INCLEAN - New Zealand August 2018

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It’s been a busy few months for Advance International Cleaning Systems. Following the launch of its new app Advance One this year, the company also celebrated its 40th anniversary. As CEO Jiwa Nadan tells INCLEAN NZ’s Lizzie Hunter, embracing change has always remained a top priority for the business. Advance International Cleaning Systems is a New Zealand-owned company that specialises in the design, development and marketing of cleaning solutions for the professional cleaning and hygiene markets. The company offers products and services to several key markets, including general commercial buildings, industrial and warehousing, healthcare, education, hospitality and automotive. “Since the early days, we have designed and manufactured a number of our own products to ensure we remained competitive and innovative in the marketplace,” said Advance International Cleaning Systems CEO, Jiwa Nadan. Headquartered in Penrose, Advance International Cleaning Systems operates a manufacturing site in Otahuhu, with branches in Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay, Waikato, Wellington, Whangarei, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown and Nelson. In July, the company launched its own mobile app, Advance One. “Advance One simplifies the buying process for our customers,” explained Nadan. “All the information customers need to make a purchase is now at their fingertips. All they need to do is press a button and the information is there.”

The idea behind Advance One is to ensure the company remains relevant and appeals to the next generation of customers and workforce. “Within the next five years, millennials will be the main business customers. This generation is digitally savvy and look for ways to simplify how they do business. They also look out for businesses that have a competitive edge.

“Digital migration is real and those who are savvy in terms of the way they provide solutions in a digital manner are going to win.” “Advance Clean doesn’t change the way our customers interacts with our business; it purely simplifies the process they follow when doing business with us.” Nadan says the company wants to use this technology as the way to connect to customers and add value to their business.

“In some industries, technology has become a standard that you must use. The cleaning industry is much slower. We constantly strive to keep up with modern day technology to offer clients cleaning equipment that will optimise their business performance.” According to Nadan, NZ’s cleaning industry is evolving, but many in the industry struggle because the thinking isn’t where it should be today. As he explains, clients are becoming more tech savvy and there are many opportunities out there for cleaning companies to offer specially tailored solutions. “We’re still flogging the same thing, the same product or service, at a cheaper cost. To stand out in the crowd, businesses have to provide something unique that is meaningful to the customer. “A big part of the market is not ready for the digital change, mainly because of the traditional view held by those who have been in the business for 20 to 30 years and they’ve done it the same way for a very long time. “What they are forgetting is that digital migration is real and those who are savvy in terms of the way they provide solutions in a digital manner are going to win in the future.” INCLEANNZ August 2018 25