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Not Every Hero Wears a Cape, Some Red and White

AOM Column: Why I Eat the Same Thing Every Day

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UTRGV Home To New Doctorate Degree In School Of Mathematical And Statistical Sciences

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Lionnetes Dominate San Isidro

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Felix de Anda, Carmen Bernie, and Johnny V., along with Felix’s lovely wife, Alma Delia de Anda, who was with them in memory. December 23rd, 2021 — Toys for Tots has been something that Felix de Anda has been doing for 19 years now. He explains that they’ve been doing this since December of 2002. And says that his wife was his biggest supporter. He explains that when he had the idea to pass out gifts to those in need, his wife, Alma Delia de Anda was

all for helping him with his goal. Toys for Tots would go to the “Los Castigados Car Club & Land Cruisers” event, where they would have a box for gift donations. There, people at the event could donate unwrapped gifts or toys, and if they didn’t have any, they could also give a monetary contribution,

having all the donations go towards the gifts for kids in need. And they realized that it made the kids so much more excited when they would wrap the presents. So Felix’s wife, Mrs. de Anda, would spend the time wrapping all the gifts to give the kids the experience of opening the presents. Mrs. de Anda sadly

passed on this past February, Felix says that she was as beautiful as she was in her youth. He loved her very much. And though there weren’t as many presents as the previous years, nevertheless he wrapped all the presents, put on the Santa suit, and spread the wonderful joy he knows best. And Joy he brought! Some of these kids were so excited. One, in particular, was very excited

exclaiming, “It’s Santa!” with such excitement in his eyes when he got out to greet Santa. Johnny V., a part-owner of J & J’s Racing, remarked on the kid’s comment saying, “And that’s the best part of it, that the kids are happy.” Felix thanks all who donated to make these kids’ holidays a little extra special, some even donating canned foods. He says, “It’s turned out good… and I feel blessed”

Poem by : James Arnold

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La Feria ISD Students of the Third Six Weeks

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2 • January 5, 2022• LA FERIA NEWS your own life

The Art of Manliness Monthly Segment

Why I Eat the Same Thing Every Day Brett and Kate McKay Art of Manliness For the past five years, I’ve eaten pretty much the same thing every single day. Every morning for the last 1,825 some odd days, I’ve eaten an egg scramble (1 whole egg + 8 ounces of egg whites) + 1 oz of cheddar cheese + 2 Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb Tortilla Wraps. I’ve had almost 2,000 mid-morning “meals” consisting of a whey protein shake (two scoops of whey protein + two tablespoons of olive oil), along with a cup of oatmeal topped with some fruit (usually blueberries, blackberries, or

cherries). My lunch has invariably consisted of one of three iterations of premade Ice Age meals: chicken and sweet potatoes, chicken and rice, or barbacoa and rice. In recent days, I’ve started to add some greens to the meal, like some spinach or broccoli. You know, to mix it up. For my post-workout afternoon meal, I’ve chugged another 1,800+ whey protein shakes, accompanied, again, by a cup of oatmeal and some fruit. Dinners are my wild card for the day. I have whatever the family is having (in a portion that fits my macros). On special occasions and

holidays, I’ll sometimes deviate from this routine. But other than those occasional indulgences, my diet pretty much never varies. I eat the same things for breakfast, lunch, and “snacks” day in and day out, nearly 365 days a year. Over the last five years, I’ve been able to easily maintain a healthy weight, without feeling hungry or hangry, and I attribute this to two factors: The first has been a commitment to tracking my macros (you can find our complete guide to following this way of eating here). The second is my “Groundhog Day” diet. Let’s talk today about why it works and how to tailor and implement it in

Why Eating the Same Thing Every Day Can Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off If you eat a burger for lunch on Monday, a chicken sandwich on Tuesday, pizza on Wednesday, and so on, each meal retains a significant amount of novelty, triggering what we might call the “Long-Term Buffet Effect,” which makes you want to eat more at each meal and keeps you experiencing higher levels of hunger. But if you eat the very same burger every single day for a week, two weeks, months at a time, its novelty wears off, and your brain sends you greater satiety signals to stop eating. When you consume the same thing every day, it loses its excitement, and becomes significantly less tempting to overeat. Limiting your menu of food options helps curb overeating in more practical ways as well. When you’re deciding afresh, at every.single.meal, what you’re going to eat (which typically comes down to what you feel like eating), oftentimes you’re going to default to less healthy choices. Eating the same thing every day helps you stay on track by putting this decision on autopilot. I’m never thinking, “What should I eat for lunch today?” I pull my meal out of the freezer, pop it in the microwave, and consume

it with zero dithering or deviations. Eating the same thing every day also makes it much easier to track your macros. Instead of looking up new foods in MyFitnessPal all the time, I just tell the app to re-log what I ate yesterday as what I ate today. And since I’ve gotten to know the macro breakdown of my meals like the back of my hand, figuring out which macros I have remaining, and thus how much I should eat at dinner, is a cinch. As a final benefit, putting your eating choices on autopilot just makes life easier in general; you’re required to make fewer decisions throughout the day; creating grocery lists is simpler, cooking is simpler (I can practically make my breakfast with my eyes closed); and you can put the bandwidth and willpower you subsequently save towards maintaining other health-promoting habits. What Should You Eat When Eating the Same Thing Every Day? While paleo man ate the same things for all his meals, all of his days, citizens of the modern world, who are cognizant of having so many choices, and understandably wish to sample them, will likely find that regimen unsustainable. What is very sustainable is keeping your breakfasts and lunches entirely

uniform, and then allowing yourself variety in your dinners, and this is the eating plan I would recommend. As to what to eat for these day-in-day-out breakfasts and lunches, first consider a couple factors. The fact that we likely evolved to be healthy while consuming only a handful of things calls into question the modern edict that an ideal diet must consist of a wide variety of foods. And while I personally don’t recommend something like the carnivore diet, the fact that people can seemingly subsist entirely on meat also makes one think that eating a very limited number of foods may not be as unhealthy as often thought. That being said, if you’re eating something 365 times a year, you probably want to eat things that will give you good nutritional bang for the buck. You also want to settle on a consistent menu of fairly bland, less palatable foods because they’re even less tempting to overeat. While any food you eat day after day will lose its novelty/ excitement and become less tempting to overeat, this effect is far stronger with healthier, less tasty food than less healthy, more tasty (read: sugar/fat/carb laden) food; that is, it’s easier to control your portions with a daily lunch of chicken and sweet potatoes than a daily lunch of pepperoni pizza. The participants on the ► CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

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► CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2 liquid diet mentioned above not only ate less and less over time because they got habituated to their nutrition shake, but because it wasn’t even very enjoyable to drink in the first place. The trick here is to aim for “palatable enough.” You want to create a limited menu of foods that aren’t so tasty that you’re tempted to overeat them, but aren’t so repulsive that you won’t stick with the routine in the long-term. There are two routes you might go here. The first is to eat the same meal replacement shake or bar for every breakfast and lunch and then a sensible dinner. Basically, the SlimFast plan, which has been updated/replicated in the modern age by companies like Soylent. On the upside, this approach gives you plenty of convenience (in the form of ready-made/ prepackaged “food”) and the least number of choices (which preserves your mental bandwidth). It’s stupid simple. The downside is that meal replacements are “frankenfood,” stripped of inherent nutrition (what nutrition they have is added back in vitamins and such). You’ll thus want to make sure

your dinners are as macro and micronutrient dense as possible. If you’re not into meal replacements, aim to consume a limited menu of foods, combined into a limited repertoire of meals, that nonetheless provide all your essential nutrients. For me, my staples are eggs, fiber wraps, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, rice, spinach, broccoli, blueberries, cherries, yogurt, chicken, beef, whey protein, and olive oil. It’s only about a dozen foods, but they’re healthy foods which create a balanced diet. Plus I get whatever foods pop up in my dinner. Even here, you might consider making one of your whole food meals premade/packaged, as in the Ice Age meals I eat (I don’t have any connection to this company, by the way). They’re pricey, but I buy them in bulk, save money through the simplicity of my other foods, and consider the convenience cost worth it; deciding whether or not to cook chicken breasts and sweet potatoes for a week’s worth of lunches is one less choice I have to make, one more decision I can put on autopilot, one more way I make defaulting to a

Our 99th


healthy lifestyle even easier. With my menu, I don’t crave whey protein shakes, but I don’t mind drinking them either; eating one entree of chicken and sweet potatoes feels fine, but I’m never tempted to eat another. The last bite of each meal is just as mildly appetizing and neutrally acceptable as the first. I feel like the !Kung San, who anthropologists have described as eating their daily meat and nuts “without much enthusiasm.” As neuroscientist and obesity researcher Stephan Guyenet told me in my podcast interview with him, people need to get over the idea “that their food has to be delicious every time.” That you need to eat, are in some way entitled and deserve to eat, delicious, interesting food not just every day, but three times a day, every day, is actually a pretty strange idea when you think about it. For two of your three daily meals, it’s okay to simply let your food be fuel. To let it be Groundhog Day for your breakfast and lunch, indefinitely. Your health and waistline will greatly benefit; this is one slate of reruns for which you’ll be thankful.

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UTRGV Home To New Doctorate Degree In School Of Mathematical And Statistical Sciences

Mathematics and General Classrooms Building on the UTRGV Edinburg Campus. (UTRGV Archival Photo by Silver Salas) By Victoria Brito mathematics or a master’s Qiao, Ph.D., President’s degree in mathematics or Morales Endowed Professor a related field. of Mathematics and Official transcripts. RIO GRANDE Statistical Sciences A GRE General Test. VALLEY, TEXAS and the MSIA program Three letters of – DEC. 28, 2021 – director. recommendation and a UTRGV now offers a The program has four TOEFL score of 79 or doctorate in Mathematics concentrations: higher for international and Statistics with Computational students only. Interdisciplinary Mathematics and The program offers Applications in the School Computer/Electrical opportunities to of Mathematical and Engineering. participate in a variety Statistical Sciences and Mathematical Biology is designed to provide a and Nonlinear Mechanics. of research topics with the department’s 70 strong mathematics and Data Analytics and faculty members, as well statistics background Medical Applications. as graduate teaching that supports intense Mathematical Physics. opportunities. quantitative work in a Students will have to Graduates of the wide range of disciplines. complete 57 credit hours program will be prepared The curriculum is if entering the program for careers in academic designed to prepare with a master’s degree, research, and as analysts scholars to work and 72 hours if entering in a variety of STEM on problems at with a bachelor’s degree. fields. the intersection of Additionally, there “UTRGV is committed mathematics, science, are interdisciplinary to providing a wide range engineering, medicine, bridge courses available of new and innovative finance, computer science to non-math majors who programs to meet the and other quantitative are pursuing the program unique educational disciplines, and aims to from other STEM fields, goals of our students,” be the most inclusive and like physics, computer said Dr. Janna Arney, broadly interdisciplinary science, engineering, UTRGV executive vice in the state. biomedical sciences and president and provost. “The Ph.D. in others. “This doctoral program Mathematics and Requirements for is in alignment with our Statistics with admission to the program university’s commitment Interdisciplinary include: to increasing the Applications is for A bachelor’s degree educational opportunities anyone wanting to gain in a STEM or related to the Rio Grande Valley higher credentials in this field, with at least three and beyond.” field,” said Dr. Zhijun advanced courses in

CHURCH SERVICE DIRECTORY 1st united Methodist Church Pastor Federico Perez, 797-1393 331 S. Main St., La Feria, Sunday School 10am, Traditional Worship Service 9am, Contemporary Service 11am, UM Youth 5pm International Worship Center Bishop Ronaldo Ortiz 956-797-1204 116 W. Seventh St., La Feria Services Sunday (English) 9:30am Domingo (Espanol) 11am, Miercoles 7pm Interdenominational Worship Extreme Youth Sat. 6 pm First Baptist Church of Santa rosa Pastor Harold Parker 956-636-1603 118 Jesus R. Cruz, Santa Rosa Sunday Services 9:30am Bible Study, 10:30am Morning Worship, 7pm Wednesday Evening Worship. apostolic Faith Tabernacle Pastor Ramon Zarate 357-6384 621 South Main, La Feria Sunday School 10am Sunday Worship 4pm, Wed. Evening 7:30pm. All services are bilingual. Iglesia Oracion en Su Presencia Missionary Church,Inc. Pastors Frank & Janie Gonzalez 797-0044 4th Street, La Feria,TX Sunday 10am & 6pm, Monday 7 pm Prayer Service, Wednesday 7 pm, Friday 7 pm. Church of Christ Minister MinisterRoger GeneGoodwin Head 536-9832 912 N. Parker Rd., Feria, 912 N. Parker Rd., LaLaFeria Wednesday 6:305pmpmEvening Bible Study, 10:30am Service, Service Sunday 9:30am Bible Study, Los Domingos 2:00pm Medio DiaService Los 10:30am Service, 5pm Evening Los Domingos: 12:00 Medio Dia Los Jueves: 7:00 pm Estudio De Biblia Faith Church of Christian & Missionary alliance Church Pastor Oscar Loredo 797-1739 125 W. First St., La Feria,Tx Bilingual Ministry Sunday 10am Sunday School, 11am Worship, Wednesday 7 pm Bible Study, Friday 7 pm Prayer.

Santa rosa united Methodist Church 408 Main Street (Hwy. 107/506) Santa Rosa, across from High School Sunday Coffee and Fellowship 9:30 AM Worship10 AM (Communion first Sunday) Wednesday Prayer Service 9:00 AM Pastor: Carole Lahti (956) 279-3407

Living Water Church and Ministry Pastor Henry and Rosie 2805 Memorial Suite B. La Feria Sunday Service 11am, 6pm Spanish Worship Service, 7pm Wednesday Service St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Fr. Rodolfo Franco 797-2666, office: 502 S. Canal Casa de church: 500 South Canal St., La Feria, Esperanza apostolic Saturday Mass 5:30pm, Church Sunday Mass 8am Spanish, 416 W. Spruce La Feria 10am English, 12pm Bilingual. 965-639-4301 Bilingual Services Sunday at 1:00pm Christ In Our Midst Daniel Martinez - Pastor Missionary Church Pastor: Rev. Daniel Carrizalez St. Mary’s Catholic 956-742-6311 Church 1 mile N. of FM 506, La Feria FR. Edouard Atangana, Sunday School - 9:45 a.m., 956-636-1211 Sunday Worship - 11:00 a.m., 101 San Antonio Ave., Santa Rosa Wednesday Service - 7:00 p.m., Monday Saturday Mass 5pm Bilingual, Prayer - 7:00 p.m. Sunday Mass 8am Spanish, new Hope 10am English. Presbyterian Church 208 West Central Ave, First Baptist Church of La Feria,TX, 956-277-0208 La Feria Services Sunday 4:30 pm 797-1214 Sunday School 3:15 pm Main St. & Magnolia, La Feria Communion on the Wednesday 6:30pm Youth Bible Study & 1st Sunday of every month Mission Friends, 9:45am Sunday School, 11am Morning Worship Service Cowboy Church 11235 Swift Ln. Santa Rosa, Tex. Service St. albans at 11:00am Sunday Episcopal Church 6:30pm pm Monday Reverend Scott Brown 956-975-6144 956-428-2305, 1417 E. Austin, Harlingen,TX Holy Communion 8am, Sunday School St. Paul Lutheran Church 9:15, Holy Eucharist 10:30am. Pastor Nathan Wendorf Sundays 8:00AM (Traditional) Hope in the Word Church HC first, third & fi fth Pastors Jose & Bertha Belmares 10:30AM (Contemporary) 797-3621, HC second, fourth & fi fth 28354 S. Bixby Rd., La Feria (956) 423-3924 Services Friday 6pm, Sunday 10am. 602 Morgan Blvd. All services are Bilingual, English & Harlingen, TX 78550 Spanish. Templo Getsemani Primera Iglesia Pastor Julio y Claudia Mendoza Bautista Phone (956) 589-5016 956-797-1740 11418 Fifth St. La Feria 519 N. Main, La Feria Servicios: Bilingual Services: Sunday 9:45am Tuesday & Thursday 7pm Sunday School, 10:45am Worship Friday Pray at 7pm Service, 5:00pm WMU, Sunday Bible Study at 10am & 6pm 6:00 pm Evening Worship Service, Immanuel Lutheran Iglesia Generacion Church & School En Conquista Rev. Ed Weber Pastor Samuel y Magda Cervantes, 956-565-1518 Office (M-F; 8-12 noon) Phone (956) 536-2215 956-565-3208 School (Grades: PK-5th 2803 W. Exp. 83 Suite A. La Feria 703 W. 3rd St., Mercedes, TX Sunday Service 10am Bible Study, 11am Sunday Worship Services 9am Worship Service, Sunday Bible Class 10:30 am 7pm Wednesday Family Service

First Baptist Church, La Feria Last week we celebrated January first as New Year’s Day. It made me think about another day, February second, Groundhog Day. I remember the movie by the same name and the character, Phil, who was fated to repeat the day over and over until he got it right. With the arrival of the most recent COVID variant, 2022 seems to be stacking up to be a version of Groundhog Day. Flight cancellations and COVID restrictions remind us of last year. Have we awakened to our own GroundHog Day, doomed to repeat last year’s mistakes? If you remember the film. Phil only broke the cycle when he broke his own stupid, selfish habits. That could be our salvation this year. Or, we could repeat the insanity of last year, denying the science, resisting sensible safety, and listening to irresponsible politicians whose public image is more important than the public’s safety? Jesus called the poor leaders of his day blind guides. Some still are. -Mark S. Ross DMin.

“Cuando no hay carne de lomo de todo como.” “When there’s no sirloin, I’ll eat any meat.” Contribuido por: Alvino Villarreal

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B. Property location is 102 South Main Street, the legal description being: Reynolds, Lot 1B, 1C & S 65 ft of lot 1F, Block 4, Cameron Appraisal District ID # 86863, SUP Applicant Felipe Guajardo, Property Owner: Flip N Gringo Properties LLC. C. Property location is 501 N. Main Street, (El Centro Foods Parking Lot) with the legal description being: Minn-Tex Block 50, Cameron Appraisal District ID # 86300, SUP Applicant Breanna Rae Galindo, Property Owner: BD Three Star Properties The public hearing will be held at 6:30 PM. in the City Commission Meeting Room, 115 E. Commercial Ave, La Feria, Texas. All interested persons are encouraged to attend the public hearing to voice their opinion regarding the granting of these SUP-Specific Use Permit. Interested persons may also submit written testimony to: City of La Feria Attn: Planning Department 115 E. Commercial Ave. La Feria, TX 78559-5002 The City Commission meeting room is handicapped accessible. Persons with disabilities or who require auxiliary aids or services to participate in this hearing should contact the City Secretary two days before the hearing so that appropriate arrangements can be made. To request additional information, please contact Juan Ortiz, Planning Director at (956) 797-2261.

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Lionettes over Why Experts Say We Must Broaden Our Definition of Health San Isidro at

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• Some additional factors that can drive health outcomes in the short and long term include access to green spaces, educational opportunities, economic stability and living in a safe community.

Statepoint Many Americans view health as a product of the medical care they receive. However, public health experts say that’s just one piece of the puzzle. “In reality, our health is shaped more by the zip code we live in than the doctor we see. In fact, where we live, our financial circumstances, our access to affordable, nutritious foods, and other non-medical factors overwhelmingly influence our physical and mental health,” says Dr. Shantanu Agrawal, chief health officer, Anthem, Inc. These factors that Dr. Agrawal refers to are known as “social drivers of health” (SDoH), and they determine up to 80% of our health outcomes, according to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation research. As part of “What’s Driving Our Health,”

Anthem’s campaign to start a national conversation around whole health, the healthcare company recently conducted a study to learn more about Americans’ perceptions of what health really means. Here are some of the study’s top findings: • While 46% of Americans are unaware of the concept of social drivers of health, once given the definition, 60% agree that their local community is facing at least some health issues related to them. • Americans of color are disproportionately affected by the consequences of SDoH. While 58% of white respondents report that their local community is facing at least some health issues related to SDoH, 69% of Hispanic and Latino respondents report the same, as do 68% of Asian respondents and 68% of Black/African

American respondents. • Poor nutrition can contribute to a range of chronic health conditions, and 50% of those surveyed say it is hard to find affordable, healthy food in their local community. • Though 70% of Americans live near at least one hospital or medical center, one in five say that lack of transportation has kept them from medical appointments. What’s more, nearly one-third struggle with access to health services and care. • Internet access not only determines whether one is able to use important health services such as telemedicine, it deeply impacts educational outcomes and access to economic opportunities, including employment. Yet, only 39% of Americans believe it significantly impacts their health.

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Where to Start More than 80% of those surveyed believe that healthcare entities, local government, private citizens, and employers share the responsibility to address the many social drivers of health. While these issues are complex and no one entity can fully address all the social drivers alone, here is what you can do today: 1. Connect the dots. Visit WhatsDrivingOurHealth. com to read the full report and learn more about whole health and its drivers. 2. Spread the word. Share what you’ve learned about the ways social drivers affect you and your community and follow the conversation on social media using #DrivingOurHealth. 3. Join the conversation. Understanding is the first step in making positive change. Engage with friends, family, and community members about the many ways to address health-related social needs in your community. “The sooner we broaden our definition of health, the sooner we can address the many factors that affect people’s ability to thrive,” says Dr. Agrawal.

Sophomore Kayla Dickerson was selected as the Luke Fruia Standout Player of the Game for her efforts in the Lionettes win over San Isidro. La Feria dominated the whole game that ended with a score of 47-24. Scan the QR code below to watch the game.

District play kicks off Friday Jan 7 on the road against Rio Hondo.


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Skin Care Tips for When Sun Season is Over

The Next Chapter Poem A Heartfelt Prayer We wish you great blessings For the upcoming year. May the great God of Love Hold you tenderly near. May His Son Who’s the Light Lead you safely each day. With His hand on your shoulder, May he show you the Way So... You journey rejoicing In the Love that is felt As you walk through each day. In His Holy Name do I pray, Amen

Statepoint While basic sun protection is likely your top skincare priority in summer, during the fall season, it’s time to address other skincare concerns. One matter, in particular, to pay close attention to is scarring. This is because sun exposure can cause further discoloration in scars. What’s more, scar tissue is more susceptible than other skin to sun damage. Whether you’re dealing with surgical scars, scars from scrapes, cuts, or burns, here’s what you need to know about caring for these vulnerable areas of skin after a season of the summer sun: • Cover scars: Protect scars from additional sun exposure whenever possible. Keep in mind that you

can still be exposed to the sun beyond summer and when indoors, so consider dressing accordingly. • Amplify your protection: As you are apple and pumpkin picking, make sure not to shelve the SPF! Stay consistent with sun protection and be sure your routine also includes vitamin C. Protecting skin from oxidative damage caused by daily exposure to light, heat, and pollution, vitamin C is an ingredient vital to healthy skin that amplifies protection and is the ultimate compliment to daily SPF. Check out the portfolio of vitamin C products from SkinCeuticals, which offers something for every skin type. Backed by 16 clinical studies and over 30 years of research, the brand’s serums serve as the

gold standard for a host of skincare benefits, including correcting the appearance of uneven skin tone and helping to prevent future skin damage. • Take charge: Doctors recommend having a trusted scar care product readily available in your cabinet. “You need one with a high-concentration of silicone to deliver soothing protection to all scars, whether they come as a result of a cosmetic procedure or an unintended wound,” says Dr. Catherine Chang, SkinCeuticals partner physician with Cassileth Plastic Surgery. One new option to consider is SkinCeuticals Advanced Scar Control, a long-lasting semi-occlusive treatment designed to protect vulnerable skin and help improve the appearance of new and recent scars. This protective technology is specifically formulated for different types of scars, is appropriate for multiple skin tones, and can complement surgical procedures. In clinical trials, subjects saw a significant improvement in new and recent scar redness, discoloration, and texture, with a 29% improvement in overall appearance in just 12 weeks.


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THEME: FOOD & DRINK ACROSS 1. *Lettuce variety 5. Drivel 8. *Café alternative 11. *Cantina cooker 12. *Waldorf salad ingredient 13. Animal trail

15. Radio knob 16. Hurry up, acr. 17. One who accepts the offer 18. *Anise-flavored spirit 20. "Happily ____ after" 21. Operatic solos 22. ____ Air in L.A. 23. Hairy vertebrate

26. Freed 30. In the past 31. Small type of drum 34. *Wine in Italy 35. Charleston, e.g. 37. Chow down 38. a.k.a. honey badger 39. Wet nurse 40. Hervé Villechaize on "Fantasy Island" 42. Expression of doubt

Plus, using Advanced Scar Control benefits SkinCeuticals and ReSurge International’s charity program, Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery, an initiative that provides surgical training, leadership development, and mentorship to women surgeons in high-need areas worldwide so they can complete life-changing surgeries. The initiative has reached 12 countries and over 700 medical professionals. To learn more, visit skinceuticals. com/womensurgeon • Get a check-up: Fall is an excellent time of year to check your annual dermatologist appointment off your to-do list. During your visit, your dermatologist will evaluate moles, discoloration, and other skin issues. Should your doctor find it necessary to perform a biopsy or mole removal, you’ll be well-prepared to care for any resulting scar tissue by following the above tips. While you may view scars as beyond your control, there’s good news -- a scar care routine can reduce the appearance of scars and better protect this vulnerable skin from additional damage.

43. Founding Father 45. City in Japan 47. Shock and ____ 48. Jawaharlal's last name 50. *Driest type of sherry 52. *a.k.a. black treacle 55. Softly-softly, loris' cousin 56. A Flock of Seagulls' 1982 hit (2 words) 57. *Cabbage amount 59. Alexandre Dumas' "The Black ____" 60. What seekers do 61. Consequently 62. Everything 63. Temporary craze 64. Swedish shag rugs DOWN 1. Physique, informally 2. Pelvic bones 3. Spill the beans 4. Certain fir 5. *Fusilli or ziti 6. Same as #39 Across, pl. 7. Supreme pontiff 8. Puff 9. Field worker 10. Be off base 12. Capital of Philippines 13. Be at the helm 14. *Ballerina-inspired dessert 19. All worked up 22. *Granola serving 23. Téa Leoni's "____ Secretary" 24. Old World lizard 25. Unicellular organism 26. Stroke on a green 27. Lithograph, for short 28. Japan to U.S. in WWII 29. *Stuffed grapevine leaf 32. *Flageolet or azuki 33. *Popular breakfast cereal 36. *Type of #34 Across 38. Lion sounds 40. One little piggy? 41. Easily available (2 words) 44. One clean one? 46. *Betty Crocker fruit snack 48. Waterwheel 49. Serengeti grazer 50. Unplayable baseball 51. It will, contraction 52. Irk 53. Like a ghost 54. Long novel 55. School support org. 58. Opposite of don'ts

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La Feria ISD Students of the Third Six Weeks

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Pre-K 3 - Adrian Reyes (Sam Houston Elementary)

Pre-K 3 - Santiago Gonzalez (David G. Sanchez Elementary)

Pre-K 4 -Mathew Quiroz (Sam Houston Elementary)

Pre-K 4 - Diego Buenrostro (David G. Sanchez Elementary)

Pre-K - Brandon Mason Arce (C. E. Vail Elementary)

Life Skills - Leah De Leon (Sam Houston Elementary)

Back to School 2017

Kinder- Kassandra Hernandez (Sam Houston Elementary)

Kinder- Charlotte Garcia (David G. Sanchez Elementary)

Kinder- Eva Guzman (C.E. Vail)

1st Grade- Jose Izaguirre (Sam Houston)

1st Grade- Hailey Anaya (David G. Sanchez Elementary)

2nd -Emily De Leon (Sam Houston Elementary)

2nd- Azael Garcia

(David G. Sanchez Elementary)

2nd- Sebastian Rivera (C.E. Vail)

3rd- Gabriel Rivera (Sam Houston)

3rd- Johanna Balli (David G. Sanchez)

3rd- Lesley De La Cruz (C. E. Vail Elementary)

4th - Jose Isai Hinojosa (Sam Houston Elementary)

4th- Elias Molina (David G. Sanchez Elementary)

4th- Sarah Land (C. E. Vail Elementary)

5th- Frank Gutierrez (Noemi Dominguez Elementary)

6th- Fernanda Serrato (Noemi Dominguez Elementary)

7th- Dante Briones (W. B. Green Jr. High)

8th- Lizbeth Torres (W. B. Green Jr. High)

9th- Angel Ibarra (La Feria High School)

10th- Devon Hernandez (La Feria High School)

11th- Galilea Rodriguez (La Feria High School)

12th- Eric Bernal (La Feria High School)

12th- Axel Santos (LF Academy)

1st Grade- Madison Terry (C.E. Vail)


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