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BIBI REJECTS CORRUPTION CHARGES 15 February 2018/ 30 Sh’vat 5778


Binyamin Netanyahu has vehemently rejected police recommendations that he should face bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges on allegations of accepting some £200,000 worth of gifts from two billionaires over a period of 10 years. Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday night, the Prime Minister defiantly said, “I will continue to lead the State of Israel responsibly and loyally as long as you, the citizens of Israel, choose me to lead you,” and added “I am sure that the truth will come to light.” Netanyahu also vowed the next election will take place on time in 2019 and “I will win your trust again, with G-d’s help.” The Israeli premier noted that serving his country was his sole

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motivation since his days as an officer. “If I had been working for my own interests, I would be in a completely different place right now, not here. The only reason I do what I do is to protect the security of the people of Israel. Rest assured that the proper legal authorities will see these recommendations as baseless.” Under Netanyahu’s leadership the country has de-regulated its industries, opened the skies, reached out to African and Asian nations and seen the country become a technological superpower. Following almost two years of investigation and speculation, Israeli police recommended the 68-year-old leader be tried for alleged fraud, bribery and breach of trust, although the Attorney General will decide whether Netanyahu faces the two charges. One known as “File 1000”


World renowned Jewish rap star Nissim is coming to The Jewish Weekly’s office this week. Look out in next week’s edition for a special in-depth interview and see this week’s back page for details of his upcoming concert this Sunday evening! accuses Netanyahu of receiving extravagant gifts from Hollywood mogul Arnon Milchin and other

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15 FEBRUARY 2018


Controversial ‘Animal Rights’ Bill to Follow Holocaust Bill in Poland BY LEAH WAXLER

Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich is battling to amend an ‘animal rights’ bill being considered by Parliament that would impact on Jewish communities around Europe If passed it will restrict kosher slaughter with offenders facing up to four-year jail terms. Speaking in Haaretz, Schudrich confirmed he was in “advanced discussions” with members of Parliament proposing the bill to be “more sensitive” to Jewish requirements. “There is a real openness, also among the animal rights people, to find a compromise that will not negatively impact Jewish religious life,” he said. Poland’s government has not publicly announced ‘kashrut’ restrictions but is planning on debating the bill which would impact Jewish communities in Europe. The proposed bill doesn’t directly specify religion but Chief Rabbi Schudrich noted it protects animal rights. A Jewish community in Poland can slaughter animals in a kosher way but slaughtered products cannot be exported to European countries. Clarifying this point, European Jewish Congress (EJC) chairman, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, confirmed this week that if the bill

passes Parliament Jewish communities in Europe dependent on kosher meat imported from Poland would be affected. Poland’s Constitutional Court overturned a Polish parliament attempt to forbid kosher slaughter on grounds of ‘freedom of religion’ in 2014. And Rabbi Margolin has appealed to the Israeli Government to lobby other governments. Worryingly though, the ‘animal rights’ bill is another controversial Polish law just days after Polish President Andrzej Duda sanctioned a Holocaust Bill imposing up to three years in jail on those suggesting Poland was complicit in the Shoah. The EJC has instigated legal proceedings to Poland’s Constitutional Court against the Holocaust Bill. Rabbi Margolin labeled the bill “delusional” and called on President Duda to hold back ratifying the legislation until meeting Jewish leaders. A judicial review by the Constitutional Court can rule an amendment to the bill. Israeli politicians and Jewish organisations slammed the proposal in no uncertain terms. Poland’s Chief Rabbi reportedly told CNN the Holocaust law caused confusion this week. “We are hearing many more

distortions of facts than we heard two weeks ago,” EJC reported. “The way the law was written and presented failed to meet its goal and that’s something we are going to have to work on.” “My sense is that no one anticipated this strength of a negative response,” he added. “Part of it clearly is that for many Poles it’s been too painful and too long to hear expressions like ‘Polish Death Camp’ it’s blaming them for something they didn’t do. “One of the most horrible places on the earth Auschwitz - you can understand it that if you didn’t do it and are being blamed for it, that’s upsetting. So I understand that. However the way the law has been written, the way it had been explained to the public, was done clearly in an insufficient manner.” Rabbi Margolin has called on the Polish Jewish community and government to communicate. “What has been heartbreaking over the last 10 days is how people have been talking at each other,” EJC reported. “Clearly this law was supposed to be about education, to educate the world what the Poles did and didn’t do during World War II, what they were complicit of and weren’t complicit of. It’s education and as we could see the goal of education has not been met. The opposite has

Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich

happened.” Widening the debate, Ha’aretz reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to comment on the proposed Holocaust Bill in her weekly video podcast. “Without intervening directly in the legislation in Poland, I would like to say very clearly only the following, here as German Chancellor,” she said. “We are responsible as Germans for the things that happened during the Holocaust, the Shoah, during National Socialism and this responsibility will be upheld by every federal government, which is why we will continue to promote the memorial sites in Kreisau and Auschwitz in the future.

“We also want to show young people from Germany how they are doing. It is only on this basis that we can shape a good and common future with Poland, but also throughout Europe and in the world.” The German leader was responding to a question from a student on freedom of expression. Israel noted the law would curb free speech, criminalise basic historical facts and stop discussion of the role some Poles played in Nazi crimes. (JPost) A Polish government spokeswoman welcomed Merkel’s remarks, PAP news agency reported.

Synagogues around Europe to be restored in heritage project

Wembley Sefardi and Egdware Adath Yisroel star in Table Tennis League



Disused synagogues in Merthyr Tydfil and Sunderland are among 19 buildings across Europe earmarked for restoration under a new heritage initiative. Historian Simon Schama and

Simon Schama

broadcaster Natasha Kaplinsky launched the Historic Synagogues of Europe project in Parliament on Wednesday. Project leaders have identified over 3,300 historically significant synagogues from Cork to Vladivostok in need of renewal. A priority group of 19 are first to be restored. Merthyr’s Jewish community was established in 1848 when the Welsh town’s ironworks made it a centre of the industrial revolution whilst Sunderland Synagogue was home to a community descended from Lithuanian Jews in the midto-late 19th century. Nineteen synagogues in Spain, Germany, Slovakiae, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Russia, Ostroh, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus are among the list.

Wembley Sefardi and Edgware Adath Yisroel were stars of SuMaccabi GB national shul Table Tennis League Tournament. Fifty people from seven shuls participated at Maccabi GB @ Kulanu. Edgware Adath Yisroel won the junior even, Wembley Sefardi triumphed in the open tournament. “Table tennis in our community keeps getting stronger,” said co-organiser Adam Black.

“One day they’re kids training, next they’re beating the seniors.” Jeremy Banks, Maccabi GB Table Tennis chair added: “It was fantastic to see so many new faces from Jewish schools and other organisations,looking to engage with Maccabi GB.

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“There was a particularly high standard of entrants in junior and senior categories, resulting in different winning teams. “This is another step for the future of Maccabi GB and Jewish table tennis.”

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15 FEBRUARY 2018

Bibi rejects corruption charges CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 The second charge known as “File 2000” alleges the Prime Minister requested positive coverage from Israeli newspaper Yediot Acharonot in return for shutting down the pro-Netanyahu rival publication, Yisrael HaYom. Police say that Yediot boss Arnon Mozes should also face charges. Netanyahu is also suspected of alleged fraud and breach of trust in a case involving Australian billionaire James Packer. The Prime Minister responded to both allegations with examples of how he had worked against both Milchin and Mozes. Opposition party heads Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid and Avi Gabbay of the Zionist Union called upon Netanyahu to resign. But Likud Party members as well as coalition parties are backing the Prime Minister until a possible indictment

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and eventual conviction is determined. Lawyers representing Arnon Mozes believe he has a strong legal case and all charges against him would be dropped. Netanyahu also said at Tuesday night’s press conference that since he was elected Prime Minister, there was hardly a single day that went by when he was not subjected to slander and false claims. “Over these years there have been no less than 15 investigations against me with the goal of bringing me down. They all began with explosive headlines, live broadcasts from the studios, and some of them even with noisy police recommendations just like today.” He added, “These attempts ended with nothing, because I know the truth. I tell you, these too will end with nothing.”

Legitimate charges or attempted revolution? OP-ED BY JAMES MARLOW Bibi rightly came out fighting on Tuesday night calling a press conference at the Prime Minister’s house for senior Israeli journalists as the news channels were on air for their evening shows. Some anchor-people questioned Netanyahu’s strong reaction as if to say anyone else has a right to defend themselves in public against slander accusations, but the longest serving “continuous” Prime Minister in Israel’s history should keep quiet. For years there have been dozens of illegal police leaks about Netanyahu being indicted on corruption charges but nothing ever came of them. For too long, the majority of the newspapers and news networks in Israel have discussed so called allegations against the Prime Minister, but there was not sufficient evidence, at least according to the Attorney General to indict. The constant media attacks against Netanyahu’s wife and children have never ceased and yet he is supposed to continue running the country in one of the most dangerous areas of the globe as if nothing has happened. It is not as if his name is the only one on the election ballot paper, unlike most


Yo u r l i n k t o a w o r l d o f t r a v e l

other countries in the region. Netanyahu has won four elections and next year he will become Israel’s longest ever serving Prime Minister beating David Ben Gurion. The Likud, led by Bibi remains the most popular party according to opinion polls, closely followed by Yesh Atid, led by Yair Lapid. And yet who is the number one witness if this corruption charge proceeds? The very man that lost against Netanyahu in two previous elections – Yair Lapid. Just last week Chief of Police Roni Alsheich, appeared on Channel 2 News saying he would recommend Benyamin Netanyahu stand trial on corruption charges. But since when in a true democratic society does a police chief threaten to prosecute? You either do it or you don’t. Which leads to the question what or who made Alsheich seek the news headlines on prime-time TV? There will of course be many who say that Netanyahu did exactly the same thing when Ehud Olmert was being accused of corruption. But receiving brown envelopes full of cash from my Jerusalem neighbour at the time, Moshe Talansky, along with Olmert’s personal secretary and close associates testifying that he received bribes from property tycoons in


exchange for building licences is very different. Netanyahu is being accused of receiving gifts from a business man. But heads of state and government receive gifts all the time. In addition, the meeting between Yediot newspaper boss Arnon Mozes and Netanyahu was recorded by Netanyahu himself when he was being given the option of receiving more favourable press coverage. The whole thing smells while others say it is an attempted revolution to remove a popular Prime Minister by slander and accusations when they cannot remove him by the election ballot box. I don’t believe anything will come of these allegations and it remains to be seen whether the Attorney General will prosecute or not. But one thing is certain - the government is stable and no party is leaving the coalition. For those who are so desperate to remove Netanyahu from office, (and I remember their shock and horror when the result came through in 2015), wait another year when the Israeli people get to vote again and agree to abide by the majority decision.

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15 FEBRUARY 2018


Jewish students on campus subjected to

intimidation by pro-Palestinian groups BY JAMES MARLOW

Jewish Students were once again subjected to intimidation from pro-Palestinian thugs on Monday night as they entered the Great Room at Kings College in London. The speaker was former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister, Dan Meridor, who was always on the left of the Likud Party and has been a staunch critic of Binyamin Netanyahu’s policies since Netanyahu first became Prime Minister in 1996. But even though Meridor spoke with a moderate voice about a twostate solution to about 50 participants in the room, the screams from outside the Great Hall were deafening. Avi Garson, who is an Israel Society committee member and Finance Officer said “It was annoying because you could hear them all the time and sometimes we could not even hear Dan Meridor speak.”

The answer to many including this writer who has been following the progress of negotiations since the Madrid talks of 1991 is because the Palestinians refuse to negotiate. But Meridor believes there can still be comprises made on both sides and it was clear that he had not given up hope. The event was open to anyone who wished to attend by simply going online and booking a ticket for free. But around 50 demonstrators chose to stand outside the room, some with banners and signs saying “No to recognition,” which is easy for them because they live in the safety of London and the South East whilst the very Palestinians they claim to protect are being told not to recognise or make peace with any part of Israel. Avi Garson pointed out that although there were Kings College security guards present, one person

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and other associated groups shouted “Shame” as well as their favourite, “Occupation No More, Israel is a Terrorist State” and the all-time hit, “Free Free Palestine.” The former deputy Prime Minister responded to the shouts by saying that although he supported freedom of speech and the right to protest, “it is no longer freedom of speech if you can’t hear the speaker.” Mr Garson said Meridor was “brilliant” and he answered questions very well explaining the reality of the situation. There were however some hostile questions directed at Meridor, one associating Israel with the Nazis to which Meridor refused to even lower himself to such a claim. However, he did tackle the “Crimes against Humanity” issue and why the Palestinians still had not received a state from Israel.


was refused entry to the entrance of the college itself because he had a megaphone. “He kept shouting to the guards it was only being he was black that he was being refused entry to the main college entrance,” Avi said. But he was a notorious figure by the name of Ayo Olatunji from Nigeria who is very active against Jewish society meetings and indeed led the UCL attack against Jewish students last year. The Pinsker Centre who was responsible for bringing over Dan Meridor said “It remained dedicated to protecting academic dialogue and freedom of speech on campus.” The statement also pointed out that “Students should do all they can to stand up to threats and intimidation which aim to censor legitimate voices in campus discourse - and we will continue to endeavour to host discussions and debates with a range of voices, from across

the political and social divide, in an effort to protect intellectual tolerance.” Some Jewish and even non-Jewish students were verbally abused as they entered and exited the lecture hall. Cameras were aggressively thrust into their faces, violating their personal space and as they peacefully walked past the aggressive crowd.

BB BALLOONZ Balloon Modelling with Bradley

The family and friends of the late Suri Dubiner a.h. are delighted to inform the community of a new venture in memory of the girl who devoted her life to the children in the community and to their happiness. Suri Dubiner Simchas Suri is now operating and will be distributing toys and games to all those who, due to financial or other constraints, cannot frequent the toy shops and procure toys for their children. All toys will be given to you and you will not need to return them.

Should you wish to benefit from this service, please email or text/call 07983 153 342. You do not need to leave your name. Just leave a brief message as to what kind of toy/toys you seek, the age of your child/children and how many toys you would need. All toys will be wrapped up and sent by taxi to an address of your choice (anywhere in the UK) at a time of your choosing.

Balloon Decor, Gifts and Children's Magic Parties, Simchas, Workshops and Corporate Events

YOUR PRIVACY IS OUR PRIORITY. Should anyone wish to donate any toys that are in EXCELLENT CONDITION or should anyone like to donate money towards the purchase of new toys for this service, please feel free to email as above.


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15 FEBRUARY 2018


F-16 Israeli Pilot condition improves BY JAMES MARLOW Israel was once again condemned by much of the main stream media over the weekend for over reacting to an unarmed UAV Iranian drone that flew into Israeli airspace on a reconnaissance flight on Saturday. An Israeli attack helicopter received the go ahead to blow it out of the sky and soon after Israeli F-16 jets struck 12 Syrian targets including three aerial defence batteries and four Iranian sites that are part of Iran’s military establishment in the war-ravaged country. However, an Israeli F-16 crashed during the mission, although the pilot managed to steer the jet back to Israeli territory before both of them ejected. Israeli police confirmed the aircraft crashed in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel and video of the jet in flames was shown across the media. Both Israeli pilots were injured when they bailed out, also landing in Israeli territory, but one was reported to be in serious condition, although he has since stabilised. Syria says its surface to air defence system brought down the F-16. Israeli witnesses reported seeing convoys of missile-defence batteries heading north near the Israeli-Arab city of Baka al-Gharbiya. Other witnesses posted photos of several trucks carrying the batteries on central highways in northern Israel. The Jewish State’s air defences currently include the Iron Dome,

designed to shoot down shortrange rockets, the Arrow system which intercepts ballistic missiles outside of the Earth’s atmosphere and the David’s Sling missile-defence system, which is designed to intercept tactical ballistic missiles, medium- to long-range rockets and cruise missiles fired from ranges of between 40 km to 300 km. Israel also has Patriot missile batteries stationed in the North and has used them to intercept drones infiltrating into Israeli airspace from Syria. In September, an Iranian-built unmanned aerial vehicle breached the “Bravo line” that marks the Syrian demilitarized zone and was intercepted by an Israeli Patriot anti-ballistic missile launched from a station near the northern city of Safed. The Arrow system was first used in April when it was launched to intercept three surface-to-air missiles fired toward IAF jets by Syrian-regime air defence. Last Saturday, the Iranian drone, took off from Syria’s T4 airbase in northern Homs province, flew through Jordanian territory and then infiltrated into Israel. It flew for about a minute and a half in the northern Jordan Valley before it was shot down in Israeli territory. In retaliation for the incursion, eight jets took off to strike the drone’s launch site. During the operation, Syrian regime forces fired around 20 antiaircraft missiles at the jets. The pilot and navigator


of one of the planes ejected themselves when they recognized that one of the missiles had locked onto their jet. According to the IDF, Iran and the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards have been operating at the T4 base for some time, backed by Syrian-army forces and with the approval of the Syrian regime. “Iran has been using the base in recent months for the purpose of transferring weaponry to be used against Israel,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. A senior official in Israel’s defence establishment on Sunday warned that Iran is determined to entrench itself in Syria and will

continue trying to attack Israel. “As far as we are concerned, the event is over but the Iranians are determined to continue to establish themselves in Syria; the next incident is only a matter of time,” he said, warning that Israel does not rule out that the Islamic Republic will continue trying to attack Israel. “We do not know what the mission of the Iranian drone was. It is their most advanced drone and they did not expect our radar to detect its penetration into our territory,” the senior official stated. “Our aerial freedom will not be harmed. We will continue to destroy targets.”

The doctor’s office of the future is changing BY JAMES MARLOW Electricity revolutionised the world just over a hundred years ago. The internet changed the way we operated twenty years ago and now there is no question that Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is going to change our society as we know it. No industry or society will be spared from this phenomenon which actually began four decades ago and is now moving at a pace beyond comprehension. From driverless taxis, talking robots and sophisticated drones to police officers on patrol with body cameras identifying missing children, doctors behind computer screens and the blind knowing who is in the room with them, there is no end to growing innovation. The fourth annual summit hosted by the company OurCrowd at

the Jerusalem Conference Centre earlier this month attracted some 10,200 people from 96 countries, some of whom have absolutely no official relations with Israel. But they attended to learn more about the future, how their countries can benefit, and in some cases to invest in a start-up. In Britain, there are huge pressures within the National Health Service and a vast difference of opinion on what to do about the problems. Many forward-thinking people agree that innovation could be a key solution to the healthcare industry and the future doctor and patient relationship. Shmuel Herschberg of Dario Health explains, “The doctor’s office of the future is basically giving patients, the tools to manage their health conditions remotely through technology.”

Mr Herschberg promotes a product for sufferers of diabetes that connects to the smart phone and the patient can manage all of their blood glucose readings, carb intake’s, physical activity and insulin through the device. The information can then be shared with the doctor or health worker. Another innovative idea currently available is produced by the company Tytocare who believe a comprehensive medical examination can be done by the patient from their own location while the doctor is speaking to you from across the computer screen. First the doctor asks you to take your temperature, so you simply hold the small device on your forehead. He or she then asks to see the back of your throat and with mouth open wide as one would in the doctor’s surgery, the patient holds the


item at the opening of your mouth. The demonstration at the Summit then saw how the doctor asked for an ear inspection so the process is repeated holding the device against the ear. Each time the doctor who is sitting far away, is receiving the numbers and figures on his or her screen and can then determine the cause of someone’s illness, write a prescription if necessary and have it delivered to a local pharmacy which can then be collected or delivered to the patient. However, with monthly usage fees on top of the purchase price which starts at £215.00 for the home version and £720.00 for the professional healthcare worker, from the company Tytocare, it remains to be seen whether the device could be subsidised if purchased from the doctor’s surgery.


ShechitaUK reacts to Labour Party’s proposal for Animal Welfare

Reacting to the Labour Party’s proposal that all meat should be labelled ‘stunned/ non-stunned’, Shimon Cohen, Shechita UK’s Campaign Director, has issued the following statement: “It is unfortunate that the Labour Party’s proposal regarding meat labelling is behind the curve. Informed circles have now moved this discussion on to comprehensive method of slaughter labelling which would ensure that consumers know whether their meat has been killed by captive bolt shooting, gassing, electrocution by tongs or water, or any of the other approved methods. It is neither correct nor sufficient for meat to be labelled as ‘stunned’ or ‘nonstunned’ as we must be careful not to mislead the consumer into believing that mechanical stunning is a kind medicinal process, gently sending the animal into a woozy state of unconsciousness. Mechanical stunning is an aggressive, invasive procedure which many object to. “Comprehensive method of slaughter labelling is welcomed by religious communities and animal welfare groups alike and we would urge the Labour Party to urgently review their policy.”

Local residents and organisations urged to ‘make their voice heard’

Following on from the success of the Board of Deputies’ Jewish Manifestos for the General Election and devolved elections, it is now launching a consultation for a local government version. Jewish communities will be affected by local authority elections across England including all London boroughs, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Hertsmere and Epping Forest in 2018. The Board of Deputies is consulting to draw up the community’s manifesto to ensure that its interests are at the heart of the debate. Gillian Merron, Chief Executive of the Board of Deputies said: “It is critical for the Jewish community to make its voice heard in local authorities. Councils are responsible for, or have a role in, many of the services which we rely on every day including community safety, social care, education and healthcare.”


15 FEBRUARY 2018


Letters to the Editor

Send in your comments to

Is non-Torah lifestyle really to blame? Dear Sir,

In response to Chai Kaye’s letter 8 Feb, it is disputable that Jews are persecuted for not sticking to Torah life style by contemporary standards. There is no evidence the Jews of the Crusader riots of 1092 and following, or the 1648 Chmielnitski rebellion which killed a third of Europe’s Jews, were not living a Torah life style. The Jews of the Land of Israel though living a Torah life style were still given a drubbing by the Romans. Then there is the question of what is a Torah life style? In addition the rabbinic opinion that to dwell in the Land of Israel takes precedence over other mitzvot. For starters there is little evidence for black clothing before the 1500’s as it was technically difficult to produce till the industrial age and widespread potato cultivation did not reach Eastern Europe till the late 1700’s and Russia in the 19th century. So no kugel in Talmudic times - and no chickens are mentioned in the Bible. The answer to Anti-Semitism always has been, partly to move, partly in criminal justice by firm government, because all the notorious episodes since Pharaoh have been directed from the top as an exercise in kick-thecat politics and Jews are convenient and small enough to be safe bullying. Yours faithfully, Frank Adam Please note: The views of the letters do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper. Letters may be edited and publication is at the discretion of the editor.

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15 FEBRUARY 2018





Volunteer Spotlight Tell us about yourself I’m 28 years old, from Pinner originally but now living in East Finchley. I enjoy supporting Spurs, playing my trumpet in a local band and of course my mum’s chicken soup when I visit. How and why did you get into volunteering? I realised the value of volunteering for a long time and was inspired initially by my parents when they volunteered for the shul in Pinner. I started initially as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader at a local Jewish group when I was 13 for my

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award but I have since found a few things that I enjoy doing. It’s about the sense of personal fulfilment as much as it is about the affect I’m having. This has been all the more apparent through my job at the Jewish Volunteering Network. Who do you currently volunteer for and what do you do? At the moment I am on the executive team of the Barnet Multi Faith Forum. Interfaith work is a recent passion of mine and I have just undertaken the training session to become a Schools Speaker for the Three

Faiths Forum, a new challenge I am looking forward to starting soon. I am also still on the davening rota at Pinner shul and regularly raise funds for different charities through playing in my band. How has volunteering changed your life and how do you think it affects the people you volunteer for?

Cheers From the winning table!

thoughts why I do what I do – that one person really can make a difference through the smallest act. I hope that the organisations I volunteer for value my contribution and, because my roles involve regular interaction with people, I can see the changes I am making first hand.

Think Volunteering, Think JVN 020 8203 6427 @JVN_org_uk

Jewish Blind & Disabled annual supper quiz raises £12,000 Jewish Blind & Disabled held their very popular supper quiz, as 120 people enjoyed a fish supper as well as a series of intriguing questions from quiz master Laurence Stein. Malcolm Ozin MBE, president of Jewish Blind & Disabled, welcomed the guests saying “It is now nearly 50 years since helped Cecil Rosen open his first independent living unit. As an independent charity that does not receive any government funding we are so very grateful for your support that helps us to continue to realise Cecil’s dream of enabling people to live independently with dignity and choice” It was particularly apt that the winning table this year included people who have firsthand experience of the difference that Jewish Blind &Disabled makes to the lives not just of the person with a disability but to their spouse and family too: event sponsor Daniel Reuben and Daniel’s mother Felicity. Felicity used to live in a Jewish Blind & Disabled

Volunteering for me has affected my lifestyle in so many ways and helped me realise the value of giving just a little bit of time. It’s something I look forward to. Even though I live and breath volunteering through my job, it gives me a chance to see the other side and reinforce my

apartment along with her late husband Russell who had progressive multiple sclerosis. Although Felicity chose to move out after Russell’s passing she is still very much involved in the charity both as a volunteer and as a guest at our events; as are all her family who are very grateful for all the support that Jewish Blind & Disabled gave to both Russell and Felicity both during Russell’s life and after his passing. As Daniel commented at another event “JBD is an incredible charity. There are many worthwhile causes, but this is one that we all potentially will benefit from. I couldn’t bear to consider what would have happened to my parents should the charity and their incredible residence and staff not been available to them. We all live in hope that our parents, siblings, friends and even ourselves will never directly need the help of this wonderful charity, but let me tell you first hand that we should all be thankful of their great work.”


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Mayors conference to showcase Israeli culture and technology The American Jewish Congress and American Council for World Jewry will host Mayors from around the world in Israel on 11th-15th February 2018 for the 32nd annual International Mayors Conference, to promote solidarity with Israel and Jews around the world. In the face of widespread misrepresentation of Israel, the annual conference allows prominent leaders to see Israel and its achievements at first-hand. The Mayors will experience Israel’s culture and its people, made up of Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs living and working side-by-side together. Led by American Jewish Congress President and American Council for World Jewry Chairman Jack Rosen, this year’s delegation will explore the most significant challenges facing urban centres, and how Israeli technology industry can provide practical solutions. During next week, the delegation of Mayors will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tzipi Hotovely, and the Mayors of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa and from across Arab and Israeli municipalities in Israel. The delegation will also connect

with leading figures in the technology sector, hearing from representatives at one of the world leaders in driverless technologies, Mobileye. The conference agenda will also feature meetings with innovators in technology for the environmental sector, underlining the importance that public sector technologies have on everyday life. The Mayors Conference has hosted a number of prominent delegates in recent years, including future Heads of State, such as Mauricio Macri, the current President of Argentina, Matteo Renzi, the former Prime Minister of Italy and Mayor of Florence, and just last year the Mayor of Tainan William Lai who has since been named as Premier of Taiwan. The Conference is organized by the American Jewish Congress and American Council for World Jewry, in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Union of Local Authorities in Israel. Mr Jack Rosen, said: “In recent years, Israel has established itself as a technology tour de force. Its reputation as the ‘Start-up Nation’ is known the world over and countries from all over the world regularly seek to benefit from Israeli

expertise. We are therefore delighted to be bringing thirty five of the world’s most promising mayors to this amazing country to provide them with a host of ground-breaking technological solutions to be applied in solving the various challenges they are facing in their home cities.” “We bring this important global delegation to Israel primarily to promote solidarity between different countries and cultures. Our vision of a more connected future will only be achieved through cooperation and communication. “We hope this Conference provides the mayors with a greater and fuller understanding of Israel: what it represents as a nation, the values of its people, its aspirations for the future and how cities and countries across the globe can cooperate with their Israeli counterparts to share ground-breaking innovation.”

Chief Rabbi urges support for Rohingya appeal World Jewish Relief, IsraAid, the JDC and the Jewish Coalition for Disaster Response (JCDR) have joined forces to create a united global Jewish response to the Rohingya humanitarian crisis. This is the first time that the leading global Jewish international humanitarian agencies have created a collective response. Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has urged the Jewish community to support the appeal, saying: “The inexcusable suffering of the Rohingya is a stain on the conscience of humanity and represents a failure to act upon our commitment to protect the most vulnerable people in our world. With so many people now living now in dire makeshift accommodation in Bangladesh, having fled violence and persecution in Myanmar, I urge every person who is able, to support the efforts of World Jewish Relief and others and to ease the suffering of the Rohingya.” The rapid exodus of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar into Bangladesh has resulted in a critical humanitarian crisis. Nearly 860,000 refugees are

15 FEBRUARY 2018


Rohingya refugees

now living in official or makeshift refugee camps across Cox’s Bazaar in southern Bangladesh. Paul Anticoni, Chief Executive of World Jewish Relief, said: “The refugees are facing desperate conditions and are entirely dependent on humanitarian support with many having fled their homes with no possessions, traumatised by targeted persecution and violence. Sanitation and healthcare is appalling and the threat of outbreaks of infectious disease looms. Despite recent political assurances that they can start returning home, this is not going to happen anytime soon, if at all. “We have monitored the situation carefully, appalled at another incident of ethnic cleansing and mass refugee movement. This is the right time and the right place

for a globally co-ordinated Jewish response.” Together, we will provide essential non-food items to the most vulnerable refugee families, primarily women and girls, breastfeeding or pregnant mothers and childled households. We will distribute emergency packages; containing hygiene and sanitary products, blankets, essential clothing and mosquito nets. We also aim to provide mobile primary healthcare to parts of the camps that are not currently being accessed by existing services. We will work where others are not and ensure all we deliver goes to those in greatest need. We are seeking support from across the community for this intervention. You can donate here www.


New f lipper session for kids Flip Outs brand new unlimited Mini Flipper sessions are perfect for under 5s! You no longer need to rush around getting everything prepared to get out of the house with your under 5, only to have an hour in the arena, before you need to rush off again. Stay as long as you want between 9am and 3pm during weekdays (excludes half terms/ bank holidays/weekends). Now you can arrive with peace of mind in the knowledge that you have unlimited Mini Flipper sessions in this time you can catch up with friends, watch your under 5s have lots of fun in a safe environment and even grab some lunch from the cafe, there are highchairs available

and plenty of booths for seating. 1 x adult flips for free plus additional children are now only £4.95 so siblings do not need to miss out. Mini Flipper sessions help build coordination and motor skills. Both adult and child have a perfect platform to laugh out loud and engage without the distractions of daily chores etc. Flip Out Brent Cross brings out the best in each child. Plus their mental well being is nurtured alongside all the fun. Come along and join weekday fun in the arena. Sessions can be booked online now.

The JLC appoints a new Regional Director in Scotland

The Jewish Leadership Council has appointed a new Scotland Director to bolster its work with Jewish communities across the country. The role will be filled by Danielle Bett, who will begin work next week. Danielle previously worked for a number of years in the Financial Services industry. She brings with her significant experience in communicating between teams and individuals, as well as experience in strategy and supporting various stakeholder groups. Having been born in Scotland, Danielle grew up in Israel before moving back, and has now lived in Scotland for almost 14 years. Danielle Bett said: “I am very excited to start working with the JLC and the Scottish Jewish community. Having been active in the community for a while now, I’m very much looking forward to being able to

make this my main focus. I enjoy working on different projects or initiatives that encourage open and positive discussion, community-focused change and building bridges. I have no doubt I will have the opportunity to do all of these things in my new role.” Simon Johnson, chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, said: “We look forward to welcoming Danielle on board into what is a key role at the JLC. Her experience in the community and ability to provide a strategic voice will be of direct benefit to our external affairs work across the UK. “I am confident Danielle will succeed and ensure the local Jewish community in Scotland has good access to an individual with the necessary experience to make sure the community is well represented.”

Children and staff from the Emunah Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre in Afula visited Mount Hermon where some saw snow for the first time. The trip was a prize from Israel Emunah chairman Liora Minka to mark the children’s outstanding

performances in a talent show and to thank staff and Sherut Leumi (national service) volunteers. Emunah provides life-changing support for at-risk children and their families through a network of over 200 centres and services across Israel.

First snow for Emunah

Afula kids on a visit to Mount Hermon

The Kaifeng Chinese Festival 17th - 28th February

Celebrating Chinese New Year ‘The Year of the Dog’ - come have some chow in the restaurant!

Chinese Festival Specials A portion of Seaweed for £1! Jumbo Hot Dog Spring Rolls Special New Dishes 2 for 1 Desserts 2 for 1 Cocktails before 7.30pm Free gift for all children under 10 years old

Purim at Kaifeng We will be open throughout the day on Thursday 1st March. 12.30 - 10.30pm. Please book early for the restaurant and Take Aways as we are usually very busy. All our meat is Glatt and Poultry Oif Mahadrin.

Under the strict supervision of the London Beth Din and Rabbi Akiva Osher Padwa

51 Church Road, London NW4 4DU

020 8203 7888



15 FEBRUARY 2018

Raising our Children Self-image, Miss USA and Joy to be Givers GIFT in partnership with Seed ran an event on Sunday with guest speaker Rabbi Kelemen - a professor of education at Neve Yerushalayim College of Jewish Studies for Women in Jerusalem, where he also lectures in modern and medieval philosophy. The topic of the lecture was ‘Raising our children to be Givers’.

During the talk, GIFT also ran sessions for the children teaching them about different ways we can ‘give’ and make a difference. There was a great turnout and the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. GIFT’s mission is to educate, facilitate and inspire more giving in our community.

Eliya Stromberg, PhD, is the father of a 27 year old son with Down syndrome. In America Eliya was a special education teacher, public elementary school, alternative high school, and Jewish day school principal, and university lecturer. He is the author of Chosen Fathers: Life Lessons Learned From Father Of Children With Disabilities (available at Amazon). He lives in Jerusalem with his wife. You can meet Eliya Stromberg on Facebook, at, and by email at

Rabbi Kelemen speaks at the event


Board of Deputies launches social media campaign to encourage women and young people to become Deputies At the start of its presidential election year, the Board of Deputies is launching a social media campaign to encourage young people and women to stand for election as Deputies. Four advertisements and a graphic have been produced, all which will be promoted on social media. The Board of Deputies will be writing to all women’s organisations, and we will be bringing together youth groups for a round-table and publicising Deputy elections through the Board of Deputies Young Professionals group. Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron said: “In our election year, we are launching a campaign to encourage more

diversity among our elected representatives. In particular, women and young people have been historically under-represented as Deputies and we would urge them to come forward so that their voices are heard. We are also appealing to synagogues and other member organisations to do their utmost to ensure we reflect the make-up of our community.” Most of the Deputy elections will be held in the run-up to the Board of Deputies Presidential and Honorary Officer elections, which are to take place on Sunday May 13. Nominations for all these elections close on April 26. The newly elected team will take office on June 1.

My 27-year old son with Down syndrome had bone graft surgery on his left hand. It required a cast for four months. He needed assistance with most every task requiring two hands. And he needed encouragement to accept his physical limitation. My son has been gifted with physical abilities. He has four gold medals for bicycling in the Israel Special Olympics. He builds stone terraces and walkways at work. His neck and shoulder massages leave you begging for mercy. My son’s self-image is a strongman, hard worker and star athlete. And like anybody whose self-image is challenged he needed help to appreciate that he is more than his self-image. My wife and I praised him for his

patience with his toddler nephews. His thoughtfulness to call home every night to ask how we are. His respect for us by waiting for us to begin eating before he takes a bite. At every opportunity we let him know that he is much more than just being “chazak”, being strong. My son in his cast reminded me to go beyond physical appearances to see who he is: a giver who gives so much to others, besides muscle crunching massages. Did you know that Iceland is “eradicating” Down syndrome births from its society? Since prenatal screening was introduced in the early 2000s, close to 100 percent of women in Iceland who tested positive for Down syndrome terminated their pregnancy. In the USA there is a 67 percent termination rate; in France, 77 percent; and Denmark, 98 percent. This March, in the American state of Ohio, it will be a felony, punishable by prison and a fine to terminate a pregnancy on the basis of prenatal screening indicating Down syndrome. Mikayla Holmgren is a 22-year old dancer/gymnast university freshman. She competed in this year’s Miss USA pageant from Minnesota. She didn’t win, but she was named The Spirit of Miss USA and given the Director’s Award. Mikayla has Down syndrome. I wholeheartedly support the efforts of lawmakers in Ohio to prevent the wholesale elimination of an entire class of people. Without their effort who knows where this trend could lead: one day prenatal screening may be so accurate pro-eugenics abortionists will counsel termination of fetuses that will have poor eyesight. What an expense and a burden to their parents when children lose their glasses…

A councillor in Iceland told a reporter: “We don’t look at abortion as a murder. We look at it as a thing we ended. We ended a possible life that may have had a huge complication…preventing suffering for the child and the family.” Or may have been The Spirit of Miss USA. Which brings me to joy. No one ever promised that life should be easy. No pain. No gain. Adversity brings out the best in a person. Challenges are opportunities for growth.

Shabbat and Sunday, pupils took part in a variety of activities including swimming, an obstacle course, scavenger and treasure hunts, outdoor games and a team challenge. Deborah Harris, Jewish Studies Lead, said: “The weekend was an enormous success with the children asking to go away again! The

Tribe Madrichim worked so hard to provide an informal but educational Shabbat programme for our children and we are very grateful to everyone at Tribe who helped to ensure that everything ran smoothly. It was great to see our Year 5 pupils working together as a team throughout the weekend.”

But no where does it say that along with pain you can’t have joy. All parents want to feel joy from their children. But what in the world keeps them from finding it? When I spoke to parents in England this last March, a mother challenged me. “What joy is there seeing your teenage daughter confined to bed, and unable to talk. There is no joy in that.” I responded: “your pain is real and it is deep.” I suggested a reframe: see your daughter as a “giver” not only a “taker”. She is giving to you the opportunity to find levels of strength and faith and love in yourself that would have gone untapped if she did not require so much care. She is helping you become the person you are meant to be. What a magnificent gift. Take joy in the fact that you have a child who can build you. Then look for the ways you are being built. And say: “thank you.”

A residential weekend to remember Year 5 pupils from Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School enjoyed a residential weekend at Skeet Hill House in Kent. During Shabbat, participants were joined by young, energetic Madrichim (leaders) from Tribe (Young United Synagogue) who ran a special Shabbat programme which included ‘Why we have rules for Shabbat’, Parasha plays and a special Mitzvah Board Game. The Madrichim ensured that all pupils were engaged and joining in with the amazing ruach. Together with the WIJPS staff, they also led a very special Havdalah ceremony. On Friday morning, Motzei


Enjoying the education Shabbat programme

15 FEBRUARY 2018



Congratulations to Finchley Scouts TAL’s legendary ski trip in Slovakia Congratulations to Sara Peacock who was awarded a Jack Petchey Award for achievement in Scouting. Sara helps every week with the 20th Finchley (Jewish) beaver scout pack for boys. She comes straight from her school (Hasmonean) to beavers each week – and has tirelessly volunteered – running programmes for the children. Pictured below is Sara with the Queen’s representative for Barnet – Martin Russell Esq DL FCT who presented the award. The beavers is part of a larger scout group

Sara with the Queen’s representative for Barnet – Martin Russell Esq DL

which runs activities each week for about 40 children a week. She is following in

TAL (Torah Action Life) recently celebrated their Annual, amazing Ski Trip. It was the 7th Year running and this year 17 brave souls accompanied director and founder Rabbi Jonathan Tawil to hit the slopes. A spokesperson from Tal said “The slopes were steep, the food was delicious and the magnificent views from the mountain tops were breathe taking. But nothing was as great as the bond that was the footsteps of her parents created with each of the 17 who also both volunteer for people that joined us. The the group. long night talks and the

All smiles on the slopes

inspiring shiurim that took place will make this ski trip

one to remember.”

Spaces filling up fast for our:

One Year Anniversary Edition! OUT 08/03/18

To advertise contact us on:


16 NEWS 

BJCFP school year 1 Siddur presentation

Some of the happy children!

Singing on stage

15 FEBRUARY 2018


Manchester King David High school 6th former wins national newspaper quiz Florence Conway, 17 a Manchester 6th form student at the King David High school has just won a national newspaper quiz run by the Financial Times. She earned the school £4,000 after answering all the questions correctly and writing the best tie breaker in the National schools competition. Florence has also won

£300 in vouchers, and in April is going to spend a day at the Financial Times, London. Florence commented, “I am really excited to take up the fantastic opportunity to experience the world of banking and finance’’ The King David High school is on the FT emailing list where Florence spotted the quiz.

Rabbi Nachman Selzer speaking at Yesodey Hatorah Beis Yosef hall

Popular International speaker and writer Rabbi Nachman Selzer was in Manchester on Tuesday evening speaking in the Beis Yosef hall at the Yesoday Hatorah school, Sedgley Park, Prestwich.

Florence Conway

Gestapo officer’s chilling response: ‘Where Manchester gets hit with you’re going you won’t need a toothbrush.’ more snow “Where you’re going you won’t need a toothbrush,” the Gestapo officer told French resistance worker, Marianne Cohn, as he removed her from her terrified young charges and off to her certain demise. The moment was witnessed by a horrified 14 year old Helen Stein. The proud Mancunian great grandmother chillingly recounts the loss of her saviour and her own fortunate escape from the death camps in her life-story book, produced as part of the pilot ‘My Voice’ project. Mrs Stein was part of a group of French children, sent by their parents to Switzerland to avoid being rounded up and transported to Auschwitz. En route, as the group of 28 children were reaching the border, they were stopped by the Nazis and held captive. Helen and two sisters were freed when France was liberated in August 1944. “Marianne was like mother to us” she told Juliette Pearce, Manager of

The Fed’s north Manchester volunteer service, Time for You. Juliette oversaw the initial pilot and recently learnt of The Fed’s successful grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund of £49,700, towards a larger project. Supported by national lottery players, My Voice, Manchester will explore and share the histories of at least 30 Manchester based Holocaust Survivors and Refugees over the coming two years. “The project will celebrate survival and give hope to present day survivors of persecution. The stories to be told are part of the heritage of the Jewish community and of the wonderful city of Manchester. They will help to educate and will also be wonderful tools for stimulating conversation with their authors.” “People arrived here bereft, uneducated and penniless but despite that went on to marry, raise families and contribute to those

communities - succeeding in business, providing employment, joining and supporting religious, social and caring institutions - using their determination to benefit others.” “My Voice, Manchester differs from other Shoah (Holocaust) testimony projects as the emphasis will be primarily on the participants’ childhoods and the life left behind and how they rebuilt their lives from the ashes on arrival in the UK.” ”We have a waiting list of people wanting to tell their stories including Helen’s husband Leo. Having heard some snippets of his story I know it is utterly fascinating. ” My Voice, Manchester will be led by Hila Kaye, who will manage a team of volunteer befrienders who will meet with individuals to record their stories. Another team of volunteers will work on transcribing, editing and proof-reading, taking and collating photos and designing and preparing the books for publication. A copy of the first ten books from the pilot project, including Helen’s story were recently donated to Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Centre in Jerusalem, on a visit to The Fed’s Headquarters at Heathlands Village by its Director General Dorit Novak. Anyone wishing to tell their story and participate in the project should call Hila Kaye on 0161 772 4800 or email

Enjoying the snow at Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School

Manchester Yeshiva Kollel 25th Yahrzeit annual Kollel Dinner

Rabbi E Rottenberg, guest speaker at annual Manchester Yeshiva Kollel dinner PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PURCELL

Helen Stein and Juliette Pearce PHOTO CREDIT: ALEX FLAHIVE



15 FEBRUARY 2018





Oakwood face Hendon to reach Cup final in April BY DAVID SAFFER

Oakwood A and Hendon United Sports meet in the Cyril Anekstein Cup final at Rowley Lane on Sunday, April 29. The Premier Division’s top two teams came through tough semi-final clashes last Sunday. Hendon edged past Brady Maccabi 3-2 for a final slot. Yoav Kestenbaum, Mordy Weiler and Ari Last scored the vital cup goals. Reiss Mogilner scored twice for Brady. “This has to be my most pleasing win as Hendon manager,” said Greg Corin. “It was a performance of hard work, competing for the ball as a team and scoring team goals. “Brady had a very good team out and gave it their all but for me we were the better team and deserved the victory. “Hendon always play the game in the right way and in giving such a dedicated performance, it really was a pleasure to manage. I am delighted for the team. “We play Oakwood in the final and it’s the tie we wanted. They’re a strong team and we look forward to the game towards the end of the season.” “In a close game we just came up short against a very good Hendon team,” said Brady boss Joel Nathan. “We made a couple of defensive mistakes and they proved costly. “We showed great spirit to draw level early in the second half when we were on top and should have taken advantage at that stage but let them back in again. “We were then chasing the game and gave away a third just before the 90 minutes were up but kept going and got a deserved penalty but time ran out.” Nathan, who noted right back Marc Rister had an outstanding game, added: “The boys did themselves proud, no one could walk off that pitch without saying they didn’t put a shift in.” Leor Sidle’s early strike proved

decisive for Oakwood against Los Blancos. But the Premier champions missed numerous opportunities to wrap up a more comfortable victory throughout the game. “It was a tough game in difficult windy conditions,” said Oakwood boss Daniel Kristall. “Credit to our visitors who battled well and stayed in the game, but having said that, we had enough chances to win several games. “We couldn’t quite finish the game off, so at 1-0 it is always a bit nervy but we defended well as a unit and kept a clean sheet which is pleasing. We haven’t kept enough this season, which has been mainly down to injuries and changes to our back four. “In Cup football, it doesn’t matter how you win games, as long as you get through. We knew Blancos would be up for it and they gave everything but ultimately the best team won.” Kristall added: “We are excited to be in a big Cup Final against Hendon, which should be one for the spectators. “Our squad has been tested to the maximum this season, so it is an excellent achievement to be back in the Final. For now though, we will forget about it and focus on five ‘cup’ finals in the League, starting with a trip to Lions in a fortnight.” In Peter Morrison Trophy last16 ties there were a goals galore

with a total of 23 goals in just two matches. Redbridge Jewish Care A led the way routing Redbridge ‘B’ 12-2 with the Sollosi brothers hitting nine goals. Nathan scored five goals, Sam notched four, Nate Kashkett struck twice and Scott Oldstein completed the victory. Daniel Gordon and Yoni Fialka grabbed ‘B’s consolation goals. Redbridge ‘A’ boss Jon Jacobs described the performance as “very professional”. “The ‘B’ team worked tirelessly for the first 30 minutes to close the boys down but the class of the Sollosi brothers shone through,” he said. “Their nine goals were a class apart from anything I have seen all season. Nathan’s goals make it 14 from the four games he has played from midfield.” In the other cup fixture, Maccabi London Lions White eased past Catford & Bromley with a 7-2 win. Adam Arnold, Ollie Craig and Jamie Cohen each scored a brace of goals. Sam Hammerton was also on target for Lions. Bayern Mincha stretched their lead at the top of Division Two to five points with a 2-2 draw at FC Team. Adam Ellis scored both goals for the league leaders. “It wasn’t an amazing game of football,” said Bayern boss Alon Pinhas.

Cup finalists Hendon United Sports


Cup finalists Oakwood A

“FC Team were much bigger and more physical which made it hard for us, especially when defending a throw in but we showed going forward we created chances. “Credit to FC, they did what they had to do to get a point against us, however one of their goals many players agreed was harsh. “Unfortunately we didn’t do enough to get the win and are extremely disappointed about it, however we will keep going strong.” Pinhas added: “Adam was extremely important for us again today, both goals were great finishes.” Mitch Young and Richard Salmon scored for the hosts. “We were the better team and should have won,” said FC Team player-manager Young. “We created clear cut opportunities in the first half and the game should have been out of sight. “But with Ellis they were always a threat. Bayern created three chances and Ellis scored two of them. Without him it would have been very comfortable.” He added: “Our football in the first half was excellent, we enjoyed the game, ‘keeper David Gordon made a couple of fine saves in a commanding performance.” Straw Hat Pirates edged away from the bottom clubs with a 3-1 win at Temple Fortune B. Jono Nesbitt, Sam Georgevic

and a 30-yard lob from Aron Gale settled the match for the visitors. “It’s been a tough few weeks for Straw Hats,” said Fortune manager Elliot Kuckier. “Results haven’t gone our way. After dominating a poor Hertswood Vale last week, we let three chances in so had a point to prove. “We stuck to our game plan and saw out the result for the first time in 2018. “We have some great players in our squad and today they shone. “We played great football and got the result we wanted and deserved. But we can do better and have proven this season that when were switched on, we can take the fight to any team.” He added: “We look forward to our first game against Real Hendon next week then a break before a final push to finish the season in the best possible way.” North London Raiders C overcame Faithfold B 3-2. The Premier Division match between Camden Park and North London Raiders A, Scrabble versus Temple Fortune A Supplement Cup Competition (Group B1) and Hertswood Vale versus Mill Hill Dons Division Two game were all postponed due to waterlogged pitches. PHOTO CREDIT: DAVID SAFFER

15 FEBRUARY 2018



Dan’s Premier League Column BY DAN SILVER Glory glory Newcastle United, glory glory Newcastle United, glory glory Newcastle United and the Toon goes marching on. These are the words I dreamt prior to the game about the fans chanting at St. James’s Park on Sunday afternoon after victory over Manchester United. But then I woke up from my dream and realised there’s more of a chance of me playing in a Sunderland kit than Newcastle being victorious. Yet the unforeseeable did indeed occur. Having not won a Premier League home game since mid-October, it was looking likely that Newcastle would be sent into the bottom three by the hands of Manchester United’s prestige attacking prowess. But with the unstoppable debutant Martin Dubravka in goal, the Reds just couldn’t seem to hit the back of the net, even with many golden chances that would’ve surely settled the game had they been converted. So when Matt Ritchie scored the only goal in the second half, the whole of the Newcastle contingent erupted. Mourinho said after the game that Newcastle had fought

“like animals” - and the hosts certainly produced a fierce and committed performance. Jonjo Shelvey was superb throughout the whole game and captain Jamal Lascelles proved why he should be in contention for a place on the England plane heading to Russia. This performance from the Magpies reminded me once again why I love this beautiful game. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger knew victory against local rivals and Champion’s League challengers Spurs was incredibly essential to build on the foundations of last week’s 5-1 demolition of Everton and also to keep up the pursuit of a place in the top four. But Wenger never fails to disappoint! Arsenal were quite frankly outplayed throughout most of the game and as for Alexandre Lacazette, he was shocking. To miss such a golden opportunity to level the game in the last minute proves Arsenal’s incapability of scoring when it matters most and now the Gunners have lost three consecutive away league games for the first time since a run of four in April 2017. And as for Harry Kane, he was not quite at his ruthless best in

this North London derby - so it is testament to his persistence, character and quality that he was the match-winner once again. A truly magnificent striker who should be put up there with the best in world football today. Other results include Swansea City edging further away from the Premier League relegation zone as Ki Sung-Yeung’s late strike gave them a significant win over Burnley. Chelsea manager Antonio Conte praised the club’s fans for sticking by him, after a comfortable win over West Bromwich Albion at Stamford Bridge eased the pressure on the Italian. Southampton manager Mauricio Pellegrino claiming the “biggest defeat” his side suffered in their 2-0 loss to Liverpool was “the character we showed in the second half”. Now I don’t know about you, but I just completely forgot about Sergio Aguero. With Kevin De Bruyne, Mo Salah and Eden Hazard doing the business, it is understandable that Aguero may have fallen a bit off the radar. But with four second-half goals against Leicester on the weekend, 3 being set up by KDB, the 29 year old Argentinian reminded the

world as to why he is considered one of the Premier League’s greatest strikers of all time. For me, Aguero is one of the most under rated players in the Premier league, with 21 goals already, he has essentially been second choice for the first half of the season, with Pep Guardiola preferring the now

injured Gabriel Jesus. This goes to show how much of a quality player he is and if Manchester City are to let him go in the summer, the rumours are suggesting they could, then that would be one of the biggest mistakes the Sky Blues could make.

Fixtures for Sunday 18th February



15 FEBRUARY 2018


CURRENCY US DOLLAR.......... 1.39


EURO............................... 1.13




SHEKEL....................... 4.76



BUSINESS INTERVIEW - EDDIE TURZE - ET CLAY PRODUCTS LTD For most people, bricks are for building houses, but for Eddie Turze his passion for bricks has also helped him build a successful business as well. When he started his career selling materials to builders’ merchants, many of them were concerned about a major shortage of bricks in the UK, so using some of his contacts, he started looking at ways to overcome this issue by importing bricks from Europe. This soon developed into a viable business, and today ET Clay Products is the largest stockist in the South East of England.

Eddie Turze

As the business has grown so have his premises, and the company is now situated on a two acre site near Lakeside in Thurrock, housing around 4 million bricks. Having such a large site means that he is able to offer a wide range of bricks, and because the company is not aligned to one particular supplier or manufacturer they are able to offer independent and unbiased advice. As well as using UK bricks he also imports from Europe and is able to obtain much more unusual or rare bricks not readily available in this country. Eddie is also is able to supply his own range of signature

bricks which come in a range of colours and styles. As well as their base in Essex, they also have a large depot in the Midlands meaning that they are able to easily service all areas of the country. For Eddie, ET Clay Products is very much a family run business, with his sister, brother-in-law, wife, daughter and son-in-law, as well as nieces and nephews, all involved. He believes that this gives the company a different perspective, and that even though they are now a large company in terms of range, they are still small enough to truly care about their customers, and offer the best service possible. The company works closely with customers from several sectors of the market including architects, developers, contractors, self-builders and even housing associations. Eddie believes that ET Clay Products are able to find the right product to meet all their customers’ needs. “Whether they need a specific colour, size, durability or if they just have a set budget, we can help them find the best quality product for their project.” Although many may think a brick merchant might only

supply for major building projects, Eddie is happy to help with orders of any size. “For us, no quantity is too small, and we are always here to help with domestic projects, such as extensions and garden walls, as well as all the way up to larger developments.” Some of the larger developments he has been involved with have directly benefited the Jewish community, such as Phase 1 of King Solomon School in Barkingside, Essex, and supplying materials for a new Jewish care home in Hendon, which is currently under construction. Eddie and his team have also worked with many of the synagogues within the community helping with extensions and other building work. Often when it comes to older houses, it can be more difficult to find authentic bricks that fit with the aesthetic of the house, but Eddie and his team offer a brick matching service, so that any new bricks fit seamlessly with the original brickwork. In some areas, only specific colours or styles of bricks are allowed, such as Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust who are responsible for houses in that area. ET Clay have worked closely with them, and are approved and recognised by this Trust, making them a main supplier of the correct bricks for houses in this area, as well as handmade tiles from another strand of his company, Heritage Clay Tiles. Heritage Clay Tiles offers handmade and handcrafted roof tiles for the top end of the market. By running these two companies, Eddie is able to offer what he calls ‘a complete external envelope’ for any building project which also includes lintels and reconstituted stone. For the customer, this joined up approach saves not only time, but money. Eddie explains, “We are able to work across the project which means that the customer does not have to deal with two suppliers and we can easily co-ordinate delivery to fit around each element.” Having worked in the trade for over 30 years, Eddie would be the


Clay yard

first to admit that he has been fascinated by bricks for a long time. He first realised his obsession when he was out with his wife, and children. He explains, “The children started pointing to buildings and asking me about the names and types of bricks. When my wife asked if I had seen a particular person walking along the street, I realised that I had been too busy looking at the arches and details, and talking to my children about bricks, that I had not even noticed. That’s when I knew that I was hooked, and I have been ever since!” In the time that he has worked within the industry, he has noticed a major change in pace when it comes to business, and many customers demand fast responses. “When I started, we didn’t have mobile phones or even faxes, so any quotes had to be written out and posted out, and then the customer would then get in touch. Now we can send out a quote, get a response, and complete the deal in a matter of hours. It makes it a much more exciting industry to work in. Due to the rise in housing demand, there is again beginning to be a significant shortage of bricks with many UK suppliers struggling to get products to customers in good time. “Currently a lot of suppliers are taking 10 – 15 weeks to get orders out to their customers, but because we hold such a wide range often from Europe, all of which meet UK specifications, we are able to meet demands, and deliver bricks to

customers in around 3 – 4 days.” When it comes to building projects, Eddie’s tip would be to make sure that you don’t cut corners when it comes to bricks. “Within a whole project, the bricks are only about 2% of the actual budget costs, so trying to save money on bricks is only a small part of the expenses involved.” In his role as Chairman, he is responsible for overseeing the business, but still works closely on a day-to-day basis with his staff. He is always happy to use his many years of sales expertise to help and give advice to his team of sales co-ordinators, or other members of staff. For Eddie, the best part of his job is being able to help the customer and give them what they want. “Finding the right product for the right person is what gives me the most satisfaction, and when people are happy with our products, that makes it all worthwhile.” If you are planning a building project and would like to speak to ET Clay Products about this – please contact them on 01708 200 304 or check out their website – Please also check out the Heritage Clay Tiles website - or get in touch on 01708 853 953 Do you know anyone who would like to be featured on this page? Let us know by emailing


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ASK THE RABBI Looking for answers? Send your question to Forced Labour Dear Rabbi, I appreciated your wonderful humour in last week’s column. It was the talk of our shul. But I do have a serious question along the same lines: The portion discusses in length laws as they apply to slaves, the treatment of them, when they should be set free, and even piercing their ears. It seems so anachronistic, and if Torah is supposed to be relevant in a modern era how are we to understand this law? Jerome

Dear Jerome, Judaism doesn’t condone forced labour. Your image of ball and chain is not what we are talking about. It is referring to someone who opts to work for you – to be your servant - and the way one has to treat them sensitively and provide for them appropriately. As to its modern day relevance, the hard fact is we are all slaves of sorts, certainly insofar as we suffer from a slave mentality. As a people, we suffer from a persecution complex. We’ve endured so many traumas throughout our tumultuous history that we keep looking over our collective shoulder won-

Tehillim Psalm 40 King David was a master of poetry, effortlessly weaving together strands of genius to leave lasting impressions on countless generations of Jews. “Vayaleini meboir shaon- He raised me up from the pit of raging waters.” The Radak explains this to mean that he is thanking Hashem for saving him from critical illness which threatened to engulf him, whereas Rashi infers it to a general thanksgiving for being saved from Egyptian bondage and the waters of the Red Sea. When righteous people want to publicly show their gratitude to Hashem, they often sing songs proclaiming the great wonders of the world. Moshe Rabenu sang Shira in the Torah, we have the song of Haazinu, and the song of Debrorah amongst other occasions. Our Psalmist makes reference to the power of music by saying “Vayetein befi shir chadash.. yiru rabim veyerau – He put into my mouth a new song.. the multitudes shall see and they will awed.” People speak many different languages, yet the language of music is truly universal; a song can speak to us on many levels.

15 FEBRUARY 2018


By praising G-d through song, vast multitudes of people can hear about the great events, such as the splitting of the sea, and then they will henceforth learn to fear G-d. “Ashrei hagever asher shom Hashem mivtachoi …chasav – Praiseworthy is the man who has made Hashem his trust, and not turned to the arrogant and those who stray after falsehood” A common theme in benching is that we do not need to rely on “basar v’dam – flesh and blood,” rather we rely purely on Hashem. We see this in the Bracha of Racheim and the last one amongst all the other references. This does not mean we should sit around all day and wait for a pot of gold to fall out of heaven; we must do our hishtadlut, our bit. However, how much trust we put in Hashem that He really is the one pulling all the strings, and not us is down to us, and is an indicator of just how close we are to Him. As we approach the time of Purim, a time where miracles were shown beyond any doubt, may we all merit to see the daily miracles of Hashem,

dering what next! It can probably be said that while you can take the Jew out of exile, you cannot take the exile out of the Jew. We have to learn to break free from that slave mentality and move on. If we worried less about the world conspiring against us and focussed more on what we bring to our slice of the universe I think we would be an overall healthier people. And on a personal level sometimes we perceive ourselves trapped in life and like any shackled slave we submit despairingly. We don’t see a way out. Imagine how sad it would be if one day towards the end of your trek you look back at the road travelled and

This tehillim is in memory of Hayeled Yaacov Moshe ben Avraham especially in how we earn our living.

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you see how next to your footprints in the sand of your life’s journey there’s this indentation from the ball you’ve been chained to and dragged along every step of the way. When you become imprisoned in your own predicaments and just accept them as your given reality then you are enslaved as it were. We are running always in the belief that this is who I am this is all I can be. When the Torah references “slaves” and how you have to ultimately set them free, it is really telling you and me, “Don’t ever just settle for anything. Don’t just submit yourself to others or situations believing that this is the way it has to be. Aim high – always be full of aspiration – set yourself free because that’s the way you will experience true and enduring happiness always. What’s the point of a wig? Dear Rabbi, I don’t understand women who wear beautiful wigs. Some of them look really glamorous which I bet they wouldn’t if they took those wigs off. So why is it permissible to wear them if it is going to attract more attention instead of less? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of a wig? Gainer Dear Gainer, There may be those who buy into your argument, hence join the frumpy wig brigade, the counter argument is, who says the purpose of a wig is in order to make you look ugly? If that was the intent, there should be no makeup (without which many can look a little worse for wear) and frankly maybe we should introduce burkas. Let’s be clear: Modesty is a very important virtue, sadly seriously undermined by many in the Jewish faith and certainly by mainstream society in general. But Judaism is not out to degrade or ‘dumb down’ the image of the Jewish woman. The wig (sheitel) is to demarcate the married woman from the non-married. True, the average observer doesn’t know the difference, but she does, and that’s what counts. Besides, could you imagine the reaction were she to try adjusting her wig in public? Watch how fast all the

oglers run a mile! Family member or best friend? Dear Rabbi, If you had to choose between a family member and your best friend, who would you choose? They’re both getting married on the same night and one or the other will be offended if I don’t attend. Is there a halachic view on where my responsibility lies? Tricia Dear Tricia, There is no halachic view per se but there is a principle of sholom bayit which means peace in the home. You don’t mention which part of the family it is, whether your husband’s or your own, or indeed how close you are to the particular family member. In addition there is the consideration of how many you will be offending along the way. Will your husband be upset if you don’t go to the family wedding? Will you offend your parents or cause upset in the wider family? I think all of that has to be weighed in balance because sholom bayit is paramount. If your friend is a true one then they will understand your predicament. Still, as always in these circumstances there is the spirit of compromise. You could go to the chupah and reception of one and the dinner of the other. Or cut out in the middle of the meal of one for the other – you could avoid the speeches and have two meals to boot! What can I say? Having such happy dilemmas is a good problem to have.

Follow Rabbi Schochet at: Twitter: @RabbiYYS Facebook: THEJEWISHWEEKLY.COM

Shabbat ends

London Jerusalem

15Volume FEBRUARY 2018 30 No. 22

6.06pm 6.04pm




Parshat Terumah

Artscroll p.444 | Haftarah p.1157 Hertz p.326 | Haftarah p.336 Soncino p.500 | Haftarah p.515

In loving memory of Moshe ben Avraham Zarach

In loving memory of Moshe ben Avraham Zarach

“You shall make a menorah of pure gold, hammered out shall the menorah be made, its base, its shaft, its cups, its knobs, and its blossoms shall be [hammered] from it” (Shemot 25:32).

Preparing the Way

by Rabbi Jonathan Hughes, Radlett United Synagogue Last sidrah, week’s Mishpatim, detailed a whole range of civil laws, including the laws of guardians, the penalties for damaging others’ property and the mitzvah to return lost objects. This week’s sidrah, Terumah, begins by detailing donations collected for the construction of the Tabernacle (Mishkan). 1st Aliya (Kohen) – Vayikra 12:1-23 After lady would wait several weeks Rabbichildbirth, Yosef Dova Soloveitchik (d. 1993) points out before bringing an elevation offering (olah) and a that these topics seem entirely different, and therefore whyThis these two parashiyot are sin offeringasks (chatat). completed her post-birth juxtaposed.process. Do they have a sequential link? purification God told Moshe and Aharon that someone who had the appearance a particular of skin He answers by notingofthat many of type Mishpatim’s disease (tzara’at) would have showdetails the white commandments concern theto fine of financial tohonesty, the would first verse of blemish a Kohen. whilst The Kohen evaluate Terumah tells us affliction that the was Mishkan built and decide if the clearlywas tzara’at, entirely from tzedakah (charity) money: thus rendering the person impure (tameh). If the case was unclear, the Kohen would quarantine the person in atohouse for seven days, after to which "God spoke Moshe, saying: ‘Speak the the Kohenof would re-inspect the afflicted area and children Israel, and have them take for Me an whether offering;thefrom every declare person was person tameh orwhose tahor heart inspires him to generosity, you shall take (pure). My offering’” (Shemot 25:1-2). Question: what were the three types of blemish called? (13:2) Answer on bottom of page 6. This juxtaposition teaches a very important 2nd Aliya (Levi) – 13:24-39 lesson. Whilst giving charity (tzedakah) is a It was also possible for tzara’at to develop from a wonderful mitzvah, it carries with it a qualification burn. Tzara’at could erupt on the scalp the that the funds donated come from or theonright beard area, causing a loss of hair. sources. Ill-gotten gain is forbidden as the basis of charitable donations. Mishpatim demands fair 3rd Aliya (Shlishi) – 13:40-54 in financial dealings; is theisnecessary Aplay slightly different form ofthat tzara’at detailed, precursor to Terumah. which caused a more substantial loss of hair. A metzora (one who has been contaminated with tzara’at) outside of the camp andmitzvah had to Indeed, was in sent general halacha, if any is performed using a stolen item, the attempted tear his/her garments (see p4 article). Tzara’at mitzvah is infect disqualified because it is deemed a could also clothing. A suspected garment "mitzvah haba'a b'aveira"a mitzvah was quarantined before the Kohenperformed made a through aabout transgression. a stolen decision whether Therefore, it was tameh. If it lulav was cannot be used the on garment Succot, nor one use a declared tameh, was can burnt. stolen shofar on Rosh Hashanah. The source for 4th Aliya (Revi’i) – 13:55-14:20 The Torah details the process through which a In memory of Yaakov Yehoshua benafter Ephraim metzora purified himself/herself the Hirsch period of isolation and the healing of the affliction. This involved a Kohen taking two birds, cedar wood, a crimson thread and hyssop. The Kohen would slaughter one of the birds and – using the wood, thread and hyssop together in a bundle – sprinkle In of Yaakov ben Ephraim its memory blood seven timesYehoshua on the metzora. The

this concept is actually a verse in the Biblical prophet Malachi, in which he conveys the unacceptability of a stolen animal offering in the Temple. The terminology used in the verse is telling, relating the gravity of the matter, that “God despises stolen elevation (olah) offerings” (see Talmud Succot 30a).

Sidrah Summary: Tazria-Metzorah The Torah's

Drawing of the Temple menorah, in the Rambam’s (Maimonides') own hand, in a manuscript of his Perush Hamishnayot (Menachot 3:7). Reproduced in Rabbi Y. Kafich’s edition, Jerusalem, 1967

Sidrah Summary: Terumah

Sidrah Summary: Terumah

"You shall make a menorah of pure gold, hammered out shall the menorah be made, its base, its shaft, made of it" 11(Shemot curtains25:32). of goat hair, with a further its1st cups, its(Kohen) knobs, and its blossoms shall be [hammered] from Aliya – Shemot 25:1-16 God tells Moshe to ask the Jews for a voluntary double michse (cover) on top, one made from offering towards the construction and functioning dyed ram skins, the other from tachash skins. of the Mishkan (Tabernacle). The materials needed are gold, silver and copper; turquoise, purple and scarlet wool; linen, goat hair, dyed ram skins, skins of the tachash animal, acacia wood, oil, specific spices and particular precious stones (for placing in the Kohen Gadol’s garments). God then instructs Moshe about how to make different features of the Mishkan: The Aron (ark) was made from acacia wood, plated with gold on both the inside and outside, and with a gold crown (zer) around the top. It had four gold rings attached to it, two on each side, with a gold-plated wooden stave left permanently between each pair of rings, in order to carry the Aron. The Tablets of the Ten Commandments were placed in the Aron. Point to Consider: How many times is the word ‘terumah’ used in verses 25:2-3? What does this hint to? (see Rashi to 25:2) 2nd Aliya (Levi) – 25:17-30 The Kaporet (cover) of the Aron was made of pure gold, with two cherubs moulded on top, facing one another and with their wings touching. The Shulchan (table) was made from gold-plated acacia wood, with a gold crown (zer) on its lid (misgeret). It had rings and staves to carry it, like the Aron. The show bread (Lechem Hapanim) was placed on it. 3rd Aliya (Shlishi) – 25:31-26:14 The Menorah was hammered from one piece of pure gold, with seven lamps. The Mishkan had ten yiriyot (curtains), made of linen and patterned wool, with golden hooks joining them together. The Ohel (tent), draped over the Mishkan, was

4th Aliya (Revi’i) – 26:15-30 The kerashim (planks) and their enjoining bars were made from gold plated acacia wood. Question: How tall were these planks? (26:16) Answer on bottom of next page. 5th Aliya (Chamishi) – 26:31-37 The Parochet (partition), was made of wool and linen. It was placed on the southern side of the Mishkan, to cordon off the Kodesh HaKedoshim (Holy of Holies) area, which housed the Aron. 6th Aliya (Shishi) – 27:1-8 The Mizbeach (altar) was made of copper-plated wood, with four corner pieces and with staves attached to rings to carry it. 7th Aliya (Shevi’i) – 27:9-19 The Chatzer (courtyard) surrounded the Mishkan; its outer ‘fence’ was made of linen yiriyot (curtains), attached to wooden pillars. Haftarah The reading, from the Book of Kings, records King Shlomo’s (Solomon) construction of the Beit Hamikdash (Temple) in Jerusalem, which was completed 480 years after the Exodus from Egypt. The construction involved mobilising close to 200,000 workers.


laws regarding monetary matters are complex and sophisticated. In fact, the section of Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish metzora would1563) also bring threefinancial animal offerings detailing laws Law, written and threeover mealfour offerings. contains times as many laws as the Point to Consider: is the (dietary significance of the sections concerningwhat kashrut laws). Again, this emphasises howand seriously the(see cedar wood, crimson thread hyssop? Torah integrity in these areas. Rashi takes to 14:4)

5th Aliya (Chamishi) – 14:21-32 Rabbi Yisrael the afford founder of animal the A metzora whoSalanter, could not three Mussar (ethics) (d.1883) once had a offerings couldmovement instead bring one animal offering, student who stopped a career in the one meal offering andpursuing two birds. Rabbinate because he did not want to take 6th Aliya (Shishi) – 14:33-15:15 halachic responsibility for answering Tzara’at also affected houses. The house questions concerning Jewish ritual, such owner as would report suspicious signsSalanter to a Kohen. Shabbat andthekashrut. Rabbi toldThe house be evacuated the Kohen’s more afraid of him thatwould he should be even before arrival. If the Kohen saw a deep green or deep red answering questions about financial ‘affliction’,which he would housemore to be matters, are order often theeven quarantined for a week. He would then re-inspect complicated. the house. If the affliction had spread, the infected stones giving would be removed charity, we and needreplaced. to try Iftothe When afflictionourselves nevertheless housewith would acquaint as returned, much as the possible be demolished. However, if replacing the stones the laws pertaining to business, so that the solved themoney problem, Kohen would with declare donation is the ‘clean’, earned fullthe integrity. house tahorMake (pure). sure to know your Mishpatim, so specific that your Terumah that will would be The Torah lists discharges maximised! cause a man to be considered tameh, and details the purification procedure. 7th Aliya (Shevi’i) – 15:16-33 A similar set of laws is listed for a lady who has specific discharges, as well as the laws of niddah (menstruation), which form the basis of the laws of family purity. Haftarah From the Book of Melachim (Kings II), the haftarah takes places upon the background of the long siege and ensuing famine of the Shomron area 3 (Samria) by the King of Aram. Four metzora’im were put outside the city gates because of their affliction. They discovered and reported that the Arameans had actually left their camp, which allowed the Jews to plunder the camp and thus end their famine. Hirsch

Produced by US Living & Learning together with the Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue Editor: Rabbi Chaim Gross Editor-in-Chief: Rabbi Baruch Davis Editorial Team: Ilana Epstein, Michael Laitner, Sharon Radley

United Synagogue Daf Hashavua Produced by US Living & Learning together with the Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue Editor: Rabbi Chaim Gross Editor-in-Chief: Rabbi Baruch Davis Editorial Team: Ilana Epstein, Michael Laitner, Sharon Radley Available also via email US website ©United Synagogue To sponsor Daf Hashavua please contact Loraine Young on 020 8343 5653, or If you have any comments or questions regarding Daf Hashavua please email



recited by the chazzan before the Aleinu prayer. It consists of the half- Kaddish, plus a request to accept our prayers and then two requests for peace (p.138)

prayer):Ittowards in Britain). prayer. consistsJerusalem of the half-(east, Kaddish, plus a request to accept our prayers and then two • Kaddish is only recited when a minyan – requests (p.138) a quorumfor ofpeace ten males over barmitzvah age

• Kaddish is only recited when a minyan – a quorum of ten males over barmitzvah age 15 FEBRUARY 2018 – is present.

THE JEWISH WEEKLY – is present. III. Kaddish Yatom – 'Mourner’s Kaddish'. This is III. Kaddish Yatom – 'Mourner’s Kaddish'. This is recited by mourners for eleven Part months At the end Kaddish, the takes three • At the end of Kaddish, the reciter takes three recited byofmourners forreciter eleven months Adam Lechaveiro 26:• Honouring Parents Bein Adam Lechaveiro Part 26:Bein Honouring Parents following the death of a parent. Its text is the steps back, says Its oseh following thefaces deathleft of aand parent. textshalom is the steps back, faces left and says oseh shalom AvKaddish V’eim) VIII: Practical Laws of Kaddish (Kibud Av V’eim) VIII: Practical (Kibud Laws same asof the Kaddish Shalem, minus the postbimromav, then faces right says same as the Kaddish Shalem, minusand the postbimromav, then faces right and says byprayer Rabbi& Daniel Fine, Community & Canons Park United request for Park one's prayers Rabbi, to be Stanmore hu ya’ase shalomfor aleinu, thenprayers bows forward by Rabbi Daniel Fine, Community Rabbi, Stanmore Canons United prayer request one's to be hu ya’ase shalom aleinu, then bows forward answered (p. 142). and says ve'al kol Yisrael, ve’imru Amen. The Synagogue Synagogue answered (p. 142). and says ve'al kol Yisrael, ve’imru Amen. The three steps back represent departing from the In this'the final article about Rabbis' Derabanan). This similarity underlines In this final article about IV. Kaddish three steps back represent departing from the Kaddish Derabanan Derabanan).– This similarityKaddish’. underlines Kaddish Divine Presence. The bowing to the left and honouring parents, will IV. our Kaddish Derabanan – 'theachievements Rabbis' Kaddish’. This is recited after Torahachievements study in awe public thatright the eternal in this honouring parents, we will Divine Presence. The bowing to the left and our belief that the eternal in this thenbelief to the represent acknowledging focus on recite some laws of the the This isare recited afterand Torah study in a mercy public setting. Mourners after spiritual the merit for the focus on some laws of the the Divine attributes ofthat justice and then to the right represent acknowledging world are spiritual also and that theit merit for the world Kaddish prayer: Mishnayot texts pertaining to the sacrifices oneMourners studies everlasting, even beyond setting. also recite it after the Kaddish prayer: (symbolised by leftisand right respectively) and Torah one studies is everlasting, even beyond Torah the Divine attributes of justice and mercy and the interpretive principles of Rabbi this world. Mishnayot texts pertaining to the sacrifices that only He can balance these two qualities. this world. (symbolised by left and right respectively) and There six forms of Yishmael recited duringare the morning service. There are six forms of and the interpretive principles of Rabbi Kaddish: that only He can balance these two qualities. Ashkenazi communities, is recited the samecommunities, as Kaddish Kaddish Yatom, with an •• In Kaddish: Kaddish may beduring said the forKaddish more than one • ItIn is Ashkenazi is recited Yishmael recited morning service. standing up, and the congregation stands up additional paragraph asking for God to give deceased relative, or by many people for the standing up, and the congregation stands I. Chatzi Kaddish – 'Half-Kaddish'. This is theup It is the same as not Kaddish Yatom, with an too. should longevity and success towalk thoseinwho engage I. Chatzi Kaddish – 'Half-Kaddish'. This is the sameOne deceased person.walk in front of the • Kaddish may be said for more than one too. One should not of the shortest Kaddish, and is recited, forfront example, additional paragraph for God give deceased relative, or by many people for the Kaddish-sayer duringasking Kaddish, nor to should in Torah study (p. 34). shortest Kaddish, and is recited, for example, should inKaddish-sayer the Shacharitduring serviceKaddish, by the nor chazzan longevity and success to those who engage one talk during Kaddish. same deceased person. in the Shacharit service by the chazzan one talk duringa(see Kaddish. Barechu green siddur, p. 60)has a V. before Kaddish after burial. This Kaddish in Torah study (p. 34). before Barechu (see green siddur, p. 60) paragraph towards the beginning which • Kaddish is recited facing the same way one Kaddish Shalem is recited facing the sameThis way is one II.• Kaddish 'Full Kaddish'. when theThis Amidah (standing expresses further –requests for the rebuilding V. faces Kaddish afterpraying a burial. Kaddish has a II. Kaddish Shalem – 'Full Kaddish'. This is faces when thebefore Amidah (standing recited by thepraying chazzan theJews Aleinu prayer): towards Jerusalem (east, in Britain). of the Temple and the return of the to recited by the chazzan before the Aleinu paragraph towards the beginning which prayer): towards Jerusalem (east, in Britain). prayer. It consists the half- Kaddish, plus a the Land of Israel.of prayer. It consists of the half- Kaddish, plus a expressesisfurther requestswhen for the request to accept our prayers and then two • Kaddish only recited a rebuilding minyan – request to accept our prayers and then two • requests Kaddishfor only recited when a minyan ofquorum the Temple andmales the return of the Jewsage to (p.138) a of ten over barmitzvah VI. Kaddish atisapeace siyum. This is very similar to the – requests for peace (p.138) a quorum ten males over barmitzvah age of Israel. –the is Land present. Kaddish at aofburial, the only difference being III. Kaddish Yatomof – 'Mourner’s is – is addition present. the the prayerKaddish'. for thoseThis who III. Kaddish Yatom – 'Mourner’s Kaddish'. This is recited mourners eleven months the end Kaddish, takestothree Kaddish at of a siyum. Thisthe is reciter very similar the engage by in Torah studyfor (also mentioned in •VI. At recited by mourners for eleven months • following At the end Kaddish, the reciter takes three theofdeath of a parent. Its text is the steps back, faces left and says oseh Kaddish at a burial, the only differenceshalom being following the death of a parent. Its text is the stepsasback, faces left and says shalom same the Kaddish Shalem, minusoseh the postbimromav, and says the addition then of thefaces prayerright for those who same as the Kaddish Shalem, minus the post- In memory of Mordechai ben Nechemia prayer request for Avraham one's prayers to be bimromav, then faces right and says hu ya’ase shalom aleinu, then bows forward 4 engage in Torah study (also mentioned in prayer request for one's prayers to be answered 142). aleinu, then bows forward hu ya’ase(p. shalom and says ve'al kol Yisrael, ve’imru Amen. The answered (p. 142). and says ve'al kol Yisrael, ve’imru Amen. The three steps back represent departing from the IV. Kaddish Derabanan – 'the Rabbis' Kaddish’. three steps back represent departing from the Divine Presence. The bowing to the left and 4 In memory of Mordechai Avraham ben Nechemia IV. Kaddish Derabanan – 'the Rabbis' Kaddish’. This is recited afterThe Torah studytointhe a public of Mordechai Avraham ben Nechemia then to the right represent acknowledging Divine Presence. bowing left and In memory setting. Mourners also recite it after the This is recited after Torah study in a public the Divine attributes of justice and mercy then to the right represent acknowledging Mishnayot pertaining to the sacrifices setting. Mourners also recite it after the (symbolised by left and right respectively) and the Divinetexts attributes of justice and mercy and the interpretive principles of Rabbi Mishnayot pertaining to the sacrifices that only He can balance these two qualities. Purim: Thetexts Meaning Behind the ‘Lots’ (symbolised by left and right respectively) and Yishmael recited during the morning service. and the interpretive principles of Rabbi only He can balance these two qualities. by Rabbi Chaim Burman, US Rabbinic Fellow Itthat is the same as Kaddish Yatom, with an • Kaddish may be said for more than one Yishmael recited during the morning service. by Rebbetzen Ilana Epstein, Cockfosters & N Southgate United Synagogue; asking God than to give deceased relative, or by many people for the It is the same as Kaddish Yatom, with an • additional Kaddish paragraph may be said forfor more one Head of Project Development, US Living & Learning longevity and success to those who engage same deceased person. additional paragraph asking for God to giveif Vashti deceased relative, or by many people for the would not have refused to come to At a recent family gathering, insame Torahdeceased study (p. 34). longevity and those who engageAchashverosh’s person. In 103 BCE, after just a His two most successful innovations involved the banquet, then the stage would a success cousin to was complaining. in Torah study (p. 34). year of rule, Aristobulus Sanhedrin and the creation of universal education. been cleared Esther become has the a His work involves writing notV.have Kaddish after a for burial. Thisto Kaddish the son of John Hyrcanus and intercede to savethe herbeginning people. It was the mathematical language Queenparagraph towards which V. Kaddish after a burial. This Kaddish has a (known in Rabbinic As the Sanhedrin, aside from Yehoshua ben Mordechai overheard the rebuilding plot to for apps intended for only because expresses further requests for the paragraph towards the beginning which literature as Yochanan Prachia, consisted of Sadducees who were not the king wasof accorded smart phones and tablets. assassinate of the Temple andthat the he return the Jews to expresses further requests for the rebuilding Kohen Gadol) died. His learned in the Torah, Shimon ben Shatach And it was only because the king A bug had been found in royal favour. the Land of Israel. of the Temple and the return of the Jews to death left Queen Salome framed arguments in the Sanhedrin simply – if a one of the company’s apps, happened to have a sleepless night that he was member could not bring proof to back up his the Land of Israel. (Shlomtzion HaMalka) to VI. Kaddish at a siyum. This is very similar of Mordechai’s loyalty, endingtointhe causing the entire app to malfunction, leading reminded point of view from the Torah, he would be up the pieces. She freed her brother-in-law pick Kaddish at a burial, the only difference being Haman leading Mordechai through the streets to VI. serious financial repercussions. He then dismissed from the Sanhedrin. Seats in the Kaddish at a siyum. This is very similar to the the addition of the prayer for those who Alexander Jannaeus (known as Yannai) from explained that this kind of “bug” was a coding of Shushan. Sanhedrin were thus vacated by the Sadducees Kaddish at a burial, the only difference being prison. Yannai was given regal responsibilities, engage in Torah study (also mentioned in error that came about when the programmer the addition of the prayer for those who as well as the role of High Priest (Kohen Gadol). and filled by Torah scholars. had entered the coding language; he had made What appears as a web of coincidence and engage in Torah study (also mentioned in He married Shlomtzion, who was his brother’s The position of Kohen Gadol had until this point an error. “What was his mistake?”, one family unrelated consequences, to the discerning eye In memory of Mordechai Avraham ben Nechemia childless widow. Yannai’s gratitude to Shlomtzion 4 been held by the Hasmonean king. After the time member asked. We were shocked to hear the can ultimately be seen as the hidden Hand of for4 freeing him initially made him less of Yochanan, we do not find a Kohen Gadol who answer: “Oh,ofthere was a Avraham full stop ben in the wrong God, quietly orchestrating events from behind In memory Mordechai Nechemia antagonistic towards the Pharisees (the sect of served on Yom Kippur, and most only appeared at place”. the scenes. God’s Name is not mentioned once traditional Jews), who were therefore allowed the Temple for the festival of Succot. During this in the Megillah and Purim is the only festival to return to Jerusalem. Shlomtzion’s greatest ally period, there was massive corruption and the Even this minor detail wrought havoc on the when we commemorate events that occurred was her brother, the great sage Shimon ben position of Kohen Gadol was bought and went to functioning of the app. “Bugs” like these have when the Jews were in exile, as we are today. Shatach. unsuitable people. Indeed Josephus (the Roman caused major explosions, crippled space It is as if the Megillah is setting the paradigm Jewish first century historian) writes that Yannai probes and have been the cause of death. of how God will relate to us in exile. We may Megillat Ta’anit (an Aramaic document, first was away from Jerusalem for years. The actual Small things can make a big difference. This is not live in an age of open miracles, but from century CE) reports the desolation in Jerusalem service in the Temple was therefore entrusted to the story of Purim we see that even small, one of the focal messages of Purim. as the reign of Aristobulus ended and Yannai’s seemingly insignificant events can have huge started: “The Sadducees sat in the Sanhedrin more suitable deputies. together with King Yannai and Queen Shlomtzion, Shimon Ben Shatach was keen to have a Torah We are familiar with the name Purim, but where significance and are part of something much and not one of Israel sat with them except sage as Kohen Gadol and identified the righteous does it come from? Purim means ‘lots’, and bigger. We never know how far reaching an Shimon ben Shatach”. Once more the Sanhedrin Yehoshua ben Gamla as the best candidate. reminds us of one of the great ironies of the apparently inconsequential interaction, a kind (High Court) and its control of religious matters Given the corrupt status quo, Yannai had to be Purim story. Haman casts lots to determine word, one extra mitzvah, can be. was in the King’s hands. Megilat Ta’anit is not paid a high price to agree to resign his position on which day he would annihilate the Jews telling us that they were a party of three sitting (Talmud Yevamot 61). Due to Yehoshua ben (Megillat Esther 3:7). Ultimately, it was on So, although the lots seem to be a minor part of alone in the chambers, rather that at this time the Gamla‘s wealth, the Sadducees did not suspect precisely those days that Haman and his the story and their outcome seems to be Sanhedrin was inhabited by ‘ignorant men of him of being in cahoots with the Pharisees and supporters were defeated. However, the lots random, the message of Purim is that just the power’ and therefore ‘not one of Israel’, meaning Shimon ben Shatach. Yet with Yehoshua Ben are quite a minor feature of the narrative, so opposite is true. that none of the learned scholars, sat with them. why did the festival come to be named after Gamla in place, the Sages were able to institute

Bein Adam Lechaveiro Part 26: Honouring Parents (Kibud Av V’eim) VIII: Practical Laws of Kaddish by Rabbi Daniel Fine, Community Rabbi, Stanmore & Canons Park United Synagogue

Insights into Jewish History Part 96: The Rise of Shimon ben Shatach

them? Why are they considered so central?

an educational innovation that is in place until Shimon ben Shatach, in an effort to redress this imbalance of power and Torah knowledge, sent today, which we will read about next week. for his teacher, the old Nassi (president of the Sanhedin) Yehoshua ben Prachia, who had been in hiding in Alexandria during the rule of Illustration of the Yochanan. Sanhedrin , 1883 encyclopedia (People's The Talmud states that: “the world was desolated Cyclopedia of Universal (when Yochanan slew the Sages) until Shimon Knowledge) ben Shatach came and restored the Torah to its ancient glory” (Kiddushin 66a).

One answer is that the lots are really symbolic of the entire thrust of the Megillah’s story; a series of seemingly insignificant and unconnected events which, viewed in isolation, seem random. In hindsight, however, these events can be seen as part of a carefully orchestrated plan to save the Jewish nation and reverse Haman’s evil plot. For example,

Answer: 10 cubits (approximately 5 metres)

memory of Tzemach ben Yisrael InInmemory of Tzemach ben Yisrael


InIn memory of Frida MirelMirel bat Chaim SimchaSimcha memory of Frida bat Chaim




Parasha Sheet

15 FEBRUARY 2018




represented the Torah which it housed, vim; rather the base, as well as the her and a miracle happened and he was able to nurse her. Rabbi Eliyahu To receive this via email or for sponsorship opportunities please email us and was the only vessel towards which Keruvim were made together. Why? This symbolises an essential feature explains Vayehi Omen also means every member of the Jewish people made a direct contribution. This sym- in education. When it comes to teach- Vayehi Amen; that he trained her to say Yisrael. Amen. our childrenBetoch Torah, there should bolised the necessity for Rav everyone to ingHakohen This week’s Parsha Sheet is sponsored Lirfuat Moshe Ben Yitschak Shaar Cholei To receive this via email or for sponsorship opportunities please email us We find the same idea with David be no gap. There must be continuaparticipate in Torah study. To receive this via emailThis or forweek’s sponsorship opportunities email us Parsha Sheet isplease sponsored Moshe Ben Rav Yitschak Hakohen Betoch Shaar Cholei Yisrael. Upon the Aron rested the Kaporet - tion. The Gemara Succot (42a) asks, HaMelech. In Tehilim he states Lulay This week’s Parsha Sheet is sponsored Lirfuat Moshe Ben Rav Yitschak Hakohen Betoch Shaar Cholei Yisrael. a magnificent covering out of which “When is a father obligated to teach He’amanti Lerot Btuv Hashem Be’eretz RABBI JONATHAN TAWIL and Am Yisrael. The Aron represented the Torah > MAZAL TOV TO the golden Keruvim (Cherubs) were his son Torah?” The Gemara answers, Chayim. David HaMelech says that the RABBI JONATHAN TAWIL which it housed, and was the only vessel towards Lucy and Edward Glyn and Amevery Yisrael. The Aron themade Toraha which member of therepresented Jewish people MAZAL TOthe on the birth of>their baby boyTOV - and to “as soon as the child begins to speak, Zechut to get him to Eretz Chayim – the fashioned. wererepresented these Keru- the which housed, andThis wassymbolised the only vessel towards directitcontribution. the necessity DIRECTOR grandparents Linda Lucy and and Stewart Schwartz and Edward Glyn Am Yisrael. TheWhat Aron Torah which every member of the Jewish people for everyone to participate in Torah study.made a and Gilly on the birth of their babyand boy Richard - and toGlyn. the TAL direct contribution. This symbolised the necessity the father should teach him the verse; everlasting world is Lulay He’amanti; I vim? (25:17-22) DIRECTOR grandparents Linda and Stewart Schwartz Upon the Aron rested the Kaporet - a magnificent Joel Marks and Elisha Balkin for everyone to participate in Torah study. and Gilly and Richard Glyn. covering out of which the golden Keruvim on which their engagement it housed, and was the only vessel towards TAL Amenand as aEdward child. Glyn Torah Tziva Lanu Moshe, Morasha Ke- was trained to sayLucy Rashi (25:18) explains these were Upon the Aron rested the Kaporet - a magnifi cent (Cherubs) were fashioned. What were these Joel Marks and Elisha Balkin covering of which the golden Keruvim on their engagement Keruvim?out (25:17-22) which every member of the Jewish people made a THE WEEKLY QUOTE Communicating with the hillat Yaakov Moshe commanded us (angelic) gures with a face of a baby. (Cherubs) were fashioned. What were these on the birth of their baby boy - younger and to the Rashi (25:18) explains these were (angelic) Keruvim? (25:17-22) “I can’t change theQUOTE direction figures with a face of a baby. What is the THE WEEKLY the Torah, the inheritance of the con- generation is difficult. Yet we have What is the signifi cance of these fi of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to contribution. This symbolised the necessity EDUCATION Rashi (25:18) explains these were (angelic) direct significance of these figures? grandparents Lindausand gift by Hashem that enables to Stewart continueSchwartz and that The Gemara Succot gures (42a) asks, is aoffather “I can’treach change direction“says as soon as a child says Amen he merits always mythe destination. with a face of a baby.“When What is the Have you ever felt in an awkward situation where fiRabbi Zev Wolf Frank in Toldot Zev gives an gregation of Yakov, and also the fi rst been given the most powerful gift by gures? the wind, but I can adjust my sails to EDUCATION cance of these figures? you really want to let your feelings be known, but signifi awesome insight. The Gemara states (Talmud always reach myfor destination. “ everyone to participate in Torah study. > UPCOMING EVENTS and GillyTorah and Richard Glyn. Have you ever in an awkward where Rabbi it’s been hardfelt to portray them Wolf Frank in for Toldot gives Olam Shabbat “If not the Zev vapour of an the communicate the Torah. is continue eternal obligated towell?situation teach hisZev 119b), son Torah?” The Hashem enables us and to verse of the Shema.” Frank in Toldot gift by Hashem that –enables usthat toOur continue that saysHaba. asRabbi soonZev as Wolf a child says AmenZevhe merits The Gemara (42a) asks, “When is aGemara father GALA DINNER you really want to let your feelingsSuccot be known, but Gemara (Talmud mouth of insight. the littleThe children whostates pray and learn The key to success boils down to communication. awesome >•26TH UPCOMING EVENTS FEBRUARY it’s been hard to portray them well? “If notnotforcontinue the vapour of ” the Torah; the119b), world would to exist. Portraying your message clearly and accurately to Shabbat and communicate – the Torah. Our Rabbi Frank explains that we do not gives an awesome insight. The Gema• GALA DINNER and when– learnt andOur taught with fervour can mouth of the littlechild children who pray and learn answers, “as soon as the begins to speak, Olam Upon the Aron rested the Kaporet - a magnifi The key to success boils down communicate the Torah. Torah is eternal obligated toto communication. teach his son Gemara the other side is important. Furthermore it statesTorah?” (Kallah Rabati 2), The “Each Joel Marks and Elishaand Balkin 26TH FEBRUARY ThisHaba. is ra where the custom came from towait gettocent little the world would not continue to exist.” Portraying your message clearly and accurately to Torah; Torah is eternal and when learnt teach our child Torah. As soon states (Talmud Shabbat 119b), “If However in a generation that has grown up with day an angel comes before Hashem and requests the other side is important. Furthermore it states Rabati 2), “Each to destroy the world.(Kallah But when Hashem sees communication as key, we seem to be lacking the instil a child with a lifetime of wisdom and merit. the father should teach him the verse; Torah Tziva This and towhen and taught taughtwithwith fervour can covering ofcustom which golden answers, “as soon astheanchildren the begins oncan their engagement angel comes and requests children toforthe say Amen soon as possible. in child thebefore Batei Hashem Midrash learning and to speak, fervour instil a child theyOne are able speak,learnt we immenotout the vapour ofas thethe mouth of to the However in a generation has grown up is where came from getasKeruvim little most important factor – that communicating withwith our day destroyHisthedinworld. But when sees is converted to Hashem mercy and He communication as key, we seem to be lacking the topraying, children. DVAR TORAH P1 the children in the Batei Midrash learning and sends the angel away empty handed. ” with a lifetime of wisdom and merit. diately permeate them with the words little children who pray and learn Torah; most important factor – communicating with our a childparents with a lifetime of wisdom and merit. (Cherubs) were fashioned. What wereOne these instilWhen Lanu Moshe, Morasha Kehillat Yaakov - Moshe the father teach him the verse; Torah Tziva Education Amen gets aAmen child HABA! Eternal Many people struggle withshould the generation gap children to say asinto soonOLAM as possible. praying, His din is converted to mercy and He andWhen children sit down tosit down learn children. DVAR TORAH P1 It is the Torah and Tefillah of the little children, between parents and children. Indeed, parents sends the angel away empty handed.” parents and children of Torah. the world would not continue to exist.” Education pure in heart and spirit, which keeps the world Many people struggle with the generation gap and children are from different generations and Lanu Moshe, Morasha Kehillat Yaakov Moshe Keruvim? (25:17-22) commanded us the Torah, the inheritance of the It is the Torah and Tefi llah of the little children, reward for such a simple yet potent act. Amen gets a child into OLAM HABA! Eternal from reverting to chaos. between parents and children. Indeed, parents DVAR TORAH P2 have grown up with different circumstances. How parents and sit down toarelearn together they are bringing G-d into their in heart and spirit, which keeps the world to learn together they bringing G-d This is theWhen signifi cance of the Ka- children Furthermore it states (Kallah Rabati Giving to Take and children are from different generations and do they communicate? What common ground do pure The Aron represented the Torah. Yet on top of the reverting to chaos. DVARof TORAH P2 for such a simple yet potent act. have grown How from they have?up with different circumstances. Aron, theand Keruvimthe were placed. This represented commanded us the Torah, inheritance of the reward congregation of Yakov, also the fi rst verse into their relationship, which helps poret being carved out in one go. The 2), “Each day an angel comes before Giving to Take do they communicate? What common ground do The they arewhich bringing into their the Torah. Yet all on and top of the the represented children’s Torah is above should Rashi (angelic) relationship, helps G-d strengthen the unity Rabbi(25:18) Eliyahu explains HaCohen these writes were a similar idea. together Children can be great fun. They are innocent thatAron they have? Aron, the Keruvim were placed. This represented and inquisitive of our lifestyles, they show great remain our focus. strengthen the unity and bond between the base are all one – Hashem and requests to destroy the Keruvim andrelationship, congregation of toYakov, also first verse OUR ofCHACHAMIMRabbiP3 Eliyahu that theand children’s Torah is abovethe all and should “I can’t change the direction the Shema. ” Children be intelligence great fun. They potentialcan in their and itare is upinnocent us to Rabbi Frank EDUCATION continues; we see that the Kaporet RABBI RAPHAEL ENCAOUA which helpsthem. strengthen the unity a similar idea. In the Megilla of Purim, says Vayehi Omen et figures with aHaCohen face ofwrites ait sees baby. Whatthere is isthe remain our focus. and bond between This bond is not only and inquisitive of ourand lifestyles, they utilise that potential cultivate it. show great (cover to the Aron) which encompassed the OUR CHACHAMIM P3 them. This bond is not only between immediate continuation and world. But when Hashem the chilpotential in their intelligence and it is up to us to Rabbi Frank continues; we see that the Kaporet Keruvim was made in one go. The bottom part RABBI RAPHAEL ENCAOUA the Shema. Our Parasha lends insight.”Hashem relates of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to In the Megilla of Purim, it says Vayehi Omen et that potential and cultivate it. (cover tomade the fiAron) the and bond bond ischildren, not only rst andwhich then fiencompassed xed to the Keruvim; HALACHOT P3cance of Hadassah, to the learning fact that had these gures? toyou Moshe ever that theFrank time has in comean toexplains build the was not situbetween parents andThis their children, but parents and their but spans spans fl ow; as soon as the childbetween is ready tothem. dren inreferring the BateifiMidrash and Esther Haveutilise felt awkward es. How theywait communicate? What Rabbi that we do do to signifi Keruvim was made in one go. The bottom partnot Our Parasha insight. relates Mishkan – thelends temple in theHashem wilderness. The rather the base, as well as the Keruvim were was not made fi rst and then fi xed to the Keruvim; HALACHOT P3 Why? Moshe isthat the timeinhas come to build the Mishkan to be built splendour together withto made referring to isthe fact that Estherspeak, had my destination. generations going all thespans way to “ theyaare taught Torah. praying, din converted to mercy ationtoMishkan where you really want letthetogether. your common ground do they between parents and their no parents, herHisuncle Mordechai raised her and Rabbi Frank explains that we not wait totohave?Hadassah, base, as well as the do were – the the out wilderness. The– rather generations goingalways all children, thereach way but back to back Mount its vessels. Onetemple vessel in stands - theTorah. Aron This symbolises an essential feature inthey education. are able teach our child As soon asKeruvim Have you ever felt in an awkward situation where together. Why? Rabbi Zev Wolf Frank in Toldot Zev gives an Mishkan isArk. to be splendour together with made the Holy Thisbuilt wasinthe place that harboured When it comes to teaching our children can id ’s Mount Sinai. There is a fascinating idea brought and He sends the angel away empty feelings be known, but it’s been hard to Children be great fun. They K nomiracle parents, her uncle Mordechai and a her. generations going all the way back to Mount Q&A AND CARTOON P4 itsthe vessels. vessel stands outHashem’s - the Torah. Aron – This symbolises an essential feature in education. Torah, should be noas gap. There must be Luchot.One It was the place that voice happened and he wasraised ableher to nurse Time to teach our child Asittherecomes soon they are able Sinai.(Rav Moshe the Holy Ark. Thisfrom was the place that harboured to teaching our be children continuation. feelings would emanate and communicate speak, we immediately permeate them with the you really want toto MosheletWhen your known, but Kid’s inquisitive When we are learning we are linkdown by the Rama handed.” portray them well? are innocent and of our insight. The Gemara states (Talmud Q&A AND CARTOONawesome P4 the Luchot. It was the place that Hashem’s voice Torah, there should be no gap. There must be e m miracle happened and he Vayehi was able to nurse her. Ti Thistonewsletter Divreipermeate Torah - Please dispose of accordingly Sinai. Rabbi Eliyahu explains Omen also means continuation.  and may contain Sheimotthem would emanate from we and communicate Moshe contains speak, immediately with the ing up with all of the generations that Iserles). He asks when does a child It is the Torah and Tefi llah of the little The key to success boils down to lifestyles, they show great potential in Torah. it’swords beenofhard to portray them well? Shabbat 119b), “If not forOmen the vapour of the This newsletter contains Divrei Torah and may contain Sheimot - Please dispose of accordingly When we are learning we are linking up with all Rabbi Eliyahu explains Vayehi also means Vayehi Amen; that he trained her to say Amen. have come beforeup us. with We are not just qualify Olam Haba? He quotes a Midchildren, pure in heart and spirit, which communication. Portraying your mestheir intelligence and it is up to us to words of Torah. When we are learning we are linking all • GALA DINNER mouth ofkeeps thethat little who pray and Vayehi he children trained her totosay of the that have before us. We on ourcome own, or strengthening rash learn that says as soon as agenerations child says learning the world from reverting cha-Amen. sage clearly accurately tocance the oththat potentialbeing and cultivate it. Amen; The keyisand tothe success down to This signifiboils of utilise thecommunication. Kaporet 26TH FEBRUARY (See more info online) of the generations that have come before us. We We fi nd the same idea with David HaMelech. This is the significance of theOurKaporet beinginsight. Hashem a bond between parents and children; Amen he merits Olam Haba. os. er Portraying side is important. Parasha lends Torah; world would to exist.” are not just learning on our own, or strengthening your clearly and accurately to We carved out in message one go. The Keruvim and the base findthe theThe same idea not withcontinue David HaMelech. arethe notcustom just learning ourare own, or strengthening linking ourselves back in time, ThisBtuv is where came fromon we Aron represented the Torah. Yet Lerot However a generation thatThe hasKeruvim relates and to Moshe that the timeInhas Tehilim he states Lulay He’amanti carvedin out in one go. the base a tobond between parents andtochildren; we are Tehilimonhetopstates Lulay(Kallah He’amanti Lerot2), Btuv the other side is important. are all – there is as immediate and– theIn Furthermore it states Rabati “Each all the way back Mount to get little children say Amen as of the Aron, the Keruvim were grown up withone communication key, comecontinuation to build the Mishkan temple weSinai. are Hashem Be’eretz Chayim. David HaMelech says a bond between parents and children; are all one – there is immediate continuation and Be’eretz Chayim. David saysas possible. linking Let us soon One Amen gets a back placed.comes This represented thatHaMelech the chilwe seem be lacking the most impor- is in the wilderness. Thethey MishkanHashem is to an be angel ourselves incherish time, this all powerful the wayexperiback before and requests flow;to as as the child ready to speak, However insoon a generation that built hasingrown uptogether with withday that thedren’s Zechut toisget himallHashem toandEretz Chayim – the linking ourselves back ence in time, all the way Hashem’s back gift flow; –ascommunicating soon as thewith child to speak, they and communicate child into OLAM HABA! Eternal reward Torah above should splendour its vestant factor ouris ready that the Zechut to get him to Eretz Chayim – the to Mount Sinai. to Aron destroy the world. ButHe’amanti; when Hashem sees to Mount are taught Torah. world is Lulay I was communication as key, we seem be vessel lacking theout - everlasting Sinai. to our children and all future generafor trained such a simple yet potent act. remain ourisfocus. sels.toOne stands theeverlasting children. are taught Torah. world Lulay He’amanti; I was trained the children in the Batei Midrash learning and tions. ■ Rabbi Eliyahu HaCohen writes a Rabbi Frank continues; we see that – the Holy Ark. This was the place that Many people struggle with the genAmen a child. most important factor –idea communicating with our Let cherish us cherish this powerful experience There is fascinating broughtdown down the to to saysay Amen as as a child. Let us this powerful experience and and There is aa fascinating bybythe similar idea. In the Megilla of Purim, the Kaporet (cover to the Aron) which harboured the Luchot. It was the place eration gap between parents andidea chil- brought praying, His din is converted to mercy and He children. communicate our children Moshe Iserles). He asks whendoes doesawould a emanate Communicating with the younger generation is communicate says Omen et Hadassah, re-Hashem’s the Keruvim wasgeneration made that Hashem’s voice dren.Rama Indeed,(Rav parents and children are He Hashem’s gift togift ourtochildren and and Rama (Rav Moshe Iserles). asks when Communicating with the younger is Vayehi sends theencompassed angel away empty handed. ” itferring to the fact that Esther had no in one go. The bottom part was not from different generations and have from and communicate to Moshe and Education■ all future generations. diffi cult. Yet have been given most powerful all future child qualify Olam Haba? Haba? He quotes Midrash Many struggle withHe thequotes generation gap diffi generations. cult. Yet wewe have been given thethethe most powerful childpeople qualify Olam aaMidrash ■ parents, her uncle Mordechai raised made fi rst and then fi xed to Kerugrown up with different circumstanc- Am Yisrael. The Aron RABBI JONATHAN TAWIL It is the Torah and Tefillah of the little children,

THE THE OM MM MU UN N II TT YY CC O Parasha Sheet Parasha Sheet



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between parents and children. Indeed, parents pure in heart and spirit, which keeps the world and children are from different generations and LAAM RABBI YEHONATAN SALEM SHALOM DIASPORA RABBI YEHONATAN SALEM - -SHALOM LAAMfrom DIASPORA reverting to chaos. DVAR TORAH P2 have grown up with different circumstances. How Giving to Take do they communicate? What common ground do deeper, The Aroncloser represented themeaningful Torah. Yet on top of world the deeper, closer and more meaningful bond will to toour donate the money that hewill,earned to more bond donate the money that he earned to charity, ing fromand the relationship, as a deeper, in will this to lose focus. Counwith the divine whether it ischarity, the imRABBI YEHONATAN SALEM closer and more meaningful bond will teracting our physical nature, that pulls proved connection with our neshamah they have? Aron, the Keruvim were placed. This represented and and to speak respectfully, even though he mayhe may to speak respectfully, even though be beformed. formed. be formed. us towards egotism and self-centred- or our eternal reward, this may certainthat the children’s Torah is above all and should Children can be great fun. They are innocent not be the toly do so.impetus Weso. should The Torah instructed that the Mish- ness, requires a battle. maymood” be an for tomake do so. make Addinot“inAbeperson “inmood” the to do Weusshould remain our focus. kan be built only from donations given have to exert energy in order to learn tionally, there may be some cause or and inquisitive of our lifestyles, they show great The Torah instructed thatthat thethe Mishkan be built The Torah instructed Mishkan be built the effort to listen toOUR another person’s sorrows,a close P3 effort listen toCHACHAMIM another out of goodwill. People would come Torah, despite histhe feelings of to tiredperson for whomperson’s we feel, e.g.sorrows, potential in their intelligence and it is up to us to only Rabbi Frank continues; we see that the Kaporet RAPHAEL ENCAOUA from donations given outout of precious goodwill. Peo-Peoforward and donate materials ness. He mayeven needeven to push himself to who needs salvation, either though it is “stealing” from our only from donations given of goodwill. though itRABBI isrelative, “stealing” fromaprecious our precious utilise that potential and cultivate it. (cover to the Aron) which encompassed the to them for the building of an earthly donate the money that he earned to fi nancially or health-wise. We may depleple would come forward andand donate materials time. By giving of ourselves, wethis become more would come forward donate materials time. By giving of ourselves, we become more abode, in which G-d’s presence could charity, and to speak respectfully, even cide to use opportunity to give of Keruvim was made in one go. The bottom part Our Parasha lends insight. Hashem relates precious to them for the building of an earthly reside. This is described as “taking”, though he may not be “in the mood” ourselves in their merit. In this case, with our essence, havinghaving fed ourfed our precious to themand for the building of an earthly in touch in touch withtrue ourour true essence, was not made to for the Keruvim; since thefirst more one then gives offixed oneself to do so. We should make the effortHALACHOT feelings towards them acts as lev- P3 to Moshe that the time has come to build the abode, inG-d which G-d’s presence could reside. neshamah nurtured relationship withto give abode, in which presence could reside. the base, asG-d’s well as the Keruvim were and His commandments, the more to listen to another person’sand sorrows, erageour for us to bring ourselves neshamah andBorer nurtured our relationship with Mishkan – the temple in the wilderness. The rather ELI MANSOUR one is essentially going to receive. The even thoughG-d. it is “stealing” from ourRABBI to others. This is described as “taking”, since the more made together. Why? This is more described asof“taking”, since the more G-d. of ourselves, Let us try making a point, three GIVINGisTO TO Mishkan to TAKE be built in splendour together with we sacrifice our time, resourcprecious time. By giving GIVING TAKE one gives of oneself for G-d and His comes and desires for the sake of Heaven, we become more in touch with oureasy true totimes a day, toour “givephysicalof ourselves” to its vessels. One vessel stands out - the Aron – This essential in education. onesymbolises gives of an oneself for feature G-d and His com- It is not always overcome In week’s this parasha week’sG-dparasha It is not always easy to overcome our physicalIn this instructs G-dTheinstructs answer isthe the more essence, having fed our neshamah do a mitzvah, whether between “man the moretooneteaching is essentially the This was the place harboured When it We comes our going children In Holy thisArk. week’s parasha G-dthat instructs the mandments, s ’ ity, evil inclinations or desires. Yet, if we stop d the more one is essentially going i the Jews of that generation to build the that the building of the Mishkanmandments, was are, in reality, receiving. We are and nurtured our relationship with G-d. and G-d” or “man and his fellow man”, K inclinations Q&A AND CARTOON Jews of that generation to build the Mishkan ity, evil or desires. Yet, if we stopP4 receive. Theshould more cebounty of our must time, Torah, there be no There be always the Luchot. It was the Hashem’s voice the to e much Mishkan – of the that Tabernacle. Theplace versetothat another step Mishkan in building relationenabling G-d to we givesacrifi us ofgap. His It is not easy overcome and we enjoywill thebe taste of the connection Ttoim Jews generation build the and consider how gaining by to receive. The more we sacrifi ce of our time, writes 25:2): from “Veyikchu ship between Jewish People and and to ll our spiritual banksake accounts, our physicality, eviland inclinations or de-how thatmuch we gain.we ■ will be gaining by – (Terumah theemanate Tabernacle. The verse writes (Terumah consider continuation. fidesires would andli tercommunicate tothe Moshe resources and for the of Heaven, – the The verseG-d.writes (Terumah complying with the will, whether umah,” “AndTabernacle. you shall take a donation Relation-ships are built by resources giving guaranteeing us a good in the ofsires. Yet, if we stop and consider howdivine Shabbat shalom it is the and desires for place the sake Heaven, 25:2): “Veyikchu “And you shallone gives complying with the divine will, whether it is the the more for Me” – in order to build litheterumah,” Mish- of oneself, whether one’s next world. Furthermore, we are nurmuch we will be gaining by complying This you newsletter Divrei Torah and may contain Sheimot - Please dispose of accordingly improved connection with our neshamah or 25:2): “Veyikchu li terumah,” “And shallor contains the more kan.take Why does the Torah describe a money, time resources de-sires for turing our connection with G-d in this a donation for Me” – in order to build improved connection with our neshamah or our eternal reward, this may certainly be an person’s as “taking”? of thetoother person. The oth- world, giving us quality of life. takedonation a donation forSurely, Me” –theinsake order build reality, We arecon-enabling the have Mishkan. Whyyoudoes describe our for eternal reward, this may certainly it should said: “And shouldtheerTorah person may be one’s wife,we childare, or in Our earthlyreceiving. bodies and desires impetus us to do so. Additionally, there may be an we are, in reality, receiving. We are enabling Mishkan. Why does the Torah describe givethe a donation for Me,” i.e. in order to a friend. The more effort one puts into stantly magnetise us towards physicalG-d to give us of His bounty and to fill our spira person’s donation as “taking”? Surely, it impetus for us do so.forAdditionally, there may be some cause or to person whom we feel, buildatheperson’s house of G-d? giving, the more one will end upG-d gain-to give ity, causing our real goal andand mission us of His bounty to fi ll our spirdonation as “taking”? Surely, it itual bank accounts, guaranteeing us a good should have said: “And you should give a some causewho or needs persona for whom eiwe feel, e.g. abeclose relative, salvation, itual bank accounts, guaranteeing us a good should have said: “And you should give a place in the next world. Furthermore, we are donation for Me,” i.e. in order to build the a closeorrelative, who needs salvation, either e.g. financially health-wise. We maya decide place THEJEWISHWEEKLY.COM inourthe next world. we are donation for Me,” i.e. in order to build the nurturing house of G-d? connection withFurthermore, G-d in this world, therthis financially or health-wise. We mayindecide to use opportunity to give of ourselves 1 house of G-d? nurturing our connection with G-d in this world, giving us quality of life. to use this opportunity to give of ourselves in


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Parshat Terumah

In this week’s Parshah, Moshe receives instructions on how to build the Mishkan. The Mishkan was the original synagogue—in fact, our synagogues today are modeled after the Mishkan. This is where Hashem’s presence would dwell in the desert and where the Jews would be able to perform services for Hashem. Hashem gave Moshe detailed instructions on how to build the Mishkan (Sanctuary), so that it could travel with the Jews in the desert. All the objects in the Mishkan had rings attached so poles could be put inside with which to carry that vessel. There was an inner chamber in the back, divided with a beautiful woven curtain, that contained an ark made of gold and wood, covered with gold and two cherubim— figures of angel-children. In the ark were the two tablets that Hashem gave Moshe at Har Sinai. In the main room, they were to build a table to hold the special bread, a Menorah of pure gold that would be lit every day, and a square altar on which to bring the Ketoret--the sacrifice made of spices. The Mishkan itself had three walls made out of forty-eight wooden boards that clicked into one another, and was covered with tapestries and curtains made of skins. The fourth wall was an entranceway covered by a woven curtain. Surrounding the whole Mishkan was a courtyard.

MAZE Can you help the Jewish people make their way to the Mishkan?

Arts and Crafts Bedroom Door Sign Post

You will need • • •

Coloured card of your choice White card or another colour you prefer 1 Treasury tag

• • • •

Pen Glue Hole Puncher Polka dot stickers

Method 1. Draw the shape you desire on the coloured card and cut the shape out twice. 2. Cut another shape you desire on white card and stick on top of one of the coloured cut out shapes. 3. Decorate with Polka dot stickers or other decorations of your choice 4. With a hole puncher, make holes on the top of the second coloured card, and feed through the treasury tag. 5.Stick the cards on top of each other. 6. Don’t forget to mark your name on it! THEJEWISHWEEKLY.COM


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FROZEN BANANA YOGURT BITES Ingredients: • 1 banana • 1 cup of plain yoghurt • 12 banana chips

Method: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Mash the banana Mix the yogurt with the mashed banana Place 12 muffin cases into a 12 hole muffin tray Fill each case half way Add 1 banana chip to the top of each muffin case Freeze for 2 hours or over night

Did you know? Facts about LEGO

LEGO is 82 years old.

The LEGO name was created by using the first two letters of the Danish words “Leg” and “Godt,” meaning “play well.” Ole Kirk Christiansen was the 10th son of an impoverished family. He lost his job as a carpenter and after went on and invented Lego!

LEGO is the world’s largest tyre manufactures with over 650 million tires produced in 2014 alone! Lego used to be called “Automatic Binding Bricks.”

If LEGO figurines were real people, they would be the world’s largest population. Over 4 billion in total!


In 2009, a man named James May in Surrey, Great Britain, constructed the world’s first full-size LEGO house, using 3.3 million bricks. The house contained a working toilet and shower and a bed... all made out of LEGO!

36 KIDS 



15 FEBRUARY 2018

15 FEBRUARY 2018

e m i T s d Ki



TEST YOURSELF - Q&A ➊ How many types of items were the Jews to donate? ➋ The donation of silver for the mishkan differed from the donation of the other items. How? ➌ What property do techelet and argaman share that orot eilim m’adamim do not share? ➍ What property do the above three share that shesh and orot techashim do not share? ➎ Onkelos translates “tachash” as “sasgona.” Why?


➊ 25:2 - 13. ➋ 25:3 - No fixed amount of the other items was required. The silver was given as a fixed amount: A half shekel. ➌ 25:4,5 - They are wool, orot eilim are not. ➍ 25:4,5 - They are dyed; shesh and orot techashim are not. ➎ 25:5 - The tachash delights (sas) in its multi-colors (g’vanim).


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Parshat Terumah In a Nutshell THE Jewish people are called upon to contribute 13 materials—gold, silver and copper; blue-, purple- and reddyed wool; flax, goat hair, animal skins, wood, olive oil, spices and gems—out of which, Hashem says to Moshe, “They shall make for Me a Sanctuary, and I shall dwell amongst them.” On the summit of Har Sinai, Moshe is given detailed instructions on how to construct

this dwelling for Hashem so that it could be readily dismantled, transported and reassembled as the people journeyed in the desert. This sanctuary was known as the Mishkan, or Tabernacle in English, and was in essence the world’s first ever Synagogue. In the Mishkan’s Kodesh Hakedoshim (The inner chamber), behind an artistically woven curtain, was the Aron (Ark) containing the Luchot

(Tablets of Testimony) engraved with the Aseret Hadibrot (The Ten Commandments). On the Aron’s cover stood the two winged Cherubim (Cherubs) made out of pure gold. In the Kodesh (The outer chamber) stood the sevenbranched Menorah and the Shulchan (Table), upon which the “showbread” was arranged.

up by a pair of silver foundation sockets. The roof was formed of three layers of coverings:

The Mishkan’s three walls were fitted together from 48 upright wooden boards, each of which was overlaid with gold and held

Across the front of the Sanctuary was an embroidered screen held up by five posts.

Change just one letter in the words below to change the top word to the bottom. Each word at each stage of the ladder must be a real word.

1.Tapestries of wool and linen


2. A covering made of goat hair

Surrounding the Mishkan was the Mizbeach (The Altar). This was an enclosure of linen hangings, supported by 60 wooden posts with silver hooks and trimmings, and reinforced by copper stakes.

3. A covering of ram and Tachash skins.

How many squares are in this picture?

Find out the highest possible number by moving only two match sicks


15 FEBRUARY 2018



News Bites COUPLE FINED OVER ‘SECRET’ HOUSE HIDDEN IN GARAGE A couple have been fined for building a “secret” house inside a garage. The property, complete with front door, was also hidden from view behind a tall wooden fence on an estate in Enderby, Leicestershire. Reeta Herzallah and Hamdi Almasri, who denied deliberately trying to hide the “habitable accommodation”, were ordered to pay more than £2,000 each. Blaby District Council said the couple’s actions were “completely unacceptable”. Inspectors issued a notice that the garage be changed back and fence removed, but subsequent visits showed this had not happened. An application for retrospective planning permission was refused. At Leicester Magistrates’ Court last week, Herzallah and Almasri, who did not attend or enter a plea, were each ordered to pay a £770 fine for breaching the orders, legal costs of £1,252, and a £77 victim surcharge. Officials said they first investigated the problem in October

2015 and found the conversion, as well as an unauthorised access to a nearby dual carriageway. Sheila Scott, portfolio holder for planning at Blaby District Council, said: “The message from this case is clear. If you breach planning regulations and ignore us we will not just go away.”

‘OH MAN I’M LOCKED IN!’: MAN PLEADS FOR HELP AFTER FALLING ASLEEP IN SHOP MASSAGE CHAIR Manager apologises for staff’s failure to notice man was still enjoying the mechanical back-rub when locking up. A man was forced to tweet for help when he got locked in a department store after falling asleep on a massage chair. The man awoke to a deserted shop floor after dozing off in an electronics store in Japan. The sleepy customer was forced to tweet his plight when he discov-

ered he was locked inside the shop. The shutters at the front on the shop, named Ks, are clearly shut. It is thought the man triggered an alarm which notified the police, who managed to get in touch with the shop’s manager. After 10 police officers searched him to confirm he was not a shoplifter, he tweeted that he had finally managed to get out. The manager apologised to the man for staff ’s

failure to notice he was still in the chair when locking up. The man also said sorry, although it was unclear how long he fell asleep for.

ICE BLOCK FALLS FROM SKY AND NEARLY HITS LONDON STREET CLEANER The moment a large block of ice fell from the sky and landed just metres from a street cleaner in London has been caught on camera. CCTV showed the man’s narrow escape after the ice crashed to the ground and smashed into pieces in North Road, Kew. The incident on Wednesday morning is believed to have been caused by a plane flying overhead. It happened close to Kew Gardens station under a busy flight path into Heathrow. Taxi firm boss Mos Sayed, whose security camera recorded

the moment the ice hit the ground, told Sky News: “When I watched the footage back I was shocked to see it was the size of a boulder. About 30 ice falls are reported to the UK’s aviation regulator each

year. It is understood they can be caused by leaks from planes or when ice forms on planes at higher altitudes and breaks off in warmer air.

Dear Agony Uncle Joey,



My friend has been trying to persuade me to do a charity bike ride in 3 months with him. With all honesty, this does appeal to me, but I am slightly concerned I am not fit enough to ride 100km. The concept of being able to raise money in this way does excite me. However, I am undecided and I feel a little overwhelmed with the decision. All the best,

Disclaimer: All letters that are published may be edited. All letters are kept confidential and names can be changed for confidentiality upon request.

Make sure to eat a healthy varied diet and drink plenty of water! Most importantly believe in yourself, and don’t give up on the nights it gets hard. Enjoy every moment and think about the good cause.

Mosh Hey Mosh,

Don’t forget to send me an email on how much money you raised and a photo for The Jewish Weekly would be great too!

Totally do it!

Good Luck!

If you told me, he wanted you do it tomorrow I would say no! But, you have 3 months to get your body in good fitness and to start training.


AGONY UNCLE JOEY The Jewish Weekly’s Teen Agony Aunt and Agony Uncle are here to help with all your questions, problems and difficulties. Just write your letter to or

The first thing to do is buy yourself a good quality bike. Try to train at least three times a week and in three months I bet you’ll be able to do even more than 100km.



15 FEBRUARY 2018


In a boomerang shop: “I’d like to buy a new boomerang please. Also, can you tell me how to throw the old one out?”

Q: Who says sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? A: A guy who has never been hit with a dictionary.

(Answers at the bottom of page upside down)

Q: How do you make a fire with two sticks? A: Make sure one is a match!

1. I have a head & no body, but I do have a tail. What am I?

Q:Why did the banana go to the hospital?

2. What do you call a bear without an ear?

A: Because he wasn’t peeling well!

3. I have five and take away two, yet I am left with four. How is this possible? 2. A b. 1. A coin

3. Take the letters F & E off of the word five. This leaves you with IV which is four in roman numerals.

1. Ok by me 2. Hot under the collar 3. Oliver twist 4. High income tax bracket 5. Higly explosive 6. Headless Horseman


15 FEBRUARY 2018



Up, up and away


BY CHAYA SANDLER Recap: Phoebe decides to protect a rare coin during a museum robbery, she and Callie escape into a hot air balloon and end up stranded in Paris. Callie shouts at Phoebe and runs away before realising she is lost and being followed. She turns and confronts her followers.

Tip for life. When creepy looking men in black are following you, don’t antagonise them. That makes them do things like point weapons at you. Then one said, “give us the coin.” Ok... seriously, it’s just a coin. So I told them that. Then he kind of menaced me. As in he intimidated me with a glare that penetrated through his sunglasses. “You do realise it’s January, I mean not exactly sunglasses weather dude.” He continued glaring at me. “You will give us the coin or we will take it from you. And you will not enjoy that.” “Are you going to bore me to death? Because you are ridiculously cliched, I hope you realise that.” Very casually in a I’m-ahenchman-for-hire-and-I-do-this-all-day-Iwill-not-loose-any-sleep-tonight way. So I stepped back in a I-am-a-timid-shy-schoolgirl-please-oh-please-don’t-kill-me fashion. At this point I was really, really mad with Phoebe and anyone in existence who liked coins. “I don’t have it, please don’t hurt me.” My bravado needed some work I will admit. The main weirdo raised his weapon. I raised my eyes. And the glass window behind me imploded. I squeezed one eye open to see a bright

yellow van with smoking tyres desperately trying to manoeuvre. Its door was open and a woman stood there throwing rocks. They pulled to a very noisy halt besides me. “GET IN.” The woman hollered at me. I hesitated for a second and then clambered inside. It was that sort of day. “CLOSE THE DOOR.” As the van rattled and swerved through the empty streets, I swung the door shut and leaned against it, breathless. Then we were thrown forward as the van stopped. “Ach, stupid Paris traffic. We’ll be gridlocked for hours.” She sighed. She had a short wavy blond bob and clothes that I could only describe as not being out of place on an 80 year old librarian. Oh, and the glasses...... She wasn’t the only one in the van. A bookish young women with dyed pure white hair was hunched over a book in the corner. There was also a thin rake looking man. He really did look like a rake. His body was stick like and his hair was composed of exploding streaks of orange. On the opposite side of the van were some sort of shields, as far as I could tell, composed of coins. “Um, excuse me, but what’s going on ?!!” I crossed my arms in an attempt to seem assertive but I think I just looked cross. A stray lock from the supernova of my hair drifted down and landed on my nose, not exactly making me look more intimidating. I glared

at it, the realised I was cross eyed and quickly resumed glaring at the assorted...... people in the van. “”Alright, we’ll talk.” The blond woman sat down and began to talk. “We all belong to the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and are official assayers at the Trial of the Pyx-” “Wait, what??” “The trial of the Pyx, as I was saying-” “What is that? And what’s the worshiping soothsayers of gold all about??” The lady stared at me blankly. The tall weedy guy leaned over and stage whispered, “she’s never heard of the Trial of the Pyx...” The white haired junior librarian pushed her glasses up and squinted at me, “do you think she knows how to read?” I sighed. A bunch of extreme, less excitable, older Phoebe’s. “Yes I did go to school and yes I’m quite well educated, thank you very much. I am simply uninterested in stupid coins.” There was a collective gasp. The white haired one inched away from me. When Blondie had eventually regained her composure, she gulped and bravely forged on. “The trial of the Pyx is a glorious ancient institution that tests the validity of the coins minted. In addition to its wise and brilliant judges there are 6 assayers or more depending on the necessity and we are privileged this year to be 3 of them!” The look of pure


ecstasy on her face was really sad. “But this year... we found....,” she lowered her voice, “defective coins!” Her eyes opened wide in fear and her lips parted in terror. “Ok ... so what does this have to do with Phoebe and me and those guys and the 1943 copper cent?” “ We met Phoebe at a Royal Society of Numismatics’ meeting. We were telling he about the, um, issue, although, er, it was, well, it’s sort o f a secret.” “Yeah. I can tell.” Blondie colored... “Anyway, um, yes, so er...... hum. As I was saying, we tracked down the nefarious perpetrators to a gang of coin thieves. What they want I don’t even want to imagine but we had worked out that they are responsible for the theft of an Edward III Florin, a 1909 Victor D Brenner Lincoln penny and even the American flowing lady dollar! We heard they were after the 1943 Copper cent, but we didn’t know where one was located. Apparently, Horace, the curator the coin museum you visited, was keeping it quiet that he was in possession of one.... I suppose Phoebe wanted to stop them so that we could catch these dastardly devils who plot to bring the British economy to its knees and the Royal mint into disrepute!” “Right, whatever. Look the main thing is that we find Phoebe before they do....” TO BE CONTINUED



15 FEBRUARY 2018

TIPS AND TRICKS – PESACH PREP Pesach is a busy time of year, and all that cleaning, organising and shopping can get pretty stressful at times. So this week, The Jewish Weekly gives you an extended tips and tricks to get you organised and prepared well in advanced for Pesach! Here are some handy ways to plan ahead, give yourself some time, and hopefully help you have a panic-free Pesach!

Never too early to start – it may seem a bit extreme to start thinking about Pesach when we haven’t even celebrated Purim, but as the saying goes ‘If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail!’ Tackling it a bit at a time is much more manageable. It may sound crazy, but you may even enjoy it without all the added pressure, and think how pleased you will feel with yourself!


Plan your meals – take a bit of time to maybe look through some cook books to get some inspiration, or talk to friends and family and maybe swap your favourite recipes. It’s always nice to try something new that has been tried and tested to mix up your usual Pesach repertoire.


Clear out the cobwebs – start cleaning as early as possible. It can seem like an overwhelming task cleaning a house top to bottom, but if you can do a little bit every week, then it won’t seem quite so daunting. Cleaning at the best of times can be a pretty endless task, but Pesach cleaning can be even worse. Maybe start small with a random cupboard or an area of the house that you don’t use so much, and once it is done declare it a chametz-free zone.


Everyone loves a list – writing things down can sometimes really help, so before you do anything else get yourself a pen and paper, or if it’s easier start making notes on your phone, so you can add to it whenever something pops into your head.


Wind down your chametz – start to slow down on your shopping for chametz a few weeks before, so that you don’t waste things or have to throw them away. If the cereal runs out don’t replenish or maybe buy a smaller pack to keep you going.


Make chores into a game – try and get your children involved as much as possible with the preparation. Easier said than done, but if you make it into a game, then they might be more willing to take part. Depending on their ages, they can do different jobs from clearing out their school bags, and checking their pockets to helping with cooking and cleaning. Maybe they could even work together in teams so they are more encouraged to get the job done, maybe with ‘prizes’ or rewards for their hard work! It will help them get a better understanding of what Pesach is all about, and you might actually get to put your feet up for a bit!


Stock up on your staples – try and clear out a cup8 board in your kitchen or space in a spare room to use as a storage cupboard for all those Pesach staples. That way you don’t have to buy everything at once, but slowly start getting everything in one place, so that you don’t have that mad-dash to the shops just before Yom Tov for something. Nobody wants that!



Out with the old, in with the new – as you are starting to clean and tidy, use it as a time to get rid of things that you may not have used or worn since last Pesach. Donating them to a charity will mean that someone else will benefit, and making room in your wardrobe will mean that you have more space for something new for the holidays! Starting shopping for Yom Tov clothes early also means that you won’t have the added pressure of buying the first thing you see, but actually something that you like, want or need.


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Young father desperately needs urgent medical treatment Dear friends, We appeal to you to open up your hearts to help a worthy couple with a young child who have suffered years of crushing financial difficulties. To make matters worse the husband now faces urgent and costly medical treatment abroad. This particular vital treatment is not currently available in the UK. This hardworking couple now have the extra burden of medical and travel costs on top of their ongoing expenses. Local communal leaders are supporting this effort together with me. Please donate whatever you can so as to give this family a positive future. To donate, visit Yours sincerely, Rav Y. Reuven Rubin Advert sponsored by:


WORLD WIDE INITIATIVE Rosh Chodesh Av, over 8 years ago

Menashe Chaim ben Shulamit Tufcha

jumped into the sewage drain in order to save a 3.5 year old - Racheli Sofer, who had sadly fallen in the drain. He didn’t know who she was, but he didn’t think about that. Unfortunately, Racheli lost her life and Menashe Chaim has been in a COMA ever since.

Since that fateful day, his family’s life came

crashing down. His wife and 5 young children have been struggling without a husband and father for more than 8 years now!

If you would like to write to the family, or help in any way,

please contact or call 07963198988 (in England) or 02 654 2474 (in Israel) for more details

May this year be a Happy Purim for their family!





MENASHE CHAIM AND HIS FAMILY. May HaShem send a Yeshua to this wonderful family and bring joy to their home.



15 FEBRUARY 2018


Meet some inspiring people

One of the great benefits of my job is that I get to meet new people all the time. Many of them come into my 10 Weeks to Health programme. Some come for personal training, and some come for lower back pain treatments, others for more limited programmes. I consider myself fortunate to be able to have contact with so many different people who do so many different things in life. Most people I deal with have either an issue of overweight/obesity, a health issue, or both. Most clients have a good, basic understanding that things need to change, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have the motivation and inspiration to make those changes. Part of the reason they are seeking help is to assistance with motivation. We do our best in our clinic to work with the clients in this area. It isn’t easy for people to change their lives around. Changing habits and behaviours might be the single most difficult thing for a human being to accomplish. But when you deal with people who work hard and are successful, you also become motivated and inspired. Michael If you visit Jerusalem often , you might have run into my friend Michael. Just be careful when you run into him because he is usually moving pretty fast. Michael is 86 years old. He says he feels like 50. He lives in a retirement home but he isn’t really retired. He’s up early every morning learning, then davening Netz. He then makes his way down to Gan Sacher and works out there. Michael swims, walks briskly, lifts weights and even on

Shabbos, he davens at the Kotel (Netz of course) putting in 45 minutes of walking in each direction. Michael feels so good about his quality of life that he even sat down (he doesn’t do that often) and wrote a book all about his view of how Torah, Diet and Fitness all come together to give us a great life. He’s not one of my clients, but he really motivates me to work harder and I recommend that you read his book, Am I My Body’s Keeper for motivation and inspiration.

Ephraim Ephraim is a person who likes to look ahead and anticipate things before they happen. As someone in his mid-30’s and relatively healthy, it took a lot for him to start taking steps to nip bad health in the bud. But Ephraim is very aware of the health issues that run in his family and when he went to a routine visit to his doctor, the doctor had him take a routine blood test. His blood test didn’t show any particularly terrible result, but it did show that his cholesterol was higher than his previous blood test and he had been steadily putting on weight. Given the family history, he decided, and rightfully so, that it would be a lot easier to take care of this now than wait until serious problems set in at an older age when it is more difficult to deal with. Ephraim and his wife came to begin the programme and 10 weeks later, he was 10 kilo lighter, 12 centimetres thinner in his waist and his blood test was now nothing short of spectacular. It’s difficult for someone who is full time in learning and teaching to put time into themselves, but he did. At last check, he was still executing his exercise

routine and eating in a healthy and orderly manner. Ephraim inspired me for taking action before the trouble started, I hope he inspires you too.

Rina Rina is a mother of many. Like many religious families here in Jerusalem, her life is very hectic. Finding time to exercise is not easy as her kids span a large age gap. From kids in their upper teens to very young, the challenges of getting them up and out of the house each morning, working at her job and being home later in the day as they all come home is time consuming and tiring. Food has always been a big deal in her home, baking and cooking for Shabbat begin mid-week and all of the daughters are involved. Rina started out on our programme really well but she then got stuck. When some people get stuck, they lose their resolve and want to quit, but not Rina. It took a few weeks and a few sessions, but we had a break through. Some of her poor eating habits were solved by simply slowing down her thought processes and enabling her to challenge her thoughts before they resulted in actions that would sabotage her weight loss. Now she is slowly and steadily losing again. Rina stuck with it and worked with me to troubleshoot her issues. Using some Cognitive Behavioural techniques we were able to get her back on track and do enough fine-tuning to her programme to renew her good results. It might take her a while to reach her goal, but it’s her resolve to find a way to get there, that is truly inspiring. Esther really didn’t appear to be overweight. If you met her, you

probably would have thought that this small-framed lady might do well to lose a few kilo, but nothing serious. But looks can be deceiving. No, she didn’t really need to lose that much weight, but her blood sugar has been wacky for quite a few years. She has had problems with hypoglycaemia for many years and keeping her sugar levels even has always been a challenge. She sees an endocrinologist on a regular basis. Our dietician began working with her on how to eat in a way that would prevent her blood sugar from spiking or dropping and I designed an exercise programme for her that would balance her aerobics, muscle-building and flexibility. Even more important was finding a way to fit all of this into a very hectic life. As a sought-after lecturer all over the world, this was going to be a challenge. There is some trial and error in this business and what might work for one person doesn’t always work the same for another. Esther stayed focused and kept impeccable records at the beginning of her eating and exercise programmes. In the end, 5 kilo of weight loss was nice but that wasn’t even the biggest achievement. Esther will fluctuate with that weight a little depending on her travel schedule, but her episodes of low blood sugar have become almost non-existent. She also has new-found energy, feels well, looks good and has been able to take some of the worry out of her life. Esther overcame a long-time problem. She searched for the right answer, found it in our 10 Week Programme, continued on with us for a while and her quality of life is now so much better. Her story can motivate others and encourage people to take the right steps to a better life. MD Schneid Mordechai Dovid is pretty well known as the responsible party for much of what goes on in a prominent Chassidus including looking after the Rebbe. He has also became well known for transforming his life with a 30 kilogram weight loss. He got off his medication for high blood pressure and looks completely different and hasn’t felt this well in 20 years. He was always energetic but now his energy levels are sky high. But here is what is really amazing. Most of you are probably aware that over 95% of people who lose a lot of weight,


just don’t keep it off. As a matter of fact, almost everyone who loses weight through standard dieting will gain it all back eventually and maybe even more. Mordechai Dovid took our programme seriously and here it is almost 2 years later and the same 30 kilograms are gone. He’s also famous for one more thing. When people ask him, “which weight loss operation did you do”? , he answers “I did the surgery that doesn’t require a knife!” His procedure was on learning how to eat right without feeling deprivation or hunger, learning how to do just enough exercise every day, and how to keep his health as a priority in his life. And by the way, he has brought me others, many of whom are also now leading a better and healthier life. They range in age from 17 years old to 60. He is already passing along what he was able to accomplish and is an inspiration to many others—and he is helping them save their lives! Be inspired and be inspiring! It will help you and others to “add hours to your day, days to your year and years to your life.”

Alan Freishtat is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and a behavioural change and wellness coach with over 19 years of professional experience. Alan is the creator and director of the “10 Weeks to Health” programme for weight loss and is available for private coaching sessions, consultations, assessments and personalised workout programmes both in his office and by telephone or Skype. Alan also lectures and gives seminars and workshops. Contact Alan on 02-651-8502 or 050-555-7175, or email For more information visit

15 FEBRUARY 2018


10 min Prep Time 22 min Cook Time 32 min Duration 4-6 Servings Go from pan to plate in 30 minutes with this fish and pasta dish. Fideua is a popular Spanish-Iberian Peninsula dish made from toasted pasta instead of rice. Toasting the pasta for a couple of minutes brings out a delicious toasted wheat flavour and cuts your cooking time in half. You can serve this directly from the pan at the table, or transfer to a platter.


• 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil • 1 pound dry spaghetti, broken into 2- to 3-inch pieces • 2 roasted red peppers, sliced • 1 medium red onion, thinly sliced • 4 garlic cloves, minced • ½ cup canned diced tomatoes, or 3 fresh tomatoes, diced • 1 heaping tablespoon smoked paprika


• Pinch of crushed red pepper • Pinch of saffron threads • 4 (6-ounce) halibut or cod filets, cut into 2-inch chunks • 1 teaspoon kosher salt • ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper • Garnish: lemon slices and chopped flat leaf parsley


1. Heat the olive oil in a large sauté pan over medium heat. Add pasta and cook, stirring occasionally, for 1 to 2 minutes, until most of it is toasted. 2. Add peppers, onion, garlic, tomatoes, paprika, red pepper, saffron, fish, salt, and pepper to the pan with the pasta. Add 4 cups of water, cover, and cook for 15 to 20 minutes, until water is absorbed. 3. Carefully serve from pan or transfer to a platter. Garnish with lemon slices and fresh parsley. Serve immediately.


PUMPKIN SEED BRITTLE Pumpkin Seed Brittle makes a great snack or topping for cupcakes, cakes, and other desserts. This brittle can be stored in a covered container at room temperature for up to 5 days.

35 min Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 45 min Duration 3-4 Servings

INGREDIENTS • • • • • • • •

Cooking spray 1 cup sugar ½ cup corn syrup ¼ cup water 1 cup toasted pumpkin seeds or 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon baking soda Sea salt


3. 4.

Grease a baking sheet with cooking spray. In a small saucepan over medium heat, cook sugar, corn syrup, and water for 8 to 10 minutes, until the mixture reaches 175°C when measured with a candy thermometer. Stir Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, oil, and baking soda into pan with caramelized sugar. Pour mixture into prepared pan and sprinkle with sea salt. Set aside for 15 to 30 minutes to cool and harden. When completely cooled, break into pieces. Store in a covered container at room temperature for up to 5 days.


Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue is an established flagship, modern orthodox community with 500 youth between the ages of 11 and 18.

Shadchan service Text or WhatsApp Mrs Miriam Saunders on 07714 139 791 to arrange an appointment. Email your resumes to:

Responsibilities will include organising and running youth services on Shabbat and Festivals, planning innovative and inspirational programmes throughout the year and to nurture the youth to be leaders of the next generation. Applicants should have proven experience in youth leadershi including working successfully with affiliated and leadership, non-affiliated youth. You should have the ability to plan events from conception through to execution, plenty of initiative, good organisational, administrative and communication skills as well as demonstrating a passion for Judaism and the desire to help nurture that energy in others.


• PA to the Editors • Sales Assistant • Freelance Journalists

Closing date for receipt of applications – 23rd February 2018 To view the job description and apply for this position, please log on to our website

Email your CV to

Rabbinic Couple Borehamwood


Excellent Salary package

Imagine an exciting initiative that brings together the expertise of four top class Jewish education organisations to provide programmes for young families and teenagers in Elstree and Borehamwood. ‘The Centre’ project is that ground-breaking initiative. Working together with the local communities, ‘The Centre’ is focused on inspiring people at all levels of observance.


Join us for 3 serene days in Somerset. This weekend immersion will create new and lasting solutions to the challenges of stress and burnout that so many of us face in our daily lives. Joe is a best-selling author, foremost international expert on the prevention of burn-out and stress, and has piloted programmes at the Mayo Clinic, Arizona, considered a world leading flagship centre for healthcare and research. Terry is a mother of 6 boys, co-founder of the Innate Health Centre and author of the best-selling book Exquisite Mind. Fully Kosher catered (London Beth Din) Kedassia option on request

A fantastic new opportunity has arisen for a dynamic rabbinic couple to lead this initiative. You should have a proven ability to motivate and inspire people with authentic Jewish living. The role requires experience of working independently to set up engaging and creative programmes, and of working closely with a range of stakeholders. If you are an ambitious, determined couple looking to develop your careers then this role is perfect for you! For more information or to apply email

To book call 020 8912 1216 or email

Closing date: 9th March 2018

Book online at Innate Health is a registered charity (number: 1173025)

WeekendRetreatAd2.indd 1

We are seeking to recruit two dynamic Youth Directors who will provide a range of religious, cultural and social activities for the youth of our synagogue.

The Centre is a project of 14/02/2018 19:57

hcmwb iybrm rda snknwm THIS SUNDAY 18th February 2018 TICKETS SELLING FAST

An inspiring concert with

Nissim and

Levi Cohen


Hasmonean Boys School, Holders Hill Rd, Hendon NW4 1NA This Sunday night 18th Feb 2018 / evening of 4 Adar 8-10pm Doors open 7:30pm TICKETS: Online at (case sensitive) (£15 Standard • £30 VIP) On the door (£20 Standard • £40 VIP) SEATING: First come first basis • Men and Boys only EMAIL: For more details email: (case sensitive)

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