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DEEP IMPACT Sustainable and fair trade gifts are in high demand and more stores around the world are jumping on the bandwagon.




visual merchandising





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visual merchandising





December 2019  13


ALL THINGS Does Fair Trade fit into today’s fast economy? Import Ants’ Kim Good finds out.


fair trade


n an economy where everyone is

is supposed to be a shop specialising in cruelty-

looking for the cheapest alternative it

free, fair trade toiletries and make-up’, was one

doesn’t leave much space for quality,

customer’s damning verdict on The Body Shop.

hand crafted items. Nor for skilled

Since being purchased by Natura, which also

artisans and small scale producers and their

owns Aesop, the Body Shop is gradually moving

products that take time to make and are not

back to its ethical beginnings.

mass produced. The amount of competition and the sheer volume of cheap alternatives that have flooded

Traidcraft in the UK was only just saved from closure by a massive downsizing. “As times change, so must we. When new

the world’s markets over the last 30 years have

markets are searching for goods that are ethical,

gradually drowned out Fair Trade.

vegan and organic as well as fair trade, we need

As an accredited Fair Trader I can say that we have lost our voice. We have seen the result of this with the

to be there. We need to address a younger audience,” Robin Roth from Traidcraft says. Can you see a similar theme with Traidcraft and

fracturing of the Fair Trade movement and

The Body Shop’s return to their original ethics?

the push for increased corporatisation of

Consumers still want Fair Trade products, just

its labelling.

some of the wording has changed.

We have seen this with the closure of Oxfam

Organic, ethical, entire life cycle, social

shops in Australia and the downsizing of Ten

business, ethical supply chain, plastic free,

Thousand Villages stores in the US.

corporate transparency, social justice…

Even giant chain store The Body Shop was

But aren’t these just other words for Fair Trade?

having difficulties with large drops in their

The fast economy is slowing.

profits. Starting with ethical foundations and a

There is growing evidence of a pushback

minimum waste policy they gradually moved

by both Millennials and Gen Z as awareness

away from this under the ownership of L’Oreal.

increases of the massive ecological damage

‘A confused shop with a mish-mash of products with no emphasis on the fact that this

that fast fashion and our throw-away economy is having on the planet.

December 2019  15

More and more environmental and consumer groups are impacting attitudes, raising awareness and altering purchasing patterns. With lobbying groups and social media raising awareness, this is influencing demand for change. Both Millennials and Gen Z are pushing for new

These are exactly the buyers of Fair Trade products. According to a recent Nielsen pole, 73 per cent of Millennials have demonstrated a willingness to pay more for products that are sustainable. Social media is playing a huge role as well. It

levels of transparency around ecological footprint

has changed who we are influenced by. More

and the entire lifecycle of all products.

people today now get their news from social

Attitudes are changing

media than mainstream media sources.

Millennials consider social responsibility and

A study from the Pew Research Centre in the US

environmental impacts when considering

found that 88 per cent of 18 to 29 year olds and

their purchases.

78 per cent of 30 to 49 year olds use at least one

Seventy-five per cent of Millennials consider it fairly or very important that brands give back to society instead of just making a profit. 16

social media channel. Greta Thunburg has shown Gen Z how their voice can start a movement.

fair trade

Cultural influences like Marie Kondo are teaching us to ‘love our stuff’. Combined with a strong movement away from conspicuous consumption you have a wave of change happening. In Australia a new study released by HP and Planet Ark has revealed that over 90 per cent of Australians are concerned about the environment and sustainability. So who do these generations trust? Sixty-one per cent of millennials trust a friend’s endorsement the most, followed by their own experience with a brand at 51 per cent and website reviews 48 per cent. Gen Z, having spent their whole life bombarded with media and advertisements, are very savvy at seeing through green wash. They pick up on corporate spin. Transparency and genuine stories are what

All these shifts in attitude create the perfect environment for Fair Trade. These issues that are now being forced

these generations want to renew their trust

on global corporations are the exact same

in brands.

issues that were the basis for Fair Trade in the

Corporations are now being held responsible.

first place.

As brands have sold a more personal story in

The history of Fair Trade was founded on three

an attempt to engage Millennials and Gen Z

basic principles: fair pay for work, equal access to

they have shifted the responsibility from the

markets, and good environmental practices.

consumer to themselves. Nearly 80 per cent of these generations

These three tenants stand even truer today in a world that is demanding change to more

hold companies responsible for their

sustainable practices and as consumers look for

environmental impact.

personal expression above mass consumption. December 2019  17

Now is Fair Trade’s time…

That encompasses the lives of their families and

In an era when fast and fashionable collides with

communities, a story that sees all of us as part of a

green and sustainable, Fair Trade is the ethos that people are looking for. The story behind the brand

global community with similar issues. The Fair Trade story takes in the environment. It is

is what consumers want and are willing to pay

often tied with organic practices, with small scale

more for.

family farmers.

The story behind Fair Trade brands is a story of

Today more than ever Fair Trade matters,

recycling, of producers making use of the reusable

producer’s stories matter, ethical supply

items and sustainable grown fibres around them.

chains matter.

It’s a story of continuing practices in handmade

Major brands and corporations have spent

manufacturing that have been passed down

billions of dollars selling a story behind their

for generations.

brand. Their story is created, but the Fair Trade

It is a story about fair wages, without slave or forced labour. It is a story that values the individual, their skills and their endeavours.


story is real. We here at Import Ants are proud to be accredited Fair Traders. The story behind our

fair trade

Eco Max Brushes is a real story. The wonderful

global movement to reduce plastics. Yes even in

women we work with in Sri Lanka are our ethical

Sri Lanka the effects of plastic pollution are felt and

supply chain.

a movement for change is happening.

The living wage these women receive enables

They laugh that the west is moving back

them to support themselves, their families and

to the practices once used in every village in

their community. The fair trade premiums we pay

Sri Lanka when plastic were not often seen

have just completed a new on site crèche/after

and biodegradable plant fibres where used

school care centre to care for and help educate

for cleaning.

their children.

Eco Max Brushes are ethical, sustainable and

Our producers are proud of the products they make and how their skills are contributing to the

eco-friendly. They are on trend and in demand. Choosing Fair Trade is choosing the future.


• William Morris hot/cold Vacuum Flask


Choose To Re-Use! • Natural fibre reusable Ecoffee Cups • Sugarcane water bottles • Beehave beeswax wraps • Bamboo straws

AND MORE… Contact Ph 0488 726 010 December 2019  19


to the planet

Wild Republic realised that if it wanted to change the way people look at waste and its impact on the environment, it needed to start with changing its own behaviour.


n recent years we have seen an

those looking to shop more eco-consciously this

increased interest towards sustainability

Christmas season.

and retailers are conscious of this; many are now focusing on what is in a toy and

where it comes from. Wild Republic has recently launched its

The 100 per cent recyclable plush toy collection is a result of the company’s Promise to the Planet initiative. Launched back in October 2018, Promise to the Planet aims to actively improve Wild

latest sustainable product line, Ecokins. First to

Republic’s production behaviours systematically

market, these products offer an alternative for

and evaluate their impacts on the planet.



The company has taken responsibility for

After transitioning to sustainable fill made from

the impact textile production can have on the

recycled water bottles in 2018, the company

environment and are taking steps to ensure this

challenged itself to develop a long-term

impact is as minimal as possible, making every

sustainability strategy that included all levels of the

effort to lessen the company’s carbon footprint.

supply chain and reduction of single use plastics.

“When we sourced a high-pile, outer fabric

Wild Republic’s managing director, Amanda

made completely from recycled materials, we

Dutton, says the company realised that the first

knew we had a game-changer,” says Vishnu

step to addressing this problem was evaluating its

Chandran, president of K&M International Inc,

own behaviours as a business.

Wild Republic.

“We knew we could either be part of the

“The cuddly toys are carefully crafted

problem or continue to be an industry leader,

and incredibly soft. Everything from the

continuing to make our Promise to the Planet,”

biodegradable polybag packing down to the soy

she explains.

ink printed hangtag; we’ve created an absolute environmentally conscious product.” Filled with bead-free recycled bottle fill, along

“Our new release, Ecokins, is our latest effort to be more environmentally-conscious and raise the standard within the industry. That’s why we’re

with embroidered eyes, soy ink, string hang tags

so proud to be the first to market and we hope

and packaged in biodegradable plastic bags,

we continue to inspire others in the industry to

the new release is part of the company’s industry-

follow suit.

leading efforts to find innovative ways to be environmentally focused.

“Promise to the Planet was our formal promise that we would be evaluating every level of our December 2019  21


supply change to see where we could improve

we have seen an increased interest towards

and become more environmentally friendly. Since

sustainability and retailers are conscious of

then, our journey has involved making changes

this; many are now focusing on what is in a toy

across our entire production system. This includes

and where it comes from. The feedback we’ve

switching to a sustainable fill in our core plush

received so far tells us that retailers are happy to

lines, as well as ensuring we are using recycled

finally have a product like this on the market.

and sustainable products within our office and warehouse,” Dutton adds.

“Ecokins are now available for pre-order, which means they will be available in-store at leading

The new Ecokins range is available for purchase

zoos and aquariums, and key retailers in each

from this month. It features 12 of the most popular

state by Christmas. December is very much our

animals, available in two sizes—12 and 8 inches.

high season and we are proud to be the first to

The animals include species such as koalas,

market with such a product for the season.

penguins, African elephants and pandas.

“Often mass markets can plan their Christmas

Currently Wild Republic products are

season so far in advance that unfortunately they

stocked by a variety of retailers across Australia

miss out on new and exciting releases such as

and online, from leading zoos, aquariums

Ecokins. We very much like to be involved with our

and specialty stores, to local post offices,

retailers and they know how to respond to a release

newsagents and pharmacies.

such as this. The demand for Ecokins is there

“We believe that this newest release will be received with a lot of excitement. In recent years


and our customers are ready for it now—it is our responsibility to deliver it,” adds Dutton.


TheSTUFF right

For Debbie Mills of Quality Products success is all about the right product at the right time at the right price.


ebbie Mills had been

In an increasingly difficult trading climate, Mills

looking for a wholesale

points out that the success of any wholesaling

business to purchase for a while

or distribution relies on the same factors as a

until Quality Products’ initial

retail business.

product offering as well as its wonderful customer base got her attention. Mills and her husband took it over in 2016 after

“It’s all about the right product at the right time at the right price,” she says. “It is just amplified when you are importing

looking at many within the gift area as well as many

or manufacturing products as the lead times

more industrial import businesses.

and numbers are all larger. Understanding your



logistics supply chain and associated costs and factoring in that we are now a global consumer economy means pricing products accordingly. “To survive in this business financially you need to maintain your own margin and also be able to provide pricing to retailers that allows them to compete in a global internet market.” She adds that when taking over the business their accountant told them that cash flow is king. Paying for product six months before you will be selling it has a huge impact on cash flow. “We struggled getting our heads around how we make that work for the first year and it

“it really is all about the r i g h t p r o d u ct at the right time at the r i g h t p r ic e . ”

products and brands they bring to market are all of high quality and many items come with a lifetime warranty. “We back the quality of our products so that retailers can sell them knowing that their faulty returns will be extremely low. We are often told that our communication and the overall order

ultimately helped us hone both the supply chain process as well as being even more focused about purchasing the right products at the right time.” So what makes Quality Products ranges stand out from the crowd? According to Mills, all the

process are very efficient. “When we first started I had grand ideas for a number of new suppliers that were really different to what we were currently doing. A very wise person who had been in the industry a while told December 2019  25

me to purchase products that fit your existing customer base.” Ultimately product selection comes down to the simple question, ‘would I like to receive this gift myself’? There are always those products that grow on you over time and products that you think you really like when you see them in the showroom and then they arrive and you have the ‘what was I thinking’ moment, Mills adds. Quality Products is moving to a larger warehouse in 2020 so it can bring in larger quantities of its

one. Many of our products are gift boxed so having one open for people to touch and feel also adds to the retail experience.

most popular products. However, the company

“Success for ourselves and our retailers relies

doesn’t have minimum order requirements for its

on us bringing new products to the market that

retailers so that they have the opportunity to try

consumers would be interested in. We try to keep

a new product without committing to stock that

to the garden, outdoor and eco theme where we

might not sell.

can and always look for quality in manufacture.”

“We always suggest that purchasing at least two

The indoor plant and general gardening

of everything so that if someone buys one you

movement continues to gain momentum as is the

have one left to display whilst you reorder another

sustainability and ethical trend.



“We have always been passionate about gardening and sustainability to certainly appreciate being able to provide products that assist people to achieve their own creations. “I think it is just the way of the world that we each have to do our part in terms of a smaller footprint in general. As a business we have always recycled or reused most of the materials that come into our warehouse. We also ensure our suppliers and the whole supply chain are doing their part where they can.” BACK TO CONTENTS December 2019  27 CuttleryCarriage_HPH_Eco Dec19.indd 1

29/11/19 8:47 am

5 tips

TO REDUCE RETAIL BUSINESS WASTE With the war on waste ramping up, retailers need to look for ways to be less wasteful.


educing retail business

lessen your business’ impact on the environment

waste follows the same

and lead by example, encouraging other

principals as reducing waste in

businesses and individuals to follow suit.

your own home. Using the three

Rs—reduce, reuse and recycle—you can easily 28

Tracey Bailey, founder of Biome Eco Stores, shares her top five tips to reduce retail business waste.


1 Incoming and outgoing packaging The easiest way to reduce retail business waste is to audit your incoming and outgoing waste and look at ways to reduce it or find sustainable alternatives. Ask suppliers to send items in minimal or no packaging. We’ve always requested no or minimal packaging on products sent to us and we’ve found most suppliers are happy to fulfill our requests. Review the outgoing packaging you currently use. Is it sustainable and plastic free? If it’s not, swap those plastic mail bags for recycled paper bags. You can also recycle the boxes you receive from suppliers and reuse them for your customers’ orders instead of using a new box. In store, we ask our customers if they would prefer to carry their products in their hands or put it in the bag they have with them before offering them a paper bag.

2 Recycle everything For the waste that’s difficult to avoid producing, do your best to find a recycling option for it. Printer cartridges, soft plastics, pens and batteries can all be recycled. If you have waste you can’t recycle, try to source a sustainable alternative to avoid producing the waste in the first place. Planet Ark provides a detailed list of recycling options for hard-to-recycle items. December 2019  29

3 Sustainable visual merchandising Visual merchandising is an important element for any bricks-and-mortar store, but even this can be done sustainably. Instead of purchasing new display stands and décor, shop at op-shops for bowls, crates, racks, boxes, benches and cupboards to display and style your products. When creating seasonal displays for campaigns or store windows, opt for displays made from sustainable and recyclable materials. Creative cardboard displays can be eye catching and intriguing to customers and once the campaign is over, the display can be dismantled and reused, or recycled. 30


4 Offer a take-back program Providing a take-back program ensures the products you sell are responsibly recycled at the end of its life. It also gives your customers an easy way to recycle their items through your store. You can offer a take-back program on any item you sell that can be recycled, reused or donated. At Biome, we give customers 20 cents off their purchase for every paper bag they give back to us.

5 Go paperless Over 1.5 billion pounds of waste is generated annually from paper receipts in the US alone. Some paper used for receipts is actually thermal paper which is coated with BPA, a chemical considered to be an endocrine disruptor. Save paper and unnecessary waste going to landfill by emailing receipts to customers instead of printing them. Most customers are understanding and are happy to receive digital receipts. It’s also a great way to start a sustainability conversation at the checkout. BACK TO CONTENTS

December 2019  31

Pay it


Consumers and retailers are embracing conscious consumerism, buying and offering locally made, sustainable and vegan-friendly products.


he same shift in attitude that

Recent research suggests people are more

has led to a backlash against fast

mindful of what they are spending their money on

fashion has flowed on to other retail

and wanting to support local products.

areas as consumers increasingly

Adelaide retailer Dave Strutton believes the

look for high-quality and ecologically produced

sustainable shopping trend will continue during

furniture, homewares and gifts.

the upcoming Christmas spending period.


in focus

“There has certainly been a swing towards more conscious spending as people have come to the realisation that they can’t continue to just waste their money and buy things that end up in landfill,” Strutton says. “Consumers are increasingly looking for highquality products, that are sustainably made and that can be used again and again. They want to buy once and buy well. “They’re also asking more questions, such as what country a product was made in. Some people refuse to buy if it’s not Australian made.” Strutton adds one of the most popular items sold at his Howards Storage World Mile End store in the past 12 months has been beeswax food wrapping and is used in the place of single use cling wrap. “Two years ago, hardly anyone was buying this

Making a difference by tackling exploitation in

product and now we have hundreds of packs

supply chains is easy, says Molly Harriss Olson,

flying off the shelf.

CEO of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand.

“Items such as reusable straws, fabric fruit

“Retailers have an opportunity to be leaders in

and vegetable bags and shopping bags made

the move towards sustainable consumption—a

from recycled plastic bottles are all a result of

force of good in the world, by conducting

consumers’ demand for sustainable products.”

themselves in a way that is transparent,

New research from Salmat finds that a third of shoppers are willing to walk away from a purchase

accountable and sustainable in the long term.” The best way to tackle exploitation within the

if they don’t like the brand’s values, making social

supply chain is to rethink your stock acquisition

responsibility more important than ever.

process, she says. December 2019  33

“Stocking products like coffee, chocolate, tea and cotton that carry the Fairtrade mark is a great way for businesses to make a big difference to the lives of farmers, workers and their families as well as the planet. It is also the best way to prevent modern slavery and help people escape poverty.” As well as being an easy fix, ethical conduct is also essential given the passage of new antislavery laws through parliament last year. The changes mean that retailers with a turnover of more than $100 million are now required to report on the risk of modern slavery, forced labour and other rights abuses in their supply chain. “For smaller and medium-sized retailers, although there is no requirement to report, accountability and transparency are regarded as good practice and the way of the future,” says Harriss Olson. Eco and Basics is committed to making people environmentally conscious by motivating

a range of stylish and affordable eco-friendly

others to live more sustainably and reduce

products to replace single use products,”

unnecessary waste, says founder Bianca White,

she says.

and customers can experience the peace of mind

Eco and Basics has designed a range of earth

that comes from knowing all products have gone

friendly products that are environmentally friendly

through a rigorous testing regime and meet

for a low waste lifestyle. A one-stop-eco-shop, the

industry standards.

company features an innovative range of bath and

“My vision for Eco & Basics is to inspire other people to live a low waste lifestyle by curating 34

kitchen products, food savers, stainless steel pegs and biodegradable keep cups.

in focus

For Julia Schaffer it was the lack of alternatives

While Schaffer started by hand crafting all covers

to plastic in the kitchen that made her launch her

herself, today they are made by township women

own eco-friendly business.

in troubled communities on the outskirts of cape

Spaza dish covers are breathable covers for

Town, South Africa. Her unique arrangement with

food that are reusable, machine washable and

them allows these women to be at home to take

will adjust to cover different sizes and shapes

care of and protect their families while still being

of dishes.

able to earn an income.

“As mother nature would have it, fresh is related

The range also includes dry goods bags, bread

to time and plastic can’t stop time by locking in

bags and tea towels all made from sustainably

freshness despite many successful advertising

sourced cotton.

campaigns,” she explains. “A carrot is fresh when it is pulled from the ground, every day after that it become less fresh. “Being breathable, dish covers eliminate condensation and through the process of

Best known for its SAKitToMe reusable shopping bags, EnviroTrend has added another eco-friendly product to its expanding portfolio, VeggieSAK, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Sales manager Lisa Lockhart says the reusable

evaporation, allow your food to cool quickly in

veggie bags are a nice flow on product to go with

the refrigerator.”

its reusable shopping bags.

December 2019  35

“That’s really how it came about,” she says. “It is a product that has so much potential as more and more people move away from plastic and are shopping at local markets. It complements our range so well. “All of our products are reusable, foldable and fashionable. So the veggieSAK fits in very well as it is compact, you can wash and reuse the bags and they look bright and colourful hanging off your shopping bags. You can even match the designs of our veggieSAKs and our reusable shopping bags. They look very stylish together.” Lockhart expects the veggie bag to do well in Australia. “The local Australian market is becoming very aware of using sustainable products that are useful in everyday life, products that will help the environment today and into the future. All of our products do this by being able to reuse them for so many years. This is why Australians will love the veggieSAK as well,” she adds. Melbourne bagware brand Crumpler is introducing a new veggie leather collection, adding to the range of sustainable products that are available in the market. The Elemental range has been created ethically using a weather resistant veggie leather made from 100 per cent recycled polyester ecoya fibre, which makes the bags very easy to clean. 36

in focus

“It has been our main focus to continually

20 to 1,000 years to degrade without human

introduce new fabrics that provide variety with a

intervention, its harmful polymers and toxic

tactile experience in stores, but most importantly

chemicals pose a major concern to the earth’s

are consciously produced,” says Valeria Fioretti,

ecosystem, contributing to oceanic acidification,

head of design at Crumpler.

environmental ‘dead zones’ where living

“The Elemental range is engineered for a sleek look. The smooth fabric—that we ironically call

organisms cease to strive, and greenhouse gas emissions that exceed 60,000 tonnes per year.

‘veggie leather’ for its great eco-friendly features—

Tackling the war on waste in Australia’s fastest

will pass the Crumpler test of time and still remain

growing retail category, eco-friendly and family-

a top pick for effortless style

operated soaping mill, Shampoo with a Purpose,

and comfort.”

has created four naturally formulated, vegan and

Crumpler’s eco-friendly Conversion collection is

sulphate-free solid cleansing bars as an effective

made up of seven metric tonnes of polyester scrap

and plastic-free alternative to traditional shampoos

and off-cuts, offering a more conscious carrying

and conditioners.

solution for Australians on the go. When it comes to the convenience of plastic, this

Gender neutral and catering to all hair types, colours, moisture levels and thickness, the range

widely used and diverse material isn’t so fantastic.

which includes The O.G., Dry or Damaged,

In Australia alone, 5.3 million consumers—that is,

Colour Treated, and Volume, equates to

27.1 per cent of the population—purchase single

approximately six retail sized bottles of traditional

use plastic bottles on a weekly basis.

shampoo and conditioner per unit in order to

Including FMCG goods such as bottled water

reduce plastic waste and provide customers

and food products, shampoo and conditioner

with a long-lasting, targeted and familiar hair

bottles, body wash, and other non-descript

cleansing experience.

plastic containers and lids, statistics show that a

Creating a familiar lather that is pH balanced for

mere 36 per cent of plastic bottles are recycled

optimal scalp health, the two-in-one miracle bar

annually; resulting in approximately 373 million

offers a soap-free cleanse and condition using

bottles going to waste and damaging the

local and internationally sourced ingredients such

environment irreversibly. As plastic can take

as Moroccan argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil, December 2019  37

sweet almond oil, sandalwood, seaweed extract,

milling, commercial soap machinery, Shampoo

ginseng, sage, lilly pilly, jojoba, avocado and

with a Purpose is revolutionising the traditional

vitamin-rich, kakadu plum.

and natural haircare industries by offering

“As the health of our environment continues to

customers a consistent formulation and product

alarm Australians of all generations, it is important

experience that is free from harsh chemicals,

we make changes—even in the bathroom—to

plastics and animal by-products.

combat the use and waste of plastic bottles,” says

The latest eco-flask range from Made by Fressko

Geneva Valek, product developer for Shampoo

makes it easy to live a healthy and conscious life.

with a Purpose.

Launched in 2014 by friends Lucas and Sean,

Multipurpose and travel-friendly, each bar in

their vision was simple—to create a range of

the range can also substitute as a rinse-out hair

beautifully designed products that were versatile

treatment when used in excess of 10+ minutes and

and reusable, to help play their part in eliminating

can additionally be used on the body as an all-

the need for single use bottles and throw away

over wash.

coffee cups.

As the only company in Australia to manufacture solid shampoo bars on triple38

“Fressko flasks are built to stand the test of time,” says Sean. “We’ve focused on creating an earth

in focus

friendly product that looks beautiful, versatile

difference when they compare a Fressko flask to

and importantly, highly durable—a unique point

one of our cheaper imitators,” adds Sean.

of difference that enables us to provide the

The current product range includes the new

best for our customers and stand up against our

Café collection, designed specifically for coffee

competitors in this busy market.”

drinkers, as well as the Colour collection flasks

The Melbourne-based company’s philosophy is

and Original Bamboo & Glass series flasks,

simple—be kind to mother earth, to others, and

which can be used for smoothies, coffee, juices

to yourself. The Fressko method of production

as well as tea and infused water.

is a 12-step process that ensures unparalleled

Not only is ethical conduct increasingly

quality, in every product, every time, according to

essential, but it’s good for business, with

the company.

new research revealing that 34 per cent of

Based in China, the Made by Fressko

Australian shoppers are willing to pay more for

manufacturers have been carefully chosen based on their use of the most advanced technology and machinery, and commitment to an ethical workplace, ensuring absolute alignment with the Fressko DNA.

environmentally friendly products. Fact is, ethical conduct is increasingly a valuable asset for retailers, says Harriss Olson. “For retailers to retain their social license to operate, it’s now expected that all organisations

“Our manufacturers also work very closely alongside our tight knit team in Australia to ensure every bottle is perfect and just as we designed it. “Our testing process is rigorous at every stage of

take sustainability and their environmental impact seriously. “Sustainability is helping retailers’ bottom line and in ensuring success across the triple

production and is higher than industry standard.

bottom line—people, planet and profit. You can

Through multiple tests and quality assurance

bet that the companies that make sustainability

procedures, we make sure they are only ever

a priority will still be around in 30 years,

made from the thickest A-grade borosilicate glass

compared to the ones who collapsed because

and food grade 304 18/8 stainless steel.

they didn’t address issues, like slavery, in their

“We know that our customers can tell the

supply chain.”


December 2019  39



The latest sustainable, ecofriendly and ethical products for your store shelves



1. Davis & Waddell reusable beeswax wraps, wholesale from $4.52 to $15.89. Albi, 03 9474 1300,,, 2. 100% recycled cutlery collection, prices available on request. Cutlery Carriage, 0408 575 553,,,, 3. William Morris ‘Thief’ 500ml hot/cold vacuum flask, wholesales for $29.95. Ibubambu, 0488 726 010,,,, 4. Eco Max Pamper Packs, wholesale prices start at $1.95. Import Ants, 02 9516 1496,,,, 40


1 2

3 5


1. Davis & Waddell EcoPocket sandwich wraps, wholesale from $4.52 to $9.07. Albi, 03 9474 1300,,, 2. Gumleaf Essentials aromatherapy pulse point rollers, wholesale for $9.05 each. Buckley & Phillips Aromatics, 03 9735 3755,,,, 3. Relaxing bath salts, wholesales for $15.12. Aromababy Natural Skincare, 03 9464 0888,,,, 4. Hydrating face oil, retails for $58. Signature Dandelion, 0456 727 110,,, 5. Ecokins plush range, wholesales from $8 to $12. Wild Republic, 07 3265 5288, customerservice@,,, December 2019  41




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1. Davis & Waddell reusable produce bags, set of 6 wholesales for $9.07. Albi, 03 9474 1300,,, 2. Ecoffee Cup ‘Porthcurno’ 14oz/400ml, wholesales for $12.45. Ibubambu, 0488 726 010,,,, 3. Eco Max Premium Dish Brush, wholesales for $8.50. Import Ants, 02 9516 1496,,, ImportAntsFairTrade/, 4.Barrier balm, wholesales from $9.67 and $21.18. Aromababy Natural Skincare, 03 9464 0888,,,, www.instagram. com/Aromababyofficial 5. Burgon & Ball indoor watering can, prices available on request. Quality Products, 02 9999 0684,,,, 42




3 5


1. Davis & Waddell EcoPocket silicone pouch, wholesales from $4.52 to $13.61. Albi, 03 9474 1300,,, 2. Davis & Waddell Sala insulated shopping trolley bag, wholesales for $11.34. Albi, 03 9474 1300,,, 3. Exfoliating body scrub, wholesales for $15.12. Aromababy Natural Skincare, 03 9464 0888,,,, 4. Beehave! beeswax food wraps, set of 3 wholesales for $14.95. Ibubambu, 0488 726 010,,,, 5. Reusable shopping bags, prices available on request. Lisa Pollock, 07 5576 2369,,, LisaPollock.ArtFromTheHeart, December 2019  43


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Giftguide December 2019 - Eco  

Giftguide magazine is an award-winning bi-annual publication that is regarded by retailers as the ‘Bible’ of the gift and homewares industry...

Giftguide December 2019 - Eco  

Giftguide magazine is an award-winning bi-annual publication that is regarded by retailers as the ‘Bible’ of the gift and homewares industry...