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SECRET OF MY SUCCESS Interiors Addict’s Jen Bishop talks business & motherhood

Mums & bubs Balancing work and kids

Visual merchandising

Tips to boost Mother’s Day sales

TRENDING NOW: Gifts for mum

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8 profile Interior Addict’s recipe for success


12 visual merchandising store display inspiration from around the world 20 tips how to boost your Mother’s Day sales 24 product focus spoil mums this Mother’s Day with essential oils 28 in focus 5 inspirational women talk about motherhood & business

44 wholesale profile gift wholesaler Annabel Trends

40 trends what you need to stock for Mother’s Day

48 products the latest gifts for mum’s special day


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20 March 2020  5

0 02 2 Day M her's

Behind every amazing woman is an amazing gift


B 2 B . SPL O SH . C O M . A U



For Jen Bishop the ideal Mother’s Day includes a sleep in, breakfast in bed, a yummy lunch somewhere with her husband Damian and the kids. We talk to the founder of Interiors Addict about her business, motherhood and how you can combine both successfully. photography: Jacqui Turk




o you remember the movie Bad Moms? If you have seen it you might think or agree that being a mum leaves you with no time or opportunity to do anything

else let alone be any good at it. However, that’s not (always) the case as there are many mums out there who have very demanding jobs or are running their own companies with great success. When Jen Bishop was made redundant a few years ago,

photography: Jacqui Turk

little did she know her ‘hobby’ would become a very

and to this day, what I spend on people

successful business.

to help me, is the best money I spend. So

“Interiors Addict was a hobby before it became a business,

I employed an agency to take care of my

and in fact, it becoming my job was something I never ever

ads (these days I do this side myself) and

planned for,” she explains.

eventually, a part-time editorial assistant.

Bishop started her blog in 2011 as a place to keep together all her interiors inspiration and ideas. “I’ve always been really obsessed with interior design

“Over the years, the amount of people working for me, and on what basis, has changed, depending on my

and making my home nice, despite having no design

needs. For example, when pregnant

qualifications, and even when I was renting and not owning

with my first child Sebastian, and later

my own home. It wasn’t until I was made redundant from my

as a mum to a newborn, I needed a full-

magazine editor job a couple of years later, that I decided

time employee for the editorial

it was now or never and to give myself six months to try and

side of things,” Bishop says.

make a go of it. That was seven years ago and the rest, as they say, is history.” When Interiors Addict started to become more popular, she realised that she couldn’t do everything—like selling ads and content—as well as producing the everyday content. “I soon realised you have to spend money to make money, March 2020  9


“You’re never ready to launch a business and it’ll never be perfect but if photography: Jacqui Turk

She became a mum after she had started Interiors Addict and while starting up a business is difficult enough, being a mum

you don’t start anyway, you’ll never get anywhere,” she adds. Bishop’s blog was the core of her business when she started and the way

adds another set of challenges. However, Bishop is convinced you can combine

people use social media is constantly changing. Influencer marketing—where

motherhood and a successful business. “It’s absolutely possible and any mum will know that you

brands work with bloggers like her to

develop some kick ass multitasking skills as soon as you

share their products and services to an

become one. My biggest advice is to realise as soon as you

engaged and trusting audience—has

can that you can’t do it all without burning out, and you’ll need

just got bigger and bigger.

help, whether that’s in your business or caring for the kids.

“At the same time, the amount of

“For me, a combination of the two means I can work flexibly

people doing this well in the interiors

and spend much more time with my kids than if I were in a 9 to

space has probably decreased, which

5, despite having way more responsibility and probably doing

is great for those of us still going!

more work, just more efficiently and in less time.

Whereas I used to make all my money

“Spend your time doing what you’re great at and outsource

selling display ads on the blog, these

the rest; the admin, the house cleaning, even just a day or two

days brands are more likely to pay me to

of a nanny or daycare to start with. Know that work/life balance

create sponsored content which sits on

is probably a bit of a myth, but as long as you’re happy, do

the blog or my Instagram feed. People

what suits you and your family and try not to succumb to the

don’t really click on ads to buy stuff

dreaded mum guilt.”

anymore. That’s the biggest change.”

Sadly Bishop’s mum passed away from melanoma when

So what’s next for Interiors Addict?

she was three (her dad did a great job bringing up her and

“I’m working on launching an online

her sister, she adds) and while the best advice on mothering

membership later this year to help

has been from her friends, there is one lesson she has learned

people fall in love with their homes.

along the way that she would like to pass on.

Watch this space!”



WITH ALBI There’s more to Mother’s Day Visual Merchandising than a chrysanthemum garnish! Albi’s VM experts share some fresh ideas for what you can offer in-store leading up to every mum’s special day.

CONCEPT 1: THE FLOWER BAR This concept engages the shopper by letting them craft a personal bouquet. Set aside a table in store as a ‘florist’s workbench’. On one side, display a good range of faux stems in baskets or vases. Your customer can then pick out some blooms they think their mum will love, which you wrap up into a pretty posy on the spot. Butchers paper is a cheap and authentic choice. Also, display a few ready-made bouquets for customers who’d rather trust you to do the creative work. This also lets the shopper instantly see what the finished product could look like.



This is an inclusive VM strategy as it helps customers on all budgets – from those with just pocket money to spend, through to others in a position to splurge on their leading lady. Try creating pyramid displays with gifts under $20, under $50 and under $100. It helps to merchandise the bottom of the pyramid with cheaper items that are upsells to gifts further up the pyramid. For example, a handmade soap that goes with a soap dish positioned above. ‘Gift idea lightbulbs’ will switch on in your customer’s mind as they cast their eye down the pyramid.




These days, more and more shoppers and retailers are doing their bit to reduce wastage. So why not extend that to gift wrapping? Using a beautiful tea towel is an attractive and creative way to wrap gifts in-store. The easiest way is to use a nice piece of ribbon to tie it all together. Whilst tea towel gift wrapping is very on-trend, it is inspired by the traditional Japanese tenugui – a small cotton cloth used to wrap things, as a hand towel or as a headband. An idea is to offer a free or discounted tea towel with every purchase from your Mother’s Day gift selection, which you use to wrap the gift for your customer. It looks clever, crafty and creative but best of all – no wrapping paper ends up in the bin! Win-win. Whatever direction you take in store, it’s important to add a personal touch. Show us your Mother’s Day merchandising by taking a photo and tagging @albiaustralia on Instagram.

$11.03 $7.70

$18.39 $110.43



Note: Wholesale prices listed. Clockwise from left: Banksia Spray by Rogue, Plant Life Wall Décor by Amalfi, Beekeeper Tea Towel by Ulster Weavers, Smart Tea Infuser with No Drip Cover by Savannah, Hanging Succulent Mix – Emile & Emile Set of 2 by Rogue, Capri Reactive Glaze Tea For One by Leaf & Bean, Native Protea Mix in Mahlia Pot by Rogue, Anjana 5x7” Photo Frame by Amalfi.

To see Albi’s full range of Mother’s Day gifts, or to apply for an account, visit



TO MUM, WITH LOVE Be inspired by these window displays from around the world that celebrate Mother’s Day in style.




visual merchandising





March 2020  13

C h ristie Williams. Christie is an Australian surface pattern designer and illustrator who specialises in drawing colourful Australian flowers, tropical plants, whimsical birds and nature-inspired motifs. She spends her days creating designs for fabric, home decor, totes and other gifts for brands all over the world. She has a beautiful home studio in the lush Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, and often finds inspiration right outside her window from the native birds, surrounding forest and gardens.

She’s also inspired by the organic shapes of flowers, the unusual and waxy leaves of indoor plants, plus the retro fashions and decor of the 1960s. She grew up in a small town on the Sunshine Coast and moved to Melbourne in 2008 where she completed a Bachelor Degree in Design at Monash University. Since then she’s worked with some amazing brands to create beautiful fabrics, gifts and homewares for customers worldwide.

Over 5 0 year s o f g i f t g i vi n g. Annabel Trends has been a leader in providing quirky gifts and funky homeware products to Aussies for over 50 years. Australian made and owner operated, Annabel Trends has a distinct eye for unique products with wide appeal, always with fast turn around and supported by a passionate and experienced design, packaging and customer service team. Annabel Trends also collaborates with Australian artists to create a range of funky gifts with a signature Australian flare. From its humble beginnings, designing and creating bright, 1960s-style napery, Annabel Trends has emerged as a brand who takes pride in putting smiles on the faces of anyone who receives one of their beautiful gifts.

18 Alex Fisher Dr, Burleigh Heads, Queensland. @annabeltrends

visual merchandising






visual merchandising







TIPS TO MAXIMISE MOTHER’S DAY SALES Another Mother’s Day is approaching. Are you ready? Do you have a plan in place? Successful sales at Mother’s Day start with having a great gift.


ave you thought about the ultimate Mum’s Day gift?

Hint, hint, people aren’t into buying things quite as much as they used to be. We’ve become

I mean, have you really

more conscious of who we buy from, what we

thought about it? Thought

buy, where it comes from and how it’s made.

further than books, toiletry bags, scarves or

Think about the sustainability and environmental

perfume? Here are some questions to help you

message you can share with your customer.

figure it out. • What do mums really want right now, that your business can offer? • Look at your best-selling products. What can you package up as a gift for mum? • Is there a service or an experience you could

Firstly, you need to remind people when Mother’s Day is. Yup, as simple as it sounds. We forget that Mother’s Day is coming unless we see a sign in a shop. Be that shop. Get a sign made for your window. Use your A-frame blackboard. Call it out

add to your product (styling, alterations,

from across the street, count it down, share the

tastings, VIP evenings, workshops, creating)?

date. We’re all so busy, we forget. We need you



to remind us. Use email marketing. Use socials.

Okay, we’re almost there. You may already

Then you need to tell them that you have all the

have people coming into your shop because of

gifts for mum in your shop.

your fantastic window display, signage, social

• Use your window displays and front fixtures,

and email marketing. Now you need to get them

like the front table or front hanging rail. Use

across the lease line and stay (the longer they stay,

social media and email marketing.

the more likely they will buy from you).

• Use signage around your shop.

Place it in a spot that’s easy to find.

• Create something special for your brand that

You need to do this:

alerts people to the fact that you are selling gifts for mum. • If you sell gift cards, how do they look when you gift them? Now, get them across the line, to enter your shop and spend time in it.

• Place your Mother’s Day range in a visible place in your shop. Visible from outside, when you’re walking past. I want to see your window or sign, then see the product close that I need to step inside. Not step to the rail hanging out the front, I mean take two to three steps into your shop. March 2020  21

• Use the 5 senses to get your customer to engage with the product, to touch, smell, taste. • Take the product out of the box, out of wrapping so the customer can see it in detail. • Use displays to show the customer how the products can be used.

• What’s the bottom that goes with the top? Make payment easy. Everyone’s in a hurry these days. Make purchasing from you a breeze. Pre-wrap while your customer is shopping or have some items pre-wrapped and ready to go.

Answer any common questions through

Remember, mums usually have everything they

display storytelling, pricing and signage.

need, so what do you have that’s unique, special,

What questions do you often get asked? See if you can answer these through display storytelling, pricing and signage.

practical, spoils mum, that she wouldn’t buy herself? What calls out―I’m the best child, I’m the most thoughtful partner? That’s what your

Add on the accessories.

shopper will be looking for, along with easy,

• What about mum cards and wrapping

fast shopping.

paper―do you have that stuff? • Think about the items that go with the items that

Sarah Quinn is the co-founder of TalkShop and owner of SarahQuinn+Co Visual

you sell. For example, if you sell pots, how about

Merchandising. She helps retailers create

getting some plants to pop inside, flowers for

unique and exciting shops so that more

the vase, wine glasses for the wine and so on.

customers enter and make a purchase.



• Mother’s Day gifts in your shop


• Window

• Perfect gift

• Email marketing

• Add an accessory

• Social

• Add a service or experience • Mother’s Day date reminder call (two weeks ahead) • Window • Email marketing • Social • Signage outside

• Signage outside • Product placed in a visible spot • Common questions answered • Accessories added • Payment easy • Payment fast


March 2020  23


THE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT We all love to spoil and pamper our mums with Mother’s Day and one way to do this is with aromatherapy using essential oils, says Ben Phillips of Buckley & Phillips.

A 24


awareness of the ingredients and

continues to

harsh chemicals that we expose

grow in popularity

ourselves to daily.

for a number of

There is also growing dissatisfaction

reasons. It appears to be part of a

with conventional medicine and a

broader rejection of all things heavily

rediscovery of ancient practices or

processed, and an embracing of

alternative remedies. The ease of use

the natural, simple, ethical and

coupled with social media has allowed

organic. The public also has a greater

people to readily share experiences,

product focus

recipes and tips in a visually appealing way to a

Fragrant oils on the other hand are synthetically

broad audience.

made using a combination of manufactured

Origins of aromatherapy

and natural components. This allows for the

For thousands of years ancient cultures including

creation of far more complex and stable scents.

the Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese have known

It is possible to formulate aromas that cannot be

of the beneficial properties of certain aromatic

derived naturally, such as ‘Seabreeze’, ‘Pear’ and

plants. Precious plants were burned in rituals, or

complex perfumes. However, fragrant oils have

used in preparations for healing and beauty.

none of the benefits of essential oils.

The experiments of French chemist René

Why do some essential oils cost

Gattefossé in the 1920s led to the development

so much?

of aromatherapy as the modern art and science of

Many essential oils have a very low yield or can

using natural aromatic essences. These essential

grow only in certain climates. For example, it

oils are extracted from select plants to balance,

takes approximately 20,000 Bulgarian roses to

harmonise and promote the health of body, mind

produce just 10ml of pure essential oil.

and spirit.

What is the difference between fragrances and essential oils? True essential oils are completely botanically derived and are harvested by farmers and growers across the globe. The oil is extracted from only the aromatic portions of a plant (leaves, wood, peel, flowers, seeds or roots) using methods such as cold pressing or steam distillation. Essential oils are traditionally used for their therapeutic benefits and emotional properties. March 2020  25

For this reason, Gumleaf Essentials offer rose as

flowers (rose, jasmine and melissa) a gentle

a dilution of three per cent in jojoba (a liquid plant

solvent extraction process is used instead.

wax with a long shelf life). Due to their extremely

How essential oils enter the body

high price and low yield, other diluted oils are

Essential oils are natural aromatic chemicals that

Australian Sandalwood, Chamomile, Jasmine,

readily evaporate. These molecules can enter the

Melissa, Helichrysum and Neroli.

body through three main pathways:

Extracting the oils

Nose―when an essential oil is inhaled,

Gumleaf Essentials citrus essential oils are

molecules are absorbed into the nasal cavity and

all obtained by cold-press extraction. The

the olfactory bulb (the part of the brain involved in

application of pressure without external heat

the sense of smell).

maintains natural qualities of the oil. Gumleaf Essentials Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Pink & White Grapefruit, Lemon and Mandarin oils are sourced directly from Mildura’s orchards in regional Victoria. Most other essential oils are obtained via steam distillation. However, for the most delicate of 26

Lungs―inhaling essential oils also send molecules into the lungs, which then pass into the bloodstream. Skin―when essential oils are applied to the skin, their healing components are absorbed into the bloodstream through the pores and hair follicles.

product focus

Using essential oils around the home

Using essential oils for the body

Diffusion through the air using an ultrasonic

Topical application through massage oils,

diffuser or oil burner is one of the most effective

creams and lotions allow the oils to be absorbed

ways to scent the home or workplace.

into the skin. Common carrier oils are sweet

Essential oils can also be sprinkled over plain

almond, jojoba and coconut. Remember, a

incense or dried botanicals like pine cones,

little goes a long way (0.5 to two per cent

seed pods and whole spices. You could also try

concentration is recommended).

a couple drops of lavender oil on your pillow to

Pulse points are areas of the body where the

calm the mind before sleep.

blood vessels are closer to the skin so oils are

Using essential oils in the bath

absorbed faster. Gumleaf Essentials Pulse Point

Remember that essential oils are extremely potent

Rollers are a ready-to-use travel size topical

and should always be diluted before use.

essential oil blend safely diluted with fractionated

Warm water relaxes and soothes muscles, and

coconut and jojoba carrier oils.

opens your pores. For an aromatherapy bath, dilute three to six drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of sweet almond oil or full fat milk. Sprinkle the mixture over the bath water and agitate. Here are some other indulgent ways to incorporate aromatherapy with your bathing ritual that you may not be aware of: herbal bath infusions with dried or fresh botanicals, fizzing bath bombs, soothing Epsom salts, and shallow foot baths.


March 2020  27


We chat to five inspirational and entrepreneurial women who really have it all… a loving family, successful business and a zest for life. and grew from mainly referrals and word of mouth. I was in a new country and the media landscape was new so I needed to build up my contacts and gain trust from my clients. Being patient and following the slow and steady approach worked and seven years later the business is very busy.

How do you balance work and family with kids at home? The kids go to day-care and primary school and I work school hours. When the younger two were


little we had an au pair to help out at home. We


became foster carers and are in the process of

What inspired you to launch your

adopting our fifth daughter.


I used to outsource the washing and ironing

I launched Candice Meisels PR in 2013 so that I

when I felt it was all too much and we have

could have a flexible business around my kids. Prior

a cleaner each week. We also teach the girls

to that, I worked for Disney in the UK and Europe

to contribute and our household relies on

and for video game publishers. The hours were long

teamwork. My husband and I are a team and he

and there would have been a lot of travel which is

does as much of the housework as I do.

why I decided to set up Candice Meisels PR.

What would be your tips for other

I also wanted to help SMEs who have limited

mums who are starting a business?

resources to have a voice and get media coverage

Do market research before setting the business

and brand awareness for their businesses.

up―is the business viable, is there a definite

What challenges did you face trying

market? Try look for a niche area and niche idea

to get your business up and running?

client to target. It takes time. Be patient with yourself.

It took time to prove myself and I started off small

Use your skills and outsource areas of the business


in focus

to experts where needed. Don’t ever feel guilty as

My mum runs an animal charity in South Africa

we are prone to doing so as mums and women. It is

rescuing animals and she also helps children

great for your children to see you as a role model and

living in poverty at the school she teaches at…

that it is possible to be a working mum.

she definitely inspired me to be compassionate,

Why do you think so many mums are

sensitive and generous. We have two rescue

successful in business?

dogs and a rescue cat and are foster parents to a

Mums know how to multitask and can

beautiful 17-month-old baby girl.

compartmentalise. They have to be efficient

What is the biggest lesson you’ve

and productive because their time is limited.

learned so far?

Mums also often set up businesses around their

I had my first daughter at 26 years old and I

families and they have the passion and motivation

thought that kids would fit into my life but I now

to succeed. It is also a gift to be able to have

realise that we as mothers have to try and work

something of your own to focus on away from

our lives around our families. Children will always

being a mother, a daughter, a partner, etc.

need us regardless of their age. This is the reason

What does the ideal Mother’s Day

that I set up Candice Meisels PR so that I can be

look like for you?

there for my five daughters after school as often as

For me Mother’s Day is all about the cute crafts

I can, go to school events and watch them grow

that the kids make at school, home or day-care.

up each day. It isn’t easy to juggle a business and

Their childhoods go by so quickly, that I really

children but we take one day at a time.

treasure all the home-made gifts. It’s also cute to

I have also learned that it is okay to say no and

see them try to arrange breakfast in bed and talk

okay to take time out when needed. You know the

to their dad when they think I am not listening

old saying that you need to refill your cup before

about Mother’s Day plans.

you refill others and that you need to put on your

Best advice your mother gave you?

oxygen mask before you help others―it’s very true.

To be kind, compassionate and generous. My

What can we expect in 2020?

own mum lives in South Africa so Mother’s Day

I am focusing more on up and coming lifestyle

is also a day to thank her and show gratitude

brands from a PR perspective. I would also love

towards her for showing me how to work hard

to see the adoption of our fifth daughter finalised

and raise kids as well as be a philanthropist.

by the end of 2020. March 2020  29

I searched for a product to help overcome these difficulties to no avail. It was after my mum passed away and I started to heal that I started to doodle pictures of a product that may overcome this problem―and there the journey started!

What challenges did you face trying to get your business up and running?


There have been so many―what I have come


to realise though is everyone’s business is full of

What was the inspiration behind the

challenges. It doesn’t mean you’re bad at business….

launch of your business and when

It’s all about how you overcome them that counts.

was it launched?

My biggest hurdle came before I had sold a

My daughter was just five months old when I

single product―my first bulk order arrived and

decided to take her to see my mum in the UK for

was complete and utter rubbish. I lost $25k and to

the first time. It was an awful flight as Aimee didn’t

add insult to injury, I had to pay to have the stock

sleep the whole time and I remember telling my

destroyed. I think a lot of people would have given

mum that I wouldn’t do that again in a hurry.

up that day, but I worked out where I had gone

Sadly, during that visit my mum was diagnosed

wrong in the process and put procedures in place

with a life-ending illness and I took the difficult

to make sure it never happened again.

decision to relocate and look after her. During

How do you balance work and family

that year, I flew from Sydney to London and back

with (small) kids at home?

four times… each and every flight was terrible as

Running your own start-up with young children is no

Aimee was unable to sleep during the flight.

mean feat. There are times when you feel like you’re

The airline provides you with a bassinet, but it is

not doing your job properly because you’re looking

directly under a TV, right next to the toilet where

after your children and then when you’re looking

people gather the whole flight and subject to

after your kids, you’re abandoning your business.

the distraction of passers-by, overhead reading

I always remember why I am doing this….

lights and cabin lights. It’s difficult to remove these

I work passionately, but I work to live and if

distractions in order to get baby to sleep.

you miss out on the joys of your kids whilst


in focus

establishing your business, then it’s not ideal. So,

tasking and in this day and age―we

striking a balance, whilst difficult is essential.

back ourselves!

You must schedule family time in the same way

What does the ideal Mother’s Day

as you do work time. I have had to outsource a

look like for you?

few of my mummy duties in the same way I’ve

Breakfast in a cafe, a walk along the beach with

had to outsource aspects of my business. The

my kids, flowers and cuddles and a homemade

upside is my kids have grown up with CoziGo

dinner with wine. Bliss!

and even at seven and 10, are very passionate

Best advice your mother gave you?

about it. Even when Aimee was just six years old,

Believe in yourself because you can be or do

she was asked what she wanted to be when she

anything you set your mind to and don’t forget to

was older. She proudly said “just like mum, I want

smile. Smiling makes other people happy.

to run CoziGo when she’s too old to do it”!

What is the biggest lesson you’ve

What would be your top tips for

learned so far?

other mums who are looking to start

In business your level of effort doesn’t always

a business?

reflect the reward, but keep focused and you

First of all―be brave! You rarely get anywhere in

will eventually reap the rewards. Don’t EVER

life by constantly playing it safe, so you will need to

look sideways―instead focus on yourself, your

take some risks but try to only make well calculated

business, your family and your friends. Not

risks. Set a budget but be prepared to double it

always in that order―change up the order so

and if you set a time limit, be prepared to triple it.

everything has their day of being your

Do your research and make sure others think

top priority.

it’s also a good idea. Find yourself a mentor,

What can we expect in 2020?

research people and ask them to help―you’ll be

This year is looking to be a year of survival―

surprised how generous some successful people

strange things are happening with bush fires,

are with their time.

floods and the coronavirus. We are all facing

Why do you think so many mums are

unprecedented challenges that require focus

successful in business?

and calm. So you’ll find me with my head

Women in business are tenacious and find it

down, focusing on business, family, friends

difficult to give up. They are good at multi-

and community. March 2020  31

So fast forward my double degrees, I opened up private practice in 2003 and started hearing people struggling with similar stories as my own. At the time I honestly thought I was the only person with this disease and no one knew how to help me. Feeling and knowing the pain people were experiencing I realised I had to


share what I did. So I started making little sample


pots of cream, little brown bags of tea to take

What was the inspiration behind the

over time patients wanted more as they were so

launch of your business and when

happy with how their health was improving.

was it launched?

while taking the herbs I was prescribing and

I decided in 2007 to launch Salubre Teas and

My childhood was met with many challenges

2010 launched Salubre Cosmeceuticals and

that centred around my health. It felt as if I was

2011 launched Salubre Therapeutics. Basically

not really present and a little lost as my mum

each and every product I have, even the books I

and I went from doctor to doctor trying to find

have written and the online program I have was

a way to help with my psoriasis. Eventually my

inspired by my 18 year old self. What did I need

experience with Chinese medicine proved to

then to be healthy? How can I get this to people

be wonderful as my skin seemed to heal within

out there to help them along their journey to

two months.

better health?

Now it wasn’t a cure but there was a lot of

What challenges did you face trying

promise that came with this as up until then there

to get your business up and running?

seemed to be nothing that could ease the pain

The biggest challenge for me was looking at

of this disease. As a result I decided to study

the business as an entrepreneur not a health

Chinese medicine just to take some control back

practitioner. When it comes to running a

into my life and help myself be healthy as so many

business, most people will take small steps,

doctors told me there was very little that can be

perhaps launch one product and focus on that

done for this disease.

then another and another.


in focus

I had in my head that these people are suffering

lose sight of this, sit yourself down and meditate.

and to get complete resolution they need ABC

Calm the nervous system down and you will

which led to launching many products in a very

come back to where you should be.

small space of time. As you can imagine this

Why do you think so many mums are

impacts your ability to effectively market your

successful in business?

product and let people who would gain benefit

I think we are great with managing so many things

from your products actually find out about them.

at once. When it comes to small business there

What would be your top tips for

are many things we must do and we are great at

other mums who are looking to start

getting things done. As the saying goes, ‘If you

a business?

need something done, give it to a busy person’.

Do your research first. Where is the need in the

I also believe mums are great support for other

market? Is there anyone out there doing what

mums. They know there are challenges, they

you are doing? Understand why you want to

form a great community of like-minded women

do this. Find yourself a mentor, someone who

and are able to bounce ideas off their peers. This

can help you take the adequate steps to move

is essential when running a household and also

your idea forward. There needs to be a love for

running a business; they are not that dissimilar.

it as the tough times (which are many and often

What does the ideal Mother’s Day

lonely) will test your dedication.

look like for you?

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, with

For me it’s waking up and being present with

social media it seems everyone has it all sorted

my family. I’m not concerned about breakfast

but in reality it takes hard work. But it doesn’t

in bed or any presents. It’s more important for

need to be hard if you have a great mentor to

my attention to be focused on spending time

help you along the way.

together and doing something fun. Not thinking

Also don’t let anyone bring you down. You will

about anything that needs to be done but just

be required to take yourself out of your comfort

cherishing that time I have with my family. Having

zone which is awesome but others may see this

your own business takes you away from your

as crazy. Live your life, follow your passion, wake

family at times so whether its Mother’s Day or any

up every morning with excitement as in business

other Sunday we are always focused on being

you never know what the day will bring. If you

there and creating some great memories. March 2020  33

in focus

Best advice your mother gave you?

What is the biggest lesson you’ve

Being educated will give you freedom’. My mum

learned so far?

came here from Greece when she was only 17

Each and every challenge in my life whether it be

and met my dad here. The got married soon after

personal or in business has incredible depth of

and had every intention of going back home; my

insightful lessons for me. At the time it can be tough

dad had other plans. But she came to love it here

but whenever I have reflected on the experience it

and was grateful for staying as the opportunities

has always led me towards my path. Having faith is

she had here compared to her siblings in Greece

most important in knowing everything will be ok if

were vastly different.

I just listen to what the lesson is trying to teach me

Her deepest regret was not following her

and stop trying to control my circumstances. Some

passion for law as she always wanted to be

things just need to happen for the greater good of

a lawyer but her father said she must be

where your life is meant to go.

home and take care of the family. She didn’t

What can we expect in 2020?

follow her dream of becoming a lawyer but

I’m super excited for 2020. A new decade and

she did develop the skill in being a fantastic

I’m a lover of even numbers. There are continued

hairdresser who ran her own business and only

plans to reach more people and let them know

just retired.

there is more hope to help them with their skin

My mum was my rock and still is. During those

health concerns. I would love to do more live

challenging years in my teens and 20s she was

events to meet people in person and listen to

there for me emotionally and courageously

their stories. Making that human connection really

looking for answers to help me when so many

feeds my soul and that’s why I love consulting

told her to stop wasting her time. My mum is a

in my clinic so much. Everyone has a story and

fighter but she is hugely passionate and loves

hearing that story and being able to help really

her family who she does so much for. I honestly

makes my passion for what I have created grow.

don’t think I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t

On the flip side a level of unknown is also there as

for my mum.

we truly don’t know what the year will bring.

34 Source new products, find suppliers and read the latest news all in one place. ISSUU


What challenges did you face trying to get your business up and running? There are always challenges but I suppose it is my perception of challenges that set me out from the norm. I don’t see challenges as negatives, I see them as a positive as they mean I am ready to evolve in my business. A challenge comes when we need to upskill or shed something. Challenges


are important to business and self-growth.


How do you balance work and family

What was the inspiration behind the

them to school and picks them up. My youngest

launch of your business and when

has just started school as so I have finally moved

was it launched?

into an office location. I have always enjoyed

In 2010 I wrote my first book. I went on to self-publish

building my empire from home so that I can be

and the experience was not pleasant. I had a book in

there when my children need me.

with kids at home? My children are my priority. I will never compromise on being the person who brings

my hand and that was it. After doing some research I

Working for myself I can work my hours on my

realised that I knew the basics of publishing and so I

terms and be in control of our own schedule is a

made publishing a priority in my life.

true privilege, one I never take for granted. I am

At the same time the print and distribution

a mum of six aged from four years old to 23. I will

channel my publisher used to print and

keep it real and say that it is busy, but I wouldn’t

distribute my book opened a base in

have it any other way. I love getting up every day

Melbourne. I promised myself that if I was

to be a mum and build my publishing empires.

accepted as a publisher I would organically

What would be your top tips for

grow a publishing press and make it worth

other mums who are looking to start

$1 million and also share my knowledge with

a business?

authors so that they can be more and grow into successful authors. I live this every day. 36

• I can only go on my own experiences but I would say honour your journey, every

in focus

business journey is different and when you

What is the biggest lesson you’ve

navigate yours your way you will reap the

learned so far?

rewards quicker.

As more and more amazing opportunities come

• Remember you are the one who is most

my way I have learned to say yes to the ones that

connected to the essence of your business so

are aligned with my goals and say no to the ones

that makes you the best decision-maker.

that are not because time is our most valuable

• Enjoy the journey!

resource, and time spend on things that are not

Why do you think so many mums are

aligned is wasted precious time and energy.

successful in business?

What can we expect in 2020?

Because when we are passionate about

This year is huge for us. Serenity Press has some

something we make amazing things happen.

amazing books coming out this year by Sarah,

Women are great problem solvers and amazing

Duchess of York, Kate Forsyth, Juliet Marillier,


Sophie Masson, Monique Mulligan, Teena Raffa

What does the ideal Mother’s Day

Mulligan and I might have a few of my own books

look like for you?

in our production schedule too.

My perfect mother’s day is like every Sunday in my home.

All of these books will be available across Australia and NZ and my rights manager is

• A slow morning where I begin writing.

currently negotiating rights in many territories

• When my kids get up we snuggle on the sofa

which is exciting. My other publishing house is

with a morning drink and watch some Netflix.

MMH Press and I run it alongside five emerging

• Then we go out somewhere, usually the beach.

authors and we are all doing great things for

• A nice dinner.

authorship. We are publishing and guiding 10

• Kids playing in the backyard and I get to write

authors to success this year, we are about to

or read some more. You just got an insight into my Sunday lol. I treasure them as I know they won’t be like this

launch our first writers festival and our annual book awards are very exciting also. I am launching a series of seven non-fiction

forever. Kids grow up so fast!

books called The Life Magic Series and also

Best advice your mother gave you?

introducing Minky Monkey to the world.

To treasure happiness. She has always said to me ‘once you are happy love, that’s the main thing’.

And then there are also the retreats in an Irish castle that we host every year... March 2020  37

There are not enough hours in the day to do everything in small business. Life gets in the way, when you are not planning on it and then there is the dirty word…. money!

How do you balance work and family with kids at home? I am so lucky to have two healthy boys and a


very supportive husband and family. Without


them, things would be a disaster! When I was

What was the inspiration behind the

there was not going to be any dinner (for

launch of your business?

hygiene reasons). Also, to be honest, selfishly

As a pharmacist in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs,

I wanted to be around for them when they

I was hearing the same complaints from my

were little, so sacrificed pushing the business

clients... they needed solutions for their sensitive

forward. Now that they are taller than me

skin, they wanted it to be as natural as possible

(impressive since I am 6-foot!), it is time to get

and it would be an added bonus if they were

QED out there and help as many people with

able to indulge themselves with a little luxury.

sensitive skin as possible.

I started investigating the latest dermatology

cooking up lotions and potions in my kitchen,

What would be your tips for other

journals seeking answers and realised if I

mums looking to start a business?

combined my learnings and my pharmacy

1 Recognise that you are never going to get to the

formulating experience, I was able to create

end of your To Do list, EVER! You can’t afford to

unique skincare solutions. So that’s why I started

get frustrated about it. Don’t waste your energy.

QED back in 2008.

2 Invest in a cleaner at home. A tidy home is less

What challenges did you face trying

stressful. Stress, exhaustion and guilt make you

to get your business up and running?

into a short-tempered parent.

Cue nervous laugh…. A quick list of challenges

3 Recognise that you can’t do everything.

off the top of my head… Manufacturing in

4 It helps to have a great backup network.

Australia is tough for a number of reasons.

5 Show your kids that working hard is a good


in focus

thing as well as creatively satisfying, but make

happening in this over-populated skincare

sure that you invest time in them too.

space. You really need to believe in what you

Why do you think so many mums are

do and stay firm to your beliefs whilst crafting a

successful in business?

very clear brand DNA.

I always used to joke that when you have a baby,

I guess the other major lesson would have to

they should surgically attach an extra arm for

be quality control. It’s a biggie for me as I simply

you. From the moment you become a parent,

won’t compromise on high-quality ingredients

you are forced to be a great multi-tasker. I am

that are ethically sourced. There is always

not the most organised person in the world

premium to pay for quality be it money or time

yet have the ability to prepare lunch for my

to source, but if you are patient and plan, there

kids, plan a dinner party, do a load of washing,

is simply no need to compromise, I won’t

respond to emails and plan a production


schedule all while drinking in morning coffee.

What can we expect in 2020?

I am no wonder women but I think it’s just a

This year has been hectic. Last year saw us

natural skill that comes with motherhood―we

overhaul our packaging and branding with

simply have no choice and just do it.

tremendous success and the changes have

What does the ideal Mother’s Day

been really welcomed by our customers and

look like for you?

media alike.

Definitely breakfast in bed (very late breakfast,

This year is a year of expanding QED into new

okay call it brunch, maybe even lunch?). Lots

markets both local and internationally. We will

of cuddles and chocolate. Really soft PJs. More

be partnering with some like-minded retailers

cuddles, Netflix in bed. Somewhere delicious

both online and offline, whilst also exhibiting

for dinner with my kids, parents, mother-in-law

internationally to attract international retail

and grandmother.

partners and introduce them to QED Skincare.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve

It’s a very exciting place to be. The response to

learned so far?

our products has been phenomenal and having

Proceed slowly, keep your eye on the ball and

that positive recognition for products that I have

always stay true to your beliefs and vision. In our

spent years researching and formulating is a bit

industry it’s really easy to be distracted by what’s

like seeing your baby graduate.


March 2020  39

Trending now: GIFTS FOR MUM

We’ve put together an eclectic mix of gifts to thank our mothers for the unconditional love, support and kindness they have given us throughout the years.


hether she likes

know what we will be getting our mums this

a bit of glamour,

Mother’s Day.

comfort, whimsical, vintage or indulgence

in her life, thanks to this selection we already 40

The key is to walk the line between classic gifts you know she’ll love, and something that she wasn’t expecting, to add an element of surprise.



Sophie Allport Whales Canvas Wash Bag

Belgian Linean Throw Bruges Stripe by Abode Living Ted Baker Magnolia A5 notebook

Chamomile A Gift of Seeds

Celyn Blanket - Deep Red and Grey Pure Wool

Sophie Allport Bees Ladies Socks

Sophie Allport Peony Scarf Accessory

Flower Scissors

March 2020  41

The ultimate

EXPERIENCE Aromist is the essential gift for pampered shoppers.


ibson’s beautiful

body with Gibson’s 100 per cent pure

range of

natural essential oils available in the

essential oils is

most popular selections of bergamot,

designed to use with

peppermint, lemongrass, sandalwood,

oil burners and diffusers and makes the

sweet orange, rose, tea tree, lavender

perfect gift idea to ensure someone

and eucalyptus.

can feel totally pampered at any time of the day.

Aromist has made it simple and easy

No doubt your customers will love


Ideal for women or men of all ages,

to enjoy this expansive oil range with

indulging in any of these soothing

a selection of pre-mixed, purpose

oil treatments for skin, hair, bath and

built oils.


sponsored content

Conveniently you can offer the full essential oil experience by diffusing these oils in one of Gibson’s statement Aroma humidifiers. When lit up these popular glass humidifiers shine beautiful colours and patterns throughout the room, setting the mood for a chilled night in. Make gift choosing an even more relaxing experience for customers this year with Gibson’s essential oil range and Aroma humidifiers. Each treatment is made with carefully selected oils from around the world to provide aromatherapy relief for a range of physical benefits from stress relief, relaxation, improved sleep, breathing easier and headaches through to the more emotional benefits of increasing happiness, love and feeling revived. There’s even an oil treatment for new mums to help with calming her baby.

Each treatment is made with carefully s e l e ct e d o i l s from around t h e w o r l d.

March 2020  43

Gifted Gift wholesaler Annabel Trends has come a long way from its humble beginnings. A large range of products is now manufactured here in Australia in its own factory. Its latest range, PEONIA, includes the perfect gift items for mums.


wholesale profile


t all started for Annabel Trends in 1966, when founder Ann Dawe was cutting and sewing stuffed toys and kitchen napery on her kitchen table. She

would then deliver the goods to the stores by loading up the pram, with baby daughter Sally (Dunn) on board. Fast forward to 2020 and a lot has changed. The little girl has grown up and now runs Annabel Trends. She relocated the company from Melbourne to the Gold Coast and now operates out of a 5,000 square metre factory, employing more than 30 staff. Over the years, new niche markets were explored so that Annabel Trends could become what it is today―a family company dedicated to supplying the marketplace with giftware that sets trends, with strengths in design, colour, practicality and presentation. The current focus for Annabel Trends is working with Australian surface pattern designers―so far the company has collaborated with Jocelyn Proust, Kat Kalindi, Christie Williams and Mabel Tan. “We work closely with the artist to create a range of products,” says Dunn. “We print the art on fabric and make the fabric into a wide range of articles―bathroom accessories, kitchen napery and some travel items. We have a team of four machinists and a cutter, along with the assembly team, who package our goods.” March 2020  45

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest occasions

packs are completely odour free and can be used

for Annabel Trends. “We are specialists in making

as a hot or cold pack. Place on aching muscles for

great practical gift items for mums.”

effective relief. Measures 40x15cm and wholesales

Its latest release, PEONIA, features the colour

for $15.45.

palette soft pink, pale grey, sage green and


washed navy.

Annabel Trends celebrates beautiful Australian

Items in this range include kitchen napery

flora and fauna with its newest edition to its

(aprons, oven mits, pot holders, tea towels),

women’s scarf collection. Designs by local artist

shopping totes, bathroom accessories (cosmetic

Christie Williams, the scarves feature everything

bags, shower caps, eye rest pillows, heat pillows,

Aussie from koalas and magpies to proteas and

drawer sachets), wine cups, ceramic coffee mugs,

cockatoos. Soft, stylish and easy to wear at any

glasses cases and safe keepers, boxed socks,

time of the year. Great gift idea for visitors, it

scarves, and laundry bags.

measures 180x70cm and wholesales for $12.85.

Heat pillow

Shopping tote

The safe alternative to a hot water bottle. No

Reuse, recycle & reclaim our environment with

chance of leaks or burns from boiling water. Filled

Annabel Trends’ dedicated reusable shopping

with heatable/chillable silicon beads the heat

totes. The large eco-friendly totes fold up for


wholesale profile

on the couch, the poncho bath robe features luxuriously soft waffle fabric with a front pouch pocket, drawstring hood and extra spacious for that relaxed fit. Pair with Annabel Trends’ pretty pink slippers and eye mask for that perfect gift set. One size fits most. Wholesales for $34.30.

Cosy luxe pom pom slippers Sweet dreams start with sweet slippers. Keep your feet cosy with the new cosy luxe slippers. Perfect small storage and are easy to use. Carry your

for around the house. Available in three colours,

shopping in style with many fresh, fabulous and

sizes range from small/medium to medium/large.

fun designs to choose from. Measures 50x42cm

Wholesale for $15.

and wholesales for $6.85.

Wine tumbler and bottle

Boxed socks

The stainless steel double walled wine tumblers

Socks never looked so good. The new jacquard

and matching wine bottles make the best new

weave boxed socks are the perfect gift for that

addition to any picnic or party, keeping your

special someone. The range of designer socks

drinks chilled for hours. Glamp up your camp from

comes gift boxed as a single pair or a set of three,

the beach to the bush, these tumblers will keep

all with a lovely quote inside. One size fits most.

camping classy. On trend colours, BPA free, phthalate free and

Wholesales for $6.85.

Poncho robe

each item is individually boxed, making it easy

Stay warm and cosy with our cosy luxe poncho

to wrap for gifts. Wine tumbler wholesales for

bath robe. Perfect to pop on and snuggle up

$10.70, wine bottle for $17.15.


March 2020  47

2 1 loveley gifts for mum’s special day



1. Rogue Peony-Rounded classic bowl, wholesales for $40.89. Albi, 03 9474 1300,,, albiaustralia 2. Me to You Mother’s Day range, wholesales from $6.80 to $12.25. Jasnor (Australia), 03 9562 9900,,,, 3. Mama scented soy candles, wholesale from $11.35 to $19.50. Urban Rituelle, 02 9531 1244,,,, 4. Ohh Deer Mother’s Day cards, wholesale for $2.95 each. Vevoke, 02 9882 2278,,,, 48


1 2



5 1. Almalfi leopard and floral throw, wholesales for $36.80. Albi, 03 9474 1300,,, albiaustralia 2. Aroma lamps and humidifiers, wholesale from $17.50 to $36.50. Gibson Gifts, 03 9581 3666,, 3. Mum boxed mug, wholesales for $11.36. Intrinsic Enterprises, 08 8232 2366,,,, 4. Mama hand cream, wholesales for $11.35. Urban Rituelle, 02 9531 1244,,,, 5. Mother’s Day Gifts aluminium photo frame, wholesales for $5.90. Jasnor (Australia), 03 9562 9900,,,, March 2020  49

2 1

4 5

3 1. Ulster Weavers Melody range, wholesales from $7.70 to $18.16. Albi, 03 9474 1300,,, www. 2. Mother’s Day cards, wholesale for $2.70 each. Candle Bark Creations, 02 9516 0926, hello@candlebark.,,, 3. Mum hand cream, wholesales for $11.36. Intrinsic Enterprises, 08 8232 2366,,, www.facebook. com/theintrinsicway, 4. Mama fragrance diffuser set, wholesales for $19.50. Urban Rituelle, 02 9531 1244,,,, 5. Serengeti wrapping paper, grosgrain copper ribbon & Serengeti twisted paper handle bag, wholesale for $78 per 76cmx2.5m roll, $10.50 for 25mmx50m roll and from $0.51 for each bag. Vandoros Fine Packaging, 02 9966 8868,,,, 50




3 4

5 1. Almalfi Cardell photo frame, wholesales for $16.34. Albi, 03 9474 1300,,, albiaustralia 2. Aromist essential oils, wholesale from $17.50 to $36.50. Gibson Gifts, 03 581 3666,, 3. Mother’s Day cards, wholesale for $2.97. Earth Greetings, 08 8277 2001,,,, 4. Mum gift range, wholesales from $9.08. Intrinsic Enterprises, 08 8232 2366,,,, 5. Say What large desk sign, wholesales for $3.15. Jasnor (Australia), 03 9562 9900,,,, BACK TO CONTENTS

March 2020  51



Think about drink

Beverage trends in retail

Coffee time

Why coffee means more than just a caffeine hit

Japanese story Handmade ceramics from J Style



Think about drink

Beverage trends in retail

Coffee time

Why coffee means more than just a caffeine hit

Japanese story Handmade ceramics from J Style