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Battery-operated fogger from Polivac Complete and effective coverage can be achieved using less spray solution in relatively short period of time, helps in saving time, labour, and resources. The battery-operated fogger Is equipped with spray range of Max 8m (best spray distance is 0.5-6m) gives excellent range to cover ceiling and inaccessible areas. • Spray volume: discharge capacity of 0-9L/H and hour particle of 15-50µm • Tank capacity: 5 litres • Powered by DC Motor (165W, 2000RPM) • 10AH, 24V Lithium rechargeable battery, one charge lasts one hour, battery charger included • Shoulder strap available, this makes it easy to carry • CE certified and comes with necessary service kits

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Keep childcare centres clean and safe with SEBO

Willmop 50 Vertical Scrubber-Dryer Willmop 50 is a light and extremely manageable vertical scrubber-dryer, combining the high performance of a professional machine with the flexibility of a traditional mop. Perfect for crowded spaces. • Fully 360° rotatable steering guarantees revolutionary manoeuvrability • When hands are removed, the machine will remain upright and automatically enters the stand-by mode • Interchangeable lithium battery • 50cm scrubbing paths, 2100m2/hr coverage and ~1h 15 mins working time

As a parent you want your childcare provider’s premises to be clean and free from allergens. Flooring in childcare centres must be durable, easy to clean and comfortable for little tots to sit on during story time. The SEBO Professional G5 with four level brush height adjustment simply glides over carpet planks and tiles picking up dust, sand and left-over craft bits and pieces. With high performance filtration the dust and other nasty allergens are retained inside the sealed vacuum system keeping our future leaders safe.


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3D GLOSS 3D-GLOSS is a super-glossy sealer finish for vinyl, timber, and stone floors. It is designed with a fast cure-rate for use in supermarkets where it buffs up easily under UHS buffing machines to provide a crystal-clear, dazzling gloss. • • • •

3D-GLOSS is non-slip Stays shiny for longer because of its high scratch repair Responds to both gas and electric buffing machines Excellent for supermarkets and other busy floors

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