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INDUSTRY LEADERS FORUM What is one issue the industry should urgently address?

at war with that concept. That is why all our vacuum cleaners have 99.9 per cent Microweb Training is a major issue, which is why we are homopolymer filters. developing training programs not just for familiarity We know there will be huge opportunity for with equipment and creating an awareness of what the cleaning industry to develop. Entrepreneurial is available but also, with a major focus on safety. operators who really understand the way the OH&S is the big challenge for the industry. We may machinery is developing and appreciate what it think the industry is dealing with it but frankly, in brings will reap the benefits. our opinion we have a long way to go. For example, our silenced 4000psi steam cleaners, diesel drive and therefore mobile, What additional advice or guidance do you can operate within the guidelines of the EPA by have for the cleaning community? practicing clean and capture principles. ProductEven manager: Education – magazines like InClean can do local government bodies and major a huge amount to advise the industry and contractors are using machines that are Date technically in breach of the EPAs regulations for operators, whether they are government or private, in how to get cleaning tasks done more pressure cleaning. GeneralFor manager: safely and efficiently. us, the challenge is always the people who We can’t believe there are third world vacuum use the equipment! We want them to be safe, Date cleaners still being used that don’t have 99.9 per efficient, and of course we want a cleaner Australia. cent filtration. We see cleaners generating dust The industry should congratulate itself on the off carpets and blowing half of the dust back out huge improvements that have been made over through the exhaust of the vac into the atmosphere. the last 25 years. It is a health hazard not only for the operator We should be confident about the future but but for the people who work in the environment not complacent. We still have a long way to go they are cleaning. In other words, it’s a in terms of improving efficiencies and reducing superficial clean, not a hygienic clean. We are cost to the workers. ■

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We should be confident about the future but not complacent.

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