t

of sleep in the evening and is powerful enough to reset your

washed your sheets all semester. Instead, this refers to our

body clock.

behaviour in the bedroom. A propensity to work at a desk in your room or worse, in your bed can result in your brain

For anyone at university, I urge that the nap should become

reconfiguring to associate the bedroom with times of being

a firm companion. Many times in a caffeine poor state where

awake and working and hence, insomnia can ensue. The

I may have resembled a crack addict in search of a fresh hit

latter is compounded by our ubiquitous use of technology

of Arabica beans, a power nap has restored me to a semi-

where for example the advent of BBC IPlayer has seen

functioning human being.

students rejoice nationwide where a TV license can now be considered redundant. The light from an IPad or similar devices is of a wavelength that is powerful enough to reset our body clock and compound the issues described above.

A 10-20 minute nap during the day is actually equivalent to 2 hours of sleep in the evening

Alas, there is still hope for our sleep deprived souls and it comes in the form of a nap. Pre-university circa 2009,

In summary, 1. Wanting to stay up late and sleep for longer

this is something I firmly associated with the elderly and

in the morning is your biological right (within reason...) and

the habits of my grandmother after perusing the delights

is not equivalent to being lazy 2. The bedroom is designed

of Bargain Hunt all afternoon. It turns out, the old adage

only for two things (one being sleep‌) and 3. Carpe diem

rings true, she is wiser and was right all along. Once again,

can wait; have a nap.

Lauren Copeland 10


How To Protect Your Privacy In The Age Of Surveillance “There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment [...] it was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time” George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four


o the tin-foil hat theorists

could also be a major corporation like

you sent to your significant other at

among us, there has been

Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or Microsoft.

some point in your life. Wouldn’t it be

a common understanding

Even cellular providers like Vodafone

distressing to know that a stranger

trace and store all your activity.

can access those photos, and may

for years that we are living in a mass surveillance society very similar

use them against you one day for

to the one described by Orwell in

a malicious reason? Ponder over

his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. However, with the recent revelations made by former US spy Edward Snowden, there has been little doubt that Orwell’s surveillance society has been realised. We live in a society today where it is normal for government and big corporations to intrude on our personal lives to

that thought for a second. Think

If you believe in protecting your privacy, then it’s your role as a citizen to make it harder for third parties to intrude on your private life.

such an extent that the notion of

how your life might be different if everything you considered private was fully exposed to your bank, insurance company, employer, local newspaper, or government.

If you believe in protecting your privacy, then it’s your role as a citizen to make it harder for third

privacy is losing its meaning.

parties to intrude on your private life. Not only are your private

Parliaments may pass laws protecting

So what is the deal with mass

communications not-so-private, but

the right to privacy, but those laws

surveillance? Basically, every phone

your entire online activity is also

are often reactionary, and arrive late.

call/text message you make is

recorded by a third party. You, as a

Therefore, it is our duty to normalise

recorded by a third party. Every time

citizen, are always being watched,

a culture of protecting ourselves by

you send a Facebook message or chat

even if you’re not suspected of

using Privacy Enhancing Technologies

on Google hangouts, a third party can

malicious behaviour. Think about the

(PETs). This is our chance to diminish

listen in, see who you’ve been chatting

importance of privacy for a second.

privacy threats of all kinds; from

to, and pin your exact location. The

The “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”

mass government surveillance

third party in question is most often a

attitude is dangerous; it normalises

to invasive online monitoring, to

government agency like British GCHQ

the increasingly intrusive surveillance

hindering efforts of cybercriminals.

or American NSA. This third party

culture. Think of the nude pictures



Some basic advice on how

3) Use encryption technology.

5) Last, but not least, be smart

to go about this:

Encryption is the key to privacy. A

about what you share online. Act

lot can be said and learned about

with the mindset of only sharing

1) Anonymise your internet activity.

encryption, but our space here

what is absolutely necessary.

By now, it is no longer a myth

doesn’t permit for anything too

However, you should not be

that all your online activity is

detailed. Briefly, you can encrypt

pessimistic about the lack of privacy

being tracked and stored.

an existing email account with

you see today. The current privacy

tools like Enigmail, GPGTools, or

enhancing technologies are only

What you can do to stop this is

GPG4Win. You can also switch

growing, and the best is yet to come.

‘anonymise’ your online activity:

to private clients like ProtonMail,

Keep in mind, this article only gives

Use a Virtual Private Network

CounterMail, or ShazzleMail.

a general idea on basic priva cy. It’s

(VPN). A VPN simply hides

On mobile, a variety of applications

up to you to figure out the rest.

your activity by rerouting your

are available to protect privacy: Silent

connection via a variety of servers.

Circle (Android & iOS), Redphone +

Contact me with questions

Text Secure (Android), Signal (iOS).

My personal recommendations:

4) Get used to running security

or tweet @JalalAK_jojo

Private Internet Access, NordVPN.

software on your device. Having

Switch to Firefox as it’s the best

an up-to-date Avast anti-virus

major browser on privacy. You

and Malwarebytes anti-malware

can also use Tor Browser for top

on your system, for example, is

level anonymity. For mobile users,

a good basic step to security.

Jalal Abukhater

recommended tools are Onion Browser (iOS), Orweb (Android). 2) Use strong passwords. DO NOT underestimate the importance of a strong password. Also, don’t use the same password for more than one website.


Academic Skills Week Monday 19th - Friday 23rd Sessions begin at 12pm each day and last for 50 minutes. All sessions are in the D’Arcy Thomson LT, Tower, except for Thursday 22nd October which is in T.9 LT, Tower.

Academic Skills Week 19th - 23rd October Sessions begin at 12pm each day and last for 50 minutes. All sessions are in the D’Arcy Thomson LT, Tower, except for Thursday 22nd October which is in T.9 LT, Tower.


Procrastination, timemanagement & planning ahead


Essay writing & getting the best out of feedback


Report writing, Lab reports & dissertations


Referencing, editing & proofreading




Fall into new season

HOMEWARE With a new season comes new homeware trends, and it’s easy to give your flat an on-trend look, even on a student budget.


his autumn, supermarket homeware ranges have

home look is layering fabrics, so think lots of throws,

some really affordable pieces that can dramatically

blankets and cushions. Urban Outfitters have a really good

update a room. A cushion or two can make a huge

selection of unique decorative accessories to help add boho

difference to a sofa or bed, and can really bring a room

vibes to a room and give a well-travelled feel without the

together. George at Asda have cushions in a lovely range

air miles.

of on-trend fabrics and colours starting from £4.

It’s easy to switch up your bedroom by adding a few items to a desk or bedside table. A collection of accessories like photo frames, candles and pencil pots can be gradually built up and will look great whether colour co-ordinated or

A cushion or two can make a huge difference to a sofa or bed, and can really bring a room together

completely mismatched.

Copper is really on-trend for homeware this season, and it

Geometric shapes and patterns are another key trend this

goes very well with other autumnal hues and with brightly

autumn. Try monochrome patterned fabric with splashes

coloured accessories. You can add a touch of copper to a

of pastels in the form of statement cushions or throws.

room using a simple photo frame, a copper framed mirror

Geometric shaped photo frames and mirrors can help bring

or decorative ornaments.

the trend together in a room. Green potted plants go really well as an accessory in this trend, and add natural texture

Boho is also big when it comes to homeware this season.

to an otherwise very structured room. Cacti are perfect for

Give your bedroom a boho makeover with paisley or

this as their shape and colour tie together other geometric

medallion patterned bedding and a combination of ornate

aspects of a room.

metal accessories and worldly trinkets. The key to a boho

Sarah Doig 16


Dream catcher : Urban outfitter £12

Copper Frame : Primark £3

Printed cushion : ASDA £8

Hexagonal Mirror : £10

Plant : IKEA £5

Yellow cushion : ASDA £7



Shirt : Topshop £38

Boots : Matalan £15

5 1

Khaki Shirt

AUTUMN MUST-HAVES Khaki is set to be huge this season and from skirts to scarves it’s already all over the high street. A khaki shirt is perfect for transitional layering at this time of year as it can be worn buttoned up under a warmer jacket or worn open over a vest with jeans and boots on slightly warmer days. This Topshop one has a stylish, utility look and is the ultimate go-to piece for your autumn wardrobe. (Pic 1 – Khaki shirt, Topshop £38 )


Black Boots

Practical, on trend and they make your legs look extra-long... what more could you want from a pair of boots?! Worn with turned up jeans or thick black tights, these will keep you cosy and comfortable as the days get colder. (Pic 2 – Chunky black boots, Matalan £15)



Scarf : Miss Selfridges £18

Balm : Urban Outfitters £6.50

Coat : Topshop £59


Camel Coat

Camel is the perfect go-with-everything colour and so a chic coat is a must-have for this season. Throw this Topshop piece over any outfit for an effortlessly stylish, smart and simple look. Primark also have some camel colour coats for slightly cheaper, if you’re looking to stay a bit more on-budget! (Pic 3 – Camel coat, Topshop £59)


Checked Scarf

Everyone needs a cosy scarf for the autumn and winter and this Miss Selfridge one ticks all the boxes. Not only is it super soft, but it is oversized which means you can wrap yourself up in it whichever way you like. (Pic 5 - Checked scarf, Miss Selfridge, £18)


Lip Balm

As the weather gets colder, its more than likely your skin and lips will suffer. This lip balm is the perfect size for throwing in your bag, and is sure to become your new beauty favourite. Not only are the flavours super nice, but the matte finish means that your hair won’t stick to it when it’s windy; major bonus. (Pic 4 - EOS Lip Balm, Urban Outfitters, £6.50)

Sarah Doig 19

Art & Entertainment

We cannot escape the onslaught of superheroes

They are of course going to cry foul at the slightest

rapidly approaching our cinema screens. Whether

signs of failure and use that as the crux of their

you want to swing through the iconic Manhattan

argument. Furthermore, battle lines have been drawn

skyline alongside Peter Parker or drive through the

by the major studios in establishing their superhero

tumultuous streets of Gotham with Bruce Wayne,

universe as the prime one. As Marvel’s troops retreat

there is a wide variety of films within the genre to

after a lukewarm year, the oncoming war drums of

satisfy the taste of every comic book superhero fan.

Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of

However, tastes naturally evolve and change, often

Justice can be heard advancing.

becoming stale to certain flavours. It is fair to say the general public is on the cusp of widespread apathy for the constant barrage of apocalyptic nonsensical stakes, Saturday morning cartoon style villains and CGI bullshittery. The superhero movie market is fast

Screw Ultron and Joker, it’s the fickle finger of fanboys which will be the death of the superhero.

becoming saturated, but will we care when it goes away? The overindulgence of superhero films speaks more The superhero film has come a long way since Joel

towards corporate greed than it does public demand.

Schumacher’s Batman & Robin and Howard the

Now our summer blockbusters have been set in stone

Duck. With Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy,

until 2020, with close to 30 superhero releases set

sophistication was brought to the genre. With Mar-

and ready to explode. This is ludicrous at best and

vel’s Avengers, a shared movie universe was created

disengaging to the general audience at worst. Also, to

in an unprecedented business move, combining three

over scrutinise the future of the genre may overlook

different movie franchises to become one of the

the fact that some films are just worse than others or

highest grossing films of all time. Even in the golden

attract less interest than other properties. One film can

age of the superhero, there are doubts with regards

determine very little in the long term success of a type

to the extent of their success. With Avengers: Age

of film. Action movies are rarely all lumped together and

of Ultron short on box office revenue and critical ac-

analysed in this investigative manner.

claim compared to its predecessor and Fox’s massive humiliation in the form of their Fantastic Four reboot,

I do believe that the superhero will get their day in court.

the suggestion that we are on the eve of widespread

I just don’t believe that day is today. Films grow and

superhero fatigue is proving accurate.

evolve. Blockbuster cinema is not the same as it was a decade ago, and with the success of Jurassic World and

But why is this happening? Whilst superhero films

a return to Star Wars on the horizon, classic Hollywood

have been a mainstay of cinema for a long time, the

cinema is sure to make a homecoming to the cultural

phenomena of the credible andsuccessful superhe-

zeitgeist. Personally, I will be done with superhero films

ro movie is only a recent one. Due to its youth, the

in 2043, when Guardians of the Galaxy vs Avengers:

genre will be over-analysed and picked apart by

Episode V- Dawn of the Sequel hits the big screen.

various scholars, experts and publications in order to determine the shelf-life of this period in Hollywood cinema history.


Patrick O’Donnell

Art & Entertainment


Art & Entertainment

Dundee Literary Festival

There are a number of names to look out for this year at the Literary Festival with Dave Gibbons, Jackie Kay, Frances Quinn, Nick Frost, Caroline Criado-Perez and Gregor Fisher.

Dundee is quickly becoming the cultural capital of the

Got a little one that loves books? The festival has events

North and what better way to show off our spectacular city

for them too. Check out the Bookbug session (0-3years)

than with the Dundee Literary Festival. Kicking off on the

and ‘Make a Book’ session (5-8years) on Friday morning.

21st of October, the festival sees a mixture of comics, talks,

These will give children an opportunity to take part in

theatre, poetry and music. There are a number of names

songs, stories and illustrate their own books.

to look out for this year such as Dave Gibbons, Jackie

Friday 23rd October 10 – 12pm

Kay, Frances Quinn, Nick Frost, Caroline Criado-Perez and Gregor Fisher. In between the events, why not have

Dundee is well known for its strong women and where

a look around the pop up library, the exhibitions and Ms

better to find them than in the Jute Mills. The Four Marys

Battenberg’s Travelling Tea Room. This really is “five days

is a play by Eddie Small about the History of Dundee

of adventure” as the programme states. Since the majority

and four of its famous Marys: Baxter, Slessor, Walker and

of events are FREE, it is a great way to spend your week

Brooksbank. Taking place in the Verdant Works’ new

and get to know what Dundee has to offer.

exciting space this play is a must see.

Friday 23rd October 7-8pm New to the festival? Well don’t worry, here is a run down of events that I think cannot, and should not be missed:

If you’re trying to think of what to do for lunch on Saturday, then why not check out the Lunchbox talks with

The Festival kicks off with a lecture by comic book artist

Professor Tim Newman. Join Prof Newman to discuss the

Dave Gibbons, well known for his collaboration with Alan

question - Can the stories we write help us understand

Moore on the graphic novel Watchmen, as well as being the

the story that wrote us? Biology is the story of man and

first Comics Laureate in the UK.

scientists here at the University of Dundee are constantly

Wednesday 21st October 4pm

trying to understand what it means. So if you’re a scientist or a writer, give this talk a go.

Ever wanted to write a poem? Eddie Small and Lindsay

Saturday 24th October 1pm

MacGregor from the University of Dundee are here to help. Join them in gaining tips and helpful advice about crafting

Don’t forget to follow it up with Human being, with Francis

and performing your own works.

and Prof Sue Black.

Thursday 22nd October 10 – 11:30am

Saturday 24th October 3:30pm

Later that day you’ll get the chance to meet the winner of the Dundee International Book Prize over tea and cake.

Thursday 22nd October 12.15 - 1pm


Katie Jowett

Art & Entertainment

Branching out in Autumn The beauty of Autumn has slowly

beecheating. I couldn’t palm off my

fallen upon us.

readers with such simple advice, I have other options fir you: Learn

I walnut let this season pass without a

to castle on horsebak and become a

number of walks in the woods, the city

horse chess nut; Go to a karaoke bar

sounds cypressed by the canopies.

and on ginseng your heart out; Enjoy

Let me teak you through my

the company of loyal friends like your

experiences: On one of my capers

dogwood; Or hit the library and berry

last season, I had not peared up and

your head in a book.

instead walked alone. I can’t fig-get the occasion one cyclist struck me.

Yew must make the most of the quiet,

Clearly aspen for trouble, this cad

peaceful months. Saving the cashew

caught my bodhi as he passed.

need for Christmas, it’s worthwhile

“You Clipped Us!” I protested, pining

enjoying the little things. Swapping

for revenge. Sadly, I could do nothing

the daylight-shrubbery of the cinemas,

but watch the mango off into the

take a stroll through the extensive

distance. It made me sick, a more

Camperdown Park. Avoid trimming

unjust situation unfeasible. However,

your hedge fund by discovering the

I was Oakey.

observatory amidst the bamboozling grounds of three merged parks.

A poplar past time in the autumn has

Albeit tempting to aloe yourself

cotton, with a number of students

to waste thyme and money on the

taking to the parks, a number now

indoors, I’d beg you to enjoy every

spruced up. (As a side note, the

moment of the Autumn; olive it.

renovations have cost the council thousands that they now willow the

As a note to my readers, I know some

government.) A fine walk can be

of these are difficult but I’m sure

had up the Dundee law, with a

thistle go down well.

view certainly worth it’s cedar. Of course, I would certainly expect the lay pedestrian to clamber up the steps as the gentle roadway would

JB Fyfe @DundeeOpinions #PunRun


Opinions Do not design above this line


oyager 1, the furthest emissary from Earth, is currently

Earth will not last forever. Between wars, insidious food

about 135 Astronomical Units (over 20 Billion km) away

shortage, the likelihood of pandemic wipe-out and,

from Earth, hurtling into the stars carrying a little record of

everybody’s favourite: global warming, Earth looks like it’s

our humanity. Meanwhile we’ve only managed to dig about

got a terminal case of humanity. And naturally, to paraphrase

12 km into the very planet we stand on, but who cares about

Plato, this compels the soul to look upward from this world

this old thing? With years of science fiction fuelling our

to another.

imaginations and inspirations for a new world, should we be excited?

Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, offers us great lakes of hydrocarbons (nothing like a beach day where smoking could

Hell yes, we are all over this space business.

light the sea). Venus, having apparently lent us the fairer sex, poses tolerable temperatures and a relatively good location

Let’s talk about 2020. NASA are planning the Asteroid

with only a small chance of sulphur rain. Finally, Europa,

Redirect Mission (ARM), whereby they plan to pick an

taking a name from the deity Jupiter’s bull-lover, possibly

asteroid out of orbit and ‘safely’ place it in our moon’s orbit.

harbours the very oceans we evolved from. Let us not forget,

That’s right, we’re giving the moon a moon. Great kid, don’t

these are only the local options, and there’s literally a whole

get cocky, this could be too good to be true. The risk of

universe out there to choose from; your focus determines

deorbit could, of course, lead us to the similar near-tragedy

our reality.

feeling of turning on the Large Hadron Collider and expecting to be eaten by a black hole. Never tell me the odds, we should manage this.

If you are concerned, just remember we have a fully stocked space station with humans living in orbit for over a decade. The ISS plays host to some of Earth’s boldest and brightest,

Earth looks like it’s got a terminal case of humanity. This compels the soul to look upward from this world to another.

promoting our space exploration and research. But why do we even remotely try?

So let’s grab our little physics textbook, stare skyward and dream of the great ships our grandchildren could be boarding for humanity’s exodus. If you’ve got a bad feeling about this, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

JB Fyfe @DundeeOpinions #Rant



Jerem Corb y Reviv


ing L a Aban bours do Jerus ned alem

“I will not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand: Till we have built Jerusalem, In England’s (or Britain’s) green and pleasant land.”

an increasingly unfair country for ordinary people and not a ‘green and pleasant land,’ particularly for young people. The young generation are predicted to be financially poorer in the future than their parents. If Atlee was alive today he would be horrified.

‘New Jerusalem’ was the vision of the country Britain could These are the words of William Blake’s 1808 poem ‘And did

and should be: One that takes care of its citizens and defends

those feet in ancient time’ (now more commonly associated

their working rights.

with the hymn ‘Jerusalem’). The poem conveys the blight of the industrial revolution and its damaging effects on the lives

Jeremy Corbyn embodies these ideals of the radical socialist

of working people and the environment. However, the poem

vision of a ‘New Jerusalem’ that would see the creation of a

is also about hope: the hope; of fighting back to defend

much fairer society for ordinary people. Although it is argued

an idealised image of Britain as a fairer, greener and more

by relentless media attacks that his polices are too radical,

pleasant land to live in.

looking at the rest of Europe they could be considered comparatively moderate.

Politically speaking, ‘Jerusalem’ refers to Labour Prime Minister Clement Atlee’s policies in office (1945-1951) and the vision of the Government to create a ‘New Jerusalem’; a new country in which everyone benefits from socialism and the nationalisation of industries. The greatest achievement of his

New Jerusalem’ was the vision of what the country of Britain should and could be

Government was undoubtedly the creation of the NHS, concerned with helping the many and not just the

When given the choice of two radical political extremes,

wealthy few.

surely it would be better for us to live in a Corbyn-ist Jerusalem than Cameron’s ever-increasing nightmare of a

So what does all this ‘Jerusalem’ stuff have to do with today

1984 Orwellian Britain?

and with Jeremy Corbyn? The answer is that, thanks to the Conservative Government’s ironclad austerity, we live in

Ross Pollard




Alcohol has undoubtedly held the longest precedence of

Alcohol causes a death every three hours in the UK,

any addictive chemical. All cultures from Neolithic onwards

constituting one in ten deaths in men under 65. Further,

have created intoxicating substances, most commonly

Scotland has a rate twice as damaging as the rest of the UK,

alcohol in some shape or form. The basis of this is that of

with a yearly cost of £2.25 billion, close to a per thousandth

social cohesion, seen as far back as the Senet houses of

of the UK’s GDP.

Ancient Egypt, and many will argue that the use of alcohol has an evolutionary advantage due to this social positive

The current UK guidelines for alcohol involve units, the

based on its prevalence.

equivalent of a 25ml measure of a 40% alcohol, asking us to set 2-3 units per day (3-4 in men) with two alcohol free

In the modern era, however, we appear to have somewhat

days per week. However, a recent study from Sheffield

bastardised this. Images in media soil our heads of a beer

in the journal Addiction found that most regard these as

after a hard day, a whisky (or whiskey if you have no taste)

irrelevant to real-life drinking behaviours. Anecdotally,

after a tough case or a binge as a treat following a hard

this is quite quickly reflected on nights out, weeknight or

week. If drinking is the answer to a problem, then your

weekend, as ‘drinking to get drunk’ undoubtedly eclipses

answer is a problem.

the recommended intake. And so, the great divide is clear between the expected intake and the reality. Alcohol

Following our early 2000s normalising binge drinking,

clearly damages physical health, from tremors and shakes

we’ve moved into an era where alcohol has slipped from

to possible tumor-genesis, but the mental health side is

our danger radar since the 2012 minimum alcohol pricing

equally devastating.

discussion. Sadly, alcohol has seeped from its social use into an escape mechanism. Considering, however, that it has a depressant and anti-inhibitory quality, we are left with a significant threat to mental health.

With a savage cycle entered from either side, alcohol

If drinking is the answer to a problem, then your answer is a problem

can fuel brain chemistry changes detected in depression or radicalise inhibitions from suicidal thoughts. Similarly

With close to two thirds of suicides involving alcohol, the

depression can drive people to the escape of alcohol, using

relationship between intoxicants, mental health and society

societal learnt concepts of its apparent release.

is intertwined greatly. Although it’s certainly important to approach and address these problems within ourselves and our friends, societal culture’s role is somewhat complex to



tackle head-on. Considering our commonplace reward-driven

The University of Dundee also runs a counselling service from

society, the insertion of alcohol into our coping mechanisms

Cross Row, contactable throughout the week.

poses a threat to our physical and mental stability. JB Fyfe In all honesty, the most poignant progression for society is one on a personal level. Addressing our own demons undoubtedly presents the first step. Culture changes at a reasonably

using discussion with TCA and Mental Health Society @DundeeOpinions #DundeeMentalHealth

insidious level. Perhaps reflecting on our own behaviour and helping those closest to us is the most appropriate immediate action.


If you want to keep track of your alcohol and related calorific intake, the government has a wonderful little tool that also comes in a Smartphone app [].

To look at your alcohol use in context, you can use the FAST screening tool online [], but this is no replacement for talking to your GP.

The Tayside Council on Alcohol (TCA) target groups and try to improve local relationships with alcohol from the ground up. TCA run a series of projects including art therapy, group and one-on-one counselling. They can be found on www.


Current Affairs

STOP & SEARCH STOPPED Police Scotland is an institution which has been

Mr. Scott suggested the implementation of a statutory code

plagued with controversy and criticism even before its

of practice which would regulate use of stop and search

inception. The M9 tragedy and Sheku Bayoh’s death

in Scotland. Transparency and accountability were very

whilst in custody are two such incidences which come

much at the heart of his recommendations. He proposed

to mind. While both are still under full investigation

that the new code be open to scrutiny and would be

there has been progress in changing the controversial

regularly reviewed and consulted upon by Parliament.

practice of Stop and Search by Police Scotland.

Regular reports prepared by Police Scotland would also be made public. His report also suggested a statutory

Stop and Search is the use of informal powers which

power to allow under 18s to be searched for alcohol.

the police have to search individuals despite a lack of any suspicion of criminal activity on the part of the

The proposed scheme of regulation will be welcomed by

individual searched or (where the individual consents

human and civil rights groups who argue the practice is

to the search), any urgency in obtaining evidence. What

wholly disproportionate to its aims and presents an unlawful

initially was viewed as a benefit in crime prevention and

breach of an individual’s rights. In a statement following

investigation soon became surrounded in controversy

the publication of the report, the Office of the Scottish

when it was revealed just who was being searched.

Commissioner for Children and Young People praised

A BBC investigation on Stop and Search found that

the report for placing a duty on the police to consider a

children as young as seven and those with a learning

child’s best interests. However, they expressed concern

disability – where the informed consent of the individual

at the ability to search for alcohol pointing out that it

is questionable – were often the subjects of a search.

could lead to the criminalisation of more young people.

With the report only recently published not much change

The practice could be abolished without any disruption to police’s ability to carry out their duties.

can yet be seen .However, it will be interesting to see just what effect implementation of the proposed scheme will have on public confidence in the controversy-ridden single police force, particularly in light of the damning finding of the report that a climate of target meeting facilitated the high numbers of searches being conducted.

Following growing public condemnation of the practice, the Scottish Government asked leading human rights lawyer John Scott, Q.C., to conduct an inquiry of the tactics and his report was recently published. His conclusions could not have been any clearer: the practice could be abolished without any disruption to the police’s ability to carry out their duties. 28

Qasim Ali

Current Affairs

STOP & SEARCH 70% Statistics 2013–14: 25% 17,000 37%

of total number of searches were consensual

of total number of searches provided positive results

people were stopped & searched in Tayside last year

of alcohol-related searches provided positive results




twelve year olds were stopped & searched in Dundee

twelve year olds subject to stop & search in Aberdeen

eight year olds were stopped & searched in Edinburgh

17 eight year olds were stopped & searched in Glasgow 29



MIND? Usually we think of our ancestor species as either

With complex, modern-looking hands and feet, a cranium

more apelike or more humanlike, based on their

similar to that of early human (Homo) species, but primitive

basic appearance; their height, hairiness, the shape

shoulders, thorax and pelvis, H. naledi’s skeleton is a mosaic

of their hands, feet, and faces all play a part.

of old and new, which is probably why those 15 skeletons

This distinction can be made officially by classing the

stood out from the other remains. It seemed clear to those

species either as Homo (like us), or something else,

investigating them that they belonged to a species that

such as Australopithecus or Ardipithecus (which are

marked the first step forward from the australopithecines

australopithecines). The search for the species that

towards modern humans.

bridges these two groups has been at the forefront of paleoanthropological investigations for years.

More surprising, however, is the fact that so many

And finally, it seems the time has come.

members of the same species were found in one

Welcome Homo naledi.

place. And not just any place; the Dinaledi chamber was inaccessible to most of the research team, who

The skeletons were in fact only a fraction of what was found in the chamber, since a total of about 1550 hominin fossil elements have been found there since 2013.

weren’t small enough to fit through the entrance. Why were the remains there? Predation, water transport and other causes were considered but discarded due to lack of evidence. Researchers hence concluded that it was other members of the H. naledi species that had deliberately left the bodies in the chamber. They had disposed of their dead. Perhaps they even observed funerary rites. This begs the question: Did human consciousness

In an article published in early September, researchers

and culture emerge with Homo naledi?

described finding 15 skeletons belonging to this new species in the Dinaledi chamber of the Rising Star cave, in the South African Cradle of Humankind, a UNESCO World Heritage

Victor Chamosa Pino

site. The skeletons were in fact only a fraction of what was found in the chamber; a total of about 1550 hominin fossil elements have been found there since 2013.



IN VITRO MEAT IT’S TIME TO START GROWING MEAT AND STOP KILLING IT! Using livestock for the production of food has always been

Ruminant methane production and feed crop farming lead

important for mankind’s existence and has, until recently,

to increased CO2 emission and livestock is accountable for

not had a negative impact. Current production methods,

70% of agricultural land utilisation. An annual rise in global

however, have lead to challenging conditions for the

meat production due to the predicted growth of the global


population will cause severe problems, as the amount of additional land available is limited. Although solutions on a political level and within the scientific sector are being researched, the most important impact will be made by innovative concepts that require a new way of thinking, such as growing meat in the laboratory.

What is in vitro meat? An animal flesh product that has never been part of a living animal is referred to as ‘in vitro meat’ or ‘cultured meat’. Manufactured meat products must not be confused with vegetarian food products developed from plant sources such as soy or gluten. Development within the area of tissue engineering aims to reduce environmental pollution, stop animal suffering and minimise health risks by no longer abusing domestic animals as meat machines. Cultured meat is supposed to substitute industrialised intensive farming, serving as a healthier, more environmentally friendly and ethically acceptable alternative.



History of in vitro meat

Advantages of in vitro meat

The idea of growing meat in vitro for human consumption

Producing meat in vitro makes factory farming unnecessary

was first suggested by Winston Churchill in 1932 during the

and prevents animal suffering. The absence of agricultural

period of his pre-Prime Ministerial life. In 1995 NASA started

land utilisation for livestock liberates land for nature and

running experiments aimed at prospective food products

wild animals. The decrease of livestock and ruminant

for long-term space travel, where storeroom is limited, and

methane production will make cultured meat more

successfully produced goldfish cells that resembled fish

sustainable and beneficial for the climate.

fillets in 2000. Soon after, scientists realised the broader applicability of the technology and ‘The In Vitro Meat Consortium’, an international alliance of environmentally concerned scientists, was established in 2007. Since then, further research was undertaken and scientists are currently

An annual rise in global meat production will cause severe problems.

able to produce pieces of in vitro meat resembling mince, with the prototype of an in vitro burger to come.

Being able to control the amount of meat produced

How is in vitro meat produced?

prevents food scarcity that can be expected with an

Starter cells, which are taken painlessly from live animals

possibility of substituting unhealthy omega-6 fatty acids

via biopsy, are placed on culture media and put into a

with healthier omega-3 fatty acids. However, scientists are

bioreactor, where they multiply and grow. Very specific cells

struggling to identify which part of the meat is responsible

are needed for the production of cultured meat; therefore

for its significant taste, obviously a key feature of a

not every animal cell is suitable. Stem cells multiply rapidly

successful product. As the industrial production of meat

but are not yet defined, while fully defined muscle cells

gets more commonly known, experts predict increased

hardly proliferate. As a compromise, cells that are between

funding so that more research can be undertaken. This

the two extremes, such as stem cells about to develop

makes them confident to announce that the first products

into muscle cells, are currently used. Research aims to find

made of cultured meat will soon be accessible for us all!

increasing world population. In vitro meat will be healthier and cardiovascular disease may be reduced due to the

a cost effective growth medium for the cells to attach to which supplies them directly with every essential nutrient they require, as they obviously can’t obtain nutrients. Cells, growth medium and a scaffold, on which the cells can grow three-dimensionally, come together in the bioreactor. This

Larissa Kathleen Kennel

apparatus must, as mentioned earlier, deliver oxygen and nutrients directly to each cell and exercise the cells through variations in temperature and environment to support their growth. Cost-effective solutions for the different phases of in vitro meat production have not yet been fully researched, but the field of tissue engineering has recently been generously funded and results are soon to be expected. The Dutch researcher and industrialist Willem van Eelen was in 2007 awarded a patent for the above

hypothetically would be efficient enough to supply the global demand for meat for 25 years, using only one animal biopsy!




A Handy Guide is a visual alphabet in the form of 26 handy screen-printed illustrations. I started this project as a fun way to explore bold use of pattern and line within printmaking. The result is a series of A5 prints using between one and three colours, that can be rearranged and displayed to form words. The final set of prints are all held within a handmade, hardback folio.



If you would like your Art/Design work featured in this section, email

What do you hope to produce this year?

It’s early days but I want to continue exploring screen-printing and I am currently working on putting together a print-making collective dedicated to putting out playful work and spreading the word about the value of print.

Who are your biggest influences?

Not a who, but I’m influenced a lot by Japanese graphic design and children’s illustration. Flat, geometric and playful design are areas that I’m particularly interested in.

Have you got any advice you would like to share with The Magdalen readers?

If the project you’re working on doesn’t interest you, then it’s your job to make it interesting. Have as much fun with it as you can!

You can find Kevin’s work at



The Perks of Being an


First of all, welcome to the new Enterprise section of the Magdalen Magazine. I hope this section will provide its readers with a sense of what entrepreneurship is, as well as information on certain events that will take place in the current month. I would like to thank the Magdalen for appreciating the importance of having this section published.

What does being enterprising mean? Every person has their own personality and ways in which they adapt to a situation and that’s when enterprising behaviour kicks in. The way in which we resp¬ond or act in a given situation can be considered enterprising or not. To frame the words above, being enterprising is a mind-set that exists in everyone. The degree to which you exercise that enterprising personality can only be set by you. When I came across it, I didn’t realise that there might be more for me than just going with the flow and limiting myself. Three years have passed since then, and I still could not imagine how my University years would have gone without being introduced to various possibilities of exercising this enterprising mind-set.

Why should you exercise this? You may come across situations where a “think-outside-the-box” strategy might be needed and the “old ways” of doing things are just not the right solution. Perhaps you need to impress your future employer with more than just some numbers and letters on a piece of paper. Believe it or not, when you present yourself to an employer, the way you take the initiative or reply to the interviewer can be considered enterprising. The way in which you adapt to a situation can help things go in your favour.



So, no it’s not all about starting up a business… …although some enterprising students turn into actual entrepreneurs and there’s so many organisations you can appeal to for help or advice on campus. As well as the University department I am President of; The Enterprise Gym, there are also SIE and Enterprise Campus ambassadors here to help.

Regarding The Enterprise Gym, most of our events exercise creativity and problem-solving. Although they revolve around businesses and start-ups, the practical applications of the things you learn will help you in every organisation you work with or in your day to day life. In addition to this, all the events are led by professionals in various areas and departments. Some of them are actual employers with whom you can easily speak to and network. We and the University itself provide just a framework of how things “should be done”, how things ‘are done’ is totally up to you. Will you go the extra mile? Vladimir Ghita, President, The Enterprise Gym



GLOBAL SPORTING EVENT OF THE MONTH: RUGBY WORLD CUP 2015 October’s Sporting Event Of The Month is none other

Of course there are also the usual suspects from the

than the 2015 Rugby World Cup (it started on the 18th

Southern hemisphere who hold six of the seven World

September but we’ll gloss over that).

Cup titles between them. I’m of course talking about New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Expect these three to

Rugby Union’s major international competition takes place

stick around until the latter stages.

in England this year with the hosts aiming to regain the crown that they last held in 2003. They are also looking

The eighth edition of the Rugby World Cup is set to have

to become the third host nation to win the tournament

more viewers than ever before and with so many quality

following New Zealand in 1987 and 2011 and South Africa in

teams on show there’s bound to be some drama.

1995. Stuart Lancaster and his men have a huge amount of pressure to perform at the tournament and time will tell if

Who’ll win this time around? You’d all better tune in and

this is a blessing or a burden.

find out.

Also hoping to make an impact will be near neighbours, and

Tournament Dates:

rivals; Scotland, Wales and Ireland. With the competition taking place so close to home, and the Millennium Stadium

Pool Stage: 18th September – 11th

in Cardiff being used for some of the pool games, these


countries will be eager to impress their fans. Wales and England being paired within the same pool adds some extra spice.

France are another nation hoping to do well, and would love to do it on the home soil of major rivals, England. The French have been runners-up three times and going one

Quarter Finals: 17th October – 18th October Semi Finals: 24th October – 25th October

better than that would be a dream come true. England can’t

Third-Place Playoff: 30th October

remain the only nation from the Northern hemisphere to win

Final: 31st October

the trophy, can they?

Alasdair Hooper



SPORTS FAYRE During Freshers’ Week you may have seen some unusual sights on Campus Green: people bouncing up on down on trampolines, sailing boats, Frisbees flying around and a massive penguin, Piper, our mascot, was in attendance trying very hard to get students involved and running around getting his picture taken with you!

This was the annual Sports’ Fayre, where all our 43 clubs converge on Campus Green to promote what is on offer for you! From Badminton and Pole Dancing through to Hurling and Water Polo, hundreds of students signed up to attend ‘give it a go’ sessions where students were able to try any sport for two weeks absolutely free of charge.

You may have seen some unusual sights on campus green If you missed the Sports’ Fayre or give it a go sessions you can get involved at any time through our 43 clubs which cater for all levels of experience and ability or our campus sport events. Whether you want to challenge yourself or just want a break from studying there is something for you!



COMMITTEE’S CONFERENCE 2015 Volunteering in a sports club helps students gain a wide range of skills and is a huge asset to any CV.


esearch in 2013 by Sheffield

To this end the Sports’ Union supports

Hallam University showed that

over 40 hugely successful clubs. The

graduates who participated in

success of our clubs is a testament

sport at university earn on average 18%

to the people who run them. On

more than non-sporting counterparts.

the 13th of September the Sports’

51% of graduates said that involvement

Union held its first ever ‘Committees’

in Sport had helped them develop

Conference’ where core committee

team work skills and leadership

members from all our clubs attended

qualities in the workplace.

a range of workshops and teambuilding sessions to gain all the skills

The success of our clubs is a testament to the people who run them.

they need to run their club. From bank account management to social media training; effective meetings to conflict management the students who run our clubs are now fully prepared for the year ahead.



Warm Up Week 2015 This year the Sports’ Union held it’s annual ‘Warm Up Week’. This was a chance for student’s to get rid of those summer cobwebs and get their fitness back for the upcoming season! A record 340 students took part this year, including over 40 first years, who had previously not been included in the event. Over 20 clubs, from Archery and Basketball to Lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee took part. Members attended their own daily sessions as well as a wide range of classes which challenged participants in areas such as strength, coordination, flexibility and core strength.

‘The will to win is important, the need to prepare is vital’ You may have seen participants walking around campus in their red Warm Up Week t-shirt bearing this cheesy slogan on the back. It wasn’t all as serious as it seemed, with the Warm Up Week sports-day style finale on the tennis courts involving loads of fun games to round off a successful week!

Join us next year for the 6th edition of Warm Up Week, where you will have a great time.


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