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MASTER ERIC “LIONMAN” O’NEAL, SR. PRESIDENT/CEO February 7, 2010 As a result of the partnership with Mr. Larry Littlejohn in the business, Blue Lion TaeKwon-Do Extreme, my business Blue Lion Karate Academy lost many of its students and was forced to close after several months. Mr. Littlejohn was physically and mentally abusive to many of my students, as well as he spoke badly about me, when I was not around, to parents and students. Included in this letter is a list of some of the parents and students that Blue Lion lost either to Littlejohn’s physical and mental abuse or by Mr. Littlejohn recruiting them to open another Tae-Kwon-Do school. Blue Lion Karate Academy had over 200 students at the time Master Littlejohn started training with Blue Lion Tae-Kwon-Do Extreme, and the attached list are the parents and students that contacted me directly to explain there physical and mental injuries resulting from Mr. Littlejohn. There were many other parents and students that just quit, never returned to class because they complained about Mr. Littlejohn’s abuse. There was also an incident that involved a window being broken in the karate dojo. It was brought to my attention that Mr. Littlejohn knocked a student into the large commercial window that I had to have replaced. The student was not injured, however this was a matter that had to be explained to that students parents as well as the other parents that have kids in attendance. The four months that I shared my karate school with Mr. Littlejohn cost me much more than money. For 25 years I have treated students as kings and queens, and I am very disappointed that my involvement with Mr. Littlejohn has lead to injuring the hearts and spirits of my students. The damage has also lead to the closure of my karate school, which has been the major source of my income since I opened. I am working now on reopening Blue Lion Karate Academy at the end of this year. I hope that I have provided all the information you requested and if there is any other information need please let me know. Sincerely, GrandMaster Eric "LIONMAN" O'Neal, Sr. LIONMAN Foundation, Inc. Blue Lion Karate Academy 7-Time U.S.K.A. World Karate Champion 2-Time Gold Medalist at Good Will Games Int'l & Masters Hall Of Famer

BLUE LION @ Larry Littlejohn  
BLUE LION @ Larry Littlejohn  

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