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12 JULY 2018


Israel shuts main crossing to Gaza Strip BY ADAM MOSES Israel has shut the main commercial crossing to the Gaza Strip - Kerem Shalom. The decision earlier this week is a bid to stop escalating Gaza border incidents over recent months. A 100 plus barrage of incendiary kites and helium balloons instigated by Hamas have landed in Israeli territory causing fire damage to over 7,000 acres of forests and farmland. The Jewish National Fund has been impacted in terms of burnt land with JNF teams aiding firefighters extinguish over 30 fires on Monday. Despite Israel Defence Forces announcing a high-tech solution had been successful regarding incendiary balloons fields are being burnt daily and the threat is not diminishing. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been vocal in his condemnation of the terror group who he holds firmly responsible for the incidents. “We will crack down immediately on the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip,” he confirmed. “In a significant move, we will today shut down the Kerem Shalom (border) crossing.” The Israeli leader added there would be “additional” steps but would not elaborate on them. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman gave


a stark warning to Hamas stating they would suffer a “heavy price” for the ongoing issues in the region. “The way Hamas is conducting itself, it could pay a heavier price than it did in Protective Edge (in 2014),” he noted. “This situation, in which every day our

woodlands are being burned every day cannot continue,” he explained. “I suggest they (Hamas) get it together and stop the fires. “In the coming days, we’ll continue putting restrictions on the crossings. I’ve instructed the IDF to take several measures.” Action has been demanded by politicians for some time on the governments response in Gaza. Debate has been extreme and the latest announcement did not discourage Zionist Union leader Avi Gabbay from being critical of Netanyahu. “Four years have passed since the end of Operation Protective Edge, in which 74 soldiers and citizens were killed,” he said. “What has the government done in these four years to make Israel safer, better? What diplomatic, economic or strategic moves were taken vis-a-vis Gaza? Nothing.” “Netanyahu hasn’t been Mr. Security in a long time. He’s maybe Mr. Microphone,” Gab-bay added. “Instead of taking advantage of the calm following the operation, of Hamas’s weakness and of the Gazan residents’ anger towards Hamas, Netanyahu squandered (the achievements of) Operation Protective Edge. “It’s not the operation that failed, it’s the government that failed. “Four years later and the south is burning again.

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“Thousands of acres are burning because there is no leader in on the Israel. Whilst the crossing has been shut an Israeli military statement said it would remain open for ‘specially approved’ humanitarian goods but Gaza’s fishing zone would revert to 11 km (6 miles) after being temporarily extended to 17 km (9 miles). Hamas for their part described the announcement by Netanyahu as a “new crime” against humanity. The terror group statement added, “The silence of the world and the region about the crime of the 12-year-old blockade over Gaza encourages the Israeli enemy to proceed with its actions, which contradict humanitarian and international law.” “Hamas calls upon the international community to quickly act to prevent (Israel’s) crime and its grave ramifications.” In other political news, Lieberman warned there would be a “harsh response” to Syrian forces advancing against rebel areas in the Golan Heights. “For our part we will sanctify the 1974 disengagement agreement, and there too we will insist that every last letter be abided by, and any violation with meet a harsh response from the State of Israel,” he said. Elsewhere, Israeli forces reportedly hit the T-4 military airfield in Syria’s Homes province on Sunday. The IDF made no comment. “I read about it in the newspapers today” Lieberman noted. “One thing; our policy has not changed. “We will not allow Iran’s entrenchment in Syria and we will not allow Syrian soil to be turned into a vanguard against the State of Israel. Nothing has changed. There is nothing new.” Meantime, the Defense Minister has been critical of the Cabinet over recent minor tremors in Israel especially as a multi-plan has been formulated by the Home Front Command for a security related emergency including an earthquake. “Last June, we had the biggest earthquake drill in Israel’s history,” he said. “After formulating the multi-annual plan, it was sent to the cabinet for approval. “The Cabinet was supposed to hold a discussion about it two weeks ago was canceled at the last moment. “We’re still waiting for that Cabinet meeting to approve the plan.” Netanyahu has promised to approve ‘earthquake’ preparations plans in the coming days.

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12 JULY 2018


Bibi and Polish leader in ‘Holocaust statement’ storm BY DAVID SAFFER

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Polish premier Mateusz Morawiecki’s joint statement noting the scale of Polish aid towards Jews during the Holocaust has been lambasted by Israeli politicians and Jewish historians alike. Yad Vashem has slammed both leaders for downgrading Polish complicity during the Nazi regime, describing the statement as offensive to the “historical truth”. Debate has escalated in recent days and comes amid ongoing outrage over new Polish leglislation preventing people saying it conspired with Nazis during the Shoah. Yad Vashem says Poland’s amended law, while quashing prison as a penalty, allowed for civil action that may impact Holocaust research. The media frenzy follows Netanyahu and Morawiecki stating Poland’s underground and wartime government in exile aided Jews facing death whilst attempting to “raise awareness” among Western allies of the “systematic” murder of Polish Jews. Yad Vashem says glorifying Polish assistance was “relatively rare”, was historically inaccurate and tarnished the memory of Righteous Among the Nations. Israel’s government was outraged the statement was published in Israeli newspapers as it contravened an agreement between the Prime Ministers. Aside from ‘fundamental’ errors in the Hebrew translation, it not reflecting the ‘spirit’ of the statement. Israel’s Ambassador to Poland Anna Azari submitted an official protest to the Polish government in Warsaw and in Israel to the Polish embassy. The joint statement was aimed at ending a diplomatic crisis between the two countries over Poland’s controversial Holocaust law. But a senior Israeli official said if the Poles hadn’t published the statement in Hebrew, the crisis would be over but had sparked new rows. As the debate raged, another twist has been, at best, lamentable comments by Yad Vashem senior historian, Professor Dina Porat, who was on the committee that helped reach agreement with Poland’s government on the statement. Speaking on Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation, Porat reportedly said she had given “personal and discreet” advice, was not acting as

Polish premier Mateusz Morawiecki PHOTO CREDIT: COMMONS.WIKIMEDIA

chief historian, and rejected claims she had gained personally from advising on the statement. Porat also noted she could “live” with the document up to Article 4 and clarified she had not spoken to Netanyahu before or after the controversy caused by the statement. But under-fire Porat accepted there were ‘phrasing’ issues. However, her comments have been dismissed and slated by subject experts. Prof. Yehuda Bauer, a respected Holocaust scholar, knows Porat but she had not asked his view so he could not comment on her motives. Nevertheless, he noted, “The historical facts in this document are completely distorted, so those who signed it must take responsibility for it.” Prof. Bauer added that it provided “a stamp of approval” to harming freedom of expression and freedom of research. “Any Polish bureaucrat who learns, for example, that Jews were robbed in his town during the Holocaust, will not be able to expose the truth, and if he does, he would have to pay a fine,” he explained. And the agreement with Poland to Bauer had longer terms ramifications. “In the future (if) we turn to American and European officials complaining about something the Polish people did during the Holocaust, they’d tell us, what do you want? your government signed this

docu-ment,” he commented. Bauer labelled the joint-statement a “betrayal,” a description Porat viewed “extreme and inflammatory”. But there seems to be some regret in her actions. “Would it have been better without the statement at all? Possibly,” she acknowledged. Porat claimed she had considered resigning as chief historian in the wake of the controversy but her offer was rejected. The statement came about to help resolve a diplomatic crisis over Polish law changes. Commenting at his weekly Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said, “The objective of the talks with the Polish government was to cancel the criminal articles in the Polish law, and free discourse regarding the Holocaust. “This objective was achieved, and I thank the team of Joseph Ciechanover and Jacob Nagel for succeeding in removing the criminal articles from the Polish law.” He added, “The declaration that was published following the change in the law was overseen by a senior historian. “However, various comments were made after its publication. “I have listened intently to the comments of the historians, including about several things that were not included in the declaration. I respect this and I will give expression to it.”


Meanwhile, Education Minister Naftali Bennett described the joint declaration as a “disgrace” and “offensive” to those who perished. Bennett has instructed schools not to include the joint statement in history lessons and included a mandatory study unit on Polish treatment of Jewish people during World War II as part of training to tour guides for Israeli students’ on educational trips to Poland. “In the face of the attempts to launder the Poles’ actions against Jews in the Holocaust, we will increase studies on the topic,” added Bennett. “Many Poles aided the Nazis and murdered Jews during the Holocaust, this is a fact that cannot be argued. “This truth will be taught to the students of Israel exactly as it happened, so they can have indepth knowledge of what happened on Polish soil, the biggest Jewish graveyard in the world.” Whilst the Minister understood Israel’s relations with Poland were important he would not sanction educating the future generations on “distortions and lies.” “The importance of this statement is not specific to this time, this is a tragedy that would affect genera-tions to come,” he explained. “Thousands of students will be mistaken in thinking most of the Polish people aided the Jewish people and only a minority murdered Jews during the Holocaust, while the opposite is true. “We will deepen the education on the topic and insist that the false narrative this statement is trying to establish will not be included in the education of the future Jewish generation.” Gilad Maniv of the Education Ministry is responsible for training high school history teachers. “The education system will continue sticking to the historical truth,” he said. “The Poles took an active part in the Nazi extermination machine by murdering Jews, turning them in and informing on them.” He added, “The Polish people’s story is made up, this is a construction of the memory they want to create in order to minimise their responsibility for the horrors that took place on Polish soil during the war.” Maniv added that students would be taught Poles were anti-Semitic before, during and after the Holocaust.

“Before World War II broke out, Poles excluded Jews from academia, boycotted and economically hurt them,” he said. “When the Nazis came into Poland, they found a Polish population soaked with anti-Semitism, which is why the Poles’ claims are not true. “We will continue teaching our students as we’ve taught them all these years that the lion’s share of the responsibility for the murder and the initiative was the Nazis’, who built the concentration and extermination camps.” He added, “The Polish government’s claim that their government in exile, which was sitting in London, took care of the Jews and acted on their behalf is not true. “The government in exile didn’t consider the Jews, but rather the Polish people’s suffering.” The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has backed Yad Vashem’s position as the revised law did not address primary concerns of a potential for intimidation, self-censorship and politicisation. However, there was some support for Israeli’s beleaguered leader from Yad Vashem council chairman Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, who told Israeli media Netanyahu’s intentions were good, citing survivor criticism after Israel established diplomatic ties with Germany. “There are two perspectives here that can’t always be reconciled,” Rabbi Lau explained. “One is diplomatic politic, which focuses on Israel-Poland relations today, in 2018, and the other is emotional and scientific, taken by scholars of Jewish history in World War II. “The latter looks at the past, without taking into consideration the significance of the relations between the two countries, and the former focuses on the present and future, with a more forgiving attitude toward the Poles as individuals.” Rabbi Lau added that “each has its place and good intentions.” Whilst Holocaust survivors feel betrayed by the statement, Poland have stood firm. Deputy Foreign Minister Bartosz Cichocki told Polish state news agency PAP, Netayahu’s was “binding”, adding there was a need to strengthen cooperation of Polish, Israeli and Jewish historians, teachers and museum guides to protect the truth about World War 2 and the Holocaust.


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Tory Brexit plans in chaos after turbulent reshuffle


Prime Minister Theresa May endured a horrific 24 hours of political upheaval that left Brexit plans in a chaotic state of crisis this week. Shortly after feeling she had secured a hard-won agreement with her divided cabinet last Friday, David Davis, who had led Brexit negotiations for the UK to date, resigned on Sunday night, stating the UK was giving “too much away, too easily” ahead of negotiations with the European Union negotiators who would demand more afterwards. Boris Johnson swiftly followed Davis out of the Downing Street door, aside from junior figures including Brexit minister Steve Baker, leaving the beleaguered Tory leader no option but to unite the Conservative party Monday. Johnson in his resignation letter said the Brexit dream was “dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt”. Mrs May made it clear to Tory rebels it was time to come together or witness Labour leader Jeremy


Corbyn take power with a left wing administration. Eventually, a hastily reshuffled cabinet met against a backdrop of chaos. After the meeting, Mrs May tweeted she was “looking ahead to a busy week”, which includes the arrival of US President Donald Trump. Trump said it was “up to the people” whether Theresa May remains in post as the events hands left the UK country in “turmoil”. Corbyn mocked May’s predicament in Parliament noting Johnson and Davis had abandoned a “sinking ship”, shattering an “illusion of unity” initially after the Chequers

plan. Whilst Corbyn enjoyed his jibes at May, Labour MP and Remainer Chuka Umunna summed up the seriousness of the situation facing the country when he reportedly told Today that Monday’s dramatic events needed to be set aside. “It would be funny were it not for the fact that the subject matter is going to have a fundamental impact on hundreds of thousands of people’s jobs,” he noted. In the immediate aftermath of the reshuffle, new foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said he was “four square” behind her. And Environment Secretary Michael Gove noted he was “100%”

behind Mrs May’s Brexit plan. The UK is set to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019, but the two parties have yet to agree how trade will work between the UK and EU after that date. For months there has been deep division on what shape Brexit should take in the Tory party with disagreement over various issues including post-referendum promises on free movement of people, the European Court of Justice and trade deals. Prior to the reshuffle, the Prime Minister met with backbench critics at a gathering of the 1922 committee of Conservative MPs with rumours rife the 48 signatures required to trigger a no-confidence vote and leadership election was possible. Common sense though prevailed amidst the political shenanigans. After the demise of Davis, Dominic Raab was appointed to head up UK’s negotiations with the EU. A diehard Leave supporter he has been promoted from Housing Minister.

12 JULY 2018

Oxford-graduate Rabb has experience of the Middle East politics going back two decades. He worked for a Palestinian negotiator during the Oslo process, prior to joining the Foreign Office where he advised on war crimes and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict until 2006, when he was appointed Davis’s chief of staff. In a 2010 blog shortly after Israeli commandos killed a number of activists after storming the Gazabound aid ship Mavi Marmara, Raab described Israel’s blockade of the Strip as “a legitimate means of maritime warfare”. The UK and EU have been negotiating Brexit terms for over a year and had hoped to agree broad aims for a future relationship. The Chequers away day aimed to agree UK position’s but any socalled positivity currently lays in tatters. The past 72 hours illustrates how much can change in politics. One can only wonder what the coming days, let alone weeks and months will bring.


Cracks & movement to houses - not always what they are cracked up to be I am often called upon to inspect properties and report on cracks and problems with movement or subsidence. As I arrive at the property I am sometimes greeted by a rather apprehensive home owner who have noticed various cracks and are concerned that their property is about to collapse. I am tempted to respond that we better step outside to discuss this just in case but due to the seriousness of the enquiry I think better of it and avoid this particular quip. Cracks that you may find at your home are rarely the type that would result in a sudden collapse, but clearly there are exceptions to the rule. Where there is a sudden onset of cracking which is progressing at an alarming rate and the house is beginning to creak would certainly be cause for alarm. Do not stop to call your friendly surveyor. Escaping to a safe location with all family members accounted for would be a wise decision. This type of movement and

cracking is thankfully rare and may be caused by land slip or earth quake but rarely as a result of subsidence which is a much slower process. If there has been on going movement to your property and the cracking is getting worse then it would be a good idea to call a surveyor for advice as urgent stabilisation works may be required. Cracks due to plaster shrinkage are generally of less concern. Subsidence can occur when the ground - which in London is often clay, starts to dry out and so lose its bearing capacity and can no longer support foundations. Prolonged hot and dry weather that we are now experiencing can be a cause of this. It is for this reason that trees and large shrubs close to your property can be a problem and cause cracking as water is drawn out of the clay subsoil which dries and so loses its bearing capacity. Conversely removing trees can cause the ground to swell which can also be damaging so trees have to

be carefully managed. Defective and leaking drains can undermine foundations and so cause problems. If you are worried about cracks or suspect your home is subsiding you should call a Building Surveyor for advice first. Approaching building insurers is not always the best option and an initial inspection and report should help to decide the best approach in dealing with remedial works with or without an insurance claim. Cracks that appear in your home that are more than 3mm wide, tend to be diagonal in pattern and are wider at the top than at the bottom may be a sign that there a subsidence problem. Cracks can have various causes which may include poor initial construction, alterations works to the property or even works on a party wall carried out by a neighbour to name but a few. A survey prior to purchase of a house or an inspection


Example of severe cracking that should be further investigated

of a property you own is important to help establish the likely cause and seriousness of any cracks and advise on remedial works required. Often a period of monitoring will be required to establish if there is ongoing movement. Sometime a soil investigation will be advised or CCTV survey of drains suggested if drains are suspect. Movement to a property may be apparent from distorted door openings where the door begins to bind in the door frame or sloping floors as

well as cracks to ceilings and walls. There is often uncertainty and worry when it comes to cracks so in general cracks and movement to your property should not just be ignored. The author Hillel Broder BSc (Hons) MRICS is a chartered Building Surveyor and partner in OCK Chartered Surveyors a firm of Chartered Surveyors in Hendon and can be contacted on 020 8202 7948 or emailed

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12 JULY 2018


Israel set for moon shot in 2019 BY DAVID SAFFER Israel’s SpaceIL launches an unmanned spacecraft to the moon in December. The craft lifts off from the United States and is set to touchdown on the moon’s surface on February 13, 2019. The first task will be to place an Israeli flag on the moon’s surface. Should SpaceIL and state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries be successful, Israel will be the fourth country to achieve a moon landing almost 50 years after Neil Armstrong walked on the surface in July 1969. SpaceIL and IAI, who announced the news at a press conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, will be the first non-governmental body to land a spacecraft on the moon if they succeed. To date, aside from the United States, the Soviet Union and China have been successful in moonshot

ventures. The 600kg round table-shaped spacecraft, which is just 2m in diameter and 1.5m high, will begin its journey from Cape Canaveral in Florida on a SpaceX’S Falkon 9 rocket. The craft will be released at 60,000 km, enter an elliptical orbit around Earth prior to slingshotting around the moon before attempting a landing. Losing much of its weight during the moon trip, the craft will weigh 180kg when the two-day lunar mission takes place. A significant amount of the onboard computers have been developed and produced in Israel. On-board science equipment will send photographs and data about the moon’s magnetism back to the Weizmann Institute in Israel for analysis. For Space IL CEO, Dr. Ido Anteby the landing will pose the most

technically challenging aspect to the sojourn. “The spot chosen is relatively flat and the spacecraft will have eye contact with the Earth,” he noted. “Once the spacecraft reaches the landing point, it becomes completely autonomous, the engines block it until it reaches the ground.” “The first step will be to put up an Israeli flag on the moon,” Dr. Anteby added. SpaceIL are hopeful the achievement will boost Israel’s technological aspirations into the future. Established in 2011 by engineers Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari and Yonatan Weintraub, the trio entered a global competition organised by Google’s Lunar Xprize back in 2007. Complexities saw numerous teams fall by the wayside, and SpaceIL itself endured financial issues along the space race journey.


Eventually, the $20 million competition was scrapped as no company could meet the deadline. But SpaceIL have prevailed and are confident of the December launch window. South African-Israeli billionaire Morris Kahn, and other donors, have ensured the $95 million project has kept on track. “It is a tremendous achievement,” Kahn, who praised the space teams’ efforts, told reporters. “This project will take the aerospace industry into deep space. “We will all remember where we were when an Israeli spacecraft landed on the moon.” Joseph Weiss, IAI’s President and CEO, noted, “This is a national

history in the making. “IAI’s commitment to the innovative SpaceIL project was natural. “The cooperation of SpaceIL and IAI is an example of the amazing capabilities that can be accomplished in civil space activities, activities that combine education, technology, industry, knowledge and a great deal of entrepreneurship.” Weiss added, “The path to the moon is paved with challenges, but thanks to the professionalism, determination and faith of all those involved in the project, an Israeli spaceship will be launched into the moon, and IAI will continue to do everything necessary in the coming months to ensure the success of this national mission.”

Protests planned as Trump lands in UK BY DAVID SAFFER

US President Donald Trump has arrived in the UK for a two-day working trip. Having attended the Nato summit, Trump’s arrival could not be at a more politically sensitive time after the Cabinet reshuffle earlier this week over Brexit. Commenting on his visit prior to departing the White House, Trump noted the Brexit shenanigans. “It is going to be an interesting time in the UK and an interesting time at Nato,” he told reporters. “We will work it out and all countries will be happy. “So I have Nato, I have the UK that’s a situation with turmoil.” Asked about Prime Minister Theresa May, he noted, “I get along with her very well. I have a very good relationship.” As for her future, he said that it was up the the British people. During the much-anticipated whistle-stop trip, Trump will hold talks

with the Tory leader at Chequers, who will host a dinner for him at Blenheim Palace. And he is due to have tea with The Queen at Windsor Castle. Trump will stay at the US Ambassador’s House at Winfield House in Regent’s Park overnight. Arguably one of the most controversial visits made by an American president to Britain, the trip is not an official State visit, though there will be a sense of pomp and ceremony. A military ceremony is planned at the Great Court playing the Liberty Fanfare, Amazing Grace and the National Emblem, and after the US President, First Lady Melania Trump and invited quests enjoy dinner against a backdrop of music from the Countess of Wessex’s Orchestra, it seems apt that as Trump’s mother hailed from Scotland, he will be piped out by the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Away from the minutia, May has consistently noted UK’s strategic and historic links with the US, but large

protests have been planned ever since the visit was announced in 2017. Demonstrations take place in London, amidst tight security, and also in Scotland where he owns golf courses. Organisers have insisted they will make their presence felt whether Trump visits London or not. And there will be an unusual sight of a giant inflatable ‘baby Trump’ figure floating about over Westminster for a couple of hours during protests. Sanctioned, by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, his decision has received mixed reactions. Downing Street will be privately furious but a spokesperson said the UK was an open democracy with a right to peaceful protest so it was up to the Greater London Assembly to explain why they approved it. “From our perspective, the presidential visit is an important moment to recognise our close and special relationship and to have open and frank discussions on the key issues,” the spokesperson said.


President Donald J Trump PHOTO CREDIT: WIKIPEDIA

But Trump supporters back in the US were not so polite and have slammed the decision by Khan. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani reportedly noted that the London Mayor should be “ashamed” of himself. “Maybe he should just do his job instead of attacking a world leader?,” he said. “I would not like to go to a country where someone with the authority of a mayor was rallying people against them. It’s highly inappropriate.” US Ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, meanwhile said there was no plan to keep Mr Trump away from the capital or protests.

Johnson commented that Trump was “focused on his objectives” for a trip schedule “things he has to do”. Following his overnight stop in London, Trump will join May to observe a UK military exercise, before talks at Chequers prior to his much-anticipated meeting with the Queen tomorrow afternoon. Since his inauguration, the US President has had plenty to say about the UK, and not all complimentary, so there will not doubt be some bridge-building behind the scenes. It promises to be a visit of many talking points before the Trump’s fly to Scotland to conclude the trip for the weekend.

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12 JULY 2018


Work Avenue Annual Business Awards Over two hundred people joined leading employment and business support organisation Work Avenue at their offices, the Wohl Enterprise Hub in Finchley, in celebration of business success. This annual event recognises and commends the business and entrepreneur community that Work Avenue supports as they help people to earn a living. There were a very high number of nominations for each of the four awards, resulting in a short list of three in each category. Flagship award Business of the Year was won by SnapRevise, which creates bite sized A-level and GCSE online revision and exam preparation resources and markets them to schools. The brainchild of engineering graduate Dan Brand, SnapRevise has been trading for just two years but has already established a loyal following among young students who enthusiastically use their materials. “I feel so pleased that the business has been recognised in this way,” said Dan.

“It is testimony to my whole team who have worked so hard with me to develop the business as far as it has. We are all so excited for the future.” Start-Up of the Year was won by popcorn business, Popcorn Shed, started by cousins Sam Feller and Laura Jackson, who operated initially from Laura’s mum’s garden shed. They both had to take a huge leap of faith, resigning from city jobs to start the venture, which now has an annual turnover of £150,000. “This business has become our passion,” stated Laura, “and we hope to double our turnover this year.” Entrepreneur of the Year was won by Katie Taylor, who runs The Latte Lounge, an increasingly wellknown resource for women over forty. Said Katie: “I am so excited to have been given this award for the Latte Lounge. I am immensely proud of the community we have built and am so excited for all our future plans. I now have an amazing team to help me ensure that

those plans will become a reality. So thank you Work Avenue for providing me with a business adviser, mentor and such supportive staff – all who gave me a much appreciated guiding hand!” This year, Work Avenue also celebrated and recognised the time and effort invested in their businesses by our dedicated and expert Mentor of the Year. Won by Guy Ornadel, an experienced entrepreneur himself, he stated, “I feel honoured and surprised to have won the award, but this is really a win for all the mentors there. Work Avenue is a brilliant organisation and I’ve thoroughly enjoy working with the start-up mentees. Looking forward to helping them grow and develop even more.” Debbie Sheldon, CEO of Work Avenue, commented: “The businesses we recognised tonight have become successful through dedication, perseverance and determination. What links them all is the drive to try and try again and never give up despite some bumps in the road.

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Business of the year SnapRevise PHOTO CREDIT: LEIVI SALTMAN PHOTOGRA-

Start-up of the year winners Popcorn Shed PHOTO CREDIT: LEIVI SALTMAN PHOTOGRAPY

It is our greatest joy to be able to celebrate the success of our clients and their businesses, attesting to

the hard work and effort they have invested over the past months and years.”

12 JULY 2018

Immanuel’s Exhibition Is Visually Stunning The annual Visual Arts Exhibition took place on the evening of Wednesday 27th June and again showcased the extraordinary ethos and creativity of Immanuel’s Visual Arts Faculty and its students. The Sonia and Eli Gottlieb Prizes were awarded to Lydia Sheldon, who took the overall Cup, whilst the A Level Art prize went to Ella Skolnick, with Lucie Robins as runner-up, and the A Level Photography prize went to Tali Wolf, with Ellie Pins the runner-up. Tali



Barnard was the overall winner of the GCSE Art prize, with Henry Mann the runner-up, and for GCSE Photography Joshua Katz was the overall winner, with Akiva Elias the runner-up. It was marvellous walking around the exhibition, seeing the pride on everybody’s faces. There was so much admiration for the work produced and there was no doubt they all deserved the praise and all the nachas their families wanted to give them.

Tali Wolf with her prize wining photography project

Lydia Sheldon, with her trophy

Final National Modern Hebrew Spelling Bee PaJeS was delighted to host the Final of the National Modern Hebrew Spelling Bee on Tuesday 10th July with pupils from years 5 and 6 from seven Jewish primary schools from all over the country taking part. Created by teacher, Jane Driver of Queen Katharine Academy, the aim of the Spelling Bee is for students in Year 7 who are beginners in a foreign language to practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation and memory skills in the target language. The competition is run by Sarah Schechter of Routes into Languages East, working with Jane and Rachel Hawkes of Comberton Village College. The Spelling Bee was awarded a European Language Label in 2011 and was highly commended by the Chartered Institute of Linguists in 2016. Each year up to 76,000 Year 7s have taken part in the competition for French, German and Spanish combined. The opportunity arose, following the enthusiastic response of teachers to the idea

A hundred people came to the JLE for launch of Rabbi Tatz’s new book “As Dawn ends the night”

Rabbi Akiva Tatz signing copies of his new book at the launch

JBD Golf Day raises £30,000

of running a Modern Hebrew version of the project at the WZO Future of Hebrew Conference at the University of Cambridge in June 2016, to work together with PaJeS to pilot such a competition. Newcomer Finals 1. Rebekah-Jo Goldman, King David Manchester 2. Nathanel Blackston, Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School 3. Joseph Boyas, Immanuel College Preparatory School Returners from last year Finals 1. Miriam Shields, Broughton Jewish 2. Joshua Sacks Broughton Jewish 3. Elisha Sheftz, Broughton Jewish Hebrew Speakers Finals 1. Gili Blass, Nancy Reuben Primary School 2. Ayelet Polak, Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School 3. Feigy Greenhouse, Broughton Jewish

23 teams took part in the fifth annual Friends of Jewish Blind & Disabled Golf Day, at Hartsbourne Country Club, raising the fantastic sum of £30,000. The quartet of Gary Field, Barry Langford, Clive Morley and Andrew Faber won the event and were presented with their trophy by Jewish Blind & Disabled Chief Executive Hazel Kaye and tournament organiser Lloyd Botchin.

B’nai B’rith UK Young Professionals (BBYP) held its first 4th July Summer barbeque

Gary Field, Barry Langford, Clive Morley and Andrew Faber PHOTO CREDIT: MARC MORRIS

Raising charity through sport PHOTO CREDIT: MARC MORRIS


Enjoying the barbeque




12 JULY 2018

My Voice, Manchester to partner Yad Vashem in Holocaust Education In the immediate aftermath of an intense four day trip to Jerusalem for the 10th International Conference on Holocaust Education at Yad Vashem (June 25-28, 2018), representatives of The Fed’s My Voice Manchester Project, Juliette Pearce, manager of the charity’s north Manchester Volunteer Services and Hila Kaye, My Voice, Manchester, Project Leader, confessed to feeling “overwhelmed by the enormity of the task at hand”. The heritage-lottery funded project captures the life-stories of Holocaust survivors and refugees and, unlike testimony projects, focuses principally on their lives before the Holocaust and later rebuilt literally from the ashes, here in the UK. The stories celebrate the contributions made to the Jewish and wider society by their tellers and give hope to others facing persecution in the present day. Following a visit to The Fed on Kristallnacht, (November) 2017 by Dorit Novak, the Director General of Yad Vashem, when she was presented with a set of the first nine life-story books produced by the project, Juliette and Hila were specially invited to the conference to network with delegates from over 50 nations and meet with Richelle Budd-Caplan, Director of the European Department at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem, to discuss development and refinement of the project with a view to using the My Voice books as integral educational resources in schools and colleges in the UK. “You cannot imagine how proud and privileged we are to know that our home-grown Manchester project, which took seed in a social care volunteer service, is talking about partnering Yad Vashem in national ...and who Holocaust Education,” commented Hila. Continuing she explained, “My Voice’s original aim, via the vehicle of volunteer befriending, was to help survivors and refugees capture their memories, to be able to share them, with their families and friends. They were intended as treasured family keepsakes. But it became obvious from the stories which emerged that there is a wider value for the authors’ adopted communities. They are part of the heritage of our amazing city of Manchester and on top of this, telling their stories gives people wonderful sense of their own unique value.” “But now the significance of these books have transcended their original aim and local historical value: one of the key themes of the conference was the challenge of a world without survivors. How do we continue to keep their messages alive in a way that will engage and educate future generations of young people? In not so many years there will be no survivors left or those that remain, are likely to have lost their ability to remember or communicate their memories – that is the stark reality.” Juliette continued,

Hila Kaye and Juliette Pearce

“The conference highlighted the need to identify resources for the future of Holocaust education. This was underlined in a stand-out lecture by Dr. Stephen Smith, who is the Executive Director, USC of the Shoah Foundation, USA. He spoke about “A World Without Survivors: Different Approaches” and demonstrated an astonishing technical solution - the use of holograms of survivors which you can actually talk to and which answer you back! Basically the ‘interviewer’ who would be a young person in a school or college situation can ask a question into microphone. Using voice recognition software their speech is converted into text. Then the computer searches the archives of the survivor’s individually recorded story and pin-points the most relevant responses. The result is a totally natural conversation! It is unbelievable”. “Our books are yet another means of ‘talking’ in a real and immediate way to young people, which is why Yad Vashem is so interested in our project. Our books sit alongside this technology.” “But time is running out. The responsibility for us is immense. We need to complete the books for people who have already come forward but also reach others who haven’t yet been offered the opportunity. The importance of their messages was never greater or more relevant. The conference, attracting over 350 delegates, mostly educators, from all over the world, including Japan, China and Macedonia was opened by Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Chairman of the Yad Vashem Council, Chief Rabbi and of Tel Aviv and Yafo (previously the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel) and himself a prominent survivor. Rabbi Lau emphasised the need to use personal stories as educational tools to evoke empathy and a real understanding of the

Holocaust. He said that in the past mistakes had been made by relying too much on historical facts and numbers which people do not relate to.

Day two of the conference coincided with Prince William’s visit to the world-renowned museum and although delegates were not able to meet him, Juliette and Hila took their own tour immediately following in his footsteps On the final day of the conference the entire conference was addressed by Chariman of the Yad Vashem Directorate Aver Shalev, who had personally escorted the Duke of cambrdige on his visit. Hila reported how he told the audience that he knew he had done his job well on seeing how moved the Prince was and hearing him comment to the effect that he wanted to ensure that his children one day came on a similar visit. About The Fed and Heathlands Village: At any one time, The Fed is supporting many hundreds of people of all ages living in their own homes or in our care home for older people at Heathlands Village. The Fed’s 350+ social workers, support workers, case workers, nurses, social care workers, care assistants, coordinators and behind-the-scenes staff, together with over 400 volunteers, provide care, advice and support through a range of projects and departments.

Speeding car Dads night injures girl with chulent and kugel A speeding car collided with the teenage granddaughter of Rabbi Royde in Manchester, a Miss Deutch, on Leicester Road, Salford late on Saturday night also demolishing a metal rail and traffic Bollard. The driver, after being checked over by Ambulance staff, was arrested at the scene, the condition of the pedestrian is serious. The community is aksed to daven for Chava Rivka Bas Devorah Rut

Damaged car on Leicester Road, that hit a girl and demolished a metal railing PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PUR-


First Aid expert, Nussi Burns gave Emergency tips at the Hershel Weiss Safety Week on Thursday evening Emergency first aid tips with Nussi Burns,from Teach Me First Aid, and Hatzola senior member, including recognising signs and symptoms of someone in need of emergency emotional support and how to interact when they’re highly agitated, held at the Hershel Weiss first ever Safety Week. Kugel and Chulent was served during the talk.

Nussi Burns explaining First Aid tips at Hershel Weiss Safety Week PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PUR-

12 JULY 2018

192 years old in total for Issac Harris, 102 and Solomon Gicht, 90

British values day held in Bury Jewish School

Two of Manchester’s Nicky Alliance Centre Art club members who, along with other Art club members have a display of their work in the Manchester Maccabi Sports and Community Centre, Prestwich, Greater Manchester. The 18th annual Nicky Alliance Centre Art club members work was on display and for sale, Manchester Jewish Community Care CEO Michelle Wiseman welcomed everyone and introduced the guest opener Mr Eamon O’Neill, TV and Radio broadcaster.

British Values Day was celebrated with all the Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary school pupils taking part, learning to respect each others in so many ways. On Friday, a British Values Day was held with the whole school taking part, being taught about Democracy, respecting each other, plus many more British Values.

Issac Harris, 102 and Solomon Gicht, 90 PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PURCELL




‘Consider Yourself’ at Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox

‘Faigy’ (Miriam Shields) Fagin (Mendy Leitner) Olivia (Eden Lurie) Oliver (Yosef Kanter) and Dodger (Yoni Kasmir)

Cooling off at break time at King David Primary school

Year 1 pupils holding drawing they each made PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PURCELL


Having a very ‘ice’ time PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PURCELL




Donisthorpe has exciting new vision BY DAVID SAFFER

Donisthorpe Hall in Leeds has endured tough times in the past few years but is now moving in a new direction. Over 230 people attended a packed community meeting as trustees presented plans for the residential home. There is a need for continued financial support and planned integration with Leeds Jewish Welfare Board in order to best share resources for the community. But there is clear intent on a way ahead in what was a hugely positive meeting. Trustees shared with an enthusiastic audience the hard work which has been done in turning around Donisthorpe’s fortunes from a care provision perspective. The home is set to offer a safe and enjoyable experience not just for current residents but also the next generation. “For the first time in a number of years there was a genuine warmth from the community for what can be done to support the organisation moving forward,” said trustee, Ashley Cohen. During a passionate speech, Mr Cohen made a rallying call to ask every member of the community to offer support in any way they can. The home has been inundated with offers to help set up a new fundraising committee and there were queues of people offering to volunteer as the meeting finished. “It’s great to see once again the community has confidence in the work we are doing,” he commented. “It is essential that everyone

Inaugural Primary School Poetry Festival Nancy Reuben Primary School held its inaugural Early Years Poetry Festival on Monday 9th July 2018. Early Years classes enjoyed a range of different poems with their teachers and were invited to learn a poem by heart to recite to their friends. The highlight of the Festival

helping rolls their sleeves up to support this organisation moving forward. “This is a community asset, we are determined to make sure that we provide care and support for our most vulnerable for generations to come.” The meeting touched on how tough it has been on finances. With a dramatic reduction in resident number finances in recent years have been hit hard. Trustees paid tribute to the handful of families who have helped the organisation trade through a tough transitional period. It was also announced that the Manny Cussins Trust will invest heavily in the Dementia units over coming years. Asked why the Trust was supporting Donisthorpe in a significant investment programme, Andrew Cussins explained that it was set up in the early 1960’s to support charities working in Yorkshire, Jewish and medical charities, and charities that work with children. “For many of the latter years of the 20th century years, Donisthorpe Hall was a major beneficiary of Manny’s charity, and so it is with real joy that the Trust and Donisthorpe Hall have now agreed to work together again, to create a dementia wing of true world class,

that will not only be the envy of Yorkshire, but the whole of the north of England,” he said. “Bringing much needed security and stability to peoples lives at a time when everything for them is beginning to fall apart, is now one of the major stories of our time. “It is a story that Donisthorpe and the Trust are determined to influence for the better, in whatever ways we can.” Russell Manning, Chair of LJWB, overviewed how the organisation and Donisthorpe have been working behind the scenes over the 12 months looking at the future landscape of the community in the next 20 plus years. “On behalf of the Board, I was delighted to be part of the community meeting and be able to have the opportunity to talk about our plans to work with Donisthorpe and Leeds Jewish Housing Association to ensure the long term sustainability of care and housing in our community for future generations,” he noted. Susan Dacosta added, “Robert and I were delighted to see how many people came to the meeting and were so impressed with the amount of work that the management and Trustees had done to ensure that Donisthorpe survived. “What has been done inspired me to offer my services and set up a ladies fundraising committee which I hope will be able to provide extra funds and more help.” After a period of instability a bright new future awaits not only for the long established home but the Jewish community of Leeds.

12 JULY 2018

Jewish Care’s Great Jewish Bake Day

Moriah Jewish Day School Bake Sale

Jewish Care’s Holocaust Survivors Centre Staff Bake Off with Emma Spitzer, Masterchef Finalist PHOTO CREDIT: YAKIR ZUR

Cake pops NRPS bake sale PHOTO CREDIT: YAKIR ZUR

Award success for Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School Joshua Seigal delights the children with his poetry

was a visit from Poet and National Poetry Day Ambassador, Joshua Seigal. Joshua led interactive poetry workshops with Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten and Reception during which he delighted the children with his own poems and encouraged them to join in and create their own poems with him.

Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School (WIJPS) in Barkingside has been awarded foundation level of the British Council’s prestigious International School Award in recognition of its work to bring the world into the classroom. The Award celebrates the achievements of schools that do exceptional work in international education. Fostering an international dimension in the curriculum is at the heart of the British Council’s


work with schools, so that young people gain the cultural understanding and skills they need for life work in today’s world. WIJPS’s international work

includes a year 2 project comparing birds in Britain and Italy in winter providing the children with a chance to share their knowledge of the world between the two schools.

12 JULY 2018



10th Mitzvah Day launched £45,000 raised at Chabad Annual Dinner The tenth anniversary year of Mitzvah Day got underway with a launch party and social action event at Norwood’s Kennedy Leigh Family Centre on Sunday. Since its official formation as a charity in 2008, Mitzvah Day has grown into the UK’s largest faithbased day of social action – with 40,000 volunteers around the world taking part each year. Registration has now opened for Mitzvah Day 2018, which takes place on Sunday November 18, and more than 100 people of all ages gathered in Barnet to celebrate and hear more about this year’s theme. Those attending the launch included Facebook vice president Nicola Mendelsohn, Deputy Mayor of Barnet Councillor Caroline Stock, Mitzvah Day interfaith chair Lady Daniela Pears, Mitzvah Day executive director Dan Rickman, AJEX executive director Jacques Weisser and many of the people that Norwood supports. Together they took part in two activities, making coasters for the centre’s café and tending to the garden outside. Addressing everyone, Mitzvah Day founder and chair Laura Marks

Getting ready for Mitzvah Day


said: “The core values of Mitzvah Day are all about loving kindness and that is going to be our theme for our tenth anniversary year. And we couldn’t think of a charity that was more about acts of loving kindness than Norwood. “Mitzvah Day is all about people doing things for charities that need us and charities that matter to us. Our deeply held belief is that together, bit by bit, we can do something that really makes a difference to society.”

Norwood is one of the UK’s leading Jewish charities, supporting children and families with learning disabilities. Chair Neville Kahn said: “I am delighted that we could host the Mitzvah Day launch at the Kennedy Leigh Family Centre. Norwood has been involved from day one and our involvement has grown from year to year and this year we are expecting more than 200 people to take part at Norwood, including at least 50 or 60 people who we serve. “It’s wonderful seeing the people we serve, their families and our volunteers taking part in Mitzvah Day – it truly is a highlight of the year. Communities, schools, organisations and individuals can sign up for Mitzvah Day 2018 by visiting get-involved/sign-up/ Previous participants in Mitzvah Day have included Prime Minister Theresa May, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Imam Ibrahim Mogra, Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Last week, 150 guests gathered together at Woolston Manor Golf & Country club for the Annual Fundraising Dinner of Chabad North East London & Essex, celebrating the growth and success across Essex. Some £45,000 was raised through, the Raffle, Auction and Appeal. Guest Speaker, Lord Daniel Finkelstein, Conservative Peer and Leading Journalist, gave a fascinating talk spanning the corridors of Whitehall and his interaction with all whom walk its influential corridors. During the Ted talks, representatives from each of its three Centre’s, Gants Hill, Buckhurst Hill and Epping, reflected on their own experiences with Chabad and the positive changes made in their lives as a result.

Celebrating sucess

Manchester bikes Nightingale House welcomes marked against thieves children for interfaith activity

The first joint Bike Marking with Greater Manchester Police and Shomrim was held on Sunday afternoon at the Kings Road Playing area, for Prestwich residents PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PURCELL

South London residential care home Nightingale House, part of the Nightingale Hammerson group, in conjunction with Apples and Honey Nightingale nursery, launched an activities day for schools participating in The Linking Network (TLN), a national school linking programme. As part of the programme, run by the Faith & Belief Forum in partnership with TLN, children from Apples and Honey Wimbledon and St Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox Primary Academy in Croydon collaborated on two ‘link-days’ this academic year. The programme, which matches schools from different cultural or faith backgrounds, allows participating pupils to explore issues of identity, community and belief and develop communication, empathy and reflection. Nightingale House provided the venue for the third ‘link-day’, as residents and children enjoyed an interactive performance led by West End performers from the Baby Broadway theatre group. Alastair Addison, Head of Activities at Nightingale House, said:


A fistbump at Nightingale House

“Our residents always find interacting with children and young people from all backgrounds an enriching experience and they added a sense of fun and vibrancy to our home. The sense of community offered by Nightingale Hammerson is essential to the holistic wellbeing of our older people.” Faye Garcia, resident at Nightingale House, said: “I cannot explain how lovely it was to have children from 3 different schools play, laugh and learn at my home. Meeting new children and seeing how my friends

at the on-site nursery interact with new faces has been a delight. They bring so much life here.” Judith Ish-Horowics, Principal at Apples and Honey Nightingale, said: “The link-up day between Nightingale House, both Apples and Honey Nightingale and Wimbledon and St Cyprians is an invaluable model for interfaith projects. All were able to enjoy the music and dancing, and I felt so proud of how warmly the children at the nursery embraced the new faces.”



12 JULY 2018


Kisharon launches new London Supported Living accommodation Kisharon marked the opening of two new Supported Living services in Golders Green, North London, with a mezuzah-fixing ceremony, as the charity continues to respond to increased demand for inclusive and supportive care for children and adults with learning disabilities. The growth of Kisharon’s Supported Living services has seen the charity increase its provision of supported living accommodation in the wider community to 29 packages, enabling people with learning disabilities the charity supports to live independently. A further three accommodations will be launching this summer, as Kisharon continues its expansion to offer the much sought-after Supported Living

services for a further twenty people on its waiting lists. Speaking at the mezuzah fixing ceremony which marked the opening of its latest services, sponsors Gillian and Irving Carter said their “breath was taken away by the scheme”, which was a sign of “how far Kisharon had come as a charity” in its forty-year history. Launching the new accommodation, Chairman Philip Goldberg thanked outgoing Kisharon Chief Executive Bev Jacobson who also contributed to the scheme through the proceeds of her Jerusalem and Antarctic Marathons. Also attending the launch alongside Kisharon staff and people the charity supports were Keir Lynch, CEO of

the largest care provider in Essex, ECL, as the organisation looked at Kisharon’s Supported Living services as a Model of Excellence to roll out to its own social care services. Speaking at Kisharon’s annual dinner in April, Philip Goldberg referenced the ongoing expansion of the charity’s Supported Living services as part of Kisharon’s long term goal of “ensuring that people with learning disabilities have further opportunities – to learn, work and live life independently”. The Supported Living model has been commended by national health policy as a fundamental building block which allows young people to realise their potential.

Raffle tickets launched

Kisharon Mezuzah fixing PHOTO CREDIT: JOHN RIFKIN

Phone Mania

A project of the Bnos Yisroel Parents committee Yachatz, Monthly split the pot, pictured selling tickets on Sunday outside Machzikei Hadass Shul PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PURCELL

Talmud Torah Chinuch Neorim exhibition of 39 Melochot All who have seen the exhibition of the ‘diorama’ of Kitah Heh of Talmud Torah Chinuch Noorim of Manchester have been astonished and deeply impressed. The boys’ work was displayed to the public in Machzikei Hadass Hall this week. These remarkable pupils have created dozens of three dimensional models depicting all 39 meluchos in amazing Halachic detail. Almost every aspect of each is graphically portrayed in clay, plastic, cardboard, paper-mache, string and much more - all beautifully finished. The ingenuity of the individuals, as every year, has been pushed to the limit by their multi-talented Rebbe, Rabbi Aryeh Blum, shlita, who has of course ensured that their knowledge and understanding of Hilchos Shabbos is better than their craftwork.


Talmud Torah Chinuch Neorim exhibition of the 39 melachot PHOTO CREDIT: LAWRENCE PURCELL

The PTA of Hasmonean High School has organised an event this Sunday evening which will be dedicated to initiating parents in the practical ways to filter, censor and monitor their children’s use of mobile phones. The evening will commence with a screening of the documentary “Screenagers” which highlights the challenges of parents faced with their children’s obsession with social media, video games and the internet. It offers practical tactics to solve this ever-growing problem. The event is primarily aimed at parents of Hasmonean High School students but parents of children in other schools are also welcome to attend. All the attendees are invited to bring their children’s phones to the event so that they can join a tutorial session at which they will be taught how to install censoring devices or applications on the phone. With a plethora of options available in relation to censoring phones, it is possible to be completely overwhelmed.


Consequently, the organisers have spent hours of their time investigating the choices on the market and weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of each. They are therefore able to present their findings to the parents thus facilitating the decision as to which one to select. Obviously, the priorities of parents in this regard may differ widely depending on their individual children and on other considerations. For example, some parents may feel that time management is their biggest concern and that they wish to limit the time which their children spend on the phone. Other parents may be more worried about censoring the actual content available on their kids’ phones. Parents are therefore being asked to click on an online tool which poses various questions as to their main concerns and at the tutorial, the device best suited to their specific requirements will be recommended. The support of IT experts will be available by phone after the event.



18:45- 20:00 Special screening of the award-winning film:



Followed by a discussion and Q&A with Shanni Solomon [psychologist and parenting trainer] and moderated by Dr Andrea Whyte.

20:00 – 22:00

Sunday 15th July 2018 Hasmonean High School for Girls 2 Page St | London | NW7 2EU IOS- Filtering & monitoring Apple devices 20:00-20:30

Setting iPhones

Tutorial Sessions and Step-byStep Technical Instruction on setting, monitoring, and filtering smartphones. BRING YOUR CHIILD’S SMARTPHONE WITH TO THE WORKSHOP

Android- Filtering & monitoring Android devices Netspark for Android


Netspark for iPhones

Qustodio for Android


Qustodio for iPhones

Netspark for Android


Setting iPhones

Understanding the apps used by your children

Qustodio for Android

Luke Brent-Savage Education Child Protection LTD.

Luke Brent-Savage Education Child Protection LTD.

To enable you to define and set your own objectives and choose the most suitable solution please log in advance on for a comprehensive interactive online tool guiding you through the various filtering and monitoring options For any inquiries about this event please email



12 JULY 2018


01923 856464

01923 859444




Brave England go down to extra time defeat


Gareth Southgate’s young lions suffered World Cup heartache as they went down to a 2-1 extra time against Croatia last night. Mario Mandzukic scored the 109th minute winning goal to break England’s resistance. Southgate now has to raise his team for one last effort against Belgium in the third place match at Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg in two days time. The defeat will hurt badly but this has been a memorable tournament and a new dawn has opened for Southgate’s squad who have moved forward on the world stage. Harry Kane et al might have come up short in matching the Boys of ‘66 but the nation have taken them to their hearts and that is a huge achievement. It was all so different when Kieran Trippier fired England into the lead with a majestic fifth minute free kick only for Ivan Perisic to equalise in the 68th minute. Both teams had chances to win the match in the 90 minutes, Kane missing out with a close range shot that came back off a post. Croatia also hit the woodwork and England were indebted to ‘keeper Jordan Pickford when he stopped a point black Mandzukic effort in extra time.

John Stones had a header cleared off the line in the extra period before Mandzukic slotted the winner to set up a clash with France in the final on Sunday. Around 37 million people were expected to watch the Croatia clash with a further four million viewing in pubs not included in official figures. The anticipated figures once ratified will eclipse the 32.3 million that witnessed the Boys of ‘66 defeat West Germany all those years ago taking it to number one on the all-time TV list. That might be only a minor consolation but football has certainly come home as 23.6 million saw the penalty shoot out drama against Colombia and 20 million viewed the quarterfinal triumph against Sweden. There is a feel-good factor about this England team, and putting the figures into perspective, 17.3m cheered on Andy Murray’s first Wimbledon victory five years ago, 15 million watched Jonny Wilkinson kick England to glory in 2003 and 8.4 million followed England’s 2005 Ashes success. The only way is up for Southgate, Kane and co. France booked their spot in the final following a hard-fought win over Belgium in Saint Petersburg on Tuesday night.

Hopeful fans left dissapointed

Defender Samuel Umtiti glanced home the second half winner from Antoine Griezmann’s corner. Didier Deschamps’ team struggled to get a foothold in the game, due to the brilliance of Belgium skipper Eden Hazard, but once ahead, they grew in confidence to book a place in a third final, though they were indebted to brilliant saves from skipper, ‘keeper Hugo Lloris, who denied Axel Witsel and


Toby Alderweireld strikes. Deschamps lifted the trophy in 1998 but France lost to Italy on penalties in 2006. Now he has the chance to become only the third player to coach a team to success. In the quarterfinals, Southgate’s team became only the third English side to reach the World Cup semi-finals following Sir Alf Ramsey’s boys and Bobby Robson’s

Gazza-inspired side at Italia ‘90. Harry Maguire and Dele Alli nodded home the goals against Sweden to book the last four spot in Samara. Kane and his teammates grasped their place in history in a manner that has stunned and surprised a nation back home. After years of failure by a succession of squads, including the ‘golden generation’, Southgate’s

12 JULY 2018 boys deserve their place in UK footballing folklore. England reached the semis in a manner unnervingly comfortable. Gone was self doubt of teams gone by and there were heroes all over the park. Maguire has arguably been England’s stand-out player and it was the Leicester City defender who powered an unstoppable header past Robin Olsen in the first half. Alli nonchalantly headed in Jesse Lingard’s cross at the far post just before the hour. Pickford, the penalty shoot out hero against Columbia, kept England’s lead intact with a trio of saves including a wonder-stop from Viktor Claesson. Russia pushed Croatia to penalties before succumbing in a dramatic shoot out. The hosts stunned the pre-match favourites when Denis Cheryshev curled in his fourth goal of the tournament only for Andrej Kramaric to punish slack marking before half time. The Croatians seemed nervous but edged ahead when Domagoj Vida headed through a crowd of players in the first period of extra time. But their was late drama when

Destinations 






THE JEWISH WEEKLY Mario Fernandes levelled the scores in the 115th minute. In the shoot out, Fernandez missed a crucial spot-kick leaving Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic to send his team into their date of destiny against England. France booked a semi-place largely because of a horrendous blunder from Uruguay’s experienced ‘keeper Fernando Muslera. It was impossible not to feel for Muslera after a dreadful howler when he failed to stop Griezmann’s shot, but his gaffe was in stark contrast to Lloris who pulled off a sensational save from Martin Caceres. Uruguay missed injured striker Edinson Cavani, but begun brightly, before falling behind when Raphael Varane headed the French into a half time lead. The South Americans, encouraged by a huge army of fans, tried to hit back but France were too wily to let the lead slip. Belgium went into their clash with Brazil brimming with confidence. In Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku they had players capable of dismantling any team and proved it to knock out the fivetime winners in Kazan. Brazil were blown away by the


Three lions did us proud!

Belgiums who struck an early blow when Fernandinho diverted Nacer Chadli’s corner into his own net for the 10th own goal of this World Cup. Bruyne doubled the lead with a brilliant 20-yard strike after Lukaku set up the chance.

Facing a mountain to climb at 2-0 down, Brazil did not cave in, as they had in the 2014 World Cup when they went down to an ignominious 7-1 defeat to Germany. Substitute Renato Augusto headed in Philippe Coutinho’s cross late on but Belgium had a steely

determination to see the game out with ‘keeper Thibaut Courtois in breathtaking form, especially a fingered-tip stop from Neymar deep injury-time to secure only their second victory against the Brazilians, the last a friendly in Brussels in 1963.



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Dear Rabbi There still seems to be so much back and forth lately over Israel, and much criticism against the likes of yourself who used strong language against others who said kaddish for the Palestinians that were killed on Israel’s borders. My question is, why did you do it? Isn’t it right that we are supposed to be a people of peace who love even those we disagree with? Isn’t that the fundamental principle of Judaism? Paul Dear Paul Loving your fellow as yourself is the basic principle of all Judaism. The rest, as Hillel famously said, is mere commentary. But that doesn’t mean that people are beyond reproach and that we cannot criticise policies or actions that contravene the fundamentals of our faith. Hence the Talmudic dictum, “con-

demn the sin, not the sinner.” I’m not going to stir up emotions again by repeating a choice word I used previously. But I will point out that there is a difference between calling a child stupid or saying that they did something stupid. Similarly, there is a difference between calling people by a certain name and referring to their actions with the same name, albeit it with the added “ism” suffix. The latter focuses on the action – or the sin if you will – and not the individuals – or the sinners. (If someone wants to say that they dislike Zionism that’s their prerogative. They disagree with a certain policy. If they say they dislike Zionists, that’s downright Anti-Semitism.) To that end, let’s set a few records straight. Those who said kaddish did not, I repeat, did not say kaddish for Palestinians who died. They said kaddish for Hamas ter-


In this week’s Psalm we see King David trapped in his house surrounded by King Saul’s men who are all armed and ready to kill him. Poor King David always seems to be running from death! Yet as usual our famous King prays to G-d for salvation in order to be able to sing His praises, and he is once again taken from the valley of the shadow of death and saved, with the noose almost upon his neck. ‘My G-d, rescue me from my foes and raise me high over those who rise against me… save me from men who are bloodthirsty.’ As we know, he certainly had his prayer answered in stunning style, by ultimately becoming King himself. It is interesting to see how great Jewish men wrestle with Hashem, begging, pleading, getting progressively more desperate with each plea, as they almost appear to demand a response. Firstly, King Davis reminds Hashem that he has never harmed these men, and it is therefore unfair that they should seek to harm him. Then he proceeds to tell G-d to ‘awaken’ Himself towards David and to see his situation. Moving on even further, he begs Hashem asking him to ‘arouse Yourself to

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rorists who were trying to breach the borders of Israel with intent to kill. Hamas admitted as much themselves and those who said the kaddish were fully aware of this at the time. So yes, I condemned the sin – and a sin it was. Insofar as the individuals are concerned, I would readily embrace them as my fellow Jews and have them around my Shabbat table. A difference of opinion does not have to mean a difference of heart. So, those who may have accosted them or threatened them – that is wrong. But to criticize what they did – remains a moral imperative. I for one, and readers will already know this about me, will not mince my words when it comes to certain things that go against the grain of the fundamentals of our faith. So yes, forgive me if I am outspoken against intermarriage or diluted conversions etc. And when there

are certain things that are so utterly sacrilegious, like saying kaddish for terrorists, then I will be outspoken against that too. Too many today prefer to take the softly-softly approach, but at what cost? One person suggested I brought the whole Orthodox Rabbinate into ill-repute. I suggest he’s out of touch with the Orthodox Rabbinate, many who thanked me for having the courage to say what they didn’t feel they could. Yet another suggested there has to be a concerted centrist Orthodoxy approach. I don’t know what that approach is because where I was sitting – there was hardly a peep out of “centrist Orthodoxy.” Meanwhile, the Left came clamouring and condemning me (and anyone who was outspoken) because the Left wing narrative is not “I disagree with what you say but I will fight for your right to say it.” It is, “I disagree with what you say and I will fight to stop you from saying it.” And in the void and deafening silence for fear of reprisal from the leftist mob, a newfound organisation Na’amond has evolved. They describe them-

selves as “a new movement of British Jews, born out of the ‘kaddish for Gaza,’ and seeking to end our community’s support for Israel’s occupation.” There are times when silence becomes an accomplice to injustice. Bottom line: It is endemic within Anglo-Jewry not to rock the boat, and too many Rabbis I know are more concerned with being liked than being right. That’s not my approach, even if it makes me unpopular in the process. As one famous Rabbi said, “if I am a Rabbi and everybody likes me, then I am not a Rabbi. If I am a Rabbi and nobody likes me, then I am not a mentch.”

Psalm 59

remember all the nations and not to show favour to faithless men of evil.’ Moshe also grappled with Hashem on many occasions, famously asking to be erased from the Torah and saying that he could no longer lead such stubborn people. Yet instead of being chutzpadik and annoying G-d, these men of truly great stature find favour with Hashem, and he ultimately answer their prayers. It is a lesson to all of us. How ashamed must we be when we think with embarrassment how much concentration we actually have during our Amidah. Do we battle and grapple with Hashem every step of the way, or do we let our minds wander and suddenly arrive at the end without truly realizing how we got there in the first place? May we take these lessons of great Jewish leaders to heart and excel in our prayers, Amen.

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In loving memory of David Yochanan ben Moshe



Matot-Masei In loving memory of Shalom ben Pinchas “God said to Moses, ‘Go up to this mountain of Abarim and see the Land that I have given to the Children of Israel. You shall see it and you shall be gathered unto your people…” (Bemidbar Matot-Masei Vol.30 No.43.qxp_Layout 1 21/06/2018 12:37 Page 3 27:12-13).

A Deliberate Reversal

by Rabbi Alex Chapper, Community Rabbi, Borehamwood & Elstree United Synagogue Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination”. This statement resonates with us when reading this week’s second sidrah (Masei), in which the Torah lists all of the 42 journeys undertaken by the Children of Israel during their prolonged sojourn in the desert.

Map of Ancient Israel divided amongst the twelve tribes Matot-Masei Vol.30 No.43.qxp_Layout 1 21/06/2018 12:37 Page 2 Map sourced from ‘A manual of Bible history in connection with the general history of the world’, 1912 (Wikimedia)

“The children of Gad and the children of Reuven came and said to Moshe, to Elazar the Kohen, and to the Sidrah Summary: Matot-Masei Sidrah Pinchas leaders of theSummary: assembly, saying… ‘If we have found favour in your eyes, let this land be given to your servants as a heritage; do not bring us across the Jordan’” (Bemidbar 32:2-5).

1st Aliya (Kohen) – Bemidbar 30:2-31:12 Moshe speaks to the heads of the tribes, telling them to relate the laws of vows and oaths to the Children of Israel. Contravening an oath or vow constitutes a Biblical prohibition. The sidrah details who may revoke a vow on behalf of others in his care, but only on the day that he first hears about the vow. G-d tells Moshe to wage war against the Midianites before his death. Moshe conscripts 1000 men from each tribe. They go into battle and kill all the Midianite males, as well as Bilam. They take captive women, young children, cattle and material possessions. Question: How was Bilam killed? (31:8) Answer on bottom of page 6.

2nd Aliya (Levi) – 31:13-54 Moshe rebukes the officers for not killing the women, who had been the instigators of the immorality and idol worship that had led to the national catastrophe (see 25:1-9); he instructs them to now kill many of the women. Moshe tells those who have killed how to purify themselves from their state of tumah (ritual impurity). Upon God’s instruction, Moshe and Elazar count up the spoils and divide them in half, between those who fought in the war and the rest of the nation. A small percentage of each of these spoils is given as a tribute, one to Elazar and another to the Levi’im. The military leaders approach Moshe in order to donate the jewellery that they had plundered, as an offering to G-d. 3rd Aliya (Shlishi) – 32:1-19 The tribes of Gad and Reuven ask to be given land on the east bank of the Jordan River, instead of crossing into the Land of Cana’an. Moshe rebukes them for their apparent cowardice, which seems to repeat the error of the spies 39 years previously. The two tribes clarify that whilst the women and children would settle on the east bank, the men would fight with the rest of the nation to conquer the Land and would not return to their families until the end of the war.. 4th Aliya (Revi’i) – 32:20-33:49 Moshe accepts their request and instructs Elazar and the tribal heads to allow them to keep the land they requested if they do battle as promised. Some of the tribe of Menashe are also apportioned land east of the Jordan.

Point to Consider: Why were some of the tribe of Menashe given land east of the Jordan if they had not requested it? (32:33) Parashat Masei begins by recalling the 42 journeys that the Israelites made from leaving Egypt until the present time, when they are about to cross into the Land of Cana’an (see p.3 article).

5th Aliya (Chamishi) – 33:50-34:15 G-d speaks to Moshe in the plains of Moab, telling him to relate to the nation that after entering the Land, they must destroy the idols of the Cana’anites and make sure to drive them out the Land. G-d tells Moshe the boundaries of the Land that the tribes will inherit. 6th Aliya (Shishi) – 34:16-35:8 G-d announces the names of the leaders of each tribe who will take charge of apportioning land to the tribes’ members. 42 cities are set aside specifically for Levi’im to live in, surrounded by a designated amount of open space. These cities are also to provide refuge for a person who has killed accidentally and is fleeing from the relatives of the deceased. 7th Aliya (Shevi’i) – 35:9-36:13 In addition, six cities are designated as special ‘cities of refuge’, to which the accidental killer can flee. Instructions are given about what constitutes ‘accidental’ and how the community must endeavour to protect the accidental killer from those who are pursuing him. Men from the tribe of Menashe approach Moshe, concerned that the land given to the five daughters of Tzelofchad, a descendant of Menashe (see parashat Pinchas 27:1-8) would be lost from the tribe if they marry men from other tribes. Moshe responds that they should only marry men from the tribe of Menashe. This is the closing part of the book of Bemidbar. We stand for the final verse and then recite: “chazak, chazak ve’nitchazek”, a phrase asking for continued strength to study the Torah.

Taking a slightly different approach to the reversal of phraseology, Rabbi Yaakov Ben Asher (d. 1343) focuses on the words placed in between the reversal of phraseology – “Al pi Hashem”, meaning ‘according to God’s word’. This indicates that everything – both the encampment Sidrah Summary: Tazria-Metzorah and the journey – were done according to God’s In summarising the 40 years from leaving Egypt to instruction. In case anyone was under the illusion entering the Land of Israel, the Torah states: that the route taken, the length of time spent in metzora would also bring three animal offerings 1st Aliya wrote (Kohen) Vayikra “Moshe their– points of 12:1-23 departure according one place and the destination were somehow and three meal offerings. After childbirth, a lady would waitto several to their destinations, according God’sweeks word, arbitrary and haphazard, as the reversal of terms before bringing antheir elevation offeringaccording (olah) and to a may and these were destinations Pointsuggest, to Consider: whatclarifies is the significance of the the Torah that G-d was in their points(chatat). of departure” (Bemidbarher 33:2). cedar wood,every crimson hyssop? (see directing stagethread along and the way. sin offering This completed post-birth fact Rashi to 14:4) purification process. God told Moshe and Aharon that someone who Rabbi A number of commentators note the unusual 5th Aliya (Chamishi) – 14:21-32 Naftali Tzvi Yehuda Berlin (d. 1893) adds had the appearance a particular type skin wording of this verseofand particularly theofway in that A metzora who could not afford even though the purpose of three each animal of the 1 disease (tzara’at) show the white which, at the endwould of the have verse,tothe wording of the stages was notinstead readilybring apparent, nevertheless offerings could one animal offering, first partto(“points of departure to their they blemish a Kohen. The Kohenaccording would evaluate were offering all according tobirds. the Divine plan that one meal and two destinations”) is reversed, now clearly referring to the would ultimately be revealed when they reached and decide if the affliction was tzara’at, 6th Aliya (Shishi) – 14:33-15:15 people’s “destinations according to their points thus rendering the person impure (tameh). If the the Promised Land. It was this final destination Tzara’at also affected houses. The house owner of departure”. case was unclear, the Kohen would quarantine that imbued both the points of origin and the would report the suspicious signs to a Kohen. The the person in a house for seven days, after which journeys with deep significance. house would be evacuated before the Kohen’s Rabbi Ovadiah Yakov the Seforno (also known the Kohen would ben re-inspect afflicted area and arrival. If the Kohen saw a deep green or deep red as ‘the whether Seforno’,the d. person 1550) explains this or reversal. declare was tameh tahor The Torah’s eternal message to us is that our own ‘affliction’, he would order the house to be Sometimes the people left a pleasant place, to lives are also not just comprised of random (pure). quarantined for a week. He would then re-inspect head towards somewhere less comfortable, moments of encampment (settled times) and Question: what were the three types of blemish the house. If the affliction had spread, the infected hence the first phrase gives precedence to the journeys (unsettled times). Actually they are all called? (13:2) Answer on bottom of page 6. stones would be removed and replaced. If the “point of departure”. However, at other times, al pi Hashem – according to God’s will. Even 2nd Aliya (Levi) – 13:24-39 affliction thehappens house would they were glad to get away from an unpleasant when we nevertheless cannot see itreturned, and what may be demolished. However, if replacing stones Itplace was also for tzara’at to more develop from a not andpossible their destination was desirable, seem to make sense, we strive to the remember solved theisKohen would declare His the burn. Tzara’at couldphrase erupt on thepreference scalp or on hence the second gives tothe the that G-dthe is problem, with us and intimately involved, househand tahorguiding (pure).us to our ultimate destination. “destination”. beard area, causing a loss of hair. loving The Torah lists specific discharges that would 3rd Aliya (Shlishi) – 13:40-54 cause a man to be considered tameh, and details of the most form vexingof aspects all these AOne slightly different tzara’at of is detailed, journeys, adds the substantial Seforno, was that which caused a more loss of hair.the A the purification procedure. timetable waswho never beforehand, so 7th Aliya (Shevi’i) – 15:16-33 metzora (one hasannounced been contaminated with the people always of in the the camp dark about what tzara’at) was were sent outside and had to A similar set of laws is listed for a lady who has the his/her next daygarments would bring. spite of Tzara’at all these specific discharges, as well as the laws of niddah tear (seeYet p4inarticle). uncertainties, peopleAalways followed the (menstruation), which form the basis of the laws could also infectthe clothing. suspected garment Heavenly clouds guiding and they broke was quarantined before them, the Kohen made a of family purity. camp atabout a moment’s notice whenever required. decision whether it was tameh. If it was This is why, when the actual journeys are detailed, Haftarah declared tameh, the garment was burnt. From the Book of Melachim (Kings II), the haftarah 4th Aliya (Revi’i) – 13:55-14:20 takes places upon the background of the long 3 The Torah details theYehoshua processben through which a In memory of Yaakov Ephraim Hirsch siege and ensuing famine of the Shomron area metzora purified himself/herself theSimcha period In memory of Frida Mirel bat after Chaim (Samria) by the King of Aram. Four metzora’im of isolation and the healing of the affliction. This were put outside the city gates because of their involved a Kohen taking two birds, cedar wood, affliction. They discovered and reported that the a crimson thread and hyssop. The Kohen would Arameans had actually left their camp, which slaughter one of the birds and – using the wood, thread and hyssop together in a bundle – sprinkle allowed the Jews to plunder the camp and thus its blood seven times on the metzora. The end their famine.

Haftarah This haftarah, taken from Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah), is the second of the three ‘haftarot of tribulation’ read in the build-up to Tisha B’Av. G-d rebukes Israel for turning away from Him and towards idols, forsaking the opportunity He gave them when He bought them into the fruitful Land.

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the Torah refers to both the breaking of camp and the making of camp, to emphasise that both entailed discomfort (ibid. 33:5-48).


Produced by US Living & Learning together with the Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue Editor: Rabbi Chaim Gross Editor-in-Chief: Rabbi Baruch Davis Editorial Team: Ilana Epstein, Michael Laitner, Sharon Radley

responsibility in its tragic ending. Each one of the invited a man named Our Barnarrative Kamtza.exposes When how the host mistaken escalated. An anonymous man was hosting a someone. was called Kamtza, the host’s servant mistakenly in the story who did not have some share of such an approach is. There was not one individual party. Instead of inviting the host’s friend, who characters had the opportunity to stop the saw Bar Kamtza, whom he considered his enemy, Matot-Masei Vol.30 No.43.qxp_Layout 1 21/06/2018 12:37 Matot-Masei Page 4 Vol.30 No.43.qxp_Layout 1 21/06/2018 12:37 Page 4 a man named Bar Kamtza. When the invited host responsibility in its tragic ending. Each one of the the storyhewho did not him have to some share dispute of was called Kamtza, the host’s servant mistakenly spiralling. enjoying thein party, ordered leave. had the opportunity to stop the saw Bar Kamtza, whom he considered his enemy, characters in its tragic ending. Each one of the invited a man named Bar Kamtza. When the host responsibility 24 JUDAISM  12 JULY 2018 THE JEWISH Desperate not toWEEKLY be humiliated, evento leave. dispute spiralling. enjoying the party,Bar he Kamtza ordered him saw Bar Kamtza, whom he considered his enemy, characters had the opportunity to stop the Desperate not to be humiliated, Bar Kamtza even offered to pay for the entire party so as to be enjoying the party, he ordered him to leave. dispute spiralling. The Talmud is not just presenting us with a offered to pay for the entire party so as to be The Talmud is not just presenting us with a to stay,allowed but the host still refused and Desperate not to be humiliated, Bar allowed Kamtza even history of what triggered our darkest days, to stay, but the host still refused and history of what triggered our darkest days, TishaB’Av: B’Av Collective Post-1967: The Nachem Tisha Responsibility offered to Prayer payB’Av: for the Collective entire party physically so as to beescorted him is out. Tisha Responsibility The Talmud not justhim presenting us with but a it also empowers us to take responsibility for physically escorted out. but it also empowers us to take responsibility for allowed to stay, butLauren the host still Associate refused and by Levin,Laitner, Associate Rebbetzen, South Hampstead United history ofSouth what Hampstead triggered our darkest days, Synagogue by Rebbetzen Levin, Rebbetzen, United byRebbetzen Rabbi Lauren Michael Jewish Living Division Rabbi; Assistant Rabbi, Finchley United a brighter future.This vignette offers offers a a philosophy a brighter future.This vignette philosophy physically escorted him out. Synagogue but it In also us to take responsibility for that of collective responsibility where each character Synagogue hisempowers embarrassment, Barnoted Kamtzathat noted In his embarrassment, Bar Kamtza of collective responsibility where each character a brighter future.This vignette offersthe a philosophy leading rabbis had witnessed scene but had represents a sector of society: the named and leading rabbis had witnessed the scene but had represents a sector of society: the named his embarrassment, Bar Fast Kamtza noted that the blemished The sacrifice, and if only The Fast of 9 Av (Tisha toIn offer of collective responsibility where each character come his defence. In an actand of revenge, offer the toblemished sacrifice, if only he the anonymous, the hated and the loved, the and of 9 Av (Tisha to not leadingZechariya rabbis had witnessed scene but to hadto represents a sector ofact society: the named B’Av) is the saddest day Rabbi not come his defence. revenge, he and would have the been willing decided to In getan them inof trouble with the Roman the andonthetheloved, leadership andthe thehated layperson street. the B’Av) is the saddest day Rabbi Zechariya would have been willing to anonymous, not come to perhaps his defence. In an ofdecided revenge, he in the Jewish calendar. compromise, thecompromise, anonymous, the hated and the loved, the theintragic endJewish could have authorities. Bar Kamtza gave the Romans a Each and theact calendar. to get them in trouble with the Roman perhaps the tragic end could have of these individuals leadership andevery theone layperson on the had street. decided to get them inIt trouble with the could Roman the leadership and offering the layperson on the street. averted. Seemingly smallcommemorates decisions It commemorates the been blemished for the Temple. When been averted. Seemingly small decisions couldthe then – and has today – the power and obligation authorities. Bar Kamtza gave the Romans a Each and every one of these individuals had destruction of both the have authorities. Kamtza gave the Romans created Bar a radically different trajectory of a the Each and every of offering, these individuals hadof rabbis rejected this theirtrajectory decision was to try to effect change in every situation in which destruction of both have created a one radically different blemished offering for the Temple. When the then – and has today – the power and obligation First and Second Temples history. blemished offering forFirst the Temple. WhenTemples the then to today be a –sign of rebellion, igniting the they find themselves. If pursued, such a picture –judged and has the power and obligation history. and Second rabbis rejected offering, decision was their decision was as in Jerusalem, as well as rabbis rejected this offering, Romans’ wrath their against the Jewish people. to trythis to effect change in every situation in which to try to effectwillchange in every situation in the which of unity allow us, G-d willing, to see in Jerusalem, as well many other calamities that When judged to inbethis a light, sign the of rebellion, igniting to the Although the rabbis had considered offering the Temple speedily rebuilt. many other calamities thatbe they find themselves. If pursued, such a picture read narrative challenges judged a sign of rebellion, igniting the they find themselves. If pursued, such a picture When read in this light, the narrative challenges have befallen the Jewish people. Romans’ wrathofthe against Jewish people. of our blemished cow for the sake ofpeople. pursuing peace, have befallen Jewish the people. unity will allow G-d willing, to seethings the our perception responsibility. When things perception ofus, responsibility. When Romans’ wrath against the Jewish of unity will allow us, G-d willing, to see the Although the rabbis offering their proposal was by Rabbi Zechariya, speedily rebuilt. initially go wrong, oftenhad theconsidered first thing we look tothe Temple initially go wrong, oftenblocked the first thing we lookTemple to Although the rabbis had considered offering the speedily rebuilt. who was concerned about setting a dangerous blemished cow for the sake of pursuing peace, isThe to blame. Scapegoating is a phenomenon The Talmud (Gittin 56) states that the destruction do Talmud (Gittin 56) states that the destruction do is to blame. Scapegoating is a phenomenon halachic precedent for using blemished animals. blemished cow for the sake of pursuing peace, of the Second Temple was triggered off by that theirof proposal was blocked Rabbi Zechariya, has throughout history, as off a by that has occurred throughout history, as a theoccurred Second Temple by was triggered whoa was concerned about setting ablame dangerous needpetty to attribute to a seemingly petty feud that subsequently psychological proposal was blockedneed by Rabbi Zechariya, psychological to attribute blame to seemingly feud thattheir subsequently halachic precedent for using blemished animals. Our narrative exposes how mistaken escalated. An anonymous man was hosting a someone. There were potential turning in the Our various narrative exposes how points mistaken escalated. An anonymous man was hosting a someone. who was concerned about setting a dangerous an approach was the not host’s one individual party. Instead of inviting the host’s friend, who such party. story. Ifusing only the would have been gracious an There was animals. not one individual Insteadis.ofThere inviting friend,precedent who such halachic forapproach blemished thewas story who didpotential not some share was called Kamtza, the host’s servant mistakenly inThere allowdid Barnot Kamtza stay,share if onlyofthe in enough the storyto who have to some called Kamtza, thehave host’s servant mistakenly were various turning points inofthe its host tragic ending. Each one of the invited a man named Bar Kamtza. When the host responsibility rabbis would have acted to save hisone disgrace, in its tragic ending. Each of the if invited a in man named Bar Kamtza. When the host responsibility the would have been gracious story. If only had the opportunity to stop the saw Bar Kamtza, whom he considered his enemy, characters only Bar Kamtza would have swallowed his pride, characters had the opportunity to stop saw Bar Kamtza, whom he considered his enemy, enough to allow Bar Kamtza to stay, if only the various potential turning points in the the There were spiralling. enjoying the party, he ordered him to leave. dispute if onlyspiralling. the leaders of the time would have decided dispute enjoying him to leave. rabbis would the haveparty, actedhe to ordered save his disgrace, if story. If only the host would have been gracious Desperate not to be humiliated, Bar Kamtza even notwould to be have humiliated, Bar Kamtza even onlyDesperate Bar Kamtza swallowed his pride, enough allow Bar Kamtza to stay, if only the offered to pay for the entire party so as to be The Talmud is pay not justthe presenting us so with offered to entire as ato to be if only the leaders offor the time wouldparty have decided The Talmud is not just presenting us with a 4 allowed to stay, but the host still refused and history In memory ofto Mordechaihis Avraham ben Nechemia rabbis would disgrace, of what triggered ourhost darkest days, allowed to stay, but the still refused and have historyacted of what save triggered our darkest ifdays, physically escorted him out. physically escorted him out. but it also empowers us to take responsibility forKamtza only Bar have swallowed pride, for but would it also empowers us to take his responsibility brighter vignette offers a ifphilosophy 4 memory of Mordechai Avraham ben Nechemia No.43.qxp_Layout 1 21/06/2018 12:37 Page 6 only the Matot-Masei leaders of Vol.30 thefuture.This time would haveoffers decided a brighter vignette a philosophy Matot-Masei Vol.30 No.43.qxp_Layout 1 21/06/2018 12:37aIn Page 5 future.This In embarrassment, noted that of collective In his memory of DevorahBar BatKamtza Avraham responsibility where character In his embarrassment, Bar each Kamtza noted that of collective responsibility where each character leading rabbis had witnessed the scene but had represents sectorhad of society: thethe named leadinga rabbis witnessed sceneand but had represents a sector of society: the named and not come to his defence. In an act of revenge, he the anonymous, the defence. hated and the the he the anonymous, the hated and the loved, the not come to his In an actloved, of revenge, decided to get them in trouble with the Roman leadership the them layperson on with thememory street. 4 In of Mordechai ben Nechemia decidedand to get in trouble the Roman leadership Avraham and the layperson on the street. authorities. Bar Kamtza gave the Romans a Eachauthorities. and every Bar one Kamtza of thesegave individuals had the Romans a Each and every one of these individuals had blemished offering for the Temple. When the then blemished – and has today – the and obligation forpower the Temple. When the then The Jews of –England 1066 to 1290: Part 9 – Exile – and has today the power and obligation Arguments for the Sake of Heaven: Partchange 1offering rabbis rejected this offering, their decision was to tryrabbis to effect in every situation in which was to try to effect change in every situation in which rejected this offering, their decision by Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence, Finchley United Synagogue by Rabbi Garry Wayland, Livingigniting & Learning Educator judged to be a sign of rebellion, the they find themselves. pursued, such a picture judged to be a Ifsign of rebellion, igniting the they find themselves. If pursued, such a picture Romans’ wrath against the Jewish people. of unity will allow us, G-d willing, to see the Romans’ wrath against the Jewish people. of unity will allow us, G-d willing, to see the Although the rabbis had considered offering the Temple speedily rebuilt. Edward I, having embarked 1274 and the estates of Eleanor of Provence in Although the rabbislater, had considered offering the Temple speedily rebuilt. generations our greatest-ever Two Jews, three opinions. Several blemished cow for the sake of pursuing peace, on the Crusades and having 1275. As the king’s effective chattels, they had no blemished cowalso for argued the sakewith of pursuing peace, Moshe, G-d. Only Whilst we have all heard jokes prophet, their proposal was blocked by Rabbi Zechariya, fought wars at home and right to leave, no expectation of taking their was blocked by Rabbi Zechariya, afterproposal the Revelation at Sinai, after all the and anecdotes about Jewish daystheir who was concerned about setting a dangerous abroad, was in constant property and nowhere much better to go. One who of was about setting miracles theconcerned Exodus, the Jews madea adangerous rapid the constructive halachic precedentarguments, for using blemished animals. precedent using blemished animals. need of revenue. He exception, Aaron fil Vyves, had a unique status. terrible descent byfor worshipping the Golden process of fragmentation and and halachic also undertook expensive Aaron had been ‘given’ to Edward’s brother reconciliation is actually very Calf. G-d told Moshe, “leave Me, so My anger There were varioussignificant. potential turning the will rage against them [the people] and destroy building projects, such as Edmund of Lancaster by their father Henry III, and In thispoints seriesin we There were various potential turning points in the story. If only the host would been gracious will look at have ‘machloket l’shem them, Caernarfon and Harlech was known as “Edmund’s Jew”. Aaron was able and IfI only will make youwould [Moshe] into a great story. the host have been gracious enough to allow Bar Kamtza to stay, if only the (Shemot 32:10). shemayim’ – arguments for the sake of Heaven nation” enough to allow BarMoshe Kamtzaargued, to stay,begged if only the Castle. He borrowed heavily, mostly from Italians. to sell his property in London and Oxford and rabbis would have acted to save his disgrace, if rabbis would acted to G-d save forgave his disgrace, until, have 80 days later, the if Edward’s Statutes of the Jewry (1275) followed leave for Europe in August. (see Pirkei Avot 5:20, green siddur p. 560), in and pleaded only Bar Kamtza would have swallowed his pride, and received the second Tablets. only BarMoshe Kamtza would have swallowed his pride, the Council of Lyon’s 1274 decree that no which great leaders over the course of history people if only the leaders of the time would have decided Although one later account claimed that 15,000 if only the leaders of the time would have decided argued about issues within Judaism. Christian country should tolerate alien usurers. He desperate Jews drowned crossing the Channel drained the wealth of England’s Jews through Not only is Judaism founded on ‘Heavenly into exile, there were probably little more than tallages, backed up with the threat of deportation. In memory Mordechai ben Nechemia but, a sense,Avraham so is Creation itself. 4 Of course,ofour historyAvraham has unfortunately been arguments’, 2000 Jews left in England by November 1290. 4 In memory of in Mordechai ben Nechemia marred by arguments that were not for the sake The verse says that G-d “separated between the The Jewish communities struggled to meet the Amongst the cargo recorded as stolen from the of Heaven, in which one or both sides were between the light and the darkness” (Bereishit payments, even though in some years dues were fleeing Jews were 288 barrels of herring. fighting for their own vested interests, be it to 1:4). The Zohar (the central work in Jewish reduced, indicating that Edward knew that Jewish In England for 224 years, the Jews had initially advance their own wealth, influence or power. Mysticism, written 2nd century CE) sees this resources were severely diminished. Nonetheless, flourished. They had contributed to its wealth, Whilst these may have played a significant primordial separation as the root of all division: tallages were imposed in 1274, 1275, 1277 and enjoyed scholarship and been regarded for historical role, they are beyond the scope of this “this is where division arose, from which came 1278. From one imposition to the next, the Jews their wisdom. After exile, their synagogues and series. We shall also be limiting our discussion to the fire of animosity… but division that becomes were constantly in arrears. The final tallage was cemeteries were destroyed. A wealth of history is arguments in which both sides agreed about the refined above, which reaches ever higher and in 1287, for £13,333 6s 8d. Asher of Winchester recorded in the financial rolls, the marginalia of fundamentals of Judaism – the existence of G-d, higher, enduring along a wholesome path… G-d records that on 2 May 1287, “all the Jews of the mediaeval manuscripts and in the caricatures Revelation and Divine Providence. divided between them and acknowledged them land were imprisoned”, as only just over £3,900 painted on the inside of cathedrals. both”. had been received. Jews started selling what property they could, although selling rights were Tragically, unlike the later expulsions from Spain From its inception, Judaism was built upon and Portugal, no self-identifying community also restricted. challenge. Avraham was literally an iconoclast. As we explore these arguments, we hope that of “Anglo-Jewry in exile” emerged. Why did some of their inspiring lessons will enable us The Midrash relates how, as a young boy, he In 1289, in trying to retain control of his properties England’s Jews vanish without a trace? It is smashed his father’s idols to show their to reach ever higher in our understanding in France, Edward fell into heavy debt. In 1287 he possible that the numbers were simply so few. of Judaism. powerlessness. As he matured, Avraham had expelled Jews from Gascony, appropriating It is also possible that they became subsumed smashed metaphorical idols, by challenging the all their property and debts. The Gascon within other Jewish communities who suffered polytheistic beliefs of those around him. economy had survived. Now he made his move in banishment and expulsion in the generations England. On 18 June 1290, Edward took control which followed. of all Jewish bonds. On 18 July 1290, which was However, Avraham not only challenged those Tisha b’Av, he legislated expulsion. England’s We would like to thank around him, he even challenged G-d Himself. Jews had just 150 days to make their way to the Rabbi Lawrence for this As G-d was preparing to destroy Sodom, He ports. revealed His plans to Avraham; Avraham decided thorough and engaging to intercede on Sedom’s behalf. He did not Though the Jews had lived throughout England, series. merely pray or beg for its salvation, but went under Richard I their settlement had been further, stating that, “it would be a travesty for restricted to towns with Archae (an official chest, You to kill the innocent with guilty… should the in which a counterpart of all deeds and contracts Judge of the whole world not do involving Jews was to be deposited in order to justice?” (Bereshit 18:25) preserve the records). They had been expelled from Bury St Edmunds in 1190, Leicester in 1231, Edward I (1239-1307) Newcastle in 1234, Derby in 1261, Bridgenorth in In memory of Harav Avraham Yitzchak Yaakov ben Harav Nata Gershon


Answer: with a sword

In memory of Tzemach ben Yisrael

In Harav Yisrael ben Eliyahu Inmemory memoryofof Shmuel Nissim ben Yaacov




committed to those ideals. Indeed, R. Yehoshua Leib Diskin5 understands the directive to judge ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY 1 AV 5778 I SHABBAT BEGINS: 20.59 ENDS: 22.15 12 JULY 2018 one’s acquaintance favorablyJUDAISM in this light. 25 Seeing MATOT - MASEI 1 AV 5778 I SHABBAT BEGINS: 20.59 - ENDS: 22.15 another Jew committing a sin inevitably causes MATOT MASEI We may- not like to think of ourselves as conformists thatyou particular become weakened When G-dsin wantstosomething to happen, He makes itfrom vengeance is for the honour of the Almighty, and this but there is ample scientific evidence that to some 3 The Gemara , bothered by this statistical imbalance, happen! cannot forego. To receive this via sponsorship opportunities please email us the perspective of www.torahactionlife the spectator. When the Torah extent, whether weemail like itororfor not, we are conditioned explains that on the This easttypebank of can theonlyJordan HaGezeira Emet - what G-d has decreed is true (it will of message result form joy, not sadcommands us to judge a fellow Jew favourably it by the environment and society we find ourselves happen), V’haCharitzut Sheker and the diligence of man murderers were moreness. common; consequently an partlyisto avoid theCholei wrongdoing in question from false. Our sages, whoAdi expressed Moshe’s greatness,is menin. This week’s Parasha Sheet is sponsored lirfuat Bat Michal Betoch Shaar Yisrael equal amount of cities was necessary. To receive this via email or for sponsorship opportunities please email us Man can plan and do this and that but in the analysis, tion in that same Midrash that not everyone merits rising becoming an accepted form of behaviour to us. To receive this via email or for sponsorship opportunities please email us This week’sSolomon Parasha SheetAsch is sponsored lirfuat Adi BataMichal Betochof Shaar Cholei Yisrael if G-d wants something to happen, it will happen and if He In the 1950’s conducted series to such a high level. Even a spiritual giant like Yehoshua The diffi culty with this explanation is apparent: the Viewing others in a positive light and finding their This week’s Parasha Sheet is sponsored lirfuat Adi Bat Michal Betoch Shaar Cholei Yisrael did not achieve that degree of selflessness demonstrated does not want it to happen, it will not happen. experiments in which eight people were gathered in RABBI JONATHAN TAWIL cities of refuge were provided only for those who good hasThis theis will effecthistory. ofSimilarly the is mitsvot of itHashem Jewish This the whole story ofcame the by Emet Moshe. - what G-d has decreed The entire exile toshown Egypt asbethen aof Israelresult ofwhich Yosef going > MAZAL said: “Avenge the children of the Midianites; HaGezeira is true (it when to TOV RABBI JONATHAN TAWIL a room and were awas line, afterward youtheshall gathered unto your people,” said: “Avenge children of Israel ofasked the Midianites; & Deanna had killed inadvertently. Even if there were more > Sion MAZAL TOVCohen exileto Egypt. It was all hanging on Yosef finding his brothOur sages taught: It is written in Yehoshua (1:5) “As I was remaining precious to us. Moshe changed his words and said:unto “…execute Hashem’s afterward you shall be gathered your people,” onSion the birth of their baby boy. & Deanna Cohen said: “Avenge thewith children of IIsrael of Midianites; happen), V’haCharitzut Sheker the diligence told by his astrologers t outDIRECTOR lookothers for his of to three wasbrothers. theMoshe same length. to vengeance on his Midian”. Moshe toUnknown himself: If I repeat changed words and said:said “…execute Hashem’s Moshe, why so will would be with you.” ers. of man on the birth of their baby boy.the east murderers on bank, thattheand have the wordsonasMidian”. they were spoken, they should go to vengeance Moshe said tothat himself: If I repeat DIRECTOR TALeighth, the seven others THEafterward WEEKLYisQUOTE 6 should designated haveunto lived 120 like In Moshe! you number shallYehoshua beof gathered youryears Once in the depth of servitude in Egypt, see thatwarwords with as Midian for their own that honour afterwards I the the they were spoken, theyand should go toof the were associates the beautiful words ofpeople Rambam : we “ItSion isbenatural would born. any effectQUOTE on false. the cities forpeople,” & Dea TAL THE WEEKLY willwith be gathered uptheir unto own my people, of Israel war Midian for honour the andChildren afterwards I “Happiness lies in the joy of There were no GPS’s in those days. He was not looking Why was his life shorter by 10 years? When G-d told Pharaoh wanted to get rid of the Jewish boys. Hedecreed will be gathered up unto my people, the Children of Israel will say: We forego the vengeance and let Moshe not die! “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill experimenter and werewillTherefore following his instructions. Moshe changed his words and said: “…execute Hashem’s for a man’s character and actions to be infl uenced inadvertent killers? onthrown the birth the say: We forego vengeance let Moshe die! …” Moshethechanged theand wording andnotsaid: babyintobethe intoofthe achievement the thrill ofand creative effort. ” can Moshe:“Avenge children of Israel Midianites; af-in that be thrown Nile. Man planMoshe andthesaid do this andof theIfthat but theall male fiand nalchildren Therefore changed the wording said: …” Hashem’sMoshe vengeance on Midian.” The and vengeance is for an of creative effort. ” number of occasions the seven gave forOna aspecifi c address. Hevengeance was out in the field> UPCOMING in thevengeance by his friends associates and for him to follow on Midian”. to himself: I repeat Hashem’s on Midian.” The you vengeance for the honour of the Almighty, and this cannot isforego. Pharaoh stated – Hava Nitchakma Lo Pen Yirbeh terward you shall be gathered unto your people,” and even EVENTS 4 Rabenu himselfpopulawas throw MANY THOUGHTS! Maharal the honour of the Almighty, and this you cannot forego. offers the following profound interpretation: > UPCOMING EVENTS This false, type of message joy, notcent analysis, G-d wants something happen, it willof • 16TH SEPTEMBER FUN DAY answer yetcan only in result 75formper MANY THOUGHTS!that was clearly up with a plan lest they increase inhe ifif this heralded Moshe’sthat death, he acted quicklyto “and Moshe the local- Let’scome norms behaviour. Therefore, should This type of message can only result form joy, not the words as they were spoken, they should go to • 16TH SEPTEMBER FUN DAY sadness. middle nowhere. You’re late for a of very important business meeting. For our upcoming events check our website the fact that premediated murder on Yehoshua the east bank You’re late fifor a very important business meeting. sent them”. But when was about to against tion...R Auerbach Zts’l be explained that the in Our willing sages, who expressed Moshe’s greatness, mention The Chazan nishes the Amida you wait for the For our upcoming events check our website of cases the– andButeighth wassadness. to give an answer, happen and if the He does not want it fight todieassociate happen, itShlomo will with the Zalman righteous and constantly Pharaoh decreed – Kol H sages,same whoMidrash expressed greatness, mention The Chazan Amida – and you wait forcome! the Our war with Midian for their own honour and afterwards I potential goodfinishes news –the no Tachanun. it doesn’t in that thatMoshe’s not everyone merits rising to was relatively common had effect of devaluing the 31 kings, he said “If I kill them immediately,I will right numeric value (Gematria) of this phrase is 918. potential good news – no Tachanun. But it doesn’t come! insuch that asame that anotspiritual everyonegiant merits to highMidrash level. Even likerising Yehoshua Youin checkconformity yourshould watch and decide have time out. Offthe go the group, with he knew to be false. Yosef gone back to Yaakov and told him “I such a high level. Even a spiritual giant like Yehoshua the company of the wise, so as to learn from their Youlincheck your watch and decide time achieve that degree of selflessness demonstrated not the happen. Tefi and before you know it your in theout. car Off on go thethe way didnotnotachieve likelaw-abiding Moshe or teacher. What did he He de– numerical value oflies 115 Pharaoh wanted to bring down“Happiness our population; will be for gathered upaway, untojustmy people, the Children of do? Israel that degree of selflessness demonstrated in life even innocent, citizen. Tefilin and before you know it your in the car on the way did by Moshe. to the meeting. by Moshe. to the meeting. deeds.” G-d has a different plan: Vayomer Lahem Elokim layed the war with them, as it is written(Yehoshua 11): Our sages taught: It is written in Yehoshua (1:5) “As I was Fait has it of course that every traffi c light you seem to tried find them but Isages was successful. experiments have shown thatin Yehoshua customers areThey were will say: We the vengeance and Moshe not die! taught: It isnot written (1:5) “As I was Because lifeThis wasforego less, the standard of care FaitOther has it ofto course that every traffi c light you seem to Our achievement andp with Moshe, so will I be with you.” approach – turns red! isvalued Jewish history. This islettime the story ofPruUrvu... the exile Hashem other - and G-d saidAnd to them: Be fruitful andhad multiply. “Yehoshua made war a long withwhole all those kings.” with Moshe, so will I be with you.” approach – turns red! Yehoshua should have lived 120 years like Moshe! Why InIn an undertone you can hear yourself claiming – it less inclined to return a supermarket trolley to the adopted by innocent citizens on the east side was an undertone you can hear yourself claiming – it Yehoshua should have lived 120 years like Moshe! Why Therefore Moshe changed the wording and said: …” This also has a numerical value of 918. G-d said to him: “Have you done everything? Behold, nowhere todifference beififIitIwould found.” washishislifelifeshorter shorterbyby1010 years? When Moshe: of creativ wouldn’t would havestayed stayed was years? When G-dG-d toldtold Moshe: DVAR TORAH P1 wouldn’thave have made made any any difference have toP1Egypt. ItIwillonwas allyour hanging on (Bamidbar Yosef fiRabba nding his brothers. DVAR TORAH prevail - Atsat Hashem Hi 1 “Avengethethe children Israel of the Midianites; afterward the ininShul 55 extra (Of course course wouldhave haveentering made “Avenge children of of Israel of the Midianites; afterward trolley line if when the shop’s premises Many Thoughts! Bemidbar 35:9-15. Shul extra minutes. minutes. (Of it would made And so it was that G-d’s plan overrode Pharaohs plan. shorten life by 10 years.” 22) lower than those the west. Consequently, Manyfar Thoughts! Hashem’s vengeance on Midian.” The vengeance is for you shall be gathered unto your people,” and even if this allall the extra minute minute with withTefi Tefilinlinand and you shall be gathered unto your people,” and even if this the difference difference as as each each extra heraldedMoshe’s Moshe’sdeath, death,hehe acted quickly “and Moshe each Amen gains reward!) 2 and Similarly when it came to Moshe’s birth – Pharaoh was Yehoshuakillings thought that he would prolong the war heralded acted “and Moshe each Amen gains eternal eternal reward!) trollies are notMachshavot organised in an orderly fashion. Ibid we 32:20-24. But the Almighty wanted Yosef to fiquickly nd his brothers there andthewere moreof inadvertent since people Once in the depth of servitude in Egypt, see that sentthem”. them”. whenYehoshua Yehoshua about Pharaoh’s own daughter ButButwhen waswas about to to fightfight Shlomo Rabot Machshavot –”Many sent honour the Almighty, and this you cannot forego. Shlomo Hamelech Hamelech stated stated –– Rabot –”Many DVAR TORAH P2 told by his astrologers that the saviour of the Jewish peolive longer. Hashem wasn’t happy with this conduct and the DVAR TORAH P2 againstthethe3131kings, kings,hehe said them immediately, said “If “If I killI kill them immediately, thoughts heart, but but Hashem’s Hashem’sadvice advicewill will against 3 thoughts are are inin aa man’s man’s heart, Environmental friendly Makkot 9b, cited by Rashi. were – subconsciously more negligent with human Environmental friendly MANY THOUGHTS! willdiedieright rightaway, away,justjust Moshe or teacher. What likelike Moshe or teacher. What did did MANY THOUGHTS! (Mishlei prevail (Mishlei 19:21). opposite occurred. Soget said Shlomo “Many thoughts are in a boys. ple would be He decreed thatMoshe, every male baby Aprevail man found him and he was blundering Pharaoh wanted rid form of the Heborn.SEPTEMBER Towards the end ofHashem theIhewillIhebehold double parasha this week in theThis type saved andbe he w do?HeHedelayed delayedthethe them, is written do? warwar withwith them, as as it isit written of message can toonly result joy, Jewish not 4 We leaving early, early, but butHashem • 16TH FUN DAY We think think we we are are gaining by leaving Gur Aryeh, Rabbi Yehuda Loewe, 1526-1609. life. (Yehoshua 11): (Yehoshua 11): man’s heart, but G-d’s counsel will prevail.” (Mishlei19:21): avenge the attack on the Children of Israel by the Midianites thrown into the river. And it was – even Moshe Rabenu You’re late for a very important business meeting. The Chazhas a differentabout plan. sometimes has plan. we read the37:15) six “Yehoshua cities ofwarwararefuge to which an OUR CHACHAMIM decreed CHACHAMIM P3 P3 that all male children be thrownthese into the “YehoshuaYosef made a long time those kings.” made long time withwith all all those kings.” Ramban forNile. a more technical answer. palace. was as a result fisometimes was ‘found’ bycomments aOUR man sadness. InIneld...”(Bereishit this weeks Parasha,–Moshe, Moshe, was commanded commanded thisthe weeks In fact on a deeper level, throughout Jewish historySee before hisBehold, death. Rashi that even himself was thrown into the Nile as anIt infant. an nishes Amida and was you waitafortotovery the G-d potential good RABBIRABBI AVRAHAM SHAAG • “THEthough AVRAHAM SHAAG •RAV “THEOFRAV OFMoshe You’re late for important business totohim: done everything? I I meeting. G-dsaid said him:“Have “Haveyouyou done everything? Behold, avenge the attack attack on the Children ofof Israel byby the avenge the Children Israelwas the instructed KOBELSDORF” For our upcoming events check our w KOBELSDORF” inadvertent killer to fl ee to protect We should never underestimate the power of 5 will shorten your life by 10 years.” (Bamidbar Rabba 22) will shorten your life by 10 years.” (Bamidbar Rabba 22) Midianites before his death. Rashi comments that even famous words have rung out, symbolising G-d’s Guiding knew that his death would follow, he did this with joy and did Pharaoh decreed – Kol Haben Hayilod Hayora Tashlinews – Midianites no Tachanun. But it doesn’t come! before Rashi comments that even Maharil Diskin, Vayikra 19:15. Jewish leader was raised who helped guide to his brothers. thoughThe Moshe would follow, hehedid Our sages, who expressed Moshe’s greatness, mention Pharaoh stated – Hava Nitchakma Lo Pen Yirbeh Let’s Chazan fi nishes Amida – and you wait for the though Moshe knew that his death death would follow,him did the Yehoshua thought that he would prolong the war and live 1 Yehoshua thought that he would prolong the war.andEarlier live from the of awithnot victim our surroundings howin our weeventful are history. affected, even The entire exile to Egypt procrastinate. You this check andvengeful decide time relatives out. Off gowasn’t the chu– numerical value of 1154. HALACHOT P3 P3 andHand 6 was thishim with joy joyyour and HALACHOT longer. happy thisthis conduct andand the the with and did watch not procrastinate. procrastinate. longer.Hashem Hashemwasn’t happy with conduct Deot, 6:1. opposite occurred. SoSosaid Shlomo “Many thoughts are are We can can ask, how howyou did Rashi know that Moshe acted opposite occurred. said Shlomo “Many thoughts We ask, did Rashi know that news Moshe acted– the protocol potential good no Tachanun. But it doesn’t come! in that same Midrash that not everyone merits rising to as a result of Yosef going out to look for his brothers. We can ask, how did Rashi know that Moshe acted joyTefilin and before know it your in the car on the way to And Hashem planslearned – but G-d’s counsel will comebyupthewith a plan theytoincrease in population... had otherwho inwent the Parasha we learn ofman’s Moshe’s approval to the andsubconsciously, society we lest choose live heart, G-d’s counsel willwill prevail.” (Mishlei joyfully? Perhaps he he felt and only this heart,butbut G-d’s counsel prevail.” (Mishlei joyfully? Perhaps felt sadness sadness and only did didthem, this inina aman’s He off to see they sold him to Egypt the 19:21): because of G-d’s command. There were no GPS’s in those days. He was not looking the meeting. prevail Atsat Hashem Hi Takum – 1154. fully? Perhaps he felt sadness and only did this because of 19:21): because of G-d’s command. such some a high oflevel. spiritual giant likeweYehoshua of the members ofdeeper two andtime halfhistory (Reuven, in. Even the Even mosta important values InInand fact level, throughout Jewish these Theproposal “Kli Yakar” check (Rabbi Shlomo Ephraim ofofwatch Lunshitz) You your decide out. Off KgoidimK’sidethe Auerbach that theown daughter factonona seem a deeper level, history these “Kli Yakar” (Rabbi Shlomo Ephraim Lunshitz)light ’sQ&A , CARTOON & STORY R P4Shlomo It iscame onlydownwhen weto tap i for aZalman specific address. He was out inZts’l the field explained in the middle Fait The has it that of thecourse that every traffic you toout,throughout Pharaoh’s just then G-d’sJewish command. P4 famous symbolising G-d’s Guiding explains answer can be found in the changes T Time Q&A , CARTOON & STORY wordshave haverung rung out, symbolising G-d’s Guiding explains that thehistory. answer can be found in the changes famouswords rest is preciously cherish, such as respect and dignity for Gad and of Menasheh) of the ■ Shabbat shalom Moshe made when when repeatinghalf G-d’s words. Whereas G-d Hand ininouroureventful history.  twelve tribes did not achieve that degree of selfl essness demonstrated Moshe made repeating G-d’s words. Whereas G-d Hand eventful history. of nowhere. approach –Tefi turns red! bathe,saved Moshe, and he was raised in Pharaoh’s own The “Kli Yakar” (Rabbi Shlomo Ephraim of Lunshitz)exlin and before you know it your in the car on the way were to occupy: three were to be situated on the west of the Jordan and three on the east, meaning ‫בס״ד‬ JEWISH WEEKLY that 50THE percent of the cities was to accommodate a ‫בס״ד‬ mere 21 percent of the Jewish population.

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Do People WhoWho TravelTravel by Ferry ... Do People by Ferry ... RABBI ELI MANSOUR RABBI ELI MANSOUR

numeric value (Gematria) of this phrase is 918. Pharaoh wanted to bring down our population; G-d has a different plan: Vayomer Lahem Elokim Pru Urvu... - and G-d said to them: Be fruitful and multiply. This also has a numerical value of 918. And so it was that G-ds plan overrode Pharaohs plan.

Hashem, that we are able Hashem has been with u throughout history. If we m creator – we cannot fault Many the thoughts in DVARare TORAH plan is what emerges. ■

This newsletter contains Divrei Torah and may contain Sheimot - Please dispose of accordingly This newsletter contains Divrei Torah–anditmay contain Sheimot of accordingly Yosef should have gone back to Yaakov and told him palace. It was as a result of his own plan that the future In an undertone you can hear yourself claiming plains that- Please the dispose answer can be found inbytheMoshe. changes Moshe to the meeting. wouldn’t have made any difference if I would have stayed in made when repeating G-d’s words. Whereas G-d said: “I tried to find them but I was not successful. They were Jewish leader was raised not as a slave, but as a prince in touch City Printing Ltd sages taught: nowhere It is written in Yehoshua (1:5)wanted “As I Yosef wasGet to be found.”But the Almighty Shul 5 extraFait minutes. it would have all thetraffi who learned the protocols of leadership. “Avenge children of Israel Midianites;afterward 0207to 561 6600 City House has(Ofitcourse of course thatmade every c lighttheyou seem to of theOur 171-173 Hornsey Road find his brothers and a man found him and behold he difference as each extra minute with Tefilin and each Amen you shall be gathered unto your people,”Moshe It is only when we tap into and connect ourselves changed Londonto N7 6RA with Moshe,1 so will I be with you.” approach – turns red! was blundering in the field...”(Bereishit 37:15) Yosef was Hashem, that we are able to attach to the gains eternal reward!) infinite. his words and said: “…execute Hashem’s vengeance on 1 What could ‘found’ by a man120 who helped to his brothers. Shlomo In Hamelech stated – Rabot you Machshavot Hashem has been with us and will always be with us Midian”. Moshe said to himself: the words as they have Yehoshua should lived yearsguide likehim Moshe! WhyProviding an undertone can –”Many hear yourself claiming – it If I repeat a service City Printing He went off to see them, they sold him to Egypt andto the thoughts are in a man’s heart, but Hashem’s advice will pre- were spoken, that they should go to war with Midian for their throughout history. Jewish If we make our will like the will of the his life shorter by 10 years? When G-d told Moshe: have made any difference ifown I would have stayedI will be was creator – we cannot fault. honour and afterwards gathered up unto my the rest is history. vail (Mishleiwouldn’t 19:21). community thevengechildrenThe of Ramban Israel ofonthe Midianites; this Pasuk “ says fourafterward very important Many are the thoughts in the hearts ofdo man, andyou? G-d’s the Children Israel will say: “Avenge We forego the We thinkinweShul are gaining by leaving early, but 5 extra minutes. (OfHashem coursepeople, it would haveofmade for Many Thoughts! words. plan is what emerges. sometimes has a different plan. ance and let Moshe not die! Thereforeyou Moshe changed the shall be gathered unto your people,” and even if this all the difference as each extra minute with Tefilin and 2 RABBI JONATHAN TAWIL HaGezeira Emet V’haCharitzut Sheker. In this weeks Parasha, Moshe, was commanded to wording and said: …”Hashem’s vengeance on Midian.” The

The Ramban on this Pasuk “ says four very important words. HaGezeira Emet V’haCharitzut Sheker.

When G-d wants something to happen, He makes it happen!

heralded Moshe’s death, he acted quickly “and Moshe each Amen gains eternal reward!) Shlomo Hamelech – RabotSEPHARDI MachshavotSYNAGOGUE –”Many sent them”. But when Yehoshua was about to fight RABBI DANNY KADAstated - WEMBLEY DVAR TORAH thoughts are in a man’s heart, but Hashem’s advice will against the 31 kings, he said “If I kill them immediately, Environmental friendly right away, like Moshe or the teacher. did of the to judge one’s acquaintance favourably in this light. See- life, wasjust necessary. cent of cases the eighth was willingItowill givedie anto answer,in another human’s occupy permanently landWhat east River prevail (Mishlei 19:21). RABBI DANNY KADA a sin inevitably causes that The explanation isitapparent: the cities ing another Jew committing conformity with the group, he knew tohe be false. do?Jordan He delayed thedifficulty war with withthisthem, as is written 2 minority Jewish witness sin to become when weakenedwe from the perspectiveand We think we are gaining by leaving Other early,experiments but Hashem refugeaweresignifi provided cant only for those who had killedof inad-theparticular have shown that customers are less . ofAs (Yehoshua vertently. Even if there were more murderers on the east of the spectator. When the Torah commands us to judge trolley11): line were to remain Transjordan, it was of course sometimes has a different plan. inclined to return a supermarket trolley to thepeople not share the same val partly toCHACHAMIM avoid the wrongdoing if when entering the shop’s premises the trollies are not bank, why would that have any effect on the number of a fellow Jew favourably itisOUR “Yehoshua made war a long time with all those kings.” necessary protection forkillers? inadvertent killers to be in question from becoming an accepted form of behaviour citiesfor designated for inadvertent organised in an orderly fashion. In this weeks Parasha, Moshe, was commanded to RABBI AVRAHAMliving SHAAG • “THE to us. Viewing a positive light and finding their in Maharal offers the following profound interpretation: Towards the end of the double parasha this week we G-d said to him:there “Have too. you done everything?though, Behold, I we find thatothers in Conversely, avenge the attack on the Children of Israel by the offered Surprisingly mitsvot of Hashem remaining read about the six cities of refuge to which an inadvert- the fact that premediated murder on the east bank was good has the effect of theKOBELSDORF” the values we subscrib will shorten your life by 10 years.” (Bamidbar Rabba 22) Midianites before his death. Rashi ent comments that even precious to us. relatively common had the effect of devaluing life even for killer was instructed to flee to protect him from the the six cities of refuge were to be divided equally the beautiful wordsand of Rambam : “It is natural forcan a a victim. in the Parasha we the innocent, law-abiding citizen. Because life was valued promoted, on though Moshe knew that his death vengeful would relatives follow,ofhe did EarlierYehoshua thought that would prolongofthe war and between the hetwo pieces land thelive Jewish vIn people learn of Moshe’s approval to the proposal of the members less, the standard of care adopted by innocent citizens on man’s character and actions to be influenced by his friends ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY HALACHOT this with joy and did not procrastinate. longer. Hashem with conduct and the to those id associates to follow the local norms of bethe east happy side wasthree far lowerthis than thoseto on the west.situated Conse- andon of two and half (Reuven, Gad and half of Menasheh) oftowasn’t were occupy: were be theand for himcommitted Doassociate Peoplewith Who Travel by Fe haviour. Therefore, he should the righteous quently,there were more inadvertent killings since people the twelve tribes to occupy permanently the land east of 5 occurred. So said Shlomo “Many thoughts are We can ask, how did Rashi know that Moshe acted opposite Leib understan of the and- more three onwiththe east, RABBIDiskin ELItheMANSOUR and be constantly in the company of wise, so as to were –Jordan subconsciously negligent human life. meaning the River Jordan. As a signi cant minority of west the Jewish ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY in a man’s heart, but G-d’s counsel will prevail.” (Mishlei felt sadness andwere only did Transjordan, this We should never underestimate power our sur- learn from their to remain it was of course We may notjoyfully? like to thinkPerhaps of ourselves he as conformists but people thatnec50 percent of the cities the was toofaccommodate a deeds.” one’s acquaintance fa roundings and how we are affected, even subconsciously, essary for protection for inadvertent killers to be offered there is ample scientific evidence that to some extent, 19:21): because of G-d’s command.


mere 21 percent of the Jewish population. We may not like to think of ourselves as conformists Kid’s but there is ample scientific evidence that to some The Gemara , bothered by this statistical imbalance, Time extent, whether we like it or not, we are conditioned explains that on the east bank of the Jordan by the environment and society we find ourselves murderers more Sheimot common; consequently an This newsletter contains Divrei Torah andwere may contain - Please dispose of accordingly in. equal amount of cities was necessary.

whether we like it or not, we are conditioned by the envi- there too. Surprisingly though, we find that the six cities of by the society we choose to live in. Even some of the most In facttheon deeperimportant level, values throughout Jewish history these “Kli Yakar” (Rabbi Shlomo Ephraim we preciously cherish, such as respect refuge were of to beLunshitz) divided equally between two apieces ronment andThe society we find ourselves in. 3 and dignity for another human’s life, can be unwittingly of land the Jewish people were to occupy: three were to be In the 1950’s Solomon Asch conducted a series of exexplains that the answer can be found in the changes famous words have rung out, symbolising G-d’s Guiding periments in which eight people were gathered in a room situated on the west of the Jordan and three on the east, eroded when we witness and live amongst others that do Moshe made when repeating G-d’s words. Whereas G-d Hand in our eventful history.  and were shown a line, then asked which of three others meaning that 50 percent of the cities was to accommodate not share the same values we do. Conversely, living in an environment in which the values was the same length. Unknown to the eighth, the seven a mere 21 percent of the Jewish population. The Gemara, bothered by this statistical imbalance,ex- we subscribe to are indeed advanced and promoted, can others were associates of the experimenter and were following his instructions. On a number of occasions the plains that on the east bank of the Jordan murderers were only encourage us to remain committed to those ideals. seven gave an answer that was clearly false, yet in 75 per- more common; consequently an equal amount of cities Indeed, R. Yehoshua Leib Diskin understands the directive

In the 1950’s Solomon Asch conducted a series of The difficulty with this explanation is apparent: the experiments in which eight people were gathered inTHEJEWISHWEEKLY.COM cities of refuge were provided only for those who a room and were shown a line, then asked which had killed inadvertently. Even if there were more

another Jew committin that sinSTOR to Q&A particular , CARTOON & the perspective of the commands us to judge is partly to avoid the w becoming an accepted Viewing others in a po good has the effect remaining precious to u


12 JULY 2018


Letters to the Editor Dear Sir Regarding the delay on the El Al flight allegedly caused by some charedi men refusing to be seated next to ladies, I have just come across the following article by Sivan Rahav Meir, an Israeli television and print journalist, author and radio and TV host, on the The Times of Israel website which sheds some interesting light on the whole matter: ‘Writing the following question, I am filled with trepidation and frustration: Does every fact that is publicized need to be checked out personally? For the past week, I have been unable to fathom how an ultra-Orthodox person dared delay an El Al flight for more than an hour. How did such a thing happen? Who dared to act with such audacity? Which cabin crew members allowed him to behave like that? Of course, I was certain that the facts were correct. After all, they were published everywhere, and people talked about the incident. So the facts simply had to be correct. Well, no. I received the following email from Katriel Shem-Tov: Dear Sivan, I was on that flight from New York, the one that the media reported it took off an hour and a quarter late because of the Haredim. My wife and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary and at 6pm, we were supposed to take off on our way home. However, before we even boarded, there was an announcement of a 45-minute delay and take-off would be at 6:45 p.m. The same information appeared on the screen in the departure lounge. Of course, the delay had nothing to do with any of the passengers. Boarding took a long time, till at least 7:10, I believe. My guess is that the whole business with the Haredim didn¹t take more than five minutes. Of course, I am not justifying their behavior and one should not cause a delay of even one

Send in your comments to

minute. I am Haredi myself, but I have never seen such behavior like theirs. Then I heard the media expressing their outrage and I heard many other people who were so angry about the entire incident. Since I was actually a passenger on the flight, I cannot understand how everyone got so caught up in the story. It all sounds so unbelievable, how come no one actually checked the facts? It causes harm to Israel’s good name in the international arena, so why are we all in such a tizzy? It took me a few days to decide whether to contact you, but I feel it is important that the truth come out. There are many other passengers who can corroborate the story, if necessary. I contacted El Al straight away, and they responded with the following, surprising, statement: “The details that were reported about the incident were not accurate, to put it mildly. In actual fact, the delay was totally unconnected to the incident. The plane’s journey to the runway at the airport in New York took about one hour and had nothing to do with the incident. Taking care of the two passengers who refused to sit in their allocated places occurred after the plane had already left the gate and only took a few moments. We will continue to do our best to transport our customers safely, comfortably, and according to schedule.” I certainly do not intend this post to defend those two passengers. I do want to ensure that it will defend 8 million people from a heated public debate which has no basis in fact. From what he writes it seems the whole media coverage of the affair is more in the nature of a blood libel than a dispassionate account of what really happened. Yours faithfully Martin D. Stern

Please note: The views of the letters do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper. Letters may be edited and publication is at the discretion of the editor.


12 JULY 2018



MARK DIAMANT - MW FULFILMENT Mark Diamant started his first e-commerce business back in 2014 whilst living in Israel. He and his wife planned to return to the UK so that he could start a law degree later that year, but with a few months to kill, he decided to start up a business. As he explains, “I was due to start my studies, but started up an e-commerce business selling packaging and envelopes. When it came to actually starting my course, the business was going so well that I decided to postpone it for a year. Eventually, I realised that this is what I wanted to do, so decided to cancel my place on the law course, in order to concentrate on developing my business further.” Through his experience in packaging and running his own e-commerce company, he moved into the area of product distribution around a year ago, and set up MW Fulfilment, which offers e-commerce businesses a fully integrated fulfilment service taking on all their logistical requirements from dealing with receiving the clients goods, to posting out products to consumers, to managing customer service enquiries and returns. This enabled his client businesses to save money so that they can concentrate on growing their own

customer base. As Mark explains: “Our service makes it more time and cost-effective for our clients, and we really want to encourage their businesses to develop and flourish, so are always happy to try and help them by offering the best and most competitive rates.” Although companies such as Amazon offer their own fulfilment service for Amazon sales, MW Fulfilment offers fulfilment solutions for other online platforms such as eBay, Groupon, Etsy and even customers individual websites. In addition, Mark feels that as a smaller business, MW Fulfilment can offer a more personal experience for their customers. As he explains: “We are large enough to be able to compete effectively with others, but still small enough to care about our customers, and to go that extra mile.” Mark’s customers range from small start-ups to much larger established businesses, based in the US, Israel, Canada and of course the UK. MW Fulfilment has warehouse storage and offices in both London and Manchester, meaning that they can cover large areas of the UK. Customers are able to get pallets from their suppliers delivered directly to their warehouses, meaning that they do not have to worry about

storage space. Setting up your business with MW Fulfilment is a straight forward and fast process which starts with Mark or one of his team speaking with a prospective client to gain a better understanding of the products that they sell. As he explains: “It is important to understand how each business works, and what they want to achieve so that we can work out the best way to help them.” Once Mark or a member of his team has spoken to them, they will then create a tailor-made quote which includes costs for postage. There is a small charge per order, but no minimum charge for amount of orders, or tie in to a fixed term of usage meaning that clients have the flexibility they need depending on how their business develops. Mark feels that using MW Fulfilment offers his clients a lot of benefits, not only financially by keeping staff and storage to a minimum, but also through saving them time, meaning they can then continue doing more business, rather than having the hassle of sorting out logistics. They offer a variety of services all of which can be tailored to the needs of their clients. Whether it is picking, packing and distribution

of products, through to handling returns processing and customer service meaning that clients do not have to deal with this area of their business. They also are able to receive deliveries, which they can re-label and package, and distribute further. One of the benefits of using this service is that businesses do not have to spend money on warehouse storage for products, instead offering them the chance to get their product orders delivered directly to MW Fulfilment who will then sort, label and send out products to the customers without the client having to get involved at all. They can also arrange product labelling, whether that is specific for Amazon barcodes or more general product labelling, which again saves the client time and money. The company has recently launched their website,, which explains in more detail the kind of services they offer as well as some testimonials from some of MW fulfilments customers. There are also plans to develop their business by setting up warehouses in the US and Germany, so that they can offer clients the chance to store their products in these areas. As Mark

explains, “This will allow for much cheaper and faster local shipping services, which of course leads to a large increase in sales.” Mark feels that the biggest incentive for working with MW Fulfilment is that they are able to take the stress out of the logistical element of e-commerce businesses. As he explains, “Working with us not only saves the client money, but also takes away the headache that often goes with having to organise logistics and deliveries for customers. We do it all for them, so that they can focus on developing their business.” MW Fulfilment would like to offer Jewish Weekly readers a 10% discount on their first month’s services. If you would like to find out more, check out their website – or call MW Fulfilment on 0203 764 1674 (London) or 0161 509 3202 (Manchester). Do you know anyone who specialises in an area of female expertise and would like to be featured on this page? Let us know by emailing

TIPS AND TRICKS – CLEANING YOUR BBQ The Jewish Weekly aims to source the most genius, time-saving and useful hacks for you every week, so watch this space! The sun is out (still) and the weather is right for a BBQ or two. Take a look at these handy tips and you’ll be cooking on gas (or charcoal) in no time! If you have a gas BBQ, it is always a good idea to check your fuel levels before you begin so that you don’t run out half way through. Most gas cylinders will have a gauge on, but another way to test is with this handy trick. A 20lb gas cylinder can usually last up to around 30 hours if it is a single burner, or around 7 hours if it is a four burner. Just enough time to cook up a storm! Whilst it may be great eating yummy food straight from the BBQ, cleaning it up afterwards is not so much fun, but here is a quick and easy way to clean up your grill. Whilst the grill is still hot, take a freshly cut onion, stick it on a fork and rub the cut

side on the grill to remove any excess residue. The oils from the onion will help in not only getting rid of all the fat and grease left behind on the grill, but also add some flavour for the next yummy BBQ you plan. Not everyone that comes to a BBQ is a meat eater, so why not make vegetable packages for any vegetarians amongst your guests. Simply wrap cut vegetables – mushroom, courgettes, peppers, even corn on the cob or sweet potatoes in foil with some salt and pepper, and maybe a little garlic, and in 5 – 10 minutes you will have a yummy vegetarian option that even the carnivores will be jealous of! Make more of the humble lemon by cutting it in half and put- If you have any questions or you have a top tip you want to ting it face down onto the grill for a few minutes. It makes for share, please contact us on a more smoky, intense flavour which is great for fish or meat. Your question might be someone else’s solution!




W oman of W orth

SUSIE GORDON As part of her training, she was how to excite them and get them sent on courses to help develop interested in being involved in her skills and was initially what is going on around them, so concerned that she would be that they can help it continue and out of her comfort zone. As enable it to grow and strengthen. “ she explains, “When I went on Her work within the Jewish a Senior Leadership Course it community, led her to being sounded very intimidating and nominated as one of the 40 under I didn’t think I was up to it, but 40 two years ago, and she was as a learnt more I realised that I the only person included that was actually doing those things was not based in London. As anyway, I just didn’t know Susie explains, “Although I am that they were part of a Senior from London originally, I really Leadership role! This gave me feel a part of the community the confidence for me to believe in Leeds now, and I was really that I could do it!’” proud to be representing this She has also been able to work area of the country and the with a JDC mentor who helped community that is here. Being and supported her development nominated made me realise that in this role giving her help and I must be doing something right advice throughout and enabling and worthwhile that is helping her to make a success of the the local community that I live scheme, which is being rolled in. I think that there are often out to other communities in misconceptions about Jewish Europe. communities outside of London, Susie’s background is in and what they are really like, Performing Arts, having studied but something like this gives at LIPA (Liverpool Institute some recognition to what we are of Performing Arts). As she trying to do here.” explains, “I always loved the idea Susie was also very much of performing, but concentrated involved in the JLC Campaign more on the business side as earlier this year in support of unfortunately I don’t really have International Women’s Day, any artistic talent. I feel that and she is passionate about working within the community being able to help empower and is similar to running a theatre in encourage young women both that it involves many different within the Jewish community, skills, such as dealing with and the wider society in general. marketing, finance, offering “I think it is really important entertainment and working that we keep talking, educating together with others for the good and being the best women we of the production.” can be for ourselves and other Her love of performing and women too. We are not the same being on stage has helped within as men, but possess different her role, especially when she qualities, which are neither was asked to be guest speaker better nor worse, just different. at an event in Washington We have to be respectful of DC where she spoke to young each other, no matter what our professionals about developing gender, and through celebrating personal resilience, as well as our differences we can learn the importance of resilience to complement each other and for their community. As she work together.” explains, “For me, I think it is As well as her full time role, very important to know how to she is also a freelance life and engage with younger elements leadership coach, offering one to of the community and know one coaching others to help them

‫ֵֽא ׁ ֶשת ַֽחיִ ל ִמי יִ ְמ ָצא‬

Susie Gordon


When Susie Gordon was younger she always had dreams of running Wembley Stadium. Although she never got to fulfil this ambition, she feels working in a senior leadership position, for the only umbrella organisation that supports the entire community is a much more rewarding role that makes a significant difference. Susie was appointed 7 years ago to help deliver a strategic review that was initiated by a global organisation Leatid, an arm of the global organisation, the JDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee). When in 2016, they were asked to return to assess the outcomes of the review. Coincidentally, the JDC were developing a community resilience pilot scheme, which explored strategic planning, leadership, social ties, and community coordination, as well as training and development. The Leeds Jewish Representative Council (LJRC) felt that these were key areas that would benefit the local Jewish Community, and that there was a need for someone to lead this project, which Susie was happy to do, taking on the role of community development executive.

12 JULY 2018


The LJRC has been in existence for over 150 years, and was initially set up to promote and protect the Leeds Jewish community, something which it continues to do today. It is also fundamental in helping to develop strong relationships between the Jewish and nonJewish communities within the area, and encourages intercommunity initiatives. With an estimated 8,000 – 10,000 members, the Leeds Jewish community is the second largest provincial community in Britain, and Susie is keen to engage with many of its members. In the time she has been in this role, Susie has been responsible for establishing many new initiatives such as welcoming new arrivals to the community and , and helped create a community website and Facebook group to keep people updated on events, and encourage them and the rest of the community to get involved. She also provided activities for young adults including a community choir, a photography group and a women’s business networking group. Leeds boasts a strong infrastructure which over the past 5 years has seen significant development including a new high school, state of the art youth campus offering activities and after school clubs. Along with five synagogues, there is also a kosher bakery and educational centre that can be used by the community. Susie comments, “the LJRC motto is ‘Leeds is a Great Place to be Jewish’, and I feel that more than ever with all the new developments and initiatives that are being run, and welcoming Jews from across the world who have relocated to the city.”

Shadchan services Send your resume or enquires to Sheindy Hyman Email:

within their own organisations, and enable them to lead teams and projects in a confident and effective way. Working with the community means that there is no such thing as a typical day, which is something that she really enjoys. As she explains, “There is an endless list of things that I have to get done, and this can change throughout the day, but it is important not to get overwhelmed. I often liken in to spinning plates, and it is due to the rest of the team that I work with that we are able to keep them all up in the air!” Despite this hectic environment, Susie manages to remain calm using her own coaching techniques. She tries to not worry about anything that is out of her control, keep organise, and takes a bit of time to relax before she starts work. . As she explains, “Every morning I spend a few minutes in my car meditating and deep breathing, which helps me come to work feeling happy, positive and ready to face the day.” Susie feels that her role fits well with her own values and beliefs, and she enjoys the flexibility that she gets from being her own boss and creating her own work. “One of the things that I enjoy is meeting other likeminded people who are keen to share in this vision for the good of the community. One of the best things is the variety that the job offers, and the challenges it gives me to grow and develop not only the community, but myself as well.”

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Parshat Matot-Masei This week we have a double sedra! In Parshat Matot, the Torah tells us to be very careful about making promises so that we don’t accidentally break them. Instead of making a promise, one should say for example, ‘I hope I can’ or ‘with the help of Hashem I will’ etc. G d commands the Jewish people to wage war against the Midianites. Moshe chooses 1,000 men from each of the 12 tribes to serve as soldiers and appoints Pinchas as one of the leaders of the army. The Jewish army is victorious over the Midianiteseven though they are so small. After the war is over, two tribes, Reuven and Gad, ask Moshe if they can settle with their families on the east side of the Jordan River instead of crossing the river and entering the Land of Israel. these two tribes owned a lot of cattle. They noticed that the land on the east of the Jordan was very fertile, with rich, green grass for their cattle to graze. Also, they knew that Moshe would not be buried in the Land of Israel and so they wanted to remain near Moshe’s burial place. Moshe agrees to let them settle there. The Parshah of Massei begins by listing all of the 42 stops that the Jews made on their travels through the desert. After that long list, we read what the borders of Israel are according to the Torah. Did you know that according to most Rabbis, Eilat is not part of the biblical border of Israel. The Torah portion discusses a very interesting mitzvah for the people living in the Land of Israel (we do not fulfill this mitzvah nowadays). They are commanded to build six “cities of refuge” throughout the Land of Israel. The cities served as a safe place for anyone who accidentally killed someone else. This is the last portion in the fourth book of the Torah. Next week we begin the fifth and last book, Devarim!

Arts and Crafts Materials • • • •

Empty toilet roll Paint and brush Scissors Googly eyes (or paint for the eyes)

Step 1. Paint your toilet roll (we chose orange but you can do any colour you like you might want to paint on spots or zig zag patterns too)

Junk Model Octopus Transform a humble toilet roll (or kitchen roll) into a cute octopus. A quick and easy craft perfect for rainy days. Here are the step by step instructions.

Step 2. Cut strips from the bottom of the roll to about half way up the roll as shown. Cut strips all the way round one end of the Step 3. Now curl over the strips roll. using your fingers.


Step 4. Glue on some googly eyes and use paint or a black pen to add a mouth and your octopus is complete. Why not make him some cheery octopus friends? Cardboard tubes and toilet rolls can be transformed into all sorts of things.

12 JULY 2018





BLUEBERRY & LEMON PANCAKES Ingredients: • • • • • •

2 cups flour 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder ½ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons butter, melted, at room temperature • 1 large egg




Whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In a small bowl, whisk together melted butter, egg, and milk. Just before cooking the pancakes, stir the egg mixture into the flour mixture and gently fold in lemon zest and blueberries.




• • • • •

1 ½ cups whole milk Zest of 1 lemon 2 cups blueberries, rinsed and dried Canola oil Sour cream

Blueberry Maple Syrup: • 1 cup maple syrup • ½ cup blueberries, rinsed and dried

Ladle into a non-stick pan ¼ cup pancake batter in pools, about 1 inch apart. Cook for about 5 minutes until bubbles appear on the tops of the pancakes. Gently flip over and continue cooking until golden on the bottom, about 2 to 3 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare Blueberry Maple Syrup: In a small


saucepan over low heat, combine maple syrup and blueberries. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring. Maple syrup can burn very quickly so watch it carefully. Pour into a small pitcher for serving. Serve pancakes with sour cream and Blueberry Maple Syrup.

Did you know? Fun facts World Cup Special Miroslav Klose is the all-time World cup scorer, scoring 16 goals across 4 world cups for Germany

Remarkably during World War I, the fighting was halted as England battled Germany to a game of football on no man’s land

At the age of just 19, Australia’s Daniel Arzani is the youngest player to appear at the Russia 2018 World cup

In an astonishing game in 1952, Austria beat Switzerland 7-5 in a thrilling game which to this day still stands as the highest scoring world cup game ever


Incredibly, in the last 3 world cups, the winners have all exited the following tournament in the group stages, most recently Germany going home early in Moscow this year.


12 JULY 2018


Parshat Matot-Masei

In a nutshell

Parshat Matot

War is waged against Midian for their role in plotting destruction of Israel. 1000 men were chosen by Moshe from each tribe in order to win the battle, and they successfully do so. Following that, the Torah detailed response on how the Midianites spoils were shared out amongst the people and all those involved with war, such as soldiers and tribe leaders.

The tribes of Reuben and Gad (later joined by half of the tribe of Manasseh) ask for some land in the west of Jordan as the part of land there was known for having good places to keep cattle. Moshe was angry at the request but eventually agrees as long as the tribes help with conquering the land of Israel.

Parshat Masai

All of Israel’s 42 journeys and stops are listed from after they left Egypt. After the long list, the borders of Israel are described. If one man kills another man by mistake, the Torah tells us a list of places where the man who committed the accident could go in order to be safe. There were 6 of these cities and they were known as the cities of refuge.

Can you move 4 matchsticks to create 6 squares instead of 5?


The daughters of Tzelafchad marry within their own tribe of Manasseh, so that the land that they inherit could not pass onto another tribe. This is the end of Bamidbar, the fourth book of the Torah before the fifth and final one, Devarim.

12 JULY 2018



e m i T s d i K

TEST YOURSELF - Q&A ➊ Why was Pinchas not originally a kohen? ➋ Why was Moav spared the fate of Midian? ➌ What does the yud and hey added to the family names testify? ➍ Korach and his congregation became a “sign.” What do they signify? ➎ Why did Korach’s children survive? ➊ 25:13 - Kehuna (priesthood) was given to Aharon and his sons (not grandsons), and to any of their descendants born after they were anointed. Pinchas, Aharon’s grandson, was born prior to the anointing. ➋ 25:18 - For the sake of Ruth, a future descendant of Moav. ➌ 26:5 - That the families were truly children of their tribe. These two letters spell G-d’s Name. ➍ 26:10 - That kehuna was given forever to Aharon and his sons, and that no one should ever dispute this. ➎ 26:11 - Because they repented.


STORY LOST OPPORTUNITIES Chaim, look at that crowd of people! Wow, I wonder what is going on Avi? Let’s get a closer look. Everyone seems to be waiting to get into that little shul over there. I wonder what is inside. Let’s ask one of the people waiting in line. Excuse me sir, can you please tell me why this crowd of people has gathered? Everyone is waiting to see someone, young man. Whom are they waiting to see? He must be very important if so many people are waiting so long to see him. He is very important, young man. He is one of the Gedolim. One of the world’s foremost Rabbis is visiting here from Jerusalem. We are all waiting in line to see him. Some want to ask him questions about halachot (Torah laws). Others want to ask him for advice in difficult life matters. Others want to receive a blessing from him. It is said that his blessings actually come true. Wow. What a great person is in our midst. This is a real opportunity. What do you say Chaim? Should we wait here in line to see the great Rabbi? Hmmm. It looks like a long line Avi. We could be here over an hour. I’m hungry. I was going to go home and eat lunch, then play outside for a while. Excuse me

sir, if I left and came back, do you think that I would be able to see the Rabbi? I would not count on it young man. There are many people waiting. The Rabbi is not a young man. There is a limit to the number of people that he can see. He may close his doors by then. What you are saying, sir is that I have an opportunity to see one of the Gedolim now. If I leave, I may lose that opportunity forever. That is correct, young man. The same thing happened in this week’s parsha. Young man; you must be a very big expert on Chumash. I do not recall anything like this in the parsha. Look in the verses about the korbonos (sacrifices) brought in the times of the Beis HaMikdash (Holy Temple). There was a special korbon brought every Shabbos called the Olas Shabbos. This korbon consisted of two lambs, along with their meal, oil, and wine offerings. The Torah calls this the “Shabbos offering in its Shabbos.” Why does the Torah need to tell us that the offering is brought in its Shabbos? Good question, young man. Rashi has a good answer. The offering can only be brought on that particular Shabbos. If for some reason the Olas Shabbos was not brought one


Shabbos, the Kohen could not offer up a double offering the following Shabbos. When the time passed, the opportunity was lost. Now we have an opportunity to meet with this great man. When he leaves, the opportunity will be lost. I guess you have decided to wait in line. Right you are sir. While we are waiting, can I share another thought with you? Why certainly, young man. You are a very insightful person. Thank you. I was thinking that many of the mitzvos are bound to a particular time. If they are not performed in their time, the opportunity is lost. Young man, Shlomo HaMelech wrote something like that in Koheles. “Everything has its season and there is a time for everything under the heavens.” In our daily lives, we have our schedules of learning, tefillah (prayers), meals, resting, cleaning, etc. The best way to do these things is in the proper time set aside for them. Look, as we are talking, we have reached the head of the line. I am so excited to see this great Rabbi. I am going to ask him for a blessing that I will be able to take advantage of all of life’s opportunities. Young man, may the blessing come true. Amen.


12 JULY 2018


News Bites SNAKEY Its hard to imagine what a snake driving a motorbike would be like, but in India, a 5 foot snake was shockingly found with his tale caught in the engine of the motorbike unable to escape. The snake was a cobra who according to snake experts, was seeking shelter before the storm which was coming . Many around the snake were shocked as too what they were seeing as the cobra was seen to be very violent and was willing to sting and bite anything which went near it. One small sting or bite from a cobra is enough to kill an

elephant or several human beings, so it was a relief when Snake catcher Chand Pasha spent over an hour retrieving the snake from the motor bike. Its good nobody got hurt as the cobra could have caused a very serious injury!

100 YEARS IN THE AIR London celebrated a century of the Royal Air Force, with many watching from the streets and parks around the city. The Queen and other members of the royal family watched on as 100 planes flew over the palace, including modern fighter jets. The Red Arrows created red, white and blue decoration for the thousands crowded onto the street, celebrating this landmark in British history for the defence force. The RAF played a key role in Britain’s victory in world war two, and these achievements were also acknowledged and praised upon during a ceremony at Westminster Abbey, attended by the Queen, members of the royal family, Theresa May and members of both houses of Parliament. Princes William wore the No 1 uniform of the Royal Air Force, and his RAF wings, in recognition that he is a qualified RAF pilot. Former

RAF pilots and the Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson were also in attendance. Police estimate around five hundred thousand people were watching from the streets as the government closed many roads across central London until five in the afternoon. Hopefully, the Royal Air Force can continue to protect many people around the world and in the United kingdom for another 100 years and beyond.

HOW DOCTORS, DIVERS AND ISRAEL BECAME HEROES Remarkably with the help of divers, doctors and Israeli technology all the people who were stuck in a hazardous cave in Thailand have been rescused. It cannot go unnoticed the extreme lengths that people have gone to in order to save all those entombed. More than two weeks ago, a young football team and their coach went into a cave after a standard football training session, until heavy rains blocked off all of their exits, leading unfortunately to the team being stranded underground for the last couple of weeks. Many of the families were nervous they would never encounter their children ever again, however thanks to a total of ninety expert divers, from Thailand and around the world, all of the boys have heroically been rescued and taken to hospital. Many are reporting that despite low temperatures, the boys who have escaped are overall okay, although family members are still not allowed to touch them, in case of infection while the children remain in hospital.

As well as the divers being the heroes for helping the boys to safety, the assistant coach Ekapol Chantawong or “Ake” is rumoured to be weakest out of all the people in the cave. The twenty five year old incredibly has given most of his food and supplies away to children and when he addressed the parents regarding the well being of the children, he expressed his sincere regret and promised to do everything he can do to keep the children safe. The families did assure “Ake” that he is not at fault and he is sure to be given a heroes reception including the vegetable juice which he has asked for when he gets home. Efforts to make the escape easier have been also largely successful. Every day, more

and more water was pumped out of the cave, creating a path of 1.7 KM for the children and divers to talk on as they come closer to the exit of the cave. Israel have also played a key role in the survival of the people , by sending radios to the people through the cave. Even with the poor signal and service down in the tunnels, the advanced technology allows the divers and doctors to communicate with the children through different parts of the cave and through walls. This has kept the children’s spirits up even through such a dark period for them. Hopefully, the team will be healthy and ready to put their lives back on track and go down forever as heroes.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER Can you imagine paying a parking ticket fine 44 years late? Well incredibly in Pennsylvania, America, someone has paid back his parking fine after quite some delay. The police in Pennsylvania received a handwritten note from a man called Dave, apologising for not paying the fine earlier.


Police were shocked by this man’s actions as not only was it good of him to pay the fine back, but it was also incredible for someone to even keep a note for that long. Police Chief Michael Combs stated his surprise for the letter he received which read “Dear PD, I’ve been carrying this

ticket around for 40+ years. Always intending to pay. Forgive me if I don’t give you my info. With respect, Dave.” He discussed his desire to meet such an honest man like Dave as he intents to meet the American citizen in the coming weeks. Dave paid five dollars rather than the original three dollar fine, making his efforts even better as well as his high levels of honesty.

12 JULY 2018



Light travels faster than sound; this is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

I childproofed the house, but they still get in What do you get from a pampered cow? Spoiled milk

(Answers at the bottom of page upside down)

1. Many have heard me, but nobody has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to. What am I?

People can’t explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they take things literally.

2. What goes up but never comes down? 3. When you have it, you want to share it. When you share it, you lose it.

2) Age 3) A secret 1)An echo

1. Thi is besides the point 2. A cut above the rest 3. 5 Pounds overweight 4. Space Invaders 5. Right bewtween the eyes 6. Two in one





12 JULY 2018

Of Ghosts and Gold


BY CHAYA SANDLER The Princess manages to convince the revolution to help her rescue her brother in return for helping them overthrow the kingdom.

It all started with a bang. Literally. We were driving down the motorway, singing our hearts (and the windows) out when there was a rumbling sound. “Do you think there’s anything to worry about?” Debbie asked nervously. Mia waved her hand dismissively, and carried on singing. “Just keep both hands on the wheel.” I cautioned her. Mia grinned in response. Newly licensed, she was fully reveling in driving, even to the point of driving her little sister and her friends around. The 4 of us had just come back from the Lake District and were in high spirits. Then came the bang. And the bump. And then the spin and then the stop. When we all stopped screaming, Mia turned around the check we were all alive, before clambering out to assess the damage. “The tire’s gone. We must have driven over something.” She pulled out her phone and began scrolling furiously. Sighing she dialed the RAC. “There goes Mum and Dad’s no claim bonus. They’ll never let me borrow the car again.” The rest of us waited in silence. “”No reception! Any of you guys have?” None of us did. Debbie began breathing heavily, “what if we’re stuck here all night? What if there are wolves around? What if there are thieves or bandits or – “ “Debbie!” Aden whirled round at her, “there are no bandits in England today. And besides, we’ll just wait for a local patrol car

to come along and um.. yeah, we’ll be fine.” “Local police car? We’re on a country road in the middle of nowhere, in the dark. No – one’s coming.” “Hey.” Mia admonished me, “We’ll be fine, OK, some of us should stay here, and some of us should go and find the nearest house, we’ll call the RAC from there.” We looked around at the dark, dismal fields surrounding the winding trail that we had driven down and immediately began fighting over who had to go. Eventually it was decided that since i was Mia’s sister, i had to go with whilst Adena and Debbie stayed behind in the car. So, scowling, i stomped off after Mia. It was hot and sticky and i was tired and cross. After what felt like an eternity but was probably only 10 minutes, we reached a farmhouse. We knocked, perhaps too eagerly and waited impatiently. A nervous little women, opened the door a crack and peered out at us with suspicious, beady eyes. “We come in peace.” i muttered, Mia elbowed me. “Ow!” She elbowed me again. “Hi,” Mia began sweetly, “we broke down

near your house and we don’t have reception on our phones. Do you have a landline we could borrow?” “N,n, no.” The women shook her head and tried to close the door. I put my hand in the way. “I’m sorry but i think you misunderstood us, i can see a telephone on your table over there, could we use it because we really don’t want to y’know, get eaten r murdered or die of starvation or heatstroke etc.?” “Smooth.” Mia frowned at me. “Well it worked.” I stuck my tongue out at her as the women opened the door fully. “Y, y, you don’t want to come in here. Please don’t come. GO AWAY!” “Excuse me lady, but if you don’t let us i n you may just have our bodies to clean up in the morning ok, you’re the only house for miles around, just let us in!” “D, don’t make me do this, please, please don’t make me do this. “ The women began sobbing, almost hysterically. Mia took a step backwards and motioned at me, but i wasn’t going to let some, half mad, crying women be the cause of our deaths. Besides, i was not trekking another mile to find another phone. “Martha?” A tall, reedy figure appeared in


the shadows. “Martha? Is there a problem, why don’t we let these nice young ladies in?” The lady began sobbing even more at this point. “OK, ok...” “Sorry about my wife, she’s a little tired at the moment.” “More than a little i’d say.” This time Mia stepped on my foot, flashed another smile at the couple and we stepped inside. If we had only known what a momentous decision that was.... Mia picked up the phone and started dialing. A cold breeze rustled the curtains. “Oooh, nice and chilly in here.” I commented. “You must have a good air conditioning system here.” “No.” Said the man, conversationalist that he was. “Oh. Well, these stone cottages eh,” i laughed, trying to lighten the mood. “No.” said the man, again. Mia put the phone down. “There was the strangest sound and i just couldn’t get through.” The couple said nothing. “I think we’ll be off, thank you very much for your er, non-hospitality ad um, bye.” The man didn’t move, “We’re leaving now, so, can we get out?” “You can try.” Mia and I looked at each other, pushed past the man ad ran for the door. But the door wasn’t there anymore. “I knew this would happen!” Cried the woman. “I knew it!” “What’s going on?!” Mia demanded angrily. “Oh, this is nothing,” said the farmer. “You haven’t even met the ghost yet. TO BE CONTINUED

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